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B Hill

Gin a employee there was very helpful. She help with are vacationing direction, Dinning tips were amazing. The vacationing brochures are a joke for families with children. Gins recommendations made this vacation amazing. My 1st time here & it's as if I new my way around. Thank you Gin.

Albert Rollins

Great Value in Las Vegas! The good:) professional staff, nice looking full size car ford fusion, clean, great price, no games with insurance or upgrades. The bad:( long line, two shuttles, took 2-1/2 hours from landing to on the road with the rental car. "Credit" card and deposit requirement the same as other car rental agencies. Fast return process, quick inspection and fuel check. Took less than 5 minutes. Yes, I would use Fox Rent A Car again. Great value, took an extra hour, saved $100 on a one week rental. Management should consider additional staff to reduce wait time.

pyra hua

Dont dont dont rent from these people Worse service ever. I has reserved a minivan and went to pick up and they told me they don’t have it available . I have to cancel my plan and ended Paypal triple with another renter for last minute reservation I would give them 0 star Avoid them Worse customer service They need to go back and take classes how to treat customers

Holly Stratton

Check your destination. They don't allow travel to all states. Just a select few.


Good prices but service not the best! Service is beyond slow. Waited 45 minutes in line. Had to take 2 shuttles from airport just to get to it. They tried very hard to make us prepay for gas saying “oh wow you want to pay more filling yourself?”. Then tried to get us to buy insurance several times. The car was dirty and had several scratches. The car was definitely not cleaned after last drop off. Only thing good is the prices.

Arnold Brunson

Nora was WONDERFUL! She was able to get us set up in no time. It was a long day of traveling and we were not in the mood for more nonsense. But for Nora to still be positive and smiling, made the ending of a good day. We will return!

Ali Cetin

I did my best to avoid giving this please review but my experience was really terrible with waiting on line and shuttle service another problem was toll fee it was extremely expensive! Be careful this company might be cheap but Extra fee and money that you paid won’t worth to save a couple hundred .

Natalie Cramar

This is quite possibly the worst car company ever. I waited an hour in line only to be told no cars and that they would call me in an hour or so. Worst experience of any rental car company. This was me giving Fox a second chance after my horrible experience in Denver. I don't know how this company stays in business. It is poorly managed and has failed me every single time. No more chances Fox. You have post my business forever!!!!!

Elliot Miller

I had a fantastic experience with these people. The service was great from both the counter people and the folks in the garage. I received 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander with 77 miles on it and had it for a week with great results.. I travel a lot and I used Fox because the price was amazing. We happened to arrive at a time when the line was minimal but I could see where there would be issues at peak travel times, the process of actually renting a car takes a bit longer at Fox compared to the Nationals, Hertz and Avis's of the world. If the corporate folks at Fox actually worked on some efficiencies in their processes they could really assist their employees on the ground and in all liklihood improve their ratings on Google. The employees worked very hard to make my experience pleasant!

Sinbad G

Terrible customer service on the live chat choice. You have to hold for long periods of time, and the customer service agent doesn't solve the problem. They only tell me there's a problem with the online booking system. I have rented from Fox before, and I find it interesting after tons of negative reviews on this site, all of a sudden they change their website around recently, and at the top right corner, it shows Trust Pilot as giving them 4 stars, and they have an "A" rating from the BBB. Are you kidding me? Who the heck gives that designation to this company? That is completely bogus and dishonest. If you have the ability to rent elsewhere, do it. You will save yourself a LOT of headache.

Marcel Challet

(Translated by Google) Car rental in the USA, excellent value for money, cars impeccable. (Original) Location de voiture aux USA , excellent rapport qualité prix, voitures impec.

Mary Soria

Mick Ingram

Counter service is awful. Be aware Fox has unusually high fees for early and late rental return. Four hours late ended up costing me an additional day rental + 25 dollars. I’ve rented hundreds of times from all agencies and never had such a high fee if any at all above and beyond an additional day fee. The car had extremely soiled seats even in the back of the car. The spare tire was loose so it rattled the entire drive. The guys outside in the lot who gave me the car were amazing and extremely helpful but unfortunately not enough of a reason to come back here again. It’s a shame because the lax location for Fox is great.

radhika podar

I have never experienced such a pathetic service. Awful and dirty cars which are not even safe to drive. We waited for more than an hour to get a car which we booked online before our travel.only to find out that it was shaking at high speeds.We had to come back to return the car and take another one in exchange. With this we ended up wasting more than 3 hours of our precious trip time. Highly disappointed. I will not advice anyone to use their service. Stay away from them

Jay Bird

If you were a local you need a $500 deposit and utility bills to rent a car they never told us this now I'm seeing in a parking lot with no car and no ride home

Robin Whiteside

I love Fox rentals but not at this location and not with this crew. Idiots. And the shuttle ride was way too far out. A real dump. And then they didn’t hold the car I’d requested. Never again. In LA and Austin and SF they are terrific. In Vegas NO NO NO NO

BK Dani

Be ware of hidden fees. they add ridiculous fees that don't even make sense. Do not be fooled by their cheap rates.

Maria R

Good customer service. Just far location.

Lee English

Waited nearly an hour in a queue to then be talked down to by someone because they'd not included the 'mandatory' 14 dollars a day charge for insurance that we already had, but they refused as it 'didnt look right' and would enter it on the system. Proper price gouge. Hired a grand jeep Cherokee or similar. Ended up with a Dodge Journey which doesn't seem particularly similar. No parcel shelf in any of the vehicles. Guy at the checkout area was rude. Will not be using these again.

Fred Rafaty

Orlando Florida - Waited 45 minutes for the shuttle to the lot. No shuttle. I was on hold for 20 minutes and could not get though. took Uber to the lot and I was told the manager will refund me the Uber ride fee. They verified my receipt and wrote a note to the manager. I have followed up as a principal 3 times no call back. they are horrible. They don't deserve one star but I could not leave zero star! Never again even if they are half price.

Patrick Uchmanowicz

If I could give zero stars I would! Horrible service, dirty car and impossible to find. No signs nobody answered the numerous phone calls. Absolute garbage of a company

Joe Acosta

Cars were dirty showed damage to most of the cars in our range. One vehicle had extensive damage to the right door, another had a cracked panel, another smelled like smoke...just to name a few. They required 1000 dollar deposit. Once the transactional complete it wouldn't be removed from my credit card for 3 days, which forced me to stay with them. The manager was bold and said that's what you get when you purchase with a discount car rental. We were forced to upgrade costing us more than we planned. I will not go back to Fox.

Ahmed Saeed

His employee she’s name Jennifever she was unfaithful and deceptive and cheated because it was added without my knowledge insurance and I told her I did not need and paid me an extra $ 280 on the bill because already I have one with State Farm!!!!

Derek Law

Try to return a car and the staff have a big attitude said just leave the key in and go... They also want us to put 1000 dollars deposit for local. for sure not coming back again

Nikolay Yakovchev

Nickita Chernovsky

I was a bit worried reading all these negative reviews. I had a very pleasant experience. The car I got - brand new hybrid Ford Fusion with less than 1500 miles on odo - was a nice surprise. The girls at the counter and in the parking lot booth were very helpful. One thing to mention - their early return policy is very, I repeat, very ill-defined and extremely unclear. Ask and clarify at the counter.

Michel Guerrier

Fast service and great price....

Samuel Chambers

Off-site major rental car facility. Best prices available on the internet. Staff was efficient and very helpful. Renters have the choice of vehicles in class of vehicle rented. Car rented was very clean with everything operating appropriately.

Dusty Philpot

You pay for what you get. Pay a very low price, expect less than good service. Expect a car with worn tires. If cheap is what you want/need, I get it. I might use them again, but I will try not to.

Yavira Marte

M. Capital

Terrible place, bad company policy, negative employees. It’s located several miles away from the airport, you must take 2 buses to get there. To jack up the rental rates, they pester you to add extra charges and unneeded insurance coverage, even if you already have insurance. They lie about Nevada traffic laws to try to convince you. It was the longest wait for a rental car I’ve ever endured, and I’ve rented cars all over, even in foreign countries. I finally got away from the jerk at the counter and was sent outside to select from a group of cars. They all needed cleaning, inside and out. I selected the least dirty of the group. I had paid for the full tank of gas, but all of the cars were only partially filled. I had to get in line to have them fill the tank. More waiting. When I finally escaped the lot and began to drive around LV, I soon realized that they had also lied about supposedly having the lowest gas prices. And the car itself was in need of repair - the engine labored on the highway, and the suspension was rough, like an old truck. And on departure day, the 2 shuttle bus journey back to the airport nearly made me miss the flight. Avoid Fox Rent A Car.

John Lockman

Don't be fooled by the "budget" prices. You will journey across the airport and Las Vegas on two different shuttles to get to the pickup location. Once there, expect a long wait to pick up your car. It takes roughly 20 minutes per customer to check-in, and they don't begin staffing the counter with more than one person until after 9am. After you've signed the poorly designed digital system several times they will direct you outside to pick up your car, without any further instructions. If you are lucky enough to find the one person working the lot he will tell you which car you can choose. Then prepare yourself for another line (waiting in your car) to get "checked out" again, with virtually no inspection of the condition of the vehicle. The car was dirty, inside and out. Immediately after leaving the facility a low washer fluid warning light turned on, followed by a low tire pressure indicator. Returning the car was equally frustrating, no instructions and only one person working to check people in. Will never rent here again. Would not recommend to anyone.

gambinos gambinos

That was the second chance after waiting over 2 hours at the counter with 1 customer service agent . Now and after waiting about 30 minutes another person came to help so slow .However , they can see my reservation with the reservation number I have but they can’t open it because someone with the same last name reserved a week ago does not make any sense neither the wait nor the rude customer service talking to me like it is my fault . Worst service in industry now I’ve been here waiting get an hour still we’re not able to open my reservation or to get another one ...?????

Dwight & Lyne Dougherty

Cost way more than booked once you get there, lousy beat up no frills 2 wheel drive"SUV" 2 separate bus trips to get to to their place. Will never use again. People were nice only saving factor

RJ Power

When we arrived at Fox, based on the exterior alone, I wasn't optimistic. My boyfriend rented our car through priceline for our five day vist to Vegas. He had some problems with them trying to find the reservation, despite him having the confirmation number. It took about 20-25 mins just for them to confirm the booking. Then when we were waiting for the car to be brought around the guy didn't see us sitting at the bench and gave our car away. However, he did make up for it by upgrading us from economy to full size. When he brought that car around I had to take quite a few pictures of the dent on the front, which was quite noticeable, and the many scrapes it had. Other rental companies usually go over the car with you to make notes of these issues but not at Fox. It also sounded like someone had really pushed it to the limits and had some trouble switching gears, with only 5,000 miles on it. No problems when we brought the car back, quick in and out with the polite and courteous employee. I suppose you get what you pay for; Fox is great for affordability and its employee were kind and helpful. However, I would probably stick with Enterprise in the future, for my own peace of mind.

Alexis W

Too bad I can’t give a zero star. The waiting tim e was an hour to get a car. They charge you an early return fee and a late return fee. They won’t tell you ahead of time. Be sure you return it within one hour range.

Angelo F

What a joke first of all I'm told when I get here they can't take my debit card. I read thru policy says they accept visa and MasterCard debit. I provide a credit card . Then they want $1,000 deposit for a $40 rental. Rental policy is a joke if you live within 150miles of location better have different payment methods. I've rented from Ace and Payless NEVER had these stipulations. Never again fox

William Garr

Long lines and they ran our of cars before we got to the counter.

L Diaz

Do not rent from them. Their information differs from their counter, website and customer service. They quoted the wrong deposit over the phone and I was inconvenienced but when I call they confirmed I met the deposit requirements. FYI if you have a local license they charge double deposit. Fox just changed their policy which I was not aware of. They made no exceptions of effort to help me and since I was insistent they did the ultimate lowest unethical action they could do...they lied and said their manager was going to wrk with me and I was directed to another car rental agency that tried to charge me double daily rate. This is what I learned make two reservations going forward and if your license is in the state you are traveling use your itinerary.

zefzefez fzefzefzef

The team is very lazy. Prepare for a very long wait even if you booked your car online. Also if you booked a specific car they will give it away to somebody else and just give you another one without explanations (it happened to me two times and to a group of friends as well). They also caused me troubles when I wanted to pay with my credit card. They don’t accept debit but when I told them my card did both credit and debit, I had to argue with them until they tried and actually noticed that it was working... I went there three times and had problems EVERY time. Consider going to Hertz or Avis instead, you will avoid lots of troubles

Michael Eizenbach

ran our of cars even we have a reservation

Jimmy Everett

Wonderful pricing. Friendly staff. Vehicles in good condition.

Kaz Lech

Made my car rental reservation via Expedia for a 7 passenger car to be picked up at the Chicago O'Hare location at 7PM on Monday 6-25. I was at counter as agreed at 7PM with 4 people ahead of me. Waited about 10 minutes just to hear from the Fox Rep there there is no cars and I need to wait at least half an hour, but more likely over an hour and there are 4 people ahead of me. When I said my reservation was for a 7 passenger car not doe any car the rep didn't even acknowledged that but repeated that waiting is... and 4 people ahead... I couldn't take any chances so I went with another rental agency and got my car in 10 min. Then I called Expedia too make sure that I will not get charged and was On the phone with someone I guess in Pakistan or India putting me on hold and trying to call Fox. Could not get to Fox or didn't want to, but finally I said I need a confirmation e-mail that I will not get charged. Finally today I got one. Say unfortunately they can not refund my $40 plus insurance as due to their policy Fox Rental can't return the money. Seriously? I did not use the car and still being charge for insurance?! I'm sure not done with them

abe steele

Stay away at all costs. Don’t be duped by their lower prices. They tried to tack on early return charge, multiple billing, change fees and all this before I ever received a car. Then they went ahead and cancelled my reservation and did not issue a refund. This is an absolute scam. It’s a miracle they are still open.

Luis Manuel Ramos Hernández

(Translated by Google) They gave me a Hyundai van, but the tires didn't have the exact required air measurement, and I had to be inflating the rear tire on the passenger side, every day for a week, and I don't know if it's normal, but the front plates were not put either. When we started to handle it, the tire pressure mentioned was 29 pounds. This was a bad experience, since the previous one was excellent. (Original) Me entregaron una camioneta Hyundai, pero las llantas no tenían la medida exacta requerida de aire, y tuve que estar inflando la llanta trasera del lado del copiloto, cada día por una semana, y no sé si sea normal, pero las placas delanteras no estaban puestas tampoco. Cuando empezamos a manejarla, la presión de la llanta mencionada, era de 29 libras. Esta fue una mala experiencia, ya que la anterior fue excelente.

Mister HB

Apparently, I didn't read the reviews. Arrived on time for my car rental reservation, only to be greeted by an extremely long line & no information from the two agents at the desk. The customer at the front stated she just waited an over an hour to complete her reservation. Apparently, Fox Car Rental has been experiencing computer problems all week according to Budget who I decided to rent my car with at a better price & faster service after I called Priceline & cancelled with Fox. I’m so glad I did not prepay for this deplorable service. Customers have itineraries & shouldn’t have to wait an hour for a car rental. Don't be fooled by the prices online, stick with the major car rental companies at the airport. Priceline should do a more thorough performance review on the car rental companies they list on their website. This is the second time, I've experienced terrible service from a promoted car rental company on their website.

Keyonda Moorer

The cars were great and updated, however, the wait time to pickup a rental is excessive. We waited 30 minutes in line to get to the counter where there was only 1 person working. They are clearly understaff and need to work on customer service.


Fox is always best on price for a rental. This afternoon I experienced a pretty long line. Despite the crowd, the staff today was professional, pleasant and kept a smile on. A few Customers in front and behind me were complaining and going on and on about the line and wait time to get to the counter. I did remind a few that the price is so good that the line isn't really a big deal. Additionally, there were several flight cancellations/changes, but they were good about getting the needs of each customer addressed. Once we got to the counter we completed the paperwork, she addressed our questions and we headed to the car. The prices are really good and the service is friendly and professional.

Emily Price

Terrible!!!! Rude service with a LONG wait. Thread bare tire that blew on the freeway with no spare tire. Was unable to reach roadside or customer service for 24 hours when I was stranded. I had to call an Uber to come get me and they still charged me for multiple additional days until their tow truck picked it up. Corruption at its finest.

Singh T

0 star , no , never , ever . no, no no

angela meux

I rented through Priceline and bought insurance through Priceline. The wait at the desk was long but other than that everything was fine. I wasn't charged any extra fees. They didn't have the car I paid for but they gave me a free upgrade.

Lisa Crescionini

easy, not complicated, has a shuttle to airport & back, car worked and was clean.

Dani Jackson

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I have never written a business review in my life, but I just had to take the time out of my day to make sure everyone knows how GOD AWFUL this place is. My flight was delayed, so I was already frustrated and running on a tight schedule, and my "reservation allowance period" ended at 3:00. I arrived at 2:00pm, with 7 parties in front of me, and I didn't get to the front of the line until 3 FREAKING O'CLOCK!! At about 2:20, one of the employees just got up and left, after helping two parties who WEREN'T EVEN IN LINE. This left 2 employees remaining at the front counter, moving at about 20 minutes per customer. I, along with the people in behind me, noticed multiple workers standing behind what I'm sure they thought was a one-way-mirrored window in an office. Not sure what their job was, but they sure as hell weren't doing it. At around 2:45, a third worker sat down at the front desk, speeding up the line a bit. When I FINALLY got to the desk, I was SO done. Even though I'd paid in full for an online reservation, the lady STILL tried to sell me add-ons. Halfway through the transaction, after I asked a question and didn't get a response, I realized that this woman was not even paying attention to me. She was staring OVER MY SHOULDER, watching E L L E N on the TV. I will NEVER be renting a car from here again, and I'd advise everyone to take their business elsewhere.

Nicole Ashoff

Always rent from them fast and easy drop off I was in and out

Jiamo Tian

Worst car rental experience ever. The agent is very arrogantly rude, and keep up sell all items in a very threatening way. I appreciate all the information and his concern, but I literally felt him cursing us when we keep turn down all the items. The agent threw our paperwork on the counter at last, which is really a horrible way to start a long planned road trip. Will definitely avoid fox in future trips.

must fed

Today i stopped by to drop off a friend and i was insulted by your staff memebers at the return second floor ohare airport location at 245pm. I spoke to his manager. They were both african american and were very racist towards me and refuse to give me their names and told me to "get out".

Cliff Gilman

These people and the whole operation sux

Katherine Perez

I rented a vehicle from this organization back in Dec 2018. Upon returning the rental, the representative accompanied me on inspection never mentioned additional charges for anything other than the gas used. In fact he stated I would receive an invoice and that is what I thought was the end of my transaction with this rental company. I noticed shortly after that my credit card was charged a deposit for the rental, the fee for the rental which I agreed upon, an additional fee for smoking along with other fees associated with rental totaling now to $531! What should have been a total of maybe $100 is now over $500!!! It has been over three weeks since I have been disputing these charges and now they will not return my deposits stating I smoked in the vehicle when I did not smoke! This is horrible way to deal business with a first time customer and will NEVER refer business or do business with this company.

Rob Heymann

Reserved luxury car. Not available at time of pickup. Had to take regular car yet agent was unable or unwilling to adjust price. No manager on duty. Told to call manager in morning. No ability to reach manager (calls do not ring at location) despite repeated attempts and being told to call in the morning. Very unsatisfactory. Won’t be using in the future.

California Legal Services

DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! The cheap prices is what you get back in customer service and ill maintained vehicles! They billed me 3x for this same car (quoted $161 for 3 days and they charged me over $450 on my credit card). The car's check engine light came on the first day we had it, and it reeked of pot! They were supposed to refund me the balance of the prepaid gas from what we brought back in the tank, but oh, they "forgot" to do that too! Do you know how much profit they generate from unsuspecting clients each month?? Total scammers!

Steven B

I was nervous because of the reviews but found everyone very nice and accommodating. Got a great car and good price.

Vijaya Sri

Wish there was an option for zero star. This company is a cheat. They show low prices and obviously we chose them. After waiting 40 mins in line, they say there is some driving restrictions on the car and you can’t go out of the state!! We chose unlimited miles and they never mentioned this anywhere while booking. In the last minute we had to book another car from budget and paid a lot higher than what we would’ve paid if we booked earlier. We would have saved close to $150 on our car booking if not for these suckers. DO NOT book from this company. There are hidden fee and stupid terms and conditions which however important they’ll never mention while booking the car.

Dominique Christensen

Just beware they charge you a $1,000 deposit if you live in Las Vegas and are looking to rent a car. No, that isn't a typo. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS they actually charge to your card, not just a hold either. We booked online and nowhere was this disclosed. Obviously turned around and took our business elsewhere. Not to mention the staff wasn't friendly and it was stuffy and stinky in that building. We chose to wait outside for our Uber because it was more comfortable, on a day that was 110 degrees. Better off to stick to the rental car places in the airport.

Core Johnson

Worst customer service in history. Hour and a half wait to get the car on arrival. Waited a half hour to turn car in, and when I asked about check in, thr man says " you have to wait for the man who's checking in vehicles " and he points to the same lot where me and 4 other people were waiting. He then vanished for another 15 minutes before finally coming in and checking in out vehicles. Everything here happens in slow motion, do yourself a favor and rent from one of the other places on the main campus. It may cost more, but apparently you are paying to be treated like a human being .

Aimee Kogot

TERRIBLE DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!! I recently rented a jeep from this place and it was a HORRIBLE experience. It took forever to get the vehicle because of the lack of employees checking customers in. Then when I finally got to the counter they tell me to go pick a vehicle from row 9. I pre booked a jeep wrangler online over 2 weeks prior to my trip. When I got to row 9 there were no jeeps there nor were there any anywhere else in the lot. I found an employee and told her what was going on and long story short they had to find a jeep that someone had just turned in and wash it out while my family and I stood in the lot with all of our luggage and waited. The jeep I got had damage to the exterior and burn holes in the driver's side seat. The battery died in the key so the keys couldn't unlock the doors so every time we went to get in the car we had to do it manually and set the alarm off then I had to hurry up and put the key in the ignition to stop it which was super embarrassing. All of that wasn't even my main issue with this place. I opted for the option to get pre paid gas. They charge $60.00 for the gas and they reimburse you the money when you bring the rental back depending on how much gas you return it with. I returned it with 3/4 tank of gas and they refused to refund any of my $60.00. I spoke with a man named Joe in customer service who was extremely rude and unprofessional. He told me that I should have drove the jeep around til my gas was gone and its not his problem. Then when I filed a claim with my credit card I come to find out they charged me for a rode side assistance fee that I declined when I got the rental. I will NEVER rent from this place again and I strongly suggest nobody else does either.

Fivos Kanellis

Mike is the best, he’s very kind, helped us with our reservation, made everything streamlined and easy and got us out on the road quick to continue with our trip. Kudos ton Mike!

Brian Dent

the car rental was extremely affordable and that's what we were going for with the drop top jeep wrangler. the jeep was lacking what would be considered basic features, like auto locking doors. each door and the trunk required Inserting a key or manual unlocking from the inside. that was little more than a nuisance. the experience was great. one thing to consider is that they are one additional shuttle ride away from the normal rental shuttle drop off point. the drop top was well worth it. Traveler and Adventurer Influencer IG @brian.dent

WTLN Promotions

The people were friendly and professional. The economy car was nice, comfortable, and peppy on the road. The one thing I didn't care for is, you had to take 2 shuttles to get there from the airport. I would most certainly recommend them, and will use them again when I return to Las Vegas!

Rishit Shah

Could have given a lower review if possible. Made me wait 30 minutes in line to tell me there was an hour wait on getting the car. They could have simply announced it and saved so much of my time. Never doing business with them again

Jasper Da Pug

Do not ever come here. They're going to rip you off. If you're local, forget it! They only prefer non-locals!

Kimberly Oliver

Should have listened to the reviews. I made a deposit ahead of time, get to the counter at 2:30 am exhausted from a long flight, when they tell me and at least 10 other people that they do not have any cars left and basically start shutting down their counter with us all standing there dumbfounded. They didn’t attempt to help us or do anything. What is a woman supposed to do in a new city alone at 3am without a car?? If it wasn’t for Sixt I would have been completely screwed. I will never ever book with Fox again.

Umakant Bastewad

Very bad!!!! I booked car 15 days before. My flight landed at 1 am. Guys at counter made me wait for 45 mins and when My turn came they simply said we are over booked and no cars available. This is first time I booked and had very bad experience. Think twice before booking car here.

Teresa Kingston

Friendly staff, no problems with pick up or drop off. Will definitely use fox again.

Gregg Dawson

The cars are old and the lowest model. None of the charging ports worked and there were no other features. All other rental companies have better features in all cars. Never again

Bogdan Lysenko

i per paid with Priceline for a rental car with fox rent. Came there they told me i need to do a $150 deposit but was charged $171.31. i did do the per paid fuel @ $2.5. the car i rented has a 16 gallon max capacity fuel tank. 16x2.5=$40 i was only refunded $98. No one can explain the extra $32 charge. will never use Priceline or fox rent again

Justin Muller

I highly recommend that everyone who rents from them take a hard look at their bill. As you can see from the bill below I was overcharged on the taxes. They don't even make sense. How can 11.11% and 10% of any amount equal the same amount. They did refund me approximately 15.00, and tell me that the computer generates the prices. HMMM, how many people do they do this to then? If they rent 100 cars per day @ 15.00 per day. That is 1500.00 daily! $547,500 PER YEAR, WTH!! CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS PEOPLE!!

Daniel Biggs

I never read the reviews and I wish I had. Waited 1 hr for a car, then got charged mandatory insurance on top of my rental. Had I known any of this I would've rented from Budget like I usually do and paid the additional required $30 for the daily rent. Not worth the wait.

Becky Anne

Worst car rental experience ever. Just waited in line for 90 minutes. Tried initially to cancel online as I was standing g in line but every time got a message back that I cannot cancel reservation. Tried then to call to cancel reservation. When I pushed the numbers for the voicemail option to cancel reservation the recording tells you to go to their website and hangs up on you. When I got to front of line they tell me they don’t have a car for me and that I need to take a piece of paper over to Payless. They assure me there’s no line. I get to Payless and there are 15 people in line. Will NEVER rent with Fox again!!

Kurt Rohde

Worst rental car pickup I've ever experienced. After an hour long line and then you find out why. The agent first lied about not having the car I had booked spend and spent most the time trying to upsell me different cars and all types of insurance. In the end I finally got the car I had booked.


Long line, absolutely terrible. People are leaving and walking to other rental car places because they do not feel like waiting. I would pay an extra 40/day if I was on my own personal dime, can’t switch because It was booked by my company. So far moved a few feet after 30 minutes.

Chad Mead

Do not rent from this place. The $20 you save isn’t worth the 45 minutes it takes to get your car. The car the gave me was not the car advertised and it was filthy to boot. Further, you need to review the damage on these cars with a fine tooth comb because they are beat up and they’ll charge you. The car they gave me had a leak in the tire. I had to air it up twice a day. And when I returned the car, there was no one to check you in. I had to hunt to find someone. He informed me it was someone else’s job but she’s never around and that he could help me out. Unbelievably bad business.

See Lee

Prepaid doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a car. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! Waited in line for 1.5 hours just to find out that there was no cars available. I told them I prepaid. All they said was call the company for a refund. Worst company ever! I had to make a last minute reservation with Avis.

Natalie Jones

Stood in line for close to 90 minutes. Once I got the car it was fine but the initial set up and wait was killer. Update: needed to keep the car an additional 18 hours due to changes in my work schedule. Once someone finally answered the phone the woman was incredibly slow in accomplishing anything insisting that I HAD to change my reservation via the website despite the website telling me that I couldn't change reservations that were booked by a third party. It ended up costing over 50% of the orginal rental cost!!

Sean M.

Told us they ran out of suv's, after waiting for 2 hours in line. tried to give us a sedan when we are obviously a big party

Theresa Perez

Such a long line to get to the counter. Once at the counter we expected to get our car and go as we had already pre paid for the rental. We had to wait at the counter 20 minutes for them to locate a car for us. Once the lady at the counter was able to get a car for us we then had to wait again for 18 minutes as they had no cars ready. PLEASE DON'T RENT FROM FOX THEY HAVE HORRIBLE SERVICE.

Carrie Montoya

The wait was insanely long. I was 2nd in line and still waited 30 minutes just to talk to one of 3 agents. They didn't have the car I paid for in advance. They didn't have record that I paid for insurance in advance. They wanted additional contact info that is none of their concern. They wanted additional fees for more insurance and a deposit that were both higher than standard. I won't rent from them again.

Peter DiFonzo

Awful do not book. I had no idea it was 10 min shuttle ride from air port!!! Which is my fault that I did no check . What is their fault is on a Saturday they only Had two people working counter . People I front of me waiting in line for 2 hrs to get their car . I am canceling my reservation and gong back to air port found a better deal !

Kevin B

Don’t show up at 5am for your reservation time... because no one will be there. Even though their hours are listed “5am-11am”. Durrrrrrr

Steve Leon

The customer service it's so slooooow when getting a vehicle. The cats themselves are terrible. Some have way too many miles for a rental car. One vehicle had over 90k miles! There are no lights on the lot so you can't tell if the car is damaged. I guess that's fine if you're returning a damaged car.

Dave Hammer

Same horrible experience as the others. We rented a van and they were out so they sent up to Payless where apparently there just as incompetent. We're sitting here waiting for them to "find" us a van. Also I went through the entire process at fox including them charging my card and trying to sell me every upgrade, toll pass, gps etc possible only for them to tell me they didn't even have the van we rented AFTER all the above.

Xiaotian Li

I rented a car for 1 week with $173, which is a good deal. I called a lyft to the center because I arrived after midnight. The service was fast and friendly, no additional fee and they gave me my deposit back in 3 days. However, I reserved a full size SUV and got a Ford Fusion hybrid instead. I accepted it because the other choice is a Dodge minivan. The car is very dirty with scratches and 52000 miles on it. The tires are almost bald and pressures differ from 32 to 39. No washer fluid so I bought a bottle by myself. Luckily the car survived my trip, although the engine light is on after 3 days because it needs oil change, which is due 2000 miles ago. I don't know who is the next, but they will get a flat tire if the company doesn't replace them.

Billy Krank

If I could give those company negative stars I would. It’s 1am and there’s at least 30 people in line to rent a car. Already paid for my car and now I’ll be waiting another hour or two at least. DONT RENT WITH THIS COMPANY! ITS A COMPLETE SCAM! THERE IS ONE PERSON WORKING THE FRONT DESK!

Hyrum Smith

I thought I was getting a good deal, but it was basically the same as any other place. I paid for a full tank, but they only gave me half a tank! The line took forever, and when I tried to ask questions then they tried not to explain what I was signing... Pretty good price tho. Would not ever recommend!

vam Pi

Out of airport by 9.30 and at car rental by 9.35 Am shuttle was quick. Not sure how they say it as an airport rental. Probably wouldn't have made a reservation if I had to wait an hour 15 min to pick the car I reserved. There is only 1 person at counter and 15-20 min per person. I don't blame her . She is in right place she is making money for them giving the customers all the unnecessary options . She would have been in much better place if she went for some other sales probably like real estate. This is a lesson for me I believe to look for reviews before I make a reservation especially though a third party coz they don't provide reviews for car rentals and I'm writing this review while waiting in queue. I hope at least they give me a better service

Joey Anaya

DON’T RENT HERE. Rude, unhelpful and dishonest staff. Went onto their website, selected a car, set my dates and pickup, and had to pay with a credit card because I was a “local renter.” That’s fine. They used my info to calculate my security deposit at $150. That’s fine. Scheduled an 11 PM pickup because I had to leave at 5 AM the next morning for a funeral in St. George. Went to pick up the car, and they tried to hamstring me with a $1000 security deposit EVEN THOUGH IT HAD ALREADY BEEN CALCULATED AND PAID ONLINE. Told them that $1000 was too much, asked them to cancel and refund me. Not only did they refuse, they told me they couldn’t even call the responsible parties for me. Told them where to stick it and left. I’ll never rent here. Rude, dishonest staff, and based on my call the next morning with corporate, they’re aware of these scammy local policies. Got a full refund. DON’T RENT HERE.

Christian Hoeffel

Incredibly long lines, this photo was taken at 11:55pm. Good prices, but wish I knew the wait would be more than an hour for a car.

Angela Chen

We had a very nice rep working with us but the line for the rental was unreal. I imagine it’s because fox has the lowest prices, but the line was so long we considered canceling and rebooking with another agency - couldn’t figure out the cancellation policy on our rental though. I would just be aware of how long the wait will be for your car

Ashley Hartline

Worst rental car experience ever. We took a shuttle from the airport. Once we got there, we signed the contracts and paid. Once we paid, they told us we couldn’t take the car into Montana which is where we were staying. They had to void our contract. We then had to go back to the airport and find a new company. Five days later someone called us to ask if we were still picking up the car. I advised them what happened and they told us that the information was false and we could have rented the car. We will never again rent from Fox.


They were very slow. Unorganized. The process was very poorly executed. The staff wasnt helpful. I do not recommend this car rental place to anyone.

Amber Crigler

Leaving a 1 star because 0 stars isnt an option. Prepaid for a certain car 2 weeks prior to my arrival, got there, there were no hybrids. They only had lower quality cars or larger SUV vehicles. Had to wait in a line to even pick up my vehicle for over an hour, with 5 employees taking customers. Calling on the phone takes well over an hour and a half to speak to anyone, I just gave up at that point. Service at the counter is very unprofessional. Never again will I use fox for future visits I have planned to Waahington.

Berrett Rice

Worst customer service experience of my life. Do not rent from these guys. Seriously. They were openly mocking customers in line and making racist comments about one customer (and I don't throw around the word "racist" lightly). My car wasn't ready. We waited 45 minutes. They mocked me because I got frustrated about the wait. They charged me more than my reservation stated. The man next to me was complaining because while he was in line to extend his rental (because he couldn't get anyone on the phone) they closed his rental! He had to rent a new car even though he hadn't yet turned over the keys to his first rental. They told him they were going to call the police because the rental was closed and he still had the keys. The rudeness was unbelievable, seriously. I will avoid this company from now on.

Ann Haddox

At Sea-Tac airport, I had to wait in line a little over an hour to talk with car rental clerk. I mentioned this to the clerk and she said, that it was the summer season and everyone had to wait an hour. I had already reserved my car ahead of time. Suggestion, please train your staff better and put on your website the possibility of long wait time. When I went to get my car, no one was at the booth. I went to where I saw people waiting. I ended up showing my car rental agreement 7 different times to Fox staff to try and get my car. It was a zoo. No one seemed to know where specific cars were located. After waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes, I finally got a car. I was not given a vehicle inspection form until I was checking out at the exit. Thankfully I had already inspected the vehicle and had taken pictures. Total wait time to get a car was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Very, very bad.

Elaine S

First the car was a piece of junk. The jetta had issues but having read other reviews on here I don't think they care. The wiper blades had issues and the car was far from economical. Felt like we got gas everyday. When we went to return it, the only helpful person was the shuttle bus driver. He told us what to do because no one at the desk was interested in helping since the person who checks cars in wasn't there. I do not recommend this location at all. I have used other Fox locations without any issues.

Char Green

Maricel was THE BEST!!!! Last time rented from Jonelle, and both were amazing and super helpful! Don’t know why this place has negative reviews! Beautiful people!

Jennifer Fairbanks

Horrible horrible company. We reserved a 4 wheel drive jeep, We were in the area due to the death of my husband's sister. Already a bad time, only made worse when the rude Fox agent told my husband they did not have the jeep available. She said they had a sedan and a mini van available. Not going to work where we needed to be, mt area and 4 wheel drive was mandatory. My husband almost prepaid, thank goodness he didn't. We will never use them again and I could never recommend. Nice going Fox! You made a heart breaking and stressful time even worse. Obviously you don't care as I have yet to see an apology to any of your complaints

Bob Cunningham

NEVER AGAIN. Nothing should be this slow or inefficient in this day and age. All because I played it cheap. I'd gladly spend twice as much to avoid this.

Trish M

Don't waste your time!! They were out of rentals and sent me to Dollar Car Rental. I made my reservation 3 weeks ago!!! I wasn't the only one.

jim potts

We had a reservation. Waited in line for two hours, then the Fox employee said they didn’t have any cars. He walked us down the hall to Ez Car Rental where we were promptly taken care of.

Ali Gerayelou

please anyone reading this review, please do not rent car from this company as they don't care about the customer. All they think is how to get more money from the customer. I had a very bad experience with this company.

Tiffany Eller

I would never rent a car from Fox Rent a Car! They expect a $400 deposit plus the price of the Rental?!?! Seriously?! Who has $400 just laying around? Especially on a short notice trip! No one was even helpful. The call sounded like someone sitting in the middle of the stock exchange, not to mention the rep could hardly speak or understand English! Very very disappointed!!!

Dawei Huang

The overall rating score already says it all! Fox Rent-a-car not only offers you cheap price but also cheap business! You can quickly find yourself in all sort of craps and traps with them! Stay away from them if you do not want trouble! I had worst experience with Fox at Salt Lake City, where has full of lies and traps.

Rebekah Greer Melocik

I'm surprised at the low reviews. My cousin and I rented a car from Kany, and she was hilarious and helpful. We liked the car we got, and the service was fast and impeccable. Would definitely rent from there again.

Edwin Young

Took over an hour and a half to get through the line to the counter. Car was not available. Had to wait longer at the counter until one was available. Then had to go into the garage to wait in a line to see a guy in a booth who gave me more paper to go stand in a line by the cars to wait again. The car we eventually received was fine. No hubcaps at all but was fine for what we needed. Month after we returned received $19 bill for a $4 toll (our fault since we didn’t upgrade to their toll tag).

Mhd Mhd

not honest at all, they offered me their auto insurance and I refused as I have my own insurance,they betrayed me and let me sign for their insurance even though I asked it it would cost me anything, took an advantage of my accent.

Sofia Steinhagen

Quite busy at 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday. The rental process just takes a while with the signing of forms, etc. Best to reserve online. Much quicker that way. Good service. Nice car. Good price since I went thru priceline. Would have given 4 stars if car body and windows had been shiny clean.

kow q

I do not normally write reviews, but after my worst experience ever with a rental car company, I felt compelled to. First off, please please DO NOT EVER rent with this company. They may appear be a few dollars cheaper in a search but trust me, it’s not worth it. Our experience with Fox began in Sea-tac’s rental car facility where we found the line about 50 people deep when every other company had maybe 3. It took my wife and I over an hour to check in with an exhausted crying baby (not a good time). When we finally made it to the front and spoke with the agent we understood why. The agent first explained the car I reserved was not available and then took over 20 minutes trying to sell us on upgraded cars and insurance. After declining over and over, the vehicle we reserved was then miraculously available again. Adding an additional day plus gas and also resulted in DOUBLING the cost from $440 to nearly $900.

William Farren

Waiting in line at fox rental cars. I've been here for two hours. Can't cancel without a penalty. One agent processing tental cars. Never again will i rent from fox rental car.

Lilly Cockrum

This was the first time I used this company. My flight came in at 12:30 am and my husband waited in line for 30 minutes to get the keys to the vehicle. We just moved here so we booked it for 4 days and planned to buy a car within that time. We bought a car on the same day we rented so we filled the rental back up with gas and returned the rented vehicle at 6:30 pm. We had the vehicle from 1:35 am - 6:24 pm and we were charged $197. They charged me $63 for one day and $20 per day I missed on my reservation which of course was counted as 4 full days. To me that’s a ridiculous amount. The daily rate for our car was $63. They essentially charged me $80 for ‘breaking the contract’ and returning the car 3 1/2 days early. Then the rest was unavoidable taxes. If you need a flexible rental place, I wouldn’t use this place.

Lawrence Martinez

I was cautious when arriving since there are a lot of negative reviews on google, but I think people are letting busy times reflect in their reviews. I arrived and was greeted warmly and told what type of car we would be getting. Asked all the required questions like if there are other drivers, and then offered an upgrade, offered protection options and fueling options. It’s a business so let them see if they can make your trip better! You can say no, I wasn’t told anything other than more options when I declined. They even offer a prepay fuel option of a half talk which was perfect for us for our drive back from Portland the morning of our return. Car was clean, inspected well when we left, and return was even easier. Ultimately I say this to anyone reading reviews. Make multiple reservations. Fox had the best price and a better vehicle. I had a back up reservation with Hertz that I was going to use if Fox had a huge line. It was the same price but for a compact car vs a small SUV. I was happy with my experience and vehicle with Fox and I will use them next time I am in town.


Company way overbooked the vehicles.. we had to wait 2 hours in line after long flight since check in process was not smooth. On top of that employees were trying to do hard sell for an extras. I would rather spend few dollars more and go somewhere other than fox. It was exhausting. Honestly these people don't care about customers at all. All they will try to do sell bunch of stuff that you will not need. STAY AWAY from these crooks. KANDICE (fox rental seatac employee) is worst of all of them and she will try to get every penny from you by selling useless stuff. I would not even give them one star.

jeff birmingham

This rent a car company it a total joke. I rented a jeep three weeks a head of this that went some what ok but had issues. This go around i rented another jeep to only be left standing at the air port for 45 min i was about to get a uber like the guy i was standing with did. Once i finally got two the office i had to wait another 30 min to finally get to talk to the lady. I told her about the trouble i had with the jeep 3 weeks a go which was bald tires and one that had a not on it when i return it. IT NEEDED 5 NEW TIRES. I told her i want a good safe jeep she said she would put me in one. after the paper work. i was shocked to find that she put me in the same jeep that had the same tires but now the bad tire that was on the ground had blown out and was now the spare!!!!!! So i had to go back in and change jeeps i did get one with new tires BUT it had no key fob. So every time i locked the doors and open it up the alarm would go off!!! We were camp in the parks and getting up at 5:00 am to photograph wildlife. I was told that if we could not stop setting off the horn early in the morning we had to leave. So i had to either not lock my stuff up are get kicked out of the park. Which we ended up being ask to leave because i locked the jeep and had to set off the alarm at 4:50AM. So we had to go find a place to camp away from the spot we had reservations that took most of a day of our trip. The jeep was totally dirty when we got it. i kept smelling something bad to only find a half eaten sandwich totally rotten and sourer with mold all over it!!!!!!!!!! So no one is cleaning the cars. There was a lady that was with us when we rent The first car she was given had been in a wreck on the right side the fender was totally crushed in she had to say for a different car as well. The second car had a dead battery they jumped it and told her to not worry about it it would charge. Sending a women by her self out in a car that you are not sure whats wrong with it is pretty bad!!!!!! So i will never rent from fox of salt lake city again And highly recommend you don't either!!!!!!!

Veronica Zhu

Life is short, so, please DON'T rent car with Fox in Seattle airport. The wait is ridiculously painful. The line is always 20-30 , however, there were only 2 agents and each customer takes about 15-20 minutes to process. I waited more than 1.5 hours after long hours of traveling. I wished I had seen over 600 one-star review here before I booked. Please spread the word to save other future victims. In addition, Google should provide zero star rating. One-star is too generous here.


WORST customer experience. Waited 2 hours to get a car that was pre-booked and prepaid. Car broke down on the freeway the next day. Waited 30 minutes on the emergency assistance number before speaking to anyone, then over 3 hours to get the car replaced. Waited again to return the car. They double-charged me. After multiple calls to the billing department, still not fixed even though they acknowledged the mistake and said they would issue a refund. They didn't miss an opportunity to make a bad experience at every step of the process.

April K

Kandice was warm, professional, and very helpful. The lines were long, but we knew to expect that from the reviews. We got a great deal on the perfect vehicle, which was totally worth it!

Maggie Anne

Waiting in line for an hour with no movement. The rep came by and said I may not have a RENTAL After prepaying

Ryan Griffin

Not sure why this place has such bad ratings. I rented a car for a week for the cheapest price I could find, and the car was in good shape. They do charge a $1,000 deposit if you are an in state resident for some reason, but you get it back as long as you return the car. Customer service was good, and everything was charged as I expected.

jim simonson

Stood in line for 20 minutes and finally asked for the manager. After a brief stairdown she said she doesn't rent cars. Not her job!! Never again with fox in seattle!

Christopher Tolmie

Horrible service. Had to wait over 15min for the Fox bus to arrive at the rental center and take us to the Fox rental facility. The bus that transported us had no air-conditioning and the driver was pushy trying to get tips even though he did not help with bags because he was too hot. The bus trip to the rental facility took 20min

Ivan Volovenko

Spent 2 hours in a line from 5 people (we got there at 1 a.m.). You should check return receipt, they charged $179 for fuel. After conversation with the manager they returned money. Everything else was ok.

Benjamin Engle

A little slow on getting car. But car was super nice and clean. Good experience

Michelle Ostler

I have been standing in line for almost 2 hours. It is 1:30 am!. I would walk out except that I have already invested this much time. This is truly the worst customer service that l have ever had! On top of having to ride an airport shuttle and then transfer everything to the Fox shuttle...then wait in line forever because they only have 2 people working a line of about 30 people...and now one of the 2 workers just left and now just one person is helping all of these people. Beyond ridiculous.

Joe Kinson

Wish I saw these reviews before I committed to renting from here. DO NOT RENT HERE! Extra 10 minute shuttle ride just to get here AFTER your shuttle ride to the rent-a-center. Arrive at Fox, about 7 or 8 customers in front of me, only 2 clerks working. Taking 10-15 minutes per transaction. You do the math. Been in line for 40 minutes now. DON'T BE LURED BY THE LOW PRICES...DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!

Burt & Naomi Sorkin

I decided to give Fox a try after a few good reviews swayed me. Bad Decision. First, the car I rented smelled horribly and had badly stained seats. Next, my flight was delayed and I over stayed the return time an hour or so to find I'll be charged an additional day + a penalty fee at more than twice my daily rental rate. I spoke to a manager who was rude, and had already made up her mind before I explained that I called and was assured I would not be charged. Oh well, no skin off my back, I'll just take my business elsewhere. There are many inexpensive options at Ohare, and yes you might not have an issue with Fox, but great companies are the ones that are there for you when you do have an issue.



Vanessa Chen

It’s so bad, we did our early return, and they still charged us early charge!!! Are you guys always do this to your customers??? Because it’s not that much? The employee inside was very nice and explained to me all the details, he said they will return my money back, but at last they didn’t! Just let everyone knows this! Be careful about what they charge you, especially at last, your deposit would never be the full back!!! Check your bill!!!!

Abbie Grunwald

DO NOT GO HERE. Booked them because they were the cheapest of course and I will never skimp again. They RAN OUT OF CARS!!!! There was a whole line of people with no cars to have. We couldn't get the car we reserved, but were of course offered a more expensive car at our expense. They did nothing to correct their mistake, no discounts, just a simple "people make mistakes." We waited for over an hour, with 2 children to get our car, and the couple in front of us said they had been there a couple hours. So unprofessional.

Pn Lawyers

Cant give zero or negative stars, unfortunately

John OConnor

I was in Vegas for the weekend to assist with a High School Competition being held on UNLV campus. The group that I was assisting set up the car rental. I normally use Enterprise for all my personal rentals when traveling and will continue to do so. Getting to the rental location is not convenient at all. I had to pickup the Rental Car Shuttle from the airport. After arriving at the Rental Car Terminal, I was then required to wait over 35 min for the Fox Shuttle to pick me up and take me to their location (which was about 7 min away). The shuttle driver seemed to be having a very bad day (we all do, I get that) and was not very helpful with other passengers needing assistance with their luggage. Once at the FOX lot, I was waited on by Christina. Christina was on her cell phone texting during the whole transaction. She was not attentive at all. When I asked for confirmation on a question I had, she let out a big sigh and was reluctant to answer. FOX also required me to put $150 deposit down on my Credit Card before allowing me to rent. After the paperwork was completed, I was instructed to go outside and pick the car of my choice from the isle indicated. Only 1 car was in the isle that I was told to go to. I went to get in the car and there were no keys in the car. I asked for assistance and the person working the lot said to just take any of the cars in the next isle over. As I walked around the lot, all the cars were dirty. None appeared to have been washed in numerous days. The interiors didn't appear to have been vacuumed either. I finally chose a Toyota Camry, the least dirty and had the best smelling interior that I could find. Leaving the lot was a decent experience. Very similar to other rental companies. Upon returning the car (at 2:15 am) several days later, I was greeted by Tracey. Tracey was friendly and helpful during the Return process. Kudos to her! I only wish the other FOX employees were a quarter as friendly and customer service oriented as Tracey. CAR was decent. Prices are comparable with Enterprise and the other Name Brand Companies. However, I am never required to put a deposit Down with the other companies when using my Credit Card CUSTOMER SERVICE is HORRENDOUS!!! If you are considering using FOX, please think twice. The name Brand companies are the same price, with better customer service, less issues, and more convenient from the airport.

Rich chester

One star for the 2 HOUR wait that is clearly a habit for this place. Only 2.5 employees working when I arrived. .5 because one guy started, helped 2 people and then walked around for 15 minutes. 5 employees working when we left. Up selling also a huge issue here. Employees unphased by long lines and showed no rush to help people, even the manager who came out to help. Place is cheap but will go with a little more expensive next time, not worth the hassle. Other than that everything else ok.

Battleslay The Killer

Very bad experience. I ordered the Managers special on the website because it was same price as the full size and it said full size car or higher. When I arrived, the staff at the counter said the special is compact car, I told him that is impossible. He asked another staff what the manager special is, then told me it is an intermediate. I told him it should be a full size car or higher, the staff said he could do nothing, then told me never chose the manager special. It ended up I paid price of a full size car and got an intermediate. There are lot of companies at rental car center, but when you get there, you have to switch to Fox's shuttle to get to their location takes about extra 15 minutes. I had good experience with Fox at LA, but definitely not here.

Cody Simmons

I don't get all of the bad reviews. I recently rented from them and they were very good to me. Sure you have lines and whatnot but what else would you expect in busy Las Vegas. I'm sure these workers get crabby due to the people they have to deal with. The one employee that I was working with was totally nice and wasnt grumpy or rude at all. You just have to realize that you are not the only one looking for a rental. The prices are not going to be wicked cheap and people should just know that.. My total came to 150 after everything and that is totally understandable. I had a great experience and will definitely rent from them again!

E Guzman

Umesh Nair

Chad Smith

The pick up of the vehicle took an hour. The counter staff was friendly but in sloooow motion .The gate attendant was less than friendly. We were told to grab any vehicle from a specific row which we did and it was the only one there. But it was off limits once we reached the gate. So we had to drive it back around and park it. Then we were told just get one from another row which required swapping luggage just an added pain . The vehicle was clearly used last by cheech and chong it smelt so much of weed. (Or maybe it was the counter staff hense the slooow motion) The drop off attendant and the shuttle driver's are the only thing keeping this from being 1 star. Both shuttle drivers were great and the drop off attendant was very nice. Won't use again. Be prepared for a long wait if you do.

PJ Jones

OUTRAGEOUS PRICES FOR EXTENDING YOUR CONTRACT!!!!! You actually get penalized for giving them more business. Overcharges and hidden additional charges. I’ve renting on monthly basis for 8 months in a row. You’d think I’d get some kind of discount, but instead the jack up the prices to double or sometimes triple the price of the previous month. Staff is rude and condescending and the wait in line is ridiculous. All rental agents work on commissions and will up sell you on everything you let them. Remember, the insurance coverage is not mandatory it’s an upsell buyer beware. If you did not take the shuttle there. They’re not supposed to charge you for it but they do anyway unless you tell them about it. THIS IS A PREDATORY AGENCY THAT PENALIZES YOU FOR EVERYTHING LIKE EARLY RETURN, EXTENDING YOUR CONTRACT, MANAGERS SPECIALS ARE A JOKE, THEY NEVER HAVE THE CAR YOU WANT.

Sharath Chandra Guntuku

Great value for money! Especially if you take the SUV class of vehicles!

cliff utstein

Great value, excellent car (I was given a Fusion Hybrid for my full-size rental), and surprisingly good customer service (Christopher and Beverly are both excellent). I will qualify this review by noting that it's very important to understand how Fox's policies differ from the majors like Hertz and Avis in that they charge fees for early return and late returns (not just the extra time charge, but a fee in addition). You have to be very careful and adhere to their rules, but if you do, they offer great value!

Tanya Brown

I had a reservation which made my experience a little better than those around me but it was still unpleasant. I had everything the employee needed right away and she still managed to look like I was inconvienencing her by just being there. I was expecting a certain charge yet when she told me the total it was 150 dollars more than what I was expecting. I asked why and she said "Because that's the price". I asked why she was charging 150 more and she said "Cause I have to!" (Can you hear the attitude, because I could?) I asked why again and she said it was a deposit. I know sometimes there are deposits but it is usually explained better. After we worked that out, she said I could go pick my car from either section 1 or 2. Out I walk across the parking cars. Back in I go. She won't even look at me so I asked the girl next to her what to do. She told me to go to the next row. I did get a car but I will not be using this company ever again! And if you don't like your job and you have to complain about people just walking in the door...get a different job.

Nancy Roehr

HORRIBLE place. No where on website does it tell you they want $1000. Dollar deposit. And their not very helpful. Waited over 30 minutes before they told me about deposit. And NO ONE else was asked for that. The ones I heard were $150. Deposits. If I could give them NO STARS I would. Or minus 10. And they wont take debit cards from locals. THEY SUCK.

Cindi Reyes

I'd give a O star if it was an option. Service was horrible - 40 minutes waiting to get to the rental counter. Charged an extra day because our flight was early, then charged another day because we returned car 14 minutes late. 4 days at $26 per day + an extra day + a late fee added up to $438 cost. Could have rented for a week for less from any reputable car rental. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE.

william iverson

The staff are ok. The vehicle is terrible. I understand it's a you get what you pay for but this time it was bad.

Nicole Fast

I would have rated a lot less, but the attendant at the counter saved it. When we first arrived, there was a huge line and barely any staff. Took us about an hour to get through. By the time we got to the counter, we were extremely frustrated (as we already had to take two shuttles to get there). Allan, however, took extremely good care of us. He was funny, and extremely nice. Completely changed our mood. He would earn FIVE stars for sure. The vehicle we had was great. However, it almost didn't happen. There was a small mix up in the beginning and the car we received was smokey, with stained seats. It wasn't what we were supposed to have, (it was a mid-size and we were supposed to have a small SUV) however, Allan fixed it in no time. We then had the correct vehicle, which was clean and perfect for our travels. Drop off was much easier. Pulled up, an attendant came and we were done in no time. Without Allan, I would have rated the experience about a 3, but he absolutely changed it. So thank you ALLAN!!! I will rent from Fox again!

Eddy Martinez

Wish I could leave no stars. The employees are amazing and you can tell they are just doing there job. But corporate needs to talk to them and hear what customers are saying. They charged me, wait sorry “held” $400 cause I was using a debit card. The lady next to me as being charged $1000 for the same because she was local. NEVER AGAIN! They lost my business forever!!!

Joshua Lamers

I got what I paid for. I needed a quick two day rental while my truck was being serviced so i found Fox online in Las Vegas and rented a mid-size SUV for $17/day....seemed like a great price. I arrived at their distressed facility off Las Vegas Blvd on a Sunday afternoon and only three people were in line ahead of me but it took nearly 40 minutes to get to the front of the line. When I was finally called to the counter Eddie didn't say hello or welcome or even make eye contact he just asked my name and said he needed my credit card and driver license. He then asked if my wife was going to be driving. I said yes and he said it would be a $12 per day charge. I said that other car rental companies didn't charge for a spouse and he proceeded to lie and tell me that only happens in California where it is the law. I have rented hundreds of cars for business and pleasure and anytime my wife has been with me I have been told spouses do not cost extra. Anyway, the customer service skills for every employee I encountered were just pathetic, with the exception of the young man pumping gas into my rental, he was very nice. I met him only because Eddie told me my rental would be full of fuel but it was not. I have owned an insurance agency for nearly 20 years and if Eddie came into my office to apply for a job I would turn right around and show him the door and tell him to come back when he learned how to speak proper english and treat a customer or client like you treat a guest in his home. If that wasn't enough reasons to shop elsewhere... they have an EARLY RETURN FEE and you are forced to sign away your rights to a lawsuit against them. Pay the extra $5 to go to Enterprise or Alamo or Hertz. It's a mistake I won't make again.

anagogytn .

There are better and watch for over jarges about a week or two after return keep your paperwork for a month once you return home

Anne Ada

Had a great experience. Picked up my reservation and dropped it off a week later without any issues. Everything went smoothly like I wanted.

aluka reddy

As i could not give a negative feedback, giving 1 Star. I rented a car from Fox rental in Vegas to go around and visit few National Parks Grand Canyon, Zion National park and few other places. After taking the car, noticed that the Brake Routers were having some issue and we were 400 miles away from the location. I wasted like 6 hours extra driving 40 mph on 75 mph ( as before i missed couple accidents due to the brakes not applied properly). Now the issue occurs when i visited the location to report the issue and change the car. The guy supposed to call him the supervisor on the returns section, was behaving very rudely and arrogant behaviour. When told him the problem and he was speaking very sarcastically. All that i requested at the end was to waive my one rental and extension (which i happen to extend for we could not cover all the places). Neither at the counter nor at the customer service did anything. All that they said was we are really sorry for the inconvenience. Finally i would say that never ever rent with this location Fox Rental. Worst experience ever had.

LUIS Covarrubias

Jessa Van Tassell

They only had 2 employees working at the front desk. It took me 30 minutes to ride the shuttle that is really far from the airport and then I had to wait for an hour because they are so busy with only 2 employees working. The guy who helped me was super nice until I turned down the insurance and gas that they are offering.

Nazif Suljic

I'm not sure why are people writing bad reviews here but I just came back from Vegas on Sunday after renting car here for a week. I picked my SUV on March 31 I was served by Steve who did make me buy liability Insurance even though I said that I had my own but he stated that because I'm from Canada that is not valid in US I didn't argue with him and did buy it that added another $97 to my bill so I paid for a week $275. He let me chose whatever SUV was in line 5 of their lot which had like 10 to chose from. I chose Mitsubishi Outlander was great clean worked perfect. Return was smooth took like a minute they refunded my security deposit right that day but took 3 days to show on my credit car. Over all this was great experiance I would rent here again no problem. Their shuttle drivers were awesome very polite and didn't wait for them long at all.

Lisa G

The staff treated us outstanding!! Even when we came back the next day to ask for a different type of car. We highly recommend this rental car company. We use them all over the country.


Worst customer care. Cant go out of state with Fox. Uber was actually much more user friendly.

Jamie Rose

This was our first and LAST time renting with Fox!! You had to take a shuttle from the airport to the rental car building. And then take yet another shuttle to the Fox rental building which was another 15 minutes away. Once we got there the line was at least 25 people long and we waited just over an hour to get to the counter to start our rental process. We had to pay a $150 deposit (which we weren't aware of) in addition to our $190 rental charge up front. When we returned the vehicle at 4:45 PM they said that we would be charged a $20 early return fee... our reservation was scheduled for a 5:00 PM drop off!!!! Then they wanted to charge us a $100 fee to clean the dirt off the outside of the vehicle. It had rained that day in Vegas, which is unusual, so of course our vehicle had mud splatter on it from the puddles on the road. Also. When we checked in the vehicle I asked for a printed receipt showing we returned and they said I would have to go inside and talk to the agent. Luckily there were only 2 people in line. But I still had to wait. I told the agent I wasn't happy about the $20 early return fee. He said it wasn't a fee, but it was hard to explain and on and on. And he ended up taking it off. I told him that unfortunately this was our first and last time renting with Fox and he flat out said, "You'll be back. We have the best rates." I told him I guess customer retention must not be Fox's strong suit. And the. I overheard another custom say the same thing. That it was his first and last time. Long story short, I would NOT reccomend Fox. They have a lot of hidden fees and they to nickle and dime you for everything. And customer service is subpar!!


We really though we got a good deal, paid for 5 day premium sedan, collected from the PHX airport and went our way to Sedona, first day, car broke down, we contacted them they came pick it up and and brought us a “comparable” car .... mini SUV ... ???? Very uncomfortable as my husband and my son are tall men, 6’2” ... my son left some items in the car and now we have been trying to contact the lost and found office for days, left voicemails with all the information to contact us back, never received a call back, we contacted the billing department they finally answer, and say they will email the lost and found office and that they will contact us back, never happened, when we return the car it was a Saturday, the agent at the office said we have to wait until Monday cause the lost and found agent is there only on weekdays 8am to 5pm. Now we have been in the phone, on hold for almost an hour. We might never see the item left behind but it would be great if someone, someone just call back to say at least, “I got your message ....” Final though on the agency... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR. 0 Customer Service, yes they are friendly, when you get hold of them but the service doesn’t get you too far ....

Salah Moghram

Save your time and money .. seriously


I'm writing this review while in line to pick up my car. There were probably 8 or 9 people ahead of me. It's been a half hour and now there are 4. At this rate, it'll be an hour by the time I get my car. While they have ten desks only two are staffed. For the few dollars I saved it just wasnt with waiting an hour. Add the extra 15 minutes it takes to get here since it's an "off-site" company from LAS and it really doesn't make sense. Lesson learnt. Update: it's now been an hour and we are down to one desk being opened. The last rep just got up look for someone else. Sad...

chad hager

We rented a four door jeep wrangler and was expecting a potato based off the reviews. We received a brand new jeep wrangler for a quarter of the cost of competitors. Line was a little long but for the price I can not complain. Returning the car in Los Angeles was extremely easy as well.

salaudeen shamsudeen

Charandeep Singh

Incredibly slow service. Stood in line for 1 hr. Had to take 2 shuttles from airport that took 1 hr to reach from baggage claim to Fox

Monyca Drone

The WORST RENTAL CAR EXPERIENCE EVER. First shuttled from airport to rental car area, then told Fox rental is off site so we must take a Fox shuttle. My husband is an amputee, the shuttle driver said their handicapped shuttle is in the shop so we have to take a taxi to Fox. We get to fox and their is a sign "New Policy" stating that customers using a debit card MUST PAY A $400 DEPOSIT in addition to the rental cost. If I pay with a credit card the deposit is $150. So my husband gave them his credit card and his passport. The rental clerk said he needed to see my husbands driver's license because he CANNOT ACCEPT HIS USA PASSPORT AS ID. My husband is not driving (amputee). So Fox in order to get a car I had to pay over $600. This process at Fox Rent a car took 2 hours. I rented the car because after the flight, taxi ride, heat (109 degrees) and disagreement at the desk, my disabled husband needed to get to our hotel to relax. NO HANDICAPPED ACCOMMODATION, RUDE CLERK AND UNKNOWN POLICY UNTIL I GET TO RENTAL OFFICE.

Jeremy R

Absolutely horrible

John Carter

Avoid this place. Took 3 hours to get out of this place with a working car. Extremely low end. Long waits. Small car selection. After long wait our first car had been in accident and Fox repaired the exterior body but not the brake and insides. While driving car and turning right front tire rubbed and made terrible noise. Returned car and waited another hour for replacement car. Took 3 hours to get out of Fox car rental office. Terrible.

Nicholas DiMonte

Slow, unorganized service. There is a reason why the price is cheap because they have poor service. I went through a toll because I got lost, no big deal because this happen to me with another rental company and I paid something like $15. Not so with Fox, went through only one toll near the Denver Airport and I was charged $10.95 for the toll and $45 for administrion fee for a total of $55.95. It would have been cheaper for me to rent from a reputable rental company than Fox.

Andrew Guzik

Great rates, terrible customer service. Honestly, you'll have a better customer service experience at the DMV. The last time I rented from Fox one of the reps took a break between customers to walk through the lobby, take a drink of water from the fountain, paused to watch ESPN highlights on the lobby TV, then walked back to his counter to help the next customer waiting in the long line. When another employee suggested that he needed to work faster, his response was "I'm here for eight hours no matter how fast I go." You can't make this stuff up. A little extra cost is worth avoiding Fox's checkout counter.

Laura Gregoire

A little late posting this, but better late than never. My friends and I rented a Chevrolet Impala for our visit in Vegas and road trip down to LA in July 2018. When we got to the booth, because we were talking about missing out on being able to off-road because it was too expensive, the guy at Fox Rent A Car actually surprised us with a free upgrade to a Jeep of our choice. We got to drive a new fully convertible 2018 Jeep Wrangler with hardly any miles on it. It was such a nice gesture on their part. I will definitely be using Fox Rent A Car next time I visit Vegas if I need to rent a car.

Throw Away

Pay a little extra and go for some of the bigger car rental companies. Wait times are atrocious.

Krista Greer

Cars were disgusting. We thought we would save the money and come here but when we got to choose any car in the row they all had coffee/mud/dog hair/mystery stains all over the interior. They’d obviously never been cleaned. We left. Don’t waste your time.

Michelle Alvarez

Highly recommended over other companies in Vegas, including big name ones. We got a free upgrade. Great service, reasonable price. 2 things: 1) no direct shuttle from the airport, you have to the airport shuttle to the rental car hub then another to Fox (same on the way back); and 2) very high deposit ($400).

Joy Balboul

Worst service!!! It says it’s at the airport and it isnt it is 40 minutes away. After waiting 1 hour in line for the 2 staff to manually check you in and I mean manually ... the staff didn’t have his reading glasses so we actually had to read the info on the drivers license to him!!! After you finally get your car it takes another 30 minutes to leave because each car must be checked by the one person allowing you to leave the property. All of this would be tolerable if at least the people working there were some what nice. It sounds like a deal but factor in the 3-4 hours it takes it is not a deal. Go anywhere else!!!!!

Fatina Hall

Never use your debit card there for a deposit! worse mistake ever was getting a car with them through Priceline. A complete rip off. You cannot get anyone over the phone. I was charged twice and unable to get my money back. DO NOT USE!

Lindsey Goins

Only gave this place one star because I had to. First, we waited 30 minutes in line. Now it’s been over an hour after waiting on the car to come from the “overflow” lot. We did everything online a week ago and this car should have been waiting on us. Will never rent from here again.

Dan Ilan

They charge me $85 for detail cleaning. It’s a joke?

Diamonique Montgomery

Giving 4 stars because check in took pretty long. Although, while waiting, a woman came to speak with the customers in line, answering questions and preparing them for pick up. While at the desk, staff was friendly and pretty professional. I'll rent again.

Anthony Jones

I’ve never written a review before for a car rental service. I’ve been renting cars for almost a decade... never any issues before! Don’t let the few dollars a day convince you to book them...Horrible process/ Service Upon arrive from a long flight ORD. The suv we paid extra for was not available. And we were offered an economy car (costing literally a third of the price when we booked our nice suv) with no guarantees of a price difference refund. I refused and was told all suvs were booked and the wait time is an hour. My wife is pregnant so we waited for a safer car to be available. We wait and wait and wait. Over a hour later I notice people getting off the pairport shuttle and getting in line. So I stand in line behind them. The teller notice me in line and begin to whisper to the customers, giving them suv’s. After about another 35 minutes in line (only 3 people ahead of me) I get to the counter and she immediately says “there’s no suvs still available, the people in front of me in line we’re on a waiting list before they called?? I’ve been here for nearly 2 hours now, I call b.s. it’s like I was being forced to get an economy car when paid extra for nice suv. (I booked through Expedia and purchased their insurance sonInfelt as if they were giving all the cars to people who went directly through their website so they can rip them off. According to all of the other reviews) I explained I will continue to wait because my wife is pregnant and we need something safe or just cancel and I’ll book somewhere else. Then magically, she calls upstairs and a truck arrives (not the Kia suv I booked, but a journey, nice truck but very close to a minivan...) the process took soo long the lady didn’t even offer any add on...horrible process and I will NEVER rent from them again.

Sky High Flying Canines

Waiting for my rental car took 75 years and I died of old age while standing in line here.

Yanus Lenessa

Manny is the best! We use fox all the time and he is 5 star all the way! Will return soon, exceptional staff team!

Maxim Munvez

I read all the negative 1 star reviews. Maybe I was lucky but I did not had any big issues. In general everything was pretty good. - The rental process in general was flawless. From the beginning to the end. The office employee was even to save another 15 bucks when he asked me when I will bring the car back. - Employees were not very friendly, but did their job properly. Similar issue with other car rentail companies but the top ones. - I had to check all cars from my price range out in the beginning, as the majority of them had some issues (cleanliness, smoke smell, high milage), nevertheless I was able to find a proper car. - no issues with waiting times, 8pm/6am - Price was ~ 40% under the competition, I rent a mid size car for 1 Week. I would book again.

Samuel Weber

An additional shuttle required. Place makes the DMV seem fast. Avoid at all costs

Capt'n Tyed

Was going to rent here, but after reading the reviews, I remembered why I haven't rented from them for years and years. While reading the reviews and looking at the photos, I had flash backs and remembered an experience of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting..and waiting. Thanks to all the negative reviewers for jogging my memory of when I had told myself oh so many years ago, Never Again! Glad I won't have to put up with all the unfortunate issues so many reviewers have explained here in just to save a few bucks. You get what you pay for in all things in life, but the reviews seen here are on the verge of exposing shear corruption. So sorry for all those who experienced less than even basic expectations being met. Thanks also be to the internet gods these days to allow us to track and critique lame customer service and bogus companies in this type of forum. Companies should try not touting how great their growth is on websites and focus on hiring better employees and invest in their success while under their guidance. Seems someone is truly missing the mark here and obviously still doesn't care after all these years. Shame on them. NEVER AGAIN!!

André Rouillard

The fact that rentals can only be driven in certain states needs to be disclosed more conspicuously at the time of reservation.

Charlie Moureau

The van we rented for the week was nice, clean and we had zero mechanical issues. Drop off was stress free, quick and very easy. There was quite a line during pick up (1am) and the building was hot and stuffy, but they got through the line fairly quickly. Would definitely rent from them again.

Andrew Gillette

Not really an airport rental because location is offsite.

D. Repentski

This was my first time renting a car and I must say... unbelievably outstanding experience. No issues. The car was nice and it got awesome gas mileage! The girls working the booth were super nice and very helpful as well as clear on explaining things. I dropped off the car, they checked it in, did a quick scan, and I was off to the airport. I definitely recommend them. They had the best rates as well!

Ron Lui

Made reservations 3 months in advance. Arrived at airport waited 45 in line with only 3 people in front of me, only to find out they ran out of cars. I was told that I might have a car in an hour. Since this was a business trip they company booked the rental so after making a call I was rebooked with Enterprise rentals car and got my car immediatley. I will never book with fox rentals and complained to company to not is them in the future.

hoda samarehafsari

They asked 1000$ deposit after standing near 1 hour in the line we cancel it ! we couldnt give our money back because we booked it online and they didnt return the money for booking!

Davida Johnson

Rented with them because we were taking a 17 hour road trip with 2 kids in the back and they advertised we could get a Toyota Rav 4 or something comparable. When we got there the only 2 options available were a Jeep Renegade (standard) and a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, neither in my opinion are comparable to what they said we could get. Take my advice and go somewhere else! UPDATE! There was only 1 car to choose from as the one we wanted didn't have a key.

Adriane B.

When I returned the car I was informed that I would get my deposit back in 5 days, after a month no deposit, I call and they say I've been refunded already but there's no money back from them in my card. Am I the only one with this problem?

christine zambron

It was very nice and easy to rent the car and return the car! The people are very very nice

Алексей Антонов

When i made reservation on website price was 164$. But when arrived at desk it become 411$

Thomas Schuetz

Ridiculous. Dont waste your money here. Worst experience ever. Trust me, please for your own good spend a little more for your time and better management.

Andrea Force

Don’t bother making reservations ahead of time. We got here with 9 people in our group and needed the 2 vans we reserved. Nothing available for an undetermined amount of time

Evan Donald

Excellent. Check in at counter was quick and easy, I even got a choice of vehicle between Kia and Mitsubishi, both vehicles same rental price. My flight landed at 1215am, I was so tired when I arrived. My experience with Fox could not have been better. No waiting in line. They offered prepaid fuel at excellent price, I declined because fuel is so cheap in Kansas but should have accepted as it was cheaper than near airport gas prices. Very clean vehicle, only 4k miles, very clean. Price was excellent. Returning vehicle was a breeze, he did quick look over and checked miles and fuel. Thank you Fox team. I was traveling with wife and 5 month old daughter. This experience made my trip so much easier. Thank you thank you! I kept telling my wife and family how easy the rental process was and how much I enjoyed the vehicle. I absolutely recommend Fox Rent A Car at Seatac for car rental. Thank you!

Becky D

Had a full sized SUV rented. Arrived at rental booth and noticed a long line. Lady ahead said she had been there 20 min and line had not moved. Pretty soon a guy came out of somewhere and said they only had 2 rental cars left. So we had to go next door to Avis. Rented a smaller SUV that cost $300.00 more, but at least we got a vehicle. The agent from Avis said that it had been happening all week next door at FOX. Great prices, but no cars! Not exactly what you want to experience after a long day of travel.

nicole hagins

The people were friendly but the dont have a big variety of vehicles and their pricing isn't very flexible.

G Froelich

Great prices if you can get a car. Second time trying them and both times I had to find another rental agency that actually had cars to rent. This is for the SeaTac location only.

Danny Reiter

Off sight rental car place. Internet said they closed at 12, so we rushed over there. Walked in and it was empty but they were open until 1. But because our flight was delayed they gave away our rental car and only had a mini van left, which was double the price of our reservation. I would suggest getting one of the bigger chains (enterprise, Alamo), which were right in the airport

Lynn ferguson

Let's just say my customer service experience today was so unreal. Felt vindicated when on the ride back to the terminal to rent from another company, we conversed with a customer who witnessed it. He had already made a call that 100% will be effecting change at this location. Funny you just never know who is watching! This incident will cost Fox lots of $$$$.

Brad Lewis

Cheryl attempted to aggressively pressure me into getting more expensive car/insurance despite telling what i wanted. Upon returning the car I was unsure where to park so i asked an employee who told me were what ended up being the visitor parking lot (unmarked). 3 days later was told that the car was not returned. I returned the car with typical amount of dirt you could expect in a 6 day use. I was also charged 150$ for this. I was also charged for the 3 days it was sitting on their property and other fees as well. I have tried contacting them for the last 3 weeks getting the run around, excuses, hanging up on me, and promising to get back to me with new information. I have now been charged for a parking violation of 119 for parking where i was told to park from an employee. It was supposed to cost me about 450 and now it is close to 1000. Dont rent from these guys otherwise you will get charged for some bs extra stuff. let my review and the hundreds of other reviews be a warning for you. Got anything to say @fox or are you too busy scamming. I assume the latter..

Hailey Wilson

This place is consistently cheaper than the competition and has taken care of me efficiently.

Bob Ljujic

IT WAS HORRIBLE! The worst rental car experience ever. When we got there they pushed me into more expensive car and took $150.00 in deposits. When I returned the car at the Airport nobody was there to greet us. After 15min girl drove by and told us that she is busy and if we can not wait for her to come back we can leave keys in the car, otherwise she will be back in 15 min. After 15min, when she didn't show up we had to lave the car as we had the plain to catch. When I got back I tried call them multiple times but their phones are constantly on the wait and have more than 10 people waiting on the line. After many attempts and hours waiting on the phone nobody answered. I don't think that they people on those lines at all. I also tried with Chat, Email, and all the phone numbers that they had on the site. Nobody would answer any of them. To this date (seven days after I returned the car) I still don't have a receipt and I have this $150.00 on my VISA that they suppose to give back! I'll have to dispute FOX Rental charging with VISA since I could not reach their customer service by any means.

Serenity Burrows

After we were charged a ridiculous holding fee, and were forced to wait for over an hour, the car we were given had clearly been in a wreck and the tires were so bald that they would not stand a rainstorm. There was no way that car would pass a safety inspection. We got a new car and as we were waiting, one of their rental cars came on lot via tow truck. Clearly broke down. We ended up with a van that had clearly been wrecked too, but would suffice. On our way back home from Colorado, one of the tires blew. We tried to put the spare on, but that too was flat. We were hours away from the nearest town and customer service would not pick up. Not to even mention the ridiculous fees they tried to slip past us. This company is sneaky, sketchy, and only makes a profit from scamming tourists. Would be 0 stars if possible, I would never recommend to anyone.

Thomas Thomas

This review is for the Salt Lake City Airport Fox Rent A Car facility. The reason we utilized Fox is that we booked through a 3rd party and the cost was significantly less than booking with one of the larger on-site airport rental car companies. The check-in experience took a little time, however the counter assistant helped make sure we had the right vehicle for our needs. When we returned and checked-in, the customer service person was extremely helpful especially when the charges did not add up correctly, she made sure to investigate and determine what was wrong while not holding us up for our flight. The shuttle driver was personable and helpful. Overall our experience was very positive with the people and the price was great!

Kirsi Kilpelainen

Would be 0 if possible. I prepaid in advance to rent an SUV in February and when I arrived at the rental counter they did not have my car type. That fine, I understand that happens but they said they would refund me $150 for taking a smaller car and they still have not done that and nobody answers the phone. They offered a credit of $150 which is not what they originally said and when I said I did not want the credit I wanted a partial refund they considered the case solved. Such a joke!

Sue Dempsey

Take heed to the negative reviews. Pay the difference and rent from any other company. The price may seem good online, but when you get to the counter to complete the process, you are pressured into getting add on charges that you don't want or need. Unfortunately for us and other customers, waiting 30 or more minutes while they berate and pressure other customers is the norm. The employees have no sense of urgency and no people skills. The person who helped us, Musa, was the rudest person we have ever encountered in any service industry. He was condescending, belligerent, disrespectful, rude to the extreme, and absolutely should not be behind any service counter...anywhere. When we finally got through the agonizing process and got to our vehicle, we noticed other customers thoroughly checking out their cars, taking photos and writing down everything on these sheets they give you. Yep, you have to document everything or you may have to pay damages. One couple actually requested another vehicle because theirs had too much damage to deal with. Our vehicle was just okay. Old and a bit beat up. Absolutely not worth the hassle or cost. Beware!

Alanah Palmer-Eisses

I see a lot of bad reviews for Fox out of SeaTac - however, I had such a good experience! I arrived at the booth to pick up my car around 1am, and the attendant was very nice, helpful, and patient. I had an issue with my credit card but we worked it out and he gave me my car promptly. He did not pressure me to buy insurance when I told him I already had my own. He explained the breakdown of the cost when it seemed to be more than I had booked for online (it was not, just bad 1am mental math on my part). The car was nice, it was clean and good smelling, and ran well. No issues. I opted to prepay to have them fill the gas tank for me when I returned to save me having to do it. The return process was the best I’ve experienced - I pulled in, the attendant was with me within two minutes (and I did return it during the day when it was busier). He was courteous and helpful, and very quickly had me on my way with no issues and my security deposit back. Overall great experience, great car with good mileage. Would recommend!

Scott Harb

Booked with Priceline with my credit card and found out when I went to pick up the car they don't accept bank debit cards. Total waste of time. They weren't even willing to refund or contact Priceline. Sat on hold over 45 minutes and never got to talk with someone. Customer service was horrible. Try another more reputable company.

Matthew Belt

The car we originally booked online was no longer available so Kandice at the Seattle Airport location said she could get us into a different car and remove the upcharge. They charged us $350 more than the original cost and then neither Jake in customer service nor his manager, who refused to provide his name but did tell us “everyone has an excuse”, would remove the charge.

Bert Sawyers Jr

We used this company twice in Las Vegas and once in Seattle. it is one of the best kept secrets only smart people know about.

Connor Samuelson

Waited in line for over an hour only had 3 people working and took forever. Too make things worse it was rush hour too. Definitely not worth the cheap price

Ted Coombs

Very slow check in procedures, Car was not where counter person said it would be, found in another row and dirty as all get out on the outside. Guy that found it took it through a wash while I waited. Good thing I was not in a hurry. It was a nice car (KIA SOUL, photo taken when I dropped the car off to return to the airport at 4:00 AM) and super nice Shuttle Drivers both ways (From & back to the Airport)

Kim Troy

Longest line ever!!!!!! Employees taking breaks while line was 35+ deep, still waiting, it's been an hour, won't take the cheapest one next time.

Jolene Clark (Redhead Momentum, LLC)

THE WORST. Trust me. And all of the other bad reviews on here. Don't fall for the 'low prices'. Shotty service and WAY off the airport. It was almost an hour and a half to get from the airport until I actually got my car. I'll remember for next time. Once I got to the front of the line another shuttle dropped off a group of about 10 people and a man came out of an office and exclaimed with a grand arm gesture to all of them that it would be at least 2 hours until they could get a car, even with a reservation. Once I got 'processed' to get a car, I had to wait 30 minutes while they detailed it. What a waste of time! These guys need to get their operation figured out. Not a quality way to do business.

Peter Hannah

Horrific. If I could give negative points I would. I was late for my pickup because the plane was laid over. My reservation time had expired, so it’s understandable if a car wasn’t available but I was hoping for the best. The assistant spent the first 30secs or so after I stepped up to his place and was standing directly in front of him (after a 30min wait in line) mumbling and chatting with the guy next to him about nothing in particular. First he told me that my reservation was for Vegas, never making eye contact with me but the tone of his voice seemed to say this was now my problem. I read off to him the email I had received that Salt Lake City is the location. He located it, and then told me he was not able to open the reservation, again seeming to say that this was somehow my problem. Finally he got into it and told me my reservation time had expired (true, though apparently he wasn’t listening when I had first mention that at the beginning), but he could “make a car available“ if I paid some of the extra insurance costs. In theory I was willing to do this, but I asked him what the rationale was that paying for something I didn’t need would make a car “appear.” He said—never looking me in the eye but looking down at his computer and glancing sideways—that since there wasn’t a car available, if he let me take one another customer would be out one, but that if I paid some of the extra fees it would give “incentive.“ I asked “to whom?” And expanded, “What is the normal policy? If there is no car I understand since I’m overtime, but I don’t understand how paying fees I have no need for will change the matter.” Again, never looking me in the eye, he of a sudden changed his tune and said, “I’m sorry there’s nothing available right now for you. The shuttle is outside that goes back to the airport.” Really shady. It felt like money under the table he was going to take. He wasn’t forthright with what the policy was, and he was a bad communicator and rude. I walked out. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to get his name and I would file a complaint with the company. In any case, never using Fox anymore. I took the shuttle back to the main rental car place and in 10 minutes had a budget rental car for the same price.

Shane Stamback

When I walked into the car rental center at Sea Tac, most car rental companies had 4-7 employees working and had no lines. Fox...... 2 employees and an enormous line. It took one hour and 45 minutes to get our car. If you like long lines and phony upgrades, then Fox is for you.

Martin Kiongo

Like a previous reviewer noted, i reserved 2 SUV vehicles with utmost apprehension and skepticism based on all the negative reviews I saw. However, their deals were incredibly too good to turn down that I thought it was worth the risk to try and book with them. What followed was one of the best customer service experiences I have had with a rental car company. When I called, their lines were busy and they gave me an option to get a call back. They called back within half an hour and the guy on the line was incredibly helpful. We reserved 2 SUVs, picked them up the following morning and returned them the same evening with no issues or hassle. Did I mention that they were both spanking new 2019 Toyotas? I do not know about others' experiences but I cannot say enough good things about my experience.

Ryan Lantzy

Cheap - but you get what you pay for I guess. From the time I got in line at the rental counter, until I had the keys to my car it took over an hour. A solid 20 minutes of that was waiting AT THE COUNTER while the service representative "waited on a unit number". WAY to many questions to up-sell other things and scammy type offers. Mind you - I PREPAID for this rental. Never again. There wasn't a line at ANY of the other rental car places.

Alex G.

2019/8/16 Friday noon. Poorly equiped to handle check in. The whole faculty is empty but Fox has a line of about 30 people. Why cant you anticipate the number of checkins and bring additional help. Need to take customer service 101 class.

Okcha Shemeta

Horrible check in. At SEA-TAC 29SEP19, taking maybe 10 minutes per customer? NEVER AGAIN FOX

Bonnie Moeller

It took over an hour of waiting in line to reach the counter. I booked my rental through a third party site and saved roughly $75 for my week’s rental by doing so - but I wasn’t able to choose which rental company the car came from. I will go out of my way to ensure that I’m never stuck with Fox again. Every other rental company in the facility either had no line or a queue of less than 5 people. There were over 40 people in the line at the time that I counted and it did not shrink for the entire hour that I waited.

Jack Kasparek

This place was super friendly, and the service was quick. I got to the car and the garage was dark. I looked over the car and found a lot of damage and the car smelt like a garbage can. I got to my parents, and re looked over the car to find out one of the tires had a bubble in it and another had a massive gash in the side! Honestly, it's a cheap rental car place for a reason. If I make it back alive I might change it to 4 stars, but idk if that will happen.

Eben Robinson

Booked Fox for the low rate through Southwest Airlines which was very good. Shuttle from the airport was quick. I've been here an hour waiting for them to wash my car and bring it around. 7/22/19. I haven't even got the car yet and I'm dreading bringing it back on Friday. I better get here when they open to check the car in or there's no way I'll make my flight. This place is chaos!

Hector Cardenas

This is the WORSE!!! I made a reservation with a month and half in advance and they managed to tell me when I got there (and 50 other ppl) that they didn’t have cars , their excuse was that they had a lot of over dues car ( which is a big lie , no they didn’t have no 50 cars over due) after 3 hours of waiting and dealing with them ,they tell us to go find a price match from other and they will pay for it ( after I did, they told me that they couldn’t pay for it !!). I would definitely advice ppl to stay away from this place!!! Not worth it ,from the incompetents that work there all the way to their customer services are useless .

George Basargin

Never had a problem with other rentals to rent a car with debit card... They Will ask bigger deposit and off you go... With FOX Rent a CAR!!! If you want get F@%ked go ahead... Because I did...

Kaneakua Friel

Rented from this company. Don’t work with them unless you like waiting. Waited 15 minutes for the shuttle, 25 mins to get my car and worst of all.... 45 minutes on hold just for them to put me back on hold just to ask them if they offer “an early key drop off” Car is fine but the customer service SUCKS

Olivia Ulch

Upon arrival to pick up my car from the airport location, no representative was on-site. Along with poor communication and being impossible to contact via phone, if you’re looking for a reliable car rental company, Fox rental is not for you.

Anisha Jonas

Waited an hour and a half at the airport rental location when there were 3 open counters and 3 people ahead of us. The cars are fine but the system and the people seem incompetent. I would never rent from them again.

Kentrell W

Horrible customer service. First off I had to wait in line for 45 minutes after my flight to Seattle. Once I got to the counter I was not greeted by Myron. He was EXTREMELY rude. He slammed my phone on the counter, threw my cards at me and slammed the copier on my passport. He also was on his phone “sending emails”. He also argued with me about how he isn’t being rude. I was honestly going to take my money elsewhere but I had already stood in the line for 45 minutes. I will never rent from this company again if this is how they treat their customers. Called customer service for my receipt and spoke with Nick, he was very nice but because of my first experience with the company I won’t be back. I would rather pay the extra money than be treated with no respect.

Anne Green

Had a very nice girl at the counter who gave me a free upgrade on my rental. The car was very nice and worked perfectly. Apparently they've had some thefts recently which caused them to require a bigger deposit but otherwise I was happy with the service. ☺️

Murray Penner

Once again ... the same issue. See my previous reviews on the same challenges. Their prices are so good I couldn't refuse, but literally it's not worth it. Be prepared to wait in line for an hour or more if you rent from Fox. Every time I depend on them for a schedule they fail to deliver. ------- The review below was from my last trip. I decided to give Fox a second chance. Big mistake. The line was worse than the first time and less agents this time. And then one agent just left ... apparently a break was more important than serving customers. Fox has the worst customer service i have ever experienced with a car rental company. I feel sorry for the agents. They try, but clearly management is not paying attention to what is happening. Low prices do not make up for shoddy customer experiences. Never again. And this all took place while a supervisor just stood there and watched, not even helping. ———— Insanely long line and only 3 agents working. You’d think they could anticipate high demand based on reservations and be prepared. Other companies had no lines. Lesson learned not to rent from Fox in the future. And another time. The prices are unbeatable and the service never changes. You just have to plan to wait up to an hour or more. They clearly don't care about speedy service.

Donnie Deleon

Lost and found non existent. Customer service line is impossible to contact. You will automatically be told by an answering machine that you are 10 callers behind, no matter what time of day and be put on hold with no expected wait time. I still have yet to talk to anyone after 2 weeks of attempt. Stay away from this rental company.

Gabriel Prout

I needed a car just for the day. I booked the cheapest one. I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised to recieve a ford fusion hybrid. Pretty cool, except it had several dents and scratches and 58k miles. No problem, I took plenty of pics before leaving the facility and made sure to also tell the person when I pulled out of the rental car area. No hard upsell on insurance gas etc, just the simple "no thank you" and that was that. Interior of the car was very clean. I was expecting worse, because hey, its Fox. It's the cheapest place for a reason. Cheap old, sometimes dented and dirty cars. I didn't have a problem though and it was just for the day. If prices weren't so low, I would have booked somewhere else, but this did the trick this time. Thank you, Fox!

David L DeLange, PhD

Yes, the price at Fox is right, unless you get what you pay for. 3 or 4 reservationists were assigned at Seatac Fox rental pickup last Saturday leaving 3 stations unoccupied. There were 27 renting parties ahead of us in line. After a 20 minutes wait only a 3rd of those ahead of us were booked. Reservationist #4 approached us offering immediate booking through Payless if we'd give up our reserved Jeep Wrangler and accept a pickup truck. And put our luggage where? The lady pushed the issue when I refused. The Wrangler we got operated as expected but was not we cleaned properly. Chunks of dried sticky food were left on the console. The vehicle drop process was seamless, simple, no hassle. Thus the 2nd star.

Rafael Fernandez

Worse experience ever renting a car! Stay away from them. They promise you the best rates and when you get to the counter with your reservation prepaid they said that they have NO cars AVAILABLE.

Kenneth Rushing

This place was horrible. Barbed wire fencing all around made it feel like a prison. The floor was sticky. The prices from compact to full size were ridiculous. Don't rent here.

Bravo Delta

Unacceptable level of disregard for customers and their concerns...while eating potato chips!!! On top of that, deceptive practices were also experienced when trying to up-sell customer liability coverage “required by the state of Washington”. Reservation rates were $190 but after unnecessary and unwarranted insurance charges, taxes and fees increased the cost to approximately $500! I’d recommend paying even more to rent from any other place possible but, you’ll likely pay a lot less at a better established rental company that cares about their image.

Abhishek Nandy

The line was longer than the waiting lines for food in Moscow when the communist Soviet Union fell. I think they were discussing Greek philosophy instead of offering rental cars to passengers because I can not think of a situation where it takes 15 minutes to serve a customer. Grunge music lasted shorter in Seattle than the line for Fox. Fox rent a car in Seattle is the worst of all the foxes I know, and that includes Fox news. I wish Google had 0 star as an option to rate, coz that's what I would give them.

Joan Simar

DO EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY This is the worst experience I have ever had. I have rented cars all over the world and have never been treated so bad. We were stranded at a national park with a car with a flat tire. I have pictures all 4 are unsuitable to drive on. Threads popping out. After over an hour on the phone with road side assistance they said they could be out for more that 5 hours. We were at a desert area out of water and did not bring enough food for all day. After 5 hour wait we called they said they can’t comeROM out til morning. We were. 200 miles away from our hotel. No food no water and in a parking lot that said no overnight parking. We called a relative who drove the 200 miles to get us. Fox rent a car responded with well your response for the car if you abandon it. They would rather leave us in the middle of no where or almost 24 hours. DO EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Please spread the word

Adriana Eidom

Still waiting in line in Seattle after 40 minutes and have 8 people still in front of me. One counter agent decided to take her break even knowing what the customer line was like. Horrible experience. Had I not prepaid I would have gone to another agency.

Nancy Gullette

Rental nightmare!! Arrived at off site location (with reservation) waited in line 1.5 hours. Lobby looked like a refuge camp, people and luggage everyone. I have pictures if anyone would like to see. One agent working - after 30 minutes 2 other people arrived to help the check in. Finally got waited on - after another 15 minutes we were told car needed to be cleaned up. This took another 15 minutes. During the clean up process my husband took pictures of all the “dings and chipped windshield” he worked as an insurance adjuster and does this each time we rent a vehicle, thankfully!!!! Two hours later we left - next nightmare was during the return. Check in agent pointed out chipped windshield (showed him pictures dated the day we rented) and he proceeded to ask me to fill out an “incident report”. I advised the damage was pre-existing and I would not be filling out paperwork. After 2nd review of photos he said our $150 deposit would be credited back to my card. So far I’m still waiting on that. I would not recommend Fox Rent a Car to anyone!!!!!!

Somenath Roy

Rented a car as we thought it was value for money. The experience was really bad. We were made to wait for 2 hours even when the booking was done in advance and everything prepaid. We were given a new car which again got reassigned to someone else. It was a mess. Finally we got a car after the long wait however it was not cleaned at all. There were dirt and food on the floor. Even the door cups were dirty. We had to clean everything as there was a baby with us and didn’t want him in that dirty mess.

Sean Inagaki

We waited at Fox for 2 hours for a compact car that we RESERVED but didn't have. We were in front of 4 other people who were also waiting for a compact car that they RESERVED but didn't have. They said we could upgrade for another 125 dollars and take one of their other mid-sized cars and leave now or wait until something else shows up whenever it does. Well after 2 hours a compact car showed up, they cleaned it up and parked it and when we went to take it they said that car was reserved for someone else, which made no sense at all because there were 4 other people behind us who had reserved a compact car as well and it was not for any of those guys either. The person behind us even claimed and had proof of email that they RESERVED theirs a month in advance. Then the worker had the audacity to say to us "I love it when people try to tell me how to rent out cars." Sounds like to me he has received complaints like this many times. That should tell you how terrible their business is. Horrible service. Horrible organization. Horrible inventory of cars.

Javeriya Iqbal

Worst customer service I've ever experienced at a car rental. Had the car reserved for 1:30 am and have been waiting in line for nearly 1.5 hours after travelling all day. The agents are taking 20-25 mins per customer while there's a line of over 10 customers waiting. This is my first time renting from Fox and this is the experience I've had before even reaching the counter. This will be the last time. When we complained to the agent she said she's been there for 13 hours.

Robin Nielsen

I was giving a car that was not running properly. I had to return it because the service engine light came on and it was running very ruff. I went to the guy who helped me the first time. He told me to get in line and that they would take care of it when it was my turn. So I waited in line. I very nice lady helped me and quickly got me a new car. She saved this rental for me.

ketan patel

Very slow at processing had to wait two hours even pretty booking car about 3 weeks before hand

Camron Shelton

This place has a great price for your rental, however they make up for it in HORRIBLE service and irresponsibility. I made reservations for a vehicle 2 months in advance, paid up front in FULL. When my plan arrived and I went to pickup my rental, at 2:30am (after delays and set backs), we were exhausted and just wanted to get to our room, welp, they didn't have a car for us. So we had to wait. There were several other couples that had also arrived that they didn't have vehicles ready for either. They stated it was because others hadn't brought the vehicles back yet, and upon bringing them back, they'd also still need to be cleaned. I believe one couple waited several hours past the time they were supposed to have gotten there rental, we waited about an hour or so, and choose to not let them clean it out because we just wanted to go. After dropping the vehicle back off, we realized that when we paid for "gas" upfront, that it wasn't just for what wasnt in the car, it was a generic amount of gallons, which apparently was 10 MORE gallons then the vehicle even held AND we brought it back almost FULL. They do NOT just fill it back up and charge for the gallons that arent there, they charge you for a MONSTER tank of gas. Do yourself a favor, if you use Fox, just pump your own gas, itll save you, believe me.

Rachelle Shah

We had a good experience with Fox despite negative reviews. We rented a Kia Soul from Feb 26-March 6 and paid $150 plus gas (and a $150 deposit that is refunded after returning the car). The car was very nice and the perfect size for our trip; there were quiet a few scratches and some chipped paint on the exterior, but we still chose the car because we were able to fill out an inspection form before leaving and noted all of the previous damage. Upon returning the car, we had no issues with them trying to charge us/blame us for previous damage. We didn’t get the insurance because my boyfriend’s car insurance policy covers rentals. We had no issues with this. We didn’t use the airport shuttle service and opted to pay $12 for the Uber from the airport to their facility, about 10-15 minutes away. I’m rating 4 stars because as mentioned, the car had a number of scratches. We also had to wait in line for almost 45 minutes when we went to pick up the car. There were only 3-4 people in front of us, but the people at the desk were moving slowly. They were all friendly, though.

J Mitchell

My experience was great. I got a 300M for 3 days for less than $100!!! No wait at the counter, picked the car I wanted and was on my way! The lady at the counter was extremely awesome!!! I will rent here again but I recommend giving yourself a little extra time for the shuttles...

ArtistJacqueline baez

If I could do 0 stars I would. Worst customer service and Hidden Fees !!!! I can't stress this enough! Don't go wasting your time thinking they will be able to help you change anything they will tell you to call their 1800 number. To top it off if you plan to bring the car earlier there is a $20 fee for every day u bring it bk early!!! They can't help customers really left me questioning Why They even bother having a counter they are better of doing everything digital and even that sucks on hold for over an hour calls dropped and the live chat 30 min wait is the minimal . To top it off they did not even have the van we booked smh ! Save your money and time this company has serious guest service issues!

frank dipisa

Grant Moxham

WARNING WARNING WARNING DO NOT RENT FROM FOX I have rented cars from many places all over the US and this experience is by far the worst in every category that I have ever seen and to I will happily pay more for a decent rental car company in the future. CHEAP IS VERY VERY NASTY in this case. It is a double shuttle from McCarran rentals area so that is not good when you wait another 15 minutes in 97 degree heat to then be driven another 10 minutes south to a dilapidated building. It may take you an hour to double shuttle in 100c heat to get there. Then your experience will improve by meeting the rudest and disinterested counter staff most on minimum wage. Watch out not to be stabbed by 4 inch fingernails when your license is snatched over the counter as they mumble non plausible comments to you. Then be prepared to be blindly ripped of with excessive insurance coverage added to your rental in the hundreds of $ that you never requested as you are about to swipe your credit card. Something not right here! Explain that not every punter is not blindly stupid to being scammed. But wait, you then state you do not need the coverage as you have primary CDW on your credit card you are using to pay with. You will then be falsely told that if you do not take the coverage your car will be impounded by Police if you are stopped. Absolute nonsense and never had any issues. Threats and threats to hand over money without even asking for upgraded insurance coverage. The female employee which is listed in many reviews needs to be Fired!! Thirdly walk out to find your unwashed rental vehicle with dents, scratches sitting out in the hot sun. Drive the vehicle which has obvious mechanical issues such as very noisy rear diff or bearing problems. Lastly do some reviews and realize that you did not do due diligence on this company and learnt a valuable lesson. How is this company still in business?? You have been WARNED!!!!!!

Sarah Phillips

Booked a car with them via Holiday Autos because Fox include a free additional driver. Arrived at the location at Orlando Airport to be told we need to provide proof of marriage etc. I pointed out that it wasn’t specified - Cistomer Service was appalling. Honestly it was like stepping back to the 80s in their rental location. The service was slow and unhelpful. We were then told our rental didn’t include ANY insurance and to add that on was $1,000 We ended up paying almost $2,000 for an awful Honday SUV. I would NEVER rent from them again

amber alliger

Absolutely not worth saving a little money to use this company. It took over 2.5 hours to get car. I wish I was making this up. To get there, you must take 2 shuttles from the airport. After getting there we stood in line for over an hour (really) as there was only 2 agents. The agent told us everything would fit in the selected car. When it didn't he said-I guess I was not thinking about your situation. In the end, the hidden prices made the rental just as expensive as the rental cars that were closer to the airport that also have better support.

Kasia HP

Far from the Rental Car Center, plus the shuttle is not that frequent.

Jodi Adams

Second time coming to Vegas and renting from Fox. This time we were in and out in 15 minutes. You get a better car than the other companies for the same price. The last time we came the line was really long and took almost an hour but we got a better car for less than other places.


Great pricing, shady location and two shuttle rides from the airport. Be careful as they may try to charge daily shuttle service to your rental bill.

erswr erota

kelly frank

Lower rating based off customer service. Next to impossible to get someone on the phone, I had to go to twitter to get a response. Counter agents were nice, helped get me the specific car I needed, only waited 10 minutes.Has an early return fee of $20, which is pretty absurd.

Dmytro Khodachok

I rent a car . The price was 50$ ( dodge)when I come to this place . They say they will give to me economy class car . And also deposited from 150-500$ and at the office say I need pay 1000$ deposit. So bad place , never come back . If you wanna save your time don’t go there !!!

Luke Gunderson

Reserved a car, showed up to pick up said car, they had no cars.

John Hoff

Horrible experience at O’hare on 3/28 @ 5pm with the tall, thin female worker with glasses at the outside office... I reserved a vehicle that said it held 5 passengers and 5 bags. I’m traveling as a family of 5, so we needed the room. The inside desk people told me the vehicle and I noted it was too small given the specifications that I booked. They talked me into “giving it a try” and if it didn’t fit our things, they could look into getting us something bigger. At the outside booth, the above named lady was rude from the start. I gave her the paperwork and she pointed a tiny Mitsubishi SUV which had a truck space of about 1 foot. I explained to her what the downstairs people had said and the attitude got worse. She adamantly insisted I was getting what I resevered despite the obvious shortfall off the specifications. She rudely shut the window and said to the worker next to her “this F@&$ing fool” before coming out the door. I told her I heard what she said and didn’t appreciate it. She got defensive and said “actually, we were talking about something else”. Right... At the car, I show her how my 5 bags (2 bigger check bags and 3 smaller than carryons) don’t fit and she continues to be rude and condescending. She drops a “I don’t appreciate your attitude” ha! I replied “I don’t appreciate poor costumer service!” as she goes to hand me the keys. She rips the keys back and states “That’s it, im not giving you this vehicle”. Big loss. I follow her back to the shack where she takes her time voiding the transaction, including answering a phone call which the girl next to her could have gotten, and still muttering under her breathe. I took my bags downstairs and went to another agency, where I got the proper car at a better price, with excellent service. DO NOT RENT FROM FOX. It’s not worth whatever $10-$20 you’ll save over a few days.

Michael Medicina

Only loss of star for the 45 minute wait in line and the car being a bit dirty and a little banged up but all in all good rental experience. Painless.

Brad MacKenzie

To spite my reservation and their signage, no cars were available. Huge line up and a lack of candour by the counter staff about the problem. Advice: Pay a little more and deal with a professional organization.

Анастасия Майкова

יניב חדד

Rent car in las vegas. First you need to know that it take two shuttles to get there they do not locate at the rental car center. Second they offering cheap prices online but when you get there they force you to buy insurance even if .you have one its a freud .Third the cars are not clean

Alok Agasanakatte

Worst Experience Ever! Thought the car prices are reasonable, I had to wait 45 mins to get car, the front desk service is poor, only one guy to assist all customers, takes his own sweet time. On a busy Monday morning, these people will definitely make us miss our meetings!

Jacob Budreau

The estimate for our vehicle online was way less then half of what we actually paid, they advertise as one of the cheapest places to rent a car which couldnt be farther from the truth, paid for full insurance and road side assistance and when we had an engine light pop on, was told i could either drive it to a jiffy lube to see what was wrong with it, or drive it an hour and a half one way to exchange it for another vehicle, (on my honeymoon) for the amount of money i paid its extremely unacceptable, i will never waste my money with such a careless place again, not to mention landed in denver and waited almost a half hour for a shuttle in the cold and wind. Place is not well set up and does not opperate efficiently. Avoid this place at all cost, theres a reason there rated 1.8

Jay Roberts-Sturms

DON'T RENT HERE, you will regret it! Horrible customer service, Super high deposit fees!

Justin Faubion

Sat in line for over an hour with only 3 customers. If you have somewhere to be dont use fox.

Denise Rosettani

horrible service to locals a printed contract in hand and they would not honor it we are not all criminals nor irresponsible shame on you

Jeffrey Richardson

Strawberry red head had zero personality, no greeting and no smile. When finished she said, " Choose any van in row 8." See photo....

Mrs. Williams

Corporate needs to revise their policies and be more transparent online. These poor desk people :(

MaKaila Shaffer

Several months ago I booked a rental car through Fox for an upcoming trip. The price I reserved the car for was $530 for 5 days. When we got to the location, we waited for over 30 minutes before we were helped. Once we got to the counter, the employee was extremely rude and aggressive towards us. He then informed us that the "actual price" was going to be $906 (not including the hold amount). Almost double from what we had booked online for. We were frustrated, but had already checked out of our hotel and had no other option. Once we got to our destination, we decided to drop the car off the next morning to get a refund. The refund amount was only $273.75. That means we still paid $632.25 to rent the car for one day. That's still more than it should have been for the entire week. We were extremely disappointed and it ruined our entire vacation. The lack of customer service, the hidden fees and the over all experience were terrible. I have never been so dissatisfied with a car rental service in my life. I highly recommend taking a long look at the customer experience you have to offer, especially in the Las Vegas location. It is completely unacceptable to treat customers, or even another human being for that matter, so poorly.

Anjelica Timms

Just don't bother with this place. We were a little late arriving and were told there wasn't a car for us and we would have to pay extra to rent. So we cancelled and went online and ordered again...guess what? There was suddenly a car available for that option. Totally tried to RIP us off. Service was slow to boot and rude.


Besides the shuttle bus, the service here is horrible. The man, Cody, who was at the front desk ‘helping’ us was absolutely rude and made lowkey racist remarks. He began acting hostile towards us after politely declining an offer he deemed ‘cheaper’, making us pay for things we should not be paying for. I overheard him talking bad about us to the next costumers in line as well before we left. He left an extremely bad representation of the company, as this is our first (and last) time renting from here. I would give this 0 stars if I could, however the shuttle bus driver was an absolute sweetheart to us.

Bryan Spear

We acquired the van through Priceline and prepaid 187bucks for 5 days was not bad until we got there to rent it. Because we used a debit card( unknown to us due to never mentioned by priceline or fox until standing in line) we had to put down a 400 dollar deposit to find out later so they could take money out of the deposit for gas, we drove the whole week come friday when I went to fill the van up I find it is an e85 vehicle, having not been told it takes e85 gas I went to 18 different gas stations checked Google and spent 3 hrs all over Las Vegas to find nobody has e85 gas, so took it to the rental place explained my predicament to 119.00 charge for 14 gallons of gas, I'm sure I'm not the first that they have done this to and had the desk clerk tell me I should have just got the prepaid gas refill at 3.39 a gallon when I rented it instead of 8 bucks plus tax...these people are criminals and stole 80 bucks from me by their omission about the e85 gas...... will never recommend them to anyone steer clear of this shady place they will figure a way to take your money

David Wilson

The two shuttle ride experience is more than enough reason to avoid and stay away from this rental car company. The first shuttle takes you to the mainline rental companies which rent cars at comparable prices - no difference at all. Then you get on another shuttle van that takes you further away to the off site- off site - off site location. Very frustrating and not clearly communicated - so thankfully you have the good sense to read reviews before renting. Maybe one day I will learn to be smart like you. Thank you for learning from my mistakes!!!

tom hamper

Melisse Fowler

We waited in line a looong time. It is cheaper than other places though, so some of that is expected. Checking the car back in was a breeze. Nice people.

Steven Johnson

I was in and out in no time at all and am super happy. Would definitely rent from them again!

Luqman Oyewole

Danny Zhao

I rented a jeep wrangler in Sept. Was little worried reading reviews online. It turned out much better than expected. Price is better than others, car was new, pick up/return was good. Only minus is you need to take 2 shuttle to get there.

Salih Elnashef

I wish I can rate you down as 0 stars. the front desk is horrible. I don't know anything about chicago and they recommended me to buy a 12$ per day toll pass which I never used. I was in a hurry trying to catch up with an important event that I had to attend and they almost made me late because they couldn't stop offering me their stupid upgrades. I always have used other companies with no such issues and as I've heard from a friend he had the toll thing already paid with the car rental when he visited chicago before. plus, the car was not too bad but many miles, 35000, And The guy at the return had issue with his tablet. When I asked if he can print receipt he said yes, annoyed, and then because it kept jamming he start to hit it again and again on the steering wheel. I think I could've had a better travel if I had went with other company, and saved the stupid unnecessary fees. STAY AWAY!

Karl Grundke

Don't rent from Fox. They confirmed my rental for a Jeep Wrangler, when we showed up they wanted to downgrade us to a small SUV while still charging us the original rate. They wanted us to pay more to get a small car. Buyer beware this company is a bait and switch. They showed no sympathy for not having the class of vehicle we rented either.

Jayme Mcconnell

Do NOT ever rent fron Fox or Payless (same parent company). My car broke down in less than a day. They didn’t come within two hours and I had to leave the car because of my handicap mother and to get on with our vacation. Never received another car or a refund. They are now trying to charge US for the towing fee! I’ve never dealt with a more unprofessional company.

Katrina Luetkebuenger

AWFUL experience! Stay away from Fox Rent a Car! Don't trust the quoted rate, even if you show up with the email confirmation. We were overcharged $470. The wait was 2 hours to pick up our reservation. After waiting 2 hours, the deal I committed to and had email confirmation for was taken away, they added a new drop off fee and hit our credit card with additional $470 charge. Fox Rent a Car is the WORST car rental company I have ever dealt with.

Lulu Schulz-Carnes

Jessica Lynn

Rahul Gupta

Long wait times. The person who helped us recommended getting a full tank of gas (70+ bucks) after we told him where we wanted to go. Did not even use half tank for visiting both the places. The prices are great through.

Edward molo

Very negative experience,will never ever rent from this sneaky rental anymore. First be aware that if you are from Illinois and rent the car in Illinois they will take 1000$ deposit and this is only rental that call ford explorer the full size SUV,at other rentals ford explorer is standard class SUV,and at the end they did not had the vehicle that i payed for and they did not wanted to return money because i did mistake and prepay ahead. Sneaky rental PLEASE BE AWARE.

Brian Flynn

Waited 1.5 hours at Ohare to get a car. Only 1 attendant working at the time (check in + lot). Car was not cleaned, stunk of cigarette smoke and perfume. In hindsight, I would pony up the additional $40-50 and go with someone else.

Karla Solano

Javier at the fox rent a car in Las Vegas had excellent customer service and was extremely helpful when needed.

Gav Tav

I would walk before I rented from Fox again. When I was picking the car up, I told Roger that I was planning to bring the car back a day earlier than initially planned, and asked what I needed to do to modify the reservation before I took it. He said to just leave the agreement as it is (this will later bite me). The only car left in the class I had reserved was filthy. They asked me if I wanted one from the next aisle (a downgrade). After quite a hassle, I got into a similar car to what I had reserved. When I brought it back a day early (as I told Roger I would) they charged me $20 MORE than if I would have parked it for a day, and then brought it back. Manny, the guy that “helped” me upon my return was worthless. The guy (Alex) that was apparently given the title of manager came over, and when I called him “Buddy” he turned to me and insisted I call him “Manager”, though I don’t think he’s ever actually “managed” anything in his life. They suggested I call Customer Service (WHAT???). Apparently they don’t offer Customer Service in person. You have to call someone for that. I made it a point to let them know how ridiculous this was, and walked out, eating the $20 plus the extra day fee. Manny and I exchanged words and he walked along the counter with me on my way out, challenging me to a fight. Sorry Manny... maybe 20 years ago you mighta had a chance, but that counter was your best friend. If you rent from this circus, be forewarned and do so at your own risk.

Karina P


Erika Edmondson

Not local friendly. Charge a $1000 deductible and dont allow debit cards. The rental was a good price but dont think I'll use them again.

Ed Yochum

You should have your head examined if ever flying into Seattle and renting Fox, the line was almost one hour in length. Had to rent a from another agency, lose an automatic deposit otherwise we would have missed our float plane connection. Actually if you are in that line and decide to go with Budget ( next door) who tells you to keep a copy of your receipt and you will get a refund from Fox,for it happens all the time.... you're now being mistreated twice in the same airport...

George Rosca

RUN AWAY! DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!! Too bad I can’t give zero stars. We booked a reservation online. When we got there the line was basically out the door. We waited, no lie, 1 hour 45 mins before we could get checked in. Upon getting to the desk they couldn’t print our contract and told us that they would do it up where we are suppose to get the car. Well we went up there and surprise surprise they couldn’t print the contract either. The lady at the front desk was just too lazy to figure out why it wasn’t printing. Anyways we had to wait for the manager, another 20 mins and finally they printed our contract and took us to our car. We get to the car and it’s is all dirty with bug guts smeared everywhere, and with some numbers chalked on the rear window. I told them “this has not been washed” they said “this is how we wash all our cars” and tried to make up some BS how they can get dirty getting transported from another location. I asked for another car and they didn’t want to give me one. So I had to track down someone to take off the ratchet numbers that were written on the rear window. They can and took a blade and scraped it off but left all the dust from the chalk. I had to track down someone else who at least had the decency to clean it off with a rag. I was also asked to look the car over for damage but I told them “how can I see scratches or damages when it is so dirty!” Everyone there is lazy and doesn’t care about customer service. From start to finish it took 2 hours and 15 mins to get our car. I wish I would have paid the extra $40 and went with a reputable rental company like enterprise. I’m never renting from this joke of a company ever again. Thanks to them I was late to where I had to be, because who would have ever though it would take almost 2.5 hours to get a darn car. Please stay away from them. The 1.8 average starts on the reviews speaks for itself.

Roseli Toscano

I rented a vehicle to drive from Las Vegas to Utah. One of tires was showing low shortly after pick up. After arriving to my destination all tires were low. I am no mechanic but you can definitely tell Maintenance was not preformed like it should to secure customers safety. Now I have to drive 45min to the nearest rental location to get the vehicle exchanged. So disappointed. Tires show 44 psi but the tires show at 27psi on the dashboard. What a dangerous situation having to drive with tires this low. Putting air in the tires didn't fix the issue, they were low again withing 2 hours.

Michael Gumley

I got sucked in by the cheap price online but ended up getting gouged on insurance and hidden fees once I picked the car up. The staff were friendly enough and the cars I hired were great but I just feel deceived by the whole experience. I was quoted online for $260 in Florida and $450 in Chicago but ended up paying $960 and $840 once the fees were added in (I could have bought an entire annual policy for less than what they charged me). Next time I'll do my research just stick with a more reputable brand. As a business owner my advice to the people who run Fox would be to focus on delivering what you promise and building lasting relationships with your clients, not ripping people off with single transactions and burning the bridge forever. It's only a matter of time before your bad reputation precedes you and there will be no-one else left to swindle.

Jijo V

Horrible Customer service service

Todd LeMaire

You can't rent a car and leave Illinois due to their geographical restrictions. This isn't shared with you until after you show up. Horrible business practice....

Maya Joseph

Very very overpriced. Terrible service. Takes way too long to pay and get the car. They gave us a smaller car than what we payed for. Terrible smell in the car. Very rude and terrible service. William was very rude and didn’t listen. Never ever in my whole life would rent here again.

Arthur Dennis

Absolutely awful. I was in line for 30 minutes and I STILL didn't get my car. I ended up cancelling and going to another car company through priceline

Tina Hartman

Slowest, least convenient experience I have EVER had renting a car...and that is saying something. They get two stars because they were cheap and actually had the car!

Awad Hamdan

Small counter with one employee. Had to wait over 30 minutes till it was my turn. The price is obviously a major factor that attracts customers but I won’t use them again.

Lori Rybinski

Jodi Michaelson

I travel frequently and I have to say this is the most pitiful rental car experience I’ve ever had. Another 10 minute shuttle ride from the shuttle station at the airport so at least 20 minutes to get to the rental car center and then a line 30 people deep with only two customer service agents checking people in. It took an hour and a half from the time we landed to get in a car and get on the road. Don’t use this place if you have some place to be! You get what you pay for.

David Hoyt

No one at the counter downstairs. No one answered the phone. Good luck finding these clowns.

Kathy Solorio

Staff very friendly and knowledgeable about the area if you have questions.

Lesly Lambert

Beware of this rental company and look for somewhere else, we rented a Toyota Prius for 2 days for flat rate for $16.99 from Las Vegas airport We refused for insurance coverage and had our own insurance apparently upon returning the car the employee name Jeniffer charged fees like gas fuel although the tank is full, loss and damage waiver even though there was no damages or anything in the car and some other fees like the airport transfer fee that when I did the reservation it’s already included when u are at the airport for free shuttle pick up.I returned the car 12 hours earlier than the return time just for one and half day but this company charged my credit card for for $114.22 and after talking to the employee name “Jeniffer” about what wasn’t right on how she charged me for all of this she show that she didn’t care at all. I am very furious with this company we rented a car to save money and it wasn’t a first time renting a car. Im leaving this review for people who are planning on renting a car in this company they scam the people and didn’t care at all, what you see is what go get. I work hard I wanted to save money for not going to big car rental companies but in the end this thief company stole my money. This company don’t deserve any one star, I hope this business stays in business, I believed that what goes around comes around.

Maria Santos Sant'anna

Do not rent a car with these company. I have never written a review for a company before but definitely will for this. Customer service sucks, the vendors try to sell you everything they can lying so much about it all. Pay more for another company because at the end of the day this end up paying more and giving you a headache

Jim Cooper

Please do yourself a favor avoid this business! I needed a rental while my car was in the shop. I wanted to rent a Jeep Cherokee and after searching the web, they had the best price and it was even cheaper if you prepaid. When I got there the next morning, there was a line out the door. It was a 40 minute wait in line to talk to an agent. After signing off on all the usual items, they then surprised me with a $1,000 security deposit requirement. When I asked why that wasn't disclosed on the web page, they said "Oh, it is, but it's really tiny print at the bottom of the page." I asked how soon after the car is returned would the hold be released, they said "about two weeks." When asked if there was a credit for returning early, they said no to that as well. I found the staff totally lacking in surprise, empathy, or concern. The store was only half staffed while the lobby was full. They didn't have any Cherokees available and told me to choose something else. One of these things happening could be dismissed, but taken in sum, it represent a business that appears to be predatory and utterly uncaring about it.

Pam Hoffman

deserve 0 stars,,,,by far the worse rental experience ever... I reserved and paid through priceline and when I got to the counter they said they did not receive the payment from priceline and charged me again at a greater amount.. I am now trying to get my money back and what a pain. and the counter help was very rude and just did not care and I had to wait for over 45 minutes to get a car. oh and watch all the hidden fees.. do not use fox rental

Steve Fang

Good rental car company for the price and offering for those under 21. The front desk wait time was a bit long, but that’s only because of the tiny desk they have among the other large rental companies. Service was reasonable and professional and car was reliable. would recommend for safe drivers under 21

Danielle Schlichtmann

We got into Vegas late last night and chose this car rental facility as an inexpensive option but the car we got had a loose door (driving down the highway seemed like it would fly off!) so this morning we had to come back and get a different car. They give us a new one, great, we load everything up and then tell us, nope, yet another mistake... This car is already accounted for .. A couple hours behind schedule and yet another car. 3rd time is a charm! Don't bother wasting your time with Fox, the hassle is not worth the low price.

Julie Clark

We did not know when we moved that this is not at the airport rental center. Service people were pressing upgrades, insurance, gas, etc. Building was dirty. Rental car was fine.

Jawed Kabani

Worst experience ever that some one can have booked a vehicle through flight hub with my airline to Chicago o'hare, arrived at their counter waited for almost about 45 minutes upon reaching at the counter person asked me where I will take their car I replied to buffalo newyork then he started that you cannot drive there and showed me the hidden disclaimer which was not prompted at the time of booking so unreal waisted my time too much and ended up renting a car from other rental.slow people work at the counter dont make a mistake booking with them bad company the should reimburse me for the inconvenience.

Bryan Jefferson

Update. After all the issues and calls and hold times and “notes” they claim to put on my account because that’s all fox rental can do, unlike hertz, dollar, and enterprise. They charged me over 700 dollars accidentally. And after I showed proof that I didn’t have the car for 2 weeks they told me I should have my refund in 5 business days. Smfh. This place is truly a joke. If you need a cheap reliable car. Go to dollar. If you want a bigger name. Try enterprise. It obvious that fox car rental isn’t in the actual airport rental car lot and have a private dirt lot a few miles away because the standard of their cars don’t come close to the competitors. So hopefully in a week I will have my 700 dollars back. But let’s be honest. There will probably be another issue. Hopefully you have a spare 700 dollars to loan them for a week or 2 if you come here. Also, we live in a desert. Make sure you bring water. So when you’re in line for 45 min in the hot cheap building. They won’t have an 8.00 a month water cooler for the customers.

Flip boy gamer bagain

First time using Fox Car rental in Vegas, i was a bit disappointed when my wife reserved a rental SUV because i’ve never heard of them before. The company did not disappoint us! Great customer service and awesome shuttle bus drivers (shout out to the driver Kevin for returning the rental car key i forgot to return, just found out i had it in my pocket on the way to the airport! Thank you for taking it back to the office!) . -Sam from Chicago

Joseph Corcoran

Different. They're not the cookie cutter rent a car place. We are trying them for the first time. So far I'm impressed with how well they handle their customers. I'll finish the review when we finish this rendering service. So far so good!

vamsee krishna

Experience with FOX. After reaching Airport shuttle area waited 15 mins for a FOX Shuttle to reach FOX Rental. Waited 15 mins for my turn renting a car. The person whom I interacted was a liar, I declined the prepaid fuel multiple times he just keep on saying some non-sense and even told car where I am returning the fuel price is $5. Even though their display indicated 10 cents cheaper, there is an added service fee. During the rental time my car was vandalized and my bag was stolen from the car. This has nothing to do with Fox. But when I tried to reach their customer care around 5PM on how to proceed further, No FOX representative was available to pick calls from emergency team and also no response for call back option even after a month. But there was an immediate response for accepting the payment of vandalized cost. Luckily, there was a FOX rental in Sandiego then I drove my car and exchanged my car. The person whom I met here was good. He helped me to swap my car immediately. Bottom Line: Car might be cheap you may get car immediately or it might take a while. If any unexpected things happens then definitely we are at risk. Not worth to risk for saving few bucks.

Felix Koetting

Completely messed up the reservation and made it for Los Angeles instead of Las Vegas and then change my reservation from a Jeep to a Kia Soul and charged me the exact same and also cut my reservation by a day causing me to change my plans for a funeral. I give it one star because of the guy at the desk who was helpful with trying to fix this but told us to call the company and then the company’s customer service is the worth thing ever made they said they would go back and listen to the record line from when the reservation made and they would call us back but never did.

Sara Cronin

I honestly had a great experience at Fox, even though I was a little worried at first after reading some reviews online. I was able to rent a car no problem, and had no trouble at all getting to the location once I reached the airport. Even though you have to take two shuttles, they run very frequently, and I did not have to wait long at all! Once I got to Fox, the process went by smoothly, and I was able to rent a Jeep for a few days. I had no problems with the car, and the staff there were very friendly and more than willing to answer all of my questions! Returning the car was definitely an easy process as well. I had a great experience with the Fox location in Las Vegas, and would be more than happy to rent from them again! I definitely recommend.

Matt H

Believe the reviews. It's not worth the low price. 50 person long line, single agent. The wait for the rental car was longer than my flight, gate to gate.

Andrea Wu

We reserved a car from Fox, and it took us quite a while to get the shuttle from the airport to the rental car place. The shuttle came after about almost ten minutes of waiting for it. When we arrived to the rental shop, there were a lot of people in line and we waited a bit more than half an hour to get a car. There needs to be more people helping customers! Anyway, the car we got was fine and aside from the long wait time at the rental shop, everything else was acceptable. I guess the reason why they're still in business is because their rentals are really cheap compared to the rest of the rental car companies.


GREAT for the price. You might have to wait in line a bit longer than other places, but Fox is a fantastic rental agency. Great customer service, as long as you aren't some stick-in-the-mud who can never be pleased. I've seen customers treat staff like garbage for problems that were out of their control. I wanted to leave a 5-star review, so that people can see that Fox employees are wonderful and do their best, within reason. Stay cool, Fox Rent A Car!

Jeff Walters

I would not rent from Fox unless you have no other choice. Arrives at 1030pm and had a car reserved. When I arrived I was told I would have to wait for a car to be returned before I could be processed. I was put on a wait list and waited 35 mins. I did get a car but others were turned away. Car was in good shape but the oil service light was on my entire rental. Customer service is not good at all.

Shane Russell

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Add a couple hours at pick-up and drop off or go somewhere else.

Julia Kolesnyk

Prepare to wait for the longest time. The line is always huge and moving slow. Although, their prices are unbeatable. Lots of customers, hope it's worth it. Try their huge sharable platter for four. You're never going to regret it. Thank you Cazbar!

Elise Cofer

Like all the other posters, waited 1.5 hour in line, only to find they had no car for us, even though we had reservations. Bad experience.


GO SOMEPLACE ELSE! This is truly a bad company. The agent treated me like I was posting bond for myself (at least that's how I imagine it would feel). So rude, extra fees, extra restrictions, they hold $500 even in a credit card (how unusual, I rent a lot). They lie to me prior to the rental And then wanted more than twice as much to add him. We both have credit scores near 800. Being treated like a 2nd class citizen while giving you my business is insane. Then when the car wont start, that's right, they threaten me with towing fees back across town 50mins. I will never rent from them again. It added several hours to trip being off site (far off site) having 45 lines, having me sign 20 screens that are illegible. NEVER AGAIN


Renting through Fox was great - absolutely no complaints. I can see how there might be added time given the distance from the airport, but that was my only added time (and on me for not paying attention to that detail). There was no line when we got to the rental site, and checking in was painless. The girl at the counter even gave recommendations for which places to visit and places on which to pass. The car was in excellent shape; we only kept it for a few hours but for the price we should have kept it longer or returned it the next morning. Returning was easy and the shuttle took us back without hassle. I would definitely rent through them again.

Tiffany Martinez

This is the second time I have rented from them. Why I would choose to do it a second time I guess shame on me. It was in entirely different areas of the US. The claim to be the least expensive and then nickel and dime you and charge far more than if you went with an honest company to begin with. I won’t rent from them again.

Kim Esquerra

After standing in line for over an hour, they up sold everything. Better to pay a little more somewhere else. Worst experience renting a car, ever.

A Guy Seeking The Truth Of God

The absolute worst car rental company ever. We got to Seattle and were in the longest line waiting to rent a car that we had reserved. We were in line for around 1 and 1/2 hours. We could tell that something was wrong but we didn’t know what. Well, what was wrong was they were out of cars. They overbook and charge the lowest rates to get as many customers as possible. When we finally made it to the front of the line they called another company and had that company rent us a car for the same price. The person who helped us at the “other” company said she used to work at Fox and that “they are so horrible you should never rent a car from them.” I don’t usually leave reviews but in this case I hope to save some people from making the same mistake we did. Our flight had already been delayed over an hour and then we had to deal with this mess. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! Spend a couple of extra dollars and rent from a reputable company.

Blair Panopio

Search, reserve, pay, arrive and no available car even if you book days in advance. Fox suits your company name because you're quick to tell customers to go to another rental. Good thing Payless rental has 1 remaining mini van or else Fox ruins your vacation.

Christel Verduzco

I rented a car with these guys and paid for it online. I went to pick it up in the car wasn’t ready for an hour and a half. The lady named Frankie at the desk yelled at me and asked me if I was done talking when I told her I did not need extra insurance. I talk to the manager and she was able to figure out that there were no cars ready for me and I had to go stand in the parking garage and wander around the stalls looking for the car with my two small children one who had just Peed in his pants because we waited in line for over an hour to be seen at the kiosk desk. I will never rent from this place again ever. Worst experience I have ever had at a rental car place.

Kristin Kohn

HORRIBLE! Be very wary at Sea-Tac Airport. We had an advance reservation. When we got to the car rental building, the wait was over 90 minutes. None of the other companies had more than a 5 minute wait. According to two other companies, Fox always overbooks. People were leaving the counter without cars. We gave up after 30 minutes and were lucky enough to get a rental from another company, but some of the others were sold out. The price was cheaper at Fox, but NOT WORTH IT!

Abel Diaz

Immediate regret once we walked up to the line— Service was extremely slow (1.5- hrs in line because they over booked vehicles.). Sales attendant kept trying to “upgrade” my vehicle every chance she got for a “small fee”. Long story short, they ran out of cars and the only thing available was a larger vehicle that I did not want. She tried to up-charge me whole time instead of just telling us the issue. Anyway, I recommend not renting from them and if you do, don’t fall for their sad attempt to charge you more.

Hiba Alyassini

Worst experience ever. Booked a car two weeks prior to trip. Got to airport car rental facility and they didn't have any cars available for me .I had to wait in airport from 11pm to 3:30 am with my 3 kids. Then when I did get a car they charged me extra insurance even though I had purchased with third party. They ruined my whole trip calling customer service and trying to fix my problem. I highly advice you to NOT book through FOX .

Stacy Semborski

Honestly I was a little worried to book a car through them based on the reviews. However I was instantly relieved when I picked up the car. I had an easy time booking the car, picking it up extremely early as I needed too, and returning the vehicle. I had no problems and everything went smoothly. Would definitely book with them again.

Hilla Nacson

We were supposed to get a car at salt lake city airport at 23:30 pm. There is supposed to be a shuttle from the airport to the Fox rental car. We waited for an hour and it didn't show up! We called customer service who said the last shuttle is at 00:00. It didn't show up at all. We took an Uber to Fox rental, they said they don't have any cars left, even though we prebooked and prepaid this reservation. We ended up going to a motel coming back in the morning.. Bad service!!!

Lawrence Schuman

Just look at the number of one star reviews. Pay the extra few dollars and go somewhere else. You'll wait and wait in line while every other vendor gets their customers in and out quickly. Avoid Fox anywhere. If you're government, sorry, you'll get stuck with them often.

Carter Wang

Waiting time is more than one hour even at 11:30 pm. I reserved for a mid-size car but was given a compact car. The car has tire pressure issues. One tire had 27 psi and one tire had 62 psi. I feel lucky I was not killed by this stupid company. Will never rent their cars again.

Lisa LaChance

If I could give negative stars, I would. They don't tell you when you book a car. If you are local, you need to pay an extra $1000.00, not a credit card hold. A payment. Because they have a theft problem they can't control. They do not feel it necessary to tell you this while booking, after booking, or during the hour you are waiting in line for a car. No exceptions are made for repeat customers. Not worth the few bucks you save on a cheap rental. They have no problem ruining your vacation plans. Do yourself a favor and go with a real car rental company up front. Not this junk yard.

Joy Sasser

Booked online with a Fox coupon code. Got a good price and picked up a great vehicle. Customer service was excellent from beginning to end. I was hesitant to use Fox due to poor reviews. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Not only will I use them whenever possible, I highly recommend them. Again, seamless customer service. Thank you Fox.

Brenda Bowman

To be fair I had two rental cars with Fox for two weeks. It was cheaper to do it over two weeks, rather than a full. Two different trips and had to come back to the airport to pick up friends arriving for the second part. The first trip (10am)we waited in line for about 10 minutes to be told to go to Dollar because they did not have our car. That was fine Dollar had a car and it was perfect. The second trip arrived around 9 am, waited for about 5 minutes to be told they did not have a car and to go to Payless. I am so happy they sent me to Payless. He upgraded our car, gave me a business deal, added a driver and beat the Fox price. I hear they do this all the time. Happy the other rental companies can pick up their slack!

Tatiana Brenchley

My family has rented here probably three times now and have never had any issues! Staff has always been helpful and friendly and the cars have always been clean. The shuttle is a little bit of an inconvenience but we haven't had to wait long (if ever) and the drivers are always helpful getting our bags onto the shuttle if we need it. Thank you Fox!

Darren Honer

We travel extensively and this was the worst car rental experience we have had. We arrived at night to a pitch black parking lot and old, dirty and decrepit building. One person was at the desk and there was a line of people waiting for service. We were third in line and were told to take or leave the only available car on the lot even though we rented and paid for an SUV. We had to inspect the car in the dark with our phone lights. Everyone else in the building with reservations was told there were no cars and to take the shuttle back to the airport. The man behind the desk became rude and started swearing at upset customers. Our car is covered in scratches with 50,000 miles on it. I will never use this company again and do not recommend.

Cynthia Austad

Waited two hours in line with printed reservation in hand. When we got to the counter, they had no cars. Sent us to Dollar and we were done in 5 minutes. Never Fox again!

Chris George

The line was extremely frustrating and long, the guy who checked me out tried to turn my 180.00 car into $1,000 car without even blinking an eye. That being said, the car I got was great and very affordable. So all-in-all watch for the upsell, be prepared for a long wait, but if you get through all that it seems you might get a good deal.

Charles Wittsell

I prepaid for a minivan before my trip. Then I stood in line at Fox for about 30 minutes just for them to tell me they didn't have my minivan I prepaid for. But the lady was nice enough to call down to another rental and get me a minivan for the same price. But then I had to go stand in line down there.

dwayne parrott

Alright I got to airport 1:30am a few people in line. The representative said rental area where I was going isn’t covered for any issues.......that’s weird I paid for SUV rate I got a two to three year old base model Journey believe me this is a basic car no blue backup camera massive blind spot and very gutless up hills it’s actually dangerously slow. Brakes are terrible glass window cracks and dirty window covered in bugs I very liked it at all. Nobody to help me inspect it there was a 10 waiting in the garage to talk to attendants at 200 am I couldn’t wait I had to take the cause I have to for 5 days and they never pick up the phone the customer service number they give you says 10 people waiting ahead and that’s all it says I tried called in the day and night same message they are not a good company to deal with nobody cares ..... Never go back I don’t like to be treated like I’m stuck with there decision and nobody can answer a phone and I’m driving outside there service area I’m really renting with all the risk on me......terrible rental company Enterprise rental is the best if you are wondering where to go.....

Troy Sherris

The service at the rental counter was excellent, the car was clean and nice as well. After driving off the lot I realized the gas tank was not full, which the paper work stated it was. Made a phone call to customer service and was met with a very helpful agent who simply asked for a photo confirming the less 5han full gas tank and told me to return it at the same level. After returning the rental with slightly more gas than needed, I was charged for the missing fuel, which I was specifically told wouldn’t happen. None of the above is the reason for the 1 star review, I understand mistakes happen. It was the follow up with a different customer service agent behind the poor review. I was blamed for the problem and told I still should have returned it with a full tank. The agents attitude was dismissive and rude, considering it was Fox’s issue for sending out a rental without a full tank to begin with. After finally confirming my refund for the unwarranted charge, I thanked the agent and was promptly hung up on. The final agents actions put a damper on an otherwise pleasant experience.

Karleen Kos

I had a prepaid rental so I know those come with certain risks. I understand that. What isn't great is the total lack of customer service. My flight was delayed, so it was getting in very close to closing time. I tried to call the Fox Rent a Car at my destination to let them know my flight had changed from the confirmed time and that it would be near the wire but I'd be there. The local number rolled over to a national call center. I sat on hold for 25 minutes. When they finally got to me, the representative wanted to tell me everything I already knew (rental agreement, hours of operation, etc) but didn't want to listen to what I needed. She also told me the place would be closed when I got there. Period. When I finally was able to get her to put me in touch with the local office, I got a message that said, "No one is available to take your call. Good bye" and the call was disconnected. There is apparently no other way to reach them, so I will probably be stuck in an airport from midnight to 5 am.

Sue Smith

Fox at Sea-Tac cancelled my reservation simply because they could get a better rate on day of from people standing in line on a sold out busy day. I had a valid 4 day reservation at $39/day but they cancelled it because they could now get $89/day. Terrible rental car company. Believe the negative reviews!

Rebecca S.

They are about 20 minutes away from the airport, and the shuttle comes about every 15-30 minutes. The shuttle does have air conditioning, but it’s not very good, so prepare to be a little warm for 20 minutes. When I got there, the car was chosen and they put it in the car wash (20 minutes from getting there and checking it out), I then had to check the entire car on the outside and write down every scratch I saw. There was a $150 hold fee on top of the charge for the rental itself, but the $150 is refunded fully once you return the car. My car was great, people were nice and I had a great experience.

KyLee Denning

Noticed our car needed a service in 35 miles, so one of the employees switched us to a different/better car quickly and with no issues! I wish I had asked his name, he was so kind and helpful! Fox always has the best prices!

Marcia Knowlton

I waited two and a half hours to get my rental car. It was unwashed and low on gas. Because of how long I waited patiently they offered me a free upgrade, which at the time I thought was great so I didn't mind it being unwashed and low on gas. Today I returned the car and they charged me full price for the "free" upgrade and said they never offered it. Do not ever rent from this company.

Sriman P

Only two members at the counter and having huge line. It’s taking long time. Even if it is cheap not acceptable by the time you guys taking to serve.

Andrea M

We just went on a random site on google and it says airport pick up . We had to take a shuttle. Do not book with third party . First night we arrived and we were served by a gentlemen that was kind. When we first got our car it was super dirty , he was in the reception ran out to wash the exterior of the car . When we got inside it was still dirty .i saw he had a line up of people waiting for him, therefore I felt bad to have the inside cleaned as well . When I saw to grab the seat belt it was STICKY where was sticky residue on the seat belt and on the cup holders, the wheel and overall the whole car. I had to go inside ask for wet tissues so WE can clean our own car for a over priced that we payed because that week is a very high demand time. We were told that we only needed half tank to get to where we wanted end up needing to fill up the tank and went over . Just remember they don’t refund you the amount you filled. I have to say , We had 1 great experience with SABIER ! When we returned the car he was super nice! Thank you Sabier ! You get a 5star !!!

Cindy Gonzalez

Don’t even think on coming here! Worst place ever! Took 1hr and 30 minutes just to get a car, and there was only 4 people infront of my. Plus what took longer was that they couldn’t find the keys of one car and the service is HORRIBLE, the dude was super slow and didn’t even care! Spend a little more and go someone where they do know what they are doing!!!

ll lei

SCAM COMPANY!!!! Don’t rent their car. This is a very bad experience renting a car from Fox in Seattle airport. The front desk just cheat on me to charge more money. For example, the pass is $11 each day and what the lady told me is like $11 total, at last I was charged $45 in total for pass. My total charge is about $140 in Priceline but fox finally charged me $300. And also Priceline still charge me $140. So I was duplicated charged (total $440), but I should only be charged for $140. The car was very old with one flat tire. And the gas tank is not full.

Vladimir Li

Rented a full size 4x4 SUV in Utah, with the intention to drive it to the national parks. First of all, the car had a strong smell of tobacco smoke, which was quite unpleasant. A couple of days into our trip we were out in one of the parks near Escalante when one of the tires popped. I found out that the SUV had no spare tire in the trunk (the round hole where the tire is supposed to be had nothing in it). There was a tire sealant bottle, but it was the kind that you have to hook up to a compressor to suck the sealant into the tire. Of course there was no compressor in the car either, so I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with a popped tire, no signal, and no way to fix the tire or replace it. Eventually I found my way to a place that had signal and called roadside assistance. They took forever to call a tow truck (the local tow truck guy told me they were haggling for the price for an hour). When I got to a tire repair shop they told me the tires were pretty bare with barely any tread left on them. Moreover, the tire that I popped already had 5 (!) other patches on it! And on top of all that, the other 3 tires were way over-pumped at 50psi. They're rated for 51psi max. I have no idea how that's safe. When I came to return the car, the manager didn't seem to care at all. So, to recap - apathetic management, bare tires, no spare tire in the car, unusable tire repair kit, smoke odour, and slow roadside service. Rent a car from somewhere else if you can.

Brian McFadden

Long line. Every other rental car agency has little to no line, but the line for Fox stretches down the rental area. Every person in this line would pay $50 to not wait for an hour and a half. This is why they precharge for the Rental and make it non refundable. Consider if you want to spend an hour and a half after your flight. Not worth it! Spend a little more.

Greg Danese

Waited in Line for almost 3 hours to get our suv. Then told there was only a mini van left. Had to come back the next morning to get a sedan which was less than I paid for. At check out I was charged $150 and $195 for no reason after pre paying ahead of time. Told they were fuel charges and to call billing back Monday. I refilled the car at check out and no one told me I was being charged more until I saw my credit card statement.

Chris Dotson

This is by far one of the worst car rental places that I rented from. The customer service was not the best. They were under staffed, and if they were over staffed, there were people there walking around not working. They even required me to pay a $400 deposit?? I already booked my car online and I don’t know why I had to do a big deposit. I had a 2016 Chevy impala and when I picked it up and drove it to my hotel that night/early morning the car started making a loud growling noise and it sound like either the rotors or the wheel barring was bad. Early that next day day I did a swap out for a new car, and it was a new 2018 Toyota Camry LE, and that was an amazing car! Rode excellent!! The rep at the counter even said that they have been doing a lot of swap outs lately and she didn’t know why. Well, after my rental experience I see why, Overall, I wanted to try a rental place I never heard before, but this location in Las Vegas is the worst. I would never rent another car from this location in Las Vegas ever again.

Ryan Thompson

Sat in line for 60 minutes. There were only 5 people in front of me. 2 employees and 1 of them was training. The line is now 20 people long, hope you brought your over night bag because you are in for at least 3 hour stay.

Sheldon Hege

Aerial Adams

The line waiting to receive the car was long. Did not have enough people working for the volume of customers. The car bays were not not adequately labeled so we ended up getting into the wrong tier of car even though they were all in bay 9. The parking lot attendant was rude when he told us to move cars. “SUV” was closer to what would be considered a mini van. The car interior was not very clean. Smudges on the windows, floor was dirty, odometer was cracked, etc. Shuttle on the way to Fox was old and in disrepair. Upon return of the car there was very little direction on where to go or what to do. Attendant who came over was quick with the checkout process but he appeared to be the only one working so it took a few minutes for him to come over. In the end, you get what you pay for. Pay a little more and get better service and only have to take one shuttle.


Very bad experience. We got a car in LA airport. It was a Kia Sportage. It was fine for few days and on our way to SFO, we got a warning that the 'Engine got overheated'. Since the car was no longer drivable, we had to make an emergency stop in Los Banos and board a nearby hotel. When I diagnosed the car in Valvoline, we saw that the coolant cap was missing in the car and the fluid had drained out. Fortunately valvoline filled the fluid for no cost and I could get a cap from O'Reily that was right opposite. We reached late to SFO due to the delay and also missed my child's birthday. When we went to complain this to Fox in SFO airport, the Manager was very rude. At first she was trying to help and see if we can exchange the car. But when we became very furious due to the delay and missing our child's birthday - the manager also went to denial mode. At some point, she told us to contact Customer Care per advise of her GM. Atleast the Customer Care person was kind and helped to re-open the contract and help to exchange a nice car. All that the manager helped was to find out a brand new car and drove for us. Also, it was pretty evident that she was staying inside the room all the time but when we wanted to talk to her for a minute, she told the front desk person to tell us that she is on a different floor. The manager in LAX airport on other hand was kind and helped to adjust the drop off and fuel charges that they charged at SFO airport. I would never recommend these guys to anyone.

Amy Patchett

When I rented online it stated $150 deposit. When I went to pick up my rental I was told $1000. I will never rent from this place again!! Rude employees and false info on their website!! Stay away from here!! I am going to Alamo instead!!

David Morgan

Reserved on a 3rd party website for 2 weeks. Retuned a week early. Reimbursed me for the days I didn't use the car. No muss, no fuss! Pickup and returned with excellent customer service! Thanks Fox!

Jeffrey Kayle

I purchased my car rental on Priceline and got a great deal with Fox Car Rentals. The pricing was a super deal compared to many of the other auto rental companies. I rented a Fox before and I've never had a problem. What I like about the Las Vegas location is the fact that they are not located in the airport. I made sure to purchase full insurance coverage when I booked my reservation. It's about 1/2 the price of purchasing at the rental counter.

Deborah Jose

Very disappointed! Rip off extra hidden charges. Over priced! Already paid ridiculous amount for two days then we wanted to extend it a day they tried to charge us an extra $100 horrible don't go with them

jamal shaheed

Customer service in the parking lot was good. The front desk though has poor customer service. When I arrived I was told that they would charge 1000$ deposit. 1000$!!! I could understand 200 to 500$ but 1000$!!!. Then although it states "UNLIMITED MILES" on the website with priceline, they do limit the miles by restricting your travel to a list of particular states i.e. Illinois, indiana, Wisconsin , and Michigan. Unlimited Miles are unlimited.!!! I have intentions to never do buisness with them again.

Eva Kiss

The worst Experiance ever. Horrible service They give you a fals information, customer service bad the Manager was rude to me. Also the Clerk who had le my issue.?never Rent again from them.

Nader Nader

Ghetto rent a car service that’s what they are!!!

Kathleen Jones

Horrible Experience...just HORRIBLE !!! WAITED in line for an HOUR to pick up car. Staff was slow and seemed unconcerned about the LONG LINE. A man, who appeared to be a supervisor, wearing white shirt, different from that of other employees was walking around behind counter looking at the LONG LINE and did not hop on a computer to HELP! The drop-off process was smoother and only took a couple of minutes.

Matias Carvajal

DO NOT!!! no one knew what they were doing it took 1 hr to get a vehicle to me. Went to leave and it was flagged for maintenance. Backed it up waited more until manager came out. He had no clue. It took about 2hrs from signing up to leaving DO NOT COME HERE

Jonas Bidva

Try not to use them. Will charge for anything they can. You think you save renting through them, but in the end you spend more.


They didn't have the car when I went on time for the booking. Then they called me after 1hr 30min saying your car is ready. I asked to cancel and they politely said yes it's cancelled and I'll not be charged. Now got a bull to pay after 3 days.

Antonio trejo

This is the worst car rental company that I've have done business with. I got charged for a full fuel tank , which shouldn't happen. As soon, I get home I going to have a talk with customer service.

Matthew Shields

There is nothing pleasant about renting here. Do not waste your time as I have in utilizing this company for any purpose. There are plenty of places elsewhere that can fulfill your needs. If I could give zero stars I would.

Daniel Weiler

Booked car for 11 PM pickup. When I got there no cars were available. Was told wait would be 30 minutes to 1 hr. Luckily was able to rent from another company. Needless to say will never book with them again

Fannie Mae

I use to love fox rent a car. But they stopped accepting locals debit cards as a form of being able to rent. Now I take my business elsewhere.

Ellamarie Taylor

You won't know till your get there and have your registration but they want you to have a electricity bill or medical bill, $400 deposit AND the cost of the vehicle...

Angela Brown

We enjoyed our rental car for the week. Simple rental online, easy pick up. The facility just needs more staff to service the line since it gets packed so fast!

Briyona Jackson

If you're a resident of NV living within 150 miles be prepared to shell out $500 for the deposit.. (Reason being is that there have been people that have stolen their cars) Understood but still not happy about it. I was told I could pick any car in the row I was assigned to and the inside of them were so dirty. Asked a gentleman who worked there if they cleaned the inside of the cars when people returned them, his answer was no. But there's a $250 cleaning fee if you smoke. Might be okay if your traveling to Las Vegas on vacation but not for us residents.


This company charges fraudulent fees. A month after returning from vacation they sent a bill saying there were two toll charges in Florida that we were being charged for in odd amounts. Then they charged a $30 administrative fee for tolls costing $2.84. What a scam. Think before booking with this company. There is also no customer service reps you can call and talk to.

Alan Wingender

DO NOT GO HERE! They will try and charge you random charges Trick you into pre-purchasing gas. Try to nitpick any damage to the car even if it was already there and you have pictures. Charge you for an extra day even though you dropped it off hours early. Charge you for a second driver if they see you with another person.

D Vaz

I can definitely say that Omar at reservation desk was very helpful polite I waited in line 45 minutes I had to pay security deposit last minute Priceline did not explain Omar had no control also I'm being charged twice on 2 different credit cards for one vehicle because of fox Omar has bo control of this I finally go to get my rental I had to wait half hour Until Shaneice Ruff so I was sitting there she came up to me my rental with in 5 minutes what I didnt realize it had 8th of a tank I called fox explained another employee over the phone asked did I have proof Gosh of course I took a photo with time on it and sent it I hope I never deal with fox ever again But I do believe Shaniece Ruff should be promoted for she is a worker and has great customer service D Vazquez from Chicago

s p

looks cheap unless ur user 25, I was paying so much for insurance and underage fee, more than ive ever paid anywhere else. almost 500 for 3days which is ridiculous. the cars are okay but they have some little things that should be tweaked. some of them have poor brakes or such. I had to switch my car twice because of that problem. staff is mostly friendly but a few here and there come off as rude.

Erica Bush

Upon arriving at the ORD location I was prepared to give 1 star. The line/wait time was outrageous (1 hr). However, when I finally made it to the counter, the service was good, friendly staff, no issues, and even a free upgrade. I'm giving this a 3 star rating due to the good service from the staff; from my experience the only drawback was the long wait.

Sally Degenhart

Long line moving pretty quick. Good prices. You need to put a deposit from $150-500 so be prepared

crystal ralls

If I could put a zero star I would.. Do not rent from here! Not only do you wait and take 2 shuttles, you wait over an hour to get the car. The representatives don’t make you a priority, they take their time. And then they don’t even have the cars you booked! You may save a few dollars, but not worth it!!! At all!!! You get what you pay for. Plus the cars are old cars all banged up

Jasmine Shade

The place looked super sketchy and then they wanted a 500 dollar deposit on top of my only 105 dollar reservation. I went elsewhere. The last behind the desk was polite and helpful tho.

Jessica Bennett

Called to make a reservation the man on the phone confirmed that they would accept out of country credit cards. After waiting over 45 minutes in a line with only 2 employees working we were offered a way smaller vehicle for the same price since they didnt have the mid sized vehicle on their lot. And on top of that they wouldn't accept my parents out of country credit card even though I was told over the phone they would accept the credit card the employees were not the friendliest plus the vehicles come without gas you have to pay them for gas on top of the outrageously high prices. Dont believe their quotes on the phone or believe you get the same sized vehicle you reserved if I could give 0 stars I would. I bet all the employees add the good reviews. On Yelp they only got 1 ½ stars from 1405 reviews. Next time I wont only check Google but Yelp as well.

Chachi Vigil

If you use a Debit card deposit it takes 14 days to get the money back....the agent will lye and tell you 4 to 5 business are also beat up your better off spending the extra money and go with a name brand rent a car service.

Green Mile

Affordable, clean, great cars. One thing that makes this company great place is that they accept cash and debit cards as payment method, while others only do the credit card. I have always rent my cars via fox rent a car whenever i travel to USA. Its easy, simple and i would recommend it to all fellow travelers as well. - Finland -

Michael Kutsen

The wait was 1 hour at the Chicago O'Hare location. Horrible

Grant Brown

Yeah. They’re cheaper, BUT, just how much frustration do you want to endure. You have to take two different buses to reach the facility from LAS. I stood in line with luggage for 40 minutes. At one point the middle-aged male desk clerk spent three times longer than he needed to while flirting on and on with a millennia female. He even left his station to escort the girl out to the parking lot. I was told to just go pick out a car from row 1 or 2, not told what to do once I picked the car. No directions about how to check out. guess what? No cars in those rows. Had to walk back in to the clerk who had helped me at the counter, she said go to row 4. So, chose a vehicle (they didn’t even have a compact car like I had ordered), finally figure out how to get to the check out gate. Then guy goes within apology “there’s a hard hold on that car, ho choose another one.” Well, I waste more time and I chose an identical car sitting in the same row and can then check out. Watch out! They have you sign that car has no damage but at night it is very dark in that lot. Use a cell phone light! Overall, it is blatantly obvious this is a terrible company who mistreat their employees. So, none of them give a care about you or the job they’re doing. AVOID FOX CAR RENTAL. they do business all over the country. Ask yourself, is it worth the hassle?

Miriah Barry

We reserved the equivalent of a Jeep Grand Cherokee and got a Dodge Journey which is like a Ford Focus on steroids. The tires were so bare that we almost died on several occasions by sliding on roadway moisture. To rent out a vehicle with tires in this condition in Chicago in the winter should be illegal. It is evident they don’t maintain the vehicle or even replace windshield wipers. Do not use this service.

Tausha T

My favorite place to go get rental cars from. They have real good discounts and low price rentals. I rented a car many times for my trips out of state each being a week for under $100. U can also earn points that can be used in lieu of cash for ur rentals. They have a nice stock of cars too.

Misty Henderson

I will never rent from this place they Scam people took my money and will not refund me just because this place is cheap do not rent a car from fox rent a car

Tamara Butler

DON'T DO IT. I booked a reservation a month ago. I waited in line 45 minutes for them to tell me there is a $150 hold despite the fact that I had a round trip and used a credit card. Then rhey said it will be another 45 minutes because they needed to clean the car. I asked to speak to the supervisor and she said they didnt not have any cars"this is what happen when people turn the car in late." She didnt know what time a car would be available. Needless to say I went to Alamo.

Jean Runyon

Rented car from the via on line thru Southwest airlines with our flight. Got to counter was inline for 2 hrs with just 5 couples a head of us and 4 ppl running counter. Very disorganized, unprofessional, very pushy with added insurance and 1 person behind counter saying he was just like an insurance agent and he was right. Wrong!!!what a racket. Never again, then was charged $150 deposit that I was not aware was gonna happen ahead of time. Garage staff was very nice though.

Michael Jammison

Don’t rent from them unless you are renting to stay local. I booked a car with them for a week just to find out that I can’t take it to MI, apparently they have restrictions on what states you can take the car to. They came up with a lame excuse saying they have this posted on their website which they DON’T !!!! The worst rental experience ever !!!! If I could give negative

Johnson Kelaita

Poor customer service....hidden fees....not very good

mo nosek

This is my 2nd time renting from fox same location as well. They have no cars left and I have to wait 1 hour. Thier cars are nice and so are their workers. But to overbook this much is ridiculous

D JordanJr

Poor location and horrible service. First off, this rental service is WAY off airport property. Yeah it was cheap but I would have rather paid extra to rent a car on airport property. Secondly, the line was’t terribly long but it took forever. I stood in line almost an hour with only 8 people in front of me. The big name rental services know how to move customers in and out. Not Fox. The gentleman behind me even complained that he missed his business meeting due to their slow service. Lastly, the customer service was poor. When I finally was next in line, I went up to the counter to the rep once he finished with a customer. He told me “I’m not ready for you.” He then slowly walked into the break room and started watching TV. Needless to say it was not a good experience. Pay a little more just for a better service and less headache and rent from a reputable rental service.

L.C. Omeng

Slow service at 7pm onwards. 3 person on the counter for a long line of people. Awful smell at this center. I know their people work hard but they got to do better.

Thomas O'Dowd

Dominique was so friendly and helpful at O’Hare Fox Rental. The process was quick, simple and fast. I’d definitely recommend this location. Thanks for the wonderful experience!!

Lioniel McGraw

Convenient location

Vadim Kolosov

don't know why people give 1-2 stars. i'm constantly renting in my trips throughout the world, US including. service here is just of the same (good) standard. the paper process was pretty quick. got my car less than in 20-30 minutes being 4th in a line. drop off took only 2 minutes. just be aware of the deposit which will be around $400 if you're using a debit (not credit) card. great car (Outlander) for its value. totally satisfied. as to location - well, yeah, you gotta change a shuttle once, but i didn't wait at all for neither. uber price from the place to an airport $20-30.

Joseph Jimenez



Fee scams, such as the $20 early return fee they Ingrid me for returning my rental EARLY by an hour.

DevLon NorthWest

Absolutely terrible. We had reservations for an SUV. When we arrived, there was absolutely no vehicles available. Had to call price line to cancel then book at Hertz.

Uriel Lara

Worst place ever. I booked online and when I showed up they said I never paid for the rental when I had a confirmation number and a recipe. And all the manager did was sit and listen and act like she couldn't do anything. DONT RENT from these guys.

Geoff Cattrall

Surprisingly excellent :) Nice upgrade given. Checkout was very fast... I especially like that they come to the car with you and mark existing damage on a piece of paper - as opposed to other companies with fancy iPad-based systems where it takes 3 minutes to mark each scratch! Return was equally fast and friendly. Do note however that Fox policies on late and *early* returns are especially silly. So if you want any sort of flexibility perhaps better book elsewhere.

Tourino Jacks

This company is horrible! I would have given them ZERO stars but I had to give them at least 1 in order to hit down my complaint. They do NOT answer their phone lines when you wish to discuss extension options. Both, their chat service and call back service, are a fail. Do NOT rent from them! They are the Spirit Airlines of the rent-a-car industry. Actually, I take that back. This company is 3 times worse. #FOXRENTACARISAFAIL

Jose Sosa

Amber Kuhn

Absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Had an issue in Las Vegas getting towed in what we thought was a parking lot we could park in. couldn't get any help out of roadside assistance to get the car or our belongings out of the car before heading back home. They just wanted to blame us instead of working with us. Very rude customer service. Ended up costing us thousands of dollars because they would not help us.

Majora Carter Group, LLC

the price lures you in. the wait was ridiculous, absurd. other fees bring the price past everyone else. they really could not have been more disappointing

Kate Rosales

Worse customer service with too many hidden fees not explained prior to signing! Call back option and email is useless. Contacted them regarding the additional $577 charged on cc the same day, til now we have not received any response from this company.

Teresa Gallo

Renter beware! Fox had a REALLY cheap rental rate so I chose them. IT TOOK OVER 1.5 HOURS TO PICK UP MY CAR. THEIR LOT IS NOT AT THE MAIN RENTAL LOCATION you have to take 2 shuttles and then the lines were really long. The car I chose is brand new AND awesome so if you aren't in a hurry and want a cheap rental Fox is ok.

Joanie Ferguson

Booked a car to pick up at 10 pm. Arrived at 11 pm to pick it up and was told there was a 1.5 hour wait. They needed to move all the vehicles from one lot to another and clean them and there were 9 people ahead of me. I don't like leaving bad reviews but this could have been easily avoided because this reservation was made far in advance. It seems like this is something that happens regularly. Highly recommend spending a bit more with another company to avoid a situation like this! Wish I would have looked at reviews before.

John Brooks

Cheap rentals. They bump you up on their own insurance vs travelocity insurance. Car had no washer fluid and was low on brake fluid.


Despite the bad reviews, I found this company really great! The price was good and pick up and return fast and easy. They went out if their way to make it a good process and everyone was so friendly.

Good Neighbor Productions

I rented from this Fox location on 2/18/19. I recieved a new Toyota Rav4 with 25K miles. It was clean and odor free. The woman at the rental counter was very helpful and didn't try and push any extras on me. I was nervous when I read some of the reviews, but my experience was great. I will use Fox again when I return to Chicago in August.

Ted Egge

My wife and I were on vacation in Colorado.. The Fox representative tried to convince us to take some toll package claiming there were tolls at every county line and beyond (LIE) Than he proceeded to charge us $13 per day for our rental because we did not have proof of insurance with us, and would not allow us to take the car without agreeing to pay it.. (It was 11 pm) I called our insurance agent the next day and had him email it to us.. I then called Fox's corporate office to ask who I should forward the email too.. (get ready) I was told I had to physically bring proof to the location where I rented the car.. We had to spend 3 hours of our vacation driving back to Fox and waiting in line to get the charges removed by a manager who refused to take off the $13 for the first day because we drove the car off the lot !! My wife and I have traveled all over the U.S and rented countless vehicles NEVER have we run into such a ridiculous , unprofessional and unscrupulous scamming rental agency... Sincerely, Ted W Egge

Chad Humes

Too bad zero stars is not an option. Reserved a full size SUV and when we waited in line for 40 min and got our turn they did not have one. Gave us a mid size and we paid for a full. Then made us pay a $400 deposit,I never had to do that before and it was not disclosed to us when we made the reservation. If it was not near midnight I would have walked out. Called the manager in the morning without reply. We got more help from the Hertz guys in the garage than Fox. Stick with the bigger companies!

Berenice Garcia

I was helped by Gil Gallego and he was just so great! Buying a car can be very stressful and confusing. He made the whole transaction go smooth. I recommend you to go to Findlay Honda in Henderson if you’re looking for a new car and ask for him!

rlippincott .

Simply the worst experience ever. Their pricing and invoicing is confusing and dishonest. After a terrible renting experience now they have overcharged me and they are trying to get more money from my credit card. Stay away from this horrible business.

Charles Minge

This is the second time I have used Fox rent A car. The first time wasn't bad. But the second time they did not have the car that I had booked and paid for 3 months in advance! In the beginning all I got was excuses why my car was not there. However in the end we made a deal on a class of car lower than I chose. Although this did not make me happy, I would have rather had the car I rented, it got us to where we needed to go. They have the cheapest rental rates in Las Vegas. However do not be surprised if something is wrong when you go to pick up your car.

Sherrie Taylor

I never got to the point of having a car as my reservation estimated $156 for a car that sprung to $842 in a matter of minutes! Be aware of their policy of the deposit required to rent a car, never had this experience before as I always get the insurance - and was here, too. Unreal! SECURITY DEPOSIT FOX applies a deposit to your card at the time you complete your booking. You authorize us to apply this deposit against your card to guarantee rental charges and, in the event that you have additional fees or charges due, you hereby authorize us to apply funds you have on deposit with us against what you owe to FOX. The charge will be refunded when your rental has been completed. Security deposit is USD/150.00 when using a major credit card and USD/400.00 when using a debit card. NOTE - Local renters in Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Las Vegas, Miami, Oakland, Orlando, San Francisco, San Jose and Tampa must have available funds for the estimated amount of rental charges plus a security deposit of USD/500.00 when renting Economy, Compact, Mid-Size, Standard and Full Size car classifications.. All other car classifications must have available funds for the estimated amount of rental charges plus a security deposit of USD/1,000.00.

Janet Gorham

Had a reservation in Las Vegas, they would not rent since we didn’t have plane tickets at our destination, purchases plane tickets while there at Fox for proof and still would t rent to me since I did not purchase my ticket sooner!!! Very poor customer service!! They do not care if you are stranded ~ save yourself the time and trouble and book ELSEWHERE!!!!

Neil Gall

Booked a premium sedan and got a confirmation of "Dodge Charger or similar". Turned up and had to pay nearly double due to the insurance and came away with a Chrysler 300, a very average car at the best of times. But it wasn't the best of times, ours was tired and dirty with broken switches, loose upholstery in the trunk and badly maintained brakes which were prone to overheating vibration throughout our trip. Tried to tell the agent on returning the car about this but he didn't care. Worst car hire experience ever. Go elsewhere.

Lesa Schultz

I picked a car out in the dark after 2 shuttles from the airport. This was one of the most unpleasant experiences I had in a very long time,I wished I would have checked the reviews before bundling our vacation..

Isaac Goodrich

Cheap rental car agency, no complaints


Really really really slow!!! Waited 1 hour to get a car. Why there is only 1 guy???

Erin Newland

Terrible terrible terrible!!!!! From the time I got off the plane, to the time my rental car was in my possession it was over 2 1/2 hrs!!!! We waited FOREVER for the 1st shuttle bus to pick us up and then waited a solid 45 minutes for the 2nd!!! Absolutely unexceptable!!! Then once we finally arrived at the center I waited 30 minutes to get my vehicle. I was the 3rd person in line!!!! I have rented with Fox before without any issues, but will NEVER rent from this location again! I would rather walk!!!! Bonus- was told to get a car out of lane 5 and of course there were no cars available. Had to wait to be told which aisle I could pick from next! Terrible!

Beth Rapp

Worst car rental experience ever! We reserved a mid-size SUV. We waited in line at 10:00am for well over an hour. By the time we got to the counter, they said the only vehicle available was a compact Corolla. The Manager said she would give us credit back since we paid for an SUV but never did. She also said she would follow up with us by email regarding the credit and never did.

ankur saxena

Arrived to pick my car at 11:00 PM, waited in the long queue for 1 hour with two small kids and the queue did not move. I had got at least ten other people ahead of me. On average, the counter was taking 15-20 mins per customer, so it means I need to stand until 2:00 AM at least to get my turn. Did not have that kind of patience, I just moved to next car rental and asked if they can match fox rental fee ?. The budget rental manager said yes, and he matched the rate, and I was out in 10 mins with an upgrade. ( Asked for the minivan and got a Yukon XL, Wow !!) Overall price wise they are cheap but very long waiting queue. Tip: Do not pay at the website, there may be no refund, but select to pay at the counter if you still want to use this service.

Anonymous Brain

The car was not a quality vehicle. There were dents, scratches, and a hole in the floor. There was an additional charge for the upgrade but I’m not sure how they define upgrade. The tires were new but the vehicle drifted to the right constantly so it needed an alignment. Also, I booked online as part of a deal w/my flight but the company requires a deposit nearly $200 that should be refunded

Debbie Brownfield

We upgraded to get a little nicer car. When we got there the girl at the desk suggested we upgrade again because there was snow and ice in Park City, Utah. They have us a Jeep. It was filthy. Couldn't hardly see out the front windshield and of course, no windshield wiper fluid. We were there 4 days. We asked our hotel for a rag so we could clean the windshield inside and out. The sun was blinding. I am handicapped and could barely get in and out of the jeep as there were no running boards. As for the ice and snow, we had a sprinkling of snow one early a.m. which had melted on the streets probably by 9 a.m. I doubt if we ever rent from them again unless there is no other choice

Greg Graves

Had an awful nearly two hour experience to rent an SuV. I was told my class that I prepaid for was not available and was offered a minivan at no additional cost (minivans are much cheaper to rent than SUV). I was than offered a standard Jeep Wrangler that only seated 5 and had no trunk space. Again, not what I paid for. After a constant haggle I was finally given the car in my class a Dodge Journey albeit smaller than what was offered in the prepaid transaction online but, I was done with the process. I went after about a 1.5 hours to get the vehicle. Upon opening the door a cloud of marijuana smoke poured out of it. I was kind of shocked and promptly returned to the counter to say there is no way I can rent this vehicle and it needs cleaned. The vehicles have a no smoking policy but apparently they or someone who recently rented can smoke in them

Colin Slocum

If you enjoy hours of standing still, this is the perfect company for you. Other rental car companies are only worth with it if you want to actually do something with your day.

Katrina Nelson

It is a 20-30 minute wait for the shuttle from the airport to the off site rental building. Then you’d better not be traveling alone with a toddler so you can get to the front of the line first, because I definitely waited for an hour to get my rental car. It was fine once I got it, and the return was simple enough. Plan for extra time to get back to the airport because it’s the same deal getting back to the airport, a 20 minute wait for the shuttle. The biggest offense is that these guys have a terrible customer service line. I could not get through over the phone. Four times I called and the call didn’t go through because they had too many people on the wait lines. Once it did go through they had a callback option where they give you a call when it’s your turn. They called me back an hour or so later and the call dropped immediately and they didn’t try to call back at all. I’ve also been trying to get a hold of them after the fact because they charged me money they didn’t explain and I can’t get through. I tried getting a hold of them through the live chat but it said I was next in line with an estimated wait time of 9 minutes for over an hour and I eventually had to move on with my day. The car was great though. I had no issues with the car itself.

Kali Lidgett

Waited over an hour in line. There was a $150.00 reefundable deposit which was never stated before we made the reservation and we got thr complete opposite of the vehicle we needed it....


I had some issue with another car rental at SEATAC airport and Casey H. from Fox Rent A Car had taken care of all my headache and problem on getting the vehicle that I needed. She was able to get me the best deal she could have possible could have done. I was able to get the Jeep Wrangler because I have family coming in town and need a bigger vehicle to accommodate everyone. I realize that renting a large vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler would be very expensive if someone had an accident with it. To ensure of having a great experience I wanted to make sure that I would be covered for all expense if something would have happened to the rental. I worked at many hospitality jobs before and I understand that you have to make sure the customer is understanding all that comes with a simple additional tax and fees. I was looking at my estimation of my rental and realize that it makes sense of paying the insurance because if there was an incident and I had to pay out of pocket, I would be really paying for a vehicle that I don't own and not be happy. So I did let Casey know that this is more a benefit for me and that I would take it. As she was taking care of me, a customers was in a hurry and needs to get their rental as soon as possible and Casey was the only person at the booth that morning. I was ready to tell the customer to wait her turn and be patient when her turn comes up. So seeing that the agents always are getting bad reviews because they had to wait for only a bit should try to get to the location destination early enough so that they are not rushing and being late for what they need to do. Anyhow I just want to make sure that the Management knows that Casey is doing a Great job and should get a raise / promotion. I would definitely recommend her service and Fox Rent a Car for taking their time. Thank you for being a great location to get a vehicle that I wanted and needed.

Hunt Graham

AVOID FOX AT ALL COSTS. FOX IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. The worst rental experience I’ve ever had. Awful customer service... and the quotes they give are straight up lies. You’ll pay online through either their website or Kayak, then get the receipt and it will be DOUBLE that. You think you’re saving money... but you’re not. Go to enterprise or another reputable company, not this garbage company.

Elizabeth Williams

I’m not even done with my rental experience with Fox and I’m so over it already! Believe every negative review they are the rule anything more than 1 star in an exception. First of all, the line to get this sh*t car was over an hour. Second when I went to “inspect” it the garage was dim and I couldn’t see any damage to the windshield or the body so I called it good. Once I left within 10 minutes I see a rock chip and 1 small dent. I didn’t bother calling because I know that they wouldn’t answer. Too busy I’m sure. Plus I had just flown in to SEATAC from Denver with 2 teens, a toddler and my husband who hadn’t slept and worked a 13 hour day the day before. I’m sure I will be charged for damage that I didn’t see because everything was so dark. Also deposit ($150) had to be on a credit card or if a debit card it was more than double ($400). That little nugget is in the fine print (read microscopic) on the website somewhere. Oh NOT DONE YET! I have had this SUV for 2 days and I am writing this review waiting over an hour for roadside assistance. Now I have to jump this damn thing and they want me to take it to get checked out at Firestone. I’m so over this company. I still have a week left and I’m so ready to loose my cool on the manager of this place. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN!


Decent rates to the eye but you really dont save much after all of the hidden fees are applied. They make you suffer for being a local if you rent from them with a 500 deposit on a credit card which is almost 2 times more than the average place. Rude workers that don't try and do much to help you before hurrying along to the next person.

Adam Mushel

Tried to cancel my reservation, says you can cancel online, but you can’t. When I called at 3:30pm and was on hold until 5pm (1.5 hour hold time) they said their billing is closed and they can’t do anything and I will have to call Monday 8am...

Mark Smith

If I could give 0 stars we would. Our experience with Fox couldn't have been any worse. We had been traveling for 20 hours when we arrived in Seattle after midnight with two toddlers...waited in line in the parking garage for 45 minutes to find out they didn't have any vehicles available. I had paid nearly $500 two weeks prior to be sure we had a car for our road trip and by that point we were all exhausted and ready to be done traveling. They sent us to another company with a voucher and after spending another 30 minutes in line there and 15 minutes filling out paperwork and answering questions we were told our credit wasn't good enough to rent a car through them and that we would have to go elsewhere. By that point is was already nearing 2:30am. We went back to Fox demanding answers of what to do next and the very rude man at the counter told me to pay for an uber to go to our hotel and come back in the morning...uhhh no. I already had paid $500 for a rental car!!!! We then had to ride the bus back to the airport and wait for a shuttle to get to the hotel. It was 4:40am by the time we finally got to the hotel and got our kids (3 and 18 months) settled in. Super annoying. We booked through Priceline and will NEVER do it again, because you can't choose the company. We ended up having to go back in the morning and paying ANOTHER $500 to a different rental car company who was SO gracious and worked with us (Payless Car Rental.) We are still waiting for a refund from Priceline/Fox nearly 2 weeks later. RUN RUN RUN away from this horrid company!

Jake Freeman

DONT DO IT!!! Left high & dry. PREPAID RESERVATION: stood in line for almost 3 hours and they ran out of cars. Uber’d to hotel at considerable extra cost. The next morning called their customer service line. ‘Experiencing higher than normal call volume try again later.’ *CLICK*. Really?!!!! Don’t risk it regardless of what kind of a deal they are offering.

Hale Season

You can't reserve a car without entering your license information, but the system kicks back my valid driver's license as "invalid," I presume because my state changed the format of the number... 2 years ago. Customer support thought this was because I used Firefox (yeah right, whoops, didn't work with Chrome either, that was a good use of time) and then said it was because you can't use a discount code (right.....) . Then he hung up on me, because I guess that solves the problem, at least for him. Can't even reserve a car. I try online chat, I'm 4th in line, awesome! That's a 25 minute wait. Amazing...

Brian Brunsting

Reserved a minivan. Got there and they didn't have one. They gave us a different vehicle that technically seated 7 but it was way too small. Sat around waiting for a minivan.

Michael E. Michael

Awesome customer service! Kany, Kandice and Musa.....Kany you are the best!!!

Jacob Dazzeo

They’re the least expensive option for a reason. Horrible customer service. They don’t allow you to swipe a credit card because they’re internal security systems secure. Spend the extra and go somewhere reputable.

Jose Rivera

The Fox website had an option to pick it up at 4:00 am. However, the reception people weren't there until 4:30. If I knew that, I would have planned better. The vehicle didn't have any wiper fluid so I had to stop and clean the windows frequently. When I dropped off the car, they told me to leave the car at the parking lot and leave the keys inside and someone will grab it, without anyone getting my information. That was sketchy so I asked for a receipt, they claimed that everything was alright and that I dont need a receipt. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the car and keys there so I demanded a receipt and they gave me one. What if a non employee were to steal the car and then I get charged for theft. Not a good experience.

Idalia Dominguez

Quick, friendly agents. Great vehicle. Would use again!

Robyn Howe

Likedthe service and enjoyed my rental car

S BoweRs

Rented an SUV online and paid in full at booking to make pick up easy. Got to the counter to hear the company didn't have an SUV available. They told me they were going to get me with another company to get an SUV. All that extra prep I did online to ensure that my rental car pickup at 11 at night with two extremely exhausted kids was for naught as I had to wait in a whole other line at a new rental agency to make a new reservation and pay a new fee BEFORE getting refunded from Fox. NOT OK, FOX.

Whitney Jenkins

Went to get the car and the staff was so incredibly rude and unhelpful that we left the car and went somewhere else. There were a lot of hidden fees and it would have been the same price as going with a competent company anyway. Save yourself the hassle and avoid them at all costs.

Alethea Paradis

THE WORST. Kafkaesque. Do not rent from this company. Do not be fooled by the apparent low price-- they are inflexible and have absurd "hidden" surcharge fees -- have you accidentally chosen a wrong return date for the car through a 3rd party website like Priceline? plan on paying 3x what your previous rates were. The lines are absurdly long, the employees are stoically unhelpful. They will tell you that they can't correct the most basic issues. After waiting a whopping 90 minutes in line for this car, the man behind the counter said that the only way I could avoid severe late fee penalties for accidentally booking my return date 3 days earlier than I had intended would be to disrupt our trip mid-way through, drive back to the airport, return the car, stand in line again, and start a brand new rental. Absurd.

starrystarr bales

Maybe 1 star is a bit harsh considering I never ended up renting from them. I'm disabled traveling with 2 kids and when we stepped off the shuttle there were at least 100 people in line that stretched down the concourse. I stood in line for 15 minutes and the line never moved. I walked over the the National counter and was driving away from SeaTac 20 minutes later. DO NOT RENT FROM FOX

Jennifer Bild

Line is 30 people deep. Jumped ship and went to enterprise. They said people come to them all the time from the Fox line. Fox has cheapest prices but they can’t manage their inventory. Don’t waste your time.


This car rental company promised to put a hold on your card for a security deposit for 2 weeks but after a month they will still continue to hold your money so you will forget the charge. Even a 2 week hold is too long, most hotels will put a 3 day hold on a security deposit. After a month I still haven’t received my money. I would not recommend renting a car through this company since they have inefficient accounting. I wanted someone to hold my money this long it would be a bank. That is a way to still money from costumers.

Jess Koslow

I’m currently sitting at the car rental hub at Sea-Tac because Fox Has run out of cars. I had a reservation for a car. I wonder what the point of making a reservation is, but the customer service people are completely unhelpful and unable to answer my questions or assist me in any way. If you need to rent a car, go elsewhere.

Minh Le

Terrible. DO NOT DO business with this company. They will overbook on the website, and you have to wait AT LEAST 1 hour to get your car. DO NOT PRE-PAY your half tank, they are not telling you there is 30% or $7 tax on top of that.

Jeff Hazelton

We waited in line for an hour with only three renters in front of us and there were two agents at the desk. None of us could figure out what was taking so long. Once we finally got to the counter, the agent was very friendly and processed our rental as usual but then she just sat there... typed a little... and sat there again. We asked if something was wrong with our information but she said, "No, we just don't have any vehicles at all so we have to wait for one to come in." Apparently, her typing a little here and there was her chatting with the vehicle prep people downstairs about if any vehicles were in the return line or clean or whatever. She literally was going to let us stand there and not even tell us there wasn't a vehicle until we asked what was wrong! We asked how long it would be, she's said, "We're not sure, it could be a couple of minutes, it could be an hour. Vehicles aren't late until they are 59 minutes past the reserved return time but if they are later, the people will just be charged for an extra day." We were flabbergasted that they did not have vehicles in stock, especially given that we had prepaid, so obviously, we were going to show up! I could (somewhat) understand them not having vehicles in stock for people that reserve but don't prepay (especially given that some reviews on here suggest that people just make multiple reservations in case one doesn't work out - talk about a jerk thing to do!), but there is no excuse for not having a vehicle that is already paid for! They did announce to others in the line that if they had NOT prepaid, if their reservation was for more than $35/day, and if their reservation was for more than three days, those people could go over to Dollar and they would match the price and have a car right away. If any of those conditions weren't met, the people would have to wait in line at Fox and wait for vehicles to come in. One out of maybe six or eight families was able to meet all those conditions and go over to Dollar. By this time, it was TWO HOURS PAST our reserved pick-up time so we asked to have our reservation cancelled. There was a bit of back and forth with the other agent trying to figure out how to do that. Apparently, it is only possible if you book directly on the Fox website which we, luckily, had. If you book through another website like Expedia or something, you would have to go through that site for a refund! tl;dr Save the hassle, save your sanity, save your time, and just pay a few bucks more per day and rent from one of the major rental companies! Forget that Fox Rent-A-Car ever even existed. Hopefully, the won't exist for much longer. The Port of Seattle should be ashamed to have them in their facility!

Juan Santiago

After reading all the negative comments it was hard to not try them just to concur if many of the comments are true statement. I have to say that they treated me good, they even gave me a free upgrade, they did not give me a hard time with car inspection. The inspector wrote everything I told him that was wrong with the car. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it was as clean in the outside. But the price was right and the service was good.

Lynette Waggoner

Upon check out of my vehicle, I asked Carrie, the Fox representative, what I need to do if I need to extend my rental for one more day. She replied, all you have to do is let us know. I asked, “are there any additional charges?” She replied, “the most you will pay is the daily rate for the extra day.” “Great,” I said. I ended up extending the rental via online for one more day, and paying for the extra day. Upon check-in, they kept $25 of my deposit. When I approached the clerk to ask why, he told me that there is an additional $25 rental extension fee. My issue is this, why did Carrie lie to me? When I specifically asked her if there were any additional charges for a rental extension, as a customer, I believed her when she told me no. I would like for them to refund me the $25 that they kept.

Soo Oh

I usually don’t write reviews, but Fox Rent A Car I had to!!!! DO NOT BOOK YOUR CAR FROM HERE! The line is extremely long compared to other companies and I had to wait over an hour on a Wednesday. Due to this delay, I had to reschedule everything for my trip. Also, the price wasn’t much cheaper from other companies. Please do not waste your time and money here.

Joseph Hung

3.5 hours was the actual wait time. Plus, they did not have the seven seater I reserved. Never again

Nakia West

Horrible experience. 2 hour wait time to get rental with my 8 year old, infant, and 8 months pregnant traveling alone. Upon returning my vehicle i spent $60 in gas to fill the tank before returning the vehicle. They checked the car in as empty and charged me $140. I missed my flight gate by 5 minutes. Had i known they were going to charge me and checkthe vehicle as empty i wouldn't have filed the tank and would have made my flight instead of being stuck out of state out of money to buy another flight ticket with two small children and big and pregnant. Went back to speak with them in meantime waiting for new flight. Received a emailfuel charge removed. It was never removed still out $140. Been waiting on customer service phoneline over am hour and it still days more than 10 people in front of me. This is by far the worse customer service, worse experience I've had in my life with a car rental company. I do not recommend.

Diyandra Villegas

Considering this was my first rental from this company I'd have to say I was the highly upset about my experience at Fox. Previously before showing up to get my rental I called my third party and was explained and notified of the 150.00 deposit which was fine with me. So I go to pick up my rental walk inside and called to the counter by a man (who's name was Ben). I explained I was there to pick up my rental, he then told me " I need your drivers license and major credit card. I then handed him my drivers license and had my capital one credit card in hand. He then told me there would be a hold from $500 to $1000 on your card depending on vehicle. I'm was completely blown away to be told one thing and now another. I tried explaining to him but he wouldn't hear me out. He said it was policy due to high theft in Utah and I didn't have a flight going back to NM (I have a NM driver's license) and I had to call my third party to cancel the reservation cause I didn't qualify. To me it didn't make sense no one will cancel a reservation the day of pick up I've been renting cars for years and I even knew that. I walked out called my third party explained to them what just happened, and was told that the deposit was in fact $150. At that point I felt like crying, I had to get a rental to attend my mother's funeral and I was beyond hurt to think I wouldn't get it. I went back in and this time a lady named Fau (spelled how she pronounced it) helped me. I explained what happened with him and she then told me that the deposit was in fact only $150. Part of me wanted to cuss him out cause I wasted an hour there when I could've been preparing for my mother's funeral. So I want to tell management Ben in fact is not qualified to deal with customers he has no customer service and that was also watching him with others as well. He needs to be retrained or find another occupation. And to Fau "THANK YOU" for knowing proper polices and being such a great person overall. But to those planning on renting from here please stay away from this location or at least Ben. Worst customer service! First and last time I'll be renting from here.

suvrat dhanorkar

Don't fall for the cheap prices. They'll make you pay eventually and provide pathetic customer service and unlimited frustration. I waited 2 hours (not exaggerating) in line to pick up the car. I would have rather paid more to avoid the wait. The agents are rude and try to sell you various other things.

Daniel Miller

The processes here are designed to be deceptive. When I told the employee at the counter that I wanted no insurance she first pointed me at the Loss Damage Waiver which says “$0” next to it. However, when I inquired further it was an additional $20/day. When I declined the insurance the employee I was working with became visibly irritated and immediately told me that I would have to now wait to get the car I wanted. After waiting another ten minutes they had me sign the paperwork which led me to believe the extra insurance was not applied. Unfortunately when I got my bill I discovered I had been duped into accepting the insurance. Tl;dr beware of being tricked here

Larry Daniel

Great service, great car, great price.

Melissa Gibilaro

Read mixed reviews about Fox in various places online and a bit nervous, but saw that the SeaTac rental would have positive reviews. So, I took a shot. I was happy with the rental price. Fox rep at the desk tried to get me to upgrade, get insurance I was covered for by my credit card, and pay up front for gas, but I knew they were unnecessary add-ons and just stuck with my original reservation. Had a Kia Soul for a week. Pick up was easy. Made sure to check for dings in the lot and document it. Returned the car with no problem. Was happy with this location and experience.

Neal Liu

made a reservation online but no car available upon arrival. The counter asked me to go to another car company to pick up a car. They also refused to help you to get the car with other faster from other company and I had to wait another long line again. I had to pay extra money to upgrade car option to save my time. the tire pressure become low and leaking right after the day I picked up. called their road side assistance number and spent 20 mins until rep pick up phone. He said I should drive 120 miles back to the location to pick up. Not happy at all.

Daniel DeMilio

2 hour wait in line for a vehicle, no air conditioning, vehicle took forever for the ac to kick in. Cumbersome processes to get vehicle. DTS traveler...specify other rental agency. This off site location is simply not worth the time and hassle for a couple of dollars. Now, the staff member I worked with was pleasant and engaging when I was the same, so make sure your personal best is presented and the same comes back to you.

Bill Schuerman

We rented a 7 passenger van @ Sea-Tac for a family trip with our grandkids. My wife picked the car up @130am in a dark structure. We thought the hydroplaning was from wet roads. While in east WA someone noticed the bare front tires. Then the oil change light came on. It took hours to get thru to a person, who at first asked us to drive back the 250 miles for service. No! They did pay for us to go to Firestone but we lost time with family doing their job.


Worst customer service at airport location. Employees have no clue on how to navigate their own system and take forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrever to help customers!!! Never again. Would rather pay more to companies that can get people in and out of the airport. I’m not here to make lifelong friends at the airport car rental.

Johnny Utah

Abysmal. Terrible customer service. I've been renting cars for the past fifteen years. I've had good and bad experiences, but Fox has really set the standard for a horrible rental car experience. I don't even want to rent a car after visiting here. Expect it to take forty five minutes just to get the car. Expect the desk staff to be rude, dismissive and to be on Facebook instead of helping customers. I highly advise choosing another rental company, *any* other company.

Kyle Cranmer

We’ve been waiting for more than an hour and we are still only half way through the line. Every other rental car place has no line at all. Fox, hire some more people! DO NOT RENT!!

Brian Morelli

A good rental car place but they can't wait to pump you up I started out with a $300 rental and ended up paying 700

sophie Chung

I booked a reservation for 8-day rental through Expedia with Fox Rent A car due to the better daily rates. After 45 mins waiting in line, Cheryln helped me with processing to get a car. At the time I understood why the line was so long. She tried to upsale me the extra insurance, a gps, an Express toll, which explanation took 15 mins. I refused these extras, and Cheryln had no problem with that. I knew that’s her job to explain what the company offered. $150 deposit and $40 held for the gas. These deposits will be totally refunded if the car was returned back in a good shape and gas was filled up. My car was a 2018 Jeep Renegade pretty much decent, since I booked a middle size of a Jeep, Renegade was smaller than my expectation, but soon, I found on west coast the gas per gallon is more expensive so a smaller car was a saver for our trip. Overall, I gave 5 stars to Cheryln and Fox. Thanks! Keep the good&honest service and better rates to customers.

Rachel Radtke

I wish I had looked up the reviews for this place in advance! We were unable to use our reservation through Fox Rent A Car. We waited for about an hour in their line only to find out that they did not have a rental car for us because somehow they ran out, even though we had reserved it in advance. We were told to go to another place and that we would get the same deal (price and type of car.)That turned out not to be the case. We got charged more and had to use an SUV without the coverage we had paid for in advance because it would have cost much more. Plus we had to wait in line again for at least another 30 minutes. Very disappointed with that experience.

Linda Tan

Upon arrival, there was a line because they have to walk out an select cars for every customer. The whole process looks extremely inefficient and unprofessional. When returning the car, make sure you take all your valuables. I left my sunglasses in the car and while I was waiting for the shuttle I realize and notify people I left them in the car. They ushered me to go look for them myself as they were washing it. The whole process was sketchy and they did not even take my information down in case it was found later. Basically they said that it's gone because there are too many people cleaning the cars so they don't know who to ask. This is my second time renting a car with Fox and the first time was not stellar either. Next time I will skip this sketchy business and rent with a more reputable company.

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