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Okay experience at the. Car Rental Center. The entrance is not easy to locate due to construction in the area. But when you find the entrance; the rental experience is easy.

larry gillespie

The car center was good and shuttle drivers were great. Dollar rent a car are liers they do not accept debit cards for rental after 6 calls to confirm that they do.

Ray C Marshall

My daughter rented a car this past weekend for four days . She mistakenly took out to much insurance considering it was a duplicate of what she already had on her own car as well as that offered on her Capital One card so I went backup to the airport location with her to have it removed , the agent at the time informed us that she would have to close out the original contract which was bearly 4 hours old and re rent and still be changed for a whole day or come all the way back up the next day. Well my daughters were supposed to be driving out the next morning early but because the agent was to lazy to just modify the original contract that's what she ended up doing to be told by the new agent the next morning that all the other agent had to do was make the change on the original contract ! Crazy !

Nancy Coll

We were not used to having all the car rental companies in one location so we're initially confused by a bus that was labeled "rental center" vs. a bus for a specific agency. Once on the bus it took about 10 minutes to get to the center. The driver was helpful with loading our luggage. Pick up was easy as were signs for returning the car at the end of trip. Just make sure you know which terminal you need for the return flight so you catch the correct bus back to the airport.

Kari Vierkant

A ways away from the airport. Run super well.

Joel McSwain

In the middle of remodeling. Should be great when finished

Connie Pitts

A lot of construction right but good signs. Super easy to get in and out! Alamo had superior customer service!

Tammy Little

Car rental place is off sight from the airport. Lots of shuttles run back and forth so we have never been keep waiting long. We had a super long line to actually pick up our car rental at hertz but the other companies had very small lines. I like the set up at sky harbor airport. It’s very easy to use.

Quin Skee

Make sure you a return flight ticket or a credit card to use in order to rent a car from this place. I was not informed before coming here of the requirements for rentals. And we still didn't get usaa discount from the car rental, beware they'll charge you full, even tho you don't even need road side assistance which is or should be covered in your regular car insurance.

Dean Eveslage

2600 miles down Hwy 1 from SEA to LAX then to PHX via Joshua Tree Nat'l Park with my 26 year old son - a great sojourn ! ! !

Jan Elliott

So nice to have so many car rental agencies in one place. The facility is clean, well organized and shuttle transportation is provided to & from airport. The signage for car return could be improved. Take the time to view the art work on the walls along the corridor leading to the restrooms.

Kimberly Bradley

Hertz is awesome! No drama, quick pickup, equally efficient drop off. Great customer service!!!


Great customer service at Alamo. From Sergio at front counter to Fanny who took me to my vehicle. Both were very professional and willing answer any questions. Fanny asked me how the service was and if there was anything they could do for me.

Chad Michael Lawson

Clean & often fast. Hard to get to during construction but once that’s done should be super great

Leo Rudny

We thought they were Very good ,Gave us just the vehicle we rented & asked for.

Joshua Solwerski

Rented and paid Dollar car rental online about 8 pm the night before and went to pick it up about 9am but was told they would not rent it to me until 8 pm (24hours) from rental!? Bad policy, not reasonably expressed at checkout! Wasted 2.5 hours driving to get something I paid for but wasn't told I couldn't get for 24 hours because I only have a debit card and no flight ticket! Found a place elsewhere that didn't give me this trouble! I won't be back here.

Holly Smith

Like some other major US airports, this is a centralized car rental facility. It makes it so easy when you arrive...just grab your bags and then grab the shuttle bus to go get your rental car. When you're finished, just drive back to the facility, drop off your car, and grab the shuttle to the airport. The shuttle drivers help with luggage, if you need it, and the busses lower themselves to make it easier to get on and off.

Penny Mann

Paid for the car before I picked it up so I could get a better price. When I picked up the car I had to put down a $200 deposit which was never listed in the price. Getting the car from the garage was pretty easy.

Cynthia Ann

Great setup for seamless rentals & returns. Brilliant idea having all rental companies in one building. Good signage for finding your way around. Look forward to taking the train to the rental center instead of the shuttle bus in the future.


I really dislike this place intensely. The facilty is under construction and is very difficult to navigate to if you are a visitor using non rental facility buses. The main problem I have with this place are the final fees that get added to your bill after you return your rental car. In my case my SUV cost was around $380 for the six days I rented it. I was strongly lead to believe this was the total price. BEWARE OF THE SMALL PRINT. When I received my final bill the total had skyrocketed to over $500. If I ever rent a car again in Phoenix I will not use this facility and will instead use an off airport location that doesn't burden you with an extra $100 - $150 in fees. A disappointing experience.

Sabina Noel

Watch the person that brings you in with the rates especially if you got online. Drop off nice and easy


Everyone was courteous every step of the way. I rented with Enterprise, and was treated well from the moment we checked in all the way until we departed with our vehicle. Shuttle service from the airport was a breeze. Nice start to our trip!


Pretty smooth experience... Except while trying to leave after getting my car. Make sure you watch for the little sandwich board signs pointing to the exit, they're easy to miss and you'll end up in the returns

Derrick Anderson

Clean and well lit. Budget was poorly staffed for the amount of customers in line. 1 person.

Shelley R Reed

Fast check in and out. Clean SUV with great GPS. Prepare for a load of hidden fees in Phoenix that aren't the company's fault. prepared. Insist on the class of vehicle you reserved. We reserved an upscale SUV and they tried to stick us with a Dodge or Mini Cooper.

Camille Johnson

Friendly service, not as quick as I would like, but good.

Rich Ball

A great off-site facility to pick up a rental car when flying into Sky Harbour airport. All the major rental services are at the car center. There's shuttle bus service to and from the airport and facility that runs frequently to all terminals. The buses display the terminal number which they service and have designated pick up/drop off locations. There are rest rooms available at the car center. Traveling to that center facility is easy. Access is from rt 10 and it is only a short ride from rt 17 as well. Overall I have found picking up and dropping off rental cars at this facility quite easy.

Samuel Goertz

I guess it was nice. Its like a factory for renting a car, though I am not sure it saved any time. You enter what looks like an inside strip mall, where each vendor has a store, then are sent down an escalator to one of three floors of a parking ramp that houses the vehicles. Once you drive away with your car, you stop by a gate that verifies your rental before you can leave. Fancy but not really faster.

Jacy Forbes

I left my phone on a shuttle and they collectively returned it to me in 10 mins. They are the absolute best! Super fast and excellent service.

Andrea Hartman

Just ok. Rented a "Suburban or similar" and was given an "Expedition max." Definitely not similar as the 3rd row barely fits petite adults and the cargo is not comparable. Nice vehicle but not what I expected. Secondly, this location is at the airport for which the road/parking garage were unexpectedly under construction which meant the visitor parking was impossible to find. Reserved my vehicle through Costco and was only given access to the fine print details upon pickup. Costco's supposed final price did not state this was a last minute deal and that up to $30/day could be charged in local taxes and fees when this deal is used with Alamo. Finally, at no point did anyone go over the terms of contract or direct me to inspect the vehicle for damages. I was simply told to go to the last row and it was the only SUV next to the cargo vans. It's a good thing I've rented plenty of cars before...

Whitney M

Helpful staff made the rental car process very easy. I was in and out of their office fast and able to enjoy the start of my vacation quickly

LM Payne

I love the shuttle staff. They go above and beyond to help everyone on and off, especially looking after disabled passengers. They watch out to ask able bodied customers to give up seats for those less able to stand. It is really appreciated. They are very friendly and efficient as well as being helpful and fast

Mary Jenkins

Horrible customer service, depressing staff, inefficient business! The best thing about it was the Hispanic ladies at the Exit kiosk. They seemed to care about the customer and customer satisfaction. Thanks Thrifty ladies! You rock! Checkout was equally depressing and highly irritating as I was accused of a rock chip in the windshield, yet no one had detailed or looked over the car before it was released to me as an "upgrade". Not to mention I had paid for no-fault insurance protection at an additional cost per day! Back to Enterprise for me. You get what you pay for with them at least.

elias Thomase

Hello, Went rented a Enterprise car from this location, we are from Denver Colorado. The whole process went well to getting our vehicle to hit the road. The gentlemen and lady at the counter was great when we went down to get our car there was a gentlemen who greeted us he was making good conversation then when we did the vehicle inspection it felt like it went to fast meaning we really felt like he did not explain the vehicle to us at all he just told me to sign and enjoy the trip. We rented from Enterprise in Denver and the lady went over the vehicle in detail more then this gentlemen.

Joseph Stevens

A really great experience, the lady was very helpful and courteous,she treated us like family I really appreciate that.

Trevor Perkins

Decent parking rental, but it was a huge atrium and that made it difficult to find my specific rental agency. Also, the help desk is in the middle of the area, but there was a pretty long line to get there. It's also a long bus ride from the airport.

Gregg Barr

As long as you plan enough time for check-in and the bus ride to the terminal of your airline, the process of checking in the car and finding the right bus is pretty straightforward. There are restrooms available. Departure boards in the lobby tell you the departing flights and from those you determine the bus to catch to the correct terminal. The bus driver was helpful and made sure everyone was supposed to be on his bus. I'm not a big fan of the rental car terminal being so far from the airline terminals, but it works.

Coy Herald

The rental car center is great the transportation to and from the rental car center is mediocre at best.

Martha Rocha

In and out fast. Very nice attendant.

John Hall

Phoenix Sky Harbor does rental cars right. Things will get better still when the train connects with the terminals.

Tochukwu Ibe

Service well rendered. They also offer you all types of vehicles. Dollar thrifty, alamo etc

Ian Harris

This place will be great when the building work is done but until then the return entrance is poorly signposted and laid out. Take it slow.

m c

Clean, easy to get around. All major rental car companies are here. I use national executive elite aisle and they always have an excellent selection of nice, new high end vehicles. Must take a bus to get here about a 5 minute ride. They are building a train line from the airport to the car rental center.

Tony B

Clean bathrooms, quick drop off and headed to airport in record time lol. No complaints!

Michael Martin

After arriving at the center, I am standing in line waiting to be assisted and the line is starting to back up and several of the customer reps are just wasting time with their customers. They look at the waiting line and see the number of customers growing and they just continue giving advice on places to visit while they are there. NOTE to reps, if you want to be a tour guide quit your job at the rental car counter and go to work as a tour guide.

Rick Rifkin

Always professional always friendly I've never had a problem with them in all the years I've traveled sure wish some of the other airports had their organization as professional as the one here

cupcake girl

This car rental center in Phoenix is incredibly well laid out and extremely accessible for both pickups and return. No more having to find the rental car company in the terminal building get straight onto the bus and hey voila your on the road to your destination. The folks at Enterprise car rental also help in making the pick up and return so much easier what a great experience.

Ivanova Helf

We got there at night and employees were waiting to help us! Got our reservation and after it was all said & done, were on the road within 15 mnts!! The clerk had a great sense of humor too! AWESOME!

Rajesh Bhushal

This time I didn't had any issue with this particular rental car. Usually I have some more of the other issues with rental cars because you know it's rental cars..!! luckily everything was fine and good this time. Good thing about this time they just let me choose the car and we spent more than 3 to 5 minutes to choose the good car maybe because there was not much crowd when we rented the car.

Lisa Maria Olinzock

Well I had an amazing time in my Mustang convertible while I was in Arizona. It was definitely reasonable priced. It was a great ride, I had lots of fun. Nice sporty fun fast car.

Gail James

Easy drop/pickup fair prices for basic transportation.

Rebecca B

Very efficient car drop off and transfer to airport terminal. Bus Driver was very courteous and helpful, even lifting our bags on and off the bus for us.

Laura Brody

Loved how simple the process was. Just pull up, check in, and go pretty much. The companies seem to all work together to make the process seamless. There is transportation via bus to the terminal.

B gentle

The place was nice and big everybody was friendly and it was fast as piece of cake

Chiquita C Oden

The check in process was smooth and quick. On top of the brand new car they gave me to drive.

Jerome Jackson

Its a nice rental car facility, but you do have to catch a shuttle there and back. Make surr you set aside time becuase there can be a line for a shuttle and you may need to wait.

Andrea Grabau

I rented from Hertz today. I have rented from 2-3 other rental companies here in the past. Be careful about the reviews because the review is asking about the center. Of course the different rental companies have different (better or worse) organization for renting, getting a car for you, handling of returns. The in and out of the parking areas are marked very well, the vans to and fro the airport are quite reliable and consistent.

Abisola Osipitan Osibamiro

Fox is not a good rental car company. Please kindly choose a better company. Customer service is poor and they over charge you.


Unless you come into this place by a shuttle to and from the airport it is and has been near impossible to be picked up or dropped off there for handicapped people. The road into from the street has been torn up for re-construction for a long time. It is quite a hike when carring baggage.

Karen Smith

Friendly service and I got the automobile I liked and wanted. The atmosphere was pleasant. I would recommend this rental car center to all that visits here. #Drivesafely

Leo Green

Visited Enterprise Rent-A-Car for an emergency trip to Arizona. Enterprise has always taken very good care of me. I've been to Arizona many times but this was my first time ever needing to use the rental car center and it was quick and painless.

Dan E

Quick shuttle from Sky Harbor. Driver was very helpful and kept passengers informed. Avis Preferred counter had my car ready to go. Friendly, helpful staff. Construction exciting the center can be challenging.

heyndrix .

If I'd chosen a different rental car company my experience here would have been much better, unfortunately I picked the worst one (Thrifty). Massive center, free shuttle to and from the airport every 15 minutes. Only complaint is the drop-off area was cut off by construction and we couldn't get a clear answer on how to get in, which added a lot of stress to an already busy day of traveling. My mom forgot her winter coat on the shuttle and they found it and shipped it to her, it arrived in perfect condition a few days later, thank you airport staff!

Jacqui Martinez

Nice car care center. Plenty bus shuttles to transport to and from airport. When returning vehicle, directions are easy to follow!

John Cianciarulo

I received a great car and service here with Budget!

Monica Tuarus

Huge center. Requires a short shuttle ride. Efficiently managed. Shuttles are plentiful and prompt. Great selection of car rental vendors. I rented from enterprise a few times and they always high-quality cars with a vast selection. Very efficient check out & return process. In & out in 15minutes.

Laura Niles

Very hospitable staff. Car was good. Going to be great when connected to the airport by train.

Ivan Podkolzin

We arrived in the night to the rental center. Rental Offices were not occupied and did not know at first where we should go. We got an advice from an other traveler. A clear instructions from rental companies would be a great help. We went to an office at car pick-up: from this time point everything was great.

Doug Landers

Worst signage and traffic flow for any type of drop off from family members and friends to rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber. Can't see signs beyond the entrance which apparently allow you to get to a drop off zone, you can see vehicles there and can only wonder how they can possibly get there. Dropping off a renter turns into a dangerous game of stopping in the right hand lane next to the concrete barricades and trying to rush to get your luggage out. At least 6 people have dropped me off or picked me up and it has been a dangerous circus every single time. Move the signs further up and clearly state rental car drop-off vs pickup well before the split in the road. Someone is going to get hurt with the screwy layout during the vast construction.

William Fuller

Plan on at least 1 hour both renting and returnIng vehicles. Completely inconvenient. So far away from airport. Shuttle bus experience to and from terminal excruciating -bring a gas mask as you are on the bus for 20-30 minutes. The whole process of renting a car out of this place at Sky Harbor has me cancelling trips to Phoenix.

Lynette Holmes

Mgr at the 7th Street Camelback road on Phoenix has horrible people skills. There is one manager there that should over see the entire location. I forget their names. But the African American manager needs to be removed. I'm African American so this is not a discriminatory response.

yvonne perez

Budget experience could of been better!! I was the only one at counter. No smile!! No hello!! Wasn't wanting a red carpet entrance but come on now!! A grin would have sufficed!! Oh well! Took care of business n left!! So if u book in lobby although cars waiting u got to wait 3 hours to pick up?? Really?? Construction there's ridiculous too!! Ugh!!

Johnny Kurugian

Quick and easy. Will be even better when construction is done


I a little slow but super nice employees!

Catherin Herrera

Two stars because the rental car services are great and good selection is available, but it takes forever to go back to the Terminal 4. We were waiting for over 20 min under the heat. There were more than 50 persons waiting. Still, four buses passed as NOT IN SERVICE. Not right.

Debbie Melchior

Easy to get to. Signage was great. Attendant asked if we wanted a hard copy or an email of our receipt and then sent us on our way. He even reminded us about car keys and personal items...during a very busy drop-off time. There were many of us at the same time, but he was patient with all of us. Experience was very good!

Raymond Gregory

Largest rental car facility I have ever experienced but let me tell you that they move people and cars through like a machine. Customer service is great and the place is immaculate. Three stories and all rental companies represented. It s what feels like a few miles away from the airport but there is ample shuttle service available. Arrive early to make your flight.

Gregory Rankin

Elliott, Alamo front desk staff, took very good care of us. Extremely helpful

Michael Adriano

I used Hertz and they were excellent. Pick up and drip off was a breeze. The car rental center is 10 minutes from the terminals but they have a bus to take you to and from the terminals.

Gabriel Ayala

Very rapid service at drop off no hassle able to get to your destination on time.

Tony Bartholomew

It took 2 hours to get my rental car at Fox. Will not go there again. Then had to go down in the hot garage and my car wasn't ready. That's PPP(piss poor planning)

Scott Conder

This is my first time visiting the Skyharbor Rental Car Center. I was a bit put off that I had to take a shuttle away from the airport, but I felt better about it when I was there. The facility is spacious, clean, and organized. The bathrooms are very nice also.

Chad Reynolds

Absolutely love this rental car center! Great service by the shuttle getting there from the Airport. I use Avis exclusively and they are amazing! Car is always waiting and ready to go. Return is very easy. Even can do a curbside return at the airport for a fee if you are running late.

David Baldwin

Very efficient. Got in and out easily and quickly.

Garnet Smith

We rent from Alamo, so easy. But they used to have a baggage check in right at the level when you exited the elevator but unfortunately they no longer have that luxury. It kept you from having to take your luggage on the bus to the airport.

Irene Templeman

So quick easy and convenient. Very helpful staff. Easily reachable from airport. They look like they are building a rail link but I like the bus

Pam Parent

Convenience Speed Selection and the cleanest rental car facility you’ll ever visit!

Brad K

I was very impresses with their set up and operation. For as big as the car center is, I was super impressed with how they track everything, get you to a vehicle (we actually got to choose one of four mid size SUV's). It was a very nice vehicle and returning it was just as easy if not easier then picking it up. I applaud the efficiently run operation with a helpful and friendly staff!

Joan LeVant

The biggest complaint I have with this is place is it is hard to get too... it took me a while to figure it out. Now once I got there it was fast, however the car I had was dirty and not cleaned. I thought at first wow this was fast but after driving off I realized the car hadn’t been cleaned. They did switch me out but I was extremely inconvenienced. My suggestion would be to do a check of the inside before u take it. We did a walk through of the outside but they never said anything about the inside.

Bob Crossley

It all depends on what level of Car Rental company program you have. The better program you have, the better your experience at any airport off site car rental center.

Peter Sontrop

This is a lot bigger city than where I am from but this place was like a well oiled machine. I was really impressed. And trust me I am not easily impressed. They were super busy and we waited in a crowd of people and were shown a half dozen cars to pick from. We made our choice, were handed the keys and off we went. On the way back we simply drove our car into the underground parking lot, handed them the keys, and they scanned a barcode and we went to the airport shuttle. Simple and efficient. It could not have gone any smoother. It was so quick and easy I found myself thinking did we forget something? My advice would be to make sure all your stuff is gathered together in your vehicle because once you drop it off it goes pretty quick.

Chris Sterbenc

Pretty efficient set up. Let's you get in and out of there quickly.

Camilo Perez

It was an easy process to dropped off the vehicle . The attendant was helpful and very polite.

Chris Martinez

Staff was helpful! I missed my shuttle due to my plane being 2 hours late so I didnt have a reservation, but they accommodated me and sent me on my way. The whole process was fast and I appreciate it!

Lindsay Bradford

Easy to get to, clean, not crowded, super organized. I wished the signage was more clear for people picking you up at this location though.

Shane OConnor

Have not rented a car in a couple of years but was extremely disappointed when they wanted a $200 deposit on top of the rental fee. Needless to say I did not rent the vehicle at all. The cost for renting the car was only $100 for 3 days so it was pretty disappointing.

Revan Kon

The rental car center at the Phoenix airport is huge and has plenty of options for the wayward traveler to choose from. It is set up really nicely and organized. In addition, the building was clean and well taken care of. My only complaint is that it is so far from the main terminal. The bus ride seems to take forever after a long flight, but I guess that is the trade off for so many options!

Frederick Lee

Huge place. I loved the ease with which I was able to rent my car and be on my way. Awesome staff.

Amanda Morris

They brought the car right to us and helped load all r luggage. Very friendly and welcoming after our long flight.

Jamie Hagen

Advantage is an awesome rental quick service got me to my car I reserved quick gave me directions and had me on my way couldn't ask for much more

Linda Evans

Shuttle bus drivers and attendance are so helpful with your luggage on the shuttle bus back and forth from the airport to the car rental. Car rentals are so easy to find. Just check in and be on your way. When returning to the airport GPS gives many places to go. d do pick the one that says car rental return. So easy to find. So easy to check in and before you know it you're on a shuttle bus back to the airport terminal.

Sean Smith

Very efficient and clean. Good, reliable shuttles

Kevin Raine

Absolutely incredible! It's like an airport terminal for rental cars. Clean fast and well organized.

Trikam Patel

Quick in and out. Nicely organization Make sure exiting is bit tricky. Train service will start sometime in next some years from airport

Massive-Headwound Harry

Check-in was easy using the wall machine at Enterprise. The attendants messed up on our vehicle, but made it right with an upgrade. Drop off was easy and the shuttle took us to our terminal at Sky Harbor Airport.

Dorothy Marie

Great service both picking up and dropping off our car. Quick and easy. Thanks for an awesome experience.

vijayanarasimhan narasimhan

All rental car companies together in one place, so you have choice. 10 minutes away from airport. Continuous shuttle bus service available. Great

Greg Kienle

Without a doubt the least expensive car rental in Phoenix...,...,...BUT, with that comes a 45 to 60 minute wait time IN LINE to get your car. Very nice cars. Easy return.

Jose L Calderon

The center is good and the experience once you are inside is great. The bus to and from the airport is a zoo. Disorganized, they don’t know when buses are coming, overcrowded, slow. There were two stops for terminal 4. We were waiting for the bus in the second stop for 10 min while it was idle on the first stop and a few passengers got on. It was not full. When it started moving, we assumed it was going to stop to pick more passengers up, but it just kept going and it was half capacity. Then we had to go talk to a supervisor to find out when the other bus was coming. A few people had tight flights, thank god I allowed for extra time. Do not count on these buses to get you on time and allow a minimum extra 30 minutes.

Kelly Craig

This is one of the best rental car centers that I’ve seen (I travel all over the US). Some of the car companies are better than the others - all are there (your preference). They are in the middle of major construction project so don’t miss the entrance upon returning your rental. The construction is for adding a tram between the airport and rental center.

Brandon Flores

We rented a van for the week and the process was smooth, car was clean, great service.

Craig Lowary

Large clean rental car center at the airport. The shuttle ride took us a while with traffic and the ongoing construction. Once inside the signage was easy to follow and find our rental car company.

michelle kearns

Average service, the last 2 visits I had to exchange the car I had because it wasn't a car nor was it a compact or economy, it was a huge truck, yes both times. I wasn't formed that I could change my car through the mobile app. I will try that my next visit. Also I do understand that the car rental center is in the process of being renovated, but it does take a long time for the busses to come around to take you to the airport. Guess it's just part of traveling.

Ronald Heinz

By far the worse construction site I've ever been through. Literally no easy way to get into the building. Not even signs directing you. Took 25 mins to figure out where to go.

Brian Smith

Though over priced, they have a decent system in Phoenix. However, there have been several times I've had to wait an inordinate amount of time for the shuttle back to the airport.

James Marx

Efficient, clean. Frequent shuttles to terminals. Easy freeway access.

Jiri George Smerda

I was lucky enough to rent from a company who usually is less busy. Given that they didn't have a compact to lend me at the moment, I was upgraded for 'free' to a larger and more peppy car. The problem is that the car was involved in an accident just hours prior to them lending me the vehicle, but nobody took note. It pays to look the car over carefully, I can't stress this enough. I called them just as I pulled out of the parking structure and let them know, only to be told they were aware of the damage but 'someone' must've been in a rush and didn't put it down. Imagine what would have happened had I not noticed the damage. I asked to speak with a supervisor regarding my findings but was told I am welcome to come right back and return the car. What I was also told is that they didn't have another vehicle handy and it would take about 2-4 hours before they can transfer another car to the site, or I could hitch a ride to a site and pick up the car myself. I decided to ride in a vehicle which was clearly damaged since I needed to be somewhere by a certain time. Had I not had this awful incident happen, I'd have given this five stars. Folks, please always inspect the car, no matter how new it appears, and please make sure you don't upgrade for any reason. If they don't have what you paid for, they will upgrade you at no extra cost. Ultimately, the car was drivable, but esthetically speaking, it had a busted bumper and a bent in grille. There is a very good reason why damaged vehicles are unsafe and should be rejected at inspection.

Chichi Johnson

Alamo rent a car at Arizona airport is awesome. Nice employees. Nice new cars.

Lesle Cole

The desk agent was fabulous! Osman greeted me and immediately attended to an upgrade of vehicle. Paperwork was completed quickly and a beautiful clean car awaited me.

Aimee St.Amand

Easy to find, well mapped out. Easy in and easy out. Had some trouble navigating to a gas station near the drop off point. Overall very good experience.

Scott Smith

A lot of choices, try Fox. They have the best rates but you might have to wait. It's worth the great rate. Ask for Walter if you have an issue. He will solve it.

Rob C

Center is a little bit confusing, and somewhat long bus ride to terminal. National folks were very friendly and efficient with the rental return.

Megan Love

We got an upgrade for free and they had pretty decent cars for a low price.

Dr Raymond Heipp

The Enterprise areas were well staffed and very organized. Would definitely recommend them. Overall, the Rental Car Center is well designed.

Colossal Claw

Easiest way to rent a car when going out of town & not too difficult to find either.

Brian Moran

We were treated like kings by Sydnee and Nate at Enterprise. First class service!

Preacher GUERRA

Place is always clean and nice to see. Plenty of escalators, and elevators to get you around. Shuttle was fast and took us right to the front of the rental center. Bathrooms were clean and the floors were amazing.

bkm0412 bandk

Could have been smoother ok but booking agency average in admin

Blaine Buckingham

Wow, big new place. And from the airport there's one rental car shuttle to find, don't have to look for several. And they all go in air conditioned comfort to one big rental car center. Hertz is the best!

Don Richard

Everyone working here was lovely. The Dollar Rent A Car agent lied through his teeth to me trying to get an upsell, though. Enterprise appears to be the best in my experience.

Neha Bhartia

We visited Avis car rental at the sky Harbor International Airport. We have been renting cars from them from almost an year now and It has always been a pleasant experience dealing with them. They have an exhaustive range of cars available with them in each of the categories mostly being in very good new like condition. Since we are an Avis preferred customer, we have always received car in very good condition from them. The staff is friendly and always very helpful in catering to your requests and expectations. They deal with you very patiently too.


Lot of places to choose from and as far as I can see, most people gravitate toward the bigger, well-known brands there: Enterprise, etc. The prices are very expensive though at Christmas/ New Year's time- most likely because of snow bird season and holiday travel... One thing I wish I had known about is their drop off situation. So, I'm returning the car and it appears to be a long line of cars, so I'm sitting there waiting for 20 minutes like a cow in a pasture. Just keep in mind, the drop off situation is you can just park your car in the line, signal for an attendant, pay your balance, and then head out. No need to wait. :)

Ju-Ling Lin

The staff is so nice and there is a shuttle to the rental car center. It's really convenient

Richard Smith

Using the free shuttle service from)/to Skyharbor Airport makes it easy to pick up and drop off your rental vehicle

Elizabeth Savage

The Rental Car Center is a really nice place.. We rented from Alamo and the man at the counter was very helpful and got us on our way quickly..

William Cooke

Large place but well organized. Makes it easy to get where you need.

Kevin Lansberry

This is a very nice and large rental car facility. Lots of different rental places. There are restrooms available as well. Easy drop off from the airport shuttles. Fast service as well. When dropping off it is clearly marked and also fast and easy service and return trip to the airport.

Andrew Nugent

It's big, airport shuttles run often, but always under construction, easy to get mis directed

Simon Holzman

Courtesy of American Airline, I got stranded at Phoenix airport because my flight from Chicago landed just as my flight to Palm Springs took off. Rather than waste the night in a flea-bitten hotel, I decided to rent a car one-way to Palm Springs. It cost a bit more than I would have preferred to do the remote drop-off, but everyone at Enterprise was helpful, organised and they made the process as simple and pleasant as it could be.

Rick Jeralds

I gave it 4 stars but I did that was because I got there late at night so it was quick once I got to the center, it will be nice when the construction is done. When I returned the car it was afternoon and a was a nightmare getting back to the terminal so give your self extra time till the work is all done.

sharon stolper

Very convenient off site Airport Rental Car facility. The inside is spacious and several buses make the run between there and the airport.

Christy Eral

We reserved an elite SUV, but because we dont have CC and only debit cards we couldn't get what we paid for. We had to downgrade to a mini van. It was fine but not what we wanted. It got the job done. We did detail it before returning due to 3 kids and they gave us 100 dollar credit back for doing that. It ran good and got great gas mileage. The staff that checked us in was not helpful or accommodating at all but the staff that checked us back in was amazing.

Darlene B

Customer service is good most of the time. This particular instance, when I got my car and was at the gate to leave I asked the gate attendant if I had pre-paid gas. She said no and I had to go back and get it adjusted. Wasn't to happy to have to back through the gate and go back to customer service. Thankfully, the young man who assisted me the first time around was there and was helpful in getting it fixed.

Ruth Young

A bit difficult getting there & out due to construction. Just pay attention. The rental car area is very nice & lots of choices. We returned a car and needed taxi or Uber. Area where they directed us not comfortable waiting. We ended up taking bus back to airport to call for a ride share. I am sure when construction complete this will be much easier. We took car back at night which made the return a bit difficult.

jose does everything

Had the best experience! Yukon was Fabulous! Thank You Budget. Thank you for the rental!

jackie trotman

I love Enterprise. I rent frequently from them. Never had a problem

DJ Ryte

I was returning a one way rental (not flying out) and had my wife follow me. She couldn't find the area to park and wait for me to return the car and when I pulled up to return the car they said all good to go. I followed signs to return to airport pickup but nothing for visitor pickup. Took 15 minutes of escalator, elevator, stairs wandering outside garage in 100+ degree heat and 4 cell phone calls to spouse before stumbled onto an outside sign pointing to visitor parking at level 2.5. Wow isn't engineering and technology great?


Quick and easy. Rental car center is brand new. Some construction still in process, but doesn't affect the operation. Airport is a bit far away, shuttle bus is about 15 minutes ride. Make sure to account this extra time when returning you car there.

Lawrence Fry

Quick...was a discrepancy but when I showed my online receipt they fixed it no problem

Alex Moreau

Very nice facility, very straight forward to navigate. They are doing construction on the entrance which can be a nuisance but means improvements are coming!

Marius Ziah

The car runs great looks good and the service was professional and helpful

Rigens34 .

Very well laid out when you arrive. All the car rental companies in one place. There is some construction going on for the trains to be completed in 2022. Shuttle drivers are nice and willing to help load your luggage.

aritra de

This place was difficult to reach using a private vehicle. We had to go back to the airport and use the airport shuttle to reach here. Also, if you are planning to add the driver who is driving you to this facility as a co-driver for your rented car trip, please be informed where they should park their private vehicle in order to go to the facility for signature.

Microarmor007 .

The car rental companies located here are perfectly fine but the location itsself is poorly designed and has insufficient public parking. It's fine if you just landed in the airport and take the bus to get your rental car. However if you are a local, the public parking lot doesn't have many spots and if a minivan decides to stop in front of you and block the one and only route, there's nothing you can do until all 12 people unload themselves and their luggage and the van gets out of the way.

Jay Mann

The rental car center itself is nice. It is inconvenient that it is a 10 minute bus ride from the airport and you may also have to wait for the bus. Allow at least 30 additional minutes to your arrival time if you rent a car from this facility.

Jay Auzenne

I would never rent a car from advantage rental car. First an foremost the guy behind the counter acted as if he didn't see me standing there, then when I finally had gotten up to the counter and gave him my license, he left with my license with no explanation and came back with someone else stating that since my license had a small chip in the corner that they couldn't rent me a car. This happened Monday 8-5-19 @ 6:30PM. Needless to say I went somewhere else with my chipped license and rented another car.

Edwin Sales

Very organized. Quick tip. If you are a family, have an adult run ahead and get in line. Agencies can fill up fast when a group of planes land.

katrina suell

Thrifty staff name Katina was awesome. I hope she is working at the counter everytime I rent a car from Thrifty. Great customer service and very nice attitude so early in the AM. Amazing !!!

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