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Melissa Torres

Horrible customer service. Waste of money and time. We were given a faulty dangerous vehicle with no choice of car. Very rude staff. They did not compensate us for our nightmare experience and don’t seem to care about their customers at all. They care about making money and hopefully will be out of business soon enough. Don’t waste your precious time with them.

Sherri Terry

This rental car is listed as at the airport and when I booked I thought it was the airport. It was ok until the drop off. First I assume my drop off time was 3:30 because that is what I requested online. So I didn't check my charge card until today (Dropped it of 1 July) and I noticed I had a $49.95 charge. Called and asked what was the charge for and he states because they charge me for another day because I was and hour late and asked how when I requested to drop the car off at 330. Sales rep stated my time was 2:19 I checked it out. First I had no contract as what is provided at the airport. But to charge double is ridiculous. And i arrived at 3:39 and waited 5 minutes for the lady to check the return in. So glad I'm away from Hawaii. That place drains every dime out of you. Stay away if you can, but I understand tourist just looking for a car.

Edmund Cotta

This place has two listings. Economy/A1 Renta Car. Crooked sales men. That's all I can say about this place. I would equate this place to the worst you could imagine about a used car sales lot. Funny thing is that's exactly where this place is located. Have fun if you rent here. Stay away

Andy Schwarz

Without a doubt, this was the worst rental experience ever! I rented a van for my family from Econo Rental Cars and received a VW van with 90,000 hard driven miles on it. The car smelled bad and should have been retired. We had to pay $400 when our key was stolen. They replaced it with a key that did not work and we had to spend 5 days without being able to lock our van. We had a flat tire and spent 3 days driving on a donut. The staff was not only unsympathetic, but completely apathetic. DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM THIS PLACE.

Viet Truong

Suprise charge after returned the car. They dont say anything about the fee after return the car. When I got home I check my credit card I saw them charged me extra $45 for no reason. You better find another rental. Do not rent the car from here.

Denise Jenkins

I would advise anyone to NEVER rent from this company. When we arrived, the 1st thing we were told was "you are late". Then when we attempted to pay by debit card, I was told they did not accept debit cards unless we paid an additional $50/day. They said this was very clearly explained in their "rules & regulations"; however, I have not found it stated anywhere on their website. We ended up leaving & renting through Budget, so much better!! When I arrived home, I was charged $39.80. I called to inquire & was told it was because I was a no show. What a bunch of crooks. They don't even deserve 1 star

Ana Monique

Complete con artists. DO NOT rent from here. Horrible service, horrible cars and then they completely over charged us when another tourist happened to bump into us on the road. After getting them 3 estimates, they said they needed to use their repair place and charged DOUBLE of what even their own repair shop said! By the looks of what they are renting, they do not fix their cars at all. They have been dodging our insurance company and not giving the insurance company and itemized estimate and they have gone radio silent with not only US, but our insurance as well. Like I said, complete con artists and they should be shut down.

Victor Leonardi

SCAMMER...I rented from here via Priceline. I live in the islands and travel a lot...this was my first time renting there, returned car and they said thank you every is good. Everything 'was' good until 26 hours later they did another charge on my account...I called my credit card company and they cancelled my card and marked the transaction as FRAUD.

Ann Prochaska

One star is being very generous! Poor customer service. we were waiting at the airport for well over an hour. Contacted 2x via phone, waited for driver. Was told by driver to wait bc the van will full, and he never came back. We cancelled our reservation and was told that we couldnt do that and he hung up on me. Would not recommend to my worst enemy! Unprofessional and deplorable!

Jim Nichols

This was one step below Rent-a-Wreck. The car we rented was old, banged up and filthy. Great place to rent if you don't care how clean or updated the car is that you rent. We paid a little bit less than other low cost places but made up for that with the cost of the insurance coverage which they really pushed. This was not a pleasant experience for us. Would definitely NOT rent again from these guys.

Laura Gunn

AVOID this car rental company like the plague. They are beyond horrific. When I rented my car from them, they were beyond rude and difficult to deal with. The car they gave me ended up DYING three days after I rented. When I called to let them know their car would not even start, the guy I got was initially very helpful and said he would pay for 2 days of rentals. I got the car to start and drove it back to the location. When I showed up later that day returning the car that would barely start, the rudeness continued, and they said they had no idea who had said that to me. They gave me another car. As a lovely side note, the shuttle driver on the way back to the airport at the end of my visit was looking down at her phone and texting about 80% of the drive to the airport, and it was fairly miraculous that the shuttle didn't crash. When I returned home, I went back to review my billing, they had charged me an obscene amount of money, way more than was on my rental contract and more than I had agreed to. When I called back to inquire about the extra charges, they claimed it was "cleaning fees" and were SHOCKINGLY rude. I was absolutely stunned by the rudeness of the man I dealt with. When I brought up that I had been promised 2 days of free rental due to the first car not starting, he said they would not honor that previous promise. This place is an absolute scam, I have submitted a complaint to my credit card company, and have started the dispute process to get my money refunded for the bogus charges, and have submitted a complaint to the BBB. This company should not be in business.

Leon Arcangel

I wouldn’t put not even a star because they have the worse customer service along with their old cars. Y’all better make sure you don’t left anything behind because these guys are also a thief, they don’t return emails nor phone calls until they discard whatever you’ve forgotten has discard. It’s my first and last renting with this junk place, I wish I haven’t rent from them or want to ride their shuttles since it makes me sneezes and got kinda sick from my ride on their shuttles. If you want to check it out yourself, be my guess but if you’re very smart, then don’t go at all.

Chad H

The car and facility are poor, but the staff were polite and helpful.

Joseph Bause

Great service, worked with me when my flight came in almost 24 hours late. When I realized that I left my house key on the ring with the car key they sent a driver over to the airport to bring me the key. There is a reason why I kept coming back to this company every time I come to Honolulu.

Lisa V

NEVER rent from A-1. I rented a car from them in March. A rock flew into the the windshield and the windshield was chipped. I filed a claim with my car insurance because they cover it 100%. I have been trying to contact Panda who works at A-1. He has told me twice that he will send me and my insurance company the invoice. Both times he didn't do it. I called back and requested to speak to a supervisor and they put me on hold for 10 minutes. I called back and they hung up on me! I thought it was a mistake, so I called back and they hung up again. I call back another 5 times just to make sure these unprofessional fools are actually hanging up on me, and they are! NEVER EVER EVER EVER rent from them. I only need a invoice emailed to me or my insurance and they can't even do that?! Horrible customer service with incompetent workers. My only thought now is that the stupidity is so high that they do not know how to use email..... I'm at a loss for words. A FREAKING INVOICE! JEEZ -_-

Jordan White

This place is DIRTY!!! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!!! Rented a car here, it broke down, they blamed me (for transmission issues on an automatic???) and then charged me $250 for towing without any authorization or signature or reciept or bill, and won't answer my phone calls... Have to deal with "Panda," the "boss" who apparently is never available and will "call you back" (three calls, three messages, in three days, and still no call back!). Definitely disputed the charges with my credit company... this place is SHADY!

Frederick F

Poor experience and unexpected fees! I travel frequently with my family and rent a car to go around since we are a party of five. By far this has been my worse experience with a rental car company. I booked a compact car online several weeks in advance. Upon arrival, they gave us a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta with 78,000 miles, scratched everywhere and with a loose roof liner. Halfway through our vacation, the engine light turned on. When I called them to report it and asked for guidance, I was told to just ignore it unless the car starts malfunctioning. They did not want to check the car or exchange it for another one. Obviously while touring the island, we visited several beaches and the car got sand inside. To my surprise, I got charged $82 with no warning. When I called the company to inquire about the car, I was told that that was the fee for cleaning the car since sand is very difficult to vacuum. You may find a better rate with this company but you get what you pay for. This was a hard lesson.

Jay Holmes

I'd give 0 stars if allowed. Always try and find reviews before committing to a company. Lesson learned. We booked through Expedia and PREPAID for our reservation. When I arrived at their run-down trailer, I was told because I only had a debit card on me for incidentals, it would be $1,000 deposit and an extra $25/day. Ridiculous. Had to switch to my in-laws name and put me on as an extra driver for additional $80. When we returned the vehicle, we brushed and vacuumed the interior but were charged $89 for 'excessive cleaning fee' anyway...because you know, a family of 5 in a minivan, in Hawaii, might go to the beach once or twice. STAY AWAY. They will find a way to charge you extra fees/penalties and it won't be any less than the rental companies that are a short walk across the street after you land versus taking their shuttle off site.

john nguyen

People listen to me, and take my advice...cheat deals always good...but in this case, trusts me this place will bring you headaches...this place do not even deserve 1 star...

Ashley Williams

One of the reps just hung up the phone on me when I asked him to look into lost and found for an item I may have left in the car. He looked and said it wasn't there and as I was about to thank him for looking for it, he hung up on me. Very rude to not wait until the customer is done speaking before you hang up the phone. There is not a wide variety of cars, the prices for economy size and compact are way too high..they try giving you the mini smart car for over $65 a day. I will never come back here.

kristen kaelblein

Don’t rent here!! This place is a scam, rented through kayak, read through the fine print, nowhere did it say that if you used a debit card they would charge extra. I understand most places have special requirements for debit cards, but where I have an issue is that they allow you to pay for your entire rental online without telling the precautions. When we went to pick up our rental they said it was going to be an extra $40 a day on top of what we already paid just for the fact that we had a debit card, AND they tried saying there was a $1000 deposit. We attempted to rent the car for 4 days. They also weren’t very convincing when we asked if we would get our $1000 deposit back. We decided to cancel, and they refused to refund any portion of the $84 we originally paid online. Also while we were going through our exchange, another couple had to switch to using a credit card to pay for the same reasons we chose to cancel, and they refused to refund or credit the money already paid on thier debit card for thier rental. It’s really sad how they take advantage of people on vacation who don’t have exorbitant amounts of money or options for transportation.

Keaton Ross

If I could do 0 I would! I have never been treated this way by a customer service industry. I called them to question a reservation that I made TODAY for 3 months in advance and after being yelled at by a two different employees I talked to the General Manager, named Mark Lee, and he yelled at me through the phone and I quote, "Stop flapping your gums I am not cancelling anything" I understand if things can't be cancelled but I am someone who works in the customer service industry and I know that is not how you treat customers. NO ONE GO TO THEM! Seriously not worth the trouble of making your trip suck.

Laura Maharaj

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! It is not worth the money you think you will save. We had to return the car twice during our five day trip.

Dalia chavira

TURN AROUND!!! This is the worst experience I have ever had. We rented a car from this place and it had so many Roaches yes... ROACHES... we went back the following day to exchange the car and we got a car and the breaks didnt work it also sounded like it would break down any moment. The staff was rude and one of the staff members went as far as saying "well thats what you get when you rent from economy". Super unprofessional will never rent from A1 again.

Tabatha Sabin

We booked a rental car via Priceline and read all of the fine print regarding use of debit card for rental and were told at the counter that they would have to charge us an extra $20/day to use a debit card(the car rental was only $24/day)... we decided to cancel and asked for the cancellation fee to be waived... the staff tried to show us terms and conditions from Expedia to show us their policy... we kept explaining and showing the agreement from Priceline but we’re met with very rude responses when we asked for the fee to be waived. The staff called us ‘sh**** a** customers’ when we asked for her to call her manager... she stomped off to another room and clearly didn’t call and came back and was rude again... luckily we were able to get an even better deal from ‘Advantage’ rent a car for an even better deal and very pleasant and professional staff. Do not waste your time with Economy Rent a Car!

Erick Carrero

THE WORST RENTAL CAR place EVERRR STAY AWAYYYYY 1. They wont accept the insurance you had already purchased through the booking website (obviously the price is WAY higher at the counter). 2. They will charge you random amounts after you return your car and when you call to check what they are for NO ONE is gonna know. VERY SNEAKY COMPANY STAY AWAYYYYYYYYYY

Generally Positive

I’m only giving one star because there are no 0 stars. I have never used a car rental agency with a ruder, more condescending staff, in my entire life, and I have rented many cars. One rep didn’t like what I said on the phone so he said “Oh, ok” and hung up. I tried to get him back on the line but he wouldn’t pick up. His name is Jeremy. Previously , I talked to Panda who was even ruder. I made a reservation online but didn’t know if my daughter or her boyfriend was going to drive. I called Economy and talked to a lady there, because I had to put the reservation in someone’s name. She said they could sort that out when they got to the counter. My daughter went to urgent care the night before leaving for Hawaii. So she wasn’t up to doing the driving. But when they got to the counter, they wouldn’t let my daughter put her boyfriends name down as the driver, because “no changes allowed”. They would however let him drive for an extra $50 plus tax and fees. I called and explained that my daughter was sick and her boyfriend needed to drive. Once again they reiterated “NO CHANGES ALLOWED “, even though she asked to do that right from the get-go. They are unreasonable, rude, abrasive and this has to come down from the top if they are all like this at this location, and don’t care at all about customer service. Also, they double charged me and I am having difficulty getting one of the charges removed. DO NOT waste your money. Pay a little bit more if need be, and go with a better company who cares about their clients.

Laura Bodner

Don’t waste your time they are rude and it took an hour and a half to get our car.

ronald yu

This place is no good. Got bait and switched. Booked online and they offered me a smart car instead on Toyota and had to upgrade to get a 4 door as advertised. Car I got was in bad cosmetic shape, one door did not lock simply, alignment was very far off.

Raul Cruz

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE. I booked the car 2 months in advance and thought I got a deal. We show up and suddenly because I booked it with my debit card they charged me am extra $393.00. If I didn't want to pay that, I could deposit $1000.00 and then I would still have to pay a $20.00 surcharge per day. I payed the $393.00 and the attendant claims to upgrade my car. Car is cheap, old, beat-up and air conditioner does not work. I ended up paying $600.00 plus pre-drive. If I knew I was going to pay this much, I would have gone with a better company for a nicer car. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Take pictures of everything, video record everything when you return th car. Scum company that prey on tourist when they are desperate. Again, avoid if you can, but if you do rent from here record, take pictures once you return the car. They will try to charge you extra for every small thing.

Josiah Collett

The representative that, er, helped me, was incredibly rude and incredibly condescending. Do not ask questions, because you will be belittled. I am not a hard person to please, but after 5 minutes in the office, the urge to leave was incredibly overwhelming, despite the savings. If any of my employees treated my customers this way, they would be fired. I rented the car regardless. The inside was heavily stained, the outside had dents and scratches all over it, and the windshield had a few dings. The remote on the key ring did not work. I can live with these things as the car ran just fine, but the way I was treated was just rediculous and completely unjustified. Thankfully, I did not receive any extraneous fees upon returning the car. If you want a pleasant welcome to your vacation, I would suggest spending a little extra money and going somewhere else. You’re already spending thousands on your vacation, spend the extra hundred dollars and don’t let this guy ruin your day.

Ma Ney

Worst rental place ever! The staff is rude and unprofessional. I had to wait for an hour to get my rental because they are low in staff and they are obviously overworked so they’re hungry and cranky. They gave me a rental full of scratches with a ripped back seat. Also, they tried selling me additional collision insurance AFTER I had already bought the additional insurance through hotwire because they said they would not honor collision insurance from a third party. By the way, I usually get my rentals through hotwire when I travel and have always had quality rentals and have had nothing but positive experiences, so I am surprised that hotwire is doing business with such a low class rental company. Their fleet of cars look more like salvaged cars because they are in rough shape. I got my final bill emailed to me and they over charged me. I called them to discuss my bill and the guy I spoke with was rude and said he could’t discuss my bill because they were closed already. I should have read the reviews before accepting a car from this place. Like I said, I had never had a bad experience booking through hotwire so I thought I would be okay. Lesson learned. Read the reviews before booking.

Dan Freedman

WARNING!!!Horrible rental car agency.DO NOT USE!They stole our phone from my 9 yr old son.we accidently left our phone in one of their rentals minutes after leaving for our departure.we called to have them retrieve the phone which was found by one of their employees.after giving them our address to send it back to us it was never received.we tried to call 5 different times to figure out what ultimately happend and the sales guy would just keep hanging up.yes the sales guy was very rude and short ...loosers all corrupt.please dont use this agency unless you wish to be scammed.would be a 0 star if possible.

Nina Bruchet

-10 stars . I have reported them to the police and contacted my credit card company. to give them a heads up if they give me scam charges. They are a SCAMM!! this is a used car dealership that rents out their cars illegally. They tell you any insurance coverage with your credit card is null and void with them and have to pay them cash up front and take it up with the credit card after and make you sign for it. they are not on the signs at the airport so you are stuck for 1 hour to wait for a shuttle. The service is beyond bad, its tramautic and they yell at you and call you a liar when you question it. Upon drop off it was inundated with people with issues, cars not working, people being pushed smart cars for a midsize, trunks not working so duct taped shut, doors not locking, etc. and they then leave them hanging as well. The shuttle never did pick us up so we had to get an uber to get back. The stories were tremendous. Police need to shut them down so travelers dont have this experience. It is an unbelievable experience and after renting cars all my life i was shocked by this.

uSafe Transport

FRAUD ALERT FRAUD ALERT FRAUD ALERT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES RENT A CAR HERE!!! This company is owned by Economy Rental Cars and a simple google search will reveal a long history of fraud, theft and deception. They are currently under investigation by the Financial Crimes task force and the FBI for money laundering and fraud. Do not rent a car here!!!!

Noelani Kirk

A-1 Rent A Car in Honolulu, HI was the worst experience of my life. Dealing with them ruined my trip, and they have the worst customer service (all of them are RUDE). The engine exploded on our car within 5 minutes of pick-up, on the freeway. We pulled over popped the hood, and the oil cap was popped off, and there was no oil in the car, causing pressure, and engine was shattered. When I called and told them what happened, they stated, "If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can come back and exchange your car, just make sure you fill the gas tank back up for the gas you used". I told them we couldn't even drive the car! It wouldn't turn on without shaking. We waited over 2 hours for a tow truck and new rental. The new rental only had a quarter tank of gas, and I called and spoke to the manager, Panda, and he told me to return the vehicle with only a quarter tank, and he'll put notes in my account. I returned it at 5AM (before they opened and put my keys in the drop box), and sure enough, they charged my Credit Card $10/gallon (over $100), since I returned it with a quarter tank!!! I have been trying to contact the manager (Panda) for over 3 days now, and he is never available. I finally spoke with a different manager (I didn't catch his name), and I told him the whole story, and all he said to me was, "Wait, let's back up to the first car. How much gas did you use before the engine exploded?" and I told him, "We drove 5 minutes away from your company and it exploded, so barely any gas at all". Then he told me to hold. I was on hold for 20 minutes before he hung up. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe we were disconnected and called him back, he put me on hold for over 20 minutes again and hung up again. I am disputing all charged with my Credit Card company, and reporting them to the BBB (which is an F rating, by the way)! Every review (they only have 1.8 stars) or complaint about them has been that the company charges your credit card without authorization MULTIPLE times, and will not refund or answer/respond to your calls. I have no idea how they are still in business and running this scam! I hope this helps so nobody else has to deal with these people.

carla herrera

EDIT: After making a claim with my Bank and my bank calling them (Not sure if that affected at all) I called them and customer service did a 180. CS told me that I should see a refund on my account which I did and thats why I decided to edit my original comment. —————————————————————————— 1. Shuttle driver friendly 2. Customer Service on person okay. Customer service on phone after calling because fees on my card, horrible. They just hang up and stop picking phone up after you point out their service is bad. They don’t even try to help. 3. Cars are in bad shape. Stains inside, scratches outside and needs maintenance. Beware they will charge you for this stuff if you don’t point it out and ask them to take a picture of everything on the spot. 4. Returned car with same condition, got it clean and full gas. Called before returning to make sure I didn’t have to wash the car (a bird poop on the windshield) They said that as long as I didn’t go through mud and it was very little sand to not worry. My card shows cleaning fees.

Dawn Dolson

If I could give a -1 i would . This is the worst of the worst. After waiting for an hour we finally got a car that was a POS. It broke down on day 3 on the highway - they would not come and help unless I promised to pay 250.00 ! BUT the manager .. panda or puffy .. said it would be refunded if we did not causes the car to breakdown... They took my money but not my phone calls - We waited over 4 hours (they said it would be 1 ) ANYWAY do not rent a car or bike or a pair of shoes from this idiots.

heather robinson

After waiting an extended period of time for assistance we were told the amount sent on our reservation confirmation was incorrect and that if we wanted the car we had to pay more. I even showed the agent my email confirmation. The car we got was 7 years old and very well used. Not the way we really wanted to start our vacation!!!

Kalle Bouquet

If I could give this place a zero I would. I was originally quoted 211$ ,in the end result I have been charged 530$ And continues to pull money out of my bank account. When I retunred the vehicle it was filled with gas and was cleaned inside and out. Yet still continues to charge me. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. I had to cancel my credit card and report this company as fraud.

Tracy Wood

Where do I start? This 1 star is actually a ZERO. The Better Business Bureau gives it an F rating (under 2 different names). I guess I should have read the reviews as well.. I booked through Priceline, and I am working through them to get refunded for the charges they forced me to get... insurance. I have my own. AND, they do not accept any other 3rd party insurance, including the insurance you purchased through Priceline (or whomever). I didn't purchase that, but they advised the customers that did, that a refund was not likely. For an additional 15-25 dollars PER DAY, they will insure you. If you want to cancel and go elsewhere, they will still charge you for the rental, AND they will not provide you transfers back to the airport. They charged me an additional 38.95 when I returned the car. When I called about it, I was advised that there was "no reason listed, but probably for cleaning the car," We cleaned and vacuumed the car. I've read reviews about this; I am disputing it with my CC company. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS SHADY BUSINESS. They should be out of business.

Gail Mayhew

Our experience with this rental company was far below average. First, note that the location is not actually an airport location even though they claim to be online. It’s a 10 minute shuttle. Also, we booked a rental to be picked up at 10pm months prior to leaving. A few hours before our flight I received a call to let me know that they close at 10pm so we would need to pick up our car the following day. That cost us 2 taxi rides and a few wasted hours of our first day. When I booked online I purposely booked it under my husbands name and provided all of his contact details and noted him as the primary driver. Because I paid with my credit card they charged us an additional $10 American a day because they had to add his credit card. We also never got reimbursed for the first day lost. Note too, that they charge $20 extra a day if you are under 25 years old amongst a long list of other fees. My one star goes to the shuttle driver on our way home. She was a doll.

Kyle Baby

Do not rent from this place or they will ruin your vacation. Long wait, rude customer service, unexpected fees, dirty smelly vehicles.

Leela S

I rented a Nissan Versa from these folks. The price beat every other rental company for the same time frame by almost half! They have a shuttle that picks you up at the airport. It doesn't come as frequently as the other rental car shuttles, but it does come and if it doesn't, you can always call using the courtesy phone outside and they will come. The car lot is crowded because it appears they are also a used car dealership. The car I got was kind of dirty on the interior (i.e. sand on the floor mats, sticky residue in the cupholders, some stains on the upholstery, crumbs). The car also had some damage on it (scratches, chipped light, loose rubber gasket on trunk, broken gas cap cord). So the car was a little on the junky side, but you really can't complain when you're paying so much less than the other guys. The service was decent. They don't have a lot of people working the desk and the office is small so you have to wait outside until it's your turn. They were polite and efficient. Returning the car they have a sign that tells you to wait with the car until someone comes to help you and no one came until I called them with my cell phone and said I was outside. Again, they were polite. I did not get charged any extra fees. Overall I had a pleasant experience. I was nervous about this place because of the other one-star reviews, but nothing weird happened to me. Update: I rented another car from them again from 2/4/19-2/20/19. I had another decent experience. I don't know what everyone is complaining about, but it's not a bad place, especially considering the price you pay. I rented another economy car. It was a Smart car and when I started driving it around, it felt like I was in some sort of runaway mining cart from an Indiana Jones movie. I quickly went back and explained that I felt unsafe driving this. They went out to their lot to find me another economy car, and they didn't have one available, so they gave me a Nissan Altima! It was so nice with keyless entry and push button start. It was clean. It did smell like someone had smoked in it and then sprayed febreeze to hide the smell, but I just rolled the windows down and it was fine. I was very pleased with their willingness to accommodate me. It has been 5 days now since I returned the car and I haven't seen any surprise charges show up on my credit card bill. I am totally satisfied with my experience and I would gladly rent from them again.

Inderjit Pawar

* DO NOT RENT HERE*. Far away from airport, long wait for little shuttle van. Old bad cars turn signals not working. No wipers. Very bad customer service. You don’t get what you book. Please stay away from this place book with good companies.

abby cuevas

Beware!!!!! Scam alert!!! Worst place ever! Huge scam. The employees are extremely rude and give a bad reputation to the Hawaiian community and ruin the aloha spirit of the island. They rent out cars that break down and won't do anything to help you out. Even one of the employees told me in private that this place is very shady to people. He also said if he didn't need the extra money he would quit that day. After returning our first car that broke down on the other side of the island, they said yeah that happens! Tow guy came and said he previously worked there and they scam people often. The 2nd car was full of roaches. I know there's roaches on the island, but for a car rental place that will charge you for any sand in the car , i would think they would worry about roaches in their rentals. I was hung up on when i called about my cellphone being left in the 1st car after returning the car the night before they closed. We were the last customer of the day and the first one in the morning. They lied and said there wasn't nothing in the car. The entire experience would have been ok if the employees weren't so rude. Customer service is unheard of here. They have nothing but bad reviews. Lesson learned. Hard to believe these people are even representing hawaii. Found this place through priceline. Can't believe they even have them as an option. Sadly the airport shuttles have to drop people off here because the shuttle people were nice. Go somewhere else for your own sanity.

russel bajacan

Not a fun of writing reviews but at this time I really had to. Booked a compact car last December but when we got there they gave us a two seater smart car. So, they told us that if we want the regular compact we had to upgrade it, we did since there's 3 of us for extra charge. They even told us about their insurance policy and so on....They said that I need to use the credit card that I used to book but I don't have it with me so I used my aunt's CC. The car was kinda sketchy, the headlight is not properly working which gives us the hard time driving at night. Thanks goodness we returned it safely! After our vacation I checked my credit card, there I found out that they charged us with extra fees that we don't know. I also asked my aunt to check her's and found out that she was charged with extra fees as basically we were charged double times! Called the car company and the worker said I had to talk to "Panda" but unfortunately they hanged up. Called again and no one responds! So I called Expedia for the double charges but said they they will contact the company. After a week Expedia said that the company didn't see any double charges! I have no choice but to call my credit card company and dispute charges! Take note...workers are very unprofessional!!!!!

Rustin Wayas

Terrible! DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Poor customer service! Vehicle stalled twice while at intersection. Radio screen inop as well as auxiliary port. After arriving home they charged my card! Called to find out what charge was for, to clean the vehicle. Asked for clarification on what excessive was and was told “Yeah, so it’s our job to clean your dirty car?” Company rep then hung up. Yeah, not a good experience! STILL dealing with the company. Unfortunately, I had to give a one star although I would have given no stars!!!

Mitchell Cruser

He was cussing and yelling at me all I wanted was some help to rent a car for my family

Amanda Labourot

This company is a nightmare. Expedia tried to call them to explain our flight had been canceled due to bad weather and still they charged us for a no show. We had the hardest time tracking the translation because they rent as Economy Rent-a-car and charge as A1 car sales... it really look like a scam and they were super rude on the phone with a big attitude making fun of our French accent. Avoid them big time !

Kristine Glorioso

Worst rental ever! Do not waste your time and money. I booked an economy car online and the description said hyundai accent or similar which accommodates 4 people and 3 bags. When we get to the rental place, the agent was giving us a two-seater smart car! I was showing the agent my reservation and told her the car that I reserved was for 4 people. She was very unhelpful and said that the website was wrong. How am I supposed to know that??. She even said that they don’t have any Hyundai Accent model and they are in the process of updating the website. Needless to say, my two little kids are now cranky from the ling flight so we rented a four-door sedan for a much higher price but what can we do. Now, returning the car. Our contract said car is due at 3pm. We arrived at the lot at 3pm. The way they do it there, you have to park your car to the side and wait for an agent to come to you to inspect. Fair enough. However, the agent didn’t come out until 15 min later. The shuttle driver had to even wait for us to take us to the airport. When my husband tried to let them know, Kristen was very snappy and told him he has to wait by the car. Finally, she came out and inspect the car. I thought everything was ok. Nothing was said. An hour later, I received a text from my credit card company that there was a charge for $49 from this company. I was very annoyed at this time. When I called them to inquire, they were saying that we returned the car late so they were charging us for another day! I told then that we were not. They kept insisting that the car was due at 2:10pm. I said not according to the contract that you gave us. It was due at 3 and we were at their lot and it took them 20 min to come out. I told them to look at the contract. Their answer...they hang up. Great customer service! When I called again, they said there is nothing they can do and I should just call my credit card company. That is what I did and my card company assured me after I explained about the unauthorized charge that they will investigate it as it could be considered fraud. Needless to say, this is the first and last time we will use this company. Save yourself the aggravation.

Sparrow Beth Linderborg

I booked my rental car online for the 17 days I was in Honolulu. When I got the place to rental car they told me it was going to be more then my original daily price because I was using a debit card, on top of a very large deposit that I would not get back until returned the car. The woman at the counter was very rude and impatient. I was left with not option other then to leave without my rental car. I was a very unpleasant experience. I will never use this company again! Use a reputable company even if it is more! BEWARE!

Hamish Bennie

Absolutely disgusted with this company. Doesn't even deserve 1 star rating!! Booked a car to pick up not even an hour after booking to find they would not let me drop it to where I booked to drop it, I couldn't drop it back there so we had to cancel the booking. Found out after a day that they charged me $35 for a 1 day reservation fee! Lady on the phone was rude and refused to do anything about it. 0/10 in my books.

Amrit Mahal

I wish I could give this place ZERO stars! Horrible customer service and the car that was given to us was destroyed on the inside. It had ripped seats and smelled really bad. I would not recommend going with this place no matter the price...

Victoria Solis

Not bad, easy pick up and drop off like any other rental company.

Jessi Hixson

They told us we could either pay $800 for insurance, or only get our rental for 3 days instead of 12!

Etvz0422 04221970

The staff were very friendly no issues.

XJ Wang

Be careful this rental car company; this little scratch cost me $1000; they suppose to provide me an itemized repair estimates, but after 4 months, they have not provided anything. When I called them, they asked me to provide a damage picture. I'll live without this $1000, but the A1 Rental car's deceitful practice makes me sick. Honolulu is a beautiful place to visit, don't let this kind of company ruins your perfect vacation there. Cheers!

Leo Prasath

Very bad service. Car was very bad. Many parts inside the car damaged. They said car is good and took return. Did not give receipt or email receipt when requested specifically. But charged a Cleaning fee $40 without infirmation a day after return. I had to call to figure out that the fee was for cleaning. Would recommend picking the slightly expensive known brands. It will work out same price at the end.

Joy MacDaniels

Absolutely the worst place we have ever rented a car from. If I could give them zero stars I would. Kristin over there was absolutely the rudest person ever! She was trying to prove a point to me by pulling out paperwork and reading off something, that didn't even justify her arguing with me. When I pointed that out, she then stormed off outside saying how I was an idiot. I hardly ever write reviews, but felt compelled to tell people to go somewhere else to rent your car! It's not worth being treated like garbage by rude staff to try and save a few bucks. So much for the "Aloha" spirit. Kristin started our trip off on the wrong foot, thankfully we were able to laugh about her once we got out of there!

Adam Tam

WORST car hire company I have dealt with in my life. If you are international customer just don't deal with them. They will rip you off and abuse you as well for the convenience!

Montana Motor Company

FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD This company is committing criminal fraud on a large scale. Please do not rent here. They are currently under federal investigation and hopefully someone will be arrested soon and held accountable. They will illegal charge your credit car hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Please take warning!

Kelly Marchant

I travel a lot and have had a varied level of customer service, however the three employees I encountered at this place rates at the very bottom. I knew the location was off the airport but did not expect it to be as far as it was. When we arrived at the location I felt that I arrived in someone’s back yard that was selling cars at their house. The office was a trailer which I don’t mind, people were sitting outside because you walk in and sign your name on a list and then are told to wait outside until your name is called. Now comes the fun part, it was just two of us this trip so we rented the “special” which stated it was a compact or higher. We were not needing any special size so I thought a compact is fine. Well to my surprise and the car they offered me was a smart car. I never would have thought a car rental company would consider a golf cart type car as a compact car for an island rental. When I questioned the agent she said he fiat was rented and that is all I had to choose from. They had me because I didn’t want to take the 20 min drive back row the airport so I paid the extra $10 a day to get what I consider a compact. The positive and reason for the 1 star is the car was reliable, it had 76,000 miles and sand in the carpet but in ran good. When we brought the car back and asked for a receipt we were abruptly told the hand written piece of paper we got when we rented the vehicle was the receipt. So unprofessional and uncaring. As we joined those that were waiting for the shuttle back to the airport we found out they had been waiting for over an hour, unbelievable. I went in to ask if someone could take us to the airport and was told NO WE CANT TAKE YOU, YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE SHUTTLE. I said some have waited over an hour and she said I already told them I called the shuttle and they are on their way. Can this get worse, oh yeah. When the shuttle finally came the driver said how long have you been waiting? The one girl said an hour and 10 minutes, the shuttle driver said “you don’t need to give me attitude.” I am a leader of a customer service organization and I thought I have seen it all, but this is a new low. I will never rent from them, will tell all my friends and if I owned the franchise I would fire the three girls I dealt with immediatly. Moral of the story, pay more for a reputable company that doesn’t have a 1.7 customer service rating.

Esteban Reyes

Never renting a car from this awful company again! Worst experience ever.

Rahil Nooristani

Worst than anything you ever experienced. The van we rented out is infested with bedbugs and cockroaches. DO NOT rent or even close to this place.

Jasmine Benson

The worst experience we’ve ever had with any establishment or business. Don’t not rent from here. There was only one plus: The shuttle guy was extremely polite and just a “people person”. Best of luck to him—and only him.

Steven Burkett

They tripled my bill when I arrived. It was 8pm and I pretty much had to pay or be stranded

vimal patel

I had booked my car through Priceline.I got Nissan Altima (57000 mileage ).Fourth day on my vacation we went to eat at Amina pizzeria.My car was not starting ,so I called AAA and jump start it.AAA did battery test and told me that need to change battery.I called them and they told me to come to replace it. As soon as we pulled in one of their employee SARAH told my wife -why did you park here,who told you to park here.You supposed to park there.All the employee working there looks like miserable and do not deserve to be there.I been so many places and so many times rented the car,but this was the worst of worst experience.They gave me Toyota Camry with 81000 mile and broken interior and worse smelling.They do not deserve even zero star.If there is negative stars,I will give that.Do not RENT to this company.

Farhad Ghassemi

Horrible company and horrible customer service. Beware of their hidden fees and their uncommon practices in their contracts.

pang yik Nip

My experience here was absolutely terrible. As soon as I got there they began adding on fees that were not mentioned in their website. I thought I was getting a deal by using them over other places but I ended up paying WAY more than I would have at another rental company. I book a full size car .they don’t have car for me .they said I was late .they only can downgrade with same price or pay for upgrade . Overall I'd say this company is out to scam you out of your money and you should search for a more reliable company while

Jen Leigh

I would never rent from this company again. I went through Kayak and paid with my debit. They took the money but when I arrived for pickup they tried adding on an extra $45 in fees per day and I ended up using my credit card and creating a second transaction. They then told me that I only had a 50% chance at being refunded my debit card money, effectively charging me double for the same car. Fortunately Economy did reimburse me. The staff was very rude and the car itself was terrible. It was stained throughout the interior, you could tell the vehicle had been in an accident. It shook when it drove. I would never, EVER rent from this place again. Next time I will go to Enterprise or Avis for $5 more a day. Please trust me when I say that the small "savings" you think you're getting is not worth the extra fees they try to tack on. The place is a dump and there's a reason it gets 1.9 stars people...

Andrew Gliga

Worst experience for renting a car. Waited about 2 hours to get a car. (30 mins for a shuttle to arrive and take us to this remote location, 1 hour in line, and then about 30 mins for them to help you to get your car). I believe their excuse was their system was down Didn't really save money just wasted time. Staff was okay but didn't care at all to accommodate people. Avoid at all costs. Shuttle driver was nice though.

Dewayne Standridge


Hamed Ismailzadeh

AVOID AVOID AVOID! Turn back and go to another rental company at all costs. Just read what they want you to sign off on and their ratings on google and Yelp! They promised me a car, with toddler seat, confirmation email had a picture of a four door, they wanted to give me a smart car!!! Lol! Then they told me I’m cancelling so they want to charge me a fee for cancellation! Are you crazy?

Saed Alnaimat

I was given a small Nissan with 68,000 miles on it. The car was in bad shape, making noises, already had a large bump on driver’s door and another one at the back. I couldn’t return it because they made me sign on the contract that I will lose my money if I return it prior to due date. We had to wait for 1 hour in lines to pick up this car. They should let this car retire rather than rent it to people.

Blake Watkins

We booked through Expedia and had physical copies of our reservations. The woman working the counter was extremely unhelpfuland tried to increase charges to get what we had been told we already booked. The rest of the experience was sour as she was unprofessional the rest of the time, not responding when we talked to her and mumbling through whatever script the company gives her. Get a better, cheaper experience anywhere else. If Expedia isn't representing your company properly you need to stop doing business with them and putting the financial burden of your poor practices onto the customer

ColorMeSparkly2011 .

Dont waste your time here.... go to Alamo.

Bob Heide

Shocking review: Called Economy A1 in Honolulu to extend my two-week car rental by 1 day. The representative who answered the call was the most nasty and demeaning person I have ever spoke to. . The car rental reservation representative not only told me to shut up while he was looking up my rental agreement. When I responded by saying “that’s very amusing you would treat a current rental customer so poorly” he responded with a physical threat saying; If you don’t shut up, ill give you amusing! The car rental was extended and he hung up the phone. I called an Economy/ A1 rental supervisor who said they will review the call center recording of the threat made. . But I made it clear that this would be a police matter if I am ever physically threatened again. Clearly “Aloha” does not apply to everyone, especially gang members who cannot separate street talk and there need to fight, from customer service skills while working. Never again will I rent from Economy/ A1 in Honolulu.

kornflakez .

Do NOT use this company - highly deceptive practices. They quoted us $300 & charged us $750. When we said we'd bring the car back to get a partial refund, they won't refund anything. Highly unprofessional - I wish we'd read the reviews on this place before we rented the car. BUYER BEWARE

Audrey Hopkins

This company is very cheap; that is why we went with them. If you are willing to put up with a car in terrible disrepair and a certain amount of abuse from lazy employees, then you can save money by booking with them. That being said, I don't think the cheap price is worth it. The car was an old Camry. It pulled left, hard. The dash was sticky. It did not smell pleasant or clean. Check in was fast. Check out was fast. The shuttle caused a bub of drama. Pick up at the airport was fine; the place is 20 minutes from the airport. The shuttle to the airport was a confusing nightmare. The driver today-- a heavyset middle-aged man with a buzz cut who refused to share his name-- refused to take us and another couple to the airport. He was driving their yellow shuttle bus. He claimed the shuttle bus was only for pick up; this was apparently a rule he made up to support his own laziness. We instead we taken in a white van by a much more pleasant (of not overly helpful with loading/unloading bags) guy. This place definitely earned it's less than 2-start overall rating. No "Aloha".

Ryan Craig

In addition to being completely understaffed and waiting hours (literally) for your vehicle, the return process is equally inconvenient. A one star ranking is for the extra charge that i incurred with no explanation on their end. I returned the car, looked it over with the staff, gave them the keys and said thanks. 4 days later i receive a $39 fee on my credit card. No email, no phone as to why. I call them about 6 different times over the course of a week, never could have my call answered. Tried to find an email for some feedback on my receipt and none was listed. I replied to our original email link and it was sent back - stating technical issues on the email link. Now i'm having my credit card company attempt to get some answers. When you're in Hawaii expect to pay more for everything - might as well rent from ANYONE others then these guys because whatever "deal" you think you might have got will probably come back in different charges and you're guaranteed to start your trip off nice and annoyingly, by waiting and waiting and waiting....

Irina gavrilov

Bunch of ignorant jerks. The main guys acted like we do him a favor for renting beat up cars from him. we had 2 cars rented, both had dents in them and a huge dent on the left fender. He was rushing us off the lot since it was 15min before closing. When trying to extend for 4 hours and when I asked if there is a charge he rudely replied " of course, nothing is free". Learn customer services and you might get better star ratings. Avoid this place!!! update: called back to extend time by 4 hours. previously was told there will be extra charge. when I called to extend I was told no extra charge, gentlemen was nice this time. maybe there is hope for this place. changing to 4 stars

Dolly Case

I wish you could see reviews from the websites that show you the rental price comparisons. I'll be checking from now on. Our experience started at the airport. As we stood waiting, the big nice shuttles for the other rental places passed by us. Then an old, dingy, white stalker van pulls up and this poorly groomed man jumps out and opens the door for us. The seat is broken, the upholstery filthy and there are several tacky signs begging for tips on the consul. Wary of even getting in the van, we figure we need to get out rental car so away we went. Many other reviewers talk about how far from the airport it is. I wasn't too worried about that, there is a shuttle and when you're looking for the best price on something you sacrifice things like proximity to the airport. So for me, that wasn't a big deal. When we pulled up to the place, however, I was worried. It's a used car lot that also rents cars. There's a trailer that serves as the office only it's so small you can't even go in to the office to wait to be helped. You stand on the porch and wait for your name to be called. Service was slow, but it was busy so that's understandable. Our car was clean, worked well and we didn't have any problems there. I was quite worried though, just the look and feel of the place was shady. We had a wonderful 14 days on the island without incident. Because of the feel of the place, we arrived 30 minutes before our car was due back. The gentleman who checked us in was very friendly and helpful, assured us that everything looked great and there was nothing more we needed to do. We'd been home a week when I checked my credit card statement. I have been billed two fees, one an $88 cleaning fee and the other a $89 late fee. It took till the 3rd contact with the company to learn what the two different fees were. During the phone calls, when I asked what time the computer showed I returned the car, I was told I would have to speak to the manager. When I asked the first two times what the charges were for, I was again referred to the manager. I'm still waiting to hear back from the manager. Just avoid the headache. I don't know what the price difference between here and one of the other companies would be, but I'm realizing now that it would have been worth paying the extra. Buyer beware.

Chloe Rose

Absolute worst experience. I use to rent from them often but the last time was horrific. Car’s battery was dead and they jumped it, next morning completely dead again and had to have my own insurance tow it to a local shop to get a new battery because it would not jump. When I called asked them about this they said they couldn’t help because it was a weekend and good luck. Not to mention the car was given to me with 1/4 tank but it was not marked on the street as that. When I called them about this and showed pictures, they said it was fine and they would mark it. Two months after return (I sat in return lot for 1 hour) I had an additional $160 charge on my car! I called three additional times to find out what this charge was, they said to hold and then would disconnect the phone!! Complete scam company. Do not go here EVER.

Randy Wong

Amex travel has the economy as a 4door. Economy (same place as A-1) said they only have 2 door Smart cars and it would be $10/day to upgrade. FYI, their website only charges $3 a day more for the upgrade, but suddenly, a cancelation fee is now the blocker. Double check your bookings and dont fall for their bait and switch.

Olivia White

Horrible horrible place, staff unprofessional and trying ripe you off! Website states $20 a day additional charge for using a debit card but the employee tells us $45 a day plus have to add on insurance which is another $20 a day but website says $11 a day. So my rental has now gone from only $160 for the week on the website to almost $600. I have used my debit card for other rental places and have never been told I would be charged so much. Didn't want to pay the much so we decided to leave but ended up getting charged almost $40 for their inconsistency and incompetence. Don't waste your time with this place...I actually give them -5 stars!

Diego Rod

Wish I could leave 0 stars.... , They charged me $96 just after returning the car. They say its because it was returned with a half tank, however I filled it up completely just before returning it. Since I'm really careful with the cars I drive, I also vaccum cleaned it and washed it before returning it, to my surprise I was also charged for cleaning it!!! DO NOT USE THIS CRAPPY PLACE


We had a group of 14. Had no problems being picked up from the airport in a timely manner and shuttled to the lot. They got us checked in for two minivans fairly quick and they even had the air conditioning running for us so that we got into a cool car. Would use them again!

Kenneth Krucina

Do not waste your time. Tons of additional charges that blew the final price through the roof. I would recommend you do some research ahead of time instead of going with these guys.

Andrew DaBell

Horrible experience. The rental car we rented was in really bad shape. The engine was making noises and the tire was flat from day 1. Not to mention the awful smell inside. When I call and asked for help I figured they'd bring me another vehicle. The answer I received was they were short staffed and I'd have to drive 60 minutes if I wanted another car. These guys just don't care and customer service is horrendous. On top of all this they charged more than they said they would for the 3 hours I was late in returning the car. I was fully aware I'd have to pay an additional day and I was fine with that @ $35.00. When I got my statement they charged me $60.00 for the additional day. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!

Sarah Case

This place is ridiculous. Booked online. Still had a 2 hour wait and when my name was called and I went to pay for it with my debit mastercard and they told me that they were gpong to charge me an additional $20/day surcharge and I would have to have a $1000 deposit. All because of a debit card which I have plently of money to cover! We were going to rent for 14 days and spend about $1000 already!!! Plus the ad at least an additional $700. Wow. We cancelled and they still charged us $76. B. S. Dont book!!!

Bill Clark

It really should be no stars. The car was filled with roaches. I mean large healthy cockaroaches!!! This place is a joke. Avoid, Avoid, AVOID!!!

Mafer Pinilla

Worst experience!!!! Don't rent from them!!!. Location is not near the airport, as they advertise. Not only that, the price goes up once you are there. The price I got over the internet including insurance was 182.98 for 4 days . This price was not even close with what I was charged. they added 236.89 for their own insurance plus 98.85 for an extra day. I ended up paying over $520.

Theresa Ridge

Do not rent from this company! Again, do not rent a car period from this company. Their phone system is set up to where if you want to cancel your reservation, you won't be able to get through. Price line intervened, to help me. They called them to cancel three times, each time she briefly spoke to the Sales department, who transferred the call to their reservations department, three times and all three times, the call was dropped. When I finally got through, I gather the guy in the sales department answered, I said please don't transfer this call to reservation, I would like to just cancel my reservation. So Mark the manager transfered me to reservations, while I was still talking, I was now speaking to Steven in the reservations department. While speaking to Steven in reservation department he and another guy in the background were both laughing at me while canceling my reservation. I learned the name of the person who was laughing in the background was his Manager Mark. Now, picture I'm in the process of canceling my reservations, both Steven and Mark are both laughing at me. So I said, so you think this is funny, you giving me the run a run with canceling my reservation. I ask who is that guy laughing in the background, he tells me, it's Mark his office manager. These people were both rude, unprofessional and steven swore, cursed at me. He used the "F" word - he told me to " F" off. So I just hung up. Fyi, the reason I decided to cancel, was because, after a week of making the reservation online with Price line, I stumbled upon a lot of very negative reviews. And that's when I decided to cancel my reservations and you the readers, knows the rest of my experience with their customer service. "On trip advisors, A1 Economy Rent A Car, has have a long list of "bad" reviews"! Remember, their business set up, their phone system makes it hard to talk to a live person, you need to be persistent, in order to cancel your reservation. And if the Sales department transfers your call to the reservations department, I bet you your calls aren't being dropped, it's more like reservations department hanging up, why you ask? A great way to prevent people from canceling their reservations. As the Japanese word for danger, "abunai" don't ever rent a car from these people. Please read the many negative reviews about them, see for yourself! I have never heard of this company before, therefore I made a huge mistake with giving this company, the benefit of a doubt; the worse decision I made!!! I typed this to help anyone else from making the same mistake! One of the bad reviews mentioned, they were charged for a hefty cleaning bill, erroneously! The car was given to the renters in a poor status in the first place!!

Jd Porter

What a rip off! This place and it’s employees are absolute scum bags. Charging my card $ after I renturned their vehicle in excellent condition. I call them on the phone and they lie and become rude and hostile when they are confronted. They should go to prison.

Seung-Yeon Kim

DO NOT RENT & BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY, IT WILL RUIN YOUR EXPERIENCE IN HAWAII!! The only good thing (1 star) about this place was the shuttle drivers who were nice. However, the customer service is EXTREMELY TERRIBLE and the company is very sketchy. Our credit card we booked the reservation with expired between the time of booking and checking in. When we got there and told them they told US to dispute the charge with the credit card company while they will charge us again because they are third-party administrator for Economy Rental Car. I asked for a phone number to call Economy Rental Car on the spot but they did NOT have the phone number to the headquarters. WHAT?! Like how can you call yourselves a branch when you don't have any means to contact the headquarters? We were so upset, and then the agent goes 'can you not give me attitude? it's a stressful day for me already. WTF????? Who talks to a customer like that?' So okay fine, we will dispute the charge because we need a car to get around and it's 90s outside, and then we went to pick up the car. It was literally a car from the 1990s with no USB port and extremely dirty. I learned my lesson. NEVER again. I will be only renting from big companies from now on. I was trying to save a few bucks and got charged double (I just filed a dispute) AND got a car that should be totaled already. Also, we legit cleaned/vacuumed the car before returning after reading about their cleaning charges (after the vacuum it was CLEANER than what we received) but they still charged $39.85. I will be disputing that charge as well. Friends, PLEASE DON'T RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. SAVE YOUR TRIP FROM BEING RUINED BY THIS COMPANY. NO ALOHA SPIRIT HERE AT ALL. THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

Bran and Ann Nguyen

Arrived in the shuttle from the airport with two other groups. They were all in and out with their rental cars within 10 minutes. The shuttle came and dropped off two more parties, who all received their cars before my husband and I. The woman who helped us was moving so slow, and was so unfriendly. We mentioned being on our honeymoon, and she said we should be paying for an upgrade, insinuating my husband is cheap. We were at the lot for 40 minutes, with a car already reserved for us but still managed to spend this much time. The other employees were working way harder, and had a way better atmosphere. It was a terrible way to start our honeymoon. 10 days later, when returning the car we were helped by the same unfortunate woman. (Her name might’ve been Melissa) She was in a better mood than last time but still managed to put a damper on our time. We were waiting next to the sign for the shuttle that reads “arrives every 10/15 minutes” While standing there for 20 minutes, another couple joins us and informs us that the woman told them to tell us she “forgot” to call the shuttle. They were worried we were going to miss our flight, would’ve been nice if she had the same empathy. A few minutes later, the woman returns and also tells us she “forgot” with an evil smirk. Don’t believe she really forgot, and wouldn’t recommend renting here unless you have unlimited time and patience to spare.

Ko'olina Pahulu

I reserved for the cheap price, and I realize that anything cheap means all bets are off. I was never warned to not use a debit card (I have used a debit card with rental car places before). You do have to wait long and the workers there are very unprofessional with the way they speak to each other, as well as to the customers. When I got to the front desk they basically said I have to pay over $1000 because I used a debit (I prepaid for the car). Then when I asked for a refund and to replace the reservation on my Credit card (so I wouldn't have to pay the fee), they said I need to email to get my money back.... because that's what customer service is about... making the customer go out of their way to make the company comfortable.... makes sense. The person who helped me then let me know that there was no car reserved for me (a prepaid reservation) and she was so kind as to give me a size up stating that she'll get in a lot of trouble for that, but she doesn't care. Shows how they treat their staff for making the customers feel cared for. I called in to ask if I could bring the car a little later, because I was running late. The man on the end of the phone was upset and asked what time I was bringing it back. I tried to explain why it would be a little later and he interrupted and said to just tell him the time. So I did and he said okay and hung up on me... before I could even ask if I would be charged. Seriously the RUDDEST customer service I have ever encountered. When I returned the vehicle, I made sure it was spotless and filled, so they couldn't find any reason to fine me. When we got there, the workers yelled at us to move the car out of the way and the bus driver insulted us for having "too many bags". I will NEVER rent here again.

iLove Dogs

Absolute worst car rental agency ever! Charged my credit card twice with no explanation. Extremely rude and aggressive employees. Their rentals are rattle traps and dangerous. Booked through Expedia and the online price was not honored for an extra day charge (which was the same day, but returned after 9 AM). A-1 rent a car needs to be investigated for theft fraud, and abuse. This review is fair warning to potential customers. Save yourself the grief and despair of dealing with these crooks. Pay the extra bucks and go elsewhere!

David Comfort

Charged a cleaning fee because there was sand on the floorboards. They’re rude, unhelpful, and grifters. Go elsewhere or use Turo.

Angel Woods

Was not told about surcharges for using my debit card when I booked rental, I used the website while talking to them and I had informed them about my card they didnt say anything. So after going to there office and was told about the surcharges I decided to not go through with the rental and use budget, wrong move they hit you with a no show fee plus rental fee for a day . save you time and headaches use the well known establishments before using this place.

Joshua Esperanza

Horrible Experience! Like many other reviewers, I wish I would have read the reviews and ratings first. We did have to wait a bit longer for the shuttle than all of the family we traveled with, since there appears to be only one but that wasn't a big deal. The driver was great! The van we rented was completely dirty, mud all over which my mother cleaned up (while I was waiting to finalize the paperwork) since we are not the type to usually complain. The van also stalled on me multiple times in rush hour traffic. When I called to see if we could exchange it, the lady on the phone said I would just have to bring it in, they could not bring one out to us. She acted like she could not care less and did not even apologize for the fact I would have to drive across town wasting precious vacation time with my family. Worst part of all is I was sent a finalized receipt and everything looked fine but then happened to check my account a few days later and was charged $50 with no explanation, email or anything. I have now called 8 times and been given the run around. Each time being told they cannot see what the charges were and would have to speak with a manager. Unfortunately, the managers are never there. The reps that answer the phone keep telling ME to callback or they take my name and number but I never receive a call. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!! THIS IS THE FIRST REVIEW I HAVE EVER WRITTEN BECAUSE I FEEL THAT STRONGLY ABOUT IT AND DO NOT WANT OTHERS TO HAVE THEIR VACATION RUINED BY THIS JOKE OF A RENTAL COMPANY!! Cars are junk and they do not have any empathy for the customer and lack the overall ability to even assist with a simple explanation of charges!!

bai yan

Full gas return car. But charge my credit card $97 , why, phone never pick up. When I arrived, i felt not good.

julie Macabee

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! Look at their reviews! Then google Economy Rental Cars and you will see pages and pages of FRAUD and THEFT!!! DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!

Vic L.

They snuck a $39.85 'cleaning charge' on my bill after returning the car, which I discovered by going through credit card statement. I foolishly rented there after reading the negative reviews.

Jessica Brooks

When I read the reviews I feel like I need to share my experience. I booked an economy car through Expedia. From the beginning I was not expecting red carpet treatment, I just needed a dependable car for our stay. When we arrived at the airport the shuttle was waiting and the driver was very friendly. When I went through the paperwork process, it was straight forward, I declined their insurance and used my own coverage. No problem. No extras. I was given a nice dependable car, better than my own at home. The car was in great condition and I had no problems. When I returned the car there was a wait to get checked in, but in the end it was a straight forward and I did not have any problems. I would give a 5 star, but the wait on return was kind of confusing.

Adrian-Gabriel Furculita

They force foreign drivers to buy insurrance packages which double the cost of the actual car .The cars are in bad shape too; bad brakes and bad mpg, also dirty. Just stay away.

D Gman

A-1 Rent A Car (Economy) was a less than a positive experience. This location is off the beaten path WEST of the Airport about 10 -15 minutes away. As we drove up to the location, I thought I was going to a Used Car Lot, with cars for sale with pricing on the windshield. Their office is a portable trailer that can hold 3 customers at a time. I was asked to wait outside in the heat until the next rep was available. When it was time to get our Compact Car, they said that they were out of the 4 seater, but do have a 2 seater SMART CAR available. We are a family of 4 and needed a 4 seater. They said that we could upgrade to the level for $20 per day or another $140 for the week. We said that most rental place would automatically upgrade to the next level when they are sold out of the car. The rep said "We are NOT the other rental company". We asked to double check to see if something may have recently been returned that we could get into.... after several minutes, the rep came back and said we can upgrade you to the next level, but this is not normal and I had to get the manager's approval. The car they gave us was in really bad shape... lots of scrapes, scuffs on bumper, rubber seal in trunk coming off, steering column vibrating, and divots on the roof. I would NEVER use this company again.... you get what you pay for and LESS. Reps are RUDE and don't care, never have I ever met Hawaiians with this type of attitude. This company SUCKS!

xx KymboSlice

If I could give zero stars I would. Booked through Priceline. Came to pick up from the airport. Told me to wait outside for me to be called. I waited and waited. Finally went back inside to see when I would be up next saw my name was crossed off. Asked them about it they said they called me twice but I never responded (I was standing right outside). Ok fine I’ll wait. Finally got called agan. Couldn’t pick up with my husbands cc even though that is how it was booked. So had to cancel the reservation. Checked my account. They charged me for the day so I called to ask about it and they said I never showed up so they charged me for the day. Asked them how they could charge us if we couldn’t use it in the first place and they hung up on us. Don’t waste your money here.

Dan Caram

Terrible car. Terrible Customer Service. I wish I had read the reviews of the place first. Look at Google Reviews or you can go to Trip Advisor and search for this place and you will see how terrible it is. My car was given to me dirty, light hanging from the inside of the trunk, the A/C was not working properly (it was just mostly cool - not cold), the Service Engine Now light was on, the check tire pressure light was on. The customer service was horrific. When I tried to tell the girl about these problems, she starting talking to someone else! Totally ignored me. I said, "I'm not done!". She told me - "Sorry about your experience" - then proceeded to talk to another customer. Even my kids told me - "That lady didn't care at all". I would never, ever recommend this place, or rent from them again. Spend a few more dollars and rent from a trusted place.

Johnny Grissom

Worst car rental experience of my life. Add -ons more than doubled the price of the vehicle. Service was extremely slow. Airport shuttle driver was very rude to customers. Definitely would not rent from this company again!!!

Shawna Baldridge


Michael Kim

Not what I expected for an airport car rental. I usually go with Dollar, Avis, Alamo, Enterprise, or Hertz but since I found A-1 via Kayak, and the price was a lot cheaper, I thought I try A-1 since they're close to the airport and provide shuttle to the airport. Check-in was simple and drove off with a Nissan. It had about 35k miles, a little wear and tear inside, but overall in fine condition. A few days later in Waikiki, I see a ticket on the windshield, thinking I got a parking ticket but how could that be since there were no parking restrictions where I had parked. After further review of the citation, it was a ticket for expired tags and inspection! How does a car rental not promptly pay their car registration? This was a first. I took the car in and got a replacement. Made sure the second vehicle had current tags. I got an older Toyota Corolla, ~100k+ miles, a bit banged up, the driver seat would move an inch or two when I braked suddenly. The condition of the car was less than par but it did the job. I didn't want to waste any more valuable vacation time on it. At least with my experience, the staff was nice and they were friendly to talk to.

Ross Scarcia

I saw the bad reviews... I should have listened. I rented from them for 2 weeks, and the Fiat I rented was infested with roaches. I showed the employee at the front desk. And he told me to tell a manager- I went back three times, and the manager was never there. Then they had the gall to Charge me $314- more than the amount I paid to rent the car) because they claimed they found pet hair in the vehicle. Management was absent and non-responsive when I tried to reach them. Use TURO- same price or cheaper, with generally higher quality.

Joy Ademuyewo

This place is a waste of your time and money. We got an old, very damaged car, with the USB outlets GONE from it and we found out as we were about to drive off, only to be told that the company already KNEW that it was missing and didn’t tell us about it (and could have potentially charged us for the damage!). They also refused to give us another car because they didn’t have any more sedans and it would have been an upgrade

Yosuke Hamazaki

Contrary to the other reviews about A-1, Our experience was Great! Shuttle drivers to & from were very nice guys... then at the office there was a very proffessional , courtious agent . thumbs up !


LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!!! Cheaper isn't necessarily saving. Just returned from Hawaii and rented from A1 economy car rental. Scams artists at best. I returned my car in the same condition that I rented it in. I was given a thumbs up that upon my returning of the car everything was in perfect ordered, I even walked the car with the girl that examined it. She gave me a thumbs up, when I returned home, I was sent an email with new photos of the car which looks like someone wiped pink paint on the side of the car and part of the bumper. Interesting thing is I never saw this as I had walked around the car, and the photo was timed stamped two hours after I dropped it off. And of course they have you sign that the car will be audited later for damages, at that point how do you prove who did what?? I guess if you can't make money the honest way, then you have to resort to scamming people. I decree and declare that this company will go out of business for dishonest practices. I am protected in the mighty name of Jesus!! Vengeance is yours and you shall repay , sayth the LORD! I am covered in the blood of Jesus!! God sees the truth!!

Martin Soon

Terrible customer service. We were given a car with a broken console. Went back in to report it to the staff, was told not to worry. Upon returning the vehicle, we also reported other faults, was told they would have given us another car, but didn’t even offer to compensate us. Charged us full price. While on the phone dealing with a lingering issue, the representative hangs up the phone on me. The staff talk very condescendingly to you.

jay benny

TERRIBLE customer service! I was hung up on twice just trying to tell them I was going to be a few mins late to pick up my reservation.He was very disrespectful and had a terrible attitude.

Shirron West

If I could give 0 stars then I would. Had a reservation got there and waited an hour for the car. I asked why it took so long the guy at the desk said, " Everyone waits here" with an attitude. Get the car drive about 40 mins to the hotel the service light comes on and when i made a turn the steering wheel squeaked. Called to let them know some guys says it will be fine. Next day get up drive it same issues. Next day I didn't drive it. Next morning woke up headed to the airport, car won't start!! Called economy a man answers I tell him the car won't start. He tells me to call my insurance and get a jump because I probably left something on and the battery was dead. Me: ummh no You can send someone out I don't have time to wait because I have to catch my plane. Him: If I send someone out it will be a $350 charge. Me: ummh why its your car i paid for the extra insurance so it shouldn't be a charge. Then he began yelling at me telling me he's not sending anyone and i needed to take care of it then hangs up on me. Called back asked to speak to the supervisor he tells me, " Im the only one here" then hangs up again. Needless to say I left the car and the key at the hotel called and left a message to let them know where it was. I blocked my credit card so they can't try and charge me anything extra. Do not go to Econmy rental car in Honolulu They are rude and cars are ragedy, low budget. April, 2019

Rob .

Booked night before. Experience was excellent. Two young guys at checkin were very helpful and polite. Car was in clean condition. Upon my return the process was flawless. Arrived and assisted by Brian. Brian was very courteous and talkative. Shuttle driver, Andy, was a pleasure to meet and professional in his approach. Only one thing to mention is the uninviting attitude from one gentleman when I returned and asked for guidance. It is very simple to say “ How can I help you” or “My pleasure”. I only mention this so that when the manager has a meeting it can be brought up. Would recommend the agency. I write reviews because I read reviews and base my decisions on the reviews I read.

Lisa Clement

Not even worth 1 star! Extremely rude customer service, so unprofessional. Bed bugs and cockroaches in the first vehicle we were issued. When explained the situation we lost 3 hours out of our day making the exchange. No apologies, no reimbursements for bug bombs we used in the car. No compensation what so ever. This vehicle also had a running light out in the back. Which we found out by a person following us. The second vehicle had a "DO NOT RENT, CAR IS SOLD" sign on the console. So we were literally driving someone else's vehicle. Both cars were filthy and gas tanks were half full, but they made it clear to have the tanks full on return or we would be charged $10.00 a gallon. Do not waste your time with this company, not worth the money you may think you will save. Pictures were from a second bombing.

Derek S

Don't rent from here. There. I warned you. Seriously. I waited in line for almost an hour. Their economy car is a SMART CAR ... and not a new one ... a beat up, rattling, smoke-smelling car that has OBVIOUSLY been in an accident. How they are insuring the vehicle I'm driving is beyond me. It pulls to the left, the mirror vibrates in the wind as I drive, the roof of the car is degrading, the front bumper is dented, the tires shake when you drive above 40MPH, the engine pauses and coughs when you accelerate ... and when I told them that I didn't feel safe driving this on the freeway their only answer was, "Too bad. You can upgrade to a different car for $20/day if you like." My only ability to do something ... is to write this review and hope people go somewhere else. But from all of the one-star reviews, I don't think they car what people say about them as long as they stay in business.

Lane Lowry

Worst rental company on the planet - DO NOT RENT FROM THESE GUYS!! They PURPOSELY try and charge for BS fees AFTER you return the car KNOWING that the likelihood of anyone challenging the fees once they are back on the mainland is slim. I rented a car from there 2 years ago and returned it basically clean. We had gone to the beach a few times so obviously, there was a little sand in the trunk - very little. They charged me $160 to vacuum the trunk after I got home to Idaho. I swore I would never rent there again but I forgot the name of the place 2 years later and fell for an add on the internet, rented another car and by the time I showed up at the lot and realized who they were, it was very late at night so i just kept the rental. I obviously, however, was VERY diligent in returning the car VERY CLEAN. I even washed and vacuumed it and returned it with a quarter tank MORE in gas than I rented it with. the manager (John) arbitrarily charged me an additional $38 a day after I returned it and gave no reason. I am currently in dispute with the charge with AMEX after sending them photos of the gas tank full AND the cleaned car that I (Thankfully) took right before we turned it in. These guys are CROOOOOOKS

Kyleigh Wittwer

My experience here was absolutely terrible. As soon as I got there they began adding on fees that were not mentioned in their website. I thought I was getting a deal by using them over other places but I ended up paying WAY more than I would have at another rental company. The last day of my trip my purse was stolen along with the rental car key. I was on the north shore and my plane left in only 3 hours. The company offered to bring me a key and replace the old one, but because of the rushed situation they stacked up the fees for both and knew I would have to pay them to make my plane on time. I ended up being charged almost $700 for the key, and not only that but they charged me the amount TWICE on two different cards. When we called to tell them they charged us twice, they said they "didn't have time to talk to us" and we were forced to file a dispute with our bank to get the money back. Overall I'd say this company is out to scam you out of your money and you should search for a more reliable company while in Hawaii.


Even one star is wasted here. Location, services were awful. and STEAL MY MONEY. This company took out money after I came back my country without any invoice. When I returned the car they checked and everything was fine. So, I emailed about it but the mail was returned. I had to make several international calls but they said I need to talked to their mamager but they didn't transfer to the invisible manager. Besides they just hung up while I was talking. This company is located 10 mins away(highway drive) from the airport. Their shuttle comes but you need to wait an hour. Other rental car's comes every 5 mins, located in the airport. This awful company said I had to had the special insurance because I've got international drive licence which is other company doesn't ask for it.

Valencia Brantley

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I waited 2 hours for a car WITH a reservation, along with 15 other families. The car I was given had 2 lights (cautions) on the dashboard as soon as I drove 10 miles away from their facility. The key was supposed to lock and unlock doors and open the trunk. It didn’t work. I was scared to drive and called back to ask if they could bring me a different car. They said no and said I could sp am to a manager whenever he came in. I called several times and the manager was either unavailable or not there. I was charged for twice for the same amount on my credit card, and no one can “understand why”, and I still haven’t received my money back. I’ll stick to Enterprise or Avis whenever I travel.

Sarah Metcalfe

Never ever rent from this company, terrible customer service. Our car was involved in a hit and run and they made us pay $5000 for the car. It's been almost a year and our insurance company is yet to get any response from the company. Choose a legit company if you can. I'd give a 0 if I could.

Ann Murphy

The worst car rental place I have ever rented a car from.. I got a price of $285.00 for a car for 2 weeks in Hawaii when I get to the rental place after waiting for a few hours to get the car I am told because I used a debit/ credit card to rent this car the price was now going to be over $600.00. But they took the money out of this account and didn’t say anything until I get there.. they are horrible I would pay more for a car at a different place than deal with these people again...

hubushka zhe est

Scam! Don’t even think go there

ruben zetinno

Please, please, never rent a car from this company..... it's the worst place for rent a car....high inspected fees, horrible cars, with more than 50,000.miles bad engines.. don't do it.

Laurel I

I know reading the other reviews (which I wish I had done before booking through Priceline), this is the same song second verse. However, I really want to emphasize the need to read and listen to them. This was the worst car rental experience I have ever had! They gave us a wrecked filthy car that sounded like the transmission was going to drop any minute! Do not do business with this company! It is a scam!

Molly Brown

Shady shady shady. Rented economy on priceline which stated 4 people. Show up to get our car and the only "economy" car available is a 2 seat smart car. A 2 SEAT SMART CAR FOR CHRISSAKE! Obviously since there are 4 of us this won't work. We show them paper work saying clearly we reserved a 4 seat car. They tell us this is Pricelines problem since they falsely advertise their cars. They say they don't even carry Hyundai's that Priceline advertised. I go to THEIR OWN WEBSITE which shows Hyundai's! So THEIR OWN WEBSITE lies too? The only thing they say they can do for us is to charge us double for an upgrade. WHO RESERVES A SMART CAR FOR FOUR PEOPLE? They should be sued and closed down.

Sam Esmaili

STAY AWAY ! poorly staffed and staff are not happy campers. Additional charges apeared on my card for fuel event though the agent had signed that the fuel was lower than stated on my contract. To make things more interesting, i had a second charge on my credit card 3 month after the rental was completed. This place is not going to be around long.

Lesi Williams

I got there to pick up on 27 May 2019. The lady who took care of took my id and when she gave me the total is was $67 dollars over what I signed up for online. I asked why $167 when I am renting for 4 days and my total should be $106.00. Then she apologized and said she charged me already and She has to call the manager shich she did and told me that I will be credited my $ back. Just last week they charged my car and extra $300.00 and 547.00 which I called and the representative said he will inform his manager and that my rental is not in the lot. But, I turned it in Friday on time and got on the plane, but they did not even call me to tell me anything. I just called my credit card company! It is the worst. I should have walked away when they gave me a car with no AC unit and when I made a u turn and went back the girl said, what the Ac don’t work? Really, if uou knew this, why would you give me this car. So they gave me another one. There was an Asian girl returning her car because the engine light came on and the older gentlemen was very rude to her. I should have left but I had my girls with me and I just wanted to get to the hotel. Please, please put these people out of business! They are robbing good people and making our experiences in the island look bad.

Tom Williams

Terrible. Cars are 4, 5,6 years old. When we got the Dodge Van with 65,000 miles on it we asked what year it was. The guy laughed, said “I don’t know what year it is” and made zero attempt to find out. Later based on their website it is a 2014, and you can even buy the thing for just over $15,000. So your leasing a very very banged up and used car that is actually for immediate sale. Never ever again ....will stick to the name brand car rentals. Nothing and I mean nothing on the website for Expedia indicated it was a 6 year old van. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Buyer beware.

aditya davar

terrible business practices. additional fees, i returned my car clean and gassed up they still charged extra.

James Dumas

Rented a car here for a few days. Within an hour I noticed roaches crawling around on the dash. It turned out to be completely infested. When I called them to report it, they suggested that I had the car for a day and so I probably brought all the roaches into the car with me, what a joke I prepaid for the car but noticed that they charged me again when I actually picked up the car which shows they don’t know what’s going on with their book keeping. Wouldn’t refund the money and so I had to go down and wait in a 40 minute line for outgoing customers just to get a refund. They staff is incredibly rude and this place is actually a used car lot where they just rent out the cars for sale on the lot. I agree with others, pay $5 bucks more and rent from a reputable place with nice employees!!

Suzy Zelaya

Staff was really friendly. The car we rented was not nice. It was very old, and the key remote didnt work on it. Had to lock it with the key. Not terrible but it was annoying. Good thing about it was that it was a gas saver! When we returned the car, the shuttle showed up right away. I guess perfect timing. The shuttle driver was also really nice.

Chaouechi Maroua

Very flexible, I would definitely recommend it specially for international travelers.

anony mous

Worst experience ever. From the moment we got on the shuttle with a grumpy driver, every interaction was awful. The woman that checked us in was patronizing and rude. Essentially never made eye contact. I will say that our car was nice & looking around the lot, most seemed to be in decent condition. It was clean and worked fine, and since no employees seemed to want to be there, I think it’s safe to assume that they would not be sticklers about a door ding or some minor scrape. Brought it back and same story, employees were made sure not to lift a finger to be helpful or nice, actually seemed openly cross. I’m honestly not sure how employees across the board can be so consistently unpleasant unless it is a company policy. Worth paying a few more dollars somewhere else. Why not skip such a sour way to start/end a vacation.

Eric W



According to the BBB of Honolulu, here are the Business Management contact names for this company: Principal - Calvin Cohen Manager - Alex Rosen Manager - Panda Takara

Vlad Afan

DO NOT RENT WITH THEM. You come to Hawaii to relax, don’t ruin your vacation with these people.

Mike Rigby

Worst car renting experience of my life. I called to confirm they had a car seat a couple days before and when I got to Hawaii everything changed and they wanted $120 more dollars for a car seat that was included on the contract. There was a lady in the parking lot crying because they were charging her more for her rental as well by several hundred dollars. I finally had to give up and pay them or drive to Walmart and get a car seat with my whole family waiting for me on the side of the road because they wouldn't include the car seat as they said when I called to confirm. I will rent from anyone else but I'll never return and hopefully this helps you avoid a similar situation.

The Best

Really bad Company. I gave back clean car with no problems and then they said me it’s everything ok , when i was gone from Honolulu then they charged me for 40$ for cleaning fee. the car was clean and full gas. I called 10 times and then they came up with many reasons not talk with me. So guys dont renting the car with this Company.

Condo Kodiak Property Management

This place was terrible. We rented here because we are under 25 and places charge a fortune. However, we found an online site that included the underage fee, and it was even written on the printed receipt that we had. They did not accept and we had to pay way more. We asked to speak to a manager and was told he would not be in until maybe 10am, and that we would get a call then. We left our number with 2 different associates to see why we were going to get charged an extra 300 when we already paid underage online and it was on our receipt. Not only that, the car they rented to us was terrible. An old beater that was terrible to drive, and we even had one of the employees tell us it was a "free upgrade" and not one of their crappy cars. Ya right. The thing rattled the entire time we drove it. At the end when we returned the car, there was sand on the floor mats, and they told us there would be another $50 fee to clean it. We argued again that its ridiculous how many times we are getting over charged, we never received a call from a manager and wanted to talk to a manager then. The girl walked inside, and we waited, when she came back out she said they would void the cleaning fee and not to worry. We were so fed up by then we just wanted to get out of there expecting not to be charged extra, but of course, we got home from our vacation with a credit card charge for cleaning. Absolutely terrible. Would not recommend, completely scummy and I could have rented a nicer, better vehicle for the same price they ended up charging us.

Adrian Valdez

The price was low, However, the customer service was terrible. They managed to pull out a bucket around back which wasn’t even the car we had reserved online. Apparently it was a big deal to find the car we had viewed online. Rudely she said, “oh! so you want me to pull out 40 cars to get to it?” I’m surprised the front tires didn’t blow out. We were practically skating on rims and you definitely felt it amongst other mechanical issues while driving. The low price was not worth the lack in peace of mind.

Mahesh Akula

Beware of this company, they are scammers. They charged my credit card an extra $124 (probably thought I won't notice it). When I called and asked about it, they said a wheel cover was missing and said they would send pictures. No one said anything about it at the time of returning the car, they said I was good to go. They didn't send the pics for 2 days (probably thought I would forget about it) so I called again, now they sent it (how easy it is to remove the wheel cover before taking the pic, right?) Why would one wheel cover go missing? If someone stole it, why would they leave the other 3? Upon reading other reviews I could find reviews with similar stories (should have read the reviews before booking from them). You are better off booking from one of the major car rentals that are located at the airport. This one is not even at the airport but they provide shuttle service.

Annie Lee

**DO NOT RENT HERE!** As you can tell by the reviews already posted on here, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau that this company should not be in business. The rental cars are in poor/disgusting condition, their pick up/drop off process is ancient, and they make it a point to fraudulently charge you for extra fees. I rented a vehicle with this company and returned the vehicle to the rental lot by 12pm. There was a 15-20 minute delay as there is one tiny lane to enter the lot, and there was already a line of cars waiting that were stuck behind the airport shuttle bus that was boarding passengers. Once the lane opened up and I was able to park the rental in a stall, there was only 1 employee assisting customers with rental returns. The employee eventually reached me, checked the mileage and gas tank level and informed me there was nothing else I needed to do. Keep in mind she was using a piece of scratch paper to manually write down all of the vehicle information. I later discovered a charge on my credit card and called the company. The employee stated I was charged for a late return fee, and it showed on the computer that the vehicle was returned at 1:30pm, which is false because I was already at the airport at that time. The employee refused to assist me any further, and indicated that my ONLY option was to file a dispute with my credit card company. This business needs to follow better business practices. They knowingly and fraudulently charge their customers extra fees, and gets away with doing so given that they do not provide their customers with any written documentation which would prove that the customer was in compliance with the rules and policies of the rental agreement.

Roy Nual

We have rented cars from 5 continents in more than 10 countries and this is the worst car rental experience that we ever had. It began from a bus driver from this company fought with another bus driver from another car rental company until policemen had to get involved. Then 2nd bus driver did not pick us up, he drove passed us eventhough he saw us wave for him. We called the Economy Rent A Car 800 number twice and called local office 3 times, wasted more than 40 mins to get a bus driver to pick us up. This Economy Rent A Car is located far Honolulu Airport. The bus driver drove almost 15 mins to get us to local branch location. This company (A-1 Rent A Car which is at the moment Economy Rent A Car company) does not treat customers well, the first thing that we heard coming out of the rental office is a customer yelling at a clerk "where did she go, she just left me standing here without telling me and I have been waiting here for 20 minutes". I think one of the reasons that they still have customers is because they offer the cheapest rental car price for Honolulu Airport. BUT wait until you rent from them, you will find out that their rate is not the best rate. On that day, we heard another customer tell another clerk that he cannot fit into a Fiat. I understand his concern, this customer is probably about 300lbs and the clerk who is taking care of him, telling him that this tiny Fiat is his car rental to use for his vacation in Hawaii. I cannot imagine that the clerk does not know this customer will not be able to fit into this Fiat and even IF he could fit into it, he is not going to enjoy driving it. Not a moment too soon, the clerk said "you can upgrade to bigger car", there it is. This car rental company does not offer the best rate anymore. They lured the unsuspected customers to make reservation with them then they charge more for the rental. For our experience; they offered us a reasonable compact 4 door car, but they tried so hard to push insurance coverage. We told the clerk that we checked with our auto insurance company before we made this reservation. We were glad when we saw our car compare to that American Football shape gentlemen who is stuck with a small Fiat. We took care of the car well, didn't do anything that we would not do to our own car. We even cleaned all the rugs before returning the car. When we returned the car, the person who checked the car said everything is good, no damages, the gas is full and the car is clean. And so we thought we did received a good deal with our car rental for our Honolulu trip. Two days later after we returned the car rental, A-1 Rent A Car charged our credit card for the 2nd time. I called and left them messages twice and no one returned my call. When I called the 3rd time, I was able to speak to a representative, he told me that they charged my credit card again because the car is excessively dirty. I told him that the person who checked the car at the time said everything is good and the car is clean. He said all he can tell me is that the car is excessively dirty, that's why there's another charge to my credit card. I asked who can I talk to about this matter. He said "there's no one else you can talk to, maybe you can disbute this charge with your credit card company." I asked him "so you are telling me to disbute this charge with my credit card company?" He said "Yes". To tell everyone on here, I do not understand how can these people be in the customer service can a company train their people to treat customers the way that I have heard and personally experienced from this company. Thank you for reading my review this far! Here is my point for my review: if you are able to spend time to read my review this far, it might be worth your 2nd look to spend time checking out other car rental companies. SO you would not get stuck to deal with this kind of headache from this car rental company that I had to experience.

Kix McArthur

I have never left a bad review. The star is given to the ladies that work here because honestly they have been great to work with. The negative 4 stars is for how the male employee handled us having to return a second car for the AC not working. The first car had a plug in the tire which was slowly leaking. The guy told me to go have it fixed myself since I ran over something. Took time out of our day to go to a tire shop to find out there was a previous plug that had nothing to do with us. So I returned that one just to have to return the second. I didn’t ask for a discount on the first return but on the second I did. He said I was crazy for asking for $100 back out of our $600 rental. I had every right to ask for a full refund having me drive around in a unsafe plugged tire. And said they’d give me one day back so $32. I said no and he said then you keep it and don’t get $32 back. Long story short. Ladies were great to work with but the first car wasn’t safe, the second car the AC went out. I had to take the first car to get checked out myself.

Guillermo Guandique

Terrible car rental agency. Their 72 hour cancellation policy is ridiculous, they need to be more flexible to changing plans. I would never recommend them or do business with them.

Alexandra Lopez Vera

They are scummy. Dont go there if you want to have happy holidays in Hawaii. They have hidden fees everywhere. They treat you as if you were a terrorist and they are liars. Worst renting experience ever.

Alex Andrews

Crappiest car rental company EVER. First they call themselves an airport rental company but don't open until 7 am so if you make a reservation on orbits or whatever and then need to be at the airport for a morning flight you're screwed "You can do after hours drop but then you have to figure out how to get to the airport yourself" is what I was told, so then I canceled and went to Thrifty, who is ACTUALLY AT THE AIRPORT AND OPEN IN THE MORNING, imagine that. they then they charge me $35 "one day rental" for cancelling with less than 72 hours notice! Scum, and they also make you write your name down and go wait outside

James Oun

Will charge you more then what u paid for. Will force you to take their insurance then using your own. NOTE: DO NOT GIVE YOUR DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARDS 1ST UNTIL YOU SEE THE TOTAL AMOUNT CHARGED. they will charge right away once they have your cards. Be ALERT for their scammed. And ask questions about their insurance 1st.

Cindy Duong

They are the rudest car rental company by far. First of all they picked us and another family up over an hour late, and then they had the audacity to blame that we didn’t see their shuttle “bus” drive by. Then, they gave us the wrong car and claimed that it was similar to the car we ordered. The car ended up having scratch marks and looked so cheap. We complained to the woman in charge that night and she told us that you pay for a cheap car, you get a cheap car. Please do yourself a favor and don’t rent a car from them.

Asia Love

They provided me with excellent servixe no hidden cost . Thank u next time i visit hawaii I will definitely be renting with u again

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