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1 Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States Located in: Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

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REVIEWS OF Thrifty Car Rental IN Arkansas

Ryan Jones

Very helpful.

Patti Ruffo

Nice car

Christine Harding Hart

I had wonderful, fast service at this Thrifty and they were so helpful with my bags while I was negotiating my stroller. I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

Yan Kassie

Please read carefully, it may save you money! thrifty really sucks! I was charge for $96.40 being toll charge one and half months after the rental. After a few phone calls, I was told that $70something was to purchase a plate pass which gave unlimited toll access, plus $15 administration fee. I didn't need unlimited access to free way since I only used a few times during my 10 days rental. No one at the pick up counter explained this to me. It's way too much and I highly doubted their honesty. If you plan to rent a car with them, please do not purchase plate pass and ask their staff how the toll charge works. Be sure of everything before you leave the counter.

NewStyle Modeling

Thrifty car rental has competitive pricing but compare there price to Alamo before you book especially on weekend rates. I generally go between both at the airport. The weekend rate at Alamo start on Thursday to Monday but Thrifty starts on Friday to Monday. Both hold $250 plus rental car fee.

Pita Oxholm

Bad experience, both kiosks were broken, there were at least three employees in the back room while we waited 30 minutes for the one person at the desk. The airport shuttle driver was nice.

Erik Baumann

Great service!

Bill Garland

Why would you put someone that has terrible English on the call center?

Dj Kelly

Super friendly staff, took care of me quickly and efficiently.

A Town

Michael Cortes

This review is not with the staff on the actual third floor, but with the overall company and staff on check-in. The various additional fees quickly drove up the price on the rental by another 50% and the rep behind the counter couldn't care less. I asked about the I-Pass for a flat fee (signage right in front of their desk) and he said it wasn't with them... what?! Overall, the car has scratches all around it and it was hard to see in the dimly lit garage so we will see if they charge me for those as well. Not a great experience overall.

Derek Warburton

Worst rental car experience I've ever had

A LeBlanc

Manny M

Good service, prices are about what you'd expect. Car selection isn't great though and that's what really hurts this place but it's got a great location downtown

Sarah Smith

Love this location. I no longer bother checking other agencies. I always find great deals and the staff are helpful - no matter what time I arrive. I found this location five years and have no plans to change.

Troy Wharton

I think it's ridiculous that they don't do walk in rentals. I took leave from the U.S. ARMY to go home for a funeral, got into a cat accident and went to these people at BWI for a car. Here them, "oh, we're sorry, appointment only". I was so disgusted with them. I would never use them to rent a car. Pathetic Display

MikeG is Me !!

Nice cars. But infrequently running shuttles to/from the Philadelphia airport.

donald stiner

Sean Flanagan

They treat you right.

Rajesh Tibrewala

I had a fantastic experience at Thrifty Car Rental, Atlanta downtown. Chris and his family who run the rental were amazing! I faced some challenges with my rental but Chris was extremely patient and went out of his way to help me complete the rental. In my future trips to Atlanta, I will rent only from Chris!

Dan Steigerwald

Took 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up. All other companies had 3-4 shuttles pass by within the same timeframe. There were about 25 people in the location when we arrived. We were in line for 40 minutes and were still waiting to reach the counter. Even though everyone in line reserved cars for the time frame we arrived, they didn't have them and Thrifty was waiting for cars to come in so the can clean them and give them out. An employee encouraged us to post negative reviews because the way the company is run is terrible. Not sure if this is just this location or all of them. Edit: Forgot to mention we missed a rehearsal dinner because of this situation. Edit 2: Still in line. Over an hour. 1.5 hours total so far. One woman is now crying. Edit 3: Took 1 hour 40 minutes to get our rental car. Longer than our flight from Cincinnati to Philadelphia. Multiple people left the line and walked to a different car rental company. The icing on top was the checkout documentation said our car was given to us with a full gas tank. It was just a little over half full of gas. Edit 4: I reached out to Thrifty via the email address they posted, 5 days later, no response. Edit 5: I was contacted by Thrifty and they addressed my situation. They credited my account a portion of the total and were very open to my feedback. They called and assured me that they were going to forward my comments regarding the exemplary employees to the branch.

Joulian Wilmer

In Tampa they ripped off my son for $350 for a small car for 2 days. Told him he had to buy their insurance at $32 a day. Then there was about $100 in Service Charges what a RIP OFF don't use them

Ben Whiting

Harold Himmelfarb

They overbook and don't have enough cars. The wait is often more than an hour to get a car you reserved.

The Kearsey's

Nicholas Papacostas

We had a great experience with our rental here. Very quick check in and check out, the location is farther from the terminal than a few others, but the shuttle service was quite timely. Staff was friendly.

Alexander Phillipson

Reserved a car a couple months in advance, upon arriving at Midway they informed us that they did not have any cars. What is the point of reserving a car if they don't have one when you arrive and don't even bother to inform you. They don't even deserve one star.

Terry Phan

Great and fast services

tea mac

I wish they didn't have a policy this man came from outta town and he didn't have a credit card and they did not rent him a car, luckily for me I did and I was out

Justin Horst

NEVER RENT FROM THRIFTY. The only reason they can offer such low prices is because they pile on the fees and extras once you are already at the lot. I needed a car just for an afternoon (5 hours), and I used Thrifty's online calculator to determine my price and reserve my car. The estimate was $37, but when I arrived at the lot, they informed me that it would actually be $108, LITERALLY TRIPLE THE PRICE I AGREED TO. All of the difference was in fees and extras that you don't see online. RENTERS BEWARE!!!

Erika Turner

Fantastic!!!! I've rented cars from various companies at Philly and BWI and there is no comparison. The car was clean inside and out, but the staff - outstanding! Genuinely nice, thoughtful employees. When we were running late, one gentleman got us back to our terminals quickly and efficiently - we made our flights! Thanks!!!!

Sonia Patterson

Honestly, the ONLY part that had me miffed was i COULD NOT figure out how to get there from the airport! But go in cross over to departure and wait at trolly stop 9. Once i arrived chavanne helped me, she was quick, helpful, friendly and personable. Making my reservation was easy. Pixking up my rented vehicle was easy. Returning it where i picked it up was easy.... Id rent again for a long family vaca agaian and again.

Stalin did nothing wrong

Fire alarm went off for apparently no reason and we had to stand outside in the blazing sun for 20 minutes. The service was also very slow and we waited a long time for their airport shuttle.

Michael Strauss

Decent selection of cars for good prices

Tammy Venable

I cant even give them one star! Terrible customer service! Never Use!

Eileen Lippy

Great service, great staff, very clean auto, pleasant experience.

Willie smith

Quick & easy, very efficient service once we arrived at the counter.

Jim Powell

Go elsewhere. We arrived at the airport and stood at the bus stop waiting for the shuttle. A different company that had already passed by once, offered a ride because Thrifty couldn't be bothered. When we got there the cranky man behind the counter didn't help. Car was prepaid, but when I showed up, I was told I had to get a credit report to use a bank card. Then was informed that my card wasn't good enough, and I needed a credit card. I asked if that means I can't get a rental, and the guy behind the counter just stared at me. Couldn't care less how I felt. Luckily my wife had a card we could use, However we had to pay extra for a second driver because it was in my name not hers. What a scam. Pay a couple dollars more and go with a company that cares.

Jerry Davidson

Overcharged me as to my reservation online. Got refunded but that’s 1-1/2 hours on phone I’ll never get back. Go thru Philly a lot, will use different Company in future.

Hugo Sanchez

Very fast service, friendly staff and a selection of cars you can chose from. I got my rental pricing through Expedia along with my flight. A great discounted price and for $10/day you get full coverage insurance for the vehicle. Quick check in and quick check out and without hidden fees.

Tammie Clawges

Did the reservation online. Online directions to get there was really easy to follow. Pick up process was also easy. Polite & helpful attendant. The only reason I was charged more then originally quoted was bc I upgraded to a bigger vehicle.

Kristen Amaree

Only giving them one star because i had to just to make a review. Shreveport, Louisiana location is terrible! No one was at their desk for me to return my keys so I had to use the drop box and got charged $200 extra because some one wasn’t doing their job properly and I was also told that I cannot receive my money back. TERRIBLE CAR RENTAL EXPERIENCE!

Nicole Hoey

Arrived at the rental car location at MDW but they have no cars. 15 people standing waiting for cars and they ran out. Don't plan on speaking to anyone over the phone that can help. They should not call it customer service, they should call it lip service. "Hello, you've reached lip service, how can I avoid helping you today?" I can't stand the way this company runs their customer service. You cannot speak to anyone at the location over the phone. What good is a reservation? I understand unforeseen problems can happen, but it's how you resolve them that counts. I won't be using them in the future if I can help it.

Josh Hutchinson

Great service! The only problem I have with them is that their hours suck! And I totally understand!

Sibyl Perez

Best place in Atlanta to rent a car! Staff is awesome! In and out quickly!

Keith Brown

Corporate Customer was spot. Front desk service at Philly airport location was great. Concerned, funny, detailed and patient.

Moze ch

Don't, im just leaving Philadelphia airport location. Worse experience ever. 1st they didn't have any Mini van that i booked 1 week ahead. 2nd, they had me waiting for 30 minutes 3rd, worse/rude customer service. Wont ever come here again. Can't trust them with booking.

Algernon Harris


Arrived and the had to wait an hour after our reservation time for the vehicle to show up. The check in staff was apologetic and offered us a different vehicle however it was too small for our needs. When our minivan arrived, they got us checked in quick. We didn't realize a shake in the vehicle until we were outside of Chicago the next day. By then it was too late to turn back as we had to get to our final destination. Once there I was pretty upset they let us leave on bald front tires (pictures included). This vehicle should not have been allowed out like this. I give the check-in staff 4 stars but due to the delay and the unsafe vehicle, 2 stars overall. I would use this company and location again. However, I will check the vehicle before driving off.

Kevin Howell

The driver was very helpful and friendly.

mary cornett

Rebecca Green

I’ve been waiting in line now for over and hour. The desk attendants keep running in and out while a line of us stand here wondering how much longer we’re going to have to stand here. No one’s offering an explanation at all. No one even knows what they’re doing. They’re booking rates are higher than reserved rates online. We’re being handed keys without inspection while a group of employees stands outside chatting. Still no manager in sight. I will NEVER use this car rental service again. I have a three hour drive ahead of me. Use Hertz or Enterprise. This place is a joke.

Alex Marquetti

Kishin Wadhwani

Cars great though, but service needs to be improved. Very pushy in extras. Return today was a cinch though

Syncere Hardy

Will not use Thrifty again. I received 3 separate charges from this company 2 months later of renting the car. Toll usage and charges that were not explained to me properly, when I have and brought my own EZ-pass. $63 charge. Then another violation ($130). I travel all the time and have never had this many violations. I will not be renting from them again. I would not recommend them to people who need to rent a car. This has not ever happen when I used Enterprise Car Rental.

Brian Burwell

It may be cheap but it's not worth the money to be treated the way they they treat their customers. Look elsewhere for rentals, don't pay someone who will turn their noses up to you treat you like carp and ruin your trip. Those people need to remember they are just clerking at a rent-a-car so they should 'll d drop the attitudes. ..

jayla Davis

Fast Quality Service

Gary Neustadter

Terrible experience and would never use Thrifty again. Waited 20 minutes for shuttle from airport and then two showed up at once. Then waited one hour in line because only two agents to serve at least 20 customers. Then, after signing contract am now waiting more time (20 minutes so far) for the agent to get us a car while the other agent was sending people behind us in line out for cars right away.

Yev Azzopardi

Great service. Received a free upgrade. This branch was the best I've seen for thrifty.

Anthony Guttman


The parking lot signage is a little confusing, but otherwise they were great. Very nice employees, quick service with a smile!

Anish C

We had a very bad experience with thrifty car rental at this location. We reserved a car rental for 140$. But when we reached thrifty to pick up the car they billed us for 400 $. If could give 0 rating that would be more appropriate.

Tony Wavering

I waited for 20-25 minutes and their shuttle never drove by. A kind driver from another agency saw me and my very pregnant wife waiting after driving past us several times and offered to take us to Thrifty. He said folks often struggle to catch thrifty’s shuttle. The agent behind the Thrifty counter was not very apologetic and seemed more concerned about the show that was on the TV.

Carlos P

I guess the lady is too busy while the clients wait on the line

Pradyumn Srivastava

Awful service and disgusting employees, especially the XNA ones! They confirm reservations and refuse to rent out cars. When you ask them to give a reasonable solution, they use cheap tricks like hanging up call or stalling your phone call, etc. Please don't insult yourself by doing business with them.

michelle dennard

Keith w is an excellent employee..He went above and beyond to assist me . Very courteous, professional. Great personality.

Stephanie Mack

While the prices were cheap, hence the name "thrifty", saving a few dollars was not worth the hike. The terminal was not located near the airport with the rest of the rental cars. This was not communicated in the reservations. When we finally arrived at the location, the staff was rude and did not want to answer any of our questions. I will not recommend this location and company to friends in the future.

Jeff St. Croix

Ernesto Garcia

I wait to long.

Brian Combs

Front desk associate was so nice and helpful

Why Not

Most incompetent place ever!! Waited almost half hour for shuttle then run into issues for rental and when one staff member (and I doubt they even have a high school education based on the fact that none of them can tell me what their policy is) told me I have to call the company and go online for the refund, another told me I didn't have to do it that way but acted like a complete idiot and wouldn't say how. Love the entitled philly attitude ...NOT!!!

C Moore

Really depends on the location! Houston hobby was awesome in assisting customers while Philadelphia airport location was trash in overall service and treatment .

Carlos Augusto

Great customer service and fast service

bigcinphilly 1

Customers standing in customer stated she had been there for 2 hrs. Dollar and Thrifty aren't worth the time spent wasted standing in line after traveling half a day. For now on I will go with Hertz. My last three experiences have been the worst that I've experienced in 40 years of traveling.

Cindy Alvarado

Very poor service starting with a website that has no problem taking your money when you make a reservation and ending with a battle at the front desk that resulted in not getting a car and only getting reimbursed half of your reservation money by a 3rd party thrifty hires to handle their issues. And our company that rented the car was a "blue chip" member! I recommend using Hertz instead

Amy Levine

Tricia Alesbury

Good service. The car smell was overpowering with an air freshener or cleaner. Not good for people with sensitivities and allergies.

Joy Kauf

Easy place to rent a car from. The drivers were nice.

Unlimited Painting LLC

Elizabeth McDermott

I would give zero stars if I could. I was accused of putting a crack in the windshield that was already there before I ever left the facility! Being the naive and trusting person that I am, I figured that they had already documented the crack and inspected the car before I left the parking garage. When I returned the car, they told me that it happened under MY watch and that I should have filled out the inspection report--the inspection report that i was never made aware of and no one mentioned to me that one even existed!!!! Good thing I didn't use their insurance plan because they will certainly be hearing from mine!!!!! Thoroughly inspect these cars before renting them...or better yet, go with another damn company altogether!!! There is a special place in hell for places like this. SMDH!

Ismael Alvarez

J Brame

Great experience! My rental agent at downtown location was Outstanding!! Car was good. Rate was fantastic!

edward m zavala

I guess it's okay

Wayne Brown

It was a fast, pick up and return of a Chevrolet Sonic. From shuttle service pickup at Philadelphia Airport my rental experience went smooth. I was immediately helped upon arrival at the rental. My car was waiting for me. The return of car and shutte to the terminal went just as well. Thank you Thrifty Car Rental.

Lisa Gee

The service at this pick up location was horrible. Felt like we were inconveniencing the attendant to do her job and we got there when it was NOT busy. She disappeared and left us standing at the counter for over 30 minutes while our rental car sat outside ready and waiting 15 minutes after she walked away, with no instruction from her letting us know it was ours. She had left to find us a car since they did not have what we reserved many weeks ago. She never did a car check walk with us to note that there's no gas cap, slight odor and car not fully cleaned. This rental car experience was bad and I usually give good reviews. Also, while she disappeared, it became busy and I felt sorry for the only other attendant who became slammed with customer check ins. Where's the management at this location???? On a positive note.....drop off was easy and the shuttle experience, coming and going, was great.

Henry Maybe Taintor

The staff were fine but the place itself was chaotic. Manager was helpful. There was no handicap spaces to park while returning your vehicle. My partner drove into the little to get me as I can't walk far and we were given a hard time for bringing a personal vehicle on to the lot. The security guard wasn't ride or anything, just doing her job but thrifty needs to do better for disabled people.

Rob Ellison

While traveling I rented a car from Thrifty. I am very please on the services I received. From the friendly shuttle drivers to and from the airport to the friendly faces at the counters helping me get my car. Keep up all the good work

tammie mall

Mark Dube

I did not have one single issue when renting with Thrifty. Used them when I too a trip out to Philadelphia recently. Didn't wait more than 20 minutes for the shuttle to get to the airport to pick us up, and getting the rental was quick and painless. Car was nice and clean, exactly what I needed. The drop off procedure is also quick and painless, and the shuttle was there waiting to take me to the airport. No complaints whatsoever and would highly recommend.

Joe Garcia

They tried to stick me for damage I did not do. Thank God I took pictures of the car before I left. I'm guessing that one of the lot attendants damaged the car before I picked it up. Protect yourself, inspect, note, and photograph the car before you accept it.

The Dalton Family

If I could give a “ZERO” star I would!!! I recently rented a vehicle from this location. About 15 minutes after returning our vehicle I realized we left 2 of our TABLET’S in our rental behind both the driver and passenger seat! I immediately tried to call (on our way to the airport) and had no way to get in touch directly with this location! I then called customer service and filed a “Lost & Stolen” claim!!! I called back everyday since and still they have “not found” our Tablets.....this blows my mind because I know exactly where they were in the car!!!! Now they are saying my case has been your telling me you guys can just take MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS and close my case without any type of refund??????? This is HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

roland flynn

Cheryl Abrams

Bad ...extremely slow. Stood for an hour with only 2 people ahead of me. Won't be returning to Thrifty.

Nvus Films

Nice car rental

osmar nati

Sergio Urias

Okra Gumbo

Margaret is a good sweetheart at the front desk

Ted Tang

Very bad service quality! Very long shuttle bus waiting to pick up, other band of rental has been there round since I was waiting. Their manger even worse, we did reservations and told us to extra pay 100 usd. How poor service for everything, never with this one again.

Elizabeth A L

The staff are clueless and have no concept of customer service;

John Sese

So sloooooow. Waited 30 minutes for their shuttle to pick us up. Took another 30 minutes to get our car.

Tia Stephens

Always Excellent Service When I Rent From Them, Thats Why I Always Go Back. Only Rental Co. I Use. Awesome Prices

David Benfield

After waiting 30 mins for a shuttle. This place is absolutely horrendously run I have been waiting in line for over an hour. There is one person on staff for a line of people out the door. Never using this joke organization again I don’t care if they pay me to rent the car.

Nasir Thomas

Bums. Gave me a Ford, then I find a screw in the tire and they give me a Nissan versa as an exchange, weak Sauce.

Ransom Mowris

Great deal on a rental, and the staff were all really friendly and efficient. Shout out to the super nice bus driver, Lyen. Great driver and a nice conversationalist. Give that dude a raise!

Ashley Cohen

Great service. I booked the car through a third-party website and they messed up my reservation when I got there I actually did not have a reservation however the person at the desk help me anyway and even though they really didn't have a lot of cars to choose from they made sure that I was able to walk away with a smile on my face

Kelsey Johns

DO NOT RENT WITH THRIFTY OR DOLLAR. This place is a money grabbing scam. I rented a car online and prepaid for part of it. My flight ended up cancelled so I called and cancelled my rental. No problems. I called today, nearly 2 weeks later, to check on my refund and was told my cancellation was "not in the system so it didn't happen." The agent wasn't willing to help at all. Just repeated the same thing over and over. He refused to issue a refund and would not transfer me to anyone else. Will never rent from them again. Edited to add: I contacted the customer service team that they suggested below. Was told they couldn't help me because they don't handle billing. Pointless. I have contacted their billing department, "cartrawler" several times with no response.

Marcus Lambright

My wife and I had a frustrating experience at the Philly airport Thrifty. I'm willing to admit we could have done more research. Regardless, the company has deceptive price listings and unclear online booking. Our price total wasn't made available until days after we returned the car. The customer service was satisfactory in Philadelphia. My wife and I added a driver in D.C. The worker at Ronald Reagan airport was great! Courteous and funny. The car was good (Nissan Rogue) it ran well, but anything compared to the car I own is great so... Car drop off in Philly was confusing without any real explanation, signs, or guidance. I won't knock the employees or cars themselves but there are PLENTY of cheaper and more transparent companies than Thrifty.

Antoinette Jakeman

Great price and efficient

Cynthia Vazquez

The worse company service abysmal you pay the insurance and when you go to collect the car you want charge a 2 insurance

Diana Flinn

Terrible! Reserved a car MONTHS ago but told they didn't have cars and would have to wait........ended up to be about 90 minutes before I got a car. Never again!

Chong Wei Ong

Excellent customer service from Chris and Melissa at Thrifty, Atlanta Downtown. They were friendly and helpful and gave me a clear explanation of all the various insurance options without once pressuring me to purchase any insurance item. Very different from other car rental locations. They also gave me ideas for alternative tourist activities in case wet weather ruined my plans. Chris gave me tips on how to avoid expensive overnight parking and he even took me to the vehicle and explained all its features. Very helpful. A pleasant experience renting and returning.

Rui Peneda

Horrible arrogant receptionist 8PM April 17th. Thrifty never again!

Terry Miller

Been on hold now for 23 min. When I rented from them on thier "Special special" deal. Got a Sub Compact and it is a piece of crap. Last time I rent from Thrifty.

Taste Budz

The manager on duty at the time was Fatima Reed. Her customer service was superb, well above average. Definitely recommend this thrifty car rental.

Nita Middleton

My husband will be graduating from basic training so I needed to check prices for car rentals (especially being under 25). I called this number and it didn’t seem like a “local” office because they asked me why city and state I wanted to rent in. They needed a date (even though I don’t know the exact date yet) and what car I want. Most rental places only allow certain cars to renters under 21. She estimated $298 for 3 days! Just for a regular sedan! I asked about a military discount, it took her 5 minutes to “check on it”, came back with the same price. I said “so you just automatically give everybody a military discount?” And she replied that they did. BS. I assume that means there’s no military discount - also a deal breaker for me. That price is outrageous. Thanks, but no thanks.

Dirtygirlcathrin TOLIVER


Karen Judge

Good value, easy access, reliable transportation.

Mahixit Polas

I rented the car from this location many a times and I found the rates are cheaper and consistent. Their cars always smells like new and staff is friendly. You will pick up your car within a few minutes and their shuttle service is great with higher frequency of pick and drop from the airport. I will always rent from them.

David Ginensky

Absolutely disdainful operation being run at this car rental. I arrived at 10:30pm at night for my rental to be ready at 9 pm. On arrival there was a line out the door. One man went around the place asking people what was going and he heard that people were waiting for over an hour AFTER being given rental agreement to actually get a car. He left on the spot. I should have done the same. After waiting for 1.5 hours i got to the front of the line and the operator "took" my information. Then put me in another line! what for? no idea, we were being given no information. At this point the place is supposed to close in 30 minutes. Once I get to the front of this second "line" I see a lady come back in from outside who got her agreement over an hour ago. She says that she, and everyone behind her is still waiting for their car. It was at that point that I left, took a cab to alamo and had a car 10 minutes later. I hold no ill will for the lady who was operating the desk. I am sure she would have been in trouble if she just stated to all the folks waiting that they were running a 2+ hour wait delay due to lack of cars. As such, I can conclude that the management of this business are in the lowest tier of professionalism and operational competence available. There were many plane delays this night due to Hurricane weather, so I am sure it is possible to have a reasonable experience here if everything is running smoothly. BUT, if things are not, you should expect to be sent on a wild goose chase. Congratulations thrifty, you have stolen my down payment, but you have lost the future business of myself and everyone I know, for life.

Arun Varghese

Thanks to Dominique my experience at this facility was very good. Though I reserved a certain vehicle, the initial representative provided me with vehicle from a lower tier. After sensing my disappointment Dominique took the time to explain why i was provided the car of their choosing. After explaining why I needed the vehicle I reserved, Dominique carefully listened and followed up with her colleagues and went out of her way to make things right. Thank you for your excellent service, and customer care, I truly appreciate it.

Tim Seaman

We had a reservation, they were out of cars.

Tyler Gruden

Horrible company that will swindle you out of money. So i initially booked online to pick one of thier smaller vehicles for 4 days through Orbitz, a website they partner with. The overall price for 4 days was around $150 with insurance. After two layovers and arriving at the airport at 11 pm with a 6 month old, i went to pick up my vehicle which i had put the $50 deposit down on already for the insurance. The women whose name was, Margrette I believe, told me that if I reserved my vehicle online they do not honor those prices and that I'd have to pay different pricing to get a vehicle. Now mind you, we are in a small airport and all the other rental booths are closee and there are no taxis. So i ask how much and she says well i see you are asking for a carseat, so youll want a larger vehicle like a jeep compass and youll want insurance so itll come out to around $730. I told her we need some much cheaper than that. We were only coming because my wifes grandfather passed away and we need to attend the funeral. So she tells me that she could rid of the car seat that would lower it $60. I was like yea give me the cheapest you have and she says to me how old are you and I say 24 and shes like well theres a underage fee of $108 you'll still have to pay and itll be around $248. So after several more minutes of arguing I finally get the rental keys and walk around the parking lot for 20mins at midnight to find the car. So then I get the amount they charge me today and come to find out they charge me $275. God knows why since they gave me a recipient for $248. So no im out $275 plus the $50 from Orbitz. If you are reading this review as someone the is looking for a rental vechile, i want you to know i work in the hospitality industry as a manager, i am a young man who just got married and had a baby and was looking for the best deal because money is tight right now, so if you are looking for the best deal and are in a similar situation, I plead with you choose a different company becuase you will lose alot more money than you expected to this company.

Fayah Dem

Car rental agency is a 6 - 10 mins ride from and to the airport depending on traffic. They are not open 24/7 so if you book a reservation , make sure the timing of your flight and rental is on point. (PHL) poorly designed !!!

C Molina

After flying all night and our other rental company reservation being lost, we needed a last minute rental at 530 am and Jim was outstanding. We had tired kids and needed something fast! Can't beat his customer service and prices! Jim saved our family vacation.

Rajae Brooks

They gave me the hardest time about getting a Rent-A-Car because I was using a debit card it was not like that in the past and it shouldn't be like that now because everybody don't want to use a major credit card.

Amy Susan Apple Pie

Wonderful service!! Kind and friendly people at the counter. They even upgraded my car type for being patient with a small delay in getting my car.

Gautam Das

Rented a car from the Alanta airport outlet. Service was prompt and had lot of options and choice when came to car. Staff was friendly and helpful.


P. M.

We rented online for a car at the Thrifty car rental at the airport. The reason I have given it a 2 star is that when we called because our flight was 3 hours late, they confirmed that the rental company was open until 12:30am. We called two more times from the Philly airport because the shuttle did not come by for over 40 minutes but we waited as Enterprise, Avis, etc all came by. Finally the Budget rental shuttle bus driver told us that the Thrifty rental booth was closed! (We had just called and the main number said it was fine!) So then the Budget driver took us to the Budget rental car at the airport and they honored our reservation. So, ultimately, we got our car, great price, no complaints there but the people on the phone were useless and lied. Beware if you arrive late.

Jantz Arbon

Very affordable and the car I rented was extremely clean and amazing driving conditions. However, when I was at airport, I waited a half an hour for the shuttle. I was helping an elderly lady unto a bus and the shuttle drove right pass me and didn’t even stop.

404nemo Gsxrman2382

Great option to rent from , I think the guy that helped me was named Darryl , he was very helpful .

Quinton Torain

The only place I rent from awesome service and prices

Wheres Rudy

Best experience with a rental agency to date. Sometimes you find a gem in the rough. This place was it for me while I was in Philadelphia.

Rodrigo Costa

I am very disappointed with the service. We rented a car just for one day to go Aurora Outlet and return, which means that only would be possible to travel around 40 miles. However, the receptionist pursue us to use full gas tank, because the not used gas value would be returned and we got back the car. After we released the car, no value was refund, in fact, only 23 Dollars were refund, with a support from another employee. That was a Very bad experience, especially because we are tourist and I hope to get my properly payment refunded.

Hope T

Awesome team from beginning to end! They take the time to connect with their customers! Great customer services! Would definitely use this location again!

Jason Johnson


DeMarques Coleman

Anette Podeszwa

If I could leave 0 stars I would! We rented a car for 7 people and were given a car for 6! When we said we wouldn’t fit they told us that’s all they had! We already paid so they wouldn’t refund us! We had to go to enterprise to rent another car so our family could travel together! We also waited over an hour for the car to be cleaned! They people working there are all miserable and no help! They are all over the place and very unorganized! We also were charged to extra days and a late fee! Try to call them and ask why and they don’t answer! Worst place to rent from not worth saving 20$ at all! They add on fees and have zero customer service skills!!! Stay Away!!

Linda Lewis-banks

Very accommodating!!!

Dirk Miller

What a poorly run business. Over charged, returned car and charged another $800 a few days later. Who has that kind of money to have on hold.Other bills to pay now late charges, over drafts, NSF charges. Do NOT use this company.

Bridget Delaney

Jeff I

Jon the blue Chip program! It's free and you can get in faster

Mairlyn Dingle

Downtown Atlanta is full of BS. They charged me 250.00 for smoking and I don't smoke. The guy Chris claims his sinus is bad and he smelled it. He charged the customer after me also so I guess it's his way of making money dor the day. Be careful renting from this place. He told me everybody tells him rhe same story. Don't put everyone in the same class. No consideration!! I'm really sad that this happened and now I'm out of my deposit and have to pay the bank fee because I only had the deposit on my card. Thrifty seems to be a money scamming, deposit stealing business's. Who can you talk too about this when they all work together

Mike Wiggins

Good customer service

Lorie Hall

Excellent customer service!

Michael Harris

We had a very good experience renting a car from Thrifty at this location. The transaction was easy and the staff was friendly. Our rental car was clean and ran very well. The selection was limited due to the fact that we were returning the car to the New Orleans location. Though we choose to rent a Mustang or similar vehicle, we had to choose between an Elantra and a Chevy Cruz.

Dennis Ha

We reserved an SUV and they did not have it available. The two employees that worked there took their time talking to each other, making fun of customers before me. Terrible service, waited over an hour. Manager was incompetent.


Good non-smoking cars. On the other hand, shuttle service was rare in-between the airport and the rental shop. We waited around 20 minutes at each site for a ride to the other.

Brittany Suttner

Best Rental car place in Atlanta!

Monroe Lipsey

Upon arrival I watched the shuttle driver sitting in the back of the line of shuttles for 30 minutes while numerous shuttles dropped off and picked up customers. Eventually I had to walk over and flag him down so that he could pick up myself and other awaiting customers. When I arrived I was not pleasantly greeted and was basically given attitude by the rental car agent as she wrote up my ticket. I signed up for special vehicle in hops of getting a nice upgrade, however, I was put into a compact car and never offered an upgrade. The first vehicle I was placed in had a broken air vent. I asked to be switched and was placed into the same type of vehicle which smelled like smoke and was not sufficiently cleaned. To make matters worst as a compact chevy sonic online it states it should get 38 highway miles. However, I filled up the vehicle 3 times in five days and only travel 821 miles. I took a picture of the reading that stated the car was only getting an average of 19mpg even though 85% of my driving was all highway. In addition the vehicle door was not sealed correctly as I heard a loud whistling while driving up and down the highway and thought the driver door was going to swing open.When I returned nobody asked how my experience was, even though it was horrible. The main reason I feel the need to complain is because in the last year I have only rented from thrifty/dollar in Denver, Orlando, San Diego and San Francisco. This by far was the worst experience I ever had at Philadelphia. The staff do not represent the company positively, the vehicles are not up to par and I did not feel valued. I will for sure never rent a car from Thrifty at the Philadelphia airport ever again and I will not be renting from thrifty in general if I can't be refunded some of my money for the horrible experience.

Nolan Wiggins

Do not rent from them. The staff is a bunch of unprofessional and unfriendly people. There were several people standing around watching me struggle with a baby, toddler and all of our luggage. No one offered a hand. We rented a mid size car and got a Chevy Cruze. To me that is a tiny compact car. It was hell fitting 2 adults, 2 car seats, and luggage in it.

john herndon

Smooth and easy.. Great customer service

Judith Vlad

Excellent and courteous service.

Benitez Bakery

Antonio lopez

Nice car, nice service !!

Dana Andreassen

I would give 0 stars if I could. Drove over an hour for the incredibly rude guy working the counter to tell me they wouldn’t accept my Visa debit card without waiting 24 hours or having a scheduled flight out. I understand it may be a new policy but he was beyond rude and extremely condensending.

Bheru Gandhi

Never rent from here!! We got there at 3:30 on a Friday and did not leave until 5:30 and that was with a confirmed reservation. The line was so long and they had trainees behind the desk. When we finally got to the front of the line, they gave us a car that didn’t exist so we had to go back inside. Then they gave us a car that wasn’t close to ready. At this point we had been patient but we have a 14 month old who, after a long flight and now waiting 2 hours in a cramped and crowded car rental office was understandably not happy. When my wife asked Kristin, one of the workers, where our car was, Kristin replied, ‘I’m going to move to the next customer who is not snappy!’ Are you kidding me?! You guys don’t know how to do your job and then insult the customer who was waiting patiently!? Oh when we finally got into a car, the gas tank was a quarter full and they claimed it was a full tank on our contract. Unbelievable! Never again!

Jesenia Rivera

Service was okay prices were not that okay. Some workers service was okay others were terrible

Kassandra Adams

They did not have a premium car which is what I had booked so they upgraded us to a SUV it was brand new with only 3300 miles very nice staff great service and prices.

C. Weaver

Love them always take care of me

Beautiful Brown Babies

Rented a car for a week great experience -P. Jenkins

Steve Morrison

Prices standard with other chains. No big deal here. Good checkout procedures and quick check in as well. Got a 2019 Ford with only 232 miles.Wonderful.

Rochelle Young

Good services

David Y. Lee

Horrible experience. As mentioned in other reviews, we never got picked up at the airport by a thrifty shuttle. We waited for over 40 minutes and saw other car rental shuttles pass by several times. We tried calling the number on their website, but could not reach them over the phone. When I talked to somebody on a national thrifty line, they too had trouble trying to reach the thrifty rental place. We ended up having to take a cab to get there since it was about to close for the evening. The agent apologized and as a courtesy offered to deduct the cost of the cab fare from our rental, but since we prepaid for the rental he couldn't do so. Therefore, he offered to waive the cost of fuel upon return of the vehicle. We were satisfied with that and left. Fast forward two weeks - I get a letter from Thrifty stating that I am getting charged for not putting gas into the car when I returned it. Long story short - don't use Thrifty.

Denise Williams

I loved the car.

Chris Chmura

This place is horrible. They were trying to scam more money from us saying that the car we reserved was not available and we need to pay extra for a bigger car that they had on a lot. We call back to national reservations office and they told us that there is nothing they can do and we should talk to the local store manager. AVOID THRFTY AT ALL COST.

Michael Taing

Friendly staffs. since they are not within the terminal the wait time for the shuttle is a bit longer. car could used a good wash and vacuum the inside. but so far it was a good experience and good customer service.

Christin Griffith

Great prices, smooth check in and check out.

Henrietta Jallah

It was wonderful, but difficult to get to

Marieke Jackson

I’ve never gotten my car and left this establishment in less than an hour. Be warned.

Meka White

Trista Budzynski

As others mentioned, the shuttle service from the airport is abominable. Won't be using again.

Adam Johnson

I rented a car from this place and it was returned in perfect condition. My cat didn't want to get out of the trunk and they refused to let me return it without getting him out. He obviously needed to stay in the trunk, so I just got an Uber and drove to the airport. I have no idea what happened to that cat but they did finally accept the car as "returned" and charged a nominal pet stocking fee ($40). I heard that cat is doing better than ever and I got back from my business trip safely. Happiest Easter ever.

Kris Heyler

Friendly staff and decent cars. Apparently not enough of them though since I had to wait over an hour for my reserved car to be available.

Joel Tabularasa

Stay away from this place. Terrible, mismanaged rental car location. Understaffed, overworked employees, long wait, no cars in the class I rented, after an hour wait time we got a scratched up Toyota Camry with 26,500 miles and a "check engine, maintenance needed" light on. I rented through Hotwire.

LoNGsHoT _

Horrible customer service with an inability to properly communicate possibly conflicting service information properly ....

Laurence Gonano

Very fast, efficient and friendly service. Got served by a guy named Brett who did an outstanding job. An asset to thrifty undoubtedly.

Angela Dixon

My story is long but I'm not going to go there. All I'm going to say is they are GREAT!!!!!!!! I had so much trouble with enterprise. Thrifty came right on time. thank you

Domingo Gonzales

Had to wait at the airport for the shuttle to come by as we were also waiting for our luggage. Customer service at the office was great.

Neal Burns

Understaffed. It took a while to get s car. I would not call a Toyota Corolla a midsize car

Dean Capes

Couldn't take the time to let us know about offsite after hours parking even after knowing we were going to drop the car off at 430 am. If we weren't responsible adults we could have been late for our flight because the employees simply decided not to provide essential information. Apparently being courteous and intelligent is not a requirement of employment. Do not use!!

Adam Thurlwell

Daryl is the man! Couldn't of been a nicer guy. He really helped a ton. Great patience for this out of towner. Give him a raise!

Yohann Burnichon

Asked for Focus, had a Versa that is definitely one class below

Brandi Branch-Bradford

derrick allen

Courtney Jones

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT rent from this place. If you find yourseld here, do yourself a favor and Uber to Budget or Hertz...anywhere other than Thrifty.

E-Beth Sokolowski

I had a wonderful experience from the time I showed up to get my car to when I turned in the car. Ebony and Chavonne were extremely helpful and very friendly. I highly recommend!

Wayne Souder

Pay a little extra for a car from a company that has a shred of respect for their customers! Worst customer service experience I've ever had at a car rental facility. I had reserved everything in advance on-line using my check card, but when I gave it to him at the counter to swipe, he told me he couldn't run it as a credit card unless he ran a credit report on me. This is NOT the car rental counter person's job. All they need to do is swipe it and get the authorization saying it is approved. Checking my credit was the bank's job when they gave me the card.

Liliana Zecker

Terrible ser ice. Employees walk around joking with each other. The lit has many cars but “car is not in the system yet” Never again.

M Bayram

Rental process was smooth and turn in of the vehicle was the best part.... Very kind and helpful. Word of warning, when listening to the rental guy to assign your vehicle and so on, pay attention because you could agree to extras and not realize it. Your best defense, "does that cost more?" To eveything they ask...tolls, extra driver, insurance, gas, Navi, etc...

Howard West

Very hospitable. Slept on a stoop here during a long layover. Thanks for not kicking me out.

Tammy Leon

I will never rent from this location or thrifty again. I accumulated 15.00 in tolls and recieved a bill for 75.00. 60.00 in administration fees?? Rip offs!!! I travel alot and always rent cars and I have never experienced this. They also have a cleaning fee of 300.00. SMH! BEWARE! I will stick with enterprise from now on.

Kaye Kelleher

Have been waiting in line for about an hour at Thrifty Philly airport location. One person checking people. Incredibly slow. And when you finally get to the front, there are no cars available and you have to continue to wait for them to get a car in for you and then wait longer to clean it. Horrible management

Walter Ski

everything went smoothly fair pricing

Michelle Britzius

Plane was delayed and they left even when we had prebooked a reservation and entered our flight number. Customer call center didn't offer any viable solutions. Luckily Avis was still open. Never renting from this company again!

Mark A Woolard

This place sucks. I rented a Cadillac or similar. Of course they gave me a POS Chrysler that the windshield wipers didn’t even work. Also the car was filthy.

Shareen Hinson

They are good on prices but sometimes you get good service and sometimes they are so concerned with talking amongst themselves they are too slow. The manager will handle any issues though which is good. I think the agents need customer service training

Jessica Massey

I rented a car from thrifty through southwest. I was told a specific amount would be due at the time I picked up the car. After waiting in line for an hour & a half (with a 5 month old) i was told there was my initial payment plus a $200 safety deposit. This was not previously mentioned when I went to rent it online. There was only 2 people working the front desk, 1 of which was a trainee. The customer service & attitude was appalling. After finally being done with the 2 front desk people we waited another 25 minutes for our car. We were given the keys & that was it. No inspection was completed & no form signed. When we left the line at the desk was out the door. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because the drop off experience was much easier. I will never use thrifty again & will be reading reviews closely whenever I rent through southwest.

susie kinlock

Good rates and service.

Reg Hammond

Good prices on the vehicle but it is far from the PHL terminal. Let me rephrase that, it is away from the other car rental options.

Chris Colee

The vehicle we rented was much nicer than what we expected. Clean inside and out, really enjoyed the entire experience.

K Ross

Friendly, helpful reps - with flavor.

Tommy Wouters

Agent inside was pretty nice but agent at the gate leaving was incredibly rude he didn't say hi at all just scan 2 things on car raised the gate and went back in booth. We bought the toll pass and have never used it he asked if we were gonna go through any tolls I said I don't know but we paid for it he gave it to us didn't say a word I asked were we put it and as he was walking away just said put it on the dash board found out when we tried to go through a toll that doesn't work one star rating is for this employee who doesn't care about his job.

Raymond Hanley

Poor service. Not on airport property. Shuttle driver would not take us to the airport hotel door. Dropped us 100 yards away. Too many extra fees, like $13 dollars a day to have your spouse be a driver. I will stick with Budget and Enterprise.

Tim Matthews

Policy has changed without notice I have been a blue chip member for years and the new policy is very inconvenience......go to a different company that informs of policy changes before you waste your time and money with thrifty!!! Disappointed

Victoria Kinga Lee Wilson

Nice staff with our return. Clean cars. Easy check in. Shuttle from airport to thrifty was a 25 minute wait. Be patient.

Walter Barrett

250$ smoking charge that they never informed us about

Donna Brocco

If there is a zero I would rated a zero. Waited in line forever to start. Did not give us the car we originally ordered he was like a Mickey mouse car so tiny. had to wait to get it upgraded to but we originally ordered that was charged even more. Went through several tolls in Florida with no Booth to pay at it automatically charges you and send you a bill in the mail we were never offered anything to pay ahead of time no EZ pass, at the time we purchased a car. We got bills in the mail from them, when we called about it we still have to pay a penalty. I will never rent from them again. I had no problem having to pay the toll I don't think I should have been penalized and pay an extra fee of about $75 on top of the toll. This is a scam. Be very careful if you ever do business consider doing business with thrifty they are not worth it

Travis Fuller

Quick simple and accommodating

James Barton

The rental started with a "computer glitch" resulting in me having to give the counter agent my info all over again. The small car I rented came with a mechanical key (no clicker). Otherwise, the Nissan drove fine and the return agent got the job done quickly.

Saira Saira

Craig Kortum

Filthy car on outside. Some hardened debris caked on front. I did ask why it wasn't cleaned. The attendant outside said we could get a rag at front ticket attendant. Took pictures prior to leaving. Completely disappointed.

Eric Woodruff

Off airport. Easy transaction.

Daniel Chaikin

Avoid!! 2 hours standing in line to wait for a car on a Friday afternoon. Understaffed and staff present was slow and somewhat inconsiderate and did not acknowledge delay or their role in it. They seemed surprised, when I asked, yet said it happens every day!! There were only 15 people in front of me in arrival!

Hopes O

Truly terrible company. The staff told me they had rearranged my drop off time and I wouldn’t be charged extra. Then they charged me extra and said that staff member simply made a mistake. They were rude and jaded. We had to wait in the office for over 2 hours before they even had a car for us and we had booked a week ahead! I’ve never made an official complaint before, but this time I had to. Truly amazingly awful. And a rip off. Just totally avoid them if you can.

Kelsey Page

Extremely slow service. Reserving a car doesn't mean that there will actually be a car for you at your reservation time. The car I got was clean but a good bit older than what you get for that price with other car rental companies in Atlanta.

Tanira Robinson

Amanda Lloyd

Be warned they do not take debit cards , even if you've already used it to reserve a car online, unless it's been 24 hours.

Anne Rivers

Courteous staff everytime I use them, behind the counter and outside. I chose the wildcard and the car was nice, clean and drove very good, Nissan Versa.

Mutee121160@gmail .com Kk

It was very pleasant very warm I was pleased with the service

Aaron Swafford

Flew in last Saturday 2nd at 10 pm. The desk help was super friendly and not pushy. That was the good! Bad was I was told car just came back so not washed but was ok. Front of car covered in bugs and windshield. My car was on almost empty with 70 miles ish left. Never in 25 years have I rented a car on empty. I went back to ticket counter and said I am not returning this car full as warned and it would be left on empty. I do have a photo of this.She did say she will note that and suggested a gas station down the street. Total bc! Flew 5hr and had 45 min drive ahead. Had to fuel up before my travels. In the light the car was not clean. Rolled up straw wrappers in rear seat and french flies on the floor. Looks like a soft drink spilled in cargo area on the side and gear area was sticky. Very let down and angry for the price paid! First and last with this company!

teepat sutabutra

Gregory Dennis

Patricia Dumont

Good value. Excellent car.

Joker J

ali farzbod

Ty Bullock

Horrible charged and charged my account.

Gerry Foster

Van driver, young lady at desk and young lady at exit booth were all great.

Scarlett Brown

Yolanda Thompson

Always great service!!!

Tejbir Reen

Excellent location for any traveler. Chris and his fellow employee at this store were extremely helpful, transparent and easy to interact with. 100% recommended!


The car was great and clean. But gave a 2 cause they added an insurance package that carried a charge without informing me of the cost. After returning the car, they said I "used" the product and couldn't remove the cost. Check your bill, the signature page is printed behind 5 blank pages, so you don't accidentally see the charge they added.

Gopi KT

Matthew Case

Would I rent here again? No doubt. Be aware that the location is a good distance from the airport and there also seem to be less frequent shuttles than some of the other rental places. Some staff members were nice and professional, others seemed to care less about their job. But when I rent a car, I really care about having a car at a decent price, and with that in mind, I couldn't have asked for more.

Tammi Jackson

Daniel Alix

Fast service. Friendly employees. A little far from the airport but they had lots of shuttles.

Lucie Oberg

Fast service. Good prices. Comfortable cars.

Oscar Carrillo

Diana F.

Terrible service already! We just arrived in Philadelphia airport approximately 715 we were heading to thrifty shuttle that just pulled up. We started walking fast and waving at driver the taxi dispatcher called him saw he was leaving and said you have customers, he stopped listened and took off.

Tykesha C.

This company was good to me. I had a nice car. It did have small prior damage to it. Which I didn't realize until I got home. However , I did let them know once I returned it and they didn't try to get one over on me.So! with that being said, It was good enough for Me.

David Leonard

Car was not full of gas when i received. Took picture and on my return i was told that wasnt their responsibility by manager in charge. It is Sunday March 10 2019 at 10: 40 a.m. Worst car rental facility i have ever experienced!!

Selma Yılmaz

I have had very bad experince for renting car.They fınd the way to cheat you.I will never and ever rent a car from this company...


Vimal Pathak

Yonne Robinson

Prices are reasonable but I book through Expedia because the prices are cheaper and you can purchase the insurance at a cheaper rate if you don't want to use your own. They literally provide you with a car in minutes and the return process is speedy. I tend to need a vehicle at night on the weekends so my rental location options are limited and I dread the thought of having to go into the airport so the off site location is great and is affiliated with the airport so you get 24hr service. I don't lik the airport concession fee of $8 but it's convenient.

Peter Swift

I lost my wallet -- left it on the counter while checking in. They called right way, left a message on my cell and I returned within an hour. Very appreciative of their quick response and honesty. Also, the car was great, and quick in and out. Counter to shuttle people very friendly. I will definitely use them again.

Kevin Bowe

Very wonderful experience. Young lady at the counter was very friendly, courteous, informative and professional. I travel a lot and wish each rental company had employees like her

Uri Rotem

This retal compnay has a very wierd way to handle the payment. The price was misleading. on the web site and on the phone we were told a certain amount. We ended up paying more then we thought. They do have a helpful customer service which helped reduce it a bit. still, was more expensice the we planned. the car was totally fine. overl, wouldn't recommend.

Laura Nathan-Garner

I rented a car and two car seats here last week. The car was fine, but the car seat situation was nightmare. First, the agent was unable to locate a toddler seat for me and suggested that for my 24-pound 29-month-old I use a booster seat labeled as being appropriate for a 3-year-old weighing 40 pounds. While he left for 30 minutes to try to find another toddler seat, I attempted to install the infant seat I was given, only to discover that it would not stay put. When I discussed this problem with another agent, he looked at the car seat and told me it was missing a part and that he would go track it down. Fifteen minutes later, he returned with the so-called missing part - the base - and stuck the car seat in it. However, as I demonstrated to him, the car seat would not lock in the base. He advised me to just put the adult belt buckle over it and it would stay in. As I demonstrated to him, this did not in any way keep the back of the car seat from lifting up and my infant (and the car seat) from potentially (and easily) flying out of the seat in the event of an accident or even just slamming on the brakes. (Additionally, car seats are no longer designed to have the passenger seat belt pulled over the lap of the child; my youngest brother had a car seat like this when he was born 21 years ago, and it was highly concerning to me that this was what I was being told to do.) The seat - which looked grimy and woefully worn and uncushioned -- also lacked the LATCH system (the car seat safety anchors and tethers that has been required in nearly all new vehicles and child safety seats manufactured on or after Sept. 1, 2002 - more than a decade ago). I asked the agent to find another car seat. He never found another infant seat. He did, however, return with two toddler car seats that had just been returned. After 30 minutes of climbing around the car and car seat, I finally got the first of those two installed for my toddler, though I was extremely disappointed with how grimy the seatbelt was, and I was never able to figure out how to loosen the harness so my daughter would be more comfortable, as the agent could not provide me with any printed instructions. This was, however, the only car seat I was presented with that day that meets current car seat regulations. I attempted to install the second of these two car seats rear-facing (which is required of all children under 2), but again this one did not have the LATCH system, and I could not figure out how to install the seat despite more than 45 minutes of trying to figure it out and even asking the agent if he had any instructions or could help me. He did not have and could not provide instructions for this car seat or any of the others I was presented with that evening. This, despite the fact that Thrifty's website clearly says that the customer will be provided with printed installation instructions. I asked him to find me another car seat for my infant, but the agent never was able to find one. At that point, I'd been at Thrifty for more than two hours, and both of my children were exhausted and screaming. The agents were no help in coming up with a solution to get me a safe car seat for my 7-month-old son, so I left him with my mother at Thrifty while my toddler and I went to Target to purchase an infant car seat. Needless to say, I'll be dragging my own car seats on our next trip, and I won't be renting anything from Thrifty.

Dave Colina

Shuttle did not pickup at airport and had to hitch a ride with other carrier. Apparently that’s common. Also got a car without an electronic key fob that reminded me of my first car 20 years ago.

Eddie Thomas

Just Coupon

There's no direct phone number to the actual location. Everyone that answers and takes calls on their behalf are in another country! You can't check inventory or anything! Sucks major!

Gloria Quillen

The staff is always pleasant and very helpful

Mary Irving

We reserved a luxury vehicle. Upon arriving the woman at the counter gave us our keys...and it was an economy car. After that the management said they didn't have any luxury cars and could find us a "premium" (Monte Carlo? What?). After about 45min we left with the Monte Carlo and comped gas with a promise of a call when a luxury vehicle was available. 6 days later, no call.

Margaret Vargas

Danny Kong

Fast, helpful and friendly service

Miss Chey

Fast and great shuttle service. I rented a car at the very last minute and was able to get what I needed for a decent price. I also liked that they had after hours car return.

Javier Torres

Terrible service. The employees didn't explain everything and always seemed lost. They also need to be clear on the drop car off process. They kept telling me to move the car but no one directed me where to go in the first place. It seemed cheap but we ended up paying a lot more that we expected. I have rented a coupe of cars before and never had a bad experience till I came here.

Thomas Kern

Nice car. Clean. No surprises

Fadi Haddad

Rip off

Mario Palermo

Daniel Armstrong

John Carr

Everything was good except for the pickup at the airport. Had to wait 30 mins for the Thrifty bus. Running one bus, come on. We saw all the other rental car bus 3 or 4 times!

Richard McCormick

Friendly service but cars are never in great/clean shape.

Chris C.

Thrifty may not be bad, but this location was definitely awful. It allowed us to schedule to pick up the car on 12/26/18, but they actually closed on that day!!! (There was no any notification regarding this conflict!)

Thomas Bell

good prices, fast service well maintained cars

Albert Fanelli

The rental was fine. No complaints. I needed to contact the office for a lost article. There is no way to get the local phone number. There is no toll-free number for lost and found. The is only a lost and found website, very nicely organized. But when you get to the page for Philadelphia International Airport it is in German and the article locator doesn't work. Thrifty HQ has a "f--k you" attitude towards its customers.

Ted Adomanis

Sharon was awesome. Although they didn't have the car we reserved, she offered us a great upgrade for same price which ended up coming in very handy. The new procedure of dropping you off at the terminal with your luggage is ingenious. Would definitely rent a car there again-everyone was friendly and helpful.

Jim Sullivan

Zack Gebhardt

Hello, this review was not intentional. I was picking a rental car up from Thrifty and in the process must have brushed some buttons on my phone and prematurely rated 2 stars. So far everything has actually been closer to 5 stars. Very quick and easy pickup and the car is nice. I will complete this review when I return the car to Philadelphia.

Sara Javid

Small place to rent a car in Philly and a bit far away from airport! The rate is reasonable and they have normal to luxury cars to rent! I liked the service that I resived and costumer service was professional and respectfully considering that is still Philly!

Darlene Carnes

Cnicc Brown

Prices are great. I was in and out. Customer service at the desk was great. Return process was even quicker and the associate who took the car was very pleasant and kind. I will be renting again from them.

Kelly McBride

Waited 45 minutes for the shuttle to come get us

Thomas Wurfel

Had a great experience w Niomi who was efficient and super friendly. We were running a tad behind schedule for a flight and Niomi was considerate and got us through the check out process quickly to ensure we made our flight. I'd definitely recommend renting from this Thrifty facility in the future!

Mehul Patel

Waited forever for shuttle. When I got to rental facility...the line was out the door. 2 agents working...atleast 30 people in line. Logistics problem....they know ahead of time what time people are picking cars up...can they not have proper staff????

kwame chesson

Thieves, bad service, vehicle is not what was requested, vehicle not cleaned, stains on seats in the back, bad customer service. Is there a way to give negative stars?

Elizabeth Hooker

Convenient location with good customer service. We arrived close to closing on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I called the location and they assured if we gave our flight number in the reservation they would stay open after hours for car pickup. The customer service at pickup were very polite and quick. There was a few customers in line in and the counter agent apologized multiple times to every customer for having to wait in even though it wasn't more than I've had to wait at other rental car locations. She was extremely nice and professional. When we dropped the car off they asked if there were any issues with the car and my husband mentioned he had to stop and clean the windows and mirrors because of excess water spots. Minor but she asked if she could have the manger call and discuss. The manager called a day later a took a few dollars off the rental because of the inconvenience. I would rent from this location again and had a great experience.

Janessa Strode

Renting from Dollar Car Rental was quite the experience. I arrived to Midway Airport in Chicago because my Grandma had died. I got to my car and the windows were down upon getting into the car it had a very strong odor of marijuana. My mother has emphezema (2nd hand smoke) she's never been a smoker, so this was unacceptable. I immediately complained and was told they did not have another car available with 4 doors just 2 doors. I was in a hurry so I took the car. Before I left I made them write that the car smelled like Marijuana as I did not want to be blamed for this. Calling "corporate" did no good, and when I got back I got a very small discount for my "troubles." I don't care what people do on their own time but you should really deal with this location as they should not be smoking anything in a non-smoking car. Thanks for nothing.

Terry Njoroge

Very unprofessional staff

Dan Gulino

Car was fine. Service was a little slow at both pick-up and drop-off, but not so bad that I wouldn't rent from them again for a competitive rate.

King James

Friendly staff. Cheap rental. Nice and comfortable car. No complaints. 69.00 for the whole weekend with no surprise fees...can't beat that!

samantha hope

Kanera Salter

I didn’t rent a car from thrifty, I can’t comment on how they company is never rented from them before

Cynthia Grayson

Did reservation online weeks ahead, great deal, pickup was not vehicle listed on reservation, but great exchange. Don't understand having to place extra funds on hold, but okay. Great service. Would rent again.

Lauren Rummel

Staff was super friendly picking up and dropping off my rental. Got a great rate and no issues!!

Gus G.

Poor service on pick up, girl at the counter was more interested in getting back to her cell phone than dealing with customers - cold, no smile and completely impersonal. Was promised a ride back to the airport when we returned the car, but they dropped the ball there too and we had to ride the bus. You guys really got to get better at customer service and following through on what you say you're going to do. Car was otherwise fine except we asked for a car with cruise control and didn't get one. Didn't have time to argue the issue.

Jesse Boudoin

Worst car rental place ever. They scam their customers into paying for insurance that they declined. Beware of this company you didn't

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