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1 Airport Blvd #106, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States Located in: Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

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(Translated by Google) I made reservations at 9 o'clock here and waited 2 hours and 30 minutes to get a car. There will be a lot of demand here, but then I have to take more people to respond to the demand and take action. I was standing in line because there was no gold member line, and after 2 hours, I suddenly decided to stand in line for gold member, so the next time someone came, I protested against it, but I was told to just wait. Due to the car being borrowed here, my morning schedule is lost. Hertz wants something special. Those who rent a car here should go at least one hour ahead of schedule. (Original) 여기 9시 차 예약하고 갔으나 2시간 30분 기다려서 차를 받음. 여기 수요가 많긴 하겠지만 그렇다면 그 수요에 맞춰서 접수하는 사람을 더 두던가 뭔가 조치를 취해야 하는데 그런것 없었음. 골드멤버 줄이 따로 없어서 줄을 같이 섰는데 2시간 후 느닷없이 골드멤버 줄 서라고 해서 나중에 온 사람이 먼저 접수하는 황당한 일이 벌어짐. 그것에 대해 항의 했지만 그냥 기다리라는 말을 들음. 여기서 차 빌린거 때문에 오전 일정이 다 엉클어짐. 허츠는 뭔가 특단의 대책을 세우기 바람. 여기서 차 빌리실 분들은 예정보다 최소 1시간 이상 먼저 가시기 바람.

Paul VandeVusse

Although there were only 4 customers in office, I waited close to 20 minutes. This is very consistent for this Hartford location. Then as I was leaving with the car, the person at the gate stopped the car in front of me and did something for at least 5 minutes. You guys need a major redesign of your processes !!! If my company did not mandate Hertz, I would never be back.

Michael Allen

Desk services were great.....not so much in the garage.


SUV was great! Check in lady was very helpful and my request to bump up to a larger vehicle was done quickly and seamlessly. Check out was a different story! Brought the SUV back in the evening and there was a long line of unhappy customers in the office. Luckily one of the agents took my contract and walked it thru the system (thus bypassing the long line of unhappy customers). Took a while but she did her best. Had to wait quite a while for a Hertz shuttle bus to the airport. The "next bus arriving in ...minutes" clock kept resetting itself so you never knew when the bus was actually going to arrive. One smaller Hertz shuttle bus arrived at the office but the driver shut it down while we were waiting at the curb. There were a lot of unhappy Hertz customers on Thursday night (5-26-16).

marco chirino

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Robert Huang


(Translated by Google) It is kind. Even if you do not speak English, please let me know. However, it is hard to find a place to go for a car, and it is difficult to get a return place because of one-way traffic. (Original) 친절합니다. 영어 못해도 잘 알아듣게 말해주구요. 다만 차를 받으러 가는 장소가 찾기 힘드며, 반납 장소또한 일방통행들로 인해 들어가기가 힘듭니다.

SS Devulapalli

Horrible experience. They have no idea on policies. The staff is rude and highly impolite. They behave in the worst way possible. They make you wait for a long time. If asked for a clarification they yell at you and ignore you. They call the next customer when you are still trying to seek the explanation. Never ever hire a rental from this location.

Carole Disler

The Kia Seol met our needs. We did not have any problems with the car. I did have to go inside to the Hertz counter to check it in, because the outside tablet was not working for the attendant. It would have been very convenient, if I had been able to check the car back in outside.

Martin Rafferty

If hell existed on earth, you should opt to go there before going to this Hertz. They are the slowest and worst at the airport with the dumbest policies. Waited an hour +

matt vaughan

DONT Rely on this company they will let you down and when they do they don’t care. The employee Allan is smug pompous and arrogant not to mention completely unprofessional. My girlfriend came to the rental counter in tears and explained the details of her situation. Allan who acted like we were an interruption to his lunch break seemed annoyed we bothered him with our problems. With a very dismissive attitude he said “No your not stuck, there’s a bus” . The only thing that makes this miserable employee happy is dismissing the misfortune of customers.

Matthew Norris

I recently increased my review to 4 stars after having several difficult experiences with other car rental locations. Truthfully, the service seemed to be quick and painless and the associates quite helpful. I'm not crazy about the location, as it is requires taking several specific lanes on one-way streets to find, but once there, it really is pretty good for a car rental location.

Dale Eberhardt

A complete clusterf@#$. Incompetent customer service. Local office wouldn't answer the phone. They were supposed to stay open for a delayed flight but didn't. Even though Avis, Alamo, Budget, and every other company did. Had to sleep in baggage claim until they opened at 4am. But they still wouldn't answer the phone. Got transferred to the national res number and no one spoke English very well. A supervisor was finally able to get through to the local office and sent the shuttle to pick me up. Finally got to the office at 5am. If there was a way to give less than 1 star I would. Never again.

John Accardo

Efficient. friendly and a reasonable value.

susanphilly .

I alighted from the train, walked through Union Station, and was met immediately outside by the branch manager (wish I could remember his name!). We drove the 4 minutes to Hertz, where my car was waiting (with air conditioning on and everything ready). The manager went over IN DETAIL how the car operated, wanted to know if I had any questions, then gave me his cell number in case anything when awry. It was without a doubt the best Hertz experience I have had. Thank you, Hertz Denver @ Welton!

George Tobin

Bad communication. Made me miss my court date for out of town

Maria Bouche

I will NEVER EVER rent a vehicle, or deal with Hertz rental at all, ever again! I rented a car late at night because my flight had been delayed and it took almost an hour just to get a rental and there were only ever 5 people total in line, including those at the desk working with the attendants. I used my MasterCard and the attendant informed me there would be an additional $400 held until the car was returned. It was too late at night and I was tired from my trip, so I agreed like most people. Never did I imagine that almost a month later my money held would not be returned to me. After my car had been returned, I looked at my bank account over a couple weeks after it should have been given back and to no avail. So, I called the number after having to search for it. After about 10 different “press one for this, press 8 for this,” and just as it was saying I’d get a response for a past rental issue, the recording said that my call couldn’t be put through due to a tech issue! UGH! This happened twice. Several days later I call my bank and they confirm that it is an issue with Hertz (yes it does) because they had not released the money. Today I finally get through to a person at the place I returned the car (rented from a different location) and he informs me that the contract is at the place I rented from. Thanks but no thanks, Colin. So I call the original rental place, and again a million “press this button for this” with intermittent “don’t bother us if you have this issue” recordings. I finally get a hold of Chanelle who can barely hear me though I can hear her just fine. It is noisy in the background. Her response is all she can do is “expedite” the issue by putting in a request and that I can call my bank back soon and tel them to release the money. This is terrible customer service all the way from renting the car to returning AND THEN FOR A MONTH AFTER!!! Btw, it was to get back money THAT IS M|INE!! And I still haven’t gotten the money.

Rev. Robin Kay Monk Self

While it's a new business relationship, it's been a great partnership so far. Hertz Gold Member reps have been friendly and have gone beyond the call of duty to assist in having great rentals

Roberto Reyes


DL Culiver

I didn't have a great selection in the President's Circle area, but I found my first choice of vehicle, (Chrysler 300). Very little human interaction. Good,but not great. (22nd rental this year)

Jen Scalise

If I could give them no stars, I would. A counter rep gave me a hard time for wanting a booster seat. Then at 11pm with said child in tow, after a very long flight, they had is walking all over the garage at SFO to find a car seat. If you want customer service, use another car rental!


(Translated by Google) I made a reservation using another site (, but there was no noti when I did not pick up the car within 2 hours, and I waited two hours for the car that I had just shipped, even though I made a payment already and settled within two hours. Wait two hours but wait for an hour for no car. I told him the car oil was going to work, but it was not. When I come back, I tell them to fill in the pool. After filling it, I can not help it. It was the worst service and response I've ever had. (Original) 다른 사이트 (렌탈닷컴)을 이용해 예약하였는데 2시간 내에 차량 픽업을 안했을 경우에 대한 노티가 없었고, 그것과 별개로 이미 결제를 하고 2시간 내에 딱 맞춰 갔는데도 차량을 방금 출고하였다고 2시간 기다리라함. 2시간 기다렸는데도 차량이 없다고 한 시간 기다리라함. 차량 기름이 풀이라고 했었는데 그것도 아니었음. 돌아올때 꼭 풀로 채워오라고해서 채워온 후 얘기하니 어쩔 수 없다함. 내가 겪어본 서비스 중 최악의 서비스와 응대였음.

William Campbell II

Always a good experience and Patty is awesome when I return the vehicles!

Lakishia Simmons

For some reason my reservation with a different company was cancelled and all of the cars were reserved. Deborah at Hertz wad amazing. She gave me great customer service and fixed the problem. She was positive, optimistic, and really made the process so easy. Thank you Hertz! I honestly don't know what I would've done if she wasn't able to help me. You're a true gem. (I only met her once at the Louisville KY airport but will never forget).

Mitchell Lombard

Little bit of feedback....if you don't have any cars, don't put the "Cars Available" sign out. Asked about a vehicle and the employee said they are required to keep it out even when they don't have cars. Disappointing for a tired traveler, and ridiculous to waste our time waiting in line.

Gerhard Stoltz

follow up. I was refunded by hertz corporate so I will update my star rating to 3 . Minus -5 stars yes. A cleaning fee appeared on my bill for $75. I called and was told it is not a cleaning fee but because I parked the car in the wrong spot after hours. I was directed by Hertz customer service to park the car exactly where I left it and followed instructions over the phone. I went back the next morning to ensure they found everything ok with the vehicle. The lady at the counter said everything was fine. She did not tell me there was a cleaning fee which I found on my bill the next day. Stating a cleaning fee for incorrect parking is a clear indication they are adding illegal fees to their bills. Watch out and stay away. Herz corporate customer service also refused to do anything about the bill and just switched me back to the branch every time call trying to solve the situation. I guess I have no option but to report this to my credit card company

Paul Jacob

Reserved compact, received large sedan during vacation. Staff was friendly and courteous. Apparently this is industry wide scam.

Patrick D.

Everything worked very smooth, car was ready and in good condition, return was easy

David Graham

The people working check out were very kind and accommodating. They gave very clear instructions and information for my rental. The return proceeds was just as good and they were very patient with any last minute questions I had and waiting as we retrieved our luggage from the vehicle.

italian stallion

One of the worst travel experiences I’ve ever had with any company. Had a car reserved weeks prior and flew from across the country to attend a concert the day I arrived. after paying for an hour taxi I got to hertz he told me there were no cars and that we are screwed. (Working in customer service) I asked “okay what do you think we should do now” his said “idk your fucked”. Wow thanks hertz. I then asked to speak to a manager and got no other assistance in trying to get a rental car with her it’s or any company. The manager wasn’t willing to call or look at any other options.

Wil Haywood

I find this office to be relatively helpful in comparison to others..

Hans Straub

Michael Kintner

Excellent experience overall. A little too much up selling at pickup but otherwise very satisfactory experience.

Linsey Buckner

Good deals!

Arpit Gupta

Location was very close to my hotel and has courteous staff. Also this location is open till 9 PM which was really helpful for me.

Jerry Sok

Hertz on 2001 Welton St in downtown Denver, DO NOT RENT FROM THEM,absolutely worst car rental establishment.We had reservation a month ahead(paid in full) of the arrival to their local Denver office.When we showed up with all the skiing gear and luggage they simply said that the full size car is not available and we were given 3 options, bigger car but we would have to pay more money for it,smaller car for the same price we paid for the full size or we could just leave without any.We were told that in a very rude manner ,customer service was very poor with a bad attitude.The vehicle we got was step smaller than the one we should get and paid for,and also dirty inside and outside.If you don't need trouble on your vacation stay away.

Alexandre Baldini

Andy Yazo

Hit or miss here folks. I consistently receive good service from some and others provide consistently poor service. I recently had two staff members refuse to perform their job function, while they walked away chuckling. Amazing. They were not held accountable by the night manager, or so I was told.

Amanda Monahan

Very speedy transaction to pick up our rental, the associate was also helpful and friendly.

Kasia Mizerska

giampaolosf .

I rented a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder at 11:30pm, visibly -although the dark hours- lightly dented and scratched, I had to take pictures not to get charged (hopefully) for those damages, after insisting for a written report by the associate at the exit. The navigation system never worked for the entire week-rental, so I had to rely on my mobile quite uncomfortably driving while trying to check and hear the given directions. Naturally I had various misses also due to the bad weather and extra heavy traffic. Also, the drive-assist did not work with the exception of the cruise control (on, off). A very disappointing experience I will make sure to avoid in future rental choices.

Laura Cavern

I can't say I've ever loved renting a car. You walk in and everyone is usually half asleep and talks like an automaton.... But these guys were great! Vernon picked me up from the dealership and made funny, polite conversation with me until we got to the rental center, and then the counter guy was super nice too! I got a car similar to my own, which seems to be less and less common (they just give u a cheapie and good luck to you). Forget Enterprise--I'll definitely use this Hertz again!

Drew E

Do NOT rent from Hertz! I paid $212 for the 3-day rental of a muscle group car (Mustang GT or Camaro SS) but they gave me a Nissan Sentra and would NOT reimburse me the difference in price between the two vehicles, the Sentra would have cost $95 total yet they only gave me a $45 refund instead of the difference in price which was $117. On top of that despite being a gold rewards member i waited for almost an hour to get my car at the rental counter. Very unprofessional no effort made to help me.

Nikki Dycus

They deserve 5 for customer service but a 3 for parking lot execution. Need a map with stall numbers. I'm disabled and walked for quite some distance. And the numbers are not in sequential order, my car has a weird smell and minor damages. All documented at checkout. Overall, nice folks at the SFO location.


Very poor customer service from not one, but both representatives. I was given an attitude when I had to exchange rental cars due to a faulty tire. The representative there was not even willing to consider that there may have been the possibility I was given a car with a leaking tire and assumed that I was 100% at fault. There certainly was the possibility that I could have been at fault, but absolutely no consideration was given that I may have been given a defective car. The other representative said "Hold a moment" very curtly multiple times over the phone and in person and then just put me on hold, or just ignored me to do her business. Will NOT come here again.

Dan Lewis

Working with hertz here was such a better experience than you usually get from a rental car company. Their kiosk was a breeze and they had a dozen cars to choose from without waiting for an attendant. So much better than other companies.

Sam Anfe

Great service! Easy return of my out of state rental.

Dave Hillenbrand

As a gold plus member, I went to lot but the VIP desk was closed and the board listing your car location was turned off. Of course, they have signs telling gold members to outside but I guess they haven't gotten around to changing them. And only one associate inside to handle the long line of upset customers. It gets better, after waiting 45 minutes, sent to a location that didn't have my car, after that, had to take a smaller car. To top off the experience, had to wait 20 minutes to check out of the lot. I guess the Plus stands for aggravation and over to get a car.

Jerry Kosner

car ran as expected. People in Louisville were extra nice. good rental experience.

Tammy Malich

al simms

Love Hertz budget in advance, make sure you drive the car around first some may have small but manageable querks.

Ron Carleton

Great price

Kyle Harris

I always rent from Hertz when me and the family fly down to Orlando. Best rates hands down! Trust me I look around for the best price. Lol. Cars and trucks are mostly 2019 vehicles. Always quick service !!

Maurice Williams

August Jackson

Karen mayo

dipesh raj manandhar

the rental area is very close to the airport. I was able to book ahead, car was already selected and parked in a specific stall for me, and the contract was printed at the gate. No delays no complaints.

Seth Owens

Rebecca W

hyunju chough

Returning the car seems complicated than picking up the car. In the afteroon there were less instructions given from the staff. In the morning I had given clear instructions to start with. I still llove Hertz!

BG Wheel

I drew Hertz from a "name your own price" bid on Priceline. The price was great, about 30% of list. The service was not. At midnight there was one counter agent and about ten of us in line. Instead of serving us, she spent at least ten minutes doing something complicated with a Hertz employee who seemed to need a car. When I finally got to the counter, I got the usual bullying for turning down the extra insurance options--I'd already bought $30,000 collision from Priceline, have my own liability. Returning the car at 6 a.m., I got equally surly service from the counter agent (no one in the lot to check us in). Avoid Hertz in Louisville.

Laura De Cardenas

My first experience was terrible, I always made my reservation on time, actually like 3 or 4 weeks before our arrival, this time I called by phone and everything Just to be sure that they have a car that we want, we arrived at SFO at 1 am .... first they don’t have a line for the gold members, but it’s ok, just a few people in front of us, finally our turn, and guess what ? They don’t have the car that we reserved, 30 Minutes later, still here, hungry, mad and very disappointed. Maybe is karma because I betrayed the company that we usually use . I gave one star because they don’t have 1/2 .

Govind Deviram

Poor car quality. After spending extra $s it wasn't to the expected level. Being the current gen compact SUV the Jeep Compass had Odd noise from the back seats, poor door/handle quality and the AC power never works to charge my phone. BTW there is no USB port either. I'll have multiple looks the next time pick the services from hertz and the specific car brand and model.

Scott James

Claudia Michaelis

Very professional.

August Dawson

Barbara Joyce

They were very courteous and more than helpful.


(Translated by Google) Scheduled to get 10:00 car, the scene to 11:15 no car, in front of 2 groups of people did not wait for the car, the service staff answer is wait, rent not rent casual attitude, I feel very bad, I did not expect Hertz Management turned out to be so rotten ... not even a star's level, it should be negative five stars (Original) 預定好10點取車,現場到11:15點還沒車,前面還有2組人也沒等到車,服務人員的回答就是等,要租不租隨便的態度,感覺非常差,沒想到Hertz管理竟然如此 爛 ...連一顆星的水準都不到,應該是 負 五顆星

Sierra Kendrick

Don't ever rent through them directly its so complicated and I was drastically inconvenienced. They take debit cards to hold deposits last week but didn't this week. They make rules as they go and nothing is in writing. I will never again and will tell everyone never again. What happened to customer service it doesnt exsist anymore.

Shafiul Azam

I actually got fast and excellent service during pick-up and returning! Had reserved online to pick up at 7, reached there at 6:50, was the first in line and got out with the car by 7:10.

Nashville Dispatch

excellent service all around. good pricing, and easy process. I will continue to rent from Hertz every time I travel now as long as they continue to conduct business this way.

Bertha Yansaneh

Lety A

This was my first time to MCO airport. Staff was rude & not very empathetic. I was quoted $200 less than what I was actually charged.

moishe deutsch

Wow the bast location I ever see really good customer service

Jason Wills

The worst car hire experience I've ever had. Two very disinterested staff with a long line of customers. With two people in front of me I waited 2 hours for my car. I hate to think how long oth Rs waited behind me. The car needed to be cleaned before I could take it but I think they just smeared the dirt over the car. Customers returning cars are told to put their name on the list and wait . Go to any other car hire place would be my suggestion

Inam Quazi

The guys at the place were nice, but unfortunately my car was a lemon car and tires were bad, i had a scary experience driving it from hartford, ct to upstate NY. They were going to bill me for the whole week cost but then the manager at BDL stepped in and was able to get a daily rate. but overall price was not worth the hassle 115.99 for two days of driving. The insurance 29.99 a day??? I'm positive that is not the standard for renting cars. Such a rip off. Overall I will not be using Hertz for future business.

Kenny Higgins

Called once and they picked up the phone then hung up. Called back and was quoted $750 for 2 days in an economy car. I'm still laughing at that one lol!

Diana Tuaty

The service is great, they give you all the instructions you need and after you're done you get to pick any car you want (from the category you paid). The price was also great, we didn't have any inconvenient on our trip. We took the GPS and it failed a couple of times, make sure you have a plan B (like Google Maps on your phone) because it looses signal easily.

adam schnaufer

Well... The first time I rented a car from them, I climbed in and saw what looked like sand on the dash. I wiped my finger across the dash and found out that it was shards of glass... Not sand. No apologies or compensation for that. Second time I rented a car, we rented a full sized car and got a beat up Toyota yaris. I asked if they wanted to do a walk around with me when I first got the car. They said it wasn't needed. When I went to return the car they inspected it and tried to charge me with the damages. When it was pretty obvious that the damages were pretty old. Spent 1.5 hours debating that with the guy. Ruined my morning. All so we could get the car we actually rented. If you have a choice, go with another company to get a vehicle. I know I won't be spending any more money or time with Hertz.

Laquonia Boyd

I would not recommend this place to anyone. After having someone rear end me (no fault of mine) dealing with the injuries from the accident and being without my car for the next month for repairs I was really expecting a rental car company would be a little more compassionate to their customers. When we went in I thought we would be greeted with warm smiles and felt welcomed NOT everyone had RBF especially the lady that help me I even offered to wait for another representative she told me no she would help and was very rude about it. I was put in what they called an SUV (Jeep Renegade) which I did not like, I asked to be put in a full size car just like the one I’d wrecked, but they didn’t have one so I asked to be put on a list to be notified once they had one, since they claimed it would be that next day but we never heard from them, called back a couple times and kept being told we will call once we had one. At that point we were fed up and called Enterprise and they got us taken care of.

Dennis Meyers

I have used Hertz for several years now when traveling. I particularly like the the online convenience and other service associated with being a Gold Plus Rewards member. I take advantage of the 50 Plus discount for those my age. The competitive prices, consistent service and quality vehicles will keep me coming back. We just returned today from a trip, flying in and out of Orlando. Busy but well structured airport and the Hertz service there was exceptional. Thank you.

Greg Z

Vehicle I had prepaid for, a Premium SUV was unavailable. The alternate vehicle smells like a filthy smoky vehicle and left rear turn signal does not work. Still trying to get in touch with counter person as to what to do with vehicle since a turn signal is important. Roadside assistance states I have to wait until I return vehicle to report and counter does not answer due to “increased call volume.” Waiting 2 days w same outcome. Probably should have never rented on first place because of customer service and vehicle quality issues.

Judith Ford

I just called and made a reservation for a five day rental. It was so easy and stress free! It's always hard to figure out logistics and price and other details; but the 800 operator, Carol, was fabulous. Am so glad to see Hertz giving women opportunities to shine.

Dan Brown


Damian Dylla

Carol Sensat

A reservation was made for Friday 10/21/16 at 7:30pm. I get to Hertz and they don't have any cars reserved. The lady that was working was very rude and unprofessional. They do bad business. They make reservations for cars they don't have. False advertisement!

Jason Davis

didn't realize you had to provide a gas receipt but they were cool about it

alison filippini

Great customer service! Monica, at the Louisville airport, was awesome. She was so helpful, warm, and friendly. I think, in general, Hertz costs a bit more than some of the other rental companies, but there are opportunities for discounts (AAA and the free Hertz Gold membership) and the fabulous customer service is totally worth it.

Jake Russell

Checked prices before renting...Hertz very competitive...booked two week rental at Bradley Int Airport....easy pick up (gold club) Nissan...good gas mileage and fun to drive...easy drop off...will definitely rent from Hertz again...Jake

Yunsung Nam

(Translated by Google) Unfriendly. The condition of the car is not good. I made reservations for open-air car, but later came suv receiving .. The rearview mirror is not cleaned at all, and the vehicle has received more than 30,000 miles. Hertz was the best in the rest of the world, but here the Alamo was more fresh and friendly. (Original) 불친절함. 차량상태가 좀 안좋습니다. 오픈카예약했는데 늦게와서 suv받음.. 백미러는 아예 안닦았고 3만마일 이상 달린 차량 받음. 다른 나라는 허츠가 가장 좋았는데 여기는 알라모가 더 새차이고 친절했습니다.

Juan Ramirez

Terrible customer service. Waaaaayyyy too many hidden fees. My wife and I are pretty easy people when it comes to hidden fees. But $400 was way too much on top of $200 that we had already paid on Expedia for 7 days. When we got to the counter to check in the lady was rude and did not go out of her way to help us. Thanks to Hertz we did not get to enjoy our vacation in Chicago. We were more glad to take the train and bus and enjoy the full Chicago experience. Thank you Hertz

Darryl Johnson

I waited for almost 2 hours to get a vehicle

Zila Pitkin

At the hyatt resort & spa office Nice place to rent a car

William JC Awana

The Kissimmee location was very small. I was not able to get the car early on the day of the pickup. Should have cars always available. Overall, I still prefer Hertz!

jlshaff9 .

My complaint isn't with Hertz @ XNA, its with the large amount of fees when I was using rewards points, and the disproportionate cost of upgrading from a Chevy Malibu.

Lisa Wood

rachel highfield

Stefano Gobbini

(Translated by Google) We hired a Kia Rio sedan on 04/26/2018 and we had a great time, we also opted for full insurance and full prepaid so as not to have to look for gas stations around Manhattan or in New Jersey. Tamara is a fantastic person and explained everything to us with extreme professionalism. Price absolutely low compared to the quality of service and the type and conditions of the car that they have provided. They will be our reference every time we come back to new york. (Original) Abbiamo noleggiato una Kia Rio berlina il 26/04/2018 e ci siamo trovati benissimo, abbiamo anche optato per assicurazione completa e pieno prepagato così da non dover andare a cercare benzinai in giro per Manhattan o nel new jersey. Tamara è una persona fantastica e ci ha spiegato tutto con estrema professionalità. Prezzo assolutamente basso rispetto alla qualità del servizio e alla tipologia e condizioni dell'auto che ci hanno fornito. Saranno il nostro riferimento ogni volta che torneremo a new york.

Su-ho Shin

(Translated by Google) I'm unfriended. I'm not trying to solve the problem. I have an employee. Wait in line. Wait. (Original) 불친절해요 문제를 해결하려고 노력하지 않아요 직원이적어요 줄서서 기다리고 기다리는 도중에 잘안되면 다음손님받아요

Ainsworth Byfield

This is beyond the worst hertz I have ever used or came in contact with , I wish I could give them negative stars the customer service is beyond Terrible and that's if someone picks up the phone I called 15 times before I even heard a voice and when they did pick up I was placed on a 15 min wait , I can not emphasize how terrible this company is , future customers RUN AWAY !Oh yeah I forgot to mention they never came to pick me up I am literally walking right now , hertz is only 0.5 miles away from the collision center .

garygravini .

Great service at the counter. The Ford Explorer was nearly new! The reason I chose Hertz over all of the competition is because Hertz offers the Toyota 4Runner. When making my telephone reservation I asked for a 4Runner (3 times). I totally understand it's impossible to request a specific model. When I arrived at the location, I saw a 4Runner in the lot. Alas, it wasn't for me! I begged the customer service rep to swap my Explorer, to no avail. My reason for a Toyota product is a family connection to Toyota.

Rachel B

Rude and unaccommodating. Flight delayed 3 hours which made us miss closing time by a few minutes. We gave them notice (had a reserved vehicle) and they still wouldn't help. When asked if we could pickup first thing the next morning they said no, we'd have to wait until afternoon! Outrageously terrible customer service. Will be sticking with Enterprise in the future.

Nuria Dorneles

Jason Garland

Worst car rental experience ever! Very unorganized!

Stuart Sacks

very helpful staff, especially to take us to the train station when we returned the car. car was in good shape. all went as represented to us when we booked the car over the phone. well done.

Sáfrány Lászlò

They don't help you.

Robert oxley

The service was okay the cars we good


(Translated by Google) Friendly and good service (Original) 친절하고 좋은 서비스


Service was pretty good and the rental car was not that bad but the counter worker who was a man was not that good English speaker. I didn't get enough explanation comparing with a woman next to him.

Sami M Chiang

Buen servicios, pero poco modelos para escoger

Diana Thomlind

Billy Mills


Charlotte DeMocker

Super helpful staff. They took great care of us at this location.

Matt Miller


Great people clean vehicles excellent service

Michael Worley

Emily Palmieri

My boyfriend and I booked a 5 day vacation, and wanted a car rental for a few days. When we got to Hertz rentals, our associate Romeo was EXTREMELY helpful in finding us the best deal with the best coverage. He priced everything for us and we wound up getting the rental for the full trip. He helped us get the best price and coverage, as well as sent us off with some travel tips so we didn’t wind up in too much traffic during our stay. The pick up/drop off process was extremely smooth and easy as well! We are delighted with our experience with hertz rentals and will DEFINITELY be returning! Thanks so much, Romeo!

Stephen Lesser

First let me say that I've rented MANY, MANY cars from Hertz over the past 20+ years for business (mainly) and pleasure. While none of the car rental companies are perfect, I believe that Hertz is at or near the top. My recent rental at SFO with regards to the pick-up, drop-off and the car itself were all great. However, the new GPS system that Hertz is providing to customers is a complete bust. I completely understand Hertz not using the old, in-the-car GPS system anymore because of the huge added expense of installing them and maintaining them in the cars. But, they worked! However, the new GPS units are complete trash. The modified phones appear to be OK and I was able to get a fairly consistent strong cell signal (TMobile) during my 10-day trip, so that doesn't appear to be an issue. However, no matter where I attempted to go, the GPS software either got me lost or just didn't work at all. A number of times, as a test, I used my own cell phone and the Google Map app to try to get me where I was going. As you might guess, using Google Maps got me exactly where I needed to go and directed me perfectly accurately all the way, every time. I'm not dumping on Hertz here, but I certainly believe that they were sold bill of goods on this "new" GPS system and whoever provides it to them is doing them a complete disservice. The current Hertz GPS service should really not be offered to car renters until it is drastically revised or replaced with something that actually works.

daniel pollastro

Charged me double than the price I signed for. These extra charges came in the form of "fees" that came out of nowhere which they did not tell me about when signing for the car. Never rent from this place they will bend you over, they have zero integrity and are terrible place to do business with.

Brad Jackson

Didn't get the car I paid for...not happy second vehicle I rented coming home was filthy with some type of splashed stain that covered the headliner on the passenger side...( looked like blood) just a mess

Marianne Bird

Avoid this company location if possible. This place charged me $250 more than the receipt they provided me at check out. I broke down on a road trip and needed a car, they charged me $100/day for a rental and I drove it minimally due to the bad gas mileage and my tight financial situation (an hour to a friends house and parked it and a few days later drove it back). When I returned the car the man working said he did not need to do a return inspection because there was no mileage or cleaning fee on my contract. I noticed on my credit card bill a different charge, $250 more than the receipt I was given when I returned the car. When I called about it the man was very rude to me and was unable to send me any receipts or evidence to justify the additional charge. I submitted a care claim with Hertz corporate but this location is a private owner and Hertz Corporate was unable to resolve the issue.

Simone Bailey

Great customer service. Very professional.

renee colvard

smooth process

toshio yamaki

(Translated by Google) Reservation for about $ 180 directly in Japan, if you go to the local counter and it is said to be $ 210, if you try to cancel it, it is OK for $ 180, but car navigation, child seats and booster seats were optional, but the rear seats without two child seats set A two-year-old child could sit there, but a five-year-old child was forced to return from the hotel and change summary. Car navigation can hardly function. Returning is also a one-hour traffic jam in the underground parking lot. Never use it again. (Original) 日本で直接インターネットで約180ドルで予約、現地の窓口に行ったら210ドルといわれキャンセルしようとしたら、渋々180ドルでOK カーナビとチャイルドシートとブースターシートをオプションしたが、チャイルドシート2台セットもせず後部座席に置いただけ2歳の子どもは座れたが、5歳の子どもは無理ホテルから戻りチェンジしてもらい要約出発したのが1時間後。カーナビもほとんど機能できず。 返却も、地下パーキングに1時間渋滞、見ると、1台ずつ洗車機待ち。二度と使わない。


(Translated by Google) It is kind and fast. I did not request anything, but I got the car upgraded. (Original) 친절하고 일처리 빨라요. 아무 요청도 안 했는데 차 업그레이드 받았어요.

Ben Hakman

Steven Ling-Duan

Douglas Gotel

Keith Raja

Good service and 2019 vehicle doesn't have bluetooth

Judith Olszowka

A relative uses them. Liked their price and convenience.


(Translated by Google) It is a shop that can be returned on the evening (evening), so if you are staying in Waikiki for a day trip round driving it is recommended to use here. Hyatt 's underground parking lot may be narrow and it may be difficult. Nabis is enough with Google navi on smartphone. USB cable for charging, air conditioning duct vent holder & google map Save offline and get in the car! (Original) 当日(夕方)返却できるお店なので、ワイキキ滞在で日帰り周遊ドライビングならここ利用がオススメ。ハイアットの地下駐車場が狭く出だし苦労するかも。ナビは、スマホでのグーグルナビ使用で十分。充電用USBケーブル、エアコンダクトベントホルダー&グーグル地図オフライン保存して車に乗り込もう!

Tre Sisi

These guys are awesome. Nice and friendly staff helped me quickly acquire a car and get me on my way.

Husain Khunji

Fastest car rental

Tony Hernandez

El personal es amable, el coche que alquilas nunca esta, no hay problema te dan otro Devolví el coche sin ningún problema y lo bueno vino después de dos meses me querían cobrar unos 200€ sin ninguna explicación

Luis Burgos

Great Malibu sedan with only 3K miles on it. Smooth ride during the whole stay. Friendly staff at Hertz location. Everything worked perfect!

Bryan McGreal

Do not rent from this hertz if you are looking to purchase cannabis while your on your visit. They will charge you a smoking fee for not smoking in the vehicle. Make sure you get your receipt before you go into the airport. They will try to rush you into the airport so they can put false charges on your bill. I will never rent from hertz again. They need to retrain the staff to actually know what the smell of smoke is.

Frank Chen

Tamara Urrutia


Gulia Agency

From beggining to end hertz did an exceptional job. My secretary never booked my reservation so when i got there and at 10 pm as a gold member was told i didnt have a reservation i was worried. The woman at the counter was very helpful Nelly, as was Brianna who i saw not only at the exit when leaving, but also when returning my car in the instant return. Very nice friendly employees here. Even as a gold member im impressed.

Apparao Nali

Hassle free

Christian Zuanich

(Translated by Google) The attention was very bad, lately I am noticing that Hertz is declining with the level of service offered by its employees. (Original) La atención fue muy mala, últimamente estoy notando que Hertz está decayendo con el nivel de servicio ofrecido por sus empleados.

Steven Boudreau

joolie kim

fast service , good car , but charge me fuel purchase option after I told them “ I will fill it up. “ They charged me 60 bucks !!! I filled it up when I returned it. but they didn’t give me refund. —> I sent them email few times but they don’t give me proper answer. After I called them directly then they refund FPO fees. I have used Hertz service for several times when I visited New York , but I visited this Hertz office first time. Other Hertz offices in Manhattan didn’ t do this kind of service.

Annette McCoy

Came back after being on for several years wonderful food friendly service clean restaurant always get to come back

Eric Kirchmeier

Quick & convenient.

Paulo Roberto Ramos Ferreira

Excellent very fast service. Not easy to park around in weekdays.

John Gillis

Great service and rental

Kyle Ryan

The interior of this place needs a serious make over.

Brittany King

They are the worst company I have seen. Sue that works their is not to bright. I called a week ahead to make sure everything was ready for me when I dropped my car off after a accident that occurred and thought I was all set. I was told I spoke to someone at corporate instead at south Willow Street. How is a person supposed to know? Just shows everyone is not on the same page. First they try to tell me I didn’t have full coverage from State Farm. Wrong, I got to talk to a State Farm rep and knew that wasn’t the case. Then I was told my bank card was not excepted for the deposit. I even tried to put it on my parents credit card. Nope she was physically not there, she lives in Florida. I got it set up with enterprise on second street and had absolutely no issues. Didn’t even need to put a deposit since my insurance company took care of everything. Don’t use this company, their policies are out of date. Never seen where you had to fight to give them money.

Sunny Gao

sophia miranda

Worst customer service at this location. Will be placing a formal complaint with corporate

Chris Doyle

Quick service, pulled up and was out within a minute.

Vernon Chaney



I would rent nowhere except here. So friendly staff !!! Always helpful :)


(Translated by Google) In advance online reservation, reception can be processed in Japanese so there is no inconvenience. I'd recommend a plan with fuel. We used it for 2 days, but in the morning it was the first ride if we went 15 minutes ago. (Original) 事前にネット予約、受付では日本語で手続き出来るので不自由無しです。燃料込みのプランがおススメです。2日利用しましたが、朝は15分前に行けば1番乗りでした。

Darnell Morris

WANG Charles

People ain't that nice. Rates are expensive.

Stuart Lathrop

Confused at first I took the wrong car. The gate attendant quickly sent me to the right place and the car I'd really reserved; had me straight and on the road promptly!

Lilli Baur

Great check-in. Easy return.

dante sison

Shelia Parker

Yuna Y

They work without rules. At first they ignored gold members. 2hours later they said "come here gold members! " so people who came later got service early than us. I couldn't return it because I was a minute late. The car that came later agreed to return it. discrimination.


I have been presidential circle member for serval years and I have been very satisfied with the service until this morning 10/22/18. There were no cars and a there was a Caucasian lady assigning cars to presidential members, the lady took down everyone's name in order but ignored me despite I was first in line I felt she ignored me as I was from a different ethnic background. When it was my turn to pick a car (Cadillac) I went and dropped by bags in the trunk and I was about to take the driver seat but the caucasian lady assigned the car which I took to another Caucasian guy. When I explained it was my turn, the hertz employee didn't support me. On the top of it the other renter snatched the car and threatening to drive off the car with my bags and used curse words yet hertz employee didn't intervene to the stop the Caucasian guy. Finally I gave up as I did not want to argue with people who does not respect the customers of other ethnic background. The caucasian lady realized the situation and she offering to give me a gift certificate which I declined, later she discounted $50 which will go to my corporate client. I am very displeased with the service and have never experienced or felt humiliated at any car rental place at any time in the past.

John M.

Actually, really good choice. I was very impressed with the quick and professional service and vehicles. Are you sure this is O'Hare? I will rent from this Hertz again.

Wayne Hui

The car smelled of something, didn't realize until I was well on my way on the 2 day trip!

Alisha Brown

Absolutely horrible. Given completely different information when I booked then when I was supposed to pick up. It was a complete disaster. I will never rent from them again

Michael Flanagan

Imagined hail damage that never occurred. Never thought to take pictures of the roofline before renting. Even photos after return would not show any damage. Scam. Really disappointing, as I’m a gold member and specifically rent from hertz to avoid this kind of nonsense.

Jim Adair

Thomas Laudan

Very good! Keep in mind that deposit cards in general are not accepted. Some people in the queue didn't get a car because of that. But the german Ing_diba card - which is a kind of deposit card - was accepted.

Kyle Neu

I had a terrible experiance with a pickup at this location today. My family, including my grandmother, reserved a full sized vehicle for 4pm today. We were running a bit late, and attempted to call the location directly 3 times. The location did not answer at all. I had to call the 1-800 number and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with a rep to change my reservation time to 5:30pm. After answering all of thier questions, I was told that they can not adjust the rental time, but would hold the vehicle for 2 hours after the reservation time. Upon arrival at 5:40pm (1 hour and 40mins after the reservation) we gave our name, and were told that the vehicle was given away, and they hold the vehicles an hour and a half. The phone was ringing off the hook and no one was answering. When we got the keys and walked out they locked the doors behind us. The car we recieved was a mid-sized vehicle, which is extremely difficult for my grandmother to get in and out of the vehicle. They charged us for a full-sized. The vehicle has a tire monitering error and is absolutely filthy on the inside. There are pretzals mashed into the back seats, juice splatter on the side of the doors, and crushed hard candy stuck to the gear shifter. The vehicle should have never been given out in this condition. Hertz was not helpful with this situation at all.

thomas dauffenbach

They knew no cars available from other places and I needed one due to accident. Very helpful.

alejandrina munoz

fast, efficiency,professional, good customer service, amen

Ghanem Al Hameli

They are the Worst

hafiza mgaye

Great customer service

Nagendra sreenadhu

These are the worst guys I have ever seen in my life time ! They never respond to a customer and they have lot of cars in hand and pretend that they don’t have any vehicle for exchange especially the long hair guy at this location . I wish I could give 0 star

Shealin Williams

The Hertz staff at Gulfport/Biloxi airport was amazing! They provided fast, friendly service that exceeded my expectations. Hertz is now my preferred rental car company for flexibility, competitive cost and variety of vehicles.

Fletcher Lee

Excellent Service

Stephanie Litke

The staff at the front desk were not friendly. When I went to get my vehicle from the garage, no one was at the desk for 15 minutes, and everyone I asked for help told me to just wait. Vehicle itself was great, but the customer service was horrible.

Katina Fooks

Took my money


It's awesome experience to me because all the things are going through smoothly and very kindly at the customer points of view. Great!!

Gigi Pedraza

The man in charge of this office is THE NICEST. Very professional and does what he can. He should get 5 stars. HOWEVER the company SUCKS. All offices are understaffed and the inventory of cars is never enough. I had to call 6 offices to be able to get a vehicle. I show up at the World Toyota office and Bradley (I think is his name) is ALONE alternating between 2 offices, running around trying to be as attentive as possible, getting cars ready, explaining the process, etc. There are like 6,7 people waiting and he is ALONE without ANY HELP. Completely understaffed. I hope Bradley gets an awesome job with a company that invests in its team members and gives them tools to be successful. Every single bad review is because nobody picks up the phone or returns calls, or it takes too long. Well, Bradley is alone, he can’t do it all. HERTZ, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

Griselle Del Rio

(Translated by Google) See and good (Original) Ver y good

Sir Charles Ivan

C Jay

Seamless process and great customer service, car nice too. I left one of my favorite leather gloves on the shuttle thanks to Ms.Lee and the awesome shuttle driver for coming back so quickly to United to bring it to me...And I still had plenty of time to make my flight

Ronda Turner Peterson

Hertz at San Francisco Airport was amazing! We have a 5 star Gold membership and they had a great selection of cars. Had a little incident and they were great in handling the details. Victor was awesome and went above and beyond in checking in the car as well as helping when I left some papers I needed. Outstanding service. Sarah in the office was super helpful too. Excellent customer service. We "Always" rent from Hertz!


Everything pretty good

Shinji Westfield

(Translated by Google) And I borrowed one by one day July 19 days and 20 days. The rumor was that of a time-consuming in the matrix, but the next is my turn together two sets is in the reception. One set is doing at length in the story model, of insurance like a borrowed the day without a reservation. Therefore both days, was a 15 minute wait. Come to reservation! I want to say. I procedure is completed smoothly, which was booked in advance. (First day only) When the next day is reserved time than 25 minutes late, there is no reserved car. It seems to have ended up lending to people of borrowed the day. After standing for 20 minutes because to bring the car, also come. Thing with. Receive a coupon to return to the reception to 9:30, the Compact-Size had been prepared for a reservation of the Mid-Size and go to the underground parking. Reservations and different to say and was not told at the reception? There's only this or open car now. But fee is said to be Let's written. (Not ready is white upgrade for free because there of the problem) Reluctantly compromise in this Compact. Thing and I go back and the difference is and hear. I heard at the reception at the time of Kaekuruma. Thing with a refund from the company reserved to hear the difference at the reception at the time of Kaekuruma, or automatically return to? No, was that of the please contact the company reserved. Return to Japan, it seems to be the difference refund since the application. Kaekuruma also smooth, noticed the person in charge with a big sound when entering the underground car park from Gatan and iron plate immediately, will instruct the Stop it over here. Wait about 15 minutes to rent, Japanese is through one person. English is not through and this person is me talking instead. Here will this mon because not a Japan. (Original) 7月19日と20日と1日づつ借りた。 うわさでは行列で時間がかかるとの事でしたが、共に二組が受付中で次が私の番。一組は事前予約なしの当日借りのようで車種、保険の話で長々とやっている。そのため両日共、15分待ちだった。 事前予約してこい!と言いたい。 事前予約した私は手続きはスムーズに完了。(初日のみ) 翌日は予約時間より25分遅れたら、予約した車が無い。当日借りの人に貸し出してしまったようだ。 車を持ってくるから20分たったら、また来て。とのこと。9時30分に受付に戻りクーポンを受け取り、地下駐車場に行くとMid-Sizeの予約なのにCompact-Sizeが用意されていた。予約と違うと言うと受付で言われなかった?今有るのはこれかオープンカーだけ。でも料金がかかうよと言われる。(用意できないのはそちらの問題だから無料でアップグレードしろ) しかたなくこCompactで妥協。差額はと聞くと戻るよとのこと。返車時に受付で聞いて。 返車時に受付で差額と聞くと予約した会社からの返金となるとのこと、自動的戻るのか?いいえ、予約した会社に連絡してくださいとのことでした。 日本に帰り、申請したので差額返金されるようです。 返車もスムーズ、地下駐車場に入るとガタンと鉄板から大きな音がして係りの人がすぐに気がつき、こっちに止めろと指示してくれます。 借りるのに待ち時間は15分程度、日本語は一人通じます。英語が通じないとこの人が代わりにしゃべってくれます。 ここは日本じゃないのでこんなもんでしょう。

Mike Keyes Sr

Easy access to 5 Star vehicles. Simple system that's easy to use and follow.

Lisa Leishman

Like most RENTAL car businesses; they charge too much. Next trip, I'll stick with UBER.


Good people. Took care of my rental needs to the Rockys last minute

August J. Pellizzi Jr.

Good car, very quick and efficient service! Car was like new.

Marissa Khoukaz

Alicia Ballard

Horrible customer service!!!! Prepaid for my car got there and was told needed an additional deposit that was never disclosed when I prepaid in FULL for my car. The deposit is more then what my rental car cost. They said too bad can't help you. Stuck at airport 30 mins. from my hotel. Can't reach their customer service department since the manager here says she can't do anything about it. They refuse to refund my money so basically they stoled it. Tried 8 times now to reach customer service and they are telling me the will refund the money in 12 business days which doesn't help me since my visit here is 4 days. NEVER use this rental company worst company EVER!!!!!!

Guillermo Martinez

I tried to rent a vehicle on Friday Feb 13 from this location. I do have a pre-negotiated rate. I rent cars from Hertz on a regular basis (gold member) and i know the amount of the rentals. The front desk person was trying to charge me 3-time the amount I was expecting saying that it was because the holiday weekend!! Of course, I declined the rental and went to the Denver Airport to rent the vehicle from HERTZ, and as I expected, the rate from Hertz at the Denver airport was what I was expecting and not 3-times the amount as the Welton location was trying to charge me. Kudos for Hertz DIA, BOOOOO for the Hertz Welton location

chris chatter

Extremely slow process. Car was already reserved. Over an hour in line with 5 people.they need to speed up there process or add more employees.

Harleen Sahni

Impossible to actually talk to someone at this location to get an answer to the question "Does the cas I'm currently renting have FastTrak and how does it work if I go over a toll bridge like the Oakland Bay bridge. Was transferred so many times after so many calls. Finally was told that I have to take the car back to SFO so they can tell me if my car has fast trak. Shouldn't all cars rented out if SFO have it?

Caitlin White

Kissa Chenault

I was in a car accident June 27th and State Farm paid for me a rental for two and a half weeks maybe 3 weeks prior to that I took my car to Toyota where the Hertz car rental place was the first vehicle he gave me the tank was on E then he came back out and change out the vehicle and gave me a Kia Sorento now we did exchange really really fast he let me know that I can switch the vehicle out at any car rental place return it at the car rental place at the airport where I was going to be leaving from so I called him and asked him could I turn the vehicle at the airport the airport will not accept it he never answered the phone with trying to keep calling and calling customer service was really really bad when I bought the vehicle back to them it was two notches above half they charged me $71 for gas for the car which I feel that was very ridiculous I will never be running from that place again at any other place that was ridiculous the price that they charge me so if you ask me do not go to Hertz and Rent-A-Car go somewhere else like Enterprise alamo anywhere else to rent your car I never would be going to Hertz ever again

Chuck Nisbet

So its one price if you return the car to same place but you want ti drive to another town its over 4 times the price. What a duchebag conpany.

Kimberly Jones

Car wheel was making loud noise the entire trip. Most confusing rental company I've used. Need a better system.

Dereck j a m e s

David Kirk

One person behind the counter. Five of us in line. Luckily, I had Hertz Gold, so she handled me quickly after finishing with a customer.

Sanghyun Son

Requested a car with hand-control device for handicapped. They did not prepare a one and I got an overcharged receipt for our new car. Fortunately they gave me a refund, but hope to have a better experience next time.

Jin Yoshikawa

I use this locatiom for short weekend excursions or day trips to Westchester or NJ. I prefer to use a location closer to the UWS, but cars run out quickly. This location is always reliable in terms of inventory. Rental rates are pricey, but it's midtown Manhattan, so expected. If you want cheap, go to the LaGuardia rental companies (but I guarantee that the worse experience and extra time it takes to wait in long lines and travel there to retrieve the car, and etc., will NOT be worth it). The staff at the rental counter here are exceptionally nice.

David A.

Not customer friendly, bored lady. Let us wait for half an hour. In the end I did not rent a car there.

Arthur Cauty

I booked a car online a month prior to my trip to Denver. On the day of our pickup, we learned that Hertz didn't actually have the car we booked (or any other cars for that matter). Avoid.

Christian Munn

10 pm outside in the cold with 4 employees in the cold. They say they could help, but the only way to get a decent price is though the site. So they stood around and said they cant help. Gone are the days of caring at all about the customer

Jerry Frounjian

This particular Hertz is the worst possible service.

Vicki Oladoyin

The cars run great and I was very pleased with how fast and easy it was to get my car. I love how the cars are always ready as soon as I get to the lot. The people who work at hertz are always cherry as well, which is nice to see after hours of traveling via plane.

Ji Yoon Ha

Justin Cook

Fast and pain free. I even got a free upgrade!

Tim Walek

I've had decent experiences with this Hertz location, but watch out. Look at your paperwork carefully. I had a LDW charge on mine even after I declined it. They WILL try to sneak things past you.

Shawn Bowen

Quick and efficient check in, car was great too, only wish it wasn't locked at 80mph :(

Charlie Philpot

Amanda Messina

Hertz is the best, very easy. No unexpected charges at the Bradley Airport Location. Transport to lot is always very quick. They have plenty of buses and someone is always at the exit gate.

ofer twito

Eunjung Oh

Toyosi Oyebanji

Horrible customer service, especially the angry lady called Jackie! I will not recommend this location.

Charlie !

There was only one counter agent working with another customer in line but she was quick to take note of me standing in the Gold Member counter and acknowledged me at the first break she had. She asked my last name and for my driver's license and after a quick verification, presented me with my vehicle keys and contract. I have rented cars from different companies before in Louisville but Hertz has done the best in ensuring I was provided great customer service and making sure I received the car in the class I chose.

Martin Ortega

This place sucks. They don't even have cars for rent, it doesn't matter if you have a reservation or you are a gold member. You have to sit and wait forever for a car to arrive while they keep attending more and more people even when they know they don't have cars. This has to be the worst experience I've had renting a car.

Emily Valdez-Trinidad

Check in was fast and we were in our car within minutes. Our reservation was at 6:30 am but we were running behind; called to let them know and all was well.



May be I was lucky, there was no line to pick up the car and drop off the car, it is confused that the office is on second floor and the car pick up is in the basement, the front desk Asian lady is super nice,

Lisa Black

Wish I could give zero stars. Booked a car over a month in advance, showed up, no car. We walked in and they all shrugged their shoulders and said "We don't have any cars." Obviously upset, we demanded something be done so he eventually called another Hertz after we told him we'd be headed towards Boulder. He called us a Lyft to get to another Hertz with a car. Not until we were on our way did we realize he sent us to a Hertz 45 minutes in the complete wrong direction. We show up to the new Hertz and after almost an hour finally have a car, except when he prints out the receipt it's over $400 more than what we were supposed to pay, for a smaller car. Another 15 minutes and we get the price down. Awful experience. Delayed our plans for the day and had to drive 45 minutes extra to drop it off as well.

Vanessa S

Zac Broughton


Traveling into san Francisco I expected to pay quite a bit for a rental car.. Paid for the car at the service counter and I expected that to be my only charges.. until I received my final bill after 5 days and recieved my $130 increased new bill.. I paid for a full size car and paid 500 dollars for a 5 days.. 130 dollars in hidden fees is crazy and i wont use again.

Rhonda Marcus

The location manager Sanjoy tried to make me take a car that had rear side window with glass pieces in the seat he felt nothing was wrong with that i refused and then an argument escalated. Your company is to satisfy your customers not drive them away i will never use Hertz again.

Erica Woodahl

Hertz is the only place I rent from in Missoula! The manager, Kim, is super helpful and knowledgeable and has gone out of her way to get me the best deal whether I'm renting for business or pleasure. Her staff is friendly and professional as well. Their cars are clean and new and fun to drive!

Andrew Henshaw

I would be the first to admit we were awkward as my wife and mother in law both had mobility aids and scooters so although we booked a pick up, not all pick ups are equal and the staff were great in replacing the first vehicle as the scooter would not fit with a larger Dodge Ram that swalled our oversized baggage. I would be happy to use them again.

DeJuan Brown

Boo Cool

The staff was very rude when I went to pick up a rental after my car was totaled out. I explained that I had to be at work at 3 and needed to get a few things done before that and they told me they would put me down for 2pm. They said it was because they didnt have a sedan but they should have upgraded me if a sedan wasnt available. They decided to be rude instead.

Missy M000

Alexander Amaya

Kevin Weaver

We booked ahead of time and when we got there the lady at the counter processed our paperwork swiping my credit card multiple times,we proceeded to get the car and go threw the gate and the clerk said it was not done and go see customer service,so we did the guy swiped it again and ran up $2400 worth of charges on my card which i didnt know.So we go to the gate again and same thing happened,so back to customer service where they swiped my wifes card 12 times to the tune of $1600 more.Both manager and clerk did Nothing to help and said it takes a couple days to refund.So we had to get a cab to the resort and cost $47 .Long story short do not use them,P.S other people had the same thing done to them while we were there for over 2 hours trying to get a car.

Joshua Sunrise

New location is convienent for pick up; drop-off is still a bit cumbersome so allow extra time. The Hertz vehicle selection is great, staff was cordial and Gold mbrs usually get upgrades...I was pleasantly surprised with my vehicle. Highly recommended!

Paul Rigano

It was fine. Took a little longer than expected, but far from the worst rental car experience I've had.

Matthew White

just a Hertz. Friendly staff.


(Translated by Google) I check in at Hyatt Regency 2F and go underground to get a car. The return place is the same. I recommend you to join Hertz site in advance and make a reservation. Promotional prices and member discounts are available! It takes a long waiting time to make a reservation. I think it's a good idea to go ahead and wait in front of it or catch up with the schedule afterwards. We do not have a lot of Mustangs (convertible), we have to pay about 70-80 dollars for a medium-sized car and insurance. It is better to refuel oil at return. That's cheaper. I filled it with regular oil at the gas station and it was really cheaper to return it! When you rent a car, please take a picture and check the scratch, and navigate to Guri Village, Korea. Buy a cellphone from Korea and look at Google Maps. It's nice (I did not find a cell phone store here ...) If you get dirty, it costs $ 50. Please write and return!

Suzanne Finn

I pre paid for my car, which was $206 for 4 days,which is all i was supposed to pay, i picked my car up, and they charged my card a 2nd time for $394 totaling $600... I almost had a heart attack, when i tried to get it fixed they told me that is how much i will be charged for 4 days.... and they tried to tell me that is how much i will be paying FOR 4 DAYS......

7233bill .

Great people, very nice car, efficiently handled

Robert Redd

I love the gold experience. Both pickup and dropoff were smooth and easy. Car was clean and in great shape as usual.

Adam LaDuke

It was quick and easy. Tip, follow the signs to return the car to either terminal A or B.

abe steele

Rented car on 08/26/19 and returned on 08/28/19. Once I returned the car I noticed on my rental receipt that I was charged $300 for a smoking fee and an additional $75 as a cleaning fee. Neither I nor my wife smokes and the car was immaculately clean. No food or drink was ever brought into the car. Besides for normal dirt that may have been on the bottom of our shoes rhe car was pristine. After a long call with Hertz corporate they agreed to remove the bogus fees however most people never even check their receipts or bank statements to verify they weren’t scammed with these fees. Be very wary of this location and if you have used this location in the past I recommend that you double check your receipts.

Mountain Mama's Burritos

Had a reservation with Enterprise but they would not rent a car out if I paid with a debit card. Hertz took care of me for about the same price and worked around the card issue, because not everyone uses credit cards day to day. Can't remember the lady's name JMD is on the receipt. Awesome service.


Incompetent, negligent management and staff. I rented a car in DC and on the way here realized the car had mechanical issues. Called this location in advance and confirmed they have cars available and told them I am on the way. Asked again and confirmed when I walked in and they said they have cars available. However, as soon as they found out I wanted to switch out of a bad car, they suddenly had no cars available and refused to switch me out. I asked for the manager, Karen Piper, but she also refused and preferred I leave in an unsafe car than have to deal with the mechanical issues. After pressing the issue and telling her I confirmed and can SEE they have cars outside, she stated "you can leave if you don't like it". An unbelievable lack of professionalism and courtesy. Karen Piper is not fit to wash cars or take out the trash let alone deal with customers at any level. I called her "area manager of 19 locations" Brad Fox, to complain about my experience and requested to discuss, he also could care less and has not called back and likely will not, considering their overall lack of empathy or professionalism. To make matters worse, I returned this hunk of junk to the DC location with more gas than they gave me, but they still charged me $49 for fuel! I've been running through hoops for over 10 days to resolve that erroneous and insulting gas charge. It's a whole new level of incompetence even at the corporate level of customer service at this location and Hertz.

Jim J

As a long time Hertz customer I've always had top notch service from the folks at virtually every rental location in the US I've been to. The folks at SDF in Louisville were EXCELLENT too!!! I needed to make adjustments to my bill and they were right on the spot with addressing and handling same in a prompt and courteous manner.

tim wyand

Ana Prats

The car was perfect, but the staff at the office were not very kind (lack of information at the pick up time -so we must sent an email later-; and very unkind and unable to solve a doubt/problem with extracharge on our credit card the day after the return date)

Marcus König

No complains. Car was clean and nearly new. Staff was friendly

Johan Brandter

Worst car renting experience ever. Unprofessional staff, both at the rental counter and at car return. Being as big as they are, Hertz should really upgrade their technology. Their payment terminals did not support the chip, only swipe. As swipe did not work I had to get cash for charge and $200 deposit - all of a sudden this turned out to be very expensive. Especially as they we very uninterested in returning my cash deposit upon car return. Oh, and by the way the car navigator did not work...

Mike D

Super easy location right on site. Presidents circle vehicles were loaded with great options. Ended up picking a brand new car with only 9 miles on it. Staff was friendly and no line at the gate to leave.

Dan S.

Horribly rude service.

Jessica Bruce

We were given a rental car with no inspection, or registration sticker. Then were told to bring it straight back to exchange it, and was charged for it. ABSOLUTEY RIDICULOUS! What kind of place gives you an illegal car to rent?

Tametris Featherston

Fidel de la Garza

Great prices for very nice an new cars

annesia francin

Easy access, clean environment and extremely. Friendly staff

kearia lockhart

Roberto Gonzalez

Excellent customer services, good cars.

Rohan Gupta

They gave away our car because we weren’t there within 2 hours of the reservation. No notice of this - text phone or email. And we are president circle members. AND we prepaid for the reservation.

Mary Kelley

Everything was great until one of the employees blocked us in as we tried to exit. Rather than make room for us, she made us back up and let her pass first. Not the best way to treat customers.

Joe L

Quick and easy to get your car! Abdul in the premium upgrade desk went way above and beyond to make my trip that much more amazing! Thanks so much!! They have a ton of cars to choose from and I have rented several times from Hertz, I would recommend them. I wish the signage in the airport was more clear on where to go. Not a negative on Hertz for this next bit but something to be prepared for: getting out of the airport pretty much by design dumps you onto a toll road. Make sure to prepare for that.

Andrew Foster

The car although "thoroughly checked" had a warning light on the dashboard as I got on the highway. Not knowing car I continued to my destination. It's only when I came to leave that the warning became apparent to its cause. The driver's side front light was out, meaning it could not be driven at night! I'm English so I presume that is the case as it is back home. They obviously aren't checked as thoroughly as you are lead to believe.

Alex Nguyen

Bad experience. Website and in-store service reliability is inconvenient. Rented specific vehicle online and in store service did not successfully provide vehicle.

Thomas driver

Ordered the t4 elite package with a Cadillac Escalade or Range Rover. They didn't have and couldn't get either one. Did not even apologize . After waiting 20 minutes I had to walk away with a Toyota highlander.

Eric Berkner

I just received a bill for a broken windshield which needed to be replaced. The photo evidence was a photo of a cracked windshield that showed no indications this was even the same car I rented. The crack was so significant, there was no way I wouldn't have noticed the crack. I now have a $163 bill for something I did not do. Thanks Hertz

Ronit Naganker

Great Car rent, hopping they will have more hybrids cars..service is good.

Aya SJ

(Translated by Google) More counters ... Hey, Hertz Car Rental ... (Original) カウンターをもっと増やして・・・。 ねぇ、ハーツレンタカーさん・・・。

Erryca Robicheaux

My flight was delayed for over a day. I called and asked about my car and they assured me it would be fine whenever I arrived. They found my reservation with no problem and were super friendly and helpful when I finally arrived. Checking out and returning the car went smoothly and without hassle.

Nelson Grist

Great car. The service at the Hertz at BDL Hartford on Sunday morning August 14th at 9 am was the BEST service I have ever had with any rental car company. The guy was great.

J O.

shugi kim

waited over an hour on line to even see an agent. 5/23/14

Mark Anderson

Called three times to confirm reservation and pickup location. They simple hung up on me each time. Very strange.

Amy Sage

Unsafe vehicle! Scary experience! Oil light on at pick-up. Employee claims they just forgot to reset it. Loose gas cap warning came on with original full tank of gas still in. Tire pressure warning came on, pulled into nearest LesSchwab Tires Store, where they immediately found one front tire overinflated to 80psi with a hole in the sidewall ready to explode and the other front tire sitting at 15 psi with a nail in it. A call to the Missoula Airport Hertz desk ended with an extremely rude staff member saying that I must drive the unsafe car back to switch it for another car. I explained that the technician at LesSchwab Tires felt it was too dangerous to drive on the tire in that condition, but she insisted she would not send a car out to me saying “that’s not going to happen.” I asked to speak with her manager, who actually accused me of being responsible for the overinflated tire! I know that the nail in the other tire could have happened anywhere, anytime, and possibly during my driving, so I got that fixed for free, but I have no way of inflating a tire, which is obvious since I drove into the tire shop just to have pressure checked due to the warning light coming on. The manager lied and told me that the tire pressure is checked before anyone takes a car out, which could not possibly be the case here. She grudgingly said she would send a replacement car on a tow truck in a few hours, leaving me stranded right in the middle of my workday! How’s that for customer service? Do not trust the manager of this company or her employees. Beware!

Timothy Kirkpatrick

I have used this location exclusively for the past (2) years. The staff is always friendly and efficient, I get an upgrade whenever there is one available (I am in the President's circle) and the cars are always immaculate. It is a pleasure!


Incredibly big level of all Hertz cars. Service was plenty fine. Returned my car here. They told us to drive upstairs, drop it off. And then we had to come downstairs to the front counter to collect the receipt. It was fairly fast but a little confusing. Wish we could drop off more conveniently but the location was great. #localguides

Aldo Forte


Friendly service

Grandma marchiondo

Great customer service & charges. Easier to locate than the downtown office.

Manick Bhan

Waited over an hour to get my car. Staff was rude and insulting toward everyone who asked any questions about where their car was. Ceiling was leaking badly and there were puddles everywhere - very hellish experience. Notes for management: improve the efficiency of the process and don’t abuse the foreign tourists who paid to utilize your service.

Jayne C

The car was disgusting. Filthy. Wouldn't use this location again.

Samantha Taylor

Terrible service! The worker on location was very rude when trying to confirm rental. Was originally priced $445, even questioned when priced would there be any “hidden” fees when I pick up was assured no. When calling to confirm was given $565 price! Immediately told her that is not what I was quoted. Ended up canceling and rebooking online. I paid in advance at the prepay rate. After booking realized I booked the wrong pick up date. When calling to change was told I had to have a MAJOR credit card!! So cancelled again. Now I have to wait 7-10 business days for my refund! We leave for Disney in 2 days!!! Worst experience ever. Beware..

Lorraine Walker

Sadly the car we booked from the website isn't even a car they stock anymore despite being told you can choose your car. Everything else was fine.

amber friedli

Service was so slow. Waited in line for over an hour. People were walking up to desk because they had tours and the staff were talking then instead of making then wait in line. 2 employees working on a Monday morning.

Tina Kennedy

The heavier set black women at the front desk, who refused to give me her name was rude and disrespectful. I paid for my car advance thru kayak and when I got to Hertz, they required an additional deposit for the the car of $200. She won't let me put the deposit on two separate cars because one was in my name and one was in my husband. My husband was present. I said fine, I'll be back. She said that she couldn't hold the car for me and we would have to see what she had when we got back. I explained that I already paid for a Toyota Corolla and that I wasn't going to paid extra for something I didn't want. She smacked her teeth at me and stated "Go somewhere else then". I feel disrespected. I will never recommend nor use Hertz again!!!

David Bump

No wait for my car. Reasonably easy access to/from downtown.

Susan L

Zacharia Grami

They rented me a vehicle that had the check engine light on and then blamed it on the elevation. That’s total bogus. Didn’t offer me any compensation for the wasted time when I had to drive from the mountainside back to downtown to swap the vehicle. To top it off, wipers were run down and didn’t provide adequate visibility in rain. Brakes squealed. Apathetic and slow service.

Steven Pennington

Friendly and fast counter man, Steven, and car was in great shape. Thanks

Susan Schaefer

Small and easy airport. Service was sufficient.

James North

The rental was great. Only wished for a bit more up front information on how to hook up with you at Denver's Union Station. When you have no counter or signs at the station it's a bit disconcerting. Your info gave the address of the station as the pickup point, but nothing else. It took a few questions and a couple of phone calls. Once we got connected there were no more problems. I suspect there are a number of RR stations that have no rental presence. Otherwise Hertz is fine and would get 5 stars.

Trevor Uffelman

A prior reviewer said "Kim the manager is a lying, cheating, dishonest scammer." This is 100% true as far as I'm concerned. I was charged over $600 for a two day one way rental. I specifically booked a one way rental and the price quoted at booking was more like $200, which was in line with what sites like Hotwire were quoting. Kim refuses to change the charge. My advice is to avoid the Missoula Hertz like the plague. You will get scammed.

Raquel Gadirli

We had an excellent woman who was warm and friendly and ever so helpful to us! And so funny! She accommodated all our needs and sent us on our way to Yosemite! She even told us some good places to check out while at the park. Such a great experience!

Ryan Grewatz

Rented from Orlando, review is for the company as a whole. This may not matter as much to frequent Hertz customers, but car repair reimbursement is not an actual reimbursement. Instead they give a Hertz rental voucher with an arbitrary expiration date of 1 year. Not useful when you don't rent often. I don't know if this is common with car rental companies, but their inflexibility over this expiration date (3 more months would have been perfect) tells me that customer satisfaction is not on their list of priorities.

Andy Swanson

Easy to find helpful staff nice car

Carlos Barrios

Really nice staff helped me on short notice. I won't hesitate to call this location again.

Larry Meade

Worst hertz experience ever. They voided my contract and decided to waste my time. With this location servicing an airport I expect returns to be quick and easy.


Shelby Humphreys

Super disappointed in customer experience at Kent, WA. Rental company on Washington Ave. Greeted with "I'm on lunch" - twice. She complained about Hertz scheduling rentals during her lunch hour. She didn't believe that I had a reservation. When she found it, she complained about the Hertz software. After completing my rental, I thanked her for getting me set up on her lunch hour. She replied, "Don't worry, Hertz is paying for it. " If you choose Hertz, be sure NOT to pick this location.

Bobby Shaw

David Byram

The only thing really lacking is the Gold Member service and counter bypass

Y Smith

I made a reservation 4 weeks ago for this weekend only to arrive and find that they had no vehicle for me. I am a gold member and was delayed at the counter for 40 minutes as they worked on locating a car to accommodate my family and I. A major inconvenience!

Adam Clark

Not accepting low credit

Stas Perevozchikov

Hertz is OK

Kyp Durron

Rented a car and recieved it with 7 PSI in one of the tires (basically a flat) and had to air it up at a gas station

hyun jung Lee

(Translated by Google) I do not want to go again. (Original) 한시간 대기 기본 불친철 다시 가고 싶지 않다

Rejoe Ozgunesliler

They will take care of you pic you up or drop you off. Not all locations offers that service

Rachel Caruso

This Hertz has the absolute worst employee customer service! The Asian woman (Mhi?) was beyond rude to my two friends when trying to resolve an issue with their Hertz rental car being unsafe to drive - no AC and engine overheating. She lied and said there were no cars available for us to switch it out because they were all reserved. She literally told us to drive our overheating car to the airport (where it was originally reserved) and get a new one! We had an infant in the car! While she was on the phone, her coworker, Austin, helped a couple without a reservation reserve a car and drive it off the lot! I know this because they walked in and said they didn't have a reservation but wanted to rent a car. Austin was much more reasonable to work with and he was very helpful in cancelling our reservation when the woman refused. Customer service was willing to help us get a car driven out to this location from the airport, but we had already rented a car from Budget across the street (because the woman told us they could not bring us another car). Because of the issue I witnessed with my friends who actually rented the car, I will never give my to business Hertz again.

Jan Eden

Customer Service was excellent. A great experience in car rental!! I wish I could remember the name of the man who assisted us - he was fantastic!!

Kevin Lamb

Always provides great customer service. Good selection of vehicles to choose from in variety of class sizes. Vehicles are always in great condition, inside and out. It is obvious the employees cleaning the vehicles are doing a great job.

Josh Plave

This location has very friendly employees! They turned around a car that was just brought in in less than 15 minutes for us.

Kelly Ashton

Easy process, great staff

Paul Scarberry

lied on website thre e in a bunch of fees that were hidden. dont go here

Nikki Hill

Terrible customer service. I was given a filthy car.

Shannon Davis

I was happy to have such a great discount with Hertz. Unfortunately I forgot to fill up the tank before returning it. I knew I would be overcharged per gallon if it wasn't filled up, but there was almost half a tank left and they charged for a full tank. Highway robbery, they should be ashamed. I lost any discount I might of gotten in the beginning. I'll use a different company for my next rental.

Matt Stanley

Easy peasy to rent a car. Kinda stupid proof.

Saro Min

mitsu t

(Translated by Google) The first time, I went to the reception at the time of the morning 8-9 5-7 set much of the matrix, and waited about an hour. 3 staff, Japanese staff was saved by two people. Problem return, staff around the around the car, pointing to the flaws in the corner, this is and what it is .... And say'm there were scratches from the beginning, been kept waiting for about 10 minutes called the Iro wait because check, Datte ok~. Finally it became unpleasant mood .... Because this person, like you're doing all the Japanese. Morning of the matrix is second, 30 minute wait, the third time, was waiting 0. It is different from day to day. (Original) 1回目、朝8〜9時に受付に行ったら5〜7組くらいの行列、1時間くらい待ちました。3人のスタッフ、日本人スタッフが2人で助かりました。問題は帰り、スタッフが車の周りを回って、角の傷を指して、これは何だと…。最初からあった傷だよというと、チェックするから待ってろといい10分くらい待たされて、ok〜だって。最後に嫌な気分になりました…。なぜならこの人、日本人にはみんなやってるみたい。 朝の行列は2回目、30分待ち、3回目、待ち0でした。 日によって違いますね。

Chintan Desai

Good hertz location. Car options varies on the day for platinum selection depending on time and day

William Tidball

Atef at Orlando has excellent customer service!!

Samuel Haileselassie

Obscure location, they don’t pick up their phone and they take their sweet time serving you...

Yadira Magana

I highly recommend this company! We spent a few days exploring San Francisco and on our last full day our vehicle was broken into, window shattered and luggage stolen. We promptly filed a police report and took our vehicle back to hertz to notify them. Customer Service was extremely friendly and understanding, they Were kind enough to put us in a different vehicle for the rest of the day. It made our terrible experience so much better. Thank you very much Hertz for being so awesome!

J Garcia

I want to give this crew a 10 Stars !!! My wallet was stolen on a previous airport. when I landed in Arkansas I did not have a license to retrieve my rental car. The team was not only patient with me but assisted me by going online and helping me get a temporary license printed out. Now that is some awesome customer service. Thank you ! Thank you !

Jiwon Kim

Gold canopy service is good but not receiving carfirmation is painful to find where the car is.

Bob Reed

By far the best car rental facility..they treat customers like family. Employees too

Alex Danilo

Consistently good service

Gabe Hysell

Good service until i opted out for a email receipt due to running a few minutes late and the next day I received the receipt with an added Fuel & Service charge of $18.13. I filled up 1/2 mile away at the over priced Sun Gas Station.

Flo Martin

We had originally reserved and paid for a full size car from Fox but they did not save it for us. We walked over to Hertz and were treated very kindly. We were given a great deal on a full size car and we were out of there in less than 10 minutes. Thank you SF Hertz for saving our vacation!!

Robert Scooter

Worst car rental experience ever. Besides the facility being filthy and shabby the employees were rude and surly. Its like everyone who works there hates their jobs. And they gave us the wrong car. Horribly managed. Resting on the Hertz name wont work forever. Do yourself a favor and rent your car where someone actually cares.

Butta Iswhattheycallme

j B

Gold is where it's at! Sign up now. Quick and a must have and its free!

Bernie Seinberg

Easy pick your car rental. Was less expensive than Avis when I recently rented a full size car in Chicago at O'Hare airport.

Enrique Rodriguez

Make sure u call a day in advance to get the best deals

Galen Whipple

no fuss car rentals, even given my age.


Thomas Huggins

Whoever the woman was working at the terminal B, Orlando airport Hertz kiosk, on 9/26/2019 at around 9 AM, was very rude to my wife. My wife did not rent a car from them because of her, even though we had a reservation. I may cancel my gold membership over this.

Santosh Balagopalan

Select your own car from a group of cars. Easy in and out.

Eunhwan Yoo

Eric Wrigley

I have never had a problem with price, availability or customer service.

Thomas Aylesworth

I'm a gold member at Hertz and it is the only rental company I will use. The customer service is Bar None the best. The quality of the cars you get is top-notch they're always totally clean and they never smell like cigarettes. I stick with what works for me so that's Hertz and it's Hertz for life

Mister Garth

I've never had an issue with the lines or employees at the counter. I typically will put a car on hold prior to flying out and it's as easier as picking up the phone to get rolling.

Mike Robb

As a gold member, I was greeted as soon as I stepped off the shuttle bus. The staff member excited me personally to my car offering to help with my luggage. Wow! Great service.

Scott Carr

We just had a very unsatisfactory experience at the Missoula Airport Hertz. Started well....on arrival, the full size car we rented was not available, so a nice new SUV was offered as an “upgrade “. The car worked perfectly. But, due to dangerous icy driving conditions (ice storm between Helena and Missoula) we could not return to Missoula, and had to change flight to departure from Helena, and drop the car there. Hertz Missoula added a $250 drop off fee it’s. 100 miles away. I was given several explanations as to why, none of which made sense. Everything from that’s National Hertz policy, to we’re independently owned and set our own fees, to you took a more expensive car that we own, and it would not be this way with a standard fleet rental. I understand an drop off charge....but not one that is so obviously gouging the customer. When I spoke with Kim, the manager, she told me “she gave a break,” and actually could have charged me Considerably more! I spoke with other Hertz locations in Montana, and ALL that i spoke to could not believe that cost! Even the agent at Helena Hertz tried to reassure me that $250 was way too high, and would never be charged to me. The other reviews on this sight should serve as warning to everyone. I realize we are mostly using 3rd party sites to book cars now, but if at all possible, avoid Hertz at the Missoula airport. I have contacted the Missoula BBB and the Missoula downtown association and foundation as well.

Ashley Bowman

Horrible experience. We rented a car and when we showed up they told us they didn’t have any cars for us and wouldn’t have one for another 50 mins. There were over 20 people waiting for cars. In addition to this huge mess, the desk attendants were rude, angry, and proceeded to shame us for expecting the car we reserved to be there. Why would anyone reserve a car for possibility that they might have one available? I’m very embarrassed for Hertz. With new and efficient transportation options like Uber and Turo, Hertz at the very least should be able to provide cars when you reserve one.

Juan Páez

Quick fast pick up, very nice service

Noah Vickers

The worst customer experience I've had. Got treated very poorly and told to contact customer service to adjust my reservation. However, they couldn't even supply me with the number.

Amy Pawl-Frederico

Slow, poor service. No Gold window.

Renato Tomei

I was a little scared after reading all the bad reviews but went ahead and rented from them because it was do close to where I was. No issues at all! Super fast service, nice new car, easy return and good price.

Charles Haley

9AM rental reservation, 10:40 & still waiting. Mr. Hertz, you are not very good. Room full of people waiting, bonding time. Not happy, maybe we'll be out by 11.

Michael Sinks

My experience with Hertz was far from pleasant. I flew in to Louisville late evening. There was only 3 people in line in front of me and it took over 45 minutes for the counter staff to process these three people. I have rented many a rental car and this specific location was by far the slowest and rudest I have ever experienced. Additionally, when we got the car, it was not cleaned very well, it looked like the only thing they did to clean the car was wipe down the windshield, and even that was not done very well. I have many choices when I need to rent a vehicle, and after this experience with Hertz, they have lost me as a future customer. One last thought to whomever might be reading this; I have never given an on-line review before and I might not have provided this one, except that Hertz sent me an e-mail asking me to rate my experience. So be careful what you wish for!

Aleksandr Elesev

Good location, friendly staff, may have to wait in line for a while. You have to have the person who made the reservation present.

Connie Ice

Great service! I was in and out and on my way!!! Thank you, Janice!

Jim Feltman

Ashley Holden... enough said. After 18 hours of trying to get to Chicago from Columbus, I ended up with a cancelled flight in Louisville. With a meeting scheduled for first thing in the morning, making the drive to Chicago was my only choice. I walked up to the Hertz counter and Ms. Holden 's smile was the first thing I saw. She was so remarkably friendly and helpful. It really made a rough day so much better. I travel about 200 days a year - I have tried every rental car company on the planet and Hertz is far and away the best! Thank you Ashley!

myrline richards

Excellent service

John Han

Leticia Lagunas

I Would Give A 0 Star But Saddly It’s Not An Option. Don’t Rent Any Cars From Here. They Made Me Pay A Damage On The Car That I Didn’t Do!!! They Were Rude!

John Fiebich

Friendly staff.

Kuljeet Dhillon

Hertz at SFO were great. Fast service and customer service second to none. May have something to do with the fact that brother had Hertz status but can't fault them.

Lashaun Stevenson

Carey Gray

Pickup was great, car was amazing, checkout was pretty terrible. My sister had a pack of cigarettes with her and the lady checking us out started telling us there was a $300 charge for smoking in the vehicle and my sister NEVER even smoked inside the vehicle. Thankfully they didn't charge but the lady was really rude

Mike Cain

Friendly, helpful staff, efficient, and AVAILABLE when it was nearly impossible to find a one-day rental anywhere in Denver...


Although I had made the reservation of compact size rental car in advance, I could not rent the car which I reserved, regrettably. The reservation did not make sense. Except for that, everything was perfect.

Gary Woods

dirty car did not clean it and dents

james moore

Very nice staff and in and out fast.

Dan Mitchell

Friendly staff, quick and painless pickup

Melissa Digloria

Rasaun Robinson

Daniel Bartelsmeier

I really don’t understand the ratings here. We booked the car in advance with ADAC in Germany. From the start to the end there was nothing to complain about. Everything was smooth and great. Thank you

Marcelo Glezer

Stuart Cole

When we picked up the car, the tank was only 3/4 full so was told to return the car with the same. Emailed receipt after return and was charged for fuel. Went back to desk to dispute but was told that I would have to ring billing dept during business hours as the booking was closed. Not much good as it was Saturday morning and I was flying out on Sunday. Staff had no interest to help whatsoever.

Elizabeth O'Brien

Terrible place. Lazy

Ariel Broitman

Ronald King

Queen Sabrina

Brian Lieb

I also had a bad customer service experience with the Missoula airport Hertz. We forgot a parking pass in the rental car, and when I called to ask if they could check, I was completely talked down to and ignored. The person on the phone said that all cars are thoroughly cleaned and that if any item was left in the car, it would have been reported. I asked if they could double check by looking behind the mirror -- I had to shove the pass behind it because it didn't fit easily. I put it there on the first day and never moved it. His response was to tell me that they didn't need to check because their process is very thorough. I asked if they could please just check again. I described how the pass would not be easy to see. His response was to repeat that they have a thorough process. He then raised his voice and said, "I guarantee the pass in not in the car!" Every time I tried to ask a question, he simply repeated how thorough their process is and that he "guarantees" it isn't in the car. The more I tried to have a conversation, the more he escalated the situation until I finally quit and hung up. I will be complaining to both the corporate office and to AAA because we rented the car through them.

John Snook

Jardner .

Terrible service and it's like they have no grasp of. What's going on

Robin Traylor

Josh Maleeff

What could have been a very frustrating experience was not because of the employees at this location. I was late for my reservation and was told that there were no cars available. However, they let me know they were getting more cars and would take care of me as soon as they could. Anna was fantastic!

Raul Padilla

I am a US citizen born in Puerto Rico (territory of the US) and went to collage in the states. Last week I had to travel to Orlando for business meetings and I had to rent a car. Decided to go with Hertz> when I got to the counter the employee of HERTZ ASKED FOR MY LICENSED AND CREDIT CARD. I provided both and the employee asked for a real ID or passport. I said to the employee that I was a US citizen and I did not needed a passport to travel from PR to Orlando. The employee said that he could offer cheaper car, but the one that I choose required that I showed my passport.?????? For the first time in my life, I felt discriminated by the requirements of HERTZ Rent Car. I asked him to cancel the reservation and went to Enterprise and had no problems renting the same model car I wanted. My advise to all is to rent cars in other companies that do not discriminate against Hispanics that are US citizens from territories of the US.

Charies Ragin

Good to go

Tiffany B

Not fast

Jon Pugliese

I give this place 0 stars. I rented a 2018 Cadillac XTS for $800 as a premium car and it was in terrible condition. When I picked it up it was night time so I didn't see all the damage. Besides scratches and dents all over the car the damn glove box was falling out. There was a huge burn mark on the door panel along with a ripped dash board. When I asked to speak to a manager they just blew me off and said we'll take $50 off for the inconvenience. I told them if that was the best they would do then they lost a customer for life. Their response was well sir that's your choice. I normally don't complain but for $800 that's ridiculous. Bottom line I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend renting from another company.

Joonhyuk Kwon

(Translated by Google) Please choose if you tie to Hyatt Regency Friendly and convenient. Chose the cheapest car, take the Impala 2019 It was a pleasant trip. I can trust you. I was relieved (Original) 하얏트리젠시에 묶는다면 꼭 선택하세요 친절하고 편리합니다. 가장 저렴한 차를 선택했는데 2019 임팔라를 받아 즐거운 여행이 되었습니다. 허츠라 믿을수 있고,친절히 설명해주어 안심했습니다

Joey Kime

Aravind Somasundaram

Good employees

Saul Marcus

Reserved car as part of package on priceline. Hertz refused to honor contract, refused to give me an economy size car and I repeated told them I did not want an upgrade and I repeatedly refused one. The guy told me I had to pay $90 for an "upgrade" (myself and 2 pieces of luggage, you know how I need to pay $90 for more space luggage room - note sarcastic), or I coulid not have a car. I have issued complained with Hertz numerous times over this - and reading online, they do simliar things to other people. Hertz at Denver Airport is a scam, you reserve a car and then they come up with all sorts of games to take more money, and I would say blackmail - what are you supposed to if picking up a car at airport and they won't give you a car!!!! DO NOT GO TO HERTZ AT DENVER fraud, scam, blackmail - whatever you wantt to call it, this is the place to find it!!!!!!!!!

Charles G

Dennis Sheehan

Great value and excellent service

Don Davidson

Expensive (about$700 for a week, for a subcompact), perhaps in large part because it's Manhattan. Otherwise a pleasant experience.

Chahat Deep Singh

Under staff

Glen Munn

It was not cleared explained that when you pre pay for gas at the cheaper price that you are really paying to use the whole tank of gas. I used less than a 1/4 tank of gas and charged for an entire tank because I prepaid. Makes no sense and it was not explained that’s what you were getting. Horrible customer service.——-UPDATE- they audited my rental and did the right thing.

Abhishek Sharma

I had been given Nisan Rogue which got broken down on my way to hotel. In replacement they provided me Toyota yarris. I requested for midsize car as i am tall and i dont feel comfortable driving small cars. They said its not available at nearest hertz location and I had been assured they will call menext day and will get it replaced but nobody bother to call. When i returned the car they charged me for full size car. Hertz sucks.

Angie Z

Easy to get to and super fast. The car was ready and clean. Even dropping off was really simple and I was on my way back to the airport within a few minutes of parking the car. Great selection and easy in and out.

Emmy E

Nice place to rent vehicles at really cheap, affordable and reasonable prices. Customer Care was really superb and handled in a professional way.

Icen Arsin

Hertz ar MDW and ORD are very competent. Neighborhood locations often not so much...

Jan Peeler

Good customer service and reasonable rate.

richard smith


Sim Schoener

Everything started efficiently...but now I'm somehow stuck in standstill traffic ! I thought I left the Bqe and Lincoln tunnel behind !

Jackie Palmertree

Delores Holman

Needed a car and they had a nice clean 2018 Ford Focus, little pricey but no complaints.

Dustin Ostrander


(Translated by Google) The counter can speak Chinese (Original) 櫃檯可以說中文

Sanjay Sangalge

PLEASE DON’T RENT FROM HERTZ I would not even give single star, worst experience ever I got with car rental. Booked vehicle a month back and reserved Sprinter Van for a trip. Starting 2 days before till evening of vehicle pickup I was consistently in touch with Hertz customer care and they confidently told me sprinter is reserved for this reservation. At pick up location ( OHare Airport) they said they don’t have any sprinter with them and offered me Chevrolet Express instead of Sprinter. When adding additional driver they made mistake and when we asked to revert they reverted only charges and not Tax. They told me that I can return vehicle at Hertz location at Naperville but on receipt they added OHare Airport as return location and when I called customer service they are asking more money to change return location.

João Manoel Lenz

Drop off at the airport was organized and fast; everything went as expected and price charged as quoted. Staff was friendly and helpful. Waited only a few minutes before a shuttle to take us our terminal.

Su Huan

I am a gold member and prepaid my reservation. During check in everything was good and I went straight to my car without any discussion about my rental because of gold membership. When leaving the airport rental area at the gate, the person asked me if I want prepay full tank of gas and I said NO and left the airport. When I returned the car with full tank of fuel, I was charged to prepay fuel on my credit card hours after. It took me more than one hour to talk to hertz customer service and I can not still talk to MCO location hertz personnel. Very disappointed.

Goodle Personnen

Had a very good experience with this location. I travel a lot... rent 50+ cars a year at a minimum and I would rate this location as one of my stronger overall experiences. Two reasons... one would be the lady at the counter who assisted me. Her first name starts with an A, but for privacy sakes, I won't type out her name here. She was very friendly, outgoing, and professional. The first car I was given had a flat tire when I went out to the car. I came back in, and within a minute she had me switched to another vehicle, which was an upgrade from what I had before. Grateful for that. The second reason was that I left my wallet by mistake at the rental location. I called the actual counter and a very polite lady immediately searched out my wallet and quickly located it. She held it till I could drive back to the airport to retrieve it. She, too, was very outgoing and friendly. Really started off my Thanksgiving holiday on a very nice note. The car itself was very clean and ran well. When I returned the vehicle, the check in person recognized my being President's Circle and immediately acknowledged that he would email me a copy of my receipt, which I received within about 15 minutes of returning the vehicle.

Mike Kramer

Hertz Presidents Club didn't have a great selection but I still got a nice car.


Terrible. Lady at the kiosk started upselling me on everything and it was just a terrible unpleasant experience

Jeremy Hopson

It was pretty good. We arrived really late at night. Employee was not that friendly (but wasn't rude either). Car had several large chunks of paint missing and smelled bad inside but was otherwise clean. Both the check out and return process was quick and easy.

Oscar Martinez

If you, like me, rented a car from Hertz at their Amtrak location on 1701 Wynkoop, know that you'll have to travel 1.3 miles to this location (2001 Welton) for the Amtrak location DOES NOT EXIST. If you, like me, traveled by light rail to the Amtrak location, then you'll be stuck navigating through ice and snow in the winter. (The funniest explanation came from the information desk at the Amtrak Station - Hertz uses the station as a 'reference' address!) For some reason, Hertz chooses not to correct this error. Even their own satisfaction survey lists their location as Amtrak Hertz. Nor did Jesse, the manager of the Hertz location respond to my emailed complaint.


Waited too long for a pre-reserved car, saw lots of frustrated and unhappy customers in the lobby experiencing the same. Regardless, the car worked and was clean and drop-off was super fast

Luis Mendoza

Had a reservation a month ahead. Was told day of attempting to pick up a rental that no rentals are available. Offered little to no guidance in resolving the situation. Told me I was pretty much on my own. Reservations hold no weight.

Kate Verner

Miserable experience. It took them an hour to get me in a car. The car was dirty, badly scratched all over and had a low tire warning light on. When I went to return the car no one was there. It took them 40m to locate someone to help me.

Bernadette M. Martinez

Very friendly staff for both pickup and dropoff. In and out incredibly fast both times. The shuttle arrived quickly at the terminal and the rental and the drivers were both friendly. I love the stones and just picking your car. I would have liked information on the EZ-pass that was in there as I'd never seen that before.

Federico Cannerozzi

horrible! I had a reservation for a dodge, they didn't have it and gave me a different car! The staff was rude and busy, I felt like they didn't want to help me or assist me... don't go to this shop!

Dennis Becker

Naeun Hwang

(Translated by Google) I had to make a reservation in Korea, but I could not wait for a long time. I waited for 30 minutes and asked where my car was. I went out to find a car and said nothing. When I asked again, I changed the car to a new one. .. I will not borrow Hertz again. (Original) 머스탱 한국에서 예약하고 갔는데 차 받는데 한참을 기다려도 안오는 거에요... 30분 기다리다가 우리차 어디갔냐고 물으니... 그제서야 차 찾으러 나갔다가 아무말도 안해주고 내가 다시 물어보니까 그 차 없어졌다고 새걸로 바꿔줬어요... 다시는 허츠에서 안빌릴려고요 ㅜ

Emily Jones

We arrived the morning of a friends wedding to pick-up our rental car. We had a reservation at 11:30am and at this time they had no cars available in the lot. We waited until 12:30pm at which time we were given a minivan instead of the sedan we requested. The only upside was we were able to negotiate not paying for gas, as we were given a much less fuel efficient car. I was overall very disappointed in the service at this location.

Dan Bradley

They did not have the full size car that they told me they did at the location I was supposed to pick it up at. They then told me they had a full size at a different location that I went to and they didn't have a full-size there either but only one midsize. Overall not a good experience.

Shane Murphy

Worst experience ever today, basically trashed my reward points saying someone must have been overiding my booking to make them work in the past. Not sure of the accusations her but 10 years of dedicated usage down the drain. Will not be back cause im not fighting to spend money somewhere. Truely a shame cause some of the staff have been awesome all these years.

Ahmed Eldidi

Gold booth closed, long lines with couple of staff and after paying they surprise me with a 40 minute wait

Anna Mochen

Julianna Munoz

Mrs. V X

Can’t say that I recall receiving such wonderful service with a car rental company. The service was professional, prompt, high level of customer service. We didn’t have any problems with the pick up or drop off. Kiddos to Hertz for stellar customer service.

Bob Hull

Fast and efficient service. Clean newer car. Fast car return service. Prompt transportation to and from airport.

Ilan Kirschenbaum

Pros: great location. Prompt service. Got an unexpected upgrade. Cons: Service not particularly friendly at checkin. Did not honor agent insurance coverage. Failed to send invoice despite multiple reminders. Did not honor return hour: was scheduled to 22:30, but closed at 21:30. Not the service I would expect from Hertz. Update: Justin from Hertz contacted me to get feedback on how they can improve. He added a link to email him - which doesn't work (error upon submit, saying "Road Block Ahead"), and the support email doesn't work as well (rejects all mail messages larger than....... 0KB). It doesn't come out to me as a company that is eager to collect feedback.

eric menal

I love ❤ crew there. Always fast and reliable. Monica and Patty make my days go quickly.

Christopher Walker

Did not have a car ready for our reservation, charged us for a second driver even thou when you pre pay, and reserve a car, which we did you dont have to pay for a second driver. Tried to stick us with a gas guzzler for a 3k mile trip.

William Cuthrell

Will not rent again. Car was low on oil. Dipstick would not reach oil after repeated low oil warnings. Emergency assistance was contradictory about what to do. Had to personally find and put oil in vehicle.

Guillermo Fernandez

Very convenient location, best prices in Manhattan and friendly/helpful staff.

alon dayan

Bobcat Arts

Just picked up the car, only compact available, and it was already damaged. Besides the front bumper dents, the trunk won't open. I called immediately and that was a total surprise. Bad enough I can't use my wife's credit card to reserve - same address, same last name - but they don't even know what they're selling. Rent elsewhere or do a full walk-around first and try everything. You don't want surprises down the road.

Kouno Miki

(Translated by Google) Anyway, I heard that it takes time to borrow, so I made a reservation and had my husband borrow it at 7 o'clock ago, but I did not have it with the two child sheets I had made a reservation and I sent it myself. Be done. We do not understand even if we ask the person in the hotel, we go back and have another staff attach it. It took me a long time and was tired. (Original) とにかく借りるのに時間がかかると聞いていたので、予約したうえで7時ちょっと前に夫に借りてきてもらいましたが、予約してたチャイルドシート二つとも付けてもらえず勝手にやれと送りだされる。ホテルの人に聞いても分からないし、戻って別のスタッフに付けてもらう。なんだかすごく時間かかったし疲れました。

Tim Crowley

No gold line. Packed. Rent a car elsewhere.

Jose Ventura

Made the reservation 2 days in advanced, my car was right there waiting for me, I was driving not even 5 minutes since I arrived to the Hertz office in midtown manhattan. Car was clean and in perfect conditions and returning it took me less than 5 minutes as well. Very happy with the service

sheila harris

It was great my dear sister rented a car there service was great.

Pedro De Anda

I only used this location for drop off. It was super fast, only took me 5 min to return the car. But the facilities look messy and I was extremely disappointed to see how they handle the child seats where my kids had spend the day. The seats where thrown next to the garbage without any special care. The chair that I got was dirty, so I’m sure they don’t wash them before renting them again. Take a look at the pictures and judge yourself

Holly Smith

Rented a truck, everything seemed great. When we got to the the truck in the Hertz lot we saw damage on the tailgate. We took a picture of the damage and didn't see anyone to report the damage too. As we were exiting we realized we had to stop at the gate to be let out, we told the female Hertz employee about the damage we saw and she walked to the back of the vehicle and saw the scratch. She took our paperwork and marked it down(so we thought, now not sure) and told us we could leave. Returned the car, had no trouble with it and we didn't do any damage to the car . FF, we are now being blamed for the damage we found on the car upon renting it. I have sent Hertz the time stamped photo we took while still in the parking garage as proof and am hoping Hertz realizes it was the previous renter with the photo we submitted to them, but I am skeptical.

Jeanne Colquette

The bus driver didn't even get out of his seat or acknowledge that we were there. He was talking to a co-worker on speaker and was super inappropriate. We were ready to tip him but decided not to. And then the exit agent was SO rude and just handed us our id back with no thank you whatsoever. Howevee, the woman at the ticket counter was great.

Tamara McPherson

The customer service man Bert was rude as ever! Walking away into a back room in the middle of our conversation, I understand he was trying to figure out policies that he had no idea about but as for a moment while u speak to ur supervisor!

Evan Tappenden

Worst service ever! Zero help

Ismael Ibarra

Great place to rent a car.The staff was polite, helpful and the cars are clean and ready . No wait.

Yi Zhang

I would give minus stars if I could. Stranded, on Christmas Day with our luggage and no car. They first told us that the address for our reservation is wrong and that they have already released our car. So yeah. Don't rent from here. Not trust worthy. Can't believe they can operate like this.

Biny Nugssie

This is the best place to rent a car They have excellent customer service I will give them 10 stars They give me very clean car I’ll be back in two months for sure thanks

Jennifer Alateiat

Grant Folstad

Great service and location

J Anthony

Carlos is great!

Thomas MacMillan

Horrible service they were very unorganized, they were ethier all hanging out in the back office or all smoking cigarettes and cigars in the back of the building . They gave me a car that was a mess with crumbs everywhere there was even empty soda bottles and half eaten cranola bars in the back. For some reason they put my rental under an insurance rate even though I was paying out of pocket so that I couldn’t have anyone higher up do anything about random charges. Only person who could was the manager at the location and when I tried to call they kept hanging up on me and wouldn’t give me their name or store info. Very immature very rude very bad business.

Darrien Fann

I had a wonderful and positive experience. The service representative conducted customer service in a excellent and professional manner.

Rodolfo Beltre

(Translated by Google) Worst (Original) Lo peor

Josh Schoenberg

No issues, quick and affordable.

Sunsarae Stokeley

1st issue-car goes into a safety lock down mode. Had to call to see how i was supposed to start it. Later that night i get a flat. No problem i purchased rd side assistance. Call for help the lady says i didnt purchase it. I say yes i did. She refuses to help until agree to pay 78 bucks to get someone out there. Nobody came. Changed it myself. Yet, they still charged me for that and god knows what else. Go to return and the man says i did indeed purchase insurance and didnt know why the lady didnt help. They ended up keeping 183 dollars out of the deposit. Total rip off. Ill NEVER use hertz again. And ill be letting everyone i know about the atrocious customer service.

Worldsflyest Jr

Michael Martini

Ford rented me a car here once. The dude at the counter was really nice and the car was clean and rode well. A solid rental spot.

Mr.Z M

Outstanding Above and Beyond Top Notch Service Thanks to the Staff Hertz Rental

Huawei Wang

Really Good Service and Low Price

Moe Kali

Got the key and got on my way pretty quick!

Manuhe Hailu

Staff was friendly and accommodating. The pick up process was quick and easy. Me and my wife love the Rever location. Hk

Alireza A Yazdi

Wanna be left stranded? Rent from Hertz and definetely do it at this location! I prepaid a car for the Labor day weekend in 2015 and showed up to pick it up on time only to get surprised they'd rented out the vehicle I'd paid for. Yes, there was no car left for me to pickup; the whole holiday plans ruined. There were also a few more customers like me surprised by how could a company allow such a foolish mismanagement to happen. No apologies, whatsoever. Called the 800 number to express my dissatisfaction and was hanged up on. Evet since, I've called back 3 times to request refund. 25 days after and no refund yet. Wish I could have rated it with no stars instead of one!

Samir Agrawal

It is very convenient. You book your car online and they make everything ready for you when you arrive. The staff is friendly.

sasi kesava sasi

Andrea Ericson

Evan Chokan

Elizabet Bushman

I flew into Boston Logan airport Unfortunately I didn’t reserved a car when I got to the counter they told me a $102 per day for a small car so I decided to call the closest rental location around the airport which The Hertz in Revere about 3 miles for Logan airport the guy that picked up the phone told me he can get me a small car for $49.99 per day and pick me up from the airport it was great experience from now every time I flying to Boston I will rental from this office.

Naenaee Ali

Lance Jeffrey

Clean new office. Good service and staff.

jason roberto

Beautiful facilities with a courteous and friendly staff They always accommodate me with what I need. I go back every time I rent a car.

Solomon Debalkie

It was/is a fantastic service I have ever seen. Keen and energetic service providers.

Ernesto Erazo

Great service!!

Cathy Johnson

Easy and convenient to get to. Great staff.

Conor Schmitt

Had a 7 30 am reservation, showed up and it didn't exist + showed them res number and no car was ready. No apology, it's business as usual for them. Waited 25 mins for them to get a car. And the fuel purchase option here is set to $70.

mizell ewing

Tgey have always been helpful when i needed a car rental

Bradey Restad

To make Eritrea Great Again

Great customer service I have ever seen. They are so polite and eager to help customers

Phillip Eberz

Helpful folks, convenient locations. Price seemed competitive.


chris gomez

First time renting at hertz the van was amazing Robel had great customer service as well as the other associates there . Very friendly overall all I can say is I will be back again because of the satisfaction through there customer service . I recommend for future customers

Alex Dice

David King

Dishonest business through and through. We have rented two cars from here and got ripped off both times! The first time the price got changed and the second time we got charged for an extra day. Both times the charge more than doubled. When I fought back they pointed to some small print, said it's company policy, and then gave small part back. They acted like they had stuck their necks out so far for us that we should appreciate all they had done for us. Different people, different tactics, same result. We're not fooled! We know bad business when we see one. We hope Hertz corporate management will investigate this branch and take these sleazy people out!

George Eli

Best location to Rent a car from I rented a nice Land Rover.

Siraj Tutkun

Very helpful service and any type of vehicle is available!

Paul Duda

James Richard

Multiple choices of cars with affordable prices. Amazing customer service. Manger was super helpful and patiently and clearly explained all the insurance options. The process of picking up and returning the car was a easy. The process was fast and efficient. I can thoroughly recommend this company.

neney pere

Best place to rent great costumer service..

Yayha Jama

This is the best place to rent a car from I went there couple times I was running late and I still find a way to rent a car from this people there’s a great customer service the gentleman helped me out few times. I would recommend it to everyone.

Gregory Freeman

Have not been there in a while

erick carlton

Drew Holloway

Pedro Taveras Jr

Anna Masteller

The worst customer service everrrrrrrrr

Kerry Jean

Great rental car the gentleman that helped me gave me a free up grade a 2018 Toyota Camry with 15 miles on it pretty cool see you for my next trip

ed woods

Nice rental cars

Abe T

Excellent customer service and wonderful staff!!

Steven Haddad

I want you to know I never write reviews. Also, I should have read the reviews on this facility BEFORE I rented from them. ALL of the customers who have reviewed this facility are completely correct, it is the most disorganized and pathetic Hertz Rental Facility I have ever seen or dealt with. I had a car reserved for Saturday April 30th, went to this facility for pick up, and, after an hour, they were ready to rent it (after they found it). Then, they told me it needed an oil change and could not be rented. In fact, they had NO cars to rent me. I had a 400 mile drive ahead of me, with no car. The manager had a ridiculous smile on his face, and kept saying "I'm sorry" over and over. No interest in looking for a car in Cleveland, or getting a car from the airport. He just didn't care about my predicament (at all). So, I called Enterprise at 1802 Superior Avenue (nearby) and they had a car for me shortly (they found one from another Enterprise facility and obtained it and brought it to their facility for me, all within an hour. AND they picked me up at my hotel to take me to their facility. They were amazing! Finally, as a Hertz 5 Star Gold Member, one would think they would help more. Pathetic.

Ms. Nicole Frazier

Good friendly service. Was given a upgrade because of the longer wait which i really appreciated. Drop 1 star because my options were only available by phone. Otherwise a great experience ... I loved that I was picked up by hertz to get my rental car.

lance Glenn

Staff were very helpful and friendly and the location was convenient for me since they have pick up and drop off service from the T station . Overall very satisfied with the service and the car I rented.

Rob Anderson

Fast check in/out and convenient location.

عبيد الكتبي

Eddie Zayas


Amazing service! Rented a van with 13 other people for a business conference and Robel was able to take care of everything for us! Definitely would go to him for any other rentals!!

Fahad AlShaye

Mikey DaGenius

A Good spot to rent a car I rent cars twice a month from this Hertz agency every time I go there I get free upgrades definitely I recommend this rental agency.

TJ Sager

Mel Cirillo

Avoid this location! Rude personnel that doesn’t care for your needs.

chuck casto

Worst service ever. No cars available with reservation and presidents circle. Attitude of employee extremely poor

Geoffrey Banks

Unhelpful staff that will not work with you. I booked a reservation online and was told I could pick up my car at 8 am. They did not have it available and forced me to pay an upcharge even though it was their fault. Specifically Mark was really frustrating to work with. I leave alot of reviews and normally only leave positive stuff. In fact if you look at my review history this is the first poor review I have ever left. The only redeeming quality is that they were fast. I missed a flight and had to rent here or I would pay more money to work with anyone else.

Pamela Dawson

This Hertz has a new manager. He's a nice guy, always looking to satisfy the customers

Shae Jorgensen

I'm not one to write reviews, however, this experience was above others when it comes to customer service. First of all, representive Mike was uncooropative and unwilling to help find a resoluation for my issues even though I had made a 4+-hour reservation. Instead, Mike was trying to push my business aside to help the next customer in line, ultimately leaving me stranded in downtown Cleveland without any means of transportation or a subtle bit of help. Currently waiting on Enterprise to pick me up, which the rental was cheaper.. lucky me!! I will not longer use Hertz services. Thank you Enterprise.

Cristy Mendez

Long-Mei Ren

Very slow service. The manager was very friendly and accommodating but one of the other employees did not seem to be having a great day. The cars are not washed or vacuumed prior to lending which is disappointing.

Jose Mata

Bruno Albuquerque

Very good customer service. Mike was very attentive to what i needed.

Robert Rush

Great staff and excellent service

Samantha Popov

I was between a rock and a hard place when I called, needed a last minute after hours rental. I called and they said they would stay open and yelp me out, and I was so thankful! I sent my husband on a flight told him they had a car reserved for him and when he landed the lady said no go! They don't charge debit card, credit cards only!!!! Thanks for telling me that when I called and reserved the car!!!

LA Olejar

The process was very fast n the management was amazing!!!

Sagar Sharma

A good place to rent your next car. It is in a very convenient location and they have the pickup service too. I had rented a Mid Size car and got a free upgrade to a Premium car. I didn't have to wait or anything, I got the car within 5 minutes. I returned the car on OFF Time and the only thing I had to do was to slide the key under the door. Overall its a 5/5 for a very good car renting experience!

Tyler Brown

I had an awesome first experience at this Hertz location. The staff was friendly and made my pick up process short and sweet. The best part was being able to upgrade my car to a brand new Jeep Wrangler!!

Terrie Reed

Thomas Malone

Excellent service. Easiest rental ever.

Gabrielle Combs

Dr. Steve Watts

I have used Hertz for over a decade more. I've enjoyed my relationship with Hertz. I'm not sure that I like their new pick your own car policy. The check out, however, was smooth and the operator friendly. I also don't like their use of points policy that requires over 24 hours to be able to use your points. There are times when you need to rent a car now and it would be nice to be able to use the points I've accrued.

Steve Dewhurst

The vehicle return confused me at the airport, but other than that was good.

Andrea O'Rourke

I rented a car on 6/11 from Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey IDAHO for a 1 day trip to take my grandaughter to see her grandpa in Florida. Upon rental process I WAS NOT INFORMED of a 200.00 "security deposit" that would be pulled from my account. As of now my account is in the negative. I'm not a rich Sun Valley individual. Im a working stiff. This has totally messed up everything. Hertz personnel at Freidman should have informed me.!!!!!

Jesus Emmanuel

Super slow service. Waiting up to an hour to get my car while also being the only person there!

Jenny Sullivan

Absolutely horrible!!!! Had reserved a car for my one week stay in Northbrook, held the reservation with my debit card and no one notified me prior to getting there that they couldn’t rent a vehicle to me !!! I flew in from obviously another state and had no vehicle!!! They could have let me know so that I could have made other arrangements but instead I ended up spending two hours driving around in a Lyft trying to find a car rental that had a available vehicle!!! Not fun

Jj Pp

This airport hertz is a scam. Worse customer service, staff tries to scam/ lie about damage to vehicle after vehicle return. Also charges for extra miles above 75 miles a day. Im reporting this location for fraud.

Josh Curth

I had a reservation for three weeks to this place and on the day I was supposed to pick up my car, they called and said it was not available. This place is great at taking reservations, but they can't hold them. The last time I went here the car they gave me had been bathing in cigarette smoke for about 48 hours before I got it and while I love that scent, my parents were sick from the extreme smell.

Alicia Handler

Terrible service!!! I went to pick up my rental vehicle at the scheduled time and the rude male employee told me it would not be ready for an hour because it needed to be cleaned. When I asked why I set a pick up time if it's not going to be ready by that time, he told me it was to lock in the rate. When I finally got the vehicle, it was not clean! I had to clean the back seat which had something spilled on it among other spots throughout the vehicle. I tried to call the local office and every time I called I was immediately placed of hold and they never picked back up. When I called customer service, they advised me to contact them once the vehicle was returned, and they would reimburse me some of my money back. When I called back they stated all they could do was issue a voucher towards my next rental. Like I would rent from them again! Their employee at the counter was rude, acted as if he could care less, wouldn't look up (staring at computer screen) at me when I asked him questions and acted as if I was inconveniencing him.


I made a reservation for Friday a week before. I call an hour before my reservation time and they tell me they are waiting on a delivery of cars and would contact me when they had them. I figured that meant that they had cars on the way. After 3 pm I showed up and they said they didnt have anything yet. Then the lady at the desk said they had one car and she went in the back to see if she could rent it to me, I guess it was in a different class, and said I could rent it. They wouldn't take my payment method so I said I was going to put the money in the bank and come back. It was a quick trip and when I get back she tells me they no longer have it. THE CAR WAS STILL SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT. No one else was there. She straight up lied to me so that I wouldn't get the upgrade. She made several snide comments and had no customer service. I never got rude or angry because I was already behind on leaving and didn't want to loose my reservation. They told me they would call when they got something in. The next day I waited, then called, same response, so waited a few more hours. NOTHING, I called the 800 number and tried to get a solution but was told that there might be a car available on Monday... I reserved the car for Friday! I asked if there was something available at another location or some other solution so she said that I could pick one up Sunday at another location and the price would be double what I had reserved the original for. Needless to say I called Enterprise. While the cost is a little more initially, You actually get a car and good, friendly, and helpful customer service. And the cost, even last minute was not much more than the original price for my first reservation.

Zachary Zeiler

Very easy, but they need to check vehicles first such as a wiper blades as it rains and you need to clean windowshields or you cant see

J.R. Bias

Fast friendly and the cars are always nice and clean!

Anna Eva

Robinson Joseph

Pleasure experience checking in and checking out. Surprisingly efficient for such a busy airport

Mylita Benjamin

The day manager Jeff was super patient and helpful! I love my rental too. Nice and clean!

Larry Cobler

Good access from the train station. Good service.

ili ili

Good, reliable, perhaps not fastest in town, but they know what they doing.

Charity Barnes

BE AWARE! When returning your vehicle do not make any mistakes of leaving anything behind. Not even for 10 minutes or less. There are thieves among Hertz Waikiki -Hyatt Regency location. My husband and I stayed at the hotel for 10 days. The convenience of having a rental company close in proximity was perfect so we thought. We filed a complaint. No one never got back to us. I am beyond shocked Hertz has not contact us, return date 4/23/19. What a horrible way to end our trip! Hyatt Regency should be aware of what's taking place here.

Ky'esha Timothy

The only reason I gave it two stars was because the car they gave me was great. My pickup time was for 7, I sat there until 7:30 because my name did not appear on the board. Had no other problems until I realized after I returned it, I left something fairly expensive in the vehicle. I tried calling the office several times to no answer so I put in a lost & found request. It is now my understanding that my item was more than likely stolen.

Bobby Evers

Worst service in town unable to help me, cost $200 extra to get another car at a different rental company. Better off to save the money and go somewhere else

Patrice Virgil

Walk in drive out in less than 5 minutes if you are a,Gold member.

Woosung Choi

It is located in san francisco international airport and easy to access via air train. It also provide gold member service you can easily take your car directly. But price is little bit higher then others.

Kevin Condit

State Farm Insurance "arranged" a rental after a fender bender. Missoula Hertz would not honor the rental, very disappointed in Hertz's attitude and unhelpful attitude.

Gary Rzonca

Wow. Terrible setup. Regardless of your status with Hertz, or having reservations, you have to wait in line. First, they don’t open until 10am (why? Most people want to leave for excursions way before that). Second, extremely long line. We waited 45 min, so this means we can’t even leave until around 11am this morning for a single day rental. Finally, Zero sense of urgency. I get it’s Hawaii, but please respect people want to get going on their trips, an have families sitting in the hallway for 45 min while we wait to get a car. I am fortunate to be Presidents Club, and this is the WORST experience. Rent elsewhere. Hertz, people expect better from you, so deliver on your brand promise.

Shadaries Villa

Employees should be more friendly

Charmayen Carr

If you want to experience absolutely the worst customer service than this is the place for you! (Hertz rental car in Landover Hills) Jasmine was rude & blatantly disrespectful she starts with I need a new job ummm OK clearly, then she takes a personal call right in front of me. Her co workers preferred to be outside when there is a room full of customers. Everyone is manager here so that’s pointless. Never again the corporate office will be made well aware of the lack of service this location seems to be stellar at offering.

Tarak Chadaram

I wish i have option to give no star. I tried calling this office for 4 to 5 times and none of them picking the call. I want them to know that I will drop off my car in collision center and want them to pick me at 8AM. I don't want to wait for a pick up and end up being late to office. Changed the reservation to enterprise. Hertz fire the people if possible to save you reputation.

jiho park

(Translated by Google) Borrow from the underground car after receipt of the second floor Go down the stairs looks right (Original) 차는 2층에서 접수 후 지하에서 빌립니다 계단으로 내려가면 바로 보입니다


(Translated by Google) There is a lot of room for service improvement, such as waiting for a receptionist on the day of borrowing and not knowing exactly where to go in the underground parking lot, etc., but it is America and it is something like this. (Original) 借りる当日に受付待ちで結構待たされるのと、地下の駐車場でどこに行けば良いかよく分からない等サービス改善の余地はたくさんありますが、アメリカだしこんなものかなぁ。

Xmen Ye

(Translated by Google) A few weeks in advance in the WeChat Hertz international car rental book, because the first day to go to the big island, did not choose to pick up at the airport, looking for this in Waikiki beach location close to the hotel, but the counter is more difficult Find, is asked Hyatt hotel entrance souvenir kiosks to find the counter is located on the second floor of the hotel. Counter staff is still very nice, what the problem is very clear explanation. Just booking a similar Jeep Compass-class medium-sized SUV, no mention of the car, to a large FORD Expedition, but quite cool ..., where the car can also have until 9 pm, positioning to 2413 Koa Ave. Followed on the line (Original) 提前几个星期在微信 Hertz国际租车 上预订的,因第一天要去大岛,没选择在机场提车,找了这家在 Waikiki beach 位置离住的酒店很近的地方,但柜台比较难找,是问了 Hyatt 酒店门口纪念品售货亭才找到位于酒店二楼的柜台。柜台工作人员还是很nice的,什么问题都解释的蛮清楚。只是预订的类似 Jeep Compass 级的中型 SUV,提车时没有了,给了一辆超大的 FORD Expedition,但开着相当的爽…,此地还车能一直到晚上9点,定位到 2413 Koa Ave. 跟着开就行了

Ryan Johns

Absolutely horrible experience at hertz this past weekend.. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS HERTZ!! I booked a car online well in advance and paid for it, when I showed up I was told they cannot fulfill that reservation and tried to give me a car of lesser value for the same price without refunding me. The 2 girls at the desk were literally passing notes infront of me about my rental.. it was 100% unprofessional. Do not rent from this hertz location please I urge you to take your business elsewhere!

Sara Grissett

Jocelyne Solis

Avinash Chaturvedi

In MY Zone

Hertz customer service is trash across the board! This is Worst company ever!! Rent from anywhere else but hertz! They don’t care about you only your money!! They will charge your account without your permission!! Renters beware!! You’ve been ⚠️ don’t do it!

Sean Gannon

Rented a car for a week, reserved online through Delta to attach SkyMiles to the reservation. Arrived in Orlando to find one person working the counter and the kiosks were down. Waited in line, got up to the counter and it was clear the lady wasn’t in a hurry to get business done. Ended up getting a free upgrade because most of the cars were buttoned up for the incoming hurricane. I didn’t like how the damage waiver more than doubled the price of the rental - other companies seem to have better rates on the protection plans. Other than the check in process, the experience was smooth and got me where I needed to go.

Sam brown

They always have the newest car

Barbara Burbach

My name wasn't on the Gold board so I went into the rental office. The lady gave me a blank folder told me to pick a car in appropriate zone. That was nice to pick the car but the lady at the gate had to do all the paperwork so everyone in line behind me had to wait. That part makes no sense.


(Translated by Google) I'm kind. The point to note is that when you take over, "We fill up the oil, do you want to fill it? Take it to the pool and bring it to the pool". Oahu was not as broad as I thought. It is not half of a medium-sized standard in the pool even if we go back largely to Oahu island. I just paid for the oil shortage and stuffed it at the gas station and then return it. The oil shortage is filled by you! (Original) 친절해요. 주의점은, 인수할 때 "기름을 우리가 채울까. 본인이채울래? 풀에 가져가서 풀로 가져와야해"라고하는데 꼭 본인이 채우세요. 오아후가 생각보다 넓지않더라구요. 크게 오아후섬 한바퀴다 돌아도 풀에서 중형차기준 반도 안줄어요. 본인이 그냥 기름 부족분을 돈주고 주유소에서 채운후 리턴하세요ㅋㅋ 귀차나서 걍 허츠서 풀로 채우는 기름값 40몇불 낸다고햇는데 돈날렸습니다. 기름부족분은 본인이 채우는걸로!!

Julie Klotz

Car pick up is easy peasy. There are shuttles to the airport.

Jodi Ellis

Please add an appropriate number of staff members. Takes FOREVER..... Disappointing after a long flight and reservations.

James Flanagan

Reshar Britt

My service was excellent and my drive was great....we had a great time on vacation

Ron Hohmann

The people were very helpful and the van was excellent.

DK Williams

Great rates, professional staff.

Nikki Ann Graddy

Hertz is the only rental company that I use. With my AAA and Hertz Gold, I am always able to find a deal. This location is my favorite; the customer service is great, and the cars are always clean. I've never had a problem with this company that went unresolved; any issues I had were solved and in my favor.

Benjamin Adams

Fast friendly service with great accommodations and vehicles

Donovan Rowell

Always choose Hertz!

Alan Resende

I didn't like the experience with hertz. Full of extra charges.

Doug Oliver

One of the local dealerships rented a car on my behalf. The rental transaction was pleasant and efficient. After returning the rental, I received a $400 charged to my credit card without any prior notice or explanation. The local rental location wasn’t able to assist or elaborate and the Hertz 800 # is experiencing system issues. Disappointing.

Robert Sloan

Michael Minarik

Another Great experience. Especially with the nice person Idalia who completed my reservation when I checked it back in . It's always nice to finish a vacation with someone who is happy and smiles. I will always use Hertz. Great happy people who seem to take pride in their work.

debra kash

They are okay

Debra Gagner

No car and poor customer service. Insult to Injury. According to them - having a reservation does not mean they have a car for you. Me and two other parties had no cars for us - and made no effort to get us cars. Just said “sorry”. That is not acceptable. A big company with cars just miles away at the airport - they should be able to do something!! I also ran into another woman on the train who’s mother had the same issue three days earlier - so this was not an unusual experience.

Justin Alberda

I travel for work and am lucky to be able to book my rental car and hotel. I would not rent from any other company than Hertz. Kim the manager is beyond helpful and makes the process smooth. I feel many of the poor ratings come from people that don’t understand how rental cars work. Don’t be fooled by those reviews, this location is great at what they do!

Tom Rainey

Excellent staff and great vehicles.

Steve Vacenovsky

Kadijah Thomas

Faraz Khan

Worst car rental experience in my life. Line extending outside the door. Waited >1 hour in line. Charged 3 times the cost of a regular rental. Absolutely ridiculous. Need to have someone take legal action against them for their business practices.

Bud Wilkinson

Super fast and uncomplicated service ss a gold member. No contact signing or waiting for an attendant. Hated the first vehicle. Easy exchange after a full day with it. Thanks Hertz!

Stefanie Groner

Horrific selection compared to National. Phone number cannot get you to a person from the actual site - every extension option leads to an outsourced call center. Those people tell you to call the location for details on your specific rental. It's impossible to understand how your refueling options work on your current rental, for example. Complete digital headache.

Ramy Ramirez


I like this location actually it's the only location that I will go too. I only deal with Sue she knows what she is doing and provides the best customer service. This is the only place I will rent from I have tried others and was nothing but disappointed not here though. They don't always have the best selection of cars but that's because they are always booked. It's a very busy location. I have rented from them 4 times and it's the only place I will go. Wish they did more with there rewards program though for like loyal customers. Maybe like promo codes with savings off rentals like if you rent a week get a day free or a discount on the total. That would be nice.

bryan ocumen

Nice place to rent a car for vacation

Jacqueline Hopkins

Great customer service; quick return

Reid Becker

I had a very smooth experience at the airport Hertz. The shuttle driver was extremely helpful at directing me to my car. The car was very nice and made my trip very pleasant.

Janis Grabis

Very fast and efficient service

Luis Pinales

This guys are very unprofessional they don’t have any manners and they don’t explain the contract as they should. I ask one of the staff members why I have to sign this paper and he lied to me saying “oh that’s only to receive the keys of the car after that you are all set. I replied: “are you sure?” And he said “yeah yeah just sign and I’ll give you the keys”, I replied again “sir I never had a rental before” and he answered back “can you please sign to get this process done?”. This location is very exclusive and your guys should have better staff and better management because everything starts from the top.

Julio Ortiz

wave wrangler

Kim does it again! We just booked our annual fly fishing road trip of montana for the out of state family. Over the last 5 years we've rented 2-3 vehicles at a time and Kim and crew have always taken care of us. Easy access at the airport for pick up and drop off.

Mark Tamaleaa

Great service. Not busy in the winter. :)

Tony Holder

Tomaz Pontara

Fast and good!

David Wade

Great customer focused team. Amber is very helpful! Best card in Salisbury.

Paige Whitney

Called them to get a copy of my receipt, called several times before someone would answer, voice mail was full. Finally when someone answered I was told to go online because she was expecting a flight to land and she couldn't assist me.. what terrible customer service.

Zaigham Malik


Dune Crane

Everyone I interacted with was professional, cordial and courteous. I reserved a midsize SUV. Upon arrival it looked as though I had the "Gold" lot to choose from. I was expecting more vehicles to choose from. Seemed to be a LOT less than I have seen at other, much smaller airports, but it's possible that I missed something too. Perhaps there was a second, larger "Gold" lot that I didn't see. In any case, I ended up in a Chevy Equinox which was fine, other than the smell (almost all rental cars seem to have a moderately unpleasant smell). Love the fact that it has IPass built-in for tolls. Never had to wait for shuttles either to or from the airport, and the drivers were great.

Jorge Arnau

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Boris Gutko

Arrogant customer service. They called me with some information and I returned their call in few minutes. Person refused to explain why they called me a few minutes before:"I left you a voicemail, listen to it!", that what they said. Convenient location only at SFO (opens 24/7), but it's airlines' passengers oriented. City dwellers have to use other locations but they all closed on Sundays. Thanks them, they offered me a pick up, but dropping off at weekdays is very inconvenient.

Anna Craven

If I could give zero stars I would! Horrible customer service. Just rude, rude, rude! Listed a car as damaged and WE DID NOTHING TO THIS CAR! The employee in the parking lot was so rude and we complained to the manager. Still trying to get down to the bottom of who reported it damaged. We're thinking between the parking lot employee and the manager, something's fishy. Take pictures inside and out of any car that you rent! Been renting cars for work from different places for 22 years, NEVER had a problem til now.

Renate Herberger

Unfortunately my experience of customer service was rather poor. It seems to me that it is simply too big a business to care about the individual customer! I was given a vehicle where the left back brake light was not working, and was not offered any resolution to that. In fact, what the customer service representative on the phone suggested was for me to drive the three hours back to the airport to trade in the car for another car, all of course on my Holiday Time and on my gas! I politely declined. My suggestion to bring an alternate car to me where I was staying overnight was rejected. So I drove a car with a non-functioning rear left back light for a full 7 days and it is just luck that I was not pulled over by the police because this is definitely an offense that would have gotten ticketed! I returned my car at 4:30 a.m. and there was no one there to help me return the car. I left without a receipt. However, the location opens at 4 a.m.! I would not choose to rent from Hertz again after this experience

alessandro passaglia

The worst ever. I rented a car and some Thief entered inside and stoled me everything even driver license. They wanted the car back earlier because the burglary and because they stoled my license they did not Gave me another car ! Ridicoulous

Jeffrey Koch

Ran out of cars. Was telling multiple people with reservations "too bad". Do not rent here

Dedrick Thomas

Horrible dirty car


This branch in Topeka Kansas had given me the worst coustomer service I had ever received from any industry. Never have I felt more disrespected and unimportant in my life. I can to them with a problem and no one gave a damn about my issue. I was given a price when my reservation was put in and when I returned the vehicle, it had tripled. When I tried to get an explanation, the clerk completely ignored me and showed no remorse to my troubles. She half ass explained my bill then went back to her desk even though I was still obviously confused. Clearly the money is more important than the coustomer satisfaction and I will make sure to never go to a hertz ever again. You should be ashamed at the way coustomer a are treated here.

Barney Rivera Ramos

The employees are very helpful and friendly

Hardy Santana

Bad service, bad costumer service, sorry I'll not recommend it, if you are a tourist and you have questions or chance of plans.

Trish Vevera

It was great, excellent mileage. A great ride,

Victor Villalobos


Kristoffer Prestvold

Recieved wonderfull service from Richard and his manager Ruth helping us sort out our reservation. We definetly will use Hertz for later car rentals!

Tee Zee

The gentleman who assisted me with the car exchange was super nice and understanding.

Jozsef Pfeiffer

The Hertz Gold lane was a little light on cars when I arrived, but it was after 10pm. Other than that, no complaints. Picked up my car and was out in less than five minutes after arriving. Return was just as fast and easy with friendly staff.

Leonid Ustenko

It's a nice car rental for not US residents because the rental in such a case includes required by Californian state, liability insurance. The car itself was in awesome condition, with just 2K miles milage

Christine Samson-Fitzhenry

Kenny Jr

Very happy with the pathfnd3.5 it did all 1,756 miles with know problem

Kimberly Mason

Well im still waiting to picked be up by the shuttle from the auto shop... It's been 2 1/2 hours..... Should've gone with enterprise

Gladys Downing

This location is awesome. Exy was so polite and patient and very sweet. I was told they were sold out, so as I was getting ready to go to a different company, angel stepped in and did helped me get a car. He went above and beyond when they didn’t have too! Thank you angel and exy.

Jeremy Keeshin

Jamarcus Fanning

Alysia Fyock

No guarantee that they will have a car waiting for you at the start of your reservation. Spent 2 hours waiting for a rental car even though we had a reservation. Several people in front of us had reservations and were turned away due to no available cars. The staff is unapologetic and unhelpful.

Alan Kirkwood

Pretty good place to rent a car. The car was clean and in good mechanical condition. I thought the prices were a bit high, but perhaps that's a function of being in Chicago and specifically, from having a property so close to the airport. The rental and return process was quick and efficient.

Stephanie Blackwell

Alfonso Sierra

(Translated by Google) Very good service and very oriented to satisfy was the customer. Despite needing a vehicle at the last minute, they did what was necessary to get it, in addition to additional equipment requested. Highly recommended (Original) Muy bien servicio y muy orientado a satisfacer era al cliente. A pesar de necesitar un vehículo a última hora, hicieron lo necesario para conseguirlo, además de equipo adicional solicitado. Muy recomendable.

Kevin Vellanki

Great, painless rental. AAA membership waives the additional fees for renters under 25, making it a great cheap option. Good selection of cars, and convenient location with shuttle to SFO terminals. Everyone was super nice, and wait times were around 20 minutes.

Alejandro Chahin

Great Service From Mr. Rivera

Stephen Packer

Don't even bother if you don't have a reservation. My flight was canceled so they wanted to gouge me $424 for a one day rental,

Peter Hwang

I was a little worried when I got there because of the all the bad reviews. I had no problem getting the car and returning it. Montreal airport was the worst by far. They’re borderline criminals. I am a gold member and been using hertz for 20 years.

galen peterson

Great staff and had the car I needed

Cody Smith

Difficult to drop a car off after hours

Ron LeFevre

I reserved a Range Rover (a special treat for my wife)....and we got a Benz. Its ok, but we really wanted to have a Rover...

Mars M.

Decent place. Nice huge variety of vehicles for Five Star Club. Staff could be a little nicer.

Sean Cuevas

Quick service (bus arrived quickly for pickup). Friendly guy checking the car back in. Very friendly and helpful driver.

Emily Hannan

Had a good experience at first but was given misinformation and ended up charging me extra fees when I followed the directions they gave me. Will not be using Hertz again.

Edem Tsakpoe

The process or renting and return was the smoothest I have experienced so far. The vehicle I received was clean, mechanically sound and had low mileage. I could not be more satisfied with Hertz or the location I rented from.

Daniel Sudnick

Best value and experience around; have never had a bad rental car.

Dona Senecal

Excellent rental and drop off procedures. Great rate with my AAA membership. Good customer service.

Bill V

Could use more Ford Fusion hybrids and less of the junky Hyundai and Kia cars in the Gold section. Despite this flaw superb service.

Hannah Sievers

Rental and quick and easy

jose medina

Simple pick up and drop off process, decent rates, with large selection of vehicles. Best of all, it's in proximity to both of MCO's A and B terminals.

Andy Murdoch

What a shambles. Nobody to collect the car, no signs to where to leave it without blocking the whole lane, which somebody had done. Plus it EXPENSIVE! Won't be ordering a car at the airport again.

Jill Romeo

If there was a 0... Waited to be picked up for 50 minutes and finally sent a Lyft to pick me up from Jim Ellis Collision. Total time to get a car... 3 HOURS!!! Got there and they didn't have the car I put on hold night before. Took 25 minutes to speak with girl there and she was rude and basically said no reserved car and all she has was a Hyundai... Turns out that car wasn't properly registered and so after another 30 minutes, was offered a compact car or an SUV I would have to pay difference for. Funny lady in between me trying to call my insurance was "upgraded" to another car and the guy helping here was out in the parking lot with her for quite awhile. Bottom line I got a car that smells like cigarette smoke, cigarette burns all over, rude employees, and ended up no one from Hertz ever called back when a full size Camary or Altima came in. I waited five days and finally got a bigger - no smoke smelling car at Buckhead location. Would NEVER recommend this location. All in all, after the 50 minute shuttle wait, it took me 3 hours to get a dirty, stinky and sub-par car. Boy I've seen a lot of crazy customer service issues in my many years, but this was a horrible experience, even with my insurance advisor calling and taking to the person in charge... which was the person helping me. They need new employees and the lack of respect towards customers (depending on who you are) is crazy. Need customer service training and new operations! Perimeter location wasn't much better and never called, voicemail full for two days. Hertz finally called and Buckhead ended up taking care of me.

Misty Thornton

Ever disappointed with hertz. No final receipt and the price we was quoted and what they took out was way off. Didn’t get the deposit back like we was told and there was nothing wrong with the car when we dropped off and it was full of gas. They said there was a 24 hours services at the San Francisco airport but no one was there to help us with returning the car. Our plane went out the next day so we have to get an extension that was only supposed to cost 13.50 dollars so with 2 people driving it should of bn 27.00. But the person on the phone told me it would be 60.69 but I was charged 67.00 I really don’t understand how they can just take whatever amount they want my family and I will never this hertz again.

Anthony Rivera

Very good, best car Rental!

Philip Meyer

They're easy inside the airport and easy to find ( next tot baggage claim). I was expecting a Corolla , but they put me in a Kia Optima.

anva91 .

I‘ve always been very nervous with renting cars because I’ve had my share of horrible experiences. HOWEVER... I felt absolutely compelled to write a raving review for Mike Fini and Wendy of the SF Hertz location. Some of the finest customer service I’ve received, ever. They were communicative, friendly, and compassionate to my situation (which was being very late to my flight and dealing with a flat tire on the rental). Everything regarding the flat tire issue was taken care of as promised, my rental agreement was honored as it was, and I even got a private escort to my Terminal from the Hertz office to make sure I made it on time to my flight (which I did— thanks Mike!) I almost went with a cheaper car rental service to save the money, but I’m so SO happy I opted for a more reliable agency like Hertz. I’ve also never been more grateful to have had insurance on my rental (something I never do.) For am extra $30 (for 3 days) I was saved from a nightmarish flat tire situation. So don’t be cheap! Get their base insurance and have the peace of mind! A very happy customer, Anna V.

Ming Chiu

Unsafe Vehicle! On our way back home about 100 miles away, our 2019 Dodge Caravan had a flat almost causing an accident with 2 kids and 2 senior citizens inside. I called Hertz's roadside service and waited but no answer so I decided to change the tire myself. It took 4 extra hours to get home due to time trying to get help, changing the spare, and driving slower on a spare. Upon returning the vehicle back the next day I asked for the manager to see if I could get some compensation for all the trouble. Not only was James unapologetic and rude but he said we would have to pay for the tire and time lost due to it not being able to be rented while being fixed! He ended up giving us a $25 voucher for future rental. How is that any good if I don't plan on coming back? Just a word of advice. Do not rent from that location. If you value your safety do not rent a 2019 Dodge Caravan. They don't let you know in advance which model it will be. It was the rear tire that I believe was defective. The minivan was brand new and had just over 7k miles on it. I was on a straightaway and if it was something on the road, it would of been the front tire that would of gotten the flat.

Lauren Hartman

Terrible awful service and overall experience! Had to wait outside for over an hour to rent a car bc staff was late to work! They were rude about it too, not apologetic at all! Never ever using them again and you shouldn’t either!

Gelo Petsvona

Ther is no Hertz shuttle at San Francisco airport because they rely on the monorail train, well SF airport shuts down the train after 12 am and if you land after that time you are in for a big surprise. The only choice you ha e is to take the airport shuttle that goes to the employee parking lot first and this is where you will get the tour of the airport because the rental cars are the last stop for the shuttle. You will spend 30 min just getting to the Hertz just to realize that there are no cars left in the gold area and all you got is a Ford focus as an option.

Lennie DC

Rented a prestige SUV from this station which ended up being a Jaguar F-Pace. The car itself was great but the service at this location was the worst I had so far compared to any other rental company or location. On arrival the interior of the car wasn't cleaned, no one walked you to the car and inspected it with you because I'm a 5 star gold member and the car was sitting in the parking garage with the key already inside. So I had to grab someone to talk about the interior and the damage on the exterior. Because of time pressure I asked to change the car for a different rental, which wasn't available or I could change to a different class (although it was already one of the most expensive) which would have cost me another 300 USD for a car that was much cheaper online then the one I rented. So I kept the Jaguar. To my surprise for a prestige car, there was no navigation. I was told this would be 13 USD per day, for 7 days. That ended up costing another 160 USD for 7 days. This whole process cost almost 1.5hours. When I returned the car one of the workers took the keys off me and told me that I should go, she didn't want to inspect the car together with me. So unless I wanted to wait for the manager, I couldn't really complain anywhere. Conclusion: car was fun, service at this particular station was horrendous.

Brian collins

have rented cars here several times and have always received great product and cusomer service


Had a wonderful experience June 12. Arrived around 7:30am on a Sunday. Nobody waiting for cars. Was in and out less then 2 minutes. Sonide was very helpful and quick. Rented a Doge Caravan. Perfect, clean shape. Less then 4500 miles. Returned Sunday around 7pm. Again very simple. Gave Sonide the mileage reading and done in one minute. All in all very easy and happy with this rental.

Pernell Simpson

Tiffiny Mcgee

daniel schaffer

Good prices

Jin Choi

(Translated by Google) Return parking lot is hard to find. Return to the parking lot in the back of the hotel. Go back to the basement and return to the second floor office. (Original) 리턴 주차장 찾기 힘듦. 호텔 뒷편 주차장에 Return 표시 보고 지하로 들어가서 반납 후 2층 사무실로 가서 최종 반납 확인

Donald Clark

It's a Hertz in NYC. Pretty much as expected. Staff on duty when we went in were pleasant. Note: when you drive out, you exit onto 54th St (one way East) despite the office being on 55th.

Angela Daniels

David B Frick

They didn't have a premium SUV as I had rented, only a full-size SUV. They only gave me a 10% discount when there is easily a 30% difference in price.

angela nebel

Getting the car is hell but return It is much better fast and good.

Shubham Khichi

Bad super bad. The customer service guy on the counter was having a bad attitude. Plus we got charged extra for returning the car same day but different location. Because not all city location of Hertz close at the same time during the weekday.

Taneika Hamlin

I wish I couldn't even give them this 1 star. This Hertz of Landover Hills on Annapolis Rd is very slow, car wasn't vacuumed, the disconnect of employees with doing there duties. When I 1st picked up the rental the Hertz wasnt even operating cause there was nobody there to work until an hour later (suppose to open @8am) @915am & had to even still wait for computer to boot let's not stay the least of her getting ready & playing with her cellphone. I was overcharged & told too many LIED by the employees & the customer service line they was no communicate when I gave notice to extend. I don't recommend them I wish I would've went to the College Park location.

Lisa Pettit

Overall good experience. Only downside was there were no vehicles to pick from when we got to airport, but they immediately gave us a brand new rental. Returning car at airport was hassle free. Would definitely rent from Hertz again!


Definitely not coming back to this place. The place is crowded and tight, the waiters are no good. The food is too big and fulling and not worth the overprice. It is grease-drenched.

Ricardo Cabral

Hertz is now my #1 Rental Car Company! Fantastic Service!


Helpful friendly fast even at midnight on a Monday

Carl Foster

Little over priced for what you get in relation to other companies, but they have no compact so pay for a compact and get the next size up for free

Christopher Preddy

Always fast. So far.

Dayle Withers

Angel Rogero

Fantastic car rental. Good cars with good prices.

Kurt Brown

A small location with no seating for those times when your car isn't ready, but despite the challenges, the staff tries hard to make the best of things, and it's a great convenience to have a Hertz location in the West Village, esp considering the crazy rents.

Aaron Rape

The service was friendly and quick, but we ended up with a very weak car, even by rental standards.

Quentin East

Took my car back because the windshield wiper was split about halfway. They send me to Firestone to get it replaced and I have to sit there for almost an hour to get wiper blades replaced because Firestone can't figure out what blades to put on it. WTF really? Just give me another car next time. That is maintenance that should be done by Hertz anyways. Just get the customers to do your damn job.

Ryan Larson

What an amazing experience. We made a reservation to pick up a vehicle and return it three days later. They upgraded us for free and we were in and out in about 10 minutes time on each end of our trip. The staff was super nice as well. Would definitely come here again if we were in the area.

Brian Hater

Hertz has made renting very easy. Join the Gold Club so you can just jump in any car and go.

Stephen Zubrycky

Had to wait well over a full hour to check in. Very slow service. Car was fine

Lee MK

We could find the rent car shop easily and they have a lot of cars. When you use a your own GPS, don't forget to keep taking your GPS holder too.

Dan Taylor

Returned a car in good shape. Now they claim I returned it with a huge hole in windshield. They refused to come out and check in the car when I returned it. Never trust these people!

Shane Marshall

Don't have the cars you order, staff lie to you, vouchers they give you are worthless ... never again with hertz

John Brede

Always friendly service.

David Zylbersztajn

Old car, with a big schatch in the bumper. During the whole trip a message in the car`s dashboard: "mainteinance required". My family and I felt very unsafe. In the last miles the Never Lost did not work. No explanation at reception.

Jacob Kuehne

Unreliable and inefficient. State booked cars will be ready in 5 minutes and then customers and up waiting up to 40 minutes.

MaryAnne Antorian

It was painless. They picked me up at my house on time and since I took care of everything on line, I pretty much jumped in car and left.

Kyle Illing

Tiffani B

Jared Dayton

Convenient downtown location to Hyatt and flexible return time on holiday.

Jeffrey Anderson

The representative gave me a Hemi Challenger for the economy rate! I was going to a funeral in Mpls and at least the sound of the engine and its nice kick, lifted my spirits.

Nancy Schroeder

I did not realize that there was something wrong with the interior of the car somebody had burned a hole in it prior to me picking it up. I had a cough for a day before I realized it when I called the company and told them they were extremely nice about it and did not try to blame me. They had me come in and switch the car as a matter fact gave me an upgrade for the inconvenience. Great rental car company

Daniel F

Rubbish service! Firstly we booked a rental over the phone,then we arrived to be told we cannot rent a vehicle because they require a passport - our drivers license not enough ( by law) she says. They could of told us that on the phone, when we point out that we have caught a taxi from our hotel (& our passports are in the safe in our room back at the Hilton Hawaiian Village) -then she has the cheek to say , do we want to hold or cancel our booking. (What do you think you rude silly b****!) we spent $11 on a taxi to be told that! Plus rudely spoken to and disregarded as she pretended to play with her computer. So we left and went next door to budget rental who told us they only need credit card and license-but had no vehicles available that day. Stay away from Hertz period!!!

David Shaw

Customer service was good until I needed change the location of my drop off. Didn’t return my call and it isn’t exactly easy to just drive in take care of it and drive out

Jonte Hawkins

Great service. Convenient. Overall good experience

Richard Rapazzo


Brendan Fogarty

Very efficient! In and out in no time.

Aaron Hopkins

Clean, efficient and overall great customer service.

z w

Excellent service! Rita, Daesheniq, and Dominique were all extremely helpful. The overall experience and level of customer service I received were above and beyond any experience I have had with renting a car before. Highly recommend going through this location if you are traveling to the area and need a rental.

Richard Evans

They were busy so there was a short wait, but everything was taken care of professionally and quickly. The car is also exactly what I reserved and "like new" clean.

Shamaine Richardson

Fast service

Fox Magic

Excellent service and care. The team is professional and personal- they made sure that each customer received their car as efficiently as possible in the midst of the summer crowd and demands.

Davon Allen

After waiting in line for over 15 minutes, the next available representative was not helpful, told me lies about the USAA benefits, and then said that the minivan I reserved was not available, only having 3 options to choose from. One being a compact sedan, a midsize sedan or gas guzzling V8 SUV. I told the rep that was unacceptable. I then walked over to Dan who was awesome. Dan answered all my questions, and advised that the minivan I reserved, was in fact available. Thank you Dan! If I only knew the other reps name...

Eddie Lo

Denied an corporate discount rental because I didn’t have a badge on me. I’ve never had an issue with Hertz and Corp discount code at any location before, yet SFO desk was very particular wanting to enforce this. Not sure why they felt like they had to give us a hard time. Went to another company instead. EDIT: Reached out to #HertzTeam via FB messenger and was basically dismissed. They said first time users always have to verify corp eligibility - I'm not a first time user and a gold member with many, many previous rentals from Hertz. Then they discounted my experience completely. What an awful in-person experience at SFO, and pretty rough social media team.

jonathan marziale

Worst place ever never go here

Brandon Shirk

Inconveniences galore. Had to wait 30 additional minutes to receive our car, which wasn’t even the car that we wanted.

bobby porter

the denver aiport hertz are complete ripoff artists. We rented a car for a week on the 9th. Was given a price when we arived the price went up 200.00 which they claimed was a deposit. And stated if we wanted a car we had to pay the extra deposit that wasnt told to us during 3 confirmations prior to pickup. After renting the car we returned it in fine shape on the 14th. They have yet to return our deposit that was suppose to be returned on the 15th, DO NOT GO HERE THE CAR WAS NOT UP TO PAR AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS LOUSY. even if you have to walk you will have a better experience.

Mark Davis

Hertz simplifies the car rental process, Happy with the service I received.

Brendaa Cariño

Worst Service ever

Zawwar Khan

Eric was AMAZING!! So so kind on the phone and he did all that he possibly could to solve our problems :)

anuar atala

(Translated by Google) Super easy to rent, carry, and return to the agency (Original) Super facil de rentar, llevar, y retornar a la agencia

Douglas J Huston

Convenient location with good weekly rates and very friendly staff.

Micah Huffman

A ok place to rent a car.

Pavan Sai Teja Reddy

Stephen Oswald

Very helpful staff, great cars.

John Sullivan

Do not rent your car from Hertz!!! My flight was delayed so I couldn’t get there at my exact pick up time. They told me I’d have to wait another 3-4 hours and they would call me. They never called at all. Do not waste your time with this place. There’s a fine enterprise a couple blocks away that was able to get us in a car within 20 minutes after booking my reservation 5 minutes before showing up.

GitanaTiger L

(Translated by Google) Exelent served (Original) Exelent servie

Wesley Debrier

Valerie Kessler

Fast and friendly

Julie Bailey

No prob with car or return procedures but attendant started car and left it running as we unloaded and sorted out some issues with luggage. Was it necessary when we were working right there for us to inhale exhaust the whole time?

Sharanyan Sampath

Wonderful service, please staff. The shuttle to the airport makes it convenient to pick up and drop rental vehicles. Super fast service

Chili Pedi

Quick and easy drop off counter. Friendly staff. We pulled into the driveway, they did a quick walk around and checked mileage, then they printed our receipt. #localguides

Tom Kaiden

Staff friendly, and I appreciated the option to return car with drop box when office was closed on Memorial Day. Car was small for a Class 2 (Compact), seemed more like Class 1 (Economy). Would also have liked to have been able to return to airport without penalty, But all in all a good experience.

hamed alfauaomy

there car not good

AD Strong

The flexibility to change pickup locations, to include the customer service provided by the staff in Sarasota and Orlando airports was outstanding!

Beau Rogers

Horrible customer service and was not ready for any reservations

Suzan Hernandez

Worst rental office ever. I arrived right before the office closed due to a flight delay. On 7/3, it seemed the person at the office couldn't stand working that day. He couldn't answer basic questions about how the credit card would be processed. He didn't list the correct additional driver name - when it was brought to his attention he said it didn't matter - or he didn't care to make the extra effort? When I returned the rental, full tank of gas, zero damage, the office was closed even though it was 11am on 7/6 and they "closed" at noon. People were outside the office furious it was closed and when I arrived they thought I came to open. I took photos of the car, dropped off the keys in the secure box by 11am. Two days later I get charged for an extra $80. Why? No idea! Now I have to deal with Hertz to figure out why. Save yourself time and pain - avoid this office at ALL COSTS! It will end up costing you in the long run. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. *UPDATE* After trying to call Hertz, their customer service phone number wouldn't accept calls. I reverted to using an online chat to work through what was happening. The customer service agent had an issue pulling up the rental because the contract hadn't been closed - also why I was charged extra (for an extra day even when I returned the car?). The area manager called me to apologize. He noted the office was supposed to be closed but there was a computer glitch that allowed people to book and showed as "open". After letting him know about the bad service on the check-in day, he noted to follow up with the employee. I also let him know when adding another driver, the driver's name was completely incorrect and didn't match the government issued ID. The employee didn't care to change it even though we asked him. I asked the manager to remove the extra driver charge given we could have been in a lot of trouble with authorities should we had been pulled over and names didn't match the rental car - we shouldn't have had to hold the liability and risk due to employee failure to follow procedure. The area manager also offered to send a voucher as an apology - he was very nice and apologetic on the phone. I accepted the voucher and will see how the next Hertz rental car experience goes....I still have a slew of charges on my card from Hertz so hopefully they drop off. Leaving the 1-star review given the hassle I've had to go through.

Juni Kim

(Translated by Google) Located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center! Vehicle delivery is underground! It is ONE WAY right turn when we come out from underground parking lot after delivery. Turn left Turn left at the police station in Waikiki side Kalakaua ave. Let's turn right. (Original) 쇼핑센터 2층에 위치! 차량 인도는 지하! 인도 후 지하주차장에서 나올 때 우회전 ONE WAY입니다. 좌회전 하다 와이키키쪽 Kalakaua ave.에서 경찰에게 걸린 형도 있으니 주의! 꼭 우회전 합시다.

Andrew C

Efficient place, the day that I came they were slightly under staffed but handled it well. I needed to upgrade my car to something larger at the last minute.the person assisting me was able to upgrade me and offer an extremely good deal without having to go back and ask for manager approval. high marks for this as it speaks very well to how they treat their employees and the trust they give them in their decisions. I'm not one for haggling, but if I were, I couldn't imagine getting a better deal then the one I got. The lobby wasn't really impressive. It was very clean, but the amenities didn't go beyond a couple of chairs and a Keurig machine.also you should know that this is in the heart of downtown Denver where you can expect some crazy roads and traffic. I actually witnessed an Uber driver get in an accident as I was finishing up returning my car so pay attention when you're driving nearby. Oh by the way, a light rail station is literally across the street.

Joe Stoffa

I waited over two and a half hours to receive a car that I had reserved a month prior. People in my group who arrived later that night were not provided any car, even though they had reservations. I calmly told the manager that I would not be renting from them again, to which they replied, "Eh, we're sold out every day either way."

Be Subi

It took forever to get the car and return. The biggest disappointment is that it does not have a lane for Gold Member, so you will have to stand in a very long line of a tiny office.

Erich O.

Kei Sugawara

(Translated by Google) Borrows almost rent-a-car I went to Hawaii, but here we do not recommend too much. And place pattern Will useful takes the waiting time, but on the other hand crowded. - also there will be the facility of convenience but is narrow. Chair (sofa for 2 persons) without any, is inconvenient. · Fast of staff is not so good. (It might happen that of) And return at the time of parking entrance is a large traffic jam. (At around 20) · Other in the feeling that although Japanese guests also stayed looking at the customer service will be the inadequate level of the service sense of "Japanese". (Original) ハワイに行ったらほぼレンタカーを借りますがここはあまりお勧めしません。 ・場所柄便利なのでしょうが反面混雑して待ち時間を要します。 ・施設の都合もあるのでしょうが狭いです。イス(ソファが2名分)もなく、不便です。 ・スタッフの手際があまりよくありません。(たまたまなのかもしれません) ・返却時は駐車場入り口が大渋滞です。(20時ごろ) ・他の日本人客もいましたが接客を見ている感じでは「日本人」のサービス感覚には不満レベルとなるでしょう。

Ryan L

They have a 3 day policy on a oneway rental. I understand market pricing but can you say racketeering? New slogan should read “Hertz: Taking advantage of desperate people near you.” Plan ahead. Avoid.

Cody Pace

Very helpful and made renting for a day trip super easy.

Sheryl Sheppard

Could of greeted waiting customers better.

Craig Kokkeler

Very professional great attitude pleasent. Expedited me right through the line had my car ready got me on my way..

Edward Hecht

Was put on waiting list to receive car, that wasn't reserved after being called in a week prior. Nobody has ever called back. Do not waste your time and effort here. Just go to enterprise like I did.

It's me Emily


Jayakumar Narayanasamy

less cars but service is good

Edward Herrera

Boris Berezovsky

Arrived to pick up my car 40 min. AFTER the scheduled time and was told that the car is not ready and there is nothing that they don't know when it will be ready. after shouting at me the staff lady said that they will try to rush it but they have no idea when it will be ready. the most rude staff I've ever experienced in a Hertz location around the globe.

Vignesh R

Zachery McGavitt

patricia walker

No waiting. Beautiful ride! Loved every bit of this trip in this ride. Parents had more than enough stretch room too. Thanks Hertz!!

Joe 22853

I have used many rental car outlets in Downtown Denver (I choose to not own a car so that my life is built around face to face, rather than bumper to bumper encounters with my fellow citizens) and have found Hertz to be, by far, the most reliable and easy to deal with. On one occasion when I was dissatisfied with the car and the price, the manager, Amber, was very solicitous and eliminated one of the charges. This made me feel as though my business actually MATTERED to them. Because Denver has become so popular a convention city, it may be best to call ahead to be sure they have the car you want - despite a reservation. So many people from out of town rent downtown and then head to the mountains for a day or the like. And, of course, it's cheaper than renting at DIA, where more "use fees" are added on to the daily rental charges, making an expensive proposition even more so. Great job, Amber and Company!

Maximiliano Cane

(Translated by Google) For going half an hour before, they did not give me the vehicle. They charged me the device for payment of the tolls, but no.they charged it. The delivered car had an exaggerated cigarette smell and was of very poor quality, a very basic Nissan Sentra. Last time I rent at Hertz. (Original) Por ir media hora antes no me dieron el.vehiculo. me cobraron el.dispositivo para pago de los peajes, pero no.lo cargaron. El auto entregado tenia un olor a cigarrillo exagerado y era de muy mala calidad, un Nissan Sentra muy básico. Ultima vez que rento en Hertz.

Bernadette Alisantosa

I reserved Nisan Versa and got a different car. Customer service was so so when I complained about it instead of addressing my complaint.

Kaitlin Presley

Didn't have any cars available and receptionist was rude and wasn't helpful at all.

Gergely Krasznai

Expect charges appearing randomly on your bank account - without a single notification. Even 3 weeks after the rental period. How on Earth is this acceptable in the 21st century? Customer Service can't answer questions about some of these which is disgraceful too.

Alejandro Devereux

Ron Cheechov

I used my AAA discount for a great price. Excellent customer service.

Yossi Lieberman

Great service

Taimi Ando

Rude and slow. When I got the car the windows were nasty. I asked for a towel and told me that they have 0 towels. Never renting a car here or Hertz

Emily E. Robbins

Shem Pierre

Hertz is a rip off and made me book check in and all sorts online including taking card info and when I go to collect car there was 22 Dollars a day added for insurance Taxes and deposit another 200 so from 147 for 3 days quotation and charge went to 500 and dollars and they needed more documents never asked for on website as a visitor it was impossible to rent I personally won't go back there bye Hertz You'll really Hertz my heart pocket and plans

Ram Reddy

Clean and new cars to rent

Karmy Ali

Hidden charges everywhere!! They charge for additional driver unless you are registered as member, toll charges are also on your back even though with other providers are included in the price. Be careful of all these traps as they don’t tell you anything and want to squeeze customers for every penny. If you complain, they yell at you and customer service don’t care

R Kerr

Liers and thieves! From the moment we made the reservation, all the information given was false and misleading. I made a reservation and called their office to confirm the availability of the vehicle, which they confirmed. Ten minutes later we went to pick it up and the car they assured was waiting for me was not. They upgraded the car with corporate associate assurance that the rate was going to be honored as per the reservation. I have called them 3 times since we dropped off the car and nobody cares. The manager "Juana Robinson" did not care to help. She literally said "you do what you gotta do!" DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! I have dealt with Hertz for over 15 years this is the first time I get such treatment. I will not be renting from hertz again.

Arsen Hoxha

They are thieves. Nothing more than that. Be careful with their fuel charges. They charged me $3,5 per gallon and considered that I drove 50 miles. I didn’t do more than 30 miles from Bradley Airport to Southwick MA and the way back. Just google it and you’ll see that is only 16 miles. I called them wondering how come they charged me an extra $20 for fuel expenses and the agent simply said that I drove 50 miles and they charged me $3,5 per gallon. I don’t remember the last time when I spent $3,5 per one gallon of gas. To bad for a prestigious company to lie to their clients like that.

Mitch Hunt

I have a rental car reservation. Call ahead enroute via taxi...No Vehicles. Seriously.

Vanessa Sorenson

Left my keys on the dash as instructed, was charged a $250 fee for missing keys. What a bunch of scam artists. No one was even around to look over my car either. I was a loyal hertz customer too, never again.

Miesha Collins

I would recommend this Hertz location to any of my friends and family. Friendly staff and very helpful.

Alice Haugland

Worst customer service I've ever experienced. When we encountered an issue, the man serving us didn't even know the number of his own company to get it resolved. Over priced as well. Go literally anywhere else.

Muhammad Osama Rashid

Good customer service.

Bruce Evans

Surprised Hertz did very little to help me mitigate my losses when I was forced to rent a car due to my car being totaled. The body shop agreed to pay a portion but Hertz did not follow up and charged me for the entire bill. When I called Hertz they said they had closed the account and effectively done with the matter.

Maurizio Danese

The ORD Hertz is really nice place to rent and give back. All is smooth and quick.

Evan Helguero-Kelley

Absolutely great service from the staff. Super friendly when I can and picked up the car. I had a one way rental and was charged the incorrect mileage at drop off location, I called this location to resolve the issue and they were super helpful and quick about it

john stone

The Staff work very professional to get ppl rent a cars and safe travels in a general hospitable manner.

James Preston

Friendly staff with quick check in and out. Didn't get the Jeep I reserved. Not really a surprise, as I have been told that is usually the case. Got talked into a"great prepay" gas price. Hertz got a half a tank of gas free, on me. So the "discount reservation rate" ended up being more than $50 for each day. Plus fuel. More than initial quote, due to the taxes and extra fees. Non of which can be avoided. Car rental quote should be like airfare, All inclusive. Truth in advertising.

Phil Ball

Karen Zhao

Quick service and easy process at 7:30AM. The car was clean and worked well, especially the touchy brakes on my Altima. *Take escalators to the second floor and turn left, don't turn right towards the elevators. After the paperwork, take the escalator back down and turn right to the pick up area.*

Michael Zhao

Allows 20+ rental, reasonable rates with the right times

Masahito Tamura

it's very good close the beach and the hotels. it's Easy rent a car.

ColinChris Nicoll

Car booked for 8am pick-up. Waited in line at check-in counter and was served at 7.40am only to be told I was 20mins early for rental. I suggested we complete paperwork now which would have made use of some of the time. The guy refused this and told me I would have to come back at 8am. So I walked to the back of the line and filled in the next 15-20mins waiting again. Finally served by around 8.10am and made my way down to the pick-up area. The keys were handed over and I was told the fuel tank was 3/4 full. As I drove off I noticed the fuel gauge was only at 5/8 full. The car was a bit rough with minor dents and scratches and was an older model with approx 35,000 miles. Overall pretty disapointed by the experience.

Hunter Adams

I left my sunglasses in their car. I sent a return box and they kept them safe for me and returned them very quickly.

Sushma Kher

Molly Johnson

Pick up and drop off were a breeze. We arrived around 11:30 pm and went straight to our van where the keys were waiting for us. No wait in line for exhausted travelers. Good communication through email/text. Will choose Hertz again.

Rodrigo Campos

(Translated by Google) good fast service (Original) Atendimento bom rápido

Mk jemma Jung

(Translated by Google) It's the best! Car upgrade ?? I needed confirmation. (Original) 최고에요! 차가 업그레이드?? 확인이 필요했어요.


(Translated by Google) You can book a car right away ~ But you have to pay a high price when booking the day ^^ ;;; (Original) 바로 차를 예약가능~ 하지만 당일예약시에는 높은 가격을 감수해야해요^^;;;

Samy Abuswai

Very shady business... Was quoted a $17 daily rental rate and after I returned it I was charged $33 per day. I called the store and was told that their receipt was correct and they would not be issuing a refund so I called corporate and had them pull the signed agreement. Clear as day, $17.48 per day. Took 5 minutes to get a refund issued. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS LOCATION. IT IS RUN BY CRIMINALS.

Joey Valentine

Always a quick and easy process

Sandra Machuca

Clayton Wills

Third in line to hire a pre-booked car, no contact with service staff and waited more than an hour! Disorganised, unprofessional and embarrassing. Go anywhere else.

Al Rodenburg

Not impressed. Didn't have the car I ordered. Had to get more expensive one. Lots of people waiting for cars..

j morton

Love this little spot, have been two times and loved how I'm treated, and the sister that works their keeps her word, removed the deposit after that car was returned. It's small only thing I can say is bad. Will use Hertz again.

Edward Rodriguez

Heather Salerno

Walter was great, but the new CC/Debit policy sucks so much I'm going to have to go to a different car rental company

ryan jeong

Horrible customer service ever. I got into car accident and needed a rental car and called them 40 mins before they close. I needed a ride to get there from Acura dealer shop and she said there is only her at the shop so she cant provided and I understood. However, she hung up on me at first and I called again and she asked me if I had any major credit cards to use with attitude. As soon as I heard from her, I would never want to do any type of business with Hertz ever again. And funny thing is, I am not the only one in here. Stupid people at Hertz on this location. Ruined my day enough with accident day.

Diane Zuspann

Stacy Kelly

5 kids sitting in the Orlando Florida parking garage with luggage for 2 hours...we reserved and prepaid an extended suburban months in advance for our family of 7. At check in we were told they don’t have our car...they gave us a “similar”...we fit kids but couldn’t fit all, full size suitcases were literally on top of them. We returned to desk to insist on what we needed. They “found” one and we’re getting it ready “as soon as possible” we sat for another 45 minutes waiting with numerous others complaining as well. Finally, we asked for the bathroom...and are sent back to the airport. Compensation was 1 tank of gas and a certificate to use them in the, no.


Very nice desk staff.

Peter Schelstraete

I should have read the reviews before. Now I know why this must be the worst Hertz in the US, after having waited for more than 2h for my replacement car.


Awesome Staff and nice prices. I'll be back :)

Danielle Harrigan

I wish I could give it a 0 worst place ever, the service, management, and cars are all horrible...very racist

H. Ran Sung

(Translated by Google) I was satisfied with the kindness of the staff! I had a great time renting a car ^^ (Original) 아주 친절한 직원들의 응대가 만족 스러웠습니다~! 렌트카해서 매우 좋은 시간을 보냈습니다^^

Hector Murillo

Awesome experience, hertz made this so easy for business trip and staff was phenomenal. Bravo hertz. Catch shuttle from O'Hare airport outside baggage claim says "rentals". They make transfers to get here super easy. The return process was super easy as well. What i really liked the most about thidls location extremely easy to find and navigate to coming from inner city.

derek dandurand

Employees can’t follow the simplest of requests. Don’t have any sympathy for people that work at night. They are completely rude and would rather cancel your request for a car when there is the slightest change in “their” agenda. I repeat. Terrible customer service. These guys make 14 year old McDonald’s employees look like 5 star hotel concierges.

Cassie Geis

Would have gotten 5 stars but we were unable to get the vehicles we originally requested. Other than that they treated us great and had good competitive prices.

Ketan Deshpande Minnesota

Had made a reservation with Budget however the lines were too long and staff was able to get through enough customers. We went with Hertz. Very professional staff, quick processing. Did end up paying a little bit more than Budget however was able to avoid long delay.


Really like the new facility Smooth process for PC Memeber Have huge collection of cars much better than compititors never had a problem with e receipt Staff at exit are helpful and friendly.

J Chase

People were nice and friendly,

Kamal Armstrong

If your need of a rental car hertz and Avis are the places to go.

Chenkai Wang

Tamara is very rude. Avoid this place at all costs!

Jenny Backus

Kudos to the team at the Bradley Hertz Rent A Car. I enjoyed superlative service both picking up and dropping off my car. I especially want to thank the Gold Club driver who went out of his way to help a group of us get to the airport and catch our flights

Robby Davis

Charged me for an extra car I didn’t even rent. Then they tell me they don’t show anything in there system so now I’m holding on the phone for 30 mins now trying to fix a problem that they created. Absolutely poor customer service

Rachel Hunt

Was on a road trip when the “check engine” icon appeared on the dashboard display. Stopped into this Louisville location and traded the car without issue. Amber was our associate and she was fabulous! She intentionally selected a car for us with good gas mileage and visibility AND she drove it up to where our old car was parked in order to save us from trekking across the massive parking lot. We really appreciate it - thank you!

Toni Griep

Horrible! I struggle to get through on the phone lines, the building is run down. I crashed my car and was without a vehicle for a week dealing with these people. The one time I finally did get through on the phone they didn't even have a car I could get and I ended up waiting yet another day. If it wasn't for insurance purposes I definitely would've went somewhere else!

Dencil Smith

Not good selection of cars to choose from as a presidential circle member. They do have premium cars if you reserve one. The place is fairly straight forward and friendly staff all around

David Fields

There were storms in Charlotte, NC on 8/1 and my flights to SGF were cancelled. I was rebooked to XNA and needed to rent a car. I called the Hertz counter and asked for a one way rental to SGF. They were great and set it up quickly. My flight to XNA was then repeatedly delayed and did not arrive till 2:30 AM and they stayed till the flight arrived. I wish I remembered the lady's name, but she was a life saver and I am a big fan of hers. We need more people in this world willing to go the extra mile for fantastic customer service.

Raleigh Johnson

The maze of cars is a breeze to move through

Rashdie Chowdhury

Excellent. Great service. Great price. Super fast. Offered to upgrade the Camry to a convertible mustang for 10 bucks a day more. Does over charge you for toll tags or passes. Doesn't try to sell you on bunch of useless addons

Keith Brown

Hertz is Hertz. It is better than Avis. Avis is dishonest. I was a member of Avis and I drove their cars for months. Then I found out the hard way. If you want to get points for your Avis rentals you need to sign up for that separately. Avis never responded to my request. Hertz is honest and transparent to the customer. I am President's Circle level with Hertz. That means I get to choose any car I want up to a point. It depends what city you rent in. Indianapolis has a great selection of cars like Infinity Q50. Chicago on the other hand has a lot of lame cars to choose from. Chicago has muscle cars available in the winter and AWD vehicles available in the summer? 90% of the cars in Chicago are American cars. The most desirable cars for me are Infinity Q50, Toyota Avalon and Nissan Maxima. They do have a few nice AWD Jeeps and Subaru's. A few. Bottom line Hertz is honest but their selection of vehicles in a huge hub like Chicago airport is woeful. They can do much better in this regard.

Minho Jang

(Translated by Google) I was kind and had a quick drive. The inside of the car is well cleaned. (Original) 친절하고 차도 빨리 받았고 차 내부는 잘 청소되어 있습니다

Darrel Cox

Cris Figueroa

Heath Elenbaas

Rented a car for 1 pm pickup and still waiting. What's the point of booking early?

Cort Alan

Absolute SCAM. They added on all the insurances and garbage that I DID NOT sign for or agree to, then refused to refund them. I even have a corporate negotiated rate that INCLUDES the insurance.

Deadman Rashaun

Easy in, easy out. They show love when they talking to you. That's a good thing.


worst place ever. When i visited the place, it was so crowded by many people. I recognized that the Hertz has overbooked and told me have to wait almost 1 and half hours than the reserved renting time. I assume that people in the place have been waiting. They ruined my own schedule:(

Cindy Chapman

Love Hertz reserved the car out far enough should not have been in line to get a vehicle.

Sarah Myers

Tina was a big help! Very patient and appreciated! Started my birthday trip off right. Thank you so much!

Ronnie Scott

Good service, small location, with a bit of walking back and forward

Dean Leapaldt


I reserved the car well in advance and indicated what time I would be picking it up. Only one person was waiting on customers. I waited a long time for my turn at the counter. When the paper work was done, I waited about 1/2 hour for the car. The car was fine, but the service is too slow.

Mr Adidas

Paul Bernacchi

Yes, I also got scammed, lied to and blamed for damage I did not do. If others have been mistreated and scammed by this location, you can try using these organizations for complaints: Dept of Justice in Montana Consumer finance gov BBB Federal Trade commission. Google doesn't allow direct links to be posted in reviews, so one must search for the websites,

William Bryson

Just an airport car rental place. Nothing special about it.

Riva Tourani

So we actually rented from Dollar in here - I think it's partnered with Hertz, on the lower level. We paid an extra $2 for a premium car instead of economy and ended up with a pretty cool SUV instead of the usual non descript cars. For 10am-10pm on a Saturday from NYC, our total rental cost was roughly $60 - super economical and so worth it. No one tried to upsell us anything like insurance or GPS, it was no frills, super quick, hassle free and straightforward, no extra charges or hidden costs. Easy to find, well staffed, great quality car. We drove 150miles and just paid an extra $20 to fill up the tank before dropping it off. All in all, a brilliantly easy and stress-free experience, thank you.

sianggany grenn

This is the one inside airport. The staff was very helpful and working fast to get us a car

Никола Божић

Came to pick up the car their lot was empty, they didn’t care that I had reservation for 12 also many more stuck here with me and the persons at the counter can’t do anything but say that they don’t have cars at the lot and that they are waiting... horrible

Abby Farber

Jay Furr

A little bit frustrating to deal with. The rental counter is up on the second floor, but the cars are a floor down, through a door, down a long corridor, and into a crowded garage full of employees who somehow have very little interest in helping you. And then, to *return* the car, you have to drop the car off in the garage and go wait in line upstairs to get your receipt.

SIBET Rentals

I am a 5 star Hertz Customer for a long time. Arrived at 830PM Monday April 9, 2018. There were no clean cars. Waited outside in a long line in the cold for an hour while Hertz slowly released cars about 1 car every 5 mins. Total mismanagement. No one knew who was “next” in line. Some people were 5 Star some not. Some waiting for compact cars some would take any car. It was a tense situation lucky there was no fight. I would not rent from Hertz if this ever happens to me again. Ever.

Benjamin Millar

Always rent from Hertz when visiting the bay area. Service is very efficient, no queuing up just head straight downstairs to the garage to your car. They used to assign you a vehicle but have changed to self-selection where you pick a vehicle from the relevant section. This is good in that you get to pick something you want but thinking is hard after a long flight so picking a car can be a pain. Return service is efficient, if you don't care about a paper receipt you can just leave your car & head to the terminal.

Familia Vieira

(Translated by Google) Great service, for those who go from Brazil the cost of renting by sites in Brazil is better (Original) Atendimento ótimo, para quem vai do Brasil o custo do aluguel por sites do Brasil é melhor

charles stevens

So far a 4.5 star rating out of 5. Hertz pick your car option is kinda cool. Different from the other rentals there I have recently received services from a few months back. Make you feel more apart of the process. You order if you want a compact, medium or full size vehicle. Then you go to the lot of the size vehicle you selected and then just choose one. Drive to the exit gate, get scanned and then you're off. I'm not as picky but if you are, that plays into you hand. I just grabbed the 1st Kia Optima because my wife had one and I was already comfortable driving it. The Insurance is a little pricey in comparison to the rental prices but if you comfortable using you own Insurance, you got a great deal. A BIG PLUS. There is a EZPASS on the windshield. You have an option to use it and pay later. Why it's a big plus; if you're not familiar with the toll roads and you're in town for(example: Naval graduation) you will may run out or change and I have not drove up to a booth manned with a person or carry a roll of quarters.

Anne Wilson

I called the 800 number and got a car for a long weekend in Denver, CO. Hertz said they would pick me up at the Marriott hotel at noon. They never showed up. I called at 12:30 And the downtown hertz office said they did not have a car ready for me. They never apologized for not calling me to advise this. Instead, the girl I spoke to stated that she would call back by 1:30. No call. Once again I had to call her and even then they had no car car, no apology and no resolution. She says she would call by 4:30. However if I wanted to walk from the hotel since it was just a few blocks I could come and wait. I told her no thanks that I would wait for the next call. She never called. The driver showed up at the hotel yelling my name out in the lobby. I sent my boyfriend with him to get the car since I was working. When he got there, the girl was still not apologetic and was rude to Him. I've never had such bad customer service. I'm in customer service myself and I would fire the Person who treats my customers like they did. I will say the guy I ordered the car from at the 800 number was very nice and made it all sound like it was a great expierence. Too bad he couldn't be in the field in Denver to teach the downtown office manners and how to treat paying customers.

Anastasia Lekatsas

I own a car, for long trips, I like to rent a car. I am always interested in good value especially living in Manhattan. Convenience is also a big factor and so when the idea that I can hop over to New Jersey or the airport slips into my mind I find myself calling Hertz with the 55th Street location in mind. I'm value driven and tend not to think of Hertz. This is a mistake because Hertz will discount your rental if you qualify. Other than price, which is a personal matter, car rental as represented by Hertz vehicles and service on West 55th Street is as good as it gets. I take the time to write this review because I am genuinely greatful for friendly and courteous treatment that I no longer take for granted. As for the vehicle, I asked for a full size and I was given a Nissan Rogue. The vehicle was perfect for me especially, pedal placements. For my husband, the Nissan has a poor driving position, no lumbar support and lacks electric control of seats. It was nonetheless a brand new vehicle that performed well.

jade erter

I prepaid for my rental on my credit card the agent had told me since using my credit card it wouldn't be no deposit. When I got to orlando international airport they didn't have a Dodge Caravan or Pacifica as stated when I prepaid. Also the representative at the airport stated that I have to pay a $207 deposit on the vehicle even though when I booked over the phone they told me there were no deposit for credit cards. I didn't see any literature that said you needed a deposit with credit cards only with debit cards. I end up getting a Hyundai truck which was $7 more. I don't feel I should have to pay for a car I didn't prepay for it. I only like American built cars. The car itself drove fine and was low on gas mileage. And the return of the vehicle was an easy transaction.

john berner

Had a car reserved with a confirmation number and everything but since it was a “late booking” they had no car available. The lady wasnt even apologetic she was bitchy. Would not recommend

Fabrice Goldwirt

Excellent service for taking the car Poor service when returning it , arrogant people barking instructions, and two weeks later I have not yet received my invoice (printer was out of service so email was promised)

John Murphy

Very helpful in finding and returning my left behind phone charger at W55th Street Manhattan.

Emil Wisekal

Friendly staff. A good selection of cars available around the clock. The rental car pick up and drop off area is located pretty close to the O'Hare passenger terminal.

Roley GB

assistant went above and beyond being helpful great sense of humour made it and very pleasurable experience

Autumn Neagle

Always great to rent from them. Gold Member so I have my car and key within 3 minutes. It actually takes me long to walk to the counter then it does to get my keys!


(Translated by Google) The staff are friendly. There's no way to wait because people are picking up at 10am. (Original) 직원들 모두 친절합니다. 오전 10시 픽업에 사람들이 확 몰리니 어쩔수없이 웨이팅이 있긴합니다

Jeremy Dale

The help at the airport was rude an need to be fired I was on hold for 15+ minutes an got sent to the automated service so hung up an call right back an someone answers on the 3rd ring so my question is why was I on hold for so long??

Erica Giansante

I was so worried about renting a car as I have never done it before, but Hertz made it super easy. Firstly I saved a bunch through Hotwire and the process of picking up the car was smooth. The lady at the front desk was very helpful and the man giving us the car at the end was even more helpful. The only thing I complained about was the fuel responsibility. The lady charged us 20$ extra on top of what we paid for because the gas was the smallest bit under the full line, according to her. We fuelled up at the closest gas station and then headed over to the airport, so not sure how the gas didn't meet her expectations. She was super rude and inconsiderate, didn't give us an explanation or even speak to us, just charged us and left. So rude!

Stevie Smith

Nice customer service, friendly staff.

Charles Hsieh

The agent at GPT is super-friendly and efficient. When I arrived, the car is already ready and all check-in has been done. So, it took me less than one minute to get the key and drive away. The car is great. I really enjoyed it and the whole experience with Hertz. Thank you for the job well done.

Michael Park


Roger L Jones Jr

Rodger Chartrand

Gold Plus Rewards membership has so many perks! Exactly as I reserved! Great truck precisely what I reserved. Hertz has my six!

Hung Ngo

Cool places , in and out in about 10 mins. not much a hassle. Would rent from again

Alexis Almonte

Great people and was very quick

Gregory Jordan

Last second need for a rental (car repair) and they took real good care of me

george densley

Called for a car she answered and said no and hung up didn’t even wait to see if maybe I wanted it another day or not bad business

Joseph Lipsey III

They did not have my reserved car.

Maximillian Sultan

Absolutely absurd service at this location. Lady by name of Tamara deserves to be fired from Hertz for ridiculously rude behavior. Don't rent here unless you want to wait 1+h for your car from the time you arrive! Not to mention when you actually made reservation. Hertz lost my business thanks to this experience and that of my entire company as well.

Bobby Isaac

I guess it was beyond they're control, but my insurance set up a reservation and when I went to pick up the vehicle they told me they didn't have any vehicle available. I felt if they had customers in there system with existing reservations they could've handle that better than they did. I was late for work and had no but to go out my way to get a vehicle. The location was located in Annapolis, MD. I had to take a Lyft driving service. Spend money out my pocket to get there. They didn't have any driver to accommodate any customer from and to there location. This was my first and last time using Hertz!!!!!!

Aminah Uthman

Would give a 0 stars if I could. Got a good car rate online and paid for it in advance. Got to the airport and they said they couldn’t read my card but the money was already taken out. Had to pay again with the impression that I would be refunded for what I previously paid. Came back and dealt with a different associate and told her my situation. She then tried my card and it worked for her! Now hertz is giving me the run around for my refund. AVOID HERTZ AT ALL COST!!!

Patrick Dunn

Great Hertz really helpful employees

Geralyn Stevens

Flying in for weekend family surprise, Lee @ BDLwas exceptional, the car was in excellent condition, the gentleman at gate very helpful directing me to 91, and Joe's efficient return allowed me to catch shuttle in order to make it to Security in plenty of time on Sunday. Thank you for your personal professional customer service.


Rolobano Z

(Translated by Google) Good service but expensive billed whoooole (Original) Buen servicio, pero caro toooodo se factura

Samuel Kazanciyan

We were told by the manager that the type of car we reserved online was not available at pick up time. After we insist we want the reserved car they found one in the their warehouse! It is weird, why they don't just gave us what we reserved at the beginning!

Dee Ortiz

Came in on 1/25 only a few cars available. Car picked hadn't been cleaned still smelled like smoke, there was no ice or snow scraper in the car and the car kept beeping that it needed service in 400 miles. Shouldn't those things be taken care prior to renting vehicles? Then they wanted to charge me a cleaning fee for the smoke when I don't smoke. Horrible service at this location!!

Lynn Scholl

Once cars but realllllyyy long line to get the car. We had to wait 45 minutes in line for our car and then were told that they didn't have our car available and we had to wait another 20 minutes. Then the car had a warningligjt that came on evet so often. We called and were on hold 25 minutes. The person who answered doesn't know what the issue was and was searching the owner's manual. We got cut off and she never called back! Then returning the car we again had to wait 20 minutes on line. I'm other Hertz centers we didn't have these issues. Not sure why here.


Efficient, cars parallel parked are a little too close, but other than that, great service

Hendrik Thooft

Gregory Davidson

Polite, prompt, professional service. Clean, comfortable cars ready to go.

Kelly Tibbetts

Tammy Evans

My husband rented a car from hertz at the airport. His plane got delayed so we have to keep the car one more day. It costed 150.00 for 3 days but because my husband had to keep it one extra day it will cost 130.00 and not even for a whole day. Rent somewhere else.

Tom Coughlin

Very efficient always a pleasure to rent from.

huma nagi

Fast and efficient service

justin mcnary

Good customer service, the one man behind the car lot desk was extremely busy but his service was pretty good.

Asef Iqbal

Awful awful place with horrible service.

Camron Weber

Very amicable and professional renting experience that also accrued reward points on my choice hotel card.

fa2 efo

So unprofessional!! They never answer the damn phone. So frustrating...made a reservation to get picked up but no one showed up or answerd the phone and I ended up being late for work. Who is running this place? Wish I could give no star...1 star is a lot for this place. Worst place ever!

Nathan Hjelm

Understaffed location with wait times over an hour to pick up an already reserved car. No Hertz Gold line. Will not use this location again.

Kenny Chen

I’ve been renting with Hertz the past few years and this was one of the worst rental experiences. What I take from this rental is that Hertz does not value me as a customer but rather just rental revenue. 1) received the usual e-mail confirmation. Red Ford Explorer in stall 963. 2) arrived at stall 963 and a white suburban was parked in the stall. 3) asked to confirm I should be 963. Confirmed. 4) packed up a lot of luggage and drove out. 3 sets of golf clubs on top of suitcases and backpacks. 5) stopped at the gate and told that I was mistaken and they’re bring up another vehicle 6) asked if the Suburban was available. It was available for the duration but it was an additional $110/day on top of my current rate of $50/day. Not feasible. 7) Nissan Pathfinder arrives a short while later and we proceed to move all our luggage over and leave 20 minutes delayed. 8) potential additional revenue from Suburban, ~$1500. Potential loss of lifetime revenue from a President’s Circle member, probably more than $1500. 9) Now trying to figure out how to quickly use 10k Hertz points and switch rental company. Thanks Hertz. UPDATE: Reached out To Hertz via Facebook messenger as they specified. Quick response to my initial contact. I provided them the info from this review. Haven’t heard back in 3 days. Thanks again Hertz. Perhaps you could help me decide between Enterprise, Avis or National to switch to. I would give negative stars at this point if I could.

Nathan J Martucci

The people were great. However, multiple problems with the computer system left me spending an hour and a half of my only vacation this year trying to leave with the car that I had booked online. Add the $200 deposit that wasn't mentioned anywhere until I was at the counter and I don't think I'll be using Hertz again.

Matthew Bulicz

Extremely easy pickup and drop off. I left a nice pair of sunglasses in the car. Rhonda hunted them down and was able to return them even though there was a couple days between me returning the car and realizing my glasses were missing. They took my info on the initial call and followed through! Excellent service.

Adriana Gonzalez-Lopez

Friendly, efficient, expensive.

Asif Shaukat

William Anthony

Excellent Customer Service. Jade was wonderful n went out of her way for us. More Customer Service People in any business should b more like her. Thank you Jade

patrick polowichak

Jocelyne was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She went above and beyond both in the pick up and return processes.

Cold Fox

Krystal Moore

Fastest and easiest car rental ever!

Selma Frei

Briana Morrissette

This location definitely is not deserving of one star, but I was forced. I had THE worst experience at this location to include the unprofessionalism of the employees, the rental not being cleaned prior to me arriving or at any point for that matter and me being charged for fuel options that I NEVER agreed to. I would not recommend this location if it were the last option to rent. Conflict resolution, competency of employees and customer service are not priorities of this company. Don’t waste your time.

Atiq Rehman

Kisan Visavadia

Good car rental place.

Jonathan Freeman


Keith Johnson

Reserved pickup and dropoff were easy

Sandy H

The staff was not so friendly- I was using the kiosk when the operator notified me that the credit card part of the kiosk wasn’t working. He instructed me to go a kiosk representative to complete my transaction. Tamara was the kiosk representative and she wasn’t very nice. She argued with me that i needed to get into the regular rental line rather than having her complete the transaction. Just not friendly! Other than her my experience was great.

Kai Zheng

Very efficient process. You get the car very fast. The location is a little bit far from public transportation.


(Translated by Google) Why exactly should the stars ... no one around here is how to take advantage of the poor Hertz hope to know by all means. Especially if the Americans! I went to go rent a car without first Internet booking told him the $ 3,000 in 8 days. Nyago the Lamborghini American friend Billy told me ... they said no borrow is $ 100. One online reservation and went to borrow a Jeep for $ 660. Again deoni dalraet out the friggin put all kinds of riders made up a thousand dollars invariably end judeogunyo by adding two insurance. Going the same vehicle theft insurance? No outrageous. Anyway I go by car muleoteoyo hanyago interchangeable stop by the office exclamation warning friggin hot. Ahniramyeo big problem deogunyo just Tara. The next day, this time bailed engine warning light. I called this time to go to Boston airport. I called to change the car. Hertz offices this point maneuni When I wanted to exchange in downtown Boston that I was not there no equivalent vehicles. Are you rather travel that attend to find their own dealer. Not even our fault. Haejuneunde receive money from the hour we rented a car'm to pay a price for their lack of maintenance costs in the time we have to pay. Again the idea is not to use Hertz. (Original) 별 한개를 왜 꼭 줘야하는지...허츠를 이용하기전 이곳이 얼마나 형편없는지 꼭 알기 바래요. 특히 미국인이 아니라면 더! 처음 인터넷 예약 없이 차를 렌트하러 갔더니 8일에 3000달러를 달라고 하더군요. 미국인 친구가 람보르기니 빌리냐고...자기들이 빌리면 100달러도 안된다고 하더군요. 일단 인터넷 예약하고 660달러에 지프를 빌리러 갔죠. 이번에도 어김없이 온갖 특약을 넣어 천달러 가까이 만들길래 다 빼달랬더니 끝까지 보험 두개를 추가해서 주더군요. 차량도난 보험같은거? 어이없음. 여튼 차를 타고 가다보니 느낌표 경고등이 뜨길래 영업소에 들러 교환가능하냐고 물었어요. 큰 문제 아니라며 그냥 타라더군요. 다음날, 이번엔 엔진 경고등이 떴어요. 전화했더니 이번엔 보스톤 공항에 가서. 차량을 바꾸라는군요. 허츠 영업소가 지점이 많으니 보스톤 시내점에서 교환하고 싶다고 했더니 거기는 동급차량이 없다고 안된다네요. 여행하다 말고 자기네 영업소를 찾아다니라는겁니까. 우리 잘못도 아닌데. 우리에게서 시간당 돈을 받아서 차를 렌트해주는데.자신들의 정비부족에 대한 댓가를 우리가 지불한 시간비용으로 치뤄야 하네요. 다시는 허츠를 이용하지 않을 생각입니다.

Yusuf Akhtar

Amazing guys! Dropped off at 11:59 for a 12:00 pm close on New Years eve. They were the most cooperative people ever!!

Trish W.

Terrible instructions in email and customer service. They had a problem that my credit card didnt match my drivers license. I am not sure what would have happened if my husband or dad tried to pay for the rental car and they werent with me. I understand there's identity theft but there should have been clear instructions that the person paying has to be the person picking up.

Suly Bolanos

Worst place to get a rental, MISLEADING staff, rude and they overcharged me by almost $1,000. After getting my insurance company involved they argued with my agent and 3 hours later I was told my money would be returned. I will never use this location again. There were at least 3 other angry customers (victims) while I was there.

Yifan Qing

over charge. if you wanna pay over 300 dollars on the cheapest model for a day-- that's what hertz made me pay at the end of 8/15. i told the lady "i am a student" and asked her to help me find the cheapest car, and this is what i ended up with. it's ridiculous. Oh, also, if you wanna be charged again a month later for a "convenience fee". no more business from me.

T Mom

Friendly service especially Connie. My car was clean and ready for me.

Ducky Kim

I recommend you joint Gold membership. It's free and you can get much benifits. Last time, when my co-workers visit there, they got Kia K3. This time, I've joined Gold membership free. I got SUV even cheaper.

t hughes

Horrible service, before and after rental. Called about a receipt for two days after return due to a 4AM drop off. The first attendant had no idea, having stated as much, how to access records. On the next day, another attendant hung up on me twice, then couldn’t locate my record. I often do several months worth of business in the area and will be requesting another rental agency due to this office in particular; this is the forth time out of four I’ve experienced problems at this location.

Lucky Clover Tour

Service good, take shuttle bus to rental center, pick up the car, return car building entrace too small and sharp turn, don know who design? Hertz service good, rental car center people nice and welcome


(Translated by Google) stupid hell. 2nd floor. remember. 2nd level. (Original) hiton hetel. 2nd floor. remember. 2nd level.

Ian Butler

Rented a car from Hertz on Welton St., Denver at very short notice. Price was still really good, the car (Toyota Camry) was perfect and the guy who rented it to us, Jesse, could not have been nicer. Great experience that enhanced my brief holiday with my daughter.

Mohamad Amin

Good car and friendly staff service

diana nixon

Very good for compact car. It was a little strange for pickup & return...just not used to it.

Jeremy Rogers

I will never rent a car from Hertz ever again. I show up with my printed reservation showing a full size car. The person refused to accept my printed reservation saying he shows I have rented a compact car. I'm 6'4" I do not fit into a tiny car. We went round and round for 15 minutes. He refused to get the manager on the phone and just kept saying he shows a compact. They will never earn my business which is a shame as I travel a lot for work.

Shuo Li

Full of people. Waites for an hour

אבי בוסתנאי

Best car rental experience I ever had. Joined as Gold member. I got the pick up details via SMS upon landing in SFO airport, got and picked up the car without going in the office and went straight to the gate. Do not forget to sign up as gold member free of charge.

Austin Petak

Way overpriced.

nimsis zero

Good service. Great Cars

James Conteh

Felicia Heath

Hertz was great! My flight landed early and I picked up my car at 6pm rather than 7pm without any problems. I didn’t realize that my Reservation would then automatically change to returning it by 6pm so I accidentally returned it at 7pm and didn’t know I would be charged. I ask the front desk about the charge because I was curious and Walter Davis was so helpful. He totally undertstand that I didn’t realize the return time had changed and refunded the extra hour charged! Great customer service!

Aubri Jill

Believe it or not, I actually look forward to renting from this location. The staff is super friendly and the cars are always nice! Definitely recommend ⭐

Marcia Waples

Friendly staff, great price

Ashira Konigsburg

James Jeffrey

Came in on train and according to website boomed at Union Station location. Fine print was actually Welton St location, but call and they pick you up. I call and instead of pick up themselves like everyone else does, they get me a Lyft at their expense. I booked midsize cause I'm 6'3" and compacts are to small and uncomfortable. I get a Chevy Cruze that I hit head on and steering wheel digs into lap. Never told how in car Wi-Fi works so burning data on phone to figure out how to get around.

David Graham

Kyle Umemba


Wiil Waal

Great place! Fast service definitely recommending.

Suellyn Strong

Husband had car rental returned to this location becsuse of accident handle by insurance.To make a long story short money was deducted from my husband's account mistakenly and now he is having trouble getting it back. It's been over a month. Ready to contact a higher manager.

Jonathan Santana

Great customer service, fair price, Clean cars. I would highly recommend them.

Catherine Mullen

We were allowed to reserve a car online, but when we arrived to pick it up, Hertz had no cars available. After a 2 hour wait, they did call us with a car available and gave us a slight discount. Somewhat inconvenient, but thoughtful in the end.


Good car's n the employees are very professional Also very convenient and I've always had excellent service.

sandeep bhardwaj

Jesse Kathryn Barnes

Great cars, hard-working staff and overall excellent experience here. Thank you guys for your hard work and integrity.

Andrew Rockhold

Great place to rent from. They have great cars (that actually have options like DVD and heated seats) and the staff is amazing. The selection of cars is second to none. They always come clean and smell nice. I love doing business with these guys!

Talisa Borgono

Rude and very unprofessional. No communication between employees. When I called on a Saturday & gave my reservation # to make sure I had a car for Monday. I arrived at the auto body & call Hertz to see if they can come get me or do I go to them? Whoever answered said, "we don't have a car for you", "all it says here car for (my name)".. he continues "I don't know what that means, but we dont bring the car to you". I explained how I called on Saturday to reserve it. "I don't even have a guy here to go for you right now". What kind of damn service is that? I had to get to work and this caused unnecessary stress. I advice for them to be more professional. Communicate & besides telling a PAYING CUSTOMER "I don't have anything for you" tell the customer "let me see what I can do for you". Whoever I spoke to on Saturday and Monday were both rude and unprofessional. Do they even know what they're doing? On top of not giving information correctly to the customer to cause even more confusion and frustration!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!

Marie Jeha

Super friendly and hassle free customer service! The manager, Robel, was so nice and made renting a car simple and easy. I will definitely be renting from this Hertz on Squire Rd, Revere again!

Mike Mclauren

This location made it easy and affordable to rent a vehicle while my car was in Bodyshop. I use hertz for all of my business travels, but this Revere local location provided one of the best levels of service I have ever received.

Tonya Jackson

Rents out dirty cars that are unsafe

Christian Ipus

Worse experience, better off going to a different location.

Azriel Barzly

Easy quick and nice

Tsa Teme

This particular Hertz raises the bar for all car rentals in the area. You couldn’t reasonably ask for a better experience! Competitive rates ✅ Good assortment of vehicles ✅ Courtesy and professionalism ✅ I was met with a friendly, courteous manager in the neatly organized office upon walking in. He personally processed my reservation and accommodated my needs. Charges/fees were clearly explained, and he found me a nice car in my budget in no time! After seeing the long queues at NYC toll stations, I later thanked him for recommending the EZ Pass socket. Their service & accommodation keeps my family & colleagues going back to Hertz on Squire Rd. Bye-bye Enterprise...hello, HERTZ!!

Seth Sean

Very bad service from this location and car had too many problem not being repair....go to Enterprise!

john gil

Brilliant Service on time very helpful reliable and trustworty we will definitely be using the again. Well Done

prasanth Reddy

James Hart

Fast and customer friendly service

Fargo Business Review

Great rental car location under great new management. I always use hertz for my rentals. Thanks guys.

Joe M

I've had problems the last three times I've been in. Always understaffed and often don't have cars, even with a reservation.

JMT 20

This rental car charged me extra money and they got full payment from my insurance provider and didn't return my money, definitely not recommended. They rent a car with a damage under the passenger door and said that I did and charge for repairs, when I whent to the office to talk about it the manager acted as a racist and my money was stolen, one of the cars smelled like marijuana that means the person who cleans those cars is an inept

Jason Triplett

Rented a van for the swim team

Dor Amram

Jeremy Auerbach

Car was clean, newer, and I got in and out pretty quickly when I picked it up. I had a slight delay on the return, but it wasn't more than about 5 or 10 minutes. The staff was friendly and I got charged exactly what I was supposed to.

WALTER Pazmino

Bad customer service.

Doreen Liebig

Very friendly and customer oriented. Highly recommendable

Kameron Moon

These guys clearly dont inspect or clean the cars to the standard expected of them. On three seperate occasions ive been given a car with a problem. One time it was given to me short on gas. Another time it smelled like burning plastic while driving, and a third time the car had bad wheel bearings and sounded like it was crushing gravel and shook on the highway. Hertz customer care is always stellar, someone from corporate needs to show up and crack the whip.

Shana Shreve

Easy to rent, no hassle

Randy DuRie

Great Hertz. Lots of Trucks and cars....have Carlos take care of you

Kiana Rivera

Worse place ever to rent a car , there services were so unprofessional sucks . Btw never open

Phil Tolman

nice car but we lost a garage door help just referred to a phone tree with full mailboxes...

Nathan Schwartz

Jordan Smith

Not very informative

charisse oglesby

I reserved a rental car this morning and when I went to pick the rental car up they told me that they were sold out all morning. He had my reservation there and he told me that the best thing that they could do is wait to see if someone returns a car.

Alesha Carroll

Levi Levi

yonas mekbib

Great service, neat car! Thank you.

Devious Dre

Wonderful experience ty

Monica Hotchkiss

Worst customer service. Forgot his name but I had to call corporate to make him give me my reservation

Earl Crayton

I had a very bad experience with Hertz in Revere. I was warned not to rent from Hertz in Revere. I didn't think it would be this bad. I requested to be picked up from the collision place that was fixing my car. Upon arrival the Hertz Rep was extremely late and she called from her car and said I'm out here. When I came out the car she picked my up in smell like she just finish eating some horrible smelling food. No big deal. She stopped to get breakfast before picking me up. No big deal. Moreover, the car that was given to me was very dirty and smelled. They Hertz Rep stated that she new I was in a rush so she did not have time to clean the car. So the car was still dirty from the previous Renter. When I brought the car back after cleaning it so I could deal with the condition of the car. When i brought the car back. I was told I made the car smell like smoke. I explained to the Hertz Rep that the car was dirty and smelled when i got the car. He agreed that the car was dirty but did not smell like smoke. He advised me to go across the street to his boy and they would only charge me $100 to detail the car. And if I did not do it he would charge $300 to my debt car. I had no choice but to take his offer. Next before I dropped the car I went to the gas station next door to his friends detailing company and filled the gas tank. I'm sure there are cameras at the gas station that can prove I filled the tank. Nevertheless, I still was charge $34 for gas. I called and spoke to the staff of Hertz. They told me I left the car with a half tank of gas. And i filled the tank. Cooperate needs to investigate Hertz in Revere.

Justin White

Great Service, have been there multiple times car was always clean, and if I had an issue the Manger there always took care of it, even got an upgrade once. If you are looking for a rental defiantly should contact them. They have always been good to me.


These staff here are horrible. They will lie to you and offer you extra insurance that you don't need to pay! That's the way they make their bad money! Don't trust them!

John Deatsch

Great evening employees

Dorian Jones

Lisa Dominguez

Horrible! The car they gave to rent as a Kia owner did not have a gas cap which I called and left a message about and never received a return call. Here I was put putting everywhere with that car.

Junhyuk Nathaniel Kwon

Do not go to here. Find elsewhere locations. Called in to check if I could pick a car two hours earlier, they said yes and told me to come down. Now that I am here they are telling me that I am lying and they would have never said that. No apologies but crappy attitude and horrible service here. About to sit here and waste two hours. Thanks Hertz.

Merih Fitwi

Renting a car through Hertz was the most professional and undemanding experience I've ever had. The staff members are friendly, and they greatly welcomed me from the scratch of the process until the end. Sadly, after a terrible car accident, Revere Hertz Car Rental was terrific to work with me. Robel is a great branch manager who helped me himself and made all the work easy and successful. From my personal experience Revere Hertz has reasonable prices and provides a good selection of cars. Sometimes, some cars will go out stock with heavier high volume of customers. I surely recommend Hertz as one of the best local rentals.

Henry Fischer

Most useless desk help ever. They are only "affiliated" even though their only sign is a giant Hertz one. Refused to help contact their tow truck to bring us to the location and then could not even pick us up. And then the woman hung up when we got frustrated. This place sucks.

Katie Lupica

Do not rent from this location. I received a car with air fresheners in every vent - clearly the previous renter had been smoking. Additionally there were problems with the transmission (not accelerating on hills, guzzling gas) that ended up requiring me to drive 3 hours out of the way to replace the car at night. Not worth any deal you see online. Received no acknowledgement of this experience’s being substandard from location rep upon return. Thankfully all other Hertz employees where I replaced the car (Dulles airport) and on emergency roadside assistance were helpful and competent (as is consistent with my experience at other Hertzes).

tesfai berache

I have been renting from this location for the past few years. Choice of cars has never been under par and the staff is friendlier than other locations in the city of Boston. Pick up and drop off is easy and you will find reasonable prices at this location. The branch manager has assisted me various times when rushing to get a rental for my work travels.

Ulysses Fabricio

Anderson Jacqueline

My insurance company made a reservation for me at hertz Revere they call me tea way and delivered the car to my house. I loved the rental car so much I ended up buying one i dot say this much abouth rental car agency it was great experience and definitely I recommend this rental agency.

Marcella Lacy

Taylaura Siggers

They gave my husband a bucket car, doors screeching, tire feel like they are about to fall off when he turn. His actual car is getting repaired and he has a 2018, so since he has owns a newer car, i would've expected much better than what they gave him. They told him all the good cars are at the airport, (why wouldn't you just take him to the airport.) I am pregnant and do not feel safe driving around with him inside of this raggedy car. Please do much better! He will be returning this car tomorrow.

Vanessa Aybel Paulino Nunez

Lauren White

Terrible customer service! I will never go with these guys ever again. You guys need to learn how to take care of your customers.

Deborah Lewis

Fast and efficient

Kasper Kolbe

Rent from anywhere else. Had a problem with the car, took it back in, and a used car salesman guy said "these missing pieces in the wheel well might have let some water in and caused the horrible banging sound. But there's no check engine light (duh, and also wheel well panels aren't water barriers but whatever). We'll call you in a couple of days when we have another car to give you." A week later when I finally returned the piece of junk, I told the agent they should fix it before renting it and she treated me like an idiot. "That's just how that car is..." I raised my eyebrows and shook my head and she mocked me by raising her eyebrows and nodding back. I've been driving cars since she was in diapers and she shrugged at me like I would bother complaining about nothing. Pointing out that nobody replaced the car as promised, I got deflections and shrugs. The lot is full of cars! We can't rent those. You can't get another rental car within a week? I don't know anything about your rental. Threw up my hands and walked out. If it was my money instead of the insurance company I'd still be there waiting for a manager to show up. I take comfort in the fact that I'll never see any of them again.

Mattias Kasparian

These guys are the best, they get you in and out quick and with the vehicle that you want. Jay helped me, he’s now my go to when I need a rental! Thanks Jay

Brian OHara Sr

You want to save money the next time you need a rental !? My wife and I strongly recommend Hertz on Squire Rd in Re ere..minutes from Logan. They will pick you up...get you into a new car a good rate , every time !! We are up in Boston often and can't be happier with the great customer service they always provide and it beats standing in line at the airport ! Check it can't go wrong. Brian and Paula O'Hara , Tarpon Springs , Florida.

Mara Rivera

Great service

Michael Jackson

The car i got was always dirty

Kambiz V

We loved our first experience with Hertz. The staff was very nice and helpful as well as the service they have provided us.

Eric Leger

Very nice people

Jorge Gallego

Only one person taking care of the place really good experience

Deebra Rogers

It is not worth the cheaper cost. Go to Budget. Its literally two minutes away.

Irena C

I'm a five star gold member due to lots of work travel so I decided to try this location for a 1 day rental for a ski trip. This was my experience: - Booked a car online Friday morning for a 7pm pickup - Received an email with exact car assigned 2.5 hours out (got a free upgrade to a higher class car) - Received an email to click to notify them when I'm 15 mins away, which I did - Arrived and drove off in 2 minutes. Car was ready (brand new with under 500 miles on it), didn't need to sign anything and wasn't pitched anything additional. Was just handed the keys and drove off. - Dropped off the car 24 hours later. Took 2 mins. Received receipt by email. No issues. Prices are high but they are similar to most rental locations in the city, unfortunately. If you want cheaper, have to rent in Queens or NJ.

Michael McCabe

Used to think highly of this place until my receipt was never emailed to me as ensured it would be, then called this morning 3 times - once they answered and played hands down the worst waiting music I have ever heard in my life (had to hang up because it was putting me over the edge and there was no hope for them to pick back up). Called 2 more times...NOBODY ANSWERS. Hire an extra body, I mean work it out. It's ridiculous. One last thing, signing up for the rewards program...just another disastrous experience and colossal waste of time. Site has issues. Thanks for Friday morning buzzkill Hertz.

prudhvi s

All the staff are very friendly. Customer satisfaction is their first priority. I am a frequent rental car user at this location, and got free upgrades all the time :)

Adam Marco

I have rented a car from this location once it was a great experience for rental company

Yabat F

Excellent Service!

Jim Warrick

Under staffed. Car I picked up had only 1/4 gas in tank

James Woolley

With today’s approach to more automated processing in services to the public, the Revere Hertz office and especially Robel and his amazing staff have put the personal aspect back in the car rental experience. I was looking to save a little from the Airport fees and taxes but was expecting more delay and complexity after a long cross country flight. I was completely wrong. Robel arranged everything and it was far easier and with substantial savings than expected. I fly every year in the Fall and Robel has made my vacation start a joy. Best selection of clean, well maintained cars I have seen anywhere in the US. He has me as a lifetime happy customer and I actually look forward to renting a car each year from him and his very professional and personable staff.

Kirsteen Scott