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Edmund Cotta

Crooked sales men. That's all I can say about this place. I would equate this place to the worst you could imagine about a used car sales lot. Funny thing is that's exactly where this place is located. Have fun if you rent here. Stay away Other listing: 934C+8W Aliamanu - Salt Lakes - Foster Village, Honolulu, HI

Andy Schwarz

This place deserves zero stars. They are rude and they rented me a van with 90,000+ miles on it. The van smelled bad and we had a flat tire. They charged me $400 to replace the key that was stolen out of the car. The replacement key would not lock the doors. Then they tried to charge me for the flat tire that occured. Worst rental experience ever!

Jonathan Hester

Shuttle, service and car were all fine. Price was right. No problems and will use again

Harish P

Shady people work there. Not so friendly, they made me buy their own expensive insurance and made me cancel the insurance I already bought.

Niraj Rai

This was my worst rental experience.Expedia etc shows it’s on airport but it’s really far from that. Shuttle service is very poor too. Customer service never pick up the phone. Beware of this place.

Hannah Grace

Bad, don’t recommend, gave us a faulty car and we had to take time from our vacation to exchange it.

Caesar Castillo

Good cars, great service.

Joe Sirody

Very bad service. Old, dirty, poorly maintained cars. And they unexpectedly bill you for additional fees after you return the car despite them saying car was returned in good condition when you dropped it off.

Krysten Padelford

0 STARS. For your own money and time DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM HERE. The shuttle takes forever to get to the airport, and ALL the employees are incredibly rude. They will do everything they can to make you pay more money and if you already paid and want a refund they’ll tell you to email “corporate” in South America and never give you the refund because of what they have written in their rules and regulations. This place is a SCAM. I lost almost $200 from this place. Go somewhere else more reliable and spend a little bit more, it’s totally worth it.

Alesia Griesmyer

DO NOT BOOK!!!! hands down the worse company this is a scam and they will steal your money!!! They don’t even exist. We had to book a real car rental instead and lost all the money we spent booking through Expedia.

Megan Balcom

Got left at the airport by the shuttle who didn’t stop, the business closed even after we called and told them our flight just landed and we would be right over. Ended up having to rent a car from enterprise since they were open. Came in the next day, employees were unable to compensate us or even apologize for their employees screwing us. Still had to pay for the day we got two cars since we had prepaid. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! Do not rent from here!

Robinna Galvez

EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE. Even talking to them on the phone, they are extremely rude and not knowledgeable at all. Every employee gives you a different answer and no one can be the same page. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM. Even their employees don't believe in their service or company. One said and I quote "you really get what you pay for" " our cars are not in the best shape".

Eduardo Elizondo

Every BAD review you read on here is true. And my experience was even worse. If I could put 0 stars I would. I booked my rental car through Travelosity. Finally decided to book my rental car at A-1 or as advertised Economy rental. Got what I thought as an awesome rate of $116 for the week. Once we finally arrived at the rental property, which is nowhere near the airport, I was advised that there is additional service charges for using a debit card. $20 per day debit card surcharge and a mandatory insurance coverage of $25 per day for a total of 45 additional dollars per day on your rental. I advised that I was covered by State Farm. They advised Insurance coverage is MANDATORY if not using a "CREDIT CARD" All the surcharges ended up being 3 times more then the actual $116 weekly rental rate. Additionally, if you are not using a credit card and paying cash, there is also a $1000 Deposit and the additional insurance that is...according to them, MANDATORY. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. Once you're there, they hit you with additional hidden fees. I am NEVER using this company again. Should have stuck with Advantage. Gave up a reservation for TEN dollars less in daily rental rate and ended up paying over $300 over the weekly rate of $116 on mandatory surcharges. I GOT SCREWED AND YOU WILL TOO !!!

Cameron Hwang

Clueless, untrained, immature unprofessional staffs. Trying multiple tactics to rip off with add on insurances. Car breaks were worn out making noise, wipers were also old doesn't clearly wipe off rains and cars are generally in high mileage. Will be sure to stick to the big name brands next time

Enrique Jose

Horrible cars , Bad ac , need tires breaks , all sort of dints and dents no customer service whatsoever. You’re renting like 10 year old car beat up, Just the drivers to the airport are customer service driven!

Mike Brunger

Good experience. The price was extremely low almost half of what the big vendors wanted for a minivan. If there was a xm Radio option I’d take it. North shore reception is spotty. Minivan was clean and safe. I thought the staff was friendly, maybe a little overworked, but who isn’t these days. The shuttle was prompt and friendly. I would use them again.

Anthony Kaluhikai

For da price , not even fair . Poor service , even poorer cars . And no kine aloha

Brooks Hawkins

Rude customer service. Would not honor prepaid rental because it was prepaid with a debit card. Would not let me use a different card. Wanted to charge $30/ day extra including mandatory insurance. Or $20/ day extra And put a $1000 hold on my debit card. Had to cancel and have my wife rent. Then said they could not reimburse my prepaid rental had to send a request by email Bunch of con artists! Stay far away

Devin Dixon

DO NOT USE: We had to call for a shuttle after waiting 30 mins. Once to the rental car place the shuttle driver asked for tip! After waiting and having to call to get picked up, the nerve! We were met with rude customer service and given a Nissan Sentra with weather stripping falling off and were told "all of them are like that." I accepted this condition but wanted to make sure there was no loud road noise or potential for water damage. Once out of the lot, i quickly noticed the car making a loud winding noise and immediately returned the car. I was given another Nissan Sentra and met with the same rude customer service. There were no issues dropping the car off. A few weeks later I checked my credit card statement and noticed an additional charge of $39.95 by A1 Rent A Car (same company operating under two names?). After calling the company they said it was likely a cleaning fee and agreed to wave the fee. I know the car was clean before i returned it, because i cleaned it! This company is shady, poor service and they will over charge you for services. You are warned!

kelly hanlon

Agent I dealt with was nice.. others in the office not so much. First car was stained and muddy on the inside second car was less stained and pulled to the right with an out of balance rim. They say it's from leaving windows down but they all smell like flood cars

Boyuan Deng

it was the worst car renting experience I ever had. waited for a long time to check in and the car’s condition is very very bad. there are a lot of scratches over the car, both interior and exterior, even cigarette ashes. their staff were quite rude and had a bad attitude. more importantly, the charged me of extra 500 dollars for the scratch it had before I booked. I have already reported to BBB.

Lori Elam

We arrived at the airport and got on the shuttle after a 5 minute wait. The shuttle went from zero passengers to full capacity in 2 minutes and the driver worked fast to load all the luggage and hit the road to get us to the office quickly and safely. When we got our economy car, I got through all the paperwork and then behind the wheel but changed my mind about keeping the tiny Fiat. Kristin who was helping us was so cool about helping me upgrade after getting that far along in the transaction. She was sweating and working her butt off. Our car isn’t anything to brag about but the rate was good. Bottom line is that Kristin had amazing customer service and management should reward her efforts!!!! Mahalo

Alex Henriquez

Best car rental every will go back and do bz with them

Luiz Oyamada

MANDATORY min 25usd/day INSURANCE! They wont rent unless you purchase 25usd/day insurance. Car rental was 17usd/day. Refusef to rent me + refused to send email saying that was the reson.

joseph slavik

Cars are not in the best condition, and that's being generous. Also, hit us with a bunch of extra fees and such when everything should have been covered. Had no choice but to pay at that point. Almost like they knew that

Mike Henderson

No queue, polite and friendly service, great value car.

Yong Bum Kim

Do not rent a car here!!!!!! There compact car is Smart Car which most would not expect as a compact. It is a tiny two seat with two doors and a marketing scheme to lead customers to upgrade to a normal compact car for an extra charges. They are lowering the whole industry standards down by manipulating consumers expectations.

Craig Szela

Little show to check in, but super fast check out and got us right to the airport.

James Thornton

Absolutely do not rent here, total scam. They charge a $20/day service fee for debit cards and another mandatory $25/day for insurance. I booked in advance and paid online in advance (which is non-refundable) so basically you pay twice the advertised cost. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. HORRIBLE.

Bradie Daniels

They are NOT located at the airport! It’s a good 15 minute drive that you have to tip on and then the absolute worst people. Completely rude staff!

alberto mares

Car was given to me Dirty, it didn't have fuel tank but I have to say the price was decent. It was only $12 per day with unlimited mileage. I had to drop my keys at the night drop box at 6:30am due to Economy Agency was close. I had to get a uber from this location to Airport which was $8dllrs.

Martha H

After reading all the reviews, I was a little worried about renting a car from Economy, but they were professional and friendly. It’s a small business, so it was quite busy. If you are prepared to wait a little to get your car, then I’d say it’s worth the price!

Steven Cuthbert

Worst rental company, ever! Stay away from these scammers! Hidden fees, cancelation fee when you won’t pay their hidden fees. I booked through Priceline and paid for the collision insurance. When I showed up to pickup the car I was told the collision insurance didn’t matter and I would have to purchase their insurance also. This was going to cost a lot more than I could afford, so I cancelled the booking. Then I’m told there will be a $50something cancellation fee. I speak to Priceline and they said there’s nothing they can do and to take it up with Economy. The lady at Economy said they won’t waive the cancellation fee either. F*^k Economy car rentals. Worst rental experience, ever!

Dan Radford

You get what you pay for - inexpensive pricing that directly translates to a poor customer experience.

Emily Sepeta

I would leave 0 stars if possible. From the beginning: thought we scored by finding such a low rate. Originally booked $18/day vehicle to be chosen upon check-in. Arrive in Honolulu and wait for the airport shuttle... we see Enterprise, Thrifty, all the other shuttles arrive 10 times before ours does. The shuttle was dirty, smelled like Taco Bell, and the driver totally hated his job. There was actually a hand-written sign posted above the shuttle door that said “Driver works for food, booze, and TIPS.” What. The. Fuck. The shuttle takes us way far away from the airport to a used car dealership in Pearl City where the rental office is a carpeted shopping container. During check in I learn that because I made my booking online through Orbitz on a debit card (no charge at the time of booking; charge would be processed at check-in), I was going to be charged an additional $20 per day since I didn’t use a credit card. If I were to cancel the booking and make a new one on a credit card I would still be charged for the original booking. So fuck it, put it on my debit card. The total ended up being $188 for 3 days instead of $106. Should have just paid more to use a legit company like Enterprise. So we actually get the car and it is covered in dings, scratches, and dents. The inside was filthy with stains all over the upholstery. At this point we have no choice because 1) we are so far away from any other rental options and 2) we’re already stuck with this bullshit extra charge. Thank god I said no to the insurance. Once we start driving the car we realize there are intermittent problems with the turn signal and the whole car shakes when we accelerate between 15 and 33 mph. Also the alarm never worked (which is totally problematic being a tourist in Honolulu) and several times we pressed the lock button on the key fob and nothing happened. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I wish I would have read the reviews before I booked. Definitely learned my lesson for booking the cheapest option.

Rebekah Hyser

the people at the checkin where nice, did take a while to get checked in, make sure you read all the terms and conditions. (pages on pages, read all of them, lots of hidden details and fees) just pay with a CREDIT CARD, they charge out the wazoo for debit cards payments.

Dick Smith

Cheap prices, but be ready to have to wave down the shuttle while all the other companies stop to pick you up. We decided to take a taxi after waiting 30 min. When we arrive they told us that they don't recognize the 3rd party insurance that we got from Expedia.

Kyle Cameron

I had a pretty good experience here. We paid $133 for five days, arrived about 15-30 minutes early to pick it up and didn't wait more than three minutes after I put my name on the clipboard. The guy at the counter was very friendly and it took about five minutes to do the paperwork. Be sure to bring a credit card for the rental or else they'll charge a large deposit. The car was fine. Nothing special, but it was a full sized vehicle, as requested. It had a backup camera, Bluetooth audio, and comfortably seated five with enough room for everyone's luggage in the back. We spent $1.50 at the gas station before returning it so we didn't get hit with a cleaning fee which is kind of a no-brainer. The return was quick and we sat on a shaded patio with misters and waited about ten minutes for a free shuttle to the airport. I'd suggest, if you are able, take the city bus (it picks up at the airport) to your hotel or Airbnb on your first day and pick up the car the next day at a less busy time. Maybe we just got really lucky, but after reading other reviews, it sounds like folks made some avoidable mistakes. Thirty minutes also isn't that long of a wait, people. Rating a car rental company one star for renting cars to people who got there first doesn't make sense. Also, shout out to somebody saying a vehicle from 2013 with 41,000 miles is too old to rent. The company is literally called "Economy" not "First Class"

Eyerusalem Gettiye

I never write bad reviews but this is so terrible and upsetting so I had to. I’m in Oahu planning a wedding everyone is so nice except Economy care rental. Terrible customer service. I rented full size car, the gave smaller car, 2 days later the key remote battery was dead when I called them, told me buy a battery and we’ll reimburse you. I walked for almost two hours looking for a battery and I have watch YouTube to see how to change the battery. Two days later I had a flat tire in the middle of a highway when I called them, all they were telling me was if we send you tow truck you’ll pay for towing and $150 for tire. I finally called road assist to change the time (the spare tire has no air) never asked me if I was okay. I went airport to switch a car. They charge me $150 for the Where in tear tire. You would think they would apologize, accommodating by giving me a one day free rent or something since I wasted my entire day and cancel a few appointments. Unbelievable!!

Adnan Mallick

Not sure why all the low reviews. Rented a civic for $13 a day. Car was perfect. Had some dents and scratches but who cares?

T Toma

This place was what we needed. Cheap, good enough car. They work on Hawaii time. Have patience and enjoy.

Alexandre Adao

Things that you need to know before you rent a car from this company: 1-DO NOT paid your rental reservation with a Debit Card! If don’t have a credit card, try another company, otherwise you will have a lot off hadaches and paying too much fees! If you cancel the prepaid used with debit card, they will return your money with %7 deductions for transaction fee and might take 1-3 days. What a ripoff!! 2- The company’s rental car site is NOT located at the airport. You have to take a shuttle to the site which is about 10-minutes from the airport. 3- You will need to call the company’s number to let them know that you are at the airport and need to be picked up! They will pick you up at your gate, but it will be on the other side of the road ( across street). I guess they don’t pay the fee to the airport to use the pickup road location. 4 -The cars are not the greatest, but they are fine for what you paid for. It worked fine for me! 5- The staff were ok, but some of them needs to take some customers cares courses. 6- it is cheap, but be aware of the nuances and small fine prints. Do your homework before you rent from them and you be fine and enjoy your trip!

Carly Shimabukuro

Reserved and paid through Expedia. When I arrived to get my car I was told I'd be charged an extra $45/day because I paid with a debit card! The lot and cars looked super sketchy. Definitely avoid and pay more money for a legit car rental business.

Noelani Kirk

A-1 Rent A Car in Honolulu, HI was the worst experience of my life. Dealing with them ruined my trip, and they have the worst customer service (all of them are RUDE). The engine exploded on our car within 5 minutes of pick-up, on the freeway. We pulled over popped the hood, and the oil cap was popped off, and there was no oil in the car, causing pressure, and engine was shattered. When I called and told them what happened, they stated, "If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can come back and exchange your car, just make sure you fill the gas tank back up for the gas you used". I told them we couldn't even drive the car! It wouldn't turn on without shaking. We waited over 2 hours for a tow truck and new rental. The new rental only had a quarter tank of gas, and I called and spoke to the manager, Panda, and he told me to return the vehicle with only a quarter tank, and he'll put notes in my account. I returned it at 5AM (before they opened and put my keys in the drop box), and sure enough, they charged my Credit Card $10/gallon (over $100), since I returned it with a quarter tank!!! I have been trying to contact the manager (Panda) for over 3 days now, and he is never available. I finally spoke with a different manager (I didn't catch his name), and I told him the whole story, and all he said to me was, "Wait, let's back up to the first car. How much gas did you use before the engine exploded?" and I told him, "We drove 5 minutes away from your company and it exploded, so barely any gas at all". Then he told me to hold. I was on hold for 20 minutes before he hung up. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe we were disconnected and called him back, he put me on hold for over 20 minutes again and hung up again. I am disputing all charged with my Credit Card company and reporting them to the BBB (which is an F rating, by the way)! Every review (they only have 1.8 stars) or complaint about them has been that the company charges your credit card without authorization MULTIPLE times and will not refund or answer/respond to your calls. I have no idea how they are still in business and running this scam! I hope this helps so nobody else has to deal with these people.

Christine Molino

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Do not use this Economy branch. From the minute we got there the staff was extremely rude. We were told to sign in and then wait outside. Upon checking in with an employee named DENISE we were very rudely told that our reservation was booked using a debit card and not a credit card and therefore we needed to rebook the car rental using another card. We were NOT given a refund and therefore had to pay DOUBLE for the car. DENISE was extremely disrespectful in the process. At one point she mimicked me and very condescendingly attempted to explain the difference between a debit and credit card. We were then shown to our car. The condition of the car was subpar to say the least. The back door didn’t open and the car majorly needed to be realigned. As we were wrapping up I asked for the employee’s first and last name and she pretty much told me to piss off. Needless to say this was the WORST experience I have ever had renting a car or pretty much interacting with a “business” at all. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES RENT FROM ECONOMY IN HONOLULU! Spending a little more at another place is 1000% worth it

Genesis Roberto

Terrible terrible customer service!! I waited 45 mins upon arrival at the airport pick up location for shuttle service that supposed comes by every 5 mins. LIES! The wait time to get a car was an additional 1 hour long. Then when I called to ask to a extend 1 addtional day, the gentlemen I talked was RUDE! I asked about the shuttle wait time and he says in a very condescending tone "Ma'am the shuttle goes round ans round and round and round every 5 minutes" and HANGS UP on me. These guys Do NoT have Have any Aloha and Do NOT deserve to service Hawaii. They dont deserve our business. Go somewhere else and lets force them out of business. Awwehhh!

Nocturne Cho

I booked through Expedia, and due to a typhoon I had to postpone my arrival by one day. Expedia was more than happy to help to change the itinerary but they couldn't get any response from Economy. The Expedia agent on the line with me, got hang up by Economy. Himself was in disbelief on how bad the service was. I hope Expedia remove Economy or at least this branch from their website.

kim min

Do NOT. I am warning you. Do NOT rent a car from this place. This whole company is not customer service trained. Their car quality is very poor (no poor is a nice for that car quality) with so much scratches! It was shameful to drive around in their car. And the worst part is their attitude. They will YELL at you with AGGRESSIVE attitude and will HANG UP the phone on you!! Then, they will NOT answer the phone again. I will definitely stay away from this whole company!!!!! THIS WAS THE MOST DISASTROUS EXPERIENCE!!! I wish I could give negative star!!

Mark Ryser

Car may be the worst we have ever rented. Multiple areas of damage. Seats didn’t work to put luggage in trunk. Definitely needed new shocks. Charged us a $40 cleaning fee and the car was fine. Didn’t even take it to the beach. Spent 20 minutes trying to talk to someone and got hung up on. Will dispute with credit card company. Wife called back and Panda told her he would take care of it. Seems this is what they do to make money. I think we booked through Priceline. Will be reporting to them as well. Never thought to check reviews online for a rental car company before. We can deal with the car quality not being the best but this charge is totally dishonest.

Fernando Morales

The process of acquiring the vehicle was pretty fast and smooth. That's about the best I can say about this company. The vehicle they gave us was extremely dirty and stained all over. The AC smelled horrible and disgusting. On top of that, our car didn't want to start at one point and they couldn't change our car or pick us up. They said that we would have to pay for a towing truck to take us back to the lot which was about 200 dollars. It's a cheap company but it's not worth the headache. Stay away!! Thank me later.

Lorie reich

This is the worst car rental company ever! They completely ripped me off! They stole 153.00 and refused to give it back. They make up some story that if you email the main company they will refund you. They lied! I think they need to be shut down! The car they gave me had squeaky brakes and they were rude. Please do not rent from them.... they steel your money!!!! They do not even deserve one star!

juan jose villarreal valdez

Devastatingly slow service. Arrived over an hour ago to pick up. No apologies. Unfriendly staff. Had to sign in to wait for the 14 parties ahead of me to get their vehicles. 90 minutes total time. I will choose another agency next time.

Irene Corona

Can't believe we fell for the scam! We thought everything went smooth renting a car with this company despite the reviews. I regret it now. After our statement came in we had an additional charge of $397 for a "cleaning fee" because the car smelled like weed. First off the smell was cigarette and it smelled that way when we picked it up. No one smoked anything in a car full of children. Waiting for the manager to sort this out. This car is costing us 1k. Smh. On top of the smell, we had too fill the tires with air everyday. The door panels kept falling off. Car was in desperate need of some mechanical maintenance.

Karen Dawson

They scammed us for more money and never even gave us a car. Big big scam. Don’t waste your time coming here. Worst experience here. We lost a lot of money . We asked to speak with a manager which they didn’t have. The lady with the long hair was no help.... our lyft driver even said he frequently picks passengers up who have just been scammed from this place ...

russel bajacan

Not a fun of writing reviews but at this time I really had to. Booked a compact car last December but when we got there they gave us a two seater smart car. So, they told us that if we want the regular compact we had to upgrade it, we did since there's 3 of us for extra charge. They even told us about their insurance policy and so on....They said that I need to use the credit card that I used to book but I don't have it with me so I used my aunt's CC. The car was kinda sketchy, the headlight is not properly working which gives us the hard time driving at night. Thanks goodness we returned it safely! After our vacation I checked my credit card, there I found out that they charged us with extra fees that we don't know. I also asked my aunt to check her's and found out that she was charged with extra fees as basically we were charged double times! Called the car company and the worker said I had to talk to "Panda" but unfortunately they hanged up. Called again and no one responds! So I called Expedia for the double charges but said they they will contact the company. After a week Expedia said that the company didn't see any double charges! I have no choice but to call my credit card company and dispute charges! Take note...workers are very unprofessional!!!!!

Angelika Santo-Domingo

Don't ever rent from this place. If you've had the misfortune of renting from this place please call whatever booking company you used and complain about the service. Most booking places have them listed as 4 stars; they aren't even worth one. I had a Terrible experience. Its located on some back lot that when you pull in you immediately think "oh God what have I gotten myself into?" Horrible customer service & old run down cars. Please save yourself the headache. I promise the extra $100 you'll pay somewhere else is well worth it. The first car they rented out to me was not similar at all to what I booked on Expedia (I paid for a 4 door sedan and got a tiny 2 door fiat). The first car I got had over 100,000 miles on it and the check tire light came on 20 minutes after leaving the place. I thought I'd take care of it the next day only to find my tire completely flat the next afternoon. Called the rental service and they basically told me to figure out how to get the car back to the rental place on my own. So after changing the tire and driving there they charged me a $157 deposit which was "refundable after an inspection proved the flat wasn't my fault." Well I never got that money back. Tried to get an update twice but was given the run around each time. The second car they gave me had 40,000 miles, & STILL had a check tire warning and a maintenance warning on the car. Though I was assured not to worry about it by the mechanic. It was a hassle. Each time I called the people were rude and acted like I didn't know what I was talking about and had basically the "I can't do anything to help you attitude." Don't ever rent from this place. I thought I was saving money but ended up losing $157 and all I can do about it is write this review and hope it saves someone from making the same mistake.

leona ambrosio

I would give this place negative stars. I booked my reservation online through Expedia for a car rental. While on vacation someone committed fraud on the same credit card that I booked this car with. Upon check-in they asked for the same card, which I had told them had been canceled but the car had been paid for. Long story short they would not rent me the car and refused to refund me my money that was already taken out for the car rental . So I was out over $600 for a car that I never picked up. Horrible shady customer service

Ivan Muzy

We were in and out in 20 minutes with a car. Sarah and Mercedes assisted us. Good customer service. The first car they pulled out wasn't what we wanted so they quickly pulled out another one that suited our needs. Shuttle drivers are courteous and safe.

K. S

What an incredibly terrible place of business. We received a car that was truly falling apart! You could barely get into it with the door handle literally unglued and hangs off. The shuttle took a while to get us there and our reservation had to be rebooked because we have misplaced the card we had made the reservation with (my husbands) but had my card with the same number, they refused to honor it.

Adriana Taranto

Very good and inexpensive

Marcus Burke

Maybe the worst company in all the country. If you return the car early they still continue to charge you for days afterward despite the car being able to be rented out again. So now two people will be paying for the same car. Also got the car and it only had 3/4 tank of gas. A scam joint pure and simple. Employees are borderline retarded and unable to answer simple questions. Their “business” is a shack by a used car lot 10 minutes from the airport. An absolute disgrace. This company won’t exist in ten years.

Allison Medich

My husband and I have been renting cars from here for a long time. The prices are very competitive and the vehicles are always clean. Customer service is top notch! The people here are great and very easy to work with. My husband has built somewhat of a repiore with the folks here - as I said- we’ve been coming here a lot. They have really accommodated our needs and we recommend them highly to everyone coming to the island, or who is in need of a vehicle.

Leo Prasath

Very bad service. Car was very bad. Many parts inside the car damaged. They said car is good and took return. Did not give receipt or email receipt when requested specifically. But charged a Cleaning fee of $40 without information a day after the car rental return. I had to call them to figure out that the fee was for cleaning. Would recommend picking the slightly expensive known brands. It will work out same price at the end.

Bill M

Worst car rental company. Cars are older models that aren't maintained and they're far from the airport. This is a low budget shady company. We reserved a car for our vacation on Oahu because they were the cheapest and really regretted it. Some of their cars are ten years old. We thought we were lucky when we ended up with a newer looking Nissan but when we drove off we noticed that the A/C wasn't working and the car was gutless, obviously due to no maintenance. We were going to return the car and try to book with another rental company but when you rent from Economy Car Rental there's no refund for returning your car early which we could've done if we would've rented from one of the major name companies. Economy advertised that they're located at the Honolulu airport where all the reputable car rental companies are but instead they shuttle you miles away to a shady used car lot full of older cars for sale and rent. Don't make the same mistake we made and pick the cheapest price because the cheapest isn't always the wisest. We wished we had stuck with Dollar or Budget rental. Hope this info helps you.

Ed Thompson

Believe every bad review. I thought renting a car they cant screw it up.... I ignored them and paid the price. I prepaid the $215 for my car a month in advance. When I got there I was told I would get charger $350 more for using the debit card I paid with. So I said I would use a credit card. I was told I would be charged the $215 again for a new reservation and would not be refunded for the origional reservation. I walked out after waiting a hour and a half. Called Expedia and they said nothing they could do I was out the $215 because I opted out to pay the high risk for using a bank of America debit card. I'll go back to using enterprise even if it cost a bit more. Do not let them ruin your vacation.

Michael Preczewski

Cheapest rental on the island, but you get what you pay for. The vehicle I received was moderately clean, had a broken key fob, and a mild mildew smell; but otherwise got me safely to wherever I needed to go for 14 days. The low rating is primarily because it takes over an hour to actually pick up your vehicle, and the facility has no waiting area so you have to just stand outside in the heat and rain while you wait.

Tara Price

We rented from here for our trip to Hawaii. They had a shuttle from the airport when we arrived, we did not wait at all. We were early and they allowed us to get the car early. They told us where to gas up near the rental place that was the best price. They got us set up and on our way quick. Returning the car was so simple, a lady was waiting, took the keys and had a shuttle to move our bags to. It was less than 5 minutes before we were on our way to the airport!


DO NOT RENT FROM HERE. Horrible service... I don't feel like being welcomed from the beginning to the end. Never come back again. This place deserves no star. If I could, I will rate it -5 stars. 1. I waited over 45 minutes for the shuttle to come. 2. It took me another hour to get the rental car after waiting at the porch under the sun. It was over 90 degree outside. The line was long and only two staffs were helping people to get their rental car. The staff were rude and not willing to answer any question. 3. I booked a four door sedan, and they let me to choose between a smart car and a fiat. Both car are two doors under a poor condition with over 70,000 miles on it. The lady (staff) said to me "you can either choose to pick a car (smart car or fiat) or leave". They gave me no choice, I picked the fiat at the end. 4. The fiat I picked has a noticeable engine problem. It takes few tries to start the car. The driver side seat belt was loose, not secure at all driving with it. The engine light turned on on the third day driving it. After the engine light was on, I came back to the store, telling them the problems and asked for a new car. 5. They did give me a different car. It was a 2015 civic with heavily noticeable scratches all over the body. The staff took some pictures of the car and marked the places with scratches. I told her (the staff) that the car was heavily scratched, take all the pictures to cover all the scratches. She said she would take care of it. However, the staff only took pictures of the passenger side which has more scratches than the driver side. The staff was really unprofessional. I saw comments that they will bill you for the scratches that was there. I am concerning that may happen to me. 6. When I returned the car, the staff did a simple check of the mileage and told me to wait for the shuttle at the corner. I asked him few questions regarding the scratches and checkout process. The staff (he) was really impatient and replied, "Did I tell you to go inside the office to checkout? Did I say so? Are you listening? Go. Read the sign yourself and go..."

Nadine Burgess

Hidden charges made on my credit card that were not explained to be in person or on my contract. Car was very old, run down, and dirty. Very cheap car rental, though I'm not sure it's worth it.

cindy lou

Very rude, if the car breaks down while your driving it it's on your own expenses, charges $100 if there is sand in the car when you return it. Also charges an extra $100 for having two cars. During returning the cars they were yelling at us and very disrespectful when unloading our luggage in the wrong place. Very rude people. Never going back.

Tim W

Regret choosing this agency. Our car was a four year old model. It failed to start many times, we felt very fortunate to get to our destinations and used the car less than intended for that reason. Turn the ignition key and nothing happened. The brake pedal had a very slippery surface, so that the driver's foot would fall right off if you were not tensed and prepared for that problem of a missing rubber cover. Not to mention the car was very dirty inside and smelled of heavy cigarette smoke despite the smoking ban labels. The sales associate was very unhappy to be working there. Stay away from this company. I intend to and wish I knew in advance how bad it is. It is in actuality a used car dealer that rents the cars in stock. Bad news.

Barry Phillips

They run a scam. They promise you a 5 passenger economy car (Hyundai Accent or equivalent), and then tell you the only economy car is a 2 passenger Smart Car unless you upgrade. They're crooks. Just choose a known rental agency.

stephanie covatta

Horrible, horrible, horrible, all the way around. 15 min drive around the airport picking people up and a 15 mins drive to the lot. When I say lot - it’s a shady used car lot mixed with a car rentals. No ac - we were shouted at “go sit outside and wait until you’re called”. They skipped over our name repeatedly bc the “girl” behind the desk was about as nasty as they come. Called Dollar rent a car and paid $50 more for great service and quick line. Completely unacceptable way to do business.

Joe Thornley

0 Stars. Stay away!!! Do not let the low cost lure you in. This place is designed to bring you out into the middle of no where, make you wait an hour, then take triple the money your car was originally booked for. My booking was for $500. After the long wait they told me there were fees I had to pay because I wanted to use a bank card and not a credit card. The final price was just over $1300!!!! And I didn't even know what car I was getting. I picked up my bags and walked out the door.

Countersniper 123

Transport from the airport was not the best. They came in a very old van; also at the rental site itself, the staff was not very friendly. The woman that helped me did not answer my questions properly so I will not be coming back here if I ever visit Hawaii again.

Stephanie B

Do not rent a car from this treacherous company. They charge a $50 cleaning fee after you return your car in good condition, not to mention constant hiccups along the way. The cleaning fee was just the cherry on top of this horrendously unprofessional "business".


WOULD RATE A 0 if I could. After a 12 hour flight all we wanted was to pick up our already pre paid card and go check in but they threw in other ideas. Julio at the front desk was horrible and extremely rude. After not wanting to give us a car we said we would go to a different company and he said and I quote, “go ahead the bus will pick you up outside.” Do not use this company!!!

Estephanie Rodriguez

Our experience with Economy was great. We didn't wait long for the shuttle at the airport and the driver was very nice. The van we received was quite run down but it got our family of 7 to all the beautiful places we wanted to go in Oahu. Check out was easy and we were transferred to the airport quickly.

aaron b

This place is great, awesome deals, it is a budget car rental so the cars aren't the best but reliable and affordable. The attendant Anthony was super friendly and good at his job, quick turnaround.

Kathleen Quintas

Customer service was appalling! Long wait to get car and for shuttle bus. One bus came but filled up and had to wait again. The service people have such a nasty attitude and are snide and rude. Cars are old with a lot of miles. No car has less than 40,000 miles.

Tiffany DeGeorge

Car was fine. Price was right. Make sure your arrival and car return times are during business hours. I had an early flight out and arrived at 5 am to return the car but the lot was closed and gated shut. They do have an overnight drop box for the key but no shuttle service to the airport. I had to call a cab.

Kara Beattie

BUYER BEWARE! This place advertised cheap rates everywhere, even Expedia. There is good reason for the cheap rates; the cars smell, are mechanically subpar, and they charge a $10/day fee for “roadside assistance” meaning if the car breaks down on the road it’s YOUR responsibility to get it back to them. When I said I wasn’t comfortable with this and would return the car the next day (it was 2200!) I was rudely told he had already charged my card, they have a no refund policy, and I had a “platinum card” it shouldn’t be a problem. Both the agents were rude and rough. No customer service and in fact they are actually hostile and threatening. I was told “you’re charged, there’s nothing wrong with the car just take it”. Seriously?! Also know if you plan on arriving after 2200 you’re SOL, they are closed. Pay the extra for good customer service, piece of mind, and a decent car!

Vlasis Tsalkas

***Save your hard earned money for somewhere else*** Let me start by saying that due to my international job I have rented numerous cars and this was the worst car rental company I have encountered so far. The moment we arrived with an uber a screaming woman came to the driver saying you must leave immediately there is a shuttle bus coming over here. We were already out of the car with the luggage so me and my wife and the driver looked each other and noded as we understood that there is some serious behavioral problems here. Then next thing we see is a couple arguing with a staff about some damages that the car supposedly had and my wife overheard the other wife saying to her husband "do not accept this, it is not us, it was there before they are trying to rip us off!.." Staff were extremely rude inside, they did not welcome you, greet you, smile and had absolute luck of respect to the person in front of them, replying with arrogance, body language and facial expressions, while at the same time they completely did not know the meaning of basic human interaction words such as thank you, please, you are welcome, would you like etc etc. The woman in the desk was horrible and I say this while I am in the customer service management for 20 years and I have seen and evaluated a lot of people for their performance. The booking of the car and the insurance was via a third party website that offered the best deals. Well I know now why they were cheaper. They did not recognize the insurance saying with their peasant manners that this is an international driving licence thus you need to purchase an inhouse insurance policy that costed of course much more. They gave me a number to call to ask for a refund and they tried to got rid of me literraly from in front of their desk saying "we will call the next customer so you need to leave now as there is personal data shared which has to be protected". After the realization that the 3rd party website was not allowing me to cancel the booking I had to go along with their in house insurance policy. Another very arrogant gentleman tried to assist me while he interrupted me while I was talking to my wife explaining the case saying with a very sarcastic manner "no that is not what I said" while he paraphrased his previous comments and added some more info that he did not share before. Next thing was to sign over the pics of the scratches of the car. When I asked to see the pictures I got the reply that there will be an email with all the scratches. So I said how will I know that all the scratches I saw live are on the actual pictures. He replied you can't because I have submitted the file already. Me and my wife we were sure that they will try to scam us for something. And the proof came! One day after we returned the car there was a charge of $40. No explanations, no reply to my emails, so I had to call internationally, to find out from the voice of the abnoxious person that did the booking that "Management deemed the car to be extremely dirty so they charged a cleaning fee". Of course the car had nothing extreme. We already took the trash out and gave it back with only grains of sand in both the floor mats that you just remove and kick out the sand remains. But if you are in the scam business you have to make a living right? Last thing the fabric of the car was torn and that was not included in any of the pictures which I highlighted it to the stuff that said "it is Ok" . I took my own videos and pictures after I have seen what happened to the other couple. Also car was missing a usb port despite the audio system was supporting it with a hard key. Save your hard earned money for somewhere else! Read the reviews prior booking a car.

Brian Matthews

Very dishonest. We reserved a standard economy car, Hyundai Accent. They tried to put us in a sub-compact Smart car with no rear seats and no trunk. I would give a 0 if possible. We went back to the airport and rented from another company. Do not use them!!

Randy Wong

Amex travel has the economy as a 4door. Economy said they only have 2 door Smart cars and it would be $10/day to upgrade. FYI, their website only charges $3 a day more for the upgrade, but suddenly, a cancelation fee is now the blocker. Double check your bookings and don't fall for their bait and switch.

Alexander Kim

US Naval officer here. I usually never write a review, but the customer service I got from this place is just unbearable. I wish I know the name of the person I just spoke with over the phone so I can contact the company’s head quarter and file an official complaint. The guy was Very rude... very very rude and ignorant with no respect to others. I was just asking a simple question in a professional way (as I always do). After giving me a very rude comment, the guy just hangup the phone in the middle of the conversation. I tried to call few more time after that, no answers. Wow... I can’t believe how they are still running the business.

The Marks Las Vegas

It first started with the horrible van service. We waited over an hour just to get a ride from the airport. We made several calls only to be hung up on or to be told what do you want me to do there’s shuttles coming. They only had two shuttles running. We ended up getting a Lyft. When we arrived you are required to sign in on a clipboard and wait outside. Absolutely no waiting inside no matter how hot it is. This process took over an hour as well. They have 3 people who did everything. They check you in, they take pics and move cars. They do it all which I’m sure is the biggest problem to the wait. I used a 3rd party website to book because it was inexpensive. I wish I had looked at reviews! Don’t waste your money and support a business like this because they don’t care about customers or their service.

M Reed

Heed the warnings. Cheap rate, yes, but not functional. My story: Got a car for a week. Day later.. low tire pressure... tire flat. Returned it. Got another car. Drove right next door to Target. Turned off, turned on... check engine light came on. ...not pushing my luck for "third time's the charm." Returned it. Long waits, inconsistent friendliness from staff. I could deal with the obvious body damage on both cars, but not the mechanical issues.

Leona Forest

What people are saying is absolutely true...this company is a used car dealership. They offer their used cars for rental at a "reduced rate". They are NOT located at the airport and they have TWO shuttle vans which show up occasionally at the airport. We waited a half hour for a ride and they don't answer the phone. When the van showed up it was full and the driver drove past my family while gesturing that she would call someone to pick us up. We waited another half hour before a different van picked us up. They drove us to the trailer in the used car lot and told us to write our name on a piece of paper and go wait outside. It was about 90 degrees outside and while they did have a mister to help cool off, half of the vents were broken and just squirted water. After another 30 minutes we were invited into the trailer and met by a fast talking gentleman who asked for our credit card. When I told him we didn't have one he said, well then there's going to be an additional fee of $20/day plus you have to get our best insurance for $25/day, and we're going to put a $1000 hold on your account. At that point we decided to cancel our reservation and use my mothers credit card for the reservation. They rented her the car at the same rate and charged an additional $10/driver and at that point we purchased the insurance because we could tell that the company was not reputable. We were also told by Priceline that if we cancelled the trip we would be charged for a no show. And we were not in the middle of who knows where, the lines for other rental car agencies were PACKED at the airport, and we felt trapped so we sucked it up and got the car rental hoping to put it behind us and enjoy our vacation. The salesman then walked out to the car to to take pictures. He came back to me and told me that there was a warning sensor on the dashboard but he spoke to the mechanic and it was a low tire pressure sensor problem and that he checked all of the tires and they were all set to 41 psi. We went along, feeling trapped, and said OK. He missed taking a picture of a giant dent on the back which fortunately my wife pointed out. The car was running at this point so we got in and drove off. The car was a 2013 Grand Caravan with over 41,000 miles on it. I've never in my life rented a car so old. My mother rolled her window down and immediately noticed that she couldn't roll the window up from the passenger side- fortunately the driver said worked for all of the windows. We had then been flying for about 6 hours and spent 2 at the rental company so we stopped to get food. As I closed the doors I noticed that the key fob wouldn't lock the car. I locked the button from the inside of the car and walked away. When I returned the car, because the key fob wasn't working I had no way of unlocking the car! At that point, I started fidgeting with the key fob and an metal key popped out of the back. Fortunately the key opened the door and we got in and drove to our rented house on the North Shore. The next day several people in my family got sick and went to the hospital for treatment. My mother, who wasn't familiar with the car lock/key fob issue, put the metallic key in the center console and the plastic key fob in the ignition and drove us to the hospital. When she parked the car, she pressed the lock button inside the car and closed the door with the metallic key in the car not realizing that she needed it to unlock the car. I figured the key fob needed a battery so I hopped on a bus and went to the town. The bus back was running slow so I had to wait a half hour for the return bus. After an hour or so of taking the bus and waiting we got back to the car with the new batter/key fob combo- it didn't work. Meanwhile my wife called Economy to tell them to come get their car at the hospital, the guy told my wife "F**K YOU!" and hung up on her. My mom had AAA on the way so after another 30 minutes they showed up and unlocked the car for us. The AAA guy immediately noticed that (surprise surprise) our rear tire was really low. The car is going back this am.

S Karlsson

Vehicle stranded us due to dead battery. North shore of Oahu, an hour away from the rental center. A local saved our day after adding water to what turned out to be battery with zero water left. He jumped started battery, we returned to hotel. Economy car rental absolutely refused any compensation toward final invoice. This is a bad company straight up. Initial savings compared to Budget, Dollar, etc was only around 40usd for the week. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Amber Yarbrough

I should have listened to the reviews before booking a vehicle through Economy! My advice do not use this company. Not only is their customer service terrible and you wait forever, they are crooks who are trying to make an extra buck off people. The car we rented was mediocre and was returned in same condition we received the car in. However, when i checked my card statement days later I was charged a cleaning fee of 40 bucks after the car had been cleared by an employee when returned. I Attempted to call a manger for explanation but never got a return call. I called the next day and was told by employee the manager decided the car wasn’t clean enough and charged the amount without my knowledge or consent. I was told to just call credit card company and dispute it for quicker results because the manager would take too long to contact me back. Someone needs to report this company for their terrible service. I have rented plenty of cars in the past and never had such poor quality of service, beware and rent elsewhere!

lovesavage correia

Very cheap and good

Myranda Murphy

Not a rental company I would go with unless you have a valid credit card, ID, and your own rental insurance. There is a hefty deposit of $1000 if you attempt to use a debit card. Plus $20 per day surcharge for using a debit card. Which I believe is it warranted after paying the ungodly $1000 deposit. I have rented numerous cars with a debit card prior to this and never paid more than $200 for a deposit( and without a surcharge). Rental insurance was $12 extra a day and another driver was $12 extra a day. Their rates look nice online but they have numerous little fees they fail to mention. Customer service was not good at all. The car was the only plus side to this review. Nice, clean, newer car with a full tank of gas (that must be filled prior to returning it)

Tamara Morgan-Voyce

Run away! Do not rent a vehicle from this place. First car they tried to give us was dirty. Looked like someone barfed on the ceiling liner and window. We refused the car. The associate said, that was probably the best car they had! Oh boy! He wasn't kidding. We got a horrible car: bald tires, dirty, lots of body damage, and when driving the Nissan over 35 miles an hour the steering wheel and entire car shook. Oh and I forgot - the passenger side door handle was held on by duck tape. Waste of money!

Lisa B

I have never dealt with a business more horrible than this: -First car we got, the AC made a very loud high pitched noise, windshield wipers didn't work and it said low tire pressure when we got it (but after waiting so long for the car we just took off because we wanted to enjoy vacation). -Next day, our tire became flat while we were sightseeing. Took over an hour to put the donut on because the layout was very confusing. Had to go BACK to the rental place and get a new car. -Second car, we get in after wasting another hour and a half of our vacation, and the check engine light is on. We weren't risking it again, so they had to give us another car. -Third car, now the AC barely worked. The cars were all in terrible condition. I have never experienced this with a rental company before. -Staff were extremely unprofessional - swearing, eating mcdonalds in front of us, etc. -Then, when we return the car they inform us that they weren't sure if we were going to be charged for the flat tire. We needed to call the office for "Panda" because only he can tell us. In the meantime, they keep our $150 deposit for the tire. Had to call 3 times when home from vacation, still dealing with this. Was hung up on by the staff. Finally they tell us they deemed it our fault and they are keeping the $150. Asked for a receipt so we can submit it to our credit card insurance. They said OK, verified our e-mail, and then didn't send the receipt. Now we have to call back AGAIN. Seriously I don't care how cheap this place is, pay the extra money for literally any other car rental company, if anything goes wrong (and the changes are high because their cars are seriously in the worst condition i have ever see at a rental company) it is a huge headache!!!!

Rachel Labus

Cant beat the price! A little slow in service, but very friendly.


THIS IS THE WORST CAR RENTAL EVER!!! :( -Tire broke before we even got out of the city -Horrible car service and insurances -Beaten up and old cars -Tried to charge us for everything -Wouldn't answer the phone after 5 pm -Gave us the wrong phone numbers -Wait of a half hour before the bus even took us to their lot - had to wait 2 hours at the lot Use this service if you want to spend half of your vacation on the phone or fixing tires!

Vadim P

( 0 ) Zero stars!!! Horrible customer service. In the middle of booking a reservation the employees are talking to each other and walking away from desk to go outside. dirty car lower class then what was booked on line, brought it back with a little sand and they want to charge cleaning fees. Super rude staff when dropping off the car. The car rentals shuttle staff had some serious attitude toward all the passengers going to the airport. Yes they are cheap but that's because they charge people cleaning fee to make up for the lower price.

Joel Hatfield

Mark, the manager, is completely incompetent and rude. He hung up on my wife three times trying to sort out a simple misunderstanding. If you enjoy drama and extremely poor customer service and support, absolutely use Economy Car Rental for your rental needs, they have earned their poor rating and all future customers should beware of this trap and shoddy business. Mark is the used car salesman of rental vehicles on the island, a title he's sure not to surrender anytime soon.

Emmanuel Feeney

Shuttle ride to get the car was fine but the Economy Shuttles don't come as frequently as the other rental car companies such as Enterprise, Alamo, Thrifty, Hertz, etc. Once there you have to sign in and wait to be called on. There were only 2 ladies working the counter and only 2 people ahead of me but it took like 20 minutes to get called on. The ladies were kind but my car was damaged on the outside and the seats were dirty. The car itself was an older model and made noises when driving, not what I'm used to getting with other companies like Hertz or Thrifty. Ultimately I just needed a car to get me around and went with Economy because I saved like $50 compared to the other companies which in hindsight would have been worth paying for a newer and nicer model and faster customer service. I will not be renting from Economy again.

Brooke Byington

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! DO NOT rent a car here! I ended up being charged an extra $320 when I picked the car up after already paying $350 online. Their reasoning was because i used my debit card. STUPID!!!! I finally got the car after an hour of trying to reason with them and it had a low tire pressure warning, check engine signal, and was dirty and gross inside. I have never taken the time to leave a review on any website but this company needs to be shut down! I have never been so disappointed!

Sherry Balow

They did get us in a car but not the one we'd paid for. The entire event was very frustrating, a "bait and switch", and as they tried to add an additional $100 to "help us out". We don't think we're alone in bring treated this way, not after talking to another customer experiencing the same.

Bao Nguyen

Do Not Rent from this place. This is the first review I wrote for anything in my life but I feel I really need to let others beware. My friend reserved two minivans for our group. Waited over thirty minutes for the shuttle to its location which doubles as a used car lot. The office ladies used profanities talking to each other. They tried to sell us insurance policies stating that we have to pay for any damages up front and since the parts arrive from the mainland we have to pay every day the vehicle is in the shop. They stated that their policies are different from other rental agencies. Both minivans are in poor conditions. My friend vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t work. Mine the remote doesn’t work. We have to take our belongings wherever we go. Both vehicles rattled and lacked power. We didn’t complained or tried to exchange as we don’t know what these people would give us next. We were glad that we made it through the week and got the shuttle back to the airport to end our vacation. The people who were with us on the shuttle also chuckled at their rental experiences. My friend and I decide that the next time we will always go with a more well known company as we did in the past regardless of cost. He took a chance figuring the prices were below other companies and how bad could it be. He was wrong and we both regretted it. Our Hawaiian vacation was great and the locals were hospitable. We had many wonderful experiences barring the car rental. This car rental agency and the people worked there are horrible. They figure we were stuck since we are visitors and they actually got their money once they ran your credit card. I gave them one star since I checked my credit card and they didn’t charge me for any other additional costs as other reviewers noted. Thank God.

Blvck Chrxs

Bro I am not a mean person but I've never had to give attitude back so Damn fast. This lady was so rude. Condescending. Very expensive fees that aren't detailed clearly on the paperwork in the office.

Damian Casados

Please avoid renting at this car rental facility if you can. We reserved an economy vehicle at this facility and when we arrived to pick up our vehicle (it is offsite from the airport) we were greeted by an extremely rude and unprofessional employee. She then proceeded to tell us our "economy" rental would be either a Smart Car or Fiat 300...seriously! We booked the rental on a third party website. (The website was really great to us and gave us a credit after hearing what we went through). Our rental was supposed to a Hyundai Elantra or similar....I really doubt a Smart Car or Fiat fit the description. Anyway, she rudely stated we would need to upgrade to the "larger" vehicle for $15 more /day...The "larger" vehicle...was a Nissan Versa with 63k miles, broken radio, dents and dings throughout, and unclean on the inside. Spend the extra and rent from a reputable rental car company on the island. By the way, their "shuttle" can only take 8 people at a time..make sure you drop the vehicle off early enough or risk missing your flight!

Daniel Webster

STAY AWAY!!! Horrible customer service. Duplicate charges. Will not produce any papers for accident estimates. Hung up on me. They asked for papers that they were given before we left after paying for the accident. They are running a major scam. Using old cars at premium prices.

Jessica Merth

Things to know ahead of time: * They close at 10pm so if your flight comes in after that you will have to wait for the next morning. We were across the island so we had to rent a car through another company for the night. * They are NOT located at the airport like the other car rentals, so you will have to call and take a 10 minute shuttle to their location and then back to the airport. * The shuttle ride over was... interesting. The bus died several times on our way there. But we made it. Kudos to the driver for keeping her cool. * Expect friendly--not professional-- customer service. * The car was "meh" but it got the job done. * They might be the cheapest rental out there but they WILL charge you for whatever they can so pay attention. All-in-all, you get what you pay for. We got around the island just fine, it was just very inconvenient. I would not recommend them, but if you go into it with low expectations you will be fine. I hope that was helpful.

Adrian-Gabriel Furculita

They force you to buy their insurance packages. Especially if you're an international driver, they say you can't prove that you're covered by any third party so they make you buy at least the 25$ per day insurance package. The cars are old and not well maintained as well. Definitely avoid this company!!!

Scott Kulifay

Nightmare!!! Run away ....don’t be fooled by low prices . Waited over an hour . Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life . Ended up walking away and trying to get a refund now

Derrek Arce

If I could give zero I would. They're cheaper but ypullt pay the price in a lower quality car and service. The service was less than good, with a few rude representatives, though at least one was truly a great rep. The rep didn't disclose that the rental company company wouldn't honor an early return and the manager basically told me to leave when I approached him and suggested his staff wasn't honest and upfront. His response was that his staff was too experienced to make a mistake. I ended up out a few hundred bucks. I wish I had read reviews beforehand. Please don't use this place. You have so many other alternatives with reasonable prices.

Angie Smitley

The process of receiving the car was very smooth and the agent was very informative. He looked a bit haggard but that was to be expected for the amount of work I am sure goes into renting cars and dealing with tourists. Very inexpensive and the car was in very clean shape. The air filter could have used a change though because it smells a little musty when the air conditioner first went on. The driver who drove us back to the airport was very personable and appreciated his Island life history.

Parm Sihota

biggest scam artists in Honolulu. Had reservations for 9pm pick up called the number numerous times no one answered and no shuttle came. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS. DESERVE A 0 STAR RATING

Malibu B

Spoke to Lee the General District Manager regarding a booking and prices. He gave me a total less than what I booked online. I cancelled my online booking to book directly through #ECONOMY car rental. After cancelling my booking, I called to book with him directly. He quoted me a rate 30% higher when I called back a few min. later. He was extremely rude to me, short, and seemed very aggravated. His tone was condescending. He told me he had no idea what he had just quoted me only minutes before. When I asked him to honor what he told me, he hung up on me.

Patrick Ferris

I’ve never rented a vehicle with so much damage to it. Customer service with the airport shuttle to the airport was extremely poor. The driver wouldn’t wait a minute for me while I returned the vehicle...when she returned 30 minutes later she refused to take me to the airport because she needed to get gas. At this point been waiting 30 min for airport shuttle and told now I’d have to wait for her to re-fuel. Looking at 45 min now. I asked another caring employee to drive me and I tipped him well for it as I was worried I’d miss my flight. The next day I was charged $55 on my credit card for no reason. I called them and was told the car was brought back dirty. They said they would send me pics of it which to date they still have not despite repeatedly asking for them. The agent said nothing to me of this when I returned it. I brought it back the way I got it. This place is ripping people off. Please please DO NOT use this company. You will not save money over the reputable car rental agencies as they will make up a fake charge on your credit card and you have no recourse.

David Lambell

The rental process is extremely inefficient. It took 45 minutes to get our vehicle. We waited 30 minutes for the half dozen people in front of us, then 15 more to get our rental contract written and signed. The rates are good, but the wait was very annoying.....

Steph S

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Where do I begin? This establishment has no aloha. First they dont open till 7am which doesnt mean a shuttle is at the airport at 7 no they get there at like 7:30. This place is probably the most jenky car rental place I have ever seen. Its very far from the airport, the shuttle runs very infrequently and the driver didn't even greet us. The people working here are not friendly. This will be my first and last time ever using this rental company. Pay the extra money for good customer service. Its worth it. Update: we had sand in the car bc we went to the beach...they made us clean it or we would be charged a cleaning fee. Its called use a vaccum. I am Hawaiian live on mainland and have rented many cars on the islands before and have never had an issue like this. Again dont bother...

Tyler Branstad

SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE. No one wanted to assist me when I walked in. Treated me as if I were an inconvienence. The car was infested with bugs. The female employees were extremely rude (the Male was helpful however). Horrible horrible experience.

tracy sparks

Waited 30 min at the rental car shuttle area and finally a FULL van went by. Called again and they said it would prob be another 20 min before another van came. Again, van not bus. So less people fit. The other companies had a ton of busses coming by. Finally paid $20 to take a taxi to the rental area. I then waited another hour to get our car. I landed 2 hours ago and my name finally got called for my car. Won’t use economy again. Also, website said economy 4 door. They “ran out” so we had to pay $50 more to not get a two door that couldn’t fit our family of 4 and the luggage. Rip off. Didn’t end up saving us money

David Maiolo

I rented from Economy in April 2019, and yes, I did read all the bad reviews. I actually had just a fine experience from start to finish. Things were a little run down at the facility, but everyone was nice and professional and my little rental was just fine. And I rent A LOT. I am an engineer for Microsoft and travel every single week to a new city (I really do). This trip to Hawaii was on my own dime, and I am a very frugal person. This company was just fine and so was my rental and I saved a lot. The bigger companies do have more to offer, but my experience was good. Have a good attitude in life and good vibes will be returned. Mahalo, Dave

Shreyas Patel

They need better customer service. They canceled our booking without letting us know. It’s ripoff scam don’t book it. Yes cheaper is not good at the end we need respectable customer service

Aldrin Macaraig

Make sure to get the biggest car that u can get it's cheap. Don't get insurance

Luke Woolley

Place looked pretty sketchy and they didn't have the "eco"-size vehicle we reserved, and the staff at pick-up was rude and disorganized. The process itself went off without a hitch and I didn't have any problems with the vehicle. Took it to a carwash to get the sand and sunscreen out before we returned it, and the staff we brought it back to was kind and quick. Shuttle back to the airport was faster, cleaner, and had a better driver than my pick-up experience.

Melissa Lopez

Run away!!!!! The cheaper prices are not worth the headache. The car wasn't "rental car" clean with plenty of miles. But that's not even the worst part. We had to bring the car back two days early because we it was infested with roaches. It only took us 48 hours to realize it because they only came out at night!!!! When we brought our car back and requested a refund, the manager said he couldn't give us a full refund because we had to pay for at least one day. The customer service representative laughed when we came in the trailer requesting an early cancellation to begin with. He proceeded to tell us that roaches are a problem everywhere and hinted at the possibility that the roaches could have come from us. Bad customer service and even worse rentals at this place. Just pay the extra money at a professional car rental place. You'll thank me later!

Al Ruiz

It was terrible. We had to wait an hour to see an attendant, and then we got a car that has almost 77,000 miles on it with scratches on the paint to match the milage. The interior is full of stains, and disgusting looking. There was a warning light when we drove off the lot, but no manual to figure out how to check what it was for. Turns out it is for low pressure on one of the tires, looks like it could have a nail in it. We will never go back.

Amber Stubbs

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE EVER!!! This place is too far from the airport, the check in area is dirty, long wait times, and so much more. There are plenty of other rental car companies. Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty, Budget, etc... I rented from many others with no problems.

John Renard

Don’t know why these guys get bad reviews— rented many times over the past several years (they used to be over off Nimitz) and they are the best deal by far if you need a car for a week plus. Local vibe and good Aloha from the staff

Tony Liese

It was very far from the airport and we waited for over an hour to get our car. Because I didn't have a credit card I had to put down a $1000 deposit, which I didn't get back until 2 weeks after I returned the car.

Nancy Velasquez

Do not rent a car from here! The shuttle bus driver didn’t help with our luggage, he just sat there and didn’t say a word to us. We waited almost 45 minutes to get car. They don’t use your own car insurance and say any damage you’ll have to pay upfront, my car was dented all over scratches everywhere, the inside was dirty. That night we went out and saw a roach in the car. The car had 90,000 miles, driving the car was scary hoping it didn’t break down on us. I will never rent a car from this place again, they shouldn’t have cars like this to rent.

Allie F

Zero stars. Seriously, cheap to rent the car but SO not worth it because the tires are so worn we blew one out on the highway. We had to put down $150 deposit to get another car and they're supposedly going to take the cost of replacing the tire out of our deposit. Never ever renting from them again. Update: my wife returned the car to the rental and the guy lied TO HER FACE when he said, "I don't know how the tire could have shredded like that, they're brand new!" M'fer the lie you just told was even more bald than the GD tires that are on the car.

Brent Baxter

Lots of bad reviews, but we got the car we asked for, it was brand new, and the rep did not push insurance coverage addons. Best car rental I've ever dealt with. It is away from the airport a bit, but that's not bad at all.

Zoey Ye

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! This car rental company literally robbed my credit card! They charged me for $362 because "I never returned the car". WHF?? I returned it to the Honolulu location before my flight to LA and had a few friends as witnesses, and they just took my money without my permission?! Or any kind of investigation? And the business representative on the phone never disclose his name and refuse to send me an email with the statement. And when I was trying to ask for the proof of payment again he just yelled at me with some f words. Again if anybody is considering renting a car from them, stop! It's only a few dollars cheaper than the bigger companies but their cars are not functioning well (tilted steering wheel, bad smell, shaking frame and over 80,000 miles). I saved about $10 for two-day rental and now the nightmare has just begun!!

Molly Brown

Shady scam artists. Even though they advertise an economy car with 4 seats they try to give you a smart car. Obviously this won't work with 4 people so of course they can upgrade you. They should be ashamed of their business practises. I'm talking to a lawyer. It's false advertising to state your reserved car has 4 seats only to show up and be given a 2 seat car.

Kestutis Mak

They gave us minivan with 46000 miles and with visible scratches and dents outside, broken seat covers inside, thorn fabric in the trunk, completely worn out windshield wipers with just regular water poured in to wash them. Upon return we asked to give us a receipt, they said that rental contract is your receipt. After 2 hours additional charge of $38.95 came up on my credit card. When we called to ask what is this for, they said this is a cleaning fee. Their employee didn't mention anything upon taking car back and after inspection

Rochelle Trottier

Most and the absolute worst experience with a car rental place to date!!! Terrible, terrible, terrible!

kinau mccoy

DO NOT rent from this place! Not only did it take 2 hours to be serviced to pick up our rental, they did not have a minivan that we had reserved for my family of 5. Absolutely the WORST experience I’ve ever had with a rental company.

S. Hazelwood

Horrible experience from beginning to end. I travel a lot for work, thus I rent cars often. Renting with this company was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. It started at the airport. Took almost 35 minutes for a shuttle to even pick me up at the airport. I saw a shuttle for this company sitting near the shuttle bus area. After about 15 minutes of waiting for it to move to the pickup area marked, I finally approached it. The shuttle bus driver was apparently on his break and they did not send another one. So I had to wait until another one came later or this guy got off his break. Finally another one came and I get on a shuttle bus after 35 min of waiting at the airport. The location is farther away than all the other rental car companies from the airport. Only about 10-15 minutes but still the farthest away. I arrive and sign in on a clip board and have to wait outside in the heat for about 20 minutes for someone to help me. I get to the counter, the woman who assisted me was very unfriendly and tells me that all their economy cars are gone except a tiny, older smart car. When I reserved online days in advance, I was promised a Fiat or bigger. I specifically checked off no smart cars. She tells me smart cars are in the economy category and I said I specifically had the option to check the car larger for the same price - false advertising. The rude rep tells me she just rented out the last Fiat right before me and I could either downgrade and take the smart car for the same price I reserved or pay an extra $60 for the smallest compact car, which was literally the size of a Fiat. I told her it wasn’t my fault they ran out when I reserved my car size in advance and I was promised a certain size for the price I reserved. Also, there were several Fiats in the lot that had been returned and just weren’t re-serviced yet. I told her I could take the smart car and come back when those Fiats were ready and she said I wasn’t guaranteed to get one if I returned later that day. Basically, she had zero sympathy, didn’t seem to care and she wasn’t working with me whatsoever to help the fact that I had reserved a Fiat or larger and they ran out. She just kept up selling me to pay more for a car that was literally just as small as a Fiat. I finally caved because it had already been over an hour at this point from when I started waiting for the shuttle and agreed to pay for the “compact,” which felt a whole lot like an economy car to me. The company has a very strict, pay upfront for any damages you cause policy and you have to fight your insurance company to reimburse you. And they mark every single tiny dent and scratch and take pictures so you know they are just waiting for you to get your car door hit in a parking lot so they can charge you an arm and a leg for extra damages upfront. Anyway, the car was very dirty when I got it. I was nervous they would charge me for returning it dirty based on my bad experience so far so I cleaned it up since they didn’t. The car wasn’t great on gas mileage plus they inconveniently charge you $10/gallon if you don’t return it full. Returning the car was difficult, I got yelled at by one of the reps because I couldn’t find the return area and parked in the wrong spot, she literally rolled her eyes at me. I dropped it off and apparently you can’t return your vehicle even one minute late unlike every other rental car company that gives you a grace period. Anyway, I was so stressed out renting from this car company and several of the employees I encountered were very rude. I wouldn’t recommend renting with them nor will I ever rent from them again. Yes they are cheap, but you apparently get what you pay for. And even then, you might still end up paying more than you expect to. Spend the extra money and go with a closer and better quality service rental car company like Budget, Alamo or Hertz. I’ve never had issues with their customer service and always got free upgrades if they ran out of the type of car I reserved nor was there false advertising.


Shuttle van was OLD and small. The rental lot is half used car lot half beat up rental cars. The building is a double wide trailer with moderately working AC. Check in process is writing your name down on a clipboard and then waiting for them to call your name. The car was the highest mileage most beat up thing I have ever rented. Little to no customer service. Borderline rude. Asked about dropping car off a day early and they said there will be no proration. Asked about about early am dropoffs and she said park it on the street. There is no early van service to the airport before 7 am if you have a morning flight. You’ll have to use Uber/Lyft. She told us gas is $10 a gallon if you don’t bring it back full. Definitely got the feeling they are ONLY there to take your money. The car didn’t break down but it didn’t inspire confidence either. The lot is in an odd hard to get to location. Not very near the airport. I will not be using economy again. Very unpleasant experience. Why doesn’t google allow zero stars again?

James Anderson

I would recommend that you go with a well known company. Got it the location and was immediately given the bait and switch. Ordered a sedan and was told I was going to get a smart car. Was told I had to upgrade 2 sizes up for an additional $65. I could’ve gone with enterprise or Avis and paid less with less hassle. By the way, the upgrade for the two sizes up got me a dirty civic with stains all up in the back seat. Pay the extra few dollars and go with someone else. I would give this place zero stars if I could

Sophie C

Don’t fall for the “cheap” prices, they scam you into paying more. First of all the debit card fee? They end up charging you way more, $20 A DAY because you used a debit card instead of a credit card. Second the lady that helped us kinda had an attitude. We waited for a while because she didn’t really know what she was doing, which was fine. While we were waiting, another guy that worked there came over and was whispering how he hated his customer who he was helping and they just laughed.. it was unprofessional and really awkward for us. Then she showed us the car that was really dirty, with stains and crust on the seats. I asked if they had any other cars and she said no they were short. So we read the reviews and decided that we don’t want to deal with any of it just got a refund. It was just a huge waste of time. Also, an update: after getting a refund and leaving that place, (went to alamo car rentals, which I highly recommend) a week later, THEY STILL CHARGED OUR CARD. Omg I had a feeling this would happen!! We didn’t even use their car!! They won’t answer their phones or emails! I just want those scummy people them to delete all of our info and card number.

beauimpala .

Plan on waiting an hour for your car after signing your name on a clipboard. After signing your name on a clipboard proceed to wait outside on the warm porch. You aren’t allowed to wait inside at all. After an hour they will bring you a filthy beat up car that has no business being given out as a rental. Good luck if the car runs too. Ours failed to start the next day. Better make sure you have AAA if you use this place because you’re responsible when the car won’t start to get it started. The positive lead on the battery was covered in acid. Staff for the majority are horrible and un apologetic for anything. Avoid this place!

Prakash Selva

The car was in good condition and the service was okay. Be aware that they do not have any grace period for cars returned late by even a few minutes. I was 35 minutes late and was told I had to pay an extra day at their standard rate.

James Martin

Awful customer service. I called the number to cancel my reservation and was told I would be charged. I then called back and the person said he couldn’t cancel it because it was through Kayak and when I asked for a manager, he hung up on me.

Crystal Maughan

The cars tags were expired and it almost prevented us from being able to stay at the air bnb we booked. You're not allowed to park an expired vehicle in gated communities. We had to drive 2.5 hours out of our way to return for tags all this on top of a busy wedding schedule. We were nice about it because people make mistakes, but they kept giving us attitude like the tags were or fault. Then we had to uber back to the airport after dropping off the car even though we reported our drop off time they didn't tell us they don't have after hours accommodations worked out like every other rental car company. Become we had to put the keys in a box we checked in when we didn't receive a receipt. When we called to make sure everything was ok with the car, it turned out they charged us an extra 40 dollar cleaning fee! When we contested it, because the car was in the same shape we got, it the manager told us to "go f#$& yourself" and hung up the phone. I've never written a bad review, but this company was abusive on many levels, and tried taking advantage of their customers. Don't spoil your trip for a ten dollar savings. Go with a different company it doesn't feel good to be treated so poorly.

Eduardo Silva

Wow... all bad reviews are accurate. They will fabricate reasons to charge you after you leave. No problems picking up my car when I arrived. Returning the vehicle was smooth despite some less then polite interactions with the representatives. Asked the person reviewing the car during the return how everything looked, to which she responded "PERFECT". I asked for a signed document stating this, she gave me my signed agreement and stated that this document was everything I needed. FAST FORWARD, 6HRS: $39+ charge to my CC. Felt this was strange, so called the Economy's 1-800 #, they transferred me to Economy location in Honolulu since there were no documented reasons in their system. A guy names Makena answered the phone, and as I explained my situation to him I heard a phone being slammed on the hook. STRANGE! Called 1-800 again, a different individual answered and said there were no notes and transferred me to the branch. Once again Makena answers the phone and I asked if I was speaking with him before and if he hung-up on me. He said: "You wouldn't stop talking." So you did hang-up on my face, to which he replied, "YES SIR.. Happy to do it again!" Absolutely no reason for the hostility and super strange for the bi-polar behavior in business. Makena said the charges were for the car being dirty to which he offered NO EXPLANATION OR DESCRIPTION and stated he was going to provide me pictures in the next 48hrs. He then proceeded to ask questions about how I used the car so he could fraudulently build case to the reasoning why the car was dirty. FRAUD... for the record the car had basic road wear from freeway driving north and south in the island, no sand or dirt on the outside. BEWARE they will get you for your $$$ at this location. They compete with price, then make a profit by charging your card when you are not there.

miles starkey

This is a bait and switch used car dealership. They put us in a dirty, beat up Honda Civic 4 door with 84 thousand miles. Every time we reached 15, 30 and 40 mph the engine would shake the whole car until it shifted down, awful riding experience, especially on vacation. The interior is gray but the center arm rest was almost black from being stained or dirty. They hooked us with low daily rates but when we got there they pushed their insurance write up across the desk and started to explain a very rehearsed speech about how even with having full coverage which covers rental cars, Economy does not work with 3rd party insurance and will charge you on the spot for any and all damages to the car. They also said Expedia's insurance ($11/day) only covers parts and labor (which I'm not sure what else there is to cover?) So they try to scare you into buying their insurance at $25-45/day depending on zero to $1000 deductible. The craziest part is that on top of this expensive plan, they require a police report for any damage. I told them if I get a door ding in a parking lot the police are not going to even show up, let alone write up a report. I've attached photos they sent me of what they consider damage. The door scuffs are sand and dust from my sandals. The back seat pics, I don't even see what they're trying to point out. I assume its powdered sugar from the snack in the door pocket. It would be much less expensive and less hassle to rent from a reputable company. Expedia should stop working with this company immediately.

Kelly Watanabe

Misleading advertising the cheap ends out of the much more expensive, they charge for everything and the car is not good.

Vincent Leo

Positive: Shuttle from airport to rental car was fast. Didn’t have to wait in line for the car. Negative: We booked a full size Toyota Camry and ended up with a 2008 VW Jetta. Car had 80k miles and very old. Every car on there lot are old. On the 2nd day, the low tire pressure light came on. On the 3rd day, check engine light came on.

Tina Davis

Run... Do Not Pass Go... Every $$ they want they blame Hawaii ... Do NOT Rent from them... We had all the same issues listed in the Reviews... I'm not Kidding go to a respectable car rental... Avis Alamo Hertz anywhere just not here... Do not prepay either.. Through Expedia etc... Please Heed caution...

Timothy Castillo

Dont waste your time or energy to be conned into thinking your getting a good deal just to be hit with surcharges when you rent. Dont even book on the website or with them ask questions A LOT of them, because if you dont and want to cancel they'll charge you for a full days rental and fees. Costumer service sucks you just wanna punch them through the phone repeatedly.

Jonathan Jones

This is my first review. Do not book here. This company has terrible costumer service and old beat up cars (my tire pressure light turned on). I learned the valuable lesson of you get what you pay for. Their rates are cheap but don’t expect ANYTHING else. I normally read reviews before purchasing but didn’t read reviews for this company. You’ve been warned.

I hErRiNg

Don't be fooled. This place is shady as hell. They bait & switched us. Made a two week reservation for a 5 passenger vehicle & when we showed up they said their 2 passenger vehicles were an equivalent! Because it was booked online a we can't be refunded. Ended up having to "upgrade" to the 5 passenger vehicle which ended up costing more than all the other reputable rental agencies. TOTAL CROOKS!!!

John B

The shuttle service was slow. the car was old and dented and not clean. the brakes to not work very well kept making noise. the condition of the car was poor. the checking took too long was not smooth. the check-in process took too long.

Jen Schumacher

One hour check in and service was horrible! Shuttle after shuttle passed us by already full When I called the service desk to ask if there was another place to get picked up she just kept repeating ‘you have to wait for the shuttle’ Finally we figured out that there is a second pick up point on the other end of the airport exit

Torrie Spatcher

TRUE STORY... DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT, RENT A CAR FROM THIS PLACE! You literally could go to JAIL doing business here. The STAFF, garbage, the cars, even worse. We rented a car here and it all went south when I pulled up. I had a bad feeling when I pulled up seeing all the cars crammed in the lot, dirty and the driver wreaking of some sort of funk/smoke. The office is seedy like a indecent shady place of business. Customer service and welcome to see you only presented itself at the airport for pick up. When I drove off I prayed. Three days later, I be damn the check engine light came on and the car started shaking off the highway. We thought it had a flat tire it shook so bad! I called the office and explained we were a block from our excursion and were going to need another car. The agent said "no problem, we will charge your card $250 to send a tow truck". Well hell, wait a minute! I'm not paying $250 to tow your car! She had other plans for me. She said first of all, you have only had the car 3 days, the check engine light should not be on yet! (As if it's expected) She told me you will pay $250 deposit or there is nothing she could do. I asked her to speak to someone that had the ability to make decision greater than her. She left me on hold for awhile, came back took my number and no one ever called. I'm Thinking about the $420 I spent for the excursion, I thought, I'll deal with this later! Well reality calls, no can do, the excursion finishes at 5pm. Other rental car companies in the area close at 5pm. I called back and pleaded with them to send another car and pick up this one! Same response! NO! I told them where we were and they would have to do something. I'm not going to ruin my trip dealing with shenanigans! I began to be so restless, I asked the excursion crew to take me back to shore. I had a really bad feeling these people are so unscrupulous they would do any type of foolishness with my card. I called again and the agent told me to just leave the keys in the car under the mat. Again I asked, "why" that's no different than just bringing me another car. Hell you have to come get this one. Low and behold he hung up on me. I called back to receive another agent who was worse than the first two. He told me no deal. Get the car back the best way you can, we aren't helping you do a thing! We had to leave our all day excursion to deal with this Problem. We had to rent another car, hire a tow, follow the tow to their shop and give them their car. Upon arrival I requested reimbursement for the tow and the guy looked at me Square faced and said "did we say we would pay for the tow?" I explained, you offered a deposit of $250 to send a tow! Deposit means you'd get money back in my book! He proceeded to charge my card for the entire 8 days, gave me a receipt, got up and walked off! I couldn't do anything but laugh! At this point, all this is a test from GOD, or a really bad episode of PUNK'D. One thing I have learned is at my age, if people want to treat me any kinda way, have at it! There is power that runs through me not even the wicked could penetrate. I kindly got my receipts, and pulled off in my Enterprise rental car. We had a great day even though they tried real hard to get me on the 6 o'clock news HAWAII 5 O style! I disputed with my credit card company and that's going to be that! Lesson learned! GUT feelings are real. I hate we missed the second half of our all day excursion, the kids were having a ball, but at least I'm not in JAIL!

Jason Irwin

Older cars here. We had booked online without much of reviewing the place. The car was fairly clean but had clearly been vandalized or wrecked before and was not completely repaired, missing running lights, missing seats in van. They also hard sell you on their insurance. Not very personable either. We met many people in Hawaii who wanted our business but these folks just acted like they want your money. The guy right after me had a look of terror on his face after listening to the previous customer get checked out. I did give 2 stars as they are pretty inexpensive if you do everything online. Be prepared for Hertz pricing if you upgrade or add anything. If this is your first time renting a car you will probably be very disappointed. If you're a "veteran renter" and know exactly what you want and know the comparisons so you dont get ripped off you should do ok. BE SURE AND TAKE LOTS OF PRE CHECKOUT PHOTOS.

Carrie Nielsen

Do not rent from this place. They do not honor purchased insurance and are so rude. Aloha is not in their philosophy!!

Rachel Jensen

Don't even know where to begin! If I could rate Economy Honolulu zero stars I would but, unfortunately that is not possible. Everything about this place was bad from the get go: 1. Economy rental car is NOT located at the HNL airport itself; You must wait for a rickety shuttle van that took, what felt like, forever to pick us up at the terminal. First van was full, had to wait almost 30 mins for another one. The van was dirty; inside and out. Look, the vehicle doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't need to be new, but clean would be appreciated and it would also show that the company has respect for its customers. 2. When we arrived at the lot, we signed in on a clipboard outside and someone came to greet us at their leisure. It was noon so it was hot outside. No complimentary waiting room or water offered. The employees all came across angry. None of them seemed welcoming or happy to be there. Will NEVER use Hotwire again (or any other "discount" site for that matter because -- SURPRISE! You don't know what you will end up getting). 3. When our name was called only one of us was allowed inside the dank trailer. A woman that assisted me was training someone named "David" so I think she was attempting to put on a good front. The vehicle they were going to rent us was an extremely small 2-door. The photo we saw online showed a 4-door. Please pay attention to the KEY words "...or similar." Somehow we managed to upgrade to a 4-door and were not charged. No idea how or why but I did not want to question it. 4. When we left the lot we were all talking about how crazy of an experience it had been, thus far, in addition to the poor pregnant woman and her husband (and children) sitting outside when we arrived who were bickering among one another because the place was so sketchy and they were being given the run around (we think?). My daughter began reading reviews and right then we knew we were going to be in for trouble come time to return the vehicle. So many reviews had all stated the same thing: Charged for excessive cleaning and things that were out of the hands of folks that rented vehicles from Economy. Ugh! WHY did we choose Hotwire? Should have paid an extra $50-100 USD and went with Hertz, Dollar, Budget at the airport. Hopefully our saving grace was booking with a credit card vs a debit card (recourse if we have to dispute anything). 5. Car was actually ok the 4 days we had it, minus the trunk. There was a rubber strip on the white, Nissan, Versa they loaned us that was hanging from the inside of the trunk. We had to continually align it before closing the trunk or it would pop back open on us. AC worked great -- Thank you, Jesus, because it was hot during the day. 6. Return day - Aye, aye, AYE! The gentleman (can I even refer to him as one?) inside was horrible. Oh.My.Gosh. He was beyond rude when I went inside to ask him if we had to sign off on anything. He condescendingly asked, "Did the woman outside ASK you to sign anything?" I told him "no" and stated I thought it was odd that nobody inspected the vehicle and asked us to "settle up." The woman outside came across as annoyed, did not really interact much with us at all. To be honest, she was too busy smoking her cigarette to give a S**t about us. How completely unprofessional to be puffing on a cigarette right in front of customers. 7. Lesson learned: Do not rent from a company that is not reputable. Read reviews prior to renting. NEVER use Hotwire or any other "savings" site. Sometimes you get what you (don't) pay for. :( We started wondering if Economy isn't a front for some illegal business. If the company cleaned up its act, its reputation might be better. All it would take is a crew of people that smiled, greeted customers with respect and integrity and a fleet of clean, reliable vehicles. Is that too much to ask?

Bradford Granath

Very small rental office in the middle of a used car lot. Be prepared to wait, there are only two staff onsite. No room inside to wait; wait outside they will call your name. Old cars. 1 star, but Ya Can't beat the price! 3 stars.

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Rent Cars - Hawaii

Car rental agency

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Rent Cars - Hawaii

Car rental agency

Rent Cars - Hawaii

Transportation service

Bio Beetle ECO Rental Cars
Bio Beetle ECO Rental Cars
Rent Cars - Hawaii

Car rental agency