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Demetrice Weathersby

Great people Management was very helpful getting me the best prices highly recommended

John P

Staff was very friendly and the vehicle I received was very clean and in excellent shape. I have used them twice already and have not had any issues! They are much cheaper than renting through a standard car rental company (Hertz/Avis/etc.) for a van. Highly suggested!

Sallianne Schlacks

I’m sorry to say my experience was not that great. First of all when I called THe office to let them know we arrived I was asked which airline we had used and told them American Airlines. I was told to head right out the doors of baggage claim to 1 something and that the shuttle was on its way. I am only vaguely familiar with O’Hare airport and wasn’t sure if the 1 meant floor level, terminal etc or what. Since we were in terminal 3, all the doors said 3 something. I called back to clarify did 1 mean level? Terminal? Where are we supposed to go? And was told just head out from baggage claim and the driver will be waiting. He already left so you’d better get out there. After some more frantically wandering around realized the 1 means terminal one....well the O’Hare airport requires walking probably about 0.5-0.75 miles (seems like it anyways) from terminal 3 (where American Airlines is located!) which is fine with me but I was traveling with my elderly mother so it was a long, painful walk. They called a few times while we were trekking over there but I missed the calls because I was trying to get my mom moving. The shuttle drivers were very nice and were waiting for us at terminal one. The process of actually renting the van went fine other than the usual pressure to get all the extra insurance on the car. I was pretty blown away by the additional cost for adding a driver to the rental was $25 dollars a day. I asked if we could add one later if we needed (renting the van for 7 days) and was told that yes we could call to add later in the week but we would still incur the 7 day at 25 dollars a day cost.... Then asked about using the iPass for toll roads. Turns out it’s an additional 5 dollars a day fee if you use the pass at all...up to35 dollars for the addition to having to pay for the tolls. Finally, the van we rented was a 2016 dodge minivan and it was in pretty rough shape (I couldn’t believe was a 2016 car I was guessing 2010 based on the technology of the car, and the 90+k miles it had on it!!) the inside of the car had a gross cheesy smell, the inside of the windshield was all greasy from something (hoping and thinking was dash board polish...), the auxiliary port in the radio didn’t work, and we eventually discovered by the last couple days the a/c didn’t work. The car could barely accelorate especially if the “Econ” option was used - it would shift abruptly and seem to struggle... The car got us from a to b, but when renting a car I’m used to the car being in good shape/newer and have never had to worry that the car might break down....and never had a car with 90k miles on it... When I informed the agent of my complaints at checkout, he apologized and said he would give me a discount but couldn’t because I had prepaid for the car.....and he would at least be giving me my 200 dollar deposit back

None None

Just like you I read reviews about businesses and products to gauge if I want to patronize them. Well let me give you the hot tea on my van rental. 1. I rented from 5/17-5/18 to transport my family members to a party. I made the reservation online and the price was AWESOME! A couple of days before my rental I received a text message to confirm or cancel. I confirmed and then received another text with the policy regarding the 375 mile limit for local users and extra info regarding debit card users. I must confess I did put a note in my reservation letting them know that I had read the reviews and I didn’t want any monkey business and hunty I didn’t get any. The gentleman that checked me in was so nice and professional. He was such a pleasure to deal with. It was world class customer service. 2. The van was practically BRAND new. It was one of those 15 passenger high top vans and only had 132 miles on it. It still had the new smell. Ahhhhhhh. 3. The return was just as GREAT! It was early the next morning when I returned it and the the young lady was very nice and pleasant. She viewed the vehicle, gas hand and miles, then advised me that I was getting my $200 deposit back and provided me with a receipt. It was easy peasy just like that.

Gunjan Mehta

After reading the multiple review , I was little skeptical in going for this Van rental. I went for it as i couldn't get better offer for 7 days from any other rentals.Yes, they will allow only 250 miles per day , so if you are Illinois resident there is NO UNLIMITED MILES and after 250 miles its .25c per miles so technically anyone flying in our out of Chicago (non Illinois resident, they might ask your airline tickets) can avail these rental.My trip was local hence it was pretty good offer for me. My trip ended a day before and they deducted the prorated days only and attendants were kind enough to clear all my queries both the times.

Jory Sanders

Don’t waste your time. Told me I needed a bunch of documentation I didn’t have the day of. Didn’t even seem like a legitmate operation


Emma Bergman

Mohammed Musleh

Very bad attitude guy at the reception I’ll never go back there and very service and awful vans

Joy Mentzel

Great service and very reasonable price! You have to call for airport shuttle. They came in 10 minutes.

Reza Reinier

Good vans, but can't drop off in some major cities area

Manish Thakral

Not as I expected

Sarah Vidosh

Very friendly and helpful

Karthikeyan kumar

Dave Nowicki

Jacque o

The young lady who assisted me with processing the rental was good but it did take a while. She took her time and thoroughly assessed the damage to the vehicle inside and out of the car but it was her manager Catherine who was unprofessional, rude, and ignorant. I pointed out that one of the seats in the van wasn't stable but she did not care and showed little concern. I also pointed out that the vehicle was damaged and has a bad smell inside. I asked if this vehicle was safe because the tires looked out and the rim was rusted, the manager said it should be safe. Is that what you tell your clients, I was so upset if But I needed the van and no other options were available. As the other person who was processing my rental showed concern, Catherine showed none and then forced the worker to the shuttle van. This lady Catherine was totally inappropriate and should not be supervising or in management.

Shauntae Bradley

slim s

never rent from here -- they might be the worst rental company in existence. Failed to give us the van we reserved and no one in customer service tries to help or cares.... you get what you pay for, basically the Spirit Air of rental vans

Ieva Sabanavicius

Do not rent from this company!!!! They state one price on their website, and a day before your rental is due for pickup send you a text stating that another $200 plus will be due if you want to pickup your vehicle!!! This company is a complete fraud, save yourself and save you money!!!

Reema Bansal

Benjamin Cunningham

Kurt Sorensen

Takes too long to get there (not at the typical rental location). Car was out of alignment, wipers busted, low tire pressure warning light. Limited hours make returns cost an Uber ride to the airport... Don't bother.

Kirit Patel


thomas criswell

no information on emailed reservation nor at airport about how to get to the rental van place. finally called and they said i had to request a shuttle by phone. they say they are the fastest growing rental van company, but with this type of organization U think it will be hard to grow.

Michael Floering

Nimesh Patel

The was a great place to get a rental from -

Clara Casanovas

Will, at the desk, was very kind and helpful. The van was excellent. Thank you.

Jaime Briceno

worst service ever...rude and awful

Jatin Patel

Alex Klein

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE. Like man other reviews this is a terrible rental agency. They do not return calls and are terrible late fees and return policies. They also do not tell you that there is a toll on the the roads, and as someone not from Chicago I did not realize this. I did not have any cash going through the tolls, and was charged by the Van Company $76 PER TOLL. The actual fee was $20 and an additional $55 service fee from the cmopany for each toll. VERY SKETCHY company, never rent from here.


jennifer gonzalez

They didn’t even bother to call but instead sent me a text to cancel my reservation because they didn’t have any more vans available. I’m now having to pay over $200 more for another reservation elsewhere. Not the stress I wanted to deal with for my trip. Avoid at all cost.

Samo Kush-I

Do not trust any price they give you when you make your reservations! They add lots of additional fees!

E Guzman

Jeff Ware

Customer service couldn't have been more friendly or personal. Vehicle was reasonably priced, nearly brand new, and spotless. Exactly what we needed for our group of 15. We will definitely rent from AVR again.

Talha Ayhan

Horrible customer service, i wouldnt waste my time. These people dont know how to talk and they give false information to expedia and other online renters. They have alot of bs in the terms and services that they dont say but that you should read.

Slim Slim

The only thing I want to say about this place is LOL I can't elaborate more than that.

Karin B

If I could give this company 0 stars I would. I had a reservation booked for Denver Int. Airport confirmed for more than a month for a non-profit organization with a group of 23 kids from Chicago. We were travelling through Denver to Colorado Springs. With less than 18 hours before we were to arrive I received a call telling me they could no longer provide the passenger vans for our group. What was worse than the though of finding the vehicles to move such a large group at the last moment, was the non-existent and blatantly rude customer service. There was no inclination to offer any assistance. I asked for any other vehicle (we had 3 drivers) they just told me they had nothing and there wasn't anything they could do. Abrupt and short with no sign of compassion for our situation. Story ends well though because we did go through another company who went over and above and arranged 3 passenger /minivans for our trip. Never again will I go near Airport Van Rental. Stay far away.

S Washington

Friendly staff, excellent service and low rates. Found a minivan rate on Expedia which made a weekend rental $250 cheaper than every other rental company in the area. Vehicles do not have all the latest technology but are new model years, clean and drove well.

Ulan Z

Very shady rental place. Have a hidden fees and terms. Do not get screwed over cheap price.

Michael Kuhn

It would be hard to imagine a more negative experience with my car rental from the Chicago Midway location. I was led to believe that AVR was located at the airport terminal (it was not). I was never provided any information telling me that I needed to call a shuttle or even passing along a phone number, so I had to google it. Then it took an extra 20 minutes to finally get to the rental location where I found out that no one would be there when I dropped off the car at 6:30am (even though I specified that in the reservation) and that I'd need to arrange an Uber to take me to the airport after dropping the keys through the door. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Don't even think about using these people.

Piyush Patel

Nice and fast service.

Rhett Deaton

Jevon Robertson

This has been the worst rental experience that I've ever had. I spoke with a very unprofessional woman when I reserved the rental initially. (I began having second thoughts at that moment) She acted as if she were not even paying attention to what I was saying. My name was spelled incorrectly on my reservation information and therefore couldn't send the reservation information to my email address. I ended up having to call back to find out what the problem was. (Provided the email address again and this is how I found out my name was spelled wrong) I get to the facility and I speak to some woman who looks absolutely ridiculous. In a professional environment you would think that someone representing a company or organization would dress the part. In this case no. I'm told what the amount of my rental would be: $85.85. I'm thinking this is so cheap, to hell with how unprofessional this woman carries herself. I need this for my boys. (I'm an AAU basketball coach so low expenses is key) I indicate that we will return on Sunday. She clearly understands and says the rental fee will be $85.85 plus a $200 deposit. Kinda sorta scratching my head thinkingbto good to be true but Ok cool no problem. She didn't ask for insurance but asked if I wanted to purchase hers. I tell her no. I asked if she needed to see a copy of my insurance card. She says no. Still kinda tripping out but not raising a fuss.....$85.85. I initial in all these spots, inspect the van, take the keys and go. Drop the van off on Sunday. Call Monday morning and ask when I could expect my deposit back. Lady says 3-5 business days. I call today to ask again about my money (it's now been 8 days) I speak with Mia who claims that she is the shift supervisor, and her manager is gone through next weekend when initially she said he would be in the office in an hour. I call back a couple of hours later and she indicates that I would be getting $93 back on my card in 3-5 business days. My experience in speaking with her was the most unprofessional I have ever experienced. She tells me that they figured it out together and that if I have any issues to call the reservation office. I call the reservation office and of course all managers are in an meeting for an unspecified amount of time. Nonetheless I have not got my money back. I would not ever rent a van from these people ever again. I would not recommend ever using this company. They will steal your money and basically tell you to deal with it. Beware. Horrible service and experience.

carmelo reyes

Horrible experience with these company my advice to anybody whose looking to rent a van in this place DON’T reserved my van two weeks when I got to the office for pickup I was they did not have it when I ask what should I do I was told go somewhere else

eppslc84 .

I had a nice, clean van. It rode very well. The staff was very friendly (Mia and Larzeo). I would choose them again when flying into Chicago.

Shaikh Kamil


Robert Mack

The one problem I had was that I had to call a shuttle to get my family from the airport to go to the car rental place that was located off site. It took about 25 minutes for someone to come pick us up once I realized I had to call. However it was on my reservation but I had overlooked it and had I saw it and called I would have called 20 minutes before I knew I'll be outside. However I prepaid for my van online and I believe I saved about $200. I had a brand new Dodge Caravan that drove great smell great and I know I would have paid a lot more than what I paid somewhere else. AVR is a barebones van rental operation it is not Enterprise or Alamo Etc. However if you are willing to do a little extra and pay in advance you probably will save a lot of money. However you are on vacation and you really want convenience and you are willing to pay more then do so. I probably was inconvenienced for about 30 minutes but I saved about $200. if you're an attorney or Dr that makes $400 an hour then it is not worth it.

Steve Nelson

Javaria Saeed

Michael Catalanotto

brian jefferson

Good van rental company

Rhonda Sullivan

We rented a 15 foot van to move my daughter approximately 2 years ago.I am looking again for a van to rent to move her Dad and saw the bad reviews. Let me just say that we had nothing but a positive experience with AVR rental. The staff was excellent they delivered on time .We used the van for two full weeks it was unlimited miles it was comfortable wonderful to drive we returned it in a timely manner and everything was fine we got our deposit back and that price overall was excellent. I can't help but feel anybody reviewing this poorly didn't listen to the staff about all the small details if you do listen to the staff ask the right questions you get what you pay for with no surprises We're looking to rent again and more than likely will go with AVR.

Ahmed Shalaby

Kujtime Ahmedi

Andrew Curtis

Specialized product at a reasonable price. Great service.

abhishek malik

Delay in service due to staff shortage!!

Marnie Sadri

hazari yogesh

Good Vans and Staff. Need more people for assisting the customers. We have waited more than 1 hrs to get a reserved booking.

Juan Cruz Martinez Mesa

(Translated by Google) The first time we rented a combi, the air conditioning did not work well. What was annoying since the people in front wanted cold air and those in the back didn't. When we malfunction and have no independent controls we die of cold back. (Original) La primera vez que rentamos una combi, el aire acondicionado no funcionaba bien. Lo que fue molesto ya que las personas de adelante querían aire frío y los de atrás no. Al funcionar mal y no tener controles independientes nos morimos de frío atrás.

Guangliang Xu


Great service great value

lisa pacheco

I got a cheap minivan that the back windows would not open up. now rear lights and they charges me $655 for one weeks rental. I was told if I kept the car one extra day I would only have to pay the weekly rate divided by the 7 days. 345/7 = 49.28 instead I got charged $285 + 25 surcharge and the weekly rate of 345. At that rate, I should have gotten a luxury vehicle. Horrible!!!


Do not reserve your next rental at AVR! Not reliable! Horrible customer service! I reserved a minivan with AVR months in advance. I landed in Chicago around 7pm. I call AVR and I am told to call for their shuttle when I get to the rental compound at O'Hare. When I call from the rental compound they tell me "we are all out of minivans". To my incredulous response, the agent tells me, "it's first come first serve". It's a busy day at O'Hare. No cars available at any agency. I am desperate. I ask for any vehicle that they have. The agent says he has a 15 passenger.The agent proceeds to tell me he has a customer in front of him and puts me on hold. After stringing me asking and my calling back again, the agent tells me the driver leaves at 7:45pm. It's 7:40p. To make a long story short, no pleading would help. There agent kept me on the phone line on hold, until 8p. After which time they closed for the day and left me stranded. Do yourself a favor. Do not be fooled by the low prices. Go elsewhere!

J Mathew

Excellent customer service and very good pricing. They have plenty of 15 seater and 12 seater vans. After renting I requested to switch and they gladly heeled me switch to a different van. Lorenzo was very friendly and professional. The only one concern is that when you call the place directly they very rarely answer. Other than that excellent price and excellent service and selections. Very close to ohare and highway.

Joseph Kimnach

Mitch Becker

Watch out for unlimited mileage promise. If you have a driver's license from the state you're renting in you only get 400 miles/day, despite what your confirmation from price line, Expedia, states. Same for insurance - Priceline quoted me $11/day and AVR charges $13. What's really frustrating is that the staff will argue and tell you they're not responsible for what's on Priceline etc. which means they have knowledge of this problem and haven't fixed it. Beware of that as it is solely their problem and not the customer's responsibility to discern two contradicting policies. Otherwise the experience was excptional and the staff will bend over backwards to make you happy. I'd use them again.

Eddie Khalil

Waste of my time here such a rip off’s try not overcharge me I would never go here again and never recommend anybody going here

Andres Zacatzi

Excellent service very reazonable rates ..


I have Issues with the I pass, Poorly informed.

Sharon Johnson

Found this place for my daughter who needed it to drop off to another State. She called to place the order to get pricing and make sure that she could drop it off in another state. It was confirmed and credit card information was taken. Well we got there and were told that they could not do this and said that the person who took the order was new and didn't know what he was doing. She was on a deadline they had no alternative. This was a horrible experience. I would not recommend this place.

Nicolas Lamadrid

Worst service, i do not recomend this place for rent a car. the attitude of the staff is rude and not at all helpful. And the vans are crash and smell awful and have many leaks

floyd labombarbe

Orlando Santiago

I booked a mini van rental but they over booked and gave me instead a passenger van which was an unexpected increase in my gas expense. Not only overbooked, but at the time of return they claimed that I hit the back door of the van. I had purchased collision insurance with them, it shouldn’t cost an extra penny any damage and it didn’t. The matter is not about money is about the principle. I inspected the vehicle when I filled out the tank and there was no damage whatsoever. There was a very small dent but it was there at the time of pickup. Personnel is okay and waiting time is reasonable. But being blamed of a damage I know I didn’t cause is not nice. I will not book with AVR again. I have used them multiple times in the past. Luckily I had collision coverage but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to accept whatever is blamed on me.

paradise collection

Horrible service!! I booked online a week prior for unlimited miles only to find out it isn’t for “locals” no where did it say that when I booked.he claimed it’s in the fine print! Total BS!!!!!

Scott Steinkerchner

Great price, good service, I will rent from avr again.

Dhruvesh Trivedi

This was the worst car/van rental experience I've ever had... 1. When I made the reservation, I was not told that there would be a miles limit. Last minute found out that someone has to be flying in to the airport for unlimited miles... 2. Lucky for us, I was flying in that morning. Then when I went to to pick it up, they said the person has to have an out of state ID. Like really? How many hoops does a person have to jump thru to get a rental? Or why not just tell me that from the beginning? All they told us was you need the ticket to prove it and that's it! 3. So then I had to wait for my brother to come from INDIANA with his out of state ID. Once he got there, I asked to just change the reservation under his name so we avoid having to add an extra driver and the fees that come with it. But for some reason they couldn't do that either... so we ended up having to add an extra driver and paying the fees. BUT... my invoice has my brother as the "RENTER". And me as the additional driver, even though I said I didn't want an extra driver! 4. I was also told we'd get a 12-15 passenger Ford Transit... instead we got a Chevy Express. It is NOT meant for more that 9 people. We had to fit 11 of us in there for the whole trip. One of the most uncomfortable trips I've ever gone in. 5. There was hardly any windshield fluid in there... It ran out about 6 hours into our trip. I am sure they noticed all the bugs when we returned the car. We can only stop so many times and clean it at a gas station. How can you rent out a car without making sure all the fluids are topped off? 6. Speaking of fluids... It was also low on coolant! Not only that, the AC stopped working as well. It had to be recharged... So we stopped at a walmart, bought coolant and refrigerant and fixed the issue to get us thru the trip. Having to do all this for a "rental" is not what vacation should be about.

matt masse

Everything was perfect. Great van, friendly and helpful staff.

Ed Embree

Bait and Switch : The display sign says "vans starting at $19.99 a day". When I went in and tried to rent a van at $19.99, I was told no vans are ever available at $19.99 a day. (Chicago Car Dealer Style Bait and Switch)

Jessica Lynn

Eric Dubreuil

Evan Hoover

AVR went above and beyond! I reserved my van at the wrong location like a dork but the crew at AVR made it work for me without any delay. The guys working the desk were hilarious, candid, and very easy to work with. The shuttle driver was friendly and a safe driver. The return process was easy and the van drove great without any problems. All around great process

Al Saada

Very bad customer service they have a lot of hidden fees never again

Alexandre Blais

We spent one hour waiting for the van with a baby crying.

Nicolas Ornelas

Best rate I could find. The vehicle was almost brand new with low mileage and in perfect condition. Great customer service. When returning the vehicle they actually adjusted the total and returned an extra amount due to the fact I had returned early and originally booked for a few extra hours outside my week rental. Never had a rental car agency reduce my contract cost upon returning a vehicle. Will be booking with AVR next time I need a vehicle.

Brandon Flores

Quick and easy with great service!

Lorenzo Napolitano

Terrible service. I made a reservation for a passenger van. Gave this company my credit card information and confirmed my reservation. My flight was delayed approximately 2 hours. When I arrived I called this company to arrange for a shuttle. I was told that there was no reservation and it must have been cancelled because I was late. There were no vans available and the customer service rep on the phone could care less. She said I should have called apparently while flying. This cancellation policy was listed nowhere. Why make a reservation when it can be canceled at will? Isn't that the point of a reservation? Again the rep on the phone was apathetic, not even offering a half-hearted apology. Bottom line, do NOT use this company.

Hsing-Hua Chu

Excellent, friendly service and a great deal on van rental. There was a small chip in the windshield that we missed in the inspection but that I noticed 5 minutes later. I called in and they took care of it without trying to charge me. Would definitely rent from again. Thanks.

Ray Adams

Ronald McBride

Great service and selection of vans.

Ms. Angel Wilder

Had availability at last minute!

Hani Youssef

andrzej Surowaniec

1 star is too much for this company. They deserve no stars. When I booked my rental online, I was led to believe that there was "unlimited mileage." When I called in to confirm my booking, the staff at O'Hare also confirmed that it was "unlimited mileage." However, when I went to pick up my van for a family vacation, I was charged an enormous amount for pre-paid mileage. How is this ethical? Please, take caution when renting from this company. In addition to this hidden scam, the AVR manager at the O'Hare Airport was unresponsive to our concerns. The AVR staff even went on to say that "customers have this issue all the time." I don't understand why they're still in business. I paid $500 more than I expected! I filed a formal complaint with my bank.

irwin shaw-brim

Worse Place Ever

Ashish Agarwal

super easy... got a toddler seat for my kid for 9.99 per day.... checkin checkout process very straightforward... Adi was kind and detailed to go over the van before renting and explained the unlimited mileage applicability does not apply if taken out of the state....would definitely rent again!

Megan Buhr

I rented a minivan for a mini road trip out of Chicago, and I have no complaints about AVR. The woman behind the desk was very polite and helpful, the car was in good working order and very clean and seemed well taken care of. They're not located right at the airport, so add about an extra 15-20 minutes to your travel time to cover calling their transport van and getting to the location, but for me that minor inconvenience was more than made up for by the low price. I'd definitely rent from them again.

Mercedes Mabon

As we were dropping off our rental and attempting to unload it, The Guy asked us if we'd rather be dropped off in our rental instead of the shuttle so my daughter could stay asleep in her car seat. That is 5 star service and idc, idc The Guy gets it. Great job AVR.

Heath Adams

Andy Sarkis

James S

Great place to rent a van, cheaper than normal rental places. A little ways from the airport but worth it.

bashlomo .

The worst experience. They are thieves .. they charged me for being late to return the car an additional $122 after negotiation initially she wanted to charge me $147 . see my daily rate was $60 so i asked them if i am late an hour why then dont you bill me for a whole day extra ($60) she said you signed the contract and our fees are there ?!? besides that they don't have a shuttle that come frequently to pick up from the airport , instead you will need to call them and scheduled one i felt you know what they are a new and smaller company so they have a small van for pickup after all i wish i booked with a reputable rental they are plenty ... do your self a favor and go with known and reputable company

Carmen Arellano

I always have a super clean van . And everyone is friendly. They really do answer all my questions. Not crazy about their hrs but they will help you out as best as possible.

Nasser A

I’m writing this complaint in regards of my rental experience I’ve had with AVR the last weekend. First of all, I rented a small Hyundai elantra car from the website. However when we got there, they gave me a Ford Expedition and not the elantra! Furthermore, 5 minutes after receiving the car, the tire blew out and the car didn’t even had a spare tire which is absolutely unacceptable. So they told me that I have to wait for 4 hours until the car is fixed, which I couldn’t because I had to go to do my responsibilities, or take another car which was a Chevrolet Van. After taking the van, I realize the van also didn’t have spare tire in case something happened. So I came back 3 hours later hoping that they might have fixed the other car or give me any other car but unfortunately they didn’t. There’s a reason why I chose a small elantra car because of the gas price. It’s absolutely a huge difference to fill an elantra comparison with a Van! I spend almost over 150$ over the weekend just for the gas! I’m absolutely not thrilled by the experience. They didn’t have my car that I reserved and gave me a big car which didn’t have a spare tire which caused me to be late. I really need an explanation and a compensation for the fault that I wasn’t responsible of! I even wrote this here but some one deleted it... Well done!

Shamika Carter


zaid marcus

Great service, great people, great deals. Way to go AVR. Keep up the excellent job.

Dean Knight

Surprised by all these reviews but I got there they had the van warmed up and ready.

Jimmy Prewitt

I now fully understand the reason why this place has such low ratings. I placed a reservation for a 15 passenger van almost a month in advance for local needs. Prior to renting i read through a lot of the reviews and was very reluctant on renting from here due to the various amounts of negative responses i was reading. One of the negative reviews i read that disturbed me the most was one where someone who was also renting a van stated they got to the place and the company didn't have a van for them nor did they contact them or anything to alert them. In the end i made a reservation simply because the price was lower than the other rental agencies in the area. 3 or 4 days prior to my pickup i received an email from AVR to remind and confirm my rental for Friday 7/27/18 in which i "Believed" we were all good to go. Once we got to the place i had a bad feeling and so i told my wife not to drive off in our vehicle until i was sure they had our rental. When i entered into the parking lot there was only 1 van in sight and that turned out to be their shuttle bus. Mind you this place is named "Airport Van Rental". So where are the vans???? I get into the office, hand the guy my rental printout and I'm immediately informed that they don't have a 15 passenger van for me. Nor do they have a 12 or any Van for that matter. The guy first attempted to lie and say they called me days in advance, but no one ever called me nor left any voice mails. Then he slips up and says no one called me because they didn't have a number for me or anyway to contact me. I immediately remind him that someone emailed me to confirm my reservation and shows him the email. At that point he has no rebuttal and kept saying they have nothing for me. He then tries to offer me an expedition. So 15 people are supposed to fit in a 6-8 passenger vehicle. I found myself in the same predicament that so many others were complaining about. So i just walked out of the place. This place screwed up my family's entire weekend over this nonsense. Here is some advice to anyone listening, go to a more reputable place. I travel 3 to 4 times a year and i rent vehicles quite frequently. I say that to say this, I have never had an experience like this before nor seen such horrible reviews from any place. So in short I concur with what the others are saying, buyer beware.

Safiyy Kanjiyani

Charlie Galik

Waited 30 minutes for car (past appointment time) then waited 45 for minutes to get it cleaned. Brought it back 2 hours late and they charged me a whole day. Not recommended.

Jacob Barr

Terrible service at the rental counter. Was second in line and it took me an hour to get the car. Desk man was friendly, but they didn't have enough staff to handle the customers and he as slow, slow, slow.

prashanth s

Lydia Sprain

This company, based out of LA, deserves 0 stars, but rating doesn't allow that. DON'T even waste your time, money or energy!! Let's start with not even our experience but the other family that was behind us - the company gave away their rental so instead of finding another or trying to find a compromising solution, they just said "sorry, we don't have anything for you" and they had to Uber it around. Luckily, we live in a day and ago that we have such things as Ubers. Now to our own experience - 1. we called and tried to get in contact with their customer service multiple times to verify everything was going to be ready. After many hours on the phone, they said yes everything is paid for and the hand controls will be ready. 2. We got there, nothing was paid for yet. 3. Hand controls weren't installed yet so we had to wait an hour. AND, not only that, they were installed SO POORLY that we didn't even feel safe to use them. See photo- they're literally be held on by a string; one sudden quick movement and they could easy fall off. NO THANK YOU. In addition, no spinner knobs were provided so technically it would be ILLEGAL for us to drive them. 4. When we confronted them about it, they said "oh sorry someone was supposed to call you about that"... while were here in a crazy city and no rental. LUCKILY, we had some able-bodies with us and the company "waived" a fee so we could actually proceed with their van. Again...would never EVER recommend their business. Not safe. Not friendly. Not helpful.

Juan Daniel Villegas

Es un FRAUDE, te engañan y luego nadie responde

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