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REVIEWS OF Hertz IN Colorado

Smash the System

Josh helped me make my reservation amazing customer service! Would give him 10 stars!

John George

The salesman(A man of African descent) was quite pushy and annoying at 12 midnight, making numerous attempts to convince me to upgrade. i made it clear time and time again, i had no intentions to upgrade and a minivan is all i wanted. i had a reservation and already prepaid. Third world tactics at best. Shuttle service was very quick to and from the gate.

Matthew Robertson

Terrible selection of rental cars. As a presidents circle member I typically have a great selection of vehicles. At this location that was not the case. Despite having several upper class cars and SUVs in the specialty sections the Pres Cir. Section had Subaru outbacks and small Kia sedans. Among the Outback’s the first 3 we selected had broken hatchbacks for the rear cargo area. We told them this and they told us to just pick a different car. I last rented from here about 18 months ago and the selection was much better. The quality has definitely gone down.

ted wichelt

Had car trouble and Vicki at the airport Hertz was great to work with and was able to resolve all our issues

Dave Wooddell

Had a one-day rental and turned the car in as planned. Received a bill a few days later for a four-day rental. I couldn't reach anyone by phone so it's been somewhat frustrating dealing with them.

Sajjad Hussain

We rented here recently on our week long trip to Colorado. At first, the people at Orbitz messed up and put our upgrade for small SUV; instead of for a larger SUV. The gentleman at the counter said he could cancel that itinerary and try to rebook us. When all was said and done, he assured us it wouldn't cost any extra for the rental plus full SUV upgrade over the $450 or so dollars total we were originally going to pay. We figured he had done us a favor. Come back a week later to return the rental, the gentleman denies ever saying this and expects us to pay the upgrade price of $265 more including $100 for renting the vehicle for a few hours more, even though the price listed was $45 for an extra day on our receipt/ticket. We complained for almost an hour, and they said any complaints go to their director. We've tried emailing the director 3 times and no response. We then forth get transferred to billing, also no response it says line is busy and hangs up immediately. This is the worst experience we've had with a rental place, and want to tell everyone not to rent from here. From the director who doesn't have the audacity to talk to clientele with complaints, to the false information given to us by the counter employee.

Ben Rubio

Waiting in line for 30 min to get to service desk and then waiting for car to be ready for another 30 min. Not good at all. Next time will use different rental car service..

Tom Kelly

Hertz is the best car rental company out there. They are always helpful and courteous. They have a wide selection of vehicles. Picking up and dropping off the car is a breeze no matter how busy the airport.

John Hegstrom

Good price and service.

Larry Wakeman

Gold service was quick and simple. Returns easy to find.

Tony Cambin

Very good welcome, very professionnal,lot of thanks for Vickie to Hertz Denver Airport for her kindless and her professionnalism...I recommand this Hertz agency to Denver Airport.

BAK 123478

Simple and fast. The return bus driver was exceptional. Can't remember his name off hand but it was bus 1.

Erin Jones

I would give zero stars if I could.

Charles Thurston

These are good people, willing to help you out when they can.

Robert Evans

overall good experience, good car, friendly staff, good shuttles however my original reservation was for a little under $200 but after my forced upgrade i am now stuck paying around $750 called customer service and was basically told there is nothing they can do for me.... will never use hertz again! i strongly urge others to not use this company so you do not get taken advantage of like myself

Yash Ashar

Great prices, great car selections, and very quick. Impressed again by Hertz

Bob Talley

Went smoothly. No drama.

Amit Gupta

Big and nice rental place

Anthony Altomonte

I was charged a $30.00 "administrative" fee for telling me I received a parking ticket while I had the vehicle. I already paid the ticket prior to receiving the notice. Thanks for charging me 30 dollars to inform me about a parking ticket I already paid. I will never rent a vehicle from you again.

Dana Joerger

CROOKS! I returned my vehicle with a FULL tank, due to the "eReturn" that is used no one in-person verified with me the return, instead someone will receive an email with your return receipt and new charges...Well, its easy for Hertz to get away with adding charges and you cannot contest them...Now, I've been on the "Customer Service" line which at every single prompt automatically says its a "high call volume," no one answers and will because they know someone getting their money back for erroneous charges is unlikely if Hertz just waits them out! Take a video recording and pictures of when you drop off your car and find someone to go through the return with you, otherwise $132 or more in gas bill will come your way!!!! Absolute B.S.

Susan Rennie

Swift and easy.

Ryan Palermo

Don't trust Hertz. They will pull the bait and switch on you. Selected to pick up my rental from DIA, when I got to Hertz they said I didnt have a reservation there, it was in Aurora, CO. I know for a fact I didnt reserve my car at that location.. I asked how can I get there, was told get a Uber, wow, that is your customer service. Ok, well not coming back to this company ever again. Thanks, was only in town long enough to attend a VA medical apt, 6 hours max and had to pay $125, for a car.

Tom Gary

Stay away from the Denver Airport Hertz. I arrived to pick up my rental car yesterday and they had lost my reservation. They offered me a car that was two times the price of what my reservation cost was. I was stuck and they did care. I will NEVER rent from them again!!!!

Tom Schacht

Very quick process on both ends!

Scott Winder

Easy, fast, convenient.

Orrin Bare

Fast and smooth, in and out. I wish more were like this

DJ Hull

First person I spoke to totally bungled my reservation, to the point of telling me to cancel it and try to sign up for another one on my phone in 2 hours time (it was 11pm, he suggested 1am). Only reason I'm giving 3 is because the manager swooped in and took care of it, but only after nearly 45 minutes of arguing back and forth with the man and being summoned by a totally separate employee.

Tom Ames

Fast easy and very friendly. I love being a Hertz member.


Easy, okay selection and respectable rates. No major complaints with Hertz.

Jim Cenname

Inside of mini van was clean, outside was dirty, lots of dead bugs on front of car. Otherwise good rental experience.


My first time trying Hertz. You blew it completely. Can’t wait to return this car and be done with you!!!

Steven Rommereim

Good experience overall. Bad signage at Denver international, pulled in 3 times to find return area.

Matthew Calcaterra

Didn't have the car I reserved. Got upgraded to a Camaro SS and a full tank of gas for free. Exceptional customer service

Sheila Gomez

We flew in with a reservation, upon arrival they said I couldnt pay with our debit card. Because of the way the reservation was made. Bonnie was very helpful and explaining and she even went above her to try to talk to her manager. But her manager didnt want to help. She said there was nothing that could be done. But bonnie had expalined that all we needed to do was redo a new reservation. And give a cash deposit anx even that was declined by the manger clearly she didnt want to do her job and didnt care for the rating and review. She was NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. Hertz needs to really look at her customer services skills. Working in customer service for more then 25 years, We never tell customer customers No.

Scott Smith


Glenn Serillo

Surprised no attendant on duty. Maybe it's just me......

Devin Butler

Streamlined operation that makes for quick service. At pickup the have video kiosks as well as desks. The video kiosk was quick and easy with a super friendly rep at the other end. Drop off was as easy as pull up, get out, get on on the bus. Well done!

Kim Robusto

Fast service, well organized and super friendly

Debra Gagner

After getting screwed over at the Denver downtown Welton location (had reservation and they had no car and horrible customer service) - I went to the airport for a rental car. The manager on duty was a good listener about the troubles that landed me at his door. And he and the corporate office were able to adjust the rate so I didn’t pay more than the price I had reserved at Welton. I would have liked more than that - after all the extra time and effort I spent - but at least it didn’t cost extra and I felt heard. They cared about customer service.

Phuc Huynh

Brand new rental, easy process and the cs agent was very professional.

Ravi Jammula

Very fast in and out, great service

Diane Royce

I couldn't believe we could just drop off car! We were running late....what a blessing...hope Travelocity can find us a discount for our cancelled flight and funeral hassle. Great customer service...we are rookies!

Martina Schramm

We rented a car in Colorado Springs June 3rd and returned it to Denver on the 4th with a full tank. Today I get a receipt over additional $511 charges including $18.8 gas for $89.90 and the car was returned on the 8th with 676 miles driven!!!!!! So Denver airport location just confirmed that the car was rented out to someone else!!!!!!!!!!!! And they charged my credit card for a complete stranger !!!!!!!!!!! How can someone drive the car of the lot when they check on the way out that your license matches your rental contract information ? Or was this an inside jobe where an employee took that car joying riding this week and I got the bill for it ???? Much worse you can not even reach someone at the location and keep getting someone overseas ( India)on the line who reads off an apology script and does NOTHING ?????????? I have my boarding pass , my fuel receipt and can proof I returned the vehicle. This is fraud and theft and Hertz does not seem to care at all. Oh by the way I am a Predidential Hertz member , spending over 40K a year on car rental for business . Gee Thanks.

Lindsey Goulet

Do not get their car insurance - they charged me $187 for 4 days!!. They really try to make you “upgrade” and are very pushy.

John&Cindy Witt

Great drop off record time at check in

Jonathan James

Terrific. Great customer service!

Ray Dietrich

Hertz is the best!

bkgonefishin .

Vehicle turn in was super easy and their bus was ready and waiting to take me to the airport.

michael corbridge

Everything went swimmingly until I mistakenly (new to the area) wandered onto a toll highway. Then Hertz, through there punitive billing, pulled down my pants and went work like rapacious pirates. Yes, it Hertz.

Steven Brennan

Easy pickup and drop off. Make sure you get a gold club membership before you go. Makes things much easier!

Madelyn Beck

Price gouging policies at their finest

Bryan Ryder

The car was ready, clean, and the shuttle from the airport was quick. They try and upsell a ton of stuff but what car rental company doesn't? Overall very happy and would rent here again.

James Brinkman

Rented vehicle on line. At the time of pickup I asked about the AAA discount,was informed that because of ordering and paying on line I did qualify for the discount. Then pushed hard to order their insurance, even after I said no. Gave me the feeling that they weren't caring about customers.


Reserving online no problem ... upon arrival we were directed to a kiosk. There was a phone receiver and the person (basically a video chat) was difficult to understand. Her directions were not clear and the live folks in the office were not available to assist. Finally, we muddled through the rental process. The video chat person gave us directions to find our car (she was not at the facility) which she had no clue because she wasn't there. She kept saying go out the east door? Which door? Finally after dragging our luggage around the parking lot for 5 minutes or so, walking up and down isles we located the car. Twice while at the kiosk I asked about navigation and was told "most cars have it" ... most wasn't ours so we ended up with no navigation. Upon return the signs said "for e return straight ahead". We did not want to do e return. Wanted to talk with a human. We parked ... had to walk clear around building with luggage because the return counter was closed. Get inside only to be told we had to go back, move our car and be checked in. There were 3 other folks waiting inside where I was. When we back out to move the car there were 2 more folks doing the same thing. The signs were not clear and we waisted about 30 minutes trying to return the car. Very frustrating ... make the signs more clear! Will not rent from Hertz again ... sticking with Enterprise!

Ricky Mitchell

Excellent vehicle and quick service.


I do not and I say again DO NOT! suggest going here. I was renting a vehicle through my insurance because of being rear ended so obviously already a stressful time, well anyway the gentleman that helped me out was rude I asked him about having dogs in the car he said they would charged extra for cleaning hair out of the vehicle, so I started my boy was a service dog and he said "it doesn't matter we will still charge you" I find this extremely distasteful. You shouldn't charge someone for having a disability! Then without a walk around he said have a nice day I asked about a walk around he said the car is perfect I don't need to. Me being dumb didn't think anything of it and got in the jaguar and left. Well the car was filthy I couldn't see out the windows they were so gross crumbs everywhere and trash so me being the clean freak I am took it to get detailed spending $57 when I walked the car after the detail I noticed the taillight had been cracked pretty badly, not wanting to be charged for it I called and was reassured I wouldn't be after having the car for a month I brought it back just to be told I was at fault for the tail light! And the cherry on top the "full tank I was told it had" was a quarter. Thanks for ripping me off jerks

Melanie Heineman

Great customer service! I had 5 different Roadside assistance operators help when my vehicle had a mechanical failure and each person did an outstanding job to try to limit delays to my trip.

Tina O'Neal

Great company and most people are friendly.

L' EcoResorts

Hertz: No guarantee you'll get your booked car I arrived at the Airport in Denver (6/17/2018) at Hertz car rental to pick up the car I had booked in advanced. My mood: jubilant. My mission: to see and photographed the Rocky Mountains (I paint natural areas from my photos) and stayed at one of my favorite hotels in the area. Here is a detour from my California vacation where I had just spent two glorious weeks. But man was I in for the shock of my life when I arrived at the Hertz's desk. Immediately, the middle age woman snickered at me, "Did you booked your returned flight back as the gentleman asked? " She was referring to her co-worker with whom I already made an attempt with to get my car but was told by him to, "Book a flight now!" I stepped to the side and booked a flight even though I wasn't sure how long I will be staying in Colorado. Without a minute to spare, I booked a random flight back to get my car. Now we are with the lady. I provided my card (debit) and driver's license. Another co-worker said, "So many people in town.... the cars are all gone." "Oh yeah," replied my attendant. "Mr. so and so (name withheld for obvious reason) needs a car." Then, she turned back to me and threw my card on the desk between us and said "That card is no good! We will not accept it! " "Excuse me," I said; confused. "Yeah, it doesn't have your name on it." "Oh, I said. It's a bank issued debit card. I used it the whole time in California to get my car, in restaurants, and to check-in two hotels (in Los Gatos and Lake Tahoe, respectively). "They will accept anything there, they want the money!" Now, I am thinking I am in the twilight zone. Unreal. "Okay, here is one with my name on it," I said. She looked at me as if I was an alien. By this time, I knew I was in big trouble. "If you don't understand that I can't accept your cards let me give you to my manager, then." She snapped and walking away. " I am not helping you today. Lady over here! " The last part, she echoed because I stood there stunned. I figured I better get moving and hurried after her. Since I am from the Caribbean, I was happy that the manager was of African American decent (no harm intended here. But you see by now I really, really needed a lifeline...anybody. Please. Help. Me.) Big mistake on my part. My first attendant proceeded to say to her (Manager), remember Mr. so and so needs a car. And they are almost gone. Manager then asked me, "what is your credit score?" "Mine? I moved here (to United States a year now. Never checked it.)" "We need your permission to check it." "Go ahead" "There will be no car for you today." Alamo, I used in California was out of cars. I called. All gone. Most of the agencies had none, either. I was stranded (trust me, not a good feeling). I sat for a couple hours hurt, confused but most importantly flabbergasted at the treatment pelted out to be by Hertz's people. It almost feels like dream. Not real at all! Finally, I gathered myself and took a taxi to the Westminster area and checked into a hotel here. A beautiful first-rated hotel, I see. Without the car I had booked, I am not able to venture far from the airport or get to my original destination/hotel. This is a confession, when I walked into the new hotel I was mesmerized by its plush interior and worried that they will reject me and my card(s). But I braved it. Walked to the counter and asked for a suite (I needed it). The young lady kindly said, "Sure, may I have your credit card and ID, please?" "Debit card," I mumbled; half afraid of what she might say. "Sure, came her answer." She entered my information. Gave back my items and said, "welcome to our hotel." I hurried to the elevator. Opened my door. Locked it behind me. Crashed to my knees and wept." Writer: Tiffany Huggins

Joseph K. Purvis

My renting car days are over....after all was said and done, a "$287.00" rental for 5 days ended up being over $1,000.00 due to "security deposits"....the whole car rental thing is such a 1970's-80's concept...UBER is such a great alternative, no liabilities, no insurance, no rude car rental counter person...yeah...Hertz is only 2 stars for me.

Ann MacElroy

14 phone calls, and we cannot get connected to the airport location! We picked up our rental on Thursday, and would like to return it to a different location. Phone representatives tell us that we need to speak to the location where we picked up the car, (Denver airport). There is literally NOTHING we can do to get connected, after trying for 2 days! The folks, (in the Philippines) do try to connect us, but they never pick up. The phone menu just cycles through, and you get connected to a phone location out of the country once again. We are HAPPY to pay the extra money for Hertz cars and service. But if you ever need them over the phone, you’re OUT OF LUCK! Terrible service, and we won’t be doing business with Hertz again; cancelling our gold membership.

Victor Travis

Excellent service. They have a nice streamlined quick and easy car return system. I always use Hertz.

Kristin Dugan

Charged me for extras that I did not approve and would not correct.

Iqbal Hussain

In and out quickly!

Jessica Peckenpaugh

The most horrific rental experience I’ve ever had. I rented a car for 2 days and was only supposed to be charged $207. They charged my card $1,132! There were no damages to the car. It was a mistake on their end. The man, Michael, who was “helping” me told me the $207 was only an estimated cost and that the type of car I rented was going to be a total of $1,132. I rented a Nisan Sentra... I demanded to speak with a manager because I would have never agreed to renting from them if that was the case. A manager told me it was a mistake and it would be voided immediately and I would only be charged $207. It’s now 4 days later and they have 4 separate charges on my credit card. One for $407, one for $327, one for $396, and one for $196. I have been on hold to speak with someone about these charges for 20 mins. If it does not get resolved today i’ll be reporting fraudulent charges to my credit card company. I rent often for work and vacations, usually from Enterprise, and I’ve never had an experience like this before.

Dave Beemer

Car was awesome and a fair price. Dropping it off sucked. The actual return area is not well marked because a sign said eReturn which was confusing if all the bays are full. When you see eReturn just turn left and pull in. If you miss that and keep going there are no... NO signs to help you get around. Besides that it was pretty painless

Liz Zzzz

This place stuck me with an economy model Toyota Yaris that I had to drive through the snow without working wipers and bad tires. The employees are also clueless. If you're trying to use a debit card to pay they WILL do a credit check (policy does not clearly state this) and deny you if your score isn't 700+ Honestly Hertz is the worst.

Debra Ardoline

Car interior was dirty and smelled. I left the windows open the first night and it was better in the morning. I expect cars to at least be vacuumed and wiped down between each rental.

Timothy Lim

Fast check out and no waiting time. I'm glad I choose hertz.

Stacye Pratt

Good service is nice!

Carrie Sargent

Very expensive but what rental car isnt.. I'm a gold member but didnt get any perks. Not sure why. Was confused along with other customers on how system worked. We figured it out but customer help would have been nice in the parking lot.

Todd Dunham

Did a great job

Veronica Esler

Great experience with the Subaru Outback we rented. The only bad thing was that they were charging us $68 when we tried to do a 1 hour and 30 minutes extension on our rental...kind of excessive(when actually we were paying $57 for per day).

Dr J

Shockingly Bad! Long lines, uninformed staff, unable to contact the rental location! I rented a car here, drove away, and then get emailed an updated rental agreement with $150 in extra charges. These guys are crooks, don't do business here!!!

Rick Farmer

Not much staff around to help

Brandanni Miller

It was a great experience. Bus was provided to the Airport.

Vasquez Family

Great service, just needs more staffing. Had to wait 40 minutes before getting my car, even with reservations.

Ron Jones

Best car rental services i have ever used

Timothy Litwiller

Don't let them upgrade you, it is expensive.

K Badd

It's Hertz then all the others

Eric Holman

I rented a 2019 Camaro SS. Fun to drive. Not very practical. Returning it was a piece of cake.

Chandra Akella

Its usual rental experience...hmmm should not say that. Did not stand in line, got to pick which car I want and just drove away. Being PC certainly helps.

Bonnie Jo Phelps

Hope to hell your Hertz rental doesnt break down. Twice. Having to deal w Hertz is horrendous. Replaced first vehicle, returned. Second one broke down. Only willing to help new rentals, not replacement vehicle. Didnt even offer discount. Poor poor service. They need to maintain their vehicles better.

Phil Anderson

If you're in a hurry to get to the airport go early because it's kind a hard to find to drop off your car.

dug barnet

Perfect car, cheap rate, great service.

Beverly crespo

Checking in was tedious and long even thpigh i had a reservation. But, the car was awesome. Thanks

Hyde Pablo

Somehow, I forgot to make a reservation. So I walked in feeling like a moron. I was helped, ended up with a nice car, and spent the same or less than I usually do on a car.

Patricia East

Nice cars

Taurean Green

Car was not working so good

Chris O'Reilly

All Denver airport rentals are away from the airport, so you have to take a bus. It's a pain but all rentals are like this at Denver. They got us through relatively quickly but the continuous trying to upsell was bothersome. The car was fine and returning was no problem.

Brian Woodworth

I rolled in with a Gold Membership and got to pick out my own car. I almost chose a Nissan when I looked over and saw a Subaru Legacy. The all-wheel drive, Lane assistance, and auto brake. Very comfortable!

Mary Ellen Miller

Fast service and good selection! Will rent here again.

Eda Reiley

They were not ready or able to handle the volume they booked on March 5th 22019.Then they supposedly upgraded me because they were out of the premium cars I booked over a week before. But charged me for the upgrade and didn't admit when I returned my vehicle or reimburse me for the gas I prepaid for and returned full. The vehicle was also dirty when received. Bad day at Denver International airport

Asif Hameed

7E2-7xx: Everything worked great as it should have been. Plenty of car choices for pickup. Car drop was easy. Received the e-bill directly into my expense account and also a copy via e-mail.

Jonathan Goldstein

Great Experience! Great Service - Love Hertz Platinum and the convenience of its offering

Berny Perez

The car wasnt clean enough

Kyle Lamb

Very efficient, great prices, polite staff.

Peggy Kinsey

Reserved a rental car after flying in for a funeral. The man at the counter was so nice and upgraded us free of charge as far as we understood and he implied. We were thrilled with the upgrade and so we didn’t complain when he put us in a car that was so filthy that we had to take it to the car wash just so we could see out the windows. We were told we would get an email with our receipt which we never did. But we did see the charge on our statement and our “free upgrade” cost $300 more. No thank you Hertz!!! We will be Enterprise clients for now on!!!!

Jiantao JIANG

Excellent customer care!

Toby Tieman

After arriving at the counter at 1am the gold people were less than helpful. We're had a problem before I used my wife's credit card not mine to book. Even though she was right there they wouldn't take her ID with the card. They told us they were closing and had to call customer support and walk over to the regular rental counter. After customer support was unhelpful and hung up the call a ray of sunshine named Aaron asked id he could try. He figured out in 10 minutes what had already taken an hour for no one to do. We're we're on the road. Thank you Aaron for your great service

Sid Rubey

Easy pick up & drop off with Gold Membership - Easy Easy Easy! Fantastic car, very reasonable rate. No suggestions on how it could reasonably be improved!

Scott Hanham

Good service!

Duncan K

Hertz Denver Airport is NOT at the airport. Location is via shuttle. All other agencies at Denver tell the truth (advertised as “via shuttle”), but I fell for Hertz’s false advertising and thought they had a better location. Do not make the same mistake! If you are stuck with hertz then allow minimum 1 hour from luggage collection to being on road.

Niklas Rahkonen

Great service for Gold members!

mark tyberg

Friendly and Fantastic. Got in and out and the price was the best I could find.

Yuval Alon

They were ok, shuttle service was very quick to and from the place, staff were nice.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Easiest car rental process ever

Greg Heilman

Very efficient for Gold club

Chester Friesen

Get Hertz Gold for renting your car!

James Decker

Best customer service I have had in a while!!

George Brian

Fast pickup - the "choose any car in Zone X, the keys are in it" thing is pretty awesome. Drop-off took less than a minute. I spent as little time with Hertz as possible which is a win/win. Keep it up, Hertz

Kristina Workinger

Horrible customer service. We had a confirmation to pick up a rental car at a location in Englewood, called while trying to find the location to pick up and hertz tells us "we can't rent you this car" and that was it with no direction on what to do next. Long story short we had to spend $100 taxiing around and all hertz gave us was a "it's not our fault". They do not care about their customers.

sai dheeraj

Very efficient pick ur choice car system

Kaushik S

Excellent place and excellent service

Ken Burton

Fast checkout!

Kyle Hines


Marco Magiolo

Quick and nice

Denise Smith

The fellow that checked me in for car pickup was awesome. Very helpful and patient. Returning the car I was met by a smiling great attitude young woman. Why can't we have this same experience in Atlanta? Thanks Denver for giving me another great trip!!!

David DeSelms

Pricey but nice

Chris Kaminski

Fast, friendly service

Elbert Rows

EXCELLENT attention

Shane Shoemaker

Friendly, helpful, clean car, a tiny more complicated than some other agencies.

Donna Conrad

Hertz is typically spot on !

Tim Fletcher

Ok, but signs aren't good enough for an airport car return.

Kayti Dupar

Excellent customer service and sweet deals on premium vehicles. This location has employees who understand the value of making the customer happy.

Gus Perez

Just rented a car from them. The front tires were bald, tire pressure was wrong. A driver side mat was missing. Car smelled odd like a burning smell, I checked the coolant in the radiator it was low I had to buy and fill it. Windshield had a rock crack and after I picked it up hood almost flew open on the highway, they had not closed it properly. Hertz at Denver International Airport is endangering lives with plain neglect on vehicle maintenance. I should at least have a safe rental when I rent their vehicles. I have rented in other locations before and never had a problem until recently. I rented the vehicle for a week. In the rain this car almost flew off the highway because of the bald front tires most likely. I should not have to do maintenance on a rental. I have 20 years of experience in car repair and I can not imagine somebody renting this dangerous vehicle without vehicle maintenance experience.

Naddir Patel

Quick and efficent rental

squishys by kaylee!!! Browning

Worst customer service ever!!! Be very careful reserving online...once you get there its a different and I was treated so badly very rude


Great service.

Michael Bloom

Good staff and quick line

russell powell

Good selectiin, good service

MJ Jones

Fantastic experience. Great customer service, fair rates, and high quality vehicles. Multiple shuttles from Denver Airport and 24 hour service. Highly recommend.

Brandi Shepherd

I have to give it to Zine Mezoui

Robert McKinney

This was my second vehicle. The first was even more filthy. For a premium SUV you would think they would at least vacuum the cars. The first one they assigned to me has chocolate smeared all over the seat and a previous customers ipad was sitting in the passenger seat. Seriously Denver Hertz, get it together.

CFitz Fitzhenry


Devin Reaux

Excellent car rental service. Shuttle service to and from DEN airport (follow “ground transportation” signs then follow “car rental” signs). Check In was quick. The cars are separated by size (economy, midsized, etc) & depending on your reservation they tell you which rows of cars you can pick from. Keys are in the vehicles. When you exit the lot, they give you a receipt. Drop off was simple. Just follow signs to “return rental” and leave keys in the car. An employee will electronically take down your information and offer a printed/emailed receipt. Then hop on the shuttle for service back to DEN. Clean facility, kind employees, great options, good rates. Will use again.

Edward Hwang

Great Service and easy to get the Car.

Amanda Dalrymple

I'm giving Hertz a five-star for a couple of reasons. To start out, my experience wasn't great. I tried five different cars without any of them 'working'. The first two didn't have radio, the seat didn't move forward on the third one, and the last two just plain didn't start (dead battery). So I went back in, and they allowed me to take another car from a different zone. I drove off and everything was great. When I arrived downtown, I realized I forgot my backpack, which pretty much has my entire life in it. I tried calling repeatedly on my drive back to Hertz (which is near impossible to talk to an actual human, by the way) with no avail. Once I arrived, I frantically went in and told the nice lady that I must've forgot my backpack. She let me to lost and found and said "don't worry girl we got you!" and low and behold, there was my backpack. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It would have been real easy for someone to steal it, so thank God there are still good people in the world.

Lou Pokol

Despite filling up at the gas station next to the airport.. they applied a fuel charge to the bill.. will rent elsewhere next time. Tried to call and discuss and can't connect to the actual rental spot only a call center

SlingShot Scotts Valley

Easy, fast and professional!

Lane Grow

Unpleasant experience. I would not trade jobs with the staff. They try hard.

Wanda Davis

Awesome! Very efficient with booking online and pick up/drop off.

Clifford Miyake

Easy pickup and checkout to get on my way. Returning the vehicle was just as easy. As I had ample time caught the shuttle to the terminal versus having the valet drive me there. Saved me $35 on that. Perhaps that is a perk I can earn over time.

martin velasquez

Pick up was pretty easy there were alot of people in line but i feel like they went through us prettt quick car was fairly clean, no washer fluid though which was an inconvenience when we started hitting alot of bugs, aside from that the vehicle was nice rode great no hiccups. Drop off and shuttles were prompt and made the experience convenient. Would most likely rent again from them if im in the area

Eric and Misty Butts

Place is awesome as always. The five star is worth getting a rewards account.

Ron Martinez

Great Service, Car was clean, with no problems.

jacob walker

Fast service, pick car with keys in it, drop off leave keys. Quick shuttle to and from airport

Katherine Kibler

One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. The representative (the one who looked like a bat) was rude and unhelpful when we attemped to move our reservation because of a flight delay and told us to just take an Uber to another location. Uber cannot get into the parking lot so we were left hauling our suitcases all over the parking lot to find our very kind Uber driver. I will never use Hertz again.

Vincent Oldre

The good: they have a great car selection and was easy to grab a car and drop off. The bad: They tried to up charge me by paying for insurance coverage without really explaining what it meant to my rental payment. It was about to cost me an extra $450 for 5 days which is as much I pay for 6 months on two cars at home. They also charge $120 for a car seat but was the lowest grade. You would be better off buying one at Target. The sales guy was a quick talker and it was loud so hard to understand what all was going on since there are no visuals. Just beware! I talked to the manager right after and she removed the coverage and charges. They like to play dumb and say they don’t know if your car insurance will cover you. More than likely it will, take an extra two minutes and find out.

James Barnes

Fast check-in, pick any car, good price, quick drop off. Will use them again!

David Lesinski

Shuttle to car lot, easy pick up, easy drop off

David Melvin

Good service and nice late returns

Jason Sota

excellent service, fair price

Todd Skiles

There was a hailstorm. I contacted Hertz immediately and provided my insurance information. The repairs were made. My insurance company, as well as the secondary provider, have requested a copy of the repair invoice with breakout of the repair details. This is standard practice. Hertz has refused to provide that. Hertz has made no attempt to contact me (no voicemails were left and I haven't spoken to them). The only contact was a letter demanding a payment of $4232 with absolutely no detail. The number they provided went to voicemail all 11 times I called. Each time the mailbox was full. I've reached out to 4 different offices and gotten no answers. I will never, ever, use Hertz again.

stephanie beverungen

Pick up is OFF SITE VIA SHUTTLE, not an issue although it added another hour to our day from the time our plane landed due largly to notable delay in lines at counter. OUR BIGGER inconvenience (and the reason I wanted to write this review) occurred upon returning our vehicle. The drop was quick and efficient, however the shuttle back to airport was a DISASTER! Our driver seemed to be taking his sweet time and waited until the bus was full. When he eventually left, he drove around to the LOWER LEVEL ARRIVAL/BAGGAGE CLAIM AREA. We then needed to walk a notable distance to the escalator to go UPSTAIRS TO DEPARTURES, and then LEAVE the building, GO OUTSIDE and walk even further around to check-in at Southwest. This doesn't even mention check-in, baggage check, security lines or the tram you need to get on to get to your gate. WHY DONT THEY DROP-OFF AT DEPARTURE LEVEL TO ALLEVIATE CONFUSION AND TIME DELAY! EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED THIS AM TRYING TO FIND OUR WAY for 6am flight, and frankly an inexcusable arrangement for dropping off passengers who have returned cars...certainly one that would create an extremely difficult situation for anyone trying to catch a flight,... esp those with young children, the elderly or disabled. NOT acceptable and we will NOT rent again in knowing now how difficult this process was. We were lucky we caught our flight...we are an able bodied athletic couple so we could hustle thru the airport. Anyone else would have missed their flight. Shame on Hertz for this AWFUL arrangement to paying customers who have chosen to use their company. I expected more efficiency than that when we booked our rental with Hertz!

Banned From Atlanta

When I flew in there wasn't a huge selection of cars but renting was quick and easy. Sign up for their Gold Rewards program to get in and out quickly and earn points. Rental agency is located off-site from the airport.

josey mo

I love the experience and front desk individual( i didnt get her name) was very understanding when i had to exchange the vehicle.

Mendel Tenenbaum

Lyle for mvp!!

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