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Karina Neuharth

I should have assumed they were unprofessional from the way they try to market to “underage renters” but WOW. Unprofessional is a compliment. Not sure how they’re in business. Just calling to get a quote, and the guy who answered the phone was so rude “We can’t help you. We are closed.” *click*....ok?

Margaret Webb

Inexpensive and serviceable van!

Evil East

Don’t waste your time renting from these guys. They’re a rip off. Their cars are outdated. Also they’re not very professional towards their customers. They were being extremely unprofessional towards this lady who rented a van that was all scratched and banged up from the outside. Their cars are all outdated and scratched up. I wouldn’t waste my time renting here I highly recommend you go somewhere else and get your money’s worth.

kimberly Kendricks

Not happy first they gave us two mini vans that had problem. They gave us another car. I told them I needed for two weeks. They only charged me for a week and I had to take money out of rent to get it another week. Then I got flat tire put the donut on and went over there they said it was my responsibility to fix the tire. Other car rental places would of fixed the problem with no problem because it there cars. After I get done renting from them I will never go back there.

Leigh Bowie

I cannot warn you enough....this business is a SCAM. The owners are SCAM ARTISTS. They are vile men who cannot help not let the FALSE ADVERTISING fool you. $188/week, no taxes, no fees, no bull. LIARS....I paid over $100 in taxes and fees...that's a whole lot of bull! This company has already paid out nearly $2 million in fines and penalties. I rented a car...NONE of which are in good shape...for $189/week and $10.95 daily insurance. I was TOLD there would be a $200 hold on my card and the difference would be refunded. I was charged $367 in TOTAL...over $100 in tax and fees. I threw a fit about false advertising....the owner told me to CRAWL BACK INTO THE SEWER. I'm a professional older woman...I call that MISOGYNY. I even called the police. They are VERY familiar with this CORRUPT business and gave me tips to get my money back. In addition, IF your car breaks down, you will be responsible for the repair costs.

Ginger Duncan

Obviously the 3 star rating speaks for itself. I have read several of the other reviews and can only sympathize with the 0 and 1 star ratings. I too was ripped off by the little short guy who hides in the back room. After speaking with him on the phone and then meeting him in person I came to the conclusion that he is infected with the " LITTLE MAN SYNDROME. " Pitiful guy!! I was quoted 289$ total for 5 days. Unlimited miles. Gave a 500$ deposit on my card and got 31$ back when I returned the car. He was rude on the phone and more so in person. He's just real lucky I kept my cool across the counter from him!!! By the way, this is Stan writing the review. Not Ginger. I give him a -1 star.

Dawn Rodriguez

Minivan had over 180,000 miles on it and needs new tie rods. Made all kinds of noises, but the AC worked. That's about the only good. Daily fee is $39.95 but by the time they add in all of their "fees and taxes" it's more like $70 a day.

Malessa Babineaux

The staff there are a bit rude. No kind of customer service attitude here. On the bright side they did work with me when my flight was delayed for several hours and did stay open later and pick me up from the airport. In addition, the price for the week was rather reasonable. That should've been a clue. However the van they provided had a multitude of issues with it so it had to be exchanged. When I called to tell them about the problems with the van and see if there was another van available, the rep on the line was very rude. They told me I could come down and upgrade to a Transit van that day. So we arrive to the rental location and there is no Transit van available. So we are stuck with an older model van that was a serious downgrade from the previous van but it was all they had so we had to take it. But at least it didn't smell bad and had functioning seatbelts. The air conditioning on the van didn't work that well and by the last day we had the van it didn't work at all so we had to drive two hours in the Arizona heat without AC to return the van. Their rates are cheap but you get what you pay for. I would definitely not do business with this place again or recommend it to anyone.

Christie Garner

Good place....however customer service should smile often & not treat customers like the next revenue

Rene Lopez

Called to get a quote, 4/21/2019 don’t know the guys name but he was rude. Definitely not getting my business.

Umacarizona .

at first did not believe on reviews now i learned from the hard way Rentedv Ford e350 had bad frontend 164k miles radio does not work dirty smells bad everything rattles.called company and told me some bull about the frontend is normal but i own a ford e350 cargo van its not even close to the ride. worse experience putting my family at risk never again will spend extra for enterprise rental there all over america and they can replace the vehicle anytime and wherever you are.... DONT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY and the guy who answers the phone is rude no customer service all i can say STAY AWAY!!!! RUN RUN

noellelailey33 .

I called to rent a car to see if they could beat the price at Hertz rental and they were 100 dollars more. When I mentioned the price I could get with Hertz the guy was very rude to me, I had more questions for him, but he hung up on me before I could even ask them. I would not recommend them, and I would give less than 1 star if it were an option!

Jessie Dozieyjt

This is one of the worst place i everr been.The got Slim Jim that stand at the counter gets all you money rush you to make a destination.They fot fat frog the security and Oompa Loompa the mechanic that just wonts the money.I felt like it was an over charge in all they took money of my card with out my permission,they all had attitude,they just love kicking people off there property just a dam right disgrace.If there was ever a time to save your money and go some were else i would highly recommend it.

Deseree Haywood

These folks were really kind to me..I always support a "Mom & Pop" business, because there's too many corporations that are taking over. I was in and out in 10 minutes and that alone deserves 4 stars. Only issue, was a small one and that was the tire pressure light stayed on, even when we put air in it. Thanks guys for your help and being respectful, it makes a difference. You'll be happy renting here, give them a chance!

Savannah Morris

They don't give holding deposit back ! Don't do business with them, I paid 200 for the rental and 300 for holding deposit which they said would be refunded after I return the vehicle, had the vehicle for 1 week, asked for my deposit and they threw a fit ! I repeat don't do business with them !

Jessica Whitney

Was given a price quote which went up a couple hundred dollars when I arrived to pick it up and was hassled at both locations. Would not recommend to anyone.

Alana Noelle DeBarge

If I could give a zero star I would but unfortunately I have to give some type of star and one was as low as I could go. Im pregnant and my hubby and I were unable to rent at other places because our major credit card had a limit of 250.00 and they needed 300.00. 100 was a deposit. So I called this place, he was very rude to begin with I told him "we tried enterprise, budget." Before I could say and avis/budget he stated "you won't qualify for any of those." very rude to cut me off and say that, but i let it pass. So he told me he had three cars but to call back in 10 minutes. I called back in 2 mins because I wanted to Inform him we were just going to head down that way he didn't answer so i tried again. Then I called back about 10 minutes later. He began yelling ate telling me " I told you 10 minutes and your num er popped up twice on my id 2 minutes after I told you 10 minutes, when I tell you 10 minutes call back in 10 minutes." Then he repeated himself, I felt so humiliated I let him finish his rant and let him know because of his treatment towards me I would rather not rent anything from them. His replies was "yeah we rather not do business with you." Im Confused why "they" rather not do business with me this guy never even got my 1st name, I ended the call and emotionally frustrated because we couldn't get a car for my grandmas memorial in Vegas I began to cry. Yet and but God came through and we are making it to vegas, were on our way now. My advice is stay away from this place I see nothing but nasty reviews and I was treated sorely over calling back 8 mins before the time he told me. If I would of known he was the only person working I wouldn't of called early i suppose, guess I didn't figure the man was so prideful and mean that he has no other employees to help him with his work load. I pray God brings this man to repentance he seems very miserable. May Jesus Christ have mercy on him.

Tajah Staton

So rude and do not recommend

Nathan Petersen

Their quoted prices are cheap but they tack on tons of extra fees at the end so you will pay the same or more than the airport car rental companies in the end. They don’t care about customers. Their vehicles are all in very bad shape. Avoid this place except at absolutely last resort.

madi terry

They changed prices on us 4 different times. The workers out front gave us prices and the front desk told us it was over $300 more telling us it was his set price that the prices don’t change. I asked if I could see the set prices so I could know what all the different prices are and he started yelling and told us to get out now. I’ve never been well one so confused as to why someone would treat a customer the way he did let alone speak to a customer that way. I do not suggest this place. The vehicles are trashed almost as bad as the customer service.

Karrington Hahn

Was given a van with a tire with a slow leak. Had to change tire but spare was flat. Over priced and wasn't given back deposit when the car was perfect. Boo Hiss!

Chris Napierala

Customer support was not existant except for the shuttle driver was nice. Van was a 2006 with 230k miles. Didnt have enough power to go up hills. Most of their cars were old and the facility was run down.

Shank 06

Said they were going to pick us up at the airport and they weren’t there. When I called, they told me I needed to take a cab, which was an inconvenience. They did pay for it though. The SUV I rented is really old and run down. (150,000 miles) The windows barely worked. The motors are nearly burned out and we had to push the windows up by hand to “help” them up. Vehicle had damage inside and out. Also, they didn’t give me the key fob and the alarm kept going off on the car if I didn’t jump in quickly and start it, which was really annoying for the week we rented it. The car had a governor on it and beeped every time I hit 75 mph, and then would beep again at 80, where it topped out and would not go any faster. Again, annoying. My sister’s family made a reservation with them also, and they completely stood them up and did not provide them a vehicle. The price is cheaper than most big rental companies, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Christine Reimer

Stay away from these guys! All the poor experiences described in previous reviews are similar to mine. I'm just thankful the banged up old car made it and the air conditioning kept working even though the cruise control cut out a few times and the gauges were all over the map. Next time I will gladly pay more for a reliable car from a reputable rental company.

Christa Lilly

I rented from this place months before arriving making sure I would have a decent van. I even made several phone calls. When we arrived, the van did not even have working seatbelts! The owner said, “choose a different seat” With six of us and no other option, the man knew he had us. The price was NOT the same as quoted. After driving off we realized how dirty, and how it stunk. Our kids even put sheets over the seat. It made an awful noise the entire time. Every phone call was blunt and rude. This was our rental for 12 days! I would NOT recommend this company!


I wish I could rate this negative 5. I was interested in a van rental and bc I was traveling to an area that had potential snowfall and ice on the ground I wanted detailed information about coverage they offer.... the salesman basically told me my questions regarding coverage were hoky poky and there must be something wrong with my inquiry and accusing me of being up to no good.....then he told me he had plenty of customers and hung the phone up on me. wow....I would not rent here if I were you.....

Adam Cooper

Please and when I say please don’t rent a car from here they will take all your money out your account... after you pay the deposit every day the take money out your account and when you go to talk to them they are very rude and kick you off their property you are better off walking then renting from there.... very bad experience at this place if they had zero stars that’s what they would get

Nae Kellum

Came into sky harbor via DFW for 4 days, helped on the phone first just like the website stated, 3 questions and then at counter the Rep was good, direct, kind and courteous and had my rental fixed up asap once I arrived from airport, less than 5 minutes! The compact car was pulled onto lot, trunk was up for my luggage and set to go for my depatured. Great COLD a/c, good rpms, gas was economical and not a guzzler, all features in vehicle worked, no problem and was not worried any of the 4 days. Next time in town, will still give them my business.

Amit Arora

Worst experience at this rental car company. They don't honor the rates committed to you via email / phone. They are super rude and non courteous with their customers. Unprofessional and poorly managed car rental company. They claim their rates are lower, however they are not - always go for the known / famous car rental companies.

Sonya Carrillo

If I was able to put No stars I would because this one star is even too much positive for this place. Dont come here, there is so many other places in this big city!

Jennifer Jacobs

Quick, reasonably priced, and friendly... my type of business.

Rachael Gander

SERIOUSLY DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM HERE!!! I rented the black Chevy impala! It reeked of cigarette smoke and stale weed! The tire went flat and I went to go change the tire and there was no spare tire in the well in the trunk! I called the business and told them I had no tire to replace it with and I was worried about further damaging the car to drive it the nearest gas station to pump it up and he told me I was lying and that there was a tire! He treated me like I was an idiot and like I didn’t know where a spare tire would be in a car?? Luckily the person I was staying with had a portal tire pump so I used that and just dropped the car off so I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. Pretty sure they over charged me as well. Guess we will see in 2 days if I get my “deposit” back. Let me know if anyone else had tire flattening issues! I’ve heard a couple of people with the same issue on yelp and here. Yeah but don’t rent from here EVER!

Zack Kipnes

Got a rental from them at closing time (6:00) the car unfortunately broke down 5 minutes into my drive as I was leaving the gas station (as they rented me a car with a gas light on) I somehow get the car back to the rental lot (6:08pm) and the gates locked. I call and the closing shift guy, the one who rented me the vehicle answers (short, white guy, about 55ish, sorry don’t know his name) says they are closed and to bring it back in the AM. Also tells me he really doubts anything is wrong with the car anyways (not that he was there to see or drive it so thanks I guess I’m just a fu%#^* idiot right?) So I leave the car on the side of McDowell and walk 1.5 miles home (almost got robbed but that’s a whole different story.) My morning review is an entire other situation. The opening guy (white, about 25-30) is very helpful. He has the mechanic look at it and issues me a full refund. Very honest guy. They should give him more hours. I’m giving three stars, and telling everyone to rent in the morning time! You’ll be much happier!

Arthur K

(Must read)I would not even give them a 1-star. By far the most unprofessional group. They will scam anyway they can! I rented a car and it had a cracked window shield warning lights and car sound like it was going to die!! And I did not feel safe in it. When I tried to switch the car for safety reason I was called a “cry baby” by some fat guy (possibly the boss) and they stated they didn’t want my business no more. I stated we had a contract for a week. Fat guy(boss?) says “this is America I can do what I want. Was charged 80 for the day for a pice of sh**t impala. And still waiting for my credit refund.I had the cops involved and there answer was very simple. Unfortunately they could not help due to the fact it becomes a civi court issue. Felt very threatened by the fat(boss) so unfortunately I would stay far away from this rental! This is a common issue the police have to deal with and I feel very sorry they have to waste there time with a scum like that!

David Zimmerman

BE AWARE!!! PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW. If I could give less than one star, I would. Most dishonest rental car company I have ever dealt with!!! We rented a 15 passenger van for a family trip. I was quoted $749 and was charged $944 with no explanation of taxes and fees (verbally or on my receipt). I was told the van steering wheel would shake if I was too close to the car in front of me. The van is not even equipped with that feature. We were almost out of Phoenix and the steering wheel and dash would shake every 10-15 seconds. I called them and they said they would bring me another vehicle. They did. It had nearly 300, 000 miles on it!! The inside was filthy. I tried calling the office, and was hung up on 2 different times. I told them never mind, I would take my chances with the first one. Big mistake. The problem got worse as we headed out, so I called the office again and was dealt with very rudely. I said I was bringing the car back. I was told to bring it back pronto then hung up on again by the same gentleman as before!! When I took the van back they took my pink copy of the receipt and would not give it back to me. I was told "we are done with you." The gentleman that rented the car initially and hung up on me during my phone calls was not willing to come out from the back room. No bother, it would have been a waste of my breath to try to talk to him again. Luckily they did refund my $944. We called all over trying to find a company to help us out with a 12-15 passenger van in this situation on short notice. WITHOUT FAIL EVERY COMPANY WE TALKED TO (4-5 different rental companies) WITHOUT FAIL ASKED "Did you rent from Phoenix Car Rental?" They all said that this company has been doing this for years. PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO ANOTHER RENTAL COMPANY!!!

Santos Lara

Spoke to a guy over the phone gave him my age and what days I was going to use the car. He gave me a price and I said great ill see you in a couple of hours. We arrived and they gave me a different price which was double of the original. I asked why. They said cause of my age. I told them fine let me talk to my bank so they know a $800+ purchance was going to be ran so i stepped outside. Not even five minutes on the phone and they brought my luggage out. Felt like I was told to leave. So i did and Went to Alamo rent a car and saved a tone of money. Avoid this unprofessional place. Never make it seem like your running customers out unless you are trying to lose business

Penny Segundo

The people here were rude as hell from the start in person and over the phone, mostly referring to the short chubby guy who you can tell obviously hates his life. They were short and didn't explain anything in full at all. They told me one price and charged me more than what was said and what was written on paper. When I called to ask why I was overcharged, again, they were short and rude, and at the end said, "We don't want your business anyway." Who says that? The second time I called, they hung up on me. Who does that? Plus my car had multiple lights come on the dashboard including check engine and low tire pressure. Again, they were no help with that either. After the fact, I found out one my friends also had a negative experience with them, and they decided to steal her sunglasses. Cool right? When you call, you'll know what I am talking about, and when you go in person you'll know the chubby guy I'm talking about. If you decide to choose them, have fun!

Eric Tang

Easy to rent. A little out of the way, but still close to the airport.

Dennis Patton

Sure some things don't work vehicles have high mileage etc etc. Lots to complain about. But there are some good things.. The car ran well and because of all the new bylaws for rental car companies to be able to rent from them.., this is not a bad option, at least it is an option. They would do better though if they drop the costs...

Isaiah Jordan

They lie about prices and the cars are terrible. DO NOT GO HERE I REPEAT DO NOT GO HERE

Peter Moore

Staff are direct and to the point . As well as being helpful they are quick and efficient with checkout and return of cars . They will either pick you up at your terminal or at odd hours tell you to take a cab which they pay for . I rent monthly and while the cars are high mileage and not new models they are mechanically sound and I could not find a better priced full sized car on a monthly rental at the Phoenix Airport .

Aliesha __

READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE RENTING......I will absolutely not recommend this company to anyone even if you are under the age of 25.. I rented a car for a weekend and was told there was a 200$ Deposit (a returnable sum payable on the rental of something, to cover any possible loss or damage.) and was quoted 450 for the Rental including the deposit. Well when I got to the rental place I was gave an Approximate total of $339.82. Later when returning the car a total was written at the bottom of receipt of $275. I received $60.12 to my bank account. I then called and everytime was told to allow 3 business days. I then called on a Saturday and was talked to rudely and told to call back Monday. So I called back Monday 08/05/19 and talked to a guy with the worst customer service and talked to me as if I was dumb and had a misunderstanding regarding what a deposit is. If my total is 275$, $400 was pulled from my card and $60 was returned, I believe $65 is still owed to me... But somewhere there is a miscommunication within the company. And the car sucked. I would give 0 stars if I could. FRAUDS...

Christian de Boer

I had proof of insurance and they are still making me wait until Monday to get my deposit back. I don't even know at the time of this posting if I'll get it back. The engine light was on the week I had the car and it smelled like smoke.

Moriah Vann

This so-called car rental is a HUGE joke. I had to take a car back 4 times to this crappy place in less than 24 hours. I was given a car that smelled and looked like it had been in a junkyard for years...then I was given a car that ran hot and the power-steering is going out...the third car, the horn did not work. Now, that is just regarding the cars...the customer service is below sub-par, the excuse they use is, "It's a used car." What car rental establishment doesn't have used's a car rental so most cars have already been used. They want to nickle and dime you to death but then rent you cars that look like they come straight from the junkyard. The customer service is rude and ignorant; it seems his only solution is to cut you off while you're talking and then hang up the phone....he needs to be fired and never work with the public again. I have had to drive to this same place 4 times in less than 24 I'm just asking for my money back!!!! Please do not waste your time on such a trashy place as this...spend the extra money and go to a place with better cars and better customer service because this mess here lacks in both areas. You would think upper management or the owner would actually read the MANY bad reviews and do something about the horrible customer service and take better care of the cars they rent. There are over 300 reviews on this "company" and most are 1 star and most probably put the 1 star because the software would not allow you to not give a star at all. I would hope the owner would have a better interest in his/her business....

Star Nunn

The owner is very rude doesn't know how to speak to paying customers that just need a car rental to get around in Phoenix with 2 toddlers in this heat. Do not refer your friends or family. No deal

sriram kalakoti

horrible place. Scam scam scam..!!!!! stay away from this place

Samuel Koenig

Called on 10/6 and the person on the phone was extremely rude. I called for a price quote and was asking about mileage limits and cost / mile and his only response was "Where you are going with it?" "Where are you going with it?" in a repeatedly demeaning tone. Definitely taking my business elsewhere.

Felicia Jones

Representative on Indian School by the over pass is quick and had nice attitude. Representative on McDowell is very bitter and rude on the phone.

Steele Thurman

READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY. I planned a family trip to go to Rocky Point for a family reunion. I have a lot of family and needed a large passenger van to travel there with. ENTERPRISE TOLD ME they could do it. Of course I go thru what so may people have probably gone thru. I get to the rental counter and it becomes "Oh we don't allow large passenger vehicles to go down there." So now me and my entire family of 8 is stuck. I googled Mexico large van rentals and these guys popped up. It was SUPER last minute when I called Phoenix Discount Van Rental and basically begged them to get my family and I to Rocky Point. Otherwise my $1,500 Airbnb would have been toast. They hooked me up DAY OF in a Ford Transit. A lot of people say the cars are older but mine got my whole family down there and back just fine and was exactly what we needed. Would definitely recommend them for any Rocky Point rentals and especially if you;re in a last minute pinch. Thanks!

Lorie Journey

My husband and I flew to Phoenix to visit his parents three months ago. We learn online that Phoenix Car Rental has a good customer service and they take good care of their customers. We rented a car from them and we got a great deal. They are friendly and professional. They make sure that the car we rented is in good condition and we did not experience any problem at all. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are the best Car Rental in Phoenix and we will do business again with them in the near future.

Brianna Jean

Wow. This place is a joke. The men behind the counter were very very rude and disrespectful. They talk to you like you are stupid. I much would have rather paid more money to get a better car somewhere else. Check engine lights flashing, buttons in cars don’t work. Over priced for a pile of junk car.

wenseslado cano

Quoted me $375 when I reserved the van and when I got there to pick it up the price went up to $575. Total price for a van with over 150,000 miles and in very poor condition was $670. I had zero time to reserve elsewhere at the last minute so I had no choice. Customer service was extremely poor and the van I rented was an absolute mess. Go elsewhere because this place is dishonest and rude! Will never bring my business here again!

Zachary Ben

Well first of all this place is a BIG BIG RIP OFF customer service is very poor and the workers are VERY VERY RUDE. Second their rates are nothing to what they say they are they told me it's a $300 security deposit when I get there they add other $100 and said the lowest the deposit is $350. Upon returning the car in the same condition i got it I only got $60 back from my deposit after they said well get the full amount back LISTEN TO ME AND THESE OTHER REVIEWS I REPEAT DO NOT DO NOT RENT FROM THE PLACE !!!!! . . .UNLESS YOU LIKE RIPPED OFF HAPPY RENTING :)

Crazy Fast

My family and I went to Arizona for a Family vacation hoping our arrival would be smooth, when we arrived to Phoenix Car Renta, the person who assisted us came across very rude. Also, the van the we Received was dirty, it appear that no service was done on it, It had several warning lights on the dash, also the AC was super low and 2 tires kept on loosing air bad " we were there for one whole week", the V12 phone chargers did NOT work at all, overall Customer Service is very horrible there, they gave me a price over the phone that was completely different upon arrival. Worst rental experience we ever had, i will NOT rent from there again and do not Recomend them whatsoever. I suggest you spend the extra money and rent from a different place everyone!! Very disappointed in Phoenix Car rental!!

Rachel Somoza

Terrible. The general manager was horrible, rude, and unhelpful. I won't even bother going into all the details of their illegal, misogonistic business practices. If you have an option, please use a reasonable, reputable rental agency.

john socha

Worst car rental ever. We rented an oversize van to take 13 of us from Phoenix to mexico. the air conditioning barely worked, we later realized there were no lights on the dash, the headlight button was broken. While in mexico the battery kept dying so we had to have it jumped multiple times and incur cab charges for 13 people since we were now afraid to drive it and get stranded again in mexico. On way home while sitting in line at the border it started overheating and we had to turn the heat on high in the 105° weather for an hour and a half. We were also to afraid to once again turn the van off at the gas station for fear it wouldn't start again so we pumped gas while it was running. When we finally contacted the owner he said he would get back to us, which he never did. Instead he left a message with his employees to let us know that the best they could do was give us a 10% discount.... $60! Joke of a place!

Sean Moser

I used Phoenix Car Rental when I visited my family in the area last week. I was very pleased with all aspects of my experience. When I arrived, the staff was very friendly and professional and did a great job welcoming me to a place I've never been before. I generally don't like to make small talk but the person at the counter was very pleasant and seemed genuinely happy to be there. She even gave me some great tips on a place to eat by my family's house. The car I got was very well cleaned (like new) and ran great! I was extremely happy that I used this service and would recommend it to anyone.

Mat Wedig

Great car rental experience! The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and even offered very detailed directions to the Wigwam Hotel where I was staying. These days, it seems that excellent customer service is the exception rather than the rule, but the staff here were absolutely awesome in every way. The car was in great and clean condition and was a great asset on my trip to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Of course the rates were unbeatable and I would definitely rent from them again in the future! My experience here was much better than any experience that I've ever had with one of the big national rental car agencies.

supreet singh

Extremely rude. Cursing on the phone.

Shade Wright

Well let me say I will not be renting from this company based off of my phone quote with the reps. They are very rude and seem annoyed while speaking with you. I asked if I could reserve the car I was quoted 189.00 for 3 days with a 200 deposit over the phone and he replied with a smart ass comment saying it would be kind of hard to drive off with a car over the phone... well first off you can reserve a car over the phone or online with any other company so to try and make me feel dumb was very unprofessional. This was not my first call to them and each time I got a bad vibe as if they are just miserable with their jobs smh. Then after reading these reviews I’m glad I didn’t rent from them. If you can, go to another company

Krisann Pease

Well I was toldx one price and was charged something else. Provided ins to them and they charged me for ins. I am now fighting them with th at and keep getting the run around. The guy that I spoke to over the phone was very rude started telling me what was said and not said in the office when he was not even there. Then going over the charges even more the math does not even add up there is money there that they charged me for and I have no idea what it is for. I just cld today to speak to Kathy and the people that answer the phone is so rude. They raise there voice with you put me on hold without telling me then hung up on me twice . I then spoke to someone named Dick which I thought he was being smart with me because of the service I have received so I asked if he was serious he said yes it was Richard why am I asking such a stupid question I asked for Corp # he said this was it I asked who was above him he said God. Great customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE .

sylvia ruta

Don’t use this company The owner Ed threatens you if you question the hidden costs. The cars are very old and dangerous on the road. They don’t care once they have your credit card. Don’t ever rent from them. The state should shut down this business Believe the negative reviews! They are true experiences! Don’t understand the owners modus operandi other than running a Fraudulent business.

Roxie Frank

Never even rented a car from these people their customer service via the phone alone is horrible, rude short... almost robotic!!!


This is a great place to rent a car. The staff was very friendly and helped me out in a pinch. They had my paperwork done quickly and I was driving in no time. I would recommend anyone to this company. Went here because all my friends go. I didn't want to deal with a hassle of an unfamiliar car rental location. The first thing I always care about when I go to any place of business, let alone such an important one as a car rental service (in Phoenix, which is somewhat far from where I live; so it better be worth the drive!) is the people behind it. Up front, all the staff that greeted me seemed to want to be helpful, as opposed to just pushing sales and extras on me. Like Jason said they do get through things very quickly as well. Place could've been kept a bit cleaner; but I'm not complaining when everything about service seems to be tip top. Phoenix Car Rental is a very good service and the best service in my opinion and the reason for this is that this service always moves on competitive rates and they have never charged more then what they actually deserves from us and what they charge normally is actually their right and nothing beyond that.

Magda Martinez

Phoenix Car Rental is a life saver. I don't have credit cards to hold the car and Phoenix Car Rental took all the risk, by allowing me to rent the car without a card. They're reasonable in their prices. They were very helpful with teaching me how to use the GPS. I'm old school......... Ron is very personable on the phone and in person. The staff helps everyone in a quickly manner. They offer rides to and from the airport. Great company. Great staff. Will be using them again. I told all my friends about this company. Thanks to everyone at Phoenix Car Rental. See you all on Tuesday morning!! Magda Martinez

Jim Goodwin

Worst ever!!! Broken arm rests old vehicles had an electrical problem headlights surged bight to dim back and fourth the vehicle had 120k miles on it dents and scratches everywhere. Hot glue all over the interior. Not much cheaper than a reputable company at the you get new vehicles that work properly. I wouldn't send anyone I care about here.

Sasha Soto

Called about a quote and looking at options of rental. He was very rude and unprofessional. I was still talking and says, have a good day, and hangs up.

Loreley Leonard

I travel more often than I wish for business. One of the hassles which can make a business trip less stressful is finding a good and reliable car rental service. I am often in the Phoenix. AZ area. It is a big market that tends to be very spread out. I find that renting a car with a GPS service helps make navigating the area easier. I had a good experience with Phoenix Car Rental. I will be using them again the next time my business travels require me to work in the Phoenix, AZ area. They were prompt. The employees of the Phoenix Car Rental are professional and eager to help. The price for the service was more than fair. I would encourage anyone in this area who is looking to rent a car to consider them.I am sure it is a decision you will not regret. The customer service you can anticipate from this business is very impressive.

Naomi Poling

Most disrespectful employees EVER. Called just to say that i was unsatisified with the condition of my vehicle. Asked to speak to a manager about it (just not knowing if the guy on the phone could help me out) he told me i could just talk to him. Car was filthy with dirt all over it, obviously has never been clean. Car barely starts up as the starter is clearly in bad condition. Flooring of vehicle is all torn up and looks as if food or dog poop is inside of it. Was then told that “you got what you paid for, nothing i can do for you. You should have read the explicit details on the car” sure i should’ve, that’s my fault. Found out i can’t exchange the vehicle i have. He was rude, yelling at me, and had the audacity to tell me that “why don’t you open your own car rental place and rent out better vehicles” then hung up. Absolutely ridiculous. No clue why this place is still open. DO NOT RENT FROM HERE.

Jerry Thomas

Nightmare. Avoid this place if you can. I brought my family to Phoenix on holiday and found Phoenix Car Rental online. It sounded like a good place to rent a car with affordable rates. We arrived in early August 2019 in 40 degree heat. I gauged from the onset something was wrong when we got picked up in an old minivan. It was blowing hot air. Not air conditioning. We arrived at Phoenix Car Rental in 15 minutes but we were all sweating profusely. They gave us an old Chevy Impala. Again I ignored my instinct. The car was old, smelled of smoke and when they opened the trunk the plastic lining was all broken. I asked for a different car and they said they had none and upgrades cost another $100-$150 per day. With the kids hot and tired we left for our rental home about 45 minutes away. We were told by the staff manager to wait for about 20 minutes for the air conditioning to kick in. It never did. Only blew hot air though the a/c was turned on. Then warning lights came on about tire pressure and a system light. With the extremely hot weather the kids were almost passing out in the back seat with the windows down and we were worried about them getting sun burned. I immediately returned the car after I dropped them off and asked for a different vehicle. They suggested a free upgrade (the dilapidated minivan we arrived in the airport from). I refused. They said that because they offered a free upgrade that I was not entitled to a refund even thought I had the car less than two hours and filled up the gas tank. According to Visa Customer Service I should have left without paying. They were multiple guys there and I felt threatened that they make me pay for the full amount. According to their contractual rental terms you are on the hook for 50% of the payment the minute you leave the lot. I paid the $124.50 US. I just wanted to get out of there. They quickly scattered and I was left on my own in the rundown area of Phoenix where they were located. Thankfully I had Uber and they picked me up in two minutes. I went back to the airport and went to National Car Rental and told them what just happened. They provided me a free upgrade to VIP and gave me a brand new fully loaded 2019 Dodge Caravan all leather interior vehicle with GPS for just $60 US more (for the entire week not per day). Needless to say we had a great time visiting Phoenix and National's service was outstanding, but hopefully I can spare others the grief of renting cars from this place.

Gabe Colunga

The worst SCAM FRAUD be aware they ask for a deposit upfront say it will be returned after return of the vehicle and never given back gas was full everything the way I got it HORRIBLE HORRIBLE place to rent from awful

Jordan Mccaughey

Seen it, never used it however. Looks nice from outside

Fred Jones

This is a horrible, cutrate, most likely money laundering joint for some rancid European trash. The little short troll behind the counter is a rude piece. You get what you pay for which is trash. Use it only if you have no other choice. Read everything because they will explain nothing. They are not on the up.

meghan Cule

I had been renting cars from Sky Harbor for a while until I found these guys. What a difference in speed and service. Thought waiting at the airport for the shuttle and over 20 minutes at the counter was normal until I started renting here. No wait at the counter and in a car in under 5 minutes from when I arrived. If you want fast, these are the guys. I have been dealing with Ron for about a year now and since he knows me he sometimes gives me a free upgrade!


Was not helpfu at all told me I needed a flight going from Phoenix. So i find a flight purchase it then he says oh i cant do it until the next day then he said. I need a round trip ticket. Its xmas i was trying to see all my grandkids at once

Alethia for Christ

Unfortunately, like most people who’s cards aren’t accepted at reputable car rental companies out here, we were forced to rent from this company who takes full advantage of that very fact. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do when all else fails. This is one experience I will never allow my family to accept or feel like there is no alternative because quite frankly, nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever be that bad that we have to come here again! ZERO stars for everything from customer service to prices, and double negative ZERO x 1000 stars for the cars they rent out. I have NEVER in my life sat in a car so awful that it made me feel like I have to go get tested for diseases the moment my body sat down. I itched and squirmed the entire time. And this is what $80+ will get you with limited miles! pictures don’t do justice to the amount of things wrong with the vehicle. Don’t get me started on the smell. It smelled like a gangster party in there and even worse when the air kicked on. And at one point, the car jerked so bad when we accelerated that we thought we got rear ended! My neck got whiplash and a migraine kicked in. Scared me so bad I cried. I’ll turn my own self in for child & husband abuse if I ever have to put them in a car like this again! LYFT was a life saver! It was cheaper to catch a ride after finally returning the car. 1 day 1/2 was too long. Save your money! Save your health! Save your neck! Don’t come here. Get a quote on a LYFT ride or Uber or whoever! I’m sure it’ll be cheaper anyway. Shoot, a bus would be better than this. Check out the pics. I would of taken more but I didn’t want my camera to break! YES, IT WAS THAT BAD!✌

Kellin Baldenegro

You can pay all cash if you have no major credit card, but expect to bring at least $400 and do not expect to get the nicest car in the lot. Your choices will be limited, but it's better than nothing. Pay attention closely too all terms they go kind of fast and don't be shy to ask for an explaination if you dont understand something.

Chris Lee

Just read the other reviews.. The car was dirty, headlight and tail light burnt out. Leaking fluids ruined my driveway. Cig burns and just nasty. If you are really desperate or in a pinch i would still advise go somewhere else ..

Genny Espinosa

Don't rent with these people, air conditioning does not work, here in Phoenix you need air condition, lemon cars, dirty, and rip off. If you drive into their parking lot, you see all these used cars, and when you walk into the office, you can tell its a lame company. Do not rent with these Rental car place and it's a rip off and their cars are lemons.

Rachel Baca

How rude. I just called for a quote and the rudeness. No thanks.

Lorraine Garcia

if there is an option to give zero Stars I would have done that customer service was absolutely rude and laughter questions I asked never felt as stupid as this gentleman made me feel.

Mathias Ohdessa

First and foremost the guy at the desk was very rude. Not only that but the quote we got on the phone was way different. He tried to charge us almost twice the amount. The place itself looks sketchy. And not once did the guy look at the computer for rates and was pulling numbers from his head. Do not rent from here! The will rip you off.

Shannon Pizano

BEWARE! I just called and spoke to an extremely rude guy on the phone! I needed a car for the weekend and the guy was extremely rude over the phone and told me to call back when i am ready to buy...which I was...but insisted me on calling me back still!! Believe the bad reviews, horrible customer service!!!! The man answering the phones should be fired!

Travis n Theronica B.

Very fast and nice car and can pay with cash i love it!!!

D Jeff

If I could give -5 stars I would. When I called on the phone I was quoted 180.00 then was charged 339.00 no verbal explanation of fees and service charges. I have insurance he said my insurance wasn’t good I would have to use the 10.00 a day policy. I was in a hurry so I grabbed the car. This vehicle was sketchy I explained to the gentlemen I would be using this vehicle to travel to California (San Diego ) the gentlemen explained to me that it’s unlimited mileage but I couldn’t drive the vehicle it past north LA(why? I am not sure.) I took the car off the lot and immediately knew something was wrong. A) the vehicle had no gas in it. Literally it was close to empty (which the gentleman told me to return full) what? Driving the vehicle it was extremely loose, the power steering was not good. It was making noises and the AC was not properly working. I knew this vehicle would not make the trip to California from Arizona. So after about an hour and half I returned the vehicle to the lot with my friend. I explained to him that the vehicle would not make the trip to Cali. He then circles the paper and said he would charge me half. (Over what? He sold me a lemon) so he wrote some number amount on my pink slip. I took it back with my friend demanding a refund because the car was horrible. He then runs a slip and has an amount 230.00 which he signed and said it was going to be refunded to me . I was confused. We left and rented a car (from sixth which was amazing) I checked my online banking as, I had a phone bill that auto bills I wanted to make sure that It went through. Sure enough the car rental company charged me 400.00 so he not only charged me but also lied and up charged me!. Shady business practices!. I had to call my bank and dispute this charge. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!!!! Horrible vehicles and sketchy business practices. The fact he doesn’t explain anything and just writes numbers it’s not good.

Lisa Enriquez

I would not rent from here!!!!!!! Worst customer service!!! Called for a 1 year old daughter happened to let out a scream while I was on the phone and he said to call back and hung up. I called back to ask for the name of the person and this other guy had something to say about the scream. "TO CALM MY BRATS DOWN!! IF THEOR SCREAMING THAN THEY ARE MOST LIKEY BRATS" Shes 1!!! Smh! I called back to get names and I dont know of it was the same 2 guys i spoke with before but this person also had attitude! Talking about my kid/s! I'm so upset and bothered! By the looks of these reviews I guess I'm not the only one! Dont see how their in buisness still! Negative Zero stars if I could

Fernando Martinez

Got a quote and a car same day I landed. Was a little difficult communicating with them but I got my car so I’m happy.

Kandace Levi

These people are the biggest crooks in town. Their cars are dirty, they break down and they completely misrepresent the pricing. This place is a disgusting scam.

Jose Limas

Dude answeing the phone is a rude pos i called to inquire for a rental and he was ride and unprofessional

Guy Brossy

Rented twice in 30 days. Both cars were very old. The first had balding tires that went unnoticed until one shredded on a main roadway. Took it to a nearby tire store and the mechanic said that two of the tires were legally bald. The company angrily denied anything was wrong. Second car had about 190,000 miles on in and lasted two days before the transmission temp warning light came on. Upon inspection at a gas station it needed transmission fluid, but when added, the fluid just drained out onto the ground ... either a broken seal or drain plug. They tried to blame us then hung up on us stranding my wife and son three hours away. Avoid this place at all costs.

Debbie Geist

Don't use! They have junkers! I don't see how they stay in business!

Jose Lugo

Charged way too much, but was very convenient

Mark Manning

Great prices! on their vans that we rented. The personnel were friendly and flexible, and made the whole experience easy. In fact, I've rented their vehicles numerous times, and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend Phoenix Car Rental.

Sheila Morgan

Decent cars... Good for not having a major credit card.

Jaime Zick

This place was horrible. The guy is nice when you first start talking about renting with them but they rent you clunkers then they try to charge you for the damage it had when they rented it to you. Also they tell you one price and charge something different do read your contracts before signing! They are really rude when your returning the car. I asked how much they charged and they said it is on your "reciept" and they wouldn't give any details. All I can say is they are shady and the prices are the same as a legit rental place but with legit rentals you get a brand new car and here you get one that's falling apart.

Van Yates

DO NOT RENT FROM THEM THEY WILL STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT MONEY, Very Rude unprofessional Service from the short little Man, he talks to people of color as if we are beneath him, he’s Quick to start an argument when it’s not even called for, the Taller gentlemen is more professional..

Pratyush Pandya

I had reserved a 12-passenger van and when I went to pick it up, I was told it hadn't been returned yet. I can understand that. But the front desk person (manager?) was extremely unprofessional and rude in his tone. I felt like he was doing me a favor by renting the van. He showed no courtesy and poor manners. He said he did not know when the van would be returned, and that he would call me back when it is. I NEVER got the call. DO NOT EVER RENT A VEHICLE FROM THIS PLACE, unless you don't mind being treated with zero respect. This place doesn't even deserve one star.

Beau Kemp

Don't hang up on a potential customer calling for a quote. I was just trying to give you some money man.

Crystal Watson

Most horrible rude experience I have ever had. This company diea not deserve to be in business. A friend of mine and I both went in to rent a car and the man was so rude. I do not recommend anyone goes and rents a vehicle from phoenix car rentals on mcdowell.


Doesnt even deserve 1 star. Please don’t waste your time by going here. The owner was an abusive pig, said abusive words when confronted about the rate list “400-500USD for a mid sized sedan” and 750USD for an SUV. You can check out other well established rentals instead of wasting time and being ridiculed by such racists.

Alida Perez

Scam artist they put me in a car that the tires were bad. Back tire was torn so I took the time out of my day because I have a 5 year old, I want us to be safe only for them to put me in another car that had a power steering issue. The guy behind the counter is rude and Can careless. The quality of the cars are trash I had to go buy a whole bunch of air fresheners because the first car they put me in smelled like a ashtray. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN YOUR MONEY!

Kim K

Terrible service, man at the front desk has an awful attitude & their cars are all in really bad condition. My car had over 200,000 miles on it, check engine light was on, I kept getting an alert on my dashboard that my check rear left tire was low on air and the car wouldn’t start half the time! Not to mention the car had a musky cigarette smell and my windows didn’t even work. If I could give 0 stars I would! Please don’t go here, save your money and your time. It’s too overpriced for the awful service and cars they provide. They’re all a bunch of con artists who quote you one price then steal your money. They’ll even keep your security deposit although the problems with the car were there before you got in.

Krista King

THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY RENTAL CAR OPTION FOR PPL UNDER THE AGE OF 25!!!! THEY WANT YOU TO THINK THAT!! AND ITS CHEAPER TO PAY FOR THR EXTRA INS THAN TO GO HERE FOR A BROKEN HEAP!!! GET A DEBIT CARD AT FIRST CONVENIENCE BANK IN WAL MART ANYONE CAN AND GO TO ENTERPRISE!!!! If you can prove where you live and have a dl, they WILL rent to you. And yes under 25 . Of course we all know one star does not mean they anything right. It is the only !!!!way to leave a review. I have used this service a few times now; and I have watched carefully. They assume that they are the smartest ones in the room. (the men at the front counter, the gentlemen that take care if the fleet of cars are wonderfully pleasant and kind.) What they are doing is on the verge of fraud. It actually just might be. What this place reminds me of is the place you see in gangster movies where they hang out and launder their cash. I can totally see any one of the "customer service representatives'" totally gave planting a customer for asking one too many questions because if they after on the phone in front of you, they will sit there and roll their eyes and act like they are doing someone a favor by taking too much

Alexis Ransom

After months of planning my vacation was almost ruined because of a mishap with another car rental place. Called this place the day of my trip and the got me on the road with no haggles. Ron had everything ready for me when i arrived and I was on the road in under 10 minutes. The car that was provided to me was a nice mid size car. Everything worked including the AC and it made it to vegas with no problem.

Rick Nix

This place is a total scam they give you one price when picking up the car and completely different price when you return it, the cars are completely out dated and has over 100,000 miles in them not clean cigarette burn holes in them they are basically junk cars that they rent out don’t care about the customer at all. I talked to the owner he doesn’t care about reviews or the customer very rude and unprofessional. He responded that they rent 7000 cars a year and doesn’t need our business anyway and to sue him. The car we got was a 2003 impala with almost 200,000 miles on it was a junk car charged 300 for 6 days 100 more then they said when we picked it up and because of the writing in he contract is how he rips the customer off it doesn’t give like a normal price gives a estimated price and he keeps the rest going off of that amount, it’s basically bait and switch highly illegal. DO NOT RENT from them

MIchael Guzman

Straight up crooks. There is a reason they changed their name from Sabans 1.8 million of them. I asked reasonable questions about extra charges that my son incured and was greeted with rude responses and told to leave. Minor damage to vehicle was charged 3 times the cost of repair. Hidden fees cost was almost double what was quoted. Car had damage already and vehicle was older and in poor condition. As sub standard rental company as they come. The AG doesnt need to fine them he needs to put these shady SOBs out of business. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CLOWNS...

Myron Mosley

Went here yesterday and can confirm that all the 1 star ratings are true ! !

Ashuan Lindsey

I Wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy to rent from that's how terrible this place is and if I could give no stars or negative I would. First off we were given a truck to drive to Mexico and as soon as I get home to pack up the truck the check oil and engine light comes on. I take it back to the rental place and the guy says don't worry about that it means nothing. I'm driving to Mexico yeah I'm going to worry about that sir, so he gives us a different truck to drive this truck doesn't even have windshield wipers. After reading my invoice it shows a $60 dollar a day rate which is what I told but at the bottom of the invoice my total amount due is way more then what $60 dollars a day would cost. Being that it is last minute I still foolishly rent the car. Once the car is returned I noticed on my bank account he has charged me an additional $100 dollars when he said nothing to me about this when I gave him the keys back when I returned the car. I called to speak with him about this and he says call me back in 20 minutes I need to look up your invoice call the guy back and the call goes straight to voicemail. NEVER I REPEAT NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!

Braden Jenks

This Phoenix car rental agency doesn't even deserve the 1-star. Holy heck the guy over the phone gave the worst customer service I've EVER experienced. Based on their website, I was confident this was the place I wanted to rent a car from (rents to under age 25, decent $ fees, drop far off at airport). I experienced a different animal over the phone. Forced to try to reserve over the phone because they don't offer online booking (claim this is so they can provide quality personal service, HA). Took me several tries to get a human to respond. It was like they clicked the button after 2 or 3 rings. When he did pick up, he abruptly put me on hold 3 different times, then told me he was too busy for me to ask questions, then hung up the phone on me. Against my better judgment, I called back, he told me he didn't want my business, and he hung up again. Unbelievable. All I wanted to do was say "hey I need a car on Sunday and here is my money." That's what I got. Honestly glad that happened because now I've seen all these reviews talking about their broken down cars and I see I'm one of many who has experienced this awful customer service. Some Phoenix news agency seriously needs to investigate this place.

Noah DuBois

This place is so UNPROFESSIONAL, I called 3 times and all 3 Times I was hung up on!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I was just looking to rent a car but I guess not

Anthony Star Martinez

Do not rent from here they will charge you if u decide u no lnger need vehicle i paid 619 for a month because i though id need the vehicle that long turns out i didnt i used car that long only for 3 day filled gas up an was only got back 309 back so now im scrued 310 for 2 week of rental that they are charging me even though they have gotten vehicle back sorry place dont do it go to enterprise much better

Michael McLaughlin

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND THEN REJECT YOUR CALLS. Very very rude people and there is no professionalism at all. It’s a shame. If I could give them less stars I would.

Kim Hill

This place is not good cars are old and broken down the owner is rude and disrespectful and they over charge i would give no stars if i could

Loni Lee

I had a great renal from Phoenix Car Rental. It was great on gas and also very nice and clean. Excellent condition. I loved my experience. The car was ready when I got there and I was very happy with the service I received from the staff and everything went great. Prompt and courteous service. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is going to be traveling that is in the Phoenix area. Great rental prices and great offers on all kinds of car rentals. I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy and will be a very satisfied customer. Thank you Phoenix Car Rental, I will definitely be back!!!

T Phoenix

Lol! These reviews have changed my mind! I was ready to call until I read all of these terrible reviews... Enterprise here I come... Not worth the hassle.

deongriffen .

I was referred to this place because my debit credit card would not allow me to rent at a reputable car rental place such as Alamo, Enterprise or Hertz. So this was a last minute option. The guy who rented me the car asked me how much I was quoted over the phone that gave me the impression they don't have a set price for every customer. They just quote you anything. I paid $189.00 for 3 days . But when they finished adding all of the fees and extra taxes that they calculated from the top of their head my grand total was $320.00 for a car that was at least 10 plus years old and ran rough. The customer service sucked! The only person who was friendly was the guy who drove me to the airport. I'm sorry I didn't catch his name. But he was a Mexican guy. They double tax me. This was a lesson learned.. also their decor is very disrespectful.

Sheila Perkins

Wow, I couldn't believe all the "Nasty" reviews that were left on here.... My husband and I flew to Phoenix for our 20 yr. reunion, and a friend recommended "Phoenix Car Rental" to us. They had heard previous "Excellent" reviews on them, so we took their word or it. I'm glad that we didn't come online to see these scary reviews, or we would've taken our business elsewhere!!! My husband and I cannot say enough about these guys, from beginning to the end their customer service was supreme, and their prices were "Exceptional" compared to everyone else. If And When We Go Back To Arizona In the future, we will definitely be taking our business back to "Phoenix Car Rental"!!!

Karmen Dann

Total Scam. Neither Van picked up was in suitable shape to rent out. Change oil light was on both vans, check engine on one van, both vans were almost on empty and both vans smelled and did not have clean interiors.

Kevin andKatie

The vehicle, terms and price presented were opposite of what was discussed on the phone during the quote process. I figure, eh-things happen, I am flexible enough to make this work, even though I was disappointed. Before I got the vehicle home to load it for a trip, the check engine light came on. Decided I wasn't maintaining a vehicle I didn't own, took it back. when I asked for a full refund within 2 hours of a 4-day rental, I was asked to leave the premises. guy at the desk pointed to a sign that said no cell phone use allowed. I figure that now means that they are used to people trying to film how they are about to get scammed. Currently in dispute of charge with my credit card company. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company. pay the extra bucks to get your vehicle from a reputable, nationwide chain rental company. you may pay more but you wont get completely ripped off.

Angelina Nelson

Thieves! They do not honor quote, price or contract. Please do not go there, they stole my money. I reported them to BBB and I will not let this go. They lie about quotes and do not return the full deposit. Then they will curse you out after they took your money. Cars are old and have mechanical issues. Mine smelled like urine.

Connor Duke

These people are in the business of scamming customers. They will try to take every measure to steal your money through loop holes. They were borderline criminal with me. They told me to leave my insurance information in the car to ensure that I would not be charged for their car coverage. Luckily I took a video of leaving the insurance info in the car's center console--I was charged for the coverage. I called when I saw the charge to my card and inquired as to why. The gentleman on the phone replied "I was the one to pick your car up sir, and I can ensure you that the insurance was not there." I replied by informing him that I had a video of locking the insurance information in the car and walking away. He gave me my money back after that. This was after trying to reach them 3 days in a row, and being hung up on once. I did get my money back but please save yourself the headache.

Tripp _ 81

Do not rent from this place ...they rip me off ..when I called to complain the supervisor or manager told me to fuxx off. I don't even know how they are still doing business. I rented a car for 2 days I paid $426 it was an old car engine light on....I will report them to the BBB.

Aubrey Nygren

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE THEY ARE SCAMMERS I REPEAT DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS/ MONEY!!!!! Please learn from my mistake they scammed me out of $100! When I called to ask why 100 was taken out of my account randomly they told me to GIVE THEM MY SOCIAL SECURITY number because it “wasn’t me” calling and preceded to scream at me. DO NOT give them any information save your money and your time!!!

Chaz White

I would not recommend these guys. They were recently hit with a $1.85 million dollar verdict against them for defrauding customers. Look it up yourself!

Armed NotTriggered

Do yourself a favor and avoid this place unless you want to be scammed out of more money than they will originally quote you for at the start. The cars are junky and some of them won't even run. Pay a little more up front and go with a more reliable company like Alamo, Enterprise, etc. It's not worth it

Marie Churro

THE WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!! They accommodate u over the phone but once u get there, things change dramatically!! An older man sits behind a two way mirror and is like Evileen, the wicked witch from "The Wiz"! Once u get there the story changes. He verbally abuses u because he has available, something u need at that moment. My vehicle broke down, took it to Phoenix for repair. Hertz failed!! He threw my licence on the floor and didn't apologise! the only thing he didn't do was step on it. He is an abuser and thinks when he deficates it doesn't stink. He's n a low class neighborhood but wants Snobbsdale clients. He should say as much over the phone! I absolutely NEVER give my #1 Visa to miscellaneous businesses. I give a prepaid card because of all the various types of theft today. All of a sudden that was a problem which was not mentioned over the phone. O, over the phone I could even bring cash and rent his vehicle, but not after presenting a prepaid card which they could never use again if I don't put more money n. Now suddenly there's a problem because my address is not n Phoenix. He could have checked the assessors office to verify how many addresses I own in Phoenix, but he's not that smart. After I started talking to him thru the two way...he came out. Looks like Humpty Dumpty turned wicked witch, Evileen. Don't trick me to his neighborhood and then abuse me while I'm walking n Phoenix, not my home, at age 70.

Marilyn McCray

I called to get a quote. The customer service rep had a bad attitude. Asked for supervisor and they had an attitude too. He told me I had to come in. I was trying to get clarification in fees. He was speaking to me so unprofessionally that I said never mind. I’ll never spend my money with rude businesses. I have several major credit cards but was looking for an economical rate. I needed an additional car for 2 weeks before I move out of state. Do not waste your time here

Bill King

Great service. No credit card needed.

Amanda Schmitt

Decent rates, beat up cars and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired!!

Bernadette Hindman

My sister missed her flight because rental driver did know which terminal Sun Country was located. She miss her flight

Monica Kroupa

Warning! Do not rent from these thieves. You’ll regret it!!!

Sarah Martin

This is the worst rental company in the city of Phoenix. I rented a vehicle while on vacation and they tried to repo the car before the contract due date and on top of that they assaulted me in the process and I actually am pressing charges as one of their employees that was placed under arrest due to them assaulting me in the process of trying to illegally repo the car before the contract date

Doris S

One star is too kind. Back in the 90's, I went to rent a car there. Once there, I decided not to rent it and the employees called me insulting names. I am LMAO at the 1.8M lawsuit verdict against this company. There is karma after all.

Darius Sakalas

**DONT TRUST THESE SNAKES!!** Beware: Worst car rental experience of my life. I was issued a car with nonworking brake lights or turn signals.. got pulled 3 times in another state. Upon return I was offered absolutely nothing for my hours of wasted time and public safety violations which were the rental agency’s fault. Greedy people run this place with absolutely no regard for safety or customer service. BOYCOT PHX RENTAL YOU WILL HAVE A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH THEM GUARANTEED!!!

Phyllis Kraft

Do NOT rent a car from them! Poor customer service! junkie car, oil leaks, cigarette burns in the seats, busted seat, could not open passenger door, etc. They charged the same for the old car as we would have been charged by Avis for a new car. Tried to give a local family owned business a chance. Not anymore DO NOT!

Nicole Nygate

Awful customer service. The man was extremely unhelpful when i asked for a re quote with insurance included and was told if im not capable of remembering the exact price quoted when i last phoned up then I'm 'not the type of customer that they want to rent to' and he then hung up on me. They also refuse to email the quote which is very fishy and makes me think they are not planning to stick to the original price. STAY CLEAR

Tom Cordova

Shockingly bad - Vehicle and Service. Broken Car and they knew it. Driver seatbelt broken and they knew it. Charge $200 more to my card then quoted. These guys are not good people.


Really bad experience. Was told the deposit was 300 which can be refunded. And that the car I was renting was 128+10 for insurance. When I asked to extend it for another week. I was told I need to put another 350 down. When I asked why I would put over 650 to rent the car for 2 weeks I was told it was due to taxes and fees. I would not take my chances here. Definitely go else where.

Abel Blanco

I don't know how this place is still aren't washed, probably not services, prices are too high......and you cannot leave the Maricopa County otherwise the car will be reported as stolen????

Brianna Fuentes

This place has the worst customer service. Called for a quote and got a price but when we went in to see the vans in person the rude guy at the desk gave us a completely different and way more expensive quote. He clearly hates his job and makes sure to help you as little as possible. Do not spend your money with these people who do not know how to run a business.

Ashley escobar

We only rented here because this was the only place that had a 25 and under with no fees. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone the car we got smelt like someone litteraly just smoked weed in it. The head lights were out windows didn't work. They gave us The car with no gas. The guy at the front acted like he was annoyed with us because of what was wrong with the car.. never going to rent from here again.

Marek Martin

Ok service vehicles can use mantnenc. But if you need a car to get around in this is the place to go. Accept cash too!!

James Loveall

DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT CHOOSING THIS PLACE. They CUSSED US OUT for asking kindly for a receipt of what we're being charged for. Called the cops on us for simply staying in the front office and asking for proof of why we were being CHARGED extra. The car was scratched up in the first place and we knew that, but they blamed it on us. The short, ugly, not so intimidating fat dude in the front was the rudest person I have ever encountered on my life. Do not even waste your time on this place. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Cusses at our young children for standing in the door waiting for us. Couldn't even use a cell phone in the office to call. Then when we finally left, he said get your A** out of here. Totally unprofessional.

David Kistner

Rude people running the place

B Dogg

Let's be honest. This place is pretty much for people with bad or no credit like myself. I just needed a car for a few days locally while I was working on my own truck. I had to put down about $250 cash for a deposit. Customer service was extremely rude which I didn't understand as I came in friendly and talkative. I wasn't given a choice in cars, they just pulled around a little black car and handed me the keys. I took off to go get parts for my truck and the car started to overheat and died on me in rush hour traffic. I managed to get it started and pull off the road and called to tell them the car died. They told me "bring it back" lol. No offer to meet me w another car, no tow or assistance of any kind. After the car cooled off I added water to the radiator and headed back to the rental place. It took several stop and goes filling the radiator to do this. When I got back they were locking the gate on me EVEN THOUGH I HAD CALLED TO TELL THEM I WAS NEAR. I had to convince them to open up again. Then I got another car which had check engine lights on and was shifting hard and smoking. It had almost 300k miles. This place sucks

Mathew Keith

What a joke... wanted to rent a minivan for a weekend trip to Bakersfield. This rude quack said it would be $299 plus a $250 deposit.. this place needs to be shut down. Rented from Thrifty at Sky Harbor for $185 total for the weekend

Rebecca Rivera

The man that owns this or works there I don't know who he is but he is the rudest person in Maricopa County hands down do not do business with this man horrible horrible

janelle wheeler

Ok if you need a cheap car remember you pay for what you get.

Tony Kokx

Van had deck screws holding parts of the interior trim on. Was glared at when i asked for a ride back to the airport Picked up the van and drove it 10 miles before the gas light came on I gaurentee the only way this place has 3 stars is with planted reviews. Stay away

O Bernal

If i could vote negative stars i would. Place is an absolute scam. Youre lucky to get a car with any gas in it and every one of them has a check engine light on with 200k+ miles. Dont expect the people that work there to be any help either. They are unprofessional and rude. Avoid this place at all costs.

Yaqui Native

They are a low class establishment. The owner uses vulgar and cusses at his customers. I think there is some sort of illicit activity going on with this business. This individual is very dangerous and seemed violent. I would recommend to keep your children away from this business. Never in my life have I been disrespected by a business owner. So ay away from this rental company. Low class and deceitful. Every one stay away. Dangerous individual!

Stephan WhiteEagle

In and out quickly, place was ok!

Eric Ebele

SCAM, Rip off, Over priced POS cars that are not safe for the road. - when I called to ask about prices they said they only had one van left for the dates I wanted and told me $360. when I picked up the van the lot was full of vans and they charged me $440 after fees including a clean up before I even brought it back, front tires were not road worthy and it was a rainy weekend so driving was not fun. Dashboard lights did not work so had to guess my speed at night, back door did not open from the inside and I had 6 people with me that weekend. back window did not roll down (again six people running a 2 day relay race in one van this would have been nice) dome light did not work, van had stains all over and smelled bad even before we all got in, doors were beat up and hard to close and always took a few tries to get the alarm to stop beeping. Just buy a POS on craig's list then donate it when you're done and you'll be better off than renting here

Jacob hennigan

They are true con artists....Thieves and liars! Go to a real agency! These clowns tell you unlimited milage and decent quotes..... Even changed my check out time to am? (....Real slick guys...) Then hit you with ridiculous fees! And everything wrong with vehicles no lights wont release ac! And No Help..... Go anywhere else.......

Kira Jean

Worst customer service ever at this place. I was in need of a car and called for a quote but the guy was so rude over the phone and short. Got there they didn't even ask for proof of insurance or license. I didn't pay for it but I was driving the car. Terribly shady and would never go back or recommend. The only nice person there was the service guy who took my keys. He had a smile and said have a good day. Couldn't get more than two words out of the people inside. I'm non confrontational and didn't say anything but couldn't let this go. Never did I think I would be renting a car from such a crappy establishment let alone getting the worst service. Don't they want business and money? Totally not the way to go about it. I'm not one to write trashing reviews of businesses but this gave me so much stress I had to say something.

Peter Jones

Good doing business with people who act human. Thanks guys.

Mark Engler

This company DOES NOT deserve 1 star , they are a complete Joke ! After returning the first 2 Impala's they wanted us to drive #3 was just as bad ... Bald Tires , Major oil leak , interior smelled like an ash tray ... DO NOT rent auto's from these rude Bastard's ! !

TheDaveinAZ .

I wish I could rate this place zero stars! ATTENTION EVERYONE...If you want true reviews of this place look up SABAN CAR RENTAL and read those reviews. This place changes their name about every 5 years to hide from the BBB and their bad reviews. I tried to rent from them and when I was picking up, there was a misunderstanding about when it needed to be returned. The manager said it had to be back by 8:00 am on the return date. It was NOT made clear on the phone that it had to be back that early. When I pointed it out, he became extremely rude and said they only do 24 hour blocks. I said I;m picking it up at 9:00, so can I bring it back at 9:00 instead of 8:00 and he refused to rent to me! I just asked! I was renting a 12 passenger van for pout of town company sightseeing with a group of 10 and he left me totally screwed! My wife went in crying and begging and he threw her out! The short, heavyset troll of a manager really is an awful human being! Another place we tried to rent from gave me an earful about this place, how bad they scam people, and how they keep changing their name. PLEASE, read reviews for Saban rental before you ever rent from this terrible place!!

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