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Kimberly N

When I say the worst customer service, very unprofessional and rude agent I have ever dealt with. There was nothing easy about this rental car place. The lazy agent make sure that he let me know he was the only one working and there was no rentals available if I didn't have a reservation. Of course I had a reservation but because I was a Georgia resident I was I was charged and extra$20 a day for unlimited mileage..

Wes Elliot

After a 45 minute wait in line, I was told my reserved car had been given to a different customers. And after another 20 minutes at the counter, i unally got a car. So slow and utterly painful

Eitan Bracha

(תורגם על ידי Google) הימנע החברה בכל מחיר! הם משתמשים טריקים כדי להטעות אותך ולגרום לך לחתום על שירותים שהם לא אומרים לך את המחיר האמיתי כבוי. אתה תהיה מאוד כועס ומופתע כאשר אתה רואה את הצעת החוק הסופית. הגיע אל הטרמינל. לא …עוד

goga life

Avoid this company at any cost! They use tricks to deceive you and make you sign for services they don’t tell you the true price off. You will be very upset and surprised when you see the final bill. Arrived at the terminal . They didn’t have the car that I reserved online and paid the full price for. After checking with the clerk she said the full-size cars are unavailable and there is at least 30 min wait for the next available. I said that’s fine. Then the agent said that she could get me a minivan. I asked if that was going to be the same price ? She said yes . Then she said since the rate for gas is cheaper per gallon $2.39 than you find at the pumps would you like us to refuel for you. Me assuming foolishly that they will charge the actual Miles I used, I agreed. Now when the prompts came in on the screen to sign there was no full description that I agreed to pay over $70 for a full tank of gas! They will tell you on your final receipt there was full description of what you are paying for. But when you talk to the teller you expect them to tell you the truth, and they didn’t . I expected same price of Rental + about $12 for gas. That’s right even though I drove $10 Worth of gas they charged me $47.80 + fees and taxes that resulted in a charge over $70 just for gas on top of the Rental charge. Plus they take a deposit from my credit card. I would never rent with that company again!


Easy going service, in and out quickly.

Satya Narayana

One of the pathetic customer service i mever seen in the US companies. This company bosses can learn alot from competitors like Enterprise Avis. Prepaid for the booking one week back and reached location to pick the car and the guy at counter said to wait for 6 hours or cancel reservation and go. He is not even in explanation mode to the customer as if that was mistake by customer. Booked car at 12AM and received car at 6AM. They simply say its 24 hours open, but none of the counters were open after 12AM. If we call customer service, they simply saying talk to manager at location, I don’t know why customer service is for then. You guys are pathetic and worst of all. Don’t call yourself as car rental company. Street shops are lot better. Company established with the bunch of irresponsible people it seems who don’t care about customer service First and last rental. Updated experience and sent alert to all the employees in company where i work. Beware of this fraud rentals

Karea Bianchi

Very disappointed and frustrated with this organization. After getting confirmation number going into airport @ 9am there is one employee working it took about 30 minutes for him to work on one rental agreement there was no type of urgency he didn’t even acknowledge us staying in line not even greeting us or saying I be right with you. I reserved a van after 20 minutes at the counter I was told that since I was local there will be an additional charge for over 250 mileage after I booked unlimited. I get downstairs to pick up the rental there isn’t any van available I ask the employee why he send me down here then. I explain to her that I am on a schedule and have others waiting for pickup. So I leave to go back upstairs I get a call from employee down at pick up area to come back we have one I ask where is it she stated they bringing it in 5 mins after waiting for 30 more minutes because she was very busy seem to be the only rental company with people back up with no cars available after reserving them upstairs making people think cars are available only to be told 1 hour wait many was very upset and inconvenience after waiting upstairs only to get downstairs to be told there an hour wait which they could’ve told everyone upstairs they could’ve went to another rental vendor. I was 2 hours 30 minutes behind schedule, I inconvenience 6 other people and our trip was a disaster we got there very late. I get home to find out I was charged twice on both cards for the same amount now this has cost another inconvenience. I rent cars from Budget and Enterprise with no problem very professional services never ever encounter unprofessional organization like this no one taking any type of accountability. I am just getting off the phone with customer services about the double billing, saying going to take 7 days why should I been inconvenienced due to their employee error this is unacceptable holding my funds on both cards when they clearly can see this. I will NEVER RENT FROM THIS UNPROFESSIONAL unorganized organization ever again. Renters beware please. TO THE COMPANY AT THE END OF THE DAY THE CONSUMERS ARE THE ONES PAYING YOUR PAY CHECK I AM HIGHLY DISPLEASED WITH SERVICES SEE COMPLAINT # 93164 That’s me.

Damien Barrineau

Helpful agent, she was very nice and got me a ride quickly. Will visit again. Thank you.


Great customer service. Very happy and helpful. Easy to find. Easy to talk to. Easy to get my car and get on the road. I will definitely use this company again.

Brenda Boatner

Agents was very pleasant, directions very clear easy access to cars. Cost Was affordable.

Schuyler Cumbie

This company has fees for everything. The price rises very fast, so be careful while looking at the attractive base price. After being told that the tires were my responsibility, I drive off. Later at my destination I notice that the front left tire had been inflated to 56 PSI (26 over the manufacturer's specification). I feel as though this was a setup to get a new tire out of me, and I don't like it. If I hadn't have noticed it was over-inflated I could have been put in a dangerous situation. Maybe it was an accident, but it still doesn't sit well with me.

Andrea A-C

Customer service Rep at the counter was very rude. However, I was sent to Advantage where the Rep there was Amazing!

Tashuna Greenwoood

Everything went really smooth after I got off the plane and got the car as well as when I brought it back. The one star is because I haven’t received my deposit back and I’ve reached out to no avail. Response to the owner : Giving me that email address doesn’t help. I actually emailed them and guess what I got ?? And automated survey !!!

Jeannetta Roberts

Not a convenient car rental place for Georgia residents. If you are a resident of the state of Georgia there will be an additional 20.00/ day to the bill for unlimited mileage. So if they quote you 200.00 for a weekly rental, when you return the car you will end up paying 300.00 dollars. They are not very straightforward about fees and charges as far as I'm concerned. Be very careful and mindful of EZ and Advantage. They have the right names they take advantage.


The whole process of getting the rental wasnt bad at all. Unsure of the young lady name but she was fast, friendly and polite. I was directed to Advantage rental though.. The return.. i made a mistake of leaving my key and pouch connected to their key and within 10 mins my debit cards were stolen. They (searched) for the pouch for an hr. To find my id in the garbage w my keys.. the whole time my cards were being used as im reporting them missing. Then couldnt tell me who took the car to get it cleaned up. They knew who done it just didnt want to say anything. I missed my flight and i should press charges. Its too many cameras at ATLANTA AIRPORT TO NOT KNOW WHO TOOK THE CAR.


Agents are dishonest in presenting rental options. Company does not follow online contracts booked in advance. Absolutely do not recommend this care rental company.

Randy G

I was very pleased with the efficient service provided.

Peggy Bell

The woman working behind the desk last night at 10:30 should not be allowed to work with customers. This is our first and last time ever using ez rental. She was hostile and rude to me but nice as pie to my husband. This woman who has never met me or spoken to me before took one look and chose to be rude and snide. I asked a question about the difference in prices between what we booked online vs what we paid at the desk she rolled her eyes and just shrugged her shoulders. Don’t take a customer service job of you don’t have any. I wasn’t able to get her name as she wasn’t wearing a name tag of any kind. I am still in awe of her rudeness and over all disregard of customer service. I do want to say the woman working the garage was absolutely amazing and deserves a 5 star review.

Pamala Jackson

Very easy, friendly, and efficient transaction.

Mike Stros

Biggest joke ever. Booked a minivan 4 weeks in advance for them not to have one and not offer any kind of grievance. 4 hours later they have something. Told us you reserve prices not cars. What a joke.

Pramod Kalarn

I had the worst experience ever for a rental car company. I reserved a car at Atlanta airport months in advance but when I got there late at night they did not have a car for me, even though it was all confirmed. I was told that I had to wait for about 45 minutes and even then it was not guaranteed. I had to go to another company to book a car on the spot at a premium instead. They did refund my credit card, but that is not good enough. Don't trust this company.

Larry Shaffer

Question everything the agent tells you. The one I had 10-17-18 lied to my face telling my wife and I not to fill the tank that it was cheaper to fill it with them $.20 less. There was no prepay file charge on the contract and I asked and she said you don't need it. Thankfully the lady who I did the walk around before leaving informed me to make sure the car was full when returned. I told her what my wife and I were told and she saved me from a $200 + issue . It is sad I come to Atlanta often and like the cars I get from them but this really jerks my chain!!

Alexis Givens

I was charged $170 more than I was told my total was at the counter. When I called customer service I was told there was nothing they could do.


Was very happy with our rental , although it was a little confusing at first being directed to the wrong level at the rental center only to find out that EZ is connected with Advantage Rental on another floor. Didn't get the car I reserved , but was satisfied with the replacement vehicle. Should have two persons to help with the long wait at the counter. Overall happy and will use them again.

Michele Miles

E-Z Rent-A-Car has become my preferred rental car carrier because they tend to have much more reasonable rental rates in comparison to the other major carriers & I never have to spend much time waiting to be taken care of at their service counters. Thanks for valuing my time & my wallet E-Z Rent-A-Car!

John Moore

The employee weren't competant and they added prepaid fuel to my rental after I said no. They rush you through the contract. The car was clean but had a smoke smell. The checkin process was easy.

Christopher Nelson

Horrible experience. I was in Atlanta for a govt conference and was offered a free upgrade from my rented compact car. I even verified that it was free, as I would have to pay out of pocket if it was above the quoted price. Well when I return home to file my travel voucher I see that I was charged for the free upgrade (almost double the original quote). I called customer service and they only offerec me 20% off the upgrade. I declined that and requested to speak to the supervisor and they told me that they were unable to do forward me to management. Therefore, I am stuck paying out of pocket the "free" upgrade. Wont EVER use EZ rental or advantage rental car again. STAY AWAY

tonya howard

I have been in line for thirty min now and there are still three people in front of me. It is unbelievable to me that a car rental agency at ATLANTA airport would only have ONE enployee working. ONE! Every other agency has two or more. What terrible service! I will never go thru them again!

Blackjacks Bar and Grill

By far the best car rental experience I have ever had. Fast and friendly staff that didn’t make me feel like I was talking to a used car salesman. This will be the company I will use every time!

dennis ward

Low mileage car at a great price. Only negative was that counter at airport was closed and I got redirected to the Advantage counter. With an arthritic ankle, I like to minimize my walking. A text or email "heads up" would have been appreciated. Staff was very friendly, helpful and efficient.

Marina F

Terrible and dishonest sales tactics used in this facility! I booked my car online through Travelocity and i was supposed to pay $98 for a 3 day rental. A middle-eastern girl took my reservation and told me my total is $196. I asked or the reason and she told me because I have to add insurance. I told her I already have insurance, I live in the states. She told me I have to, it's mandatory. I said only because it's required since i have no choice. She made me sign a screen, no disclosures (stupid me, i should ask next time to read the full agreement first!). Also, I was 3 hours earlier and I said if I have to pay extra I rather wait since I had to wait for my mom to arrive anyways. She said "I'll waive it for you", there was no such thing. The car was dirty and had scratches front and back. Two days later, I dropped the car and I asked them how my invoice went up $100. I know they made me get insurance, but $100??!! The girl on the drop off place told me "because you opted for insurance, which is optional, upstairs they are sales people that's why they told you that". After that I went straight to the counter to complain. The gentleman who helped me was very nice , apologized and told me to call the 1-800 number since the invoice was closed and couldn't remove it from me at this point. The next morning I see a charge for $396!!! I was never told I was going to get charged an extra $200. Now my bank account is almost zero. They charged my card double!! I called the 1-800 number the next day and the representative was a complete idiot who kept defending the sales practices the counter people make after I explained the whole situation. I asked for a supervisor and was told there was none. Hard to believe there's nobody above the people who answer the phone. According to the operator the extra $200 were a hold deposit, but that charge still on my bank 2 days later. On top of that I was told to call my bank to get my money back. Seriously?? Now waiting on my bank to dispute these charges NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PEOPLE, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS AND TELL YOU ANYTHING TO SPEND 4 TIMES MORE THAN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!!

Jim Ellis

Counter was closed, sign sent me to Advantage. Picked up car in Advantage lot and dropped of in Advantage lot. There were not enough people to check in the line of cars, so they told me to leave the car/keys, take my belongings and go. In checking my credit card statement, they charged me double what my rental agreement said. Called customer service and left a complaint. Note that every customer service agent I talked to had a difficult foreign accent to decipher. They gave me a number and said I would have a response in 24-hours. They never responded, so I called back. They stated that I didn't drop the car off at the proper time. I explained that I did, but they checked it in later. He put in a complaint and said I would have a response in 24-hours. Again, they never contacted me, so I called back. They said I dropped it off at the wrong location. However, I was not told to drop it off at EZ, I never saw an EZ sign and I dropped it off where I picked it up - Advantage. They told me the ATL airport manager refused my request for a credit. They would not let me talk to the ATL manager. And, the 'supervisor' was too busy to talk to me. Nothing he could do for me. Nothing they would do for me. Thus, I will NEVER rent from Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, Advantage or EZ again. Use Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National or Payless. In all my years of travel, business and personal, I've never had a problem with any of them.

Kate V

Unmanned counter at 750pm. They didn’t even put the sign out to go up a floor. The neighbor company worker did. Pay the extra $1 for any other company.

Chandra Hassan

Worst car rental company, waited 3 hrs to get a car. Never ever going to take car here, I wouldn't recommend anyone to go for this rental company which is in Atlanta airport

Jeri Hall

Affordable and great customer service. However, the quality of vehicles may offset the low prices.

Vince Gilreath

How do you make reservations and they don’t have any cars. Will never use them again and I suggest you don’t ever rent a car at Hartsfield airport, they probably won’t have one.

Lauren Malaika Cooper

I recently moved to Houston, TX, from Atlanta. I work for Southwest Airlines so I frequently return to Atlanta to check on my 100-year-old grandmother, thus requiring a rental car. I had a reservation with another company, however, they were unable to honor it as I did not have a paper ticket and could not confirm that I no longer lived in Atlanta since I still have a GA license. Ahelam Attawy overheard my predicament and said she could help. Ten minutes later I was in a Corolla on my way to see Nana AND got my airline discount. That’s great service!

Ginger Snap

I had a great experience with them. The lady at the counter was so sweet and helpful. I hope she knows how awesome she is! Picking up the car was instant and super easy. Will definitely be using them again next trip as long as everything continues to go smoothly. We still have the car for a few more days so I hope the return process goes smooth too. We will see. I will update my review after our flight home.

Trish Emanuele

Staff was SUPERB! Arriving on a Monday evening, there was literally NO line :-) Car -meh- could've been cleaner, but was fine and ran without issues. Did I mention the staff is SUPERB? Seriously, super friendly and helpful. If I find myself in Atlanta in need of a rental again, I'd rent here again no hesitation.

Jennifer Miller

Absolutely awful customer service. I work for the federal government and was in Atlanta on TDY, so my agency booked my reservation with this company. Upon arrival, I gave the woman at the counter my reservation info and drivers license. After entering in my info I was told I was on their "do not rent" list and they would not honor my reservation. Mind you, I have never rented with this company ever before. I was given no explanation as to why. While on the phone with my agency's travel rep, I was handed a piece of paper that had some info scratched out with pen. I could still clearly see the info under it though. The box was labeled "possible undesirable renter match found". Long story short- I was refused service because my last name and date of birth were the same as a man in Arizona. (Mind you I am a woman from Maryland) I found this to be absolutely unacceptable business practice. 1. Another person's personal information should have never been given to me. I have his name, address, and driver's license info 2. Not giving me a reasonable explanation as to why you were refusing me service. I haven't had so much as a parking ticket in over 10 years so I know it isn't my driving record 3. Just overall bad attitude of employee "assisting" me . I would NOT recommend using this company.

Micah Miller

Whats the point of "reserving" a rental car if i have to wait two hours to get the damn thing? Waste of time

Andrew Devine

Horrible service never use this rental been stuck in airport for 5 hours with 2 kids on a waiting list. I had a reservation and everything

Ashley Pride

I used Priceline because a friend recommended for cheaper car rates. Never again. The rates were so cheap for these low budget car rental places. They are hidden on Priceline so I had no idea what I was signing up for. Should’ve used my better review judgement. I never usually sign up for anything blind. Pulled the wool over my eyes for sure. The EZ counter was closed when we got there at our scheduled pickup time. We had to inquire at another rental desk as to why. They told us EZ was now Advantage and to go to the Advantage desk. The lady was nice and gave us an upgrade to a Camry. Well, so I thought. She was very misleading about the insurance charges. My bill jumped up from the low low $57 that I prepaid to $111 when I returned the car. Hidden fees and a higher insurance rate than was communicated. The car also reeked of cigar smoke. It was so bad. That car shouldn’t have even been on the lineup with that smoke damage. I will never do business with a generic unprofessional miss leading rinky dink rental company like this again.

Anne Mclemore

I have used E-Z Rent-A-Car for years. It is always my first choice. The employees are very courteous and helpful. There are never any long lines that take a lot of time. The cars are always clean and efficient. Just a good experience every time.

Jackie Brown

Great service!

Dee wal

Check out was very quick service was good

Gerald Williams

Worst experience! I reserved and prepaid a week in advance. Upon pickup i declinded their insurance since i am protected through my auto policy. Rep got upset demanded to see my insurance card. I was taken aback, and conversation went downhill. Rep then ignores me and helps other customers. I was so humiliated, and this with my 13yo watching. I am now fighting for a refund. Stay away!

lynn mar

Reserved a car 2 weeks ago. Waited in line for an hour. Customer service rep. Martinique was wonderful. Her company placed her in a terrible position by not having additional assistance and then, no car available when we went down to pick up the car. Waited another hour for someone to return a car. Will never use this company again! In response to the owner -- you are correct, you can not predict when someone will return a car later, damaged or dirty. None of those instances related to our car. You can however anticipate busier times, such as three day weekends. All it takes is one bad experience, and you've lost a customer (and whomever he shares his experience with) for life.

Brittany Jackson

I reserved a car at this location on March 16, 2018 and was advised I could not use a debit card or have a Georgia's Drivers License. I called to be refunded (I had already paid for the car) and they advised I rented the car. They're refusing to give me my money back. I never even got a contract or the keys and they're insisting I had an open contract which means I took possession of the car. Never happened. I asked where was my contract with my signature? Nothing. Do not waste your time. You may never get your money back. I was promised to be contacted by a manager but we all know how that goes.

David Zlo

Run me around airport for half an hour and I ended up cancelling my reservation.

Erica Cooley

I was lied to by the front desk clerk as I picked up my rental. She offered me a different vehicle other than what was already reserved and clearly stated “IT WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE” then I find out I’m being charged a $80 upgrade fee for something I was told there was no charge for( she even searched the different color vehicles I had a option to choose frm at no fee according to her) also charged an additional day w/o my knowledge when the rental was returned at the proper time. I will never do business with this company again or recommend it to anyone bc of the hassle I’m having to go through.

Nic Johnson

Lesley Clarke

Reasonable rate, and a nice car (Hyundai Elantra). The staff were friendly and professional. Don't prepay for fuel, you're probably better off on your own.

Jermaine Drummonds

Stay away from this company Ez/Advantage. Booked a month in Advance. booked with aadvantage , Advantage has a sign saying go downstairs to Ez rental . Website says unlimited miles. End up paying $20 extra per day for unlimited miles. Didn't have the car that I booked. End up with a Volkswagen diesel Passat. As we all know, diesel is more expensive than gas. I got there with 4 people in front of me, no one left happy. Very misleading, company Blindside you. I was to pay $100 at the desk, end up pay ing198.

Brett Duncan

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT accept the fuel deal they offer you. They say the gas at the airport where they fill up is cheaper (and it may be) and to just bring it back with whatever in the tank and they'll fill it up. They will charge you $50 for this convinence plus their cost to fill up the car. I ended up paying $75 extra once was all was said and done. I should've known better. Don't accept their "free" upgrade either. It's definitely not free in the end. That was my girlfriends experience. Once you get a handle on that, it was a pretty smooth transaction.

Dena Kerr

Great experience overall. Pricing on point and the car was clean and ran well. The only issue, if you could call it that, was the signage. One counter closed and had to proceed down to another counter, costing us some time and a longer line.

Alec Anderson

The experience is in the title. Easy to book and easy to use.

T Adeyeye

They don't inform you until you're in front of them that you only get 150 daily miles for their cars. Please have it on the main page, not in the fine print. Customer service was not all that great either. The person we returned the car to could not be bothered to get up and serve us, just making gestures and seeming bothered when I had a few questions. Basically a last resort option for me in the future

mary cunniff

My car rental transaction was fast and easy.

Sharon Bowe

If you live in Atlanta they charge the spouse and extra $13.00 a day and charge $20.00 a day for unlimited mileage. I went through Expedia so this was not disclosed till we arrived. Never again.

Fahnta Hales

The prices quoted on priceline double when u return the car 39.99 ended up being 79.00

Ben Beck

When I arrived the gentleman before me received a car and it sounded like they had several others. However, after I declined all of their extra insurance coverage (which the counter agent was really pushy selling) they then said they didn't have any cars left. They said they would call me in 30 minutes (or more) once they had gotten a car.

Demetria Carter

Great value on vehicle, a few minor problems low tire light, van could have been a little cleaner. But was satisfied with rental price gas usage. Customer service was warm welcoming and informative

Ann-Marie Therrien

First I made a mistake when I made my reservation and i contacted them by e-mail and they were quick to respond and help me out. Then our flight got delayed and the lady at the counter was very nice to us at 1:30am. Very pleasant experience and would rent from them again.

Ginika Diji

Worst car rental experience ever. Agent that checked our reservation and took payment was so unmotivated. Went over to pick up our car and we spent approximately 45 minutes waiting in the cold. We ended up cancelling the reservation and going with another car rental company as we were yet to get attended to even after waiting for so long.

LaDora Johnson

Great! Quick and easy

Mony Bustos

Horrible customer service. Never again will I use them.

Tina Ibarra

So I rented from EZ Rent Atlanta on Sept 15, 2017 through September 18, 2017. When I rented I was asked to pay a 200.00 deposit plus the rent fee so the total was 339.34; I was told when I returned the rent my card would only be charged the rent cost the deposit would credited back the same day. So as of today the 339.34 is still pending on my account along with the charge of 139.34 so my account was charged both charges I contacted the car company 4 different times trying to fix this along with the bank on a 3 way. They car rent has still not corrected this and still say it could take up to 48 hours more to fix. The customer service representative was very rude as was the manager that I spoke to.I do not recommend this car rental company to anyone. This is totally unexcused that they can just hold you money and double charge your account. Then want to be rude in helping fix their mistakes.....

Jeff Adams

The price was great!! The 2 hour wait after a red eye flight soured the start of a college recruiting trip. Next time will stay with St Louis’s hometown rent a car company Enterprise.

Benjamin Finch

This company does not honor their reservations. I reserved a car for November 13th business trip that I was trying to keep "low budget". When I arrived at the counter I was told "we have no cars but I can put you on the waiting list". I have seen similar reviews.

Leah Greenberg

Total scam operation. Currently in line with a dozen people who are all disputing large hidden charges added to their accounts surreptitiously. We waited an hour to pick up our reserved car only to be told it wasn’t available, he couldn’t tell us when it would be available, the only car available would cost us $60 to upgrade, and they would not give us a refund.

Rosa Javier

Hate it

Scott Klempner

Rented at Atlanta Hartsfield. No line inside, friendly staff, and clean car. Had to get the key from the Advantage booth for some reason, and that was a short wait in the July heat.

Jonathan Niess

Half a day already waited because of airport delays, then we finally get to the kiosk for Advantage... because Advantage and EZ are the same company BTW... and there is a long line because there is one employee working. Didn't rent a car because I'm not going to wait in a long line for a car I already reserved. No, thank you, EZ.

Francisco Gonzalez

My total was supposed to be $65 and just paid a total of $369!!! Are you serious? One hour waiting and no cars ready!!! Last time ever!!!

Lee Langston

It is never okay to give a paying customer a lower car class than what they have reserved and paid for. This is a tactic that reps will sometimes do when customers decline optional upgrades/insurances. They will also hold on to the "better" cars in hopes of using them for upgrading opportunities. Being someone that previously worked in the car rental industry, I am VERY familiar with these bad I check my rental contracts like a hawk.

Sherries Johnson

Started out aweful but ended up being an awesome place to rent a vehicle everyone was so helpful and polite even though things were not correct with the unlimited miles that I should have had for free overall ez rental was AWESOME and yes I am going to be renting from them again I already sent 4 ppl there and they are now renting from ez rental.I would advise all persons that read reviews first and its always negative to try companies out for them selves.just because one has a bad experience doesn't mean you will too...I read first and most comments were bad and I was like no im not renting from them but than GOD said u and them are different andyour experience maybe different from theirs im so glad I listened cause I had a very very good experience and I would advise everyone to go rent from EZ RENTAL FIRST cause they are fast and easy and very RESPECTFUL N COURTEOUS...THANK YOU EZ RENTAL

denise scott

Communication from the start was horrible. The guy at the counter did not provide information unless ask direct questions for clarity. He couldn’t seem to be bothered to full explain anything. He even had something under his breath. Then it was the scratches on the car to document and endless wait time on the 1800 # that they never answered or had prompts for wait time...and the return ...well that was to Advantage but there were no sign up telling you that. The experienced sucked. Never again.


Great service. Very economical especially for being underaged. Love that they even offer student discounts.

Kym Allen

Edit: after getting my credit card company involved, they were able to reverse the charge for the gas with just my receipt showing the top off. Too bad the first customer service person was unable to help me. I have upped my star rating from a 1 to a 3 because my situation was resolved but disappointed that 1) they charged me for an empty tank, 2) don't have people check in your vechile to make sure everything is ok, 3) customer service was lacking. All on all, everything is worked out but I will now stick to Enterprise sonindont have any other unpleasant surprises. Turned in the car with a full tank, even stopped 5.3 miles from the airport to top it off. Got charged $179.81 for returning the car empty. Won't refund unless I can show a receipt that I filled the car. I've got my 3.3 gallonreceipt, my aunt filled it the evening before so I don't have that receipt. I have a receipt for $24 of gas on the 3rd day of my rental. It shows I drove 238 miles in a week rental. Even if I only have my receipts for gas, there is no way the car could have been returned on empty... and nobody would come do a turn in so nobody verified the condition of the car or the gas situation. Such a huge scam. Don't rent from this company.

Melissa Hammond

I had a terrible experience! While in Atlanta for work, I was offered a free SUV upgrade from the compact car I had originally requested. I verified it was free, but when I returned home and checked my credit card statement, I was not only charged for the upgrade, but also for gas (which I have a receipt to prove I refueled), insurance (which I declined) and a package of 150 miles. All of which I told the customer service representative I wished to decline. I called customer service and was offered the full gas cost reimbursement, but only 10% of the other costs. I will never use this service again! I was trying to save money, but ended up paying $115 to drive a Subaru Outback for 1 day. Very disappointing!

Naveed Akhtar

I had no issues with renting a car here. The staff was courteous. Jason the guy at the reception was specially very hard working.

Tom Laird

Very disappointing experience. Waited 2 hrs in line at the customer service counter for a car I had reserved 2 weeks in advance. NO cars were ready in the lot, I had 20 customers in front of me waiting for cars. Their reasoning for the wait was that cars had not been returned on time. Really? 20+ cars not returned on time? Also, at the EZ check in counter I was redirected to the Advantage counter for service. The company has merged, so why not merge your counters and not redirect customers all over the place. Waiting in line to wait in line again to get a vehicle I had reserved in advance. Will NOT be using this company again. Stay away.

tom yung

Trusted car rental company to use in GA. Good price, reliable & good service.

Eneida Mercado

I really wish I had read these reviews before flying to Atl & picking up a rental @ EZRental. I reserved my rental via phone & when I arrive at the airport I was not greeted because the two sales associates were too busy laughing. I'm with my daughter & granddaughter we're hungry, tired & just want to get to our airbnb but no I had to wait for the girl to compose herself from her laughter. To make it worst my rental required a $200 hold on top of my rental fee of $159 which was NEVER mentioned to me during my reservation. So now I get a group of letters & numbers scribbled on a ripped up piece of paper & told to go outside & pickup my $360 rental @ Advantage (the sister company). Finally find the sister & ended up waiting an hour for my rental which was scratched & dirty. The lady @ advantage was pleasant but they were WAY understaffed & the customer service was just awful. Will never rent through EXRental again unless they step up their business. You're in a competitive market in a big city, why is your service so low grade??????


My flight landed at 12:30am. I waited in line for 2 hours because the old black woman with the scanty ponytail named Kim didn't know how to reload the printer. Then she made all of us to go outside to the garage so she can finish processing us in 40 degree weather. She let another woman skip in front of me. She had the nerve to talk about her co-worker calling him sorry, gay, and incompetent because he was sleeping on the job. When I dropped off the car, she charged me for an additional 2 hours overage. Had to call the 1-800 number to get it straightened out. She was the one that was incompetent. I'll never rent from this place again. I'll call Uber.

Reece A

On 05/23/2018 I had a reservation at this location for a pickup. When I arrived at the terminal location there were about 6 people ahead of me and one rep at the counter. It was over a 45min wait to get to the counter for my turn. After waiting 45 mins the rep informed me there was 1hr wait for cars. I had seen one of the people ahead me look frustrated and walkaway but I assumed he had issues or didnt make a reservation ahead of time. I inquired why didnt she inform people waiting in line that there was a wait on cars (after having been in line for that long) and it was explained that she wanted to let people know at the counter to try and offer other cars and not lose a sale. I was offered a mini-van that burned more gas with no type of discount options. Plus to add the car would have serviced by Advantage Auto that had a cheaper price. There is NOTHING EZ about this rental agency. If you are looking to book rental transportation from the Hartsfield Airport, I would highly suggest utilizing on of the reputable agencies.

sylvette reynolds

They sent you to Advantage to get the car. Just so you know its outside, and there no place to get warm. They are totally under staff. You will wait over an hour if not more!! The car was dirty. You might pay more but go to Enterprise. There the first people you see when you walk out to pick up a car and they have plenty and they are so professional!!! You get what you pay for. Atlanta is one of the busiest airports in the World. Trust me do not use EZ!!!!!

Rafal Kociemski

(Translated by Google) Efficient and fast (Original) Sprawnie i szybko

Yossi Shlang

The worst car rental company ever. Not organized rude from the first person I met to ck me inn to the person who give u the car. I was waiting over an hour to receive my car in an open cold lot for a car that was supposed to be ready. The Clerck at the booth wasn’t helpful. So the deal is not a deal. Don’t ever use them. incompetent

Briana Hi

NEVER AGAIN! SNEAKY pricing, rude and lazy workers and the vehicle smelled. Do not sign that little pad without requiring them to PRINT OUT your contract first. RIDICULOUS

Ripper Harvey

Was told i was receiving a military discount, but was charged more than normal for an upgrade, that i was not aware of.

Jeralisse Martinez

The process was smooth, although the waiting time to pick-up the car was little long, the car they gave us made it worth it. Good pricing!

1stOnDeck .

Had excellent experience with agent Ahelam at the service counter. Made my trip much more pleasant. She was very attentive to my needs and got me in and out on my way.

Pama Love

They r awesome at this location...


The price you are quoted online means nothing. For me it’s typically not worth the risk unless they are 40-50% cheaper than the legitimate rental companies.

Lakisha Johnson

Fastest, easiest car rental experience ever. Thanks a million E-Z Rental for your superior service!

Byron Twice

The most misleading car rental place EVER!

thaddeus hannah

Worst experience I have every had with a car rental place. We had an reservation with A-Z and the were closed so we got sent to Advantage. We waited over an hour 30minutes to be Serviced. To make matters worst when we got to the counter they didn’t apologize offer a discount. Very unpleasant staff and unprofessional.

Evan Kleiner

What an absolute joke. It took over 2 hours to get a car. 30 minutes to talk to the rude lady at the desk only to send us to another company called advantage. Waiting in the cold for over 1.5 hours. Workers had no idea what was going on and I witnessed people leave before us. The worker told us 5 minutes about 25 times. Incompetent. Spend the extra money. It’s worth it. Don’t give this trash business any business

Steven Echard, CAE

Very quick and easy. The location of cars and drop off are somewhat confusing at ATL airport.

Victoria Low

It was just like the name, EZ. Con was the car was horribly dirty. Otherwise good experience. Rented for a week.

Charlene DeVoe

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, easy process, good value.

Leticia Flores

Got there at 2 am and the lady was very helpful and made sure I got the car I wanted.

Steve Pollack

Very nice personable agent at the counter.

brandon mayfield newell

First time using this service along with my first time renting a car at an airport . Directions given were easy to follow and the customer service was Great !

Kyle Beecher

Was very inconvenient. I went to the check in and it stated go to Advantage. I get to Advantage and come to find out I accidentally rented on a later date.(my fault) then the associate tells me they don't have any cars. Then tells me he can get me a premium charger but it will come to 3 times my original rental cost. I told him I can't do that I need cheaper so he tells me he has a suv. Compact rental go Suv (You got to be kidding). I said no and he said he had a mini van at the lowest price which was still 2 times more than my original cost. Mind you for one extra day. So I went online and saw they had a Camry available. I asked about that and he said online is not accurate. Then all the sudden they have a Camry available after I basically called them out on it. I spent about a hour at the check in and worst part when I returned the car I went to EZ Rental like I am suppose to, to return it and says please take to Advantage. Like I have a flight to catch and your playing games. So stupid, waste of time, and trying to up sell.

U. Olivia Parker

Great job on site

Angela L. Owens

I've rented here a few times. My experiences have been really good.

Shiva K

Pretty horrible line up ok weekends ...... only one register and lot of confusion around car location and assistance in the parking lot. Avoid it if you can.

Wolf Baschung

Had to wait one hour for my rental car to materialize.


Process from start to finish was quick and courteous. My wife and I had a long morning, and few days ahead of us and the last thing we needed was a hassle at the counter. Will be making this company our choice when we travel from now on.

Branley Midouin

Agent was extremely helpful, courteous, professional.

Gerald Onyia

My experience at the E-Z Atlanta airport desk was HORRIBLE. The two ladies at the desk between 09:30 AM and 10:15 AM EST on 03/15/2018 were very rude, especially the petite one. Their customer service was terrible! Corporate really needs to do something about reps like them because they are NOT repping your company well at all! Your reps are the face of your company. If your reps are bad, then your company is bad. After finishing at the desk, I was starting to regret using E-Z. The rudeness began after I had rejected all their "extras", and mentioned that I had read some pretty bad reviews online, and was hoping my experience with them wouldn't be bad. Apparently, I became the villain at that point. My overall experience using E-Z Car Rental was saved thanks to a gentleman (E-Z/Advantage Atlanta Airport car inspector) called Charles "Davids" or "Davidson". I had already missed my flight by the time I got back to the airport, and was having a pretty bad day. Charles made me smile for the first time that day. His warmness, consideration and encouragement while he inspected the vehicle was outstanding. He should be the one at the desk, and NOT those two ladies. This man deserves a promotion or a raise or some sort of a bonus. Thank you Charles. Because of you, I will be using E-Z again.

Joel Ortiz

Tiffini D. Pannell

I reserved a car a month in advance. When i arrived we were told a 35 minute wait. We asked to upgrade to a larger SUV and they said no problem. We paid for everything and went to wait in line. After 5 hours of waiting we were told they didnt have any available. We sat at the airport from 11-5 waiting on a car that never showed up. We eventually caught a shuttle to our hotel and arranged for a car the next day from ANOTHER rental company. We will NEVER rent from E-Z again and will make sure none of our family, friends or business colleagues that travel as much as we do use them as well. Horrible, Horrible service. Had groups of families STANDING for hours waiting on cars they didnt have and didnt offer any compensation for our wait.


Very helpful staff. One of your agent named Joy was wonderful to work with. Great attitude, professional & very pleasant.

Stephanie Spradlin

I reserved a car, because the prices were great, and it was fairly local to my home. When I got there, I was told I need a travel itinerary to rent from them at the airport. I believe it should be made more clearly that there are stipulations as to whom can rent from them, as they don't have an alternative location and I wasted 3 hours of my day in transit.

Quinn Bent

Policy online doesn't reflect what is enforced at location

Michael Wourms

Took about 45 minutes to get my car. Had to leave a $450+ deposit. I wasn't expecting that.

Robert Miller


Astra Goodwin

The agent was extremely helpful, she was pleasant and explained everything clearly. I was in town for a family emergency and having a helpful, kind agent really made a difference. Thank you! I will be recommending E-Z to others!

Rafael Jauregui

Christina Ramirez

They charged me for three extra days. It took weeks to get my money back. Was a horrible experience.

Anna Duran

Love the rental thanks

erika luis


Dan Morton

A great place to rent a car! The employees were kind and smiling, they didn't rush through the paperwork. The car was very nice, location was convenient and the charges were straightforward and reasonable. All in all, a great rental car experience.

Danielle Vosburgh

This was awful! The customer service is terrible the price is a trick and I almost missed my flight because of them .I booked it and the original cost was 20 for unlimited miles then told me it was 40 .I return the car in a spot saying ez return with a sign saying drop off at advantage . I stand in line for 40 minutes to be to move the car to be told I need to move it because their are two garages to park the car and I needed to be at the other one . It's ridiculous!

Sadé Sims

Piss poor service. I'm @ ATL airport and I'm booked and ready to go on vacay with my kids. I get 2 counter and lady tell me that if I have Ga ID that they dont offer me unlimited mileage. Even tho it said so online. She had a horrible attitude, very I unapologetic and was trying to charge $20 extra dollars a day HORRIBLE

Jasmine Santiago

This place is amazing. Affordable, great cars, great service!!!

Ben Montgomery Jr.

The service was terrible. The agent was very flippant and didn't try to deescalate the issue we had when it arose. She spoke down to us and gave side comments once the supervisor came to help. Will never come back to this location.

Justin Conerton

Friendly service

Kanda Fletcher


Jared Gioia


Mike Staublin

It sucks

Olive Mccalman

Sale rep did not listen to customer when resquested no upgrade. When customer asked managet for a credit manger refused and said the sale manager will called you .no called was made by sale manager but customer credit card was charged the very same time Customer. Asked for a credit and reviewed of her billed. It appears that the schedule car was not available for the customer so they slip in a upgrade and billed you for they lack of inventory. You sign and initial up front but at the final you sign a electronic signature which you have not the time to read. That is when they change your charges . Please people read your invoice before you leave because this is how they got me . What you agreed to was not on the final printed invoice . You know what you agreed to so why worry to read it over. You wanted to get on your way. But when it's time it return the rental and reached for your receipt then you got the shook of your rental experience.

Julia Radford

My husband and I had a great experience with this company. It was our first time renting a car, we had it for 8 days. Everything was easy and stress free, although both our pick up and drop off times were around 4am before it became busy. We did purchase the insurance so maybe that's a factor. The interaction we had with employees was friendly and helpful (but we always treat people how we want to be treated...and of course the customer service experience you have depends completely on the individual in front of you and is not always representative of the whole company) We initially booked online for 7 days but decided to keep the car for 8 days. Didn't even have to call to change our drop off time, just return it when you want and the charge (if any) is minimal. Keep in mind Advantage is the parent company of E-Z rent a car, so once you go to get your car in the garage after paying at the kiosk you won't actually see any signs saying E-Z.

Passionate Pioneer

The service was very quick & efficient with friendly customer service.

Michael Newsome

One star is to much credit sorry un informative , bad attitud, and sickning to business

Frankie Moss

Very professional and courteous staff.

kalera m

Horrible experience. Reserved a suv rental and when I get there they didn't have it. Tried to give me a smaller car for same price. Wouldn't change the car to a equal value. Will not rent from them again.

Donn Gilray

Saved me - Easy pickup and easy return. Advantage/E-Z car rental saved me when Payless Car Rental did a Seinfeld thing - they "took" the reservation, but didn't "keep" the reservation.

Judy Anderson

Great company to rent a car!! Very helpful and I highly recommend!!

Amaru Nama Taga Xi-Aly Muhammad

Great service fast efficient and clear

katrina bell

Very great customer service.. Quick and friendly.. I'm very thankful.

Chamirra Hall

Thanks for your help

Susan T. Anderson

Everything was exactly as I expected. You met my expectations.

Michael Wilson

Unbelievably helpful. Everyone I dealt with made things simple and easy.

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