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Davinder Sidhu

DO NOT rent from this place. They have cheap rentals which they screw you over with "required" insurance limits. I have collision and liability coverage on my own auto but they claim my BI limits were not enough. They ask for 50/100 for Bodily Injury and 50 for Property Damage. The state of Florida is one of the few or only state that does not even require bodily injury limits and the property damage is only $10,000. I work in the insurance industry yet still could not leave without paying for excess insurance. They tried to charge me for a whole package when I only "needed" liability supplemental. I had to negotiate with the guy to remove loss of use and tire/glass insurance which I already had. In the end I got charged $63 additional for a 3 day rental when it was not required. It was late and I was there too long to continue arguing but lesson learned to never come here again.

Tiffany Degraffenreid

It took 2 hours to get a rental then they talk me into getting toll added to bill and I told them where I would be going, the guy said deffinitly I will need tolls as well... I didn't go threw 1 toll at all.. Lost out on 40.00

Joe Peters

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Orlando where I rented a Nissan Altima from this agency. The car was very clean, some very light scratches, no dents or issues. I was able to get a great deal booking online and paid about a third as much as I did the same time last year with a different company. The guy at the counter was very friendly without being pushy about getting their insurance and I also opted to decline the toll booth fast pass thing (saving even more money). The shuttle driver who picked us up from the airport (MCO) was super friendly and informative about where we should travel while in town. I wish I would’ve caught his name because I would love to give him a shout out! Nice car, nice deal, nice people. I’ll book with them again in the future, I’m sure.

Daniel Matthews

The car was totally satisfactory. I hope to get a shuttle back to MCO very early in the morning. So far, everything is as advertised and agreed to.

Kristan Klein

We had a great experience with Economy and will definitely use them again. I read quite a few reviews because I was worried about the cost being so much lower than other carriers. So we were prepared with our own rental car insurance paperwork. We also decided that if there was a huge line of people that my husband would take the shuttle and I would stay at the airport with our 2 kids so that we weren't stuck in a hot line at the car rental place. However, we did not have to do that. The shuttle was there waiting for us and we were the only 4 on it. There was also no line at the business. We were in and out in less than 15 minutes. The same was for our return of the car. No waiting and no lines. We did go in October so that was helpful for the wait times. Our car was clean, new and ran great. It was a nice experience.


Manager seems to hold grudges, redflaged for having issues with payment, I did communicate and fixed the problem. I believe this was the first I rented from this economy rental.Then all other reps rented cars no issues after. Seems like the reps are able to do more than the manager. Need corporate to change the issue please manager claims cannot. I ask him if his the Pope of this religion he said yes lol. I really think other than this issue that's making my life a lot harder changing flight, let the manager know my mom is sick and that's why I'm renting the car to then get the shuttle. Manager said it's not withing his power. The rest of the crew deserves the 5 stars do to all the other times.

Mohamed Beshir

Do not rent from Economy they will scam you. I had a full coverage insurance policy and provided them with a copy they still trying to sell there insurance. I refused and requested to speak to a manager...the manager is not on duty....I did not rent from them......STAY AWAY FROM ECONOMY GO TO WELL KNOWN NAME....THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TRASH.....WAITED FOR THE SHUTTLE AT THE AIRPORT ONE HOUR.

Mattie Carpenter

So far I would not use this company again. When we arrived the cost went up dramatically, the rep even told me I would need a $1000 deposit because that was my car insurance deductible. It seemed too good to be true when booking on Priceline but for it to be a total surprise when picking it up should be unacceptable. Be upfront with your customers! Then they offered an extra $7/day fee plus a $150 deposit in place of the $1000 deposit....I’m really surprised a company is legally allowed to force you out of budget by not being upfront about fees and deposits. How do you expect your reps to properly deal with customers set up for that level of failure? And when I asked to speak with a manager, none around to speak with. If you want to use a debit card there is a $9.95 fee which I thought was illegal. It’s not like a car rental place should have to go through a 3rd party debit pay system like a cannabis dispensary. This could really dangerously strand someone on a tight budget (single moms) by leading them to believe the rental would be $14/day from Priceline. Just to see an increase that their budget can’t match. I will file a formal complaint with Priceline as well. Also, if you do not pick up the car with in 2 hours of the reservation they cancel the reservation and up charge you to pick up the rental. So if your flight is delayed beyond that, that costs extra too. Unacceptable!

Artyom Nahapetyan

Not noce people, very rude, for some reason put a hold for 1000 on my card, asked a bunch of strange things like full declaration page of the insurance. Keep scaring me about tools. Anyway, was not a nice experience. Will not rent from the again.

samantha Persaud

This was the most horrible rental experience I have ever had at this economy rent a car never ever again...1st I made a reservation online for the quick and convenient way so that way I can just sign hand me the keys and go but that was not the case I was there for 1 hr and a half waiting for their system having issues the reservation they did nothing to compensate my inconvenience with 2 toddler's and a baby waiting that long no compassion at all to speed up the process plus a quarter full gas we bring the rental back with full gas and want to charge $500 for the most tiny microscopic dot of a crack on the front windshield and again no companion what so ever I rate this company absolutely zero and will make sure I and every single person I know never ever rent from this company again horrible experience thinkable to a family that can happen.

Eric Pratt

After waiting an hour and 20 minutes for the shuttle and line I got to the counter where they refused to accept my credit card insurance and my insurance card stating I needed a printed declaration of Insurance and that I needed to buy their insurance for $200 (on a $50 rental). They said this is a Florida law which is not true and that it's an Economy policy. Both of these are not true as I've rented in Florida and from Economy (but not any more!) with just my license and credit card. The only other place where I've run I to this scam is in Cancun (at American oddly enough). In short, be prepared for a long wait a, a real hassle, and a lot of up selling.

t clark


Chris White

I have worked in the car rental industry and never had a $1000 Security Deposit. The agent was polite but beware of economy the company. Shady! Like real

Hannah Weiss

Was an hour late to the airport to pick us up, and had promised us beforehand that we would only have to show our insurance to rent. After arriving an hour late and sitting outside for another hour, they informed us of the $1000 “deductible” that we would have to pay beforehand to get the car. When expressing our concerns to the team member, he was laughing. Do not trust this place. Multiple people left with lyfts instead of renting. This place is a scam.


Amazing service and rates. Luis, I believe is the young man that assisted with my reservation was very courteous, knowledgeable and right to the point. He's from Brooklyn, NY. The shuttle driver, Venezuelan young man was very friendly and courteous. The female driver, however, was not trying to help with our luggage. Thank God my daughter was with me because I am not able to lift anything heavy at this time. I will still rent my car from you again.

Andre Rowell

Rented a Hyundai Sonata and the car rode terribly. The front end had major vibration issues. The vibration began at 20mph and you did not want to go over 60mph because it was terrible. The driver and the front desk personnel were excellent, but this low rating is for the terrible riding vehicle.

Ra Git

They serve their purpose but being offsite, they need to work on the timelines of their shuttles from the airport and to. Our driver and counter service agent were fabulous however.

Luis Garcia

AWEFUL, untrained staff with no ability to process car insurance, proper cars and facility with poor resources. Do not rent cars from here, go with a reputable company and pay a bit more to avoid the headaches and poor service from these crooks. Guaranteed they won’t be in business a year from now , BET. I wouldn’t contact your customer service if you paid me, you can keep your robotic “ COPY AND PASTE” email relies, that’s why I have American Express for , check Best Business Bureau to see how you guys are doing (F) couple of months will be doors close you crooks.

Thomas Lustgraaf

Horrible. Totally dishonest. Said they would cancel my rental with no fee after an hour of arguing then didn't and lied about what happened. Don't ever do business with this company.

Natalie Mierek

Super cheap and now I know why. They required things that other rental companies would never ask for, such as a hold on my credit card for my insurance deductible amount. I told them my deductible was $500 and they said they were going to hold $1,000 to cover my deductible since the proof of insurance they made me give them, (another thing a rental company never requested from me) didn't state my deductible amount. No wonder I had to wait in line for 25 min, with only 2 people ahead of me....and they were already at the counter being helped when I got there.

ariel andujar

100% recommended no wait at the airport friendly staff at the front desk staff explained everything will rent again clean cars and easy return process thank you all.

Scott Lilien

This rental car company fits the true definition of a scam. They have their rental car operation intentionally located six miles away and the inclusion of 2 toll exchanges. The scam I'm mentioning is that they require you to have your insurance declaration statement with you in order to prove with official documentation that you have the proper coverages of liability, despite the fact that most people don't walk around with this insurance statement on their person. I saw no mention of this requirement on Orbitz or Priceline or expexia. Economy is banking on the hope that most customers will become frustrated with this requirement that they will ultimately fall victim to a daily bill requirement if 40$/day for insurance despite the fact that you already have pre-covered insurance for rentals. I waited a long time receiving help by their support staff. They are sort on staffing which increases the stress and the angst of customers during the transaction. While waiting in line I saw three other customers argue with Economy's employees about similar issues that I went through. Save yourself the grief and agony of doing business with these hustlers by saving time and sticking with a company that rents cars honorably and faithfully with a full-time presence at the Orlando International Airport. Trust me! In the end you will have piece of mind, limited stress and a car that you can be confident is not part of any scam - all without having to leave the airport.

bryan hochschild

I gave it 2 because the employee was nice. But I gave it less because the fine detail cost us $100 more on a rental that only cost us $130 for the week. Because they require extravagantly high insurance. Also online the price jumped from $80 to $130 in a matter of hours!

Steven Mangini

Great price for the week. Nice car.

Lynn Wiseman

The car was nice and had no mechanical problems. Just have an issue with extra fees for every little thing, and they wanted to charge our credit card a $500 deductible, if I used MY Veh insurance, until I returned the car, then they would credit it back. Plus they were not located at the airport, we had to shuttle to and from. However, their shuttle driver's we're Extremely Nice! Thanks

Julio Castro

The employees they are doing a good job in the office.

Toni Lamerson

Customer Service - A Hidden Fees - F TOLLS - Be sure to pay extra $29.85 (Worth it) INSURANCE - Don't forget to bring your Insurance Declaration Form YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A MINIMUM OF $25000/$50000 I had $15000/$20000 ( paid extra fee) Here's my Expedia Price Due at pick-up: $39.96 Base Price: $21.18 Taxes & Fees: $18.78 The actually price I paid. (if you have anything under this amount, you will pay an additional $7-$23 a day) Description Qty Fa Rate Discount Ttl Rental days 3 ONE 7.06 0.00 21.18 Tolls Transponder 3 DAY 9.95 0.00 29.85 Glass & Tire Protection 3 DAY 3.95 0.00 11.85 Handling Insurance Fee 3 DAY 3.95 0.00 11.85 Energy Fee 3 DAY 1.50 0.00 4.50 Florida Surcharge 3 DAY 2.00 0.00 6.00 Vehicle License Fee 3 DAY 0.99 0.00 2.97 AF Airport Fee 10.00% 8.22 FT Florida Tax 6.50% 6.27 Total 14.49 Final amount 102.69

Conswella Ecckles

The price seemed great until you pick up your car and there are several hidden fees.

Fred Fike

Fast and very helpful courteous staff! Beautiful cars. If you use your own collision insurance from your car they will hold your deductible on your card until you return your car. Or you do have the option to pay approx. 9.95 per day to waiver that which cost me an unexpected 97$ addtl charge for 6 days but it was worth it

Classy Benavidez

WARNING!!!!! Never EVER RENT any sort of vehicle from this unprofessional place they do not speak English you can’t understand what they are saying they will charge your card weeks after the fact you’ve already been home for absolutely nothing you’ll see charges here in there and when you call to ask why they cannot confirm it because they do not speak English !!! Worst place I’ve ever ever rented a car from!!!!!!!! I would give Give them no stars if I could!

ucfclay .

Great value for the $. Price advertised was price paid. Originally rented from another company whose shuttle never showed up so we just jumped on the Economy shuttle. Staff was friendly, especially Jean who got us set up. No problems with the car or the return. Return staff was friendly and there were no “surprise” charges like we’ve had from other companies.

Dani of Nirvana Panacea

Horrible Services. Came to Orlando from Houston and spent the first hour engaged in a dispute about using a debit/credit card opposed to a major cc. The staff member, Billy quickly told my mother that she should have read the terms of agreement and that we can get a shuttle back to the airport (free). Here is a suggestion for a business that is fully aware of a problem that is costing them business... call your reserved clients and confirmed that they understand your restrictive policies. Those of us that value customer service call it quality assurance. You’re welcome. Side bar: the manager (Esteban) response, “You are welcome to call corporate.” Duh.

Raquel Caraballo

I gave a 1 star because I had to. I would give this company a 0. They are very unprofessional and they hustle you out of your money. I will never use this company again. My only positive was the shuttle driver on our return he was very helpful and knowledgeable. I wish I had his name.

Jasmen Godfrey

Was willing to pick us up from the airport and drop us off quickly. It took them at least 5 minutes. Excellent service.

Shannon Evans

Stood in line for 2 hours to pick up our rental. Absolutely ridiculous that they had 2 people working the counter and a line of 20 people waiting to pick up. Gabriel was awesome once it was our turn, he made sure he got us out the door as quickly as he could. I can not say that I would recommend this company with confidence.

Kimberly Bigley

Rude and unprofessional! I now remembered I had rented from Economy before and was extremely unsatisfied. First of all, they do not have enough employees working for a Saturday in Orlando. Then they want your declaration page and want to charge $1,000 (hold) in your credit card to ensure there is no damage on top of what you are already paying. Plus, they want to charge you more for a sun pass then what you would spend. We were not the only ones leaving the place without a car rental. NEVER AGAIN!

M Bowman

Lots of hidden fees, sketchy contracts, not near airport. Customer service was very helpful in canceling our reservation. Would never do business with this place.

Robert Moore

Zero stars is too many for these twits. Avoid them at all cost they're nothing but a racket. Most unpleasant, unprofessional car rental company Ive ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Take my advice and go with a different company. Wasted at least an hour fooling with them. Finally got fed up and went to FOX CAR RENTALS!! Very nice folks over there who helped me get a vehicle for cheaper.

Indy Chick

Do not use economy rent a car. They are a rip off. I paid in full over the Internet and when I got there, after they transported me to their facility off of the airport, they informed me that I would have to pay $35 a day for their insurance. If I didn’t choose to use their insurance and instead use my own, they charge $10 a day more. You must pay one or the other (or give them $1000 to hold) or they will not rent the car to you. But you’ve already paid over the Internet and they have you at their facility where you may not have other options. Very dishonest. That was the first problem. The second problem is that you must pay $10 a day more to get their turnpike transponder. You cannot buy your own transponder and register it to use it using their car because they have all their cars registered already, to force you to use theirs. Toll roads in Florida are tricky, not always well marked. I missed one but I sent a money order in to the Florida transportation authority to pay it. The notice went to the rental car company and they charged me $20 on top of everything else even though I had already paid the toll with the transportation authority. I will never use them again.

Brent Watkins

Sorry to see so many negative reviews. I'm not sure why this is, as my experience was excellent. I was given a really nice SUV, with quick check-out and check-in. The customer service at their office was excellent and I was also impressed with the low-cost of the rental. Also - they offered unlimited EZPass for a reasonable fee, so I never had to worry about a toll while in Florida - the toll capitol of the world! The shuttle service to the airport was waiting when we returned the car and the driver helped us with our bags and took us right to the carriers location at the airport. I declined the insurance because my auto policy covers rentals. They put a hold on my credit card for damages, which I completely understood. They released the hold as soon as I checked the car back in. Seriously, I would recommend Economy Rent-A-Car to anyone without hesitation.

Steve Rees

USE AT OWN RISK. Teaser rates for booking, but make sure you read the fine print. Hidden fees you can't waive unless you have a copy of your auto insurance policy yes I wrote policy. I called home and had it emailed to me so I was ready, but many other travellers were stuck paying their MANDATORY fees. Travel credit card insurance is not accepted. After standing in line for over 50 minutes they to told me and my six and nine year old they didn't have a vehicle for us anymore . I was "15 minutes late" but I was actually 35 minutes early just stuck in line. Left and rented a car back at airport from a national brand and my rental experience was back to normal.

Matthew Mosdell

I prepaid $87.00 for my car. When I showed up to the rental office (it took about an hour to get there using their shuttle), they wouldn't accept my insurance nor the insurance I have with my credit card company. They insisted that I purchase their insurance, which is (minimum) $25/day. I asked for a refund so I could go somewhere else. They have a $50 cancelation fee. They also charge $9/day for a toll pass. If you don't buy the toll pass, you're looking at a $25-50 fee per toll. By the time I got out the door with a car, my $87 booking had gone up to $170. These guys are crooks. Don't rent from them. I would have been better off getting a car at the airport to begin.

Tom Powers

Great price, Car seats very dirty, It became obvious the next day that some previous driver had smoked in the car after sitting overnight you could smell cigarette smoke. Upon cleaning it out for return i found a water bottle half full of water a full of cigarette butts wedged under the seat. Mystery solved. I pointed this out the the young lady upon return who seemed unsurprised by this. Overall I was happy with the car and the cost. Will rent again when i come back. Shuttle service was fast and drivers seemed very pleasant. Insurance policies seem a little questionable. I had to put a $1000 hold on my card which they said would be returned within 24 to 48 hours??? Hope the return of that money to my card comes through or I will not be a happy camper. Long line at check in but the cost of the rental seemed to offset any inconvenience... GREAT VALUE..

Eric Wilson

I know this place has received some negative reviews but I decided to try them out. Rented a car for 3 days. Provided my own insurance coverage. Did not take any additional coverage offered by sales rep. It was dirt cheap. 39.11 total with taxes for 3 day rental. Car was in good condition. I got in/out on arrival/departure day in a timely manner. Shuttle driver to and from airport was excellent as well. If I'm ever in the area again I will rent from them.

Kaitlynn Glover

Not sure I would rent a car from them again. Landed in the airport and waited for a shuttle for bit. Then my husband I took turns calling the store which never answered. My husband finally called the main office and they had to call the store. We waited for over a half hour just to get a shuttle. They also hold $1000 from you for some insurance gap while you have their rental car.

sarah trumbly

Horrible first experience we drive around the airport picking up and dropping off other people around the terminal before we would finally head to pick up our car at economy. Then our flight was delayed therefore we lost out on our car had to purchase a more expensive car, then was told we had to pay extra for insurance since our insurance wasnt high enough then add a toll pass spending over the amount that was budgeted due to lack of communication through cheap oh air and economy. Ugh so frustrated will never use either again

Bruce Kruger

My personal experience with them was pleasant. I had rented with Economy in Ft Lauderdale previously, so that had set my expectation at a certain level. I had my insurance declarations printed already, so it was just a formality. I also opted out of any additional insurance, so they told me they would need to put an $800 hold on my card. Again, not a big deal at this point in my life. The shuttle location was not obvious, but we we're fortunate enough to literally step right into the spot from our baggage claim. In summary, if you have the credit card and insurance policy, you can save a substantial amount of money with Economy. I'm fortunate enough to fall into this category. There were others in line in front of me who weren't. I understand their frustration.

Christina Quigley

DO NOT use the company!!! Go to a respectable and established company. These people are crooks and it was my mistake for not reading the reviews before I booking. Please read the reviews it is a horrible horrible place. So unprofessional.

Michelle Ferguson

They do not tell the truth at the counter nor on the 1800 number charging some a 60 debit fee is wrong

Dillon Armstrong

I went online and reserved a car for my eight day stay in Florida. The price I was given online was $151.00 for the eight days, with using my own insurance, not theirs. When I arrived at economy, after traveling 1500 Miles across the country, I was told that the total price would be $400 for the week and a $100 security deposit. I told the guy that was not the price I was given online, and that I didn't want to use their insurance because I had my own. The sales rep then said "well if you don't use our insurance I am going to charge you and additional $10 a day for using a debit card and not a credit card, plus you'll need to pay a security deposit of $250" Then he called my insurance company, and Because my full coverage only covered $50,000 per person, I didn't meet their requirements of $100,000 per person. So I was forced into buying their insurance. None of this was explained online, this was all sprung on me upon arrival. The sales associate was very rude and refused to help in any way. Terrible customer service. I will never use this company ever again.

Marcus Crawford

This was the worst experience ever ...if you are serviced by Billy that works there he has the people skills of a rock ...not only that he tried say the full coverage insurance card could be considered as a liability insurance...then once I had my wife to send a insurance declaration page...he then tried to proceed fo sale me toll passes...they charged 1000.00 pending charge to my card still ...refundable a week later smh!!!

Krissy Leigh

DO NOT RENT HERE! This place is a scam. I never been to such a horrible rental place. Online they have “ great deals” but when you get there they charge you for this and that. It turns out to be over 200 dollars when you were told 120 dollars on line. Then they say it went up a lot because of the insurance blah blah blah. I asked if a scratch was covered the lady said no yes no yes like which one is it? I had to call my credit card company and have them watch out for this charge just in case. I also called this shady car rental place and got an email of proof that I would be refunded the money. I didn’t even get a receipt to prove I cancelled and that the money will go back to my account. The lady who helped me just said “ you can go now” . Thanks for trying to pull one on me and take advantage of what i didn’t know. I have rented other cars at other places and never ever had a problem like this. The things that were being said to me were all lies. The one lady was very nice when I had to call back for the proof of a refund but the one who helped me while i was trying to rent the car was nasty. My gut told me something is not right about this place and I am happy I went with my gut. Best thing I did. I also heard the sun pass will charge you either way if you pay for it or not. Just do not go here and save your self time and hassle. Go to enterprise and look at reviews.

Sergio Lagna

I arrived at midnight to Orlando....we took the shuttle ....we got to economy renta car warehouse and it was empty....they had ZERO cars....we were three families being told to take a taxi to the hotel and that next day we would get a call to come and pick up the car....I refused so they took me back to the airport in their we are exiting the van two more families are loaded into the van....I warned them not to go but they did not listen to me....why do they continue to bring people to an empty warehouse? This is horrible....they made me waste 1 hour coming and going....I had a four year old with me ....why didn't t they call me and told me they had no cars and save me all the headache? This is not right and they should be up out of business!!!!

Mecca Uzbek Uzbekiy

Please don’t use stupid cheap rental cars advertising. This company is terrible and gives horrible inconvince service for you. Just take rentals from airport. Less headache. They lower grade your car always.

Alexandria Cephus

Friendly and fast service. Good price and fast check out and shuttle service to Airport

DJMike 5

Rented a SUV when arrived in Orlando. Took shuttle with wife and friends. Was frustrated when arrived because the first gentleman we saw did not have great customer service. However that all changed when Javier proceeded to assist us with getting a SUV that I rented and had great customer service. I recommend if thinking about renting here, go see Javier and he will explain everything you need to know with a great attitude as well.

Lori Cahill

Had a great experience, came in from out of town in a rental car with a leak and John was very friendly and helpful. Tire could not be repaired but they put the spare on with no charge and wished us a safe trip. That is what customer service is all about!

Nikole Terenzi

If I could put ZERO stars I would. I have a video that I sent to their corporate office of their employee Edwin. He was extremely unprofessional and plain out RUDE. He was yelling at us about a policy that he himself couldn’t even find on the website, yet was saying it was our fault for not reading a policy before reserving.(which he pulled a highlighted piece of paper from behind the desk to try to prove his point of the policy) but again was NOT on the website. He was condescending and belittling us. He kept talking over me saying “answer the question” I said I was done arguing with him and I asked for a supervisor and he claimed to be the supervisor on duty and then told me to leave the premises and wait outside for a supervisor. I refused and told him I wasn’t going anywhere until his boss came back. The ACTUAL supervisors name was Estaban (I hope I spelt that right) and he was GENUINELY sorry and apologetic. We weren’t renting a car because we were on vacation like everyone else in that building. My best friend got into an accident that morning, so as you can imagine she was already stressed and upset. The supervisor tried to make things right even though I told him I didn’t even want to give that company any business. I hope that corporate does something about employees such as Edwin who work in CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Yesenia Maldonado

After having the worst experience at another car rental place economy was able to help us out, we had the best possible experience, service was quick and easy we were in and out of there in 30 min top. returning the car was also a breeze we were in and out in less than 5 minutes and the shuttle to the airport was already there so we had no wait! will for sure use them again

Karen Tackitt

I've rented cars all over the US and parts of Europe and I've never had to show more than my valid car insurance card (Allstate for 40 years) to do it. But we had to show our policy to prove we had collision coverage and then had $1k "held" on a credit card until we returned the car damage free. It will be a lesson to read all the fine print. Never again.

Ricky Tan

Scam like 5 ppl walked out because there trying to charge a $1,000 deductible.. long lines when you walk in and very poor customer service.

Janwillem Wiefkers

Very professional staff and very helpful. Explained and advised us what package to take. The staff was very helpful as well to assist us in getting an uber to get back to our hotel.

Giovanni Rossi

As always it was a pleasure rent a car with Economy. Costa Rica, Fort Lauderdale and now Orlando, I have never had any problem renting with them. This time the bad luck on getting into an accident, but it was great they pay my deductible and deal with my insurance, this because they recommend me to get the HIF for around $ 8 dollars at the moment of the rental. So it was not as stressful as it could be. THANK YOU !!!!

James Smith

From out of town going to charge me extra $10 a d=200$ and other chargesto pay for the third party company n pre payed told him to take me back to the airport caled another company they came and got me thank you FOX charge me the same price everything was online even gave me a better car for the trouble that I went through its original company never go through economy again

Danny Mason

Worst experience in my life from any car company. Booked through Priceline for a week in Orlando. My wife got to the counter and they wanted to see my auto policy declaration for coverage. We had to have 50/100k bodily damage proof or must pay for their insurance (company policy) I have never heard of that or had to give any car company that I had rented from in 30 years of renting that type of info. We told them we will only take the car for 1 day since it was late. They said minimum is 3 days. I WILL NEVER FORGET this rental car and will recommend no one use this scam of a company.

Gloria Thompson

I read the fine details before I went and had insurance printed and ready to show. I was booked for an Altima but agreed to another vehicle because I was told it would be a little cheaper. My only grip is that I was told there were a lot of tolls in Orlando. I got the toll Sunpass because I figured good idea if there is going to be a lot of tolls. I passed 2 total less than $3. I paid over $25 for that pass. My mistake next time not going to upgrade on that other then that I would rent again from here.

Karen McGill

The desk clerk lied stating we NEEDED the transponder after we told him the area we would be driving in (only). Said he knew the area and we needed it. (LIES) Didn't use it once! The van drivers are VERY NICE!!

Jay K

Never use Economy Rental of dirty scheme: they posted lower rental rate but forced customer to buy their own awfully high premium insurance. Even though you show your valid insurance card on which prove rental car coverage they kept ignoring and gave hard time. You will only realize this at the counter. This company should shut down from rental car industries soon before another victim get lost embarrassed and ruin the valuable trips. Not an Economy Rent but Dirty Trick.

Donna Archer

Not very happy with this rental car company. We flew into Orlando about 11pm, didn't realize the cars were off sight. We were told shuttle service comes every 10-15 minutes we waited about 45 min. It turned out to be almost 12:30 am by the time we got our car. When we checked in we were charged an extra $37 per day for insurance, making the cost more than double what it was suppose to be. We will never use this company again.

Kamaren Hawkins

Jesus was very helpful and honest. Normally I don't purchase the insurance because my covers it. He was honest with me on how the billing works. He even helped me load up my kids in the car! Thank you, Jesus!

Vickie Pocius

Car they rented me had faulty TPMS equipment. Light was on the next morning after renting car. This was stressful and concerning since I was driving considerable distance for business meetings. When I booked the rental I was led to believe I was getting premium vehicle when in fact I got an Elantra, far from premium. Also they only have foreign cars, no American vehicles. They also tell you the insurance you sign up for on the website is inadequate and make you either use yours or sign up for more coverage at additional cost.

Kiki Cooley Lund

Awesome and friendly staff! Clean and reliable car! Taking 1 star off for the lack of communication about how to get picked up by their shuttle since it is off site from the airport.


PLEASE purchase your insurance coverage before arriving at Economy Rental. You will need to make sure that you also purchase liability insurance or that you have your own insurance coverage for liability and collision for a rental car with you when you rent from this company. Actually do one better go somewhere else!!! You will end up paying through the teeth for their insurance.

Monica Putnam

Great and easy experience. Made reservations for a midnight pick up. Shuttle was already at the airport and I was in and out with no issues. I didn’t have car insurance so I purchased theirs for $14 a day. They also don’t demand a deposit if you use a credit card. Finally I called before drop off letting them know I was going to be a couple of hours late and they said all good with no hassle.

Karla Oramas

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I've used their services twice and plan to continue renting vehicles with them for future trips. Communication via phone and email has always been smooth. Special thanks to Gabriel for making our last rental such a breeze.

Michelle Barajas

Showed up 2 hours late because of delays at airport. Told me I would have to pay three times more because they no longer had the car I reserved. I landed at 11pm. How did my reserved car get rented that late at night? Then offered no help while stuck at the rental place pregnant with two little kids at 11pm. NEVER USE AGAIN.

Catherine Heder

Horrible customer service. Only gave it one star because I had to choose that at a minimum, would have preferred NO STARS. Airplane delayed by 6 hours so I called to say we would be late and that was beyond my control, even gave flight # to verify. They refused to honor my reservation if we were late because they claimed it was a change to the reservation. Travel rep contacted them again for me, said it was taken care of and they would extend the reservation. Got into Orlando airport, called for shuttle and were told they wouldn’t pick us up because our reservation was for 6 hours prior. I prepaid because I reserved via Expedia and so I lost my reservation AND all my money. I had to rent from another company as a walk in and the were very helpful and accommodating to our situation. Way to ruin a vacation Economy! Do not book with them and read fine print!

Justin Spencer

Beware. Complete scam artists. Do NOT rent from this company. We chose this company for the price just to get reamed when we returned the car. They claimed that we did damage to the car that was there when we picked it up, but the associate said was too small to worry about. We were charged for the damage. The manager was very disrespectful and we will never rent from them again....

diana hulsey

Good service. Good vehicles. Had shuttle to and from airport and so much easier to use than renting at the airport. Staff was nice

David Duke

This company scams every customer by requiring a copy of their auto insurance declaration page. If you don't have it, they want more for insurance than the car rental costs...scam, scam, scam.

Kathleen Lucia

Quick service, low price, easy return and shuttle to airport. Good deal!

John & Yianna Speridakos

Be aware -will cost you an additional $150 to $200 extra. Better off using a bigger and more convenient rental company. Not worth the extra wait for shuttle and at the long offsite wait.

Tia Lynum

First I stood in line to rent my car for 20 plus minutes. Then I find out I can’t get a refund if I return the car early, so if I need or want to shorten my vacation, I just lose money?(for real people work too hard for their money for it to be just thrown away). Also I was told i NEEDED the sun pass cause most tolls don’t take money or you need exact change. Well I only passed a couple of tolls and was able to use cash. Since I didn’t buy their insurance, I had to place a hold on my credit card for the amount of the deductible and something else....but it totaled to 1,000. So since I didn’t want to do that I had to pay a waiver for 7.95 a day. I know this may be their policies, but it really seems like they trying to take all the money can. Fast forward a day... Why do the company always reply with”we understand you can review our polices....blah blah blah. We don’t want to read anything...I want you to stop ripping people off.

Mercedes Enchautegui

It definitely got pricey. From around 177 all the way to like 320. However for that price they included a car seat for our toddler, toll reader that's all inclusive and insurance that would go as backup to our primary insurance. The car was not very well detailed though, they could have done a much better job. The rating was because of how pricey it got and cleanliness of car. I did like that at car return it was an easy process. Our flight departed very early, their office runs 24/7 and the shuttle was available at the time we needed.

Daniel Zaccagnini

Had a great experience with Economy. Got in late at night from my flight and shuttle was waiting for us. We were helped by Jesus (no, not the one who walks on water), who got us in and outta there as quickly as possible, no pressure, no gimmicks. He was great. Even upgraded us for no extra charge. Would def use these guys again.

Muriel Hamilton

Before my vacation in Orlando I read all of the bad reviews about Economy car rental, and against all of that research I decided to go to economy for a rental and I have absolutely NO REGRETS! Staff was super friendly, there were no surprises! Before hand I called and spoke with the manager Esteban who was amazing and upfront about all of the cost. The shuttle that picked us up from the airport didn’t take long to arrive, picking up the car was a smooth process with A sales rep by the name of Unique who was absolutely amazing! I have no complaints and will most certainly be using this rental car company again.

Randy Collins

Nice car and rate for 4 day rental, but was charged $350.00 for a rock chipped window. Had our insurance plus other and still was charged. Along with a 40 plus minute wait for the shuttle at the airport. The guy who did our set up was great

Sand Declert

Miguel was really nice to us he helped us all the way and he explains everything clearly. The only thing a lot of people don't know it that they will put a really high hold on your credit card and if you decide to put it on your debit card here is an example: if it cost $40in total because it is on you debit card, it will rise to $83. For me that was a better option instead of the 500 to 1000 hold on credit card but yes, there is a lot of misleading information. It will be economic until you have to pay.


Worst car rental experience I have had in my 60 years of existence. This is the pure definition of "Bait and Switch" They advertise the lowest price on Priceline, then do every trick in the book to gouge you. The force you to buy insurance unless you have a copy of your own I have never been required to do this ever in my life. They add on this and that. I honestly felt sorry for the young man who helped me. I recommended he switch to a company where he can keep his integrity. Trust me...get another company at the airport. Do not rent from this company. It is the Vampire of rental car companies

Robert Gonzalez

Nice clean, car but there was so many extra charges after the fact.

Yusdel Kinder Ramos Rangel

Overall a bad experience. Hidden fees once you get there. $1000 deposit required if you don't purchase their insurance even if you have yours and you paid por a collision insurance. Poor Costumer service, long wait for shuttles and quite far from the airport. Not recommend it.


This was the most horrible rental experience I have ever had at this economy rent a car. A lot hidden fees. Did not like the way of they doing business. Dishonest, no integrity. The staff served me made me felt always be threatened. I did not like to be threatened to pay the money, so I refused to pay the $7 a day to wave the deposit. For I never had any accident for rental car. Because the bad customer service. Sounds like I got the curse, after I drove the car 20min to get the hotel. When I backed up, Terribly hit the tree behind, and damaged the rear bumper a bit. so I had to pay extra $500 deductible fee for insurance. Totally I paid $ 616 for 5days rental. Worst experience in my whole life. Not a Economy rent but a dirty trap and trick.

Jameson Barlow

This company reels you in with low rates but then charges you extra if you decline to use thier insurance and instead use yours. Instead of paying $80 I spent $160 because my current insurance was not high enough for the company (50k/100k for bodily injury). The place is far from the airport and none of these extra terms or conditions are explained upfront making you feel trapped.

Derek Genovese

People were friendly but tried way to hard to upsell and had to wait 20+ minutes after finishing paper work to get in the car, despite paying for and scheduling the rental months ago. The car itself, Hyundai Sante Fe was good.

Dana Strachan

I felt like I was being pranked. I rent cars frequently, and my experience with Economy in Orlando was by far the worst. There were only 3 people in line ahead of me, and it still took me nearly 2 hours to get keys to a rental and drive away. I also felt like I was cheated. The quote during registration and the final cost were dramatically different. The cost went from $7 per day($58 for 4 days including taxes) to more than $35 a day ($149 for 3 days). I was so uncomfortable with this mafia like company that I turned the car in early. I was hit with $2.14 in toll violations that Economy ballooned to $22.14-a $20 administration fee. I have full coverage car insurance on all three of my vehicles, but that didn't satisfy Economy. I was forced to pay an additional $24 a day for their insurance-even though I had a copy of my insurance's declaration page faxed to the rep. It was an awful experience, and I WILL NEVER USE ECONOMY AND WILL ENCOURAGE OTHER TO AVOID THEM AS WELL!

Lolita Pollard

Listen please! 1. My suggestion is DO NOT rent from this company. Consider yourself warned! Don’t get upset when you get there and get frustrated when I’m letting you know to go with Enterprise, Hertz, Dollar, anything you see at the airport! If you have to get a shuttle to the company it is probably NOT good! Here is the long version of my review. 2. You will NOT be charged the amount you are quoted online. It will be much more because they charge you for insurance even if you have your own. If you have a deductible they will charge you. Most of us have at least a $500 deductible. This is a hidden fee for making money purposes. The other more reputable companies put the real cost of the rental up front. 3. Almost EVERY customer renting from them are frustrated and feel blind sided. But after you have waited for a shuttle and absolutely need a car you feel hopeless and some just pay the insurance fee. We did this and our rental was almost $100 dollars over the quoted price online. 4. There is a longer more depressing story that started when my husband and I attempted to pick up our rental a day early and wanted to pay for the extra day but they said they didn’t have our car so they tried to upgrade us for an extra $230.00! We kindly declined and came back the next day. 5. If you feel like things confusing... Economy does not make things crystal clear. They are really out to make the money. 6. The wait is ridiculous and if you are in a hurry to pick up a car you are in major trouble. 7. We ran into a lady who refused to rent from them in the shuttle on the way back to the airport. She confirmed everything in this review. My grandma always said everyone isn’t telling the same lie. It’s probably the truth! Please listen. 8. Im giving this company 2 stars instead of 1 or zero because we did rent a car for 6 days. It wasn’t luxury but it worked fine. We had to put air in 2 tires because the air amounts were totally unbalanced. Thank God for the sensors that told us exactly what was going on! They encourage you to get the toll pass! You need it. Please buy it if you plan to travel. We went through at least 10 tolls. The return process was easy and surprisingly fast after the nightmare of getting the car. 9. Economy rental please Do not respond to this review with a statement asking me to email customer care. You can contact me if you like but I’m done renting from you guys. I’m disappointed. You are absolutely aware of what you are doing. Change your policy so that people are FULLY aware of the real cost. No one likes to be blind sided and lied to! It’s not professional. People are on vacation and I was on my honeymoon. No one wants to deal with it. Please do better for the consumer sake.

Sandra Brown

booked my flight and car online, when I arrived they had cancelled my car reservation and then tried charging me double the rate I had been quoted in my itinerary. 11 pm at night, single woman traveling, and stuck on a dark back street with them telling me they already gave my car to someone else but would happily get me another for twice the money. Under no circumstance should anyone try to save a dollar by renting from this unethical, morally lacking, and customer unfriendly company. p.s. was required to give a star but I feel they owe me 2 back.

Thomas Yang

I must have went at a good time judging from all the other reviews. No customers in line when I got there from the airport shuttle. I brought along my insurance papers thanks to the text reminders they sent. Not sure what minimums they require but I had 100k/300k coverage so they didn't try to push their insurance coverage on me. They did, however, talk me into getting their toll transponder which was a waste because there was only 1 toll I went through the whole week. They made it seem like there's a toll at every corner with the"Florida has the most tolls in the US" and "you must have exact change or you will be fined". Do not get the toll transponder if you only plan on staying in Orlando. And only the unmanned tolls require exact change. The one leaving the airport is manned so you don't need exact change. Other than that, everything else went great with my rental. Was a little worried when doing the walk-around with the car. Guy said if there are any paint chips, I would be charged. When returning the car, they didn't really examine as closely as I feared they would. So, all in all, if it weren't for the toll transponder upsell, I would give them 5 stars.

Sheldon Francis

Great prices and very clean location. I was a bit turned off by listening to one of the employees trying to up sell a customer. It was ridiculous. I was prepared to do battle and the service representative realized that I wasn't playing around so he just rented me the car, did a brief walk through and went on to next customer. The highlight was when we returned the car at 5 am, they were open and had a shuttle bus bring us to airport. This was big for me because I used another company in Fort Myers and had to share an UBER back to airport. Overall, started shaky and ended well.

Chloe Passidomo

Would rate 0 if able. Wanted to charge a $1000 to my card for a deductible hold!? In all my travels never experienced anything like this stay away!!!!!!

ritu basnet

One of the worst place ever !! They will rip you off!! We booked car from price line and went there. When we reached at the counter the guy told us that we have to have compulsory insurance,!!!! which is weird !!! We told him that we do have coverage from GEICO but he asked our full insurances details on liability, after showing him, he said because our coverage is just 20k,and his company needed 25k , we ought to buy his company insurance which was around $150 (our total was $90). We told him that since we travel around the country, we take rentals alot and this is the first time we came across something like this. He denied to give car without buy his company's insurance. We decided to cancel the reservation and called Priceline. They lady told us that it is there company's policy. While we understand every company has right to have there own policy, we questioned why the Priceline or the company after booking confirmation didn't informed the customer before in order to save our time and energy. We were not the only one outside talking to different online reservation sites but there were many and those who didn't have insurance ( mostly tourist) were paying high insurance rates because it is compulsory!!!!!! For us it should be an individual choice to take insurance!! This place is ridiculous.Please avoid!!!

Craig Neill

Done through insurance company, all went fairly smooth, would go back...

Sandra Rivera

They help alot it was the best will rent it againg

Thomas Shea

Bait and switch .... should have read the fine print .. it says you may be required to bring your insurance policy along with you ., but when I was there many people were at the counter scrambling to get their policies somehow so they didn’t have to by the high rate policies they were forcing you to buy at the counter ... kids screaming running around upset parents and adults ., so it should say in the fine print that “YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO BRING YOUR CURRENT INSURANCE POLICY WITH YOU” or buy our really high priced policy .., it’s very deceiving as my rental ballooned from $135 for the week to almost $400.. this is a third world scam ... run away don’t look back ., never experienced this in America ever. 1.2 hr process ... hertz Avis pick the car u want and drive away no problem

Chirag Jani

The rental car place is about 7 min shuttle ride away from the airport. I landed at the airport on Friday at 11 pm and I had to wait 20 minutes for the shuttle. After arriving at the center, the system was very slow and the agent took about 15 minute to process my payment give me the rental car. So overall the process is slow paced. Other than that the rental car center is decent.

Zund Master

Disgusting. Wasted over an hour waiting on a shuttle and to finally arrive at economy only to find out they charge 9 dollars extra every day to use a debit card. There was no warning ahead of time that we need a credit card instead of debit. The guy behind the counter was rude and unhelpful and told me my best solution was to get on the next shuttle back to the airport.

Jeff Kearns

Great value and never felt rushed. Take a shuttle from MCO and all was taken care plus car was ready and waiting. Plus personal were very efficient and helpful!

Terry Mayhue

I got the car but if you need a car don't come here save yourself the bull have great day

Mary Lynn

Waited 15 minutes for the shuttle. When I got there, they said my reservation was canceled because I was late and the cheapest car they had was $20 more than my reservation. Then they wanted to see my insurance policy (not proof, the entire policy showing coverage amounts and deductibles). They put a $1000. Hold on my credit card. When I protested he threatened to not rent me a car and told me I could go back to the airport and find someone else to rent my a car.

Maribel Hernandez

The guy that helped us was rally nice

Reda Rozik

Very bad company and traying to steel the custmer by adding unneeded insurance and very unprofessional in dealing with Clint’s Don’t reserve in this bad untrusted company .

Ed Cigar

Easily the worst rental company experience I’ve ever had. Waiting nearly an hour just for my customer service rep to give my wife & myself a passive agressive attitude when asked if such service is acceptable. Keep in mind it’s a shuttle from the airport and there were 3 customers online before me. Another patron actually left with their family when I was on line and the patron behind me literally left 40 seconds after meeting the worker at the desk. Meanwhile, I tried to make it relatively obvious I was annoyed while the customer rep was talking to the patron in front of me about being a YouTube content creator for about 15 minutes. Awful, awful, awful customer service. I beg, I implore you: Do not give these people your money. They don’t value their customers and whomever runs this location does not give a damn about them either, or care about properly training the employees. I can honestly say I am not a stickler about bad service. I’ve worked in the service industry and I usually give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to not being perfect... THAT SAID, this place is abysmal from the front desk right up to the boss’ desk. F this place and everything they stand for. But the car was nice, cheap & they finally refunded my deposit three weeks after they were supposed to. So yeah if that’s your bag, go for it.

Sung Lee

Simply worst experience ever I mean EVER!! Bad customer service skills and the rep won’t even give out her name until I call the office manager. Just don’t go there.

Dina Mohamed-Aly

Too many hidden fees, ends up being more than Hertz. Too far out of the way of airport. Customer service OK.

Tawy DMV

Great Service! Good Prices! Gabriel did a great job and a Guy from Morocco as well.

Jay Sanders

Every experience is different and I know there are negative reviews, but after 3 rentals from here I'm pleasantly surprised. Other cheaper rental companies (easirent) really are terrible, but this one is pretty good/clean/professional. It's no enterprise/hertz, but it definitely is the best of the cheaper companies.

Brian Haney

One hour to be picked Up at airport wanted 1000 dollar deposit others only charge 200 if you rent from them its cheap but... 65 bucks five days with your own insurance And 1000 deposit or 236 five Days no deposit seemed like a bait And switch i went with an on Site airport rental paid a little more 110 vs 65 but less hassle in and out in 5 mins vs 1.5 hours totaly worth avoiding this place

tyra haskins

Great service. Very quick service..very reasonable prices. Everyone was helpful. Everything was was explained in detail very close to airport and highway. I will always use economy rent a car when I am in town.

Jenniffer Martinez

We weren't sure about the place when we walked in but Louie (I believe that was his name) was amazing! He went over everything in detail and was very nice. Even took the time to look up a good seafood restaurant for us. Excellent customer service. Very satisfied customer from Colorado.

Karen Ramsammy

If I could give less than one star I would. Easy to book, however when you go to the counter to pick up your vehicle a number of hidden fees are added to your total bill. My rental costed me $175 MORE than expected. When you are on vacation, this is the last thing you want to experience when first arriving. When I called to dispute the additional charges I was given the run around to why I was charged what I was charged. Very disappointing. Never EVER again!

Angela De Los Santos

Decent prices, and very friendly staff!

Brayant Rivera

went today.. staff was super rude and stand offish took 25 mins to send a shuttle to return us back to airport after refusal to rent from them .. hidden fees on upsale on insurance coverages and toll packages.. pay more and rent from a decent company.. left for thrifty... shuttle driver very polite and nice

Matthew Dundee

Bring your proof of insurance otherwise they'll bone you. I booked through a third party and that notification wasn't as visible as possible. So if you rent from them, bring your proof of insurance from home and then youll be able to avoid the mandatory outrageous surcharge. The staff are nice and friendly though, they'll wait for you to get your information even at midnight.

Aaron Drumgo

This place is a total scam.Top of the line con artist. I went to return my rental. He seen a tiny crack in the windshield and couldn’t find the inspection form where all the damages are checked off before you leave with the rental. Then he stated the manager said that that crack wasn’t there when it left. Luckily my husband did his own inspection before we left the place and he seen the damage to the windshield. 20 minutes later the manager whom initially said the crack supposedly was not there let us go. He must’ve found the form, didn’t apologize, didn’t admit that he was wrong, didn’t care that we were waiting. So unprofessional.

John Boatman

READ FINE PRINT not all details given. Our Priceline rate on reserved car was $124 for 6 days was changed to 184 when we got there false advertising!!! Horrible customer service. Seems a great deal until all the hidden fees come out of the woodwork. If you go through a toll road the 25.00 dollar plus toll fee will be billed immediately to your card they wont give you the reference number so you can pay it first and they were not located at the airport, we had to shuttle to and from. However, their shuttle driver's are Extremely Nice! When returning car and getting stuff out of car I went to get a toll envelope that I had money in they done moved the car without asking if i was done (which we was returning 2 hours early) i didn't know it was moved and was looking in someone else's rental I assumed my wife got it but I was looking in someone else's car. That poor lady probably thought I was some creep for that. VERY VERY BAD BUSINESS STAY WITH RENTAL AT AIRPORT YOU WILL PAY MORE WHEN YOU GET THERE ITS A ADVERTISEMENT TRAP. THEY WILL NOT TAKE YOU BACK TO THE AIRPORT EITHER SO YOU WILL BE STUCK RENTING OR WALKING.

Brianna Monay

The worse experience ever. I reserved a car through Expedia and was quoted a price of $70 for four days. I thought it was too good to be true so I made sure I read everything full out way before my trip. The first shuttle at the airport came and parked for five seconds and quickly pulled off. We were literally walking to the shuttle when it pulled off. Then after 15 minutes we called the company and they said they were sending another one. When we arrived at Economy rental we were told we needed insurance. We saw something about insurance but wasn’t exactly sure what it was all about. Everyone that took the shuttle with us had the same problem when it came to insurance. They want you to have bodily injury liability and a specific amount on your own insurance. I believe it was 50-100,000. Many people have insurance but Economy requires an outrageous bodily injury liability amount that the average person does not have because most people have the 10 or $15,000 policy, so basically you have to get their insurance. Then they told us we would need transponder which is $10 a day and $20 a day for their insurance... then a $150 deposit which also wasn’t stated before. Basically our price was $213 As opposed to $70. Please don’t use them I was left with $179 for my four day trip and had to use money from my saving. This company is a complete scam.

Adam Carmichael

My family and I flew into Orlando and got in at 11PM. We had booked a Full Size vehicle with them online. When we arrived, they said we booked a midsize and there was nothing they could do about it. We even showed them our confirmation email showing we had paid the full amount already and that it was for a full size. Gabriel, the attendant "helping" us said he didn't like being disrespected and I quote " Do you want the car or not, I can just cancel the reservation." He said this, not as an option, but as a threat. He was the most unprofessional employee that I've ever dealt with in any line of business. The customer service line was equally unhelpful. They had the power to do nothing and said we were being scammed, even though we had a confirmation number that they looked up and saw we had paid and had a reservation. Then the employee hung up on us. I would rate them ZERO stars if possible and would not rent a car from them even for $1 a day. We ended up having to take our business elsewhere.

Nicole Frizziola

Dear Owner. Eduardo told me I was getting refund of $81.58 since I didnt need the Sun Pass and felt pressured into getting something I didnt need.insee I only got $69.94 refund. Had I not been an hour and a half away, I would have went right back as soon as I realized it. I did however call immediately. Please advise UPDATED... First in and last out. 1st car had damage and then seat didnt move. Had to get a different car They didn't allow me to use my own Sun Pass... forced to use theirs, I don't know Fla well and don't want to be charged for infractions, so I take it... they charged me $82.00 for use of their Sun Pass. (The employee's comment was, "it's only money") WTH.. mind you the rental was only $111 and there were no tolls . Now on hold 15 minutes and call drops. I am soooooo mad BEWARE. I will edit to say I spoke to Estefan and he said he will refund me if i bring Sun Pass back. I will be doing that tomorrow. If it goes well i will change my rating. 8/11 went back today and Estefan kept his word and Eduardo refunded the Sun Pass as promised.

Ali Ball McClain

Long wait time at location (40 min), long pick up time from airport (30 min), staff really seems disinterested in timely check in process. Avoid renting from here. Cheap is not worth it. Update: got to the counter and they downgraded me because there was a "glitch" in the system and they did not have the full size car I reserved. Only would give me a $5 per day discount for the downgrade. Do not let then sell you on the sun pass. They said some tolls only take the sunpass. This is not true! All tolls take cash or credit in the Orlando and surrounding area.

Manuel Mercado

Arrived at 3....didn't get to clerk until 4. One hour in line for 4 people. The bearded gentleman that assisted is was lovely and helpful. However there was one agent ( bald gentleman, Latino) that literally took 1 hour to serve one customer. All while the bearded guy and the skinny tall Hispanic gentleman with the nice smile made sure to work fast. Seems rather unfair. Thank you for your help, may need to retrain some and make sure they work with some sense of urgency?


Overcharged on insurance they didn’t made clear online that apparently I still needed. The guy was rude and overall they take a while to assist because they get waaaaaay too chatty. Despite having a long line.

Codey And Cars

long wait time and crazy employees. Threaten you with higher prices for no reason and if you ask why they are very hostile and treat genes to call the cops. Do not waste your time

Wynnefort Bell

I wish I could give them less than 1 star...HORRIBLE experience. I called them and was picked up from the airport. The shuttle experience was fine. The driver was there fairly quick and was nice and helpful. When we arrived at the rental place, the line was literally out the door. It took me an hour and a half. There were people who had been waiting for well over 2 hours. I booked through Expedia. If the price seems too good to be true, there's a reason. They hoodwink you and scam you like crazy. I read the fine print when I booked and had my Declarations page with me. They came up with all sorts of EXTRA FEES! My $78 rental, that was already paid for, ended up increasing by over $100. They SCAM you into thinking that you absolutely have to get the Express. They swore that my insurance wasn't sufficient. I will NEVER use them again!

Ryan Gardner

It does take 10 to 15 minutes to drive from the airport to where you get your car but the staff is friendly in the price is very very good compared to the on site airport rental companies

Miguel Rei Sampaio

Miss leading car rental company with extra fees after online booking. Do not believe online price as final price. Do not recommend at all!

nandomario11 .

Awful customer service. Our flight was delayed by 2 hrs and when we arrived they no longer held our reservation and were basically told there was nothing they could do. They had no concern what so ever in helping even though they had an entire lot full of cars. Plenty of other customers complaining of the service and cars. I'm only sorry I didn't read reviews before I booked this place. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this place. Too bad I couldn't rate it a zero !!!!

Jerry Buffa

They do a bait and switch! They get you there with lowest price but when you get there they want a copy of your insurance deck page to look at your coverages (who does that! THEY DO!) if it's not clear on your insurance form that you have full coverage (collision) they will not rent to you unless you get their insurance and then you will pay more more then any other company! Rip off don't bother witth them just go to another company you will end up paying less then them!

Josh Beaudin

Economy Rent a Car is a SCAM. I would put -2 if that were an option. I felt very deceived by this company. Advertised as $7/day, so naturally I reserved a rental through Priceline website. But there are unadvertised fees that they require of you once you’ve spent an hour of your time getting to their front desk. STEER CLEAR of this yourself the disappointment & stress. If your insurance doesn’t cover $100K of liability, they require an added $20/day for you to use their insurance, “unless of course, you’d rather cancel your reservation & catch the shuttle back to the airport” to start over from scratch - finding a rental from an honest company. ...that’s what I did - along with the couple who stood in line before me. They also realized they had been scammed. I couldn’t bring myself to support a business that is taking advantage of people. I could’ve just walked up to the airport counter at one of many rental companies & rented a car at a better rate with no hassle. That’s what I did when they dropped me back off at the airport. Took all of 10 minutes to get a car from Dollar honest company. I would encourage anyone who wants to save money — DON’T look to Economy Rent a Car! You won’t save any money & you will waste a lot of time.

ryan kinley

This is a place that loves to nickel and dime you. When I picked up the car they told me I had to have my declarations even though my insurance covers rental cars. My insurance card was not enough. So that was a quick 18.00 per day more they could charge me . I needed the car an additional day and the rate doubled.

Robert Bixler

A little far from MCO but worth the shuttle ride. The car was in great condition, though you must provide proof of your own car insurance (that was new to me). The staff worked quickly to get you in and out and on your way, which is much appreciated when you have people to see and places to go.

Austin Fritsch

Just rent from one of the national companies at the airport. You're gonna wait 40 minutes for a shuttle. Then you're gonna wait in line for an hour at the office if you aren't first in line. They make it seem like you can get out of their insurance if you have full coverage, but you will still need to pay it if you don't want a $1000 hold on your card.... This is part of why the line moves so slow. We even bought travelocity suplimentary insurance which was a waste of money, because they said they still need to charge us for their insurance. The actual car itself was okay, but I would have rather just rented one from the airport instead of going through all the hastle they put you through.

Julia Goss

The absolute worst rental company I have ever worked with. DO NOT USE THEM. Too lazy to write a longer review but I will likely update this tomorrow. If you’re on google searching and this place shows up bc of their cheap rates don’t even think about it. What they will charge you is not the same as what you will see on google.

Jeff Monaghan

RIP OFF. $10 a day charge for paying with debit card. $10 a day for highway toll pass. And they are a 15 min shuttle ride away from airport. If I had read the terms and conditions I would have never rented from you. I see you have terrible ratings. I didn’t read that either. Your right. It’s all my fault.

Ryan Wilson

I’m a business man and I’ve rented through Enterprise and Hertz mainly, but this time I saw the daily deals so cheap I thought I would give it a try! Renter beware:( This is a typical bait and switch rental car company. Tooo good to be true. I paid in full for the 6 days and when I got to the counter, I always provide my own insurance, but I had to show our declarations page(good thing I had it) and whatever my deductible was, they were going to hold a 1,000.00 on my CC. They forced me to buy theirs or they will hold that 1k on my CC. Never again. The guy right behind me same thing happened to him! I hope others don’t get sucked into their scheme. Enterprise and Hertz only ask that I provide my insurance company name, sign a few places and away I go. Going back to the companies that actually do what they say they will do. Good luck renters

Trisha Ferris

We got a car, and when we left it had a hole in one of the tires. so we spent three hours on our second dsy of vacation trying to replace it. it all turned out fine. When we returned the car they repayed us in full. they have quality service. i would rent a car from them again.

Julie Fullerton

Very fast service, very upfront with price and options.

Kate Darling

Horrible company. Hidden fees, terrible service, it took more than an hour and a half from picking up our bags to getting into a car, and I ended up being given a vehicle with a large cigarette burn in the front seat. Do not rent from this company.

Vickie Smith

I think they stole my credit card information. Shortly after using my credit card to rent a car there, I was alerted by my credit card company that someone in Texas was trying to charge $14,000.00. What a coincidence?! Economy was the only place that I used my card and that is why I'm thinking they had to have stolen it. It is under investigation by my credit company and I have contacted the police department in Texas and filed a police report. I did call Economy car and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Eddie. I asked him for the name of someone hire than him.... He said, huh, and hung up on me. Renters beware!!!

Zack Delgado

Unprofessional, starting from the moment I arrived till the moment we left. Besides conveniently racking on an extra $100 dollars on to the rental than was expected. The shuttle to and from the airport was terrible, I waited at the economy building 30 mins for their shuttle to pick me up, then drop me off at the rental car depot of the terminal, Never again will I use this company ever

Nada Gatea

The worst rental car I ever experienced. They are scam company. They force us to pay $350 for something we were not responsible for. I will never ever rent a car from this company. They rewind our vacation by their an professional behavior. Be a ware from them, and check every single details in the car they choose it for you, before you leave with it, because they can easily say you did this and that and force you to pay for something you didn’t do when you return it back.


FRAUD COMPANY!!! I want to give less than 1 star. Worst place never book a car from these guys. Fraud guys. We booked online and they asked for gieco insurance, when travelled all the way from MSP to MCO we went to them they are asking literally extra 20$ to pay per day. And since we booked online and when want to cancel it these people are not gonna refund even a single penny. FRAUD COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don G

I've never had a harder time renting a car in my life. I was actually asked to call my insurance agent while at the counter before I could rent. Good thing they were open or I would have been forced to pay for their over-priced insurance. I was given a hard time about paying with a debit card (which I haven't had a problem with before). I will not be renting from here again.

Alec Lively

Bait and switch BS. Plan on spending double or more what you were quoted. When you arrive at pickup they will surprise you will a ton of extra fees. But you have already taken an hour to get to the lot from the airport. So you feel pretty trapped.

geneva culbertson

READ FINE PRINT! I travel often & used multiple company's for my car rentals. This has been the absolute worse. I have collision coverage through my credit card & was willing to show proof of my liability coverage. But since it didnt cover their preference they want you to pay for that insurance through them. Fine cool... but the rate they want to charge is outrageous! Luckily I had the ability to walk out but there are many people traveling that can not do that and are forced to pay that unexpected amount. Not only do they scam you with hidden fees. Also while I waited in line, one of the employees were rude to a family that was just as confused. Do not go to them!

Billy Chavarria

Great Service! Cars in Great Shape!

Heather Ramsey

The worst experience ever! The line took 2 hours. The company hold $1000 on your cc, which is insane. They require your entire personal insurance policy to be presented at time. Staff is rude and unhelpful. I will NEVER EVER you this company again. The worker threatened to cancel my reservation because I said I was giving them a bad review. Disgusting!!!!

Kylie McCarthy

This was my first time renting a car. Jamie went above and beyond to help me. He explained the process thoroughly and simply. He waived a fee for me and even calculated if the E-pass made sense for me or not. I was feeling stressed by the process as this was my third place trying to rent a car and Jamie's wonderful customer service made all the difference.

Rose Cirignano

Had such a great experience renting with Economy. The prices were great and our rental agent Jaime worked to make sure we were getting the best deals they could offer. It was painless to pick up and drop off. Definitely will use them again the next time we’re in town.

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