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Justin Wright

Dishonest. Use another company. Will tell you to bring fuel receipt back and they will reimburse. Change and say has to be a full tank. Left them a little surprise that will get bigger and more unpleasant. Hope you don't end up with the car we used last! And no, I will not contact your customer service team as you try to lead the droves of other people you ripped off away from Google reviews.

Pachia Xiong

Worst customer service ever! DO NOT rent your car from this place. They are dishonest and rude. Will charge you random fees at the end of rental and won’t give you your money back. I forgot and returned the car tank half full and the guy said he can let me off if I tip him $60. I said no way! He lied to me and said gas is $10.00/ gallon out there and gave me an attitude when I wasn’t willing to tip him. He and his co worker laughed at me and my friend. I was so infuriated, I drove off to go fill up the tank and packed up all my stuff at the gas station so I wouldn’t have to spend another second at their car rental. This is by far the worst service ever. Don’t spend a dime at this place!

Kymberlyn Booker

GREAT VALUE! Vehicle ran great, was clean and service was excellent.

Kaetlynn Kai

***The Payless car rental that is by Detroit metro airport located in a closet at the back of Budget Rental *** First my husband and I walk into Payless and see 3 unprofessional looking ladies and one of them sitting on the counter... lounging around. They were in street clothes, not uniforms like other respectable car agencies they surrounded by. So my husband begins to go over the details of our reservation and we reserved a full sized car.... too our surprise the lady tells us that it's the Chevy impala in the front...which was fine because we rented one before and it was fully loaded and decent.... but little did we know it was a late 2000 model !!!!!!!! Then she continues to talk about the REAL HOUSE WIVES OF ATLANTA with the other workers and handed us a paper to go check the car for any damages ... well we seen the car and all the scratch marks it came with and we immediately requested a different vehicle. She tells us that all the vehicles are reserved and that the impala was a 2015 And they went back to the older body style... which was was a complete lie!!!!!! My husband knows cars VERY WELL ! So then a lady returns a Chevy cruz and we asked for that She then begins to tell us that it needs to be cleaned and we said we will wait Then she says it's last in line and nobody is getting to it now and I'm not cleaning it !!!! She then tells us we can upgrade for an extra 10 a day to an ugly ford escape or jeep Cherokee So the whole issue was these 3 ladies were too lazy and sitting on their fat asses And didn't want to help us at all... it was take it or leave it and we prepaid online so it was the older impala or upgrade They were rude and unprofessional and all 3 need to be fired... we will never recommend this place to anybody and the only time we will be stepping back in the little closet is when we return the car!!

Alex Cruz

These place took so long. I got off my plane around 12 and waited around 3 hours in line to get my car. The car wasn’t clean and I watched them clean my car out as they were driving it up to me. The line was outrageously long. A man behind me got out of line and walked to enterprise and received his car before I even moved a step. DON’T use budget. Ever!!

Lester Terry

Kye Swan

Absolute WORST service I've ever received. If I could give ZERO stars I would. The service rep named Terry was extremely rude and unprofessional. He told me that we could not use my mother's card since it had debit written on the card. So, he refused to even swipe her card. I tried explaining to him that it does read as a credit card and he would see that once he tries it. It is a bank card, which we have used many times to rent a car in the past. I asked him why wouldn't he simply slide the card to confirm whether it was debit or credit. He responded, "because I've done this a thousand times and I already know." My mother told him that we were rental the car for a funeral and he yelled, "I don't care!". Then threw my mom's card and I.D on the counter. Completely uncalled for. I will NEVER EVER return there!

william & brooke

First off, They DON'T TELL YOU they'll put a hold on your CC, they just do it....second off we we're supposed to get a MIDSIZE car.. which we paid for... we ended up with a Hyundai Elantra (very small compact car) WITH BAD, TERRIBLE BRAKES. Windshield Wipers were bad.... Can't get anyone on the phone... Just overall bad experience ... NEVER AGAIN !! GO TO ENTERPRISE OR AVIS

Morgan Haefner

Car was spotless when I picked it up. Great condition. Friendly and helpful staff. Everything was very easy and transparent. Would rent Payless again

rhonda knight


Bogdan Lupu

If you want a car, go somewhere else. I showed up at 8, they were supposed to be open at 7; customer service did not know if they were going to open that day at all. I was one of many who could barely contain their anger. I don't think you'll be the exception and will have a good experience. They are worse than you can possibly imagine!

Felix Cabrera

Daniel Biesecker

Never rent a car from this place. They over charged me by three days. Hard to get your money back. Plus there was no one thier for the car return. Looked for someone to return the car for 20 minutes. Then had to call them and tell them I was leaving the car parked in the return lot. $164.94 for a 52 hr. Car rental. What a joke.

justin williams

I read all the reviews prior to renting a car from Payless car rental. Unfortunately it must've been a busy day at all the other rental locations at the airport bc Payless was the only rental location with cars available. After reading almost 50 of the reviews ( 46 being negative) I found myself debating if I should just Uber around for the 1 day I'm in Michigan or just go for Payless. I decided to give Payless a try out of desperation and noticed that not all of the reviews were right. I didn't wait long in the lobby to get a vehicle I was actually in and out very fast. The vehicle was decent but overpriced for what I'm used to getting for $123 a night at National Rental. I could've rented a luxury vehicle at National Rentals for that price. But the fact that I really needed a car I just got it. I paid close attention to the exterior and interior to make notes on any issues as the guy at the desk told me to only mark spots on the car that are the size of a quarter and larger. Today I made it to turn the vehicle in a 1:03 and unloaded my bags and went to drop off the keys. The clerk went outside for 10 minutes and came back in stating that everything looked good and that they would send me my new bill... That sounded weird especially bc I filled up the tank, cleaned the vehicle out and already had a amount of 123.99 that I was quoted and now he was saying I was going to get a new bill. I didn't have the time to talk so I got to the bus and by time I loaded the plane I received a text from my credit card stating they've charged me $200 for my 1 day rental. I called them and they stated they would refund the difference within the next 7 days so I will update you all on that

Robert R.

Highway robbery... Rental reservations where for $60.99 but the Payless Rentsl charged my credit card $976.09 with no approval to do so or any reason. Called to request my refund and no luck... this Payless location is scam.. stay away... see for yourself, view the pix I posted... Payless Car Rental, please refund my money. For all other cat renters, save you're time and money and Go somewhere else.

justin moeller

They are always really helpful here and the cars are always clean and ready to go!

D-Money The Carnivorous One

Been trying to get ahold of there manager to resolve an issue with there vehicle for a long time and have constantly got the run around from employees trying to cover there tracks or no one at all and I rented from this location alot. Smh You would think I would have received a call by now. I'll never rent here again and won't recommend any of my associates nether! Try budget,at least they care about there regular customers.

Barb Edwards

Not enough staff. They were anxious to leave at 5. They could have tried to be pleasant.


Horrible place to get a rental. First off they lied about there online deal we got on there website. We called to confirm our compact car at that price was available the day before. When we arrived we were told very rudely that there was no compact cars available and our price was tripled for the next cheapest vehicle available. The lady that morning was very rude. We went to Alamo and got a better deal with a respectful agent.

Moussa Fofana

Mickie Loveless

This place is a RIP off charged $70 for gas even though I filled up the tank around the corner before I dropped off the car .. CROOKS!

Kyle Pritchard

Very easy to work with, in and out of rental quickly and efficiently.

Desiree Smith

Victor Rogachevsky

Grace Grace

Ezaan Ebrah

Rented a car from here through travelocity. It cheap but when checking the car from the counter, somehow the fees goes up, which double from the initial price. They charged service fees for every day the car is rent. This is an outrage. Would rather rent from the Enterprise. Somehow, the Payless didn't includes all the fees in the rental just so to attract customers. This is bad ethical practice. Plus, I have been trying to call their office like 5 times and no one is picking up. Been trying to call them for 4 days straight and still no one is answering the phone. The number is dialing so that should mean the line is online. Steer clear from this company!

Danny Wallace

It might take a while to get your car cause there is only one person at the counter but be patient - they are doing the best they can. Your wallet will love you for using this service and sometimes that means waiting

Jamie Howard La Barbera

Nikki at the counter was incredibly articulate in explaining the contract and extremely efficient and friendly, thank you Nikki!!!

Kiva Herrera

This has to be about my 5th time renting from Payless MSY location, and each time has been a pleasure. Quick, Friendly and efficient service every time. I will continue to give Payless my business for my rental car needs!!

Stacey Bullock

Always courteous and pleasant!

Michael Graff

Rented a convertible. Recived a Mustang GT at a very good price. Got the car in about 5 min. Took less than that to return.

Mike Robinson

Do not rent here! Save yourself. I waited in line for over hour outside. They don't answer phones. It's just a small kiosk in the back of a building. No one here is a repeat customer.

Christy Bird

Will force you to buy their "optional insurance" if you do not have a copy of your full coverage policy. Scam artists, rude customer service girl was literally watching Netflix on her phone the entire transaction.

Arish Ashraf

Payless has a really enticing offer for $70 for 3 days. We waited 1 HOUR IN LINE. 1 HOUR! First red flag. We get to the desk and the lady was pleasant at first. When we went to pay, she said “Oh, yeah, we’re gonna charge you $370”. $370! Second red flag. Please avoid Payless at all costs.

Mike Zimmerman

inyang effiong

Good selection of cars at the best price I have seen online especially if you prepay. Internet booking interface is a breeze.. straightforward with very clear options including the various insurance you can add on to your rental. Phone support is excellent and I was able to change rental duration by speaking to q customer service rep on the phone. So why 3 stars? Pickup from the airport to the rental car facility at O'Hare takes really long and not organised. Calling the general customer service number is not much help as you will be directed to call the rental facility directly. My experience getting someone on the phone was not good leading to a super long wait. Apart from above, excellent company.

ted ehrlichman

Dreadful experience from start to finish. Never again.

Chmorie Weber

i agree i rented a car from the online,got the and they told me i needed $650 on my bank card when i already had reservation and paid for the car online, the they said the still had to hold $ 200, when it was all said and done they kept my $200 and said they owl me anything. these people are over charging and nabbing people for there money it sad..reno location buy the bus station RTC..dont go there.

Chazong Xiong

Minneapolis location. This is my 2nd time renting from them. Not worth the savings. Poor customer service. Reserving and picking up car was smooth. However, the return was one of the worst experience with a car rental company ever. I return my vehicle during Terry's shift. He went to look at the gas gauge and told me it's not full and will charge me extra for filling it up. I told him I pumped it before returning it. There is no measuring stick for gas, so I asked him how he determine it is not full. He indicated he looked at the gas gauge. As he said, it does look a slightly off from full. So I drove to a nearby gas station, about 1/2 a mile away. Pumped it to the max, which is only .7 of a gallon extra. It cost me an additional $1.50. You know what, the gas gauge still look like it was not full. Return it and told Terry exactly what happened, that the gauge still does not look like full. Told him to go look at the gas gauge and pump it if he must, the gauge will still show it is not full. Told him he made a big deal out of fractions. Terry had the audacity to tell me that I signed the contract saying I will bring the tank back full. Payless Car Rental, your employee (Terry) lost a returning customer over .7 of a gallon ($1.50). Hope that's worth it.

Robert Schwarze

Cannot get any of their phone numbers or phone number options to work. Disconnects upon making any extension selection.

Mike N

Disadvantages are the off site location which at times is advantageous in terms of pricing. Waiting 15-20 minutes on occasion is annoying.

Michelle Moran

This is probably the worst car rental place out there. I reserved a car for 2 days, and when I picked it up, I specifically asked "what if I need to extend my rental?" The clerk said "just call and extend it, no problem." Well, guess what? There was a problem. I called and asked them to extend it, they said they couldn't because my "contract had already been canceled." What? I have the car! No, it's already been canceled. Ok... so I called Expedia to see if they could figure it out. Payless told them the same thing... my contract was already canceled. What does that even mean? Also, they give no leeway with return times, like EVERY OTHER RENTAL PLACE DOES. Usually places give a 6 hour window! I was 5 minutes late to return (thanks Warwick traffic) and they charged me for an additional 1/2 hour. It wasn't much, but it's the principle of the thing. Don't go here. Spend the extra money and go to Enterprise.

Porschia Mitchell


Suhas Avadhuta

E Rachelle D

The line for rentals was out the door when I arrived; that was an inconvenience, but not the main issue. The problem was the utter rudeness one staffer showed to just about each and every person she encountered. She verbally, continually yelled at a client who had limited English-speaking skills, who was trying to understand what was being said to her. The employee was beyond rude, telling this client she didn't have time to deal with her ineptness, and finally ignored her to help the next person in line. Several others in line stepped in to assist this client, who was close to tears. It'll be my last time renting from Payless. The deal I may have received wasn't worth it.

Matt Fjorden

Great place to rent a auto. Friendly staff too.

Jonathan Cable

A truly horrific wait time to pick up a car, but the lady at the desk is very pleasant. She said she had some employees call out today, hence the wait time. But it was 45 minutes to an hour from when I got there to when I finally got a car. They were cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Cindi Garrett

Marshun Brown

The price was resonable, but the Ford Fusion they rented us had not been cleaned and had a bad tire/axle.

Devera Levin

Very nice service. The young lady was very pleasant, welcoming and efficient

mmg mmg

it close from.home

Ernesto Fabian Miranda

Poor customer service and excessive charges. No apology. No compensation for inconveniences. Not even an explanation of why you need to wait for at least 30 minutes to get a car (and this was not rush hour)

Bruce Beadle

Do not use this agency, they will charge you for some sort of damage. We rented a car and it had a tire with a bulge in it. When we noticed it we brought the car back. (Less than 4 hours later) The guy at the desk was very friendly and helpful, said that it’s not our fault and that he would just swap out cars. The new car we got had a huge coffee stain in the passenger seat, but it was too late to go back in and request another so we settled for the new car and left. Flash forward a month. I was charged for the tire on the original car and also for chips in the windshield, which were put on the pre-inspection form. The process to dispute was horrendous, and they promised to fix it. My credit card was still charged and I will never use this agency again.

Troy Cole

The price was nice. But that was it. The rental experience was awful. They told me to go stand in the valet area and wait for someone to pull my car around. After waiting 30 minutes, still no car. They told me to flag someone down in the valet area to call for my car. Did that, and that person told me I needed to talk to the desk. Over an hour later, they realized they didn't have the car they promised me. They gave me a different one. A dirty Kia with a giant crack in the windshield. Horrible experience. Will never use again.

jamaal curtis

Easy to locate, quick check out and the pretty good customer service. We had a car for a week and it was $377 plus $200 security deposit. So that’s was about $54 dollars a day which is not bad.

Daniel Herried

I flew into Nashville airport this am. Waited patiently until 9 am... an Avis worker came over to help as I was already late and no Payless worker at the station yet. She was having issues with there system. I was charged on my card for the Payless rental then charged again for the rental ultimately done thru Avis but in the Payless system. I’m still working through getting a refund. The 1800 number for Payless is completely useless as well as the phone number on the rental agreement I will never do business with Payless again.

L Babson

All associates were trying to upsell, arguing with customers in the store for all to hear. They said they ran out of cars with 20 people in line. Awful experience.

Steven Reneau

Clay Tapp

Their name might be Payless, but do NOT expect to actually pay less when working with this company. Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had renting a car. First, I waited in line for about 45 minutes to pick up my reserved rental. At the counter, the rental agent asked me nothing, but made sure to add every extra thing he could add. It's ultimately my fault for not checking what he had done, but after waiting 45-minutes, my patience was more than thin and my attention to detail wasn't so good. Something tells me that wasn't an accident! When the car showed up, it had clearly been side-swiped and there was various other damage to the car that was not noted on the damage rider. I made sure they added this notation before I left the lot, which led to the gate agent scratching the notes into the rental agreement on top of another car with a key because he didn't have a pen (I could have lent him one). Had my wife not reminded me to examine the car first, I can only imagine what they would have tried to pull when I returned the car. The real nightmare came after I returned the car and the outrageous charges were revealed - and at this point, it was too late to deal with because I had a flight to catch (again, something that I doubt is a mistake). They had added insurance and other extras, which I didn't need or want, but I had unknowingly opted into since it was never discussed at the counter, and my patience was already thin. On top of this, I had pre-paid for fuel, thinking that any difference in what was used would be refunded upon return (like any reputable company would do). Beware - if you prepay, and you bring back the car with a full tank, they will still charge you for an entire tank of gas. On top of THAT, they later tacked on $35 worth of toll charges, which is ridiculous given that I drove the car on one highway for a total of about 100 miles. Stay far away from this company. Their quote will be lower than their competitors up front, but when you actually pay your bill, you'll find numerous charges that you never discussed. Trust the reviews you read here - You'll be far better off with a more reputable company like Avis, Enterprise, or Hertz. Payless is without a doubt the worst rental company I've ever worked with.

Steve Taylor

Staff is mediocre. Many seen not happy to work there. Pricing was the only reason we used them.

Khalif Boldin

Customer Serive Representives at this location are great...

Patricia Belanger

Good service, prices & cars

C Bett

CANNOT express enough DO NOT rent from this Payless car rental company. Every verbal word is a COMPLETE LIE and their signed contracts are sneaky and meant to screw you!! If you choose to make a very dumb decision to rent from them .... do not trust anything you say. Make sure everything is in writing with THEIR initials! They promised me I could return the vehicle up to a hour late and for me to go ahead and initial filling up gas tank, but if I returned the vehicle with a full tank that would be taken off. Also, he convinced me into upgrading for all these reasons that were total BS! Needless to say, I returned the vehicle 35min late (not a hour) and was charged a full tank of gas even though I had proof! I disputed these items .. you couldn't even talk to someone. All complaints had to be through emails! Grrr... they never even responded. Had to go dispute with my credit card company. Please dont make the mistake of renting from this company!! Nothing like coming back from a great vacation to deal with a company trying to milk every penny from you!! #DontTrustPaylessRental

Larry Daniels

Great People Great Service Great Cars Great Prices

Dane Ramkalawan

I have rented cars from Payless more than a dozen times in the last 4 months. Most of that was from Austin Texas. The willingness from the staff to ensure that you are satisfied is above the other companies that I have rented from in the past. Their prices are the best that there is from any of the rental companies they compete against. My rental experience in San Jose was just as satisfying. Thanks Payless. Dane.

Edd Lopez

I will admit that I was initially bothered that the Pick Up / Drop Off location was not at the airport. However, the transport was smooth, and the coach vehicles to and from were pretty impressive. Far, far more comfy and clean than the typical clanging shuttles. I believe they were actually Mercedes Sprinters (I rented from Minneapolis Airport). The car location was close by. No further than any other offsite terminal, as so many airports have offsite pick ups anyway. The shuttle drivers were informative and kind. And, my vehicle was upgraded and new! Yes, I have noted this rental agency in file and will definitely rent from this facility again.

Courtney Petersen

The absolute worst, DO NOT COME HERE!

Ankit Singhal

Bryant Carson

8 /11/ 2017 customer service was awful and not helpful. Seemed more like they were just their to sit on their behinds and get through the shift. I mean i know its company money but the object is to rent cars . Not find a million excuses not to rent. I think its eaiser to date the presidents daughter than to rent a car from the airport nowadays . Must have credit card or your screwed !!!

Cedric Hubert

The poor lady was the only one working with a line of 15 people and she was using a matrix printer! The car and customer service was good but had to wait at least 2 hours for my car. Will never do that again!

Filipp A

Run of the mill car rental spot on the outskirts of the airport. They share a parking lot with Budget and you can't tell which employee belongs to what company when returning the vehicle.

Luis Alarcón Martínez

It was PERFECT. Staff was lovely, helping us with everything. They even let us enter in their lunch room to prepare some food for our baby before getting the car. Cars are humble but efficient (ours an Hyundai Accent). That's true our on-line price changed from our bill (it sucks) but I have not found one car rental does not do it.

Shelley Johnson

Nice Car but SHOCKINGLY high bill, more than double my quote!

Stephen Rose

Payless = Get Less. Terrible experience, pure bait and switch for the rental at the DTW location. Reserved a SUV a week prior, they offered one of two compact cars at the same rate (the only vehicles they had in stock). No apology, explanation, or advanced warning of the lack of an SUV in stock. Waste of time and money, pay a bit more for a reliable rental company. Do not expect to receive what you reserve/pay for with Payless. Will never go back and strongly advise everyone else to do the same.

Memo Adam

Their name should be “Pay less and Struggle More” if there was a Lower rate than one star I would go with it because this car rental place does not deserve even a one star! Do not get fooled with the low price if they offered them! The service is so bad from my personal experience. I rented from them multiple times but the service was always bad. For instance, last time i rented a car I got a flat tire and I called the urgent road assistance number they provided me with .. 1-waited more than 20 minutes to get answered 2- the car did not have a spare tire !!! 3- the towing service took more than 6 hours to get completed. 4- after they towed the car The agent asked me to go again to the rental shop and get a replacement car 5-when I got there they said we do not have that the car got towed in our system !!! 6- I waited extra hour after the issue got escalated to the hire manager. 7- ended up wasting my time , money , and getting thrown from one person to another !! It is a complete mess ! The company is not organized at all and their systems do not talk to each other ... Their name should be “ Pay less and Struggle More “

patricia jackowski

The best experience EVER. Quick, Pleasant and courteous. Reasonably priced,would you recommend them for your car rental needs. Thank you Steve and staff of the Byberry Rd location.

Rebecca Nunez

Person at counter was rude from the beginning which of course influenced my attitude. It is Thanksgiving so I get it, no one wants to be working. I wanted to change the duration of my reservation. They said I could lengthen it, no problem but if I bring the car in early, I still have to pay full price. I was cutting from 7 days to 4 days since I had to cut my trip short, giving plenty of time for them to re-rent it which I’m sure they would do. So instead of just being a decent business and charging me the 4 days they wanted to be greedy amd make double on days 4-7. I talked the the “manager” Coia and he was also rude and unhelpful. He refused to give me the name of the original employee so I could name him in my complaint. And worst of all, when I asked for his boss’s name and number, “Juanita” so I could escalate the issue, he gave me the number to Avis car rental. Very funny! In the end, I cancelled the entire reservation as I won’t allow a single cent of my money to go to a greedy and unprofessional business. I will NEVER go there again and will discourage others as well.

Dylan Mooney

Friendly staff, fair prices. Located next to the airport but requires taking a shuttle, whereas the other rental companies are located at the terminal making them far more convenient

Steve Angel

Great prices and service. Thanks!

Mark McKain

Very unhappy with this company now. Wife was in accident 2 days ago with rental car (not her fault) They won't release replacement car to me even though I have the paperwork showing the rental. Now she has to drive down here herself (from 1 1/2 hours away) just so we can get the car we already paid for.

Monica Ilies

The WORST. I made a reservation and I pay a cab 40 dollars to pick up the rental car and they told me that they don't have any cars. In top of that they made me wait in line for half an hour knowing that I had a reservation and they didn't have any cars. They don't even apologize. The guy in the counter said that the manager knew the situation and they don't even try to contact me to avoid the situation. To bad I have to give them one star because they deserve nothing.

Michael Smith

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I rented a vehicle in April 2017 from the Denver International Airport. I had reserved it online. I declined all optional services. The agent tried on numerous occasions to get me to buy their loss/damage coverage stating third party insurance companies don't cover damages. WRONG! I declined all optional services. Yet, I was charged $5.99 per day for RSP. I don't even know what that is. They are sneaky in that they add a separate line with no decline next to it so you don't see it when you initial. I didn't notice this optional charge until after the vehicle was returned and I read the invoice closely. What a rip off company. The vehicle was filthy. Customer service was unprofessional. I tried to contact the Denver Payless City Manager to complain. I left several messages on her voice mail requesting a return call. I received no response. Any reputable company would return a disgruntled customer's voice message. I've also contacted Payless Corporate to lodge a complaint. No response from them either. What does this say about the company?

Ann Lee

Joesph Ryle

Do not rent from payless. They rip you off. worst rental experience from ATL I have ever had

Frank Kelly

Very rude clerk. Running late for pick up. Doubled my rate. Went to pick up car was not there. Other cars were available in smaller size but the just made me wiat 20 minutes for over priced car. RIP OFF!!!!

Dharia McGrew

Extreme overbooking event on the big island over the holidays led to hundreds of customers without the car they reserved for over a week. When i eventually got a car (not the one i reserved), i was billed for days i didn't have the car. I have been unable to resolve the issue through their phone or email customer support. will have to dispute through my credit card and will never rent from this company again.

archana reddy

Buster Brown

Mireym Barraza

danny malloy

worst car rental place ever can`t say that enough will rob you blind wish I could take 5 out of the 1 stars that the system made me give -4

Livin’ Like Liv

I started off very pleased. I usually rent from another company but decided to try Payless because of their great prices. My customer service experience from pick up to drop off was exceptional. Smiling faces the whole nine. This is were they lost me. I am by far not a rookie at renting cars. I came home in March of this year. Before exiting the property I like all seasoned renters checked the vehicle for any damages. Well I noticed a couple things so I took some pics of the things I noticed reported them on the little sheet that they give you at the booth and left with no worries; or so I thought. These people actually had the nerves to file a damage claim for $547 and some change with me through Sedgwick and Associates. I immediately called the claim officer on the letter that I received in the mail and told him no sir this is definitely not my fault. I sent him my pics and told him they did not give me a copy of my reported damage sheet and asked him to request it because this was done before I rented the car. I mean before this claim was filed you would have thought that they would have investigated throughly for themselves. NOPE!!! I explained to him that the car looked like it had just been returned and cleaned out really quickly and washed without any type of inspection before renting it out again. He was very helpful and appreciated all the information that I was able to give him. After a couple weeks I received a letter in the mail stating that this claim against me was closed. I tried to file a complaint with the 800 number that does nothing so my next move is the BBB. My advice if you do decide to take a chance on this particular location is to take pictures of anything that you think might be an issue and request a copy of the damage form before leaving the premises or just simply ask for another vehicle. But after all this what really pisses me off most is that they never apologized in any way, shape, or form. No text, email, letter nothing. That definitely made what I said above at the beginning of my review null and void after this horrible experience. One thing I will say time stamped pics+matching the damaged claim+plus time stamped receipts+reporting the damage before pulling off=them looking really bad!!! -Signed A customer you almost had that slipped through your fingers -Ms. Proby

Mike Niznikiewicz

I've been parking here for years. Always good service and great prices. 3 days for $21! Ridic. Free shuttle to the airport and easy to call the shuttle for a return trip back from the airport. I've never had a problem and I've seriously been parking here for about 5 years. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for cheap, convenient parking at O'Hare.

Stewart B.

We reserved a midsize. They charged for a midsize, then tried to give us a subcompact. When that didn't work they tried to give us an SUV for $20 more per day. Then they had a very hard sale on the insurance, and for a while it didn't seem that they would take no for an answer.

Lily P

The jeep renegade was fine until the second day of use - it lost a part while we were on the highway at 1am and I could no longer accelerate, very scary. Had to pull over, called Payless - the staff who assisted me had no clue what to do in these cases but at least they gave me the number for their roadside assistance. Had to wait for tow truck and get an Uber ride from highway to hotel. The next day I took another Uber ride to Payless to resolve this. Eric (one of the manager's there) was very rude, didn't help at all, was blaming me for this and wanted to put it through my own car insurance; he works in customer service and has no customer service. Crazy! They gave me a car that they never maintained and it failed. I had to speak with the regional manager, Mark, on the phone while at Payless to resolve this. Took 3 hours of my vacation dealing with Eric and Mark. Finally, it was resolved, the jeep was checked out and it was something with the manufacturer - again, they don't service their cars and arent up to date on recalls apparently... Mark later reached out to me and reimbursed me for the Uber rides and the rental. Went to Enterprise right next door and they did all they could to make me happy.

Mohammadreza Nikfal

Very cheap, pay for Hyundai Accent, drive Hyundai Elantra

Bill Khang Nguyen

Getting the car was fast as there was no line when I gor there. Nice, clean, affordable rate. Returning the car was a breeze too. Strongly recommend.

Tori Harris

I would highly recommend using this company for any and all car rentals! Had slight issues with the male employee during the time of pick up. He became agitated at us when my husband declined all of the upgrades. If you dont want the upgrades MAKE SURE YOU DECLINE THEM. If we had gone with the upgrades we would've spent an extra $300 that wasn't truly necessary.

Tina Crawford

Bernice Hardy

Look forward to my next rental. Please send couple discount.

hassfx .

Robinson Pulgarin

Never rent here again. They must inform clearly of restrictions. I got a confirmation online. Then when came to pick up car they ssy no. Need credit card. I have in my bank 4 times more the usual credit limits. They couse a huge loss of time and money. They must be more specific on restrictions. They say is different when you are local. But when u do the reservation you put your home address. So yeah right they accept confirmation without knowing I was local.

Philip Brown

Shuttle service took forever. All other companies had at least 10 buses come by before Payless. Waited 37min for shuttle bus. Once I arrived at the counter it was even slower. Last minute reservation leaving me this as the only option. Not even a good last option and more expensive than my normal go to.


Cost increased from your online booking for no reason. No proper explanation for the cost. Just had to go with whatever they say

Julio Kollerbohm


The worst customer service! There was no customer service at all! They fail to tell you that you can't rent a car with a Illinois DL and a debit card. Very rude at the location and over the phone! now I'm stuck stranded with no car! if I could give 0 starts I would! Stay far away from this car rental scam!

Angie Curley

We had to wait an hour and a half to pick up the car we reserved. The no smoking car reeked of cigarettes and gas tank was 3/4 full. At drop off, Carolyn at the desk was very rude. I was trying to return and was apparently on the wrong side of the return sign. Her comment was “You aren’t in the return line. I just thought you were Joe Schmoe or something.” We won’t rent from a Payless again.

Mahala Spann

I just arrived at the airport to pick up my rental car. The woman was rude from the start. She told me she needed a utility bill matching my drivers license. I was never informed about that after making the reservation online. So now I'm stuck without a rental car for 2 weeks while my car is being repaired. Save yourself the trip here and go elsewhere.

Jennifer Thompson

What can I say? Friendly service... convenient drop off hours... free airport shuttle. No complaints. Update (6/6/18): this specific car rental business seems to be located at the airport now. Convenient, but I didn't know of the change & was waiting at least 45 minutes for a shuttle that never showed up.

Tanya Nobblen


Jay Finney

This has been the WORST rental experience thus far. Getting the car was no problem. Turning it in was a nightmare. Apparently in Nashville you are supposed to bring your paperwork back to the desk after you drop off the car. The guy in the garage did not tell me that. Five days later I get a call from their collections department asking when the vehicle will be returned. I told them I returned it already. I got the run around for a while then had to speak to 4 different people. They finally located the car and closed out my account. They sent a receipt for 190.01 but withdrew 360.00 from my account. Then when I called CS all they could do is open another ticket. Never have I dealt with such an unprofessional company.


Always a great attitude! Car rentals for me here never gave me no issue nor less no problems, I come here first then ANYWHERE ELSE! Prices are affordable! Thanks to all who make my road trips more comfortable

Joe K

Let me start by saying I'm a very frequent traveler and not a whiner. Poor customer service. Had a reservation for a car. Took my driver's license and credit card and went through the motions of renting a car. At the end of the transaction I was told it would be a 45-minute wait for a vehicle. They tried to tell me they had no cars because they had to be cleaned and it's no that day. This is Chicago. I had to travel to Milwaukee. It was 3 in the afternoon. This meant every 5 minutes delayed getting on the road would be 10 more minutes sitting in traffic. After I asked for them to make me a reservation at the same rate with another car company I came to find out that there were six people ahead of me waiting for cars. My name was now on the list. I walked to the next counter and rented from Dollar. I was out of the facility in 10 minutes. 94 minutes later I got a call on my cell phone letting me know there was a car ready for me. Guess which company I won't rent from in Chicago in the future. Maybe at other locations as well. I would like to add that none of the other rental car companies of which there are about a dozen had any issues either.

Jerome Chavis

Don't ever rent from least the Atlanta airport location...I rented a car e weeks out. When I went to pick up, they told me along with dozens others they were out if cars...apparently they overbook all the time.

Danielle Venice

I had the worst customer service service experience with the clerk at the front desk I’ve ever encountered in my life; how does she have a job after reviewing the reviews here? She was miserable from walking up and started to demand I call progressive while she listened in - among other things. Needless to say this isn’t their policy, and Hotwire and Payless refunded amount. She couldn’t even dial the phone to her manager! Incompetent.

DansterK kinikini

Had a horrible experience. I returned the gas tank full, but they charged my card for a full tank gas. I contacted customer service to remedy the situation. I was told they would investigate and call me back. They have not returned the money. I don't have the time to chase down the money. I will just take my business to a competitor

Chris Hughes

Mario m

Pradeep Ravichandran

Piyush Mathur

DO NOT TAKE PAYLESS ! Extremely unreliable service - looking to thug you at all times. Dropped in the car a couple of hours late. The guy at the receiving counter, says "no problem, have waived off the late charge". Realize later than 100 USD has been charged as extra ! Enquire by calling their call center -they say its precautionary and will be waived off. Check my bank statement a week after and there is nothing waived off. Call up the call center again and this time they say, we charged for late drop-off ! 3 people 3 different answers and a 100 bucks that have vanished among all the lies ! NEVER TAKING PAYLESS AGAIN.. I now understand why their counters at SJC are almost always vacant !

Leigh Clayton

Have used Payless at Denver a number of times. Last time was booked by work and I couldn't avoid. Consistently slow. Shuttles very infrequent (plan to wait at least 16-20 min both for pick up and drop off), shuttles often have no AC or limited in summer. often need to wait a bit when dropping off a car. Staff fine. Check in often slow but not dissimilar to rental places generally .

natasha carter

I have had the best experience with this car rental place. They are friendly and helpful. The cars are up to date and nice. The staff went out of their way to make sure that I was satisfied. I highly recommend Payless Car Rental

igor ristevski

Worst costumer service.i rent car few times the cars are always dirty and they have 1 employee,i was waiting 1 hour to pick up and when i was returning they charged me 30% plus for some fees.i wouldnt recomend to anyone...

K Rattan

Rented from BWI airport the car I got was a charger ...Hemi engine ...biy was that thing fast . Total cost $40.00. with a $500.00 hold on my credit card which was high... Don't forget to bring proof of insurance if you are goung to use your own insurance.. Fast service. Had 3 people infront of me in the line and I wanted probably 15 min until I was at the front desk. Will use again... ohh I used hotwire to book the car.... Good Luck !

Srikanth Gokarakonda

It's a very bad car rental.... they show you cars for 15 to 20 $ per day. At the end when you return the car they charge you double the rate saying some fees. And the most horrible thing is , if you want insurance it is 30 $ per day just for loss damage waiver. If you want full insurance it is 60 $ per day. this car rental is a big joke. Don't go with the low prices they show. Better go with enterprise or hertz even if the prices show up little high.

Clear Creek

Extremely long wait time due to highly unorganized and untrained counter staff. People in line ahead of me were ready to kill someone. Once I made it to the counter, they did not have the vehicle I requested because plates had expired?? I returned the car they gave me 2 days early due to change in business trip and now Payless will not refund for the early return. Last time I'll ever rent from this place. Do yourself a favor and avoid this business like the plague!

Aaron Thomsen

Reserved a car from MSP same day. Arrived at my reservation time and no one at counter or kiosk. Customer service is an international call centre center that could only tell me "The counter is open. They should be there." Don't rent from Payless.

kbodden .

The mechanics behind obtaining a rental with this company went smooth for me. This location was in stock with vehicles, the one I picked was clean, and well maintained for the most part. Before leaving with the car I noticed the notification light for low tire pressure, immediately notified the personnel. They were able to quickly address and correct the problem. For this I gave 3 stars. Overall customer service was on the slower side. On both ends of my trip it had been few customers to be serviced and it still seemed to have taken longer than one would expect. There was lack of genuine hospitality, active engagement, and just overall positive attitude to want help the customer. For that I gave 0 stars. In a nutshell, this location got the job done but definitely failed on being able to create a good and positive experience for me. Yes, I would use them again, but would be last on my list of car rental agencies to choose from when I'm in Chicago.

nikita lewis

Beautiful SunShyne

L. Anderson

I rented from Payless while having my car repaired and was skeptical, because of their super low prices. Well, I made my reservation over the phone, quick and easy. I was nervous, because it sounded like a random person was at home taking my information. When I arrived to pick up my car, the person I made the reservation with had entered that I made my reservation through Expedia, which was a lie. Anyway, I picked up my rental from Issa, who had a bit of trouble locating the reservation, but he eventually found it and sent me on my way. I had a new Ford Focus which had the SYNC. There was a sticker about Sirius, but I never used it since I was able to connect my phone via bluetooth. Let me say... I had SO much fun driving this car! There is a $200 hold with a credit card and with debit cards, a $200 hold with a credit check. Gone are the days of a credit card giving you a pass on the hold... Enterprise also holds this amount. Now... The extension... Bless Payless... I learned when I extended my reservation that IF YOU EXTEND YOUR RESERVATION AFTER THE FIRST SEVEN (7) HOURS, YOU ARE CHARGED A $10 FEE AND THE ADDITIONAL DAYS ARE AT WHATEVER THE CURRENT RATE IS AT THAT MOMENT. That is something important which would be nice to know upfront. As for the car, I returned it in tip top condition, with more gas than when I rented it. Another negative? They charge nearly $10/gallon of gas if they refill it and if you are late returning it, you are charged $15/half hour. I guess they have to make their money somehow. *Shrugs* Every company has it's pros and cons, but overall, my experience was pretty good. I would not mind renting from them again, especially at these prices. :-)

Damaris Quintana

Great experience at Payless Chicago ORD and super affordable. The new facility is beautiful and super easy to navigate.

mtanoto .

AVOID this car rental! The worst from beginning to end. Car not maintained well and they push blame on the customer when something is wrong with the car.

Nicholas Gonzalez

Literally no one there, long line at the kiosk we were moved to where ppl were sent to spots w/ no cars. I don’t leave bad reviews almost ever so this was BAD.

Charlie Miller

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They attempted to blame active duty military member for damages that were clearly multiple days/weeks old, and couldn't even produce a record of what damage had been recorded on the car. Terrible customer service- when they were asked for a roadside assistance number (since car had no spare tire) they disgustedly responded with "that's not included in your rate you'll have to call the military" (like the DoD runs 24/7 tow trucks?) Then after much prodding, gave the number for the Hyundai dealership (thanks, so helpful!). Will ensure they never get another dime from all military members who were on this trip. Ever.

Sean McGarry

Discount rental cars. Older cars than you would typically expect with obvious wear and tear. But that is priced in. Shuttle is not labelled for Payless. Use the Avis shuttle.

Tom Pong

Booked and received confirmation online for truck rental at San Jose airport, once arrived to pick up truck with confirmation, the lady reservation at counter said “they have to truck.” I was SOL and very upset from a long flight... they won’t rent from other rental to help or substitute. Just a horrible experience, I will never do any business with Payless ever! Did you know Avis budget rental own Payless. Please ignore this horrible company.. I filed a compliant With BBB as well.

frankie murphy

Worst experience of my life. Overcharged me $460 and when I contacted customer service, they said only Corporate could reverse the charges. No contact for the Corporate office though, that can only be done via a website. Three weeks later, and four calls to customer service, I'm still waiting for the reimbursement. First and last time I rent from this company.

David Hart

I sent one of my employees here for a rental car to take for some training out of state. I booked the reservation for $165 and the employee brought back all the receipt documentation for $560. I called to try and discuss with the rental group and they NEVER answer their phone. Went through the national agency and all they do is funnel your complaint to a department that sends an e-mail closing the complaint b/c they deem the charges accurate. Updated review: agency did finally work with me on the charges and provided a credit for some of the additional charges. Appreciated their follow-up on this and will work with them again in the future.

kanozig Last name

Worst Experience ever! I booked this for my wife weeks in advance, there was NO WHERE stating we needed $2,000 charged on a car to be able to rent. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. ITS FREEZING IN MICHIGAN and my wife has NOWHERE TO GO! Unreal, this is pathetic and this place needs to go out of business. YOU just put my loved one in jeopardy with a policy that I could not even find on my reservation. $2,000 FOR A DEPOSIT?!?!?!?! AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Prabhat Singh

If there is a way to give negative star, I will. Staff is rude and they preferred to talk to each other rather than helping customers. I have been waiting here for an hour and still don’t know how long it’s going to take.

Neil Williams

Don't do it. Their rates may be cheap, but their service is terrible. They aren't actually located at the airport and it was a horrible chore to drop the vehicle back off. Just pay the extra 5-10 bucks a day for a different company, and save yourself grief and time.

Joanne Johnson

They are so rude charged me $80 for half tank of gas and were suppose to refund i called and was told "sorry" when nobody knew where the gas release was when i tried to get gas!! Will never rent from them again and dont recommend them!!

Mark Dyer

Should have read the other reviews. This company is a sham. I rented a car in early June. Had so many nickels and dings that I couldn’t get them all listed on the damage sheet. Then a month after my rental they found a ding I had missed and charged me an extra $180. Theycan charge low rates because they make it up by charging you for damages you didn’t do

Ann Daluz

Thank you for making my vacation a happy one! Your representative was very helpful and pleasant. It was a pleasure to meet him. Also, I am very pleased with the cleanliness and service of the car. Thank you, Payless, for thinking of the working person and making this rental very affordable. Hope you are around for a long time! Ann D.

Erik Symansky

Great price and car but baddddd service

Mackenzie Dougherty

I would not recommend or return here. I'd rather pay a little extra and go somewhere else for sure.

Tyler Gordy

Absolute worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Truly horrendous.

Cassie Brayton

The WORST customer service I have ever experienced while renting a car. I rent cars very often and have never had charges that I verbally declined show up as charges that I accepted. The company has charged me over $120 in additional charges that I declined and will not provide me with a refund. I read reviews often and grow wary of the "woe is me" reviews, but I left my first and only review of a company to let other people know go rent anywhere else but here to be treated like an actual customer.

ray ridders

great price. drop off was efficient. pick up was slow but a free upgrade was offered

Andrew Cannone

Jason Holmes

The service was fast and efficient. My family was provided an updated 15 passenger van that was comfortable and spacious. The vehicle was a beast on the road and was excellent on gas. Great customer service. Thank you payless staff!

Cloyce Parker

Phenomenal Team

Tre Retter

Nice people, when you can find them.

Batmandakh Erdenebileg

Agents are very helpful!

Jimmie Ahrend

Should of read the reviews. CONSUMERS READ THE REVIEWS. Nice selection of cars. But if you book online DO NOT take any "complimentary" upgrades and listen to what they say. STICK WITH WHAT YOU BOOK WITH. Thought I was getting a complimentary upgrade to a larger vehicle and told to return it "two hours" before my return time to get some of the expense knocked off. Went to return and the price was jacked up over a 150$. When asked why and what happened to if I returned it two hours early I'd get a discount I was told by the "not so caring" attendant I signed for it and that I had to return my car "four" hours early to not get charged an extra day. She didnt care and needless to say did not attempt to help. Oh and they were quick to throw that upgrade fee on my credit card which if I had signed for it then why wasnt it pre authorized originally? Lesson learned buyer beware I'll take my business elsewhere like Enterpirse.

Kari Dandurand

Have you ever listened to your employees. I could hardly understand ANYTHING this guy said, also I had to repeat everything 3-4 times to make sure I understood what he was asking.

Ann Smith

It was an excellent value and the car was fine for a compact no frills vehicle. I was a little hesitant. The only issue I had was I didn't have the credit card I prepaid with due to the bank sending me a new card. That was really stressful but after I found out the last four digits of the old card by calling my bank everything was fine. Had it not been for that which was not their fault it would have gone off without a hitch.

Mark Drew

Great prices, but last time I had to wait a long time because they were understaffed.

D Bender

Shame on me for having ignored the horrible reviews to save about $20... my cheapness has cost me over $150 (so far)... and HOURS of frustration! Don't be fooled by the lovely agents they have working the desk... they are great! The rate was great! The car was great! The trouble begins when you try and call them and NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE! Not even an automated response.... and then, there is the fraudulent charges upon drop off. It's disgusting and I've still got HOURS of fighting them to look forward to....

Melissa Spearman

I have rented many cars over the last three or four months and this is hands-down the worst car rental experience I have ever had. I showed up at my time scheduled I was told I had to wait one hour I was price gouged I had to pay three times the amount that I was scheduled to pay according to my booking. My reservation was for 11 I got out of the airport at 1:30 only to have to turn around on the interstate My Car broke down on the interstate. I was given the junkiest wrecked old beat up car only to have to turn around with the dogs in the car and trade out for another car. Now it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon when my reservation was for 11 AM. I do not expect to pay anything more than what I was quoted on my reservation. All tourists and consumers please beware do not use Payless car rental. I will go on every social media site and every review site to make sure that everyone realizes how terrible they are in the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

K Quest

Not good i had confirmed reserations.FrontDesk Clerk would NOT ACCEPT DEBIT CARD.ONLY Major Crdit cards.Should have informed be before going all the way out there to BWI.Waste of time !!!!

D Deal

Worst rental experience of ~50 in the last year. Three slow agents with a line of 16+, took 32 minutes to get the car. Discourteous agent trying to up-sell insurance, car selection, and fuel with nearly overt threats about "what ifs." My flight had been cancelled, and I wasn't given the revised rate Payless quoted on the phone, only an agent runaround about submitting the claim to management afterward. Shuttle didn't drop off by airline as other rentals do. Payless won't see me again, and I recommend they don't see you, either!

Vic Tor

If you hire people and pay them to work there you should expect at least something out of them. I did not pay a pretty good rental fee to be treated with disrespect at the counter. The girl was on her phone chewing gum and talking the whole transaction of me obtaining my rental. Wouldn’t answer Any questions nor cared to answer any questions. What a joke pay less. Get it together and give a job to someone that deserves it.

Jason Chu

Jennifer Chung

We started our rental car / trip in Sacramento CA and when we arrived to pick up the rental car (that we had reserved 2 months in advance), they said they were out of cars and we would have to wait. Customer service was ok in Sacramento, although we had to wait about 45 mins for a car in order to rent it. We returned our car in San Jose CA at the airport. They over charged us for not having a full tank (when we actually DID have a full tank) and blamed it on a "computer glitch". When we went to get this corrected at the Payless Car Rental counter on the first floor, the lady that helped us gave us attitude (as if it was our fault the computer over charged us) and her customer service / communication skills were non-existent. We will NEVER rent a car from Payless again, and suggest that others do not either.

omid BA

Tilah Robinson

They r great

John Wilson

Totally painless and hassle free. I was greeted promptly and they had the car I rented in the lot. I did not have that experience with another company recently, so this was a pleasant surprise. The lady I dropped the car off with also had a smile on her face and a great attitude. Refreshing to get this kind of service. I will be back.

Dex Stephens


I got a free upgrade! Super cheap too thanks

Moshe E

Terrible customer service if you have any problems you can talk to the wall I got a car without the registration sticker don't believe the five star reviews I have nothing against Payless just the true horrible horrible don't go for the price and save yourself headache

Sanker Gopinathan

Kasia K

Aniruddha Sinnarkar

I have used the car parking and valet services. The staff was prompt and courteous. There is a shuttle to the O'hare airport every 15-20 minutes. It does take some time to reach the airport as the shuttle route is full of traffic most of the time. So, I would suggest planning to be at the parking location a little earlier to avoid any delays. The valet service was quick. I had the car ready for me when i returned back from my trip. Plus the pricing is competitive and they offer discounts as well. i have been there two times and had a good experience. I intend to go there again in the future. Keep up the good work!

Jill Swanson

Went to rent full size car there last week, had car reserved a month prior, only to get there and have the girl tell me "We don't have any full size cars, you'll have to take a smaller one" When I said that would not work due to the extra luggage and people I had with me, she then said, "Well, all I got is a Pickup Truck." Not acceptable given the age of my riders and the fact that the weather was not conducive to having 5 suitcases in the back. Payless did nothing to help me in this situation. I am NOT HAPPY with their customer service.

C phibbs

Worst company ever! I will gladly pay 10 X more to be with any other company then Payless. They lie, have old junk vehicles and customer service - it's more like what customer service?

Christopher Taylor

They are some crooks!! They quoted me $196 when o booked it online and when I got there they told me I had to put down a $200 deposit and I would get it back when I returned the rental. I declined the insurance and they charged me for it anyway along with $100 of taxes and fees so I ended up paying $396 for the rental because they lie and say the $200 is a deposit when it's really hidden fees that they don't plan on giving back to you. I read 800 reviews with other people saying the same story how they got robbed. They need to be shut down I wouldn't rent or recommend anybody rent from there ever!!

Terri Toner

Extremely helpful and you can rent a car quickly

kcomaty .

Don't use this place. They charged me 56.19 for fuel. I filled up one mile away before I dropped off the Jeep. Very unorganized place. Completely mismanaged. Tried to call and explain what happened. Nothing done to fix this .

Tom Nguyen

Advertised 18 dollar a day, rented for 2 day, final bill 96 dollars. Charge a bunch of phantom fee. Rent from other reputable company

ATraveler xxx

Horrible. As a frequent business traveler, I rent a lot of cars. If you need flexibility and customer service, this is company is not for you....or be prepared to PAY a lot.

Ed Cerier

The car was filthy (I'll spare you the details) and one of the tires was low (the warning light was on). When I pointed it out, the person I spoke with didn't care. Overall, the customer service was painfully slow and indifferent, and their systems were terrible. For example, after I checked the body of the car for damage, I had to return to the counter and wait in line to report all the damage. Also, at the end of my visit, when I returned the car, instead of having someone meet me in the lot, check the car and give me a receipt, I had to go inside and wait in line. Even the bus to the airport was a problem. I had to wait 20 minutes, and the pickup spot is in the middle of the lot. (Good thing it wasn't raining or snowing). Even their sign was a problem. It was so small, I drove past their lot when I was returning the car, and it took me 20 minutes to find where they're located.

Deion Roopnarine

I understand the constructions going on at LGA Airport in NY. I had to take two shuttles to get to Payless Car Rental. My Car was ready when I got there, however, they let you check outside of the car yourself which is fine, I failed to check inside the car, after I singed that everything was good. I got into the car, it has that cheap hotel smell,(4 hour stay) cigarettes smell, the car smell really, really bad! I found hair strand on the roof of the car, shoe prints on the dashboard, let just say, they did not clean the inside of the car. Always believe you get what you paid for!

naizhu li

took so long to waiting for my respond,service so bad...

Paula Robredo Mengual

Very bad quality cars and bad service. I don't recommend it. They changed me the car 3 times with bad mood because of the bad status of the cars they have.

Josh Heiner

NOT on property as advertised. Pickup van just drove past pickup (with no one other than driver occupying). 1 hour line with 1 employee checking people in and 5 others standing around.

Eric Blah blah

Double checked the night before that my car would be ready and available the next day. I arrived on time and was told there is at least a 4 hour wait with 4 people in front of me. The guy that gave me news was very unfriendly!!! Never ever payless again. I walked to another rental service and got a car for 20 dollars in total more. When you are on vacation and need a car do not chance going with the cheapest Payless.

Zach Doerr

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A REVIEW YOU CAN TRUST? Well, hopefully mine will help! I booked a Full sized car through Kayak for $117 for 5 days at this location, but after I read the reviews, I was so nervous I wanted to cancel the reservation I made. I kept going back and forth.... wanting to cancel and pay more for a brand I trusted, like Hertz. Anyways, when i got to the airport, I waited maybe 7 or 8 minutes for the shuttle, not bad at all. It was 9pm at night. Once I got to the rental counter, I waited 5 minutes in line, and it took LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to do all the paperwork. Here's where they loose a star- no one really told me anything about the rules. Thankfully I've rented frequently before, and I know about all the fees to avoid, like tolls and insurance and fill-up fees. They just kinda threw the keys at me. The Camry was in good shape with 30,000, had no issues. When we returned it (at 5am), again it took less than 5 minutes to process the return, and maybe 15 minutes for the shuttle. For what I paid, I was extremely pleased. I will rent here again

Inesa F.

Save yourself some stress and Do not rent from this company. Rented a car for a business trip in Baltimore. Company decided to extend that business trip for a new meeting in NYC buying the flights back from NY as well. Tried to return the car a day earlier at their NY location only to be told that they won’t accept it and I have to go drop it in Baltimore only. I explain that their contract agreement does not state that and no one ever informed me of such thing. Called corporate explained that my flight is from NY and I can not drive to Baltimore and then take a taxi back to NY if I am actually at their location in NY. They refused to accept the car and said that I will be charged every day until I personally go drop them the car in Baltimore. Waisted 3,5 hours for nothing at that office and with corporate on the phone. Only for them to say “no, go back to Baltimore” and then hang up. I gave up the fight left the car key on their counter, car in their parking lot and left. Was 15 min late for my business meeting because of this. Will take it with my bank from here. Never again renting from them. They make no sense.

jeremy heffner


Precious Mines

Jen Walker

Karen Degges

You do pay less for a car here, but there were drawbacks. First, we waited a long time for their shuttle to take us from the airport to their off-site rental facility. Second, once we got there, I waited in line 40 minutes to get the car that I had pre-reserved. The car was fine, as was the employee who I eventually got to speak to. But if you value your time and limited energy, then a bigger rental company (like Enterprise or Alamo), would be the faster more streamlined option. We watched their shuttles go by over and over while we waited for the one Payless one to come by. This experience will make me look harder at the total rental car cost before I book next time.

Denise Styx

I would give them a negative number if I could. I reserved a car thru Priceline for Payless Car Rental and was given a total, including rental and all taxes and fees. First, I waited for 25 minutes for the ONE person in front of me. Then I had to listen to a 20 minute discussion with his manager AFTER he called me to the desk about why this guy hadn't had his break. The reserved price was not met. I was forced to take additional services of $5.99 per day or not get the car. So, in truth, this car rental was more expensive then others. Once I got to the car, I made sure to look it over. There were huge scratches on the front quarter panel. They wouldn't have noted the damage and would/could have charged me for it. Bad customer service. I talk to them 3 times on the phone, twice on the internet thru their website, and to two different people on the day I picked up the car. They were all extremely rude! So Please BE AWARE! These guys don't stand by the reservation price, and they "FORCE" you to take additional coverage or not rent the car.

Paul Kallevig

Robert Chaney

Be careful when prepaying for a car as you will pay MORE for less. I prepaid for a full size car. Upon arrival I was told they had a Toyota Corolla, a Mazda 3 and a Chevrolet Cruz. I told the guy that I had rented and needed a full size car and I had prepaid for it. He told me those were my only choices. He then said I prepaid for "full size or similar". Ok. Now I was in a Seinfeld skit. When I prepay that means I will be arriving and I will be getting the car. The fact that a full size and a compact are two car classes apart does not fit the "similar" description. I asked if they had anything bigger than the three compacts. "Sorry. You can come back tomorrow and we might..." I would be 4 hours away the next day. Had I prepaid for a Toyota Corolla I would have paid a significant smaller amount. Instead I got stuck with the bill for a car two classes above what I was given. When I filled out the after rental survey and expressed my unhappiness I received an email saying how sorry they felt and that they could use this for training later on. That's great for the next person who actually get's what they paid for. But I feel a reimbursement for the level of car I received is in order since they had nothing similar to a full size car. I will not be using Payless in the future if it can be avoided. Everyone else needs to be aware that reserving and prepaying for a certain size car means nothing to the company. You will get to choose from the leftovers.

Sharon Jones

My experience with Payless was really good. I was renting because my car had been totaled in an accident. When I mentioned that the staff person at Payless was really supportive!!

Jeron Taylor

Rude staff and stinky truck. That was before we shut the truck off. Now we shut the truck off for lunch. Then it won't even start. Called for help and told we need to pay to have it towed back. What? Nope will never, ever, ruined our trip.

Raj sheikh

What a joke. 25 people in the line 2 employees working. Where is the manager?? Horriable....

Bob Collins

Fast, easy and significantly lower priced. Brand new Kia Optima with 219 miles on it. We arrived late evening and the rental desk was closed with signs noting to use the Avis desk. They had our complete reservation and was processed quickly. This was my first use of Payless and would definitely use again. I was hesitant after reading many of the reviews but took a chance due to the savings. I think many of the bad reviews come from first time renters not understanding Rental car policy for all companies to not accept Debit Cards. The was a women at the counter having fight over the very same issue when we picked up our car. I don't think people are aware that all rental companies do not accept Debit cards.

karlene bloom

Our flight was delayed and we arrived after 11pm. Apparently payless closed at 11pm. So.... out of luck until 7am. After shuttling back to the airport, we were told that we didn't honor our contract so our $270 car rental became a $500 car rental. DO NOT USE PAYLESS OR THEIR AFFILIATES... BUDGET AND AVIS.

Aleta Griffin

Had a very good experience with this company. And they were very helpful with any issues i had.

Patrick Noling

Arrived in Minneapolis with a reservation made with Payless. Had rented from them last year and found the experience more than satisfactory. This time, however, was quite different. I called from the dedicated terminal phone to have the Payless shuttle pick my party up and brings us to their off airport lot. Waited 20 minutes and called again. Was told van was on the way (a short drive). Waited 20 more minutes and called a third time...This time I was asked if I had called before because he had no record of me calling. I had enough of this incompetence, so we walked upstairs and promptly rented a nice Camry from from Advantage and we were on our way in minutes. Payless experience was very disappointing.

Michael Ladd

Quick, cheap and the car was as advertised. I will use them again.

Andy Zhang


Chris Garcia

Experience was not good. I check in thru the avis counter because there is no payless rep. They send me into the parking lot to pick up a car, however i am unable to get to the location because they have "staged" the parking lot. I had to walk back and they had to come out and look at the parking lot with me. I rented a full size car but the guy quickly gave me a compact because i was unable to get to my actual rental. The Car had GUM in the seat and food all over the middle console. When i returned the car they could not give me a copy of my final receipt, and told me they would email me, but they never did. Now i am trying to get a copy of it, but they are telling me it will take 4 hours to email it. I cant speak to anyone at the actual location, only the call center in mexico that has no ability to assist me.

Stacey Carey

I paid for my rental when I picked it up and was charged the full amount again after dropping it off. I call to get it resolved and no answers can be given to me as to why I was charged again. Supposed to hear back from corporate in the next 72 hours and I hope it will be resolved then. This is absolutely ridiculous....

Gerald Silver

Easy in easy out. Staff at check in were very professional and Polite!

Donald Law

This business is horrible. Stay away. I traveled to Denver, CO with my elderly father who has COPD. Obviously the flight was stressful enough. Once we finally land we go to the car rental agency and wait in line for an additional 2 hours. After this wait and taking care of my father the whole time, I specifically told the attendant at the counter that I wished to decline the additional insurance and handed her my personal insurance that would cover me. She rang me up with it anyways, and due to the stressful scenario and the fact that she never stated totals or anything (just showing me where to sign and date) i initialed off on the price with the additional insurance. After driving an hour and a half to my sister's house and settling in I found where the mistake had been made and attempted to contact them immediately. They made notes on the accounts and stated the charge shouldn't be applied. Now, after a month of fighting for the reimbursement, they simply state that since I signed off on it, I'm liable for it and they will not reimburse me. I could understand this, if I hadn't contacted them on the day of rental of a 6 day rental (a few hours after signing the agreement). Instead, you can't even discuss this with a person as they will not provide any information to the segment of business that handles customer complaints. Absolutely ridiculous. Not a friendly company in the least bit. DO NOT USE PAYLESS!!! They may have the cheapest rate, but you really do get what you pay for here. In case anyone from Payless reads this review (highly doubt it), my Payless Customer Care Case is 29246238[T25532].

Jose Martinez

I recently rented a car from payless. My girlfriend and I were very pleased with the service that was provided to us. I even had the experience of meeting another cool Jose, I thought I was the only one in the world. Lol. But seriously Jose the rental agent and I had a laugh over having the Same exact first and last name. His overall service gets a A plus. He was even so courteous, that he personally cleaned the car for us because he felt that it was in order. His exact words were. And I quote, I don't feel comfortable letting you drive off the lot like that. My apologies, it is unacceptable. So please allow me a few minutes. We had the car for two weeks. But wait, his service didn't stop there, Jose was even polite and helpful over the phone when we called to extend the rental. He explained everything to us without making us feel pressured, which is always appreciated. Unfortunately when we returned the car Jose was not there so we didn't get a chance to thank him again for everything. So, this is my way of doing that, by letting the world know about Jose at Payless car rental in East Elmhurst. He's a rare breed, very professional and respectful. A stand up guy, A real gentleman.

Mike Megee

It was ok nothing special check out equipment was down had to email receipts. Also shuttle was slow

Tara Dietrich

Our car got us to our destinatarion and back to Payless.

Amy jampel

reserved a car through Expedia at a good rate, however the actual came out at $29 higher per day. it was listed as an "optional charge" on the bill. when I asked the Payless folks they said it's a mandatory fee they charge & that Expedia's website did not display the correct fees! so buyer beware!!

Andrew Blevins

This is a pretty standard car rental experience. The driver picking me up was waiting by and very courteous. He helped get the bags on and off and came around to hold the door. Nice touch. The outside as you walk in is pretty sparse and understand we are at an airport but could use a little sweep. I’ll bet some of that trash or broken plastic have been there for months. The inside has some (hard) chairs and pretty sparse. However, it did have some vending machines and bathrooms. One nice touch was the nature video playing for people in line (keep the people waiting at least occupied). The experience was ok and always interesting the rental flow to rent a car seems harder than it should be, but not just here. If you get a good price I would go for it! Have a great trip.

Kristin Gills

I was hesitant after reading all the reviews, but my experience was the total opposite. Have never rented an SUV at the price and the car was in perfect condition still with a new car smell. To say the staff was happy would be the understatement of the year. Every Payless staff member we encountered was extremely pleasant. The pick up process was quick and seamless. Prices were exactly as discussed. I don’t even have a piece of corrective criticism. I even commented to my husband, this was the easiest car rental we’ve ever had, and we rent at least 6 times a year. Great job!

Jeffrey Stepansky

Mike always takes good care of me when I need a van to take one of my kids to college

Taylor Abo-Hamzy

Was quoted a rate of around 650 and was charged 870 upon return. When I initially rented the vehicle, the gentleman shoved the calculator in my face ensuring that after taxes etc the rate would be 650. He then had me initial a form which i have later come to find out, in very tiny print showed a different rate. Watch out for hidden fees and pay attention to what you initial, words have no value, neither do numbers shown on calculators by service reps. Will never use again.


If you like pay less to rent a car, then this is the place for you.

Philemena Blamo

Poor customer service and fraud noted. I was charged extra amount of money for taxes (27.64) which should have been already covered for in rental through expedia. Payless also added an additional insurance and claimed that I requested it when I didn't. I requested a damage waiver insurance for 19.99 per day for 3 days, and they added a liability insurance to my bill for 16.25 per day without me asking for it. I clearly stated no when I was asked by the rep but he went ahead and put it there anyway. I tried to explain to their customer service rep regarding that and they were so stubborn and refuse to refund my money. In short, I will never ever rent a car with Payless Care rental. They have a very shady business. I hope they get caught for their sneaky fradulent activities. I am definitely going to share my bad experience with everyone. I hope Payless car rental goes out of business very soon.

Dr. Zapata

I had a great experience with these guys. I believe they are a local Denver company. They do a good job, their cars are brand new and very clean. You need to wait a bit for the shuttle to take you to the counter but it was not a problem, the driver Hussain was very nice and gave me a lot of cool info about the city. I will use this company again for sure.

Tyler Wray

It's really difficult for me to convey just how horrible this company is. Made a reservation for a car THREE months ahead of time for when my family was coming to town. Had a friend drop me off at their airport location where I'm planning to meet my family and pick up the car, so we could go on a road trip we'd planned. But when i got there, the wad working at the counter says, "I don't know what to tell you, but we don't have any cars." The 4 people ahead of me had been waiting hours, so I suggest he give me a call when they have a car. He refuses, saying that he "can't make outgoing calls" and that "if you aren't here to pick it up, someone else will get it." RESERVED it?! He tells me I can sit there and wait. It's a damn good thing I didn't, because I called a few other times that day to check and see if they "had any cars," but same answer. "Nope, we have no cars, and we probably aren't going to get any today." Seriously EXACTLY like that episode of Seinfeld, except when I told them they needed to refund me NOW, it took 2 weeks. So if you're looking for a place that will make you think you've got a car (so you'll book with someone else) and then never actually give you one, possibly give any that you might've reserved to other people, and then not give you your money back for quite awhile...this is the company for you! Seriously worst ever.

Vibor Cilic

this is the worst experience ever. they are unresponsive, charged me extra , super frustrating

Joshua Nichelason

I was charged an additional $200 on top of what I paid for my rental car. I have called and no one is helping me. This is fraud. Straight up stealing from people. Shameful. Please don’t rent a car from Payless.

Jackie Buckeridge

I have tried numerous times to get a hold of a human in Seattle over multiple days to locate a very valuable lost item. I am sure it is a lost cause by now! I have been on hold for over 1 hour for a supervisor. I believe this is a bogus number. I left multiple messages at Seattle number with no return call. Was told to fill out a ticket. have no faith in this system. When I returned the car 3 employees standing around chatting. How about returning phone calls!!!!!!

Kafayat Yusuff

Luis Solano

Went to return car at 915am Monday and was told by a cleaning person that no one from Payless had arrived for work. Dropped off keys and completed the form according to paper given at time of rental. After four days of numerous calls that were not answered and filing help tickets online with customer service (that get closed out with a nice reply but no action or receipt), I still have no receipt or explanation as to why my credit card was charged $80 above my rental agreement price. I should have read these reviews first! ...P.S. the Company response to these reviews is simply a website to file online customer help tickets. Which are of no use since they only reply with a nice sentence and close the help ticket. Apparently, no one at the local or corporate office customer service is allowed to talk to customers over the phone and help resolve their problems. In order to resolve a dispute you must go directly to the rental office when an employee does show up for work. The guy responding to these reviews and Payless customer service are of no use (unless you like to read nice apologies).

Sheldon Hofferman

My recent experience was excellent. The personnel were helpful and friendly, the car was very nice, and it was easy getting the car and returning it.

Ms CareBear Trucker

salvador gonzalez

One of the best places to rent a car. The vehicles are clean and a great selection to choose from. There's shuttles that pick up the customer from the airport to the Payless location. The building is small and the counter representatives are really friendly. No long lines to be waiting. Expect to be in and out fast for they have wonderful service.

kennetb bey

Good to go

Amanda Van

My boyfriend and I were in town for a wedding, they were poorly staffed and we waited at least an hour to get our car and then another hour just to return it. There were not enough shuttles to accommodate all of the visitors from out of town. We arrived Saturday morning and left Sunday early afternoon. Would not recommend renting from this place.

Julie Ivey

The van pick-up makes it very painless. Car was clean and ready. It might help if they had 2 agents on at all times however, my wait time was not bad at all.

Dena Middleton

Cindy Griffin

Does anyone ever answer the phone .. This is Ridiculous Never use this company..

Lisa Robbin Young

Cristina Gettler

Do not come here!!! Awful service. It's just best to pay a bit more not have to deal with mediocre people.

Ramudu Kondapalli

La Senda Crowe-Prado

Steve Zea

This people lie about their fees. I ended up paying $45 extra and I called customer service and they dont care about fixing the issues


I Come Every Other Weekend To Rent A Car! And The Staff Is Always So Friendly!

Lou Bryant

The doors would not stay locked and my passengers door would not open.The manager was not available!!!

shagor chowdhury

Good price and friendly service! Best place for new drivers.

Joe T

Like others have said, nobody answers the phone at all. Also, be warned that this is a tiny satellite office running off a larger Budget rental lot. This means they have very limited staff to support you. The staff that is there seems unmanaged and disinterested (not necessarily rude, just not very service-oriented). In fairness, this runs about as well as everything else connected to Laguardia right now.

Brent Thauer

The guy at the desk quick sold me on car insurance. Told me I needed additional insurance to cover the rental which is incorrect. So, $20 additional a day I had to pay. I signed the contract under a false understanding. He talked fast, I fell for it. My bad I guess. Most likely a sales technique. When I brought it up, they gave me a $25 discount... Yippee!

neil satija


KT Kilroy

Had quite the wait upon initial arrival, but they upgraded my vehicle for no extra charge. Clean car, great customer service.

Larry Vogt

Marietta Brown-Sanders

Great customer service. Inexpensive rentals that are newer model vehicles.

Bill Roschmann

This was a great experience other than a slight display distraction and the fact that there was no attendant at the drop off because they were not open. They should really have someone there, just for the renter's security. Other than those two things, this was a great experience! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Quick service and a great price! Thanks!

Laporsha Holloway

Payless the company has great deals! But the customer service is very bad and personally that's when I have to double think is this somewhere I will like to spend my money. Never again will a company treat me as a customer the way I was treated today what ever happened to good customer service?And I was at the Ohare Airport Location

Sarah Hays

This is the most ridiculous business model I have ever encountered. Cannot get through to a person, no matter what selection is chosen from their phone tree (you will only ever get a "This selection is invalid") Dropped my car off and rushed to my gate - never got a receipt so I called and called and called and they are still stating my reservation is open. Will never ever utilize Payless or Avis for any future car rentals. They are scams.

Javid Martinez

**WARNING ** DO NOT RENT A CAR HERE. Horrible customer service. Showed up with a reservation from 2 weeks ago just for them to tell me they don't have one. With no prior notice at all. Dilan just said we don't have any minivans ,you can get on a waiting list minimum One hour to see if I we get any. Or just rent somewhere else. So I waited the hour with no luck .So he just said the same thing basically encouraging me to go somewhere else. So I ended up going to Avis getting the same vehicle for double the price. Unreliable Company. be Aware!!

Kurt Doerfel

Payless shoes will outdo you guys every time.. I never actually came here. Google thinks I did, and I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.

Grace Taiwo

Best car rental experience I ever had. Bery cost efficient, free rides to and from the airport, and great customer service. Highly recommended!

Nick Da Barber

Worst customer service reps in the USA. My rental was broken into and I took pictures of the actual damage and they saying I can't make a police report until I have the license plate for the rental. Seeing that my rental was broken into and they stole everything including the paperwork for my actual rental they keep telling me they can't do nothing. Every time I try to talk to someone at the actual service desk seeing I'm calling from cincinnati and they all the was in San Francisco they keep sending me to this illiterate call center. Where nobody in there can actually help me. I keep trying provide all the information I have for them but seeing I rented thru a thirsd party they can't find my reservation. Then to make matters worst I actually called in spoke to someone and since he had no answers he hung up on me. Just terrible customer service. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

Асен Петров

Lee S

This place is the scammiest car rental place in the USA and I travel weekly for me job. Not only do they have worse cars that they may try to say you damaged but they do other scams with the contract. They will ask you if you want any insurance etc and then when you say no they say. Ok, initial these lines here declining coverage. What they won't say is one of the spots they highlighted is to accept "roadside assistance." When I complained to the 2 gangbanger employees I returned the car too they said "sounds like a personal problem" then refused to shuttle me to the terminal so I had to walk. The good reviews on this site are also fake. You can research it easily by looking up the users. What a joke. If you manage this place you should be ashamed.

Andrea Meyer

Awesome workers fast and nice cars

Dan M

Cheaters and cars with throw up! Had a reservation for one vehicle and then was swapped for a lesser value car for the same amount! In other words, they downgraded our reservation and tried to charge us the same amount!!!! After a nasty conversation with the annoyed employee, it was resolved with the VERY nice manager who was happy to give us an upgraded vehicle for the same price. As much as I would have loved to say that resolved the problem, we were given a car what wasn't cleaned in the least!!! IT SMELLED LIKE THROW UP!!! And when we brought it up to the same annoyed employee, she (NO JOKE) handed us a bottle of fabreeze as the resolution.

Shanta Dawson

Don’t ever rent at this place!!! First we get off the shuttle to get in line where there was only one agent sitting in a chair with about 4 people ahead of me in line while all the other car major car rental places had long lines, by the time I got to be 2nd in line all the other car rental companies had cleared out. The agent had no clue I purchased insurance which now I’m wondering if it’s legit, luckily I didn’t need to use it. As the agent hands me the keys he’s telling me to check for service lights in the vehicle and a cracked windshield wth so I asked if the car is new, it ended up being a 2017 sonata. We picked up the rental at night so I really didn’t get a chance to see the interior until the next morning and omfg the whole back seat was stained it was absolutely disgusting and there were stains all on the front seats etc.. this company does not take care of their vehicles at all.

derek p

Absolutely awful: After arriving at the rental location, everyone inside is told by the manager that they have zero cars available. We made our reservation 6 months prior, but apparently it doesn't matter because they explained that they make far more reservations than they actually have cars for. They also told us not to call their competitors because there are no cars available at any of the rental car places around. They offered to remedy the issue by driving us to our hotel. The problem is that we're picking up a car to go drive another 3 hours to camping so a hotel wasn't an option. While waiting to speak to the manager I called Alamo nearby and they in fact DID have cars available, contrary to the manager's lie. I finally get to speak with the manager and after telling us there is no way he can honor our reservation, he states he will have their shuttle drive us to Alamo to try to make up in part for their mistake. He walks outside to inform the shuttle driver of this. Once on the shuttle, I realize we were heading directly to the airport, not Alamo. I explained this to the driver and he then said they could not take us to Alamo, only the airport. Long story short, Payless is an awful company with awful management that willingly lies and breaks promises to customers. I could not recommend this company any less.

Shaya Marie

I've had very good experiences with Payless Car Rental. They have a good selection of cars and I'm usually quite pleased with mine. The price is very good, and the customer service is great. It's off-airport so you do have to wait for the van to pick you up, but I recommend calling as soon as you deplane (or when you get to baggage claim, if you checked a bag) and you don't have to wait very long. It's worth the price savings, in my opinion.

anna fg

Always great


They were extremely helpful and transparent about all the fees. They even gave us an upgrade to a mid-size car from economy!

hxnf ucjx

Ch M

Rude, condescending and abrupt. And the female employee refuse to handle a problem, that any other location I have been too, would handle without any hesitation. I have future reservation, which i will be rebooking at another company! I'd advise others to do the same, to receive good customer service.

Walead Al-Rebdi

Awesome and fast service. One of the best services I had

Sharia Barr

Omgosh Stop don't rent from them . They will charge you full price for rental I've been trying to get money back for 3 weeks . Omgosh 000000000000stars terrible the worst

Luis Melendez

Awful cars and terrible return instructions

mike marshall

This has had to have been one of the worst experiences ever. I had to initially wait in line for 2 hours to get the car and then they gave me one that was at least two sizes lower than what I reserved. To top it off they then charged me $80.00 more than what I was quoted even though it was a smaller car. This place should be shut down or have new management put in place immediately.

Felix Holloway

I have been trying to call Payless for about 3 days now every hour or so and NOTHING. I need to extend my car rental for another day and am afraid that I will get charged hidden extended fees based on other reviews. I have not had a good experience so far and based on other feedback feel lucky getting a car that was just a little dirty inside. PICK UP THE PHONE!!! Will be informing my company to stop renting from Payless altogether after this experience.

jesse harrison

Ken Smith

So after waiting a half an hour at the airport for the shuttle, I call to find out why they haven’t had any shuttles pick up when all of the other places had multiple shuttles stop to get people. I am then told they can come get me, but they don’t have any cars, even though I had a reservation! So what, you weren’t going to send a shuttle and just leave me stranded??!! How can you not have any cars??! I will never try to rent from Payless again. This is the second time I’ve had terrible service!!

sasa yoo

Does anyone ever answer the phone! Never again.


this day March 29, 2019 wings 430 this happened to me in this disque rent cars I do not recommend a bad rent car the deal they gave me was fatal the dirty car both outside and inside smell of cigar and I do not smoke and they charged me more sure when I had already paid insurance on the internet I was handed the car an hour after I had ordered and then they throw the papers I signed after claiming some scratches that had the vehicle and told me that is not worrying and the woman talking I think I did not understand his language. you pay double for them adding stupid and heavy personal badly spoken disgusting that dirty car rent the whole area and have no water to offer this I do not recommend it never earn a star They told me that unlimited miles and just when they give me the vehicle tell me that only 150 miles is a scam this company and this company is associated with the other that is in bad reputation called HERTZ because the vehicle's papers are in the name of this company apparently they are the same I want my money back with an apology I do not solve anything scammers disrespectful false company policy and customer service badly badly did not recommend it to any family or any visitor to the Baltimore area and rent here in this false rental company car PAYLESS este dia 29 de marzo 2019 alas 430 me paso esto en esta disque renta cars no lo recomiendo una mala renta car el trato que me dieron fue fatal el carro sucio tanto por fuera como por dentro olor a cigarro y yo ni fumo y me cobraron mas seguro cuando ya habia pagado seguro en internet me entregaron el carro una hora despues de la que yo havia ordenado y luego me tiran los papeles que firme luego les reclame de unos rayones que tenia el vehículo y me dijo eso no es preocupante y la mujer hablando mal de mi penso que no le entendía su idioma. pagas el doble por que ellos agregan estupideses y personal pesado mal hablado da asco esa renta car sucio toda el area y no tienen ni agua para ofrecer esto no lo recomiendo jamas por eso se ganan una estrella me dijeron que millas ilimitadas y justo cuando me entregan el vehiculo me dicen que solo 150 millas es una estafa esta compañia y esta compañia esta asociada con la otra que queda en mal prestigio la llamada HERTZ por que los papeles del vehiculo estan a nombre de esta compañia al parecer son la misma quiero mi dinero de vuelta con una disculpa no me resuelven nada estafadores compañia irrespetuosa falsa de políticas de y de servicios al cliente pesimos mal mal no la recomendó a ninguna familia ni a ningun visitante que llegue al area de Baltimore y rentar aqui en esta compañia falsa renta car PAYLESS

Rodney Phillip

Thumbs up

Wil Smit

Humiliating, demoralizing, inconvenienced & stranded, in a word " HORRENDOUS ". What made it worse is Customer Care is in this case no better. After having been rude to, by one of the agents I complained to "Customer Care" was told I'd hear from them within 72 hours. Not having heard from them I called today 96 hours later, I was told they got a response from the agent. I guess I was just a customer & my business means little to them. This is for those that are interested in my incident....I reserved a pk-up truck 3 weeks in advance, arrived @ the counter (empty) agent doing paperwork, he asked would I allow him to complete this task,.. I said sure, at which he asked for my ID & credit/debit card. Handed it to him, he completed the task retrieved the cards attempted to process my reservation when a guy comes up & I again was asked to wait, no big hurry so I said no problem, mind you I'm in here at least 20 unnecessary minutes by my own accord so again "No Problem". Herein is where the problem begins though....I'm now informed there isn't a pickup for me, 1st response,,,"go to Avis' my retort "will Avis give me the same rate as I've got from "PAYless?", I'm a little perturbed now but ask "ok so what do we do?.....Well we have a nissan sentra. To which I replied "dude I feel I've been very patient & you tell me you can give me a subcompact? I get the pk-up for my knees a sentra won't wit I was handed my ID & credit card & told he wouldn't rent me a car. Asked for his supervisor was told he had none, I've got hypertension so I backed off to keep from elevating it. What stands out the most is Not a word from Payless's customer care, so if you are a customer service proponent for results I'd stay away from PAYLESS Thank goodness they aren't the only rental car agency t do business with. Good luck to the Payless clientele, you may need it sooner then you think.

Philip Rios

Twice in a row I booked a pickup truck for rent through Payless. The first time I was flying in and booked through Expedia. When I landed after 8 hours of traveling they told me that they did not have a pickup. Instead they offered me a vw passat. I begrudgingly accepted because I was exhausted. Then I needed to switch out to a pickup so, again, I booked one online and even called the company to verify that there would be a pickup truck waiting for me. Once I arrived I was yet again told that they did not have any pickups available. The lady at the counter seemed thoroughly unconcerned that I had told them that their own company promised a pickup would be available this time. Didnt even apologize for the mistake, just said "it was just given away 10 minutes ago". I will save my business for a company that values its customers and it reservations, I suggest you do the same.

Susie Stein

Don't believe what you read, they truly are not on property, the cars are offsite which then means a shuttle. The shuttle took forever to pick up. The customer service was lacking at the onset and continued through to the car drop off. I will gladly pay more for onsite cars and customer service! I won't be back.

Harrison Pickett

I rented a car for use during maintenance on my personal vehicle. I didn't know how long the maintenance would take, so I booked the rental for one week. When renting the car, I inquired about the '$34 daily rate' listed on my receipt. The representative at the counter said that the daily rate would be charged if I return the vehicle early. Turns out that the maintenance didn't take a whole week, so I returned the rental after three days. I was charged the 'weekly rate' when I returned the car. I contacted customer service about this, and after several days they replied that I 'had been charged correctly.' This is completely unacceptable. I probably would of kept the car the full week if the representative hadn't mentioned being charged the daily rate. But because the counter rep bold-faced lied to me, I feel like I've been ripped off.

Assaf A. Harlap

Changed location!!! Now part of avis go there

Gary Levinson

Third world company. One clerk running around trying to get everyone helped. Cars are substandard and poorly maintained. Just the worst US car rental company. One star for the clerk's work ethic, he is really trying.

jennifer olson

Decent car. Really long wait to check back in, nearly was late for my flight because they only have one shuttle. Cheap but you get what you pay for.

Patsy Huffman

Awful service, broken car, can't get a person on the phone. Never again !

Marce Balais

Elina Khrisafidis

Aubry Tucker

First time using this car rental company and I will definitely be using them again. Kevin at O'Hare was the kindest, sweetest man. When he heard I was using the car to move, he hooked me up with a larger vehicle than I booked so I could fit more boxes. In addition, he didnt set me up with the bells and whistles, overselling me on this I didnt need. Finding a worker like that in this city is hard. So thank you so much Kevin. I'll definitely be coming back.

Carl Camenisch

Ok service, Best value at O'Hare, would rate higher but pick up an needs to seat repairs.

Fallon Cerny

Absolutely terrible experience. Don't rent from this company. Cars are awful and they overcharge for everything.

Kyla Grasso

Minneapolis Airport location is actually off airport, which I wasn't told while making my reservation. The shuttle took a long time to pick us up. Shuttle driver was great and very helpful, but once we got our vehicle we were told there is a $13/day charge for a second driver. It would have been cheaper to rent on - airport from another company and avoid the shuttle hassle and extra fee for a second driver. Would recommend renting elsewhere. Edit: dropped to one star. Their customer service is TERRIBLE, and their rates are higher than on airport locations. Ended up turning in the car and renting elsewhere after a few days of renting from Payless.

Ted Greifzu

Buyer beware "Bait and switch"

Rob B

Customer service is horrific. The staff actively find ways to make it hard for you to rent the vehicle you reserved here. Avoid at all costs.

ChinaDoll C

Provide great service and good selection of cars.

Nara Carrari

kevin m

Do not go to this car rental agency. They're customer service here especially lazy...rude...lack of customer service...if you have a problem with your car ...they give you a huge hassle over it. I called them here to get help over it and she literally hung up on me three times. I call them and keep getting voice mail is full. Can't talk to a manager. I call Orlando where I picked the vehicle up at and same bs. Voice mail answer ...cant get a hold of anyone. Even the reject in Mexico that I talked to acted like he would help and blew me off. First and last time they will have me as a customer. Go to Alamo at least if you have any issues they will handle it and take good care of you. These morons here are on crack

Ron Roberts

I have NEVER complained on a blog, but today I feel I have to do something. First, I called for pickup at the airport, because Payless is off airport. The driver drove through the parking lot without stopping, so I had to call for another pickup. When the driver arrived he told everyone that we should have been outside waiting for him, rather than standing inside where it was warm, he said, "When you come to Minnesota you need to dress for the weather, because I'm a busy man". Then he drove off leaving an elderly woman who was struggling to get to the van, someone said, don't leave her, so he went back and picked her up. Processing was almost as bad. Took forever to get my car, and they weren't open when I returned the car, with NO signs saying when the shuttle would arrive. It has been one week and I still haven't received a receipt...Good Grief, though the price was better, but I will most likely choose a different car rental company in the future, so that I don't have to deal with the headache.

Keith Jason

Line didn't move fast, but the folks were helpful when you got to the counter.

Vanessa Holmes

Ajoop .K

Best rates for car rental

Gregory Smith

Total scam - it's not the lowest price on Expedia. It triples in price. Thee worst.

Abram Blocton

Cheap, cars in great shape despite not being brand new.

Melissa Robbins

Excellent and speedy service! Great customer service!


I wish I knew I needed an extra $500.00 in addition to the cost of the rental on the credit card for a deposit before I went all the way over there. I think Wasted time and money. Can I have it back?

uscustoms05 .

You definitely want to stay away from Payless car rental. Do some research and don't make the same mistake as me. Spend your money elsewhere.

yvonne duncan

I liked renting from them the person at the desk was really nice. She made our experience a good one with it being a last minute decision. The price was great for the New York area. The only issue its almost impossible to get them on the phone which defeats the purpose of doing business with them.

Lamara Smith

Very friendly and helpful. Would differently rent from them again.

Robert Tackett

We landed late in the evening on Sunday, tired, and with a two hour drive to get to our final destination. Got our luggage and found the bus stops for all the rental companies. Stood and waited for the Payless/Budget shuttle. And waited. And waited. All while watching every other companies shuttle arriving about every ten minutes. After about a half hour, and getting frustrated, I asked one of the other company's drivers if he knew why there wasn't a shuttle for Payless/Budget and he said something about one of their drivers not showing up for work and they only had one shuttle working both terminals. Tried calling Payless at the local number only to get some agent in a call center. No help. After waiting for ONE HOUR the shuttle arrived. Needless to say, I was hot. I was fairly calmed down when we arrived at the rental office, only to find NOBODY at the counter. I yelled out, trying to get someone's attention and got no reply. After about 5 minutes, and being able to hear people talking and ignoring us, I pounded on the wall. The agent finally appeared and copped a huge attitude, rather than trying to appease a customer. Needless to say, I will NEVER rent from Payless again. Period.

Urs Naus

don't reserve a car on line , when you arrive you will not get what you asked for or the price, it changes when you get the car usually a POS at a higher price my husband barley fit he is 6 6 and the trunk only can hold 1 large suitecase the rest must go in back seat

Kevin Hendrickson

Never again! I arrived to the Payless desk at the Nashville Airport to pick up the prepaid car I ordered online a few days prior. Finally after 45 minutes I was able to get in the car and leave. The hold up was mainly due to the "systems" being down, and heaven forbidden they had to hand write the information down which they eventually had to do. Come to find out when their system was up and running again, Payless charged me again for the car even though I prepaid. I can understand that scenario, however, I can't understand I'm 2 weeks in still trying to get reimbursed for the 2nd charged. I've called customer service twice and it's almost laughable getting anything resolved, and the only reason I'm not laughing at the situation is that it's moreso sad than anything else. I've called numerous times at the desk where I was handed over the keys and no one picks up which is irritating. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra with the other companies so you don't get into this trap.

Ahmet Baran

Pay the $2 more and go to an actual company, the lady we tried getting the car from was sooooo rude for zero reason! She ended up telling us to go somewhere because she didn’t want to have her window open in the cold!! What a night! The amount of professionalism is sooo bad. Don’t even bother

Alyssa Berry

My flight was delayed and I was marked as a no show and my reservation given away. I was devastated, its eclipse weekend, everyone is sold out. When I called in the next day Kevin H was very helpful and went out of his way to help make up for the new massive price difference. I would have preferred the original price, but Kevin was able to keep me from bursting into tears in the Savannah Airport and being immobile on vacation. I'm being generous with the stars for the employee, the policy is horrendous and needs serious attention. I am not happy about paying 3x what I reserved because my flight was delayed. I am not happy with arriving at the airport to find the kiosk closed and no information available.

Dwight Palma

The front desk personnel Tanya was very rude, impatient and very unhelpful. She first attempted to give me an older pickup truck even though I booked a full sized car. The pickup truck was an older Toyota which was very dirty and reeked. I went back and Tanya's attitude got worse. She then gave me a Dodge SUV which was also not washed and what made it worse is that the two driver's side tires needed air. I finally had enough and asked someone else to help me. The gentleman helped me quickly and got me the car that I requested to begin with. I opened up a case with Payless customer service and await a call back

Nica Strong

The cars are really inexpensive to rent and the customer service is really good. Note that it is right behind Avis rental car service.

Robert Vital

I am currently in a contract; and have been told that if you don't have their roadside assistance you are responsible to cars repairs if the car breaks down. Not a good business practice

Barbara Norris

Great Service, polite and very nice attendants. Well worth the price and then some! Extremely happy

Stephen Villante

This was my first time renting from Payless at Laguardia and I have nothing but good things to say about the service, price and quality of their cars. The fact that the attendant who checked me in and instantly remembered my name when I entered to return the car was amazing. I don't get that recognition at restaurants I frequent. My only comment is the small unassuming space that they occupy at Laguardia. Decorating and branding the space would be nice for clients and staff morale.

Mohammed Ibrahim

I was told that there were no cars available on arrival near Laguardia Airport/NYC. I waited for an hour and no one cared to help. I just walked out the door with a car reservation and no car. That was in the middle of the night. Please rent a car from a respectable company.

Rohan Dalwadi

The car had an issue with the radio and couldn’t place music throughout my whole trip. I picked up a Maxda CX-3 from Chicago O’hare location and was dropping it off at Atlanta airport. They were not supposed to put a car for rental if it had a defect on it. I called Payless during my trip and they me that they will be able to swap the car at any nearest Payless location in the direction I was travelling. I stopped by at the Indianapolis location and wasted an hour by going out of my route and still couldn’t get a replacement because they were not notified by the O’hare location. I had a flight to catch at the Atlanta airport that I missed it due an hour delay. I talked to JOEL at the O’hare location and he promised me a full refund due the inconvenience that have caused and it’s been a week and I haven’t received my refund and JOEL is not answering my phone calls anymore. I called the customer service and they told me that the refund request was never submitted which clearly proved how JOEL lied to me. I am never renting a car from Payless in my whole life.

Carmen Alvarado

Good car, great service

Gila Natan

I am waiting to talk to someone and no one is available. No answer. I am waiting over 2 weeks to get back deposit money that they took from my debit card. Place stinks!!!

Carlos Tolentino

Tamia Reid


Stacy B Barajas

They straight up stole my money and wont give it back its been 2 weeks and when i made the reservations they took of the money with in 5 min.. They are theives and they are worthless

kautilya reddy

I was happy for the experience that happend to me . Staff person who gave me the car was pretty cool and happy ,well mannered and gave me the good car with low miles on it..

jon lindstrom

Didn't check my car in. Zero employees available to get a receipt.


Worst car rental place I’ve ever rented from. Tried calling them three days in a row for customer service. Phone would just ring for over 20 minutes with no answer each day. Stay away from this company. BEWARE

Ashley Brandon

We waited over an hour for a shuttle to arrive. Once the shuttle arrived there wasn't enough room to fit everyone waiting, there was two of us in my group. So, we had to wait once again (even though we were the first ones lined up to wait for the shuttle). The driver promised 10 minutes max for the next shuttle... it took another 30 minutes. If you are traveling for business and have a tight schedule this is ABSOLUTELY not worth the low price. In total we waited an hour and a half to be driven two miles, missing a business meeting that cannot be repeated. Additionally, while confused as to why the shuttle wasn't arriving we tried over and over to call the provided Payless number - in over 15 calls nobody answered the phone. When finally at the desk finalizing our car, I mentioned this to the attendant. His response was "Yeah, our phones suck. I work here and I can't even get through." Classy. I won't use this service again and others only should if they believe low cost is a tradeoff for inept and unprofessional efficiency.

Jeanna Mabrey

Jalia , is such a hard worker there she was Awesome.

Magie Mensinger

This is the 3rd time that I used Payless Car Rental in less than a year. The staff, Daniel in SJC counter was nice, courteous and helpful. Price is competitive and I they carry the car that I surprisingly enjoyed driving. Two thumbs up guys! Please continue the good work!

google user

Rude employees Unorganized Questionable business practices Never use again Wouldn't recommend

K Miller

I have never had an issue renting a vehicle from Payless. They have always been courteous and professional and the cars have always been clean. I dont understand why so many people have had such a bad experience with them. As long as the service remains the same, and so far it has, PAYLESS WILL ALWAYS GET MY BUSINESS!

Maria Franzini

Ahmed El-Hady

Not bad Best thing to do it to read the contract and know what you want before you go to thier office The staff is polite and they will not mind helping out specially when they know that you know about renting a car

jcumse .

The employees at the Payless desk at Savannah Airport were courteous, friendly, and efficient.They really went the extra mile in getting us the car we needed, making a special effort to get us the best rate available.

Susan Wiechmann

I went to Chicago and forgot my coat in Phoenix at home. The driver took off his coat insisted I put it on and then proceeded to go out and get my car. Yes I will definitely rent from them again!

Jennifer McClurg

I will only rent from Payless Car Rental, the customer service there is the best!!!

Ola Humphries

Great value for the money. Fairly quick service considering only one agent handling reservations for several customers.

Kishin Wadhwani

Pick-up and return excellent. Customer service needs to improve though, had extended my rental a couple of days, no record on return. Local office never picks up the phone.

Lawrence Alba

Good Clean Car Rentals


Worst car rental experience by far, waited over an hour to get to the counter, employees have zero customer service skills and don't seem happy with their jobs. All they are programmed to do is upsell insurance and if you don't take insurance from them then they turn into robots with zero customer service attitude. If you forget your belongings in the vehicle then might as well kiss it good bye, they will NOT help you locate it or retrieve it. Dirty cars, bad attitude and poor customer service on an Hawaii island which should be customer service focused is mind boggling. Also they don't believe in answering the phone at the counter, why even have phones? Other car rental companies treat their customers with respect, Budget Payless and Avis should learn from them and invest time in training their employees or hire humans.

Al S.

When you try to extend the vehicle, they try and charge an additional $70 a week. When you called to extend my contract one more week, they don't answer the phone. They never answer the phone. They have terrible telephone service. I had to drive all the way to the airport to return the car, just to take the car back out again for the same price. They put me on hold for 30 minutes and wouldn't answer the phone when I called back. And the car selection was very crappy. My car had no brakes and the tires in the front were bald, no threads and that was the best car they had! They wouldn't let me take it for repairs. I had to bring it back for a different one. I gave them 2 stars becase, of the $160 a week price. That was the only good thing!

Ashley Thompson

This location always has the lowest rates for the same car quality as their counterparts.

Tamara Stromquist

I had a fine experience with the MSP airport office. Car was clean, fun and ran perfectly. I was upgraded to a KIA "hamstermobile" lol. Their other office, and the location where I returned the car, was just across the highway from the hotel I stayed at so I would rather have rented from there had I known, rather than go to airport, but that was a small inconvenience. I would recommend them and would use them again should the occasion arise.

Mark Timerman

good prices, but lousy staffing, one person at the counter, and an average of 10 minutes per customer and 6 people in front of me. do the math, I was there for a long time. The lady was wonderful, but again no staffing and long wait.

Michael Kaczor

Terrible service, do not bother calling their listed location number, they do NOT pick up and the "call center" is a joke, cannot answer simple questions and constantly contradict one another. Overall terrible experience with payless car rental. Will NEVER rent with them again!!!

Brittany Reese

They didnt warn me that the car would have a mph limit. I traveled to and from San Francisco to San Diego and back again and I couldn't go more than a certain speed on the I5. The volume on the stereo had a volume limit as well. When I had rolled the windows down to prevent myself from falling asleep, I couldn't hear the stereo and it didnt allow the stereo volume to rise past a certain volume point. I have rented the car for 4 days and will never go to this place again. My last experience with them was good but this is past the point of frustration and irritation. I think I might have to go back to enterprise next time. Would give them a negative star rating....if there was one.

Soraya V.

Wonderful and fast services

Kenneth Williams

So I returned the rental on time with a full tank and got charged an extra day as if I still have the vehicle.

Dan Guthrie

They never answer the phone, go ahead try it.... I've called 8 times. Thank God I'm not stuck on side of a road somewhere. Just want to get a receipt and customer service cannot provide. NEVER AGAIN

Misho Filipov

Fast service, good car, less prices

Hanumantha Rao Madala

Vanessa Avila

They overcharge!! Please look at your bill carefully.

Erik Schweiss

Awesome! And standard full size is a charger hemi

Marc Miller

These folks are awesome! I'm in a wheelchair so they made sure I had a car with hand controls and they picked us up and dropped us off directly at the terminal. The people were so friendly and the rental rate was fantastic! We will definitely use them again if we come back to Colorado.

Sina Bonakdar

So bad. That was the worst customer service I've seen in my life.

Sakib Taheri

I picked up the car from near LaGuardia Airport. I didnt get what I was booking. But the car was almost brand new. It was clean inside and outside. The service was good. Price is very affordable. I will surely come again to rent a car and recommend to my friends. Thanks

Kelsey Giles

I was worried when I saw bad reviews for this car rental location, but was pleasantly surprised! The woman who helped us check in was friendly and helpful. And I was happy to see we weren't charged any hidden fees. We paid exactly what we were quoted. The only complaint I would make is that the location is kind of hard to find... Aside from that, we had a great experience!

Benjamin Healy

Truly a monument to awful business practices. Avoid at all costs. I would have been happier if I'd just walked instead. Kia Sorento ended up costing $1200 for a week because they double charged us. No possibility of a refund on their end. I've been mugged by nicer people.

jay desai

I have ranted car from payless more than fifteen time till today. Every time i have got best service. flow of process is also simple and easy. and price compare to other rental services are pretty much low. great people, great service.

Ladevia Simon

Great service, reasonable prices

Reuben Cash

This car rental agency seems to be poorly run. They occupy a booth in the corner of the car rental area at the airport, and there never seems to be an agent there. I waited a long time to pick up and return the car. The other rental counter agents even went to the break room to look for the Payless employee but weren't able to find him. Calls to the phone number go unanswered. Once I finally got the person on the phone, they promised to call back but didn't. I was charged for an additional day on my rental that I didn't authorize, and will have to contact the credit card to dispute it.

Katie Ricks

Truly the worst rental car experience I've ever had. VERY slow shuttle service, and shuttle driver was so rude that I actually thought he was pranking me. Unfortunately, he was not. The rental was inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for. Lesson learned.

Scott Pomeroy

Great Car! Great Service! Great Price!

Dr D Ivan Young

Took great care of me.

Tekle Eckrich

THE WORST EVER!! Awful! Don't rent here. The most bootleg ghetto rental ever! Showed up and there were no cars! Handwritten sign claiming that all reservations were cancelled after an hour. Ridiculous! Poor women was crying with her son, they took her money and gave her no car. Worst I've ever seen! Stay away! Called corporate, absolutely no help!

Vlad Volobouev

Quick service, very friendly and helpful staff

Bill Caracofe

Don't walk away..RUN. Stand on line for 45 minutes (for who knows why) only to be told they don't have the vehicle you reserved online. "It doesn't work that way" is not a good company policy.

Daughter of Israel

Fast friendly service

Eric Porter

My girlfriend went to the Denver rental counter. Reserved a car until 6 AM the following day but said that she would likely return the car early. The EXTREMELY slow-working girl at the counter who types only with her index fingers, refused to complete the rental and threatened an "early return fee" unless my girlfriend could tell her EXACTLY what time she would return the car "due to inventory purposes" even though they weren't providing the type of car she had reserved, which makes inventory a moot point. When she said "just mark it down for 6 AM tomorrow, as I don't have time to argue with you about this", the "customer service" agent told her she didn't have to help her and instructed her to get back in line. When she was called up to the next "customer service" agent, the agent said "I guess I have the help the bi*ch." They should both lose their jobs. That's not how you conduct business, and if I owned this place, they'd both be jobless by the end of the day.

Crystal Kostrivas

**Stay away** Stole my sunglasses after I returned my car for a late flight and called immediately the next morning telling them exactly the location. They were a gift from my grandmother who is no longer with me so it is devastating. I called about 10 times to continue the search and finally a “manager” said they’ll get to the bottom of it since they have cameras and no one can steal. He never even called me back. This place is a joke. Avoid at all costs. They are liars and thieves.

nate luong

I rented a car from Payless twice. The first time I was help by a Bert ino which he did a excellent job. He got me what i needed and I was in & out. Had my truck in the repair shop so I was in need of a car to get around town. My second time using payless was horrible. The young filipino lady at the front desk was rude and unprofessional as she was addressing the rental policy with me. At first i thought she was pretty cute but her services was unprofessional and rude. She needs to work on her people skills or be fired.

Anton Krilloff

Service was good and I got really good deal. The car was OK too. I can't complain.

Krystal Rasmussen

During my last visit, I rented a car from dollar. it said it would be $27 and it was. They told me there would be a $200 hold that would go back to me when I returned the car. No problem. I checked my bank account after I returned the car, and it was about $30 with taxes. During this visit, I tried out Payless. At the counter, the person gives me a form with $50 being owed. I say when I made the reservation, it said it would be like $30. She says that doesn't include insurance. I tell her I picked insurance when I did the quote. She doesn't respond. I stupidly take the car. During the day, I check my bank balance and see that $200 is taken out. Because I had used Dollar, I was not surprised. However, the people here never mentioned it. I return the car at night and catch the shuttle to the airport. This morning I see that $95 was taken out of my account . I will never use Payless again. Took longer at the airport to catch a shuttle, the car return process was not as smooth as at Dollar, and the price you pay is not the advertised price you agreed to.

Billie Jo Tifft

Had reserved a car on Thanksgiving, when I got to the rental place no one was there and was told by Avis that they sold out and all went home. All the other car places were sold out too. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving in the airport waiting for family 2 1/2 hours away to come pick us up at 7pm at night. Don't waste your time saving money if you are treated this way!

Ahziim Baldwin


Ashton Smith

The people here treated us respectfully we had to use rental cars because all planes going to DFW area was grounded due to severe weather it was horrible but this was the only way we can get home to Texas

Renee C

I was not sure about using Payless again due to previous bad experiences at other locations. The price was right so gave it another try. Upon arrival the rental counter was closed, but it turned out that the Avis counter was trying to take advantage of Payless customers. A Payless rep returned to the counter and my experience only went uphill from there. Excellent customer service on check-in, clean nice car and easy return made this Payless rental great value. Recommend this location.

candy lapeer

1 star is too good but there isn't a negative star option. This company is the very worst! I prepaid online for a car only to be refused the rental when we arrived to pick it up because we were going to use my husband's credit card to pay for any additional charges, if there would have been any...they said since I prepaid we couldn't is his card BUT the small print clearly starts that LAST NAMES on all id/cards must match AND THEY DO but they still refused to issue me the rental I paid for. This was Labo Day weekend and how convenient that you can talk to customer service BUT NOT customer care...which probably doesn't exist!! I opened a claim/ticket with them and finally received an email stating that the claim was approved and I would receive my refund in my account within 10 business days...THAT WAS OCTOBER 5! STILL NOTHING!!! LIARS, every one of them!!! I just spoke to my bank and opened a claim and they are refunding my money and they are investigating these jerks... anyone having issues with this company, I would STRONGLY urge you to do the same! Call and ask if there is a refund pending from this company and if they say no, which I'm sure they will, ask to speak to the banks claim dept and they will help you!! This place needs to be shut down so they will stop ripping off people!

Jeanette Brousseau

Had a WONDERFUL experience with Payless! I had flown out to denver from Chicago a week prior and used FOX initially (TERRIBLE mistake, never again). I walked in to Payless and did not wait for even a second. Kris greeted me and was extremely friendly. Offered me a free upgrade to full coverage AND a GORG white mustang to cruise around in during my stay here. I waited an hour in line at FOX and the process at the counter took about 20 minutes. I wasn’t inside Payless facility for maybe 90 seconds and left with a fully covered, brand new white mustang. Thank you Kris for your wonderful customer service and thank you Payless for a FAR better experience this time around.

Chris Timberlake

Given a car and the license plates expired during my rental which was pointed to me by a military base security guard. I then spent 45 minutes trying to directly contact the Payless counter in Minneapolis airport for a replacement. Impossible, so I managed to finally get in touch with someone who could tell me that another car would be available at the airport to swap. I get to the counter, nobody is there. An Avis clerk finally assists me with a replacement car. Two hours later, I do get the replacement. I realized all is well until there is any adversity with this company. Won’t come back for another rental.

Nana G

The customer service was good and the car was good, however when checking the car out we were surprised at the amount that would be taken out for a security deposit that complicated things at first.

Mia Thornton

Customer Service and Quality is horrible. DO NOT RENT FROM this location; its not worth saving the penny.

michael bowman

Nice vehicle but not nice people to work with. They lied and charged my credit card $58.68 because they claim I did not fill it up with gas, but I did. They are crooked people

Michael Fiorillo

Arrived on a flight with a reservation. It still took one hour and 15 minutes to get a vehicle because no one was at the counter so I called customer service and they sent me to Budget who called someone else and a seemingly simple process took forever. Dropping off the vehicle also took about 20 minutes for no reason. The vehicle was the class I ordered, so they get credit for that because that doesn't always happen.

Cindy Keith

The staff was helpful. I had paid before I arrived at airport (on-line.) They gave me a car that came from AVIS, and I did not have to wait an extra hour,like that those who had not paid ahead had to wait. In the future I will always use this option. This was my third time using Payless in Savannah. The cars are always clean and they don't try to "up sell" me a car. Nice change from all the other companies I've used in the past. I will use them again.

Amanda Fauver

Everyone was so nice!

Jason Bremner


Realy bad service . Do not used this company again. If u dont want waive yr money.

Scott Crowley

2nd time in a row I've received a car with an expired registration. Otherwise good deals for rental cars.

Bobby Karras

Great people with great service!

Jeanne Van Gilder

The vehicle was clean and all the attendents were very kind and polite. However, Payless is the only part of the garage facility that is not clearly marked which way to drive. Both entrance and exit are hard to find.

Krystal Dunlap

Staff was friendly, however, the car was dirty and wreaked of cigarette smoke. I felt nauseous the entire time driving it.

Robert Poole

All these reviews scare me for the drop off portion.. So they would not accept my debt card dispite saying it was ok if I had an outbound flight. I bought one instead of driving. I get there and they don’t accept debt cards witch is the entire reason I went to Payless however the lady who helped me ANNE at DTW location was absolutely wonderful. Also note car was dirty and smelled bad after turning heat on and almost two flat tires. If all goes well upon drop off I will use them again and change rating to 5 stars

Carmen Espinoza

Awesome car rental. Last minute and convenient. Price very good. They are very helpfull. Great service and will recommend to anybody. Will use rental service again.

Angelina Lalau

Great value and easy pickup and drop off!

Todd Wichmann

Super friendly staff

Gary Jeffers

First of all, when I went to the counter where an agent was sitting, she told me to stand behind this woman who was 8 deep in line at the Avis counter and then she walked away. After 20 minutes of standing in line and then having an Avis customer step in front of our line, I called customer service and reported the issue. He was of no help and only told me that he would report it. I continued to stand in line and waited a total of about 45 minutes. When it was my turn, I told the Avis agent that I was not happy with the service. She told me she would upgrade me without an additional charge. I was in a great deal of hurry since I was now delayed about an hour, so quickly signed where prompted. After viewing the bill later, I determined that I was now overpaying what my reservation was ($219.99 booking number 11311045US4) and now being charged $534.39!!! This was for renting a car from 9/18 @ 2:00 PM (which was really about 3:30) and returning on 9/21 @ 12:00 PM. I have rented a car for 10 days at Minneapolis for less than this amount!! I also see that I apparently accepted $39.99 a day for Loss Damage Waiver. I never buy the insurance as my personal insurance and credit card cover and NEVER purchase insurance on a rental. She must have upsold me without me really knowing/understanding. That probably more than doubled my rate? Very disappointed all around and will never rent from Payless again, nor would I ever recommend!

Nakia Sims

The Philadelphia Byberry Rd branch was awesome. No hassle. Car was very clean and brand new.

Melissa Keyes

Car was dirty and no one came out to inspect it with you. Definitely a budget place.

Khalil Muhalwas

Felt like getting a car from a person not a car rental company No gas, not clean, and the car had weird noises upon driving

Adrian Padurean

The shuttle from the airport to the rental place took 30 minutes to show up. During the wait at least 10 shuttles from companies such as Hertz and Enterprise passed by. People at the counter not very friendly. The car and the price was good, but next time I will stay away from Payless. There is a reason their name is Payless.

MrCaptnZero .

I had no problem so far. We’ll see how much they charge my credit card. Passed reviews show a possible problem. Had to show a possitive boarding pass or a current utility bill to rent the car. Ahhh...Ridiculous! Also beware. You may have your own insurance, and not with them? They will charge you for revenue lost on the car while it’s being fixed. Absurd. Will never rent from Payless again.

cowboyseth seth

They get a 1 star because they don't answer their phone.

Mary Vangel

The price on hotwire is an estimate. The true cost nearly doubles. Rip off. There's no option to pay online, so you pay more at the counter. Stick to the real rental car companies. I learned my lesson the hard way. Totally dissatisfied.

Tara Krause

Trying to confirm my reservation with Payless, but they keep hanging up on me!!!!!!! I'm 3 seconds from canceling!

Terry Doyle

rented a nissan rogue to pak up my college kid and help her get back to school. Car was clean, was a nice ride; kids were intrigued as were I with the new safety features. All in all a great experience.

Vadim Sokolov

When driving car I rented form them I got a ticket. Payless did not notify me about it and I only found out about it when I got a notice from collection agency. Can't think of any worse way to treat customers!

Kim F

I was originally nervous about booking Payless because of the google reviews but decided to risk it because the rental was $200 cheaper than the other companies. I usually rent from Avis. I wrongly assumed Payless would be a bad experience and it wasn’t at all. No lines, fast pick up and drop off and really friendly staff. I’d totally rent from them again.

Shanna Greenhalgh

Great place to rent a car for a cheap rates.

Pam Hu

Rented a car from Payless in September and extended the rental for an additional 3 days due to a family medical emergency. They ended up charging me over a thousand dollars more for the 3 days. It has been an endless chain of negative events with them, even though they admit it was their error. Despite reassurances that this issue will be resolved, it isn't and they keep making even more mistakes which contributes to the debacle. We have spent countless hours on the phone with many of their employees without any resolution. They want us to give up and we won't. Never ever rent from this agency!!!!!!!

Diego Rolon

They have nice cars and always affordable. The only thing that I find not as fun is that you have to bring the car back every thirty days. They explained that it's for maintenance, but when you're stationed far from the airport and need the car for over a month, it's a hassle. Other than that, no complaints and would rent from them again.

Deborah Cockrill

Reading through all the bad experiences from customers and this company has fell to correct it is unbelievable. Decided to try anyway I'm open to give any business a chance until I experience it for myself. So I called and called and called and called. No answer. I will not be calling back first impression is everything. Thanks but no thanks!!!!

G Wu

They added "additional fees" to the amount I prepaid online, which was not agreed upon at the time of online booking. While checking in, their computer broke down and I had to wait for more than 40 mins to get my car. The car had squeaking noise when started after parking.

Bryan Hughes

Mike and Steve were so helpful and the customer service was great !

Marilyn Cole

I had a great experience with Payless. After reading the reviews, I was nervous and called ahead to make sure my car was ready. When I arrived it was ready, clean and had a full tank of gas. Daisean helped me at the counter and he was efficient and friendly. I didn't need my car for as many days as I had intended and was able to bring it back early with no extra fees. I will return again when I need another rental.

Sheila Gomez

Payless was great from the beginning. We couldnt get our rental from another place. And we called payless and within mins we had oir rental. Friendly customer service no problems at all. When back in Colorado they will be the first to be booked.

Lisa Bartz

Was very disappointed in service. Recently rented a car for my niece so she could come back to take pictures with her sick grandma she flew in from Florida. Called for a whole week to confirm reservations they hung up the phone on me every time it hooked. Very rude! And if having phone problems should fix. Talked to gal at counter and she was helpful tried to talk to manager never got to her. I am a business owner I know how things work. Increased the price because she was maybe 20 days from being 25 years old. Charged a 275.00 deposit instead of 200.00 deposit as stated when I called the 800 number. Got car tire was flat, pulled back in aired it up, she drove to Grand Island and it already was losing air pressure so we had to air it up after pictures to get her back to Omaha. date of rental was 1/18 when she arrived. The whole time she had it the air pressure kept going up and down. I think time we wasted airing it up was ridiculous since she was here such a short time. But I do wonder why we had such a hassle getting this.

Robert Sudar

I checked all the car rental company prices and Payless was the most affordable. Although the location of the car pick up was not at the Reno airport, the price made it worth it.

Dwayne Bryant

Never again. Poor service.

Ephriam Heads

Excellent service. Fast response to an urgent need for a vehicle. I would definitely recommend them to my associates.


You don't payless under unless you reserved a car before you walk in

Mike Leuk

A pleasure from start to finish. Five stars, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Ruth Rosengren

The staff was super friendly when we came to pick up, and we were able to both pick up and drop off the car within minutes. Low price too. Will use them again in the future.

Ken Ford

Abdulrauf Shaikh

It was nice experience

Lane Renner

nice car and friendly staff. it was a little confusing at first getting to the lot bc you have to wait for them to come pick you up but then you get their an they help you immediately helping you an getting you the best deal. very pleased with the price compared to other car rentals. you will save 100$ compared to enterprise. we rented for a week an drop off was just as fast.

My Sisters Arms

Worst experience renting a car in my life! Extremely long wait to rent and return. They didn't have class of vehicle I requested so they offered me a discount on a different vehicle at a discount. The problem with that was that it was a lower class vehicle which was cheaper anyway so not a discount. Went out to vehicle and it was dirty inside and out with gum on back seat, red stains on both front seats, strands of someone else's hair on gear shift. Went back in and was given another vehicle which looked like it had been driven through the mud. Manager gave me excuse that Budget cleans there vehicles and they're at their mercy. He took vehicle and ran it through wash. Upon returning vehicle, there was no area marked for return or anyone to assist so I just parked in an open space and went inside bldg. There was only one person at counter to check you in and out. Once I returned vehicle there was no clear marked area for shuttle to airport. After a few minutes a shuttle labeled Budget/Payless showed up. As we got on shuttle we were informed that it was drop off location but we could stay on and driver would have to loop around before we left. Driver did not assist me or my child with putting our luggage on racks on shuttle. When we arrived at airport, he did not assist again. As we exited I noticed him assisting passengers getting on the shuttle. We are black and they were white. Guess we were wrong color to assist. Oh almost forgot, I had to pay an extension fee on top of extra day (which I was told cost would be if I needed it so I knew that) to extend rental additional day which is not listed anywhere on agreement. Never ever will I use Payless car rental again. Wasn't worth the few coins I saved.

Anthony Sciberras

Bad customer service no excuses. waited for 30min just to ask why it's taking so long. They blamed the long wait on third party rentals ,they had no cars available so we had to wait for cars to come in.We got our car 1hr. later and it was not clean ..... I would not rent from payless again it's not worth it!!!

Alicia Rondeau

Believe these negative reviews. I also was quoted one price and charged much more. When the car was returned I was also told that their "return printer" was down and I should just write my e-mail on the rental agreement and I would get an invoice--which was never received. The charge that appeared on my credit card was hundreds of dollars more than the quote. A call to discuss the situation was fruitless because manager is not available. Very unhappy with this place.

Dr. A Dee L

Payless car rental at the Savannah Airport has the worse customer service ever!! The representative I encountered on 12-12-18 had the worse attitude ever displayed for a company. In fact, the representative demanded my information opposed to asking me for it. Not to mention, she didn't want to help me...and no one was in line!! I cancelled the reservation and got another rental!!

Oladele Omotayo Tim

Payless need to relocate it's office into the building. We forfieted the money paid online for rentals when we were asked to remain in the cold outside the building to be attended to. That was horrible .

Richard Lam

Beware that you will likely get charges a few weeks afterwards to make repairs to the vehicle. The support lines to help are basically unreachable when I needed to report an issue to get help, and then they use that against you if don't report it when the charges come in. I got mislead by Expedia's false reviews but know better now to see genuine reviews by Google next time before I book.

Katie Croghan

Made reservations days in advance, even called ahead to get a list of what was needed for check-out. Immediately paid for the insurance when I made the reservation with my debit card; upon trying to pick up the car we were told they only accept credit cards, which I have never owned in my life nor will I ever own a credit card. Luckily we went to enterprise in Council Bluffs and they got us in and out with a car in less than 15 minutes. Payless was difficult to find because there are only "rental drop off" signs and nowhere that directed to the pickup location. The two young front desk women were rude and uninviting, immediately telling us to cancel our itinerary instead of offering suggestions of resolution. All in all I think their pricing is enticing but like anything else, you get what you pay for.

Scott Likely

Located about 5 minutes from MSP terminal 1 (formerly the Lindberg terminal), nice staff, good cars, and usually just a little cheaper than the car rental places in the airport terminal parking ramp

Dean Pettit

Didnt have a compact so they gave me a convertable jeep for more money of course. Half way to Las Cruses from el paso, top came undone and it was cold. Spent the next 24 hours try to hold on tight to keep the top from blowing off. Cold cold weekend. They keep telling me that they are going to call me and resolve the issue, but they never do. I say now, don't bother, I will just leave my negative experience with anyone who will listen. Bad company. Do not do business with these people. Read all the reviews. They are not a reputable company.

Heather Davy

Horrid! Don't rent with them. They forced me into an upgrade because my reservation car wasn't ready and said it could be hours until one was, IF EVER and then added a bunch of extra fees/taxes on top of that per day charge. The car I got was dirty inside and wet outside with the windows open, so also wet inside. Tried to address with their customer service dept online without any response. Call and was treated very poorly-rep was VERY rude.

Danny Banks Sr

Overall, I had great experience with this company! PROS: The shuttle service was quick and comfortable. There were two attendants and they were very customer-service oriented. The rental process was clear and quick. I rented a standard car but they gave me an SUV (2017 Ford Edge), which was perfect since I had a car seat for my granddaughter. The car was great to drive. CONS: The wait time was a little long (30-60 mins) but acceptable since there were about 4 folks in front of me. They need to provide a larger form to note issue with the car on rental and the instructions were not clear. I rented the car at night so it was difficult to see any problems with the exterior - they should park the car in a well-lighted area for this review.

Audrey Baker

Horrendous. I experienced the absolute worst customer service at the SJC airport with Payless car rentals. Horrible service. The employee who was “helping” us was in a hurry to get off of work. We were notified as we walked up that they don’t take debit cards or cash. This needs to be explicitly and clearly noted to customers, especially when coming from out of state with no credit card. He left us stranded as he took off from work. Luckily, Fox rental car was there to save the day.

rusul omran

Never rent from them again they have bad customers service ever. Their employees are rude and also they will rip you off I have been fighting with them to refund my deposit but everytime I called they told me they released but they didn’t because until now I didn’t get my money back.


Heather Dunham

The crew here was so nice! We had no trouble finding a shuttle to or from the airport. The shuttle drivers helped us with our luggage, and were very sweet. We already had reservations for the car, so checking in was a breeze. We had our rental ready to go less than 25 minutes from the time we got our luggage from baggage claim. The car was in great shape, ran well, and gave us no issues. The return process was just as simple. We appreciate the hard work from everyone who helped us here. :)

Christopher Hyde

Got the car quick. Car clean and reliable Poor customer service: Early flight and this guy was sitting with legs up on a barrier smoking a cigarette. Stared at me the whole time. He magically got to work as he saw me taking a picture of him. He didn't seem too happy about that.

Tabitha Moore

Nice car rental

Joyce Mammah

The direction was not clear at the airport , everyone was confuse on how to find the counter. At the desk you are not greeted by anyone, there is a phone you call for someone to pick you up, that was about thirty minutes,we did not get the car that was reserver, we got the key and drove off and notice the tank was not full, we had to turn back around, that was another 5 minutes of our time.

Jenni Eisbrener

As you can see from my sisters review, this company ripped us off. They claimed damage and that we did not return the car with fuel, which is untrue. It is was a huge headache to find a gas station close to the airport and had I known they were going to charge me for gas, I wouldn’t have bothered. I am very unhappy with the customer service I have received so far. I have left numerous messages and never received calls back. I would like my money back for the bogus charges! I have no problem paying what was on my contract but when the charges end up being more than what the rental was to begin with, that’s a problem. Do not rent from Payless, Budget or Avis as they are all the same company. I have rented from Hertz and Enterprise and have had much better experiences.

Horace Henny


A literal shack. Got a flat tire and they didn't have a spare in the back. It was already having off pressure, but they still made use pay for it which after about 5 hours of being stranded and convincing we got a tow truck to take us back to the dealership and about another hour of convincing they lifted the charge. It has been about 4 months and I just got ANOTHER bill for this tire and a scratch (we only had the car for about 20 hours out of the dealership AND we checked the car TWICE for scratches and there was none) so about another 3 hours of complaining and that charge is gone too. Hoping to not receive another bill from here, but not coming back FOR SURE EVER.

Robert Peterson

Although this is not a review from experience, after reading everyone else's experience (being negative), I canceled my reservation with this company in fear of having the same issues y'all experienced. I would rather go with a company that is more reputable. Thank you for your feedback.

Brian Hochheimer

Fast and friendly service. Everyone on the staff had a smile and a hello. Return was fast and efficient - we were quickly on the shuttle to the terminal. We will rent there again when in Denver.

Lynn Smiley

So very nice & accommodating!

Jessika Torrez

This was my first time renting a car and this place made it easily the worst experience. I don't write things like this but you need to know what you're getting into. The man helping me possibly Eric, started off helpful and tried to up-sell me to a larger vehicle; that's when it started to go downhill. He never told me the total cost, just the additional cost per day over and over when I wanted the total. I asked questions because I genuinely wasn't sure about some things and he sort of answered some, while being condescending about others. He proceeded to print the paper work and asked for my signature. After reading it over and FINALLY seeing the price, I declined the "better" vehicle. Oh but wait, he had already charged my card the new amount. He then left to speak to his manager and came back with new paperwork that included "late charges" for showing up later than scheduled. Which was a mess up so he had to get said manager to fix it again. I was patient and everything took about 20 minutes. This man became a weird nice-irritated because he "just wanted to get to the next person". There were 3 people in line and 2 other agents, they weren't waiting long. While other agents were giving customers maps and showing them where tolls were (I was standing there long enough to see how others were being helped) my agent gave me no additional help and just sorta pointed in the direction my car would be. I got the "better" car free of charge, cool, but when I found it it was filthy outside and in. Don't get me started about the change oil soon light and message being on my whole trip and being "normal" when I asked some of the workers I could find in the lot. You get what you pay for, I do not and will not ever recommend this company to anyone. Whatever his name was that helped me, made me feel low and not sure how exactly to stand up for myself. It was my first interaction in this new state I was visiting and I 100% wish I could give them no stars.

Robert Stoddard

Had reservation... out of cars! And they didn't even bother to notify us of the issue till we were at their desk!

Andy Maunder

Great and efficient service, very helpful in making sure I get the van I need. Thank you!

Jj Daniels

Getting to the Rental counter at TF Green is an experience in itself! But once there, the clerk was super friendly and knowledgeable of all my questions. Vehicle was very good, and functional. I had issues with cleanliness of interior windows, as the weather was cloudy/rainy during my entire rental. Other than that, I would not hesitate to use or recommend Payless when flying in to RI !!

Derek Fletcher

Waited at the counter for at least 25 minutes before someone helped us check in. There were numerous employees in the back meandering around, but when we said "Excuse me," which they definitely heard, they didnt even acknowledge us. Once they did show up to help us, they got the paperwork done quickly, and we were on our way. Decent enough little Mazda SUV. Cheap prices dont compensate for terrible/rude/customer service.

Jay Smith

No one is ever there to help or answer questions

rita hayworth

Make sure you remember to get gas before you bring the car back, they know exactly how to screw you if you forget. $88 for 1/2 tank of gas?? They know exactly what they're doing when they "close out your tab" without asking you if you want to go fill it up first. And then they're rude on top of it. Can I give them zero stars? The shuttle drivers were very nice.

Hemant Dangi

Awesome place low rate..

Kos Lis

Need better service at counter .

Easleyadiva31 Allday

No hassle, No catches, No credit card needed. I wont rent from any other buisness ever again! Love em

Abbie Richards

This business has numerous claims open with the BBB. For me, I prepaid online, but when I arrived at the LaGuardia branch at my scheduled pickup time, not only was the office closed but when I called to seek assistance they told me I should “maybe just come back tomorrow and try again,” adding that there’s nothing they can do and I wouldn’t be refunded for my missed time. On top of that, after I did receive the vehicle I was overcharged two additional times for rental services that have still, 3 months later, not been reimbursed. The customer service lost my initial complaint and everyone I spoke to was rude and didn’t know the proper protocol for assisting. I will never use this company again.

Sean Huang

Low price, Smile staff (understaff) and good car for the price.

Brooke Prescott

The rates are good but the NEGATIVES out weigh the savings fees for my rental were not sent to me nor available on the website. I asked for ANY sort of documentation explaining why I was being charged $350 more than I was quoted, the staff and mangers had nothing. My only option was to accept the fee or go without a vehicle. Sebastian claimed to be the manager, (Although he was referred to as a representative by the employee assisting me later in the transaction) he completely brushed me off. And the real manager for Payless (Crystal) was unavailable.

Aiesha Smith

tinchina85 .

Picked up car on a Friday morning. Service was fast, efficient and done with a smile. Price was great, no problems with car (mid-size) and return was also fast and efficient. I'll definitely be using Payless again!

Tanya Hugh Pierre

I would give 0 stars if possible. Even though I had a reservation, they told me that I reserved a 2 cylinder car. That 2 cylinder cars are not allowed to drive on the roads, that I had to upgrade. I didn't have a choice. It ended up costing me double the amount. I will NEVER EVER RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. VERY DISHONEST PEOPLE WORKING THERE. BEWARE!!!!

belinda amaro

These guys are great. I've rented from them twice and have already reserved a third!

Rene Cain

Rude and completely unhelpful! I Will never do this again!

Phil Mackey

I really didn't have any major problems with my rental here. The shuttle took a little time to get to the airport to pick me up, but that's about the only issue. The shuttle drivers were friendly, and on the ride to the facility the driver made sure to indicate that the location had changed and the GPS units and map apps haven't yet been updated. The counter was a little busy since there were only 2 people working at the time. The agent who helped me, Karen, was very nice and we had a rather entertaining conversation. I received a nice car that was cleaned well and ready for me to drive. Upon return, I was fighting traffic and was so pre-occupied with getting back on time that I forgot to fill my tank. I used about a half tank, so when I realized that I had forgotten to fill the tank, Karen and the manager on duty offered to let me go ahead and pay as if I had accepted the pre-paid option the day before, which saved me some money. They were completely understanding of the situation. The price was extremely competitive, and I can't really complain too much about my overall experience.

Brittany Honora

Horrible all around! No such thing as customer service, only booked them because they're the lowest and the military requires us to get the lowest rate. Attendant didn't even get out of his chair to great customers, did everything from behind the glass where you could barely hear him. Then wanted you to flash your credit card in front of a line of people so they can see if they're gonna skip you or not. After getting through that rudeness we got our rental and left. When we returned our rental they had a line of about 15 people, we were told that their system was down and we couldn't get a receipt. The attendant stated if we leave our email we would be emailed it. Well should have known that was a lie, as they don't believe in customer service. Called their customer service line and told that a receipt takes 4hrs, never got it. Called back and told the previous person told me incorrect information and it takes 72hrs! Then got a case number, called the next day to reconfirm and told that the case doesn't exist but they can submit a case and I can have the receipt in 4hrs!!??? REALLY ! STAY FAR AWAY!!!

Jeonghwan Park

Had bad experience at SJC. No car available even though I paid in full online prior to check in, and customer service was terrible.

Nancy Davis

I had a rate of 45.00 per day unlim mileage. I had to extend rental twice because my car was in the shop. For 15 days it should have been a 675.00 charge. The tank was full. When I got my recieptit was $1364.00 When I saw the fee, I tried to stop the checkin agt. However, he jumped in the car and left. They are liars. 800.00 overpayment. They don't even have a local number. Never again.

Larry Denger

Yes, they deserve 1 star! I rented here last month and the car was fine. I'll admit, I was drawn here because of their prices: $150 less than the major competitors for a week's rental . I paid for it tho... If you build airlines miles, forget about getting them with Payless. You will call and call them and their customer service will be rude and snarky, but you'll never get your miles! I am still waiting for my Southwest miles from this rental two months old. Come to think of it, I never got my Southwest miles from Hawaii last year!!

Amanda Roels

Company is NOT located on the airport grounds. You have to take a shuttle from the airport to Payless. The shuttle took a good 15 minutes to pick us up and once we got there the line was to the door and took another 20 minutes. The staff is slow and has no urgency. I do not recommend this company. Once we got into our car the engine light was on and said oil change required. AND the AC didnt work and it was a 90 degree day. Awful.


This company needs to start hiring better people. They have the worst customer service. The workers are all ghetto with nasty attitudes.

Bobby Little

Jacquelyn Woolston

Don't ever, ever rent from this place! The only reason this place gets 1 star from me is that I can't give zero. Initially I had to wait 2 hours to pick up the car I reserved. After dropping off the car, full of fuel, I get a charge on my card that includes $114.89 for 11 gallons of fuel, which is charged at $9.99 a gallon. The car was a hybrid; I drove 107 miles. The car gets 41 mpg so even if I didn't fill it up, it still would've been only 3 gallons. In addition it says the car was sent out with 25.5 gallons of gas and returned with 14 gallons. A quick Google search shows that this car only holds 14 gallons!!!

Maria Martinez

Most horrible experience ever. Reserved and paid for 7 passenger vehicle showed up night before our family road trip and no vehicle available! How can they rent you a vehicle and then not have it? We will be taking two vehicles on what should've been a nice inclusive road trip! Very disappointed. The associate was very rude and said we can't guarentee it. I just don't get that statement whatsoever! Please avoid them and pay the extra, you won't regret it....

Jay Feichtinger

Had a rental here that had a problem with a tire. In the end, they resolved the issue promptly and to my satisfaction. The manager Joel was really good and helpful. I will rent here again.

Strat Egerie

I got a reasonable price and a pretty decent red car. A picture of the car is posted, and no I didn't get any speeding tickets driving it but it had plenty of pep.

Kevon Greenidge

Wishing I had seen these reviews before selecting this rental company. I returned my car after a 4 day rental and was told that the total on my receipt was the final amount and I was all set. A few days later my credit card statement showed a charge more than double that amount. Seems to be a common occurrence based on other reviews. No explanation so far as to the reason for additional charges.

Zaigham Malik

Bad experience

Toya Taylor

Diego Beno

Fácil acceso. Aunque me quisierom cobrar otra vez algo que se supone ya había pagado, el conductor extra, espero que sea falla en el paso de información de la página online de alquiler a la compañía.

Dmitry Halavin

Does not honor reservations. 0 stars.

Valerie Kindrick

Do your self a favor and stay away from Payless car rental. They are deceptive to the point of fraud with their unheard of fees. There is a reason they upgrade you to a SUV and it's called a SCAM. I've rented here before without any problems so felt comfortable doing so again however should of took the other complaints on the reviews seriously because getting ripped off does not feel good especially around the holidays. Don't chance it like I did go somewhere else.Not only did they nickel and dime me out of every fee they could come up with they ran my credit card twice.

Herb Miller

DO NOT RENT AT BWI Payless, they do not provide toll readers and charge $75 per toll not paid n cash so u cannot use roads that are cashless tolls

Jeff Fischer

Amelie E

first I thought they were cheap, but they charged me twice, so I had to pay around 400$ for two days of car rental. I try to called more than 10 times and ask for a refund. it took more than 1 month. not sure I will rent a car from them again.

munik inMT

Budget and Payless is the same line in Kona, HI...Don't think that this is a different company with a different line. You end up following the sign to the other end of the building where there appears to be no line to go I. And finally d a Payless sign with nobody at it. The two people running the counter tell you to go to the end of the line for budget. Looking across the lot, Avis has no line. I will be exploring the difference in price next time...Maybe paying more gets you more vacation time...One star for making me walk around the building to go back to the end of the line extending out the budget rental end of the building...We'll see how the rest goes

Matthew Wang

we did not get a car we reserved. we came about half an hour early and still did not get our car. we are now late to our business trade and might lose the deal because of this place.

Mike Dilts

One star is really to high. The customer service was terrible to say the least. Gave me one car, that was not on the lot, 20 min gave me another car, that had dents and scratches all over it and check engine light on, and guy at the counter said it's ok, so after bein there for an hr I finally got fet up and left with the car. Will never deal with this place again. They musta never learnt the meaning of customer service. Absolutely pathetic!!!

Ty Taylor

Vishu Raparti

Never do business, always out to cheat - overcharge- deliberately charge for gas in spite of returning full tank. Never staffed to serve- single transaction>30mins


I rented a car from Payless.....never again. I was traveling on official business. I arrived at the New Orleans airport to pick up my rental and the system was down. When it came time to return the rental I could not get a receipt because the system was down when I received the car. I was told that It would be e-mailed to me that same day. That was on 24 March 2016. It is now 26 March and still no receipt. I called the desk where I rented the car and was told to call the customer service center. Well did not receive any service and had to asked to speak to a supervisor and the problem got worse. He did provide any service. I would never rent from that company again.

Atanu Roy

Peyton Randulf

Very efficient. The driver backed up to get me at the airport. Much appreciated. Fast checkin. Car seems good so far.

Laura Matthews

I booked a rental car through Expedia for my parents on their trip to Savannah. I booked the car for 3:00 pickup. My parents flight arrived at 4:00 and they gave the car away! Said they were a no show. When my father asked if there was another car available they said yes but it was an extra $60/day. I think an hour late is a little crazy with the airline industry. Especially when you count time for getting luggage. Luckily another car rental place helped them out and they were able to get another vehicle!!

Rob Taylor

shawn bob

They don't open until 10am even though it says 7am. You must use Avis to rent a car and they "try" to price match.

Christopher Johnson

Toya was awesome at her job. I felt like she went over and beyond to help me with my rental after I jacked up my reservation.

Fallen Ninja

This place is ABYSMAL! I placed a reservation for $160 and even confirmed it over the phone with one of their employees. When I arrived there the price went up to $490, Some stupid fee that they would put on hold on my card until I returned the vehicle. WHY wasn't this mentioned on their website or even over the phone when I spoke to the ghetto young lady? The place is shady beyond means, After asking the ghetto lady over the counter to give me a second while I compare prices with their sister company Budget, I was surprised to have her jack up the price when I returned by $30. Her excuse was that she cancelled my reservation... -_- I ended up going with Enterprise and I will never even think about going with payless or budget. PS: Budget was not better, similar price and shady manager that offered me the "Managers Special" without even gathering my information or age. PSS?: A week after I received an email from them, it seems to be an invoice of some sort... But under someone else's name... What an incompetent company...

Hamed Umar Mir

They never give you good cars.

Kyle Tromblee

After being a loyal customer to Payless Car rentals since 2012, they gave my 8 month pregnant wife a car that had the check engine light come on immediately. The inspector guy at the gate tried to tell my wife not to worry about the check engine light, that it is probably just a tire sensor or something. Uh no. She had to turn around, bring the car back, and get a replacement car. This first bad car wasted about 30 minutes of her time. The replacement car she was given had the preexisting cracks in the windshield. The same employee did not notice the cracks because it was night time and dark outside, and did not mark down the cracks. My wife drove this car out and just in a few minutes noticed the cracks, so she immediately took photos and emailed them to herself so they would be timestamped, as proof as the cracks where there right after leaving Payless. She had appointments to make and is 8 months pregnant. She cannot keep driving back and forth to Payless and waste more time switching cars because Payless employees refuse to do their jobs and properly inspect the cars. Sure enough, a couple weeks later she gets a letter accusing her of causing the window cracks and stating they will charge her $184.00. We contacted customer service, and after initially getting ignored, proceeded to deal with the most annoying customer service representative ever named Terrence. This guy will deny reality and ignore the fact that you just sent him timestamped emails and timestamped images of the window cracks as evidence. Multiple times we explained that if they compare those times to the time she left Payless, they will see they are almost exact, and therefore the damage was already there. Even though Payless has just written us a letter clearly saying they are going to charge us, Terrence keeps saying in his irritating written tone that they cannot do anything until my wife is actually charged. This makes zero sense. We are showing ahead of time with solid evidence of why she should not be charged, and Payless wrote they are going to charge her, so there is no reason why this can't be settled now before charges are made. Perhaps Payless employees are intentionally giving customers bad cars, so that they can falsely blame the customers for the pre-existing damage. You may pay less in the short term with Payless, but you will pay more with your time and money in the long term.


First they DIDN'T HAVE A CAR for me THAT I RESERVED, so it took a half an hour for them to find one. Then the associate named Ernest, along with another lady, sell me a pre-paid full tank of gas, saying that if I don't use more than half of it, then I can simply get refunded for the cost of half a tank. I return it later that day, not having used more than half the tank, and they tell me the refund will be taken care of and to write my email address down to be sent the invoice. I receive the e-invoice the next day, with no sign of a refund. So I call them, and they tell me I need to call the 800 # on their website to get approval for a refund. So I call THEM, and they say to wait for an email response to see if my refund will be approved. NINE days later, I finally get a response, telling me that I won't get my refund because "most Payless customers don’t mind because they enjoy the convenience". Thanks, Ernest & colleagues, for wasting my time, and congrats on tricking me into paying Payless more money.

Sophia Lam

I had such a horrible experience with this company. I made the reservation for the most basic cheapest car on the list already & I called them to ask for extending my reservation 1 more day & the guy was talking to me on the phone so rude. He told me that I have to pay $70+ for 1 more day which doesn't make sense to me to pay that much for this type of cheap & basic car. I ask him to explain it to me & he hung off the phone on me. He is such a rude staff in this type of service business! One more thing is in my reservation, I requested to pick up the car at 11Am for picking up & returning but I didn't get the car until 1pm so it meant I have a right to return it as the same time as picking up time but this idiot talking to me on the phone said that I have to return it at 11am...period. I have been traveling a lot & had a good experience with all of the rental car company like Hert, Alamo, Sixt, Advantage, Budget,... But this is the first & the last time I use the serve at this company.

Abad Ohana

We made a reservation on January 6, 2018 for our trip on December 26, 2018 and when we got there to pick up our rental there were no cars. They tell us they will pay for taxi service but we have to pay in advance and to keep our receipt. And when will that reimbursement happen. Do they now what island their on that’s going to be some crazy prices. We had plans to do so much. That’s the reason why we made reservations for a car. If thier not able to have a car for us when reservations are made almost a year in advance how would I know if they will ever reimburse use. This is Terrible. They say they will bring us a car by the 28th. How can we believe them, how does this happen. We plan ahead and get burn. Ill add if things change but will just have to see.

Ms. Jenkins

The clerk convinced me that I needed a 6 cylinder car for driving through the mountains. Of course that car was more expensive. I didn’t need it at all! I also called to add one more day to the contract, I could not believe they wanted to charge me $400 for less than 24 hours, making my rental for 5 days $847! Ridiculous!

Amy Philpot

Beside getting the best deal offered....I found the fellows where you pick up/return vehicle to be INCREDIBLE! They were very polite picking up...And after I left my WALLET and ready to board a flight and seeing I had missed several calls as I finally answered, (I wish I could recall his name). I was able to retrieve my wallet...Everything in tact!! WAY TO GO PAYLESS!!!

vincent phan

Payless is such a horrible experience. I landed at MSY NewOrlean to find out that my driver license was somehow lost in between checkpoints. They refused to help me no matter how much proof I showed them that i am who i am. I pleaded to show them my passport, a copy of my driver license, credit cards, bank statements, and everything i can think of to show them that i am eligible to drive a car with an active license. Litterally, i felt as if they got no heart to help me out even after i told them without a car i will be stranded here for the next 9 days. I am traveling by myself and have appointments to make. I then had to call my booking agent to ask for help, and found out that i could assign another driver with proper ID to pick it up. I had to call my relative from 4hrs away to have him come over and hopefully able to rent it for mw. Guess what, they decided to take advatage of the situation and charge us an additional $13 per day for the extra driver. The car rental was only $17 a day and the manager (james) wanted to charge $13 more for having a different driver. What's a rip off. I have no problem with them following protocols, but what they did was very heartless in my view. They were not willing to help people in need and caused my much trouble. I ended up cancelling the whole deal because my relative was not able to make it ontime before they close. I am now in the process of looking for a motel to stay the night and hope for the best tomorrow morning. I just want to say that, although i am very disappointed at my selft for losing my id, but at the same time i am very disappointed at Payless and its managementa for not willing to work with me toward a solution for its customer even after i showed them ton of proof.

Angie Rudy

STEER CLEAR!!!! This company does not deserve one star. This is the wors company I have ever done business with. Fair warning if you need help or have a problem this company is impossible to get in touch with any form of a human being. Non-English speaking workers make it difficult if not impossible to get any help whatsoever after the rental has been completed. This is a subsidiary of budget and Avis and they should be ashamed of themselves that their name is anywhere with association to this organization I will take my business to hurts and any other company before I will associate with Avis budget or Payless ever again. Rented a car in Seattle returned to the car in the same condition Payless claims I did damage to the vehicle but no one will take my call and it was not even the same vehicle that I rented it. Contract is for a different car. No one spoke English at check out at the Seattle airport and no one is willing to help me after the fact this company should be ashamed of themselves.

Arlene Sliwa

Great rates and prompt service to the airport.

Amy Simpson

Customer service and rental rate was fine for me. However, I have been trying for days to get to their Lost and Found since I know I left an object in the car. There is no way to report this online or to get to an agent who can answer. Their phone tree sends me consistently to California Reservations or California Parking and no one will transfer me to the right place. They need an online tracking system for lost and found.

Elias Siam


Manoel Matos

I had a really good service. Easy and quick. Car was pretty new and it was nice to a car that felt really good to drive.


Car was decent and check-in was quick. However, getting a morning shuttle back to airport was a disaster. We have a 06:30 departure and allowed ourselves over an hour to get to the airport. We needed every bit of that and more!

Michelle Valenzuela

Please read the reviews!! They were giving me a car that was keyed and had an engine light in also shuttle didn't show up until 430 am.almost missed my flight

Angela Johnston

After waiting in line for 90 minutes I was almost at the front of the line when an employee decided to manage the line by making a second line, by taking everyone waiting outside and moving them to the front creating a second line. So people waiting 20 minutes or less we’re now even with those of us waiting almost 2 hours. It did not go over well. When I made it to the counter my cashier was nice and polite but I listened to the employee at the next station try to convince the couple next to me they wouldn’t be able to use the air conditioning or make it up hills safely in the car they had reserved and that they needed to upgrade. I had been noticing during my copious time in line that if customers said they’d never been to Denver, they used a similar upsell tactic. I said I was from Denver and got no upsell.

Phil Pupanek

Excellent service. Easy to get the car and return it.

Michael Lehmann

Horrible customer service. I reserved a car, they said they couldn’t take my card. Tried another card, that didn’t work either. I know both cards had funds on them. Then they told me that my reservation was cancelled because the cards didn’t work. No help from the representative whatsoever.

Carla Wilson

I wanted to change credit card to be used to pay for reservation. Customer service clerk replied, "that's going to be a problem -- DAMN!" I immediately requested to cancel the reservation and the customer service clerk replied, "you want to cancel the reservation ... that's not going to be a problem for you?" I replied "no because you cannot change the credit card and you just cursed at me." Reservation was cancelled and I was charged $50 for the cancellation!! Costs me $50 for poor customer service. Now I am going to reply, "DAMN!"I will be renting a car for my vacation from a company that knows how to offer decent customer service.

Shamim Rahman

It’s simply the best and the people at the counter so friendly and helpful. Thanks

Christoph Geiss

I rented from them twice. The first car was disgustingly dirty. Every seat was stained and the car smelled so bad of cleaner that for the first day you could not drive it without the windows rolled down. Customer service rep was not very friendly, The second time the car was better, though with plenty of dents and a bumper that was partially loose. The straw that broke the camel's back: even at $1.99/gallon they have the audacity to charge an energy recovery fee " to offset the rising energy costs related to our business." It screams rip-off. All in all it was not a pleasant experience. I already booked my next car rental - same location, different company.

Alex Xu

Average wait is 1hour. The day I was there returning the car, system was down. Afterward was charged 30 dollar extra for not logged in the system. The lady by me was charged 40 dollars for 4 gallon of gas! Worst customer service ever!!!! Just don't rent a car at this junk place.

Maquira Oliver

Terrible service! The online reservation charged my account twice without providing me with a confirmation code. When I attempted to follow up on the reservation my account could not be verified all awhile the company placed a $550 hold on my account. Four days later my account is still in limbo with no ability to talk with a supervisor. Angry Customer!

Gabriela Mieles

Do not rent from this place. They charged me $350 for smoking their car when I don’t even smoke. I asked to send me images and they sent me a picture of a cigarette on side door. Also sent me images of some sort of green substance on floor. When I booked my reservation they employee stated to me that they would be getting high on 4/20. I don’t smoke and once I called the employee on phone who was the assistant manager told me I needed to wait for another manager to call me. I stated that I did not smoke and that on their policy it is stated a $250 charge for smoking. Then she told me that their rental place is a franchise and what is stated online is corporation. From my understanding what a corporation has online is what should be authorized not what their office at their location decide to do. Listen don’t rent from these people I don’t even smoke and for them to be changing up prices from what is stated online is extremely unfair. I know other rental companies are more expensive but they will deal with your customer service and will believe a customer and not make up their own prices. No where did I sign something stating I could be charged $250 or more for a smoking fee.

Flanker 27

Kelly Ottaway

The staff both on check in and check out were so friendly and helpful. The car was clean and perfect for what I needed. And the price was amazing! Will definitely use Payless again!

Andrea West

I would recommend payless car rental. The only issue I had was that the exterior of the car was not clean. The rental process was easy and the staff was friendly.

Russell Roden

Great rental car experience. Very nice people. Car was clean and ready to go. Would definitely rent from here again. I definitely hit on all cylinders on this rental.

Ricardo Gonzalez

This was my first time renting a pickup truck and I was told I can only use debit card if we were flying in or out of the airport. We are from the Wichita area and were planning on renting for the holiday weekend. What is the difference debit card from a local or a traveler is the same thing.

Steven Horneffer

Very easy to get to the vehicle if you are able to walk for a few hundred yards. Nice staff. HOWEVER, DON'T TRUST GOOGLE MAPS TO GET YOU OUT OF THE AIRPORT. THE EXIT IS NO LONGER WHERE THEY THINK IT IS.

Byron Brooks

BEWHERE - UNETHECIAL PRACIICES! I prepaid for a car to be picked up at the Savannah airport but when I arrived late they had canceled my reservation and refuse to provide a refund. (Had to rent a car from another company) Early on the scheduled pickup date my airline notified me that my flight was canceled. I booked the next available flight, which was the next day, and immediately phoned the Payless office in Savannah to inform them of this and to make sure the car I rented and paid for would be ready for me upon my arrival. When I arrived, No car and I was told No refund. I exhausted all channels through their “Customer Care” group who didn't care at all. They kept quoting cancellation policy but I did not cancel! I wanted the car as I had told them by phone. Nothing in their on-line policy says I should not have been given the car I paid for or a full refund. After many frustrating rounds with them, they offered (as a courtesy, they said) to apply the amount I paid to another rental within 30, later raised to 60 days. I had no reason to rent a car during this period and would not want one from them anyway. They continue to refuse to do the right thing and issue a refund. About as shoddy as it gets! Stay away.

Shanti Webley

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE. I innocently walked into the Payless Car Rental at BWI with just a drivers license and a debit card. Both of which, according to the representatives themselves and their website, they accept. Naive of me to think that those facts would be sufficient. First off, the representative decided he didn’t like how ‘flimsy’ my drivers license felt and then their 1980s era barcode reader couldn’t pick up my license info. They kept asking if I had another form of picture ID. I didn’t have one on me. Both of these factors stoked their suspicions. Additionally, my debit card was from a bank they didn’t recognize - not surprising since I live and bank on the other side of the country - and their suspicions continued to mount. In order to further qualify my eligibility to rent from the illustrious Payless, the manager inexplicably required me to call my insurance company and verify - so that the he could hear - some arcane legalese on my full coverage insurance policy. I obliged, hesitatingly and was confirmed. After 45 minutes of this haggling, they finally permitted me to rent. It was at this point that they informed me that the only car they had was half the size of the one I had reserved. I left, never to return. On a side note, I still do not have my security deposit back from the last time I rented from Payless - it’s been over a month. PAYLESS CAR RENTAL = TERRIBLE COMPANY

Porsha Collins

Low rental prices, good cars!!! Love this place!!!

thutrang tran

Horrible service!! Stay away!! Tall guy ( Middle Eastern or India descent). Refused my reservation late at night because my reservation was only made 12 hours before. He was rude and offensive. Could have offered some kind of solution for customer services purposes. Now Payless lost a customers for life. Not a smart move!!

Jack Betancourt

They charged me for tolls(I didn't even use) out of spite I'm sure. Rent at your own risk.

Albania Santana

I usually rent cars for other places. But this was an emergency Very poor customer service, they are rude. Car was dirty and damage outside. It was a very bad idea trying for something cheaper.

Justin C

1.No one at counter. 2. Was given a car that wasn't comparable to what I rented. 3. Car was damaged. Junk!

yuewang huang

terrible!!!! Old cars. Rushed preparation. Lose track of returned cars. Overcharge. Cannot be worse.

Bobbi Laurence

Reserved a car online for a funeral I needed to attend to over the June 8-11 weekend. I am an over the road truck driver and booked the vehicle earlier in the day for an evening pickup. I was able to pre-pay online with a debit card with no hassles. After a 20 min taxi ride from West Memphis to Memphis Airport, I arrived ontime at 6PM as scheduled. When I arrived, Avis told me Payless was closed and asked if I pre-paid, I informed him I did, and 30 minutes later a manager finally showed only to inform me they only accept major credit cards, and wouldnt accept a debit card without a flight itenerary. I asked why they accepted my online payment for the insurance with my debit card and explained I have a funeral just 90 miles away, and he told me the $40 would be reimbursed, but repeated they only accept major cards. Now there is a chance I will miss the funeral, and possibly out $40 based on the other reviews I am seeing, not to mention the cost of a taxi..

Michael Visser

THESE GUYS SUCK!! I arrived on time, showed them my reservation and they said sorry we are totally out of cars and we can't help you, we overbooked and you'll have to go somewhere else. NEVER rent from Payless. Moron's. Employee's acted like hey man, sorry but we can't do anything. They should have given me a free 2 day car rental voucher for the future. Idiots. We had to go with National who ROCKS and gave us a car at the same price as Payless, but it was a minivan. You get way less with Payless.

X Man

Rip off! They charged me $400 extra and on top of that charged me for toll. Which I never used! Extreme rip offs. Called my credit card agency to refund me the difference!

Hannah Kuemmel

Terrible experience!!! Do not use them! Had to wait over 40 minutes for the shuttle to come pick us up at the airport, and every time we called (5 times between 3 of us) they kept saying “it will be there in a few minutes”. The shuttle was so packed we had to leave a passenger behind. Then waited an additional 40 minutes in line and then at the counter where they kept getting “kicked out of the system” and had to restart and couldn’t even find our existing reservation (due to the fact we had an older reservation in Budget [parent company] which was cancelled, but somehow never managed to get cancelled in their system). There was no manager on duty (the Friday of Memorial Day weekend!?) so we could not be compensated in anyway or even upgraded for our troubles.

N Light

I've just read some of the other reviews and don't understand how people have had bad experiences here. Some of the negative reviews here are even about a rental location in a different state..? People get so excited to complain online, they don't even take note of the location they are writing about. My experience at Payless in Minneapolis was delightful. I travel and rent cars sometimes 10 or more times a month during my busy season; I have premium frequent renter status at 3 other major agencies.. and still, when the prices are right, I come here. Landed in the late evening, called the office, and the shuttle was outside waiting for me the moment I arrived at the curb. Perfect timing-- no wait at all! As we pulled up to the office, I noticed they had two of my favorite model and commented to the driver "Oh good, you have those! They are so much fun to drive." He asked which of the two colors I liked best, and I went inside to the office. The agent and I had a bit of light chat while he was processing my paperwork, and it came up that I was in a bit of a rush to get the car and head over to pick friends up who were waiting on a ride to an event. I mentioned that my flight was late, and it had put pressure on our gameplan for the evening. He got me out the door within just about 5 minutes, and let me know that the car and color I commented about was already running and waiting for me. (The shuttle driver had pulled the car out and had it warming up by the time I had my contract in-hand.) Such great service! My outbound flight left at 5am, so when I returned the car (at 3:45// MSP can have 30+ min security lines by 4:30am), there was a shuttle waiting. You give keys to the driver, driver takes you to the terminal, and they close out the rental when office staff arrives first thing in the morning. Despite the insanely early shuttle ride time, the driver was super pleasant and conversational. Maybe it was because I was there at off-times, but there was no line, the shuttle and processing at the office was super fast, and every employee I interacted there was great. I'm looking forward to renting with this location again in the future. I appreciate their staff, and the ease of renting. Way less trouble than I expected- in fact no trouble at all.)

Riaz Ma

Bad cars , Bad service

Brian Childs

I have been using this service in Baltimore for 5 years. I have been very satisfied with them until this month. When it was people dealing with the customer things went smoothly and quickly and there was never A-line very long. They now do things with a computer that is slow to load and one will stand in line for an hour sometimes even more. The attendants are very stressed because of this. I suppose the company is saving money on Employee salaries at the expense of efficiency for customers. I will give them one more chance before I switch to another rental agency. It is a shame because I have really appreciated them for the past 5 years. I rent from them once a month but perhaps only one more to go.

Wendy Kreidler

Randy Sule

Sorry guys.. I guess you get what you paid for. Very bad customer service Most car rental company hold $200, they hold $500 on your card. Buying a rental insurance did not satisfied them, you still need to provide your own personal insurance. Be aware, don't take toll road if you don't have cash, taking toll with no toll attendant will definitely cost you arm and leg. Many of us leaned in hard way. I'm sure it will get to a point somebody will file class action against them.

Stephen Wong

bit worrisome after reading all the reviews. Took extra precaution to ensure we didn't ask for anything extra. When we got to the counter right away they told us we were getting an upgrade. Double asked to see if it would cost more and the agent said no. We got a red keep and within 10 mins the break lights were out. Promptly returned the car and got a Hyundai Sante Fei. No additional charges on our bill other than the Car rental, but just really long wait times.

Susan Schmecht

Employees at location give great customer service. However, I was rented a car with bald inner front tires due to car not being in alignment. One tire blow out on interstate. Had to take to shop to replace as no payless in area to exchange. Upon service to replace bad tire manager brought me back and showed me other front tire bald as well. Very dangerous, we could have crashed especially since they knew we were taking on long trip. Then upon trying to report they wouldn't take my claim. I have contacted a attorney my family knows in Colo as I'm still not assured they will return my money for new tires. Update, I have received a partial refund. Would not rent from them again.

Elle Kunisch

Only one attendant at the desk. There are more than 40 people in front of me and about 30 behind me. This is a nightmare. It’s a Saturday morning. Staffing is subpar

Tiffini Gray

The attendant was very personable and nice!

tayanna webster

This car rental place was horrible. Upon arrival for my rental I was told that I would have to wait for the car to be cleaned. After making reservations on line I wasn´t informed about a deposit. I did not rent the car and the company don´t want to refund me my money back. I was charged more then supposed to and the staff was rude. I will never rent there.

Adam Dovico

I rented a car from Payless at Nashville Airport on Thursday, March 16th, with a scheduled return on Saturday, March 18th. This was booked through Expedia, and the estimated cost was $61.12. Due to a 6:00am flight on Saturday, the car was returned before the attendants were there. Upon looking at my credit card statement, I was charged $127.77. I called the Payless headquarters line, and the representative said that this is a question for the Nashville branch. Since that day (it is now Thursday, March 23rd), I have called the line over 20 times at different points of the day. The phone has not been answered and there is no voicemail, so it simply hangs up. I called Payless headquarters back and explained the situation. They found the invoice, which was never mailed to me from Nashville, and informed me that they would email it to me so I could review the charges to determine where the extra charged derived from. After several hours, the invoice from Payless headquarters has yet to be received, so I am still left without any indication for what the extra charged came from. As a frequent traveler, I rent cars multiple times a month from various companies. In the few instances where there have been issues, they have always been resolved within hours. This is going on a week now without any resolution in site. I will be disputing this charge with my credit card company, but it is necessary to share this concern to the general public as well. I am happy to edit this if it is resolved adequately, but until then this has been my experience.

Evan Barry

They have my flight details and know I was getting in near midnight but they let me make the reservation. No mention from them that shuttle service stops early at night. We called for the shuttle multiple times with no answer. We took the Avis shuttle since we saw it was nearby, and tried to walk to Payless but it was closed. Huge waste of time and money. Hope they will reimburse. Avoid

Jennifer Donnell

I like this place, doesnt take to long to get your car at 5am but they never have the car you reseeved online. But oh well!! Aside from that. They a very friendly and helpful.

chris feola

Tremendous, helpful staff. Had to fly up at the last minute because of a family illness, and couldn't predict how long I'd stay. They extended my lease twice over the phone. Car was older, but in great shape. I'll definitely use them again.

we mac

I’ve rented with these guys for two months STRAIGHT and for my “membership” (which does NOTHING) and after spending THOUSANDS on rentals, I get my best rental rate ever! 370/week for a FORD FIESTA?!?!? I’ve paid less for SUVS AT THE SAME LOCATION?!?!? This is BEYOND disappointing. Been a good customer because they HAD fair rates. 370$ ?!? FOR A FORD FIESTA?!????!?!

Ganesh Bhattarai

I rented at this location twice and both times it was nightmare. Regret every bit of the decision of renting with this company. Recently they made me wait for more than 2 hours not because they had a lot of customers but they didn't have cars to give out (yes of course I had a reservation). After 2 hrs they gave me a 7-seater SUV (I had reserved a standard sedan) right off the return lot - without even inspecting the vehicle. To make it worse - it had problem with a tire. I spent time and money fixing it and now they are saying they can't do refund or anything. I rent car alot from LGA and this company is THE WORST. Save yourself from pain. NEVER RENT FROM THIS PLACE. NEVER.

Michael Meyer

I loved renting from Payless. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The car was great and I felt like I got great service and value for my money

Karl Emmett Falster

Pretty good, would have appreciated a glass of wine while I waited in line.

Norma Flores

Very bad service. Super slow. Only like two employees working. The shuttle van that went to pick us up had a bad attitude and was confrontational with other passengers. I rented a SUV but they rented all of them out so we got stuck with a sedan, we barely fit, we were 4 adults with 7 luggages.

James Leichter

Had a good experience with this company on this trip. The only minor complaint I would have is the relatively long line getting the car. Getting in the car and getting out of the airport was a cinch. Returning it was even easier. The shuttle was good too.

Tanner Rambo

Never, ever, ever use this rental car company. Any form of travel, up to and including a pogo stick, would be preferably to the horrible experience you will receive with this company. Deceptive pricing, faulty systems, inept/rude employees. I cannot stress this enough, go LITERALLY anywhere else.

John Bocker

At check in - no attendant present to greet me, check gas, odometer or provide a receipt. I arrived in Laguardia, extremely busy location – no one to greet or provide direction. I went inside to talk to the counter person and she told me to go back out and get my mileage reading and contract ( which was packed away). Car had already been pulled away last service person. I know it’s New York but I travel nationally by far this was the poorest service and dirtiest car rental location I have visited in several years. Very low standards.

Edgar Gutierrez De Lara

I had reservations, my flight got changed and I won't be able to arrive till after they close. I've been trying to call but no one answers. The phone just keeps ringing. Hopefully I can get something worked out when I land in Omaha.

Ritesh Nair

Now returning the car. Been waiting here for 10 minutes already. There are 12 of us, I am the 10th in the line. When I came, there were two shuttle buses parked but no one to take us to the airport. I spoke to the counter and their dismissive response was someone will come in 15-20 minutes. AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE. While getting my car, it took me 45 minutes for the shuttle to pick me up from the airport and an hour in the line at the counter to get my car.

Anne Rump

Our experience was great. Pick up from the airport... awesome. Quick check-in at the office and off we went in a car with a full tank of gas. Drop off was quick and easy then a free ride straight to our terminal. Great!!!!

Karissa Hribko

Do not rent a car from here. It is not worth the low price. This location especially is terrible, poor customer service, no one answers the phone so don’t even try to call if you need help. They also said we used the car for three days past the date we returned it, then created a bogus receipt when we disputed it with our card company. Charged our card several times without telling us why. It is seriously not worth it, do not rent here ever! You will regret it.

Linda Walthour

I always love payless rent everyone treat me very nice everyone very kind always friendly I have been rent car from them for over 10 years keep up the great work

J Santos

Rented a car with them for a long weekend (Friday-Monday). Service was great and the staff was pleasant. I was leaving the lot in the new rental (2019) in about 20 mins after getting in line. NOTE: This is the same building as the Avis rental company. I had to ask about the charges around their e-toll service because that can be a significant amount if you don't have a full understanding of it. Their charge was reasonable but the NYC area tolls basically force you into doing it. If you opt out, you get charged more so make sure you opt in! I would just get there 30 mins ahead of your pick up time and you should be OK. I was definitely worried seeing the bad reviews but everything was fine once I got there.

Joseph Barrett

They just lost a sale because they don't answer their phone! Called 7-times over 12-hours period

Shelia Hammonds

Bad customer service. If you give a contact number for use during the rental period, make sure someone answers!

Peter N. Steinmetz

Awful service. Arrived to pick up car and no one at the counter, just a sign to contact Avis next store. Avis’ computer system apparently down and only one person working. Told to go to other terminal. Gave up and went to Hertz. Should have just reserved there in the first place. Avoid this place!

Saralyn Ostwinkle

The service was great fast and friendly. But the store needs like some cleaning up or updating... I've never rented from them before...for the same kind of money I could have went to another store that was just a little bit nicer feeling.

Urik Aly

Debbie Glasnow

It's 12/26/16 and we've waited over an hour for our rental car at Budget/Payless- seriously!? That's 90 mins of vacation time we will never get back!!! Only 2 employees (and one is in training) to handle over 20 customers! Won't ever use this car rental company again!!! We recommend you try Avis, Hertz, or Enterprise. And, they don't even seem to feel badly about it! Beware of Budget/Payless in Kona Hi!!!

Ryan O'Sullivan

Quick and easy.

Abby L.

Humberto is the sales person who was extremely helpful, he was super kind to us, and always with a smile on his face and the service was top notch. We rented a car for the holidays, and had some minor issue with it, but we were able to swap the car with no problems! I'd rent a car from Payless again as long as Humberto works there.

Mike Eastman

Great car and price. Waiting on shuttle, waiting to finalize rental and to check car back in is longer than for rental agencies with lots more employees but lower price was my preference because I had the time. If you can't wait a little longer, don't go here. Car was newer and very clean. It had a toll tag which is necessary in Chicago! Excellent! I will use them again.

Jenny R

Waited a hour to get the rental and the lady had an attitude and wasn't very friendly. Not a good first impression for people visiting the city. The car was decent though. I guess you get what you pay for "payless"....never again.

Amy Peters

Worst experience with a rental car agency and that's saying a lot! For some reason Avis is operating for Payless and they are incompetent and move more slowly than a sloth. After standing in line for an hour, we were assigned a vacant space (no car), so we were assigned a new car. After loading 3 carseats and all of our stuff, we saw the oil light is on. So I have a car full of 3 screaming children. They suck!

Sir Caz

A company in complete disarray in which there is only one grumpy person at the desk, nobody picks up the phone at all hours of the day, there is no superior on site and the main 1-800 number customer service line is actually located in Mexico. I have extended my rental (it was a big hassle) and ended up being charged a lot more then what I was told. It is quite obvious that Payless Car Rental is cutting corners everywhere it can at the expense of paying customers without any moral regards. After giving them a second chance, there surely won't ever be a third. I would rather and gladly pay a couple extra dollars at Enterprise close by for much better services. If you want to risk wasting time and a major headache just to save a few measly dollars on a rental, then please, by all means, rent with Payless Car Rental. I have rented cars through all car rental agencies in the LGA area and by far, Payless Car Rental is simply the worst of them all, never again.

Monique Fowowe

ZERO STARS (but had to give one to post). Absolutely, the worst experience I have had with a company in my life. Yes, the car are extremely cheap HOWEVER, trust me you will pay for it with pathetic at best customer service. I left an item in a car and was told the car would be put on hold until my item is retrieved. It has been over a month, and guess what? no item. I have called so many times I programmed the number in my phone only to be met with a call center in Mexico that tells me to keep calling. I have followed every procedure for lost item retrieval and even gone to the facility in person and still no item. I really wish I would have stuck with HERTZ. Moral of the story save yourself the trouble.

Howard Fairbanks

Do NOT leave without checking your bill. They automatically sign you up for a fuel charge, and then they said they'd remove it as long as the car was returned fully fueled. When they checked it was full, they still did not remove the $23 fuel surcharge. After I got my final receipt, I noticed it was incorrect and I had to go back to the desk and correct it. I'm assuming that sort of "accident" happens all the time. Be careful. Location is very convenient, the front desk people were fast, and the shuttle was quick and comfortable. Would have been a 4 or 5 star if not for the shady "forgotten" fuel surcharge.

Markita Russell

Very nice people i would very much recommend this place and there cars are well kept and clean and runs excellent!!

Chasity Cruz

I have so many HORRIBLE things to say about this place it would take at least an hour to write! My visitor experience with them was nothing but BUYERS BEWARE.... Between the shuttle they offer, their unprofessional staff, their BULLCRAP policies and how DIRTY their facility is I would NEVER rent or attempt to rent from them even if you paid me too! I have made Expedia aware of this bogus car rental place as well.

Blake Sterling

Had a great experience with Payless, they are cheeper for a reason, so if your not expecting the world from them it’s a great place to rent a car.

Sam DeAngelis

Steve and Mike are great. Very helpful and offer quick service to get you in and out.

Michael Poole

I’ve personally always had great experiences here. Good service, prices and quick turnaround. I’ve rented from Payless in San Jose many times and so far it’s always worked out well.

Jonathan Farrington

Left me in 28° Temps for over 30 minutes waiting for a shuttle. Driver said to another parking customer they were short staffed. (I guess they operate two separate businesses with the same shuttle) I was in a hurry to get to my destination before I realized there were five warning lights on the VW they rented to me.

Han Sen Zuo

Do not ever rent from this place, go with more established companies. They lure you in with low price then add all kinds of the fee on top

Pierre Asselin

Returning the car prior to 6am because I had a 6:30am flight was confusing and a little scary. It would be best to have better signs to indicate shuttle timing

Mina Khalil

I usually rent cars about twice a month. It usually takes about 15 min on average for every car rental company to get a car. With Payless, I spent about an hour waiting before getting help. within this hour, they helped only two customers and answered the phone 3 times. they are extremely slow in service. Next time, I'll pay extra out of pocket to get a car from the other car rental companies not to wait for over an hour.

Beth Whitacre

Do not use them! Do not take the risk you may be lucky and have a good experience. Its not worth the minimal savings. I arrived to find that not only had the given my reserved car away, but they did not have a single other car to offer me. When I asked what my options were the agent got defensive and told me my reservation had “expired so I needed to go somewhere else.” I never got an apology nor options nor anything resembling customer service. When I contacted customer service to inform them about the situation they apologized for the inconvenience and offered me 25% off my next rental with them. I will never use again. Beware! The BWI location customer service is awful and the company policies are misleading.

Min Yang

Experience was okay but could be better. We rented a car here for 5 days at the end of July and it was one of the best rates we found online. The pickup and drop off process was very fast, both days with basically no wait, in and out within 15 minutes. However, my issue is with adding spouse as additional driver. My wife doesn’t have the same last name as mine so we weren’t allowed to get the free additional driver which is total BS. Then the car we got was dirty as there was still a lot of mud on the exterior from the previous rental but not a big deal. Car was newish and only had 5000 miles. Then finally our return shuttle had fan issue and the whole ride was super loud and annoying. I feel bad for the driver that has to drive the shuttle the whole shift. Overall though, for the price and speed of service it was fine experience and better than other options out there.

Sean Spitler

Angela Ancona

This car rental agency surpasses awful. The reception area is incredibly filthy, like the floors were black with filth and there were flies buzzing around all over. There was an incredibly long line and it was quickly evident that they did not have enough cars for the people who had reservations. As cars were coming in they were trying to upsell everyone to an SUV because that was all they had. After waiting in line for 20+ minutes we were told our car would be ready in 5 minutes...35 minutes later we still had no car. No employees did an inspection with any customers before the cars were handed over. Cars were just left sitting in the parking lot running. At the 40 minute mark we were the only customers with no car yet there were 4 cars in the parking lot that were running but we could not have any of those cars. One of those cars sat running for over an hour and was still running unattended when we left. While waiting there were also several people who came back in because their cars were not working properly or were out gas. I definitely do not recommend this car rental agency.

Del Wells

I have just finished a very frustrating experience with the 'Customer Service' department of Payless Car Rental. I rented a car for our trip to see the kids and I was informed by the Counter Rep that their towing service was mandatory. I discovered when I returned the car that the service was optional. Over three weeks, this scam of a company tricked me out of $120, an additional 25% above the cost of the rental. Is this how you advertise as 'Payess'? By tricking customers into spending money, then having a email only based customer service hide behind email and policy to state that once the rental contract has been completed, no changes can be made. How can I have an adjustment made if i'm not aware of it until the contract has been completed? Catch-22, anyone? Obviously, I will be avoiding Payless Car Rental not only in Visit Las Vegas, but anywhere they are in operation. This extends to their Parent companies of Budget and Avis. If you like getting ripped off, please visit Payless Car Rental and bring your own lube.

Cora Felton

Great prices 43 dollars day rental car

Dominique Douglas

this is my second time renting a car from them good prices a good customer service. Way better then Enterprise!

Jody Schultz

Best parking rates for O'Hare. Fast, friendly service.

T Rob

I arrived at desk after my plane landed and I was told they had no cars available at the moment, and if I wanted to wait it would be a couple hours!! There were so many waiting for cars it was ridiculous! I ended up going through enterprise and only paid 20 dollars more and there custrkmr service was great I signed up got a car and was out in 15 min. I absolutely would not recommend this company and would never use them or booked them again just go with Enterprise way easier

Alan Stevens

Horrible experience. Waited on line for 20 minutes with one customer ahead of me. Kim, the agent at the Nashville airport was so busy trying to upsell everything to me that she nor the guy next to her paid attention to my request to give me the car that I reserved. After walking all the way to the car and realizing they gave me the upgrade anyway I walked back to the terminal only to be told I asked for the upgrade. Now why would I walk all the way back to the terminal if I agreed to the upgrade, seriously? So after much eye rolling she started to redraft the contract and I asked to make sure the time was current because I already wasted 30 minutes. She told me she had to start it from the original time which would have ended up costing me another day. I guess she was upset about losing the upgrade commission. You may "payless" but you get less customer service and lousy treatment. Their motto should be payless to get less!

Mike Gibson

Not a review, but a question. … will they allow you to park your "regular" car for a weekend if you wanted to rent one for a longer trip?

emilie sophie tafong

My husband has a nightmare renting car from there....he is shocked right now. He said that he would have checked the comments before renting a car there. Please Go Alamo!!!!

Dudie Silberman

Bad service and long waiting

Precious Pearse

The car giving was sp, dirty moved to another even worst, asked for a manager I was told to call on the weekday I called left 2 msgs but no response.

david krois

Terrible 3 people ahead of me took an hour to get to my turn. Than gave me bad directions and at the end not happy with the car at all. Will never us them again worth paying more elsewhere.

Zichen Wang

This is definitely the WORST rental car company around LGA!!! Don't ever use it because of it's low price on Hotwire. First of all, the person at the counter is incredibly unfriendly and indifferent about the customers. She said you should have HARD COPY of pay stub or utility bill to pick up the car. What kind of company does that?! Even worse, she didn't allow me to use the fax or printer. After printing my pay stub from a nearby Marriott, I showed my foreign driving license and passport to her and she rejected saying I have to have translation for my license. I was able to rent car using my license and passport at AVIS, Hertz, Nationals, Enterprice, almost all rental car companies around LGA. She didn't even feel regretted for my experience after I running back and forth to print the stupid pay stub for about an hour in the middle of the night. The entire time the person at Payless was playing with her phone and didn't give a basic respect to me. I finally gave up and rented the car from AVIS, whose service is much better. Please don't be tricked by their lower price and choose an respectable car rental company!

Taylor Marie Surine

We were very disappointed with our experience at Payless. We were quoted one price on the computer after we reserved our rental and made clear ages, and all other information pertinent to the rental. When we arrived in Colorado from the other side of the country in Georgia, we were surprised to find out that our rental price had DOUBLED. We had only brought enough money for what we needed on this trip, so imagine our astonishment when we were miles away from home with no other choice but to walk amongst Colorado or charge the amount to our credit. This was because of our age being less than one year below 25 - a stipulation we were not made aware of before, during, or after the rental reservation. I also clearly stated the driver's age in the information given during the reservation process. The gentleman that helped us was unhelpful as he claimed to help us by only charging us for insurance (which is not mandatory) and waive the fee for the underage driver. This was a trick, as we still had no choice but to pay double the amount we were promised in the start. I will never recommend Payless to any friends or family, and I will never use them again in any travel arrangements I may make. We were scammed and deceived. The issue has yet to be resolved.

Daniel McAuliffe

Quinn Tegenkamp

I am writing this from the line I’ve been in for an entire hour while watching three other workers take breaks while only one person is actually at the computer.

Laura Kinser

Jeromie always takes great care of me. I rarely stand in line and drop off is quick and easy. I rent here regularly and my only complaint is sometimes the shuttle takes a while to come. I’ll be back to rent again in a few weeks.

James Christie

Okay, so, where to begin.. The Waiting area was dirty and the line took forever. We made a reservation online and the representative still tried to aggressively upsell us at every turn. Beware of hidden fees. The car itself was very nice but overall it was not worth the hassle of dealing with the shady behavior of the employees. Bad first impression of Denver.

Chris Stanchak

This is the most poorly run branch of any industry.

Kyle Wagner

Bait and switch, will never use again. It's worth going with the more professional (and expensive) companies.

Monica Conde

After reserving a vehicle and verifying the debit card policy on their website and specifically for location, they advised me they don't. Therefore, not giving me a rental and causing me to find last minute rental and causing me to pay more. Luckily there was a rental else where and wasn't stranded.

Kimberly Sweeney

Brandi Strickland

Horrible place to rent from! They charged me for extra insurance even tho I declined the coverage. My bill was almost double what I was told I would have to pay when I booked the reservation. Stay away!!!

B Cook

Good Car at a Great Price. Good Rental

Mimi no

Headache and a half. Not the staff, but the company itself. The staff was great tho


Was scared of the reviews but everything went great. Rented a car for 5 days for $115, Jeep Renegade. Saved some money and got a great vehicle.

Ganesh Kumar

Vehicles with high mileage. Conditions of the vehicles are also not good. But price is reasonable. So, if you are planning for long trip, Payless is not the place to rent.

Eliz Bajal

For the price, it was great. A bit low-staffed, but considering how inexpensive everything is it makes sense. ONLY thing- the phone system wasn't working well the night I arrived and it took me close to 40 min to get on the shuttle. FYI- you have to call to let them know you've arrived and where to pick you up.

JulianaMarie JordanFreeman

Billie Bueler

they get one star because you can't give zero. We waited 1 hour and 45 minutes for a reserved car and were passed up several times by new customers walking in. We finally got our car, and were of course late for our event, ended up having dinner a about 8:30, and finding our hotel in a new city in the dark.... it was so ridiculous.... I called just now, after arriving home, to talk to someone from the company, and after getting the total run around, being told even if I have a reservation, if a customer has a car and extends their rental time, I lose my reserved car (!) and one elusive answer after another, even being told there is no manager on duty today, call back tomorrow, I said FORGET it. Lesson learned. I will NEVER use this company again. EVER. And I don't suggest anyone use them either. Totally ridiculous company.

Alan Takumi

Quick service

Sandra Anita Walker

It was very convenient, affordable and timely. I was able to make reservations on my smartphone, there was no wait, the staff was friendly, the car was clean, I was in and out, & most importantly they did not overcharge my card. The price quoted is the same price I was charged. I will definitely use them on my next business trip in a few months.

Stephen P

Never come back to this car rental company again. Poor customer service. The car I reserve not available at the time I came to picked it up. They not clean a car before hand the key to customer...I reserve the SUV at the time i show up no SUV on the parking lot they want to put me on Full Sedan or VAN and he said if I do not want it then go to the other car rental company I got the VAN with....bad smell and had a lot of cat/dog fur.

Masataka Shiro

John F Kolath

Disorganized. Service was not the best. Car was decent

nicole harvey

Do not rent from here. I have been in line for over an hour and a half and still waiting. They have 2 computers but only use one. It takes about 20 minutes per customer. Slowest rental car experience I have ever seen.

Glen Martin

Very good experience. Friendly prompt service at reasonable price.

Michael Brooks

We landed in Minneapolis and then proceeded to the baggage claim ... it was quick our bags were waiting on us. After walking to the Rental Car counters the Payless counter had a sign that said if the Payless Counter is empty proceed to the Avis counter. There was ONE employee taking care of customers for Avis, Budget and Payless. We were the 5thcustomer in line and it took over 90 Minutes to be the next in line to be served. Four people were helped in 90 minutes. Way to go Payless, once we got to the counter it took 18 minutes ..... NEVER RENT PAYLESS AGAIN ....

Angelic Gilchrist

Melissa Brown

Gabriel Colom

It was fair..

Gene Mancuso

Best customer service and most reasonable prices I've ever found in the rental-car business. Very nice vehicles, as well.

Lee Tadelman

We're on our 4th car. Not good.

Terry Gallagher

Awesome service!!

michael smith

First time renting from payless. The pickup customer service was awesome. Drop off was slow and unprofessional. No one there to check ppl in and had all of us standing in the rain. I filled the car up and the needle said full and same when I arrived to the airport. However, the digital reading in the car said it was 15.38 gallons at pick-up and 14.80 gallons at drop off which is about less than a half gallon even though the needle was above the full line. I was still charged a service fee of about $10 for the difference in fuel. Every other car agency looks at the needle and not the actual digital reading if the car is equipped with one. Nice little scam Payless❗❗❗ I only rented because National didn't have a car for me yesterday. I'm good.

Sailor Man

If I could choose a zero I would. Arrived on time and made my way to the rental car counter. I'm waiting in line for over 15 minutes for it to be my turn. While I watch longer lines at other agencies dwindle and empty. Uncertain how long the people in front of me were waiting but they were clearly annoyed. Finally it's my turn. She takes my license and credit card taps a few keys on the computer and walks away without a word. After a few minutes she returns but says nothing. More computer then she makes a face and picks up the phone " I need a couple of C's and an F" she says. I'm not sure what she means at this point but I presume she is ordering cars of different classes etc. Then she hangs up and walks away... still without a word since "license and credit card (sans please)". She returns without my contract. By now I've been waiting quite some time so I inquire " No cars?" That's when the unexpected happened... she literally yelled at me. "I'll get you your damn car. You'll just have to wait ". I reminded her I've been waiting for 20 minutes watching customers of other agencies walk in and leave with a contract in hand. "We're not Avis" she barked. "Maybe you should rent from them next time". "You can count on that" I responded. With that she prints my contract and tells me to initial and sign. I do so and she put the contract in a jacket and says "second floor". I take it and make my way to the elevator. When I get upstairs it's not obvious where to go. The are no signs for Payless cars. Only Avis and Budget. I look at the jacket for the space where the car is parked. It doesn't have one. Sigh. I open the jacket and look at the contract. Blue Jetta in spot F26. Find the row and the (Avis) space is empty. Look around for a bit and I don't see it anywhere so I go back towards the elevators and I spot someone that works for Avis and ask him for help. "I know you don't work for Payless but can you please help me find my car?" He takes a look at the jacket with no number on it, then opens it and reads space number of the contract. "Why do they keep doing this? You're the third person this morning to be sent up here looking for a car that isn't there". So... I have to go back downstairs. The gentleman goes with me. On the way back, I call the "if you have questions about this rental" phone number on the contract. It just rings and rings and no one answers it. I later learned that it rings at the same counter so it's not a surprise that no one answered. Kaia, the one that yelled at me earlier is none too happy to see me back. "There is no car" I say. Before she can respond he reminds her she's not supposed to print space numbers that aren't correct. Then my daughter calls and says a blue Jetta just pulled up in the driveway. I left her and my 11 month old granddaughter upstairs when I came down to deal with the mess. Anyway I finally drive away in a car over an hour after stepping into line. I tried calling the local rental car manager at MSY to let him know what happened but my voicemail went unanswered. I travel a lot and I have rented a thousand cars over the years, spending thousands of dollars every year. But never have I had an experience like I did today. My takeaway is that Payless is not worth it no matter how much less I have to pay. This Kaia person should really be shown the door. I would suggest she be retrained, but if people just don't care then no amount of training will make a difference. MSY 10/5/2017 James Wood

Julie Ferrari Beyer

There was no car available in the size I had reserved, so I had ri take a smaller car. The first car they put us in had been smoked in and reeked horribly. With 2 asthma sufferers, we had to change cars. The 2nd car stunk but at least it wasn't smoke so we just rolled with it. It took us over an hour to get out of the car rental place and onto our trip. I had to use a corporate card so they made me use my personal card and said they would switch it when I turned in the vehicle. I turn in the vehicle at 5:30 a.m. to catch a flight, and of course the kiosk was not open to switch the credit card. The only reason I gave this company 3 stars was because the car rental was cheap.

Mary Hocker

Had an absolutely wonderful experience with a nice lady named Maggie...She went above and beyond to get me into a car when I came in without a reservation first thing in the morning. Would absolutely do business with them again.... Maggie is a huge company asset!! Thank you, Maggie

Nigel Ciappara

Price on point, but the worst service I've EVER had renting a vehicle.

Valerie chanh

I did even want to rate 1 for this company I had a very bad experience with the clerk who was very rude the car I rented has no Cruz control shake when it pass a higher speed ..Most of all the customer service was horrible. Never will rent again I rather pay more money for better service.beware rented you get what you pay for..

Bryan C

They will add roadside assistance without your knowledge, even if you specify you absolutely don't want it, onto your bill after you return the car. You can try all you want to have it taken off but they'll just give you the run around and never refund it.

Beau Nelson

Professional staff, great price, in and out. Now the woman that checks cars in at the airport gets a zero, but the Payless staff made up for her unprofessionalism. Thank you Payless.

brittnee butcher

We rented a vehicle from the Payless that operates out of the Reno Airport. The shuttle driver who picked my boyfriend up was rude on the way to the rental car pick up location. The rental car was dirty on the inside, the passenger side seat lever was broken, and the windshield wipers were bad (we did not find out until we hit snow). When we went to return the rental vehicle, we pulled in to the poorly lit parking area and I unknowingly parked in the shuttle pick up area. The shuttle driver came to my window and told me that the parking was for shuttles only. I told him ok and that I would move. He then said, "That's why it's labeled for shuttles only," in a very condescending tone. I told him that he didn't have to be rude, I didn't see that it said it was for shuttles only. At that point he started to argue and said, "well it clearly says shuttle parking only." Again, I reiterated that it was only labeled on one side and I did not see it since it was so dark. Poor service, rude people. The vehicle was pretty cheap, however, I would have paid double and gone with a different car rental agency. I do not care how inexpensive their rentals are, I will NEVER do business with them again.

Kate Tierney

Was charged more at the rental counter than the price quoted through Expedia where I booked the car. Was told there was a refundable deposit when the car was returned. Turned out to be false, I had inadvertently agreed to estimated optional charges and the agent did not point this out. Honest mistake or predatory practice?

Cold Heart

Michael Donahue

Denver paylss location. 9:30 AM. Their shuttle just keeps dropping off people into a line of at least 60 people with three people working the counter. Five computers have no one behind them. Been here 15 minutes and line had not moved. One of the counter people looks like she has not slept in days and not because she does not want to. Never again. Payless doesn't mean you pay less. You just wait much much longer for a couple of bucks. Colorado is too beautiful to wait on this unprofessional operation.

Tamara Watterson

I rented a car in Orlando, FL. Please stop trying to sell me your insurance. The guy at the desk hassled me and my brother in law who also got a rental there and told us our insurance wouldn't cover collision which upon checking with my insurance I found was completely untrue. The rate/gallon of gas was also outrageous as I spent $21 to fill the tank from empty the morning we set out to return the car and was charged $13.xx for the alleged 1.33 gallons we used getting there. The final bit of this subpar experience was that upon cleaning the car to return it, we found a small bag of what appeared to be drugs and a lighter in the door compartment (an area that's very easy to clean). Thankfully none of the children we had in the car found it and more thankfully we were never pulled over during our time in Orlando, but this made us both feel very uneasy about renting from Payless ever again. Aside from the woman we returned the car to (who was very pleasant and apologetic about the contraband we discovered in the car), the customer service was horrendous and I must say I don't plan to rent from Payless ever again.

Tiffany Starling

Jay is wonderful!!!!! I highly recommend Payless car rental. Prices are amazing and the customer service rep was so helpful. Definitely will use them in the future!!!


Jason Meyer

I loved my car the cost of the rental was amazing! The operations manager needs to be fired! I went and dropped my car off yesterday 2/12 got there around 7 am. The operations manager looks at me all he's says is give me your keys. No good morning no did you enjoy the rental just no customer service skills what so ever. We go inside the office and there was a women who was waiting the manager looked at her and said you can wait a moment (very rudely) he was also very rude to other guests. while I was waiting for the shuttle. I walked in to get his name to make a complaint and then realized on his name tag it said operations manager. I work in the hospitality business so does my husband we are both managers I have never felt so disrespected in my life. He was extremely rude and nasty to everyone he encountered. Why is he in his position if he is like this? I would hate to have to be someone who works under him. He obviously plain and simply does not care about anyone or his position in the company. Thanks again for such a disappointing morning! I will never recommend this to anyone I have also contacted the customer care dept and filed a formal complaint. No guest should ever be treated with such disrespect. I am sorry but my morning was seriously ruined by this jerk! Here's a piece of advice to the jerk be nice it's called customer service for a reason!

Janine Ulloa

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would.... They had "computer issues" when we tried to get our car on the first day (had a sign posted on the locked door) so we had to go next door to the Budget office to get a car. They ended up going in and using their computer to get our car (guess they figured out the computer problem).... When we went to return the car on the last day (around 5pm on 8/1/2018) there was only one guy in the office. He told us to go back and note the mileage and fuel level on the car on the original receipt, then to come back and put the paperwork in the after-hours drop box.... We tried to tell him that we needed an actual receipt (we're on business travel) but he wasn't about to listen to us so he went outside to check on "something". When he came back in he saw we were still waiting for him to return so it appeared that he walked to the back-room and acted busy while he waited for us to put our key in the drop box and leave. Another customer came in and after about 10 or 15 more minutes we just figured he was waiting for us to leave - so we left our paperwork in the drop-box and left because I figured he'd never come and help them while we were there..... I'm writing a formal complaint to our travel office so that this company is not used again for any of my co-workers. :(

Ja Y

Good car. Gr8 price but Long line and only 1 customer svc Rep

Martin Burrow

The car we rented was dirty and had an engine fault code on it. I also prepaid for a one week rental but then had a change of plans and only needed it for 3 days. I had to contact the corporate office (a.k.a. 800 number) to get help. I finally got my money partially refunded but it was very difficult. Cheap, but I would not do it again.

Chintu Nomula

This guy... he was so patient and helpful, Sat first scared seeing the reviews but this stars are worth for service. Thanks man ..!

Carlos Acevedo

Quiet nice great communication

Shanequa Estes

The worst place to rent a car, it maybe the cheapest but that is what you are paying for.

Roy Evans


Howard Stabell

No issue with the cost or the vehicle but watch carefully they don't add fees/add-ons you don't want.

Ajit Dalal

Worst car rental experience at airport. Had to wait for one hour to get the car. In addition without informing me or asking me the counter guy added road side assistance, which I did not require as I am AAA member. I missed that item as I was tired and signed the agreement. It feels like being defrauded and I am evaluting options to prosecute them.

Samer Almadani

Horrific experience. Turned into a 2 hour ordeal. Shuttle took 45 minutes to pickup, rental office off premises and customer service is terrible. Not worth the discounted pricing.

Cindy Morgan

DON’T use them! STOP! Beware!!! They are awful! They are wanted me to sign something completely different from what was quoted, couldn’t explain the discrepancy, and gave me an estimate that looks like a child printed in on a 1970’s printer. The gentleman popped an attitude when I asked questions and said let’s not make it more complicated. A “manager” came out and tried to explain and gave a total (even crazier) explanation. At best- they are completely unaware of how the company works & the company provides low budget everything. At worst- it’s a scam. Either way, the line piled up and I heard people returning complaining about vehicles, fees and no phones being answered. I canceled and the employee shouted out to EVERYONE in the lobby “Anyone else feeling this way before we get started?” Like all of us were a team and I was starting a mutiny- LOL everyone looked at him like he was nuts- because who does this?!?!?!?? My mistake for not knowing the difference. This is LITERALLY the back entrance of another car company and it looks like you’re entering a rave. (Hard to find and you don’t know if you should be opening the door.). It’s quite comical- signs are like small paper ones they just printed at Kinkos. The funny part is I went down the street and the price I thought was higher was $35 cheaper total.

Thomas Mattera

Don’t do it. Pay the tiny bit extra and go anywhere else. I needed a car for one day and have now been waiting in line for over an hour and still nowhere close to having a car. Likely going to miss a meeting because of this absurdity. Unacceptable.

Nicole Williams

Had a last minute issue and needed a car asap to go out of town in a few hours. They worked with me and got me in a car at a good rate to take out of state with unlimited miles. Only downfall is locals cannot use a debit card and nobody walked the car with me to check the condition of car before I left the lot with it. I will rent from them again had a good experience!

Duane Kruer

The lady at the counter was very helpful, however, the gas tank was shy by about 3 gallons.

Linda Jensen

Gave away our car reservation, had to upgrade for a higher price even though I called to let them know our flight was delayed. They assured us they would hold it. The woman that helped us was demeaning when we asked for a small car so we wouldn't have to pay more. She chastised us and said a small car would really struggle and even the air conditioner traveling up in the mountains.


Price in tampa was great but the price for one day rental from Detroit to Chicago was out way to much will check around more qtryed to be true to payless but there not true to you

Kitty Bailey-winter

i used this car rental company years ago and used it often. never had any problems always willing help and the price was great i will be using them again soon.


It's a desaster, I been their 2 times, both a desaster

Maria Curtis

Terrible customer service, as in no agent. Went to both terminals which took quite a while and ended up booking with National because they were actually present.

Jennifer Hobbs

Jason Lamontagne

Cars are good, customer service is HORRENDOUS. Rented a car for work. Very easy process to pickup. Pointed out that the fuel gauge wasn't completely full, they assured me anything over 7/8ths will be fine. When I returned the car 4 days later, Filled it up right before I dropped it off, and it was not quite at FULL(I assume this is a setup) and they told me they would have to charge me for it. I argued that I was told not to worry, and they said they didn't say that. Company did not issue me a receipt(which I need for filing for reimbursement). I have called FOUR times to get the receipt emailed. They keep telling me it is not an issue and I will have within 24 hours, and it has been a week. It's SO much better to pay a few more dollars to get a company that knows what they are doing.

Jari Vang

Payless rental is the worst place to rent a car. I returned the car with a full gas tank and they still charged me over 100 dollars for fuel service. Called customer service about 5-6 times and got disconnected right away. How is this business still running?

erica thompson

There should be a negative star review. The SJC Payless location is horrible. Lack of customer service due to their over booking of vehicles. What is the point in making a reservation if they're going to give cars out any way? My husband called Payless customer reservation phone number to see where our vehicle is located and was told to contact the desk at SJC. We are sitting in the lobby watching the employees eat at their desk, chit chat and ignore the phone ringing. Absolutely ridiculous how you treat your customers!

Shannon Loving

ZERO STARS. Terrible customer service. Rebecca assured me over the phone that I was all set to pick up the vehicle without me being present but having a photo ID of myself with my BF who was an additional driver and to request her. Being that he is SAVANNAH METRO he left work early to pick this vehicle up from her in the middle of the day. She denied him the car. NEVER will we use this car place and we often travel. The word will be spread over Savannah as well. We are suppose to leave for TEXAS on the road NOW but because of REBECCA and the terrible service we will now have to find another option...LIKE ENTERPRISE.

Basheer Elhubishi

These people discriminated against me

Brian Cosby

RENTER BEWARE 3rd party services, and take a contract attorney with you to pick up your car. TAKE TIME TO READ THE FINE PRINT or you'll charge will be 30%+ higher than what you expected (Can't attach to this review but I can provide to whomever needs it) Reference previous poster from 2 months ago. THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME.

Cory Pollard

The shuttle service to and from the airport was great. Very friendly driver to and from.

Tom McClintock

Beware: They took my car back at 2PM and only when I received my bill did I find out they didn't actually return it in the system until after 10PM--incurring an extra day charge and late fees. It took three different contacts to get the spurious charges refunded (and took nearly two weeks for the refund to post to my account). I would excuse this as negligence but now I have been charged for toll road usage that happened AFTER I RETURNED THE CAR! Moreover, these charges happened after they acknowledged I returned the car on time. I have filed disputes for these later charges and if they're not refunded I will be contacting my state's Attorney General. Once I can see being an accident, twice is intentional fraud. On top of the fraudulent charges, the service itself is terrible, the shuttle is slow and rarely on time--it comes every 45 minutes (maybe, if you're lucky--we waited nearly an hour), and the location itself smells like a bus station bathroom. The first car we were given had terrible hail damage and a giant warning saying "service engine soon" on the driver information panel. This place is horrible. Spend a little more and rent ANYWHERE ELSE!

jann cather weaver

Will not take Debit card even if a VISA, nor do they accept cash. Actually, a new law just passed that allows rental car companies to not accept debt VISA or debit Mastercard. Should be posted on their website. Drove all the way down to the airport for a friend to rent a car who does not use credit cards. While I was in the rental office, I overheard one customer offer to pay in cash, which was also unacceptable. The people at Payless were very nice about it, though.

Mike Behrendt

Claims to be onsite, however off site. Had to turn in at 500AM, office does not open until much later. No one there to process my return. Bus driver stated the invoice would be emailed that day. Two days later, I am still waiting. Had to call customer service to get some assistance. Would not recommend. Car windows were filthy on the inside. Looked like they sprayed armor all on the inside.

Tina Jarlee

Ruthann McDonald

What a rude establishment! The woman at the counter today was smug, and just nasty. Stay away from this drip of a place, there are so many more options out there. If I wanted a schoolyard bully, I would have sought one out. Whoever you were this morning, you are awful. You were so agitated that you couldn’t sell me your bill of goods!

Sylva Dare

Poor customer service! Charged me $49 for gas when I returned the car with a full tank of gas & was given a receipt that the tank was Full! Payless refused to refund me my money & would not accept any document I provided them! Worst experience i ever had with a car rental ! NEVER RENT FROM THEM!!!!

Rain Saukas

DO NOT RENT A CAR HERE. Horrible customer service. Showed up with a reservation and they had no cars available.

Susan Allen

I had to make an emergency trip to Colorado because my mom was sick. I booked Payless because the price was great. Have to admit, I was a bit worried but I didn't need to be. The car was brand new and the price was great. The people at Payless could not have been more helpful. I will never go to one of these major cat rentals again.

Naqaya Nabala

Been using Payless car rental for years customer service experience is the best they are always there when you need them for vehicle rentals. The vehicles are always clean and run smoothly. Thank you

Debra Russell-Karim

I LOVED this place. Micheal was courteous and gave us a FREE UPgrade for nothing! Use them!!

G-Squad .

A word of caution to start is to make sure you read what you’re signing before leaving with the vehicle you rent. I didn’t and was almost charged for items I didn’t verbally agree to and didn’t sign up for when booking online. Thankfully Fernando at the Denver Airport made things right when we brought back the vehicle. All in all good customer service and a pleasant experience. The location at the airport wasn’t too busy so fortunately we didn’t have any long wait to be helped. The shuttles and drivers were nice and courteous to deal with. Would recommend

Miguel Matos

I'd give 5* if the customer service hadn't been just awful. The car was great and the initially agreed rate was great. Took me about 1-2h to get the car, I was sent back and forward between Budget and Payless, nobody was in the latter office. They tried to charge me for an extra day (nearly doubling the initial price) just because I picked the car and hour early (which if you account for the time I had the keys is about half an hour early), even though I would return it earlier too. Phone customer service was absolutely terrible and useless, I had to cut my rental short just to go to the office and complain about the extra charges. Toll charges were unclear and excessive. Yet to receive any receipt.

Ryan Unger

Friendly, prompt service. The car was ok for what I paid. Don't like the off-airport location.

Robert Semple


Reese 312

The team is very pleasant and customer service friendly. If you have a reservation you are in and out within minutes.

Wes Rundle

Crystal Bryan

Absolutely horrible. The line is 40 people deep. And one person working the counter. I have photos of the lines.

Kimberley Croy

Price was awesome but the people are horrible. She acted as if I was causing her major pain

Matthew Bates

Great service, make sure you call ahead so that it's a quick in and out.

Nicholas Hyder

HORRIBLE. done and never again!

B. Suzie Spears

Trellisnichole .

Great experience! Familiar with Avis, the parent company so I was a little unsure about dealing with Payless. But it was very easy and the counter representative was extremely personable. Recommended upgrade which was affordable and definitely needed. They also recommended pre-pay gas option considering location of airport. I will definitely be using them again!

Muppet TreasureIsland

I reserved my rental through orbits and spent the extra $10 a day for insurance through them. Once I arrived to rent the car they said they don't honor orbits insurance and I had to leave an extra $10 or so (it may have been a little more) to insure the car. Then they add an extra $150 to it saying they'll return it once I return the car. NOPE. What should have been $111 turned into $261 and then they charged and EXTRA $150 and then returned that. Nice trick. The entire experience was HORRID and they're THIEVES. Also have fun waiting for an hour for your car because this place is the most disorganized hell hole ive ever been to.

Paul Zutter

The staff are friendly and helpful. The cars are what you expect. I was upgraded for free from compact to a low mileage mid size since I was renting for a week. I appreciated the upgrade! The location is farther from the terminal than I expected which is on the opposite side of the airport from the terminal. My 5 PM Thursday arrival transport from baggage claim to the rental location was in excess of 30 minutes due to rush hour traffic. My 3 pm return transport was less than 10 minutes.

Andie Siegfried

Missed my flight so I decided to rent a car to drive to Florida. I went to the Payless counter but they signed me up for Avis and gave me Budget receipt information. Untrained employee cost us $600 for putting incorrect drop off location on rental agreement. Spent 4 hours on the phone with call centers to get it returned. Had to go in circles to figure out who I actually rented with. Crazy 24 hours and at the end the agent at the return counter actually recommended going to another agency next time.

Mary Lou Reuter

Excellent service, new clean car - great price. Thank you! Will definitely use again.

Zach Frye

I had a great experience with Payless. Not sure why there are so many poor reviews. Maybe I just flew during a time when it wasn't too busy. The driver that pick us up at the airport was friendly and informative. We hardly even had to wait for anything. The only thing that went smoother than pick up a vehicle was dropping it off.

john edens

Worst car rental experience EVER! After waiting in line for over an hour we finally got the car. When my wife returned the car she had forgot to fill up with gas. She asked the attendant if she could run to the gas station. The attendant said no worries we can change your rental to "pre paid fuel" my wife said ok. I then checked my card statement and noticed a $97.90 fill up. Also there we numerous charges added that were not on the "estimated rental price" My $66.00 rental became $200.00. I made multiple calls to the Nashville airport location only to get no answer. The phone just rang and then hung up. I called the main office only to be told that I needed to contact the Nashville office. Long story short after several calls to try to work things out, nothing. I could not speak with a person about the issue. The only correspondence was via email. There word is worthless. Once you've signed a contract you are at there mercy. This is my second time using them and second bad experience. Look elsewhere if you like any type of customer service!

erika mccarthy

Rajiv Smith-Mahabir

I recently was in the El Paso Airport location to pick up a reservation I made in January for an Economy sized 2-4 door car from Jun 18-21st (with the Confirmation #: 06856423US0). When we got to the desk, this gentleman (shown in photo) went through very minimal steps before handing me the packet and pointing me towards the cars. He didn't tell me anything, ask me anything, give any heads up. When I walked out to space E8, I was surprised to see this (photo attached). This was definitely not what I had reserved so there must have been a mistake. I went back to the desk and after that same man ignored me for 20 minutes while helping out two other people, a woman came out and gave me the card of the manager, saying that there was no mistake, there were no small cars left, and if I had any issues I had to contact her manager. (I did do this on Jun 27, 2018 and haven't received the simple courtesy of a reply). I went back outside, and there were 2 smaller cars parked in the Payless/Avis section at 10:30pm at night. I went back to ask her and she said they were probably reserved for preferential customers. I don't really understand how someone can make a car reservation almost 5 months in advance and the proper car not be there, and THEN for the employee giving out the car to not even mention that I have to drive a big truck now. I have a lot of camera equipment and reserved the smaller economy car because it has a locked trunk; in this truck I had to put everything out in the open in the back. The appearance of the truck, was also not up to normal satisfactory measures (especially after this whole debacle) and I've attached a video showing all the marks and dirt (because yet again, the employee didn't say anything about it or go over any pre-existing blemishes and give me the paper like usually happens when renting a car). In the end, we had no other choice but "cancel your reservation" at 11pm or take the truck so we took it. I deserve a reimbursement for the difference in gas milage that I had to pay from what should have been a Hyundai Accent or similar (31mpg) to the Nissan Frontier (17mpg). Let me know if you need anymore documentation.

Jennifer Burkgren

Beware! The worst rental car experience I have ever had! Upon arriving in Kona at the rental car company, I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours to get my rental. I have never experienced this type of craziness traveling anywhere before. The two ladies working seemed indifferent to the fact that people were waiting so long. They would saunter to the printer at the end of the work station and back as if they were under no urgency to get people out of there. They also spent precious time with each customer trying to up sell cars. My family was exhausted after a 11hr. Travel day so I ended up loading them into a taxi and sending them on to the hotel while I continued the wait ($75 additional expense!) Also, they do not answer their phones. I tried to switch out the car they gave me due to an issue with the car and their phones just ring endlessly. I tried to call the 24 hour roadside assistance and it connects you with Payless corporate somewhere in the US under CST and they were closed every time I tried to call.

Brooke Craig

Rented a car over 4th of July weekend so it was super busy, we waited in line for around 45 minutes. When we got the to counter the woman helping us mentioned she had only had a 10 minute break since she got there at 4am...this was at 12:45. She was still so nice, very helpful and doing an amazing job. She deserves a raise! Even though it was a long wait, the employees here did an amazing job keeping up and also still treating everyone well.

Samantha Cheng

Excellent customer service from the rental counter to the outgoing gate.

Janie McFadden

Bobby Nisbeth

Great staff. Professional and easy to get in and out. Definitely recommended.

Kathy McCue

will never try to rent from them again. They tried to charge me double for my rental. I made my reservation on line, then when I went to pick up the car they tried to charge me again. When I asked why I was being charged double I was told that is their policy. I called the customer service to question them and was told that they do a $100 "hold" until you return the car. On top of the rental price. I have NEVER had such a hard time trying to rent a car. I guess next time I will go back to Enterprise, I've never had trouble with them. You can't even give 0 stars on this site, so even though that's what I wanted to give, they will get 1.

chelsea byant

DO NOT rent from them. They are scammers. We had a reservation for a car that was supposed to be around $ 40 in the end we got billed for $121. The workers don’t care they just closed the window on us. Needless to say we called corporate to fill a report. Worst place ever!

Atlee Alan Walters

Staff was helpful. They were able to get us a vehicle in short notice.

Adelle Cabral

James DuMont

The Absolute Worst - Gang, I can not overstate this: no matter how much money you think you'll save, *do not rent with Payless*. I was overcharged $138 in bogus fees that it's taken numerous calls and emails over more than a week to try to reclaim (still unsuccessfully at this point). Awful service and absurd overcharging without any recourse. Caveat emptor.

Technology Lion

Good experience every time.

Krystal Jaime

We were given a dirty car with stains on the seats, bumper damage, and a loose hub cap. We were barely out of the parking lot when the low tire warning went on. They have us a different car, but it still had stains on the seat and was dirty. The staff wasn't rude, but also weren't exactly accommodating.

Russell 5555

BEWARE $175 HIDDEN CLEANING FEE I rent cars all the time all around the country and never have a been charged a cleaning fee. Fine print they will charge your card months after you rented. USE ANOTHER CAR RENTAL COMPANY.

Parvati Shallow

I'm not sure why the reviews are so terrible for this car rental company. I rented a vehicle for an incredibly low price. When I arrived the Budget counter had a huge line, and I was grateful I had rented from Payless. There was no line. The customer service rep, Desean, was kind, friendly and professional. I got my car quickly and was out of there and on the road within minutes. When I dropped it off, there was no hassle. I just left it and a Payless rep took care of everything. Extremely positive experience.

Christopher Smyth

I've called back every day for a week to sort out a charge for a half tank of gas when I returned the car full. Either the service desk is not working or there is another hoop to jump through. I feel changing for a tank of gas is standard scamming practice for them, and only those who are willing to deal with the hassle will get their money back. Most folks on business wouldn't bother to sort through their disorganization, they would just let them scam away.

David Bann

The Absolute Worst I have EVER SEEN. The inmates are running the asylum over there... Its totally unbelievable...and my rental went relatively SMOOTH. I saw how the employees were acting and their attitudes and how they treated the OTHER customers. One other customer asked is there a MANAGER here? and the lady behind the counter retorted NEAU! The customer said I have been waiting a Half Hour for this car I had reserved...and the lady behind the counter said " Do you want me to void your reservation...???" I knew I was never doing this again....

Lidia Sanchez

I can't even give them a rating. Worse service ever. My mother is an elder woman who rented a vehicle from here at 8:30 pm on the 26th of January. She asked for assistant to check the car and was advise she had to do it her self. Her vision is not the best at night. When she brought the vehicle home (mind you we live in Franklin Park) she went to look at it in the morning and notice how dirty and damage the vehicle was. We also notice our forms had incorrect information on the vehicle we were renting and that caused us concern as well. She went in right away (waited almost an hour) and the supervisor provided a new car and took down the information and had us fill a form and apologize. After returning the car my mother was automatically charged for that vehicle damages. I tried disputing it with the car rental service, which lets make clear you are NOT allowed to speak to anyone you are only allowed to submit emails through a site. NO one got back to me, my case was still just sitting there. I submitted proof on my mothers behalf such as pictures and so forth, as well on the distance of where we live from the rental service company. Still NO Assistance. NOW my mother receives a collection debt for a violation which was paid for, I provided proof to them and was told that Payless is saying I still owe, I ask for information on what the violation was for and was told to google the contact information! Are you serious!? DO NOT RENT FOR HERE. YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITH ENTERPRISE. AND THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO IS CONSTANTLY RENTING. CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS BEST. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT THE HASSLE.

Marlon Coerbell

Upholstery was less than pleasant

Jayme Ackerman

Horrible execution. Upon arrival we waited over an hour for a rental car , outside (because space inside is limited), as everyone else is waiting out in the sun because the shaded areas are also occupied. I cannot imagine this operation did not forsee the heavy volume. How disappointing.

Gina Lea Kirch

Jay was awesome! From the get go we had a horrible start with other car rental companies after we landed. He was awesome, very knowledgeable and he took care of all of our needs! He was very nice and willing to help! If you want great customer service then come here and ask for Jay! Will use them again!!

rastra ranjan prusty

Keisha Mitchell

don maher

Rude, slow, and beat up cars. At turn in they wanted a copy of my rental contract that showed the damages. I refused as that was the only record of the extensive damages. Budget is about the same $$ and far better.

Shuvodip Paul

This place is unassuming. Employees are nice and helpful. The shuttles run to the airport pretty frequently. It is close to the AVIS rental as well.

Randall Popkin

The car was as expected and ready when requested. I booked through travelocity and was quoted $295.21 for 1 week. I was told an additional day would be $57.70. I have both of these in writing. I kept the car for 1 additional day over the 1 week it was reserved for. My bill was $753.24. I was in a hurry to catch my flight and didn't notice this until several days later. I tried contacting the office to discuss. I tried 35 times over several hours to reach someone and finally gave up. I ended up disputing the charge with my credit card company. I assume this was a typo and mistakes can be made without malice. However, I am unhappy that I was not able to reach anyone to discuss the situation.

Katherine Snyder

Bad experience. Started off well. Good vehicle. I was asked if I wanted to fill up the gas tank before I returned or have the company pay for it. Having worked in the rental car business in the past, I know it is usually, but not always, cheaper to do it myself. I asked how much the company charged per gallon. I was told $2. I agreed to have the company fill it up on return. The agent told me not to fill the tank up prior to returning. The agent was constantly checking the texts he was receiving on his cell phone during the exchange. I signed the paperwork and left. The next day, I returned the car. The tank was half-full. There was only one person outside handling returns. He checked the car in and told me that I had not filled the tank. I repeated the above information and was told that that was not in my paperwork. I asked him how much filling the tank would cost and he said $60. I wasn’t pleased. That being said I didn’t have the time to turn the car around and go get it filled and come back or I risked missing my flight. So of course I just paid the $60 as it would be cheaper than paying for a whole new flight that wouldn’t leave until the next day. Then he couldn’t print me a receipt and directed me inside where there was a line. Again, I had to catch my flight so I planned to call the company for a receipt. I just checked my credit card statement and I was charged 126 some odd dollars for a $39 rental car reservation. I will not be using this company again.

Jaime Vargas

Brad Runge


Rachel Riley

jaylen 901

I have a question can you rent a car with cash

Blanco Entrepreneur

Visited New York for the weekend with the family and found great rates at this location few weeks before our trip. The front desk associate, Melissa, was smiling since the moment we walked-in and very helpful until the moment we left the office. I acknowledge her because she really did a great job accommodating people that had no reservations and others dealing with bad credit score issues. I deffenetly suggest renting with Payless car rental AHEAD of time to avoid inconvenience.

John Ward

I was a little worried about booking with a company called payless, I mean the name sounded like a second rate company. But, when I arrived at the counter I was greeted by a nice young lady who not only rented me a car, but went out of her way to share her experience with the same type of vehicle I was there to pick up. It took a little while to get shuttled over to the facility but it was worth the wait. The car was clean and a pleasure to drive. It performed flawlessly. Upon returning, the attendant was courteous and the check in procedure was fast and efficient. Looking forward to doing business with Payless again!

Mary Sanders

Drivers are unreliable & sporadic with pickups at the airport

William LaSalle

Rip-off warning! The daily rental costs skyrocket if you return the car early.

Sabrina Campbell

Terrible customer service! I would give 0 stars if possible. I would not recommend this car rental agency to anyone. We reserved and paid a deposit on a 7 passenger vehicle for a trip. We showed up, and were told no vehicles were available at all. We wasted our time, our money, and our voice on the people at the counter and on the phone. This is a normal occurrence with these people based on other complaints from people there and online. We asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on twice.

Dr. Yvonne Henderson

The driver was friendly an even though computers were down, Demond was very pleasant to work with, he even helped me with my bags to the car. My second experience with Desmond and it was great! Once again.

Jarek Szymkowiak

Worst car rental expercience I've ever had.

David Cho

Pro: Unbeatable price, rented a 2017 minivan for $20 per day. Cons: Vehicle was not cleaned at had to request for another vehicle...which was cleaner on the outside but still not properly cleaned inside. Seems like due to shortage of staff, I was asked to inspect it and let them know if there are damages but was told not to mind scratches. When returning the vehicle, inspection lady attempted to charge me for the scratch that was initially there. Luckily, I took pictures of even the minor damages before the rental. If looking for cheap vehicle, can't beat Payless but make sure you take pictures before renting it out and notify them and have them make a note even when you are told not to mind the minor damages.

Paola Parra


Dwight Laurenzana

Do not use this company! Should of saw the signs when we were leaving the airport. Every other rental company had ten to twenty people in line, my family and I were the only people in this line. When we get to the rental place they charge me a said amount that was 4 times the amount I reserved it for. I disagreed ubered to where we were going and was still charged over 400. I did not sign any paper work told the guy I was talking to that I wasn't going to use them. I am currently having to dispute this 447 dollar charge for something I didn't even use. While we were sitting in the waiting room a guy comes in yelling and screaming saying he worked there and he was charged for something he didn't sign. " I thought he was overreacting", but apparently this is just Payless way of business. Again I wouldn't reccomend them to even my in laws.


we were extremely happy with our experience with Payless. The person at the counter was very pleasant and enjoyed helping anyone with any problems, and had a smile throughout. The car was wonderful, drove well, was the size we expected, and got great gas mileage. We had no problems at all with it, and we were lucky that we could return it late in the evening, as we expected to return it on the next morning, but realized pretty late in the evening that we all had scheduling conflicts, and they are open until 11 we were happy to find. We did love it, and would recommend to anyone!

Ahmad Salha

Extremely poor service and hidden fees

Hope Everman

Katie Jacobson

I wish I would have read the reviews first. So disappointed in the experience. I fly into Denver enough that I don't usually mind who I get a rental from. I waited 30 minutes for the shuttle, another 15 in line only to be greated by a rude lady. I was trying to be patient. I had ordered a mid-size SUV and received a hatchback car. The car was dirty inside and outside. I was just so terrible disappointed. Spend the couple extra bucks to avoid this establishment (at least in Denver)

Shirley Rowland

Very nice and healthful

T Kovar

Staff very friendly. Car was fine but it is off site. We flew early evening so all worked well.

Susannah Rose

I booked thru a 3rd party, and they added on extra fees. Still cheaper than everyone else though.

belabear 77

Worst experience ever. Was lied to about getting an immediate discount for being an awards member. When I called they brushed it off as no big deal and said they couldn't do anything about it. I was also told no supervisor or manager was on duty. I would never recommend them to anyone and will never use them again. Waited 1/2 hour to get my vehicle and they didn't even have the one I was told I was getting. Everyone I spoke to which was 5 different people had a horrible attitude and no customer service skillswhat so ever.


I love it they. They always put me first and make me feel welcome. They are a great team worker and always have a smile on their face when I come in. Very helpful time and I just love them. I want to be part of the team because of how they treat me. They great thanks you guy. From Hulda Jackson

Aaron Menza

I wish it were possible to give less than 1 star here! Absolutely terrible customer service. Payless left me stranded with a disabled vehicle hundreds of miles from home. I was then unexpectedly charged hundreds of dollars for the rental and the company still has not been able to produce a receipt for this charge (several weeks later). Take your business elsewhere! 12/13/17 -> I've been in contact with your customer service department numerous times and keep getting shifted to different departments/people. It's been over a month since this incident occurred and I still have no answers and no receipt!

oNostalgic- Gaming

Terrible customer service, had a reservation booked online and got turned down for not having a credit card when online debit was a payment option. Offered to give them cc information but they seemed persistent to deny my business. Low prices for poor service.

Julie. Golden Sage Farm

The worst. Watch your receipts especially if you're in a hurry. They will stick as much as they can on there. I flew in late, had lost my reading glasses, which I told her, and she "helped me out" by adding insurance that I had flatly denied. She also tried many "upgrades, gas, GPS, etc. All denied. BEWARE!!!!!

Siddhartha Chikatamalla

They should change their name to Brainless Rentals. Worst service, worst cars, very bad maintenance

Lateefah Taylor

I rented a 15-seater van from them and when I got there they didn't have a van for me. Laura one of the employees was very rude and short and acted as if it was my fault that they didn't have a van that I reserved. There was also another family there that reserve the van and they didn't have a van for them either. I had to drive 45 minutes away just to get the van which put a dent in my trip. When I called to speak to the manager he acted as if it was okay that she acted like that I will never rent from them ever again in my life they were horrible


I would give a zero star if I can. Be careful of the claimed free upgrade. I reserved an economy car to pick up at 10:30 pm last Friday. When I arrived around 10:35 pm,I was told no available economy car. And the officer Jason gave me a Jeep Grand Cherokee and told me the upgrade fee on the paperwork would be refunded when I returned the car. Thus I accepted the car which is not exactly the one I reserved with an agreement of charged upgrade on paperwork. Unfortunately, today when I returned the car, I was actually charged for the upgrade. The amount I was supposed to pay should be around 80 based on my reservation quote, but the receipt showed 199. After arguing for a couple minutes, two guys at Payless made it to 139, still much higher than the value in the reservation. I was treated very nicely but full of business tricks. I won't choose Payless for car rental any more.

Rom Zyris

Be careful about the deals they offer. They arent great deals when you pay up.

Biser Shopov

My advice... never do business with those people !!! I have very bad experience with them !

Niko CL

Terrible business practices. Lure you in with low prices and then sack you with rental fees and charges after you return the car and claim they "can't do anything about it". What a BS company...

Wellness Genie

They waited 3 months to process payment messed up all my funds


Worst car rental in over 3 million miles of travel in all my years. When I questioned how I could get the lower rate showing online the day I picked up my pre-reserved car, the Manager named Mohammed told me, quote: "If you don't want what you reserved, I can cancel your reservation and you can get a car from someplace else." Unbelievable. Do NOT rent from this place!!! I had also asked what the 14% "surcharge" was on my agreement, the explanation was that it was part of "the 36% sales tax on rentals in Minnesota." Seriously? When I finally made it to my car, it was completely filthy dirty, not cleaned or vacuumed after the previous renter. Save yourself the frustration and BS. Don't rent from this place. There is a valid reason ABC News did an investigation of this rental car company in May 2017 (do a Google search...).

M Pervez

Good deal

Rui Wang

I rented a car from Payless LGA location on September 1st, 2018 at 11:30am. I drove off towards Vermont at about 11:45am. Within less than an hour, the car front right tire had a severe blowout and put my life at risk. After the accident, I contacted the roadside emergency number listed on my contract, but all the representative told me was for me to return the car at the closet rental location, which was 50 miles away. A road assistance service by NY State Department of Transportation passed by and helped me changed the spare tire. However, there was low tire pressure warning on the car so I didn't feel safe driving the rental for 50 miles back to the rental location. Therefore I called the roadside assistance at Payless to request a tow truck. The truck driver ended up dropping me off at EWR airport, which is dozens of miles away from LGA airport where I originally got my car. I went to the rental counter at EWR and asked for proper solution and compensation for my accident. The counter manager dropped any charge from renting the car itself, but refused to help me with anything else or any compensation. All I requested was a ride home to Queens, because I was not supposed to be dropped off at EWR. I then called the Payless customer service number and was connected to the call center. I wanted to make sure that I won't be charged for the towing fee because the accident was entirely due to lack of inspection of my rental car, and that I will be reimbursed for my cost to get home. The call receiver said all he could do was to open a service ticket for me and there was nothing else he could do. I asked him to transfer me or to give me a number to management who can help me with my questions but he kept responding me with "there's nothing I can do". I called the customer service line again today, and was connected to the same call center. The person who answered my call was extremely rude and refused to explain why I need to wait for my response or why I have received an email notification saying I have a response yet there has been none on his side. He gave me the number of Payless LGA, but it ended up connecting me to the same call center again. My experience with Payless is extremely disappointing and the accident put my life to severe danger. I do not think a integrated business should treat customers in this way. It's been more than 48 hours since the accident and I still have not heard back from anyone.

Taisha Fountain

The price was great but the car had not been cleaned before they rented it to me. Then my son left his phone in the car and because they don't clean it was not found or better yet it wasn't turned in.

Sheila Francis

Terrible customer service. We are here in San Jose right after our flight arrived and there are no cars available even though we reserved our car in advance of our trip.What makes it worse is the cavalier attitude of the staff both onsite and at the corporate office about our plight and all they can tell is is raise a complaint. But there is no follow up on what is being done to remedy the situation. I would not recommend using this car rental service.

Greg N

Go on Facebook and look up the group “Class action against Payless car rental” it’s a horrendous company

M. Michelle Smith

Absolutely the worst company and customer service I’ve experienced. Everyone is very unprofessional, tried calling the customer service to voice my concern was hung up on 3 times. Shuttle never came, had to Uber to the location. The location stated my vehicle had a full tank a gas but I left with a 4th tank. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Saving a few dollars isn’t worth your time and poor treatment. This company needs to go out of business.

Alex Lu

terrible service. They don’t have car for us. Front desk ask us to upgrade and want to charge more. At last, we wait about 40 minutes to get our car.I don’t like it.

Drake Gordon

The line for getting your car takes forever, but I assure you it's the same at any of the other rental agencies. Good car, good prices

Roxanne Clark

Excellent customer service, friendly environment, and quick service. The exact quote they say is the exact quote you pay, no hidden fees.

Anthony Smith

James White

I would give a 0. I got to the desk after arriving from my flight and the rep at the connecting desk told me that the Payless Rep went home, closed the desk, and was asked to assist me. The other company did assist me as a walk-in, but the rate was 80 odd dollars more. Unacceptable. I was grateful for the assist from the other company, but who does business this way. They should be closed!! I am still waiting resolution from their "customer service" department as I feel they owe me the difference between my rate with them and what I paid!!

matt glidden

Ashley M. L. Gibson

Just DON'T. If you are planning to be on a budget.... You better have at least $100 of wiggle room. I booked online and when I got there, my rental ended up costing me over twice as much as I had originally planned. Then, the lady that was helping me, neglected to inform me that there is an OPTION to pay for your gas in advance... She just didn't give me the option and decided to charge me for it! I only rented the car for one day to drive around in town for a little while to kill time before my flight! I didn't NEED to use a full tank of gas at their astronomical gas rates. The first car she gave me didn't even have 1/4 tank of gas and when I was reviewing the car damage with the guy at the gate I noticed she had me prepay for a FULL tank of gas that this FILTHY vehicle didn't even have. Then the guy at the gate was trying to tell me that I needed to return it full!

Michelle Francis

My husband rented a car from them. They charged him $300 for damage done to the car but it was for a time he didn't even have the vehicle. He has called and put in a ticket to have them call him back 3 times with no response. They give him the run around every time he tries to discuss this false claim. They have stolen money from us and are refusing to give it back. Worst customer service ever, never again!

Charli Gildea

Great car, great price, no issues. Will is again!

Rod Teague

I reserved a Mid-size car @ $34 a day plus customary fees in San Diego. Watch out for the reception guys, they are smooth operators. My guy said he upgraded me to a Full size car at a reduced rate @ $28 per day because I was a CA resident. Nice guy, Right? Mind you that a full size car was $38 a day when I reserved but I opted for the Mid @ $34. After looking at my bill, Mr. Smooth charged me $28 in addition to the $34 for a total of $62 a day. It's bad enough dealing with all the BS Up-selling these guys throw at you but this was flagrant and calculated deceit. In the end I was given a subcompact car and never given the Midsize car I paid for. Never again Payless!

Carlos Vergara

First time user. Surprisingly pleasant experience for a low budget operation. Staff was courteous and prompt. The rental car was a little long on the tooth, with fairly high mileage, and front wheels slightly out of alignment, but otherwise performed well. I will use Payless Car Rental again.


All i have to say great wonderful outstanding service. Love them don't change.

Shunaid Pathan

Planned my trip to NY months ahead. I had given them my flight information. When I landed and got to the rental place they had closed and gone home. This left me stranded without a car. All other rental places are open. Did not receive and communication from them. Would 100% NOT recommend them. They should not be renting from airport locations if they cannot be open for customers.

Jacob Priego

Quick service and great prices. The only turn off was the shuttle driver. His English was very hard to understand and because of it he was rude to the customers.

For the Record

Jessica Campbell

I recently got into a car accident an was in need of a rental vehicle. After calling several places for rates, Payless had the best price and were very pleasant and informative on the phones. When I got there was explained everything from the direct billing process to the insurance company while keeping my expenses to a minimum. Very happy with the service and I got a 2016 brand new vehicle only 312 miles on it. Thank you for helping in my time of need.

Yaakov Rich

Reasonable price, great car. Very good customer service.

John D

When I called to reserve a car they told me I could use my debit card as a deposit. After paying for a cab and getting there, someone at the front desk told me I couldn’t. Total waste

Dorothy McLean

Arrived 2 hours early. Total of 5 adults with 8 pieces of luggage and 2 backpacks. Clerk was cheerful and helpful. He upgraded us from an SUV to a van at no charge. Extra driver was handled easily and quickly. Best rental experience I have ever had in Chicago. Thank you, René, for starting our vacation off right. You are the best!

Td F

Very short line @ airport. (Humm...) Fast to get car, car worked fine. Met at drop off by agent with hand held computer. Very fast.

Eric R

The website says "no hidden charges" and I was stupid enough to fall for it. The car was priced at $9 a day. I prepaid 38.03 because of other fees which was okay because they were disclosed. Upon returning the car I had been charged a total of $232.05 because of bogus charges after the fact. This is not including the additional $20 I had to pay as a deposit. I returned the car in perfect condition. NEVER do business with this company. The car they gave me was all dinged up as well.

Ahmed Sammour

I tried Payless twice. First time was in Bradenton and the second time was at this location. Both were bad. However, this location is by far the worst. I arrived at LGA and I tried calling them at almost 9:00 PM but no one picks up, waited for at least 15 minutes for a shuttle but it never came. So, I decided to take a Taxi over there. When I arrived, I went to their office and they had this paper that says “rental office closed, see Budget office for car pick up” (Not accurate but definitely along the lines). Anyway, I went over to Budget, the employee over there was nice, she tried helping me and she gave me a car that turns out was not on site, I think she called the supposed-to-be at work Payless employee to know what she should do. Eventually, she apologized and gave me a different car instead. This whole thing took 2 hours when I should have been finished in 30 minutes. This was on 10th of January, 2018.

Randolph schulz

TERRIBLE customer service. Pay less? More like care less. They were very rude, and we also had the same problem with them not answering their phone. We were illegally towed by the city of Detroit, and the payless rental car company manager wouldn't release it back to us, although we are still legally liable for the vehicle. Some guy named "Cliff" who was apparently the general manager for the state of michigan basically stone walled us, and now is trying to charge us in full for a contract they are no longer fulfilling, not to mention all of the additional towing and storage fees they are forcing us to incur. I would definitely NOT recommend this company and I hope that they close down soon for unethical business practices.

Kelli Skelton

The only downside to the rental as we dealt with.. the middle seat belt was cut and therefore made useless. Attempted to install a car seat in this spot as it is the safest (farthest from any point of impact) and couldn't use it. The car wasn't very clean- food and liquid spills from previous users still very present in vehicle. Overall, not horrible and made it worth it for the price. Will definitely check again in future. **Found out making reservations through the desk will save money instead of placing them online.

Darien Lee

My experience was good. Short line, quick service, nice car (mid size). Easy in and easy out. I did not have a bad experience.

Abrar Rathore

A BIG "NO NO" They do business in a very fishy way. I rented car from them for my trip to CA,USA. 1. First gave me a car with an expired plate, I realized after an hour, called back and no one was picking up the call. Had to go back to airport location. and got the car exchanged. 2. 3 days later the same car started to show maintenance light while i was in Vegas. Again had to go back to Vegas location and after spending 1hour there finally was given another car. Checked the car from outside and it seems alright. 3. When returned Car at SAN JOSE Airport location. I was told everything is OK and I am good to go. On the way out I decided to go back to main counter to at least get a receipt for dropping off my car. There I was told 'I WILL BE CHARGED $250 because there were dog hair in the car", whereas the reality is I was traveling from CANADA. I had NO PET with me what so ever during the entire trip. Staff there was EXTREMELY rude. After talking to them for about an hour i was told that they will charge me $80 USD and I can call the manager a day later to get them reversed. I called the location manager and he was NOT BEING HELPFUL at all. I explained him all the situation but he was not listening to me, said "you brought the car back and we will have to charge you" I trusted this company and didn't check the back seat mats for the dog hair, I have been charged for something I was not responsible for. PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF PAYING $20-$30 USD MORE AND RENTING FROM A WELL REPUTED COMPANY.

Henry Aucaquizhpi

Great price and service was fast. Nothing special but the prices couldn't be beat. Maybe I just got lucky.

Wnda Mikell

When you have a dispute the company will not respond to you. Do not use this company.

Lester Hathaway

Best prices around. Friendly staff. Slow pickup.

Yosef Kahn

This place is a disaster. No need to elaborate since the other reviewers have already delineated the issues. If you don't believe me, just try calling the bwi Payless car rental number and you'll notice that no one ever picks up.

Dana Jernigan-Lowers

Horrible!!! Poor customer service...bill went from $159 to $623 because of hidden charges. Had to wait almost an hour just to pick up a SCHEDULED rental. Called repeatedly about the hidden charges and can not get ANYONE on the phone. Please DO NOT let their low price fool you! They will get you on the end.

Rodney Lee

Sunday night pick-up after 9pm. Excellent customer service from Eric. In & out in less than 10 minutes, very professional.

olivia capobianco

I had the best possible experience here! I used this as my last resort after I was denied at 3 other car rental places. At all of the other places, the people at the desk were rude and not personable whatsoever. I found Payless on Google and decided to give it a try. I was stuck in Chicago without a car (or I thought). As soon as I got there, I wished that I went to this place FIRST. Emad at the desk was so helpful and attentive. He turned my bad day into a great one by simply listening to me and working with me! He got me in the car in 10 minutes and I was highly satisfied with the whole experience. I will most definitely be back at this location. (Luis, who drove me back to the airport via shuttle was also helpful and personable!) Thank you!!!!!!!

Cynthia Bobo

Ty Marcell

Sam Armijo

No one showed up after 7:10 am also it says open in the website no one near desk

Charlie Crompton

NICE people there to service you

Joy Caracciolo

Do yourself a favor and NEVER get a rental car from Payless Car Rental at BWI airport. The car I got had a nail in its tire yesterday when I went to drive it and when I finally got somebody on the phone today I was put on hold 5 times. When I finally spoke to somebody they called their supervisor and was told to tell me I had to pay to fix the tire. When I asked to speak to the supervisor they said there wasn’t one on site and there wasn’t a number I could reach them; also couldn’t tell me when a supervisor would be there. To put the cherry on top of this wonderful experience, the customer service rep couldn’t even tell me how much roadside assistance is, so I’m now at a tire shop getting it patched up. Literally, the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.... never again!!

Jan Gamlish

Was a good experience for us.. nice customer service worker too.. hard to find rental of any. Kind in airport. No signed. But kink airport staff showed us the way!!!

Alpsholic N

They always have the best possible prices. I rented with them no. of times so far. I always got a free upgrade. I definitely recommend it.

It'knice parynce

I return the car with a full tank but got charge for it.This company is a scam.

Amber Bowie

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Experienced issues the minute I stepped up to the counter. But once I returned the car...charged almost double the amount when I returned the car even though I was only over an hour of my reservation time. The so called "supervisor" "Hien :)" got an attituded with me after I asked her questions about the bill and tried to calculate the extra charges. I was simply trying to understand what extra fees were charged. It was clear that this woman was incompetent as she refused to take a closer look at the receipt and add up the costs herself. Then she actually THREATENED to charge me an extra $25 late fee or something because she was upset with me. I am livid with how I was treated at this company...never ever again.

Angela Palmer-Holmes

1. The car I rented wasn’t available. 2. Instead of the agent telling me that my car wasn’t available, she tried to give me an “upgrade “ for free,but it was too big. 3. When I told the agent that I didn’t want the upgrade, she got really rude and condescending with me. 4. Because my ordered car wouldn’t e ready for another 30 minutes I was forced to take an outlander for an additional $10. The only reason I agreed is because I was already running late for an appointment. 5. After getting to my destination, I realized that the words “Tecall/safety” was written on the side of the car. Overall bad experience.

K.Y. Jarboe

The rate is generally very inexpensive. get what you pay for. I've had exactly ONE employee who seemed competent at all - or willing to help: "Daisha." Otherwise, terrible service. Rude or completely disinterested employees. ALSO...check ALL THE PAPERWORK for your rental. They WILL try to include charges you may not want/need. For a few $$$ more - go somewhere else.

aida arroyo

Great prices,Great service,Great staff!!

J.J. Kercher

This was such a horrible experience! Take note that you get what you pay for, and in the end I would have GLADLY paid an additional $200 to use my Hertz Gold membership. I realize after this trip that time+convenience=money. First, the shuttle was difficult to find at the curb. Payless is actually the exact same building and exact same line as Budget rent-a-car. There's a teeny tiny logo on the shuttle. To mirror what others have said in similar reviews, the line was ridiculously long and they didn't have enough agents working (there were 4-5 open stations). The ones that were working were gabbing and messing around with each other and other customers, totally unphased by the increasingly long line. With cheap cars get all the little "gotchas". For example, we had to pay an additional $65 to add a driver. The agent tried to upsell us to a Jeep for $175. I thought about it for a second, then replied "I don't want to spend that much money." He proceeded to get sassy with me, rolled his eyes, and said "that's not a lot of money for a Jeep." It was rude and he completely missed my point. After checking in, we had to wait an additional 20 minutes for someone to drive the car to us. I've never rented a car where I couldn't just walk to the parking space myself and drive off. In the end, it took us over an hour to pick up the car...and this was during off season. The car had clearly just gotten out of a car wash, but they didn't bother to clean the interior. It was seriously gross. Other than that, it was a cheap car that worked, so can't complain. We filled the tank up at Waikoloa (which I am pretty sure is the nearest gas station to Kona Airport) and they charged me $8 in fuel (currently under dispute). With Hertz, I would have gotten an additional driver for free, and it's usually my experience to get complimentary upgrades. In addition, with my Gold membership I could have just skipped the line and jumped into the car and driven off. They most certainly wouldn't have charged my for gas. Would have been MUCH more worth it!

Ruchi Bhatt

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people. “ Thanks Steve from Avis and Monisha ftom Payless for making me relieved and smiled again!! Steve from Avis - went out of the way to help me in finding my wallet that I left in the car during Car return !! Amazing customer service !! Two thumbs up to Steve!!


Our flight got delayed so we tried calling the Omaha location to see if they would hold our car past 11pm. After many attempts and being disconnected everytime, we tried calling the 800 number for payless. They told us that they would not be able give us a car after 11pm. So we would have to be stranded in the airport until the next day to get our car or take a taxi/uber to our hotel and back to the airport the next day! We cancelled and got a car with Alamo who would hold a car until we got there and Alamo was cheaper!

Mike Paquette

They have an after hours drop box...thank god!!

Joe Schreiber

Friendly, fast and clean

Kate Bosche

The 5 stars is for Kris, who was super helpful in getting all the booking issues correct. He is amazing. As far as Payless as a whole I give it a 3 star only because if you don’t pay attention, what you book vs. what you are charged can be two very different numbers. However, if you can take the time to review with the team they will make it right. Especially 5 star customer service champion kris.

Wallace Harvey

Good price, but be warned they will try to hard sell you on an upgrade at the counter. Stand firm on them delivering what you booked online. As is usually the case, they run out of cars first and want you to take these massive SUVs. Ended up with a reasonably sized SUV, although I requested and would have preferred a car. They gave it to me at the intermediate car price as I refused any and all upgrades. The car was dirty from not being washed, but the weather had been snowy and cold lately. Good, reasonably priced option to the other brands if you don't allow yourself to be sold on upgrades.

corsican lulu

i needed to rent a car and i only had my debit card, no credit card. i had a very important trip i needed to make and i needed to see if i was gonna be approved for a credit check, so i went in so i could have a clerk check since they couldnt do it over the phone. the clerk refused and was very unhelpful. she said she could only check on the day of...idk if that was just her, or company policy but i had a very important trip i had to make but couldnt since i wasnt approved until the day of and i had to cancel my whole trip! WHY is there not a way u can even see if u can rent a car until the day OF when ur ready to go? then last minute they tell u its not possible? also...if i have the money, who cares? why do u need a credit check to rent a car for ONE day? its not like im buying a house!

Navneeth Srinivasan

Jane Rowland

Payless O'Hare gets one star for existing and another for the friendly staff and ease of use. I am penalizing them three stars for telling me tolls were including in the rental price then surprising me with a credit card charge for them two weeks later. When I called Payless O'Hare and asked, I was told "Yes, they are free when you return the car but are charged two weeks later." When I stated that I was told upon pickup that tolls were included (end of sentence), the person's response was "Who told you that?" Still mad and taking away another star.....

Rezwan Hossain

Worst customer service ever. You won't find anyone in reception. You won't find the car you booked. It's just not good enough.

Mittal Makwana

They have very less cars so and it is always crowded, so by the time your turn comes up they won't have cars or you will have to wait for hours to get your rental

Linda B

Don't bother, they won't have a car for you.

Nancy Mikulin

Every time I rent a car from them, their systems are down when I check the car back in. What really ticked me off recently were the attempt at upcharges at CVG. I had them take them off but that's when I decided to go back to Hertz and stay there.

Mohamed Hussain

First time renting a car. Very bad customer service the guy that was working the front desk and gave me the car lie to me and for some reason added a additional driver onto my rental agreement. After calling the manager and asking her why I was being over charged she claimed that I signed a contract.hahhah a joke so i got charged for something I never asked for and then all I get as an answer is that I signed a contract. The manager (Crystal) was clearly trying to convince me that she and her co workers were right and I was wrong without even listening to a word I had to say. I honestly don't know how she got the job most disrespectful manager I ever spoke to. I learned my lesson don't ever rent a car from payless the 338$ I was charged is rediculous especially if you see the fees they added on to my receipt.

Greg Jackson

Great service, polite, helpful, got me just what I needed.

J Saldivar

Alonzo Tucker

oj lee

My experience was great . I will use their services again.

Teresa Tolan

I Reserved a car online for a Good price for my friend and I Birthday Weekend.My reservation was at 7 am.When we arrived was first had an issue finding the location there was no proper signs leading you to the counter. The worker was late and was in no Hurry to start.The Avis employees informed me that Payless don't start work until 7 am as if they was not one company (With the Poor Customer Service) they may not wanted to be affilated with them. We went to Texas had a Great time.Not to mention the car was dirty because I was informed that due to the temperature outside they could not Wash the Car but they could have given a Discount. I returned the car in early in which it took over an hour to check out because the worker could not Print the Final receipt or Email it to me. But I was going to get a receipt because you can't argue with Black and White.I was also informed on Sunday that what form of payment was used it have to stay on it, but Friday the other worker told me differently.I read the reviews in which I should have done that from the beginning I wouldn't havw waste my time. Last night while looking at my Credit Card statement there was a charge from Payless that I didn't authorize and was put on there almost 3 weeks after my rental. I called Customer Service this Morning they Sucked as well. I have taken other Actions.Like the saying Goes you Pay for What you Get and I will never Use this Company Again.

Miah_ Stewart

I think a half of a star is too good for them. I rented from them a couple of times and the cars were dirty or a service light was on in the car. The staff are rude and very unprofessional. I complain about dog hair all over the interior and no one did nothing. I will never rent from them again


Terible terible terible costumer service...maggie the manager was less than helpful and also very rude and impatient with my concerns. I would rate them 0 stars if i could....the atlanta location refuses to answer their phones...and even the desk girl at the savannah location said that atlanta wont answer their phones....its the worst experince ever

Diane Bush

If I could give 0 stars I would. My Fiancé rented a car from Payless last night and the price was almost double what we made the reservation online a month ago! What’s the purpose of reserving online if the price isn’t what you were shopping for?? This is why these places are losing out to Priceline that you pay ahead for which we opted not to do because they were the same price and we could change the reservation if needed and with Priceline you are stuck with what you paid for. Very very upset with the price gouge!!

marcia patterson

BEWARE ******* BEWARE******* Do not trust Payless Car Rental. Recently rented from Payless Dallas, TX airport. Rented the car for 4 days and returned the car early after 2 days. For the 4 day rental the cost was 79.39. After the rep processed my return my receipt reflected a charge of $557.43. I was never told of a penalty for early return. The agreement states you "May" be charged a higher amount. Never thought it would be 10 times the car rental amount. No reputable car rental company would do that. Ask around! I have been trying for 3 days to resolve this issue. You will get the run around with Customer Care. They told me to call the Dallas location. The phone rang with no answer. They are out of Mexico. I may not get my money back. But I want to be sure no one else has their money taken. Check out their rating with the BBB, its an F. It is not worth the few dollars you may save. They are price gouging customers. The also include fees that are high. They don't deserve one star. Do not trust Payless. You may be their next victim!!

Em Be

Lower prices and comparable service to the other companies. I would use them again.


Have more cars in stock that anyone could expect..

Rashidah Zaboor


Super long line. Did not come to hawaii to stand in a rental office. Get some help. Update: my husband was being generous by just putting the above. We waiting over an hour with my 4 year old niece and 89 year old father in law. We come to Hawaii all the time and never used this company before and won't in the future. Only two people working the counter and the line was out the door and around the corner. I felt bad for the employees who were put in this situation and when I finally got to the front I was told it was even worse the day before

Tatiana Falconi

Horrible --avoid always, don't ever rent from payless -- ruined weekend trip. They require a print out of paystub or utility bill---- no other car rental place ever had required that!!! Avoid!!!!!!

paru dharia

Very bad service. Very Disappointed. Chicago airport with customer service person and waiting fir more than an hour. Very lousy service. It seems like they do not even want to work here . When I complained they gave me attitude. Pay little more and go with reputable company. Budget, dollar, national, advantage all moving so quickly . Customers were out in 5 min each .

Stephen Vick

The car I rented was fine for my needs. It was clean and ran well had good engine response for use going up and down the 6 percent grades in the mountains. Fuel economy was great. The only drawback is all the fees for airport locations. Off-site locations would be almost $100. Less

Rebekah Gamble-Allen

BEWARE!!!! They charged my card for gas even though I filled up the tank before I dropped the car off! Never, ever renting from them or Budget again!

Brittany Stolzenberg

Car was not the Jeep I rented, which I know is usual so I received a Kia SUV. It was clean so that was fine. The guy at the counter tried to add additional costs to my rental which I declined. When I returned the car I was charged and additional $50+ and had to go inside to get the refund for "pre-paid gas" that I refused because we filled it on our own. They wanted a receipt from the gas station (never heard of this)? The woman inside was rude and I will not be renting from Payless again.

Angelo Dobla

Es necesario hacer una reserva o puedo ir y sacar el auto el mismo día sin tener q reservar. Estoy llamando para q me informen pero nadie contesta. Alguien q me ayude con esto please.

ShaMeeka Wiggins

Rented a car for 5 days was charged $1,326.89 for a $274.33 rental. I've been calling Payless Rental for a month now and has yet to have my money refunded. The car was clean, full of gas and no damages. Payless will not return my calls or refund my money. RENTERS BEWARE!! Filed a fraud claim with my credit card company to have the money returned to me!! Rent from Sxt or Hertz from now on!! NEVER AGAIN!!

Julia Jackson

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. This place is a joke. No one actually works here and their phone # is disconnected. The Budget & Avis reps service Payless customers, but can't get into their system to help with real issues. I returned my car Monday night, and they didn't close it out until Wednesday morning. Charged me $130+ more than I should have been charged. And there's no one there to resolve your issues.

Eldon Davidson

Absolutely the worst car service I have ever seen in 30 years of traveling. We waited for an 1 1/2 to find out they over booked. We left without a car that was guaranteed! Their buildings air conditioning was off in July and their water machine broken. Horrible! I finally left and went to Enterprise. It cost me twice as much! My advice, dont go with this company!

S Miller

Airport to rental shuttle was a little rough, the service at the rental pick up was quick, even with a line, and the quality of vehicle seems good. I'll update after checking the rental back in.

Kathy Lynch

The line to get the car was an hour. Then they forget to give us the code to get out of the garage. Ugh

R. Dev

I had a great experience. Arrived on a Friday and returned on the following Sunday and had no issues whatsoever. Price was a great deal and the pickup/dropoff was pretty effortless.

Melanie DeJoode

I live in town and was renting for a long weekend trip. I reserved and paid online, but was then told I needed a major credit card for a $200 hold when I went to pick it up. Very frustrating (crappy policy that is not made clear up front), but the young man who helped me was super nice and it all worked out in the end. Unfortunately I didn't get his name, but I would be happy to work with him again as he was polite, professional, and very competent. The car was very nice, clean, and drove well. The price was good. When I returned the car, I went into the building and had to wait a few minutes while one of the employees, Terry (who's name I've seen mentioned negatively in the reviews), finished yelling at a customer who was just trying to understand a charge on her bill. He was incredibly rude and disrespectful to her. If my first experience had been with him I'm sure I would have walked out and would never rent from this company again! They would be wise to get rid of him if they don't want to lose business. Overall a good rating because my experience was good, but they lost a start due to Terry.

Jamechia Hoyle

You get what you pay for. Save yourself the disappointment and go somewhere else.

Eric Pepper

Price point was good but the old addage, you get what you pay for applies. Picked up car, given paperwork. 4 day rental, 75 out the door, if 6, price was 225. Opted for 4. Additional days at 12.71, but an undisclosed late fee applied. No drop offs during closed hours. Paper that they give you at rental has different times than website. When you call local number, you are redirected to call center with excuses made as to why you cant reach rental counter. Not pleased with this lack of customer service.

Ameer Hayes

Very quick and easy rental process.

Paul Ziemba

Returned car today at the airport and as usual no one is there. Everyone left their cars running with trunks and driver's door opened. It was hysterical. Quick to rent, but leave you standing in the slush.

Tony Sims

0 stars! Terrible!! Run!! Liars and thieves - Rent ANYWHERE else!! They tried to overcharge us, gave us a filthy stained car seat with old food crusted on, and "Terry" was the biggest jerk I've ever met in customer service. Do NOT chance it with these crooks. Lesson learned.

Niki Snyder

Easily the most unprofessional car rental service I've ever had. Our car was caked in dog hair. When we mentioned it, the *lovely woman* at the counter took it back to get cleaned. Came back and hadn't been touched. When we complained again the woman told us to get to the back of the line to make our complaint and request a vacuum again when the next person could help us instead of just making the request herself. Please shut down your company before you get yourself in legal trouble ✌️

Rodney Baker

I rented a car from Payless Car Rental from August 28, 2019 to September 4, 2019. My contract said my return time is the same time I was issued the vehicle. The time out on August 28, 2019 was 12:09 pm so the return time on September 4, 2019 is 12:09 pm. I was on my way to the airport at 11:30 am coming from Centennial, CO. I have traveled from Centennial, CO to the Denver International Airport many times before. The average time it takes is about 35-45 minutes. It has never taken me more than an hour to get Denver International Airport coming from Centennial, CO. On September 4, 2019, the traffic was crazy slow and people were a driving erratic for most of the way. I got off I 225 South at about 12:09. I really thought I was going to make it at 12:30 to return the vehicle. To my surprise Payless Car Rental charged me $18.67 for an extra hour past my return time. I explained to the rental car clerk that I can't control the flow of traffic in Denver, Colorado. The traffic is very unpredictable and even if I left in enough time, I could still be a few minutes late. I was hoping they a could cut me some slack this one time. No, I get charged the $18.67 for a being late. Payless Car Rental is a company that only cares about money and will nickle and dime customers for anything. I will not be renting from Payless Car Rental again.

Stephanie McKinney-Overstreet

At the BWI location, they tried to rent me a car that was dented up, had bald tires and was filthy not too mention the smell of cigarette smoke inside the car. When I went to inform the lady working the counter, OMG, her attitude was beyond awful. She was like, take it or GTFOH...DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PAY

Steve F

Friendly at the counter and a good car. Then I tried to contact them to extend the reservation. As stated on other reviews, the local office disconnects every time you try to call them. Called the 800 number and was rushed through an extension by a mumbling representative so who knows how much I paid. I tried to get a clear answer but this is the trade off you get for a low initial price.

Santana Chipps

Nick N.

They charge you 10$ a Gallon if you don’t fill the Gas Tank !

addison mohler

These guys are pretty good. Fair prices, clean cars and good customer service. I've rented twice from this location and never had a problem. I did get a car on one of these instances that had worn out tires. I asked for a replacement and they got one for me right away with no hassle.

Jed Dordal

My family has rented from Payless probably 30 times in the last few years. I should and would leave them 5 stars because I've actually had mostly good experiences and no problems. But I was so disappointed in the last time that I went, that I want nothing to do with the company anymore. The guy at the counter was an absolute jerk. I was charged more than verbally quoted (though it was written in paper if I would have looked closer, so that was my fault). But I trusted that if someone told me a price verbally I don't need to look over the contract thoroughly. When I tried to explain that, all he did was repeatedly insist that it was my fault. He finally sent me away and said he wouldn't talk to me anymore. It was only a matter of $30, but I guess it was that important for him to be right and lose a good customer. Someone later reached out to me and assured me that the matter would be dealt with, but that's worthless to me, unless I know that it actually happened and that they give me some type of credit. The incident happened at 7am on September 5th, 2017, upon returning the car. If someone from the company let's me know that something was actually done about this, then I'll change my review to 5 stars.

Sonny J Rock

Picked up the Rental this morning and it's dirty. Not a Huge Deal, but, it's a nice touch when you Rent a Vehicle and it's clean. Bugs all over the grill, smudges on glass, just different than what I would do for my customers. But, the gal checking me in at desk this morning was nice and that was cool Also, the parking lot space numbers desperately need to be repainted. It is impossible to determine which spot is #33

Armando Sierra

the price and the car were great....the pick up from lga was good....the only issues I had, were: 1. they didn't inform me about the tolls situation and the toll box on the front t windshield and 2. they never answered the phone upon multiple, multiple attempts when I had questions about the rental....was unsure if this merited a 3 or 4 star experience

Jimmy Brokaw

Will never use again. Ever. My connecting flight was delayed two hours due to storms, and they cancelled my reservation. I arrived less than three hours after my scheduled pick up, and they'd rented all their vehicles out, including mine. They told me to use another rental service... I did, and I will from now on. I asked Hertz, and they cancel reservations after twenty four hours. Two hours is ridiculous, especially given the weather that day. Nobody can count on a plane being on time, and Payless will happily strand you at the airport to make a buck.

Hyn Warrior

Need to be competitive with prices to attract more customers.

Theresa Montgomery

attyah rehan

The guy who helped us was not very informative. Asked him about tolls and how it works as in if we need a pass and he said no you just pay if you go through it and handed us this very confusing piece of paper. The paper indicated something about being charged 14.95 the most and 2.95 per toll. When we inquired he said no you just pay whatever you go through, this paper explains it but it didnt! Not wanting to be charged crazy amount we used all non toll routes. We had a flight 6am in morning and this great company closes at 12. Thank God we asked because this guy wasn't going to tell us they're not open 24 hours. I'm a traveler so not really used to not having rental place open 24 hours. He then said oh just park right there by Avis. Oh ok. Perfect. Great. But I had to ask again do we park by Avis or return it or park close to the fence that's by Payless. He then said no, no just return it to Avis and that's it. We've been back for 3 days and still no receipt from the rental place. I'm hoping and praying I didn't get charge extra for anything. We filled up gas 8 miles away from the return place. Avis, who took us back to the airport which was great! They had a guy in the lot that was very helpful and even offered to take us back to the airport if the shuttle was running behind

Scott Cornell

Sierra Boyd

Very friendly and professional gentlemen working at Payless Rental. Fair policies and a smooth rental experience. I will definitely return and reccomend.

kristin fox

Lessa Vernyi-Kellogg

I had a fantastic experience. My car broke down and I needed a rental for a few days. Found an amazing deal on an SUV on priceline for this company, there was no wait time picking the car up, it was a great car, returned it without a problem. So happy with the entire transaction, and everyone was so nice. My advice, check on priceline, and check the entire car inside and out before driving to make sure there's no scratches or visible problems. Highly recommend this place and actually planning to use it again soon.

Ryan Malish

I had originally pre-paid for and reserved a Kia to ride around a little resort town in, but the representative, or should I say “salesman”, persisted that I get a 4x4 Jeep. After explaining that this was out of my budget and not necessary, he used bully tactics to try and get me to rent the Jeep saying a Kia would not be allowed on some Colorado roads due to “traction laws”. He then went on about how the Jeep was at a discounted rate and it would only cost me $140 more on top of the already $220 I prepaid to have it for the week. So I reluctantly agreed to the Jeep as long as I didn’t have to pay anymore than what he quoted me. He also threw on insurance which I already have and did not want, so his quote of an additional $140 payment, turned into an almost $500 charge. I tried their customer service number but the representative was rude and dismissive and said there was nothing she could do and to go back to the agency. She even gave me the wrong number for the agency so I could not call and was forced to return to the agency. I tried to return the Jeep and just get the Kia I asked for but the “salesman” said he could swap out my cars but an immediate refund was out of the question and I would have to wait until my account was closed out completely to see any of my money back, ultimately forcing me to either keep the Jeep or surrender a $220 deposit to Payless for nothing in return. I tried talking to another representative in the agency but he said he wouldn’t help me and that I had to go through the original representative I dealt with. Long story short, they did try to refund me something by canceling the insurance, but this refund was not immediate as he had stated. I had to wait 5 days into my vacation before I received any money. My bank account was wiped out for most of my vacation and my honeymoon’s travel and leisure plans were cut short due to this Payless representatives greed and need to meet a quota. Upon returning the vehicle, I went inside the building and nicely asked if my account was settled, but was only met with a short and rushed response from a representative who was clearly more interested in getting back to finishing his conversation with his coworkers. This business totally shredded my honeymoon plans and I will not be returning. I’ve done business with Enterprise in the past and will be trying them in the future as I have not had any problems with them.

Dave Weaver

Good service, decent prices, nice (but not new) rental car.

Osamat T

The worst experience ever I will never touch this office again they thefts and they will stolen your money in any way the boss their was very rude and dealing in tough way Do book from them even they r Sheep sure they will charge other things No recommend at allllllllllllllllll so though so bad so rude staff

David Murillo

Excellent service

Faith Mack

My experience was awesome!!! I was greeted with a smile amd wonderful customer service before I even made it to the counter. Jay was bery professional and attended to all of my needs. I have never rented with Payless before, but because of Jay’s excellent customer service, Payless has a new loyal customer. Each time I travel, I will rent with you guys. I will make sure all of my flights to Chicago are out of O’hare instead of Midway from now on, just so that I can experience Jay’s superior customer service once again!

Greg Meyer

Convenient, good cars, quick service and really good prices.


The most horrible rental experience anyone can have, the staff members in their O'hare airport office are terrible. They need t ok be trained, coached or fired. I will NEVER return. This is my second awful experience at payless rental, the first was at Detroit airport so it seems bad service runs in the company's DNA.

Kamesh Bathina