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6700 McKennon Blvd #200, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

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Where is Fort Smith Regional Airport?

REVIEWS OF Fort Smith Regional Airport IN Arkansas

Larry Co

The best restrooms in Arkansas!

jereme richardson

BE Cautious. There are always unattended vehicles left at the drop off zone that is clearly marked. I have flown out of FSM over 50 times and I would say half the time there are card parked there with no person anywhere around. Seems like a HUGE security risk. The restrooms are ALWAYS clean and really nice. Vending machines only in boarding waiting areas. The TSA have always been kind and pleasant to talk to. The American gate staff is either really nice or extremely rude there depending on the day and time. They definitely lack customer service skills.

Colby Johnson

Loved this airport, it was the first stop on our way to Hawaii. Very comfortable lounge with easily accessible charging/work stations in the lounge. Small selection of food to tide you over and the lines move relatively quickly when boarding.

Billy Coleman

It's so small and quiet, hardly know you are at an airport. Bathrooms like a fancy home.

Pablo Coronel

Elizabeth Wind

Mohamed Rafi

One of the Unique Airport.... & look at the toilets........

Micheal Max

The Starbucks Players Lounge is where it's at.

Reto Barbon

Lovely small airport with fast security check and boarding times.

Dave Hammer

The nicest airport I've ever been in period.

Brandon Stinnett


Kaba Kyaw

Pete Long

Cutest, most comfortable and relaxed airport I've been in!

Dave Reams

My flight to Dallas was diverted here due to weather - small airport but the staff handled an unexpected influx of three flights extremely well under the circumstances. I witnessed multiple employees going above and beyond & compliment them all for a job well done!

Vadim Zaikov

Nice and cozy regional airport. No scanner yet though - tired to be 'examined' as I ring all the time in metal detector

Laura Bean

Jose Antonio Suarez

(Translated by Google) Small and old airport but without doubt the cleanest and decorated bathrooms that the vast majority of modern airports today. There is free wifi and also a good exhibition of the American aeronautics with many models and pieces. You can also rent a car. Very complete and clean to be so small. (Original) Pequeño y antiguo aeropuerto pero sin duda los baños más limpios y decorados que la gran mayoría de aeropuertos modernos de hoy en día. Hay wifi libre y también una buena exposición de la aeronáutica estadounidense con muchas maquetas y piezas. También se puede alquilar coche. Muy completo y limpio para ser tan pequeño.

Steve Aina

William Stewart

This airport has the nicest public restroom I have EVER been in. The whole airport is nice.

Patricia Mathey

Absolutely ridiculous! I was there prior to 30 mins before my departure. Delta personnel was not available to check my bag. They stated when they arrived at the counter at 28 mins before departure after I had waited 5 minutes they could not check my bag. When I questioned them they immediately threatened security. I’m extremely dissatisfied with the service here! I was late due to work commitments and they were not willing to listen. Extremely poor customer service!

Gina Ferrari

wonderful little gem of an airport. great staff, super clean, easy to navigate. the only reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is that there was no place to get food once past security. I was traveling with a toddler and I failed to realize the terminal was that tiny. Luckily, I had some snacks in my bag for her. Now I know for next time! A snack cart or something would be nice, but still an excellent airport!!!

Happy Uñ

Привет, если вы не из русских, то ладно, вообще я читала отзывы, я думаю этот аэропорт прикольный (ведь я и была там) они заботятся хорошо, советую

Amy Porn

They suck

Holly Kwiecinsky

Man I don't know what happened but Delta has hired some very unprofessional people over here ...sad because it used to be a very pleasant airport to fly in and out of and now some of the employees are just very unprofessional, making snide comments about passengers for everyone to hear . I think next time I will just drive to Fayetteville and fly from there.

Helen Gutierrez

Bad Customer Service... So I went to Old Navy during my lunch hour and purchased 7 spring dresses today and 2 pair of sandals for my girls. I left and did not check my receipt and once i got to work I was surprised to see I was overcharged. they rang me up for 8 dresses and he 2 sandals , i called them and let them know nicely and they advised me to swing after work with my purchase and they would review it. So i did so, when I got there not only where the cashiers rude but ignorant to what I was explaining to them. They made me feel like I was lying to them and a very unsatisfied customer. The extra dress was a 9.00$ , i would not be stealing a dress of that amount when my entire purchases totaled to be 154.00... So disappointed with Old Navy and felt so disrespected. Wont be shopping there any time soon.

Cody Johnson

it seams like every time i check a bag in here something goes missing or gets broken i have flown from here 4 times and i will never fly from here ever again first time i flew from here when i got to where i was going my new nikon D850 (a $1000 camera) went missing the 2nd time i flew out of here my $300 bottle of colon wound up getting busted the third time my new go pro got stolen my 4th time my $700 gaming computer got stolen while my $300 monitor got busted. i have contacted them several time abut these items and they have not done anything to fix it. on top of all that my grandfather who retired and move to Portugal he had to come back in for some medical problems they would not let us leave the building with the airport wheel chair he was in so i had to go get an outer wheel char to use just to get him to the car to take him to the hospital. from now on i only fly out of another airport even if its an hour away drive, and since i stopped using this airport thing have stopped going missing.

Drake Simmons

Nice enough TSA crew, but they are either understaffed and/or the security line needs to be reorganized. Check both airlines if you have an early morning flight and make sure they aren't departing remotely close to each other. Lines get backed up, ~10 people missed their Delta flight this morning after the line was unmoving for about an hour. I really like this airport, but I'd rather drive to XNA if both airlines have a flight within an hour of each other. More than half the time it's smooth sailing, but God help you if it is at all busy.

Fred L. Ritchie

Chloe Liotta

DO NOT FLY OUT OF FSM IF YOU CAN AVOID IT AT ALL. The entire TSA staff is incredibly rude, no one here has a sense of urgency, your flight will probably be delayed multiple times and no one will help you. And there’s only like 4 flights going out of this god foresaken airport. Also, getting a hotel or rental car last minute when your flight is late is practically impossible. It’s amazing how the team of brain geniuses here can’t even manage to get the 2 flights they send out a day on time... just got another announcement while on my flight that has been delayed multiple times that another plane... THE ONLY OTHER PLANE... is blocking us from taxi-ing out and now we have to wait until they leave, which will be god knows when. If you do happen to accidentally schedule yourself a trip to hell, make sure to bring cash, because they only have vending machines on the other side of the gate & shocking... they only take cash.

Maria Gifford

SorryICantShow MyName

Rude Airline and TSA Staff. Clean and quiet airport. Very short of drop off - pickup area.

Kraig Kiepprien

I would give you 5 stars if you had food and drink services on the opposite end of the security checkpoint. Other than that, it is a basic, small airport that I frequently fly out of.

Warren Caudle

Quick in and out - great ease!

Hollie Casey

Erick Loss

The airport is nice but TSA will do anything they can to harass you. I flew in and out for 8 weeks straight and always had to deal with intrusive ridiculous search and screenings. Drive to Fayetteville or OK city to fly.

Alan P

Vicki Bennett

Awesome airport

Erin S.P. Brown

Wow this small airport is clean & nice the men's room just out side of the concourse was beautiful and great free luggage carts are a nice touch. The staff are nice nice staff the only odd thing and it is not really a complaint is there are so many big comfy chairs on the concourse that it looks like a furniture store

Batman D

The men's restroom before security was the nicest I have seen in an airport. Most of the rental companies are there. After security the seating is individual cushy seats and love seats, very comfortable. Although there are only vending machines after security.

R Hoover


small but very power full

Jason Thompson

Tanver Mondol

Jake Driggers

Tanner Schmuck

If there was an option to not leave a star at all, i would have left 1,000 reviews on this place. We were TWO hours early, but had to wait an hour because the staff wasn’t there to check us in, but this was just the beginning of unprofessionalism that was shown. This staff is EXTREMELY rude, and TSA will do anything they can to harass you. The security looked at my father and said, “i’m going to take your Ipad out of its case,” and did so, but left it out of its case and threw it on the conveyer belt. this staff needs to be handled. You can say we won’t be flying out of here anymore.

Michael Kloppe

Small but well organized Airport, very clean and vry friendly Staff!!!

Carlos González-Cela


Trà Hồng

Matthew McGrew

Best restrooms of any airport WiFi about 100 times faster than some airports and it is not crowded. 10/10 If you have any metal on any of your clothes you will be patted down because the have no scanners like big airports.

Robert Brubaker

Have not yet used this airport, but a map of the airport layout on the airport webpage would definitely be useful.


Small and clean airport with excellent staff. I recommend it to anyone flying into the Fort Smith area.

Richie Choice

Kathy Hill

I love flying out of here everyone is friendly and helpful except for today. the. TSA agent (older women shorter blonde hair) doing x-ray machine was very rude to customers that were actully being nice to her. I was quite suprised at her attidude. One tsa agent can give all agents a bad rep and she is one of them.

Adrian Richter

Very friendly staff! Even got to see a couple of F-18s land and take off (AWESOME)!!

Denise Jernigan

armando cardona

Cyrissa McCain

Hai Nguyen

Rude staff.

Rick Madrigal

harold lamont

Gordon Carlile

Tuan Nguyen

Clean and easy to get around airport

Christian Neal

May be a small airport, but it is efficient and easy to get in and out of which is why I love it. Always clean and well maintained.

KAYLEE Cristobal

This airport is horrible! They do not have full time staff behind the counter and will not check you in claiming even if you show up 45mins before the flight is to leave! I would recommend going out of xna and know you are going to get on your flight!

Jaime Hall

They recently put up these stupid, white poles in the front drop off/pick up area? There's literally only room for 3 small cars to pull into. I get it, you don't want people to park here... But what about the ones that play by the rules and only want to pull up to pick up and drop off? I do not see the point in this. And don't fly through here if you're TSA Pre-check. They don't honor it, and it's a major hassle.

Kalix Dj

Rob Brown

Starr West

Small but well taken care of and comfy


I was pleasantly surprised. This airport is small and quaint, making it easy to find my way around. The waiting area has high back, cloth covered chairs that one may expect to find in a living room. A few vending machines are available but I didn't see any eateries. They have numerous historical displays. It is very nice to experience a small, attractive airport after traveling through numerous large airports over the years.

Rebecca Hardgrave

Small airport with little traffic on a Wednesday morning. Got checked through with American super quick with nice staff. Then off to the famously described bathrooms. Yes, they are as nice as everyone says. Just had to wait for TSA to open up for security through to gate. There was no need to be here 2 hours early, but out of habit and experience with other airports, I was. Just a note for people not used to a super small airport- there are no stores or restaurants here. Get what you need before you arrive....update- they do have a small cafe.


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