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819 S Yellowstone Hwy, Rexburg, ID 83440, United States

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REVIEWS OF Taylor Chevrolet Buick Cadillac IN Idaho

Trevan Thompson

Just got an oil change from them. They are all very friendly, especially Frank and Jose. They got it done quick too which was nice.

Samuel Clay

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Taylor Chevrolet - they have taken care of our vehicles and have helped us find the best vehicles for our family.

Omar Ponce

Great team and service. I always go there to get my oil change and it's always been great service and quality. I would totally recommend them! Great service by Jose Benitez

Chase Howell

Amazing place!! For a good time, ask for Kellen.


Dishonest, about a year ago or so I went in for some battery issues. They told me they gave me a new battery even though I continued having battery issues for some time. I’m now back at another shop with the same issues and they tell me that my battery was never replaced. So Taylor Chevrolet only charged my battery and sent me on my way. I woulnt trust these guys and if they’re going to work on ur vehicle u better check after them. Lesson learned.

Amy Staiger

Great service!

Juan C. Camargo

Best price on tires in town!

Bryan Grover

They treat you great and have good prices.

Sean Pedroza

Nobody there. Took 20 minutes to get the car in. Said 30-35 minutes. Was over an hour....

Aaron Ellis

Had these guys do the body work on my car after I hit an animal, they did it quickly and it came out cheaper than they quoted, but thee were areas that didn't seem to be done so well. The front bumper had a few scuffs in it and the fender wasn't flush with the body. Brought it up to them before I left and they fixed it right there. Would have rater higher, but I felt the things I noticed should have been caught before they told me it was done.

Eric Bennion

Jose Vazquez yyuodcw

Thanks danno!!!! Thank you for all the time spent, all your knowledge, and helping us get a car! For sure ill be back for my second car!

Cathleen Lamb

I recently bought a van from them and they told me everything work. Most of the stuff does not work. There are major problems wrong with the car. They also said they would fix the ABS, but as of now they still have not. They had me wait so they could clean the car. When I got home it was dirty. It had snot rags, lotion bottles and was sticky to touch as if pop or something had been spilled.. I would not recommend doing service with them.

Kim S

I will NEVER do business with this POS company! They have been nothing but a pain in the ass to work with. Unprofessional and unreliable! I also had a friend have an awful experience with Taylors. The best advice i could give is save yourself some time, money and headache and DONT DO BUSINESS HERE!

Aaron Phillips

Very nice people to work with! Needed help on the weekend and more then willing to fit us in to get it done!

Paul ricks

Danno Bowen is always very helpful and worked hard to get us the best deal possible. Taylor Chevrolet will always be our first stop when looking to purchase a vehicle.

Kellen Whetten

Very understanding got my truck in quickly found the problem and fixed it! Justin Grover and Kellen Birch and all the guys at Taylor Chevrolet can't get better service any where else!!! Thanks guys!!

Cira Fear

I brought in my 2012 Chevy Cruz and just felt like there were some things wrong with it but was told previously that everything checked out fine. Justin and his team were able to figure out what the problems were, make sure it was covered under my warranty and have all the work done within the day. I have been very impressed with the quality of service that I get each time I go in and feel confident that they will do what is best for me and my car.

Chris Baldwin

These guys have gone out of their way to help us out. Even after we bought the car, we called them and they helped us out when we were in a fix. They have great service!

A Sanns

Taylor's has a great variety and great customer service. Frank was especially helpful in helping find a good fit for me regarding a new car, but low pressure at the same time.

The Village Rexburg - Community Apartments

A Great Business in Rexburg. They have made the car buying process easy and simple, like it should be.

Sarah Johansson

Got my car done quickly and for less than expecting!

chandler weirich

Employees were kind quick and attentive, not unreasonabley pushy in any way. my real problem is with priceing and trade in offers. The car we were looking at was not in bad condition but not good either but there asking price was about $3000 over what I would value it at, but i though maybe it was just that im not accustomed to that particular vehicles value ( 4 wd suv) so i KBBed it when i got home and even if it were in perfect condition ( it was far from that ) there asking price was still about $2000 over blue book value in a private sale. On top of that were were offerd $3000 less that what my current car is worth for trade in.

Angelina Grigg

I love the service guys. They always get me in, since I am a busy mom of 5, it's already a time saver for me to get in and out with out having to have my younger kids waiting around. If they can't get me in that day out usually the next day bright and early.

David Sparks

Excellent service. I have my car checked there to find out if anything's wrong and it's a VW, so I know they know cars other than just Chevy. When it comes to major stuff they may be on the more pricey side, but they are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Emily Robinson

They were very nice and helpful! They talked me through the whole process of fixing my car!

Richard Ghiloni

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Steve Burt and Wayne Vitali. They did not try and upsale me and try and put me into something I did not want. This sort of customer service has my business for as long as Taylor chevy is in business. Thank you so much for an awesome experience with purchasing my new truck.

Jody Edelmayer

Love Taylor Chevrolet! They are always So Helpful! Always concerned and interested in my needs. I will always do business with them!

Kelsey Wilding

Staff is very friendly and is very flexible with my schedule! And they have you in and out in no time! Thank you Taylor Chevrolet!

Megan Swensen

**UPDATE** After posting my review, I was contacted and my paint job was now covered. They repainted the hood and I will update later as to how it has held up. I had hail damage to my brand new car (less than 3000 miles). Taylor's was a preferred shop thru my insurance company so I decided to go with them. The paint job looked good for a couple months, and after the winter it is bubbling and flaking. When I contacted the body shop, they told me they would talk with their paint guys and get back to me. A week later they still had not got back to me so I contacted them again. They then told me it was from rock chips and was not under the "lifetime warranty." This was not normal damage from a rock chip. I have never seen paint bubble and flake around a rock chip. My daughters 15 year old car has held up better than this. Extremely disappointed. I would highly suggest thinking hard before choosing their services.

Desiree Moeller

UPDATE:Went in to get my vehicle serviced today. Done in less than an hour! Very helpful and friendly staff Jose was awesome and took care of my issues. A huge thank you to Dave who helped me navigate the stairs and get into my vehicle. Taylor's not only took care of my vehicle today....they took care of me! Thanks guys! Called to check about a part that I needed for my vehicle. Received amazing customer service from the Sales Manager, new appointment was scheduled and any concerns were addressed immediately. Thank you Taylor Chevrolet for a great experience!

D. Gary Jones

I have purchased a number of cars and trucks from Taylor Chevrolet and have been very pleased with the process and service. The salesman have been great to work with and helpful in meeting my needs. The service after the purchase has always been excellent. I highly recommend the dealership to my children and friends.

V Josephson

The Free Oil Changes promotion is 100% Legit! Had my first free one last weekend!

Doug Webster

Friendly, honest and helpful crew. I've bought two cars from them and have been really happy with how reliable they've been.

tiffany reeder

Great service, fast and knowledgeable. The place to take your car for sure!

Reggie Griffiths

Service department was great! Quick and easy

Jason White

Our transmission went out passing through Rexburg. Justin, from the Service Department, found a replacement transmission and had our Suburban repaired within 3 days. The quality of repair was superb, and Justin followed up a few days later to make sure everything was running fine. It's too bad we don't live in Rexburg so that we could give them more of our business.

Lance Rydalch

Service is always top notch.

Danno Bowen

Excellent Service Dept ! There is 2 fellers there named Jose B. and Buddie B. both of these gentleman were very prompt in answering all of my questions on what type of new tires I needed and how they get installed for my two vehicles, they was very mindful of my budget. Jose asked since I was there if I needed to get my oil changed ? I said yes it was due for a change, so I appreciate them going the extra mile. Go see this excellent service dept, ask for Jose the feller on the end, and the little feller there name Buddie B., thank you again

Rod Scott

Great service

Mike Seward

Nice place

Tabitha La Force

Worked with Jamie FitzSimmons to purchase an Acadia! How was an awesome experience! He worked with the entire process with quick reply times and made sure I drove away with the car I loved! Thanks Jaime and Taylor! We appreciated the hard work and so glad we chose Taylor!

Brandon Guymon

I think the Dealers are worried about a paycheck more than Customer Service. The Service department is Lazy. (Best way to put this). I asked for an appoinment to get my car serviced. 1130 was the appointment. I dropped my car off at 0800 to get it serviced. Service was done to the least amount. Was not a 10 star inspection. Car was not Washed as promised when I bought it. and also Car was not vacuumed as promised. Motto should read Taylor Chevy Where Promises are Broken.

Chan H.

They got me right in and finished on a busy Wednesday without a problem. The people on the phone were kind and respectful, as well as the people at their front desk. It was clean and I didn't have any second thoughts about trusting them with my vehicle.

revert smith

Very helpful and courteous. Jamie and the crew went above and beyond when I bought my Cruze.

Tamara Anderson

We purchased a 2011 Cadillac Escalade at Taylor Chevrolet, Blake Shaw provided the best customer service and made this an easy no pressure car buying experience, his level of knowledge and confidence definitely helped make our decision to purchase here!!! Thank you, we now have an exemplary vehicle from an exemplary dealership!!!

Mandy Larsen

I love Taylor Chevrolet, Brett always takes care of us!

Nate Waite

Okay, let's get right down to business. The people in Taylor Chevrolet were super kind and helped us out a lot. We ended up in a situation where we were out of town and our car was completely destroyed. We were just going to rent a car to get home but decided to drop in to see these guys because it felt right. They were super convenient and willing to do all the behind-the-scenes paperwork while I was visiting my son so I didn't have to waste time doing that. When we came back they had the vehicles we had requested to look at ready to compare all the information that we needed and we're very helpful during the test drive. Travis, who helped with the purchase stayed a couple hours after his regular work hours with zero complaints and a super kind attitude. They were even willing to give us extreme discount so that we left with a brand new Chevy Trax for less than most used cars would cost. What a relief. I would totally suggest you give these guys a chance before you consider any other dealers. They are honest, kind, and do business in an upstanding and polite way. We felt zero pressure from them and sincerely felt that they just wanted to help us get a vehicle that we were comfortable with and that we needed. If you don't go here you might be making the wrong choice.

Brandon Juber

Oil change/Car detailed. Drove my car from Phoenix to Rexburg to start school so by the time I got there I was due for an oil change and needless to say the trip left it pretty dirty. I originally went to grease monkey up by walmart but they wanted to charge me a bunch so I left and ended up at Taylor. Went in and they charged 15% less so I had them change my oil. Called a few places about detailing my car and Taylor's rate was competitive so I had it done there. Great experience. 1) The detail job itself was great. Car looked fantastic. 2) When I took it in my back blinker wasn't working and when I picked it up it was. I didn't ask them to look at that so either it fixed itself or they went above and beyond to help me which leads me to my 3rd point. 3) I just have the 1 car and a busy schedule so to get it detailed can really be inconvenient. They actually picked me up from my place when my car was done(early by the way) which I thought was above and beyond and great customer service.

Robert Hales

They fixed my car quickly and efficiently. Had a good waiting room as well.

Wesley Osguthorpe

My wife and I were first time car buyers that had done some research into buying a truck. When we arrived, having just gotten off work, they were closing. One associate who was driving by on his day off (Wayne), offered to help us out and show us the trucks that he thought fit us well anyway, even though he wasn't even supposed to come in that day. Wayne was knowledgeable, kind, and not pushy at all. He is very easy going who really wants to help you out! I was delightfully shocked. He got us an excellent deal, and also had some interior work that was promised done for us on his own time. He is willing to go the extra mile, and that is not often found anymore today. I highly recommend this location, and especially Wayne.

Polished Beauty By AJ

I bought a van from them before it had been through the shop so it hadn't been detailed yet. Then when I got it it was still dirty!! There was animal hair everywhere!!! The entire dash was dusty there was stuff On the roof, under the head rests. I also took my Suzuki in to get a towing package taken off when I made the appointment they told it would take 1-2 hours. I dropped it off at 9am. I called 3 hours later and they said it wouldn't be done until 4. - Although I had these problems they have made up for it. They have addressed the problems and are working to make sure they don't happen again. No one is perfect and mistakes happen. I would recommend you talk to Danno he will make sure you are taken care of and happy.

Curtis Spear

Bought a car for work from here. Can't beat the free oil changes for life deal! Great service. Thanks for the help guys!

Zane Calderwood

Good service department!

Robb Sgroi

Bought a Silverado from Taylor. They had a good selection of vehicles, and helped in sorting through the options/ trims/ etc. Drove in a '99 Tahoe while looking for the SIlverado. Service engine light had clicked on, had the service department look at it. Was seeing power loss when climbing uphill. Service diagnosed it as needing new injectors. Can't recall the cost but was $1,200 or above. Didn't agree with the diagnosis. Working with my mechanic and regularly changed and checked the fuel filter to see if it fouled rapidly. Switched to ethanol free fuel. Using ethanol free fuel solved the problem. Appreciated the assessment by the service department but it missed the mark. The salesperson I bought the truck from left the job a few days after the purchase. A few weeks later I received a call from the salesperson indicating my truck cap was ready. I explained I hadn't ordered one, she was convinced I had. We had discussed the option of a cap but never filled out any paperwork, specified a type of cap, or agreed to a purchase. I explained this to the sales manager, who, without hesitation, indicated he would take care of it, which he did. I later bought the cap. The salesperson helped lift and place it on the bed. The rear window did not shut properly. The factory tailgate cap (shaped like a flat horizontal step) prevents the glass from fully shutting. I eventually ordered a different tailgate cap separately. I directly asked the salesperson if he saw a problem with a fit, he indicated 'no'. He repeatedly slammed the window shut in an attempt to make it fit. Not a huge problem but lack of knowledge of the products and acknowledgement of the issue.

Colleen Passey

These guys are awesome they always take care of me. Thank you!!!!!!

Stephani Howell

Awesome customer service!!

Erin Dabell

We have never had a more horrible experience. The owner has the worst customer service, and is a joke and pathetic excuse for a business owner.

Kellen Birch

Great service as always

Bruce Hobbs

Service department was kind and helpful. They answered my questions and checked my concerns. They went the extra mile. Brynt Barney and Blake Shaw (Sales) were very helpful as always.

Alma Timothy

Service was very good.

Sabrina P

Great place to purchase a vehicle. Danno is an excellent car salesman. He was upfront, not pushy, worked with my busy schedule, communicated well, and found me exactly what I was looking for. My windshield cracked while they held on to my Tahoe and he made it right and got it fixed. I would recommend buying though Taylor’s and going though Danno because he will make sure you are happy and taken care of.

Taylor Lambson

My buddy had to get something checked out on his car and they looked at it them and there at no charge. They have great service.

Tom Yazel

Took care quick. Easy fast inexpensive work but right on it

Hayley Ashton

Been great! Helped me out with tires and hooked me up very fast

Dawn Meek

I love TAylors Chevrolet! They take great care of me and my vehicle! I enjoy their honesty and professionalism!

Chelsea Cox

Always excellent service, we love Taylor Chevrolet!

Paul Weekes

Service is with friendly people and work with my busy schedule

Dallin Shaw

I have done business with Taylor’s for many years, starting when I was a teenager, Taylor’s owners always took care of me. Now as I have grown up and moved out of state me and my company still go back to buy our vehicles from Taylor’s we buy 2-3 vehicles a year and they always take care of us. I have several other companies I work hand in hand with and they now purchase their vehicles from Taylor’s because of the quality services they provide. Taylor’s always makes you feel like you matter and they always given us a fair and honest price! I highly recommend them as a quality dealership.

Tyson Mower

Took my truck in last minute to get a full service as I was passing through town. Jose and Kellen made it happen. Fast service, quality, awesome customer service and they left me with a clean vehicle! Excellent management- thanks again!

Linda Withers

We have done business with Taylor Chevrolet for over 40 years. We have purchased approximately 15 different vehicles, and we always know that they stand behind the sale. The Service Dept. at Taylor's does an excellent job on our repairs, oil changes, etc. The guys in the Service Dept. do a great job. Clair is one of these guys; he is very knowledgeable, friendly and has helped us time and time again to get our vehicles back on the road. Taylor Chevrolet is close to our home, which is so convenient, and I always appreciate the ride they give me back home, while my vehicle is in the shop! We automatically call Taylor Chevrolet Service Department when we have vehicle problems, they work us into the schedule, detect the problem, give us different solutions to the problems, if possible, are always trying to help save costs on the repairs, and their mechanics always fix it right the first time.

Heidi Jo West

We went to Taylor's for tires. They gave us an amazing deal, got them in and replaced quickly.

Terry & Eileen Wilcox

They saw us at the time we needed to come. They were fast and efficient. They were courteous. I like going there because they are always great--and I'm Terry's wife!

Kody Jeppson

Friendly, but a little expensive.

Colby Chambers

Fast and price was amazing!


Jeff is so nice! Everyone here exhibited incredible service and made sure we felt valued and accepted-even though the sale was already made, and even though I was in my pajamas. I also love my new Jetta!

Virginia Dye

They always do a great job. Friendly and professional.

Mason Geyer

Great service. They are fast and professional. Highly recommended.

Samantha Carling

The absolutely love working with Taylor Chevrolet. We have purchased a vehicle with them. And they have been great with the service and meeting our needs. Definitely recommend them if you are wanting to buy a vehicle for your family.

Wendy B

José got me in FAST, and had my headlights adjusted in minutes. Not even a Chevy, but still happy to give me the same great service we get on our Chevy vehicles. A class operation. Love our Chevy service dept.

Jonathan Hall

L Siddoway

Brendon knight

David Lewis

Very good at keeping us informed when vehicle would be done

Taina Gardner

Mary Marsden

tyler cammack

Great experience buying my new Buick!

Adrianne Crawford

My husband just traded in our Yukon for one with fewer miles and we couldn't be more pleased. We had been serious about purchasing a similar vehicle from Ericksons, but taylor chev pulled up the carfax report which showed it had been in an accident, which is something Erickson's told us wasn't the case. Yikes, we lucked out there. Always ask for car fax report!! They included some wonderful benefits that made the deal even sweeter, including an updated navigation DVD. Very pleased with their transparency and effort to make the buyer happy.

Emily Bell

Always great customer service. The go above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience and you come back.

Ryan Taylor

Always a pleasurable experience. And I love my new 2019 Equinox.

Dan Moss

I love the sales, service, wash guys and body shop. They all get the job done and well!

Kaylee Kellogg

Quick service, and kind people!

Nate Wilde

Good service and decently priced

Chet Motloch

Carol Walker

Blake Shaw is an excellent salesman.

Christy James

Service Department

William Coblentz

They quoted me a price over the phone then actually charged less than the quote. They also have friendly employees.

Troy Hicks

Great service, i have been back twice and they made sure that my problem was fixed. They also made sure to communicate with me the problem before charging me.

Sheldon Hamblin

Katrina Ann Wygal

Highly recommended Jamie Fitzsimmons for your sellsman. At Taylor's they treat you great.

Julie Shiffler

We have bought two used cars at Taylor's, and they have been fair and honest. We feel confident that any car we buy from them will be reliable and safe. We also have both of our cars serviced at Taylor's. It's so nice to have a repair shop that we trust! The guys are always friendly and so helpful. They stay up to date on their training and really know what they're doing. They know our cars and our service history, and they're great to figure out difficult problems. I appreciate their thoroughness in recognizing little things that could be easily fixed now so that they won't develop into big problems later on. I enthusiastically recommend Taylor's.

Patrick Bjornn

I bought a new 2013 Malibu Eco from David Taylor. He did an excellent job. He took me on several test drives and was very patient and thorough in explaining the benefits and features of the vehicles. He gave me a fair price and I've loved my car. You don't often see this level of service from the owner of businesses like this. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of past problems I've experienced with the service side of the business. The guys at the desk are great, but I've often left with the problem unfixed, or another one added to it. Not to mention they are a little pricey compared to other mechanic shops in town. It's been a while since I've let them touch any of my vehicles (all GM products), so maybe they've gotten better. I hope so. All in all, a respectable business with great leadership at the helm. Of the 8 vehicles I've owned, 6 were purchased here. I plan on continuing to support them in years to come.

Joel Guthrie

Awesome people, I don't trust anyone else to service my car. They go above and beyond!

Elisheva Ali

My experience with Taylor Chevrolet was great! The waiting room was warm and comfortable and they finished replacing my headlight within 30 minutes.

Jason Pincock

Matthew H

Had trouble getting my coolant radiator cap off for the life me to make sure I had no air in my radiator system. Had no appointment and a knowledgeable service employee named Cole helped me out. Will be back, I like the small town service and feel of the dealship.

Jen John

Had the best experience they were so nice and did everything they could us get our new van

Mike Byrne

For many years I have driven Mercedes or BMW vehicles. Since I live part of the year in Mexico and part of the year in Southeastern Idaho it has been very difficult getting good service. I liked what I read about the new Cadillac models and decided to look at them. What a wonderful experience. This is a quality dealership with extremely professional staff. Blake Shaw made it extremely easy to purchase a car at a price fair to both parties. He was never pushy but always helpful. I purchased the car in early June and the follow up and service have been outstanding. In fact the service, after purchase, in all cases meets, and in many cases exceeds the best I have received from Mercedes or BMW dealerships. It is also wonderful to deal with a dealership where the principle, Dave Taylor, is so approachable and helpful. This is a first class dealership and, by the way, I love the Cadillac.

Marissa Chase

Really great service and great people!

Rebecca Mc Lorance

In 2006, three of their Mechanic s blew up my motor,; ( reved it; Until the oil, and water leaked on ground.!). Will never go there for any auto need's; they owe my A motor; !

Mary Turpin

Jose was very friendly and helpful with my decision of which tires to get for my car. Their work is high quality and precise.

David Daniels

Best there is for service

Ken Phillips

Great place to buy a car or truck. Great sale people, and service second to none.

Diana Thomason

Very good place to buy a car and keep it running

McKay Worthen

By far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Went in to look at cars. The salesman immediately came out and started talking... never stopping to ask what we even wanted. After finally allowing us to get in a word and telling him what we actually wanted. He immediately told us that we’d be better off selling our truck than trading it in, then proceeded to tell us that we basically can’t expect anything for our truck if we trade it, then proceeded to tell us that with tax’s we might as well trade it in. (Or in other words we are going to take advantage of you) then he offered to work us up some prices. He explained that his office was to cluttered and to go feed are baby and he would call us. We went and feed the baby, then went to lunch, then went to Walmart, after 2.5 hours finally gave up on him calling us back. We called and informed his manager, he then immediately called us back and said he thought we were going home. That was never said in fact he tried to get us to park so he could come out later and speak with us. If you don’t want to be made to feel stupid and have your time wasted do not go here.

Ross Hoskin

My wife and I had a less than desirable experience with a member of the sales staff, however, after I voiced my concerns the owner of the dealership called me to make it right. It was nice to see that they took ownership and wanted to do what they had to to make the situation right.

Johnny Moser

Absolutely outstanding service and technicians ,, I called late Saturday afternoon with brake problems..they stayed late to get the job done..thank you Justin G.and Chris B..

Royce Jackson

Always great service

Kristen Sommer Elsmore

We bought our Malibu here! They were so awesome and I truly felt they went above and beyond to help us! Jaime was so awesome and enthusiastic! He felt like a family friend by the end of the buying process! Taylor Chev is a great family place! I always would recommend this dealership to others!

Dan Little

All around awesome, Blake Shaw in sales, service guys always take care of my truck! Body shop does awesome work too

Nathan Hancock

Thanks for changing my oil and doing my recall on me suberban.


Back in May we bought a 2015 Chevy Volt from Taylor Chevrolet, and the service was awesome. Dave Genetti was our sales guy and he was awesome.

jacob beard

Danno is awesome. I have purchased two used cars from him and have been treated very well both times. He gave me an awesome deal. The first was over a year ago and the second was on the 19th of June, 2018. He treated my wife really well when she went in on the 19th, before he even realized she was married to me. As soon as he learned she was married to me, he sent me a text with all the info on the car, a chrysler 300c awd in really good condition with low miles, and gave me a discount price a thousand or two under book. He even went so far as to send me a wedding card a year ago just to let us know he cares. I will be buying from him again.

rex Williams

Excellent service

Riley Jensen

I just bought my first new car from Taylor Chevy. I didn't feel any pressure, and I got all of the help that I needed. I was helped by Jamie Fitzsimmons who is GREAT! He was extremely helpful and went out of his way to help me. Jamie made my car buying experience fun and hooked me up with a cool Chevy jacket. Great experience and great service!

K. W. Beck

I just did.

Legend Beck

Really good guys... Great service department

Lai Timmy

Good service. The service manager answered my question willingly. Also the service manager helped me to find a cheaper parts. Wonderful. The shuttle bus helps a lot too.

Patricia Schiess

They did what I asked in a timely manner. Checking things over, letting me know of anything else I should be concerned with. Comfortable waiting area. Friendly staff.

Justin Barrick

I stopped into their service department and was helped very promptly by Jose Benitez. He was knowledgeable and extremely helpful with what I needed for my vehicle. I would strongly recommend Taylor Chevrolet for all your vehicle needs!

Donna Kobialka

This is the first dealer I've ever been to that I felt I could trust. All there employees are knowledgeable and honest. David Taylor the owner & his sales representative Mr. Danno B. and transmission mechanic Rick took the time and went the extra mile to understand how upset and in tears I was having vehicle issues being told from others my car was needing a transmission. So they test drove my vehicle and the good news was I didn't need a transmission. (This is a family business with integrity, I'm sold on dealing with them from this day out). If you ever need someone when your in need of a vehicle new and used service done in their shop, do not hesitate come and see this gentleman I just met Mr. Danno and the owner David Taylor they are so very nice and pleasant. I want to wish these gentleman a Very Merry Christmas. (Donna Kobialka)

Dallen Farmer

I purchased a truck from Taylor's, and the customer service was awesome. Highly recommend their honest and fair sales staff. Go see Blake Harris, a knowledgable, moral and bilingual salesman. Great folks!!!

Connor Dabell

I would honestly choose zero stars if I had the option. Absolutely terrible customer service from all employees.

Ilya Kovalyov

They are doing an amazing job!

Joshua Mahon

Good prices

Nameless A

Don't want to go into it but if you have any other body shop you can go to that you it, you'll be happy ya did.

Ryan Ker

James McCord

Great people

Eli Lankford

Update: we received a follow up phone call to reschedule our oil change. They met my wife at the gym at her convenience and took her car, did the oil change, washed the car and delivered it back. Super good customer service. They definitely made it right. The service has been slow almost every time I go there. The service is good, but super slow. I had an appointment today and sat there for a half hour for an oil change. They still hadn't touched my vehicle after 30 minutes. I had another appointment I had to leave for. I figured 45 minutes should be enough time for an oil change with a scheduled appointment. Apparently not... plan on an afternoon for anything to get done.

Karen Scheid

Flavio Benites

A good service

Heleodora Sanchez

Great, fast service. Thanks Blake Shaw and Justin Grover!

Daniel Yates

Blake and Dan were awesome to work with. This was the first car buying experience I've had that I didn't feel like I was being raked over the coals. I will not go anywhere else to buy a vehicle. Thanks for making an experience I normally dread, a nice one.

James Currey

They were fast and friendly. When we asked about other services, their prices were way better then others by half.

scott shirley

I've never done business with this dealer. Yet, they keep sending me surveys and marketing. I live in the Carolinas and have asked for them to remove me from their contact list. Maybe they will now.

Matthew Urick

Doesn't feel like a car dealership, instead it feels more like a mom & pop shop where they truly care about the customer before the bottom-line. Non-pushy salesmen and a great maintenance staff, the guys at Taylor Chevrolet are great to work with.

Heather Wood

Daniel Billman

Did awesome it was only a balance on the tires but i really enjoyed it. They dod great

Dianna Fyfe

Honesty was lacking ,salesman was awesome

Stacy Moss

Great place to get your next car from. everyone that works there is super friendly. free tasty popcorn

Riana Jevne

Excellent staff to work with and facilities/inventory are great. Personable and reliable people and I always enjoy stopping in for car service. I refer all my friends to Taylor!

Jerrold Stucki

I have bought several vehicles over the years from Taylor Chevrolet. My last purchase a 2010 crew cab pickup. Sales person did a good job for me. their service has been good also

Todd Arensmeyer

The staff is very helpful and friendly. They do what is required and follow up with any concerns, explanations or even better-'your vehicle has many more years left in it.'

Stephen Bowen

Even though we've moved out of state, we continue to return to Taylor Chevrolet because of its outstanding service both in the sales dept. and in the service dept.

Casey Grant

Taylors has taken such good care of our family for years :)

Laura Moss

Great prices, great people.

Leo Heer

Great people!

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