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REVIEWS OF Green Motion Orlando Airport IN Florida

Mattie Young-Burns

NEVER RENT FROM THIS PLACE. I’ve literally never written another public review in my life until right now. It’s a straight up scam. We booked through Priceline and for some reason our car pickup time was set to before our flight even took off. I called Green Motion 2 weeks before our booking and they assured me it would be no problem to pick the car up late, and they would reserve one for me. But, when we arrived (for a funeral no less) they didn’t have a car and said we’d “missed our reservation” so charged us the full amount. They said there was no record of my call with them and there was nothing they could do. Truly the worst customer service experience I’ve had. No manager, no apology. Just a 35 minute wait for a shuttle back to the airport. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Busch

Tiffany was awesome and amazing with my request, will return agaun.

Adamari Orlandi

Really great experience. I do recommend that management tone down the fragrance in the lobby. The scent was so strong it hurt my nose and made my stomach uneasy. Perfect service from staff, met all my car rental expectations.

Keith Jackson

This place is located a short 10 min shuttle ride from the airport. The shuttle and office are 24hr. The shuttle is actually very easy to find because it always parks in the same spot. The office building is super nice. Its the nicest rental place I've seen. They have a snack bar, an espresso machine, and trendy decor. Linda at the counter was quick, knowledgeable, and honest. Would certainly go again. Update: The car return staff is also very friendly, helpful, and professional. The car return experience was top notch. Would certainly return again.

David Diaz

Update 08/01/2019. Green Motion still hasnt refunded my $500 deposit, 4 weeks later!!!!!!!!!Horrible!!!! Vehicles aren't ready for customers when you arrive. Instead of having vehicles ready, they do the inspection, and cleaning, only "after" you arrive. Only one person washing cars and doing the inspection. Also, I mistakenly assumed the car parked in front of the receiving area was our rental car. It was the same make and model. Turned out it was a car parked for airport parking that was completely unlocked. Had to turn away the car they brought. Stinks, full of stains, and damages.

Dwayne Dumpson II

Linda was very helpful in setting up my rental and explaining everything. She spoke very clear and she was very welcoming and entertaining. I will love to come back and be helped by her

Tim Webb

Good prices but quite inefficient. Each customer check in takes about 20 minutes. I am pretty that sure I could have purchased a car in less time. Almost everything covered during the check in could have been handled online ahead of time when making the reservation. I felt bad for the people who were the last off the shuttle and were at the end of the line.

Theo Monteiro Di Leo

Stay away from this company... they upset you with insurance, no return of deposit and for my surprise they take 100,00 dollars for my account after 7 months, I rent on february and they charge I don’t know why in September. I call them to know the reason, and they says to send a email for investigation that can take 28 days!!!

Cathy Loves

Please do not rent a car from here. They are beyond shady. We reserved a car for a good rate and upon arrival kept being told I had to get all these up charges. I rented cars from all type of rental centers for years and never been asked to put a hold on $2500 because I was using my own insurance. In addition I was asked to use their insurance for $109 plus taxes and put a $3000 on hold for liability. Oh and if I wanted to just use my credit card coverage also $3000. On top of all that I was told I had to fill up the car within 5 miles and must bring a receipt. They said I could pre pay for the gas at a rate way above the average and if I didn’t provided all that I would have to pay $8~ per gallon. It was crazy, every time I opted out of a service I was told I had to pay more without it. It was a lose lose situation. I ended up leaving and renting a car from Fox rental which had me out in 15 mins with no additional fees, could use my own insurance, sun pass included, and pre paid gas at below the average rate. I would warn anyone to not waste an hour of their vacation booking with this company, stick with a known brand.

Bryant Lopez

Linda was a very helpful employee, she helped me and my family in an unimaginable way, I can never thank her enough. Green Motion should be proud to have employees like her

Cynthia Nieves

I have been several times and planning to continue, Milka helps me every time I go always answer all my questions very patiently. Will recommended 100%!

Paige Band

Johanne was absolutely amazing! Super patient especially when it was after midnight. Was willing to wait after I called. Honestly amazing service!

Vince Hyland

Took the 15 minute shuttle from the Orlando airport to Green Motion, even though the website said it would be 3 minutes. At Green Motion the systems seemed to be not working properly and no A/C in 85 degree weather. My wife and about 10 other people waited an average of about 45 minutes each to be called up. No communication or apologies to us the whole time in line. Then the car strongly smelled like body odor, but we just wanted to leave at that point. Terrible. Never using them again.

Rose-Marie Aveloo

The worse experience in my life when it comes to renting a car. Horrible customer service they are scammers. My flight was delayed and I call to let them know and not only they were rude but they charge me extra for the car. They also ask me for an international drivers license to honor my voucher. I will definitely report them with the BBB and when you call the corporate office there’s no one available to help you. It is a machine.

Janet Liesemer

Nowhere in our paperwork did it say you had to bring proof of insurance!! When we arrived on a Sunday and got the shuttle easily enough from the airport but once we arrived on site the problems began. We were asked to show proof of insurance which of course is located in our glove compartment in our car back in Canada. Been a Sunday we couldn’t phone our local insurance company to get them to provide proof of insurance. We showed them all our paperwork and all it said to bring was The rental voucher, drivers license, and credit card. We were forced to buy the companies insurance. In all our years of renting cars we have never had to provide proof of insurance. To top it off we were told to purchase the toll package even though we are staying at a resort and driving will be minimal - another 90 dollar US charge was added to our credit card. In total a US$286 additional charge has now been added to our bill. This is the most expensive week renting a car we have ever had. I would not recommend this company to anybody.

Richard Pole

Rented a car for 1 week, our flight was delayed and our previous rental company had canceled our rental. So we call green motion and come to find out that thue offer FREE shuttle services!!!! We waited at the shuttle and whitin the next 15min the shuttle arrived. We arrived at green motion and our rental agent was super nice. Excellent customer service!!!

Philip T

This company has a wonderful green initiative that I think is awesome. Milka assisted us and helped us find the best discounts and explained all our entitlements thoughly. All she also did a great job diffusing a loud consumer that was holding up the line. Green motion has very competitive rates.


I had used Green Motion twice before. The first time I had a horrible experience, as they charged me over $100 more when I went to pick up the vehicle because I was a little late getting there. They contacted me and resolved the issue and gave me a refund. Great! The second time, I used them, I made sure I did everything that I was told to do and it was smooth. This third time, I booked with them, and was supposed to pick up the rental on Saturday 8/31 and drop off 9/4. There is a major category 4 hurricane expected to hit and everything got canceled, including my flights. I tried to get some sort of reimbursement and they flat out refused. I guess they think their customers should happily risk their lives traveling into a major and possibly deadly hurricane instead of just refunding $160. This is how much they value their customers. STAY AWAY.

Donielle Wieder

WORST PLACE EVER!!! Please do not let this place scam you! I paid for a rental and I GOT PULLED OVER FOR EXPIRED TAGS! Best part is the company did not care at all. It took them 3 and a half hours with me stranded on the road to bring me a new car and never called me back to make sure everything is ok and I am a satisfied customer. Also, they never answer the phone and do not care about customer service. When you’re with them they talk to their coworkers in Spanish so the customer doesn’t understand them but don’t know that some people can understand them cause they assume certain looking people wont speak Spanish. It’s so rude. I will never recommend this company to my enemies.

Osman Ozaltin

They do not accept your liability insurance and do not give your reserved and paid car until you buy their liability insurance at the counter which is of course horribly expensive. Never again. Do not waste your money on Green Motion. Reserve from a real rental company ...

vinit naygandhi

I really like the service here. Quick and efficient, Linda was great to deal with. I will come back to green motion when I'm in Florida again.

Charlene Cousins

Thank you Mr Matthew for the help. He is a great agent and man. God bless

John Banks

It's a good place to rent from was there for vacation with my family didn't have a problem it was just the waiting I planned to go back next year I will book. Again thanks

Pamela Winn

Arrived to Green Motion Orlando late at night and my car was given away. I was 9 hours early though because my time was adjusted wrong on the voucher. Linda was very helpful, she helped me find my voucher on my phone, helped me get a ride to my hotel, and explained exactly what I should do to pick up my car the next morning. She was very professional dealing with a tough situation like this. Shuttle driver Francisco was really nice and friendly as well. I will give them a second chance because of their great customer service.

Will Colon

Green motion is a great place to rent a car. Milka was a great help and very fast at her job.

Maya William

The shuttle was very kind and the Agent Milka at the actual office was phenomenal.

Shrita Vutukuru

It was a bit busy at this location but once I got to speak to the agent Cristian he went out of his way to make sure we felt satisfied.

Gina Valdez

Linda, was very helpfull and friendly. I really appreciate her service

Nicholas Cavaliere

I rented a car from Green Motion in Orlando, FL and it was the worst experience I have ever received renting a car. When we arrived, we were the first people in line from our airport caravan. The girl at the front desk claimed they had "no more mid-size cars available" and she would give us an economy car with a "free half of tank of gas". This was completely unacceptable considering we had 4 people and 4 large pieces of luggage. We had reservations for a mid-size car far in advance so there was no reason a mid-size car shouldn't have been readily available. We were there for over 45 minutes and she finally "found" a mid-size car that she said was "being cleaned". We saw her walk outside to the parking lot and take a car that had been sitting there the entire time. It was clearly a scam. We returned the car with more gas than was in the car originally. The car was also dirty when we received it. I just received my credit card statement and see an extra $100 charge from Green Motion placed 10 days after the car was returned. I called the Orlando office and was told that was for "stains on the seats" which is completely false. No one ate or drank in the car. I now have to fight with the corporate office to get this charge reversed and they only communicate via email. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY at all costs. Their company policies and procedures are clearly fishy... As a response to the company below- I have already contacted you and all I got was a generic email response saying "Here is a copy of the contract you signed" along with a copy of a credit card receipt for $100 for "damage" that I never signed. The receipt was dated several days after returning the car. Your company needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau for unscrupulous business practices.

Urvil Patel

Agent did her best. Cars were below average. Had to go through multiple cars before settling due to car keys not working and other cars smelled like urine. Asked me to do a review before the experience in order to get an upgrade, however due to their subpar fleet of cars, it ended up becoming more time consuming and didn’t end up getting the upgrade. The cars have multiple large dents and crack on the windshield. Too far from the airport. I would probably recommend other companies.

novlette smith

Been a customer with green motion for 2 months and their service as been great. Milka has been very professional and helpful with the process.

Morgan Maren Costello

A very poor experience! Prior to arriving to pick up the vehicle, I called ahead (yes the correct telephone number) to confirm the rental and details but no one answered the phone. I started to call at 2:30pm and gave up at 3:30pm, I was on hold for 20 minutes. I tried to call 4 times, each time I was put on hold in the answering system. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. When I arrived at the collection point, I waited for 20 minutes although there were only 2 people ahead of me. I asked for a paper copy of the rental agreement the person at the counter said she could not print me a copy and I would receive it in my email, I insisted I would like a paper copy as I did not have email access but again she said she had no choice and it would be in my email. The first rental vehicle offered to me was in terrible condition, it was illegal to drive on the roads, the wipers were broken and would not clean the windshield. It was covered in damage/dents including a large chip in the windshield, it was very dirty inside. It was the worst rental car I had ever seen! I refused to accept the vehicle. The second vehicle was at least legally safe to drive on the road but still in very poor condition. It was covered in damage, filthy in the inside of the vehicle, I cleaned the inside of the vehicle when I got to our hotel as I did not want my family to be exposed to the conditions. When I collected the vehicle it had a quarter tank of fuel, so had to stop and put in fuel almost immediately. I only took the vehicle as I was stuck and did not want to waste any more of my holiday. When I dropped off the car I almost got sick as there was an overpowering smell of raw sewerage at the office. I asked the employees what was that smell they said the septic system was blocked and needs to be cleaned out for a while. It was disgusting and can't believe this had been going on for so long. On a positive note the employees were polite and the drop off to the airport was efficient, the driver did a great job, safe and polite.

stephanie levesque

I worked with Linda and she was a fabulous help. They were training 2 employee's when I arrived so I waited a bit. Linda came in and answered all questions and got me out in a flash. Car was clean, no funky smells. Sounded weird driving it but.....I had no issues. and no unexplained charges when I left.

amiya womack

Cristian was very professional. He helped me save money on tolls. Great customer service.

Bianca D

I always had some issues renting cars with big companies but this one was a big surprise. The car was very clean and new, no issues and very nice people helping us. I will rent with them again.

Chemise Broadus

Johanne was excellent. I was in and out. She was very polite and thorough. I love her.

Turjo Costa

It was my first time getting a rental from Green Motion in Orlando, FL and Milka was an awesome representative who helped me through the whole process.

Stephanie Beirne

Worst rental car I have ever received. Shuttle that was supposed to come every 15 minutes from the airport didn't come for 45 minutes. When we got to the agency they refused to rent me the car because I had a temporary license (purse had been stolen days before), even though I had my passport and credit cards on me. Their policy never mentions this. It took over an hour to get the car, which I was forced to put in my sister's name, and pay a $90 fee for adding her as a driver. The lady at the counter was not friendly, nor sympathetic to situation, and took her time. It took a hour after getting there to get a car. Once we got the car, we saw it was dented in three places, after they tried to tell me that the car had no dents or scratches. I had to go back in line to tell them about all the dents in the car. After driving away we found out there was no windshield wiper fluid in the car, the tires weren't aligned, and the low tire pressure came on within miles of leaving the rental place. When we returned the car, I explained all the maintenance the car needed and the handler just shrugged me off and didn't respond. I've never had such a bad rental car experience, and will not be using this company in the future.

TL Lee

I wish I could give a 0 if possible. This is the worst car rental experience ever. Don't fall into the price trap. This evil company asks for a MANDATORY liability coverage, even I said I have travel insurance and credit card insurance coverage. The staff, particularity the African American lady on the desk, did not show any empathy when we arrived late in 11:30pm. The gesture was like you have to suck it up or call a cab to get away the hell. To Green Motion administrator for up keeping the google review score artificially about 4. I did email (so, dont reply my review like a dumb robot! ) and the answer was disappointing. I am glad I did pay with my AE card so that the credit card company could deal with this evil and have all the unfair payment returned. I have initialized a legal action to make sure no more victims fall in the trap. A class action will make the justice.

Jo Dee

Wow! Wish we had this car rental company in L.A.! The best priced car rental service I have ever had the experience to work with, bar none. Which makes the reviews stating 'steep prices' suspect.. AND, a good selection of green cars which is highly important to me. Christian was extremely helpful, service was fast. Again.. wish they had Green Motion in L.A.! They would make a killing.

Rickety Slay

The service here was great! And Milka was very helpful.

Campbell Michael

Be careful not to be lured by the low price, I was. It is a bait and switch tactic. This is off-airport rental and once they have you there with your family they are betting you will just pay the extra charges. Don't be fooled, this is a true con. Make sure to bring your auto insurance policy or you'll end up leaving this dump without having to pay their inflated insurance rates.

Danielle Nadeau

The service here is phenomenal. Amazing customer service . Johanne and Christian were extremely helpful.

Gilbert castillo

Linda .. provided great service always come back to green motion .

Sharmeen Clyburn

Very pleasant and professional. Linda was the only one working the counter tonight and she handled it very well. Explained everything and was just an overall nice person. Will definitely be back!

Sonia McKenzie

Cristian was very helpful to my family and I. He explained very clearly all of the extra charges that we had to pay.

Leo Arellano

I do not recommend these crooks to anyone. I called them because I forgot an item in their car and because it was a nice item no one seem to know where it's at. Never again will I rent from this place again.

Yesenia Guerrero

Thank you Matthew for staying late and helping us out. Great customer service.

Divya Gupta

I gave 1 star as there is no option to give a 0. It was a night mare from the beginning we reached this car rental company. We reached there around 12.45 AM and got the car at 2.15AM. No the place wasn’t crowded , we just had 2 people ahead of us and this amazing person at front desk was taking his own sweet time and do things at his own pace. Finally when we get our turn, he says that the system is down . We were given a car that had stains, dents and less than half tank gas. We have rented cars from different places before but never had such a worst experience . The staff wasn’t even sorry for making us wait 1.30hrs to give car. And as another customer said, there are lots of hidden fee that isn’t mentioned anywhere, we ended up paying 120$ extra. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy .

Luana Monteiro

I rented once in 2015. The car was good but when I returned the car they said I had to pay $100 in tolls and traffic fines. I asked to see the dates and times of said tolls and they said they made a mistake and I didnt have to pay anything.

JEFF TheWayOfThePineapple

I had the worst car rental experience with green motion. There was a hurricane and Orlando airport was closed, i called green motion to inform them that my flight was cancelled and rescheduled for later in the night they told me it was fine , nothing to worry about .I took the first available flight out of NY to Orlando when I got there they charged me a cancellation fee for my flight being cancelled by the airlines like it was my fault.. left the car rental with my vehicle got on the highway and the car starts to shake like crazy the whole 35 min ride to the hotel , I get to the hotel and go to turn in the parking lot and the car is making all these horrible sounds.. I try to contact green motion and they were closed .. had to wait the next day to contact them, the person I spoke to on the phone kept arguing with me that the vehicle was new with 8k miles on it and there was nothing wrong with it and told me I would have to come in and talk to them.. then had to drive back to the car rental with the car shaking like crazy on the highway.. worst experience of my life I will never step foot in another green motion car rental ever again.

That Fat Guy

The service here is phenomenal, the lady at the front desk was really professional and truly cared about her customers. It was late at night and she helped us get a car with a full tank so we don't have to go through the trouble of fulling up the tank due to the hurricane, and the gas stations running out of gas. She also gave us a discount on the insurance. Green Motion is doing great hiring people like her

Nichole G

Linda was extremely helpful with the rental process. Great customer service!

Zeno Chen

Inconvient from Orlando airport. About 20 minutes away. Had to wait a long time for the shuttle. Tried to sell you toll at $20 a day. Totally unnecessary. You can pay at the booth for much less. Customer service is super slow. Kept trying to sell you things that you really don't need. Also, they charge us $20 a day for the toll, while only $11 for the unhappy customer below. Watch it.

Laura Chan

So frustrating. Many hidden fees. Customer service was unhelpful. Basically, If you don’t have documentation of every detail of your life and 4 extra hours, don’t expect the “savings” you see online. We showed our car insurance policy and still had to pay the extra fees for their separate insurance. When we finally got our car, it had some dents and damage and no wiper fluid. Gas was less than half full and they say they “we give it to you full and you bring it back full”. Nope. We had to drive all over to get the extra wiper fluid and gas, and service was not clear or helpful. They were out of wiper fluid, so they put water in instead. Very unimpressed. Waste of time and money.

LaTonya C

Checked in at 10:30 pm. Customer Service Representative was not friendly when she finally came to counter. Returned car with no problem. Wait for shuttle service back to airport was more than 20 minutes. Actually, two vans showed up after a return trip from airport and they both got into one van and drove off despite the fact that customers were waiting for a ride. Their lack of good customer skills is not worth the cheap price.

Courtney Kopelman

Rented a car from them in April for 5 days, in July they charged me $26 for a toll violation. When I called asking for proof of the violation the woman emailed the information showing a completely different car with different plates passing through the toll. She agreed the violation charge was a mistake and that she would refund it. It’s now Sept and still no refund. I’m having my credit card company take care of it.

Jamane Clark

Linda was amazing. After an already long trip with many delays renting a car was the cherry on top. Linda ensured that the process went smoothly and did it all with a smile. Excellent person and superior customer service.

Eddie Espitia

Jenny A She is the most beautiful and wonderful representative in your company. She is awesome so helpful with the clients. I'm so happy with her knowledge and experience. As a business owner you have a fantastic people. Thanks so much.

Iris Hou

Car not safe, Filthy and worst customer service!! The service was insanely slow. The worst service I ever in counter. The car super filthy stains all over the seats. The car was not safe at all, no windshield fluid and tires are almost bald. I was driving this car in a crazy thunder shower in Florida. The tires are slipping and I can barely see. I feel the company does not care about customer safety. All they care is how much insurance they can sell you. I will definitely not recommend anyone to rent from green motion. I rather to pay a little bit more than putting my life of my family in the line.

Shuana Snow

This was not a great experience!! I arrived at the airport very late due to my delayed flight. I was confused to where the Green Motion Rental was located. I had to call the Green Motion front desk to send a driver. The driver was nice but when I arrived at the location I was quoted a different price than what I originally paid in advance for. My original price that I was quoted was $93 and change. Once I finished with the woman who informed me that I “MUST” have insurance my total was at $199 and change. (mind you this was only for liability) Also tried to scare me into getting their EPass device. I was told if I didn’t buy this insurance that I would be charged $25 for every toll I went thru. She said she was upgrading me, but gave me a car that had a huge dent with bumper damage in the rear and seats that looked like a baby spilled its milk all over the back seat. Of course I couldn’t see this until the next day where the light showed me every flaw of the car. I then noticed the next morning that my reservation stated I was scheduled to pick up the rental 10 “PM” on Thursday evening, stated it had to be returned on Tuesday at 10 “AM” and of course I called Green Motion and spoke to another young lady to advise them of the mistake in the reservation. This rep did better educate me on how I didn’t really need the EPass and that I would not receive a $25 dollar fine for each toll I passed but would receive a fine ONLY if I didn’t pay for the toll. You should NOT be coercing people out of money when they have a set budget. Especially if they are from out of town and are not familiar with Florida’s laws. She proceeded to tell me I had to pay an additional $44 dollars for bringing the car back the same day or needless to say changing the “AM” to a “PM”. So Green Motion PLEASE have your reps give correct information and It should NOT BE THEIR JOB TO SCARE people into taking your insurance or EPass devices. Also if your price does not include insurance YOU NEED TO STATE THAT!!! Your customers should not be surprised when they get to your location and find out that they have to pay more money! I might as well had made a reservation with Enterprise or Budget at least I know the price would have been what I prepaid from the start.

Dina Berdugo

Dishonest, a lot of hidden fees, car alignment was off. They lied to us about being tolls and there were none all to squeeze us more money from us. Customer service was very poor. Most car rentals allow spouse driving they charge extra. Beware! Stay with the american rental companies. Will never ever rent a car from them.

Murali Vusirikala

Stay Away From This Company Don't ever think of renting from this car rental company. Horrible service, extremely slow, bad/un-clean cars, and huge upsell scare tactics. When declining protection, most other car rentals simply tell you that you are responsible for all coverages and have you sign/initial it, but these guys wanted my entire insurance document, reviewed my declaration page thoroughly and noted down all the details; on top of that they put a hold for $500 on my credit card instead of the $200 that most companies do. In addition, the rental clerk tried to coerce me into paying another $29 (plus tax) or that she would put an additional $2000 hold for 'loss of use' of car. I declined to pay the $29 but eventually she didn't do the $2000, which means she was never going to do it anyway but wanted to fleece the $29. The next part is the toll pass. I had an Orlando visitor toll pass and all I would have had to do was associate the toll pass with the licence plate. The rental clerk said that their cars don't support that option and that I would have to purchase their unlimited toll option or risk paying huge penalties. None of this is true and it should be possible to add any license plate to the visitor toll pass. The shuttle frequency is extremely poor and we had to wait almost 45 min for the shuttle to arrive. They had no phone number listed in Google or the booking confirmation; so couldn't call them. On top of that, the shuttle guy says that he's doing you a favor by dropping you to your airline gate and hence you should tip him handsomely. Why would he not drop you to your airline gate, anyway. I've never seen a shuttle guy openly ask for tips. I was going to tip him anyway but when he asked for it, it put me off. In the name of green, they are a bunch of crooks. Stay away from these guys.

Natalia Fontan

Great experience and customer service from Milka. Beautiful location.

Dean P. Thompson

Matt took care of me and my wife late last night even though his shift was over. That's exceptional service! He even gave us a free upgrade for waiting. He was very courteous as the car rental process went on.

Cathy O'Donnell

Linda was quick and efficient I would come back Everything was clear and easy Thank you linda again

Amy Hanlon

The rental process was very misleading. Online, it said the rental company was located at the airport, it was not. Then they required a $500 hold on my credit card. Then they lied to me about the number of tolls I would encounter and tried to push me into buying a very expensive roll pass, which I am glad I refused as I only encountered a very small number of toll booths, all of which I was able to pay cash at. There was nothing to reassure me this was a good and honest company throughout the entire process.

Sanjay Srivastava

Linda helped me and gave me the best solution so we can save less money. She was very helpful. She gave us options and was very patient when we were deciding on what to do. I appreciate her help and we will definitely be coming back to Green Motion.

Phoebe Freeman

Cristian was super friendly and made our experience here the best part. We had just left from another rental car company and their service was horrible so we decided to come here instead and we were not disappointed.

Sharon Seay

This was the worst car rental experience I have ever had... Arriving in Orlando FL.. waited 1/2 hr for shuttle to get to rental lot , Which was 15-20 min away, when I was told they were located at the airport. Then we get there and only one person behind the counter while there were several employees coming and going from the back... waited about 20-25 minutes before I was waited on... Then I paid one price online and it was another price she quoted... I’ve never heard of a car usage fee and a deposit..They just kept adding fees... A debit card fee, a credit card fee and another cash deposit fee... My car went from $178 for the week to $500 and some change... Oh and then they wanted to charge a pre paid toll fee of $90... I pulled up my email confirmation for her and none of these fees were mentioned ... She tried to tell me it was on the web site and couldn’t “find” it to show me... EVERYONE in the place was upset for one reason or another for the long wait to not finding their reservation to not having the car they paid for available... I asked for a manager and was told they don’t have one , only a supervisor.. Talked to her and she was apologetic but did nothing. I am sending this BAD REVIEW and contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as the corporate office... I will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN, nor recommend this poor customer service company... Two thumbs down!

Pranavi Settipalle

Cristian was very helpful. He got us into our vehicle very fast and he was informative. Great customer service.

Ryan Thomas

Could not have had a better experience. I travel constantly and this place by far has been the best experience. I had a minor issue with the first car and they fixed immidiately no fights needed! PLUS gave me an upgrade.

Cristiane Botura

This is my second time renting from Green motion and so far everything has been working fine. I just got the car so the final review it will be once I return the car. Front desk agent Jenny. July 11, 2019 -Update of my previous review. So yesterday I received a GREEN MOTION VIOLATION charge on my credit card . I was expecting a charge for "one" exactly "one" toll that I went through (without SunPass) where I was told at the front desk that the charge for each toll would be $25.00 but I end up being charged the amount of $51.60 what is kind of a lot. So please just be aware of the extra charges with no explanation you may receive.

shruthi venkat

Linda briefed us thoroughly about everything we needed to know. Great service.

Melissa Masters

Strongly advise not to use this car rental company. While the initial price seemed great, the hidden expenses increased our rental price $80+ for a 4 day rental. No paperwork was received because they were “green” and the attendant misspelled our email address, so we never received any of the documentation of our rental. Fortunately, we were not stopped and did not need it. Also, the location is offsite and the airport shuttle wait is lengthy. Car was new, but had mechanical problems. Would not recommend renting a vehicle from this company. I would give them 0 stars if it was an option.

Shari AlKatheri

Worsts company cheated me, card included with flight for 6 days. once I got to the counter at 11:30 at night, I was charged almost $60.00 per day for full coverage car insurance which when I booked the flight and car on Priceline, I was given a choice to accept or decline insurance, and when I arrive they charged me $397.00, which I tried to decline, I was told I was already charged and hadnt even signed yet. BE AWARE! They will take your money!!!

ennis margarita larreal espinoza

Linda gave the best customer service ever. She made my day after having to deal with a delayed flight!! I appreciate her so much. She went above and beyond

Dristi Ghimire

It was very easy to pick up and drop off the vehicle, shuttle service was fast, we did not have to wait. The only thing I would say I did not like is the car I got did not had option to adjust the height of the seat, normally the older car's would also have that option, but other than this, everything was great. I will definitely rent the car from Green Motion when we visit Orlando next time.

Usman Ahmed

They have low prices but the customer service is not good. Reserved two different rental cars for different times of the week. The first time we rented, the shuttle driver from the airport was kind and professional. The front desk person was decent. Could have been better but they gave us a car with manual locks and doors. We didn’t realize until we left the lot. We had small children with us and it made driving the car difficult. Even more ironic that the same car had a back up camera and Xm radio! The second time around, the front desk people were rude. We made sure to get an all Automatic vehicle this time but they gave us a car with a lot of minor damage. Which is fine, but the woman gave us two car seats and a list of the damages to the car and expected us to go to the back lot ourselves (which is far) and pick up the vehicle and also inspect the car to verify that all damages were listed. The woman said she was too busy to assist us. If this was their common policy for customers to bring the car around, then it would be okay but the first time we rented, they brought the car around for us and inspected it right before giving it to us too. They are inconsistent with their customer service and it needs work!

Carlos Montalvo

Great service. I got my reservation cancelled somewhere else and Milka went above and beyond accomodating my Family. Thank you Green Motion Orlando for making my vacation better.

Jenn Chan

Airport shuttle pick up was right outside baggage claim. Checked in to get our car rental late into the night and had Raven help us out. She checked us in with our rental promptly and answered all our questions. We even called her as we were on the road having issues with the tolls, and she guided us and provided us with assistance with our rental and directional instructions. Very friendly staff and prompt servicing.

Cindy Siwinski

My agent Cristian was very helpful. He helped me save money on tolls. He was also got me into my vehicle very fast. Great customer service.

Moonyoung Choi

I was stranded with no car because our flight was delayed and ACE was then closed. I walked next door to Green Motion, and Linda was there to help me. She gave me a great vehicle for a great deal. Excellenet service

Adeline Pina

I flew in from Rhode Island and this was my first time ever renting a car. It was a pleasant experience. Cristian was the agent who helped me out and he did a great job. Great service!

Natalia Stingley

My agent was very helpful after my reservation was canceled by another company. Cristian is the best !ABOVE SND BEYOND THE CALL IF DUTY!!! Give him a raise

Angie & Doug Sommer

We were very impressed with the professionalism of this car rental company. Everyone we interacted with was very friendly, especially Christian, the general manager. As we waited for our car, he brought us waters and even made us lattes. I would highly recommend this company over the bigger car rental companies.


Should be zero stars. Will never rent a car from them again. Would pay double before even considering. Everything from the car that smelled like someone vomited in it , the low tire pressure sensor that was on the whole time to the rude counter agent that wanted to interrupt me and talk over me the whole entire time I was on the phone questioning the charges after I dropped the car off. Mazzeta, A Keep being rude like that, perfect reflection of Green Motion car and van rental Your customer service skills suck

Jordan Walters

Had issues over at Priceless because of my temporary card and the guy there did not do a whole lot to try and make the reservation work. So we booked a rental next door at Green Motion for slightly more and thank god we did! Johanne and Christian were AMAZING! since we had just booked it on our phone it takes a 30-1hr before it loads and they offered to give us a shuttle to go get food and when we said we’d hang around they provided coffee and water. The customer service was amazing and I’d definitely would ask for Johanne and use Green Motion again. Thank you for all yalls help and entertaining my guess what you are game


If I can give this rental company 0 stars I would in a heart beat. STAY AWAY from getting a rental from this company. Do NOT be fooled by the cheap price that is given when booking. There are so many hidden fees that they do NOT disclose when booking. On top of hidden fees our rental had many damages to the outside of the car. We asked for a different car and was told there weren’t anymore mini vans available. After spending 3/4 hours at the service desk we realized we had no other choice and took the rental. The next day not only did the outside have damages but also the inside was falling apart. The head rest was coming apart, the sliding door was not working on one side, and the carpet in the trunk was coming apart. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had renting a car so please save yourself the time and headache and go elsewhere.

Ann Kennedy

The green motion Orlando Is the most unprofessional car rental I have had a deal with To date. I went in with my insurance card driver's license and credit card and they can't me for 2 extra hours because they want it something more than just your insurance card. The whole time staff was just smiling at me as we went back and forth about insurance. The Staff member insisted I called insurance and have her verify coverage. She made me call 3 times. The entire time I was there, The customer next to me being helped was told there are additional fees because Person who booked the rental is not the driver. the Other person inter family did not leave for me. The entire time are there the line got longer and longer behind us. Then when I finally get a call it has all sorts of body damage. I Had to take pictures. They also have cars with the toll pass in it. It cannot be removed or Turned off. I have a sunpass. I Wasn't formed I could not use my sunpass because there is no way to turn Anything off. I would never ever ever ever ever trust this company Again

Scott Malinowski

This company should never be used by anyone who uses the common credit card CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) with their own auto liability insurance. They will only rent a car to you if you buy their SLI (Supplimental Liability Insurance) which is secondary (not primary) liability insurance and immensely expensive. If you find yourself there feeling helpless, do not sign anything walk out the door call an uber or grab their shuttle back to the airport and rent from a company that is fair. File complaints!

Andreas T

Go elsewhere. Better Business Bureau has plenty of complaints on record, do your research! GM ripped me off by forcing me into buying an (unnecessary) additional driver. Lost almost 2 hours arguing with them to no avail. There are so many alternatives in Orlando, zero reason to go here! Update: I responded to below apology and explained the situation. Guess what, they doubled down on their actions, not apologising at all. Ignore their responses to all the complaints. They rather buy positive reviews than changing their predatory tactics. This business should have Zero stars and better even shut down.

Shawn Francis

Linda gave me excellent service. She was efficient and professional. I will definitely come back to Green Motion with such a great service

Harold Frazier

Be prepared to wait forever at the airport because the shuttle isn’t in service. It’s parked in the corner of the lot - you’ll see it when you buy a Lyft to arrive. But grab a seat because you won’t pick up your rental quickly - their internet is down. How about you hand me the keys and I take the car like old times? The one star is for the $0 cancellation fee, which we are using while we find another rental.

Kristen Givens

Linda was qick and efficient with my rental. She did it all with a smile! I will for sure come back to Green Motion Orlando

Amanda Granado

I had a great experience renting a car with them. They were very helpful and nice people. Next time I will rent with them again.

Irene Gonzalez

Milka was very helpful, nice and informative. I had a bad experience with another rental place earlier in the day, and we came to Green Motion and was helped right away by Milka, will definitely recommend to friends and family!

Jason Trolley

I would avoid this rental company - incorrect fuelling of vehicle vs paperwork, undeclared damage, mis-representation on the frequency of tolls in Florida ...I could go on. At the time of writing I have received no response to my various complaints from the manager (4 days ago).

zeenia ather

Didn't like the service at all. They over charged us even though we had the insurance. Didn't facilitate us when we wanted to drop the car 2 hours later and hence took a lot of money. Also didn't let us choose the car. The condition of the car was pathetic. It was an old vehicle and not so clean from the inside. They even charged extra for tolls. Even though there was an option to pay through cash. They claimed that the only option was the e-pass. Hence charged 64 dollars for tolls that were hardly 10 dollars. The free drop off van driver was always asking for tips and extra money which was annoying

Francis Marks

Be careful with this car rental. Company they give you a good price at first then when you pick up the car you find out that there are insurance fees of 25$ a day and a $500 deposit and a $98 dollar extra driver fee. They 100$ dollar you to death you might as well just buy a car when you get to where you are going

Bryan Williams

The price was really great, however you get what you pay for in this world. The check-in process took a little while and the checkout process took us about 25 minutes to get our car and there wasn't another person in front of us to pick up. The customer service was friendly, it is just simply very slow. If you have time to wait, this is a great value. Side note, the shuttle to pick you up from the airport is at B11 which is on the very bottom ground floor on the far west side. It's a bit of a walk for most of the baggage claim areas.

Kevin Zhang

Great experience and great price. I noticed some reviews complained that the car is not to their standard. Just keep in mind you get what you paid for. They met my expectation for the price. Prices are low and I am surprised how clean and elegant the place is. The car we got was clean and we paid less than 100 for 4 day rental. One thing I noted is that the front desk lady kept throwing us extra stuff to pay for such as insurance and services. There were some misinformation included such as "we have these options for your car rental, which one would you like today?" Since I had experience renting cars and my Visa covered insurance, I just denied it. Check in was easy, but the check in personnel ignored us for 5 mins while talking to his co-worker. Due to that, we missed the immediate shuttle to the airport which cut our flight time close.

Alex Ells

I had a very poor experience with this rental location. The agent constantly tried to up-sell me on everything and became very upset when I did not agree to do so. I also had to prove that I had adequate insurance to avoid a 27$ per day insurance coverage, which the agent was once again upset that I ultimately had. I would recommend using an alternate service!

Ashwin Kastury

Absolutely horrible experience every step of the way. The shuttle bus arrived 25 minutes after we reached the shuttle stop and they wouldnt answer phone calls to get a status update.. Once we got there, it took us 1.5 hours to pick up our car when there were just 8 people ahead in line.. Every single customer was found arguing with them about undisclosed extra charges.. We ended up missing one of the big parades at Disney thanks to our experience with them.. Stay far far away from this company if you have any travel plans !

Mao Xiong

I prefer Enterprise. I was the only person in line and it took 30 mins! The desk lady took another 20 mins to review everything. Thats pretty long. Then the LADY TOLD ME I HAVE NO gAS AND HAVE TO GET MY OWN GAS. SHE SAID THE NEAREST GAS STATION IS TO THE LEFT. YOU WILL MAKE IT. Thats inconvenient. There is a $500 SECURITY deposit. Really? Car needs oil change and a car wash bc there is bad water stain on front shield so when it rains the wipers dont help. Not recommended.

Christina Prechbold

Standard car. Very inefficient. Took an hour for them to get our car pulled up. About 30 minutes to finish drop off process. 3 months after I used their car rental service my credit card was charged $30 randomly. Called to confront them on the charges. Took an hour for someone to pick up the phone. Their response was that these are typical charges. However it was never stated in the agreement at checkout, and the charge showed up 3 months later.

Mary Rivera

My agent Cristian was very helpful. I was a walk-in rental and he took great care of me. I would recommend him to anyone who is renting.

Chelsea Dunbar

DON’T DO IT!!! I repeat: DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY. Green Motions rental car company is nothing more than a scam! I booked a reservation with them for a van on 5/6/19 & it was the absolute worst and difficult experience I’ve ever had with a rental car company. I was at the check out stand for over 2 hours arguing about insurance. I provided them with my FULL COVERAGE insurance declaration & insurance card, and they still required me to purchase their insurance package.... even AFTER they called to verify my insurance with progressive! I just ended up paying.... I was tired of arguing, and I had already wasted a lot of time there. After I paid their ridiculous fee....they drive this raggedy van to the front. I was disgusted. The dodge caravan was dirty, full of scratches, a seatbelt was missing, and the head rest for the drivers seat was broken and had been wired together. They lied and told me my rental was a 2017, turns out it was a 2010.... I demanded another vehicle.... after an additional 45 minutes of arguing they gave me a big Mercedes box truck to rent. It was in drivable condition, black and full of scratches.... I needed a vehicle so I settled for it. The way this company conducts business online is very misleading. All of the hidden fees are not disclosed.... and the airport shuttle is extremely inconsistent! I will NEVER EVER EVER rent from GREEN MOTIONS care rentals again! It is not worth all of the wasted time, and extra fees. Disgusting company! If I could give ZERO stars I would!!

Tasha Spaulding

The most terrible car rental place EVER! I booked the car thru a travel site and paid, but not only did I have to show a major CC or I would be charged I also had a this and that fee. I still have not gotten my deposit back and it will be two weeks in two days. I called and no relief. THE WORSE!!!!

kelsey weinzierl

If I could give negative stars I would. This place is ridiculous! When I originally booked our reservation it gave me a total of around $40. It did not say anything about additional fees for insurance. It also did not say anything until after booking about how the card holder has to be the driver. I booked the reservation under my boyfriends name since he planned on being the driver and used my credit card only to find out after booking that since we did that I would have to be added on as another driver now. I am under 25 so we had to pay those fee’s now too even though I did not even drive the car once. Once we arrived in Orlando, there was no direction given in my email on the shuttle information. We had to call the company directly. Did I mention they don’t answer their phones? After finally getting on the shuttle and arriving at the rental location, we were next in line and still waited 30+ minutes to be helped because they only had 1 person working. Total for 2 day car rental was about $200. NOT the $40 I was originally expecting. These people are scammers! They took a $200 deposit as well and gave me a 4-5 day estimate on it being returned but we are on day 10 now. Save your time and money and book with enterprise.

Princess Grayson

This car rental company sucks! First they add different hidden fees right when you get there. You have to go with there insurance, if not it’s $500 deposit! Don’t have an emergency because they will not work with you on changing times or dates for any reason! Horrible communication! Don’t take a chance just because their prices might seem’s always a catch;)


When Priceless next door told us they did not have a car even though we reserved one, Linda did get us one. However, their price is crazy expensive! More than double the price next door!! We also had to wait for the car to be cleaned and there were lots of damages to the car! But it was 4am and we were exhausted so we went with it!

Katey S

The car was fine but a little worn. Staff was friendly. They put a $500 hold on my credit card which was fine. I returned the car in good condition with a full tank. They said the credit hold would be removed and it should come off in 5-10 business days. It’s still showing today. All other credit holds for our vacation have been released days ago ( hotel etc). I’ve tried calling NUMEROUS times and hold for 45 minutes. I work during the day and so I literally have to sit there on my desk with my phone on hold. This is completely unacceptable. I was fine with the car, even though the service was extremely slow we picked it up, and the gentleman when I dropped off the car was extremely nice and professional. I want this credit hold to come off my account. I will edit this review once it’s fixed but in the meanwhile I would never rent from you again because it’s unacceptable to hold $500 on my credit limit for that long. People are on vacation and we need access to our credit cards.

melly g

The team was very clear and very helpful. I had a great experience and I will be renting with them every time I come to Florida.

Fabi Diaz

Renting with them is the best experience you will have. The car was perfect, smelling like a new one, no problems! I recommend them.

Sandra Simko

My flight on 7/31/19 was delayed by over 3.5 hours, after boarding in Newark. When I landed in Orlando and picked up my luggage, I waited almost 30 minutes for a shuttle. When I finally got to the service desk (off-site) I was told my reservation was cancelled because I was more than 2 hours late. Recall my flight was delayed, and this was due to storms in the area, completely out of my and United's control, and they had the flight information, and my phone number, and my email, and I was on the tarmac, so not exactly in a position to be calling them to update, which would have been 6 phone calls because that's how many times we were delayed before taking off, but I digress. They would not honor the reservation that was already paid for and had no solution. I had to take a shuttle back to the airport and booked through another company in about 3 minutes, which I would name, but don't want anyone to think this post is a promotion for another company. Don't waste your time if there's even a minuscule chance you could have a delay.

Luis Carrera

Everything seemed to be fine (good price, shuttle picked me up by the airport) until I went to pick up the car I rented. They checked my information and then asked me for my insurance information. I showed them I have liability, which they told me I need to have full coverage which they wanted me to purchase they insurance policy). They told my my liability insurance will not work. It was 1 am and I had a long flight to even try to look somewhere else for a car. Well, I said, show me your options. They told me you can get this full coverage for this much per day. I was surprised by expensive it was, and the the lady told me, or... you can get this Liability. I was thinking, but didn't you just said that liability itself won't do it? well, just because i was really tired, and it was really late i accepted to do their liability (ALTHOUGH I HAD MY OWN LIABILITY THE MADE ME GET THEIRS). Very upset that they have to push to make you get something you already have so THEY CAN MAKE EXTRA MONEY. GO somewhere else.

Charles Vella

Linda was great everything went well except that I had to wait a little for the van

Chris Hall

The customer service was great and the process was super easy. Jenny made the process very fast and simple

Brian Vu

Great service from Milka. Nice location.

Kelly Seprenyi

The car was great, good prices and great service. I will definitely rent with them again.

SteveChantal Luster

The rep named Milka who assisted us wed aug21 picking up our car is a DISHONEST sales person. She lied/forced us into getting tolls activated talking about its FL law and its required for all rental cars. I told her i have never ever heard of that, my family rents cars on a regular basis in many states. My family was ready to start disney vacation so we didn't have time to spend debating with her. Because I felt she was not being truthful I contacted green motion that same day via email and they said its not required but they wont issue a refund because my wife signed. I could see if I waited until the trip was over after I had ran through a bunch of tolls. I reached out the same day! We had already prepaid for the car we were just expecting to pick up the car not be tricked into someone's upsale tactics. I clearly stated to them in my email that she (my wife) didnt want to sign and pay that extra money but Milka kept insisting there was no way around it. Not to mention we literally drove through 2 tolls the whole vacation between wed and sat. This is exactly why we never pre pay tolls. They charged us $13/day. That is a sales tactic but I do not like the fact we were lied to. The fact that i brought it to the companies attn the same day and they are trying to justify it and back her up. I asked multiple times could I pay them as I go in cash, or online or via mail she said no. The transponder was required by law for rentals. I also dont like that the shuttle took almost 35 min to arrive at the airport before we spent another 45 min- 1hr at the location between waiting, being helped, and asking questions trying to figure out this new "required toll activation" we were tricked into. Then the 1st vehicle had no windshield washer fluid and we had to change cars. Lastly, There was something about our progressive insurance coverage that was an issue we never had before w/ any rental company. Another upsale trick. When we dropped off the green motion car on saturday morning we ended up getting another rental in orlando that same afternoon DIFFERENT COMPANY and we were able to decline all of the upsale bs. Like we tried to do with her before she start throwing around words like law.... no way around it. That is dirty!!!! I'M REPORTING THIS TO THE BBB. DON'T SWINDLE CUSTOMERS to hit your sales numbers. Thats not right. Don't become the next wells fargo. Whats done in the dark shall come to light!!!

Joseph Wysocki

We had a terrible experience with Green Motion and I would not recommend them to anyone. Biggest complaint we had was we were forced into paying liability insurance even though we showed proof our own insurance and credit card clearly covered it. We met the terms of the rental and were still forced to pay or we would not receive our car.

Randi Jones

UPDATED to 2 stars - SEE BELOW 9/12/19 Johanne was very kind and helpful. Clean. Location. Lady in front of me had a bad experience with being charged more than expected, but I had no such problem so far. 9/18/19 The employee Johanne had me do the original review while she watched, which made me feel obligated to leave a high review. I am wondering if this is why this company has so many stars (the reason I picked this company even though so many of the reviews were negative). She also told me that it is mandatory in the state of Florida to purchase additional insurance on the car, and after further research (which I wish I had done while in the location before signing for the car) I have found that it is mandatory for the COMPANY to insure the car, NOT for the renter to purchase additional insurance. I feel sick to my stomach to have been lied to and cheated out of over $100. The car also had a "maintenance needed" light on and when I pointed it out I was informed not to worry about it and I was still issued that same car. The car didn't have any problems while I drove it but I'm not sure it's such a good practice to rent out cars with unlimited mileage when they are overdue for maintenance. So overall - I had no problems with the car but the company's practice of issuing cars that need maintenance could lead to problems, and I don't appreciate being pushed into buying insurance that I didn't need with lies that "it's the law" which makes you feel like you can't argue with that.

TiffanyShahaddah Barron

Awesome and knowledgeable young lady super polite

American Ballroom NC

We had a great experience with Green Motion. Great car great price. Easy to use and I requested a specific car and because they had it available they accommodated me which made me very happy. I like to drive a car I know how to drive. Thanks again!

Miranda Goulding

Biggest complaint is that, creepily, they do NOT answer the phone. There is only a computer recording saying where to (not when) be picked up by the shuttle, but it was late and we were tired so I really could have used human input. Matthew was so fantastic during our pickup, very friendly and helpful. We were letdown by the woman who turned our car back in. She barely spoke to us and left us waiting a long time while she was in the lot in the early AM. But, Matthew and a nice car were the memorable parts.

Gina Mengwasser

Johanne was amazing!! We had a late check in and they help us with everything. Highly recommend booking here ask for Johanne.

Elias Van Schaik

Tiffany was absolutely wonderful. Articulate, friendly, extremely professional and we felt very cared for. She's an asset to your company. Made our experience and enjoyable event and we will return again.

Malina Cherrington

WORST RENTAL EXPERIENCE EVER!!! STAY AWAY AND RENT SOMEWHERE ELSE! I had previously rented from this company in the past and had a great experience and this time was beyond terrible!!!! First off my flight got in at 4am and they use to be 24 hours and now don’t open till sometime around 6am or whenever they decide to show up! (She rolled in around 6:20) Next I showed her my confirmation and I had messed up by one day, so I asked what I could do to add one more day. Totally my mistake for booking the wrong start date and I own that! I booked directly on their website, no third party! When I asked her what I could do to add one day, she said no you can’t we only have cars for those coming in today and proceeded to tell me I had to call the company I booked with to which I said it was you! So I asked again, can I just add a day since I am here and she said No! I said so you are telling me the car I am picking up tomorrow morning at 6am, I can’t just pick up today and add one day, she said No! She said they only have cars for people who have reservations today! You are a freakin car rental company! How do you tell a customer, no nothing we can do to add a day to your rental or to help you. She then proceeded to tell me if I didn’t pick up my car rental within two hours they would charge me! Seriously worse customer service I have ever had with a company, especially one I have used many times in the past! Don’t rent from this place, not sure what has changed but it went from one I loved when I visited to wishing I could give a zero star rating!

Tul Mis

My experience with green motion was terrible. I rented a car from green motion through priceline,. And I already paid online for the car. So I rented a car from the 24rth to the 27th. The pick-up time was 10:00 p.m., and drop-off time was 10:00 p.m. Me and my family already reached Orlando airport before 10:00 p.m. From there we were supposed to take the green motion shuttle to the green motion office, but the shuttle didn't come. So I called the green motion office but no one answered. Then waiting for an hour, finale the shuttle came and picked us up at 11:15 p.m. When we reached the office, and when it was my turn. The gentleman there asked for my license and my credit card. And I gave both of the items to him. He opened my reservation, and he said " You have a Visa card, so it only covers collision, but does not cover comprehensive. So, you have to purchase insurance from us which is $25.99 per day. And transponder for $12.99 per day.¨ So I denied that offer and said¨ I am using my personal insurance which has a full coverage, and I don't ́t need a transponder since I am using local road. Then after a few minutes later, the gentlemen put my credit card into the credit card machine and asked me to sign. So, then I asked him what did you charge me for, and why do I have to sign. He was trying to charge me for insurance and transponder which he said was $136.23.I immediately denied that transaction and did not sign that transaction. And I said” Why are forcing me to buy that insurance and transponder and I already dined that transaction”. Right I after I said that I got a text message from my bank saying green motion charged me $136.23. Then I asked him why did you chared $136.23 when I dined twice already. He said I’m going to return this transaction and you are getting credit in that amount after 2-3 business days. But you have to show me proof of your insurance. And I showed him my insurance card from my phone. Then he wanted to see the whole insurance policy. And I said I’m not right now caring all the documents of my insurance policy.And he said if you don’t show me the insurance policy I won’t give the car for rent. And after hearing what he said I was terrified, because I was with my family with two kids and the time was 11:40p.m. Then after I decided to call my insurance but no one answered since it was after hours. Then I remembered that I can download my insurance app in my phone and pull out all my documents from my phone and showed that gentleman. So he gave me a hard time almost at midnight, still I did not receive that credit amount in my credit card. And that guy was giving mental torchering. My experience with green motion was terrible. [ When I was returning my car I explained this matter to the manger there the manger name is Milka]

Victoria Blas

Milka was very helpful!! Great atmosphere in the center as well. Would rent again!

Tyler Benoit

Johanne was very professional. She answered every question we had and went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of. We will most definitely return to this location thanks to the service we received today

John J

I used the car to go to Miami and it was very good, no issues! also it was very economic. I am going to rent with them again next time.

Keri Burgess

Raven was fantastic in helping us check in. She went over everything with us that we needed to know. Our car was clean and ready to go. We got exactly what was in the description. Only downfall that people may want to know is that if you decline to purchase their insurance to have proof of your car insurance with you. If you do not then it may cause a hassle.


Thank you Matthew for all the help. I arrived a day early to Orlando Florida and went to green motion and asked for my rental a day early Matthew said no he wasn’t allowed to do that and to come back tomorrow. I was beyond upset I was with my two children in a place I don’t know.. well Matthew spoke to his boss and gave me the car for a day early and service with a smile thanks Matthew I appreciate it... you saved me

Ziran Wang

If not the worst then one of the worst rental cars I have ever gotten during my entire life. Booked a full-size sedan for my BUSINESS trip and ended up a 60k-mile minivan. The first time I’ve got a rental car that has a mileage higher than 1k: not just 10k, 60k! My check in time was 11pm and the front desk lady was trying to promote me everything, which makes sense since they are pretty “valuable” compared to the other ones. But the car came with only 1/4 tank of gas!! Again, very first time in my entire life. The AC of back seats didn’t work. The vehicle goes to the right always (a four wheel alignment is a must-do task for this old thing). Let alone they don’t even have a check in desk at the terminal, given ALL the other rental companies have ones. And you have to call them to find out where to take the shuttle: Otherwise you will never know during your entire life. The waiting time for the coming shuttle was more than 30 minutes. The waiting time for the shuttle back to the airport? I have typed all these while waiting for that after returning my old minivan...

h2o polo

Got a cheap car two weeks ago...when I say cheap it was a car with no power locks or power windows....fortunately it had power steering. It was a Nissan Versa no frills. We just needed something to get us from A to B...and at $52 bucks for the whole week I loved it. Yes, $52 bucks!! ...and $7 in gas. We were in the off season but still, that’s what many places charge per day. The staff was really nice. We had to wait a while to get bus and the first one was packed but the driver called for another bus to come that was nice. Folks at the desk were great and had my car all ready. Return was just as easy. Highly recommend if you’re looking for basic transportation at great prices.

Paul Smith

What a useless company. We booked and paid for 2 weeks of car hire with this company via Argus Car Hire. We were collected from the airport by their shuttle bus, taken to their offices out of town to be told they had cancelled our booking, rented our car to someone else and had no other cars available! To rub salt in the wound, we were told that the shuttle bus driver knew that when he collected us from the airport!! We then had to try and find an alternative car hire at Orlando airport, at midnight on one of the busiest weekends of the year. This cost us an additional £1000 on the first day of our holiday. Use this company at your peril. Apparently this is quite common as they make more money this way by leaving you in the s...!

Tonny Williams

This was the worst vehicle I have ever rented in my life. They rented my family and I a vehicle with a bad, the check engine light was on the entire 4 days. They would not exchange the vehicle unless I drove 20 miles back and pay tolls to get to the location. The car was very dirty inside, broken head rest and had a bad odor. The customer service representative had a I do care attitude. Just a bad experience.

Destani Herring

Linda was super friendly and helpful. During this stressful time, she definitely made our trip easier

Love 0121

So, I had to wait for a shuttle but it was NOT a big deal, because everything else was great. Attentive staff, good looking office and nice cars.

Tekle Atsku

They will find a way to charge you more than you originally booked it for. And a very bad customer service. A person in front of us had a fight with Tiffany, the customer service representatives because she tried to charge him more and when it is our turn she did exactly the same thing to us

Christine Franceschi

Green Motion & Omni Airport Parking - Same People! Address: 7640 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL 32822 I wish I had seen this before wasting my time! Better Business Bureau - Rated F!!! Reasons for Rating F Green Motion Car and Van Rental Length of time business has been operating. 97 complaints filed against business 6 complaints filed against business that were not resolved. Length of time business has taken to respond to complaints. Failure to respond to one complaint filed against business. Sadly there is no option for a negative star! They would have gotten a zero. Upon arriving at the facility, I entered and waited hoping for someone to appear. Their entire staff was outside in the parking lot, watching me through a glass wall. Too busy to assist me, because they were smoking and talking. I booked a rental car which was prepaid, only to arrive on the scheduled day and be told there was no vehicle available. No one called to say anything, no apology - nothing! So here I am pulled into the convenience store down the block, on a Friday night... Looking for another rental car. INCOMPETENCE! Don't waste your time and money. I'm sure the service on the Omni parking side is no better, since they're the same staff.

Tania James

***DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY*** They are not located at the airport so you have to wait for a shuttle. Once there, they are very slow. Terrible customer service. We weren’t even greeted with a “Good Morning”. They up charge for everything. They charge with $25+ the toll charge each time you pass through. Rip off. We normally pay $120 at Enterprise for 3 days and it cost $240 with Green Motion. **Don’t Do yourself a headache. By the way, they don’t deserve one star.

Ha. S.

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM, They give you low prices to steal your money, do not use. My flight was delayed, I spoke to rep Christine, she said she was going to note the account, when I got to Orlando, they left about six separate families stranded at the Orlando airport (MCO). They had no vehicles, refused to give refunds. They spoke to everyone in such arrogance, knowing they just stole all of our hard earned money. Shame you!

Camilla Montoya

Christian was very nice and gave us an upgrade, but the extra fees for everything are a little crazy. They wanted to charge fees that were not mentioned in the contract, but once I pointed it out, the manager waived it. The car has scratches, but we got them marked as already damaged. Apparently most of their cars are in similar situation. Nice staff, though.

G.B.B aka 24k

Excellent service from Milka. Love the location.

Leah Martin

I do NOT recommend using this company! First off, they clearly state that there is a shuttle at the Orlando Airport every 15 min. We waited over 30 and their was only 1 shuttle running. Once we got to the rental building, we waited over an hour, there were only 2 people ahead of us, again only 1 employee working the desk. We purchased the insurance online so we didn’t have to worry about anything. Well he claimed that had nothing to do with their rentals it was just the online 3rd party offering, which helped us in no way if there was any incidents. So they REQUIRE you to purchase their insurance at $18-19/day. THEN on top of the additional insurance fee, he lead us to believe the state of FL changed their way of doing toll roads and the toll booths were no longer active. Our choice was to pay a $25 fee (mailed to us) for EACH toll we went through, OR purchase their toll coverage for $11/day. Duh, we paid their fee since it was so much cheaper, just to find out the toll booths are very much still active and we could’ve paid $11 total for our whole trip

Felice Chan

Green Motion is the first car rental agency that I have ever described as “cute”. The interior is so modern and sleek. Our agent Linda was so sweet and a pleasure to work with. She seems to love her job! Linda was personable and professional—very unlike most of our disappointing car rental experiences. Highly recommend booking here! Shuttles come every 20 or so minutes (easy to find after our flight). Our shuttle driver Michael was so friendly and courteous too!

Brian Oblas


Keri Haworth

Linda was absolutely wonderful! So helpful, great conversation, and great customer service!! Definitely coming to green motion again!!


Tiffany was a pleasure to work with. I rent cars at least 4x a year and have never had an experience like I did not only with Tiffany but green motion in its entirety. The facility is beautiful, the shuttle was amazing. And the cars are clean. A+++ rating cannot wait to do business again. Green motion has set the bar high!

sharon juarez

Best customer service from Johanne. Very much appreciate her time and her patience. She was professional, efficient, and informative. She took the time to explain all the fees relating to my rental and the rules in the policy.

Rock Stone

I wish i could give negative rating.I got a decent car and everything was good until I left my ID in the car and as per instructions i sent them return courier with label to ship it back to me...they took one month to returned it...even after following up thousand time over the phone and was so frustrating...Average waiting time on customer care is more then 1-2 hrs...I will not be renting from this company again..

donald titus

Horrible. I booked a trip and paid a months in advance for a car rental. When I arrived at my destination NO vehicles were available (not even an upgrade). There was 2 other customers there that were also told that NO vehicles were available. Would not even offer me a ride to hotel. Also was 1am. I suffered extra out of pocket expenses and had to cancel some things on my itinerary due to this. I recieved no sympathy for my inconvenience and was not refunded. Just me and my wife and our luggage standing in a parking lot at 11 at night in an area we had never been before. Completely ridiculous. How do you not have any vehicles available for someone who pre booked and paid a month in advance. Also was on time. I recieved an email from the "owner" see below. When I called the lady was very rude with me by saying, sir I already told you we cant do anything. When I started why did I receive below correspondence she aggravatedly said please hold. After a 20 minute hold, she comes back and says give me your phone number. I know I will not get anywhere. These below responses are only to make it look like they are handling complaints when all they are doing is trying to make reviews look better. Between th hom and Priceline NO ONE wants to take responsibility. They each keep telling me to contact the other. Complete bs.

Adrianna Skerrett

First car given to me had a huge crack in the windshield and was in poor condition. I rent vehicles every 3 weeks and was surprised about being force to pay additional for “loss of use” or sign a $2000 waiver after your counter staff couldn’t show the charge in the Priceline agreement. Be prepared to get ripped off!

Marie Santiago

Linda gave us excellent service. We are very pleased with how we were treated. She was very detailed in all the charges and made sure we left happy. We will come back to this locationb

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