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7250 S Tucson Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85756, United States

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Where is Tucson International Airport?

REVIEWS OF Tucson International Airport IN Arizona

Christine Riebock

Not only did the staff especially the desk people make a very stressful situation pleasant, their disposition made me excited to be traveling again. ❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Quijada

Maybe because this is the airport I visit the most, it's small and easy to navigate and security is typically quick & easy.


My favorite airport, mainly because it's small and easy to navigate. Never takes a long time getting thru security or checking bags so DON'T bother getting there 2 hours in advance, you'll spend a lot of time waiting at your gate! It's …

Simon fugate

All ways helpful staff

Ashley Stearns

Decent airport, but it's not overly easy to get to.

Rabin Shakya

Sometime security check is fast sometime it's too slow don't know why

Isidra Rivera

Great service and very friendly personnel!!

Rick Geving

A little on the small side, although it makes it easy to get around

Pima County Neighbors

One of the easiest airports in the country. Its a bit small for an international port but it makes it extremely easy to navigate and they are efficient enough to keep crowds down. The convenience services inside do have high prices (like all airports) but I really do feel like they offer better deals then most. The have free water fountains inside so I definitely recommend bringing a bottle to fill after security to save a few buck.

Paul Pilot

Nice little airport. Clean and all is very quick

Fabiana Estrella-Enriquez

It's a cute little airport, it's easy to drive around. The Call Phone Waiting Lot is very nice and confortable.

Joey Merica

Could be great, but the slow speed of getting baggage out ruins them.

Jorge Sanchez

It is great airport small but international so you can basically flight everywhere!


My flight was canceled out of here, but was quickly resolved by the friendly staff. Limited stores and food options, but for what they have it's good.

coretanmaslim. com

Peacefull airport!

Linda Molina

Always a pleasant experience! Nice new restaurants , decor is South Western

Alexis Favis

TIA is such a nice airport and is getting better everyday. As of January 2018 the terminals are somewhat under construction making way for new restaurants. (Update, both terminals are now open and even more restaurants have been added!) It's small and easy to navigate Mornings (5-7am) can be high traffic times but lines still move quick and the TSA staff is very friendly. It's not always cheaper than flying out of Phoenix but for the convenience it's worth it to avoid the 1.5 hour drive and parking fees. It's one of my favorites to fly in and out of.

Tommy Lynn Calhoun

Security is easy to transition through but employees outside of security seem to be detached & lack customer service. My biggest complaint however is the cleanliness- at the bar/coffee shop in the terminal they just might have the grossest baseboards for display. On a positive note I️ love the new addition of the book store.

Ron Laidlow

Excellent staff. Very friendly and helpful.

Patricia Rizzo


Zelle D.

One of the most calm airports, ever. The airport security was friendly and went by extremely quickly. Hardly a wait, if a wait at all. The boarding process wasn't chaotic at all and occurred fairly quickly! There are a small variety of food options and the bathrooms were neat and tidy (again, with no wait). The views from the airplane themselves are wonderful as you can see one of the surrounding mountains regardless of which way your plane is turning (mountains are located on all four sides of Tuscon). If anyone has a negative review, check if they have other reviews. Always ignore those with one negative review and nothing else as as it definitely implies that the one time they came, it wasn't a good visit, and that's the only reason they reviewed. Good, honest reviews come from those who review both the good and the bad, and this airport was anything but bad.

B Manuel

They are awesome!! You definitely don't get cheated out of your order!! Super chill I love the staff singing and being friendly.

Prime Directive

Beware of the Drop off Nazi don’t spend more than 30 seconds dropping off passengers.

Micheal Stowe

I am very pleased with their check-in service. The staff and security are all polite and the airport is quite clean. They also have coffee and gift shops throughout the terminal. This is an impressive little airport and it is so easy to find the airport gate as well.

Emilia Medina

if i could give half a star, i would.

Andreas Bothner

Very friendly staff, small airport, quick to go through


I agree, this airport is convenient and expedient. Very nice and friendly personnel.

Victor Ferreira

Awesome airport, no lines, stress free.. Just wished there where more direct flights

Brewster Malevich

Nice little airport. Food options are okay. The TSA checkpoints usually are not crowded. There is often live music by the baggage claim.

Becky Meraz

Very friendly and helpful personnel!

Thomas Olsen

The process is very intense ..they were going crazy over candy..very rude very uncomfortable. I been through alo t of airport security but this is the worst. The travel agents not much better. This is my home my native soil how dare they represent Tucson like this. Absolutely discuting

Kenneth Farnsworth

A nice small airport. Does everything that it should. We love the video preview of people arriving.

Norman Lescarbeau

Great airport not to big and not to small,just right t


The carpet every where,hard to move suitcase,odor is terrible.I got a food and it was cold,coffee cold. City of Tucson deserve better.

Hrvoje Samec

Great airport, friendly staff, well organized.

Forcemaster Naik

Nice airport and artwork!

Garrett Hodges

This is my most frequently visited airport. it is small, easy to navigate. the staff seems to be friendlier than most other airports which makes travel less of a burden.

Craig Stancliff

My recommended way to get out of town!

Randy Jackson

No probs. Under construction, but that means they're maintaining the place. Small, easy to navigate.

Terry Powell

I Park there every time I fly out of Tucson. It is the closest parking lot to the terminal. Very quick pick up in the lot and at the incoming terminal. Drivers are courteous and the shuttles are clean. You can not go wrong with this lot. The rates are $4.00 and $5.00 covered.

Aylea Wilkins

Gate C has no drinking fountains, no bathrooms, and no WiFi. This is an unacceptable place to expect people to be hours before their flight with no access to even the most basic services. The airport should be ashamed.

James Lipsette

What a great small airport, very beautifully decorated!

Ayanna Grant

Small and easy to navigate but would be nice if there were better restaurants to choose from

Tim Bowen

Most stress-free and straightforward airport I've been too. Easy to drop off, pick up and even the security line moves quickly.

Evan Hancher

This airport is not like other airport you don't have to show up 2-3 hours before you flight. TSA personal are super nice and the lines go by so fast and 80% of the time theres only 10 people in line at a time. The terminal is super small so you don't have to run to get to your gate. Park is also super easy. You never have to worry about getting a spot.

Rafael RR

So far best little airport in the dry heat state!!!

Arturo Gallegos

Nice customer service.

Paul Kaufman

Nice airport, clean, well kept up, local food options

Joaquin Martinez

Airport is small and easy to navigate. Great customer service. Major airlines are southwest, United and American airlines. People are complaining about TSA but I went during the busy hour and honestly it wasn't that bad. I was literally the only one in line. Great food shops and novileity stores. Easy and relaxing ride out of Tucson international

Tara Thompson

Have been there for many trips,great customer service !!! Love it

Debbie Imes

Easy to find your way around. Nicely upgraded.

Isabella Garcia

The TSA here are blatantly racist. I have darker skin so they pulled me into their little room and they didn't do it to ANYONE ELSE when there was a huge line.

Captain Swordfish

never been, but looks cool on the interwebs :3

Andrea Lynn Drake

Perfectly sized airport. Parking is super reasonable at $2.00 per hour. The coffee people were pleasant. Very clean. The bathrooms were clean and well stocked. The parking is nicely situated. Lots of pretty palm trees outside and nice art inside. Easy to get through and navigate. One of the best airports out there!

Sally Roeser

Friendliest airport ever.

Freddy Elmesselmani

Small but efficient

Gia Dawn Madole

Horrible TSA experience will never fly in to the Tuscan airport again!!! Their attitude is the rudest I’ve ever experienced!!

Monik Rawlings

Pretty small ariport. Staff is great.

Andrew Polito

It's a nice and efficient small airport

Daniela Ribeiro

Small airport well organized and staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

Michael Drifke

Great airport

Tyler Webb

This airport is fairly big and has numerous flights to places all over the world. However most flights take you to a bigger airport where you then transfer to anothet plane for your trip. Inside there is a selection of shops like a typical airport.

James Coull

Very easy and friendly to get through.

Christine Auerbach

Nice, convenient airport. Friendly customer service (especially Delta Airlines) and everyone goes the extra mile to see you get on your way as quickly and easily as possible.


Small airport, fast security line, nice people. It seems to always to sunny here. Directions are easy to get in and out with minimal confusion. Even car rental return is fast. The terminals are few and gates are easy to walk to.

Genoveva M Martinez

I never had a problem with the service and time in this airport. Always very relaxing environment .

Hugh Dougherty

As airports go, it's one of the best regionals. Terminal is clean and easy to navigate. Rarely is there a line at security (although I have seen it backed up on occasion).


Great, planes, greater facility.

Bob White

In a Cessna, treated like a king at Atlantic FBO.

Chris Kruschke

There was virtually no wait inside when we walked up. Very quick to go through initial paperwork. We were then sent outside where there was a HUGE line - people we had never even seen - so it was obvious that some people had been waiting awhile. Although I was initially irritated, we were served pretty quickly and it was obvious that they had simply experienced an unexpected backlog as the customer service agents were very nice, very quick, and very professional. The person that helped me briefly mentioned that I could have a better mini van for only $5 more per day, but didn't do the hard sell on me and after a "no thank you" from me, showed us to our vehicle and ran off to get keys. While we were stowing our suit cases he quickly went over the car checking for marks and had us on our way. HERE'S THE KICKER - later that day he e-mailed me with his work e-mail, his work phone, AND his cell phone and said if there was any problems at all, to immediately call him and he'd take care of it. When I returned the van six days later, another gentleman helped us and he was equally quick, professional, and cheerful. I rent many many rental cars for work in a calendar year and I have to say that without question, this was the best experience I've ever had. Overall, I've found that Enterprise is "typically" a better-run and more professional organization that most other rental companies and this was again borne out. I personnally like to fill out all the paperwork inside and then go out (on my own) and pick whatever car I want before driving away, but I found the customer service to be so welcome at this Enterprise branch that I might change my mind.

Claire Bethel

Easiest airport to navigate

Bobbi Ochoa Martinez

Nice clean friendly n easy to find flights

Roxann Delamater

El Charro has really bad food. The chips tasted like they were fried in old old grease. Made me sick.

RD Chaves

Small Airport, nice and calm whenever I am here, never as hectic as a place like LAX or some sort, but overall really easy going once inside. TSA will be different at all airports, so I can't speak of that here, haven't had an issue. In terms of just the Airport itself, the bar is awesome, and the food isok. Coffee spot in the center will be extremely busy, especially if you take early morning flights.

Brittany Smith

The have Bruegger’s and El Charro inside security! Both are really good. Security and baggage pick up has always been quick and hassle free for me. My one major complaint is that the app ride pickup location is a pretty long walk from baggage claim (relative to how small this airport is). Rental car pickup and return is super close and easy, and parking too.

Kevin Song

This airport makes traveling to and from Tuscon AZ extremely easy along with displaying what makes the city different from the others. The staff were friendly and navigating the airport was easy.

Julijana Torok

Airport is managed well. Parking is easy to get to, rental cars are close by, and most of the time not very crowded. Staff/TSA workers are friendly.

Tammy S Phillips

Very easy airport staff is very helpful


It's an awesome and efficient international airport that I have ever flown in and out of.

Mohamed ali Bark

Good service and in 5munite you well get ride

Jesu Spectre

I'm glad this airport is in my home town. Easy to access, great restaurants inside it. Just a laid back vibe.

Jerry Gilbert

A good airport that is easy to get in and out of. Beware that the early morning flights cause the security checkpoint to back up, but if you leave a little later then it is smooth sailing. Not much in the way of food options, but typically when I go I have already eaten so I do not worry about it and since this is a destination airport I wouldn't expect a lot of options. Picking up family is easy too, just wait in the cellphone lot, wait for the call or text and go to pick up. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Michael Beattie

One of the cleanest airports with the best seating and Wifi. Love this place

Crystal Firestone

Love this little airport. Super easy to get in and out of town quickly, every part is uncrowded and easy to navigate. Both terminals are nice, but I do like the one with american and delta better, they have a breuggers bagels and a cool bookstore.

Chris Sterbenc

Quick and convenient!

Ed Hendel

Small and cozy. Security is super fast. As you're exiting, there's a beautiful wall covered with giant Sonoran Desert photos on it. It's a perfect way to welcome you to our wonderful city.

Scott Stoecker

Had a nice in and out experience at the airport. Getting our bag was easy - it probably helped me review that our bag was the first one off the carousel. Departing, we had a 5:30 flight, and there were places open to get breakfast. Everyone we interacted with were nice, both the airlines staff and the TSA. Parking was inexpensive and close to the terminal.

Silvia Cueto

the employee s are the best, taking care of people

donna stock

Easy parking,,, professional, efficient security check in,,,,always enjoy coming to this airport.

Trudy C

Nice airport! I was in hurry so didn’t have any time to browse through or anything.

Nepi Willemsen

My favorite regional airport. Exceptionally friendly and capable personnel, both in the service as well as security areas. Checking in (with United that is) extremely quick and then short ways to the gates.

Patrick Lynch

Here with a fellow Veteran for his Honor flight. What a honor, they treated them like royalty! Great staff

Rosalind Gardner

What a wonderful regional airport and I've spent most of my life hanging around airports. :-) Love the art, the tech gizmos that allow you to see folks arriving on monitors AND the fact that you can actually see aircraft landing and taking off from the terminal building outside the secure area.

Bob Borderline

This is a fairly small airport with a layout which allows you to get in and out quickly. The terminals are nice, and the parking areas and rental car return are conveniently close.

Alex SA

Nice airport. Very accessible

Andy Grendahl

We were harassed again by the traffic monitors, white uniforms. A lady in a white uniform complained I was taking to long to load my bags. I was travelling from Brazil with my wife and 2 young girls. We had 8 large and heavy bags, car seats, and carry on bags. Instead of offering to help, she said I was taking too long. I am a disabled veteran and can only move so fast. She told me I had to move my van. She added to the already long and stressful trip. We avoid Tucson airport because we have been harassed 3 times now. No other airport we fly into gives us so much grief when trying to load curbside. The airport built a large, ugly bar in the terminal and in the process took away seating in an already cramped boarding area. I suggest to save time and money and fly out of Phoenix. Arizona Shuttle is more convenient and cheaper.

Alexander Barrera

First let's be honest this is not an International Airport. It offers no or very little flights that are not connecting flights and it is a very expensive airport to fly in and out of. The only good thing is you can arrive 30 mins before boarding time and not have to worry about a thing.

JoJoeBOC87 .

The two major problems consumers have with airports are delays and security. This airport has 0 delays. Tucson Int. Airport is the only international airport I know that parking, TSA check, boarding, baggage claim etc are with ease and stress free. Security and staff are very polite. Very clean surroundings especially RESTROOMS. I give it a 4.5 star rating. The other 0.5 star is because it is small but that could still be an advantage when you're running late. Anyone that has negative review about this place had one bad experience. My review is based on multiple departure and arrival experiences. Good job Tucson.

Robert Mcintyre

Easy airport to get into and out of. Has a nice sit down restaurant, El Charo, for this size airport plus a few shops. ** TIP: The app transportation pickup is by the rental car pickup location. They have signs directing to "App Transportion" in the baggage area. ( If you found my review helpful, please "like" it for me. Thanks! )

Stephanie Meierhofer

Worst security line EVER. TSA precheck line had TSA twiddling their thumbs while the main line barely moves and they are checking an item from pretty much everyone. Less than 15-20 people in line and it took over 30 min. Ridiculous!!!!!

Miguel Hidalgo

I Love this airport, it's small, easy access and friendly staff.

Sean Dattoli

Absolute dumster fire. No bag drop at Southwest (you wait in line for an hour with people changing tickets etc). No curbside (they leave to go do other things). Few direct flights. And apparently horrible management. Will fly to PHX every time now. More convenient and actually saves time to do business in Tucson.

Brady The Bus Guy

In May of 2017 my wife, baby and I were checking in and the lady at the Southwest counter was extreemly sweet and made the check In experience amazing. Also the TSA were really professional and curitious to the fact that we have a baby and they didn't make us jump through hoops like the TSA did at LAX. I love flying out of Tucson.

Elizabeth Oneal

Very friendly, easy to navigate airport.

Nicholas Farley

This is a really nice airport. The TSA are very friendly and respectful. It's not too big and is easy to navigate.


Best place to travel from and to ♡♡♡ Every time we come out there's an improvement to something. Convenient for travel and parking. Helpful people volunteer to assist the traveling public ♡

Joe Chao

Nice and clean. Easy to find your way to all facilities.

Joseph Robson

Easy peasy small airport; no security lines at 14:00 on Monday.

Eddie Fry

Tucson airport staff are friendly and helpful. Even the TSA staff are nice. The airport is never crowded and it's easy to get in and out. I don't think there are many airports like this one any more!

Jeremy Nagle

This is a great, smaller airport that's easy to navigate. The security is as smooth & easy as TSA will allow. The onsite parking is completely covered, but the offsite parking is less than a 3 minute shuttle trip, is also covered & at only $2.99 a day is a great deal. I know there aren't as many direct flights from Tucson but you can still get a direct flight to Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver, even Atlanta via Delta. I know some people will say flying out of Phoenix is "cheaper" but with the cost of gas & the time it takes, 1 1/2 hours each way all to save maybe $50-$100. Sometimes paying a little extra for the convenience of not driving a nearly 2 hour drive after flying all day is priceless, think about it!

Joe Wallace

Reserved car online several months prior to trip. Wanted car seat for toddler. They handed us car seat at counter saying it was our responsibility to install it. I would have thought it would have been installed upon our arrival. Asked if we wanted gasoline price protection for 57.00. Accepted that. Turned out that did not include another $30.00 in taxes also. I was told if I filled the car up prior to returning, they would remove those charges. The guy at return area did not have authorization to remove charges so we had to go inside to counter. Only 1 person working Avid and Budget so we had to wait awhile for help. Car was great, service was so so and counter help was subpar. I don't know how an older or much younger family would handle this (especially with distractions from childten).

c wiles

So laid back all day. The employees literally fall asleep. But the art work here is the dumbest I’ve ever seen. Wondering why it’s in an airport.

Balakarthik Venkataramanan

Home sweet home. This is an airport that I never worry about getting late. It's very well maintained and managed. Very clean, friendly staff. Compared to all other places the probability of delays and cancellations are very minimal. Would love if options are expanded to more domestic and international options. I guess that will organically happen when Tucson further grows economically.

Tayler Vomacka

Tucson airport has a few women employees who could work on not being so bitter about life.


Medium size airport that's very easy to get in and out of. Even when the airport is busy it doesn't feel rushed or out of control. Super friendly and helpful airport staff to assist with any requests you may have. Even the TSA agents are friendly at TIA. Baggage claim area is spacious and pretty fast most of the time. Usually depends on the airline and time of day. The airport is currently in the middle of a multi-million dollar expansion and renovation to make this little gem even better. Adding new food options with a local flare along with national and local retailers/shops. Plenty of options to dine at and/or have a drink before or after your flight. There is plenty of parking that is close by and it's cheap compared to other airports around the country. TIA also has a cell phone holding area and Uber and Lyft are authorized to drop off and/or pick up passengers. From TIA you can fly direct to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, JFK, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and so many other cities. Why anyone would drive to Phoenix to fly out of Sky Harbor is beyond me. TIA is great!

R Copo

i work in aviation but this airport was not really a good one, was messy and disorganized. but I've seen worst.

Richard Edwards

One of my first jobs I had after getting out of the Military was here working for Sky Chefs. Hasn't gown up much since then. But it was built to make new arrivals feel right at home.

jeff stern

They need to be more competative. Flights coming out of Tucson can be cheaper if the management brings in more comp.

Alice Bedoy

I was greeted by Javier, special treatment. I flew Delta with no problems. A direct flight from Tucson to Melbourne, Florida. I was frisked thoroughly, was told my trousers were too loose.

Robert Lucerne

I like the ease of getting in and out of this airport.

George Thomas

A nice small airport with easy access. Still small enough to park in front. Easy checkin small lines with simple rental car or cab acess. There are small nice newer restaurant options with Mexican and sushi fare, along with sandwiches and snacks. Nice bar area. It is always nice to fly in or out of TUCSON airport.

Dan Kruse

Nice medium sized airport with easy access to everything. TSA was very quick, especially so early in the day.

Matthew Walden

Not much to do here and check in / security is fast so I definitely wouldn't get here two hours in advance again! But free WiFi is appreciated and plenty of places to sit.

Kryssie Beard

TUS has really upgraded! Pretty high prices, but lots of options. Still has the small, hometown feel. Airport includes the larger Hudson store and several unique kiosks. Overall a very nice airport. TSA Security has been streamlined.

Scott Humphrey

A 1330 afternoon flight is the best. The airport is empty. Security lines are empty. no wait at any of the shops or restaurants. This is a small simple Airport.

Kevin Chapman

Airshow was great.

Corry Driscoll

I've flown in here a couple of times on business and it is a nice little airport. The people are generally friendly, the place is laid out nice and everything is easy to find. Wizard Of Where

Nikki Holgate

The airport is super easy to park and navigate. The part of town it's in isn't fantastic, and there aren't great eating options. Still, for a smaller town airport it's not bad.

Michael Kenny

Get's me in and out efficiently. Clean airport and friendly staff

Claudia Colantonio

This is a well organized airport. Parking is only $2.00 per hour, it's clean, and there are almost always no lines. Being a smaller airport, it's a little more expensive compared to the airport in Phoenix, but it'll save you the drive.

Elise Moore

Southwest terminal is changing food vendors and food court under construction. Only minimal beverages and snacks available. So sad because used to have diet tea, Japanese tea, interesting sandwiches. Now it's like every other airport run by the mega vending company, generic and limited.

Brian Shea

My bag was delayed but the agent from Southwest really helped me out!

Edward Pierce

Small airport but made it through TSA fairly quickly and it’s not to busy which makes my life allot easier!

Anne Jorgensen

Love this airport! Much rather fly in or out from Tucson than anyplace in Arizona.

Jordan Idler

Very cool airport, Arizona artists' work on display, easy parking.

Beth Lippincott

Easy to get around in...very friendly staff !

Mark Parkson

Great air port. very organized and efficient.

Sherry Losee

The smallest of details tend to ruin any experience. Snotty TSA.not attentive to TSAPre, Checked, good at threating if you try to question why TSA charges then do as they please more times then not!!

Gaming Customs

9/11 stared here

Amanda Marbut

Reality, Tucson does not have a lot of direct flights and prices can be a bit high compared to other airports. Consider flying into Phoenix and renting a car or taking a shuttle (it might be cheaper and less time). As far as the facility, the bathrooms are clean, but there are limited food options. On the plus side, because the airport is so small, it does not take a long time to get through security (unless traveling on a Holiday).

Shane Davis

Easy airport to navigate. Lots of art throughout. Not a lot of amenities but enough for the size.

Timor Soliston

Very convenient airport, easy in and out.

Michael Valverde

Nice place to catch a flight, not near as busy as PIA. But the tickets are slightly higher.

Josh E.

A pretty good airport. Nothing about this place is overly impressive but it serves its role well. Would fly in or out of here again.

Edward Bass

Nice airport, easy to get around in. Food choices in the American Airlines gates area (terminal B) are terrible, but that is supposedly temporary during construction. If you're flying American during the construction, get food before going to the gates.

Brett F

Food court with no food.

Pete Sherman

Easy to navigate, relativly small. Decent selection of food. Although, I am not sure who thought having a burrito stand was a great idea before boarding a plane. Security was fast and friendly and we moved though quickly.

Jacob Machala

Very disappointed that I had to go outside of security and come back through to get to my departure gate(gate A) from my arival gate (gate B). Thankfully I had a longer layover otherwise this could have easily caused me to miss my flight. I've been flying quite some time and have never seen this before.

siren maze

They handled my luggage rough. My cans of jelly beans exploded.

Scott H Smith

Love this airport. Easy to get around and although you do go to a larger airport for further flights, you start here and it's easy going. Never had bad service in the 12 years of using. Management is Top of the line when working with them. I just love Tucson!

John Hagan

Friendly staff. Signed out the vehicle quickly. New vehicle with low mileage. Dropped off early after hours and received an email invoice within two hours.

Philip Melillo

It's a great small airport the staff is very helpful it's very clean it's just a really nice airport for its size

Steve Owens

If the airport eateries had more vegan food options available then I would say this airport would deserve 5 stars.

Travis Light

Tucson Airport is clean and modern, with a great selection of unique dining and shopping options. I'm a frequent flyer and Tucson's atmosphere and decor are really top notch. So why a 2-star rating? Service. Despite the cool airport, nothing ruins the passenger service like rude staff. When I arrived at the Delta ticket counter, the agent gave me grief for being late - 58 minutes before takeoff. She directed me to the security checkpoint. I'm a TSA precheck passenger and their precheck lane wasn't operating. No problem, that's common in smaller airports. But they weren't even doing expedited screening. I fly dozens of times a year and this is the first time I've taken off my shoes for security in years. When my pocket alarmed for the crime of carrying my ID with me, the agent actually said, "Shame on you." Tucson, your airport is too nice to be torpedoed by rude staff. Fix it and you'll have an airport worthy of bragging about.

Saeid Hamdoun

Excellent customer service especially check in staff; I like the how they resolve the issues (: Thanks for being help full. Keep it up you're the best

Mark Cordova

Tucson is one of the easiest airports to get in and out of

Says Who?

When I was running late for my flight (Alaska Airline), Employee Danny walked me all the way to make sure I made my flight. Great staff!

Sarah C.

The airport itself isn’t terrible.. not many options as far as food and snacks go, but security never takes long. 1 star because of the 4 times I’ve flown out of this airport, my flight has been delayed! Not even just 10 or 15 minutes... usually 30+ minutes. That’s crazy that every time I fly out of this airport, my flight is delayed! What really made me write this review is that my boyfriend was supposed to fly out of Tucson last Friday to get to Cleveland with a stop in Denver. Of course, he then finds out his flight is delayed! He needed to make it to Cleveland for 3:13 pm for a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. With the flight being delayed from Tucson, his flight out of Denver was going to take off before he arrived and the next flight out of Denver to get to Cleveland would be for 8:35 pm. Ridiculous. The whole reason he paid the price and planned for this flight was because he needed to be IN Cleveland BEFORE 5 pm. He then called United to figure out another solution. The only solution was to drive to Phoenix for a 6 am flight to Denver and then Denver to Cleveland. So he worked all day and then stayed up all night and then drove about 2 hours to Phoenix just so he can make it to Cleveland at the time he was supposed to! He paid over $500 for the ticket from Tucson to Cleveland and had to deal with this... that’s disappointing and infuriating. I looked past my 4 delayed flights because I didn’t have anything urgent that I would miss with the delay. Just absolutely ridiculous that every time I’ve flown out of Tucson, my flight is delayed.. can’t blame it on one airline because I’ve flown with Southwest, United, and American there. I would recommend to just drive to Phoenix and fly out of Phoenix if you can. The flights will be cheaper anyway.


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Rent Cars - Arizona

Handicapped transportation service

Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals
Wheelers Accessible Van R...
Rent Cars - Arizona

Van rental agency

Alamo Rent A Car
Alamo Rent A Car
Rent Cars - Arizona

Car rental agency