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REVIEWS OF Payless Car Rental IN Arkansas

D-Money The Carnivorous One

Been trying to get ahold of there manager to resolve an issue with there vehicle for a long time and have constantly got the run around from employees trying to cover there tracks or no one at all and I rented from this location alot. Smh You would think I would have received a call by now. I'll never rent here again and won't recommend any of my associates nether! Try budget,at least they care about there regular customers.

Kyle Pritchard

Very easy to work with, in and out of rental quickly and efficiently.

Marshun Brown

The price was resonable, but the Ford Fusion they rented us had not been cleaned and had a bad tire/axle.

Chris Hughes

Sharon Jones

My experience with Payless was really good. I was renting because my car had been totaled in an accident. When I mentioned that the staff person at Payless was really supportive!!

Ms CareBear Trucker

La Senda Crowe-Prado

Rodney Phillip

Thumbs up

kevin m

Do not go to this car rental agency. They're customer service here especially lazy...rude...lack of customer service...if you have a problem with your car ...they give you a huge hassle over it. I called them here to get help over it and she literally hung up on me three times. I call them and keep getting voice mail is full. Can't talk to a manager. I call Orlando where I picked the vehicle up at and same bs. Voice mail answer ...cant get a hold of anyone. Even the reject in Mexico that I talked to acted like he would help and blew me off. First and last time they will have me as a customer. Go to Alamo at least if you have any issues they will handle it and take good care of you. These morons here are on crack

uscustoms05 .

You definitely want to stay away from Payless car rental. Do some research and don't make the same mistake as me. Spend your money elsewhere.

Ashley Thompson

This location always has the lowest rates for the same car quality as their counterparts.

Billie Jo Tifft

Had reserved a car on Thanksgiving, when I got to the rental place no one was there and was told by Avis that they sold out and all went home. All the other car places were sold out too. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving in the airport waiting for family 2 1/2 hours away to come pick us up at 7pm at night. Don't waste your time saving money if you are treated this way!

Renee C

I was not sure about using Payless again due to previous bad experiences at other locations. The price was right so gave it another try. Upon arrival the rental counter was closed, but it turned out that the Avis counter was trying to take advantage of Payless customers. A Payless rep returned to the counter and my experience only went uphill from there. Excellent customer service on check-in, clean nice car and easy return made this Payless rental great value. Recommend this location.

Toya Taylor

Christopher Johnson

Toya was awesome at her job. I felt like she went over and beyond to help me with my rental after I jacked up my reservation.

Bobbi Laurence

Reserved a car online for a funeral I needed to attend to over the June 8-11 weekend. I am an over the road truck driver and booked the vehicle earlier in the day for an evening pickup. I was able to pre-pay online with a debit card with no hassles. After a 20 min taxi ride from West Memphis to Memphis Airport, I arrived ontime at 6PM as scheduled. When I arrived, Avis told me Payless was closed and asked if I pre-paid, I informed him I did, and 30 minutes later a manager finally showed only to inform me they only accept major credit cards, and wouldnt accept a debit card without a flight itenerary. I asked why they accepted my online payment for the insurance with my debit card and explained I have a funeral just 90 miles away, and he told me the $40 would be reimbursed, but repeated they only accept major cards. Now there is a chance I will miss the funeral, and possibly out $40 based on the other reviews I am seeing, not to mention the cost of a taxi..

tayanna webster

This car rental place was horrible. Upon arrival for my rental I was told that I would have to wait for the car to be cleaned. After making reservations on line I wasn´t informed about a deposit. I did not rent the car and the company don´t want to refund me my money back. I was charged more then supposed to and the staff was rude. I will never rent there.

Sean Spitler

Sandra Anita Walker

It was very convenient, affordable and timely. I was able to make reservations on my smartphone, there was no wait, the staff was friendly, the car was clean, I was in and out, & most importantly they did not overcharge my card. The price quoted is the same price I was charged. I will definitely use them on my next business trip in a few months.

Melissa Brown

Samantha Cheng

Excellent customer service from the rental counter to the outgoing gate.

jaylen 901

I have a question can you rent a car with cash

William LaSalle

Rip-off warning! The daily rental costs skyrocket if you return the car early.

Wellness Genie

They waited 3 months to process payment messed up all my funds

Anthony Smith

James White

I would give a 0. I got to the desk after arriving from my flight and the rep at the connecting desk told me that the Payless Rep went home, closed the desk, and was asked to assist me. The other company did assist me as a walk-in, but the rate was 80 odd dollars more. Unacceptable. I was grateful for the assist from the other company, but who does business this way. They should be closed!! I am still waiting resolution from their "customer service" department as I feel they owe me the difference between my rate with them and what I paid!!

For the Record

Cynthia Bobo

Teresa Tolan

I Reserved a car online for a Good price for my friend and I Birthday Weekend.My reservation was at 7 am.When we arrived was first had an issue finding the location there was no proper signs leading you to the counter. The worker was late and was in no Hurry to start.The Avis employees informed me that Payless don't start work until 7 am as if they was not one company (With the Poor Customer Service) they may not wanted to be affilated with them. We went to Texas had a Great time.Not to mention the car was dirty because I was informed that due to the temperature outside they could not Wash the Car but they could have given a Discount. I returned the car in early in which it took over an hour to check out because the worker could not Print the Final receipt or Email it to me. But I was going to get a receipt because you can't argue with Black and White.I was also informed on Sunday that what form of payment was used it have to stay on it, but Friday the other worker told me differently.I read the reviews in which I should have done that from the beginning I wouldn't havw waste my time. Last night while looking at my Credit Card statement there was a charge from Payless that I didn't authorize and was put on there almost 3 weeks after my rental. I called Customer Service this Morning they Sucked as well. I have taken other Actions.Like the saying Goes you Pay for What you Get and I will never Use this Company Again.

Li B

Freedom On earth

Genice Oliver

Hartej Dhiman

This rental car company is THE WORST. I had to resort to them because Hertz were out of the car I needed. On my road trip to Colorado, the tire on the Hyundai EXPLODED on the highway. We were asked to go all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma from where we were at the time to get the rental swapped. Two days later, the engine failed on the swapped SUV in the mountains of Colorado. We were asked to go to Denver to get another swap. The most HORRIBLE experience with a rental in my experience, where I have used several rentals over the last two decades. DO NOT rent from them. You may even pay with your life. On top of everything else, they billed my card for toll expenses when I paid at every toll booth on my trip with cash. Also, beware of this black woman at the Memphis airport counter. She's got serious attitude issues. You've been warned.

Nicole Allison

kimberlynn laws

If you rent from them take pictures or video your car and/ or save ALL receipts. Payless like to add charges on your bill. I return my car after hours with a full tank and the charge me with and 1/2 empty tank. I didn't save my receipts or take a picture of my gas handle. They didn't email my receipt until I called for one. Checks your charges!!!!

Pauletta Gilliam

Worse rental car agency in Memphis! Greeting when you call and website says that they are open 0700-2100 hours 7 days a week. Booked my rental for 7 am. When I arrived I was advised by another agency that Payless was not open and they didn't open until 10am. When I came back, I advised the agent about my 7am booking and she blew me off saying they are short staffed so she had nothing to do with that. She never apologized and she was very rude. I will never rent from them again and I advise you not to either.

Sandra Rogers

I would never rent from this crappy ass company again. I rented a small ass Ford Fiesta on March 10th @ 11:57am Returned it at 5:10am on March 12th. They charged me for gas when I filled the tank up on my credit card. Also on top of that, it stated I returned the car at 7:00am. Well that is a bold face lie!!! I had to catch a flight back to Chicago at 6:35AM and my flight information for proof! ISUBMITTED A TICKET AND WILL BE CALLING BACK FOR MY REFUND. SOMEBODY HAD TO DRIVE THAT CAR AND USED UP THE HALF TANK OF GAS! Payless will not get away with this! I should have known this company was a fraud when nobody answers the phone.

Ohhippieday LA

Don't rent from Payless in the Memphis International Airport. I returned a car and a month later started getting calls from someone in NYC saying that my car was never returned. I don't have a return receipt because I was running late for my flight and an employee instructed me to leave my keys in the car and they would email me a receipt. I have tried to contact the local office for 3 weeks with NO ANSWER. How does a business not answer the phone and have no voicemail options? I talked to corporate and still no call from the local chapter. Avis and Budget are also a part of this company. Guess what? I also tried to call the local Avis and Budget with no answer as well. Must be a company policy not to answer customer service calls. What would happen if you had an emergency on the road? Issue is still pending. I repeat- do not rent from this company. They cannot be trusted.

Debbie Kreamer

When I called tonight to rent a car they will call u back never asked for my number and then just hung up Was not happy I was going to rent for 10 days


Tried to rent a car on mother’s day May 13 but wasn’t able to they still charged my card and I’m still waiting for my refund currently. First they told me 3-5 days then they said 14 days now they’re saying 10 days. And I keep having to request a refund and make a new ticket claim over and over every time I call. Currently still waiting for my refund til this day. Worst company ever

Justin Evan

The car was clean and priced $1 per day cheaper than other rental companies. Customer service was dismal. The attendant never put down their phone and continued to have a conversation with another attendant almost like I was nonexistent in front of them. Upon returning I had to speak to an avis attendant because no on from payless was available.

Ron Whitehead

I had zero issues. The staff were nice.

John Burgess

Don't waste your time or money with Payless, at least not at this location. First of all, there are no signs indicating Payless even exists. Once we found the counter, what appeared to be the only Payless employee working (I use the term loosely) was no where to be found. We stood there a good 20 minutes before someone showed up. I reserved an intermediate sized car, got what other companies rent as a compact, returned with a full tank of gas, and the price was ~$30.00 more than quoted. Not sure what the upcharge was for, I can't get a receipt from them.

perry johnson

Patrick Hurn

No signage at airport to direct you to their counter.

Katelyn Fitts

Wish we had read the reviews before using this place. It would have saved us well over $400. They bait you with one price and switch it for another and add all these fees when you get there and call that good service. Choose a conpany that is upfront about fees and how much the rental will actually be. Terrible experience with this company. Terrible customer service. They will screw you over like they screwed us over. Don't waste your time or money.

Keyla Govan

Rená Miller

I will definitely be renting from Payless Car Rental again. The only thing I can warn you about this location is of their poor signage. It was quite difficult returning the car because everyone else had these big bright signs and Payless had a small unnoticeable sign. But seriously, I priced Enterprise and they were going to charge me over $200 to rent an economy sized vehicle for the weekend. I only paid $50 at Payless. I literally saved $150 IN ONE WEEKEND. You can't beat that price!

Patrick Hanby

The first car I picked, a Kia Rio up from Payless MEM airport was a mess. Attendant did not walk around to check the car before I left with it (she said it wasn't necessary). I must confess I did not do a good job myself in my hurry. When I got home (6 mi away), I noticed that there were scratches on every major body section, there was a missing piece in the center console, through which you could touch the e-brake line, and the front bumper was cracked and hanging loosely. Phone customer service was no help. Submitted an online ticket immediately (5 days ago) and have not heard back. Returned the car the next morning and the staff were super helpful and got me on the road with a nice new Ford Fiesta. The first car I picked up was not safe and shouldn't have been on the road. Not sure how the multiple problems would have gone unnoticed by staff. 1* for the first car and 5* for the second. Going to think twice about using Payless again.

Gregory James

Khoki Chanel

DO NOT RENT FROM PAYLESS! Spend that little extra upfront to save you money and trouble in the end! I booked a one day rental. They give estimates instead of actual totals! That's how they rip you off and get over. My estimated total was $41.35 but after I returned the car charged my credit card $87! Price doubled for one day! I picked the car up Sunday morning dropped it off on a full tank Sunday night around 11 pm!

Tyrone Higginbottom

I thought at first that everything was prepaid but at the car rental I had to pay for the deductible and it was higher than the prepay. But at least I've made it to my destination and back.

Mr Pressure

Do not I repeat do not rent from these people. I rented pre paid for my car. The money was took of my card for a week with 4 extra days added. I never received the car period. No one was at the desk. I can not reach anyone from the company. Not professional at all

Cesar Ramos

Did reserved one month in advance but they had no cars

Brinder Benson


Richard Berk

I rented a car on 11/8/17 and returned it 11/9/17. Both times their computer was not working so I was given no receipt when I retuned the car., reassured that a receipt would be sent via email. None received. But my bill included an extra 4 days of charges for time I didn't have the car. Contacting them, is im[possible via phone (mailbox full), ticket (wouldn't accept the order number from Orbitz), and no phone number is listed to talk with a human being. I wouldn't rent from them again. I rated it a 1-star because I couldn't leave a no-star rating.

Tom Duer

Payless Car Rentals is now charging you for a full tank of gas whether or not you choose that option or not. They say they will reimburse you if you bring the car back with a full tank but beware of a great big hassle if that's what you want to do. If you return your car in the off hours, there is no one at the desk to process your credit. Then you have to call the national number and email or fax a copy of your gas receipt to do this. I have been working on my refund for about 2 weeks now and still do not have my refund. I have called the national number 3 times and it is a big waste of time.

Brandon Carter

David L. Fizer Sr.

Cars could be a little cleaner.

Chassity Acey

Fast and efficient

Carrie Smith

The actual rental experience was not bad which is why I gave them 1 star, but I when I tried to call to get a copy of my receipt it became an entirely different issue. I forgot the paperwork in the vehicle so I did not have any confirmation numbers etc. I tried to call the Memphis location directly but 1 no one answered and 2 the voicemail was full. So I tried their 1-800 number. The first time I was immediately hung up on, the 2nd time they hung up on me after hearing my situation, and the 3rd time they answered and listened to what I wanted then said nothing as I could still hear people in the background. I will never use them again!!!

Tiara Isom

Horrible.. I will not be renting from this company again.. Staff has attitudes.. Car not didn't have keys.. they couldn't even find the keys or another car.. trip delayed.. Do not shop with Payless because your only paying less for more of a problem..

Delores Robinson

Terrible. I will never rent again. Only nice thing was young lady in Memphis Tn who took the car back.

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