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REVIEWS OF Enterprise IN Georgia

chaim bernstein

They never have cars even when u make online reservation. It took me 1.5 hours to talk to someone on the phone. Will never use them again.

True Dreams

Great service. Very helpful and pleasant atmosphere. I will come back for rental needs in future.

Always Cold

My experience with Enterprise has always been good but I gave it a four star rating because: they are pricey and don't offer very many discounts to non-frequent customers; and the day I went to drop off my car at the Northlake branch after my trip had very few open parking spaces as the lot is shared with an event center. When I tried to return my car on a Friday evening, I found to my dismay that there was not one car space left for me to drop my car. I circled all the way around a couple of times till I saw someone leave and grabbed that spot. Very inconvenient for someone who just wants to drop off the car and keys and go home.

Johnny Rajbout

friendly and very accomodating!

Fasil Tadesse

Enterprise rental car I have worst experience I was rented 26 days Toyota Corolla when I returned a car I didn't fill out a gas because of that they charge me $ 44.22 dollars I call them talk somebody lady told me we charge B/C you didn't fill the gas I told here it doesn't cost for Toyota Corolla to fill gas $ 44.22 dollars she told the computer system charge you so never go back enterprise car rental!!!

Muhammad Nelson

Really disappointed rented from them before didn't have any problems. But when it really counted and my wife and I had to attend a funeral we received horrible service. Made reservations but no car was available, when one was available car smelled like weed and had mechanical issues ended up just cancelling and going somewhere else. Will not return. Used to be a satisfied customer, but when it counted this Enterprise location let me down.

Sam Van Leeuwen

I had a great experience with the staff at this Enterprise location. They followed through on a misunderstanding and I could not have asked for better customer service. My initial contact was with a new staff person, Aaron, and he was very professional and provided clarification on questions I had. The assistant branch manager, Brandon, was very helpful when I returned the vehicle. I had doubts about the "we pick you up" slogan, but they picked me to rent the vehicle and then gave me a ride home after I dropped it off. Five star, 100 percent satisfaction all around. Thank you.

Warren Murray

This is convenient to my home and they'll pick me up. I was use to going to the airport for a rental vehicle, but why... This location does not charge all the unnecessary fees the airport charges. The associates are helpful and pleasant too. I'm hooked.

Rebecca Young

Excellent customer service, and a very professional staff. Thank you for a positive experience!

Jrdan Mrrisey

great experience--V Hayes

Dañell Bush

My insurance reserved a car for me at this location. It was very busy when I arrived. They were out of vehicles and scrambled to find me something nearby. They scored me a fantastic upgraded car, for the weeks that mine was in the shop. I couldn't have been happier with the friendliness of all the staff upon pick-up and return. The customer service from every person I was in contact with was above extraordinary.

rose rose

Nikita Rayford

I always rent my vehicles from the Tucker Georgia location. I'm always greeted at the door with a smile when entering the building. The Tucker Location always provides the best customer service ever!!!! I will never rent vehicle anywhere else besides Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Tucker Georgia!

Arman Safaeian

Got a great deal! The Vehicle was awesome. People on this branch are very nice. Another good experience woth Northlake Enterprise.

Akash Sarma

Helpful staffs

gail parnelle

Office personnel very courteous. Customer friendly. Car rented in good shape. - ENTERPRISE REPS AT TUCKER OFFICE ARE GREAT.

BluntLipsTM Lip Lightener Balm and Lip Scrub

The Tucker location on Northlake Pkwy. is my favorite location. They are friendly and really try to accommodate even if they may have erred. I miss the manager Morgan, but Marissa works out well so far. I do reside in Wilbur and there are two locations here, however I do not like the Stone Mountain Hwy. or Lilburn locations. The customer service at these locations suck and they are arrogant. I have lived in Lilburn for 8 years and trust me I have tried them both. My only recommendation for the Northlake location is that they ensure they can pick you up and not attempt to refer you to another location.

Sabrina Middlebrooks

After "reserving" a specific type of vehicle with another rental car company and going there to pick it up we were told that they no longer had our "reserved" vehicle. Of course, we were livid to say the least but we knew that our being upset would not make a vehicle appear. So, the hunt was on. We tried calling many other companies but only one had what were looking for-ENTERPRISE. We went to the Tucker location and had an awesome experience with the store Manager Marissa. She was able to show us several options that would suit our family's needs. It was almost hard to narrow the many selections to just one but of course we did. We needed a large SUV that would accommodate 3 teens and 2 adults as well as our luggage. We wanted comfort and lots of space for our travel to Panama City, FL for our Spring Break Vacation(thank God college week was the week before). We had an awesome time and are looking forward to doing business again with ENTERPRISE. We highly recommend if anyone wants to rent a vehicle go to ENTERPRISE they will treat you like family and with the utmost respect. Oh yeah upon returning, we realized that we were going get back to the Atlanta area about an hour after they were to close We called and spoke with a Representative and they told us to return the vehicle the next day before 9:00am and there wouldn't be any additional charges...WOOHOO you Rock! Thanks ENTERPRISE, you are awesome (We Family Now-lol). THE MIDDLEBROOKS FAMILY

Aphrodite Woodard

Great customer service and speedy service.

Venice C.

I had a great experience. Fred was very professional and nice. The 2 guys who picked me up and dropped me off were very nice as well. Thank you

Gia Huy

love doing business again, thanks Enterprise

Kendra Williams

This location is absolutely horrible!! They have no sense of customer service! The staff will sit around and look at you instead of greeting you when you walk in the door. They NEVER have any cars available. As a Platinum member with Enterprise for over 5 years this type of service is unacceptable. Aaron needs to quit or find another job if he does not like customers. Another customer informed me that she had been waiting for over an hour and when she did recieve the car that it was filthy and smelled like marijuana and dog hair.

Robert DiResta

For me Enterprise will always be there unless they change policies toward the negative side away from service. Have been a customer for over 15 years and their formula and family owned company policy works, period. If asked if there was a need I had that they might meet I would offer this. My wife's vehicle needs to go into the shop for major body work long overdue. Because it is not from a single accident incident the insurance company will not work with me on this one. OK, I get it but we still need a rental for 3-4 weeks. Maybe insurance companies get a special rate due to volume, again I don't know. So last visit I asked as well as went online and the only option I was offered turned out to be weekly rental. OK, good policy simple and clear as always. My question is simply this. If I could produce before and after photos along with the dated repairs receipt to show extended time (with mileage limits), might I be able to get a slightly better rate. Yeah, I know that might put them in competition with the insurance companies yet very simply put, is this a possibility that could be connected to an ad campaign? Something Enterprise could add to their already long list of benefits? If someone reads this and would respond I would be grateful no matter what the answer. Thank You

Izzy Kupferstein

They left out their insurance prices when giving the quote, and informed me it was not needed. When going all the way down there, they tell me I need to buy 40/day insurance. They had wasted my time and money by lying to me over the phone.

Chhatra Tamang

halimo Raghe

Great place to rent a car The staff was amazing Can't remember the guy that helped me I'm so sorry but he was awesome but I do remember one person Olivia she's very funny and really nice

Jonathan Wilfred Dailey

Lafayette Coatney

By far the worst service ever

Melissa Cheung

Charles Kennedy

Excellent people at Enterprise great experience thanks

Jennifer Farr

Had a wonderful experience until I dropped the car off. While getting something out of the backseat, my garage door opener fell out of my pocket and under the seat. When I called to ask them to check, I was placed on hold for 15 minutes then told that the car was thoroughly searched in an effort to find it (I even mentioned under the seat and was told there was nothing there), without success. I searched other places I'd been to ensure that I hadn't dropped it elsewhere and decided to go to the Enterprise office to ask directly. The woman who went to look this time found it nearly instantly but seemed to have an attitude about having to look. Gave it over with a huff. No apologies for being lied to over the phone, no thank you for being a (repeat) customer; just an excuse that my remote was "very under" the seat when they looked. I recommend only dealing with their male employees, as I've seen nothing but kind professionalism from them.

Dr Neal Cohen

Excellent customer service. Vehicle in good shape. Would definitely rent again from this location.

Dwayne Harris

This was my first time renting from this location but everything went very smoothly. The staff was friendly and answered every question I had and for a week rental of a 2016 Yukon XL the price was right on time. I will most likely be renting from this location for all my future rentals.

Bruce Reynolds

Excellent service.

James Warren

Always a great experience. They meet or exceed my rental needs every time. I am a repeat customer and will continue being one!

Vernon Rowe

Great Service

nae mckinney

across from the mall on Druid Hills and Lawrenceville Hwy: Was given a massive 'run-a-round'. made a reservation but no vehicle. was sent to another location to obtain a vehicle. if they knew they didn't have a vehicle (refused to give an upgraded vehicle that was not yet rented but sitting in the lot) and could have given a courtesy phone call to advise of the situation. very poor management and extremely poor customer service.

Ron Ask Dad! Brown

Very good service and attentive person I know

matt schill

As good as a rental car place can get. Greeted when you enter, professionalism (eye contact, attentiveness, etc.), good cars to choose from, 10 mins check in/out, etc. I've used them for about 6 months now as I rent about 7 times a month for work and they blow away the other local company I used to go to. Tia, Oneil, and Morgan are the best. Cars are clean and they bend over backwards to make my occasional extra requests for the vehicle.

Alfred Vines

Great location and great staff. My only issue was that there was not enough clarification on what counted as a full day when I picked up the car. I reserved for two days but got charged for three. The agent clarified everything for me when I returned the car, but it should have been made clear when I picked up the car. I don't rent often, but if I do, I'll rent from this location.

Waqas Khan

Staff is very rude, & liars! They will do anything to get your money. Save your time and hard earned money & go elsewhere.

Henry Wang

Booked a Toyota Camry and got a Hyundai...really? Talk about “bait and switch” tactics. Yes I know the “full size car class excuse” but when driving long distance is a Hyundai as reliable as a Toyota Camry?! It’s like ordering a filet mignon and getting a Waffle House steak! Also, the manager Aaron raised his voice at me and said I was a “difficult customer”?! I’ll rent from the BUDGET right down the street!

Dennis Lippy

Great people to work with. They resolve any issues quickly and with out an ordeal.

Larice Sullivan

The associates were QUICK and friendly. The tall guy from California was very helpful (My mind was in 10 different place so I don't remember his name). I've been in simpler accidents and have had to rent from enterprise on peachtree industrial numerous times and it was terrible. This location gave me a great impression. I'll recommend this location to others. Great service


Everyone was courteous and extremely helpful. Made the experience fast and efficient. I would rent again and again from this location!

Cynthia Cartwright

Cindy Smallwood

Always friendly. They work hard to get you in and out a quickly as possible.

Cheryl Miller

This location is run by crooks! They didn't have the size vehicle I had already booked via Travelocity, so they offered me an upgrade as an alternative, a very common practice in this industry. However, when the sales person Candice showed me the new contract, it was for a much higher amount. I questioned her and she said that she included the deposit, but that would be refunded when I returned the vehicle. Of course when I returned the vehicle, the manager and sales person both claim that there was no deposit and that I had agreed to the full amount for my rental. The cost exceeds the most expensive, premium on the company's entire website! I don't have that kind of money and had a very tight budget to begin with to take my child to Disney. The manager Marissa Davis was even there the day I rented so she should have known what was going on, but even when Candice admitted that I was due a refund on the deposit, the assistant manager refused to issue it to me. They are all so worried about covering for each other's incompetence that they believe each other's lies and just tell more lies on top of those. When they are caught, they just make something else up even trying to tell me that they already refunded the deposit when obviously I know whether or not I received a credit to my account. Now I am having to stress out over this entire mess and fight the illegal charges on my credit card. If these individuals are still running the show at this location, be prepared to be scammed! And I'm an Enterprise Plus customer. Or, at least I was . I will never rent from Enterprise again. Too many other choices out there to take a chance with a band of thieves!

Louvera Walden

Always greeted by name. They go the extra mile to serve the customer. Very professional and caring staff.

Shanna B. Morning

Worked directly with Tia and Morgan and they provided excellent customer service and ensured that the vehicle type that I reserved was available for pickup. This was a very good experience and smooth transaction!

Kasi Crawford

Enterprise Tucker location provided superior customer service. Marissa the manager and her team went above and beyond to accommodate me. Was able to print all my documents in the office. I will be using Enterprise for all my rentals in the future.

LaDonna Sutton

I absolutely loved my experience with the Northlake Entreprise rental! Very professional and customer service friendly. I love that there is no long wait time from entering the building to driving on my way! Great experience!

Gary White

Enterprise was great until I had to return my vehicle. I need a ride back to my house and they said they couldn't take me because it was over their "3 mile limit". I dropped it off right before closing time so the manager got one of his staff to carry me home in the rental. That was nice of him and I appreciated it but there should have been no question on them taking me home as a paying customer. How can you pick me up and not take me home???!!!

Yonatan Tessema

Richard S.

Pricey but good service and people

Brian Powell

If I could give 0 stars I would. Several locations are exremely unprofessional and not helpful at all. They treat you like you're bothering them. Would not reach out to other locations to find a vehicle for me. I guess because insurance is paying they figure it's not your money so why treat you well.

ruben valera

I had a reservation and they didn't have car available for me.

michael arnoldi

An hour before home pickup, i received a phone call to re-confirm my reservation and pickup time- fantastic. The SUV i requested was there for me and was checked out very quickly. I will continue to use that location as they are always friendly. Problems are always resolved quickly without any hassle. GREAT COMPANY

Tony Giarrusso

They have cars to rent!

Taya Brown

I was only supposed to have a rental for a week but ended up with it for almost a month. They were so accommodating. They discounted the rental for us and made the whole experience great. The only thing that sucked was the fact our car took so long to get fixed in the first place but enterprise was nice about it.

Hookap Hookah

I like there customer service. they gave me a fantastic customer treatment. they really fast when they process your paper work they don't waste your time like other location or another car rental company. Issa salah

Leana Carter

Very nice staff and effectively.

Gloryfied Gloryfied

The customer service was great but I was a little bit disappointed because I reserved online and there was no mention of a $250 deposit until I showed up to pick up the vehicle. Other than that, everything else was

matt schillig

I use this Enterprise 5-7 times a month for work. During the past 2 years I've used them exclusively as they have the right people who use the best care in taking care of me. Sometimes I'll have an unscheduled issue and and they have always helped me solve the issue. Ken, Pierre, Ms. Davis and the others are always dependable and professional, every time. This is my go-to rental car place.

Shamil Colson

Nice friendly people .... they even gave me a ride back to my car!!

Charles Brown

Free upgrade when crunch time came and I was able to stayed on schedule.

tierra delosreyes

I am very pleased with this location. The agents were professional and very pleasant. The car was really clean and well maintained. I even called the day before the huge Christmas travel rush to arrange an earlier pickup than scheduled and was accommodated without hesitation. I will exclusively use this Enterprise rental location and send all my friends there.

Keith White

The car that I rented was very nice. The issues I had were with booking the car and not being given the most accurate information from the representative about using a debit card. I was never told that a $250 deposit hold would stay on my account 1-2 business days after I dropped off my rental. I was told that the deposit would fall off as soon as I returned the car and I would only be charged the rental charges. I asked the question to get clarity and was not given the same answer by two people. The manager attempted to assist but was not able to offer any clarity. In addition, the contact information that I gave the representative so that I could be picked up was inputted on Enterprises end incorrectly. This let to my waiting an additional 30 minutes to be picked up.

Shedeka Gueye

Horrible customer services myself and husband drove around to 4 locations before we got a vehicle. The manger at the Tucker location very rude and disrespectful to my husband because he had an accent. Told me I can call around for car because she was busy. She was not helpful at all. Everytime we call over the phone in front of her they would tell us that Tucker location has a vehicle available for us. Got there around 10:30am didn't get a car until 2:30 pm at the Wesley Chapel location. The manger was very very nice at that location. I just can't get over her nasty attitude and rolling her eyes. God bless her evil heart. Myself just got out of the hospital and have to go through this none sense.

Mike Friedman

great people, super friendly

Monica Cherry

The best customer service ever. The branch manager (Ms. Marissa) and assistant branch manager (Mr. Ed) are always professional, courteous and helpful. The staff at this branch is top notch. Thank you guys for always helping me out.

Alexis Guthrie

This place is terrible. I rented from them for two days and asked my boyfriend to drop off the vehicle. When he dropped it off, they claimed there was a dent on the back that wasn't there prior to renting. I went to look at it and there was a hairline scratch that you could only see at certain angles, but somehow this lady walked straight to it from the start. They tried to charge me a 500 deductible for my insurance and then turned around and charged me 250. Take your business elsewhere. They will do anything for money! Not customer service friendly whatsoever.


The staff was sooooo nice. I was trying to take the car back & got stuck in traffic due to an accident near the store. They were gracious enough to work with me. They were unmeasurably kind. I had been praying that certain things would happen. I am recently laid off & I had a very serious family emergency that involved my 8 year old. I have no car & they found ways to make it affordable for me to get him home & get his life back in track. I am forever grateful for what this store & staff had done for me.

Sanarr Mc

Friendly service. They always have my car ready and are able to do drop off/pick up quickly.

Arlene Bell

The staff was very professional and very nice

Wendell Love

I finally found the location. The representative(s) that worked with me were professional, customer oriented, efficient and thorough. I appreciated the advice about options, upgrades and mileage. The location seems very busy but the staff stayed on top of each customer's needs.

bobby justice

The staff there are horrible. They run your card without even calling you. I has to switch vehicles twice last time the car smelled like weed. If i would've had the option while my car was being fixed after accident I would've went else where

Janay Jones

Numbers don’t lie...better treated than my usual Baker Street location downtown. Thanks for the great work. Everyone in this office rocks.

abdul mohammed

Do not respect the customer

Lew Phillips

I had my radiator blow out on I-285 in the late afternoon during a recent trip to the Atlanta area and needed to arrange for a tow, a repair shop, and a rental car. I called Enterprise in Tucker and as an Emerald Club member, they were able to generate a contract with my credit card on file and have a car waiting for me. They even stayed after closing to ensure that I got my vehicle. I really appreciate that the associate went the extra mile for me when I was in a pinch.

Cel Burke

Ridiculous policies on needed credentials to rent locally. Who carries utility bills? Not friendly for debit card users at all.

Ebony Jones

Very pleasant experience.

Ruth and Dale McClain

Courteous folks and good service.

Natasha V

Needed them and they were there!

Wil Ausborn

Quick and easy

Elbonie Hornbuckle

Fast, friendly service, clean vehicles. Very pleasant experience.

mimi hawkins

I enjoy doing business with Enterprise. The employees are very nice and professional at this particular location. However, I suggested that they checked their cars more thoroughly because the hubcap fell off the car while it was in my possession and there was another hubcap that looks like it was about to fall off. Enterprise wanted to charge me for the hubcap that fell off one of the wheels. I felt as though they should be responsible for the hubcap falling off since they did not check the wheels but luckily I had the insurance waiver and that covered the cost.

Nphone Rphone

Excellent Service.

Yoon Pender

i was told that a car is ready but when i got there, i had to wait almost one hour for a rental car on 5th of May then over-charged on my credit card that i had to disputed to be corrected. The "Time" is very precious thing and i am not happy that i had to wasted my time.

Isabel Otero

This was the only Enterprise within a 30 mile radius that had any cars.

Ms. Reed

This location has the best customer service than other enterprise locations I've visited. My first telephone contact with Marisa Davis after rude treatment from the enterprise on peachtree pkwy in Norcross turned my day around after I had a reservation after my car was totaled and the peachtree location was unprofessional. Customers service matters in a business and the Tucker location is on point. Also Branson Oluyede was great when returning the rental early after not needing the extra days. Thanks to Shane and the other staff as well. I will visit again.

Lance Sipes

Quick, efficient and eager to take care of all our needs. The manager at the Northlake branch is a great example for all to study.

Courtney Davis

The car I received had multiply errors paint issues that I pointed out on pickup. It also had crumbs on the interior seats and some sort of grease on the steering wheel and center console. I cleaned the interior myself with a DustBuster and damp cloth when I got home. It smelled so strongly of coconut oil or something similar that I had to drive with the windows down for a day to air it out. After having the car for almost two weeks, I turned it into the body repair shop when I picked up my own vehicle. Shortly after, I received a voicemail from Enterprise stating there was damage to the rental car. I quickly called Enterprise back, stating there was not damage and that the car had many, many paint dings and scrapes when I picked it up. After some back and forth with a man who wasn't helpful or forthcoming,, my husband and I finally drove back to Enterprise to examine the damage ourselves and take video for my insurance company to fight the claim. The scrape in question was, in fact, one I had pointed out during pick up. Within seconds of us arriving in the parking lot and starting to videotape the exterior of my rental vehicle, an employee came outside and said they checked the pickup damage report again and they were wrong. We were not responsible for the damage. I'm fairly certain that they would have pressed forward with the claim if we hadn't come back to examine the car ourselves. Lesson learned: always video or take pictures before and after renting a car. Drop the car off yourself. And always elect to use the rental agency's insurance (even if you have your own insurance coverage for rentals) so the agency doesn't try to pull a fast one on you.

Wendy Britt

Great experience! The staff is wonderful and friendly. Best customer service of any car rental service I have used. Thank you!

Alex Garcia

If i could of I would give them a - 0 I am so disappointed my trip got canceled because I made my reservation for a SUV to fit 4 luggage but get there and the give me a Tahoe why would I want a Tahoe if that’s what I own now my trip is canceled and my boys disappointed because we were going to visit family can be more mad definitely not renting from them ever again lost one more customer changing to hertz

Farhan Ali

very unhelpful staff

B Jones

Good customer service. Second time

Heynemann Sanchez

Great costumer service

Kenyatta Bridges

First off let me say the stars are for Brendan at the Northlake Parkway location. Not only was he professional, friendly and kind but in the end he was the only one to give a damn about my health and well being after the accident. As far as the rest, I will not rent from here again. The car I rented was not up to the standard that I expect from Enterprise and on top of that, my reservation was handled by a new girl who at that time had only been on the job for 3 days. Because of her lack of knowledge and experience, she listed me as having my own insurance (when I do no because I do not have a car at all) which lead to Enterprise charging me for the deductible they figured they were entitled to. Yes I got into an accident, unfortunately my family and I were hit by a semi-truck on the 285 freeway, but I was not at fault and I do plan on going after the other party. And instead of Enterprise reprimanding their employee they took the money straight out of my account 2 days after I returned the rental, without my permission or knowledge, which affected my health insurance payment and meant I could not get the things I needed to take of myself. I am grossly offended and disappointed in this location. I have been renting from Enterprise for over 10 years and in 4 states and this is the first time I have dealt with such incompetency. Next time I will visit a different car rental company. I will not return to enterprise, they put my life and safety on the back burner, I am ashamed. K. Bridges

Christina Pinkerman

Excellent customer service at this location! I was sent here to pick up a rental car that was suppose to have already been paid for by the repair center that had my car and it wasn't. I had already been dropped off and had no one to call for a ride back to my office and I do not do Uber..sorry not safe! However the staff at this location went above and beyond for me - technically not a customer! Thank so much for the ride and excellent customer service that you provided!

Latanya Montgomery

Rented from this location often. Staff is very friendly and efficient. Gets you in and out quickly.

Peter Smith

Excellent experience at this location! Difficult day, but they were extremely professional and courteous. Thank you for saving our day

Kayosan Hylton

Well first my reservation didn't turn out so good as I was told 2 hrs before I picked up my car that there was none available at that location. But I was redirected to another location where the rep there was great!! I'm sorry I can't remember his name now. The price of the car was reduced, his personality was great! I didn't have any problems with the car and the drop off process was a breeze. Thanx enterprise

Daniel Phillips

Currently on hold for 25 mins... wow

Kathy Hoffman

We rent cars from this location frequently. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The cars are reliable and have low mileage. We love to rent from this location and will choose it over the airport when we can because of its convenience and the wonderful staff.

Brad Bauman

This is the fourth time this year i rented a dirty car! Seems this must be their standard here.

Dhaiana Rodriguez

The people in this location are really friendly. I rent a car every week and my check-in and check-out process never take longer than 10 minutes. The cars are in really good conditions and I always request the pick-up services at home. Mr. Dwight Bryant and his team are doing really good in this locations.

Amanda Cannon

The only reason they're getting a star whatsoever is because you have to pick at least one. I would love to give no stars but that's not an option!!!!! The first car they gave me had a 16% oil life and was beat to h*ll and back!!! And to top that off every time you hit the brakes the air turned off completely!!!!! Went to another location they didn't have anything comparable...finally at a third location settled for a truck. This is all in 1 day. Couple days later, I get a voicemail saying I need to return the vehicle I'm in because it has been taken out of inventory.... they don't know where my vehicle is being worked on (BIG FAT LIE) and they need to give me a 3rd vehicle in a week!!!!! Run as FAR AWAY from Enterprise in Tucker as you possibly can. They are far from knowledgeable and will most likely leave you with a hunk of junk vehicle to drive.

Julie Kooken

Top notch customer service. Easy in, easy out.

Tesfaye Leta

Excellent Service here. We ordered a van too small. We went back and explained. They explained the diff Suburban type vs. Other SUvs - cargo space, sent our way with full refund. That is service. We go back there.

Tamika Robinson

My favorite location. Everyone is friendly and they get you in and out with no issue.

Sandra Dodd

I visited Atlanta and rented a car for a week from this location. It was an excellent experience. The car and the employees I dealt with were the best it could be. The cost was exactly what was quoted. there is absolutely nothing I could say that wasn't top notch.

Cheryl Desbordes

I entered the Northlake Parkway Enterprise Rent A Car office and there was a strong odor from the rest room that met me at the front door. Beyond that the rest of the experience was pleasant--the staff was professional and helpful.

Robert Vincent

We needed to rent 2 large SUV's for a multi-family trip. I was concerned that we would get what we needed. We got everything we expected with great communication from the manager Morgan. This was a great experience and I would recommend this facility without hesitation.

Noelle Johnson

I always have the same issue with Enterprise. Their pick-up and drop-off system. Enterprise is a recommended car rental carrier for my company so I use them frequently for business travel. I cannot recall a time when they have picked me up on time. No exaggeration, it typically takes me 4 to 5 calls to the same branch location just to request and confirm the pick up before I receive a definite confirmation that the driver is actually on his/her way. When the drivers arrive I am always surprised at how defensive they are about being late or just simply dismissive of the fact that I have been waiting for an hour and a half (on average). Everyone at the branch is always very nice but by that time I am exhausted and probably way behind schedule. Enterprise is generally good about putting you in a comfortable car so there are times that I have received upgrades due to lack of inventory on the lot or as a peace offering for the late pick-ups. I do not hate the company which is why I have used them for so long but the lack of organization related to the pick-up service is an overall embarrassment to the company and highly inconvenient for their customers. It has led me to consider exploring other options like Avis for business and personal travel.

Nick LeBaron

I use these guys for work frequently, never any problems with their cars. Quite a variety they've got too. I don't think I've gotten the same car twice yet.

andrew elliott

Melanie Moses

Customer service by the manager and agent waa excellent. I definitely be back.

Farah Mohamed

Hello hello to all castomers plz and plz try to avoid this location its big mess the employees needs more training and how to talk to the castomers i rented a car several times and try to rent agaig at same day same locations &been told my card is declined even some other Castomer although is get a lot of money i went to the airport got from hertz so enterprise i was thinking to buy a car from them even but never ever ever ever even tell some body this location try to avoid at least go some other locations like e ponce de leon ave they diserce not even too star but

happyg7891 .

Reserved two vehicles and they had neither one available on arrival for pickup. One was even confirmed over the phone prior to arrival. Had to settle for a less conventional vehicle at a higher cost for our needs, so thanks! Also, random charge showed up on my card two weeks later after the initial charge, yet they have no record or understanding of how it got there. Use caution when dealing with the folks that work here. They DO NOT have your best interest at heart, or the knowledge of customer satisfaction.

John Wofford

Great bunch of people! First class customer service

Victor Amashta

Michael Stevens

Great staff

jeffrey Parks

Always work with me to make sure I am taken care of.

Karmell Clair

I love these guys in Tucker! The car was ready the service was pleasant and I was out of there in no time!

joshua hardy

Fast and friendly

Lakieva Washington

Very good experience. Branch manager Marisa made my day! I can't remember the young lady name who helped me but she was excellent as well!!!

C. Bailey

The Staff is always professional and very nice to the customers. It makes you feel good when they know you by your name.

Jimmy Bridges

I have had nothing but great experiences with my rentals here. I rent fairly frequently and the people here all know me and provide the best service possible. They go out of their way to make my experience better than expected almost every time. If they have a problem or I have a special request they always do what they can to accommodate it. Thanks for the great service!

Basem Alamoodi

Great employees and great customer service as well

Candice Simmons

I only gave 3 stars because of the car selection and the amount of damages that was in each vehicle even after they were cleaned. The staff however was friendly nice and professional as always. Have a better of selection of cars next time.

Scott Baxter

Having used this place a couple times I have experienced pretty nice employees. That said, my last rental here I experienced issues with being overcharged. This was not resolved through multiple phone calls and an in-person visit. I had to jump through hoops to get it resolved. This was frustrating and a waste of my time.

Mayra Ponce

It was, once again, a great experience to rent a car for them, they have a great customer service, and feel like they work for you, not aagainst you. Overall, excellent !!!

Melvia Slaughter

Letrice Wingfield

Really nice staff. The office is really small but they get you in and out really quick.

khraftwerx x

This is my go-to loaction in Atlanta for car rentals.Very accommodating and always excellent customer service. There's another E-location that's closer, but I travel to this one for the service. Employees are attentive and customer-focused. Will be back again! Marisa, Astrid and the entire team rock!

Colin & Dinh

Very good service and fair treatment. Will be happy to rent from this location again.

S.Y Dillard

I had a great experience, the customer service was great, I will use them again for my rental car needs.

Love Child

Great customer service

Jesse Hartley

The agent was kind and courteous. My only problem was the car smelled like cigarettes and I'm not a smoker.

james davis

very professional staff

George Messner

Second time renting at this location. Both times extremely helpful and professional. I wanted a specific car and they did all they could to provide the right one. Auto was in great shape and they went out of their way to help me. I have been a business customer of another rental company for a number of years, but will be changing to Enterprise because of the treatment I received at Northlake.

John Chamberlin

A family member of mine had a reservation for two weeks for a large SUV car for church trip. On the day of,to pick it up,they were told not only did they not have any more large SUVs this location also took money off my family members card for the car and would need a day or so to return the cash for a car rental that wasn't there. This isn't how to treat your customers. I hope they improve at this location,it's a great area to have a business in. Do better,please.... Update:Came up here to follow up and everything was fine. Came back for an out of town trip on a rush. Like,rush rush were everything is going wrong with leaving Ga than that ATL traffic hits. So,came in late and rushing than the store service was quick,easy and efficient. Made my whole experience worth stopping in at this location. Great job all around.

Sean Marquez

Ruchi Solanki

I usually don't write reviews but this place is worth it. Everyone at this location was extremely helpful and polite! The process was quick and they answered all of my questions. I would recommend this rental place to anyone.

Al Grant

Overall I must say that my experience with Enterprise in Tucker was quite pleasant. My only disappointment is the fact that I did not receive the vehicle which was faithfully promised to me. I must also say that Enterprise has been my chosen and preferred rental company for many years and that is due mostly to their customer service and competitive pricing. Alvin of Stone Mountain

Silas Frazier Jr

My experience with the staff was great. My problem was with corp. When I went to return the car it was raining. When I walking in the lobby I thought I were still outside. Rain was falling from the ceiling and the ceiling tiles had old stains on them from past rain and they look like they were going to fall. I called corporate office three times and as of today I have not heard back from anyone. I am ashamed as to the condition they let their great employees work in. Chris you can not be serious. You are asking me to send you information that you should already have access to. I will send it. This only goes to show how correct I were about the way Enterprise treats employees and now the customers. I do not think you are going to do anything about the working condition of your employees. Instead of asking me for my information get off of your butt and go see the condition of the work place. It rained today and it is scheduled to rain tomorrow (01/04/2019). The only thing I should have gotten back for you is that you are looking in to the problem and will have it fixed if need be.

Brad Deal

Excellent service. Staff is kind and professional. Clean cars and Cargo Vans in good order.Quick processing and always have vehicle I need when I arrive for pick-up. Drop off is painless. When there is pricing issue they will meet or do better than competitors. I rent often for business and personal use.

Tim Ritzka

Excellent customer service in and out. Top notch office. Will return.

Aminur Rahman

Kitt Gibson

Love this location because of professional and courteous staff! Will use again in the near future. Thanks Dwight for taking care of all my needs after the accident!

Jovonna Haba

Beandon....great customer care.

Dennis Lee

Carol Rice

Every single person working at the Enterprise on Northlake Parkway is so nice, professional both personally and how they are dressed, polite, and fun! It was the best customer service I have had in a long time. I wish I knew each of them by name so that I could mention each one individually... I do remember Brandon! From the customer service reps to the manager to the men taking care of the cars (we had an amazing, uplifting conversation with one gentleman today...made my whole day!), these folks are the best!

Matthew Clark

First one in the door, 4 people enter after and leave before me. I was told it was because I requested siriusXM, had I been aware that this would cause over half an hour in delay I would not have bothered.

Evelyn Eggleston

Shane was very helpful and went over and beyond to accommodate in our rental. The manager at this location was hands-on and ensured our needs were met. Will be back to this location.... convenient as well

Kahlia Andrea

I had a reservation to get a car through GM. I called to confirm the reservation and no one answered the phone. I called every 10 min for a hour and got NO ANSWER! So I got a ride to the location to find that they had no more cars left. A complete waste of time which could have been avoided had they answered the phone. They then tell me they can set a reservation for me to be picked up in the morning at 7:30am today. It is now 10:00am and I've tried calling them and got no answer once again. No one tried to call me and update me with any info. I absolutely hate this place!! Horrible customer service!!! Please do not go here!

Shafawne Davis

Every employee all the way up to Management I've never been disappointed. I alway receive genuine customer service.. Thank You !!!

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