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1 Airport Rd, Little Rock, AR 72206, United States Located in: Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

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Todd Christ

Tucker Kline

Reserved a car a week ahead of time. Upon turning the car in they charged me more than double the reservation price in additional undisclosed fees. Also charged me for a cracked windshield that spread from a rock chip already there. Entire car smelled of mold and would severely fog up everytime it was started, so I had to run the defrost which is what caused the rock chip to spread. I called the rental company and spent over an hour on hold without being able to talk to a representative. This forced me to drive the majority of my trip with the cracked windshield, risking me and my family's safety as well as a ticket. This is a shady company who wants to make a quick buck and is concerned about safety or legal vehicle requirements.

LaShondra Mosley

James Sheridan

Gloria Efird

Katie Holmes

Tracey j

Donald Wiyninger

Car was a Mitsubishi Mirage. Lots of road noise. The three cylinder motor was noisy and ran rough. The steering felt like I was driving on jello. The main issue was no cruise control; I'm surprised it had A/C and power windows. To return the car at SMF you need to go to the Hertz car return, but Dollar doesn't tell you this. Lesson learned, don't rent economy cars from Dollar.

Trina Shultz

Picking up the car was easy from the SMF airport with a shuttle that takes you to the car rental area. The agent helping me was very nice. Returning the car was simple, I just pulled into a lane that as empty and in a minute a man checked for damage and that the gas tank was full then we were on our way.

Terie Michon

Don House

Rented a Tahoe that had Appleplay which was great in its easy of use. Also has Serius radio which was a plus. Drove 1100 miles in 8 days so the pluses were appreciated.

Moku B

Virgie Riddick

Overall experience was good, except the agent tried to put the rental insurance on the bill without our authorizing it. Other than that, rates were very good.

Samilou S.

Michael Nero

Horrible business. Double advertised cost in hidden fees from third party and they can't do anything to help. Take your business elsewhere. I know I will!

anthony arndt

Daniel Akins


Quick and professional pick up and drop off. All rental car companies are in same location and they share the same shuttle. Our flight was one hour late, landing at 12:28 at midnight. Officially they close at 12:30, but they stay up to one extra hour if your flight is late. The counter person said that it basically happens almost every day. I wish the first person that I called, when our flight was late, knew that. It would have been a lot less stressful than worrying about each time they pushed back flight

Philip Kielhurn

No one on line, three women working, 20 minutes to get a car. UNBELIEVABLE...never rent from these clowns. The woman wouldn't even stand to look in the draw if they had keys, she had to call someone to do it for her. I asked about the existing damage to the car, she said we don't do that...the English was barely audible. TERRIBLE


Alisha is the BEST employee Dollar Rental has. She has wondeful customer service and always pleasant to speak to.. Now for the car..... Humm it was ok. But Overall Very satisfied!!

Sherry Stich

The good: I had to extend my rental twice (my mother had surgery and her release was delayed seven days) and they honored my original discounted rate. When I returned the car the computer added an early return fee but the agent removed the fee before I even knew about it. The bad: They close at 11:00 pm so if I had been delayed two more minutes they would have been closed, even though the website gives the impression that they will hold your car if your flight is delayed. When I returned my car, I had to go inside to the counter because they no longer staff the kiosk. I'm a Dollar Express member but that doesn't help you at this location. I will most likely rent from someone else when I travel to Little Rock next time.

Missy Daniels

Dennis Rampe

It was my first time using Dollar and will certainly be returning. Dollar Express made it very easy/quick to get on the road and on my way. Thanks Dollar - you've made a new customer.

Jane Klaus

All the staff in Sacramento, CA were wonderful. Very helpful and friendly. We will be using Dollar for car rentals again.

Jeff Byrn

I rented a car here via Expedia and while I was happy for the free upgrade to a larger car, I was NOT happy that with their refueling process. I was told to bring the car back with the same amount of fuel it left with and I did just that. But, they still charged me for fuel and kept writing me saying that I didn't return it full. Of course, I didn't return it full, I didn't get it full. It appears they aren't even reading what I'm typing. So, I'm going to write about it here and suggest that if you rent a car, rent from a company with better customer service or demand a full tank at the beginning of the rental so when you return it, it's easy to simply fill up the tank.

Lisa Lloyd

jackie whitaker

Dollar Rental is a joke. They are the worst rental company I have ever had to deal with. They lie and hide fees so they can rip people off. I rented a car and was never told they would pay the toll booth charges and then charge additional fees to pad their pockets. I had toll fees for $4.76 and they charged me a $60 admin fee. I was never told about this and other companies I have used in the past will bill my credit card as the tolls come in. Not this company they pay them and charge you additional money. The service stinks and now I am paying more money for this bad experience. Long lines, short staff, rude drop off person, and no one outside for return service. I could go on and on. I will never ever rent from them again.

Nedinma Blount

Had issues with vehicle and received a free upgrade... Quick service every time I had to go to the counter.

Jesse Sullins

Excellent, knowledgeable staff. I truly believe that I received the same high quality service late Sunday evening as I would during the day. Above and beyond in every way.


Arrived late in evening, no other customers in line. Stood and waited patiently. Never acknowledged. Walked up to counter, was then acknowledged but was told it would be a minute as she was “taking care of something”. Would have been nice to have been acknowledged and told this from the start. Maybe the girl at the counter was having a bad day???? Not friendly at all. Car was nice and clean. Filled up car at gas station right by rental car return. Had the nozzle click off 4 times to make sure car was full. Got a bill that they added over 5 gallons of gas. Drove 273 miles and put 11 gallons of gas in a sonata for avg of 24.8 mostly highway miles. Seemed a little low but nonetheless no way car wasn’t returned full. Called corporate office that was extremely nice and got the fuel charges removed.

De'Jaune Johnson

Michael Pukish

My only complaint is the same complaint for literally *all* rental car companies at this time: Even if you can get a listing for a particular local rental desk at a particular airport or city location, you CAN NOT ever reach the location directly by phone. They will always bounce you to a "national call center". So for example, if your flight arrives late and you need to definitively find out that the rental desk will be held open for special holiday hours, forget it. The friendly person at the call center will tell you something non-committal, and you won't really get your answer. So this time, I rolled the dice, and luckily the local desk at my destination was held open an additional hour. I wonder if these companies will ever figure out that they are losing business when people decide against that risk... Thank you for listening :)

Stevan Gallegos

Everyone was very nice. I am an express member so no waiting just went to the kiosk and got my car.

Rachel velazquez

Over charged me

Sherrie Denton

Because I had to wait one minute, I was given an upgrade in car. When I turned the car in the man was very efficient and polite. I would go back.

Jamie Jamie

Over all good experience. No surprise charges. They accept debit cards but will hold ~25% of total amount of charges until car is returned (If card has visa logo; other logos require $300 deposit, regardless of total amount). It went smooth. Next time I will spend the extra few bucks to upgrade from compact- they are as basic as they come!

Ali Abd

Bev Rupiper

We had a very pleasant experiance. and the employees were very helpful.

Alejandro Sanchez

Connie Quintel

Easiest car rental I have ever done. Reasonable prices, and upgrades weren't much more.

Denis R.

Sacramento International Airport Car Rental Building is very clean. Very reliable, vehicle, and Outstanding Customer Service Reps. The only reason why i did not give 5 stars was because their Basic rental vehicles are just too small. I am a big Man with a medium size family.

John Nguyen

Evens Kravidx

Amy W

Compact doesn't include cruise control! Had a new rep and he took forever and then didn't explain all the charges. Pre-paid fuel is a ripoff as even on the airport fuel was .20-.30 lower. I still have to call customer service for something else. Not my favorite!

Robert Barnes

John Petrovich

No problem returning the car. The person checking us in was very helpful in answering a few questions we had.

Daniel Green

A friend of mine flew in from out of state. She had a reservation. When she went to pick her car she was told that she needed to make a $350 deposit which is more than 3x her entire 3 day rental. She doesn't have the funds, and dollar wouldn't take payment for the deposit over the phone from me or her husband. Do not rent from Dollar!

David Brown

Staff was great

Chuck Carroll

Quick through the line. Everyone very pleasant.

Danette Gardipee Snow

Tamieka R

Great deals on cars I rent from Dollar general at the airport though

Tricia Skidd

WORST experience cEVER! Car was dented, interior was filthy with water or coffe or whatever spots all over drivers inside door! Service was rude! We were never informed of a $10 per gallon charge if car was not brought back full! STAY AWAY from Dollar Rental! The name speaks for itself!

Kim Lester

Do not rent from this place!! Tried to reserve car in advance; however, their website was down. So I ended up being a "walk up" at the airport. Rented a larger car than needed because that was all they would rent to walk ups....first car they gave me had warning lights showing on they exchanged for another vehicle. By the time I was actually driving away my rental time was well into it's first hour.....not to mention they put a $358 hold on my card..ended up with one of the cars that previously was not available to me as.a walk up...hmmmm. but not at a lower price. Returned the car 3 days later as agreed..full tank of gas as agreed..and because I was 20 minutes late they charged another hour late fee. No mention of the fact that my time was not compensated when I first got the car and it took them an hour to exchange it. The lady at the counter gave me a small credit of $14 to make up for their ridiculous charges and hidden fees. Oh and cost $320 to rent the car plus the deposit has yet to drop off my account so until it does I'm into dollar for a whopping $670 for a 3 day rental of a cherry red Chevy Cruze... seriously...Grown up charges for a teenager car... This is dollar alright...they dollar you to death. Your time is worth nothing however when you're on their time you better bet the clock is ticking...a dollar a minute. Do yourself a favor go to.Alamo...or Enterprise... Or walk.

Jessica Small

They stayed open when our plan was late. Sacramento has it set up nice got our car and all was wonderful at drop off also :-)

Austin Veasley

My favorite vehicle is a jeep wrangler. When I went to pick the SUV I rented, they drive up to the pick area with my favorite toy, it was a Jeep Wrangler!..ooh yea" The young lady said it was the only SUV of that size available .Well...thank you Dollar Rent a Car,I got to drive my favorite vehicle on my trip.

Jaime Thomas

Our experience with Dollar Rent a Car @ the Eagle Airport was less than satisfactory. We were quoted $26/day online to rent a car but when all was said and done that jumped up to $39/day. When questioned about it my fiance was told that they never told him $26. When calling to dispute the charges I was hung up on twice by customer service. Our bill for 4 days of in state driving was almost $600. I would not refer this location nor any Dollar Rent a Car location to anyone I know. You could put a down payment on a new car for the amount they charge you to rent one. You have been warned!

Jim Johnston

Very friendly. Nice cars! Recommend.

Clyde Nelson

Everything was great.

Robert Ruff

Stacey Sites

Awful! They legit stole $100 from me. I had to dispute the charge with my bank to get the money back. Good luck calling customer service, no one speaks english and they are extremely rude.

Jenny Stubbs

Bruce C

OMG!! I was running a bit late and a dollar person personally drove me directly to my departure location at the airport so that I didn't have to wait for the! That took off so much stress on my trip and saved 20 minutes which I Really needed at that point. I am entirely impressed!!! what awesome customer service. I will definitely be renting from Dollar again. Super fast check in and check out and very friendly staff!

Vincent Lanni

Don't be in a rush to rent a car there...

Ryan Mills

nearly tripled my bill and were extremely rude about my billing and explanation for why I was extorted. let's hope they're ready to get sued


Peter K

Save yourself from some pain,i rented a car for 2 days,slow lines at pick up,took an hour to get a car.the car i rented was supposed to be special and it ended up being the smallest car at the lot(they don't explain what special is so that you can book thinking you are getting a deal) when i returned the car i was okay with them charging my card to refill the tank, but they din't tell me that they charge 9 DOLLARS for a gallon of gas,They said that it was in the contract i signed.Who reads an entire paper while you are booking a car?SO they ended charging my card 115 dollars for a tank of gas,again another move for them to take as much money as they can out of you .Finally the brown woman with curry hair at return location,as mean as they come,she was literally happy to charge my card and dint waste no time to .Just seemed bitter for no apparent reason,well dollar and thrifty rentals i hope that 115 will make a huge difference in your lives,i wish you know the people you take from what they go through to get that money.

Linda Klontz

Service at the Sacramento location has vastly improved the last couple of years. I am very pleased with the streamlined process for Express members.

Cassandra Stoklosa

TERRIBLE customer service. I called to ask if I could add another driver to my contract without me being present. "Of course, as long as he is present," I was told by not one but THREE different customer service people. When my friend arrives to add himself, is he able to? Of course not. To make matters worse the people helping me at the counter actually laughed at me on the phone and never apologized once. They might be cheap but their service reflect their prices.

Karmen Rai

Rates were reasonable. Car was new. No problems with checking out the vehicle or checking in the vehicle. Will definitely rent again.

Rochelle Myles

Got a deal for the weekend rate. See you again soon....

Steven Jones

Danyale McGlory

I was disappointed I paid for the vehicle online and when I went to pick it up they wouldn't let me take it all because I didn't have a credit card. Put my trip way behind schedule.

Roxanna Nelson

melissa callahan

I booked last minute and they were accommodating.

Anatoly Rymarenko

Booked a reservation and was told I’m on a Do not rent list. Annoying. Was told to call a number to find out why. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!!

sara welch

Geez! Arrived on flight at 10:30pm.. shuttle took for ever and only 1 person working the Dollar counter, line of 15 people waiting.. took forever!!

Rachel Scott

The rudest customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The so called manager came to "educate me" because I was 6 minutes late after closing and they were gone when my delayed flight arrived. They canceled my reservation, gave the car to someone else without bothering to call. She was talking over me, interrupting and raising her voice. I ended up walking away and going to Hertz. Never ever ever again!

Lilia Leal

everything was fast and employees were knowledgeable,very helpful and nice.

Rosalind Rollins

Dollar Rental customer service was great and at the point. What I loved about Dollar Rental they accept debit cards if u don’t have a credit card good job

Lucky Whitmer

Duane Avery

I'd give a zero of I could. If you make a reservation make it for 3 hours earlier than you need it and you might get lucky. Worst service ever. Do not recommend

Kshitiz Dhakal

Careful with the hidden fees!!! I rented the car from a state which didnt have any toll roads, hence was never informed that there is 15$ penalty everytime you enter a toll road upto a maximum penalty of $90 on the entire rental period. I called customer service and they stated that only states that have toll roads would have remind me to take the toll service and of the penalties, and since it is a part of the rental contract they cannot do anything. The customer representative however said that they will reduce the fees to 50% which is still ridiculous.

Emanuel Class

They really don't care about their customer's. Its all about the bottom dollar which should be their actual name. They are the bottom barrel. You really did get what you pay for here. If you have any other option take it. Take it and run. You won't regret it. You may even thank me

Melissa M. Cruz

Vance Akinaka

Stella Andrews

John Didier

They don't inspect cars or in the shady business of collecting damage money off of as many people as they can. 3 months after rental they are trying to collect on damage I didn't do. Pictures don't seem to help. Damage was obvious and couldn't have been missed. I don't think there is any misunderstanding or mistake here, just bad business practices or more likely a scam that is not financially worth fighting.

Robert Mumford

Been here for 2 hours Car was empty on gas they had to go fill it

Ricardo Bonilla

Great weekend rates, very good customers services, quick easy transaction. They are the best

Elizabeth Womack

Ken Frankel

Gwen Ruebesam

We returned the rental. The gas needle shows that it's full, but the clerk insist that we show her the receipt that we've filled the gas tank. I thought that it was very nonsense. This is the one time that I didn't grab the gas receipt at the gas station and of course they needed to see proof that we filled the tank. She charged us extra for the gas because we have no proof of the gas receipt to show her. We are very disappointed. Oh well. Lesson learned. Hang on to your gas receipt just in case. Very poor customer service.

Michael Stewart

Overcharged by 30%+ through insurance coverage that I verbally declined. Make sure to read the fine print and do NOT sign where they tell you to.


If I could give it a 0 I would. If there is any young people that are under the age of 25 don't rent from here. My bf is 23 and they charged extra which is understandable because he is "under aged" which was 7 almost 800, which is still expensive. We wanted a gps but no one told us that It was gonna be almost 200 dollars more! Which is ridiculously expensive so we paid 900... almost a grand for only a week. If we knew they were going to charge extra we wouldn't have gotten a gps.


Larondahxd Hyde

Martin Mj

Amy Fisher

Great weekend rates, decent customer service.

Edis M. Rodriguez-Hernandez

Friendly staff, very convenient, and amazing prizes! I loved it!!!!

Jason Stidham

Won't be getting my business again. Waited 45 minutes with a reservation. Car was clean though.

Kandis Chadwick

Don't rent from these crooks! I did, and drove on a toll road that wasn't planned on my trip. They charged a $75 Administrative Fee for a $18.20 toll charge. My total charge was $93.20. Won't ever go back to them, and I rent cars a lot. I only gave them one star because that was the lowest I could choose.

Crystal David Johnson

Cos desk is just too slow ... other than that nice car, clean, ppl are knowledgeable

Stacey Kaplan

Anna was amazing! Be sure to ask for her. She will find you the best deal available!!!

Louis Tarozzi

Wipers needed to be replaced. Everything else was good to go

Pat Goyet

Very good customer service, quick easy transaction

Lee Gootblatt

We got a Chevy Malibu and drove it all over Yosemite! Good clean car! The folks at Dollar were nice & friendly, and we were in & out in 15 minutes!

Leona Leanne Thomason

First, I would like to say that I only gave 1 star because I was unable to write a review without giving at least one star. I would give a negative 10 stars if I was able. I have been on the phone for over an hour waiting to speak to a representative about my experience so I decided to write a review while waiting. My step brother was killed in a horrible accident and my family needed to the car asap. I called and reserved a car for pickup at 10:30 PM. My family arrived at 9:30 PM to be told there was no car available because they were not honoring same day reservations.

Trystan Hill

Melissa Harmon

THEY STRANDED ME!!! If I could rate negative stars I would! They surely don’t deserve even one!!! My flight arrived at 11:00 pm. My reservation was for 11:30 pm or after. I went immediately to the counter from my flight, only to find it was closed!!!! No warning, no message, nothing. I’ve never experienced this, as the other counters were open and helping customers! And every time I was in this situation the other companies were waiting for me. They didn’t close until at least 1/2 hr late to service their customers with reservations! (Btw, I was 30+ minutes away from my destination!!!) More than one of the customer reps at the other car companies said, “Oh yeah. They leave at 11:00 no matter what. They could care less if they strand customers & you aren’t the first customer they’ve done this to. Happens all the time.” WTH way is this to run a business!?!? Because of their NONexistent customer service, I had to rent a car from another company without an online reservation!! For 5 days: $440! NEVER will I ever use this company again!!!!

Autumn Bowen

Tom Sawyer

afzal hossain

Very friendly customer service

Greg Goodwin

When I rented the car and did the walk-around, I mentioned a ding to the attendant. He said not to worry because even if I returned the car with a dent, he wouldn't write it up because the front office would never do anything about it. Seemed like an odd comment. Returned the car and the girl at the front desk said she would have to email me the receipt. When I got the receipt two days later, I was charged for renting the car for two additional days. Called the Dollar number to clear it up and was told it would take a couple of weeks to get an updated receipt. Seriously?

Logan Winchester

They don't tell you, you need a credit card to rent a car. They wont accept bank visa debt cards

David Young

Erin Hasenauer

DO NOT RENT FROM!!!!!! Left me stranded and had to pay 200 for a cab ride back to the airport!!!! After having 2 cars!!! First one came out to a flat, next one bad bearing with a God awful noise. Told me they would have someone to pick me up and they LIED!!!! Had to find a cab service myself and put out the money then they said I am going to get reimbursed...I would even give them one star but had to.

Kathi Mateer

The car had right front damage and left rear damage as well as many, many, many dinks. I wasn't told about any of this so I had to go back inside and wait again to make sure this was documented. Definitely took pictures of damage before driving away!! It had a filthy front passenger's seat that I wouldn't even put my purse on. Everyone complained of the offensive cigarette smoke odor. Will NEVER EVER use Dollar / Thrifty again!!!!!!!!!

jesús gallardo

bogdan cirlan

Mark Olter

Alisha Lester-Carder

apinder nijjar

makeysha roberson

I love Dollar Rent A Car I always used them in the past them and Thrifty I think they usually have the best deals the only thing is they don't accept secured credit cards and if you're going to use your debit card I believe you have to put down a $350 deposit so it's best if you have a credit card to just use that because that's how you get the best deals. And at this location since it's an airport location you can't use your debit card anyway unless you have an outgoing flight if you don't have an outgoing flight they will not let you use a debit card to rent a car so you have to have a credit card if you're just going to the airport to rent a car from Thrifty or dollar hope that saves someone a trip up there.

David Bohannon

Mariaelena moreno

Jaconya Andrews

Bogdan Oleynik

I had excellent service from them and everything was prepared and ready to go when I arrived. The vehicle I got needed an update to the maps since it was glitching and I ended up using my phone.

K. K. Harris

Awesome customer service. Dollar came through when I was in desperate need of a rental for a business trip. When issues came about with another rental company, they solved my problem right on time at the best rate.

Robyn Martinez

Wasn't there

Stefanie Foreman

This is the second time we've rented from Dollar. The customer service has been outstanding!

Jane Houssiere

Horrible! Took an hour inside, another hour outside and they ran out of cars. Yes it was cheap but hideously inefficient.

Alfred Alvarez

Great fast! Nice car love it when they have Sirius!

Santana Jaramillo

Jeffrey Wedekind

R Krishna

Vincent Lee

They WILL SCAM you on tolls. If you are in a state that does not take cash, please contact the state Department of Trans. (within days) to figure out payment. Otherwise YOU WILL BE CHARGE $15 admin. fee for each toll. I cannot stress this enough... IT IS A SCAM!! Be sure to discuss tolls with salesman. There are hundreds of us who have been SCAMMED, please don't be the next one.

Carly Vargas-Valle

Got a a amaze car and no issues. Pick up and drop offs were easy and fast!

CleanCutLaw NSSC

I should have read reviews before renting! I am only taking the time to write this review to help save someone else the horrible inconveniences of using this company. The rudest and most unreasonable management experience that I have ever had. I will never use any thrift or dollar car rental location again due to the management that this location hires and allows to run their operation. I own two businesses and couldn't believe the management at this location! I got a fair vehicle at a fair deal and was treated well initially and was super happy and trusted the person who I was told was the supervisor according to her word and promises on price and policy after I inquired and was very thorough when discussing these details. Then I was charged significantly more on my credit card after 2 weeks of rental than I was promised and told by the supervisor. When I called, the supervisor agreed and claimed that the manager would have to adjust the bill. The manager never responded and so I called again a week later. At that point the manager emailed me a response and told me that, even though the supervisor told me the price and the terms, and that that supervisor agreed and acknowledged these this, that I would still not receive a refund as to be charged the fair amount that I was promised initially and I was told that the bill would remain as is. I called and the manager finally would speak to me but was the most rude girl that I have ever dealt with. I would rather speak to a cable company, or a credit card, company, or a phone company, or any other customer service located anywhere in the world than to ever be treated as I was by the manager of this location ever again. This company has lost my family and friends and my business forever. I will be emailing the owner and the corporate office in hopes that they may fix their customer service for future customers. I will report back to this review with their response to this situation! Happy and safe travels to anyone who is fortunate enough to read this review before choosing your rental company!

T Cats

Ezequiel Orueta

Worst rental company in a long time! They will hide and lie about their fees and fuel charges ($10 plus taxes per gallon) Dollar rent never again.

Steven Vaughn

Had a great time. Car did well clean. Good gas milage

Bets Deere

Roxann Cruz

Easy transition, comfortable ride, no problems

Bernd Dyson

I should have checked the reviews beforehand. Everything I've read is 100% accurate. Will over charge despite what the reservation says and will get ride immediately if you question them about it. Save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else. A zero star as far as I'm concerned.

George Evans


Price and service was great. Somebody needs to thoroughly check the cars when they are returned.

Jay Adkins

Cynthia Holte

I enjoyed driving the little Toyota Yaris. It performed well and got great gas mileage. The car was also very clean. I could not figure out how to adjust outside side mirrors. I drive a Toyota Rav 4 and did not notice the same set up. I think it would be great if rental staff asked customers before they left the lot if they needed any help in determining where the lights are, how to use the radio, mirror adjustments, etc. I signed up for the car on-line for a 3 day rental. When I got to the counter at Sacramento Airport I was told I had only signed up for 1 day. And that the rate I was quoted was only for 1 day and I would have to pay double that amount/day for the 3 day rental. This felt like a set up to me. I paid more than I should have for this little car.

Gregory Bogosian

Great transaction until i turned my car in early and they charged me 125% of what the contract was for. Horrible thieving people i will never bring them my business again!

Al Marle

We got a great deal $13 a day

Lorenzo Nicolosi

Was ok

Christopher Taylor

Erin Shingler

David Cannon

Roneal Seth

Not a lot of variety of vehicle luxury class is more like getto class Chrysler 300 the getto mobile, Buick LeSabre, really

Irwin Maloff

When I returned the car I was told that the battery in the scanner was being charge and to just leave the car. Since the shuttle was there and I didn't want to miss my flight I left. When I received my copy from the return I had been charged for re fueling. I left a car that had been refueled. I contacted Dollar and sent them a copy of the gas station receipt. I haven't heard back. Always wait for your attendant to check in your car.

Ana Kryptonite

jose rojas

Nasar Khan

Worst customer service ever. Stood in the line for more than 20 mins because the representative was talking to her colleague and didn’t bother to help customers standing in the queue.

Redd Repair

Linda Parker

Gave our family of seven a minivan with tires that had the steel belts showing on the inside of the back two tires. We could have died.

Jessica Martin

The ladies who work here are phenomenal! I flew in from New York for lunch and had such exceptional customer service! They have a lot of different options for vehicles and the staff is clear and concise.


Make sure to preregister your rental license plate to the local toll website or Dollar Rent A Car will gladly charge you an additional $15 per toll in "administrative fees". Otherwise it was a nice ride for a good price.

Arlo Flint

If I could give a zero star rating, DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!! Let me tell you my story: My husband, who is currently deployed, rented me a car for when he came home so I would be able to drive myself to meet him. When he set up the rental he paid the necessary fees and told me I would ONLY NEED TO PAY THE YOUNG RENTERS FEE & TAXES. He had already paid $234.31 for "car hire & extra cover". So I expected to show up and only pay $160 for the young renters fee. Well, I flew into Denver & the representative I worked with told me I HAD to upgrade to a larger vehicle that would do better on the roads due to inclement weather. I originally signed up for a rental that would be $38.50 a day. I asked if the Dollar would cover the difference since they told me I COULD NOT LEAVE THE LOT WITHOUT DOING AN UPGRADE ON THE VEHICLE. I understood that the roads were bad, but did not understand why I was being FORCED to pay for a vehicle that I did not select to pay for. I am a first time renter, it was late, I was aggravated, so I told her to do the cheapest thing possible. Well that added $55 A DAY to my rental fee. I was told I HAD TO UPGRADE and was told I HAD TO CHOOSE FROM AN INCREASE OF $55/DAY OR $150/DAY. I told the representative to give me the cheapest one possible & asked for other ways to go on with this whole thing of being forced to leave with a more expensive rental. She ignored my questions & continued to fill out the rental agreement. So instead of the Chevrolet Spark for $38.50 I drove out with a Malibu for over $80. When I got to my hotel I began looking through the charges and realized that all together we were charged a total of $665.28 FOR A 5 DAY RENTAL. not to mention the $200 "deposit" that was charged onto my account as well. I called the company prior to returning the vehicle & they continued to say that I wasn't "forced" to upgrade my vehicle, it was a "suggestion". however, the representatives words verbatim at the time of arriving to the rental pickup were, "ma'am, due to the weather, you HAVE to upgrade your vehicle, because the one you have is too small". I have never rented a car before, but I know that this is NOT right. I will update my review upon returning the rental tonight. I have asked for written proof on the company website or my rental CONTRACT saying that I must pay for an upgrade due to inclement weather. I did my research, there is no state law, company policy or written proof of this forced upgrade due to weather in my rental agreement. ALSO, when I tried to call ahead to handle this prior to returning the vehicle, the customer service representative tried several times to contact the DENVER DOLLAR MANAGER and there was no answer. The only positive thing I have to say is that when I called customer service the woman, Claire, tried to help me and didnt discredit my concerns other than stating that it was a "suggestion" when I used the term, "forced". I have placed a formal complaint & will move forward with this complaint if I am not provided WRITTEN PROOF of the requirement or a refund of the difference.

Jeff Hampton

Agent was very helpful, cheerful, and efficient. I have rented from dollar before and will continue to do so. JH

J Thill

Would give these guys a negative 5 if I could. On line shows they are open 24 hrs. My flight was delayed 3 hrs, landed at midnight only to find they closed at 1030pm. Thanks for nothing Dollar!!!

Hugo Santamaria

Brent Flaten

Karl Finke

Flew in for a friend's White Coat Ceremony on a Friday morning and left the very next morning (Saturday), less than 24 hours later. Computers were down so there were about 10 of us in line. Once I arrived to the counter I was informed my vehicle was not yet ready as they had to put gas in it. 45 minutes later, the ride shows up and they inform me they had to wash it as well. We finally are able to leave after waiting an hour and a half. Branch is closed when I drop off the vehicle the next day. Fine by me. I follow the instructions printed on my agreement and place the keys in the lockbox in the building. No qualms here. I check my credit card statement the following week and notice the charge is double what is printed on my original agreement. I call the hotline to ask why and am told I kept the car another day. I laugh and say that is impossible as I was on a flight back home. I am then instructed I will have to present my gas receipt and flight iternary to prove this. Appalled by this I express I want a call from a supervisor. I submit the necessary documents (ludriocus). No refund after almost a month. Call back again to be told they made the refund (today) and that no supervisor would call me back since they issued a refund. Great business model. Do yourself a favor. Pay more money and rent elsewhere. Lazy, ill prepared and scammers at this branch.

Dotty Metcalf

I flew in Sacramento on 1/30 and rented a mid-size car from Dollar. As usual I was greeted upon arrival, and was out the door to my car pretty quickly. It probably helps that I am an Express member. Upon return, my checkout was under 3 minutes. Seriously! I always use Dollar for my rentals....fair price and great service!

Josh Friedman

Lines are long. Rates are very reasonable though.

audreon duncan

The experience is always great I have speed checkout and always get service with a smile.

Shawn Huff

Can not get answers to this question "if I drop a car off after hours is the shuttle still running? Got a run around and some alerts to questions not asked

Ronald Shipman

Sold out

Gee Bark

I rent an average of 2-3 each month. As an express member I often get great rates.I also get to avoid the long lines at the inside counter. The counter staff are always friendly and helpful and I am always greeted by name. In less than 5 minutes I am checked out with the vehicle I reserved. And sometimes If my vehicle isn't ready I get an upgrade to the next class. Thanks Sandy and counter team, . Returning thevehicle is equally great. Recently I've had the magical service of Emily.Again I'm greeted by name and with a smile. They check the mileage and gas and condition of vehicle and you're on your way with a final bill sent to my e-mail. Seriously folks, Dollar Express is the way to go!!.and worth its weight in pure gold. Feel like a Rock Star!

Christopher Ross

The people are great!! The service is awesome!!

Judy Hammond

Easy quick service. No hassle.

Valentino Warren

I always rent with Dollar. They have the best rates, and Ferrity (one of the workers) always has a pleasant disposition, and greets with a smile. Sometimes the lines can be long, which is understandable, but the process is quick, cars are always on full tank, and no hassles when making reservations. I just signed up as a Dollar Express customer because I value good service.

Stephanie Fernandes

If there was 0 stars, I would give 0 stars. The whole process with renting a car from Dollar has been an absolute nightmare. I rented a car from Dollar from Grand Junction and dropped it off at Eagle location. It is a drop off lot so you park you car and drop your keys off in a mailbox and they check it in for you in 24 hours. Well, I dropped my car in the lot on a Saturday and got picked up from a friend and we drove to Denver. I called on a Monday to make sure my car was checked in and the lady told me it was. Well, guess what, I have never seen more deceitful and poor managed facility ever. They did not check in my car and lent my car to someone else under my name and reservation still who drove my car to Denver. On my bill: I got billed a RIDICULOUS amount for a late fee and any additional charges they slapped on there as a way to get money from me ($800). On top of that, I had fraudulent charges appear on my credit card from Dollar-Rent-A-Car in Oklahoma City. That was in DECEMBER and it took until MARCH to get this thing resolved. On top of this headache, Dollar HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever and are not willing to help customers out and admit they are wrong. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

jonathan hoye

Straight terrible. Dont rent out what you dont have. Been waiting for 40 minutes just for a car to come available!!! Went and asked what was going on and they gave me the generic answer of you're next and it will be a few more minutes. Clearly they dont know how to treat their paying customers. Very disappointed, wont ever rent from this company again.

Stf Lawn

Overcharged rental agreement by 16%. Price on website is less than you will be charged once you give them your card. Since both website and staff to withhold information about price add on's and hidden fees I can only assume that the dishonesty is deliberate.

SBSerendipity .

Yvonne Schwartz

If 0 stars were an option that's what I would have chosen. This company is a total scam. They stated one price and then charged us a ridiculous extra amount for an extra driver and car seat. WAY more than other companies. Extremely disappointed.

Jim Marino

Horrible customer service. I was asked if I wanted to add an extra driver but it was never disclosed to me that there would be a $10/day charge to add my wife. I added her and then noticed a $60 charge on the final receipt. When I called to speak to a manager she said it was a "he said/she said" situation and did not believe me that I wasn't told there would be a charge. She then proceeded to tell me that the rental was closed out and a credit was not possible, citing the fact that I signed the contract. I will NEVER rent from Dollar again...their scams to add more absurd fees to the rental contract isn't worth the lower price.

Edna loflin

Had a great rate and a great car but when I needed it for two more days the rate went up hundreds of dollars.

A Drift Towards Self Reliance

Great experience with Dollar recently. Vehicle was equipped with satellite radio and vehicle drop off was super fast. I was a bit late to checkin for my flight so they expedited check in by confirming the balance I owed, emailing me the receipt all while driving me to the airport terminal with that very rental car. Well done Dollar and thank you!

Jessica evig

Although i didnt rental car...the associate was VERY NICE AND HELPFUL

Ronald Blake

Sarah w

Terrible service. I paid for my rental at the time (over 4 months ago) and I just found a $400 charge from them today on my card. Completely and totally unacceptable. The only reason they got one star is because I couldn't give them zero stars.

Dave Pereira

Poor terminal efficiency Why does this car rental terminal need people walking keys around? I need to wait 30 minutes for my rental car because someone needs to walk slowly around between locations with the keys. Leave them in the car and notify the front desk when the car is ready. There's already a gate to check out. I don't understand all the redundancy. Worst car rental terminal experience I've ever encountered. Giving at least another star for the people at the counter who were courteous. The operations manager for this site needs to redo this design. Pathetic.

Jason Stanton

Charged the wrong card for a reservation then spent 35mins on the phone bouncing back and forth to departments without English speaking customer service reps. Painful and pathetic

Henry Mayer

ako kawani

Dollar car rental is turble company special y that eagle airport location they thief they dry car sit free upgrade free and you are in hurry u sighnig then when charg u double they sey you signed they are really stelling you’re money where ever u are u better don’t rent cares from that company. Not only in ege all world

Miranda Goelz

I made an online reservation, noting I would be paying with a debit card. It allowed me to proceed with no warnings. It turns out, that even if you can prove you have 3 times the amount of money required for your rental, they still run your credit. The entire reason I'm paying with a debit card is because I have student loans and medical debt that cause poor credit scores. Hence the reason I don't have a credit card. The man simply threw his hands up and said he couldn't help us. The most budget of rental car companies couldn't help us. Then, to make matters worse, he sends us over to National, just to be told they don't have any cars. All of this following 8 hours of flying. The service was beyond reprehensible. Luckily for us, Hertz saved the day. They don't even run your credit. Stay far away from the rude people of Dollar.

Leo Savinda Manualge

Awesome, Quick fast service !! Guy at the drop off was very polite and knew what he was doing.

Stacy Spina

I will update after we get the car but so far we have been here for an hour and are still waiting for a car... Explanation, we are backed up... Awesome.

lucifer Martz

Jancarlo Matos

I was told the gas would be cheaper and wasn't told that if I didn't bring it back full they would charge me for a full tank. I used half and expected them to fill up the remaining half but was charged for a full. And the gas price per gallon was much more expensive then the local gas stations. I got charged for 2 tiny kinks in the windshield which look like a dirty smudge. I missed it and I'm guessing the people that inspected it before giving me the car missed it too. Furthermore when they gave me the car, in the inspection sheet, I saw a general circle enclosing the entire image of the front of the car instead of circling where the damage actually was. I went from about a 400 total price (8 day rental) to 773 dollars in the end. I felt like I was deceived quite a lot by this shady company. Very unprofessional. I will make sure myself and my family shop elsewhere in the future.

Hank Harrison

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I spoke with 3 separate supervisors who all told me someone would be there to wait for me when my flight got delayed. Big thanks to Bryson at Avis for saving me. Do not ever work with dollar rentals. Ever.

George D.

travis jensen

My family and I take a vacation every year, swapping out time-share location frequently, in which we will rent a car during our one week stay. Needles to say, we have had both positive and negative experiences with different car rental companies. However, the great experience with Dollar/Thrifty out of Sacramento was one of the best I've had so far. The car that I had reserved was the one I had chosen, and the courteous staff was very easy to deal with, both with the pick-up and return which was hassle free. I definitely will use them for next years trip!

Corey McManimen

Melissa Mackey

Patricia Eldridge

George David

I reserved the car on line, quoted a price and picked it up at Little Rock Airport. I was not told until I added my wife as a driver at the location it was almost $100.00 more to do this. What's up with that! We had same insurance policy and well past the age of 25. Are they telling me men are better drivers than women!!! I've never paid that charge at any of the other locations I've used. The first car they tried to give us someone had smoked in it and it was unacceptable. They gladly exchanged it. (Replacement Car was Good) Finally when we returned the car the morning we were leaving no one was there to check it in. We parked at a random spot and went to the counter and they were closed. I dropped the key in a drop box and hoped the got the car. This should have been explained to us prior to leaving with the car. They knew what time our flight out was. Bottom line ask for all charges prior to renting from these people.

Mariah Sherman

Safety HAZARD! After much hassle finding tend, the Nissan Rouge we got dumped out on us. When we went to pull out from a stop sign it would not move. The worst part is that when we told the agent when we turned in the car, her response was "oh, well we are pulling it off the lot to put up for sale anyway" CRAZY! Any rental place can get a bad car every now and then, but the way the company handle it when it was brought to their attention...that was the part that made me feel the most unsafe and upset.

Nicki Baker

This place was HORRIBLE!! They tried to charge me the $250 smoking fee because the car smelled TOO CLEAN! The manager told me that usually when the car smells too clean it means someone was trying to cover something! I told him no one in my family smokes and I had the car professionally cleaned because I was hauling BBQ for 8 hours! Needless to say...I raised a huge stink about this bogus charge! But what a ridiculous claim and seriously unprofessional staff to try to lay such a claim on me. Do they not want their rentals returned in a clean manner??? Horrible...

George Green

Michael Kirk

People were great, price was good, car was poorly aligned and was a handful.

Mateo Damian

Andi Smith

Friendly staff...but very long wait for car...what's up with that?

Marquette W.

Daniel Mathis

Service was fast and efficient, great car

Keith Heacock

The shuttle took forever to get there at the airport, the agent at the desk tried to upsell me (an extra $1200/wk for an SUV one class larger? No thank you!), the tire pressure was low and the tires were very worn, and the check engine light was on. After filling the tires, the car worked OK the rest of the trip. Unprofessional, but they have low prices.

Bill Marlette

Easy returns

fath muharram

excellent car and excellent service


Fav car rental. Prices always A1 especially with the constant discount emails.

kathy mathes

Had a car reserved in advance, arrived on time mid-day (Saturday of Labor Day weekend). There was a long line at Dollar/Thrifty, and virtually no lines at all of the other car rental stations. After about 30 minutes we made it up to the counter, the agent took our info & credit card, then told us to "stand over there," in the jumbled crowd of other folks & their suitcases who had been in line ahead of us. Our car would be ready "in about 10 minutes." We waited for a good half hour, then wandered outside to see what was going on. It turns out they didn't have any cars on the lot, and we were all waiting for cars to be returned. I talked with the representatives behind the other rental counters who all said they were out of cars as well. The big difference is that they had taken care of all of their reservations; Dollar was the ONLY company that hadn't done the math in advance, as we all had reservations. It took TWO HOURS to finally get a car, and the first set of keys they gave us was for a vehicle that wouldn't start. How about a little business management, Dollar? All of us in the "waiting zone" were frustrated and irritated, if not worse. Not even a bottle of water was offered. Major fail, Dollar. We'll never be back.

Desiree Orrez

Ricky Ruckman

I returned my car in the morning and was supposed to receive my receipt by email. Did not happen. When I called their office at the Colorado Springs airport, they said they would connect me to customer service and left me there. I have been to the rental office at the airport. Seriously, it's all in one room

Eugene Kwok


HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT Sacramento Airport location. I called the company directly twice days ahead of time to double check and ensure I had the needed amount available on my credit card for the deposit fee at pick up, they assured me twice of what the charge would be. When we arrived on they informed me that what their employee told me on the phone was incorrect and it would actually be substantially more. Over a $100 more actually. Now that is a miscommunication on their part, not mine, and the counter gentlemen was extremely rude and unhelpful. He didn't apologize or express concern at our inconvenience. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he rolled his eyes at me and walked away grumbling. Then the supervisor who came over was worse. He couldn't answer any basic clarifying questions on why their company gave me wrong information and He also didn't offer any solutions to resolve the issue. He basically didn't care and has no interest in providing even the most basic customer service. So at this point I walked away and called the company directly, I explained the situation, and again the employee told me that the hold they'd put on my card would x amount, not the amount the guy at the counter was trying to charge me. So when I asked why I was getting different information the woman I was speaking to hung up on me. So we simply walked to the the next counter and National accomadated us with a smile, kindness, ease, and within 10 mins. We should have received the same polite service with Dollar. I understand companies have mix ups and wrong information given accidentally, but how every single one of your employees handled it was just completely unacceptable. Had anyone, ay any point just apologized and said, oh I'm so sorry that happened, what can I do to fix it, or maybe we can modify your reservation or payment type etc. But no, they did nothing and offered no solutions. We will NEVER take our business to Dollar Rent A Car again. It was very clear that customer service was of zero concern to your employees.

Scott Marshall

Will not rent from the dollar car rentals at Sacramento airport again. I was offered a free upgrade, took it & was charged nearly $80.00 extra. Up is never free. Great car though.

Mega Gaming

I had an amazing experience with dollar rental.all employees were very kind and helpful. My rental car was awesome..I will never shop around because dollar is always the cheapest. Thank you for another amazing rental..

Terrence Reed

Mahalia Jones

shara blake

Efficient service!

Joan Welsh

Staff was friendly and helpful, however, the upholstery on the seats wasn't clean. Also, the outside person didn't do a pre-check of possible scratches or dents, the way they do at my car dealership. I returned it late at night, so the recording overhead told me to leave a note with my name, mileage, and whether the gas tank was full or not. So we did as we were told. No one was in sight as it was nearly midnight.

martin szadkowski

Impossible to find....shuttle from airport all to save two bucks!

Jason Williams

Very good service. They upgraded my car for free. Easy to get in and around the rental car terminal.

Cassandra Gee

I booked my car online and it's a good thing I kept my email. They tried to triple my rate. The manager did an over ride once I showed the confirmation email with the price.

Geoffrey Carrigan

Competitive price and a nice new Corolla! NOT in terminal, but none of the companies are

Niko Sampino

Good service and friendly staff

Erika Murdock

When I got to my destination the person at the desk was very helpful and informative. She was wonderful, funny, seemed like she wanTed to be there. All rare things in customer service now adays. The person who showed us the cars was also very personable and informative. Returning the car was such an easy process.. I will defiantly use them again!

Melissa Morledge

got an a mini van :( was the only vehicle left for the day and I felt fortunate to get it due to a lack a vehicles available

James Boag


Griffin Hanna

Customer service was wonderful. The manager and her staff was very friendly and accommodating to our families needs. Alamo did not have my vehicle that I reserved but Dollar/Thrifty was able to match my rate and give me a vehicle! I will be back to this location again (Eagle/Vail Airport)

Judy Rae Smith

Even with the extra insurance the agent talked me into, the cost of the car was less than half what the agency I usually use would have charged me. It was very convenient, and the car was just fine. Next time, I likely wouldn't go along with the arm-twisting tactics of the agent regarding the insurance. Seems to be a habit, possibly encouraged by the company??

Randy Gottfried

Worse rental car agency experience ever! No customer service at all! Long line, at least four staff members present, only one person working the counter. Then a staffing change occurred, leaving the counter unattended for 10 minutes! New staff member waited on two customers then went outside to smoke! Avoid the place by all means!!

D Litt

Paul Oehlke

Am really hating follow up customer service. The car rental was fine. I think I left a valuable camera in the vehicle. Am trying to contact the Sacramento office. No luck. Have been through four time consuming phone menus only to be put in a queue which is experiencing long wait times. I actually saw agents pick up the phone while I was booking the vehicle prolonging my wait for the rental. Why can't I just call the office directly?

Alyssa Sturm

This place was THE worst rental experience I ever had. I got to the counter at my scheduled time and they told me to wait for the SUV we had reserved as it was "in another lot". 15 minutes goes by and I go to the counter. I ask where the car is and the guy says they are getting the car. I tell him I will get it myself. He says no "it's being serviced". OK it not ready or in another lot? He couldn't tell me. He then offered me a full size car for the same price (I paid for an SUV). I stormed off to another rental place and miraculously I was flagged down as the car was ready. We were escorted out the door to an SUV that was sitting there the whole time. The car was dented all over. I asked for a damage form. The guy breathed heavily and said "its inside, I'll go get you one if you feel you need it". Yes, I do after all this. Appears they are running a scam to try to reserve their "premier" cars when they can. Avoid if at all possible.

Michael Gojo

it would have been a pleasant experience until they called me after returning the car that there was a chip on the windshield and that they would charge extra for it... first of all, I have rented cars a few times already but never had any issues since I'm very careful with rental cars... second, I'm not a certified car inspector but I thought I did a great job by finding at least 4 scratches/dings on the car that wasn't indicated on the inspection slip they provided... the sun was out that day and the windshield and all windows was dirty, it had water spots so it was difficult to find any flaws plus I concentrated on the car's body... bottom line is do the impossible by inspecting the the rental car thoroughly... given the fact that I found few flaws on the car, that chip might have been there even before I rented the car

Felicia Mello

They where nice in and out, and also did an exchange when one was not running right. Also they helped out left some mail in the car and they took care of it for me. They are awesome everyone there.

Doug Hamby

All the people I worked with were great, very helpful and courteous, the car was clean well maintained and ran great. Will do it again



Gregory Amirto

Not sure why everyone's had such issues. Got price quote online, went in rented car for 2 days , returned it and was charged the quote I got. Cheapest rental at the airport by $10 a day. No complaints here.

Nick Hetrick

Ripoff and terrible service boycott this company

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