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REVIEWS OF National Car Rental IN Arizona

James Achtenberg

National is a great company - but I was disappointed when I was charged $35 when my rental was returned 38 minutes beyond the contracted 3 days. Was told the grace period is only 29 minutes.

Teresa Evans

Staff could not have been nicer. Was able to upgrade with no problems. Awesome cars. Love National

Steve Honig

Being able to walk right to a car of choice and continue your day without delays is incredible.I was an Emerald Club member for business for years and recommended my wife use it also since she frequently fly's into Burbank. I only wish weekly rates were enhanced a bit more.

Dale Warren

Donna Baker

Rented a vehicle on a recent stay in Phoenix. The service we received was excellent. Staff were all friendly helpful and pleasant. The car was exceptionally clean. Upon returning the car, again the staff were helpful making the entire process very easy.

Lane Johnson

From the main terminal to the rental counter is a 1/2 mi which could be a real time crunch. Arrived on a Saturday, preferred booth was unmanned, counter had one person and long line. Too much time for the entire process. Once I was in the car was able to exit quickly.

Robert Tober

Everyone at the rental facility was very friendly and helpful. The car was clean and ran fine. I will rent here from National again.

Juli Smith

Quick service for Emerald and great drop off. Love National


Car was nice. There were no National Rental Car employees available at the Emerald Isle. Waited for 10 minutes and not one person from National showed up.

Mike Faust

Phx rental center is by far the least accommodating rental center. I use National all over the country and for the most part it’s just fine. However the Phoenix center has the worst selection, can never find reservations and the vehicles are old smelly and dirty. It’s actually quite gross sometimes, on several occasions I’ve parked the vehicle and had to find another because it’s so bad...

David M.

Car was great. Confusion at pick up caused minor delay. At return they charged me for a full tank of gas even though they had just verified it was full? Noticed it on receipt but they couldn't fix it right away. 3 days later still have not gotten a clear corrected version.

Darren Dall

Fast friendly service and an AMAZING selection of Emerald Isle cars

Karen Ruttan

Amazing experience renting with National at Phoenix airport. It was my first time renting as a Emerald Club member and the service is superior. I walked by the long line at Fox (that was my previous rental when in Phoenix and it was a total nightmare) and straight to my car. Wow was that a treat after a long flight. And I chose a bright red much fun. I won't be renting with any other car company .......and being a club member means my costs are comparable to those "other guys". Thanks National......go like a pro!!!!

Kit Datson

DaMe G

I recommend becoming a Emerald Club member. Impeccable customer service. Quick easy no line waiting. Easy check in and out. Great prices. User friendly website

Ron Mcallister

HELLO BIG WIGS AT NATIONAL CAR RENTAL.... I was very disappointed in my experience with National Car Rental. I flew into Phoenix, AZ and went to the National counter. I had set up to rent a regular 4 door sedan. The man behind the counter asked if I would like to upgrade to a nicer car. I asked how much more? He answered $14 extra per day over what I was paying now. He would upgrade me to a premium car (i.e.) Maxima or a Challenger. So I agreed, why not for an extra $14 a day. After he changed everything he said oh it's actually $15 a day extra and I said sure. 3 days later I return the car and got my receipt that showed an additional $130 over what I already had paid. I went into customer service and talked with a guy, it took him a few minutes re-adjusted my bill made it $66 which was still not correct. I didn't bother fighting again. This man didn't he say "sorry" but instead told me I should have read more closely what I was signing 3 days prior. Very rude.....I won't be using them again, moving on to a honest Car rental agency. I hope the big wigs at National read this review....

Steve Wilkinson

Our car rental experience with National Car Rental at the Phoenix airport was excellent. The entire process was very smooth from getting from the airport to the rental car facility to picking out our car. We joined the Emerald Club, so we were able to pick from many different vehicles. During our trip the car ran great and was perfect for what we needed. At the end of our trip, returning the car was just as easy as picking it out. Overall we had a great experience and we'll rent again from National the next time we travel.

Jim Stone

Quick in and out....attendant greeted us with a smile and was available for questions. Being a member of the emerald aisle made it quite a simple procedure. Will use National anytime I need a rental.

45Wander .

National has provided the best and easiest rental experience. I also just wanted to specifically thank Manny who assisted me in returning my vehicle. I had a few issues on my end while I was returning the car, but Manny helped me in making it a fast and convenient process so I could make my flight on time. I really appreciate the assist and the extra mile he went in the name of great customer service.

Oscar Quirarte

Natalie Etcher

always a pleasure to rent with National!

James Reid

First time we ever went to the Emerald Aisle and there were no cars in the lot! We had to wait for a car return. Fortunately it wasn't long, but we had to take what was available. Not our best experience with National.

Madhu Motukuri

It took longer to walk to the lot than checking out the car. Fantastic experience!;

Sandy Jensen

Quick and easy. Walked to the members isle, picked my car and out drove it away. Car was clean and comfortable.

Paul Menzel

Ford Fusion was a great car to drive. Appreciate that National gave us such a wide range of choices of cars. Easy pickup and easy drop off. Good interaction all around.

William Kohlerman

I have rented from National for the past 6 years, and I continue to rent from National whether for business or pleasure. Employees are always friendly and very helpful when i have had issues. National has always provided me with a vehicle, no matter what the situation. I still continue to rent from national and I will always continue to rent from national. Thank you to all the employees, as they do a wonderful job and make it a great experience.

Edward Anderson

Easy Access to Executive car selections. Only issue was the Infinity was dirty inside and the windshield was half cleaned. Food in the car from last customer.

Bishop Farr

Been there many times. Minus the long walk, it's easy in/out location. I love National's emerald club service

Alecia Wells

This vehicle was brand new and satisfied ALL my needs for a premium full size vehicle. I would definately rent again from National.

Chris White

My connecting flight was delayed by 2+ hours. Yes, it was after midnight however I walked the entire distance to the rental car location only to find one lonely security guard and the facility closed....He indicated it would be open at 5:30 then next day. Great. I understand it was late however this is 2017 and us travelling for business can't do anything when delays happen. Of course I had to get a cab and a room to wait for the facility to open the next day. I guess at the very least it would have been nice if there was a sign or something that said the rental facility was closed so I could have avoided the walk.

Buki Aduwo

I am highly disappointed in this rental at Burbank Airport. I returned the car 2 minutes late and I was charge an extra $30 for this. This is ridiculous and I could not believe National would have a policy this. I was told "this is what you signed up for, so late is late". How Rude!!!!

Jon Tran

Larry Eisenberg

Renting from National is incredibly easy. Come out into the parking lot, pick a vehicle, drive up to the booth and get checked out. No waiting in lines and watching folks fiddle with their computer and printer. Enjoyed the car I picked. Worked great, looked great. If National was always price competitive, I would not use anybody else.

Stephen H

Location was about a 10 minute walk from luggage pickup at the terminal. Walkway was covered and had a few of the moving sidewalks to help make it a bit easier. Location of the car rental place is 2nd floor (I believe that was it) of a parking garage. I went straight to the car aisle hoping to catch an employee there to help direct me since I reserved a full size SUV and was not sure of the location of those. There were plenty of cars on the Emerald Aisle including what appeared to be a few standard or mid-size SUV's which I could have chosen had I had a normal reservation. Upon not finding where the full size SUV's were located, I went inside to the counter where they first mentioned that if I was an Emerald Club member that I could just go choose a vehicle. I explained that I reserved a full size SUV and needed help finding those. The lady called another employee on the radio. I was met by a nice gentleman who showed me some vehicles that fit my reservation. I was able to choose a nice SUV that met my needs. Check out was easy at the exit gate. The person there answered my question about some optional insurance that was supposed to be included on my reservation. In summary - a good experience and ended up with a very nice vehicle. I took one star off the rating because we (family) initially spent some time walking in the lot looking for assistance for our specific vehicle class and had to walk all the way back to the counter for help. Family got a little irritable pulling luggage around but it worked out in the end.

Jessica Siewert

The emerald aisle usually has a variety of options, however the day/week I rented must have been busy because I tried to pickup a day early and they didn't have cars available. I was able to push it 12 hrs early, but the options for cars were limited. Alex, the attendant in the lot, was able to help me find a suitable vehicle that didn't cost me anything extra.

Richard Himes

Reserved a vehicle online and received a confirmation. Upon arrival, I was told there was no vehicle. I've rented with National for years. Never again!

Valerie Hudcovic

Positive experience. Being a member of the Emerald Club made it so convenient and easy to do. First time to Burbank airport so there was a short walk to the carplex. Luckily we didn’t have heavy luggage.

Nick Ciccio

Whether it's for business or pleasure, it doesn't get any easier with National's Emerald Isle. Bypassing the counter is a tremendous time saver (ever wait in line with kids?). I smile each time I pass the counter and jump into whatever car I want. Their app is super easy to use as well! Stop thinking about which car rental place is better - National is it.

Calisse Finchum

Brian Rice

great customer service from pick up to drop off, including having to drop car at a different airport.

Patricia Gibbs

The rental facility was on-site at the airport, a bit of a long walk from the terminal. But the service at National Rental car made up for the time walking, it was very easy to pickup and drop-off the car, absolutely no wait at all, and the Emerald Elite status meant that I could pick any car I wanted from a group of excellent choices.

Donald Koonce

Great customer service and many cars to choose from in the emerald aisle.

Julie Thomas

The process is easy to use and the car was clean. I had a medical situation pop up and they even came and picked up the car for me because I couldn’t drive! Above and beyond service!

Paul Block III

We came in to return our car and had a ton of luggage to get back over to the terminal which is kind of a long walk when you had as much as we did. I think he was the manager, whomever he was, packed up our rental and drove us back over to the terminal to check in. Always outstanding service at National.

John Jackson

I have an Emerald Club Membership and travel using National through work. Never have a problem. However, when traveling during the summer on vacation it seems as though my membership is wasted. Every year, i give National 1st chance to earn my personal business and each year they fail. I always rent an SUV or Mini Van for 10 days. Each year, National is beaten significantly by a competitor that i dont have a membership with. This is disappointing.

Anthony Lee

I had a great rental experience during this visit to Burbank. It was easy to pick out my car, the greeter was friendly and checkout was fast. When I came back they also offered cold Gatorade. Nice touch guys.

Robert Ryan

My car rental experience at Phoenix Sky Harbor was excellent in all respects. The counter staff were courteous and efficient, the car choice offered was exactly what was needed. The service staff at the car rental area both for car pickup and return were very efficient and most pleasant.

Tom Bracken

The new car rental facility at Burbank Airport is beautiful. While it is a longer walk than before, they have moving sidewalks and it only takes 5 minutes. The cars were all newer and in great shape. The Executive Aisle section was right at the front and the check in process was swift and easy. Returning was just as easy. The new facility really makes a difference -- it is all covered and protected from the elements. I would highly recommend National Car rental if you are traveling to Burbank.


Easy Alamo rental at Vail airport. The agent nicely gave me a better car that was available for the same price as my reservation.

Tyler Holland

Friendly, quick, helpful. Somehow they had me reserving an 8 passenger van, not the midsize sedan I reserved, but it wasn't a problem. Professional team of employees. I'll continue to use them for business related needs.

Dennis Finn

Not a large selection of cars, but the attendant was very helpful in finding a car that met my needs. Convenient to the airport. Car was clean with no issues

Miguel Perez

All National offices across the country have always displayed excellent customer service!!!

Robert Boesch

Arvin Ross

Terrible. I reserved a car. And went to pick it up a few hours ago.... They had no cars... and there was 6 people in line ahead of me. The person handling reservations showed no sort of remorse or understanding. He was a total a hole.

Yousef Almubarak

Fast service as usual

Phil DeLillo

Good: 1) convenience of rental car site being a nice walk from terminal; 2) ability to select car in the 'executive' section. Not good: 1) way too many SUVs and minivans occupying the executive section, effectively limiting selection to a vehicle style few business travelers want--quite often that is all their is such as last Monday AM. 2) windows often not that clean; trash left in cars, usually in back seat footwell

Mike McCabe

Burbank had very limited selection of vehicles

Tom Kuchno

Nola Helland

As an Emerald Aisle member it is so nice and easy to make reservations for vehicles, and to pick up a vehicle at the airport rental center. Shuttles were nice and easy and pleasant too. The only thing I found was annoying was figuring out how to turn on, or use the cruise control on the vehicle I was using. I had to use Google to help figure it out so I could use the feature, as there was no user manual in the vehicle. The vehicle was nice & clean--new --so it was a great vehicle drive tho.

Heather Lewis

We had an unexpected change of travel plans and couldn’t get a sane day flight to Texas. National put us in a car with an upgrade. Every National representative was friendly, welcoming and helpful! I was quite surprised. We travel extensively and have never had the customer service we experience. I wish I had caught all of their names to properly thank them here!! We will return again. Thank you all!

Greg Bell

I enjoy using National. Their prices are good, their service excellent. as a member of the Emerald Club I bypass the counter and go to the Emerald Aisle where I can choose from several different cars and models. Tough to beat, really!

Jon Drake

Great service and convenience. A little light on the selection of cars ready to choose sometimes.

Over & Out

National has always done well by me. I've been renting from them for years. They have nice, clean, reliable cars. As an executive member, I have a wide variety of vehicles to pick from at a reasonable rate. The whole process from reservation to return is quick and painless. I do not use any other rental company because there is no reason to.

Larry Wilson

Picking up a car at the airport can be stressful at best. National Car Rental is the easiest way to go. Along with a smart phone App and friendly check out attendants, you fly right thru with no problems.


At Burbank CA location. Speedy checkout, even at 1:00am. Clean new car with few miles on it. Quick check in. Printed receipt right at the car while I removed my luggage. Same experience with two 2-week rentals in the last month.

Art Anekboon

I've used National for the first time earlier in February and about every weekend this month and I have been very pleased with them. The staff here are very professional and courteous, they were able to answer all of my questions and explain all of the details I needed when making decisions on what car to select. The car selection for the Emerald club is great as there is a lot to choose from, and they will always have that free upgrade class available. The return is a very quick and easy process, so you'll be out within 2 or 3 minutes. I will definitely come back here in the future and highly recommend everyone else to check out National for you rentals. Especially since you can pick your own car if your part of the Emerald club.

Troy Towner

Nice location, great car. The lot to grab a car from was a little empty, maybe a busy period. Quickly in and out.

Gary Ryder

Kheri Keyeski

This was my first time using National and I was so happy with my first experience. I am with a new company so I will be traveling a ton and using National all the time. When traveling to new places and with a busy schedule the last thing anyone wants to do is feel lost or confused. National Car rental is a really easy process but for my first time I wanted to receive help. Right when I walked to the area for rentals I was greeted by Victor. He was so kind and walked me through the process and walked me directly to my rental and made me feel at ease with how simple renting a car is with them. Sometimes even when you don't need help its nice to speak with a representative anyway. Thank you National for a great experience and easy process checking in and out and Thank You to Victor in PHX who gave me exceptional customer service and support. I would highly recommend this company for your car rental needs.

Karie I.

I received a booking through Hotwire with National rental car and they exceeded my expectations. I believe this was my first car rental with National and I hope in the future I can book with them again. The variety of vehicles, the helpfulness of the staff at the airport, and the cleanliness of the car was amazing. I expected to have to wash the windows upon picking up the car, nope they washed the windows before I left! Great customer service.

Saro Jahani

Kelli Asher

Every time I use National for my rental in Phoenix, AZ and each time they come through accommodating my needs with my rental. Customer Service is outstanding and easy to work with. Special thanks to the ladies who helped me out on my last visit

Kathy Dapcic

National Car Rental offers the best rental experience I have ever had. As an Emerald Club member, you choose your car and off you go! It's that simple :)

Jaime Gonzalez-Bendiksen

I forgot to include my Emerald number when making my reservation, so I had to go to the counter. Rose was extremely kind and helpful. Helped me locate my number, included it in the reservation and voilá. When I went to pick up my car I noticed it was small for my needs. Austin immediately offered an alternative, contacted Rose and she had the change ready when I walked in. Both extremely kind and attentive.

Stachia Biser

I absolutely love renting from National Car Rental, in general. If you are an Emerald Club member, you just choose your car and go! They always have a great selection and the perks are awesome. You can choose to get 500 Delta Miles per rental or in just a few rentals you will earn a free rental day. Customer Service is always amazing at every location I have been. I have been to many locations, as I travel for a living. Now, regarding the Burbank Airport location: All of the above is very true of this location but I am writing this review to point out a very special member of their team. I had left my garage opener in my rental car before leaving for Vegas and Michigan. My husband and I didn't realize it until he came back to LA and I was in Michigan. I called National and talked with Liz. She was happy to help. She asked me to describe the opener and just to be sure texted me the photo for me to confirm. She then texted me all the information on how to pick it up and who would have it for me. Liz went above and beyond. Her customer service is stellar! They are very fortunate to have such an amazing employee!! Sincerely, Stacy Biser

Amy Michelle

Brock Cline

Overall great - being an Emerald Club member is top notch in every way.

Beth Greer

Mike Ponce

Walked directly to the vehicle I wanted. Straight to the exit. Can't get more efficient than this!

Nelson Perez

For an Emerald member, the experience was very easy to rent a car. The selection was wide enough to find a nice car at PHX. Returning it was just as easy.

Richard Carroll

I rent from this location all the time. Staff is great. Car ran fine. Major problem was previous customer spilled something sweet/soda in the center console/carpet that was not properly cleaned. I was in a hurry when i picked up car and did not notice the spill until the next morning...when I got into the car on my way to a meeting and found hundreds of ants having breakfast inside the car. I keep my new friends for the entire week because my schedule did not allow time for me to return it for a new vehicle (I did call and ask the office to swap out at my office location which was 10 mins away but they did not agree to do). I hope with my complaint to National that they properly cleaned the car when I returned it.

Laurie Blakeslee

Overall, a good experience. During a recent company transition, direct billing was not pulled over to National nor was my Emerald Club info, so I had missing rentals from my profile and had to provide my personal credit card for rental on my recent trip. National was quick to fix. Thank you...I love National's Emerald Club!!

Daehee Kim

Chandler at this location was fabulous. Very professional and friendly. All in all a great experience and I would recommend this location highly.

bobby cantero

I paid cash for a rental total price came to 870.00. I check my credit card to see what the balance was five days later they charged me again another $870.00 bucks I am not too happy still do not have the balance on my credit card six days later. Besides that I love national but I am pissed off now.

Devan Irwin

ve tried most all the other options and National is by far the best. The emerald aisle 100% makes National the best. The less I have to deal with people... the better! Great Cars and Great Customer Service. A little bit pricier but WELL worth it. You get what you pay

Bonnie P

Larry Varley

I took a small detour off of interstate 10 in route from LAX airport in Los Angeles, to Palm Springs on Highway 111 to visit friends and then got directly back on interstate 10 to head for Phoenix sky Harbor Airport to turn in the rental car. Apparently it was my fault that I didn’t thoroughly look at the contract but you were only allowed the Predetermined miles to drive directly from point A to point B with no deviation. I was charged an extra $33.96 for my little detour. I’ve never seen a policy so ridiculous in my life. I am in Emerald club member, but apparently that makes no difference I will never rent from national car rental again!

James Mott

I have been renting from this Fort Smith location of National Car Rental for over 8 weeks and I have had nothing but fantastic service and BEAUTIFUL cars!!! They will stay late if my plane is delayed, I had a flight delay put me in at almost 2am and Josh was there with my car ready to roll! I highly recommend these guys over the other two vendors there!! I do not look forward to going back to my normal life car, Ive had so many amazing cars that I have gotten the chance to use I dont want to go back!

Larry Devereux

Always top notch vehicles and service at the counter.... if you need it. My recent business trip to Phoenix was no exception. I belong to all the rental car rewards programs but 98% of the time I use National.

Juan Sauceda

Nice car..2019 very good service

Jerome Jackson

The National team was great. Super friendly and got me in and out fast.

James Bohan

I know the next time will be better. This was my first time using National, and I had to show my CC to the employee behind the counter before heading out to the emerald aisle to select my vehicle. I was looking forward to showing my card, and than proceeding to the emerald aisle to pick out my car. After six attempts by the National employee to try to get me to upgrade and staring at me for 30 seconds every time I declined, I lost my patience. After this, he sent me on my way. A nice gentleman in the garage told me which vehicle to take (I really didn't care, but it did defeat the purpose of being able to select your own vehicle) and I was on my way. Other than that, it was a typical rental experience.

Vicky Hopkins

Love National Car Rental and the Emerald Aisle - quick in and out, no waiting in line. Drop and go on return is great too, having my receipt emailed to me saves time on return. National also has a great selection of cars and pricing is good. It's my go-to car rental company when I travel.

Alfred Kang

Sonja Aletter

The car was great and so was the service at the airport. The only negative comment I have was that the cars were very far away from the terminal and I had to walk a while to get there.

Scott Santa

Ernest Hook

Liriane Davis

Fast, easy, got to pick my own car! No hassle at check out, and quick return.

Joanne Lammert

Very easy to reserve from one airport & return to another. Staff was efficient & pleasant while dealing with changes to original reservations.

Carmon Wages

National was great, no hassle, fast and professional. I joined the Emerald club for free and it automatically upgraded my choice of vehicles. Staff was awesome.

Rick Evans

I'm a National Emerald Executive plus member, meaning I rent from National every week. This particular day was very bad for a normally good National crew at Burbank, Bob Hope. When I drove in at 3:00PM Friday Oct 16, there was only one person there to check cars in, totally understaffed. After waiting and waiting the lone wolf finally came over and I said just check it in and email me the receipt. Two days later when doing my expense account, discovered the car had never been checked in and National thought I still had the car. National is usually pretty good, but not this day. Where was the on site manager? Need to work on this guys....

Zach Smith

The Executive Emerald Aisle program is a delight! I walk up and right into a car without needing to speak with anyone. I'm on my way while other rental car companies require their customers to wait.

Linda Savage

Outstanding service - efficient / courteous / knowledgeable / in and out and back in promptly - Happy Emerald Club member for 20 years and counting.

Jeff Schantz

So glad that pickup trucks were available. Very handy rental vehicle. Good ride! More choices of large SUV’s in the exec section would have been nice. Overall good experience.

Deborah Hepburn

The rental site was clean and well kept. The wait to get off the lot was minimal. The car performed well and was clean when I received it. Overall 5 stars.

Shawn Balsdon

So great just walking to the Emerald Car isle and getting into the car and driving away!

Rean Luttrell

The most pleasant rental experience. Fast and easy check in/out and great cars to choose from.

Jim Markus

Larry Bell

Well kept clean Nissan Sentra. Plenty of power when needed. Friendly customer service when picking up and dropping off rental. Great experience.

Cheryl Johannessen

I love being able to walk up and select the vehicle I want to rent. Not only is it convenient, it's also faster as I did not have to wait in line to check in with a representative and then wait for a car to be pulled up. Will continue to use National from now on.

William Heaps

Yvonne Sisneros

I quite often rent from National. It is super confinement and generally the staff is super helpful. This trip I was specifically looking for a specific type of vehicle in the emerald aisle. The employee “Annie” was so kind, and patient and helped me pick the perfect vehicle. I am grateful to her and the experience was excellent, so thank you Annie and National!

Jonathan Hayward

When booking be cautious to view all pricing breakdowns from other companies. Most companies advertised daily base price or base price of total length of rental, but did not include all additional fees, taxes, etc... National price included everything and I appreciated that as there was no surprises from the day I booked. At first glance National appeared to cost more but when compare total costs it is very competitive.

Dave Kortendick

Never again!! Their honesty is totally in question!! Rented a car from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, to drive to Tucson. Rented for x number of days and explained asked the man at the counter. My brother is in the Hospital and not sure how things are going to turn out. Can I just call and extend my rental time, he said sure no problem. it would have been nice for him to say the rates could change. which they did, doubled. My bad because it was on the contract but thought customer service would be nice to explain under family emergence your mind is not always in the game. Then returned car full of gas! filled up drove 5 to 6 miles to airport then get billed for 2gals of gas at $4.71 a gal plus another $3 for the service. WHAT! I guess I'm buying someone else's gas. They did how ever remove those charges, but what if i didn't review my bill. This is totally a honesty issue of the company. Again, Never again from National!! Too many other rental companies to serve you.

Lincoln Phillips

I worked here for three weeks. We were installing three new car wash machines. Put each part together. By my last day, we had everything done, we just needed to wait to have the water and electric hooked up.

Kay Wilson

It's a hassle free rental company. I like that your status comes with great value, options on vehicle selection and quick In and Out service.

Karen Metcalf

We had trouble finding a car that did not have a very strong air freshener smell. My Mother has a sensitivity to perfume and we struggled to find a car that she could ride in. The Ford Escape we finally selected was very nice, new and relatively clean (was a little dusty on interior door/trunk frames). Had to wait about 15-20 minutes for the return shuttle bus to the airport.

Doug Landers

Cars are pretty good, wide selection, easy to process and get on or off the road. The only awkward thing is the Sky Harbor rental car traffic entrance is bizarre and confusing. Especially for rideshare pickups, the facility really needs to add signage.

Harrison Jones

Couldn't be easier or more smooth. I ♡ the emerald aisle.

Kyle Nealy

The car pick up process for the Emerald section was very fast and easy. The only real complaint that I had was the selection of cars in the Emerald club area. The only vehicles available were entry level low end vehicles. Even in the Premier section, the selection of vehicles was pretty poor. This was a noticeable difference from all other National locations that I have been to. In summary, the rental process and pick up was very easy. The vehicle selection was less than desirable.

Edgar Peinado

Love the fact that you can pick a car. Really convenient to just go directly to isle instead of waiting in line or so. The returned process was also quick and easy. Thanks

Jasmine Boster

I love the perks of the Emerald club. It is so fun and totally convenient to be able to chose the car I want and drive away. I love that I don't have to wait in line. I had a Nissan Rouge for my rental, it was fantastic! It was clean and new. The process for reservations, pick up, and return were all simple and quick.

Tyler Hart

Our experience was great at the National branch at PHX airport. We requested a Chevy Tahoe or similar and we ended up with a 2019 Ford Expedition Limited Max with all the bells and whistles. Thou persuadest me to buy a Ford! It was a fantastic car and fit our family of 6 very comfortably. Our kids enjoyed it much better than our minivan at home. Our only issue was very minor. When we were greeted out in the garage we were only directed left or right, but not given any instruction as to which car we were to pick up or whether we were looking for a Tahoe or a different car. It created a little bit of confusion but the attendant saw we were wandering and came to help us almost immediately.

Michael Carey

I rent from National over 70 times per year, and I never have issues. Always smooth pick up and drop off. I don't have time for problems, and do not have problems with National. Very nice staff to work with.

Phillip Garcia

Easy stress free experience. Didn't have to wait in line. Picked my car and was on my way.

Liz Dutcher

I love National - admittedly they can be more expensive sometimes, but they are 100% worth it. You bypass the counter (if you don't want to talk to anyone, you don't have to and I LOVE THAT), and go find your perfect car. Sky Harbor National has a TON of choices! We had a hard time choosing between a large Kia SUV, a Jeep SUV, and a minivan. It is lovely.

Deb Dimond

National is always acccomodating, reliable and quick. I can always count on National for the best service.

10beers1 .

During the past 50 weeks, I have traveled 30 of them with National from Fort Smith Airport. These folks are accommodating, friendly, and have gone out of their way to ensure my fellow traveler and I have reasonable vehicles to rent. Even during times when special events in the city had cars in all agencies on a short list, we always has the right ride waiting for us. Highly recommend these folks.

J Theodori

Always appreciate the convenience of National. My economy car was not available, so got an upgrade to an SUV for no upcharge. Thanks! Great trip!


Great executive aisle with lots of SUVs. Short walk from terminal.

Richard Wyatt

I would definitely recommend this National location if you are traveling to Phoenix for business or pleasure.

Dan Knudsen

I had to wait a little while for the car I wanted to drive all the way to Tucson and back.....had I needed to leave right away, there was a few Impalas, and a nice a minute or two the Volvo was brought onto the lot, I grabbed it. A great car, it synced with my phone, so I could have my tunes, phone and map app hooked up and wireless, which adds to convenience and safety. The car was comfortable and roomy. It also handled very well. A real testament to the Emerald Aisle process and EH’s deep fleet. That what makes me so loyal to National and Emerald Club.

Dan Freeman

Outstanding service, speed and choice at Burbank Airport, CA. Fast in and out and cars clean and plentiful.

Rick Eckler

This was my first time renting from National, it was easy. So easy, I thought I was d’ it wrong. Thanks National for the great staff and experience. Well done, see you next trip!

Matthew Alba

I'm a Emerald member, which makes the Burbank location pickup and drop off very easy and convenient. Reading other reviews, I could see how the lack of man power could be a bit disappointing.

Steve Weber

normally have a great experience and prefer to rent american cars but this last time absolutely none were available

Paul Robles

First time with National as Emerald member. I had a two week rental for a business trip. The in and out was a breeze and I enjoyed being able to chose my own car.


I love national car rental is has variety selections of cars. And you can get points which later you receive a free car rental. Thank you so much.

Ajay Sharma

The rental experience from National at Phoenix airport was smooth, as usual. The car was clean and in excellent condition. The reason for knocking off a star is the location of the car rental. The shuttles are somewhat infrequent and is a good 10 minute drive to get to the airport from the facility.

Melinda Peters

It took all of 2 minutes to pick up a vehicle even more spacious than that which we had preordered. I was offered a choice of vans and the Nissan selected came through for us over a period of almost 3 weeks, some of which was in challenging driving conditions. The return was equally smooth and quick. We have used National for some years now and have been consistently happy with their service and their vehicles.

Norm Church

Rental center was fast and easy to use. Selection of vehicles was somewhat limited. We ended up with a Jeep Compass which was not a great choice. It had no room for luggage and was somewhat under-powered. Return was awesome - quick, accurate and painless. One thing for National that bugs me; stop banding the two remotes together, it makes a bundle too big to fit in your pocket.

Richard Strayer

I love National if you rent a lot.

Jack V Minster

It's quite a journey from the plane to your rental car, but fairly easy. Navigating with a wheel chair is something to which we've grown accustomed. People were great! The car check out and return were great. We have but one issue and it is consistent across the nation: although the cars are always very clean, the outside rear view mirrors ALWAYS have water spots. Water spots so bad that depending on the position of the Sun as you are driving (usually an unfamiliar vehicle) the mirrors are almost useless. We have found this true in Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Montana and Oregon. Other states might be fine, but we haven't tried them yet.

Gary Dean

I normally like walking to the aisle at national and picking out my own car and leaving. After getting in line I noticed there was a warning light on the dash that showed the tire pressure in one tire was low. when I mentioned them to them at the gate they said my only option was to leave the terminal drive all the way around and bring the car back in as I was returning it and then walk to go find another car. This is the third time this has happened with national in the last 12 months. It seems to me that they need to be a little bit more astute when driving the car. Every single time the car gets cleaned and washed somebody has to drive it back to be rented. Are they really ignoring general maintenance that needs to be done?

Mike Kinney

The car was not cleaned beforehand. When we got the car it was dark and we couldn't see in it very well. Later we found french fries on the floor in the back and the previous renter had spilled a drink in the back on the door. I've rented several times from the PHX National with no issues in the past. I guess this one got through the cracks. The good news is the car operated fine with no issues.

Drew Oliveira

I am a big fan of National. I travel 75-100 days a year. I would say the reason for only 4 stars is that at the Executive Elite level I would expect slight. Over cars. Power seats, maybe leather interior but more typically the selection is limited. Still going to use them for the better experience overall.

Beverly Elsner

I always use National. Service is good; always fun to drive new, different cars. Never had a problem.

Dean R. Andersen

Client loyalty program is very rewarding. The company has excellent vehicle choices with very good customer service. Great value for your money.

Michael Messina

I enjoyed the car however upon arrival at the Emerald pickup they had to wait an hour for a car to arrive. The car was presented to me dirty outside and in for which I had to bring it to a car wash myself. Mildly disappointed but since I’m a corporate member I wasn’t going to make it a big deal when I picked the car up.

David Vining

J.D. Lewis

The staff from the desk to the garage were all helpful, polite, and friendly. The car provided was fantastic and exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed the process and will look to National first for future rental considerations.

Dolly Tao

Leonard Miller

We had problems with the key to the car. Could not get the car to start. Called for service assistance several times.Finally was told to change cars. Went to the Burbank airport to exchange cars but National had closed their office there. We were than sent to another location and the only vehicle available was a pick up truck. Finally at the third stop we were able to exchange cars.

Stephen Harris

Car was nice, clean and ran well. Process was simple. No check ins. I simply had to pick any car I wanted from the line and drive to the booth. I was able to pair my phone with the vehicle. Return was just as simple. No hassle.

Terry Jones

Always a great selection of cars no matter what location. Every staff member I have encountered has been professional and friendly. Efficient in and out process.

Caleb Gibson

Sharon Paterson

National is my favorite agency for business travel car rentals because of how quickly you can get into a car and get on the move. The fact that you can choose your wheels is icing on the cake. The cars are well maintained and reliable. The speed of returning the car is also excellent. Every staff member I encounter is professional and friendly. They know how to recruit good people! If they could do one thing better, I'd say please don't spray that fragrance in the cars after cleaning. There must be a better way to keep the cars fresh inside without gassing the next driver.

craig smith

The convenience and ease of selecting a car and the check out process is excellent. The quality of the car selection is poor.

Danny Speth

Once I was introduced to National/Enterprise i was hooked. Emerald is the best status

Saji Thomas

The process of picking the vehicle and getting on our way was pretty smooth and efficient. However, the car was dirty. There was dust on the dash, crumbs and dirt on the floor and the body of the car itself was bad. I actually had to take it to a car wash to have the interior dusted and cleaned right after picking up the car. I'd still pick National over any other rental company but I wish they paid more attention to keeping the cars clean.

Dennis Wegman

To all, this National Car Rental site was very convenient and had a great selection of cars. It was very easy to check out of and make your way to the I-5. The personnel were very helpful and the Cooper Countryman I had performed well and was very clean. The return process was well supported and the personnel were very attentive to providing your receipt.

Susan Ostler

Had a great experience with a Toyota Camry that we rented for a week to drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor around the SW U.S for 10 days and back to Phoenix. The rental experience was easy with the Emerald Aisle allowing us to choose a car that fit our purpose perfectly with no hassle. We were pleasantly surprised by the advanced Safety features on the car, including Lane Keeping and Lane departure warning as well as Adaptive Cruise and Collision Warning & Avoidance. Those features kept us out of accidents and made the long trip pleasurable. Additionally the cost was competitive with other rental options. We’ll definitely rent from National again.

Stas Zverev

Trouble free. Friendly people. Good car selection. Loved it.

Kevin Caldwell

Ray Jensen

National is always easy to navigate. We arrived late and didn't find keys in the first two cars we selected, but that was a minor speed bump. Returning the car is also a very smooth experience.

Catherine Hester

Service is remarkable, got in and got out with the vehicle that I wanted in 5 minutes. plenty of cars to choose from.

Gordon Speights Young

The personnel at the Burbank location could not have been more helpful in helping us when the car I chose was not a good fit for my wife and in helping get me to the airport when I returned the car.

Regina Garabedian

John Kennedy

The car I rented at PHX airport was filthy on the inside with a sticky substance on the dash board. The car was not full when I picked it up and there was a significant rattle in the dashboard which was distracting as well. (Toyota Camry - 7,500 Miles) When I checked the car in, I was apparently 10 minutes late (12:10 p.m.) and they added an additional $45.00 to the bill. I complained at customer service and they reversed it thankfully. Added fees and car condition on pick up will push me to consider other options moving forward.

Michy Greenberg

This National Rental Car provides a great lineup of vehicles. From small cars to midsize to trucks. They even have many SUVs and hybrids to choose from. The only thing that you need to bring is a towel to wipe the windows. They are quickly washed and put back in the lineup, but the windows have dried water marks.

Ray Arguello

p McCully

Had a recent National rental pickup from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Check in was great. Friendly staff who answered all my questions. Lots of cars available to choose from. Nissan Rogue worked perfectly for our group. Clean and in great condition. Drop off was efficient from ConRac facility back to terminal.

Claudio Silva

phong pham

very fast check out and return, great selection of vehicles, good price

Michael Bouck

Loved renting with National. This was my first car rental in a long time. The process was easy, I received a free upgrade on my vehicle and a choice of vehicle when I arrive at my destination. Return was painless and took very little time. I'd definitely rent with National again.

Angela Braun

Had to go to customer service..all 3 men extremely helpful.


Great car and very clean. Service was excellent and very easy

Arthur Rutherford

Generally have been pleased for all rentals from national and always a quick response and some level of credit for complaints which there was truly only one for a car tire that I did not see in the dark to be beyond normal standards for maximum wear during my inspection of vehicle. This last rental was both awesome and disappointing, Requested a Chrysler 300 as I was to be transporting a handicapped relative to the airport and new I need something large and low. Unfortunately the only thing that we had access to was a arcadia SUV for room but was a definite challenge to raise the passenger up to the seat and quite a drop getting him out. However better than could be expected assistance out weighed this issue. I needed to avoid bringing my passenger from riding on a bus from the car rental facility. The rental reservation staff allowed us to, upon request to have rental staff take us to the terminal in the car. No note was made of this in the reservation for some reason, and staff at Sky harbor were not sure if this was allowed. After checking with the manager they returned to us and were instructed to contact him at a cell # upon arrival to the return center and he would have a driver drop us at the terminal and return the car for us. That went off without a hitch and I commend the employees, Driver on up to manager for their assistance. It does not get any better than that, and the gentleman who drove us was exceptional. I will be a customer for a long time to come. And I like the Car selection I have as an emerald club member and ease of completing arrival and return to boot. Please get more 300'S Art Rutherford Rutherford Equipment Services

Manish Argade

Very well organized. Love the emerald club member for the free upgrades. No hassle with great customer service.

Carl Huggins

Quick check in and drove off with choice of vehicle. Car return was very simple and was done in about 5 minutes.

Jacalyn Bendorf

Always a pleasure to rent from PHX. Cars are always clean. It is wonderful that you can walk right out to the car and drive away. After traveling for hours it is so appreciated to not have to stand in line at a counter, makes it a top notch experience. PHX is always a great experience. Thank you PHX National Car Rental.

Lindsay Jackson

Fantastic experience upon arrival with a great selection of premium vehicles to choose from! The Limited Edition Mitsubishi Outlander I chose had less than 5K miles on it, and it was exactly what I needed for my Grand Canyon vacation. It also took less than 15min to return my vehicle and be on my way to the airport via shuttle. A train is coming soon though!

John Cosner

The car rental experience from start to finish was a great one. We do have one concern in that we may have left a small black, half moon shaped jewelry carrier in the car. We will be calling the Lost and found on this but any effort to look into this and call us to let us know if it was recovered would be greatly appreciated. You have our contact information.

Rajesh Balu

Nice experience

Robert Bridgeman

Keith Vidger

The staff at the Burbank location is amazing! They are very accommodating and always eager to make their customers happy.

Paul Yocke

Easy check out & in processing. Very nice to select your vehicle. My only complaint was the vehicle had less than 200 miles but not everything worked. The mini van’s two rear doors had to be manually closed since the self powered system wasn’t working

bill Britt

Overall good as I rent often but the last few times the cars were not cleaned inside and windows are awful. I have had to clean paper and garbage out and clean the windows so I could see out clearly. the last care the FM radio did not work at all and I am an executive member.

Sam Butterworth

Staff is friendly and answered my questions. The new rental facility makes car rental at Burbank much easier! The ease of renting as an Emerald Club member is one of the main reasons I choose National for my rental needs.

Miles Abernathy

Nice car at a fair price.

dede distel

Mary Rosas

Great service and you can get in and out quickly - thank you

Douglas Demarco

All good at National PHX Airport. Good ride from and to the airport, got a Toyota Tacoma Sport model which is what I drive at home, worked fine.

Jonathan Lee

Rent here regularly; Emerald Club choices/ease of departure/return is as easy as it's ever been at any other location. My only minor complaint was the Premium SUV had a souring empty milk container in the center console and trash in the door compartment...odd it wasn't noticed during cleanup. The walk from the terminal is getting old....a shuttle would be a nice touch.

Carrie D

We used points and neglected to check in at the counter as I am used to the Emerald treatment. Camesha did an excellent job getting us processed and out the door with minimal delay. She was great!

Cody Winslow

The car is great. Normally the staff is amazing. This time no one knew anything. I asked the lady which row and she had no idea. She was like I don't know how to look up your reservation. The lady at the booth when leaving was acting like I was trying to steal their car. But normally it's a great experience. Just the Vegas crew may need some more training.

Mark Briffa

A huge thanks to Ray and CW at National/Alamo’s Lost and Found, Rental Car Center, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. I thought I’d left my wallet behind in the back seat of a National rental car and asked for help. Ray gave me the excellent advice to back-track my steps whilst CW went looking for the vehicle amidst the thousands of returned vehicles. I also got the opportunity to look properly through my stuff in relative seclusion, and make a call to the hotel I had stayed at. Ray also suggested to ask at the information desk just outside the lost and found. It turned out my wallet was found on the transit bus to the airport. Thanks again Ray, CW and National for the help and service I received.

Manny Aguirre

I had an excellent experience with National car rental. I joined the Emerald club and it made everything very easy. Great service, very fast and great choice of cars. Got in and out quickly. Return was just as easy!

Ken Myers

Exclusively use National. Like the Burbank airport. National has a booth that requires you check in to get your rental contract and keys, even if you are Emerald. They are invariably short of 4 door cars even though you have a reservation for one. You are offered a SUV for no upcharge. If you want what you reserved, you have to wait. The staff at the booth are very competent and friendly but have to deal with customers who aren't getting what they ordered. Not there fault. Need to modernize the facility to compare with other LA area airports.

Jon Faifer

In and out car rental. The same for dropping off.

Lori Quinlan

We wanted to rent a minivan during the busy Christmas to New Year's week and had no problems. Have been long time renters with National, never disappointed and they came through again this time! The van was ready to pick up at the designated time and place with no glitches or excuses! Thanks for helping complete a perfect vacation with the family!

Andrea Lamorand

We had a bad experience with another company for a rental car today and tried our luck at National. We had excellent customer service with Mike. He gave us a great price, was patient, helpful, friendly... everything you want when you go looking for a rental car. National now has a loyal customer with my family and me. His helpfulness and willingness to help will ensure that we go back to National from here on out. Thank you Mike! You made a bad situation end on a good note. We really appreciate it!!!

Bobby Howard

Fumio Sunahara

Car external impression is very good. Very clean outside and no damage. However, it was dirtier inside window, and touch screen had many finger prints. I had to clean up by myself. It was driving hazardous to me twilight time.

Steve Zirkelbach

I always appreciate the friendly people at National Car Rental. The car selection and people are top notch.

Gregory John

Loved it! Able to get in and out of the Phoenix Airport Rental Car Center quickly. Thanks!

Tim Jew

Just grab a car and go.....I didn't like the long walk to my rental car. Not Nationals fault. It is just where all the other rentals are located. Add 15 minutes for the walk....depending on your walking pace.

Harry Kopy

Can't beat the speed of passing the counter, going directly to the mid sized car of your choice (of the ones still on the lot). I've never been disappointed with the choices. I don't think we spent more than 5 minutes picking out a car and checking out. Prices are reasonable, and you don't get pressured into adding on insurance from anyone. Returning the car was just as simple. Drop it off, get checked in, and you're off to your flight.

Eric Foster

Everyone at this location is friendly, willing to help and put you into a car that meets your needs. I wanted a 2 door car so they did their best to accommodate my needs.

Sebastian Rozo

As an executive elite member with 60 rental days so far this year, I can say with certainty my experience at this location was outstanding, definitely better than any of the other locations I have visited so far. Deonte Simpson, the station manager, was really helpful and provided exceptional customer service!!

Cass Collins

Easy rental experience for this Emerald club member. I let my son pick the car and so we drove a Dodge Challenger around LA for the week. Good ride!

Andrew Boyd

We had made a reservation with a cheaper company but were in a line that was over 2 hours long. Meanwhile national was allowing us to just walk to the cars and select a car and go. You've got a loyal customer in me.

Sal Santelli

Hassle-free rentals at a competitive price. Excellent customer service. Pays to become an Emerald Club Member.

Nancy Kinnard

Thank you for upgrading us to a larger vehicle. Very unexpected but well worth it as we were picking up other people.

Anne Clark

I love National! The Emerald Club is essential to my travel. It's so easy and convenient to use. Just reserve online, pick a car, get in and then GO! It could not be easier. The staff are always very helpful if there are questions, and this just saves me so much time!

Brian Zahnstecher

Douglas Eastman

Picking out the car I like in Emerald Aisle is great. Also I had to switch where I dropped off the car and kept it a couple of days extra...very good customer service setting that up.

Michael Renninger

Vehicle was dirty. Windows were splattered with dried soap from car wash making them extremely difficult to see out of.

stacy clark

Darren Johnson

The Burbank Airport National is easy to get in and out of. They always have a decent selection of cars to choose from and their staff is kind and helpful. I’ll continue to rent from them whenever I fly into that airport.


I really like renting from National! The cars are always clean and in great condition. I literally pick my car from the Emerald Aisle and go. No need to wait around for staff. Perfect for the business professional as well as for personal travel needs.

Brandon Yoshimura

Very poor customer service... normally when checking in a vehicle they say Hi, how are you Mr./Mrs.... How was your rental... Would you like to keep it on the card ending... followed by directions on how to get to the shuttle etc.. NOT HERE! Pick up was not the greatest either with dirty cars...

Sergio Ray

Steve Pettit

The process is flawless once you arrive at the airport. Sadly I had tried to utilize some free days but that wasn't being allowed when booking online. Kind of frustrating for a good client who wants to use some loyalty rewards but not able to. The car was great except for the tape on the inside of the windshield, which was impossible to remove by hand. Being a brand new vehicle, the attention to detail in getting it into service wasn't up to par.

Nancy Henry

The car was in excellent condition and the check-in and check-out was very efficient.

Jim eggenberger

My recent National car rental at Burbank airport was excellent! I just walked to the vehicle of my choice and exited. No counter stops or other delays and the vehicle was exactly what I wanted. I always use National because of the convenience and great cars/SUV's.

Mark Landis

I've been an "Emerald Isle" customer for National for a long time, and this past trip to Phoenix shows exactly what sets them apart. in order to save some money, my wife had booked a car with another company. When I arrived at their counter, there was at least 150 people in line, with two people working the counter. I would have been there for 2 hours trying to get a car. I quickly opened my National app and reserved a car right there. I was down the escalator and straight to the cars immediately. I was greeted by no less than 4 National people along the way, all giving me directions to the Emerald Isle, which contained numerous brands and styles to choose from. They all said, "Just grab anything you'd like." I chose a small SUV and just show my DL at the security gate. That whole process took about 5 minutes. Yes, it was more "expensive," but how much is your time worth, especially on a trip where I had less than 24 hours to be there? Thanks National for coming though. Oh, and of course I also got my American miles too.

Lily Ng

Appreciate the staff bringing a Hyundai Elantra to me. Keep up the great customer ser

David Marra

Excellent cooperative team at the Burbank Airport. Good hustle, friendly greeting and personaized service.

Tri-Kote Roofing LLC

What a great company! I love how i can walk up to a car, get in and drive away. No talking to salespeople who have to do the normal chit chat. Just get in and go. Make sure to downloaod app and reserve a car for faster clearance at the security station. I rented a 5.0 Ford GT convertible on a $30 per day upgrade charge. Well worth the extra $90 for 3 days. Boy, talk about a FAST RIDE! I had 1 small issue with the seat cooling fan making noise and they refunded me $118 for the discomfort, and i didnt even ask for it. WOW! Talk about good customer service! I will never use another rental company.

Ceresa Maki

James Crocker

Great selection of cars. Very professional and courteous greeting staff upon arrival and even when returning. Returning was quick, easy and efficient. The bill was accurate. Not a fan of the airport sponsored shuttle... be sure to factor in additional time when returning since the buses are unreliable and the wait for a bus can take upwards of 30 minutes especially if the buses are at capacity.

Frank Fackelman

The car was great. The employees were friendly and helpful. One minor issue...I usually pre-pay for gas. It was not offered and I forgot to mention it before leaving the booth. I tried calling the contact number several times over two days to try to revise the contract but no one was there to answer. I even left a message on the Lost and Found prompt and still have not received a call. This prevented it from being a 5-star rating.

Ryan Sell

The rental was at Phoenix. Basically walked past the counter and to the lot and picked out a car. There were several persons getting cars, but National was bringing them in as we walked out. Car was clean, no smoke smell, etc. Very easy pick-up. Drop off was just as easy in Las Vegas, Friendly and courteous.

Kenyon Smith

Had a great experience with National Car Rental. The staff was friendly and the experience was smooth, efficient, and stress-free. As a member of the Emerald Club I was able to choose my own car, and there were several great options to choose from.

Jared Northrup

The Emerald Club is supposed to make your car rental experience hassle-free but it was anything but picking up our car at the Phoenix airport. The car we chose was somehow reported as stolen, so when we went to exit they kept us there for ~20 minutes trying to resolve instead of just letting us get a new car.

Gary Takahashi

When travelling, the one thing that always goes without a hitch is my car rental with National. There are never any surprises, and the people are always cheerful and friendly. The crew at Burbank are no exception. Picking up and dropping off the car is super convenient. Too bad the flights never go as easy.

Edward Durgavich

Awesome experience Many cars to choose from- I like this because I'm a tall guy People were courteous Car ran great Good price Thanks!

Mark Henderson

My car choice was in the Emerald Isle, team member told me to pick from any Isle I choose. There were a shortage of cars, I was asked by another team member what car I would like. He said he would have one coming soon. It came soon. I was delighted in my Nissan Maxima. Check out was super fast and so was check in. I love National.

D Duck

Super easy service. Didn’t have to speak with anyone. Walked to the Executive area. Picked a car. And left (stopped at gate to exit of course). Paid for midsize but got a SUV. Vehicle was clean. Dropping off the vehicle was just as easy.

John Ecker

My first time with National. It was as easy as they said I would be. On arrival just pick out the car and drive off. On return just drive up, drop off and leave. Loved it.

Daylor Thompson

Henry Chow

Like the concept of Emerald Isle to be able to pick type of car. Easy to get in a car and leave the parking area. Price is middle of the pack. Used to be lower than other brands but seems to be higher lately. Main complaint recently is the car had very low windshield fluid when I picked it up so had to get a bottle to fill it up myself.


Best car rental experience so far, I was able to pick any car from The lot. And was giving VIP service from beginning to end. I even left my cell phone In my rental and didn't realize until I got all the way to the airport. I called my phone and somebody answered and delivered my phone to me so I wouldn't miss my flight. Thank you very much for going above and beyond

Gary Mattison

We obtained our rental at sky harbor airport in Phoenix and headed out to the freeway entrance in our rented Maxims. I immediately noticed the sound of an underinflated or soon to be flat tire on the right front. I turned around and immediately returned the car. I was advised to select another car, which I did. I lost some time but the exchange was seamless. It could have been worse. The staff members (two) helping me were first rate and extremely helpful. Five stars warranted.

Brittany Pelka

National is a great company to rent a car from. I appreciate its easy and efficient process to rent a car.

William Sturtevant

My first rental with National. Flawless experience. Very helpful and friendly staff. Vehicle in excellent shape. Very easy pick up and return. No delays. Highly recommended!

Lauren Brown

Super awesome experience. Signed up for Emerald Club, walked straight into the garage, picked a car, keys were in it. No waiting. Amazing! Drop off equally easy. Park in garage, leave keys in it, done.

mackara80 .

Been with NCR as an Emerald Member for many years. and i'm still a happy camper. clean and almost brand new car. if i remember correctly, the odometer read 500ish miles when i checked out the car. made reservation online. told the staff i was an Emeral member and had a reservation. she pointed me to a few cars parked in the stall and said pick anyone i liked. i did, got in and drove off. no paperwork except to show my DL and sign the contract as i was leaving the parking lot and and checked out by the parking attendant at the gate. at my return, 1-2 minutes check-in and got my small printed receipt and off i went. very helpful and friendly check out/in staff.

Charles Textor

I found the National Car desk quickly. The airport process of taking the shuttle was explained. The car i took was what I had ordered. The car ran well for the week and 350 miles that went on the car. Dropoff was simple and fast. They emailed my receipt. This was a very good experience.

Jeremy Meadows

The process of using the National Emerald Isle Club to pick out my rental car is so easy. Unless I am forced to, I don't use any other car rental option.

Michele Young

Check-in was very fast, friendly and they didn't try to up-sell me on anything. Staff was friendly when assisting us in picking a car. When we were departing through the drive-through, I commented that the "check engine" light was on and I asked if that was OK. The staff person told me that was not OK, and that I should choose a different car. Within two minutes, the manager found us, apologized profusely and offered us a very nice vehicle upgrade. The manager came back to us before we left and told me that as an added apology we could bring the car back with an empty gas tank. I was concerned that this verbal direction would fall between the cracks, but the check-out worker was aware of it and he entered it into our computer file. When we turned in the car and I checked my final bill, there were no additional charges. The car was clean, comfortable and well maintained. I would definitely rent from National again.

Kim Youngerman

I get into Burbank about 8:30 am and I have two cars to choose from. Neither were optimal.

David Cummings

I travel every month, National Car Rental is my go to car rental company. Over the years I have tried most of the big one's, HERTZ, AVIS, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise (which I do use on local rentals). National wins hands down for ease of movement through the process..

Terra Cox

Paul Wert

The location is very convenient... But sometimes the selection for executive is not different from emerald. I have picked up cars from executive that did not have Bluetooth, auxiliary, or even a CD player. Upgrades should be an upgrade and selection from sport to recreational should be available. I would recommend National to a friend!

Janet Olson

Easy in, easy out and my choice of cars to choose from! Love it when it's this easy when you're traveling. No time was wasted at all!

A Khan

Waited in line at PHX airport rental car terminal since I didn’t know where to go. There were not enough agents and another customer actually cut me in line but nothing was said. Oh well. Even though I’m emerald club the desk agent still kept me there to check me in then directed me to go to where the cars are. Overall not bad but maybe my expectations were too high.

Michael Perez

Accidentally left something of importance in a vehicle upon return. Best of luck if this happens to you! They have the most backward lost and found ever created!! Customer service is completely unequiped to even begin to help! I have never left anything in a rental before but could not have even imagined how ridiculously difficult such a large organization could make such a simple and common task!! I will never rent here again!

Mike Baran

Everything about my rental experience was as good as it gets.

Bob Phillips

Would love to give them more stars - I love the pick your car and go system - and usually they do have a decent selection to chose from (sometimes disappointed in selection, but not often) - their downfall is the cleanliness of the cars. I've rented from all the major rental companies - extensively - and while I overall pick National Car Rental, compared to the others, their cars are never as clean as the competition. If they straightened out that issue they would be unquestionably the best.

Mark Elsenpeter

We are part of the Emerald Club and rent fairly often around the country. In Phoenix, the rental facility is pretty dim so it’s hard to really view the vehicle. We picked a mini van as we have a graduation to attend and several people to drive around. When we got on the road we noticed that the outside of the vehicle hadn’t been washed and the inside had cracker crumbs and dog hair throughout the back seats. The dash was dusty and the windshield still had the round, sticky spots from the GPS before us. I know this isn’t usually my experience with National but this time we were very disappointed that this vehicle somehow became available for use.

Kathleen Gaddie

Renting a car in Phoenix was fast and easy. I even was given a free upgrade...impressive.

Rosalba Virrey

The cleaners took my JBL speaker! I'm so disappointed. I drop my rental car on 12/16/18 7:40 pm and once I arrived home I realize I forgot my JBL speaker under the driver seat, so I drove back to the car rental, and I saw the car already cleaned, however my speaker was not in there, and the persons that clean the cars said that "they did not see anything". I'm pretty sure I leave it there and how quick they took it, that's not fair, we are customers that pay for rental reservations and National should save the forgotten items. National should have a rule to check employees cleaners stuff before to leave the job site, otherwise they can take any forgotten items, that's not fair. I mean is my fault to leave things in the car and not checked, but I came back one hr later for my item and it was not there, that's so disappointed.

stuart lindsay

Absolutely no problems with our experience at National in Phoenix airport. Everything went smoothly. Found a car that worked for us and we were off. It took a little while to figure things out as there was no owners manual in the car. Overall seemedine to be ok. Returened the car a week later again no problems. Pretty much everything I need in a car rental experience. The car we picked was not the greatest, but it ran fine and everything worked. It was clean and appeared to be well maintained.

Tim Simpson

I always try to use National when renting a vehicle, for business or pleasure. On this particular rental, it was one way long distance. I had the car for five days and thoroughly enjoyed the vehicle. When I returned the vehicle there was a discrepancy in quoted cost and actual cost. The return agent couldn't really handle the items being charged, and the issue with the fees. I contacted National upon my return home and they sorted out the issues quickly and refunded me the difference. Thank you. I would have given this review five stars, but when I picked up the vehicle in Phoenix, it wasn't as clean as it should be, inside or out.

Mark Meldrum

Car was not filled up all the way with gas - about 7/8 full. There were scratches and chips to the paint on the trunk area. Person at the exit station did not document the scratches and I did nt have time to wait for a another gallon of gas. Overall, the car ran great all week and was very comfortable. I enjoyed the Chevy Malibu.

Lorie Darrow

EASY EASY EASY!!! Being an Emerald Club member is wonderful. Good selection of cars, no issues with the car, easy pick up easy drop off. Thank-you

Stephanie Leone

Easy. As an Emerald member, go pick up your car and leave. Easy....

Philip Yost

I have been an Executive Elite customer at National for at least five years. I arrived at the Burbank airport just before midnight due to storms and a delayed flight in Denver. The station was closed and the old security guard wandering around the Exexutive lot would not allow me to get my vehicle because I did not have a hard copy of my reservation. Despite showing him my reservation on my phone, he refused to let me rent a vehicle. He actually recommended that I go to Hertz or one of the other rental agencies to get a vehicle! After trying to resolve the situation, and finding a taxi ($70 charge), I finally made it to my hotel around 1:30am. I called National Customer Service and learned that this was not protocol, and a reservation on a mobile device should be sufficient to rent a car. I would not recommend National at this location under any circumstances. As I called Customer Service all throughout this ordeal, I asked someone to send a vehicle over from the LAX station or many other locations scattered throughout Los Angeles, but no one would do that. Very unprofessional; very disappointing; especially in a city that lives 24/7. Never again here in Burbank. jvan1351

As always National makes car rental painless. Enroll on line and Create your reservation. You bypass the rental desk completely. Go directly to the Emerald Isle and pick out a midsize car from a great selection of options. You drive out show your license, drive back when you return. No paperwork! Extremely friendly employees all the way through. My rental was Christmas week in Phoenix, but I have had this same experience at other locations around the country.

Arthur Taylor

As National Car Rental facilities go, this one was above average. They had more check-out kiosks at the exit, and they had a ton of personnel on the return side, so the process was super-fast overall. Being an Emerald Club member helps, at least with the pick-up process. You can just go to the garage and bypass the counter to get a car. They had a decent selection when I arrived (Sunday afternoon), and the entire process was smooth and efficient. This, by the way, is in spite of the massive construction at the rental car facility right now. But, you can't hold that against the car rental companies anyway. Overall, one of the best National experiences I've had. They set the bar a bit higher now.

Kimberly Wells

I have had nothing but great service with National until this trip. My flight was delayed but still arrived 15 min before closing and there wasn’t a soul around to help me. Sooo I attempted to help myself! First car: no keys inside/ 2nd car: smelled horribly of smoke/ 3rd car: gas tank 1/4 full and not clean/ 4th and final car was full of trash, food bags etc from previous renter, but at least it had gas and I had to get on the road. The guard at gate apologized for my experience and was very kind...but I was extremely embarrassed to pick up clients the next day in this car. Burbank location- you can do better!!

Kenneth McCoy

Traveling for a living, and using a company like this only makes since. They cater to my every need. If something ends up being to small/ big, they gladly make adjustments to fulfill my request. Service is exceptional, and the vehicles are all very well maintained.

Chris B

Indy Airport is the best and getting to National is close and easy. Car selection in the Emerald Aisle was plentiful and we had no issues even with a late arrival time. We use National whenever we visit as well as all the other places we go including North Carolina, Hawaii and Las Vegas. Never had a bad experience.

rnotk .

It was very quick and I will use them again.

Jen Goff

Everything about the experience was positive except for the location of the car pick-up from the airport terminal. There is a very, very long walk with no available shuttle.

Tara Brady

Easy to check in and out when using the National app

Yvonne Ng

Other than one front desk lady at National, they have excellent customer service. Every week I arrive, someone is always around to help me. Checkout is a breeze and those agents are super friendly. I'd definitely recommend National to all my family and friends.

Mohan Rao

Easy to rent; good price; excellent service

Grace T

I have been using national for sometime now and would say I rent cars for work about 4-6 times a month. The cars are on average not cleaned in-between uses. I think the trash is removed and that is it. It has gotten so bad that I started traveling with wipes so I can wipe the interior down before I leave the lot. Getting into a rental and putting your cell down into a sticky puddle of God knows what is a terrible experience. For the prices national is charging I think they could do better.

William Koenig

Good service but no response when I called about leaving my sweater in the car.

Marshaé Jones

Super easy to pick a car and go, however, drove off and realized the inside of the car was pretty filthy and, although I booked through my works website (work trip), it took my Emerald club preferences and added all the insurances that my Employers decline (they even have attach a note when we book to decline all coverage). So now I'm stuck with extra charges. That part sucked.

Ellen Langrehr

As an Emerald Card member, I appreciate the consistently excellent service provided by National. Checking in and out is efficient. Price is competitive. Staff are always helpful. Highly recommend National.

Tara Mogan Blom

Typically, I like working with National. I enjoy the convenience of being able to select a car and go. But I recently rented a car in Phoenix and was in a hurry. I grabbed a car and within 5-10 minutes of being on the freeway, realized how badly it smelled of smoke. When it’s 113° out, there’s not much you can do to air out a car by rolling down windows. Even after two days it still reeked of smoke. Which means that I reeked of smoke as it got into my clothes, on my hair, and stayed with me even when I wasn’t in the car. That is not a good first impression with new clients.If National allows customers to smoke in the rental vehicles, they need to designate smoking and non-smoking vehicles so that non-smokers like me don’t have to deal with that nasty odor. This is the first time I’ve had that happen while renting with National, but if it repeated it self and continue to be an issue, I would switch companies for someone with a non-smoking policy that is enforced.

Danielle Morse

Easiest car rental experience I've ever had! My new go to place!

Larry Mosher

Fast and friendly but a long walk from the terminal

Nicki King

National Car Rental does a great job for the business traveler. Emerald Club makes it easy and quick. The new Rental facility at Burbank Airport is a big improvement over the small, cramped and dangerous one they had before. Appreciate the helpfulness of the check-in staff, too!

Paul Smith

Love National. When booking through their App select the Emerald Isle, by-pass the counter and pick any car and go, no lines, no paperwork. Very fast and convenient. Lots of different types of vehicles to select from. Never had it where they were out of cars

Roger Moore

Always fast and great service at National

Alvin Armer

Matt Andrews

There was a good selection to choose from. Checking out was very quick and I was on my way. Always a pleasure renting from National.

Jovan Petrovic

Great to be able to zoom through the rental facility. If you don't see a car that you want, they will work with you. Some locations have much better car selections than others.

Velco Farina

Rented in the past with other companies and this was one of the best experiences I had. Fast and nice service. They offered me an upgrade without being pushy and let me evaluate pros and cons. Went for it and was the best value for money I had in a rental. Returning the car took me 30 seconds. Will definitely prioritize National over other companies in the future.

Zachary Bohlman

Very seamless and pleasant experience. Very nice options at the executive aisle, was able to get an Infiniti crossover. I like National for the seamless self service but the couple employees I interacted with were great.

Brent Royster

Friendly service in the IND airport, and a clean, sharp VW Tiguan waiting when I arrived at 10 PM. Excellent!

Shari Miller

We got in later in the evening, and went to the rental desk, expecting to get either a Prius or Corolla like we normally do. We met Vanessa at the front desk, who was very friendly and personable. We got to chatting about our love of fast cars, and she ended up offering us a choice of either a Mustang convertible, a Dodge Charger, or a Infinity Q 60. We went with the Infinity, because I liked the silver color, and the fact that it had a sunroof. The charger didn’t, and it was really to hot to get good use out of a convertible. I will say, that because of her and Karl’s great customer service, we will be using National again in the future. Sometimes these big companies don’t realize how important it is to have the right employees (and be willing to pay the right people more). The right employees can make or break a business, and in this case, your company has hired two of the best customer service people we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I hope to hear that they both got a raise. Shari and Edward Jackson

David Hadcock

Easy to check-out and check-in. Clean cars, nice selection. Emerald Isle makes renting with National even better.

Mauna Mazzola

The check-out and check-in process is one reason I choose National. The staff is always friendly. My only negative is the amount of mid-size cars available. I have flown in a midnight and there were two mid-size sedans and many Kias. I understand this was a late time and availability was limited. This time was mid morning and there were more pickup trucks than midsize cars. Despite this small glitch, I highly recommend National Car .

Gerald Holdsworth

Phoenix was very busy but National made it very simple. Join the Emerald Club just walk in pick any car in your class throw your stuff in, drive to check out stay in car sign go. Returning was just as simple. Loved National and will definitely use again.

Ryan Birnbaum

Have rented from this National location twice and had good experiences with no issues. Executive aisle is usually well stocked with options. Had a brand new Cherokee with no mileage, great if you are traveling somewhere remote. Another time got an X3. If you’re looking for something unique and it’s peek arrival time just wait around and the staff continually bring out more options.

Lucas Oliveira

If I could give it 0 stars I would. First renting from the Burbank location and most likely my last. The gate attendant who checked me out ignored my reservation and created a new reservation without asking or confirming anything. Error wasn’t caught until the next day which I was no where near Burbank to get it corrected. 5 phone calls to the location provided somewhat helpful but they couldn’t correct the issue, thankfully the Ontario airport location was able to correct the issue and save my company from the absurd $1600 cost Burbank airport created. Avoid this location if you can.


We like National Car Rental because we can usually choose a variety of cars from their Executive or Emerald Club parking lot. This time, however, we were so disappointed because there were only 2 cars at the Executive lot. This Burbank airport place should increase its inventory.

Noele Tyson

Customer service was great. The car was great. I got a nice discount using my company's discount program. I was a little frustrated that there was not a more reasonable hourly rate after the first day. I wanted to keep the vehicle for a few more hours and it was going to cost me 15 dollars an hour or an additional day. Other than this, the company is very accommodating and the vehicle quality is top notch.

June De Leon

Lizzy Overlund

Reasonable pricing, great options most of the time, and the best service for any rental company. Do make sure to check your charges though as some errors have been made in the past (and National is great to work with to resolve)

Ed and France Cleland

The interior of the car could have been cleaner I left a personal key in the car; it would have been nice to get a call

Ken Forsythe

Was not able to get the size vehicle I paid for in advance was down graded 2 sizes. That vehicle after 2 weeks required maintenance and a national rep suggested I get maintenance done for them! Finally was able to exchange vehicle at an Enterprise dealer. The person I had at the call center was very helpful as was the gentleman that received us when returning the vehicle. He listened to my adventure, apologized for the hassle as well. They were going to charge me a fuel fee even though I told the person giving me the car that I would return it full. This was fixed by the person at the return location.

LLucky Red Beard

Every person from the guy outside, to the woman at the desk was amazing. Very friendly and very helpful, they even drove my phone to me when I accidentally left it in a vehicle. I wish I could figure out who he was, I wanted to tip him and thank him. The only thing I didn't like was the minivan, it was a 2019 Dodge Grand caravan. It looks very nice, but it is the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever been in. I have sat on milk crates that were more comfortable. Everything else they have is fantastic, and the people are amazing. And it was a really great deal

Nick Keipert

Emerald Aisle service is the best. walk up pick the car that suits you..As you drive out give them your license and emerald card and away you go - 5 minutes max. Drop off takes even less time. they will email your receipt before you get to the gate.

Paul Kain

I'll give these guys 4 stars because it really was a smooth experience given the circumstances- car was ready and there was no wait. However, be advised PHX airport has horrible rental car service in general, so these guys just barely rise above the rest. The rental car center is remote and distant, shuttle busses are spotty, and there is no convenient gas anywhere near the rental car center. I avoid renting at PHX whenever possible. But if you have to rent, National is a good choice

Andy Spears

Another bad experience at the Ontario Airport National Rental Car. Seems management cannot get their act together. When you check in, the system is always down. Have to wait, no help calling customer service either. And when Management calls to follow up, just lip service. Time to move to another Rental Car Company. Zero Star

Gaspare Indelicato

Once you got to the rental car hub at Phoenix international airport, the employees were very professional and friendly and getting in to the car and out of the airport was extremely easy! What I liked the most was the pick your own car down the isle kind of method. Definitely I will rent again from national!

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