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REVIEWS OF Hertrich Ford Lincoln IN Delaware

Keith Irvin

pasquale grosso

Funny how they delete the comments on this page if they are negative!!!

Jackie Horst

Marie Morefield

Best car on market here


Chuck McCuen

Tom Blakeley

Stephen Collier

Over priced vehicles!!

Brinda Stockley

Eneleh Yrneh

My experience was not good. I purchased a Ford truck from this location, and I should have seen the slackness coming. The salesman tried to get me to purchase the vehicle for several thousands dollars above the blue book value, and said, "You have it, just buy it under the name of your business." I thank you not to tell me how to spend my money. The icing on the cake here is that I bought a 3 year, allegedly bumper to bumper warranty on the vehicle, and each time that the vehicle has required repair of items that have broken through no fault of our own, it is not covered under the warranty. Did a miss the redefining of bumper to bumper? Sensors have broken on this thing for the tires, the fan speed sensor did not work when I purchased it, and when I took it back, they said that this was not covered under the warranty. I purchased a Ford truck because supposedly the ratings for them are the best, but this car is a piece of #%$. If I ask for and purchase a bumper to bumper warranty, what does that mean to you? I am learning the answer........

Susan Leavell

I was there for 2nd employment interview. But sales personnel were all friendly

Carla Royce

I have not had a very good experience the last time but we love our car

Alissa Richardson

My family and I had an excellent experience with Hertrich Ford-Lincoln of Milford. With the birth of our first child, we realized that we needed a larger vehicle ASAP. We went in without too much direction with what we wanted, and the staff really took the time to explain our various options to us. The salesman, Al Bestwick, was so helpful and he did not pressure us at all. I would never have considered myself a 'Ford person' before, but we went with the 2015 Ford Escape and I LOVE it. Enough room for the baby, the dog, and then some. Thanks, Hertrich! Would definitely go back in the future.

Peter Max

Pretty decent deals on average.


Beware, they sell you products that you think are Ford until you receive in the mail. I'm talking about products such as extended warranty, roadside assistance, tire care etc. If you carry the name Ford in your name you need to be honest of what you sell on the side!

Michael Rooney

I recently had two (2) vehicles serviced at Hertrich Ford of Milford and I could not have received a more efficient and friendly crew of people. From the minute my vehicles, Suzuki Equator Pick -up and Tiburon V6, were brought in we couldn't have been shown more courtesy and knowledge. I will not hesitate to bring my vehicles in in the future.

Ruben Ortiz Jr

Not worth it... go to MD or North DE...customer care is better there. Dont be afraid of the drive, it's worth it in the end to hear Sir and Ma'am. It is worth more to me to have techs that enjoy working on your vehicle instead of complaining about the lack of serviceable tools and equipment they have...they are great at selling you a car with a smile just not servicing your auto with one.

imoni hill

Erik F

Keith Thomas

Thomas Collins Jr

Good deals and Tim Woodford easy laid back salesman who tries his best to get what you want. Finance guys bend over backwards for you and great service department.

Christina C

The best service department I have ever been to. They are very organized, friendly and the work is done correctly. Thank you Beth for taking care of everything on my list and keeping me informed along the way!

Nicole Evans

Worst car buying experience ever!! Very unprofessional and unorganized. Still waiting on the car to be fixed two months after purchase, the oil was not changed nor was the car detailed. Had to return to the dealership on several occasions for them to wash the car, look at a dent prior to purchase and oil change. No return phone calls.

Oliver Gumbs

Everyone knows how taxing car shopping can be. However, my experience with Shawn Davis was one off the best that we have had. He's knowledgeable, courteous and cares about the quality if service he provides. If you are looking for a non pushy experience, ask for him. My wife hates car shopping, was very happy with the process. I.e. I negotiated and she got a great buying experience and a sweet MKZ.

Chris Cole

We always get GREAT service!!! Staff is great and treat uslike we are special and they not only care about our vehicles they care about us! Continue the great service and customer relations. Kudos to Holly :) you are a great person!


Great selections

Joanna Sensenig

John Woods

Great parts counter! Knowlegable!

Frank Ziccarelli

Had maintenance performed. 1st experience was good.

Robert Thomas

Bought a truck salesman was barely involved had an appointment to guardian protection put on it supposed to be 45 minutes over 4 hours later finally done a lot of waiting for nothing never ever will I deal again with them

Herb Rice

We were traveling thru from Nashville, Tennessee and needed an oil change. We came just before they closed and they still got us all fixed up and they even washed our Mustang! Chris Del Gaudio our service writer was extremely helpful and pleasant. Thank you very much for the great customer service!

Lex CD

UPDATE:Dec.2018 Figured I would update this as I have had 2 experiences this last year that were not horrible. I took my car in for 2 separate recall fixes. Both were handled well with no nightmares and as yet, no malfunctions. Go somewhere else. After several bad experiences with this company ( no spare tire key in a new truck, not putting the seat back in after a 3 day replacement of faulty parts etc etc...) I decided to try ONE more time since they are close to me. This was the new department. Collision. I figured they would be on their game. Nope. I went in with the State issued estimate and a fat check.(Very nice State employees backed into my car.) They didn't know what to do with the estimate the state gave me. One suspects a collision company draws from the same pool of employable people in the area as all the others. One would think at least one person on duty at that time would have seen this style of estimate before. The receptionist who was trying for professional and achieved snooty was not even able to find the claim number on said form OR on the paper they provided me to write it on!! Not even familiar with their own paperwork! They told me it was going to take 'a couple days to sort this out to give you an idea'. Needless to say, I am done with this company. I like FORD. Hertrich is dead to me. I went to First State Chevy and it was worth the gas and time. I was in and out and set to go including rental car in the time it took Hertrich to tell me it would be a couple days before they could figure it out. I could write 5 more reviews about this company about all the stuff they have messed up over the years, just take my word, don't go there.

Kyle Hoover

This dealership is atrocious in every aspect. From sale of the vehicle to basic maintenance I’ve never had anything go smoothly. I do not recommend buying a Ford here or anywhere else.

Anthony Kruge

A warning to prospective buyers who are lured into believing that certified pre-owned Fords, sold by Hertrich are indeed certified by FORD. The website advertising, the links from the search for certified vehicles all point to an illusion, a 'bait and switch' that Hertrich is selling you a car covered by the proper FORD program. I purchased a Fusion last summer. The car broke down yesterday. It wasn't until yesterday that I found out that the car that was advertised with the FORD logo as pre-owned certified, was indeed not. Rather it was certified through a small third party in TX. Feel free to look up the myriad of complaints filed against Portfolio Dual CPO, you'll find pages upon pages. Feel free to search the entire Hertrich website for information about their third-party provider, you won't find it. As consumers we purchase certified pre-owned vehicles and extended warranties for the peace of mind they instill in us. Next week, when another 'Genuine' FORD dealership finishes the repairs on my Fusion, I'll go out of pocket for over $1,200 for repairs and labor and a broken promise that if the labor on any vehicle under the CPO goes more than five hours, you will be reimbursed for up to 5 days of car rental fee's. Another misnomer, the charge I'll make to Enterprise next week comes out of my pocket. As for Hertrich's help in this matter to do anything on behalf of a consumer that 'trusted' them, let's just say in spending nearly an entire day on this matter, I did their job in terms of contacting, checking, and generally all of the administration tasks only to find out that just because it has the FORD logo on the web-page, the folks at Hetrich think nothing of duping you into believing you're getting what you came to their ownership to purchase.

Ryan Maloney

Great experience at Hertrich Milford, Paul was excellent and easy to do business with!


James Harrison is a good salesman, is very knowledgeable, showed attention to detail, easy to work with and I had a good experience. I feel like I got a good deal. -John T. of Millsboro

Flamont Rubin

Dale Carey

Great service thanks Ben

Kayla Gonze

Erin Kaltreider

Worst dealership ever. I will never buy a car from them again. They ruined the dash in our car. They stated they could get the glue off the dash and destroyed it. We ended up having an accident, which we had gotten gap through their company.. hertrich has had the check for 2 months and refused to release it to my lender so I can pay the car off. Everytime I call I get the run around. The check should have never been sent there to begin with. It should have went straight to the lender. I've sent the release from 3 times now any they still refuse to release the check. If this doesn't get taken care of by monday. I will get my attorney involved and I will take this compliant to the news and make this public. This company has been a complete nightmare to deal with.

Rich Plummer

Bonnie Baynum

Took great care of my car

Evolution Payroll Services

Cleo Shelton

Heather Brown

My fiance' and I had been looking into other vehicles and I had my heart set on a 2014 Ford Escape from another dealership. They even let me take the car home for the night...probably to secure the deal regardless of the numbers. Well, as much as I loved the car the numbers just weren't right for me and I wasn't comfortable. I went back to my pre-approval email and started to review cars at other dealerships that were comparable. We found my car and I decided if this wasn't going to work then nothing would. We headed to the dealership and were greeted almost immediately by a gentleman named Ducky. He was funny and very down to earth from the moment we introduced ourselves. He took me to my car and was very knowledgeable in a way that we hadn't experienced previously. He knew all the ins and outs of my car and showed me what all the buttons and fancy parts were for. It was very comforting to know that I was working with someone who knew what he was doing. The service that we received from Ducky Sheetz and John Lytle was incredible and I have never experienced that before from a dealership. We went in as a "maybe" and came out satisfied customers driving home in my new car. We were there until well after closing hours and even still the service was amazing. I would refer this dealership to everyone I know! Thank you again for all of your help and sincerity!

raidel gomez

Matt Vogelsong

Rhonda Jones

Use to be a fan but not anymore.

Jeffery Malatsts

Parts guts are great

Darius Little

Customer service is pretty good But it's all went down hill, when they kept my car for a entire week for something that only needed a few hours or less to do ,such a huge Headache Only oil changes for me from here on out

joann backlin

The team of professionals at Hertrich ford in Milford made my car buying experience simply put, AMAZING!, I had spent so much time at other dealerships searching for a car within my price range but they were always pressuring me to go out of my comfort zone, when I walked into the doors at Hertrich in Milford I was greeted by such a kind and understanding sales associate ,Jesus Cardenas, after he listened to me explain what I was looking for in a car he found exactly the perfect car for me. I never once felt pressured, they have my business for life! Thanks again to all of the awesome people at Hertrich ford in Milford

Kelly Devonshire

Great experience. Salesman Mike was helpful in finding what I was looking for at a great price

Haley Greene

James Logan

Shane Sewell

Bonnie Buzzuto

Madison Matthews

After looking for a few weeks online for used cars, I finally found the one I wanted on Hertrich's website. The car had a few minor problems, but was in great shape and had great gas mileage so we decided to go for it. Unfortunately here is where the problems began. They could give me no warranty on the car because it was over eight years old, but assured me that if it were to break down within the next month that they'd take care of me. Just my luck, the check engine light comes on ten days into having the car. I called and they gave me the hardest time saying that it wasn't covered and they couldn't help, but after persistently explaining they told me they wouldn't screw me over, they agreed to see it. They said that the car was showing a check engine light because it was reading the emissions incorrectly and I should tighten the cap more when fueling, that there was no problem with it. After a few days the light came back on, and the windshield wipers stopped working. When I brought this to their attention, very frustrated and upset, they kept saying that they'd have to get back to me after talking to the manager. I called back several times but it was clear to me after a couple of weeks of them not returning my calls that they don't care. On top of all of this, they forgot to mail my tags to me and I had to call several times to get them to send the tags from the dealer. I wouldn't recommend this dealer to anyone unless you enjoy headaches and faulty vehicles.

Brittany Pyle

Chris Clark

Kathy Brabazon

Let me start by I normally do not go onto websites to rate or review anything, however I just had to put this one out to the public. I just purchase a Lincoln MKZ, with the help of Shawn Davis. It also was funny to us that Shawn also sold us our Ford Edge almost 4 years ago. We where walking around in the lot because I do not like a "Pushy Salesmen", and Shawn approached us. ( we had no idea that he was still working there) I have to say that our experience was absolutely wonderful once again!! Shawn is so easy going, not Pushy and most of all he respects you and takes Pride in his job. ( FYI , I was driving my husband crazy, so you know I did the same to Shawn) We where in there a few times before I finally made up my mind on which car I wanted. For the past 20 years I have a new car every couple years and I have to say that our Total experience with Hertrich's Ford-Lincoln in Milford was Pain Free from Start to Finish with Everyone!!!

Kelly Owens

Lynn Short

Paula Stefan

I just purchased my second vehicle from Hertrich Ford! Kurt Ruffing and his team go out of their way to take all the worry out of the car buying experience. They really take the time to find the right fit for your needs and budget and are so friendly and thorough throughout the entire process. I would refer anyone looking for a car to this team without hesitation and will continue to do business with them personally for years to come.

Everyday Warrior82

Dimples luvyah

Great same day service.

Nathan Stanford

Great place to buy a used car.

Vlad Navitski

Denise Messer

Lisa A.

Bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta in September of 2017 from this dealership. The handle on the drivers door was missing. I was told that it would be no problem to fix. After being lied to repeatedly about the wrong part being received and being given the run around, consulting an attorney, I finally had the replacement installed in January 2018. I overhead a male counter worker comment as my husband was pulling the car into the Bay" that car and owner has been a pain in my butt for the past 3 months. They are such a class act. Calling to ensure you fulfill an obligation apparently is a nuisance. An independent mechanic found issues with the transmission and clutch. Oddly enough their auto shop coil find nothing wrong. Charlatans and con-men are the name of the game. Of course they offer to put you into something different. More money with higher notes. They don't deserve a single star. I'll trade this junk elsewhere. I recommend that you avoid this sandpit. You will get no customer service after your purchase. My last experience with Hertrich Dover was fantastic; THEY can get my business at anytime.

Adequeen Adelove

Mr. Mike very helpful. He is a sales person there.

Stephanie Nyce

Nice atmosphere.

Denise Queen

Frank Milford

In lot looking for an easy 35 minutes and no sales person. At a car dealership????? I know, hard to believe. Had to go inside and saw two salesman playing a game on their phones. Makes me wonder about their service department.

William McPoyle

I have been working with Dave Kriegisch for a few days now to try and help find me the perfect truck for my needs. Dave has helped guide me to some pre owned trucks that are on their lot and not a step of the way did I feel like he was pushing me into a sale. Awesome guy to work with and I greatly appreciate his customer service and attention to detail. Fun fact. He's aguitarist so feel free to ask him if you could listen to him.

robert mcnair

Dave Minton

Crystal Sherman

I dealt with one of their newest salesmen. His name was Jeff. It was the most pleasant experience ever at a car dealership. Kudos Hertrich Ford!

Allison Neidig

Very friendly and helpful staff. The prices were very reasonable as well.

Jane B

Great customer service!

Gerry Samson

Ибрагим Ахмедов

Steven Palmer

Roy White Jr

Good people

Kelsey Ruffing

BEYOND HAPPY! Recently purchased a car from here, although I live in Chicago now. I could not be happier with my ford escape and the great service I received from my salesman, Kurt Ruffing. He really listened to my needs and followed up with me to see how I was making out with the car. The general manager at the store was also very helpful and overall, I was very pleased with the service and hospitality. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to buy or lease!

Laura Hannu-Eckrote

Got exactly what I wanted and they even returned my rental car. Fantastic.

Peter Rogan

I would not recommend dealing with this dealership nor Ford. I have been a loyal customer for many years and a recent incident with a Ford Transit has discouraged me from ever dealing with Hertrich or Ford. I bought a van at Ford dealership in VA after trying to purchase a work van at Hertrich. The salesman from Hertrich actually told me to go elsewhere because "they did not have nor could get the van I was looking for". The Brand New Ford van had issues starting at 1000 miles. It broke down on route 1 and I had to pay to have it towed. This cost was never reimbursed. The service team had the van for almost 3 weeks, they admitted there is an issue but could not figure out the fix. The van has been in and out of the service side for the past nine months with some electrical or computer issues. While driving the entire dash will light up and there is engine fault/brake boost fault. Ford Hotline and Ford corporate have been no help. Ford Corporate would not authorize parts to be replaced and kept telling me it was an "intermittent issue" . I own a small construction business , the van is vital to my organization. Every time the van has been in the shop I have spent valuable time unloading tools and then loading them back in. Also I would have to bring the van to the shop after hours and then pick it up. I all I wanted was a functioning vehicle , and unfortunately they can not find a fix. I have put a significant investment of time and money into the van. Custom shelves and decals were installed and now will be a wasted expense. Ford Corporate continually asked what I wanted , I would state a functioning vehicle. They would tell me to bring to the dealership to have repaired. Hertrichs service team would tell me there was an issue but could not figure it out and corporate would not authorize any parts or extra time to diagnose. It has been an endless cycle costing my business time and money. Corporate has agreed to repurchase the vehicle but even that has been delayed. Kurt Ruffing , the General Manager , in conversations with voicing my frustrations regarding poor customer service, would repeatedly talk over me and told me this is red tape/ process that they have to follow. This extremely poor customer service and lack of empathy/understanding for the hardships caused to loyal customers is why I would never recommend Ford again. I would hate to have anyone go through this experience. I will say that Ben a service rep and Wally the Shop foreman are one bright spot for Hertrichs. They would communicate everyday and take the time to explain the issues with the van. Even when the news was typically bad or nothing could be done with the van while in the shop, they would call daily with updates.

Kev Carpanfan

Teena Stout

Friendly staff, great deals, quality service!

Melissa Turner

Hugh Jones

Took my 2017 Raptor in for its first service. While I will admit I am very particular; the service here was lack luster at best! My beautiful white truck exited the service bay with oil all over the front fender and on my center consul. Kinda sad! It’s my 3rd Raptor and after dealing with 3 other Ford stores this store does not deserve to work on high quality merchandise! I tried to be loyal to where I purchased it. Passed 3 Ford stores to get there and then to be let down. Tires weren’t checked. And just unprofessional in general. Wouldn’t use them to service anything. Not even my wife’s Chevy!

Andre Griben

Ellis was fantastic

Megan Nagle

Great place and very friendly staff

Dirty Nasty i

Woodlon Taylor

Friendly very professional not pushy no hassle sales consultant Tim was great. Went today 1/22 for follow up they owed me a detailing and they were great took the vehicle and did a great job and again everyone was friendly treated us well glad I went to Hertrich Ford.

Jeffrey Gray

I live in Stewartstown Pennsylvania had a shade tree mechanic down the road tune my truck up broke down on my way to Ocean City took it to heart Rich Ford and they did the job right got me back on the road again I want to thank them for their help and their outstanding work

Gary Grose

Emily Menden

Sales department, Tim , was very nice and pleasant to work with. Very knowledgeable, answered all questions and worked to get me a deal I could work with. So far, so good. Thanks Tim.

Debbie Pfaffenhauser

Paul Evans was a great help.

Kim Neal

I bought my Lincoln here. Was treated with the highest respect and business was handled swiftly an great. Would buy another car here in a heartbeat

Erin Flood

Beth Fuller

Tom Durham

Beth Pratt

Perry Ford

Wonderful collision center, Greg and Leslie Treated us like family

Kirsten Frock

Kai Sparkman

Staff was polite and patience with me. I asked a lot of questions about a car. He had to pull reports on the car.

Richard Legates Jr

Don't buy used car they don't do a good look over on the cars

Martha Parent

Kathy Hopkins

Very good fast service good people


The young lady at the front desk in the Service Department is very knowledgeable.

Jason Krapf

Great deals and great service.

Michael Berkley

Slow at getting things done

Vincent Geddis

Customer service was incredible

ladoris thompson

Rich Bakewell

Michael Stames provided professional and no pressure assistance with the purchase of our vehicle. One of the best experiences My wife and I have had in 30 years of car shopping.

Tyler Janson

Friendly service. Fast and reliable compared to other dealerships. Definitely recommend.

Eric Scholl

Kelly Mills

Thanh Trang

Bad. They didn't keep there words. Promise everything before you sign the paperwork. car didn't even come with a full tank of gas.They promise to do inspection but didn't follow through. Wow. just $100 show you how cheap they are. don't waste you time with them..just go some where else

Abigail Burk

Terrible terrible. Taken advantage of, pretty sure purposely scratched my brand new car just because I asked to remove their logo ! Please go see Travis at Winner Ford Dover will get you any deal you see advertised anywhere ! We have big family an never doing business with Hertrich !


Treated very well !!

Jason herber

President lawn care

Won't go back there, unprofessional staff.

Tameka Booker

Staff was very friendly

Gary Saginno


Chris Mavig

Avoid this place, the manager is unprofessional and a nasty woman.

DeJay Gwak


The Biasi's

Ozgur Sen

John Oehlert

I can't say enough positive things about my experience of buying a vehicle from Hertrich Ford Lincoln of Milford. I was in the market for an F-250 SD truck to tow our trailer. Using the Internet for car shopping for the first time, after researching dozens of trucks, I found a 2011 F-250 XLT with 21,030 miles and the complete towing package and a cap at Hertrich Milford. Their initial asking price was very reasonable. I contacted them, and spoke with salesperson Aaron. He spent about an hour on the phone with me, answering all my questions about the truck and its intended use. Armed with this info, we took a ride from southern NJ down to Delaware. Again working with Aaron, we took a nice test ride, where he explained all the features and capabilities of the truck. Back at the dealership, we discussed, and came to terms with, a very fair price for the truck and an equally fair price for our trade-in. We had asked for several additional items to be included in the deal, which they more than honored. Business Manager John worked with us and got us very good terms on financing and extra coverages, and GM Kurt was also very helpful in the overall process. In conclusion, this was a very positive experience. Aaron, John, and Kurt really helped us achieve our goals and requirements, and, at the end of the day, we came home with a great vehicle. I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone shopping for a vehicle, or, in our case, if the situation warrants it, buying another car from them.....

Becca Rice

Gary Vogel

Very friendly, no high pressure, nice to deal with.

Debi Marvil

Closed Sundays. Limited information available on Saturdays. Hard for a working person to get vehicle serviced when they close at 5 pm weekdays.

Jenny Lee

Poor service


Loretta Schmeling

The sales team Al Bestwick & John Lytle were very commited to helping us get into a newer car. I give them both five stars

Kurt Ruffing

I've been a customer here for over 5 years now and I've always had a very pleasant experience the employees are kind and helpful and every car that I've purchased has been done so with full respect for my time and my budget I would never go anywhere else

Ryan E

I had an amazing experience working with this dealership. I had requested more info on a vehicle and was contacted within 24 hrs by a salesman. The salesman I worked with, Aaron, was amazing to work with. After our first contact I told him I worked night shift and instead of calling me with any updates he emailed me and allowed me to respond when I was not asleep. I was working with Aaron on purchasing a vehicle and was about to purchase it when it was sold by another salesman the day prior. After I was told it was sold, the GM made me an offer through Aaron on a newer model that I couldn't turn down. As soon as the vehicle arrived I spent a couple hours waiting for the vehicle to be prepped and cleaned and was handed the keys to my new vehicle. I couldn't be happier with Aaron or the GM. I will definitely go back for any future purchases and will refer them to anyone I know that is looking to buy.

Michael Finkelstein

My fiancé and were looking for two new vehicles and live out of town and had terrible experiences with our local dealerships. The staff was amazing and gave me great service. We truly felt like we were being taken care of and felt like they cared about building a long term relationship with us instead of just trying to making a quick sale like the other dealerships. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to get a new vehicle.

Karis Hoffman

Exaclty a month ago today I bought a used vehicle from Hertrich Ford-Lincoln in Milford. I do blame myself for this headache of a situation.. I should of walked when I had to bite my tongue the first time my sales associate started talking to me like I was dirt (only when my fiancé would walk away of course

Crown Shipping

Patient and very committed staff


The company I work for purchased new utility vehicles and have been very satisfied with the price and the service.

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