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Amber Gonzales

Car was clean. No smell of smoke in the car. Kid friendly.

S yerkan

We waited over 1.5 hours in the lineup to get to counter. Once at counter, sales rep Rudy was very deceiving in the information he had provide us. He convinced us to get the gas tank filled with them because it would save us over 30 cents a gallon, when we looked at our statement, he charged us $50.00 for gas for a hyundi elantra. We had picked up the car at 11 and returned it 3 days later, I put return time as 5pm, so I paid for the extra day. Rudy told us that we could drop off the car anytime before midnight. We brought the car back at 3 pm and they tried charging us $38.00 early drop off fee that was never mentioned to us but in small fine print was on contract. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. We spoke to the manager and he waived the fee but he also was HORRIBLE. Would never rent from them again

Nancy H

If you must rent from them, don't go through a third party. Both parties will charge you and blame the other. The whole experience may have been better if that didn't happen. The non sales staff was nice, but make sure you check the car before you drive off as the guy didn't even mark that a hub cap was broken.

Bill Schilling

I was hesitant to use them as I had never heard of Fox and they are 1/2 the price of the big car rental places. I’ve used them now twice (Florida Keys and San Diego) and they have been fantastic!!!

Susan F

This is the worst car rental company I have ever encountered. My cat could provide better service! We are currently on hold over 30 minutes this morning again. They lied saying I was getting a 2019 rental. It was a 2017 and has 52000 miles on it. LESSON ALWAYS CHECK THE MILEAGE AND MANUEL IN THE CAR BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE RENTAL LOT. The malfunction indicator came on and they want me to drive the car 50 miles back to the rental center. That is not what a customer wants to hear!! I could take the car to a Firestone and waste my last day of vacation at a car repair shop. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right either. I am still on hold to hopefully speak to a supervisor. I would not ever recommend this company! Save yourself the hassle.

sean kaercher

Absolute worst experience ever! Reserved online. Was never informed we needed 2 forms of ID. Flight intieraries in order to rent. Walked away without renting. I DO NOT recommend using them.

Akash Arora

We had to switch over to a debit card so we were told that now our deposit would be even higher. Then they sold us some basic insurance which was an additional 119 bucks because if you don't get that then they do some kind of inspection upon return of the car to cover scratches. We had asked for an explorer or similar to be held for us but upon arrival we were told, they don't have any. Not a fun experience

Scott h

80 people in line cause it's cheapest... One person behind the counter. Waited 1.75 hours

Raja Maan

Re: Advantage Rent a Car: DO NOT go to this car rental. I had a reservation with them and I went Nov 28th, 2017 approx 11:55 pm just before 12 am when they were about to close. The customer service rep guy name Nick (Bald Hispanic guy) got all my information credit card and driving license and prepared the contract and almost done. And then he was trying to sell me insurance. I told him that my credit card covers all the insurance. But he said by the state of California Law I must buy insurance. I told him many times that I visit California many many times but I never buy insurance because my credit card covers it but he kept saying that other agents and other car companies do not know the Law but he does. And again I refused to take insurance and all of a sudden he got up from his chair and said " oh your reservation has been canceled since it was for 12 pm not for 12 am and we don't have a car for you" and he walked away. I asked him that my reservation is canceled all of a sudden because I didn't buy insurance???? but he didn't listen and walked away. I can't believe that a car company may do this to their customers in the middle of the night. After putting all the information on the computer for almost 15 to 20 mins he said No car??? Because I didn't buy insurance??? I very highly recommend to not to go to this company at all. I went to Dollar rent a car next door and got the same deal on spot without online booking.

Geralyn Williscroft

Very good experience! I waited about 15 min. I asked for an upgrade and they gave me a Jeep Wrangler. After the agent told me there would be plenty of room for luggage, I quickly discovered this was not true. So I received a 4 door, much roomier Jeep Wrangler instead for no additional upgrade. The pickup and return process was quick. My car could have been cleaner but then again I was anxious to get going and didn’t look at the 2-3 other four door options. I would rent from Fox again. Very happy!

Destiny’s Travels

This place sucks!! We had a conformation and had a car booked but when we got there they did not have a car for us!!!if I could give them a 0 stars I would. False advertising bad business go anywhere but here

abeZ62 .

Watch out for the customer care rep DENISE at the front desk, she will trick you and add extra charges without your knowledge. When I called the corp office to ask questions the just will hang up on you if you push them to explain why they add on extra charges. Look for a better company!!

cinelli43 .

Extremely unethical! Don’t buy their toll plan! It does not cover local toll roads. Their car had no transponder so I got fined! Rent somewhere else!!!

Sarah Quinn

I was picking up a car and specifically told the guy I didnt want the insurance. Since my husband was the one who was driving I had to switch with him and go watch our kids outside. The guy at the desk added the insurance back in. I called customer service but they said I had to go back to the place I got it at. So annoyed.

Jeremy Hall

FOX staff helped us miss dinner reservations in order to hawk add-ons during pick-up. Despite a 20-minute line, FOX made pre-paid customers wait longer, in order to convince us to spend more money. FOX also surprised us with a demand for a $150 deposit, NOT a credit card pre-authorization, just prior to completing pick-up, leaving two options - cough up more money or cancel the reservation and use more valuable travel time finding a new car.

Kenny Brenner

We were at LAX waiting for the fox shuttle bus to the car. We waited 20 mins. Other company's buses came every 5 mins. But no fox. We called local tel. Recording said call 800 number. Called 800 and no people. Recording with option to cancel but no one to ask about a bus. I went online and reserved with another company. Same price no hassle. Got on their bus and got the car. Never use fox again!!

Katy Matson

If I could give it zero stars, I would. Don't reserve a car with them on a holiday weekend if you would actually like to get the car you reserved at the rate you were quoted. If your flight is delayed they will cancel your reservation. The 3 hour grace period doesn't make a difference. If your grace period ends at 5pm and you get up to the counter at 5:07pm, after waiting in line for 15 min, you are screwed. They will still tell you they don't have your car and they won't rent you another one, a downgrade even, for the same price as your original reservation. While you are getting screwed, you will look around at the other poor families in line who are also being told they have no cars. Fox rent-a-car, YOU SUCK.

aracely padilla

I had a very bad experience with the time management they have on returns, my contract said to return vehicle @ 2:00 pm, wish I did but they went ahead and charged me a late return fee because they said I had to return it at 12:00 pm. when I showed the employee my contract and showed her the RETURN TIME PRINTED ON IT... she told me there was nothing she can do , that I needed to call customer service. I call customer service and after 27 minutes on hold. the customer service Rep expressed that he did not have any way of seeing the contract and there was nothing he could do, than directed me to Financial wish it was conveniently closed . Very disappointed in there customer service

Joe Bargielski

Good service but very long wait to pickup rental.

chris duarte

If you like waiting a long time for horrible service then rent from Fox. If you want hour plus hold times followed by being hung up on by customer service then rent from Fox. I have no choice because my travel is setup by a third party. Fox knows that and uses this knowledge to treat me like dirt because I am stuck with them. Instead of allowing my back to back identical rentals to be a paperwork situation (like all the real rental agencies)they expect the car to be returned then immediately re-rented after an hour late in line. Of course they do not tell you any of this information. Then after you return your car and wait in line 45 minutes in line to get it back Fox tells you your reservation is canceled. The reason, which they do not tell you, is because they were able to re-rent my car for more money while I was stuck in their line. Bonus, the manager will come down, see a line out the door (yes I am serious) and empty service desks, and he will run upstairs. The manager won't even help his overworked staff or customers who are in an hour plus line. That says it all dosen't it? A lot of customers had issues similar to my own. We all ended up at Dollar Rent a Car getting real service and sharing our stories about how Fox was taking advantage of us. You cannot trust this company!

Sarah Szaflarski


Veronica Barnes

NO STARS. Okay SO here it is. Not sure if I can swear or not. When I first got off of my plane and walked into this place all of the employees were standing around talking, acting like I was a bother to their lives for the day. I was helped by some blonde guy, tall. don't care to try and remember his name. He pressured me into an insurance policy. When I said I didn't want one he made me feel uncomfortable and took advantage. i ended up getting the basic and he still tried to uncharge me more. I was already being charged $30 extra a day because I am 19. Whatever. He then started to talk to me about tacos and places to eat, nice enough, but I was obviously just trying to get the F out of there. I asked him repeatedly if that was it and he made me screenshot a picture of a restaurant. By this time there was like 6 people in line and they were obviously annoyed by him too taking so much time. Anyways, got upstairs to the pickup. That was quick. Car was clean, yada yada. Next day and I get into a car accident. I got rear ended from the back at a stop light. No injuries but I was shaken up. Not sure what to do. I WAS ON HOLD WITH THE RENTAL COMPANY FOR 40 MINUTES TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO. When I finally got on the phone they were going to charge me for a tow. So drove the freaking car to the drop off. They exchanged the car and I went on my way. I am still on my vacation but when I called they told me that the other guy (who hit me) would pay for everything. And their insurance would even cover the cost of my rental fees, which was nice. But I doth even want to know the nightmare Im going to have to go through in order to return this car and see whether or not ill be paying and then be reimbursed, or his insurance will just pay. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. Rent from here. Pease. Im begging you. Don't do it. They pressure you into more money. Lie to you. Charge you for unnecessary things. ITS TRASH. NO STARS

jennifer houdeshell

Fine but had no idea what I was actually being charged. Girl was nice enough at dropoff, but this is a backwards and dishonest way of renting cars to the public since the car you actually book is not the cat you choose from when u get there.

Siavash Yansori

The worst company ever! 2 hours wait for getting a car! It is shameful!


Have rented from them multiple times. A word of advice, book ahead of time on there website it will be easier for you upon check in.

Central Valley Medical

Denise told me that if I paid for a half a tank of gas up front it will be cheaper; however, she conveniently forgot to add it to the contract. So, at check out they tried charging me $95 for a half a tank of gas. Double check if you use their service.

Jake Hewitt

CHECK YOUR TIRES FOR NAILS! There was a big screw in the tire and then a large nail in the spare. Apparently the tires are only checked when they do an oil change every 5,000 miles. Customer service was no help and I had to go to Discount Tire to take care of it myself. I’m giving it 2 stars because the manager was apologetic and comped a day but it was much more of a hassle for me than one day.


Said it was open 24 hours but that's a lie

Tony Butz

Easy to deal with, car needed cleaned inside floorboards were stained and car smelt like it was wet. Front brakes definitely needed attention. I could feel metal to metal.

Melissa Bastidas

Don’t rent here! They make you wait in line for ever to just save just a couple of bucks. And the lady Denise at the desk was very rude!!!!!

Nick Cook

The customer service we recieved was awesome. My now wife and I were starting our pre wedding/honeymoon trip. The lady at the counter really took care of us. She explained everything, we upgraded insurance to full coverage and they gave us a very nice upgrade. There was a regular in there and remember him by name. Really hard to find these days.

Penny Wang

People oftentimes post complaints only. I had no issues renting my car for a day from these folks. They're courteous as long as you book ahead and have everything you need by the time you reach the front desk. Do your research on how rentals work. The price is reasonable and the condition of my vehicle was pristine.

Luke Hawx

Customer service is the worse!!! I was overcharged over $150 once my final bill was received and it has been a week and a half and i have yet to be able to get someone on the phone to resolve the issue and credit me their mistake.

Jessica Griffith

I was very skeptical about this place after reading the reviews. I actually had canceled two previous reservations (canceled the Economy Rent-a-car reservation, I had a bad feeling...My parents kept theirs, and had a pretty bad experience


Terrible customer service and the vehicles I have rented have not been in good condition. Stains and an odd Oder. It took 20 minutes for the only person at the counter in San Diego to process 1 customer. Other people waiting were getting very upset. I do not recommend and will not rent with them again.

Minola Clark Manson

I found the people very helpful and polite, until returning the car at San Diego airport. When I drove the car to return no one came out. When I went to the office people did not greet me. I asked if they still come out to the the car. There were 4 or 5 people behind the window and no one answered me.

Marvin Stringfield

Rented from Payless, Service was good but car was poor. High mileage, no power locks. Not up to standards of similar price range.

Meghan Leader

I have to say this was the WORST rental experience I have ever had. I reserved my car thru Expedia two months prior. When we got to the rental center there was ONE agent and the line was at least 15 customers deep. Another agent showed up 25 min later. By the time I got to the agent he said he had to close and go on a break. I got back in line. At that time the line was at least 20 customers deep. People were leaving the line going to other rental agencies. I did have a very nice agent. The issue was at 1:30pm for around the time my reservation was for they had NO MORE SUVs in that class. I could either accept a smaller one or pay $175 more for a larger one. I feel like the whole low price was a scam as everyone was having issues in line. I also had to pay a rental deposit, never have had to at any other agency, of about $150. I ended up with a huge vehicle which smelled like cigarettes and chemicals I can barely drive the thing. If I could give negative stars I would. There was no supervisor on staff. The agent told me that they had over 200 reservations that day. Any competent manager would have staffed the office appropriately, especially since there were 5 agent stations. The entire process was an hour and 20 min. I will never again rent from Fox.

Terrance Veal

One attendant with 20 people in line. 15 minutes and we haven't moved an inch. Why does it take so long for one customer? Where are the other employees? Use another company. **Update. Still on line 45 minutes later. Disorganized and rude employees are the cause. If this weren't a company reservation I would have walked off a while ago.

Alex Volchonok

Absolutely terrible company. I’ve now had an issue with them twice in two different cities. The staff is incompetent in San Diego and they charged my card in advance only to tell me after a 6 hour flight that “they can not rent to me”. As a result I have to rebook with another company right in front of them. There’s an obvious reason for their poor rating. Anyone traveling to San Diego or Florida I advise you stay far away from them

Franz Feierbach

I always get good deals and the vehicles are in good working order.

MaxxLite LED Signs

One and a half hours in line to get to the counter and there was only 2 people ahead of me in line. I pre-purchased the rental, including the purchase of the extended warranty. When it was finally my turn, they tried to tell me that my extended warranty plan that they sold me online was not good and that I need to purchase there counter insurance. This is all a total scam, because honestly, your own car insurance and you AMEX credit cards more that cover your liability. Also, They tell me that the car type that I reserved (premium) is not available and they have no more cars of that type. And they wanted to put me in a lower grade car at the rate I was paying for a premium car. When I finally got to the car pick up area, I did find a premium car and demanded that they honor my reservation.

Riad Hassan

Bunch of people in line and there is only one person n working here. Are you kidding me? The guy up front is chit chatting and just taking his time. Will definitely not use FOX next time.

Joshua Kent

I ordered a standard car. None were available when I arrived. They "upgraded" my vehicle to suv with any discussion. The brought me to three SUV and said pick one, and left to assist other customers, before I had a chance to say anything. I wanted something with better gas mileage. I tried calling for several days, I emailed and asked for them to call me. Fox rental only wanted to communicate via email, which is not my perfered method of communication. Staff was friendly, car worked didn't upcharge.

Brandon McFarland

I was a bit nervous to rent from Fox after reading some of the reviews. I think in the end it comes down to arriving at a busy time. When I got here we were all alone. There were 3 agents waiting to help us. We got our car quickly and had no issues. The nice lady that helped us also recommended some awesome things that we ended up checking out. Thanks so much Fox!

Matt Martin

Literally they could not have been nicer. I consistently rent from this place because the prices are at least half of what you'll find elsewhere. The new facility is nice and clean, and the front desk staff was extremely courteous and helpful

Ricardo Pisco

The price is unbeatable, but no clean cars, no wash ☹

Isaiah White

Good prices but lacking inventory. Didn't have the original vehicle I requested.

Michelle Daniels

Only one employee at a time taking 10 min+ per customer. When there’s a line of just 5, it took us over an hr to get our car. They have two employees, and they switch off with each other. But only one customer is assisted at a time. Very annoying and inconsiderate to the customers, if they cared they would actually be faster and have more employees.

Sequoya Lange

We booked an SUV through Priceline from Seattle weeks in advance. When we arrived (party of five, there for three days), we were told that they would need to hold an additional $450 on our debit card, on top of the $150 and $450 rental. When I asked why, I was told that it was due to using a debit card. I left my credit cards at home, thinking a debit card was sufficient for our trip, so I asked the woman if my mother could run to my house and read the card over the phone. She said she would need the card in person, which made sense, but she was very short with me and my husband thought she was rude. I explained to her that this rule regarding debit cards was nowhere on our paperwork and had it been, we would have brought our credit cards. I told her I had never heard of such a policy in Seattle and she said it was a unique situation specific to SD as people from Mexico clone debit cards. You would think this would be mentioned somewhere, anywhere, prior to arriving. We wound up using a different car service, but the lack of customer care here is beyond. The least they could do is mention their policy somewhere prior to a family with young children gets stuck. We were lucky, one place had one car left. Thanks Fox for sticking us.

Henry Bowling

Fox Car Rental has to be the worst of all the major rental agencies. I can assure you it is not worth the $5/daily you are saving over a Budget or Alamo. They have terrible customer service, if you can even get a human on the phone. Fleet quality is below average for features like USB, phone BT and others as simple as electronic locks and windows. Their location staff are rude and sloppy. Never again.....

Isaac Bergen

I booked a jetta. When I got there, they told me they didn't have any jettas ready to go so I would need to wait. I asked for a bigger vehicle that they had ready to go, so they charged me a bit more and I went outside to pick up the vehicle. When I gave my papers to the agent outside, he told me I would need to wait half an be because they were cleaning the jetta and would have it ready shortly. I told him I needed a full size car or SUV because I paid for the upgrade. He didn't agree for a little while but I pushed the issue and after he had served another unhappy customer because of a similar issue, he came back to me and told me he had "gotten approval" to give me an SUV. There were a couple customers there at the same time as me that were not happy with the treatment they received as well. In the end I got a nice vehicle for a good price, so I was good with what I got.

Alfonso Pina

Friendly agent, fast service, gave us some tips on where to go in the area.

Wesley Caton

The car we recieved was not even close to what was reserved, windshield wipers were broken, windshield washer was broken, bad breaks, and bad tires, among various other issues.


Avoid! The line was out the door and only had 2 clerks working. Wasted an hour waiting for a hybrid that they didn’t even have. Nightmare. What’s the point of doing a reservation?

Shai Hawkins

Excellent customer service. Perfectly adequate vehicles. Had great fun with the Jeep and am now over my lifelong craving.

lynn urfer

Great car, kia soul, really clean, smelled great. Staff were quick and efficient. They had my checked out by the time i took my bag out of the trunk. It was very easy to get to the shuttle to the airport

Jerry Tian

Long line. Try to trick you into over paying for things every step of the way. Will be my first and last time renting from these foxes.

John Renzi

I have used this rental company on many occasions and never had an issue until this time the vehicle class I rented was not available they suggested i take a lower class and they would reduce cost by 1 day i agreed when I brought vehicle back they didn't reduce price they said I had to go to the office which I did and waited 10 minutes before any help when I received help they said they needed approval I had to get to airport for flight when I checked my email there was no price reduction only frustration from getting lied to by Fox car rental BE AWARE WHAT THEY TELL YOU


They were super helpful, very sweet, free upgrade, we forgot something in the car and someone personally brought it from the parking deck to the office. Special thanks to Rudy and Pamela! (I’m sorry if I got the names wrong)

maximiliano Martil

Great cars and awesome prices. The guys are very polite and care about you. Have a great service!!

Christina Duncan

I would put zero stars if I could. I reserved my car for 930 am at San Diego airport. I flew in from Detroit, and when I arrived at FOx rental there were 5 people in line. As I stood and waited, three out of 5 had issues with their rental and one lady yelled something I did not understand as she walked out angry. I reserved my car four months before the pickup, I had an amazing deal. But must of been too good of a deal, they gave my car away just like they did with the 3/5 in line. I had to rent a car for much more. The going rate for the car that I had reserved, was double at the time they cancelled it, and gave it to someone else. TOTAL SCAM. They said it is in their policy that if you do not show up within 3 hours of the reservation, that they give the car to someone else. I asked where that fine print was, they couldn't tell me. The flight was late, that is something out of my control and of the control of the other people in line. BAIT AND SWITCH IS ILLEGAL>

Hudson Stone

I want to give a minus 5 rating NEVER EVER rent a car with them. They are cheating on you. This was my first time to rent a car with this company, it turns out a disaster. I reserved a Ford Fusion hybrid. A female counter associate suggested me a Toyota camry which is same size, cheaper rental price but with a little more truck space. I said okay. After waiting for about 1 hour to get an old/dirty car (this already drove me crazy), they charged me extra $33 dollar. Because they think switching to a cheaper Camry from a hybrid Fusion is a UPSELL. WTH!!!! If you want your life easier, keep away from this company

Robert Engellant

Looks like a good deal, but cars are low trim level, and there are plenty of hidden fees. Pick enterprise instead.

Natasha Craig

Fox was super helpful! Incredibly smooth process in both picking up and returning the car. I actually forgot my phone in the car when returning it, and didn't realize until I was already at the terminal, so we went racing back on the shuttle, and Pamela and David were able to help immediately, find my phone, and I was able to get on the next shuttle and make my flight with no problem. They were super helpful, kind, and understanding!

Marci Huttunen

Thanks for! There awsome

Christian Bernier

They fixed one problem only to leave another in limbo aside from that nothing more than a car rental place

Michael smith

Very poor customer service, not to mention rude the guy at the counter acted as if he was doing my grandmother(74yrs old) a favor he said he was upgrading her thought he was doing her a courtesy until we saw the bill they charged her a upgraded fee of 19$ per day when she had already expressed her limit on what she wanted to spend they car she was given wasnt even an upgrade it has previously been in a accident rear fenders dented and not flesh with the car scratches and dents not to mention stains on the interior fabric DO NOT RENT FROM STAY AWAY YOULL REGRET IT AND HAVE RENTERS REMORSE IF U GO TO THEM

Daniel Galligan

50 people in line for cars. 1 employee on staff. We cancelled and went to National.

Dustin Griffin

Sales representative was shady. She tried to tell me we rented a Kia Rio to get us to upgrade. She practically interrogated me about what I was doing just so she could sell me more. Finally had to tell her we were in town to visit a relative in the hospital. She just moved forward. When we went upstairs, it was actually a Nissan Sentra. This car was so jenky because it had so many scratches and dents, it took the exit rep a long time to mark our sheet for all of the dents..I gave 2 instead of 1 stars because the return was shockingly painless.

Mohammad Anwar

Line was ridiculously slow... finally got my car then my pre ordered car seat took forever... however the people were friendly.. but I wouldn't rent from here again.

Chaun S

I arrived in San Diego at 5pm. The shuttle was easy to find and we quickly arrived to the rental base. The agent was finishing up with a customer but quickly got to us. The whole process was like 10 minutes and the guy at the desk was very friendly to my boyfriend and myself. He explained everything and the fill-up pre-pay option was definitely worth it after seeing those gas prices. I should have walked the car for scratches before their guy but upon exiting he does a thorough once over and was very honest and accurate. The small Kia was great driving and the cost was well below what you pay elsewhere. I am very pleased with this place and glad I did not let the bad reviews alter my decision although I actually prepared for the worse.

Heather Krick

After renting a car from Fox Rent A Car I will NEVER make that mistake again!! I reserved a car online for a 5 day use and they charged a $11.47 holding fee, which was great, then I would pay $100 for the rest of the payments. However, once I arrived to pick up my car they added on taxes and fees that were not negotiable and I ended up paying over $50 dollars and had to put down refundable payment of $150. The website bragged about no hidden fees, straight up cost. I couldn't believe it!! Then the two different phone numbers on the paperwork were either disconnected or had an automated system that stated that the high volume of calls received I wouldn't be answered and then it automatically ends your call, so you can't ever wait in line. Bad customer service. Now, let's get into the was junk. Scratches everywhere, engine sputtered, turn signals got stuck, and it was so old I had to remember to manually turn on the headlights at night. Save yourself the time and cost, go somewhere else!!!

ali talahma

I forgot cash and some costly small items inside the car when I drop it off this location, They reject the claim saying there is nothing inside the car. Stay away from these ppl and rent from somewhere else

Lisa Green

WARNING!!! DO NOT GO HERE! this place screwed me over, I was 12 minutes late to pick up the car I rented, and they said, sorry, we just gave it to someone else we don't have a car for you, unless you want to upgrade, which will cost an extra $25.00 a day! After a half hour of frustration, they finally had a car for us, making sure to tell us not to take it to Mexico, I told the guy we are going to Park City and to Yellowstone, He said that's OK, just NOT Mexico, ( I am of Latin origin. not sure if that's why he thought he had to mention Mexico Three times, ) after being robbed out side of Yellowstone, make sure you lock your doors even when camping, we had to shorten our trip, we got back 3 days in advance to save money. When we got back to FOX rent a car, the guy said, Oh, that's an extra $1,200.00 because you took the car into Idaho! what! IDAHO! We were in Idaho for 20 minutes! The never said we couldn't take it to Idaho, just MEXICO and we told him where we were going! Why not Idaho? I don't know, but they screwed me over on my rent. That was a whole other issue. AVOID THIS PLACE!!!

Caleb Gillham

One agent with 20 people waiting in line. Took 45 minutes to get to the counter. Then they quietly say sorry we are out of cars!!! We booked 8 hours ago with a baby trying to sleep. Unacceptable service. Most companies you just walk in and the keys are waiting for you in the car. Max time spent 5 min. Never using Fox again

Benjamin Orlowski

Good service and a wide selection of Korean cars. I didn't experience any funny business or up selling. Price was a good deal.

Jesse & Ellen Zeiset

The service was ok and the price was good..... until they levied all their fees. I will probably use someone else next time.

Myrna Navarro

Horrible customer service both in locations and corporate. Rented a 7 passenger car in April for June, and when the day finally came for us to pick up the rental we were informed that they did not have a car to supply us with. They offered us TWO cars instead which was unrealistic since we were driving from San Diego to Washington state! Then they proceeded to offer us an offsell letter (which means we get a rental from another rental business and they reimburse you the difference two weeks after the car is returned). We took the offsell deal instead of the two cars. Well to find out later, Fox rental decided to refunded me the money without our approval instead of the offsell agreement. Now it’s been two months and I’m still trying struggling to get the rest of my money back from the offsell! They unreliable and unprofessional. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. Save yourself the headache!

David Marsico

Very good experience. Quick and helpful rep at the desk. Got us in and out fast. Car was excellent. Never drove a 2 door Wrangler before. Loved it. Perfect for navigating San Diego.

Ian Sutton

Rent elsewhere if you want value for your money and time. We pre-booked a rental car online, and it was over an hour before I got through the line to one of the two agents working. The agent was pleasant, but the office is terribly managed and resourced, whether that be locally, via corporate, or both. Other rental companies had no waits, and a minimal cost differential. The car was also disgusting and not thoroughly cleaned. It had rotting fruit in the back. When I mentioned it upon return, the rep could have cared less. That sums this place care, no pride. Spend your money elsewhere.

Dan Wiley

Brian was really amazing. Not only did he really to care about getting a great car, he gave us advice on how to save money with the rental. He was very friendly and had a great attitude that made the experiance actually pleasurable. I remember the guy before us in line asked why he was so happy and Brian said it was his job. I can tell you after a long flight it's good to see someone be positive and want to help get us on our way. Brian gave us restaurant recommendations that turned out to be some of the best places we ate at. Me and my girlfriend actually spoke about him a few times and we both agreed that he helped make this trip so great. I hope he gets to read this and know how much he helped make this trip so wonderful. Thanks Brian.

Cindy Wagener

My employee at LAX. Mina went above and beyond. She gave excellent service.

paul foster

Jesus went out of his way to make sure that I got a Jeep after I had had some troubles with one of my CC's!

Margie Barba

Instead of cleaning car out they poured deodorant powder- smell is rank.. Feel very unsafe in car, raining out and wipers are useless! Tires were over inflated (had to let air out) Will never use Fox again ..

Sheri Villanueva

Fox Rent a Car is a scam. I rented from the Orlando, FL location and did my follow up via phone with their customer service! This company is unethical!! I was completely scammed by one of their counter representatives who added on liability insurance after I declined the coverage. She had me initial the one line statements which actually did not show she had charged me and I even asked her to clarify the charges and she stated that it was for my deposit and it would be refunded to me after I returned the vehicle. I didn’t question her, nor did I go back to double check everything since it was late and she was friendly and seemed trust worthy. It wasn’t until I checked my credit card statement only to discover that the refund was only about $150 and I was still being charged for additional things. This is when I called their customer service agent to ask why I wasn’t refunded completely and discovered I had been charged for liability insurance by the agent. I was extremely upset and the customer service agent made me feel as if I was to blame since I initialed the rental agreement. She also stated that if Fox refunded everyone for charges on insurance, then people could just be lying about it to the customer service agents and therefore they couldn’t refund me. I was being accused of lying about the situation!! They passed the buck off to their billing department since the customer service manager stated there was nothing she could do to fix the situation. I will never do business with Fox rental agency again!! On top of that, I had a flat tire in the rental car and they wouldn’t send out any road side assistance to change the tire without charging me $100. I had to use my own company to handle it and then went to switch out the car again so I could make my appointment. The customer service agent used this against me in her argument NOT to refund me stating “well you signed the agreement TWICE!” As if anyone goes back to double check that stuff on a routine switch. I was already running late for a dinner and needed to get out of there. I am furious and so disappointed in the treatment I received. The customer service agent I spoke to said there wasn’t anything she could do about it and pawned off the responsibility to their billing department. Terrible and unethical business practice Fox! Shame on you and shame on underhanded sales tactics that you teach your employees just to make a quick buck.

Brian Stewart

Gave me a Jeep with only a key and no key fob for remote locking and unlocking. Come to find out when you lock the car the alarm goes off every time you unlock the car door with the key. Tried reaching out to customer service and can't get anyone on the phone even after waiting for over and hour (no call back after exercising this fake option). Their customer service is non - existence. Will never rent from this place again as they don't care about being even mediocre. If you have rented from anybody else in the industry I guarantee your experience was better than it could ever be with this sorry excuse for a rental car company. Absolutely terrible! The CEO Mike Jaberi should be ashamed of himself to even call this a car rental service. Go to ENTERPRISE, NATIONAL, BUDGET, AVIS, anyone but this company and you will be a lot happier. Ironically when I called the roadside assistance nobody ever answered. I get the customer service person to call me back after waiting 2 hours and all he can do is tell me to call roadside assistance. What a JOKE!

Martha Stark

Everything went smoothly from the beginning when my husband contacted Fox Rent A Car to arrange for a rental car for us to rent during our trip to San Diego... Until our flight was delayed and we were late getting to Fox RentA Car.. We found the doors locked and the workers inside hollering that they were closed. We were half an hour late getting there. We persisted...speaking to the woman who worked there through a crack in the door. We told her we HAD INDEED already booked a car through them. We just needed the car. We were told to Uber to our motel...and Uber back to the location the next morning. We kept persisting that we JUST needed the car. We were tired and hungry and really needed the car. We must have looked pitiful enough that they finally unlocked the door and let us in the building. We waited another half an hour to finally get our rental car. So..while we were waiting...another couple shows up and I tell them through the crack in the door that this place is closed as the workers tell me to do... They close at midnight by the way . The workers relented and let them in too...after I was told to keep telling them this place is closed for the night....ugh. We got our car...after we were shuttled over to the car pickup location. That part went smoothly...finally...after the guy at the desk finished a 20 minute conversation on the phone...never acknowledging us as we stood there...waiting. Finally got the car. Returning it was the smoothest and easiest part of the whole process. The car was clean and very nice. Alll of the people we encountered were nice to just took a loong We weren't upset...but we were tired and hungry and wanted to get to our motel room. Mission accomplished! That was the longest time it has taken to get a rental car in alll of our travels thus far. Nice people...just a time consuming process.

Matthew tax collector

These guy are great. They really took care of us. Rented a dodge charger for the price of an economy. $21.00 a day. Plus a few discounts on top of that price. Love this place. Highly recommend these guys. Was cruising for days 11 to be exact. And the ride was the sweetest!!!!. i drove from vegas to San diego. And I wanna give props to the guys in Vegas where I picked up the car. The day manager I think his name was Kyle/Cory and angel. Thanks guys for takin care of us. Definetly will be back. Thanks Fox

Lawrence Schuman

Just look at the number of one star reviews. Pay the extra few dollars and go somewhere else. You'll wait and wait in line while every other vendor gets their customers in and out quickly. Avoid Fox anywhere. If your government, sorry, you'll get stuck with them often. The car I got after waiting an hour looked like a sticky drink exploded in the passenger seat and there were cigarette burns all over. It was disgusting.


I am very satisfied with the low price and the excellent car given to me by Christian. I am only given 2 stars due the rude and inconvenient way I was treated by the employee Denise. She insisted on services that I didn’t want to take and shocked me by the unprofessional way she talked to me. I will definitely use its services again but not from this location.

Greg Cogswell

Rudy is ignorant and arrogant, a terrible combination for a 'supervisor' at the San Diego Airport Location. As a repeat customer for several years I was overcharged and mistreated by Rudy. I complained and he said call the 800 number. I called the 800 number and they said I needed to go in person to the San Diego location. Liars, cheats, and rude.

Vicki McDonald

I had an excellent experience with Fox on a rental picked up at LAX with drop off at SAN. Lowest price by far and got to choose from a good selection of new crossover suvs. The best part was customer service and streamlined process. I would definitely rent from them again over higher priced competitors.

Carmen Cerecero

Would give this place a zero if i could. Nothing nice to say about this place at all. Took 45 minutes to be seen by someone and another 20 minutes to do the paperwork by the time we were done we ended up spending 100’s more with all the hidden fees. Finally get through and go to get our mid size sedan car and “sorry we are all out of that size” uhhh okay so no extra charge but now we are stuck with a giant SUV in the city. Return was quick but staff was horrible barely said one word to us while they all sat around talking to each other. Would recommend to never use this company for a rental.

Mark Wyatt

Had a flight change and was 2.5hr before reservation and was told the only way I could get a car was if I upgraded. Also the line moved so slow because of the constant push to update.

Nabiha Ishaque

Worst experience ever with any rental!! They don't disclose their charges until they have charged your card. I rented car for 3 nights and my total came out to be $150 but they ended up charging me almost $500! When I called back to get a refund they told me that they can't open my case since I'm not in that city anymore and back in my hometown. Please avoid them at all cost!! This has to be the worst car rental company everr

Rasto Dlabal

I rented an SUV in San Diego, returned in San Francisco 2 weeks later, was skeptical due to the bad reviews and half price compared to other companies but was very satisfied with the experience. The car was new, only 8k miles on it, clean, no issues whatsoever. The service was good, they were trying to push different insurance coverage (just like any other company) but I just declined. At the end I paid exactly what was in the contract, the $150 deposit was returned as promised, no hidden charges. Would recommend to others.

Troll belly General

Fox car rental was ok. The pricing seems off though. The service lady named Pam was kind of overly flirtatious with any man who came through the doors. She spent over 45 minutes flirting with my partner asking questions about if we plan to have children and not taking the time to explain anything I was signing or initiating with her. I was charged a refueling fee because of her neglect at her job and being what kids call a "thirsty" woman as opposed to giving Fox car rental a better customer service report.

Michael Lee

I have rented from Fox several times before, also in San Diego, so I am writing this because of one very poor experience today. The rental agent was great but when we went to the second floor there was a guy who said take your choice of two vehicles and then he disappeared. Not quite knowing what to do, we got in one and drove to the exit where we were second in line. The female attendant directed the car ahead of us around to a parking area about 40 feet away. There, she engaged that customer in a very long conversation lasting well more than 5 minutes and the back up of vehicles behind us grew to 3 other cars in line waiting to get out. Finally she came back and we proceeded to go around the vehicle to record the nicks and scratches and dents. She had a preprinted diagram with several areas of dents indicated but not the back bumper and door which had deep penetrating dents which I pointed out to her which were not recorded on her diagram. She said it didn't matter since we had insurance to cover it. I said that was not sufficient and I wanted those areas of dents on the back bumper and door indicated on the form. She got very uppity saying "I know my job" and "don't talk to me like that" when all I was doing was objecting to her direction to me to just forget about it since my insurance would cover it. Feeling like this was some sort of devious trap, I insisted that she indicate on the form the dents on the back of the vehicle which she refused to write in the same space as the other dent descriptions at the bottom of the form. She would only check the box on the back right of the vehicle description with a note in the upper portion, "dent". She was really insulting to me and tried to make it seem like I was being unreasonable and pretty much abusing her with my sticking up for my rights. At no time did she act like a person who cared one bit for me or the logic of my trying to leave the facility with a proper accounting of the damage on the vehicle I was renting. In fact, I have never had such a bad experience renting a vehicle in this country and in others. I am very, very angry that I was treated in such a manner and will never rent from Fox again.

Dave Vojnovich

Worst rental car rental company I have ever worked with.

LaVerne Gorrie

This company does not fully disclose their requirements until after they charge your credit card. I attempted to call them immediately back to cancel the rental card but they would not allow me to cancel. Even though I explained I would not be using the rental car, because of their undisclosed requirements (the same person who is on the credit card needs to rent the car) I was renting the car for my son. They would not allow him to rent the car. They charged my card and I disputed the charge then they charged my card again. This business wants to take your money without offering any service. This is a scam

Toni Orionsantini

One person was nice and tried to be helpful. Our reservation prices were not honored..bait and switch.

Mattie Leffew

Not sure why this place gets such bad reviews?? They were great in helping me and my husband get set up with our rental and on our way!

Nikki Munholand

Not enough counters open (3) when there were a ton of people in line. The line is set up in such a way that if there are more than 4 people are in line it goes out the door. Kinda overwhelming and unwelcoming after traveling. Also waited almost 15 minutes for an attendant when picking up car. Like no one was at the counter.

Ann Marie

Great car rental place. Very accommodating and friendly staff. They helped us get the size car we needed and even helped us get our stuff in the car.

Eugene Jr.

Ryan should be rewarded and promoted for his great customer service. Genuinely a great human being! Me and my two buddies were going to Rosarito Mexico and needed a car but the problem was, I didn’t have my license with me and another friend didn’t have their credit card with them. Ryan still tried to find a way to make it work for us. Eventually we ended up using one of my buddies lincense which we thought wasn’t going to work in the beginning but it worked out for the good. The thought is the point that counted and Ryan made sure that we walked out of there satisfied and on our way to Mexico. The price is also affordable and one of the only two car companies there that allow their cars in Mexico. Big plus! Go with Fox Rent A Car. Ronald, Eugene, and Karl give two thumbs up!

MsBosanova .

Do NOT rent from them! I would give 0 stars if I could. When I tried to speak to a manager, both in person and via multiple phone calls regarding the extra charges on my bill, I was told "There's no manager here"..."I don't know when the manager will be in next"...and "No, there is no email address or phone number where you can reach one." Over the course of a week, i was never allowed to contact a manager. They flat out lied to me about extra charges. The car was disgusting and filthy - roll down windows, air conditioning that didn't work properly. Windows and interior were dirty. Guy working the lot was a rude jerk with an attitude issue. This company should not be in business, plain and simple.

Kaitlyn Thomas

This car company almost ruined my vacation. The agents are shady and will lie to you to sell the insurance and they are not transparent about the deposit until you're already there to get the car. Seriously, never again, I'd rather walk than deal with them...

Dave Winnekins

The return address is not properly advertised. It Should say Adm Boland way and not Keltner. Otherwise great experience

Jake Do

This place is the worst car rental I ever dealt with. Unprofessional, worsted costumers service, and wouldn’t return our deposit because my wife and I don’t have the same last name. Straight up robbery.

the mays/ Rinderknechts Rinderknechts and mays

We had a great experience I even asked the person who helped us her name because she did such a great job and was so patient will me and my kids. Denise monteiro we enjoyed our experience :) Denise was extra helpful and went above and beyond we will definitely tell our friends and family

Marsha Russell

They wanted a bug deposit after saying on the phone notta, just a plane tix

vamsee krishna

I really had bad experience with FOX customer service during emergency. During my rental time my car was vandalized when i contacted customer service there was no response. I waited for more than 2 hours then i drove my car to this place. When i reached here a guy named TONY has received me and he was super cool . He was very helpful for swapping my car and gave suggestions what i can do further to get it fixed.

Thomas Nguyen

Good budget car rental

Jacqueline Williams

First rental with vendor Completely satisfied.

Bob Osterbuhr

We rented a mini van for 3 weeks. It was a very base model with few extras but it was half price the major carriers. Worked out well with few problems.

Tony Valle

Front desk was friendly and understanding. When I went to pick up the car the gentlemen that helped me was easy going,friendly and professional. Highly recommend!!

Neil Kelly

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Reserved a car here months in advance. We got stuck at the border for 4 hours and missed the scheduled pick up time. When my wife and I finally made it to the counter we were greeted by the RUDEST woman I’ve ever met. Zero compassion, zero care... No customer service at all! We walked out...down to Avis and were on our way.

Chris Tracy

Very, very, very, very slow. At all three stages of dealing with them before driving off. But they were the cheapest.

Candice Meeder

The person who helped us at the desk was extremely rude, degrading and unhelpful. I promise even if they are cheaper, you will regret renting from them. They do not care about their customers and treat them horribly. They upgraded us and charged us but then didn’t provide the car they said they could and refused to refund us. I would highly recommend going with someone else.

Danielle Hollingsworth

If you pre-reserve it is quick and simple.

D Chakraborty

Very poor customer service. My flight was changed, and I was going to arrive the following day, more than 12 hours later. I requested them to hold the reservation for me (it was pre-paid). I did not ask for any kind of refund. They refused. Stay away - pay the extra few bucks and rent elsewhere. I learnt my lesson! Also beware - it is extremely hard to reach customer service over the phone. At the end, I used the chat system (I was no. 1 in the queue, but had to wait 10 mins until a rep joined the chat - then I got the bad news).

Angela Geurts

Good service, employees were happy to exchange vehicles. Some of their cars are a bit older, I exchanged because front outer wall tires were bald. Would use them again


Great deals worth the $

Remington Easo

Please do not rent from this place. I went to ask details about my bill ( they were overcharging me by $250). the customer service rep Pamela cursed me out in Spanish called me (!@#$%) thinking I do not understand Spanish. This is the worst customer service I have experienced in my life. I would rather walk than rent another car from this place.

Brenda Romero

There are a lot of hidden fees to their rentals, and they describe the vehicles very broadly, I wanted a 4 door sedan with a lot of trunk space and they gave me a very tight Kia Soul.

Vinnie Nijor

Fox rental car will rip you off. I was supposed to be charged roughly 125$ for my rental and they ended up charging my credit card for twice that amount with no explanation. The car was returned with no damage and on time. I have attempted to contact them numerous times and their automated phone service keeps saying that their call volume is high, then they disconnect. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM.

Carmel Shami

Very poor service . Only one person at the reception. We had to wait almost an hour before we could get a car. This was after 6 hours flight. The Representitive said that it happens every night and that the company knows about it and doing nothing . Disappointing.

Jaeda Evans

HORRIBLE! I will spare the lengthy details but if you are traveling with children please use a reliable car rental service so you are not stuck dealing with issues that should not be issues. HORRIBLE! The stuff that nightmares are made of!

Kathryn Spina

I’ve rented from a million places and this was by far the WORST. Trust me when I say don’t bother even if it seems cheap through orbitz! We waited for over 2 hours, their policy is outrageous and they tell you different things than the website. They add in little things and it ends up not being cheaper. Ended up walking away and getting a car somewhere else after waiting for 2 hours it’s that BAD. I wish I would have looked up reviews before coming. It is by far the worst rental service I’ve ever been to.

David Huffman

Terrible customer service with no supervisor on site. We booked our reservation for pickup AFTER 1030 am. According to the terms and conditions, they hold reservations for 3 hours following your arrival time. We were in line at the rental car at 1:25 pm. We got to the customer service desk and we were told our vehicle was not available. According to the rep, the computer deletes your reservation after 3 hours. I can understand that. What I can't understand is the service that followed. I asked if they still had that vehicle on site to rent. I was told no. Confused, I asked the same question again. She said no, not one that they could rebook. I asked if they had the vehicle we booked 15 minutes ago still here. She wouldn't answer my question. I asked for an inventory list of their vehicles on site. I was told they don't have one (scratches head). After a heated conversation about how they would not accept the fact that we were on site in the appropriate time frame, we never once received any form of an apology about the inconvenience and an attempt to rectify the situation. No, they just tried to sell us a more expensive vehicle. Thank you Fox for the terrible customer service.


Ok folks. Nice clean car. Got pressured into buying some bs insurance policy. I would rent from them again.

Linh L

Worst customer service ever! We (unfortunately) got into an accident and needed another car. We bought their insurance. They didn’t have the staff to deliver the car #2 to us - so, they asked us to Uber back to the airport to pick up car #2 and they will reimburse us. We did as we were told, and they went back on their word and said we will not be reimbursed. The people who work here have no idea what their policies are as everyone gave us different information. They’re probably ok If you don’t get into an accident… But if you do don’t expect them to have your back.

John H

The lines weren’t bad when I got there and service was on par for what you normally get at a car rental place. The car was in good condition, pick up and drop off were quick and painless. My only gripe was all the million things you need to initial for when renting are on the little screen on the card machine and took what seemed like forever to get through. I’d use them again.

Ilya Rakhman

Long line, agents upselling on insurance & gas, quoting false rates, and the only agency closed late at night. Otherwise, Fox Rent a Car in San Diego is really terrible.

Blake Mueller

Reserved a premium car, ended up with a mid-size at the same price. I would recommend never using this company if you can avoid it.

Philip Choy

If there is a 0 star, I would have given it. The sales associate tried to up sell base on fear, convincing my wife of things that were not true. The original booking was for a standard SUV at CAN$433.94 (about US$325). He told my wife that the 3 large luggage we have would not fit and one has to be in the seat between our kids, prompted an upgrade. Then it’s my auto insurance rider and credit card protection would not cover the rental. Finally the drive from San Diego airport to Disney LA would take 3 hours and use half a tank of gas already. So it’s better to buy a full tank of gas. The final bill became about CAN$1,070 (US$800). It turns out the standard SUV could comfortably fit the 3 luggages, my auto insurance rental rider covered the rental AND the drive to Disney was only 1 1/2 hour and used 1/4 tank. We discovered the original SUV was fine in the lot, changing it back. In order to update the contract after, the lot staff sent us to the gate inspector, who said he could not do it and had to the the front counter. However, we were NOT allowed to stay in the lot and go back to fix the contract. We were forced to leave the lot to NO PARKING outside and tried to park the car and get to the front counter to at least remove the upgrade. 2 hours later we finally left the car rental. Our friends had been waiting for us wondering what happened. The final bill was still CAN$800, almost doubled our original quote!! I guess it’s still better than 2.5 times. The vehicle was great though. So fear based sales tactics, sort of friendly but unhelpful service and time wasted with the rental process really tainted our experience.

yan zheng

Check out and check-in was fast and smooth. Can't beat the price. Fox is located in the same place as all the other brand names so its not like you have to go to a far off dark parking lot to save some money.

Daniel kroll

Very disappointed in my experience with Fox rent a car. So many shady tactics. Had some issues with my reservation ended up having to pay more because they didn’t have the car I reserved. Brian was unable to accommodate and all they wanted to do was blame it on Priceline.

Josh Hammerquist

Charged for prepaid gas, full tank, didn't ask for permission. Got a refund, but had to go back in line to ask for it. Shady at best.

Karyn Lantini


Dario Vielma

Convenience, fast, very user friendly. Most of all very economical.

Dare gym

Pick up was lengthy due to a delayed flight. The girl upfront did her best to still give me a car at the same price because my reservation passed the 3 hour hold time. The return of the vehicle was also easy. Will definitely use them again.

jen clukey

9/9/19. Had a prepaid rental for mid size suv (wanted a rav but oh well). Service was quick and painless. Did not catch the employees name. But he did what he was supposed to and asked the questions he was supposed to. He was very nice. Up to 2nd level for car pick up out in 10 minutes. DO not listen to all negative comments. If you prepay your rental, have your info ready and know what you are doing getting thru this process will be easy. From check in to drive out no more than 1/2 hour. Thank you fox rental. Our blue Hyundai santa fe with 43000 miles on it is just right. If you go into any rental business with high expectations and are demanding you will be disappointed. Relax. All vehicles at any rental are no more than 4-5 years old. After a certain number of miles these cars are turned out or sold. Go with it. You will be fine.

Ricardo alonzo

Excellent! The prices were impossible to beat. The only downside is if you are loooking for free parking it's not gonna happen.

Pam Hettel

It was very easy to get the car. But It would be nice if all the rental car co. Would change to way they price you pay when returning, ex. Your plane leaves at 3 but you car has to be returned by 9 or pay an extra day you could charge by the hour with proof of departure time. That is why I give a 3 star instead of 5.


2nd time going with Fox and it was great. Got in late and didn't have a problem. All the Jeep's were gone, so they upgraded us to a mustang convertible!

Brittany Barbosa

They nearly tripled the price I was given when I booked with Expedia. Then they tried to tell us to take a different car then booked. When we received our SUV it was scratched and dented everywhere and smelled like mildew. We needed a toddler chair for our child and they only had one that was covered in the previous child’s milk. The staff was surprised and disgusted I asked them to clean it first. I would not recommend this company. I’ve already filed a dispute with Expedia due to them contracting with Fox. The staff members offered horrible service, if we weren’t hours from home I wouldn’t have taken the vehicle.

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