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815 E Broadway St, North Little Rock, AR 72114, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lease to Own Affordable Cars IN Arkansas

adraine coleman

I Got Me A 2010 Acura TL From Here Nick Was My Salesman He Got Me Approved When Other Dealerships Turned Me Down And My Payments Are Affordable My Sales Tax And Tags Were Paid For Great Experiences Overall

Lawanda Scott

This company is expensive for high mileage vehicles, my salesman didn't tell me everything.

Kelly Fisher

Great people got a great car and have improved my credit. Thank you

Cj Can fortnite

Run grab your money and go asap they sale crappy cars and they find any opportunity to steal your money. I am filing a lawsuit as we speak. Should've read the reviews b4 purchasing and do not buy from Don he is a snake like the rest.

Jimmy Coffer

The guys out there were not pushy and Kelly was great to work with.

J. Leonardo

they are shady, i asked for a simple paper with the amount they said and they denied to provide one. they said i had to sign some leasing stuff first. what?

Raymond Hooks

Over priced

Shon Maxwell

Poor customer service

Joe Stafford

Really nice people

jayaun durham

Darrian hill is the one to see... he would approve u for anything... he's polite and explains everything to the T GO ASK FOR DARRIAN HILL

Kelly Thomas

Great place to get a car from people who really want to help you

Carl Morrow

I definitely recommend this place and Nick he was very helpful and was with us every step of the way.

Raven Davis

Horrible experience here!!

Soul Embraced

Just made my oil change appointment it will be 9 days from now..ridiculous!! And I have to take off work early to do this...not cool at all...then just found out that the check engine light that came on just three days after getting the truck IS NOT COVERED under their 2 year 24,000 mile warranty...even though some codes are a warning to prevent total engine failure...but then it would be covered he tells me...also upon further inspection there was no spare no tire tool and no jack on or in truck with a total of 20,000$ dollars I will have paid on an 08 with 124,000 miles...truck is nowhere near worth that amount not even close and the code that its throwing was probly cleared just to pop on shortly after I got the truck.....CROOKS....

Smoke Dogg Unbreakable Ryders M/C

I was told the bike I was purchasing was for 7k for a 06 Gsxr I was like ok cool. Then when I signed the contract and looked it over once more I saw 13k. They over priced everything and do not report to the credit bureau like they should. I offered how much would they take cash because I have to leave state to help my mother in Texas and won't be able to afford the payments. The lady at JMC Leasing said I can't buy it because of contract then I stated lease no I was renting to own and it says affordable rent to own on the Internet. She stated they will sue me for the remaining balance of 13k I said the judge will look at yall crazy for a old bike with over 23k miles and with issues that I told Chris Crump about. This is my 2nd bike because the first one was a white ninja 600 that was missing the wheel lock pin and the nut came loose and I almost wrecked. Sent pictures to Chris. Oil and maintenance wasn't done. Same for the 06 Gsxr. I also have pictures of everything and video.

Mark H

They pay your sales tax and their customer service is the best I have ever seen

Steven Bailey

No thanks! Loved the truck I was looking at but not worth the runaround I got. Why do you need to know my job description and what I do at work to sell me a truck when I will be using it for personal use?!?

Kathryn Robbins

At the location in Benton the are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Come here to purchase you will be pleased!

Kashaun Johnson

Well I had two vechile from them. I love the fact they pay sell tags, but the only thing I hated was the noise it made when your car note was due and the fact it cut off,and you had to put a code in it,but this was back in 2010. I payed off two cars with them well one was wrecked but still payed off. Overall I liked them they focus on what you can pay .

Patricia Russell

Cleadester Johnson

I love doing business here. They are friendly and helpful and willing to work with you on your down payment

Erik Thompson

Angelo is the best ever. He took all of the headache out of getting a fresh ride

Breawna Thomas

The workers are all super nice and willing to help find the car that works best for me!

Timothy Rippeto

Good place to get a car if your credit isn't so good. They also finance the sales tax and tags into the payment also.

bobby holleman

these people are crooks.Watch out for your credit.Wouldnt ever do business with these people.They do not pay the sales tax like they say.THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!!!!!

Tracy G

Got a car on Saturday it started acting up on Tuesday. It has low miles and is only 4 years old i didnt expect the issues. I had the car less than a week and couldn't drive it. They told me to make an appt to have it serviced. They gave me an appt for a week later. The service is poor, the cars are crap. If you're reading this RUN!!! Its better to get your stuff together and buy from a real dealer. You will get robbed if you go here.

Marcos Lopez. Hernandez

(Translated by Google) They are friendly and cater vien vien friendly aunoss (Original) Son vien amables y atienden vien amables aunoss

Cory Markum

I’ve been turned down so many time to poor credit or not having a co buyer but Angelo made it happen for me ! Put me in a beautiful car that’s drives amazing && the process was no hassle ! They are truly there to serve the best service and cars to their customers ! Go see ANGELO B NOW ‼️‼️ Oh && did I mention they pay your sales tax ‼️

Andy Tay


Derek Mills

I got a 2009 Nissan Altima from them. The car was $1,500 down. I was told that I can put down a $1,000 and get the car then pay the rest of the $500 later. After I pay the rest of the down payment, then the payments for the car will begin( $435 biweekly for 72 weeks or $20,000). After you sign the contracts, they show a video that states if you bring the car back, get it reposed, miss 3 payments, etc. you will have to pay off the ENTIRE CAR. This is the type of thing that you show before signing a contract. So, I drive the car for a week and decided that I did not like it. I took it back and was told that I would not be able to get back the $1,000, but I would not be indebted to them due to not starting actual payments. I was fine with that because loosing $1,000 is better than having to pay $20,000 on a car I did not like. A couple of weeks later I get a call from JMC Leasing talking about I owe them for getting the car reposed. I told them what I was told and the "contract" department guy said that he never heard of such an agreement. So I called my account rep at JMC and she told me that her supervisor approved for me to give the car back. I asked could I get it in writing. The woman said that they will email it to me. I did not receive the email. I checked back with her and did not receive a reply. This was all in February. Here it is June and these folks sending me letters talking about I owe $8,000 and they had to sell the car to someone else. When I finally was able to get in touch with my account rep, she told me that her supervisor said that I could not get the condition she told me in writing. Folks shadier than under an oak tree.

Andrea Wright


Pete Racanelli

Definitely one shady "company" tried buying a bike from them I was told to put $500 down then pay off the remaining amount of the down payment within 30 days but within that 30 days I get a phone call from the sales person he asked me if I would come off the lay away bc they have a buyer with cash in hand so I figured I'd work with them and said yes no problem make the sale when I asked for my $500 back I was told no they couldn't refund the money so buyers beware this business is very shady and not trustworthy

Beth Allgood

Awesome and honest customer service.

Maurice Utsey

I have a vehicle from here that I'm currently paying on. The only reason I continue to do so is because I don't want to ruin my credit. I'm being overcharged horribly! 16k for a 2003 Yukon well over 100k miles. They offer free oil changes but I refuse to let their service Department work on my vehicle. When I bought it the tire rod ends and center link was on backwards so I had to pay to get them put on correctly because they wouldn't do so. Then I find out that I actually know the previous owner of the vehicle and she had the exact same problem but she returned the vehicle when they refused to fix it. That's sad considering they didnt even fix it before putting it back on the lot for resale at an outrageous price. Referred my sister to buy a vehicle from them and her head gaskets went out. They had her car for over 2 months and they gave it back they replaced the headgaskets and gave it back to her with no fluids in the vehicle. I'll admit that I love my Yukon but I could have found one for the same mileage for about 10k less. I wouldn't recommend them to my worse enemy.

Kristen Juarez

I had a great experience buying a car with them. I would definitely do business again. My Pontiac g8 never had any problems. Great customer service.

Bryan Fitzhugh

If I could give a negative review I would. I had called to contact a finance manager a few minutes before close. I got rudely spoken to by the female up there and she yelled at me saying that they were closed. the people skills up there are not up to par at all. I suggest anyone who thinks of relations with them needs to be prepared to get nothing but rude service.

Ramona Robinson

Got a fantastic vehicle here they made sure I have a vehicle suitable for my family

Edd Scroggins

Rip off don't waste your time or money it's a rip off tried to charge me $11,000 for a 30 year old nisson

Shannon Walker

Tammy Gibson

It was a horrible experience, I was on the phone back and forth all day and then when i pick out to car that would work for me they made me sit there for almost 2 hours just to tell me that my loan did not work, due to the fact that I have a availed out of state license, I just move here give me a brake .....don't go there. Just a waist of you time

Steven Carter

Nick Lowe

previously bought from them.... but went back... and wow.... guess it is all down hill

Kimberly Dulany

The technicians on Broadway are awesome!

Astria Starks

To high for cars and then it's lease to own cars... Meaning you can return them... But they said if you return the cars it would go down as a voluntary repo! Yet it's a lease to own dealership

amanda tidwell

Horrible. Husband and I put 2500 down on a 2008 Nissan altima, when we got it the check engine light was already on and they claimed they would fig it free of charge and never did, then the oil light pops up and the car starts knocking a few weeks later. Unfortunately its a Saturday and they refuse to do ANYTHING about it or even replace my car until its fixed so the important trip my husband and I were supposed to be making this weekend had to be canceled. Thanks affordable rent to own!!!! NOT!! Instead of being taken care of they left us stranded.

pete perkins

After my hours were reduced at work, I lost my truck I purchased from these people. They came in the middle of the night and repo'd my truck. I accept full responsibility for not paying my debt. But I had personal property in the vehicle that I really needed. I wasn't given the location of the truck to retrieve my property.These people are crooked. I asked several times about where and when I could get my stuff back, but the guy I talked to on the phone wouldn't tell me where I should go. I had several tools, pictures of grand kids, papers with personal information. Please do not buy a car from these people.

khristen owens

If i could give this company -5 stars i would. Shady sales ppl, over priced cars and they falsify documents. Buyers beware.

Taral Johnson

Anthony Goldsby

I'm filling a Class Action Lawsuit for false and misleading information. Defective vehicles. Deliberately overcharging customers keeping cash payments and conflict of interest between Ownership and their legal representation Substandard vehicles sold by unscrupulous people. I'm suing them back to the stone age. I encourage reporting this business to the BBB and the Arkansas Attorney General.

Bryant Stevens

General manager Kelly Thomas is genuinely concerned with helping the customer find a vehicle that is best for them. He put in a lot of time and effort helping us with the circumstances we were dealt with and did so with integrity!

Norwood Tidwell

Very un professional text drove a vehicle and the salesman couldn't even put Air in the tires with the tire pressure lite on? Me being a former customer this is how you tread paying customers very disappointed...

Celeste Billington

I had a very bad experience with them they are rude and their cars are not good at all!!! I gave their car back to them and they tried to garish my check I’ll NEVER RECOMMEND them to ANYONE!!!!

Diamond Hatley

Great business... affordable and dependable cars

Susan Carroll

They will work with you /budget to get you in the best car

Angel McPeak

Great place for the credit challenged person. With every purchase you can get a service agreement. They only use the Lubicants and parts each car calls for. No cutting corners here. You can purchase a vehicle and know it is mechanically sound plus Dennis and the guys are there for anything that arises.

Cindy Taylor

Great people to work with!

Angelo Borrero

Top notch service and everyone is approved. Look no further than Affordable lease to own for your next purchase, why? Easy terms, no credit needed, sales tax financed and one of the best selections in the state of Arkansas.

Holli Moore

Got a car from here today that I'm extremely happy with so far Nick went out of his way to call me and get the ball rolling to get me in something I was happy with and he worked during the day to get everything started before I even got there so that it didn't take as long when I got there to get the car everyone I met was very nice and helpful I had a great experience today car searching is not something I enjoy doing whatsoever but Nick made it enjoyable and easy so I will deffinately be sending people their way and highly recommend them this is the happiest I've ever been with a car so thanks lease to own affordabke cars especially you Nick

Tricia Ambeau

Jared Dimick

I purchased my car from an excellent salesman Kelly Thomas. He covered every detail from the vehicle to the price to the warranty. Very thankful for his customer service and trust.

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