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Morgan Whitcomb

**EDIT 9/4/17: I contacted the email address provided in the owner's response and have waited almost a month with no reply. Be aware that their belated offers to address your concerns are nothing more than hollow attempts to save face.** While renting a car here for about a week, I returned to the parked car after a few hours to find a couple of broken plastic clips on the back of the front bumper. At the time I didn't think much of it since it seemed like natural wear - presumably clips would be easy to fix, and it's not like I ever got in an accident. When I returned the car, one of the employees did an inspection and got audibly excited upon finding out that the bumper was slightly askew, practically skipping back to the office to charge me a temporary deductible. Fast forward to now, Enterprise is blaming me for the damage and so forcing me to pay the $350 required to replace the bumper. If I didn't have my own insurance this would be a complete and utter nightmare. tldr; Enterprise will charge you a substantial amount for any speck of damage to their vehicles, regardless of whether or not you are at fault.

Cheri Fisch

They were great it was a good place to rent a car cheap

Shannon Ross

Great easy spot to rent a car, especially if you need one outside of normal business hours! It’s a bit of a walk to get to the enterprise car pickup point, but other than that, it was easy.

Larry Harper

Efficient and friendly. Have to walk in to Ent. No drive through.

Seymore Clearly

Never had a bad experience with Enterprise Car Rental. Associates are always helpful, don't waste a lot of time, and prices are fair for the fleet of vehicles they have. And good vehicles, too. No matter what I need, passenger, SUV, or van, I can usually get it. It's why I go back to them time & again.

Heather McKinney

chris smetana

Horrible customer service. Don't leave anything behind because although they will place in aside in their lost and found they won't get off their lazy asses and place it in the mail despite telling you they will 4 days in a row..... Their slogan should say " Enterprise, we're here to disappoint you"

Daina Kasprzyk

I use this location quite often when in need of a rental, but today I had a very inconvenient experience. Yesterday I made a reservation for 1pm which is the cut off time on their website. I showed up at 1:02, and was told 10 minutes later when the employee came out, to go to another location. There was another lady from New Jersey waiting to return a rental also. Issue is why allow me to make a reservation if you will not be able to accommodate it? Very unprofessional and inconvenient.

Lindi Caputo

Excellent rental location, vehicle & employee's are top notch!!

RC Colorado

Called a day in advance to book a pickup. The next day we waited, in a rainstorm, for enterprise to pick us up - they never did. We were on hold with the local branch who booked the pick-up for over 30 minutes before my phone died. We never did get picked up. He had to hire an Uber to take us home. Once home we were bounced around when calling the 800 number before corporate hung up on us. The local branch still isn't answering. It is 1:30 on a WEEKDAY - how can a business not take calls on a normal day! Unless you are looking to get lied to and then ignored I would never, ever, have anyone consider this company - especially not the 3586 Hartsel Drive Colorado Springs branch. We are now stuck without a rental car for the rest of the week and will have to find another company who will actually answer their phones and keep their promise... Their "Happiness Guarantee" is a JOKE!

Jaqueline Teixeira

Great cars! I recommended!

Jamie Stahler

I haven't rented from this location yet but I drive by frequently. The seems to have a nice selection of cars including a new Crystler 300 which would probably fall into either their premium or luxury category.

Debbie Camden

rent from Enterprise several times a month for work. They always take great care of me, cars are clean and ready, no hesitancy to give a courtesy upgrade when the car I requested is not readily available and when I have requested a pick up, they are always on time and polite.

Long nguyen

Veronica Miller

Really just not impressed by the mediocre attitude from the employees who answer the phones. I understand if you're busy, and you should understand that I'm trying to give you business. But now I refuse and I felt so strongly that I'm taking the time to write a review. Also her name was DAKOTA. I'm sure I'm not the only potential customer who has had this experience. So unforunately, i had to cave in and rent a car from this place. I got there and they were very pleasant. I was told it would be a total of around $20 a day and as i confirmed it before I drove off the woman stated that it would in-fact be around $20 dollars a day total. WELL IT IS NOT. It is about 20 a day and then an addition 20 for some liability things and on top of that theres tons of taxes. It would be really great if this information was stated before returning the car so i wasn't slapped in the fact with an over 400$ total. Never recommending your company to anyone and i will continue to email until i get some sort of response

Miles Bannon

Great experience!!! Courteous knowledgebal staff .thank you Danielle! I do remind people though of you have full coverage insurancealready make sure your not doubling down on your rental.

Philip Fancher

They didn't have the intermediate car we reserved so they upgraded us to a small SUV which worked out fine for visiting Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Gas mileage was over 40 MPG.

steven diaz

My salesperson was excellent affording me some options that worked for me

auguy kayembe

Maria Wilson

Robert Harasimowicz

This location, (woodmen) has the most up beat professional workers. I have been coming here for 4 months straight because of how efficient, respectful, and willing to help the customer is noticed. I spend just about

Virginia Rodriguez

I called in a reservation the day before and the transaction was excellent. Once I arrived to the office Tom was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend their services. Smooth and hassle free. Definitely will use their services again!

Brenda Cotto

Prompt, courteous service. Very accommodating to ensure my satisfaction. Liked follow-up call checking to see if all was well. Would recommend and return.

Rori Luv

Wow. Just wow. Every single person at this place made me feel valued and important. They seemed to understand that sometimes needing a rental car is not always a fun thing, like an accident in my case. I got the best services from everyone. I am sad I do not know your names, all of you. John who gave me a ride was the greatest. I felt like I was in the car with a friend. My Nissan Sentra was... a dream. No other way. From start to finish, a 5 star experience. Thank you to all the employees there.

Dee Dee

Nicole Nolan

While the employees were great to work with, we had issues with the van we rented. We made it clear that we were driving from Colorado to California, but the tires of the van were in terrible condition (per the measurements taken at the tire shop). Not only were they bald, but they were so worn that the front passenger tire had steel exposed! Luckily, we spotted it before we had a blowout on the highway. We were able to get to a tire shop (Kudos to Big O Tire!!) and they dealt with Enterprise to get us 4 new tires so we could get home safely. In addition, the windshield wipers were also extremely worn and we could hardly see while driving in the rain. We have rented from Enterprise before, so it is even more disappointing to have this experience.

Lydia Gerard

I had a car accident last month and my insurance company told me I was able to rent a car through enterprise. When I dropped my car off at the repair shop enterprise came and picked me up to take me to my rental car. They were quick and efficient. They called me the next day to see how everything was and to call if I had any problems. I had a great experience with them.

James Rossi

Fee to leave car in n.h. was more then the rental, otherwise great

resit akcam

Not recommended. Unprofessional staffs

damien catlin

Customer service was not great the car itself was not a great car. The car stalled out and I did express what the car rental did but there was nothing done for me as renting a car the car should not have any issues

Roger Schill

Pedro Moreno

This is the worst place ever very unprofetional people go to Hertz super friendly and better prices than Enterprice.

Denise Torres

always a great pleasure working with enterprise (on north ave, bpt) their customer service is outstanding.

Monica Borchert

I felt warmly greeted and promptly serviced from beginning to end. Kelsey was great with getting me the perfect car that I was comfortable in and we walked and talked through the entire vehicle. It felt like a friend loaning me her car. So kind. Alana was another great staff member who when I had called in to extend my vehicle rental she was sweet and made it quick and easy. Thank you! I would definitely trust and rent with them again:)

Mike Hicks

Great Customer Service, the only issue is turn n burn at most car rentals, Enterprise no different, they never really clean anything inside the cars including inside Windows especially the windshield, they just roll it through the auto wash vacuum and back to the rental lot. Car seats are always stained, and car mileage is most always about 36K or higher. Recently one of the workers stated 2 minutes, and back on the lot, they don’t check much if nothing unless a customer complaints.

Francesca Zangara-Mason

After taking the Pt. Jefferson ferry from NY to Bridgeport, a pickup from the ferry was tremendously helpful, and as reliable as promised. We had a friendly exchange and encounter with the customer service representative in the office who helped us and we ended up with an upgraded vehicle. Our return trip to drop off our vehicle a day ahead of our contracted drop off day and time was problematic due to unforeseen weather and traffic making our drop off before 6 impossible. The office closing at 6 was a problem. The drop off had to be made at another location but no signs on the gate or rental office location from which we made our best effort to get to plus the lack of cell service available in this location created obstacles to our smooth rental car return. After we found an Enterprise location that had a drop box to leave a vehicle, we Ubered to the ferry and all was good. Car was fine and I wonder why there was not a credit for an early drop off by a day when in the past we have been charged per hour for late drop offs as per our contract? I would highly recommend Enterprise provide clients with nearby drop off locations to accommodate unforeseen traffic, weather and drop off if and when pickup locations do not have drop boxes for after hours car rental returns.

Jacquelynn Petty

Wonderful experience!! Was able to get in and out with no issues and on the road to our big event. Thank you so much for all that you did for us!! You guys were great!

Omar Holness

Jim Angelo

Samantha Hyatt

Charlie McAleer

Marie W

Line wait time no problem with car upon return

Cecilia TAYLOR

Excellent service, everyone very kind and accommodating. Everette (Manager), Thank you again for helping me out at the last minute, would have never made it to the convention without your help.

Robert Probst

John A. Wilkinson

excellent customer service!!!!!

Randall Parsons

Great staff, fun car, no worries!

Heather S

Marie Vital

For my own experience I was very pleased with the customer services I had my questions answered .

Brie Hendry

They didnt have my car ready so I had to drive back in the direction that we started, to get my car.

Lisa Blaine

kathy Smith

Fast friendly service


My workplace

Janet Hobbs

Rented a dodge van for 10days it was very comfortable just a great ride great on gas would do it again

Ted Swift

Car did what was needed. However a tire kept going down. But after everything I did I put gas end air. When in temps of 100+ degrees I want changing anything with my bad back. But customer care was understanding.

Best year

great experience , would recom

Rose Gunnels

Cynthia Nodden

Was told they had vehicles available and to come on down. Drove 45 min to get there only to be told that they were sold out and that we must have spoken to their call center because apparently their call center doesn't know what the heck they are doing! Extremely frustrating! !

Brent Perez

Made the reservation with the 800 number. Local branch called in less than 20 minutes to confirm reservation and pick-up time. Very professional very nice to work with. Jordan came to pick me up and we had a great conversation in the car on our way over. She was amazing to work with! When we got back to the branch she explained everything and answered any questions I had. I will come back to this location and this is why I continue to use Enterprise. Dom and his whole team are awesome! Thanks again Jordan!

kiarah edwards

Worst experience ever. They over charged my card then did not want to give me a refund .

Sue sue

The customer service was great and the process was quick and easy.

Deb in Alabama

EXCELLENT COMPARED TO 2014: KUDOS TO ENTERPRISE STAFF (particularly Area Mgr, Mike P.), Tiffany, Adrian (?) & Tricia, as they really came through for me – thank you each for putting up with me & making this an ideal experience! I've been renting Enterprise 25 yrs in US & N. Ireland. I've had decent experiences renting cars I needed at reasonable prices with few hiccups along the way. Nothing caused me to post negative responses until 2014. I won't go into it, as you can read old Google reviews. However, after I posted horrific experience with cars I rented in 2014 someone from Enterprise responded shortly after. The email associated with review I rarely check. So 8 months after checking email I read reply. Two people wanted to make things right. So I contacted them to see what they offered. I tentatively planned Thanksgiving trip from Colorado to Alabama (20 hr drive - 1 way - 2 days on road w/1 overnight). Area Manager made offer I couldn't refuse, so I decided to give another chance. For safety & comfort due to time on road & distance traveling I required a SAFE car, trunk, cruise control & CD player. When I showed up they had a 2015 Chrysler 200 LMTC, which to be honest I knew nothing about. When I first got into car I didn't know how to start it (small hiccup). So the guy helping showed how to push start by stepping on brake. The shifter was a dial knob; you again pressed brake to easily turn it from park, drive or reverse. I stayed in parking lot 1 hr reading driver's manual (still sealed) to learn how to use basics, as I didn't want to wreck trying to figure it out on the road. The guy that helped was new, so not going to say anything bad, as he was quite nice. I would say for newer cars customer should be asked if they understand how everything works & staff should show basics to safely drive off. I embarrassed myself because car had key-less remote for opening doors, trunk & starting it. However, because no one explained, I kept thinking doors weren't locking & someone could easily get into & take off. I would lock doors, walk away, turn to check if they were actually locked & they would easily open. I did this several times & noticed a security guard watching across parking lot like I was nuts! I thought it wasn't locking properly & was about to call Customer Service, when I decided to peek at manual again. Took 30 mins to realize remote AUTOMATICALLY UNLOCKED DOORS! Also realized remote must be in proximity of car to unlock door & trunk, as well as to start it. If I'd left doors unlocked, left remote in hotel & came back to car couldn't get in & step on brake to start it, as remote HAS to be in or next to it. However, it would've been nice to have known PRIOR to trip. SO THOSE ARE ONLY NEGATIVES ON THIS RENTAL I would recommend a 101-Crash Course on the basics! OTHERWISE, BEST RENTAL EVER! Once familiar with all I felt safe in driving & very comfortable (no back pillow needed). Again, I spent approx 50 hrs driving overall. I’m now a Chrysler fan, as I wasn’t to begin with! Additional KUDOS to local staff for allowing me to extend rental at same rate, as I extended trip by 1 wk. Also KUDOS to Tiffany for taking more off price to compensate for no CD player in car, as it had satellite radio – FREE at 1st, but apparently because of 1-wk trial. I wasn’t informed & suddenly satellite said pay $4.99/day. I wasn’t real happy, as that’s what kept me “awake” during drive, especially since there was no CD player to play books or music on CDs I brought. I called local office from AL & Tiffany had satellite online within minutes at basically n/c since I wasn’t informed. OVERALL …VERY PLEASED & WILL MOST DEFINITELY RENT AGAIN FROM ENTERPRISE. THANK YOU! :-D

Brenda Hernandez

One car pass 2000

Jim Jackson

They need retraining, said car had hail damage, took car back to original renting site, no damage, idiots!

Tyler Laviola

I rented a car for about 4 months from here. The first 2 were great they were helpful and offered me the monthly rate to save money. The second 2 months they charged me full price weekly and would not give me a monthly rate. My Uncle who works for Enterprise in St. Louis said they should have offered me the lower rate, especially when I asked. For someone who has always done business here, I may consider another rental company from now on.

Kim Mattei

I've used them often over the years never to have a problem!! The best as far as I'm concerned. Thank you my friends at enterprise...

Tye Weisenfluh

Best customer service. Spoke with three different people here and all of them were extremely friendly and genuine to me and my girlfriend. They mentioned add-ons but didn't push them at all which I appreciate. Great guys!

Beth Manteuffel

We had a great rental experience on our visit to the National Parks. I'd highly recommend renting from Enterprise in Fresno! Staff were very friendly and helpful, and there were great options within their fleet of vehicles.

Jennifer Pollock

This location is friendly, courteous and quick. I've rented with them several times and I love this location. The only bad thing I can say is that they aren't open 7 days a week but 5 stars all across. All of the staff there are helpful and responsive.

Ramon Tribble

Customer service was great manager and employees took really good care of me unfortunately I did not receive the car that I wanted I reserved a Suburban because I needed the room but they did give me a Ford Expedition XLT but right off the back the rear windshield wiper blade was missing the right rear brake / blinker light was out there was hail damage all over the car the inside look like somebody did a quick cleaning because the previous renter must have had an animal because there was dog hair everywhere in there but like I said the manager than the employees felt my pain they did their best to try to take care of me but for the money that I had to pay for that size of vehicle I should have got a better vehicle or at least a decent size discount..

Zachary Odenweller

Dom is a great manager. Every time I walk in to get updated documents he has not problem assisting me. And he always makes sure to ask how everything is going to make sure the rental is working to the best of my needs.

Johnny Hampton

When renting from Enterprise always go into the airport at the counter first, even if you have a reservation they will not allow you to rent at the kiosk anymore. To find rental returns you will have to pass the complete airport make a right and then make another right and that's where the returns of all rental car companies are. Remember each company has their own return section don't drive into the wrong one

Ed Alonzo

Great group! Best rental experience in quite awhile. Quick, easy, accommodating and friendly!

LaTonia Black

John Loucks

Wow. Great check-in and check out process. Very smooth and clear. Super attitude from Dom. Will definitely be renting from you all again.

Paul Sykes

Had on line quote for $265, in store it became $765. Did not show up on time for scheduled pickup. Left me stuck at their store with no transportation.


The mid-size car I rented had an oil leak that stained my friend's concrete driveway. Whwn I checked the oi, it eas extremely dirtyWhen I called for a replacement vehicle on Saturday morning, I received two disappointing responses: (1) no mid-size car available & (2) no one available to bring a car to my meeting location. Finally, a compact car was offered but delivery time option was very limited. Not a good experience overall.

malhar sharma

Pleasant and friendly staff with reasonable price

Emily Joy Kruger

Had a great experience! Diandre was wonderful, very helpful with my reservation & finding a vehicle that best suited me. Friendly & professional, I highly recommend!

Junaid Khan

The service is excellent, pick-up and drop facility is also well managed. I had to change the terms of contract twice, they were very accommodating.


I would never rent from this location again. After being told by the rental person there was no charge for bumper damage, upon turn in I was charged with bumper damage. This was an arbitrary area on the front bumper where two pieces did not line up. The rental company tried to collect money from my private auto deductible, $500 even though I had coverage through my credit card. The total damage amount was $250 or so. The girl at the counter had no concept of how to problem solve. I provided Enterprise my claim information repeatedly by phone and mail, after doing so in person. The insurance part of the credit card company asked for several documents from Enterprise to process the claim. Instead of complying, Enterprise sent the claim to collections. I went through this process before with Dollar and they provided all the documents they needed to be paid. On another occasion at a different location I was overcharged for fees that were supposed to be refunded back ($40).They never were and the smug folks at the desk acted as if the return fee receipts were created by me. I will actually switch my insurance to a company that does not require Enterprise covering the cost of a rental.

Bill Irvine

Manager took care of me both times I used them. Went out of his way to take care of me with excellent customer service. I've been using enterprise for over 30 years. I've never been charged a fee up front. Military should never have to worry about any fees or deposits when they pick up a vehicle. They tried to charge me a fee up front, but, then the manager waived it.

aida camacho

Great customer service, quick service and reliable transportation to and from Enterprise.

yvonne Collins

I never used your service in Bridgeport. This must be a error it says 4 months ago please get back to me and let me know what this is about

rasheema jeffreys

Great service

Carlos Lopez

Risa Kunau

Great customer service. The truck we rented for an accident replacement was clean and came with a ice scraper that was much needed and appreciated. Everyone I interacted with throughout the process was friendly and helpful. One of the best, if not the best, rental car experience I've had. Highly recommend!!

E 3

Horrible horrible customer service

Chenelle Buchanan

Everyone at Enterprise, located on North Ave in Bridgeport Ct, are so helpful and just an overall outstanding team. I was able to be picked up at my home in order to finish my rental process. George is an amazing himan being and i would recommend this branch to anyone. Thank you Enterprise team for making my experience a memorable one :)

The General


Bryan Gernes

Great Service!

Szymon Jarzyna

Anthony Caiazzo

Nice staff helpful & friendly.


I love the customer service at North Avenue Enterprise! They stand for servicing and making sure the customer is comfortable with their experience. I am happy to have changed to this rental car team!

Milo Vernon

Pedro Rivera

Angel Medina

After 3 months a in a Rental I can say that they are a great Enterprise Location; with a great selection of cars. The staff are all very helpful, and professional. I strongly suggest you rent a car from the Bridgeport Enterprise location. Your experience will be a pleasant one.

karsys ventura lora

The A-Team hands down. Professional all the way.

Mercedes Perez

Sandra Lydon

Always a pleasure to rent with enterprise they take care of everything. I have always had a positive experience and would highly recommend

Cindy Mckeon

The staff was nice this time The car I got this time a piece of junk lol the A/C barely worked at all and made a terrible noise and the interior has scratches all over and wasn't very clean.the car was actually scary it shook when you went over 55 mph I rented the same car in Phoenix a week ago and was much nicer then this one I'm supposed to rent again this week I sure hope the car I get is in better condition for my drive to Phoenix I'm going to give it one more try before I decide to change providers or not. I am also not thrilled that they moved and now no longer pick up and drop off to my home

Aayush Gupta

Good customer service!!

Chris Elliff

Had to change reservations from Sacramento to Fresno due to flight delays on the day of pick up. Online app made it very easy and no extra fees. Good car inventory and price was fair. Thanks Enterprise!

harjot johal

No Matter from where you calling them, cell phone or landline they can’t hear you ever

Calvin Henderson

Friendly staff that push their add on services.

Elaine Gutierrez

The staff was so helpful and friendly. They are so easy to work with.

Mandy Feldgreber

This guys are great. My life is continual chaos. They were so helpful and moved things around for me. They delivered the car to the repair shop. They were practically there before I was even ready to go. Because they were so great I still got my kid to work on time even though everything else was going wrong. Saved the day.

kishi g

Such a friendly and courteous staff. Been a customer since 2010 and was never disappointed.

Tasha Brown

Service is great! They always provide me with a car , even last minute

Todd Green

Rishawna Snow

The staff were really nice. My situation was so complicating but they worked with me and gave me as much knowledge and fun understanding every step I took.


I did reserve my vehicle for 4 days and I was very pleased with the service. Car was comfortable and ready for me.

crystel glover

thanks enterprise great customer service........

Mother Hernandez

Paulo Perez

It was great. Claim through an insurance company, not my own, and I was out of there with a replacement car in like 5 mins. Thank you.

kurt rosenfeld

just finished 10 day vacation and the enterprise car quality, price, was easily the best deal, and the service rep pick-up and drop off was a breeze

M& M's

Don't bother booking here, they will call last minute and tell you they dont have a car for you. Go to hertz or advance!

Raquel Castellini

Great service

Kat Haig

Mark Barrett

Great service

Matthew Wright

The manager here I believe his name is Dominick is a great dude. He does whatever it takes to make sure the customer is satisfied. He worked diligently for 8 days trying to resolve my issue that stemmed from Enterprise and AMEX not talking to each other. I hope he gets a bonus for making people lifelong customers.

Claude Lewis

They accommodated me without a problem.I even got a ride home to drop off my car and a ride home to pick up my car

Melody Arnold

Tyler Barchek

Friendly staff and they helped me to get a great car for the week.

Donnie James

Fast friendly service!!!

Marcelo Andrade

Jo Moye

Staff are great. Efficient, fast, friendly, they go above and beyond to help you

Ray Mirasol

Very helpful customer service. Thank you very much

Romy Ventura

Richard Scinto

My rental car was immaculate and the staff at the counter were professional and friendly.

Elizabeth Fields

Rented there extremely rude. I couldn't use my debit card I had to have a credit card. Then they wanted to charge extra for every additional driver. It was 500 dollars more than I was originally told.

Kelly Johnson

Guys I need you to share this for me to everybody yes it's our fault but we left a $300 baseball bag and a very sentimental chair in the back of one of Enterprises on East Woodmen by King Soopers cars I called them and he said oh I'm sorry that car's been sent down south I said did you not search the car before you sent it down south did you not clean it or make sure everything was okay and he said well I guess not so then he gets a hold of down south they did the same freaking thing only they rented it out to somebody so now I've got to pray that this person who's coming back today is a good-hearted person and brings his bag back and that chair my thing on this is what if there had been drugs in the car or dead body in the trunk and I know that sounds stupid but it does happen these days I will never rent from Enterprise again never that tells me that they're doing their job as little as possible. so guys before you consider renting from Enterprise check the car out because they sure haven't. and please forward this. To everyone

Edward Crespo

I have always rented from Enterprise in Bridgeport, CT and had a wonderful experience. The reps are great and take care of the customers. The one thing I do have a comment about is, The Veteran's discount. I feel it should be a little more and also if someone rents for more than two weeks. But overall I like Enterprise.

Joshua Smith

Shenika Murray

Anita Johnson

We were authorized a rental car from this location through our insurance company after a car accident on a Friday evening. In calling on Saturday I was told there were no cars available and was also told that I could call around to the other locations to see if they had something- they did not- we had to wait until he following Monday afternoon to get into a rental. Very inconvenient and poor customer service to have me call to each of the other locations.

David R. VanDinter

Always excellent service and great prices. The staff is always the best in the business, ensuring you are taken care of in every aspect. In addition, they usually have the best prices compared to all the rest. One of the best things is that you can usually get the car you wanted or better , for the same price. Their vehicles are top notch and in great shape. I have rented for months at a time and never had a problem! However, if something is wrong, just tell them, they will fix it or give you a different vehicle. I highly reccomend Enterprise for all your rental needs. I know you won't be disappointed!!!

Haylie Hollister

I would recommend this company to anyone! They came and picked me and my two kids up ( 3yrs, 9mths), and the agent who took care of me ( I wish I remembered his name) carried my son in when he seen me struggling. :/ It was so personable and after all of the stress it was so nice to deal with them. When I went to return the car the same agent was so helpful he asked if I needed help with the kids and made it such an enjoyable experience! Thank you all !

Balvin West

Great , Extraordinary service.

Carol Pascoe

Ben St.Martin

Had a reservation but the Bridgeport location didn't have any cars left. They offered me a minivan but I asked for a car from another location. They promptly drove me over to the Stratford location and set me up with a brand new Elantra. Drove it 1500 miles in 4 days, great car. Great customer service.

Denise Smith

The folks at the Hartzel office did a great job as I have come to expect. I had gone to another agency as requested by my insurance company. That agency did not tell me until the Saturday before I was to pickup the car that they couldn't meet my requirement for a left foot accelerator. I contacted the Enterprise office and Kelsey was great and worked with me to get a vehicle available by Wednesday morning for me. Alex was very helpful in getting my paperwork completed at the repair shop so I could quickly be on my way. I have rented multiple times with Enterprise because they do a great job supporting my needs. I will be using them in the future.

emeraldtumi .

Great service and kind staff

Srinivas M

Best customer support. I like the deals here

Carl Washington

Good advice and great cars.

Jeney Marte

Good service. Not alot of waiting time. Employees always help give you the best price.

Lilly A

They pick you up and make the effort to give you a wonderful service.

Dine __Jamil

Excellent customer service Easy manageable reservation & pricing processes. All Online! or by phone if u prefer

Christopher Coutu

Enterprise typically meets my needs. The customer service teams are positive. They have many vehicle types and the local location enables easy access. Try to reserve at least a few days out as their lots are small and this limits availability.

Nenyelle Foremar

Very friendly atmosphere!!

Eddie Fleming

They more than exceeded my expectations. Very helpful pleasant and great selection of vehicles.

Patrick Dodge

Staff goes above and beyond for you.

Rae Scott

pearline wright

Excellent service at the North ave branch in Bridgeport Connecticut! GREAT experience every time i do business with them! Excellent customer service from Everett and the team!!!!

Ivette rodriguez

When I rent from This location I get awesome service, The whole staff is great Evertte Susie and all of them ROCK!!!!!!

Ellen's Funny Farm

Apparently, they have a hard time keeping their word. Promised delivery of truck at auto body shop. Then the day comes and they wanted make me responsible for driving their employee and other clients back to their office. No, bad planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on me. Auto body shop came to their rescue. Also, the Truck was filthy. The employee that delivered truck was awesome, felt bad for him that his office set him up!

Costella Strong

Very poor service . Never got a call for my confirmation . Was not on time for delivery . car was not pre cleaned at pick up . I had to wait a full hour just to get a car . Only rental service in Magnolia, Arkansas so my only option .

Nate Kaopua

It was Okay at best

Krystal Robinson

Andrew Wenger

Great customer service

Antoinette Trujillo

They are awesome!

Kristi Heikkila

Love the service. Thank you for always coming through with great cars!!!

Ross Rodriguez

Sean Kelly

We were extremely happy with the service and professionalism of the staff at Fresno Enterprise. The Ford Expedition was immaculate...fully fueled...and ready to go. The return experience was very much the same. Well done, Team.

Tamara Courlas

Dom and his team at the Hartsel Drive location are excellent. Thank you for making everything so easy.

Randall Deemie

R Broadnax

Sharon Thompson

Great place, but always check out the car thoroughly early in front of them including the gas mileage scratches interior exterior so you don't end up paying for something you didn't do. I hear it's very common to come back with something you didn't do and they will charge you for it! I think that would go with all rental places. Sometimes they have pretty nice cars you can rent sometimes.

Carol Martin

Manideep Nemani

All the staff are very friendly and has great cars.

Verleta Reid

I had an accident and my insurance set me up with enterprise. The workers were awesome. This is why I keep going back to them. They have great cars.

Adan Paulino

Liz Sierra

This has been by far our best car rental experience. The entire team was great. The manager, Dom was amazing and had strong floor presence. They called not once but twice to make sure our experience was great. My family and I really appreciate genuine experiences. Thank you Dom and team we will only rent from you.

Jody Townsend

I will not go there again nor recommend this specific location. No, they do not pick you up on weekends. Someone from their office called to find out what time on Saturday and told me when I should call on Saturday. Later that day someone called to say Oops! we don't pick up on weekends. Although it says "Pay Later" they required a credit card when you reserve the car (not mentioned on the web site where I reserved the car). Since I don't carry my credit cards I had to use my debit & fill out paperwork to prove I could pay. Of course they then charged my debit for the total & for a $250 deposit (which I was told happens even if you use a credit card). If it mentioned this on Enterprises' site, I missed it. I requested a standard and received a smaller car - on the web their price was the same. The staff did mention to always run the defroster since they put in the washer fluid that doesn't have anti-freeze. Good to know since it was cold & snowing off & on. If I hadn't been stranded at their office w/o a car I would have left and not rented a car. Since my family left me there & took our car to the shop for repairs (where I was going to pick them up), I was stuck.


Great car! Friendly staff. Love the weekend specials they run for $9.99 a day!! Dominic was great!

Bstkept Seekret

Thank you to the male Mgr that I just spoke to. I'm a customer but out of an LA office. I'm near Fresno and I was told my rental car tags were expired. In panic mode I tried to go to the nearest one but they are all closed. So I call this one & the Mgr was so nice to answer my question. Customer service from the front desk worker yo Mgr is amazing


I had an advance reservation but still had to stand in line at the counter with people who did not have reservations. There was one clerk and five people ahead of me. It took almost 30 minutes for my turn where I was handed my prepared rental agreement and was told to proceed to their pick up shack. At the shack there was a mob of people, maybe 10 or more. There was one person handing out the keys and showing people where their car was located. Again, about a 15 minute wait. Once it was my turn I was handed my keys and my car was right in front of the shack. At least I did not have to search for it. Then another five minute wait to get out the gate. There was four cars ahead of me. At least there was an employee who was checking each car for possible damage before you got to the exit gate. Checking the car in on Sunday was easier, I just used express check in. I will not rent from Enterprise at this location again. Too few overwhelmed employees Your web page says: As an Enterprise Plus® member, you can use the members-only check-in line at participating locations. It's one more way your membership makes renting from Enterprise® more convenient. Why does Fresno NOT have this service? Why do plus members with reservations have to stand in line behind people who do not have reservations who have to have the rates and other information explained to them?

Linda Bishop

Amy Yeagley

Stephen Cavallo

dameon baker

Over charge you with rates

Lenore Lewis-Foreman

They're alright. I never seem to get the car I am promised at initial contact. When I do get a vehicle, it's dirt and has an unpleasant smell from the prior client.

Jessica Zeleny

I recently was in a pinch and needed a rental car for a couple weeks. After looking at a couple different options, Enterprise on North Ave was the closest option, and the most affordable, so I decided to see what they had available. I made my reservation online and when I went to pick up the car, the customer service and overall experience was nothing less than amazing! Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable and personable that it made me feel very comfortable renting a car for the first time by myself. I ended up needing the car for 2 months and they made renewing my rental easy and carefree. We recently had a snowstorm in Connecticut which was my second week of renting the car. I had a mustang which was not that great in the snow and they gave me a call and made sure I knew all of my options and was safe while under their care. I ended up swapping for an all wheel drive vehicle which they made so easy and I was just so impressed in the effort and professionalism they shows throughout my time with them. A special shoutout to Tom, Everett, and Sebastian for going above and beyond and making a positive and memorable experience.

Larry Holder

Enterprise is by far the easiest and nicest car rental experience I’ve known. And if you’re USAA be sure to rent via the special link.

Jorge Ordoñez

Buen servicio y una gran variedad de autos

alvin robertson

The representative who accessed me was outstanding, I am very happy with the service.

Iris Padilla

Indya Simon

Super friendly and professional staff. Greg is amazing at his job.

T Wilhelm

Mike was super friendly and very helpful

Wiley Houchins

Bad experience getting a car at Fresno. Long line and 30 + minute wait on February 11th. They need to expedite check in. It a painfully slow process. Competitors have a walk to you assigned car and go service. Otherwise excellent service and vehicles. Return was a breeze.

Andrew Jimenez

Generally the service is ok. There are a few individuals, such as Will at the exit booth who treat me like a tenured customer. I am a frequent renter, often renting several times per month. Yet most of the other service reps treat me as if I am a first time renter. Often asking the same basic questions, such as if I will be filling up the car when I return it. Even though my existing and long standing service contract covers this issue.

Daniel Faber

Great staff!!!

Tony Switzer

No tourist tax like they charge you at the airport

Timothy Garrity

Todd did a superb job of eliminating any road blocks.He was very professional.Next time I need a rental I will again use Enterprise...for the third time.

Patricia Bowen

Marsha Phipps

I made a reservation online and after called and confirm, I was told the car was ready I could come n pick it up, when I got their they told me they rent the car to someone else, and wanted to give me something else for more money. This place is a the worst place to rent a car from... I would never recommend not even my enemy..Worst Car Rental Place .

calvin boyd

The agents were friendly and knowledgeable, what could've taken 5 minutes in and out was like 20 because the comrade re was so entertaining I didn't want to leave I had a very nice experience and will be back. Thanks again. Tina

John Christiance

Haven't been there

Georgia Ramsay

I had a car accident a few weeks ago and my insurance company set me up with Enterprise. I was very happy that I was able to get a rental that was equivalent to my car and the staff was very friendly. The Representative Nichole arranged a ride for me back home when I returned the car and took the time to get GEICO to approve my rental extenion so I didn't have to pay for the extra time from my deposit. I was very satisfied with the service I received.

John Stacy

I only use Enterprise. Preferred when you could do your contract on the lot and not have to go to the counter at baggage claim. But car selection is good and they are usually fast

Darmalene Rosado

Tanya Coles

No problems here! My first time renting from out of town. Smooth process except for verifying some info from my bank which stretched the process out about 45 min longer BUT that wasn't their fault. Car was great! Customer service was great! Checkout was cake! I will definitely use this service again the next time I visit.

Sinisa Djukic

Excellent customer services


Ttiana Vyazikina

It was easy to book a car online. Then there were friendly people in customer service. Cars are in great condition. Thank you very much.

blade oestreich

This enterprise at fresno airport is the best and quikest expieiences. I am a frequent renter and they always take such great care of me. If you are looking for the best deals and the best customer care please come to this enterprise!

Jonathon Murphy

I have always had great service from this enterprise location

dawn c

I recently rented a Mini Cooper Countryman. The car was perfect. The salesman explained the car to me, and its features. The online reservation made the transaction seamless. Enterprise provided door to door service which you dont see advertised in many places. The Bridgeport location has a very professional staff.

Karimar Leger

I wouldn’t even put one star!. They made my mom pay for something she didn’t do!. they don’t pay attention with there own vehicle on things that may be missing so now my mom has to pay for something she didn’t do. The office looks like a dump they act like they don’t know what there doing and there attitude is very unprofessional. My mother and I are very unsatisfied with the service that Everett provided for use. Never again renting for them and I don’t recommend anyone to either!!!

Jan Otto

I’ve been renting from m Enterprise a lot the last few months, I think seven rentals in all, all over the US. I like them for ease of process and friendliness, but the last four or five rentals have all come with very glazed or dirty interior windscreens. I’ve taken to stopping at a gas station immediately after I get the car and cleaning the windscreen as I almost came a cropper with a semi tractor in NC in early morning slanting sun because of the dirty windscreen. I have just finished cleaning the dirty windscreen on my latest rental here in CO. Same problem. Otherwise all good.

silvestro nicolia

Maximo Santana

Friendly system I won't rent from anywhere else

Tammy Milam

Reserved a car online and when I got there, no car. Called to see if 1 was available nearby and they said there was. When I asked to verify with the location there were no cars to rent. MIL had confirmed another transaction but again, no car. Will never do business with enterprise again.

Aderonke Adedimeji

I enjoyed the car. The service was taking a notch higher. The staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs. Overall, I'm pleased and will consider using Enterprise the next time.


Nice people and service

Deanna Rutherford-Blowes

Richard Green

peter dietze

Easy and efficient to get a rental car.

Inga Nae

Mayo Nouns

I attempted to rent a car from Enterprise they gave me a reservation and then check their inventory and they had no cars available for 4 more days don't waste your time.

Larry Foisey

This group of people are extremely customer service orientated which makes for a very pleasant experience, especially picking me up at home which makes needing a ride to get there not an issue.

Shannon Brimage

Always happy with Enterprise, would be 5 star except the Nissan Sentra I was stuck in on my way home from LAX could be better classified as an instrument of torture than a car. Uncomfortable and underpowered, could not decide what gear it needs to go up hill in leading to constant surging all the way over the grapevine. Enterprise, if you are listening, that’s one car you should take out of your lineup, just terrible. Your service was great as always.

Margaret DeLorenzo

Easy pick up. Straightforward rental process. We really like the vehicle we rented. We needed a large vehicle to travel with 6 adults and one baby in car seat. The Dodge Durango worked well for us. It had good handling, plenty of room. We used it in Yosemite. Gas mileage was as expected for a large vehicle at high altitude. Only glitch was picking it up. We were going to have to wait 30 minutes for our vehicle, but then one got cancelled, and we got it when we arrived. This was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Know the park was super crowded, don't know how that affects car rentals. Overall, would certainly use Enterprise in Fresno again.

Ashley L

Quick friendly service just like we all like it

Haley Merritt

The manager should not be managing a store of his own. He's rude, arrogant, & couldn't answer a question properly to save his life. They did not do a full inspection, nor were we given the proper documentation/agreement copies that my mom was suppose to receive. Now here we are with these fools trying to claim hail damage. HOW DOES MY CAR HAVE NO DAMAGE if it was park next to the the rental they're claiming is covered with hail damage . Absolutely absurd. Don't waste your time.

Dean Musser

Awesome experience renting from this office! Great, friendly staff, took extremely great care of my rental needs, got me out the door fast and the car was clean and a fantastic value! Will prob rent again next month! Thanks so much! Dean

shy lo

They called because I have a insurance Claim they tell me they don’t have a car size and price for me and they willnt bump me up for free they was All so very rude and told me to call back tomorrow when they manager is there if the manager not there I always have a problem I never had this problem with the Milford one I spend good money with them to get treated like I don’t matter Devon I think the kids name was very rude I didn’t Catch the girls name just Awful customer service

Jose Javier

Friendly people, very polite, very good service, the car clean and smooth. Company recommended

Erik Manzanalez

Lady begins the desk very very rude and unhelpful. Seems like she was more worried about what was on the computer screen rather than to help me out. I went somewhere else I should've came to this other place in the first place. Lesson learned. Dont come here in the morning wait till she leaves. Thumbs down on customer service

Daniel Navarro

Audrea Cosme

l was able to rent a car that same day. No hassles and was treated like VIP!

John DVE

delgado James

The people where great and got me out fast with a car. They did not have the car that i pick out but they did upgrade me to a SUV.. Thank u guys for the great serves

Sylvia Gloria

Friendly greeting. I've used other companies at the airport and I have to say Enterprise does an excellent job with customer service.

Susan Davis

Stacey-Ann Morgan

Staff very friendly and accommodating. Brought my rental to have the tire pressure checked, the went a step further and washed the exterior. It's little things like that, that make a huge difference.

Lan Currier

Joseph Fraile

It's always a pleasure when I need to rent a car from Enterprise from location branch# 12Gm mgr Ryan Pettegrew and asst.mgr Dom Cary go above and beyond to service customers Many thanks for your help always Joseph F.

Stephen Finley

Long time enterprise customer. First time at this location. They provided a pickup and a drop off. Great SUV. Dom is supervising an efficient team. I'll continue getting cars at this location

Char Larioz

Great customer service.

oscar J

The Whitexican

Daddys Girl

Good customer service n fast service will come back again I recommend this to anyone thanks enterprise

Lita 1

Great service, staff is helpful and accommodating

Tara Fernandes

While Everett was nice to deal with the car I received smells like smoke so bad that I'm returning. Was also given the car with very little gas. Hoping the return appointment goes better. Too busy to deal with this.


Good staff, good cars, overall a great experience, keep it up


I suggest this place. The staff is courteous and very helpful. They have great cars to rent with reasonable prices.

Nikolai Frankenstein

Got my car swollen a few months back. Geico set up a reservation with these guys. They had great selection and were awesome to work with. Would highly recommend.

Joseph Jablonski

I've used this location several times. Locally-owned is important to me. Service is consistent and spectacular! Pick up and drop off service is a huge advantage for me. Drivers and desk people are professional and courteous. I will continue to use them every time I visit Colorado Springs as my "location of choice" and recommend them to all my family and friends.

Matt Lemon

Robert Wilson

Staff was very professional, helpful and accommodating. Thank you.

Shelita Washington

Great service

Melanie Wright

Not happy, because had to pay state taxes, and wasn't told that my insurance covered $50, car was $43.00, 3 taxes state, city, and something else so be PREPARED!! And this was Auto Claim.

Lenore Miera

Patti A.

These guys are the best. No wonder they have so busy. Must be the busiest location and they could teach other Enterprise rental agencies how to work and deal with customers. This is my third car from them via BMW of Bridgeport and they are just so, so amazing. From the manager, to the drivers, excellent job. Thanks for a great customer service.

Iris Quinones

Donovan & Jarrod are friendly and personable. Excellent service

Lucy C

Enterprise is also fast and professional to me. I always can reserve a car online and it's easy.

Katherine Maurer

Great Enterprise location. Seriously, great employees, and in car rental this makes all the difference. The staff here is so good that I had to go tell the manager how much I appreciated my rep specifically.

Cheryl Fortson

Excellent customer service with a warm friendly smile company professionalism always. I would like to say thanks for a good month of straight car rentals with a excellent rental rate from your establishment. You guys are the best !!!!!!!!! @ giving patients and customer service


Profession customer service.

La Dva

Great customer service. Excellent service and always rent me good cars.

B5150 angel

They were fast and efficient on getting a rental..check in and out was hassle..

Zuhair .Aljorani

Good cars and excellent service

Chris Scanland

Very helpful. Great service! And a great deal on a van for our vacation

Terri Alford Mosley

Great customer service. Friendly staff. Quick and easy rental and return. Would rent from again.

Chris Glidewell

The guy that got me in my rental was super nice and the lady that checked the vehicle back in for me was equally friendly.

Shauna Haycox


Searching for a rental car online was cumbersome and I had questions, so I walked in to this location (very close to home). I feel Robert gave me a better deal than the 3rd parties, he was professional and friendly, and quickly got me all set up. On the day of pick-up, Alana showed great personality and customer service, even giving us an upgrade. A few words of advice to renters: staff may disregard the bumps and bruises on the car and windshield during the overview, but during the whole rental period, I worried it would get counted against us. It didn't -- but still, I recommend circling those areas on the form anyway, at least for peace of mind. Also, our gas tank was 1/2 full, which we didn't discover until we were headed out early the next morning -- a hassle. One more thought: be careful about returning your car when the store is closed. There is no way to account for the car's returned condition. We witnessed a plaza shopper hit one of the rental cars as she was pulling away. (She was stopped.) Overall, I will definitely rent from here again. Friendly staff, personal attention, convenient location, good supply of cars, no airport tax.

Michael Delori

Twice we have had reservations set up by our insurance company for a rental car from this location. And twice we walked in to them with our reservation info, and twice we walked out without a rental car. They had zero cars available even though they confirmed a reservation. To make things worse, when the young lady who was helping asked the lady in charge about it, she just said "we can pick you up later or you can come back." And got back on the phone and didn't help her employee resolve our issue. I will not give this location a chance for a third strike with us. Too bad for them because we have a lot of out of state family and rent a lot of cars.

Agnes Adams

Thomas Lopez

rudy robles

Terrible! They will charge you different "holds" without authorizing them with you first. Unprofessional and that's fraud. I would strongly recommend taking your hard earned money and going with a corporate enterprise instead of a third party franchisee like this one.

b1krboy .

I'm not certain if this was the location that serviced my pick up location (Falcon) but it seems like the closest. Anyway, I've had great experiences with Enterprise many times in the past but this time I felt I was getting scammed, robbed , what have you. Lesson learned folks, never assume the rep has seen ALL the previous damage at walk around, point out EVERYTHING before you sign (or just take their insurance)!!! I had a rock chip occur, cause that stuff happens when you drive for an extended period of time! It fit within the small circle of their stupid damage card thing. However the existing chip did not and I was pinned with both, whole windshield needs to be replaced, pain in my a$$! And thanks for the dirty a$$ car, I must of got it right after the previous renter turned it in!

chip Handewith

great service. everything went vent as expected with no suprises

Ashlee Wilson

Always easy to rent here. I often use this location because it's close to home and to Firestone if I have to service my car. The people are always very accommodating. I once rented a car with a nail in the tire and they quickly got me into another car with an upgrade. Another time, I rented a compact car and they didn't have anymore compact so they gave me the option of a minivan or truck with a small upgrade fee because of the inconvenience.

F Servin

I have always used Enterprise because they always have the best price! However, on my last rental, I called to ask if I would receive a credit for returning the vehicle a day early and with more fuel than I rented it with and was told that they don't do gas credits but I would receive credit for returning the vehicle a day early. I clarified with the rep what she just told me by repeating it back to her and she again said, "Yes, you will receive credit for the one day you didn't use the vehicle." Relying on this information, I immediately returned the vehicle only to find out that after a certain number of days, the rental is considered a weekly rental and you don't receive credit for returning the vehicle early. So the rep I spoke with on the phone either lied to me, didn't bother to see how long I've had the vehicle, or didn't know the company's policies. If I ever have to rent again, I will still likely use Enterprise but I'm much more wary of the information they provide. I'll be sure to speak to managers in the future if I ever rent again.

Artur Akhmetzyanov

Emefa Amenuvor

I needed a rental car while on a trip. It definitely served it's purpose


Very short staffed, terrible customer service even though the people seem nice, at any give time there was only one or two people working and they obviously can't handle the workload..........Called 5 or 6 times to the local location and no one ever answered the phone, so I made a reservation with the reservation line. Called to adjust the reservation at the local location and again after multiple calls no one answered. So I called another local location that helped me. Finally the day of the reservation we showed up to pick up our car first thing in the morning. They couldn't find our reservation and then didn't have the kind of car(3rd row suv) we reserved. We agreed to take a mini van for the weekend but planned to return it Monday for a standard size vehicle. We were told that one would be available for exchange on Monday. While we were there the phone rang the whole time, the agent eventually turned the volume on the phone off. Terrible customer service. Called Monday morning multiple times again with no answer so I drove there to exchange vehicles. Waited in line behind multiple people for them to tell me they didn't have a car to downgrade to. :-( if they would've just answered their phone we could have figured that out. They did reduce the price but after i spent a hour dealing with the drive and lines. Now today we'd had the van a week and it was time to return it, so I called over 10 times to coordinate my pickup/drop off with the local office. They never answered the phone....... so I drove all the way there for them to tell me they couldn't drop me off and then sent me to another location to get my ride. I ended up being 20 mins late to the body shop to pick up my car. That was 20 mins after the body shop closed too. Everything could have been avoided if they had just answered their phones. Thankfully the guy from the N.Academy location was very nice and apologetic.

Israel Quirarte

I will always use enterprise for my car rental need service is great and the prices are more then fair . Vehicle's are always clean when I pick up.

Patty Spring

Always no hassle

Ricky Biggs

Picking up and dropping off were very polite and quick.


Lisa Salkey

John Haven

My wife's SUV was in for repair and our insurance company recommended Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They met her at the repair place, made sure she had an SUV, not a sedan and made the whole experience quick and easy. Returning the rental was quick and easy too. Thanks!

Jim Gottfried

Dan at your North Avenue store in Bridgeport Connecticut is always great to work with

Angel Miguel Rivera Rodriguez

Michael Martin

Nice people and very helpful

Omaha Marine Center


Ibrahim Shehadeh

Alexander Varga

Pam Lowell

ranjeet pokharel

Booked a chevrolet for niagra trip. Fast and reasonable price.

Doug Peacock

Great staff who took good care of me this morning!

Smiley Smiley

Quick and easy, very nice truck, staff friendly and knowledgeable.

Janette Wedlowe

The staff are not very friendly, very rigid, not flexible-parking is horrible, the office looks like a dump, unclean -

Craig Sounda

Donald Owens

I always use Enterprise Rental when I travel. However, with cell phones ,service can be erratic! I have noticed over the years ,Staff are very ,very quick to hang up. Get irritated very quickly. They provide a good service. However, I am aware of their short comings. Work on "Patience" Who says, Don Owens

Pamela Mcgill

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was wonderful, they put us in a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 and we loved it.

Michelle Burke

No personality

Joe Bell

Michael Mbakwe

Destined Guardian



Refused to rent me a vehicle without showing them a copy of my military orders despite showing them all documentation necessary to drive legally. When asked why this was a necessary document the manager said “we need to trust that the vehicle will be returned to us”. Have rented vehicles from other Enterprise locations with the same paperwork without a problem. Not sure how my orders will gain me more or less trust with your company than my Driver’s License, Military ID, valid car insurance, DMV letter of extension on Driver’s License, and proof of address. My orders are not for you to have access to. Luckily I was able to find another rental company in your airport that trusted us. I’ll never rent from Enterprise again after the way I was treated at this facility tonight.

Patricia Rivera

Everette took really good care of me while i was renting my car. I will definately go back to see him.

Vicky Ayala

Service was excellent. They did not have the car i reserved but i was given another car even better for the same price i was not dissapointed at all i walked out of there being a fully satisfied customer . Kudoss to Natalie great job done :)

Anthony Velez

Great experience. Very friendly and welcoming.

David Janzen

I was looking to avoid the long trip to the airport to get a car and this agency was perfect for me. The car was almost new, clean and ran very well and smooth with no vibration, a must have in a rental or my own for that matter. Enterprise is notorious for over booking so I checked on Friday to be sure they would have a car for Monday.

Ernest Ornelas

I book a SUV 2 weeks in advance for 8 people when I get to airport in Fresno ca was told the car was not available so they gave me a mini van for 4 hours (had no choice) it was very tight I could have tried another company or went another route they did give me some what of discount but didn't feel that made up for all the headache we went thru why they only have one SUV for such a big company ???????????

Rheu Daniel

Pleasant staff, however car selection is very limited.

Rainy Pence

I called before I got a ride to Enterprise to make sure they had my reservation and that a car was ready. When I arrived I was told it would be hours. When I asked why I was given false information that caused me to waste my time, the Enterprise employee told me they have a call center that answers all their calls and that they are paid to say they have vehicles even when they don't. 4 hours later... still waiting...I called again and was told a few more hours. It wasn't until I expressly asked the Enterprise employee to "please be straight with me" that they told me it won't be until tomorrow at 3pm. Unbelievable.

S Oliveira

I witnessed two male employees engaged in carnal relations in this location's restroom. This kind of behavior is not ok!

Jermaine Brown

Great customer service


5/5 I have dealt with many customer service agents over the years but this experience was by far the best , I was treated very well by the staff and the process of getting me in a vehicle went very fast . The Managers were extremely helpful as well when turning in the vehicle. Overall the process was amazing and I would highly recommend enterprise as the go to for car rentals in Colorado Springs.

Jill Holland

I got NO service at all! The woman was with obviously unhappy customers and didn't even acknowledge that I came in!


From drop-off to pick-up the airport rental car is the worst! Minimum 40 minutes to over an hour wait. Might also want to figure that into your time frame for drop-off as they dinged us an additional day for being late due to their inefficiency. Not workers fault but lack of them so entirely upper managements failure. Never will do business at the airport rental area! Also add that their pickup isn't even identified. Had to use the drop-off area to pick our car up and wait an hour in our own car.

zachary grill

The service was really personable and friendly

shawn louder

Heather Joyner

Everyone was very friendly

Joe L

Had reservation so check-in was a breeze ( right next to baggage claim). Short walk (100 yards) to car pick -up. Might be an issue if rain/snow, etc, as walk is uncovered, otherwise fine. Offered choice of a couple vehicles in the class we rented. Whole process was about 10 mins. Check-in/ vehicle return was uneventful and quick.

John Gaetani

Staff is the best. I always thank them for taking care of law enforcement

Jose Rivera

Excellent and very good service.

Tonya Daniel

Lloyd Teves

It was a very pleasant experience. I made a reservation about a week ahead of time. When I went to pick up my rental, they didn't hassle me with any extra selling (although I did ask for the damage waiver just in case). They didn't have the smaller car that I made a reservation for so they upgraded me free of charge to an SUV. I returned the rental a day earlier than planned and they discounted me for the unused day. The staff was very polite and professional. I am looking forward to renting from them again in the future.

Kendra Swanson

The worst place to ever rent a car from.. Enterprise let me down big time. Thanks for nothing. I thought I could count on you because my insurance company referred your company to me. I will never use your services again and I will make sure everyone I know never uses your services either!!

Sita Vu

I rented a vehicle from Fresno airport to San Jose airport and the experience was good. Great staff and very professional. Two days later I see on my credit card statement and there was two different charges in there totaling over $600 on a one way rental for $90. When I called them the service rep could not even understand how billing got the two amount and assure me that they would fall off eventually cause she does see the rental contract for only $90. Fast forward 5 days later and I’m still waiting for reversal of the transaction. I like renting from them and have never had a bad experience so this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Dianne Madison

stewart coleman

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car en Arkansas
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