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eugene kern

have been calling them for hours, no answer, no info on how to get to them, no info on the shuttle I t seems like they are phony

Dogwood Music Promotion

I rented a car online as part of my deal. When I arrived at Orlando I called all there locations and never got ahold of anyone. Their voicemail was full. Now I have to rent a car somewhere else and report them to my booking company as a fraud. I'm just hoping I can get my money back. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. Absolutely a scam!

Marcio Luiz

Gostei de ter alugado um Mustang zerado nessa agencia, o valor é bem mais em conta do.que se pega dentro do aeroporto e o atendimento é nota 1.000

Fernando Faro

So my dad found this company with a rate that was much better than the big ones, like U$300 cheaper, and made reservations for two cars. Once we got in Miami and went to the car rental, the clerk comes up with the folio and suddenly starts to talk about "The Sunpass charge": according to her, all the cars in Miami must have Sunpass because there are no more manual charges for tolls - and showed me a brochure "explaining" the whole thing. No problems, with the exception that they charged us U$250/car for it (the tolls cost like a dollar or less, so of course it was harsh charge). Really tired after an 11-hour flight with your family and a 1 year old son, not being a native who can dismiss this kind of lie easily, having a 4-hours drive to Orlando ahead and maybe being naive enough to trust people, we took the cars. It took us a couple of days to realize we had been fooled: they charge the tolls by plate in Miami and they lied about the Sunpass being mandatory; companies can offer the service, but consumers have the right to say no. To make things worse, everytime we tried to use the Sunpass lane, a message "Toll not paid"popped up on the screen. As it was a family trip, we decided to talk about it at drop off time. When we returned the car, I politely asked once again about the Sunpass charge and told the real story was a little different from the one they had told me when we rented the car. One clerk told me that "there are tolls that cost more than 50 bucks in your way to Miami" and got agressive when I challenged her to name me one toll that cost more than five bucks. agressive and told me things like "you had the option to not take the cars" and stuff like that, so I got angry and told they are not serious people and they are liars that hide charges on the reservation so they can get consumers that won't confront them. When the girl realized she has no arguments to deflect my questions and they were busted, she ended the conversation like "is there something else we can do for you?" and took us to the airport with a loud latin song on the radio (probably trying to be really as unpleasant as possible). Even with this ridiculous and unfair and uninformed charge, the rate was pretty similar to what we would pay with one of the big companies. But those fellas are not serious people and LIE to consumers when they hide a charge when you make the reservation so you'll go with them instead of another company. This is something unacceptable and I don't recommend those cheaters to anybody. If you want to rent a car in Miami or Orlando, do it with Hertz, Alamo, Avis or anyone else but Tu Florida.

Ethan Cardoza

Buen precio y un auto casi nuevo.

Lynn Beam

Staff very nice, helpful. Great experince i think they are far one of the best Rental Cars.

Pedro Perrier

Pésimo y el culpable soy yo por no haber leído los comentarios. Pésima atención. Sinverguenzas. Arrendé una camioneta truck y al llegar me entregan un auto diciendo que es lo que hay... falso por que miré y tenían 2 camionetas dentro, la misma que arrendé por despegar. Luego para que hablar... de lo que había pagado por despegar terminé pagando el DOBLE..... por favor lean todos los comentarios antes de arrendar a estos estafadores sinverguenzas... mandé correos y su respuesta es haga a través de la web sus requerimientos. NO ARRENDAR ACÁ!!!!

Luis Eduardo De San Martín Rodríguez

Francamente fue un buen servicio y la relación precio beneficio es la adecuada. Gente muy amable te atiende y trata de adaptarse a tus necesidades. Repetiré.

צחי רביבו

חברה סבירה, תקעו לי ביטוח שלא נראה לי שהייתי צריך לשלם.

Juan C

(Translated by Google) Worst experience in my life. Real thieves. Never rent with them The worst experience of my life. Thieves Never renten with them. (Original) Worst experience in my life. Real thieves. Never rent with them La peor experiencia de mi vida. Ladrones. Nunca renten con ellos.

Jenniffer Joe

Worst experience ever. They try to over charge, hide fees... not speak English even after you have spoke to them in English. They charge an airport fee even though they are not located on airport property. He tried to NOT take us back the airport. DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Del Valle

They over charge people..beware..and the female worker does not know how to drive..almost hit a car taking me to the airport smh...

sharon phillips

RIP OFF!!!!! Our reservation for the car was $105 when we showed up to get the car it was $258 and to late to cancel. There is a $55 toll tag fee(that is required) and a nondisclosed (FSO) fee I still don't know what that is because all she could say was it's for Florida of $65 plus the taxes they didn't include in the quote.. on top of that the car was only in Spanish no English when we asked if it can be changed the lady said no it's the system

Claudio Fatone

Estafadores. Llegamos a Miami y no tenían autos disponibles, Yo había pagado el alquiler del auto dos meses antes y no nos dieron ninguna solución. Te hacen esperar en una terminal (ya que no tienen oficina dentro del aeropuerto) y nadie vino ni a avisarnos ni atendieron el teléfono que se te dan. En la oficina te dicen que no tienen autos y que sobre alquilan la cantidad de autos por si alguna reserva se cae. Impresentables.

Franco Gnavi

De lo peor me cobraron un servicio de sunpass 279 dolares mas, cuando los sunpass no valen mas de 1 0 2 dolares. . Llame a la empresa no atienden, mande un mail y no fueron capaz de responder una vergüenza !! Te hacen devolver el auto con tanque lleno,mientras otras empresa mas seria y de mejor servicio lo devuelven vacío!!

zenel veseli

Very good company they treated me very nice and great service. 100% recomened.

Miguel Montoya

DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. The make you pay a $12 sunpass fee even if you dont need them. Also, they charge you $112 for taxes and airport fees. I made a reservation for $77 and they wanted to charge me $320. Also, they stole my deposit. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS THIEFS!!!!

Manoel Neto

Pior locadora, depois que você paga tudo eles lançam cobranças absurdas no seu cartão sem ter porque.

Ronaldo Peres

As pessoas são legais. Mas nao me entregaram carro que reservei, entregaram modelo abaixo e cobraram taxas sem necessidade.

Andre Arel

COMPANIA FRAUDULENTA They will commit a FEDERAL crime and give you FRAUDULENT insurance documents. You'll never have legitimate insurance in case of an accident. They'll tell you that you can use this car to drive for Uber! What they won't tell you is that Uber will permanently close your account due to the FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS THIS COMPANY PROVIDES. MY UBER ACCOUNT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED DUE TO THESE SCUMBAGS TRYING TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK. THANKS AGAIN GUYS!

Cristiano Fialho

Absolutely do NOT rent a car from this company They are not honest and They have steal me, $150,00.

Carlos Baez

Excellent service highly recommended

Sérgio franzoi

Hate it , they canceled my reservation and wanted charge me for services they said mandatory, after a discussion , told me were going to make me a favor not charging me, if it was mandatory weren't they suppose to charge me anyway?

Pablo Mascheroni

SCAM!! ESTAFA!! What the hell is FSO charge!?? They try to enforce made up fees.

Ana Kormann

Locadora péssima! Na decolar compramos um pacote por 80 dólares, chegamos lá queriam cobrar mais 290 dólares, são mentirosos... Queriam vender várias taxas que nem existiam com valores abusivos.

Kc Delos Santos

Scammers. Scammers. Scammers. Don’t trust in low rate rental agencies.

David Jimenez

One of the best experiences I ever had renting a car.

John Douglas

Do not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, rent from this scam operation!! I pre-booked through One Travel to rent a full-sized car for 4 days - the price I was quoted was $55 total for the entire time. Being an experienced traveler, I should have seen the red flags. I made a $15 deposit, the rest to be paid when I picked up the car. With reservation in hand, I arrived at the Miami International Airport and called the number on the reservation sheet, in order to be picked up by their shuttle, to be taken to the off-airport office. A woman answered, asked for the confirmation number, then hung up. I called back and got an answering machine, with no opportunity to leave a message. After repeated calls over the next 45 minutes (with no success), one of the employees of another rental agency felt sorry for me and called on his cell phone. Surprisingly, the same woman answered - I guess she thought she had a new customer, since this was a call from a new phone number. She told him that the shuttle would be there in 22 minutes, which seemed odd since the office was only 5 minutes away (the shuttle had actually yet to make an appearance in the lengthy time we had already been waiting). After waiting another 40 minutes, with no shuttle and again, a refusal on the company's part to answer the phone, we took a cab to the office. SURPRISE!!! The shuttle van was sitting in their parking lot - it had never left and did not appear to have any intention of leaving!! The receptionist did not know about the phone calls - she said that a "call center" relayed information to her. Then came the next pile of crap! The actual cost would be over $200, since many of the required fees were not in the original estimate. The full-sized car then turned out to be "any one of the 4 in the garage", none of which were anywhere near what had been reserved. At that point, it was extremely difficult for me to keep my cool! We were now past the 2 hour point to pick up a pre-reserved car which turned out to be anything but what had been reserved. We went back to the airport and rented from another company. I was assured that my deposit would be refunded - another joke, since no money has appeared on my credit card. This business is a complete fraud; avoid this joke of a company at all costs!!!!! Walk, hitchhike, take a cab - do anything but rent from them. In my mind, they border on a criminal enterprise!!

Jillian Williams

Terrible rental car place. BEWARE!! The car that was rented to me license plate was invalid and they purposely rubbed the year off. But had me pay for insurance even tho I came with my own full coverage insurance. How do you charge me to have insurance on the car but clearly there isn't any on it if the license plate is not registered! Do not rent from them you will regret it. I reserved and paid for a luxury car and got a Nissan versa.. a super compact car. All of the cars on the lot were Nissan versa. They don't have any luxury vehicles. Total charge told was 160. After that was paid they came with 120 more in charges and then asked for 100 deposit. Why wasn't this all said in the beginning. And when's there's a problem their response is "we speak no English". When we returned the rental the office was shut down and moved! Where is my deposit money where is corporate for me to speak to!!

Eric Nichols

Nos fue muy bien con TUF, lo volveremos a usar cuando regresemos a Miami.

Tiffany Ruiz

I had a great car rental experience. They have a variety of vehicles and the service was great. Id definitely rent again with this company. Thanks TU FLORIDA RENTAL CAR

Beverly Travis

Great rental experience, nice new car.

Maygen Keller

***UPDATE Jan 2018: This company is still terrible, don't be fooled. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, and they never responded to the BBB. Just want everyone to know NOT to rent from these jerks.*** Horrible, horrible, horrible. I currently have a car rented from them (from Orlando, but it's the same company), and I have to say stay away. The other one star reviews are a very accurate representation of how this place operates. I found them on Kayak, and was pumped about the price and unlimited miles. When we got to the airport, the shuttle (which we had to call for) was 20 minutes late. We got to the facility, it felt really shady. The clerk asked for my credit card and license, photo copied both of them (not sure why a copy of my card was needed), and took my insurance (she also didn't give that back, I had to ask her to copy it). She said the total would be $401 after additional MANDATORY fees, and I told her I was confused about that, because my original total was $123.60, and supposedly already included fees. She just continued saying that the fees were mandatory in the state. She also lied to me and told me the FSO fee was a Florida surcharge, and after I did some searching I found that it's a fuel service option, having nothing at all to do with Florida. I'm including a picture of the fees for anyone to see. The last thing is that the low tire pressure light was on, and she told me I should go fill up the tires. At any rate, I'm sure they'll do nothing about this horrible behavior, and I'm sure they haven't helped any person who has written a bad review (even if they commented they would). I also contacted Kayak to let them know about how bad they are, and linked to these reviews. I'd go with a more reputable company--I wish I had done research before booking. Lesson learned.

Denisse Viruet

My father made a reservation for $ 500, when he arrived yesterday January 17, 2018 at the Orlando airport in addition to taking it back, when they arrive at the rental place he finds something else. My dad always uses his insurance policy to rent cars and they told him that he could not, he has his own Sun pass and he was told that he could not use it either, that he would have to use the company pass and to complete they wanted to charge him $ 1,100 having the evidence of your reservation. They did not have any consideration so that the truth would be happy, it is a little shame I do not recommend them at all. In the end my dad was left without a car because of the high prices at that time and my sister-in-law had to go look for him. Lack of profesionalism.

Rafael Ramirez

(Translated by Google) I do not recommend them, they charge double or triple what they offer at the time of booking. They are scammers. (Original) No los recomiendo, te cobran el doble o el triple que lo que te ofrecen al momento de reservar. Son unos estafadores.

Juan Carlos Morales

(Translated by Google) I was charged twice the value of the reservation. Toll costs (SunPass) reasonable. But also they added a sports car insurance be service to the airport and this meant double my budget. We expose conditions in the reserve to be prepared. Wrong (Original) Me cobraron el doble del valor de la reserva. Costos de peajes (sunpass) razonable. Pero además agregaron un seguro por ser auto deportivo y servicio al aeropuerto esto significó el doble de mi presupuesto. Las condiciones nos las exponen en la reserva como para estar preparado. Mal

Don Mansour

Pudimos disfrutar el auto en Miami y ver varios lugares de Florida sin problema con el auto.

Agustín Chiviló

Buena atención, funciona bien aunque el auto un poco viejo. El único tema fue con el sunpass, te cobran muchísimo y no estoy seguro que sea así de caro

Andre Antunes

Empresa horrível enseada está me cobraram o caução de 1.000 doladól para eventuais danos no veículo e até o momento não fizeram o estorno na operadora do cartão.

Jennifer Moorhead

Hidden fees - & undisclosed toll quoted $70 but their "required SunPass" for toll roads was $12 a day when most tolls were only .50 cents. P.S. Walgreens sells a pass for $20 increments.

Carlos Lossino

La mejor experiencia de alquiler de coches que he tenido. El personal era amable y servicial. Incluso me dieron un ascenso gratis! Todo fue rápido y fácil. ¡Yo recomendaría mucho este lugar!

Andrea Perez

DON'T COMMUNICATE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO DELAY YOUR SCHEDULE WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE. Me & my family reserved a mini van ahead and called as soon as we got to Miami. The worker told us they were going yo send a van as soon as possible to pick us up. 1 hour later there was no sign of the company, although we called various times. Thanks to a driver from another company, we headed to their quarters to get the surprise that they rented out the mini van WE HAD PREVIOUSLY RESERVED and that they didn't have any more available. I get the situation they were in, but the LEAST the could've done is inform us of the situation to search other options. Now our schedule is delayed by over two hours and we had to search for another company to rent a car. This is unbelievable, I truly recommend to NEVER count on this company to rent a car.

ana carolina damiao araujo

Meu pai locou um veículo pela decolar , mesmo com dificuldades para encontrar a locadora , o atendimento foi excelente pela atendente Patrícia, super educada , solocita , deficou ao maximo para nos atender da melhor forma,e inclusive nos deu um GPS de brinde , recomendamos locamos por um período de 9 dias , importante saber que o sun pass é a parte e só tem o ilimitado,

Christopher Wachira

I returned your car on 28th May 2018. Today is July 3rd and I have never received back my security deposit. Despite the many calls and emails

Juan Mejia

They are scammers. I rented a car and paid the reservation. When I came to pick it up, they said that reservation had been cancelled and they were out of cars. Now reading reviews from other users I am glad I only lost the reservation money and nothing else. Please be advice never to get cars from this company.

Stefano Maleski

I had a very pleasant experience with this guys. They helped me a lot

Omar Ali

Estafadores. Ladrones. No recomendables.

Amanda Penney

Deceptive Practices & Hidden Fees. We used an online search engine to find the best value for a rental car and we paid for the vehicle up front via the website but when we arrived at the rental car office they charged us for the SunPass and also other "extras". When I asked for details on what the line item of "extras" included the employee was vague and was only able to specifically state that the shuttle to and from the airport was one of the "extras". When I pointed out that their recording states that the shuttle was complimentary and so does their advertising she offered up no response. As I was completing paperwork at the rental car office I got to a paper that stated that I could decline the SunPass option and I asked her why I was forced to sign that I accepted the SunPass if there clearly is an option to decline and the woman insisted that I did not have the option to decline even though I was staring at a paper that had it listed as an option. If the SunPass was not optional then they should have included that cost in with the final rental price that I paid online when I reserved it and they should not have made me sign a form that offers me the option to decline the SunPass. It felt like they are involved in deceptive practices. The car that we got for paying over double what we were initially believed that we would be paying was dirty. It was an older Honda Civic style car and they classified it as "Luxury". I was very disheartened.

kbg oliva

Excelente servicio no tuve que esperar como en otras rentadoras,en menos de 2 min hice entrega de mi auto y ellos mismo me llevaron hasta la puerta de la aerolínea.

Juan Martin Mermoz

they kept my deposit for a quarter inch scuff that only they could see. There was no damage to the paint, just a dot from another car at a parking lot (happens a lot especially in FL) but it was an easy fix with some cleaning compound. They will find a way to charge you more as that was all i felt from beginning to end.

Jay Sal

Worse car rental ever.....they gave me a price online and on the phone and when I got there gave me another amount with was 3 times the original amount. When I asked for a supervisor was told I had to call the Miami location. And to top it off when I refused to pay more and asked to be taken back to the airport I was told my Paola that I had to find my Owen way back to the airport.....please don't RENT with this thiefs......had to do a consumer's affair complaint to get my refund back.....please don't RENT with this company.

Carlos Manzano

I was given a car with expired registration I found out because where I parked found a ticket on the windshield. I go the next day because Venezuela girl says she will swap out the car, I get there and she goes in the rental wasting my gas to go to the DMV to get the tags for it. As I'm heading back to the hotel I get rear ended, I call to let her know and b**ch gives me attitude. Then has the nerve to tell me she will not replace the car and that I have to dive it like that. I had to call ez rent a car the web site I used to book my rental to see about swapping cars. People beware with TUF their very shady they don't care about their customers they just care about their company.

NMEZEE ez brothers

DO NOT RENT from this place!!! I repeat DO NOT RENT from these people. Hours are a lie. They will not answer the phone You cannot return your car on Sunday because they are closed and they open at 8am on Monday morning. There is no manager they exists. We called them more than 40 times with no answer. Also they are not located at the airport. I could keep going just trust me don't rent from them just pick up at airport or anywhere but here

Maximiliano Dachevsky

Delincuentes!!! Contrate por despegar a un precio y con la mentira del sunpass termine pagando casi el triple. Me dijeron q me iban a devolver la diferencia porque solo habia usado nada mas que cuatro veces el peaje de los 9 dias que alquile el auto y jamas me lo reintegraron!!! Es increible como dejan operar a un servicio como este

arnel lorenzana


Fabiano Frasson

ZERO... CUIDADO... essa empresa engana as pessoas, os comentarios postados falando o contrario são feitos pelos próprios funcionários... Fiz uma reserva pela Decolar e paguei R$150,00 iniciais para a decolar e o restante seria pago na locadora no total de $150,00 cento e cinquenta dolares, quando fui retirar o carro fui informado que teria que pagar taxas adicionais e mesmo eu mostrando a reserva que diz claramente que não haveria necessidade de pagamento de mais nenhuma taxa a atendente me cobrou $608,00 para retirar o carro (como toda essa briga e discução demorou muito, resolvi assinar o papel), poiis a atendente (mentirosa) disse que algumas taxas seriam canceladas... empresa aplica golpes em todos... conversei com outro rapaz que encontrei locando e me disse a mesma coisa... poxa, pagar 4 vezes mais!!!! CUIDADO COM O GOLPE!!!!

Marjorie SIMON

They don't speak english, they don't read their emails, and they can decide by themselves to cancel your booking if your plane is late. don't pay them in advance!!

Keith Saddler

Made a reservation a month ahead and paid deposit. Booking included flight number. Landed 1 hour late due to thunderstorm and agent had given our car away. Not the best start to a holiday. Steer well clear.

Andrei Pb

Never rent from them. Tried to call them for 40 min to be picked up . Finally had to take a cab to go to their office. At the office I was told that the reservation was canceled, even though I booked it 3 weeks in advance, and they don't have any other cars available. Never get my deposit back . Lost money, spent time. No service what so ever. Looks like fraud to me.

Samara Alves

Boa locadora, mas houve acréscimo de vários itens na retirada do carro, que não havia informação no site.

Diego Luvizon

Se você alugou pela decolar e já pagou uma parte do valor, perca esse dinheiro e alugue com outra locadora conhecida, no momento do aluguel eles cobram uma taxa de pedagio( Sunpass) e outra de condução (FSO) que saiu pra mim na faixa dos 300 dólares. Alugue com uma das renomadas (Alamo, Sixty, Hertz) que não vai se arrepender, além de que paguei por um intermediário e eles só puderam me fornecer um econômico sem dar nenhum desconto.

Nejyl Gonzalez

Excelente compañía de renta Very very good and company rent a car


After reserving my car rental online for a set price of $160 and waiting over an hour in their lobby to be taken care of was shocked when at the end after all paperwork was done that the contract showed $110+ more than the quote. I also was told their would be a zero dollar deposit but then was told no that was wrong it's $500. Major companies don't even do $500 so that threw a flag in my head. When telling them I would not do any of this as my email confirmation did not state any of this and I provided them the information they said ok we can take you back to the airport then. So after over a total of two hours wasted I finally got a car from a reputable place. One thing to also note is that they all speak spanish at this business. Yes it is ok to be bilingual but when english isn't your primary language and you are dealing with American travels on a daily basis one would have to use common sense hire an fluent english speaking person. My advice is to go with what you know and don't think that great deal is worth it because it will end up the same if not more than a name brand company who you can trust with your credit card and won't try to steal it because they have no business to pay their bills.

Ed C

I booked a rental for 9 pm pick up. I got there at 8:57 pm. Sales rep had already left at 8:45pm, which is closing is 9 pm, and she put I was a no show at 9 pm. Corporate only goes by reservation, not same day rental. No one could help me. Very unprofessional!!!

Jorge Dambakli

Excelent service highlly recomended

Shyam Aryal

Do not rent from Orlando location

eugeniu bezniuc

No phone number ,no shuttle bus,they are careless. BETTER AVOID THEM! SERIOUS.

Allie Johnson

Terrible service. We received a car that had half a pack of old cookies in the glove box, an empty bottle under the seat and no spare wheel on the trunk. Paid for a non refundable sun pass fee that didn't work once. Had to wait at the airport 20 minutes extra because nobody was answering the phone call that you are instructed to do. Got charged a lot of different fees $$$ that once you break down they don't apply or you are paying them twice. A lot of money for a terrible service.

gennesis alejandra casas lugo


Stephanie Shelton

Good alternative when renting a car in miami.

evelyn velez


Glenn Jacobsen

CAUTION!!! CAUTION!!! CAUTION!!! DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company is as bad as it gets, a total scam!!!! They rise the price as soon as you get there, till example: 80 dollars for pick up service at the airport! 160 dollars for a toll fee, (sun pass etc.), and I know that I passed the tolls for no more than around 20 dollars in the 16 days I had the car!!! The car I got was OK in terms of age an mileage, but it must have been the absolutely cheapest model of the RAV4, both in equipment and engine!!!! I will make it my calling to make them lose as many costumers as possible. The best would be if they went bankrupt if you ask me!!!! In my eyes they STOLE around 300 dollars from me!!!!!!! But what du you do after 24 hours of travelling an they say you can cancel? You don't, you just want to get your car and got to your hotel as soon as possible. IT'S THEIR BUSINESSMODEL! -TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TIRED CUSTOMERS!!!!

Nilton Coutinho

Locamos um carro com a Tuf através da rent a car com valor de $268 e ao chegar no local para retirar foi inserido várias taxas e o valor foi para $488... fora da realidade, abusivo. Cancelamos na hora, mas causou grande transtorno.

nonametomuchinfo noinformation

IMPORTANTE INFORMATION - DANGERS - BECAREFUL Note I click the first star, so everybody can read this All the positive reviews are from the same worker work in TU FLORIDA rental car, My bad experience: I book a car for 14 days with ECONOMY BOOKINGS asking me for a deposit of 15% of the total amount of the 14 days rent of the car, I paid the 15%,, when I get to TU FLORIDA rental car, the blonde lady at the check in counter, asked me to pay 4 times more that the amount show in the rental voucher, I asked for a copy of the receipt and the blonde lady called somebody to take me out of the building. >>>>> DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TU FLORIDA RENTAL CAR <<<<<

Marcus Vinicius Z. Montanha

Very good service. Well mainteined vehicles. Recommend it to anyone coming to Miami.

Tim Britton

Long wait (40 minutes) for shuttle, when we finally got to car lot our charges quoted easily doubled. We were charged for refilling with gas which we never was returned with full tank. We clearly refused this and got billed for this anyway. We were also charged an outrageous fee for prepay sunpass tolls, which we also tried to refuse. NOONE even answers their telephone....always get voicemail. These guys are crooks !! Once they get your credit card, you are at their mercy.

Carol Christofoli

Good company treated me very well. The Cars was very nice. I recommend this company.

Roger Sadecki

I rented from the Orlando office and got the same rotten hidden charges i.e. exorbitant sunpass, more taxes, and a huge facility fee. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TUF.

Otaviano Esteves

Fuja! Não são confiáveis. A atendente Patricia fala apenas espanhol: No ínicio é super amigável, logo em seguida que você assina o contrato, imediatamente te trata como um lixo e recusa assinar o contrato ou deixar uma cópia dele assinado contigo. Dica: GRAVE A CONVERSA! ASSINE SOMENTE APOS A ASSINATURA DA ATENDENTE! TIRE FOTO DO CONTRATO! RECUSE SAIR DALI SEM O CONTRATO ASSINADO!

Matheus Alejandro

Never refunded the Preauthorization taxes. I rented a car with TU Florida on May 5th. On this day I made the preauthorization payment of $500 dollars. On May 10, I returned the car and it was evaluated and everything was right at the time of the return. At this time the clerk told me that the preauthorization amount would be credited automatically on my credit card without problems, that i wont need to do anything else. I have been waiting since May and none of this amount was credited on my account.

Isabel Mahnert

ESTAFADORES, MUY MAL!!! realizamos la reserva a traves de despegar pensando que ellos trabajaban con rentadoras confiables lo cual no fue asi y nos llevamos un muy mal rato en nuestras vacaciones. Una vez llegando a destino nos informan que el vehiculo hay que recogerlo fuera del aeropuerto a 10 min en vehiculo, lo cual en mi reserva dice que se recoge en el aeropuerto. Hay que esperar que llegue una Van a recogernos lo cual tomo casi 1 hora, llame al menos 10 veces y nunca me pude comunicar con nadie. Lo insolito que cuando pregunte en el aeropuerto donde quedaba la rentadora nadie la conocia. Una vez que llegamos alla la mujer que atendia fue super amable tratando de ser casi amiga y conversando, luego nos pasa el contrato que nos dice que tenemos que cancelar mas de 3 veces el valor que ya habiamos pagado por el vehiculo, lo cual a mi me parecio una estafa fue ahi cuando la mujer trato de arreglar las cosas y nos dijo que nos agregaria el GPS sin valor adicional. Estabamos super cansado lejos del aeropuerto no teniamos otra opcion, nos hizo pagar por el sunpass $75.96 lo cual era obligacion lo usaramos o no, otro impuesto F.S.O $103.96, y otros cargos mas que dan un total de $218.15 sin cancelar eso no podiamos llevarnos el vehiculo. La verdad que ellos se aprovechan ya que estamos en un lugar que no hay nada cerca esta lejos del aeropuerto. Nuestro error fue no haber leido los reviews anteriores pero me confie en despegar. Llegando a Chile puse el reclamo directo con despegar, lo cual nos hizo devolucion de los $103.96 pero el resto nos dijo que era responsabilidad de nosotros. La verdad que tomamos esa opcion que nos dio despegar por ser muy buena la oferta, pero finalmente lo barato cuesta caro. Una completa ESTAFA! no arrienden ahi mejor tomen otra opcion de alguna rentadora mas confiable que no les saldra con sorpresas de cobros adicionales.

Sebastian Medina

Great service and selection

samesafar .

(Translated by Google) They are thieves. I SAID $ 500.00 to cover possible PEDÁGIOS with the promise to RETURN within 15 days after the return of the car. Of course they DO NOT RETURN. I'm surprised the fact of DECOLAR knowing the blow and continue offering this gang. They should be getting "advantages" too. I GO OUT OF these PILANTRAS, and when I say that, it is also about DECOLAR that it is conniving. Look for the Bookingcar, Rentalcar or any other but prefer the traditional rental companies with structure INSIDE the airport. (Original) São ladrões. Me ROUBARAM $500,00 para cobrir eventuais PEDÁGIOS com a promessa de DEVOLVER em até 15 dias após a devolução do carro. Claro que NÃO DEVOLVERAM. Me estranha o fato da DECOLAR saber do golpe e continuar oferecendo essa quadrilha. Devem estar recebendo "vantagens" também. SAI FORA desses PILANTRAS, e quando digo isso, é também sobre a DECOLAR que é conivente. Procure pela Bookingcar, Rentalcar ou qualquer outra mas preferencie as locadoras tradicionais com estrutura DENTRO do aeroporto.

Paola Acosta

(Translated by Google) Excellent company The car they gave me was practically new and very clean. The staff is very friendly, they made me feel at home !! I recommend them. (Original) Excelente empresa. El auto que me dieron estaba practicamente nuevo y muy limpio. El personal es muy amable, me hicieron sentir en casa!! Yo, los recomiendo.

Luciclaudio da Silva Barbosa

(Translated by Google) Receptive (Original) Receptivo

Ciro Bonito

Com essa empresa tive a pior experiencia da minha vida, alugamos um carro para ir de Miami até Orlando pela decolar, depois de rodar 45 min na estrada fomos parados pela policia e fomos informados que o carro estava com a licença vencida e não podíamos rodar, fomos obrigados a retornar para a locadora e pegar outro carro. Chegando lá já estavam nos esperando com outro carro, o funcionário foi extremamente grosseiro e fingia não entender o que estávamos falando, mesmo eu falando Inglês e espanhol. Alem de tudo isso cobram inúmeras taxas não informadas no site da decolar, não indico essa empresa para ninguém. Péssimo lugar, com funcionários de baixa índole, eles são uma fraude. NÃO ALUGUEM CARRO NESSE LUGAR!!!

john maestranzi

This company didn’t have a shuttle. We called multiple times and they said they would send a shuttle but never did. We waited over an hour. Did I mention they are 2 minutes away from the airport. They wouldn’t even answer my call. They shouldn’t be in business. You will lose your money or get ripped off if you book with them. Trust me.

Anita Lung

BEWARE--THIS IS A SCAM!!! I booked & got confirmation email saying to pay $52 upon arrival but total was $128! I returned yesterday and now see another charge on my cc for $64!!

Jim Ketcheson

You notice almost all of the 5 star are Spanish names and none are 3or4 star all 5star to build up the ratings everyone write attorney general of Florida Tu Florida real address is 3101 McCoy rd not 3719 as advertised

Fadil Karmally

What in the half assed, backwards, inefficient, typical Miami type of operation is this. The unemployment level is low these days so there is a lack of a work pool to replace employees.

Rafael Roedel Sperb

Péssima! Minha reserva era pelo Decolar e incluia todas as coberturas mínimas de seguro para rodar. Quiseram empurrar obrigado mais a cobertura total de seguros e o Sunpass. Somando 558 dólares adicional ao valor que eu já tinha pago. O atendimento foi péssimo, e acredito que era o proprietário, pois chegou de BMW X6, todo posudo. Não me buscaram no aeroporto, paguei uber que deu mais 9,90 dólares. Enfim, só decepção! Não recomendo e gostaria que o Decolar eliminasse do seu rol de parceiros uma empresa sem qualificação! É uma máfia de caçar trouxas! Muitos caem neste golpe!

Martin Michael

Good service, excellent car and pick up at the airport was convenient.

Destiny Graybill

The driver was very late and unprofessional and on his phone the entire time we drove to the rental car site driving with one hand. One hassle after the next the ladies at the front desk were very hard to understand. The fees kept piling on and ended up having to pay extra money. Go with Enterprise!! We will Never use this company again!

Stephen Willey

My family had a similar story as the previous reviewer. I had a contract that was for approximately $90. When I arrived, It suddenly became $186. The reason? "Facility Rental Fee". When I disputed this, I was told that this is a mandatory fee. I asked to speak to a manager, and no manager was there. My hands were tied though because I needed a rental so I paid the fee figuring I would reread the contract and dispute if necessary. Sure enough, the contract said a "facility rental fee" may be charged. This fee represents an airport rental fee.... This location was not on the airport. We had to take a shuttle for 15 minutes to get there! In addition, let's assume the fee was legit. The contract stated a per day rate. It was $12 per day. We were charged an additional $16 per day. So in all cases it was wrong. When we dropped the car off, I made sure we did a walk-through of the car together and that we all signed off just in case. Good thing I did as one week later I was charged another $103. Currently, I have won my credit card dispute for the $103. I am still fighting the partial charge on the original contract.

Mick Dingman

STAY AWAY From this company. Use a reputable car rental agency. After renting here to get the best price I am very unhappy. We waited over an hour and a half at the airport to be picked up. Upon returning the vehicle and getting a sheet showing the car was full of gas and zero damage, I was told I would get my security deposit back within 7 business days. Two months later, still no refund. When I call, they tell me to email the corporation as they cant process refunds over the phone. I have sent three emails and filled out a customer response request. NONE HAVE BEEN RETURNED. PLEASE be warned. Don't believe me? Call the number and say you have a question about a security deposit refund. You will be placed on hold or hung up on after they give you an email. I don't usually do these reviews but they are clearly trying to steal peoples security deposit.

Parien Vehleen

Had a good experience from this rental company, keep in mind the office is outside the airport but they offer a shuttle service.


EXTORSÃO SOB AMEAÇA NA LOCADORA TU FLORIDA, COMPRA REALIZADA ATRAVÉS DA DECOLAR Compramos todo o pacote de nossa viagem a Florida no site da Decolar, como sempre fazemos, passagens, hotéis e locadora de carro. Depois de comprar passagens e hotéis, foi sugerido durante a compra um pacote de locação de carro, a TU FLORIDA, as vantagens eram inúmeras, incluindo seguro total para locação com mais de 3 dias. Compramos o pacote para 3 dias em Miami e mais 4 dias em Orlando, demos a entrada e o restante pagaríamos lá. Chegando ao aeroporto já começou nosso transtorno. O combinado era que o carro estivesse no aeroporto, mas isso não ocorreu, ficamos procurando por horas o local de entrega do carro, perguntando de um por um, o telefone fornecido não atendiam.. demoraram 1 hora e meia para nos levar até a locadora. Mas o pesadelo maior foi quando retornamos de Miami para Orlando. Na auto estrada rumo a Miami para entregarmos o veículo, fomos fechados por um outro veículo em alta velocidade que nos arremessou para uma outra via, onde circulava um caminhão em baixíssima velocidade. Sofremos um acidente horrível, por pouco não morremos, meu marido passou muito mal, vieram bombeiros e policia. Ligamos insistentemente para a locadora, eles pediam fotos do carro a todo momento, demoraram 3 horas para nos resgatar com um guincho muito velho, fomos levados todos dentro do guincho e dentro do próprio carro batido, com estilhaços de vidros em toda a parte. Nos levaram a um lugar ermo, rua de oficinas, não entediamos nada do que falavam, depois fomos levados à locadora, que com 1 orçamento em mãos, nos cobraram $ 9.200. Ficamos desesperados porque havíamos contrato a locação com seguro, pela decolar e pela locadora. Sob ameaça de prisão, de chamar a policia, com meu marido passando muito mal, o cunhado dele passou o cartão de crédito dele, pois temia por nossas vidas, visto que estávamos sendo ameaçados veementemente. No acerto dos dias de locação, ainda nos cobraram mais 1 dia, porque o combinado era entregar o carro as 14h00, e por que demoraram 3 horas para nos resgatar, não cumprimos o horário de entrega (até cômico, se não fosse tão trágico). Tento ligar para decolar desde o ocorrido, temos voucher que comprava o seguro. No contrato que assinamos na locadora não se referem a seguro algum e não questionamos, porque, para nós, isso já estava incluso. Há um contrato lá na locadora com um visto q não foi feito por nenhum de nós. Exijo uma retratação da DECOLAR, um ressarcimento do valor pago a esses bandidos de Miami. Mas nem ao telefone conseguimos contato.Sofremos danos materiais e morais e vamos levar à justiça caso não resolvam nosso problema.

Audrey Maher

Scam. A weekend $60 rental ended up costing over $200. While waiting outside their trailer debating what to do with our now $200+ expense a customer returning their car told us 'good luck with these a*$ holes' and told us how much his initial price was and what it ended up being. On top of all that we waited at the airport for over 40 minutes for shuttle because no one answers the phones.

robert Johnson

absolutely do not rent a car from this company, rude, discourteous behaviour, hidden costs that amounted to the same cost of the actual rental quoted, (so basically you are paying double what you thought you would be paying), I told the lady serving at the desk that they have to be transparent about the hidden charges and that I would lodge a complaint, she then refused to actually give me the car after we had done all the paperwork claiming she will not deal with people who complain. No customer service whatsoever. Unprofessional behaviour.

Jeferson Medeiros

Péssima locadora, alugamos um veículo pela Decolar e quando chegamos ao aeroporto de Orlando seguimos para a área externa, pois a locadora não possui estande no aeroporto. Ficamos por mais de duas horas aguardando o transfer da locadora para nós levarmos até onde pegariamos o veículo. Durante este tempo, vários veículos de outras locadoras chegavam e saiam do local várias vezes e nada do veiculo da TU FLORIDA, perguntamos a alguns motoristas de outras locadores que informaram que essa locadora era assim mesmo e que demorava. Depois de ver os comentários no Google, verificamos que fomos enganados, pois o telefone de contato nao atende e que se fôssemos até a locadora de táxi, não resolveriamos nosso problema. Resultado fomos a locadora ALAMO no interior do aeroporto e locamos um veículo por 08 dias Pelo valor de 1100 dólares, 5 vezes mais que pagariamos. Resultado focamos no prejuízo. NÃO ALUGUEM VEICULOS COM ESSA LOCADORA !!!!!!!


empresa de pilantras, prometeram que iriam devolver o dinheiro dos pedágios ( USD 177,70 ) após 15 dias, e não devolveram. Fiz a reserva pelo site da DECOLAR, iria sair no máximo 90 reais por dia , mas no final saiu mais do que 170. O site do Decolar até tirou essa empresa como opção para alugar carros.

maths canhoto

take care, I was injured by the company TUF + Rentcars

Marcus Falden

The Best Rental Car service I have ever gotten way cheaper than Alamo, or Hertz the price for a convertible camaro was supper cheap. I will defiantly rent a car again with you.

Iris Seguí

beware of hidden fees

Rebecca Marker

This place is all around BAD. Scummy, unprofessional and rude.

Gerald Granado

Me fue bien rentando de este lugar, hablan espanol y me atendieron bien.

Sebas Tian

ESTAFADORES !!! Te cobran cosas que nadie las cobra ... los tax elevados fuera de lo normal ... sin razon aparente la peor compania de todas ... no se dejen guiar por el precio ... cuando llegan aca les cobran mas del triple . Yo tenia que abonar $257 y termine pagando aca mas de $800 dolares ... NO ESTAN EN EL AEROPUERTO ... estan en un galpon afuera en una zona poco segura ... en mi experiencia prefiero las empresas serias y no estos estafadores !!! Lo peor de lo peor en rent a car ! Las mujeres de la recepcion muy sobradoras y mal educadas . Tanto la rubia como la morocha ... DE TERROR LO PEOR DE LO PEOR ... si quieren averiguenlo ud mismos ... pero es un desastre !!!

valentina visai

Absolutely do not rent a car with this principal of the partnership! poor service, and unprofessional. The offices close at 10pm, and because of a delay of five hours the plane, he could not pick up the car. I alerted by email of the problem, and of course the email never arrived, and now demanding $ 250 more (virtually another rental) withdrawal because the car the next morning !! They are scoundrels, who are eager to apply keen supplements just happens a mistake. What leads them give you the car with 8 hours late? Judge for yourself!

Frankie Ferguson

TuFlordia is a great Car rentatal company. They are the best.

Ronaldo Oliveira

(Translated by Google) The value of advertising will never be what you will pay on time, you have fees that you did not even know, you do not accept your own card insurance, I paid 300 dollars a week, you can communicate in Portuguese, you need to ask to come and pick you up at the airport to pick up the car, I think it best to close everything over the internet in a company that will already have all the costs, less loss of time. * added after comment * I'm not complaining I had good service, but the actual rate is $ 60 on average. I added an image of the email that they send after purchasing. The company is that same. (Original) O Valor da propaganda nunca será o que vai pagar na hora, tem taxas que nem sabia, não aceita o seguro do proprio cartão, paguei 300 dólares 1 semana, você consegue se comunicar em português, precisa pedir para vir te buscarem no aeroporto para pegar o carro, acho que melhor fechar tudo pela internet em uma empresa que já vai ter todos os custos, menos perda de tempo. *adicionado após o comentário* Não estou reclamando tive um bom atendimento, mas a diária real e de 60 dólares em média. Adicionei uma imagem do email que eles enviam após comprar. A empresa é essa mesmo


Really zero stars. I had 3 major charges added to my car rental at Orlando that tripled the price from $81 to $240. Then when I returned the car - they were so inconsiderate I was forced me to walk back to the airport - took over 40 minutes and almost missed my flight. Avoid this turkey at all costs.

Eduardo Mendes

PÉSSIMA A EXPERIÊNCIA. NÃO LOQUEM CARROS NESSA LOJA. É um absurdo o que fazem. Tive a péssima experiência em locar com eles no último dia 07 de novembro. Fiz uma reserva pelo DECOLAR, que até então pensava que só trabalhava com empresas confiáveis e de referência, e quando da reserva já constava todas as taxas e seguros. Entretanto, quando fui retirar o carro a atendente incluiu uma taxa de 95 dólares para Pedágios e mais uma de 76 dólares referente a minha condução. TAXAS QUE NUNCA FORAM COBRADAS EN QUALQUER OUTRA LOCADORA. Como estava com viagem programada e bagagens fiquei refém e não tive outra opção. NÃO CAIAM NESSE GOLPE!!!

Lourdes Mojica

It doesn't matter the price you have on your reservation, they will always charge more unless you book on their website (and if the price on their website was to low they will cancel or try to offer a cheaper car). Just check the reviews, most of them will tell you the same. They will charge you fees that don't even exist to reach their sales goal or cancel the reservation. Be aware

You Guessedit

Piss poor! Paid $15 ahead of time to reserve a car, got to orlando, nobody has even heard of these crooks, and nobody could even answer the phone when i tried calling multiple times. This place sure seems like a complete scam! I'm glad i didnt pay for it in full before I arrived! Garbage company that should be shut down!!! NOT HAPPY!

Ramon Victorio

WOW what a ripoff , they are definitely ambushing unsuspecting tourist , they charged $6 per toll as a company fee, the "Lady" at the counter charged $98 sunpass fees because we used the turnpike to go to Orlando, I confronted her about it because we went via 95 north then took route 192 into Orlando a no toll route, then she retracted her statement saying it was probably the local tolls, we passed 6 tolls in total,but when I asked for the print out of where she came up with the $98 figure ,she said she could provide it because it was the system that gave her that $$ figure, imagine that. Her entire attitude was unprofessional, rude, and frankly insulting She was better suited to be washing the cars than being behind the desk , clearly she is a part of a bigger scam I will file a formal complaint with the BBB, they need to know about this band of thieves


Beware of the double charges on your credit card. Beware of the fine prints. Beware of the day you decided to go for an unknown car rental offering unrealistic low prices with 2 different names hidden in the ghetto in Miami. update 3.29.19 I am still dealing with the double charges on my credit card! these people are thieves!!

Christian Restrepo

The reviews and comments are fairly consistent. As an individual who try give companies a fair chance, I was severely disappointed. The accuracy of most negative reviews on this rental car company are very accurate. They swallowed our 25$ deposit, and in result no shuttle service after 2 hours waiting and to top it off they don't answer the phone. I reccomend on doing more research on other rental cars before you actually arrive your destination. Stay away from Tu Florida, and you're better off to spend an extra 100$ for a more known company. Otherwise you'll spend double when you're in a desperate situation. Orlando Florida

The Class Action Attorney

I had a great experience with TUF. They probably have some of the newest cars I've seen at any car rental agency. If you are planning on going to Miami, don't hesitate to contact TUF for your next Miami car rental.

Jefferson Montenegro

Company steals customers. They did not refund the money paid as deposit to sunpass. They have steal me, $200,00. Worst service ever. Dirty mexicans

Keisy Chacon

The worst renta car ever. I booked a reservation with several weeks in advance and when I walked at the counter the pick up day and they tell me that they doesn’t rent cars for Florida residents

Alex Douglas

Read Before Booking!! If you are looking to rent a car do not go here. They care more about being on their phone and hanging out then actually working. They mainly speak spanish with very little english. In addition to the worst customer service from any company I have ever went to buy something from I was going to be charged double the quoted price. The reason was, "oh they're florida's fees and other fees." I understand some of that but I was told that was all in the price already. So they want to double dip fee's and taxes. I left this place right away because if a company can't be straight on a price what else will they do with my license, credit card, and insurance. Identity theft is real so give your information only to a company who is reputable and backed by millions of customers not 1 or 2 customers a week by TUF. The last thing I'd like to add is that when this company closes and they wonder why, you guys can read the reviews after its too late and you should be able to wrap you head around it.

Convertering Channel

Atenção brasileiros, não aluguem carro desta empresa. Você fecha um valor antes, e na hora te cobram taxas absurdas. Cerca de U$ 300,00 a mais pelo SunPass (Pedágio), + taxas e mais taxas. Meu valor ficou em torno de U$ 900,00, e no final tive que pagar U$ 1.600,00. E se você não quer pagar, eles te ameaçam dizendo que vão enviar seu passaporte para a imigração e você não conseguirá mais entrar nos EUA. Não acreditem nisso. O máximo que eles podem fazer é sujar o seu nome.

Luis Odicio

Es una Estafa! my sister rented a car for a week and was charged $157.07 for road tolls she never went. I verified with MDX, Surpass and Central Florida Express Authority that she never went to any of these toll roads. Es ist win Betrug! Be advised!

Adeola Olawumi

I booked ahead and got the desired car in good condition. They have quality cars and very competitive prices for rental

Abraham Coruna


Daniel Coelho

Empresa desonesta. Contratei esta empresa através da Decolar (Despegar em espanhol) e ao chegar na empresa me deparei com um valor 4 vezes superior ao contratado e com todo um esquema para pressionar o cliente a aceitar este valor, por não serem oferecidas outras alternativas. Além disso, não me devolveram o restante do valor reservado para o SunPass.

Daniel Perez

Estafan a la gente, no se recomienda alquilarle vehiculos. No devuelven el valor de la seña de u$S 500, no responden los correos con los reclamos. Deberian no mentirle a la gente, ya que tanto el sunpass y el gsp los cobran al momento de retirar el auto, lo que resulta saliendo tan caro como el mismo auto. Luego de 3 meses desde mi regreso, sigo esperando una respuesta de parte de esta gente... SI ESTO NO ES ESTAFAR A LA GENTE.... Por estos motivos decidí reclamar oficialmente por medio del consulado

Tania Díaz

Excelente servicio, muy buena orientación. Personal cálido y amable. Hablan español. Flexibilidad en horario de recogida y entrega de los vehículos.

Pitter Allann

Lixo. Ladrões. Além de cobrar taxas a mais ao retirar o carro, estão me cobrando o calção de 1000 dólares. Entreguei o carro em condições iguais a que peguei. Foi feito a vistoria do mesmo modo ao retirar

Latino Viral

Not sure if all of the comments are for the right company. TUF TU Florida Rental was by far one of the best car agencies I have used. I travel a lot and have used many agencies in different countries and my experience with this company was great. Brand new cars and friendly service. Estuve muy contento con mi experiencia con esta compañia tienen autos nuevos a muy buenos precios. Volvere a usarla en el futuro.

A Baldwin

The absolute worst place. Went to pick up rental. Was told that they don’t accept debit cards. Ok told her my Visa is debt and credit card. Nope. On top of that she said she needed $500.00 CASH for the security deposit. Then told we had to buy the Sunpass. Told her I don’t carry $500.00 cash and have never heard of such a thing. We packed up and went to another car rental. So glad we went to National and had no problem. Now we think about it so glad we didn’t fall for their made up rules. Afraid if we fell for it we would no longer see our $500.00. Worst place ever!


Quan DT

The worst rental experience ever in Miami. When I was ready to call for a pick-up shuttle at Miami airport, the phone was never answered. I ended up forfeiting the rental, the deposit and went to rent from another agency.

Sergio Diez

Buena opcion si no tienes comprometidos los horarios de vuelo. No tiene oficina en aeropuerto es remota. El vehículo en buen estado y nuevo.

George Town

Horrible empresa. Te TRIPLICAN el cobro sobre la reserva original, supuestamente por impuestos y el SunPass. Auto con el tapiz con manchas y algo de mal olor. Servicio telefónico irregular. Ellos continúan operando gracias a la ingenuidad de la gente. Terrible company. They triplicate the original charges supposedly for taxes and the sunpass. None of those charges was possible to reject. The car has bad smell and looks a little dirty. They continue operating thanks to the people's ingenuity.

Rashad Utqi

Took forever to even prepare anything and when was prepared, they hit you with the "fees, and Florida laws." Better off somewhere else. You can cancel of course before taking it.

Marisa Matilde Suarez

son unos estafadores!!!! vayan a alamo, o sixt, primero te hacen esperar mas de dos horas en el aeropuerto ya que la oficina no queda en el aeropuerto, queda a 15 minutos en auto. y Al llegar me cobraron $500 dolares mas diciendo que el peaje de $200 dolares era obligatorio lo cual es una mentira, ni andando dos meses por Miami se paga eso. Nos paro la policia y la placa no estaba en regla!!!!!!!!! nos hicieron una multa, y no contentos con eso acabamos de llegar de viaje y se genero un cargo en la tarjeta de credito que pidieron como hay nadie para reclamar. ES UNA ESTAFA!!!!!! pagamos todo por despegar, mas $500 dolares en la agencia.

Andrea Robledo

La PEOR compañía de renta de autos. No son claros con las tarifas y al llegar aparecen una cantidad de cargos que nunca fueron anunciados. No tenían el carro de la reserva y se excusan diciendo que llegamos tarde. Es una compañía muy poco seria y con muy mal servicio al cliente. No la recomiendo


They don't rent to licensed drivers. This place is a scam with fees on top of fees. The prices are unrealistic and I'm sure it's a tourist trap. Total garbage. Involve your bank and file a charge back claim or else you'll never see your money again.

brian flanery

Very easy and straight forward service. No hastle with shuttle to or from the airport. Very highly recommend TUF!

Marcio Donadio

Be careful with EconomyCarRentals!! You will only find out the rental company after reservation and they have no criteria to select their partners! Avoid at all costs TU FLORIDA!!! It’s a trap! They attract people with low prices and then more than triplicate it when you arrive, by inventing several taxes that just doesn’t exist! They are not in the airport rental center and it takes forever to pick you up. If you don’t want trouble stay away from EconomyCarRentals and TU FLORIDA!!

Diana Diwan

The service was great. The Lady at the desk was a sweetheart. Two thumbs Up.

ana paula fagale

UNA ESTAFA!! mi vuelo se retraso una hora y llame para retirar mi auto y me dijeron que se habia caido mi reserva!! se quedaron con lo pagado y no me dieron solucion alguna

hugo pinargote

(Translated by Google) Good place to rent cars (Original) Buen lugar para renta de carros

Ed B

Thank you for solving my car rental need.

Steve Price

DO NOT RENT FROM TU FLORIDA. Total bait and switch. I had a car rented for $70. When I arrived they wanted to charge $199. They would not remove the $15/day for a Sunpass even though I have a sunpass and did not want theirs. They also automatically include a $40 charge for gas. There were also other charges I did not even get to because I had already asked for a ride back to the airport. When I asked for a copy of the rental agreement so I could get my deposit back the girl tore the paper up and refused to give me a copy. I would give zero stars if possible.

sandy cooper

Es terrible te mienten en el precio final, te cobran por un sunpass que no usas y a cambio te piden una garantia, despegar sabe de esto y no hacen nada los de tu florida son unos ladrones

Nebojsa Cubrilo

Scammers, thieves, someone should stop them. How can they legally operate? We booked a car 3 months in advance, $70. When we arrived they asked for additional $201 (just to make it clear, this was not for insurance, we have the insurance, this was some bogus fees such as airport fee, international fee...) When we said that contact didn't say anything about this fees they told us that it's the fault of the website through which we booked the car and they will explain. So we called them right there in front of her and guess what, they had no clue what are those fees about so they asked to talk to girl (Carolina) at the desk. What happen next SHOCKED ME! She refused to talk on the phone with them and ripped apart the contract that she wanted me to sign with all those bogus fees. When I asked her to give me that document again she refused. Then I asked to talk to her manager or supervisor, she said there is no one there. We could not believe what is happening!! Then we called their main office in Miami and the girl (Laura) was very rude, said they can't help and can't contact the Orlando office because they are doing only shuttle service not car rental, when I asked to talk to supervisor or manager she said there is currently no one available. When I told her that website is trying to reach them to talk to them about this fees but they can't reach them she just replied "we are talking on the phone, aren't we? So they can call us if they want". We spent 2 hours at this place trying to get out money back. We asked again and again to for the girl to show us what is she trying to charge us and she said she can't. What?!?!?! In the end we left the place, but while we were there we warned other people and no one rented a car when they heard this. Stay away from this place, report them, they need to be shut down.

confi dencial

Very bad service, car with a problem in a tire.. license plate with tag expired so the police stopped me many times.. multiples fines to pay because of that even if its not my fault they charged me...hang up the phone when i call..not answering my emails... Not recomended at all !! Go away

Rosanell McDowell

Superior customer service with Tu Florida Rental Car. Agent was very knowledgeable and helpful! I plan to use this companhia when i return to Miami.

Raphael Santos

Alguém tem algum contato dessa TUFLORIDA. Fiz uma reserva no site que aparentemente deu problema, mas que foi descontado da minha conta. Preciso muito de um numero de contato

Romina Portes

These people are scammers, they charged my friend a security deposit of $500 and they still haven't issued the refund, she is desperate, and no one is responding her calls or messages. She will file a claim with the BBB!

Glenio celestino

Topppppppppp recomendo

Troy Bayer

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!!! Please, this company should be shut down. I had to submit a complaint to Florida's Attorney General office. I submitted a complaint to Better Business Bureau and the company never responded. Beware!! They double-charged me for local miles and a facility fee. They lied and said something called "FSO" was a mandatory Florida state tax. I had already paid all state and local taxes through the reservation website. However, when I did my research turns out FSO is "Fuel Service Option" and it is basically pre-paying for gas. I was charged for this item, however, the company still forced me to fill up the tank upon return. Worst yet, read the fine print. There is a clause in their contract that they can auto debit your charge card for $2,500 (!!!!), yes you read that right, if the car smells, is dirty, has minor damage like scratches, etc. Avoid this company at all costs!!!!

carla cristina natucci

Fomos enganados na chegada nos venderam um serviço como obrigatório e não era cobraram preço exorbitante estamos muito infelizes nos sentimentos roubados, e lesados

Florencia Terra

Horrible service! We called them for an hour and no one picked up. We waited and waited in the hot sun calling nonstop. They do not come pick you up unless you call, and they don't even pick up. They will waste your time and put you in a bad mood. Pay extra money in another service, it'll be worth it.

mark todd

If I could give this place negative stars I would. My wife and I are extremely lucky we didn't rent a car from this place. We reserved a car through Addcar rentals and wound up getting this place. The driver that picked us up from the airport was fairly nice, even though it took 3 calls to remind the people that we were waiting exactly where they told us to. When we got to the location, a customer was checking out and told us to beware. When we got the final estimate, the price was double that of what was originally quoted. When we asked why the price had doubled, the young lady at the desk told us it was local fees, as well as facility fees. Uh, no! We decided to decline and when asked them to take us back to the airport, the girl's attitude changed quickly. We had to wait a half hour before they decided to get someone to drive us to the airport, a guy who looked like he was pulled straight out of a local gang. The guy's English wasn't that good (or so he acted like it wasn't). Lucky for me I spoke Spanish to the guy. Folks, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! We lucked out and didn't rent a car from these people. However, from all the rest of the reviews posted here, these people are scammers. The state needs to step in and shut these crooks down!

Britney Taylor

Do not rent from this place. Once we arrived to Florida it was so hard getting someone to pick up the phone. Also once they answered the phone it took them over thirty minutes to get a shuttle to the airport. The tags and registration where expired on the car. They did not have the car we requested available or ready. Almost made us miss our flight back home. It was a horrible experience. I would run the other way if you see TUF shuttle coming towards you.

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