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REVIEWS OF Escape Campervans IN Colorado


It was great experience with Escape. Just rent this amazing campervan for your trip.

Adam Perkins

Trip of a lifetime! Will definitely do it again!

Randall P. Carver

Very helpful staff, nice clean van and great service!

Simon Revington

If you're thinking of booking a road trip through the States, Escape are the best option out there bar none. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional and made a huge difference in our planning. The vans themselves are superb, fully kitted out and in excellent condition, we lost count of the amount of times we were complimented on our van's paint work. Would highly recommend the company to anybody looking to do a road trip, whether its a shorter long weekend style trip or a longer month plus trip - these guys have you covered!

Laboureur Laurent

We rent the van in the winter. Everything was fine and we really appreciated our trip.

E. John Black

Had a great time going one-way from Denver to Phoenix over 7 days. We went to Colorado National Monument, the Arches, Canyonlands, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon, Sedona and Jerome, and Montezuma's Castle, to name a few sites. September is the perfect time to go, warm during the day and cool at night. The van was perfect!

Emily Pelland

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful last minute trip to the Tetons with Escape Campervans. Summer rates are a premium price, but it's worth it for the experience and ease of travel! Claudia, at the Denver office, was a joy to work with- I'd especially recommend renting from Escape due to the wonderful customer service she provided. Thank you!

Kristopher McClure

Maverick rental This was our second time renting from Escape and we have found it to be an economical way to adventure in regions we can fly into and then easily have an adventurous road trip/camping experience. Their service is great. Positives: price, amenities included, convenience to/from airport. Hit the grocery store and go! Opportunities: Our #1 piece of advice would be to purchase a simple egg crate topper for the fold out bed, this makes a great deal of a difference. In colder temps (overnights in the 30s) a small double tent may be warmer than uninsulated campervans. A list or resource to assist in locating camping w electric hookups (for provided electric heater) within regions would be helpful for colder months. We did find a small Honda generator rental company (part of CO Campervans) out of Denver that in hindsight we would’ve rented a 1000 watt generator for the week for only an additional $350 to power heater. Overall, we will definitely be using Escape again, in warmer months/regions.

Emily Finn

We had an awesome 12 day honeymoon in our Maverick van! Everything was clean, working, and exactly as described on the website. We had so much fun and will for sure use them in the future!

Chandra Lanka

Escape camper van was a great concept and we had great experience. Will definitely rent again and refer friends

Elad Mokadi

Although our van had a few technical and maintenance issues, driving, cooking and sleeping in the Escape Campervan (for 10 days in October 2018) was a great experience. I would definitely recommend and would love to do this more in the future.

Genevieve Easley

Escape Campervans let us have a once in a lifetime experience and I would not trade that for anything. That being said, we did have some small issues. 1-Around Zion National Park, the AC in the van went out (103 degrees that day). We were able to get someone right away and they directed us to a garage about 30 minutes away. We were able to get the van fixed, but it did hold us up about 2 hours. They were super helpful with getting the van fixed in a timely fashion, but it was still kinda a hassle. 2-Our solar fridge didn't want to cooperate. It would work one day and not the next, and we ended up losing two fridges of food. I called to report the problem on a Saturday and I was told the on call staff would be notified and they would call me back but they never did. However, they were very nice about it when we got back and reimbursed us for our food and our trouble. 3-We opted for a roof top sleeper, and during the trip, one of the roof attachments holding it on came off. We were lucky enough to find it, not sure what we would have done if we had lost that on our journey. We did put a lot of miles on the van during our trip (over 4000) so maybe our long journey had something to do with the issues we had, but like I said, overall it was a great trip and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Jeremy Grossmann

Great campervans and nice staff. Perfect for a road trip to visit national parks.

Julia Calabrese

Our Escape van was awesome! took it out through Colorado, Arizona and Utah for 10 days and had a blast. The van was really roomy and comfortable. Would definitely use them again!

Ivan Hiltpold

An awesome trip and part of this success was the VAN!!! Very practical with plenty of space for storage it helped us going through the freezing nights in Yellowstone and kept us "cool" once back in lower elevations... The kitchenette is very practical. The big + for us was the small fridge hooked to the solar panel and therefore we could have fresh produce yet with no need to be plugged in. Escape staff has been very nice and friendly.

James Britton

We had a great experience overall with Escape Campervans. I would highly recommend it as a great way to camp in a self contained manner. The solar powered fridge and pop up sleeper option were game changers! A few points to improve: More comfortable van interior bed (the pop up bedding was definitely more comfortable). Provide a collapsible water jug (I’m glad we brought our own, the site description was a bit vague about this and many campgrounds in the Rockies have no water). Better quality cookware (Teflon was peeling), better quality utensils such as sharper cutting knife and sturdier spatulas. Check-in process needs to be sped up. It took us 90 minutes to receive our rental after we arrived at the earliest possible check in time. The advertised 19 miles per gallon is not accurate while driving in the mountains. Provide a more real-world number. The fuel bill added up fast. Highlight more suggestions for camping with children and things to do. We are adventurous and found our own way, but this would be helpful for others. Thanks for making our Rocky Mountain vacation a memory that will last a lifetime!

Chrissy Schyff

We had the most amazing time with our escape van road tripping around Utah, Nevada, Arizona and then California. The van was super comfy, we had the 5 of us and a tent. I would soooo recommend escape vans to everybody who would be up for a journey in a van that is easy to drive, has brothers and sisters everywhere, whom you can wave to and keep the family vibe happening, as well as everything that you need to be self sufficient on your journey. We loved camping with our van and tent in all the free camp sites around, getting out under the stars, cooking out with our stove and sitting around fires with the camp chairs that come with the deal. We had all the info we needed regarding travel and experiences of others if we wanted to tune into the escape vans blog, but we were adventurers, with our three kids and the fab stereo that we could plug into for all the grooves from Spotify, we just set off knowing that we had people to call on for assistance if needed but all went super well from pick up in Denver to the gorgeous girl that received us from the company in San Frans Isco, once again giving us all the info to get around to the best things that the city had to offer us. We were super delighted with the service, all that our van offered us with opportunity to drop off in another state and fly out from there, all hassle free, fun and adventurous. We will definately be going escape vans when we journey more in the states.

Amanda Burns

Kerry at the Denver branch was an absolute all-star! So helpful and basically helped us plan our entire trip. The campervan was the best one we've ever used. Love the Peace Train!

Clayton Dahlman

The best vans ever! Such a quality experience cruising the Western US! The staff was awesome and the rig was SWEET! Best is trup ever and everyone loved Pebbles!

Katelynn Bruewer

Escape campervans was the best choice for our Colorado road trip! We had a little home away from home that truly made our adventure great!

Noah Holland

Friendly, Attentive Staff and the Van was beautifully taken care of. I would recommend Escape Campervans to anyone. It was loads of fun and I will definitely rent from them again

Alex newton

Staff was super friendly and helpful. Van was in good shape, smelled a little funky. I wish they had better mileage options for shorter trips. Overall my experience was great. I highly recommend this company if you want to experience van life across the United States.

Diane Grenier

I rented the van during February and headed to the mountains of Winter Park and Fraser Colorado. The van was pretty comfortable and I stayed warm at night despite low temps below zero (-10) without a heater and I did not need to run the engine during the night to warmup. I had a zero degree sleeping bag and 2 duvets. It was fun being outdoors and not in a hotel. We spent the days skiing. There was plenty of room to store the skis. Cooking lunch and dinner in snow storms was fun but a bit cold because there is no overhead protection when the Coleman stove was pulled out and a table not available so the back doors had to be open and the van became cold pretty quickly. If a side table was provided I could have kept the van closed but one was not. It would also be helpful if the stove pull out had a lip so the stove doesn't slid around when cooking. 2 fuel cannisters were provided which was nice. I spent 2 nights myself and two nights with my daughter. When alone I could keep the dinning table up and sleep on the open bench seat. With my daughter we dropped the table which provided ample sleeping room. I was not able to use the sink for dishes because the water froze, so carried gallon jugs of water for drinking, cooking and washing. It would have been nice to have a dish pan available as an alternative. I was afraid the sink would freeze if I used it for gray water. The van traveled well in the two days of snow storms we encounter. Providing a pretty fun shelter. Over all I would like to rent a van again .... It was pretty adventurous!

Catherine Palladino

My husband and I rented a Maverick van for 16 days. We drove over 4000 miles and really loved our experience. The van was equipped with everything we needed, and we picked up our own things along the way. The bed seat is really easy to convert, and the black-out curtains provided us with privacy. It was a very comfortable ride! We used the Coleman stove and fridge religiously, and both provided a reliable way to store and cook our meals. The only thing I recommend is buying your own battery-powered fan if you’re driving through warmer states - it will get hot in the van when it’s not running! Overall, we have an amazing time and will definitely rent again!!

Ken Koskela

Great company! The campervan drove very well and staff were friendly and helpful and responsive. Highly recommended!

Ana Samaniego-Wright

This was our second time booking with Escape Campervans (1st time in San Fransisco this time in Denver) and it was somehow even better than the last! We were really on track to streamline our budget and Drew and his coworker were not only very honest but very helpful in saving us money wherever they could. They even offered us little extra amenities that past travelers had left behind (spices, napkins, etc). While the campers are not the stealthiest on the outside (which one should expect from such rental), they are super dope on the inside. There aren’t enough nice things to say a out these dudes and we will for sure be booking with them in the future.

Jason Ina

Unreal customer service. Made our trip so easy to manage. We had an amazing time and it was so simple to plan because of this company. Would reuse this service again and again and would recommend it to my closest of friends and family

Susanne Schmitt

If I could give Escape Campervans 10 stars I would do so! This was the second time we rented one of their vans and again we had an epic trip! Not only is it a cool van and an unforgettable experience, but one also feels special driving it and being part of the Escape Campervan community. Love it!

Michael Baker

Generally excellent, as advertised, friendly, helpful, clean. Would rent again. 3 notes: 1) "towels" does not include bath towels. 2) Roadside Assistance does not include jumping a dead battery. However, our unit let us jump from the backup solar battery. Nevertheless, there was a very stressful (and cold) hour until we found this out. 3) Cup holders in the rear compartment are not obvious, I wish they had pointed these out.

Casey Cooley - DNR

Reliable vans, great customer service. Would recommend to anyone ready for adventure!

Lisa Weaver

Great experience with Escape Campervans! Our family 5 flew from London to spend time in Denver mixed with a hand full of days of camping. The BigSur (+rooftop sleeper) was exactly what we needed to hit the road. Cant wait for our next adventure!

Jenna Nelms

My first campervan experience was incredible! It dumped snow on us the first night and we were able to stay warm and comfortable inside the van. The van comes fully stocked with all your camping neccessities plus some extras they offer at pick up that previous guests have left behind. Super helpful and convenient! We are addicted to the van life since renting from Escape Campervans.

Gale Straub

Renting from Escape Campervans was a smooth and unforgettable experience! Everything we needed was included in the rental :)

Patricia Heasley

My grown sons and I took the Maverick with the upper berth from Denver to Seattle by way of 5 National Parks (Rocky Mnt, Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Rainier). It served us very well on all terrain and weather (yes, even a snowstorm on Beartooth Pass). It had a few little flaws, but the tires were good, the fridge worked well, and we had enough room for our gear and selves. We loved being able to pack up quickly before sunrise to catch early wildlife grazing and to cook/prepare meals wherever/whenever we needed to. Next time, we'll upgrade to Big Sur so the back seat won't be as far back from the front. Looking forward to our next adventure through ECV!

Jessica Tansey

Great pricing / packages; everything is straightforward with no surprises. Staff is friendly, helpful and responsive - including booking and roadside questions, as well as pickup & dropoff. We had a great roundtrip from Denver to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Teton National Parks in June 2018.

Letha Welch

We flew into Denver from Northern California. The van was ready and waiting! We drove over 1800 miles to whitewater rafting in Cotopaxi, CO with our son and on into South Dakota and back. The van handled well, in rain and wind and gorgeous sun! I couldn't recommend Escape Vans more highly! The reps we worked with were all helpful and enjoyable to talk to. Couldn't beat the price to have your rolling hotel right there with you.

Krissy Ferris

First off, the staff at this location were very friendly and helpful, and the setup of the van was perfect for traveling. The kitchen setup in the back is really ideal, and there was enough room for the two of us and our gear. The paint job was cute and received many positive comments on the road. Having the small fridge and sink were big pluses. I do, however, have a few complaints: 1) The van itself was old (~15 yrs) and had almost 300k miles on it. For instance, whenever we were accelerating (not just in the mountains, even on the relatively flat highway) the blower on the AC/heat would shut off. So we'd be freezing going downhill, then burning going uphill. Also, when we checked the oil level it was more than a quart low. It was fine for a sort of hippy experience, and did not actually break down, but this rental was more expensive than another company I used that had newer vans, so for the price I would expect a better vehicle. 2) I called the only phone number listed anywhere, an 800-number, the Thursday before we were supposed to return the truck. I spoke with a woman who said my question needed to be answered by the Seattle location and she would transfer me. The transfer said "extension unknown" and hung up on me. I called back and got voicemail - I left a message asking for someone to call me back. I called again twice on Friday, and again on Saturday, leaving messages each time. No one ever, to this day, has called me back. Now, there is a different extension for "roadside help," which I did not have to call, but this experience of absolute lack of communication did make me suspicious of what would happen if I did need someone urgently. Hopefully they check those messages more often! 3) They don't include towels... towels aren't on the list of included items, so it wasn't a surprise, but it seems super strange to me. If we need pillows and a comforter and a pot and pan... wouldn't we need towels? I just imagine that each camper is buying and throwing away towels and if they are doing linen laundry anyhow, why not include that basic item to make it a complete package? Overall, I would be willing to use them again, but I would look at other options and prices first. We did have a one-way rental, which was great, but I wonder if that impacted the quality of the van we received. The trip was great, the van kept going, and after a trip to the store we had what we needed.

Vincent Chartier-Lefrançois

Everyone was really accomodating with us and so frendly. The van was perfect, equipped with everything required for camping. Such a easy, cheap and fun way to travel.

Francesca Gilbert

We loved our escape campervan! We travelled from Denver and spent 2 weeks around southern Utah, southwest Colorado and northern Arizona. The van was perfect for 2 people and we disperse camped every night and cooked out the back of the van most nights! I would recommend them to's the experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to do it again!

patrick dean

Escape Campervans is an awesome company with an awesome product! First-rate customer service, quick response, great follow-up! Rent a van and take a road trip!


We had a great time in our van, 'Panda Xpress'. We took our 11 month old on the trip with us to Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National, Mt Evans, Vail, Breckenridge, & Red Rocks. The kitchen setup was so handy for taking meal breaks on the road. The van is really spacious and allowed us plenty of room to store all of our kid's stuff for a week-long trip. The staff at the Denver depot was especially helpful. Drew showed us how everything worked, and helped us strap our carseat in correctly. We had flight issues that delayed our arrival, so he was kindly able to check us in early in the morning to get us on the road faster.

Reed Williams

The campervan was everything we hoped it would be. The maverick was comfortable for four guys and it drove smoothly as well.

Rob Strong

We had a great tour of Colorado and Wyoming in our Escape Camper. I'm 6'4", but found the Mavericks to be plenty spacious for comfortable sleeping. It was super convenient to be able to wake up, grab breakfast from the solar fridge, and hit the road early before the crowds got to the best attractions without having to strike a tent. Small enough to go where a car goes (and where RV's can't), but high clearance meant that we could take a dirt road or two when necessity or fun demanded it.

David Ryan

We love camping but flying across the country with a 3 and 1 year old and all of our gear just didn’t sound appealing. Escape was exactly what we needed! The entire process was painless from booking, questions along the way, and getting our rental. We loved the friendly people at the Aurora depot and can’t wait to go back in a few months. It made camping with our kids in the Rocky Mountain National Park so enjoyable!

Tiffany Barcik

Awesome time in our Campervan! Visited National Parks and had a ball moving around in our cool wheels!

Felix Fernandez

Renting an Escape campervan allowed my family of 5 to thoroughly discover and enjoy Rocky mountain national park, the black canyon and Mesa Verde. The children were planning to sleep on the top, but we adults loved it too . The pull out kitchen was a huge success and Drew was super helpful!

James Baldiga

We had a great time in the campervan. Everything worked wonderfully. The check-in and drop-off went very smoothly. We were treated very professionally. I'd definitely do this again. Thank you Escape Campervans!

Mackenzie Odom

We were gone for a month and it was the trip of a lifetime. I would recommend an Escape Van to anyone!

Juergen Schymeinsky

We had a great Trip. Thanks

Paige Koehler

Such an amazing experience. The vans are fully stocked with what you need and the process of picking up/ dropping off is seamless. Do it!!

Zach Lerner

What a fantastic trip! The van had everything we needed and more. Very comfortable for sleeping and plenty of room to store everything we had. They provided so much and a lot of the things they gave us came in handy. Wonderful customer service. Would definitely rent one of these again.

Chelsea Zimmerman

Second time renting with Escape and once again came away very pleased. The vans are comfortable, well equipped, and efficient for camping. Not luxury but not roughing it. I love that they include all the necessities and rent extras for a reasonable price. Good customer service. Quick replies for any questions. We had a slight problem with our rental van but they handled it in a way that will keep me as a customer time and again. Love these guys!

Scott Read

One word to describe Escape Campervans FANTASTIC. Picked up in PDX and dropped off in Denver. They have an awesome team that made the process seamless! The van drove great and was super comfortable. We didn't want the trip to end. Highly recommend and can't wait to get back out on the road!!

Scott Workman

Great business of getting people what they need for a camping or glamping trip! We did nine lovely days in CO in an awesome van. The staff were informative and friendly, but aside from dropoff and pickup, needed nothing during the trip. Definitely renting an Escape van again when the trip requires it.

Colleen Cunningham

What a fun group and great camper concept! Rented a Maverick style van for two weeks - just two adults and found it had plenty of room for both of us, and all our stuff (to include copious amounts of climbing gear)! The solar powered refrigerator box was the best part and fit way more food than it looks like it should. Most importantly, it kept beers perfectly cold! Would highly recommend to anyone curious about van life, or just looking for an affordable and adventurous vacation option - to give them a try!

Shelby Reese

Update: After posting my review, Will (the regional manager) called me personally to apologize for our experience with the AC. He asked what they could have done differently in the return process, refunded me the rest of the $100 for mileage, and offered a free upgrade next time we rent from them. The refund and upgrade are fantastic, but the customer service Will provided was the piece that was missing when we returned the van. I really appreciated him reaching out and making us feel heard. Kindness goes a long way :). He also explained that they did not have any notes on this van about the AC not working correctly or they would have gotten it fixed before our rental. I would still suggest potential customers check out the AC to make sure it is working properly if that is something that is important to you. Based on this customer service, we will definitely be back to Escape Campervans. Thanks Will! Overall, our experience with the van (Springtime) was alright. The bed was comfortable and the kitchen was convenient. The one (big) complaint we had was the AC. The main reason we rented a van was for the comfort of an AC while sleeping and during hot spells. Tent camping gets really hot in the Colorado sun- so we opted for the van. None of the 6 vents in the back worked at all and the AC would not work when pushing on the gas if we were going over 25 mph. We brought up this issue when we returned the van and received $50 off, which is insignificant (~5%) compared to the $900 we spent in order to camp comfortably. We were happy to get some sort of reimbursement, but there was no apology or any kind of customer service to go along with it. We weren’t looking for anything huge but some sort of acknowledgement that having no working AC is a pretty big bummer for that much money would have been nice. Instead, we were made to feel like we were being ridiculous for wanting a working AC, and were told that the AC turns off so the van does not overheat. If the van is constantly on the verge of overheating when it is going over 25 mph on a flat road, I think it is time to retire that one. She also didn't address the rear vents not working, even though she checked when we went out to the van with her. I just wanted to make people aware of this if having a working AC is important to you- be sure to check before you leave with the van.

Sonya A

This was my fourth time renting from Escape and I absolutely LOVE them! The vans are clean and well kept, spacious, easy to drive and make adventuring that much more fun! The campers are easy to park too, making them so much easier to use than even my own RV. The staff is always friendly, as I’ve rented from Denver, Las Vegas and SanFransisco and I’ve always felt cared about as a customer. The staff is also great at assisting with trip planning and just give off such good vibes! I’ll definitely be renting again!

Chris Preddy

Was an amazing trip, and easily the cheapest option. A friend and I got a camper from Denver went out to Moab and back through the ski resorts. The staff were super helpful and the van was clean and perfect. The water froze while at the ski feilds but that is to be expected. 100% will rent from there again.

V Babb

One of our favorite vacations. We called our van "Peace, Love and Colorado." It was a perfect solution to our nomadic adventure of unplugging and amercing with the beauty of Colorado. Affordable, easy, and you could not ask for better customer service! Highly recommend sleeping on top in the upper bunk house (available upon request) Solar power fridge kept food cool and plenty of storage for our belongings. We brought along a fan, coffee pot and extension cord. Appreciated the maps and guidebooks equipped with each vehicle. #peaceloveandColorado

Frederick Ruf

We loved our Escape Camper Van experience, and would definitely do it again. Four of us - two adults and two kids - fit into the van at night which helped a lot when it was very cold and when there was a bear in the campground! Customer service was really welcoming, too. A couple of suggestions: the van was really old (288K miles) and the suspension was very wobbly when the roadway wasn't smooth or there were cross-winds. At one point, I thought I surely had a flat, but it was just the handling in a highway rut. More concerning was the seatbelts in the back. They really weren't well-positioned for the kids' booster seats, and I seldom felt they were completely safe. Finally, the roof-sleeper wasn't available - no big deal. The charge was eliminated and we were given a tent for free. Thank you! But the sleeping bag bad were paper-thin, and pushed us into the van. Fortunately the van was very comfortable! All in all, we'll do it again - just not in a Maverick.

Austin McLaughlin

Escape Campervans was such a good experience. The van was clean and reliable. The staff were really helpful. Definitely check them out!

Amy Williams

Escape camper van is my new favorite way to travel! The van it’s self is painted in a way to draw you in to love it. It becomes your home for the time of travel. Bed is cozy, seats are comfortable for long drives, and the kitchen in the back is everything you need! Being able to just wake up and go and take our stuff right along with was such an awesome trip!!!

Christina Filipowich

Would like to see then insulate their cold region vans along with adding ski racks or boxes for winter season ski storage. Otherwise wicked rad van trip!

Wendy Poole

This has been the third time we have used Escape and that about says it all! As already stated renting an Escape won't break the bank (that's why we have been able to do three trips) it gives you freedom to go anywhere, still gives you the camping experience but with far more luxury, (as the bed is so comfy) but most of all, for us anyway, we got to meet so many different people. The van attracted people in, and the other "Escapees" were approachable. All in all a great experience and with all our trips we never booked anything in advance!

Ronnie Chandler

We loved our month travelling with ‘Delaware’ The freedom, the accessibility and the amenities it offered - we couldn’t fault it. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Escape Campervans again.

Caitlin Von Thun

The van was very clean when we received it and customer service was great! The van is nice if you are taking a trip up the California coast. However, it is ill-prepared for Colorado winters. Cooking using an outdoor kitchen in the snow is impractical. The lack of winter provisions is evident, the rear wheel drive makes it hard for the driving in the mountains and the van is not equipped for snow or ice unless you pay to rent chains for the tires. In addition, the drop off and pick up times are very limited and may require you to pay for an extra day. On a cost analysis basis, it seemed to expensive for a three day weekend in addition to paying for mileage and turning it in on time. Overall, depending on the goals of your trip, a normal car and price of AirBnB's may be more economical.

peter watson

We hired 'Skyfire' for 14 days and had an absolute brilliant time making our way round the state of Colorado. It was the perfect way to see this beautiful place up close. The van had everything we required and the bed was super comfy too. Would highly recommend Escape Campervans for anyone wanting to explore the super outdoors of the USA.

Andrew Markevicus

Another awesome trip with Escape! The staff at the Denver Depot was super accommodating. Just the type of service consistent with all of my other Escape experiences. Can't wait for the next one!

Ulises Marin Diamante

great choice! between size and economy is the best. we were 4 persons. we spend 10 day's traveling around Utah and Arizona on this Van! you can go where R,Vs can't

rik scheldeman

Travelling without expectations in a beautiful environment with a big Thank you for the Escapecampervan Team. Rik

Katherine Knowles

If you want a trip done right, this is the way to go! We had the lightning van for a 3 day weekend in Boulder, CO. With colder temps our fear was we were going to freeze but we were so cozy! We stayed at a couple places throughout the weekend and this was the perfect set up! If you are looking to do a road trip right, this is it. We had a electric hook up spot both nights. They had a electric heater for us to plug in and it worked great! The last day we had breakfast while it was snowing, nothing like bacon and snow :)


We loved everything about our campervan vacation! The van (Golden Hour) was perfect, with everything we needed already included in it. The bed was comfortable and we stayed warm during the chilly nights. We are officially van converts and would rent Fromm Escape Campervans again in a heartbeat!

Abbey Gibb

THIS BUSINESS IS A MUST!!! I can not encourage you enough to use them. From customer service to the super rad van itself, this is a TOP NOTCH experience.

Vicky Barton

We have just spent 6 weeks on the road travelling from Denver through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and Oregon touring the national parks as well as Vegas and San Francisco. This has been an amazing trip of a lifetime with our 2 children aged 7&10 (who adapted to vanlife surprisingly easily)and we would highly recommend it. The weather has been fantastic and the sights amazing.

daniel pilosov

As advertised. Drew was super helpful and got us on the road early in am and not pm time listed on the website. It was nice to start a day early. 4 stars instead of 5 because the van was shaking on the road... probably needed wheel rotation. The van had close to 300,000 miles on it and handled accordingly. More expensive compare to Jucy campervans I rented in CA and Las Vegas but roomier and with more appealing outside graphics. Bed is not very comfortable because of the two segments that are not flush with the rest of the bed. I would recommend foam toper. All in all a great way to travel to national parks and camp close to mother nature.

Liz Lopez

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from start to finish. The staff at the Denver depot were friendly, knowledgeable and so helpful! Before we decided on Escape, we tested it several other companies. No other cans were as roomy, as comfortable or as much bang for your buck as Escape. When we booked, the staff threw in a folding table rental for free and gave us unlimited miles, even though we weren’t technically at the 14+ day booking requirement. When we picked the van up, the staff was helpful and friendly and clued us in to all the freebies left behind by other vanners. The van was clean and well maintained and we felt confident that Escape had our backs should anything go wrong while we were on the road. Our trip was everything we could have imagined and we are so thankful to Escape for helping make it happen!! If you are considering renting a campervan, first DO IT!! And second... rent from Escape! :)

Jeff Armstrong

The Van's are awesome. Quality speaks volumes.

Rob Damus

Escape Denver is a well run operation with great people. This is not a typical rental company - we had a great experience that was easy from the getgo and no stress; just what we were looking for. we became instant phriends with our coordinator, Alyx, who showed us how the van operated (seat->fold->bed) and then we were off to explore CO. no hassle on the return. van was solid. fridge works well. Ms Pacman was adored by all!

Rebeccah Clews

Great road trip from Denver to SF with some fantastic camping spots in National parks and forests.

Matt Bondi

Great van with everything we needed.

David Rodriguez Gimeno

Great vans and excellent customer service. My wife and I rented a van for 1 week traveling from Denver to Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain. The vehicle is safe, well-maintained and comfortable. James and Jenna are awesome, they make things easy and are always ready to help. I would rent it again, strongly recommended.

שירן שטרויך

We enjoined our road trip with escape camper van. The staff is very nice and helpful and make sure we have everything we need

Amy Bass

Had an awesome time in Colorado with Escape Campervans. The staff was friendly and the van had everything I needed. Will definitely use in the future and have already recommend to others.

Robb Day

My wife and I have rented from Escape twice now. WE LOVE IT!!! Last year, we took an 8-day trip through California (Joshua Tree, Kings Canyon, Yosemite & Big Sur) This year, we took a 12-day trip through all of Utah's National Parks (#Mighty5), plus northern AZ. Both trips were epic and the Escape van was the perfect way for us to travel! The vans are super convenient and really comfortable for travel! Also, unlike a normal RV, you can fit about anywhere: from a simple tent site in Zion, to a valet parking garage at the JW in downtown San Francisco (yes, we did that). :-) We are already planning our next trip and ALWAYS recommend Escape to our friends! Cheers, Escape! Until next trip!

Ernest Neijenhuis

We had a great time driving this campervan during our holiday in the US! This camper drives like a normal car, so you can easily drive dirt roads and scenic byways, like the Needles Highway (Custer State Park) as we did. The team is very friendly and helpful. Next time I will seriously consider to rent such a van again.

Robert R

They look like nice vans but the prices are expensive for what you get. I don't see many out on the road but I'm sure if the prices could be lowered they would be more likely to rent more. I'm not sure if I could sleep comfortably in one of these, my personal opinion.

Sophie Mason

We had a great time in our campervan so much so we kept it for another 2 weeks. We would highly recommend escape and have already done so to anyone and everyone that would listen. Thanks for a great time and we will definitely be back to use you again.

Lisanne .

We had a lovely van: the postal. Perfect for our roadtrip from Denver to San Francisco! In the van is everything you need, from a bed to a kitchen. Service was very good as well, in half an hour we drove away and returning was even faster!

Clement Rousseau

We spent 70 days in a Maverick campervan. Very comfortable, no issues with the van (mechanical or equipment) and the company let us change the drop off location for free during our trip. The availability of the road assistance is very helpful for any questions, we really appreciate to travel with escape campervan and felt safe to drive on unpaved roads. I really recommend this company, which were the cheapest offer that we found.

Robyn Burton

My husband and I rented an Escape Campervan for the week and it was AMAZING!!!!! The van had everything we needed. The staff was so friendly, knowledgeable, and had a GREAT attitude. What a pleasure to work with this company. We have so many awesome memories from our experience. We will definitely rent from your company again. If your looking for the Ultimate camping experience then look no further. The van was easy to drive. Parks anywhere a car can fit. Gave us complete and total access to on and off roads. Bed was very comfortable and we enjoyed our time traveling, exploring, and adventuring. Thank you for giving us the tools to make it happen. Again the staff is so amazing and we thank you for a perfect vacation experience.

Pascale et Jonathan Roy Lafontaine Busby

The van was great and the service too. Camper van in the winter though is a bit difficult in Colorado, all the campgrounds and National parks are closed. It was a bit tough to find a place to park for the night. We did find one place near loveland that had electricity and a toilet that was great . Great experience overall!

Amber DeLuca

Thank you for making our camping experience so enjoyable and luxurious! Best customer service ever!

Britany Freeman

I loved our trip and the van! I will def book another trip and recommend to all my friends!

Filidor Wiese

Escape campervans is a great way of exploring the US. It gives you the freedom to change your roadtrip everyday. Drive, camp, sleep, repeat! The colorful van is an easy conversation starter for meeting new people on the road.

Nicholas Dalton

The vans that this company rents are fantastic minimalist vans for everyday camping. We went out in the beginning of January and ended up getting a little cold. The van was perfect, well maintained and had everything we needed. Customer service with the company wasn’t as wonderful as you would hope.

Mike Carafa

We loved it! We went from Denver > San Francisco over the course of 2 weeks. Great trip!

J Kirkpatrick

Excellent. The van was awesome, staff were helpful, overall a great experience.


Escape Camper Vans is the best! The rental process is so easy, and the staff is really nice. Going camping in a van is a great option if you want a bit more comfort than a tent, but not so much as an RV. The vans are normal size and can be parked in many sweet, smaller spots in State Parks all over the USA. They come fully equipped- just bring your clothes. The location in Denver is very easy to access from the Airport, or from Downtown by quick and efficient public transportation.

Shane Goranson

Great trip! Drove 1500 miles, slept 7 comfortable nights, cooked a couple of times a day in the back. No problems. This is a great way to see the country. We visited 5 national parks plus lower antelope canyon. No packing up tents in the morning, you can just climb into the driver's seat and go! Highly recommend.

Elizbeth Jolin

We loved our Escape Campervan experience! The vehicle was perfectly set up for our 2 weeks on the road. The pull out bed was super comfortable - we could easily move from place to place with minimal set up and break down. The kitchen was totally equipped and easy to use (cook stove, pots and pans, and fridge). The setup was simple and efficient. Finally, the friendly service and helpful staff were more than we could ask for. I would highly recommend this service. Oh - and the price was very reasonable.

Elizabeth Franz

Our first rental of "Dippy" made for the best road trip ever! We rented out of the new Denver hub--and in fact reserved before they were even officially open. Their location near the airport and transit line is great. Will is great. The van is great. We had the rooftop sleeper that my daughter loved. There is plenty of space to store your gear, but do bring soft-sided luggage. We added the 2 person tent, side table and solar shower + brought an under the bed bag for shoes to store under the seat/bed. Only draw back is heat, inside the van in a really hot climate at night when the engine is off. You need to bring a battery operated fan, or sleep with the doors open. We can't wait until our next trip from the NY location! Thanks Escape Campervans.

Andrew McMillan

Overall a solid way to travel, for sure. Best part is the freedom to move where weather is best or whenever a spot warrants another day or two to explore. Seems like most rental vans offer the basic amenities, which are super helpful and terribly convenient, such as the fridge, cook wear and dual burner stove, but what makes Escape truly unique is the crazy colorful art adorning the entire exterior. The vans are a little squeaky and rough on the washboard roads of backcountry Colorado but they (can) make up for I in style. There are some duds for sure (To each their own, but the landscape ones are usually cleaner and flow nicer) and you don’t get a say in the paint job of the van you’re renting (from what we gathered it is based on vehicle maintenance and length of your trip, not your age, personality or personal preference), but fortunately ours wasn’t bad “Wild Thang”. Quick reality check - when in nature with food, man draws animals near both large and small. They warn you of bears at the National Park, but no one warns you of the smaller vermin that can make a nice home right inside your van and go scavenging around at the wee hours of the morning for food...which is of course stored neatly inside the van’s kitchen area, which is essentially your bedside. Needless to say, we lost a lot of sleep over a three night period and got to play Mouse Trap for reals at 3AM one morning at WalMart...fu**!n& mice! Other minor hiccup was a brief hold up during pick up (they warn you of this, to be fair), but ours needed an “oil change” that apparently led to other issues since after an hour or so of waiting led to us getting a different van altogether. Otherwise the trip was great and van very useful. Bed wasn’t as bad as we feared

Dallas Merrill

We loved our van! No complaints at all. The staff is very helpful and friendly and the van was well equipped.

Dan Barnes

Just spent a week, and 2100 miles traveling in this awesome van out of Denver, through Wyoming and parts of Nebraska and South Dakota. We loved the flexibility it afforded us. Was very comfy to sleep in, the propane stove and drawer fridge were perfect for us. Can't wait to do it again! Highly recommend! Vanlife is the good life.

Morgan Cofer

Spent a week on the road exploring Utah! Water froze in the van one night due to freezing temps, but the freedom to camp near hiking trails was amazing!

Pearce Decker

The customer support was awesome, everyone was super friendly and helpful. I had an issue one day with the van not starting and they got roadside assistance to be there in 30 mins. I was very pleased!!! As for the van itself, it definitely did the job of allowing me to drive from point A to point B while being able to stop and sleep along the way. The only issues I have with the van that I feel need to be addressed is the the suspension and the Park/Reverse indicator. The suspension was on its last leg, at highway speeds I could feel the van move and shift well after hitting any kind of raised road condition. I consider myself a very comfortable driver having to operate much larger vehicles being in the military. And even I was a little nervous going around corners and along narrow roads. The brakes were worn but not a safety issue. The Park and Neutral indicator was getting worn out so there were a few times when I would go to start the engine and the engine would not turn over. After checking the battery, starter and relays, I had to call roadside assistance to come and help and lost about a half day of travel, which was reimbursed upon returning the vehicle (which was awesome.) After putting the van in Neurtal, she started right up. The interior of the Van has so much potential!!!! The best way I could describe it would be "cheap." Like I said, it did the job and was actually very comfortable but there was no doubt that this thing had some serious miles on it. The back kitchen area was very useful, but aesthetically it could use an upgrade. I give the company itself 5 stars for their excellent customer service but I give the Vans a low 2. Especially because of the price of the total trip. Be advised there is a 100 mile a day limit. So when planning your trip keep that in mind. The company offers an upgrade to 200 miles a day but is pretty steep costing around 250 bucks on top of the rental. My trip was great and I had an awesome time, I just see the potential this company has, and it's just not there yet. Love the people, van was OK.

Kent Jordan

We had a FANTASTIC trip in the Rockies!! Beautiful weather and awesome scenery!! The ECV staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. We are already planning our next trip.

Mark Malfara

really cool van and great family trip. The van would be perfect for two people due to lack of storage for your personal belongings and clothing but we had a family of 5 so it was a bit cramped but got the job done for our 2 week vacation. The storage bins under the bed / seats are smaller than they look. We do pack heavy so that was our fault. Other than the storage it was a great experience for us all.

Keith Mosher

Great experience. No complains with the van or any services. I do suggest buying some mosquito nets and magnets to put over the door openings when open. It helps when camping and moving things in and out and letting some cool air in the vancwithout letting the bugs get in.

Jenna Smith

Great service, and we loved our entire trip with the campervan. Our van was ready early, and the staff at pack up gave us a full overview of how to use all the features, answered all of our questions, and even helped us with recommendations to fill in a few gaps in our trip plans. Would definitely use again!

Chelsea DeWall

Super nice people on pick up. We were asked many times if we had any questions or needed something more. Then we got to drive away with a dragon on the side of our van!

Hillary Officer

Really enjoyed our Escape Campervan! We took a national park trip over the Holidays, and the Campervan was the absolute perfect size for my husband and I and our two dogs. The space heater provided gives off a lot of warmth at night, and the storage space was roomy enough for all our kitchen and clothing items. A special trip that we’ll always remember and we’ll definitely be repeat customers. Thanks for being a part of our holiday celebration Escape Campervans!

Daniel Berger

Great van and service! I would definitely use them again.

Palmiers 23

Lovely team, wonderful van, amazing american landscapes !! Bertrand, from France.

Coco .

Had a great trip. Van worked perfectly and bed was comfortable. Plan to use again.

Mark Rubin

What a great time in our vans! We needed a solution for flying to our destination without our camping gear, while still camping in the Rocky Mountains and the San Dunes. This was perfect: the vans fit the camp sites and let us drive practically wherever we wanted. We had stoves and fuel, a refrigerator (!), camping chairs, cooking and eating utensils, beds -- everything we needed! And it was fun seeing folks point at the colorful vans as we passed by. Our only dings are things that can be improved (hard to turn water release valves, ladder angle not quite right for our sleeper), but nothing to really take away from the experience. Be warned that the kids did find the rooftop sleepers a bit cold, even with the provided comforters, so packing another comforter or better, a sleeping bag, is probably a good idea.

Paulina Hargasova

This is the second time we have rented escape campervans and we love it. It is convenient to travel and discover mountains, beaches and just being outdoors. Definitely recommended!

Analisa Capote

My husband and I rented a van from Escape in Denver. The van was TOTALLY awesome. It was clean, it had everything we needed to be comfy including a fully stocked kitchen, sheets, pillows and road map. There was also a heater that came in handy on cold nights up in the mountains. We loved staying in the van for the week and we're already dreaming up our next Escape adventure!

עידו פיוטרקובסקי

The best combination of costumer service and a very good product (the van). Thanks for all

Traci Johnson

My Husband and I (age 56 and 67) rented a Maverick Campervan from the Denver, CO location November 10th for a week. We had snow and also had warm sunny days! We enjoyed cooking meals outside and having a mobile home on wheels. We had no problems from our van and it pulled just fine in the mountain roads of Black Hawk and Estes Park even in the snow. The only problem we encountered was that a lot of the campgrounds are closed for the winter season. It is recommended to get reservations ahead of time here during winter as electric is recommended for heater use during cold nights. Other times boondocking would be fun! This means we will have to go again... Can't wait to try the Indie model! Thanks Escape Campervans!!!

Escapes por el Mundo

Great gays, they help you with everything you need, give you good advice and tips for the road, the vans are the best! Perfect for a road trip!

Sara Baker

We rented one of these on our honeymoon and it was so nice to just be able to drive anywhere we want and choose a place to sleep. A lot of nights we parked at campgrounds around or in national parks!

Julie Hatfield

The check in staff was great and efficient. The van itself, called a Maverick, was a Ford Econoline. Our only complaint is that it was way, way past it's prime. It was a tired old dog, we were unsure it would make the climbs up the Coloroda passes and it just wasn't so fresh inside.

Bonnie Garrigan

My family of four had a blast driving from campground to campground in Colorado in our Escape Camper van. As avid campers, we were a little weary of the "RV LIFE" so we brought our tent along too, but from the first night in our camper van, I was in love. The kitchenette was so luxurious. Since it was always set up, we never had to dig out all the supplies to feed the family on the fly. We ate hot meals on overlooks and rest stops all over the national parks. At night we "made camp" by just parking someplace beautiful and unfolding the bed (so easy). The queen size bed easily slept my husband and I and our 1 year old, and my four year old cozied up in her sleeping bag on the bulk head between the kitchen and the bed. We got a plug in camp site once, and didn't even need it. The kitchen has a sink (amazing!) so we could do dishes quickly. The double burner stove was great and the supplies was really everything we needed short a sharp knife (we used a pocket knife) and a cutting board (would have been nice).The fridge is small, slightly larger than the average crisper drawer in your fridge at home but we packed a lot in there and it kept it cool with no problem in the heat of the September sun. I can't recommend the Van Life enough. Dreaming of our next excursion already!

Christina Vaughan

Spent 6 days touring Colorado in "Blue Flame" and had a wonderful time! When we picked up the van Cary was extremely helpful not just in showing us all of the van's features, but in suggesting stops along our route. We had an infinitely better trip with his recommendations. The van was clean and fully equipped with sealed/new sheets, cookware, propane for the stove, clean water for the sink, the fridge was running great, and Cary even lent us a phone charger adapter. He showed us their collection of items donated by prior guests and we scored some roasting sticks and other handy supplies. The van drove exceedingly well and had surprisingly good pick-up. The bed was comfy and easily accommodated 2 people. Overall our experience could not have been better. I would recommend Escape Campervans Denver in a heartbeat and hope I will have the chance to take another trip with them! Thank you!

Kim Knoll

We've rented campervans from other companies for long trips and Escape is by far the best. Their vans are equipped with everything you need, and organized in a smart, efficient way. It allowed us to easily get things out of our luggage and not move everything around all the time. The vans are also super reliable as far as their tires, engine, etc. goes. That may sound weird to say, but the last campervan we rented with another company (I don't want to say and ruin their business) had issues like the engine wouldn't allow us to go faster than 60mph, it overheated every 2 hours and the gas line fell off. We were so happy with Escape and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Victoria Gee

Amazing Company! Worked hard to get us on the road in quick time!

Jenny S

So amazing!! The Van was in great shape, had everything we needed and more! Even a solar light! Loved that!

Kirsten Skov

My boyfriend and I loved our Escape Campervan experience! We just went this last weekend throughout Colorado, with low temps in the teens-20's overnight. We were worried about being super cold overnight, but the electric kit with the space heater was wonderful and kept the van toasty! They provided everything we needed, and we loved being able to just wake up and hit the road to our next location without leaving the van if we wanted! The only thing we encountered that was difficult was the water tank freezing, so the faucet wouldn't work for us to clean our dishes easily. But I don't think there is much than could be done about that in the winter months. We had a great time and already thinking about booking again!

delphine blanc

Great experience with Escape Campervans and a very enjoyable trip accross Rocky Mountains NP, the Black Hills and the Yellowstone NP ! the Maverick van was comfortable and suited perfectly our needs. The lovely paint work did not go un-noticed in the parks and campgrounds ;-) The team in Denver was very nice and efficient and made our pick-up and return easy.

Erin Palmquist

Huge thank you to the fabulous Jenna who gave us some awesome tips for our National Parks tour in Colorado. We managed to see all 4 in a 9 day trip. Jenna was not only incredibly friendly but also provided pointers about places to stay and things to see/do along our travel route. She really went above and beyond and was the reason we chose Escape over other rental companies. The van was great too of course! A nice bonus - if they have any towels that people have left behind, they wash them and make them available, just ask. This was a big help as we had flown from CA to Denver and didn't have space to pack them. Also, previous campers leave leftover items in the office which is really helpful. We had brought a few essentials but were able to find pepper, syrup, ziplock bags, trash bags and even coffee and coffee filters. In turn we left what we didn't use at the end. The only thing we would have liked to have is a battery powered fan for use at night. A few more things that would have made the experience that much better: two sharp knives (the one we had worked but wasn't the best), the bed was pretty tough to put back together - may have needed some WD40, the washer fluid was empty after one use. These things are minor though. We will definitely be renting from Escape again. We loved the camper van experience! We had fun seeing other campers along our travels as well. Tip: be sure to listen when they say to dump the sink water often. We waited one day too long and the smell wasn't so nice. After that, we pretty much kept it empty and open when traveling. Also, set the fridge to the middle of the dial. We didn't read the manual ahead of time and froze a bit of our food. All still edible though. The fridge was really great to have - no need to buy ice and constantly clean the ice-chest. It does make a hum off and on at night but we didn't mind. And it's nothing ear plugs couldn't help if you are a light sleeper. Do it, you won't regret it. We look forward to our next trip with Escape Camper Vans. Happy travels!

Rika Friedrich

This was my second time renting a van with Escape and this one we had it for two weeks! With them you literally have all you need with you all the time. Everything is so accessible and converting the van to the bed is not hard at all between driving during the day. Along with all the amenities I live the hand sprayed murals on all the vans, makes them stand out that much more.

Lillian Meyer

Drove around Denver, Glenwood Springs, and Colorado Springs. Once you get used to the big van, it’s not too hard to drive, but it can be kind of scary in the mountains. Overall, I had a good time, and the process was easy. My main complaint is that we had trouble with the heating in the back of our van, but when we got back we were given a discount for our trouble. We had 2 people in a maverick. Any more and I think it would’ve pretty cramped to be spending long amounts of time in the van. I also wish they had provided another thick blanket, as we were only provided one, which wasn’t enough to keep us warm most nights.

Sander Bisschop

We rented a Maverick Campervan for 23 days to roadtrip from Denver to San Fransico. (3400 miles). Really nice vans and helpfull staff. The van is full equiped and offers everything you need to experience the USA at its best.

Francois Grossard

Great service, warm welcome, nice campervans and good advice for discovering the region. This was our second time with Escape Campervans and certainly not the last time!

Nick Lee

My husband and I had the best week in our Escape Camper van. We drove 1600 miles round trip from Denver to Yellowstone National Park and back through Dinasour Monument National Park. The best part was finding gorgeous spots to pull off the road to sit by a river or lake and enjoy a coffee brewed up in the camper. Loved the fact we could pull into a town like Jackson, WY and easily find a park without the issue of manoeuvring a huge RV through town. Folk would also stop and chat to us saying they all loved the painted van so we felt pretty groovy. I felt we were glamping and absolutely loved the experience. We would fully recommend Escape Campers!!! And huge thanks to the friendly efficient staff who checked us in and out especially James at the Aurora depot! Great job guys!!

Evan Voight

Friendly staff and booked our van on 12 hour notice. Great experience!

Mike Kelly

Had the car for 1 day when the brakes gave out. Had to get towed back to the place in Aurora and was charged $950 (also had insurance) for the tow in addition to the $1300 for 8 days even though I only had it 1. Wasn’t willing to negotiate and customer service was poor. Spend your money elsewhere until these clowns can figure it out.

Deborah Bromiley

We can't say enough about our trip to Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado in Fruit Salad, aka "Sugar", a Big Sur model Escape Campervan. The campervan was everything we could have asked for and more.The Denver depot folks, Claudia and Drew, were helpful and enthusiastic. We will definitely be using an Escape Campervan in future travels!!!

Helen Carr

We had a great experience with the folks at Escape Campervans. Everyone we worked with was very nice. They forgot to give us a space heater but i called them and they said we could buy one at the store then they would reimburse us for it. Super easy. Great experience.

Kelsey Krebsbach

Awesome experience. Vans are super cool, stocked with all the essentials. and they really take care of you. Can’t wait for my next trip!!

Kristen Villeneuve

We booked our van over a week ago. We received a confirmation email and reservation number. We bought our non-refundable plane tickets and booked our non-refundable campsites and then a week later received and email that our booking was no longer going to be honored. Now we're out a lot of money. I had a great experience with Escape in California. After this I will never use them again

Sharon Zanti

We loved our escape camper van trip! The van was easy to drive and use. We thought the bed was super comfy too. Loved having everything we needed in one place and not having to worry about packing. We're novice campers, so this was a perfect way to get inspired to camp more!

Lucie Bergdoll

We had a great trip in Wyoming. We rented a van with the tent for 4 people. Everything you need for sleeping, cooking is in the van. We will do it again for sure.

Hudson Baird

Couldn't have had a better trip. I'm a first time campervan user and 100% hooked. This expands your range, increases the quality of time in camp, brings first-time hikers further into nature, and offers a great staging ground for any adventure. The stove and fridge really improve the quality of camp cooking, and I'll absolutely be back to rent again.

Emily Fieldhouse

Couldn’t recommend escape enough. We hired our van for 30 days and had the best time! The staff were super helpful and the trip went really well. As first time travellers to the USA we were amazed at how easy it was to drive and it was so well equipped with all the essentials. We already miss our van and have made memories which we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

Sarah Nelson

The van was so fun to drive around, and so comfy to sleep in! Everywhere we went people wanted to know how we did the beautiful paint job.

Ellen Daoust

This was the best way to travel to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons from Denver. The van designs are smart, efficient, and effective. I highly recommend this way of travel both for convenience and overall fun. The staff are cool and very helpful. Would definitely recommend and do again.

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