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1659 Airport Blvd, San Jose, CA 95110, United States Located in: Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport

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cfcpremiers10 .

Able to rent a dodge challenger from LAX. was an easy enough experience. the wait time was a little bit long. but it was not too difficult

Tara Fay

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!! Worst customer service I have ever had. I booked online and prepaid for the vehicle. I even have a receipt showing total due at pick up of $0. When I get to the counter at 11:30pm after having my flight delayed multiple times I thought it would be a breeze because I prepaid. NOPE! They tried to tell me I had to pay another $260($110 being non-refundable). I understand a deposit but I paid for the vehicle in advance. They guy at the counter was no help and just kept repeating the computer says another $110 so I have to pay it. I showed my emails and their own website confirmation but still nothing. The other woman working proceeded to talk about me to every customer that approached her to check in. I asked for a manager and they have none available and the customer service number is absolutely no help and nobody answers. I left this place in tears and would NEVER rent a car from them again.

Casual Date

What a worst location. I am ashamed to call this an American company. What a nightmare , the worst customer experience possible. The car rentals next to this location had already processed 5 transactions when this agent was still processing one reservation. I booked my pre paid reservation though Expedia and since my flight was delayed reached round 11 PM. Was rudely told there were no cars available by the agent. Then she said she will put me in another car but i have to shell out $30 more per day of rental. I approached the manager who was obnoxious and never listened to my concerns. when I protested he canceled my reservation and I was left stranded. This location s a sham and they milk money and indulge in malpractice. I hope these guys are audited and eventually close this location.

Anurag Reddy

They won't honor rentals which aren't 24 hours prior to pick up. It's a huge waste of time and money. I spent 2 hours waiting at the airport only to be told they don't have cars. I probably should have read the reviews before I made a reservation. Don't make the same mistake. A few bucks off isn't worth it.

Jay Heer

Great staff but old cars and very poorly maintained. It’s a mission to get hold of these guys on the phone. Even the roadside assistance takes 20-30min hold time before they ask you to leave name and number and no one will return your call! If you will not be using the car often then great choice, if travelling far and driving a lot- go with better rentals, you don’t want to be stuck with cars that make a lot of noise and hard to drive due to poor alignment.

Beka Overby

If I could give this company zero stars I would. Our work set up this reservation, and we used them twice. The first time we waited for TWO hours for our car, along with about 15 other people. No upgrade offered, and the two male attendants running the counter were completely unapologetic. We have a 7 month old baby.... We finally got assigned a vehicle and we raced to get loaded up and make it to my husbands work meeting, which we should have had PLENTY of time to make it to if not for their computer systems delay. We had to rent a car seat. They brought it out and I stared at it, not actually believing that anyone would put their baby in a seat so dated and looking like previous babies had crapped in it without a diaper (I will NEVER go anywhere without our own seat again). I asked if there were any others, and they brought one out, but it had no base to secure into the vehicle. I was appalled, and at that point we had been there pushing 2.5 hours so we left with the crap stained seat. Only after we returned it did I learn that the seat is EXPIRED. They rented out an expired car seat. I cannot even... Now here we are again today, dreading picking up our car from this company, and only using it because our work secured the rental, and they're saying they won't rent to us because we are not in possession of the card on file that is paying for it. Wait, what? we used this same card/method just 5 days ago when we were here. The same guy even took the payment. Figure it out. Not sorry for the rant. Needed to vent and encourage NO ONE else to rent from here.

Ankit Singhal

Worst experience , never ever rent a car from them, people at desks are rude and will not miss a chance to snatch every penny from you.

john aguiar

I waited 1 1/2 hours cause supposedly the car was getting cleaned up , when I received the vehicle the amount of dog fur flying around inside the car was just ridiculous, when I tried calling i was on hold for 40minutes, the amount of call transfers was ridiculous and for them to help me i would have to drive the vehicle to another location different from the one I picked it up from , and the different locations were ov were r an hour away , so do your a favor and DO NOT RENT A VEHICLE FROM THEM the way this business is ran is a joke

Ashley Szeto

I called customer service multiple times because there were so many things wrong with the car first of all. Second, every time I called customer service no matter who answered the phone, when I asked a simple question I would always get a snarky tone of voice from the employee one even said “but you know what you’re the customer so you do whatever you want even though I JUST verified it but whatever”. They are impolite, rude, and just unqualified for their job as CUSTOMER SERVICE. They need to learn how to communicate with the customer where they do not end up getting annoyed with the customer for asking a simple question wanting an answer because it’s THEIR JOB. I work in customer service myself and I would NEVER show a customer any attitude whatsoever. Lastly, the car they gave us broke down at our hotel and when we told them we were on a timed schedule they disregarded that and said that they were going to come on their schedule. We are currently still waiting for someone to come help us and they said they would be here 30 minutes ago and we missed our appointment with a college. Never renting from Fox again, customer service is awful.

Monaliza Borca

If i could give this rental place zero stars, I would. It may be cheap but you have employees in their pajamas, managers no where to be found. Go to Enterprise or Hertz. I rather pay more and get better service then rent at Fox Rental. Very unprofessional, rude, and they sweep any issues under the rug. Go elsewhere!

Technicolor INC

Agents were nice but took forever to get through the line like 3x as long as others. Car was filthy inside. Then the surprise 150 deposit. Not really any cheaper than the other agencies. Would not rent again.

Ricardo BAME

What a mistake, I won't repeat for sure.Rude staff, non sense paperwork, trying to confuse the customer. I rented a sedan VW Jetta size and they give me a hatchback Elantra. I ended up paying an insurance twice. Plus the deposit 200 and something, that does not come specified. I'll update when they hopefully return me the deposit.

Rick Goeden

Long wait time. And the car, a Jeep Renegade, is not the best, sluggish to say the least

Luke Wotton

Doesn't pick up the phone ever. Even on the emergency line they just put you on hold. Atrocious.

Kelly Nash

Horrible, not worth the break in rate. The wait to “check-in” was horrendous, not enough service agents (only 1) and then you have to wait AGAIN for someone (only one person running to get cars) to bring you your car. We also rented a car seat, and now we are waiting for that one person to find and bring that. Over an hour and counting. Everyone waiting is unhappy. Never renting from here again. UPDATE: Finally got car seat. It’s filthy. Looks like it’s never even been wiped down.

Steve Mai

Pick up our car took 30 mins. Return took less than 5 mins. $150 deposit (if you live locally, prepare $500/$1000 deposit, depends on car). Car is reasonable clean.

Jatin Jindal

I was told at the pickup that there are no cars available even though I had a prior booking

Matt B

Convenient. Got what i paid for

Tamika Williams

New rule, you have to reserve 24hrs in advance, the website should tell you this prior to letting you reserve. Now I have to pay $72 for an Uber!

Ned Saleh

Fox tries to rip off customers in every way possible, they lied to me and gave me a bigger size car claiming they don't have the size I booked online, only to find that they do in the lot. They rip people off if you returm the car 8 hours EARLY. DO NOT rent from Fox even if their prices are lower, it is a trap

Doris R

Waited over 90 min in line to get a car. Unbelievably slow service and help desk rude. I picked Fox due to being the extra and avoid this company.

ram kumar

Used them multiple times. Cheap to rent, and the cars are usually a bit dirty but manageable. Best place to rent wranglers if you are heading up the mountains. The line almost every time I rent here is slow moving even if it’s just 5 folks ahead of you. Be prepared to wait 30 or more minutes. They can afford to have 2 agents at the counter, but it is just one always and is painfully slow. The agents have always been friendly, customer service is slow but sure. Be prepared to have a charge of 500/1000$ - depending on the class of vehicle, added to your card. It gets refunded quickly after the return. I will use them for a planned trip, where I have enough time to deal with their slow service and only for their cheap SUV rates.

Amy Rogers

I had a flawless experience at fox rental car. My car was ready on time for pick up. I was offered a few options for better deals on the spot and wound up getting a much nicer car than the one I was expecting for a lower price. It took less than 5 minutes to return my car and walk across the street to the San Jose airport. All of the staff were super friendly and helpful, especially Chad. I cannot thank Fox enough for making my trip to the bay area pleasant and affordable.

Erica Wright

Horrible customer service! Never got a car! Booked over a month ahead of time! They told me they had over 30 parties that wouldn't get a car at that moment because they where so severely over booked and didn't care. Laughed. When I wanted to call corporate said they'd never answer. That was the rental business. He was the manager. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! I've never been treated so horribly!

Michael Cheng

The person at the counter said I must return the car by 5pm or an additional day would be charged, then I got a early return fee for returning it at 4:20pm... poor customer service when I contacted them afterward. The estimate to pay is wildly different from the online reservation. Just very bad experience all around. Avoid at all cost.

Ida Li

Don’t rent car from them. I want to give a negative 5 stars if I can. Rent is not cheap and you get old dirty car. Also can’t get connected with customer service at all. I have a question regarding to extend the time of return and tried to call the customer service for many times. It’s only goes to hold and I been holding on the phone for over 30 minutes no one answers. Then I chose the “call back “ option and never received a call back from them.

David espinoza

Smooth transition, the lady who helped me was very nice and polite, they charged $500 dollars of deposit but they refunded me when i returned the car.

Ken Tam

RUDE! RUDE! RUDE!! Even the manager. Never ever will rent from them any more! Booked thru their website for Jeep SUV. I already spoke to the sales rep over the phone I will need a AWD vehicle that's why I booked a Jeep. First thing they told me they don't have Jeep and only have other vehicle, I said is fine as long as AWD. And then they told me if I need AWD there will be $50 more. Fine. And they told me I have to prepaid $1000 deposit for 3 days rental? Staff at this site are so rude, not professional at all. I'm glad I didn't pay when I booked online. I ended up stop by Alamo and get a full size AWD SUV with lower price and only $200 deposit.

Asmara Eritrea

They don't know how customer service is

brian keith

Great selection of cars. Fast, easy and inexpensive.

Scott Robinson

I read all of the reviews prior to our rental. Unfortunately at the time of our vacation, Dec 28/14, there was no available cars in San Jose except for Fox Rental. The company also goes by "U-Save" rental. We were lucky enough to have Carlos RAMIREZ greet us at the front counter. Due to out of country charges to our credit card we were not authorized to have the deposit for the vehicle. Carlos helped us contact our credit company and hash out the problems. Our vehicle was already at the location filled with gas. Carlos even gave us his personal cell number to call if we had any questions. The following day we called Carlos just to thank him for his incredible service. When we returned Jan 7 Carlos was there to greet us with his genuine smile. We were so worried about the company for no apparent reason other than other posts. Just be ready for the mandatory $500 insurance and possibly $2500 deposit that is held on your credit card. Would definitely use this company again

Kristi Shepherd

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! My mom rented a car, the battery died and the tire went flat. She sat on hold for hours waiting for road side assistance only to get hung up on. Instead of bringing her a new car they told her she had to DRIVE WITH THE TOW TRUCK DRIVER TO THE SHOP! She then had to wait with the car to be looked at. She was then told it would take two hours to get a new battery and she would be charged for the flat tire to be replaced! This took two days away from her vacation and she is without a car! She ended up leaving it at the shop and paying for an uber out of her pocket (they said they would reimburse) to get back to her place.

Sasch Mayer

Great Service at this Location... I tend to rent from Fox every time I'm in California. This usually involves the SFO or LAX locations, so it's great to see that I get the same great, speedy service from Fox at one of their smaller offices. Car selection was good, if not quite as comprehensive as it is at the bigger airports. Staff were exceedingly helpful, and I was offered a free upgrade when my chosen vehicle was not available. Full marks all round.

Regina Watson

Waited over 5 hours to get a car, even with a reservation!! Once the car was finally dropped off by the previous renter, it hadn't been cleaned. The customer service was extremely poor. Overall, not a good experience. I will not rent from Fox again.

Kem Rondeau

I have never been treated so horribly!!!! I would give a zero and recommend going through any other rental car company! The worst experience ever I’m glad I at least went through Expedia they are trying to make It better. At least they were polite. All I have to say is NEVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY... run!!!!!

fred m

the worst car rental service i ever experienced. i booked a car online for a "special" category (12 dollar a day, and totally 48 dollars). it shows as a 5 door car. but when i arrived they told me it was a minivan. and when i try to book some other cars, they said there is only suv available, which was 28 dollars per day. and when i check online, everything was available, and compact, economy, even midsize and stand cars are just between 12-15 dollars, the suv they mentioned was just 17 dollars, not 28. when i ask them, they told me those cars are not available and i have to wait for another 30 mins before i can get them. which is so ridiculous. and the guy said he was the manager there. out of my 8 year car rental experience and each year like more than 60 days of rental, i never saw this kind of bad attitude here. and i know why there is 40% unsatisfactory comments on the expedia spedifically for this fox counter. don't use fox here. it feels like they are treating you like an idiot.

Tanner Ambriz

I never leave reviews but I will never be using this rental car service ever again! When we arrived, there was no direction on what line to get in if you already had a reservation, then once in the reservation line, the employee takes my ID and types for like 6 minutes, before saying anything to me. Then, I returned the car ONE HOUR earlier than our reservation specified and was charged $20 for it! I came early because we all know what TSA can be! I was also charged $40 for leaving the gas tank at 2/3 full instead of completely full! If I could give zero stars I would

Hugo Cid

Pamela was awesome with a great customer service and not to mention she's hella funny, I will definitely get another rental from Fox and hopefully I'll get it from her

Ronnie Obenhaus

Very long wait times and reservations were not held for the people in line.

Darsh Patel

We had a neutral experience! As others have mentioned already, we had to wait for 2 hours there as they ran out of cars on a long weekend. But the manager kept his word as he assured we won't have to go back without a car as all other car rentals were sold out too. And we got a free upgrade too. Overall we were happy to get a car to head on an impromptu trip. Didn't expect much from the reviews!

Ryan M

Long flight - even longer wait to get your car. Took over 45min just to get checked in. Why don’t you guys have more people at the desk to get cusomters set up?!?!? There was only one person there dealing with everyone. Car was dirty and had over 40,000 miles on it. Not new and was previously smoked in... Poor customer service / dirty cars.

Tri Hua

I rented a car at SJC airport. My flight got in 3 hours late and when I went to pickup my reserved car they had given it away! Zhi was the worst customer service person I’ve dealt with at ANY rental car company. He made it seem like it was my fault for delayed flight, lacked empathy, would not work with me to refund my money, and total disrespect for a paying customer. Time to up your bar for customer service at Fox Rental company!!! Do not rent here if you want to be treated like a human.

Debrah McDonald

I have to fly from Atlanta to San Jose every 6 weeks and I've used Fox Rental Car almost exclusively. I honestly don't have any complaints. Check in/out have been much easier than the other companies and I've never had any surprise fees. I am an Ebates member as well so I book through them and get cash back. 10/10 will rent from them again.

Willie Collins

Very slow and short of staff.

Avinash Jain

Read this and you will save your money. NEVER go for this company. The customer service is worst in the world. They don't even try to understand your problem at all. No matter how much you try, they won't budge. Once you've made the payment, you're dead to them. At the time of picking up the car, the person at the reception made it hell to me. I was ready to make the payment still he was treating my like he is doing me a favor. When I picked up the car, no one came to checkout the car with me. I was told that the car is full but at that time it was only half fulled. Since it was 1:00 AM in the morning and I was new in the country, I was in hurry to rush to my hotel, instead of telling him in person, I called the customer service and reported about it, they said it's fine and I can return the car with half tank. But at the day of return, the guy didn't let me finish and charged me immediately for the full tank. I kept on asking for the help but they were laughing at me. Some of them replied either it's not their department or it's not their problem. I tried to call the customer service, they asked me they can't do anything. Basically my money was gone


Dont be fooled by the cheap price it shows up online. Even though it shows up cheap, there are a lot of hidden charges. Insurance is costliest of all other rentals. Added extra fuel charge at the end even though I had filled the tank full. Worst rental experience I have had till now.

Suliana Lasiike

Pamela is probably one of the most friendliest rental customer service representative I have ever met. She is very welcoming and patient she made it a priority to be sure I was happy With my rental. Although there was a long line and she was alone she was very courteous. I am definitely coming back just to see pamela if in the area. Thanks again for a great experience.

Jennyfer Johnston

This was my first time renting from Fox, and they came highly recommended by a family member. I waited in line for about an hour (there were 5 people ahead of me) so my experience started off negatively. By the time I got up to the counter the gentleman that helped me was very nice and got me situated very quickly. Same with the gentleman that took us to our car, he was quick and helpful. My issue came later when I was opened the center console. Imagine my surprise when I found someone's (assuming the person who rented the car prior to me) medical marijuana release as well as a container of marijuana (on the more minor side, that also indicated the car wasn't cleaned after the last person dropped it off). I did let the staff know when I dropped the car off and he offered his apologies, stating that is completely against policy, however, this is completely unacceptable to me.


I had car reservation, when i went to pic it up, they told me they do t have car, but if i want one, they can make an exception, yes add an extra deposit of $500 Dollars from my credit card, and pay $160 Dollar from the 2 day car rental, let me tell you, i had reservation for 2 day car rental for $59 Dollars, original price, but they saw me that i need the car, they wanted to charge me more then double. Sad to say that, they was doing the same think, with all people that wanted rent a car, hundreds of people, so, when you get there, they do t honor the price you made in the original reservation, they make bargain with the customer, and they charge the price they want, if you want the car, i lost my day, my trip, i get mad, and after that, i pay the parking ticket for 2 hours 12 Dollars for nothing, inside of the Airport, because you need to park your car. Please, stay away from this Fox rental car, if you don t want to ruin your day, your trip, and your life. Uuuuuufffff

Ravi Shah

Worst Rental Car company at San Jose International Airport. The staff was rude and unprofessional. They just had one car and that too not cleaned properly and too old with Maintenance Required indicator on. The agents at location were in a hurry to go home and refused to accommodate any of my requests and asked me to come the other day. Next part, customer service, the worst I have experienced till date. Very rude and moreover they hang up on you if they have made their mind not to hear any of your payment concerns after the rental period. I was charged for 5 days even though I rented the car for 4 days and they put up the wrong check-in date, just because they closed out their SJC location before their business hours. The customer service assistant was so rude that she won’t hear out customer concerns and hang up while you are speaking. My concerns are still unanswered. Wish I could rate negatively for Fox Rental Car.

Randy Hsu

I got an older model Kia Sportage with 70k miles. It was dented, trash under seat, and the engine pinged. Worst of all the fuel gage was sticky and i had to top off the fuel and drive for 15 minutes for the fuel gauge to painfully move to the full position to avoid fees. There was a long wait at the check-in counter. One of two associates decided to take his break when the rental shuttle off-loaded a bunch of customers..thus the long wait. I asked if my suv was AWD and he said no, tried to have me pay more for a wrangler upgrade. I'm glad I didn't because when I picked up the old Kia it is AWD. Would I come back? No, because I didnt feel my rental was reliable and it was all dinged up. Car is old and didn't run smoothly. I'd pay a little more for a newer car somewhere else.

Todd Weed

Badass because Sameer was super nice plus they had lots of Jeep Wrangler

George Sokoloff

Trying to get roadside assistance. 2 hours listening to the hold music, sent to voicemail. NEVER AGAIN

Kien Pham

The worst business ever, I dont know how they have a licence. I rented a pre paid full-size car. When I got there they didn't have any full-size car only smaller (which cost lest) and more expensive car. My only options were get a smaller car or paid much more for a bigger vehicle (SUV or minivan ) So they refer me to Fox car rental which was right next to them. I assume that they would void my contract, because since they didn't rent me the car I want it and they told me to go somewhere else. When I came back for my trip they charged me for the car that they didn't rent me. I went bad to Fox Car Rental in San Jose and told the manager what happened and he said he would refund my money. I check with my credit card a month later and they did not. So now I have to fight with my credit card company and dispute the charges. So they saying that since it was prepaid I'm stuck with it. But how can they charge me for a car that they didn't have or make me paid more, or assume a lesser car for the same price. And why didn't the manager refund me the money like he should have. He just wanted to pass the buck. These are the scam that these business are doing and I'm about to cancel my Priceline Visa card for not doing their job. So don't ever ever rent with Fox car rental company

mark p

They need a negative star option. This place was the biggest joke I've ever seen in my life. The "manager" Francisco was the biggest joke of the whole place. I reserved a hybrid for a trip I was going on to save gas. Upon arrival there was only one person at counter and a very long line. I was told by some kid who said he was the manager that he had no hybrids for me. By the way being manager of this place is like less of a accomplishment then becoming manager at jack in the box. Long story short I was waiting for two hours and ended up with a Jeep gas guzzler rather then the hybrid I had reserved. The staff was telling me that there wasn't anyone there because they all quit or don't show up. If you need a rental car don't ever ever come to this dump. This is bottom of the barrel. Especially the little nerd j cat manager. Please save your money and your time before renting from here.

Leah Norris

If you're looking to save a buck, use them. If you're looking to get the car you reserved, friendly, helpful staff - go elsewhere. Dismissive staff at both check in and out. It feels like you're doing a deal with a questionable company.

Karissa colon

DO NOT GO HERE!! Very good prices but at a cost!! They will charge you a 1k deposit on a rental. Never EVER have I spent that much money on a deposit. The representative was rude and very snarky about the policy. Save yourself the trouble and headache.

paul howard

Great experience. From check in to pick up drop off.


Great pricing. Not available everywhere. More likely to find them in the West

andrea heller

I had a reservation but after traveling 3,000 miles, I was told there was no car available nor would one be available for at least 2 hours. This is no way to run a business! I will not be reserving with you again.

Kern Singh

They need to know the meaning of reservation. All they know we don’t have cars. That’s the line they only speak.

James Jarvis

Terrible customer service. I feel sorry for the guys at the front desk getting the brunt of it. Booked online (through a third party by my company) - causing issues (and extra charges) with the insurance. Spent over an hour in the queue to the front desk and essentially wasted our reservation time. Don’t go with this company if you want an easy time. Updated because the car was actually alright

Elizabeth Glover

I'm going with someone else next time.

Dan Urban

Good no-frills car rental agency. The guy at the desk was friendly, the car was clean and ready for me. No complaints.

tommy yoon

Do NOT Rent a car here Please!! Reason 1. They holding $1000 your credit card. (Other compertitors $300~$500) 2. If you cancell they charge $70 doesn’t matter before 24 hr or not (I cancelled 2 weeks before resservation date) 3. When i called customer service not explain well and keep saying it’s policy. No exception

Wilson & Irais Soto

We returned our vehicle here. It was a 5-minute process, super simple, friendly customer service, and stress- and hassle-free. Overall, it was an awesome and affordable experience. The nice thing about this location is that the car rental lobby was clean, organized, and easy to find. We would definitely do it again, and we would definitely look into renting from Fox whenever we need a rental in California.

Sarah Zhao

DO NOT RENT!!! BEWARE OF UNETHICAL TACTICS! I made a prepaid reservation through their website for a 6:30pm pick-up on 7/30/18 at San Jose airport with guarantee of a 12 hour grace period from pick-up time. Flight was delayed and instead arrived at Fox counter at 11pm. Waited around 30mins for a rep, DANNY finally showed up and looked up my reservation. Danny did a classic SWITCH AND BAIT. Said my car was gone and he'll give me an upgrade for $100 more (I later found out that there was an available Economy car at Fox that night, so Danny straight out lied to my face). He denied that my reservation had a 12 hour grace period, then told me he'll give me a full refund (after I mentioned that I made a prepaid reservation) and that I can try renting from another car company. So I shopped around and decided to rent with Payless for a much cheaper price. Danny wanders off again, so I wait another 45mins to complete my cancellation. (This whole process took around 1.5 hours with hardly any customers at the Fox counter, I can't imagine how long the wait is during the day). NO REFUND after 1 month and after speaking with Stephanie on 8/22/18 at San Jose location (who said that my refund was still processing and that I should see it on 8/24/18, who also mentioned that her manager is Robert). Fox lied to me to get more money, disregarded their own policy, hung up on me multiple times when I tried to explain my situation, and basically did not own up to their own mistakes.

Trkdalas TV

Excellent service and very friendly and professional staff.

Rukkah 125

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! Absolutely horrible customer service and price gouged. The counter people tell you one thing then the call center calls 2-3 days later telling you something different. We rented a car for the week. On day two the call center calls us telling us we only rented for 2 days when our contract in hand said week rental at an absurd weekly rate. BEWARE!!!

Dallas Reilly

15 or more minutes per customer, are they using windows 95 or just that incompetent?

Stephen Nicholas

A national brand car rental. Airport access here in SJ and many US airports.

Jane Aube

Extremely slow, took over an hour to pick up car. Only two people in line in front of me. Finally received the paperwork, went to the floor to pick up car, car assigned hadn't been checked in yet. Had to redo the paperwork all over again.

Kim Romano

Like others, the car and rate I reserved online was not available when I got there. I ended up with a more expensive and beaten up car. Customer service is awful, be prepared to wait and wait and wait.

Jerome Leonard

Fox rental cars in Oakland California it’s a sad story of doing business with no quality, I gave them one star thanks to one of there employee at the desk Tess, the lady who assisted us when we first arrived decided to just go home while we were waiting for her to find us a vehicle. Outrageous employee behavior and it represents poor management and a company that should not be offering rental car services anywhere in the United State until they get the owner and management in order. If you read my review and you get a low rate to use Fox rental cars, pay a little more with a top name company and have a car ready for you when you arrive and better trained representatives at the counter. J

Mrinal Dhillon

-1 They don't deserve to exist. Dangerously irresponsible. Needed roadside assistance, they kept on sending us on voice mail for two hours. I got a call back 9 hours later. Had to get 3rd party assistance paid out of pocket. Low price is not worth it. These guys are cutting corners to keep price competitive.

Sasha Ovsankin

Good price but the line was huge. Use only if you have a lot of spare time

Ameya Deshmukh

They will lie about refunding you, not provide you with the car you need and then dodge your calls. They will also try to add additional charges on your card that you will have to dispute multiple times by coming in in person. They do not answer their phones, do call backs or reply to voicemail. Are also unresponsive over email. This is the worst rental car company at SJ Airport. AVOID.

Xiao Han

I pre-ordered online with pre-payment, and arrived 20 min in advance before my pick up time, but was still told to wait for 1 hour in wait list, and they even didn’t check my personal information nor booking information, I’m just regarded as a new customer here, I even need to tell them the model I want. Anyone tell me what’s the point of booking online?

Tiffany M

The worst customer service! I got nervous when the two people before us both when directly to other car rental agencies. We had a pre-paid reservation through Car Rental 8, and Fox tried to charge us an additional $400. Desk agent tried to get us to insert our credit card before discussing the fees, and would not show them to us. Needless to say we walked away and got a car from National for $150. Giant SCAM!

Paul Brehm

It doesn’t matter where you go, Fox will consistently fall short of even the lowest expectations. Understand when you book through them that you’re getting a good rate because they cut every possible corner, from cars to people. I can’t stress enough that you should book your rental car through somebody else. It will be worth the additional money.

Asad Rasheed

Overpriced car rental service, heard bad reviews regarding there over charging when you return the cars, but they didn't asked us for anything extra.

Callie Davies

I actually was really impressed with this fox rent a car location. The man who helped me out was extremely friendly, efficient, and ensured I got the best deal. Then later in my trip when I needed to change drop off points Fox was amazingly flexible and it ended up giving me a rebate since the new location drop off was cheaper. Definitely unexpected and appreciated!

Irving Romero

Really? 1,000 dollar deposit? Enterprise holds only 200. They ruined my trip. I booked through Expedia. Never again!

Vickie Stermer

Returned the car 3 days early, because the check engine light came on, they told me there was a $20 a day charge for returning early. My daily rate was $17.34. Plus they charge a $150 security deposit when you rent. They ended up giving me $21 back and the deposit of 150. Avoid Fox rent car...nothing they could do for the 2 days, I was forced to forfiet 2 days if rental. They dont even deserve the 1 star rating

Solomon Berhe

YOU SHOULD NEVER RENT A CAR FROM THIS PLACE SUCK!!!!! I was really disapointed, because I resverd car from your web site on saturday night and went to pick up the car the next day, When I went the next day i had to stand in line for about an hour and when it was my time to talk to the worker about the car I rented he said that they said thier car will come around 12 and i got their at 9 so I decied to check upstarts for a suv and they had suv's so i had to go back into the line again for another hour and when I told the guy that thier were suv's upstarts he said thoses cars are for the people the reseverd 24 hours before after like another hour someone brought a car and I took that but then when I went too return the car, their was one guy that was working thier and I asked him what do I have to do with the car and he said just leave it thier ill take care of it. I went upstairs to get recet but they didnt give me one so I went home and when I got home I was charged with a late fee even tho I drop it off on time.

Merry Oman

They took extra care to give us a car that would match what we wanted to do. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Mariana Ramirez

The worst rip off ever! The guy at the counter told me they needed to charge a $500 hold on my debit card! That is unheard of! I am not under 21 mister! On top of that they charged me for fuel after I returned the car with a full tank! Oh my goodness this has been the worst experience of my life!

Tina McConkey

Our major complaint about this business is the pickup/dropoff process. After reserving a van several months in advance ,we had to wait to be driven to a remote area In an industrial park. The neighborhood was quite sketchy and we were dropped off in a filthy garage to wait another 40 minutes for our van to be cleaned. Eventually we were given the van and made our way, but would have appreciated a heads up about the extended pick up process far from airport.

Ryan Zwicky

I picked up my car from San Jose airport - was fast friendly and efficient- great deal on a new car and literally was a seamless transaction- easy pick up and return - I'd definitely recommend renting from this company. Personable, friendly staff and excellent value- I booked through priceline and found rates for almost half of the other big names...

Troy Domier

Great customer service!

Steve Guichelaar

They will take your reservations they just won’t keep them. Midnight, after our plane was grounded and we were put on another flight, is not the time to learn that Fox is “a small company. We run out of cars” I paid far more because I needed a car.

Narendran Thangarajan

The checkout process was smooth despite the heavy Christmas crowd. The customer service was very friendly and clear. The return process took only a couple of minutes. We got a nice 2018 Dodge Caravan 7-seater which was perfect for our trip.

Kris Riley

It's alright. The staff was arguing with each other when I arrived. And they have a $1000 deposit. The only reason I'm using them and not national is because of the prices.

Dmytro Kostiuk

During last 3 years i'm renting cars very often. This was my second experience with Fox, and i hope that the last one. The condition of the cars is completely unacceptable, they all are old and damaged. The stuff members are completely useless, they just care how to increase your bill and get more % to their compensation rather than help you with a good choice. My advice to all is to search any other car rental service, don't get cut with sweet-prices that Fox shows you through booking web-sites - it doesn't worth it.

Chris J

I was very worried upon reading reviews from people who had rented from here before. Everything went just fine. Guy who checked us in was business like but definitely not rude. Was not a fan of the $150.00 deposit but do see it was refunded once the car was returned. Guy who got the car for us and did the walk around in San Jose was very nice! Return went smooth at SFO. No complaints at all and would recommend.

bruce davison

We just returned home from 3 incredible weeks in Costa Rica and having two cars for a 10 person family vacation was an important and integral part of the trip After attempting to pick up our cars after a long trip at ECONOMY at the airport who then jacked up the price of our written confirmations dramatically, we had to search the Internet late one evening and then early the next morning for other options We found a huge range of pricing for our 24 days and two cars and Economy was easily in the highest group. Several others seemed low and when pushed for written confirmation, we found hidden pricing that jumped up the prices When we reached Fox, initially by internet and early in the morning by telephone, they were polite, sensitive to our needs, and completely transparent about all pricing. Initially they weren’t sure they could get the second vehicle for us in such short notice of 2 hours but were able to do so. They picked us up at the hotel, they shuttled us at the end to the airport and the driver also assisted my son who was returning in to San Jose with directions and help to get the bus. Based upon our lower pricing and the attitude of some of the other bigger car rental companies, we had an uneasy feeling the whole trip that there might be some massive surprise at the end. There wasn’t ..and all staff were courteous and polite and helpful and all pricing quoted was exactly as quoted and the deposit was immediately credited back. Result. Buyer beware when renting a car in Costa Rica BUT we would gladly recommend Fox car San Jose airport location as having great service and great pricing Both cars were 2 years old and excellent vehicles for our needs Davison family. May 2018

Garrett Dowdy

Not one, but TWO long slow lines. Then, the car was dirty. I wasn't impressed.

J Walter Owens

My least favorite car rental. A lot more work to rent a car than it should be.

Janie Barman

Minus 5 stars! Guy at the counter is the only nice thing about Fox. I reserved a full sized SUV 2 months in advance and prepaid for it for our family vacation and they never bothered to tell me they didn't have one at any Bay Area location! This should be illegal, not 1 seven seater available in the Bay Area. Don't use them, I hear they over book all the time!

Spokane City FC

Had a reservation through Expedia. Fox agents charged for insurance gas everything even when we declined the additional coverage MULTIPLE TIMES. We were charged $350 for our $90 reservation. I’ve been told twice a receipt was being emailed to us showing we were only charged our quoted rate. I’ve received nothing. Also kothing refunded back to our credit card. I do NOT RECOMMEND using this company as their agents are obviously working in commission and pulling a fast one. Management is not concerned with following up with customers whatsoever.

Sei Flavius

Make no mistake. You get what you pay for. Horrible customer service and even corporate office is not helpful.

Jeremy Hall

They pulled the old "we don't have your car size you reserved in stock" scam. Said we could downgrade size with no change in price, or pay more for an upgrade. Argued back and forth but they wouldn't budge. Had to pay more for an upgrade as our party wouldn't fit in the smaller options. As we walked out to retrieve our car there were *many* on the lot in the size we had reserved.

Sarah Joy Titterington

Shane on the evening shift was so helpful. He helped me exchange my car when I had issues with it and he helped me get the car I needed for my family. Thank you.


I *HIGHLY* suggest not renting from this company. I reserved a car online this past weekend was absolutely outraged about the Hidden fees and unreasonable Payment quotes. On the website I was quoted that the rental cost in total will be $172 which was fine and reasonable but later upon picking up the car, they made the total cost $540. I couldn't do anything about it since I needed the car for the weekend to drive up to Tahoe and back. HOWEVER; Upon returning the car, it wasn't too much of a hassle. Just drop it off and give them the receipt they gave you originally during pick up and you're off. I was given back the receipt that i got during pick up but later in the evening I was CHARGED for more. The total came out more than $540 and I wasn't notified of what exactly I was charged for and i emailed them about it but still no reply. Never again am I going to rent from Fox Cars. TLDR; Careful when renting from FOX CAR'S. They will drop Hidden fees (NOT TO MENTION FEES PER DAY) on you and wont notify you if you'll be charged EXTRA after dropping off the vehicle. I tried giving the benefit of the doubt because of the horrific reviews they had and maybe give them a chance. Never again will I rent from a *1.8 Star* Rental Company again.

Jawaid Qayyum

SJC FOX service is excellent Read lots of negative comments but no issue at least in car pickup

Stephen Maxwell

Excellent service and nice car. I'll continue to come back to Fox rentals. Also a great price for the quality of car.

Tim M

Scum bags and dishonest. Demanded a $1,000 deposit and quoted "policy" . Refused to show me the policy and their website says $250-$500 deposit...even though this was not disclosed at the time of booking. So the scam is you put a $1,000 deposit down and upon return they'll nickel and dime you on the refund... or just won't refund it. Steer clear, read the reviews, lawsuits etc and go with a reputable rental car company.

Hien Nguyen

This is a bad rental car that I just know. I never rent car this company in the future. The service is very bad.

Jennifer Lacy

Good price & car. Recieved a Kia Sportage which I enjoyed driving. Only complaints is that the dashboard was very dusty. Also, I was traveling with my 5 year old and the car pickup took awhile; mostly because the 2nd agent came out to the counter and said she could take me, then I stood there for some time waiting for her computer to turn on and for her to login. In the meantime, the guy in line behind me got a car and left while I was still waiting. Suggestion for Fox agents: make sure the computer is ready before calling customers over - especially if they're traveling with children.

Lacey Norris-Brown

Never again, absolutely ridiculous, charging $7 a gallon for returning the car one line from full... $53 total.. One line from full, rip off!

Kami Fister

I wouldn't even rate them one star. Had to make a selection in order to post. The worst rental car experience we've EVER had along with horrible customer service. We had booked a full size car to which we found out was NOT available when we got there to pick up the car. They down graded us and charged us the same fee for what we initially reserved (the higher priced vehicle). They wouldn't meet the price for the vehicles they had available unless we wanted to upgrade and then they would charge us the difference. Um, no thank you! The next morning we went to leave for the day and the car battery was dead. They sent someone to jump the car. We were staying 5 mins away from the rental location. After waiting over an hour and a half, we got our own jump. Thanks for wasting our precious vacation time. When we returned the rental we asked to speak to the manager as all attendants we had spoke to were not concerned with our issues or concerns. However, we were informed she was in a meeting and that we could fill out a complaint form. Still have not received any communication regarding the complaint form we completed. I'm guessing we NEVER will???


Paid for the car online and got a car SIMILAR to the model I asked for. Since its stated that you may not get the exact model car you want i can't take away a star for that. The car was clean and I had no issues while using it on the road.

Madhusudan Nanjanagud

Worst service at the front desk. It felt like they don’t want customers at their desk. He had no cars to give , secondly says why are we taking from fox rental and should go somewhere else. Asks for 1000$ deposit and asked why so high, challenges with vague comparisons and rude answers. Never rent from this place ever..I had to walk out!

T.D. Hart

Well, I'm in hour TWO waiting for my car. Still looks like another 50 minutes before we get up there. Two agents, maybe 60 people in line, 7 minutes each reservation. This is insane. All the other companies have two or three people and a 5 minute wait. Booked on Travelocity, can't cancel. So my choice is stand here or lose my money. But I can warn you not to use this company.

Aida Monfared

This is our second time we are renting a car from Fox. Both time we had a terrible experience with their customer service and the car the they rent. They have short staff very rude one named Dani. We spent 2 hour just for booking a car. I really don't recommend if you are looking for clean car and good customer service.

John McCutcheon

Completely useless having a reservation. Slowest line in building and nothing available for what we had reserved.

Yu Ma

I never wrote a review for any service but I have to tell everyone it is the WORST car rent company ! All they want to do is charging more money from you, but not helping you with your situation. It's always your fault but not their staff. I spent almost 200 dollars on two day car rental which the original price is only 40 dollars. The staff didn't hear my request clearly and didn't help me with what I need. And the representatives' manner on phone is very poor and indifferent, and help me with nothing!! Very angry at this experience!

Craig Demry

Prepaid for a car and they had none. Told us we were out of luck, if we waited an hour or more they might get a car for us but would have to call. Never got a call. This company is a sham. Avoid at all costs.

Jason F

Hour long line would have cancelled if not booked through Gov website....undercut lowest bidder and servise is terrible

Venkat Yerubandi

Worst car rental company. I booked a car for this labor day and right from the get go it was just a disaster. 1. i had to wait for 90 minutes to get my rental agreement because only two people are manning the counters 2. after that when i go upstairs to get the car, they take another 30 minutes to get the car out 3. when i was about the inspect the car , they say they need to fill up on gas . So i had to wait for another 30 minutes. 4. On returning the car , i decided to have a chat with the manager . They took my phone number , but no one contacted me back in the last one week. 5. To add to all this mess , i forgot my daughters car seat , left a vm . No reply yet Moral of the story : Even though the big car rental companies charge a little bit more , they are worth every nickle and dime I had to give to 1 star just to post the review

Anant Naidu

Check in took a little time but they got it done and I got my car. Great for the price

Yuxi Zhang

The worst experience. We got warning sign on our car and exchange here. They closed our contract by mistake and doesn’t have permission to reopen it. All we can do it waste time and wait for one hour until they finished communication BY EMAIL . The woman at the booth has the worst temper and attitude.

Shailesh Acharya

Wiered cars for rentals

Kumar Java

I will give 0 star or more negative stars if I have the option. I suppose to pay $70 but they charged me $135 then I asked why they charged me extra then they replied for gas, I already told them I will return car with full gas. If I won’t see it they would have charge me but when I ask they said ok they will refund.And holding fee was $500 which I never see in any rental car agency. I will never ever take any car from this agency.

Annie Y

Wait took forever. Getting the car then also took forever. They didn't have enough clean cars and couldn't find the keys. Car was good.

Kenneth Nunes

Slow, rude. Took more than hour to get through line.

Jenny Bychowski

I would give a zero if I could. Been in line almost an hour and still have five people ahead of us in line

Jayabalan Bala

Worst customer service, they don't give you the car that you booked. I stood in a line of 2 people for almost 20+ mins and finally the woman at the counter said they don't have the car that I booked instead I was given a mini van. When I asked for AWD, she said try with a different rental company. NEVER EVER book in FOX RENTAL at this location

David Pena

I rented a car for 3 days it cost me like 80 bucks no complaints great place to rent a car

Vikrant Waghmode

I had a good experience renting a car with them.

Kaitlan Zizzo

Be prepared to have an extra $500 held on your credit card if you really a car from here. I did a lot of research looking for the best deal and thought this one was it until I was at the counter and was told they were going to hold $500 until I returned the car, even though it said online that I would pay $93 at the counter. Totally screwed up my vacation

Andy Ind

I am forced to give a 1 start rating to this location. I would give it a negative infinity. I am a frequent traveler domestic and international and this is the worst customer experience ever. The agent at the desk is extremely slow to process the reservation and is extremely rude. The location manager is the worst kind of a guy.and I don't understand why and how Fox recruits such worst people.They do not honor Priceline reservations and tell you there are no cars available.And force you to upgrade cars and ask you to pay more. If you Object and say it is against the contract policy they ask you to get out.And the manager is hand in glove with this modus operandi .. and i have heard of similar stories from other people. All the travel companies including Priceline, Expedia etc. should de-list FOX RENT A CAR and stop doing business with them. Fox upper management MUST take immediate action against these erring personnel at this location. NEVER AGAIN FOX RENT A CAR!

Loki Conquest

I reserved a car, but when arrived. They said they don’t have any.

Rahul Ponnada

Little hiccup during return. But all looks good with renting a vehicle at this location.

Martha Rincon

This is the worst place ever. Car super scratched and dirty, waited for 2 hrs before getting a car. Was mistreated by staff while leaving the gate. Fox staff member ripped the my receipt from my hand twice because I would not sign paper which said that the car was not scratched. She would not let me speak and ignored my requests and she told me to leave. The worst employee I have ever dealt with. Complete disrespect and mistreatment of a customer. She forced me to leave without signing off. DO NOT RENT A CAR WITH THESE PEOPLE EVER!!! I have never felt so humiliated in my life.

nagendra sharma

i rented cars a lot of times (a lot) and when i went to Fox to get ahold of the car i reserved, the associate at the desk suddenly said its a $2000 deposit for the small car. the guy infront me was not asked to though. and the associate was extremely rude, i walked to the other rental agency sitting right next to them and got off with a car

Aaron Gassman

Friendly people. Lots of delays along the way to receiving your rental car...

Dave Fifa13

What a horrible experience! Waited an hour and half in the queue, got to the desk, went upstairs to 5th floor as instructed, but there was nobody at any of the “desks” or computers upstairs, had to look around and find someone. Then he couldn’t find the minivan I had reserved, said they didn’t have any, then found one! But it hadn’t been checked in, and he had to call someone to check it in before he could assign it to me. The car wasn’t washed and more to the point wasn’t cleaned inside, so was quite dirty with food crumbs and peanuts on the floor. It was a one day rental, and having spent almost 2 hours at this point, I needed the car, so didn’t have another 20 mins to wait while they cleaned it. Will never rent from Fox at SJC again, or any other airport. Pay the premium, get a reliable service oriented company like Hertz, Avis or Enterprise.

P.J. Paland

Can’t do zero stars. We were rear-ended on the way back to the airport. Employee could care less about it or the fact that we were late for our flight because of the accident. When I called both customer service and road side assistance right after impact to follow proper protocol I was never able to get anyone on the phone. I spent at least 18 minutes on hold. Like me moving forward, pay a little more to be with the real rental car companies.

salman sallu

Fox car rental are the cheap and the worst car rental service in Bay Area I went to San Jose airport for pickup my car from airport I book car at 5.00pm booking was conform and the representative ask me to wait for 30 mint when I went there again he ask me to pay extra 500$ as a refund money ok I agree it’s there policy here the problem start they dint talk proplerly they dint help at all even I lost my money by stupid customer service which they gave and my card got decline ... and he ask me to come after 24 hours to pickup the car when I ask them do I need to wait 24 hours in airport to pickup the car ...the representative was rude to me and ask to go for other rental ... i ask fox is this the service you give to customer please stop playing with customer and charging them and saying nonsense stories ...

Abhijit Limaye

Yes the stories about credit card hold of$500 are true. Not ideal, but didn't have a choice at the last minute to say No. I Filled had to full and eturned the car. Only drive about 12 miles to the airport. But the rude attendant claimed the gas was not full and charged $18 for 12 miles. Fortunately, the counter customer service was kind and helpful, and refunded me just if the over charge. Hence finally ended in a 3 star.

Joseph Hung

I returned the vehicle with a full tank of gas. I know because I went to the gas station and filled it up until the pump would not pump anymore. Shortly after I received an email of the receipt with this additional line item. They proceeded to charge me $14.22 for gas @$7.99 per gallon. In addition, their customer service is noticeably slow and a gentlemen at the counter reacted rudely and impatiently to the person behind me. Establishments like these reflect so poorly on American enterprise and companies.

Joseph Olmos

This place is a small, but great, time-saving company to rent anything from a Ford Excursion to a little Kia Soul.

Uzma Shaikh

We had booked a seven seater for the long weekend. We received confirmation about booking mentioning that we don’t need to reconfirm. Stood in the line for an hour and the person at reception told us they did not have one available and we will need wait hour to see if anyone returns. Terrible service. Several people were stranded with no cars.

Brenda James

Definitely should have read reviews before renting from them. No car available for a prepaid reservation?? And you won’t give an upgrade?!? Are you kidding me???

Christina Chiu

Currently at the San Jose location and overall very poor experience with Fox Rent a Car. They do not have enough cars to accommodate their customers. My flight landed early which anybody would be happy about EXCEPT when you’re unable to leave the airport because Fox does not have enough cars. And when I was told I would be called if a car shows up, I never received a call AND I have to get back in line which takes over 20 minutes. Unbelievably! Definitely go with any other companies other than Fox.

Susan Allen

@ SFO in line for almost 2 hours. Drop off at San Jose was quickn efficient and polite.

Delisha Calloway

So, I gave this rental car three stars due to the fact I had some issues. First when I initially reserved the vehicle I got a good rate by speaking with a representative on the phone which was much cheaper than the one online. When I got to the airport to pick up my car there was only one representative at the window so the wait was extremely long and not any time was any of the customers in line acknowledged. I had an issue with the car the second morning after receiving it I had to go back to the airport to return the car and switch it out which was almost a two-hour wait. This time they had two Representatives at the window to assist but again it goes back to no one acknowledge the customers that were waiting to be served. They are actually the cheapest amongst all the leading rental in the area but they have to up their game if they want to continue to service the public! So, Fox Rental Car from my lips to your ears better customer service, cleaner and Quality Cars!! I am a happy Customer because I did get a better car a cleaner car and my customer service was A+. Thank you

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