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Viv interview

Worst of the world! You can’t choose when you want to return the car, you have to rent until the day your leave flight! They will ask you buy insurance, you have to buy insurance! No choose! Even though it shows optional on the contract! Even when you already brought insurance from the website you booked! I even don’t want give one star, EZ deserve zero and go to hell!!!!

Marwan Ismael

Horrible experience! Waited for over an hour in a long line of frustrated customers , when I got to the front and asked the guy at the counter about the hold up he said there are people that have been waiting for 3 hours which makes my trouble trivial to him because waiting 3 hours is normal ! People started to question what's going on The agent said there is no cars because people didn't return them on time. Went to talk to the manager, she said we have cars It's only a matter of processing the people.. conflicting messages and horrible customer service!! Wasted 2 hours of my day and had to go with someone else after all. This business owners need to look into what's going on before they go out of business Simple advise ... go with someone else!

jim ritter

Easy, no waiting, 10 minutes in a car.

Kevin Breuker

With all the negative reviews online, I was a little hesitant to make a reservation. However the rate was reasonable and the location at the rental car complex was convenient so I decided to make a reservation. Very happy that I did. When I arrived at the rental car complex, the staff got me promptly to an agent who was polite and helpful. They did not try to up-sell me on a whole bunch of extras and got me into my car in a very reasonable time frame. It was exactly what I had reserved online. The car was clean both inside and out. The only complaint I have is the tires were pretty wore down on the vehicle. Would have felt more secure with better treads under foot. If you are looking to rent a car in the Las Vegas area, I would recommend using EZ Rent A Car.

Jing Jing

dishonest agents. reserved for Manager's Special car (supposed to be compact or larger), however, agent gave me a small noisy Economy car. I argued without success. Later after leaving, I called customer service, and they stood by my side. So I had to go back to their original office again and switch my car. A second agent again tried to cheat me into taking the smaller Economy car, and only gave up when I mentioned the phone service's instructions. Agents were very slow and had me wait for long time. I lost 3-4 hours for dealing with them.

Peter Zolnai

got scammed

Sara M

Our rental hasn't even started (there's a good 20 people in line in front of us) and it's already the 2nd worst car rental experience I've had to date... out of 200 rentals or so. We arrived at the rental car center after getting a cab because the shuttle lines were completely ridiculous with no shuttles departing. We approached the rental counter and were asked if we had a reservation. When we responded with a yes, we were not redirected to another counter... we were (very rudely) barked at "Didn't you read my sign?" The said sign is sitting 18 inches from her. Apparently, it was too much for her to speak kindly or pretend she gives a hoot about her job or customers. She is now wandering aimlessly around the rental car center vs. helping anyone.

Eddie Fiola

Good afternoon, Yes, in regards to the agreement. It was signed, however, I interpreted this as waiving the rental supplied insurance as we have our own insurance that covers us in the event that we rent a car. Is there anyway to have this charge removed? As when it was presented to me, it was not clearly verbally explained? Again I was under the impression that I was “waiving” the rental supplied insurance, not that I was agreeing to purchase this option. It was a very difficult day as our car was broken down for 4 hours in the mid day heat just outside of state line. We did have to end up renting from a different car rental company connected to the dealer and they very specifically asked if we wanted to purchase their insurance coverage and the wording was very straight forward. When we then dropped off your car and I received the bill and reviewed it further, I was not happy as your company presented it as “waiving”or declining the insurance option.

chalice01 .

A Camry was rented from E-Z Rent-A-Car on March 10 for a15-day tour of four southwestern states. Service by E-Z agents at the time of rental, pick-up and return was friendly and efficient. The car itself was in excellent condition, clean and well maintained. Rental rates were better than expected and provided my friends and me with excellent value for a much enjoyed trip.

Pinkesh Jain

I wish i could give you 0 star.

sunshinedesi72 .

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY. i had reserved a car for the week because i was going out of town. i had been shown the full price per day and i had originally thought that i was getting a good deal. come find out when i picked up the car. i was told BECAUSE I WAS A LAS VEGAS LOCAL. that the cost of the reservation was more expensive. THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME WHEN I CALLED TO CONFIRM MY RESERVATIONS THREE DAYS BEFORE! NOW I HAD TO PAY TWICE WHAT I THOUGHT I HAD PAID. NEVER AGAIN USING THIS HORRIBLE CAR SERVICE!!

Steve Pollastro

This is the third year in a row that we have rented from E-Z Car Rental in Las Vegas and we would not go anywhere else. We always have a nice car and deal with friendly and knowledgeable people. We plan on going to Vegas 1 or 2 times a year for the rest of our lives and will only go to E-Z Car. Already looking forward to next year. Christina was awesome at check in and Chris was awesome at checkout.

Jean Enright

It was a quick and easy process at the car rental center. Pricing was fair compared to other companies. The representative was not pushy and honored my request that I did not want any extras.

Brandon Herbst

So far my worst rental car experience yet. To start I waited about 45 min to get to the front of the 4 person line. Then I was told i was being given an upgrade vehicle because my flight was delayed and I couldn't pick up the car the day before like I intended. I was told the price for the week was 385 total with the security deposit. It turns out they added the insurance which I was not aware of and a total of 585 came out of my bank account. When I returned the car nobody was helpful at all. I dealt with Mary at the counter and she was rude and very short with me. Then I was told that the manager Joy was not available at all. I had a limited time to get to the airport and they must have knew that. Its now clear that their employees get payed off commision. The extra 185 charge was added without my approval and they were not willing to do anything about it. I will never deal with this company again. It was a very unsatisfactory experience.

Deepak Subramanian

Had to pick up a car before new year to spend the weekend in Vegas with my friends. We arrived on 12/28/2017 (12 mid night). The person at the counter was very friendly and helpful (forgot to see his name tag). we got the keys and was out in about 5 mins. Great service!!

Charina Demille

First and last renting with EZ! Don’t be fooled by their cheap rate online cuz everything is an additional charge (ie: navigation system, 2nd driver, etc) once you get the car , plus a mandatory basic insurance per day even if you have a comprehensive coverage with your credit card, they will still charge you as it’s “mandatory” , per EZ ! Will never get a car rental with EZ ever again!

leslie johnson

Great customer service, great car, great price. It was all around a great experience.

Red Hot Chili Peppers man

So I pre paid for a normal full size car with 4 doors for 6 days. Thinking it would be a Kia Forte or something similar. But the only car Cody offered me was a Jetta station wagon which ran on diesel. And this was my first time driving a diesel vehicle. So I asked Cody if there's diesel gas around Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon which we were going to. And he said No! So I asked even if he had a 2 door compact car with regular gasoline. Of course he said no. So the he wanted to "upgrade" to another 4 door car like a Camry for an extra 103 dollars! Cody was so clueless. Then I asked his co worker right next to me and she said the same thing! This was such a scam because I found out diesel gas in those areas are EVERYWHERE! Someone should of knowned that. Luckily I have some sense and just googled diesel locations and there was a lot. Also, Cody was very rude and not helpful at all. He also kept persistently pushing the extra 200 dollar insurance on me. I'm glad i stuck to the station wagon and non extra insurance. Also, I noticed when i got the car it had the check tire pressure light on. But I returned the car hassle free with everything fine. I will not be giving my business to Ez rental car ever again.

Dave Chow

Great prices, fast and easy pick up and return, no hassle if you don’t need extra insurance, this location at Las Vegas airport, employees are always pleasant Their cars are usually very new too

Tyler Niehaus

I arrived at this location 3 hours ago... Waiting in line STILL to rent a reserved car. There are 2 people actually checking people in... The rest ive seen come in and out. Either way... 3 hours + is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!! IVE NEVER IN MY LIFE WAITED ON ANY LINE THIS LONG

Ashish Ahuja

I was worried before renting the car because of the bad reviews. But my experience was pretty good with EZ. I arrived around 8 pm, there were 2 people in front of me and it took 5 mins wait. Everything after that was smooth, i said no to insurance or filled gas tank. I got a Toyota iA which was great on gas and pretty comfortable to drive. The only reason i am subtracting 1 star is because i booked a mid-size and the guy on the counter gave me a economy and i didnt realize that until i went to the lot to get the car. I could have gone back and got mid-size but it really didn't matter much at the end. They charged me exactly what was on the rental agreement. I would rent again from EZ on this location if i am in Las Vegas

ted Malesky

Very happy with E_Z, shuttle from airport to new car rental bldg, rented SUV, they give me choice of the one I wanted, easy rental and on out way. Return was simple and quick. I would choose E-Z next time I rent again, very happy.

Araz Feyzi

Listen to a savvy traveler! I am an avid traveler and rent more than a few times a month. My experience with this company has been my worst rental experience, ever. When I arrived at the counter, the agent casually told me that they were out of cards at the moment. When I asked for the next steps, he looked at as if I was speaking a different language. He repeated that they were out of cars and that I was more than welcome to either 'wait' for renters to return the car, or ask other rental companies! As you would expect, I was standing there with my reservation in hand, shocked, not believing my ears. I politely asked if he was going to help me out by asking their 'partners' in the building to honor my rental rate. That was apparently a different language to him. So, me being an avid traveler, decided not to ruin my day and proceeded to another reputable rental company from which I had a backup reservation. Bottom line, DO NOT RISK your leisure with this company. Agents I dealt with at the counter were the least professional and most uneducated rental car personnel I have ever dealt with. If this company is cheap enough to risk your time, make sure you have a back up. Be ethical and cancel your backup if you don't need it. Happy travel.

Jay Lietzow

We waited in line at the rental car facility for over an hour. The staff explained that others had quit and the manager did not show up for work. It didn't get better when we picked up our car. The car they had assigned was nowhere to be found. In order to get us another car they had to print a new rental agreement, but their printer wasn't working. Overall the worst rental experience I have ever had. You couldn't pay me enough to use this company again.

Marco Barucchieri

DO NOT TRUST THEIR AGENTS AND ESPECIALLY THEIR MANAGERS. Terrible customer service. Rented to my 75 year old mom heading to California. Failed to mention that you MUST buy their toll policy, otherwise you are hit with a $25 fee for every barrier you cross. They have an arrangement with the CA toll roads, so that you cannot pay online (like you can with a private vehicle. They block that) so they can conveniently charge you $25 each time. Sure it’s in the fine print, but that’s something that deserves mention. They are deceitful and greedy. Shameful corporate greed at work. BTW, they replied after 7 mo's, and just lip service. What a joke of a company...

John Montano

Worst car I ever rented jeep had big scrapes on the side, door lock remote and alarm didn't work car was not cleaned from last trip.

Kathy French

The staff here are amazing, the process are very reasonable, and the cars are beautiful and clean. Overall my best rental experience EVER!

Debbie May

Best Car Rental Place in Vegas! Customer service was outstanding.

Kim Myers

Easy to use! Helpful and very courteous staff!

Aleksandra Pawlik

Everything was fine before I returned car. They charged me for almost 70$ and I don't know why. They just took this money from my bank account. I returned this car one day earlier. The car was clean inside and outside.

George C.R.

I'm given a 3 start since I have not completed my rental. Will update as soon as I come back to return it. Below is what I have experience so far. When I picked up the car the agent processed my pick up in a timely manner which is wonderful. I'm just having some issues with the rental car itself. The sunroof is jammed and I had to call Customer service and the local rental location and no solution has been given to me other then once vehicle is return it will be determine liability. The problem is that I'm in Utah, 100°+F, riding with my 3 year old. The sunroof is jammed partially opened so the ac does not remain in the vehicle. I was told I cannot get a replacement unless I drive back all the way to.las vegas to swap it. Taken the risk of the sunroof window flying open since it appears that has unhooked from its rails. I emailed customer service pics since I dont want EZ car rental to make me liable for a defective vehicle given to me since the nature of the problem of the vehicle is not something cause by the renter party. Will be back to update by 8/12/19 once vehicle is return hoping to make it since now I feel unsafe with the vehicle.

Meladie Bender

Needed to rent a car today to get toy sisters wedding in Tennessee,only to be told that I couldn't rent a car because my license had been flagged $29 for going through a toll in California a month ago.. The problem is that for one I never went near California,I was in Mississippi visiting family and I spent over $500 on my rental so if I had went through a toll which I didn't I had no problem paying the $29 when I asked trying to explain myself and pay the $29 the guy was so rude and acted as if he didn't even want to be at work. He yelled at other co workers for sending business to ez because they had fun out of cars he was a complete jerk!! He lied about the rate when I first got there them I showed him my quote he said that it went up due to a shortage of cars.. I never got any notification about a toll fee so I was totally embarrassed in front October other guest

Al Spearman

Everything was perfect! Short wait time in line, my reservation was processed quickly and correctly by a friendly, efficient staff member. There was no pressure to buy their insurance since I was well covered. I was even upgraded from an intermediate to standard sized car. I drove away in a beautiful Toyota Camry. The car was clean and in excellent shape, it was a pleasure to drive. Upon my return of the car 5 days later, the process was very quick and efficient. My only problem was that I went back up to the front counter because I wanted to pay the total in cash, but the guy who checked in the car closed the contract and it was automatically charged to my credit card. No big deal. This is the second time I have used EZ and both times have been excellent. I will definitely use them again.

Michelle A

The car was nice, but I ended up paying more than twice of what I expected to pay. There are always gimmicks with extra costs that never seems to end. P.S. Don't ever order a flight and car rental together. It always turns out to cost more. Pay each one individually. It turns out to be cheaper.


An absolutely fantastic experience in all of my top catagogies 1) the price 2) superior customer service 3) no poorly explained additional charges or hidden fees 4) ease of use and accessibility. Jordan the customer service representative at EZ Rent-A-Car provided Five Star service from start to finish. I can't believe I had not ever done business with them previously. Because that will definitely change now!! I now highly recommend to all my Family and friends. And any and all looking to rent a car out of Las Vegas Airport or through any EZ Rent a Car locations in general.

Nes Vent

No sales pressure. Quick check-in and vehicle assignment and ready l.

Leticia Moran

Our clerk Jasmine in Las Vegas was outstanding. She was so kind and very helpful. She answered all of my questions and explained all of the charges. She offered us deals and vehicle upgrades for just a little more. I’ve had bad experiences with car rentals before and this one was just quite the best.

Casey Jay Benson

If zero stars is possible that's what I would give. We pulled up prices online. entered correct times, got an acceptable price the. talked with an agent. At drop off we where told it would be $40 more than what we rented it for because the times are different. He entered am and not pm but told us the same price as the online rate. We got charged an extra day and then got told tuff luck next time book online. Very Very rude service. I will not be using them again.

Tukoya Lindsey

Please i am advising all people never rent a car from them they charged me $68 for a refill on gas(took it out my $200 deposit that was missing 3 gallons of gas the car was over a half of tank they charge $9 a gallon when on your receipt it says 3.99 a gallon then they charged my credit card for a extra day and when i called to add one more day they tried to double charge me and i told him you already charged me for that day he tells me "OH your right we did"! huh? Scam and fraud super disappointed i always rented from them started last year in dec 2018 but i have had enough this is crazy they also charge your card w/out consent so BE AWARE.

shonne robinson

Quick, easy, and no problems.

Gina Clouser

It was easy to find the counter, service was quick and car was great. Easy quick drop off as well.

Zishuo Yang

The worst car rental service is at E-Z McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. Was redirected from E-Z to Advance and waited half an hour in line; The woman at counter tried desperately to get commission from upgrades and became very rude when denied. Do yourself a favor and go with the well-known car rentals.

eric delao

Called to make reservation, spoke with live agent and he put the wrong pick up time. I called about 10 days later and told them that the pick up time was wrong the rep was very rude said she change the time and the rate also changed. They wanted me to pay 100 more because of their mistake. Called back got a hold of a second person and was just as rude and would not let me talk to a supervisor or a manager. They need to be trained on how to handle these types of problems. They record the calls why not review the call and find out what happened. Would never talk to my customer like that. 0 stars if I could but I can’t.

Ankita Goel

Awful experience. To start with, the agent at the front desk was extremely pushy, and tried hard to convince us to purchase insurance we didn't need. No issues with the car itself, or the rental process in Las Vegas. A couple weeks later, I noticed some extra charges on my credit card. Called customer service, and was shocked by how rude the agents were. They tried to tell me the charges weren't there, even though I could clearly see them on my statement. After talking to a manager, they identified the issue, and I was told my card was credited that amount. A couple weeks after that, another charge appeared on my card. I called again, and the agent told me it had been done wrong the first time. He seemed more knowledgable than the other agent, but also very rude and sarcastic. Overall, very disappointed, and will not be renting from E-Z Car again.

Baylon Sloan

I am not the biggest fan of automation, but my over all experience was great.

robert duckett

The one star is for good luck..If you decide to use them... stay away.


There computer was down and they would not let me get the car I was told I was getting after argueing with them I got a better car then I paid for it's a good thing to argue with them if they give u better but if they would have given me the car I paid 4 no argument would have happened ok only place

Jeff Greenslade

Our renting experience was nothing short of outstanding. Johana, the sales representative, was pleasant and very helpful. We found a car and were off within 20 minutes. Great service you guys!

Kenneth Schafer

I just picked up our covertable Ford Mustang that I'm renting for a 1 way trip over 4 days for $685 it was covered in scratches, dents and missing the plastic that covers mirror. I found a discount on the company's site for 10% off was told at the desk they do not apply those discounts. The car smells like smoke and had trash in it. This is the last time I will EVER use this company. I highly recommend using a more reputable rental company if I could give zero stars I would.

Thill Channel

Typical rental car place where you wait for a half hour or so for a car you already reserved online and paid for

Dave Gustafson

Showed up earlier than had expected at Las Vegas rental center counter. Was greeted by Al in a very welcoming fashion with a smile and good humor. Even given an upgrade at no additional cost.

D. Park

Beware of the cheap prices! I should’ve have known it was too good to be true. I booked the reservation and was confirmed. When I got to the counter late at night for my rental car I was told I needed to show car insurance with my local ID to pick up my rental that I already prepaid for. Upon reserving this I was not told that I needed to show proof of car insurance, obviously I would have brought it with me, but instead I ended up looking like a complete idiot. Then the girl told me to move aside so that she can help the next guest. There was nothing else I could do besides leave without a car. So I was left feeling embarrassed, wasting money on a car I didn’t get and wasting money on an uber, after having just spending money to get there. I will never rent with EZ rent a car again. There was nothing “ez” about this process.

Titania Ng

EZ is my first priority car rental company. Price is reasonable compares to other car rental company or agents.

Daphany Jenkins

Straight from your plane to your rental car when you rent in LasVegas at McCarran airport

Vernell Jones Jr

Fast professional in easy

Aric Savage

Staff is always great. My go to in Vegas

Thomas Wootton

Finally a rental car agency that accepts debit cards. I don't understand why other rental car outfits prefer to place their customers in debt. A debit card pulls straight from the bank account! The money is there! Anyway, rant over. Due to a refusal to rent me a car (that had been prepaid) through Budget, I was referred to EZ/Advantage. They took care of me and I was able to make the 2.5 hour trip back home. Thank you EZ! I will be working with you from this point forward.a

Ieshhh Will

Warning! Horrible place rent from! Manager promise to call you & THE Manager Sean(which was his name) DIDN'T ATTEMPT to callback!! Left Handicap sticker on rearview mirror, went back next morning & talked to him! Had drop vehicle off the night before @9pm. My big bright tag that's laminated wasn't in lost & found. Too find out my tag was out with the rental with whomever they rented it to that next day! WoW!!! Manager took my number only because I asked him to,& promised to call me that Sunday when car returned from renters after myself. NO CALL (MANAGER I REMIND YOU) Awful PLACE! Not TOO Mention they charge you $200-$350 DEPOSIT & they holds yours deposit for 3-10 business days! If I could give 0 stars I would! I promise you your experience will be awful here!!! And you will be the next bad review!!!

Deadra Clemons

Awesome experience, car was awesome and very clean drives nice and smooth, great customer service and a great deal

Rahul Rajbhara

Contrary to the reviews I had read on this page, the service was not at all bad. The front desk lady was quite polite and only told me abt the loss of use policy and its advantages. No queue at all during Friday evening 6/10/16. The car was neat and in a very good condition. Rented for a week. Only problem was that the oil change date had passed and the mileage was almost close. But upon calling them, I was told it can easily go another 1000-2000 miles without trouble and it did. Overall it was a good experience, far better than expected. Here I need to add that I was not particularly bothered about the delay in getting the 200$ deposit - it was clearly stated near the rental office that it could take up to 21 days in the processing of refunds. Now the reason

Myk Kronetour

Rip-off, go to any other car rental there. Over charged $200 for a 5 day rental, didn't have the car I reserved and added on insurance that I didn't want or needed. I have full coverage on my personal vehicle, which covers any rental car I drive. I'll never rent a car from them again

Matthew Larson

A total bait and switch operation. I reserved the car online for 5 days and it qouted me for 150$ after we returned the car we were charged $800+. There were a few charges that were expected, an up charge for being under 25 and others for the tax and licensure. But the kicker was the smooth talking salesmen who talked us, in our post 6am flight stupor, into upgrading the insurance, and refused to let us correct the number of days for our trip. Their system had changed the number of days we reserved from 5 to 3 so we were hit with late charges at the end of the trip in spite of calling and emailing customer service to try to get it corrected. Their customer service lines are almost always full if you can even find the right number on their website. Most of their contact info is out of date if it was even right in the first place. Generally a bad way to spend one's vacation time

Lyanne Caballero

Longest line, slowest service, only 2 employees working. They instructed us to go to Advantage for online reservations, then told a few to go back to EZ because the line was too long and then they told us they could not help us at EZ. SO, by their own instructions we had to do the line again all the way in the back. Terrible service. They are not ready for the volume of customers they have. Choose literally any other car rental company.

Jeffrey andaverde

It was great experience . Car was clean, convenient in all aspects. Shuttle service to the airport was fast. Insurance a little over the board but over all was ok. I would rent again.

Jessica Silva

Customer service was great. Alimann was very nice and helpful. Made everything quick. I was a little worried after I read some of the reviews on yelp, but they surpassed my expectation.

brian slaughter

Price was great, customer service was spot on.... Hassle free experience. Would definitely use them again.

John Smith

We came back from a horrible experience using Ace car rental and were helped by a gracious woman who matched Ace's price. Quick and easy, we were in and out in under five minutes. Highly recommended would do business with them again if the quality of customer service goes above and beyond like we experienced.

Ray Huett

We flew into Vegas and had set up a car rental with one of your competitors,after getting shuttle ride from airport to there location,I was told I didn't have sufficient credit score to use my debit card,I was in a panic and was told to take shuttle back to terminals.and that EZ would be able to arrange my rental,they were correct,EZ gave me a better rate and supplied me with a one week rental with a brand new Camry,.you saved our vacation,TY

Chris Wineinger

The service was awesome! I rent from EZ 3 or 4 times a year in Vegas and always have a great experience! Ali is very friendly and funny!

Jared Kartchner

I booked a car online a couple weeks before my reservation. When I arrived in Las Vegas I got through the airport and to the car center a lot fast then I expected, so I was two hours early. there were a few people in line, and it went fast. It was a Saturday night. They let me pick the car up early, and I extended the reservation two hours later for no extra charge. The total ended up being $44 less then the price I booked it for. When I returned the car it was very quick. They wrote down the mileage, took the keys, had us sign for the total amount, and we were done. I will be renting for them if I am ever in the area again.

jatin sejpal

Long wait to get s rental although the reservation was booked way ahead of time.

Gia J

Got to McCarran, walked up to EZ Rent-A- Car and was told that we had to get our car from Advantage instead. They have two signs on the counter saying cars available at EZ. Walk-ins can just walk right up and get a car but people with reservations can't. The line at Advantage is so backed up, I'm counting 40 people from where I can see how it looks like the lines still goes further back than that. My husband's been in line for an hour. I called the reservations number through the EZ website and they said sorry can't do anything but said we could come back and pick up the car within 24 hours if we needed to..... What?? That doesn't make any sense. Are we supposed to get a taxi or something I don't get it, we are at the car rental place. We will never go through them again and I would highly advise anyone against it.

Brandi Brock

Painless experience! Made traveling to Las Vegas so much more simplified!

Don Gull

The staff was awesome and check in was fast. I was traveling with two kids alone so it was a chaotic trip however this was one of the easiest parts.


Since many reviews here are wrong i'd like to make it clear here that insurance is OPTIONAL if you live and own a car in the US (I'm not sure about other countries). When you rent cars in Las Vegas, ALL of the rental places want to scam you out of your money by asking you WHICH insurance plan you would like to buy in addition to the rental agreement you already purchased. They do not ask you if/do you need to buy insurance. They will act shocked that you don't purchase the insurance even if you don't need it. They really put on a comical act trying to get that extra commission money. Got a cheap car and was given a bigger car than I asked for. It was a bit dirty on the outside but other than that had no problems. I also was able to extend the rental easily by calling them.

jessi rob

We had an appt at 1. A gentleman came out of the back after us waiting for about 20 minutes. He was then very rude. I asked to speak with manager about situation and he said he was the manager. His tone was Obnoxious and he acted as if we were bothering him. He then said we would not be able to rent A car and turned away on us with an attitude while we stood there in amazement. We ended up renting from enterprise. No one should be treated as such. Save your self time and do not go to ez rental. And if u all do, hope your experience is better then mine.

Moe Issam

If you have a reservation, you can’t pick the car up from here, you have to pick it up from advantage!!! If I wanted a car from advantage I would book it directly from advantage and not wait in line twice, been here for 45 minutes already! However If you don’t have a reservation, the EZ desk would be happy to help you and get you a car!! Unacceptable.

Brian Meyers

There was an air port shuttle that took us to the rental car building free of charge. They had our rental car we booked on advance ready to go. We just had some minimal paperwork to fill out. The lady at the front desk thoroughly answered any questions we had, and went through the paperwork and explained everything so we could understand it. I forget her name, but who ever was working 1/4/19 close to 3 pm desearves a pat on the back and a raise cause we will be returning yearly for our time share and bc we will be recommending to all our friends. The price was the best we could find online for the vehicle we wanted. They let us inspect the car for damages ourselves and let us take our time in the garage inspecting and loading our bags. We ended up w a brand new kia, w satalite radio, gps, ect. It was a very nice comfy car, easy to drive qnd in great shape. Ask ahead of time what the price is for them to fill up the tank for you vs filling it up yourself. We nearly saved $1.00 a gallon just having them fill it up instead of making the stop ourselves. Most hastle free experience ive had w a rental car service. Thanks for everything!

John Selja

Great car wait to counter a little long

Jeffrey Klein

Great price and great experience. Would definitely recommend

Alfredo Rodriguez

Good place to rent a car, but make sure you get what your paying for. I would of gave them 5 stars but the car i got was dirty from the inside. The person giving the keys was nice enough to clean it but she gave a little attitude i get that its not her job but still i had reserved the car 3 week prior.

Silver Roxman

Avoid this company it's scam !! The charge me extra ! Because i had ''upgrade'' Which was not true the even give me small and dirty car!!!!! The people on the front are mean Bad customer service!!! Also the charge me extra because the gasoline was not full, which is not true see picture !!

George Manning

E-Z is just what you get a EZ check in a EZ check out and not feeling your are being cheated like I have been buy other rental car places. Meaning this place was not pushing over priced insurance. Thank you E-Z :)

Amy Davidson

Awful company with no respect for their customers. They don't want to listen to your issue or offer assistance. My personal communication with them was met with a repeated answer that did not help the issue whatsoever, it was rude and proved that they were not even listening to me. Their employee made a huge error and they refuse to refund me money due to said employee error. Go elsewhere to rent a vehicle as this company will simply give you more hassle than it's worth after your vacation is over.

Imran Jan

Don’t Rente a car from this Place its scam the Tell you one Thinge but on end the charge you extra Money!

Scott Satran

The front desk crew were friendly & efficient. The crew on the rental lot were also very helpful. The only negative was the Chevy Malibu had been previously been smoked in & there was a strong tobacco odor. I informed the crew prior to taking possession of the issue, and they promised to report it. Other than the smoke issue, a good experience.

robert kilhefner

Easy people to deal with. Good rates.

Alvaro Roberts

Long wait to get the car when we arrived to the airport but it was late and there was only one attendant. Vehicles aren't maintained as nicely as some of the better known companies. Had to exchange vehicles the first day due to AC not working properly but to their credit, the exchange was effortless. Overall, not a bad experience considering their rates were very competitive. I will definitely use them again.

Mrs. P

E-Z Rent-A-Car was very helpful, polite and patient. It was my first time renting a car and was a very pleasant experience. The customer service representative Christina was very thorough with the information explaining their policy and also my options. I definitely would recommend E-Z Rent-A-Car if you're planning your next trip. Also the car I wanted was available and I had no problems driving away with it.

dion mikolajczyk

Friendly fast service with no hassle. Easy pickup and drop off.

Renee Young

Waited over an hour to get our car

Noemi Liatt

After an absolutely horrible hour long experience (not even able to get a car from them) with AVIS right next door, decided to try E-Z. Less than 10 minutes, we were on our way with a nice SUV. Super easy and quick, courteous and efficient staff. No pressure to get extras. Saved our vacation, as we had to make it to Lake Tahoe that day. Good service, thanks guys.

Gabriele G.

By reading the reviews I was hesitant but the car company was good and we got a good car. It was nice that they gave you a sheet to mark down any scratches that way you don't get blamed for them later. The prices were good and we did not have any issues with returning the car. Overall a good company.

James D

Was a good experience. First rental car experience in awhile that didn't frustrate or take forever. Thanks.

Lukáš Mareček

New clean car - fast pick up and receive the car :)

1st Street Tow Driver

E-Z car rental is great use them every chance you got you don't need a big name to get quality easy is the best

Josh Mulkey

I would give them a 1/2 of star if I could. This place is the worst I have ever had to rent a car. Was lied many time over the phone, then the car i got was not in. So they down size me into a smaller car. But didn't down size my bill. scam

Carlos Estrada

Horrendous experience. Showed up the EZ rental car counter at the McCarran rental car place...there is a female there and she proceeds to tell me she's not taking any go to the Advantage rental car place instead. So I look to my left...and the line is ridiculously long....I landed at 1245pm, it's 2:30pm and I have yet to get to the counter....all the other car rental places here are empty. You pretty much get what you pay for...never again tho! Stay away!

Kenjiro Y.

The manager had asked me to give them another try so I did. I was VERY impressed and VERY happy with the service. Tips - Make sure to reserve through their site and enter a coupon for 5% off - Try to rush out of the bus and rush to the line. Getting ahead of 1-2 people may save you 5-10 minutes. Checking-in - A worker is dedicated to making sure the line is in order. Asking non-drivers to step aside and asking people if they have reservations - There were 3 workers checking people in - Kimberly was EXTREMELY friendly and speedy - They asked for three options "Would you like to upgrade to a ____" "Would you like full protection or basic protection" "Would you like the gas fill up service" Picking up the car - After you check-in, they ask you to go downstairs where you line up once more to get your key and a form to check off anything wrong with the car. - Then you have to return to the line to give the signed paperwork acknowledging any damages - I reserved a Hyundai Accent, but they gave me a Hyundai Sonata! Return - This is VERY fast and the best part. Come in to the returning entrance and your exit will be the very last one. Once you drive in, just hand the worker your keys and you will get a receipt in your email

Nicholas Plett

No complaints. They upgraded our car as a perk for our 10th wedding anniversary. Friendly. Fair inspection pre-and post-trip. Quick trip to and from airport. Thanks, guys.

Jenny Stevens LLR

Amazing customer service!! Damien had us laughing the whole time and just made the beginning of our vacation back on track since dealing with Thrifty! DO NOT EVER USE THRIFTY/DOLLAR!! EVER EVER EVER!!! EZ all the way!!

Shakil Haider

Excellent and efficient service. Zero waiting time on the counter. Staff was curtious and gave me the best car I was looking for. This was the best experience I had with car rental companies. They lived up to their name "EZ Car rentals" I will highly recommend to use EZ car rentals.

Priyesh Verma

Its a okay rental place. Never buy fuel from them. Better to have your own insurance too.

Aldo Ampuero

Simple stress free overall great experience. I’ll use them again next time.

Randy Moad

Fast friendly salesman. Great rates will use again

Julie Lonning

I was told to check in with Advantage Rent-A-Car even though I went through E-Z. The CSR tried to push a lot of extras on me (specifically cruise control which I declined) The car I got HAD cruise control so was he trying to get extra money out of me?! I did not appreciate that deception. Overall E-Z was just what the name says - easy.

Robert Swanson

After a terrible experience with a different company your agent turned our day around. Great car, great service and wonderful rate.

Lajos Vad

The car dirty, smelly, and the lady told me i can bring back the car with half tank of fuel, becouse they give me a better fuel prices than everywere the city. I did this, and the charge was 105$ for the half tank, what is mean for 33gallon gas (105L). So they are thief. Worst rental ever. + i bought gps for 50$ and was useless.

Nicole Coker

Quoted me one price, then wanted to charge me double when I arrived. I made my reservation 2 months in advance. Complete waste of my time.

Stacey Cowick

Great customer service. The car rental we had was lost and EZ Rent a car made it fast and easy. Thank you

Raquel Vier

Had to wait with 3 small kids in line at the counter for over an hour! Absolutely unacceptable.

shantel lee

The process was fast I was in and out in under 15 minutes. I wish they had one in my city.

Brian McGrady

First price was 136 then when time to pay 230. Oh well. Then comes the car and was beat. Then drove it an hour and engine cover blew off. The vibrations where bad. I check an radiator was smashed. So I call an was told to bring it in and change car out. Ok well I brought it in. Changed it out, wasted my whole days plans and no one said sorry. No one offered any discounts. But I paid for insurance to cover lost time or accidents at $30 a day. This was a defect on them. I want to get an extra hour. Told me that's a whole day more. $87 more. Well oh well. Won't be getting any more rental cars at the air port.


I rented a car there from them with no problems but their customer service is about the same as big name companies but without the expensive price. They have you sign paperwork and wasn't too pushy about buying their insurance plans. Be careful and do a good inspection of the car before driving off. The lady had me sign the inspection at the desk before I even received the keys to the car. The car I got was in fairly good condition with 5k miles but had a small dent on the back. Pick up and return was fairly easy at the airport. Also beware they do put a $200hold on your car. Will book again with them.

Jen Gibbs

The name doesn't start to cover it! Way faster and organized process (shuttle to location, etc) than I had anticipated. Got a brand new car that rocked; was able to return it as quickly and easily as I picked it up! Definite repeat customer! Thank you

Brennen Wright

Super slow service. Very dirty cars and unhappy employee's. The once new Jeep renegade was trashed inside and out. Don't forget to mark all of the exterior dings, they are hard to see under all the waterspots on the vehicles.

Heike Dumke

Have rented cars twice by now from E-Z> always great service and great cars.

angelica collazo

Loved it!! Never double dip on deposits. Love it. Very trustworthy. They don't hound you when your a day late or two. Previously rented and was very happy. I rented a sports car this time. Fun fun fun.

Alex Ochoa

Quick and easy to book my car. Professional service. Not one complaint!!! Everything was amazing. Thank you

Clara Freudensprung

Very easy and quick to get our car and returning it. We will be back to rent with E-Z again.

Stephen Reid

I went to rent at budget, but found EZ was able to get me in a car quicker (no line) and for less. The desk agents were helpful, direct, and didn't try hard to sell me insurance. The car was adequete. In the desert, it could have used a wash. There were significant scratches and curb rash. The interior used a strong cherry fragrance.

Jeffrey Fondelier

In and out in 10 minutes. Great service, great car. Great value.

Nenko Bonev

Very nice costumer service Thank you

Andrew Chisholm

Rented a car for one day over the labor day weekend, I was in a hurry to catch my flight so I filled the car up with gas one mile from the return location. I asked the attendant when i returned the car to email my final invoice instead of waiting for it. Two days after getting home I checked my credit card to find my charges higher than what it was supposed to be. I called their customer service who told me I returned the car 15/16 of gas, and the only way they would refund the gas charges was if I emailed a copy of my gas receipt. Well I stupidly left the receipt in the car. I have never had anything like that happen to me and I have been renting cars for a long time. Will never use them again and do not recommend anyone else take the chance of being ripped off.

Shawna Urie

Very pleasing experience. Great price but the lady who checked usout was amazing

Danny Gay

DO NOT GO HERE, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR DEPOIST!!!!!!This is by far the worst place to rent a car in vegas. Do not rent from them there a company full of rip offs. They took our 600$$ cash depoist from us and we returned the car in one day like our agreement was. They have yet to return any of my emails or phone calls.

Davone Walden

The worst place to rent a car from customer service is really bad . Never has the vehicle you order online. And then lie about refunding your money... Went next door to enterprise and they took care me very happy with them


Had a great experience from beginning to end. There were multiple shuttles ready right away, the line was short and I was out of the line to the car in ten minutes. I got a Hyundai Elantra that drove very nicely, it was a great car. The car was clean with a full gas tank, and the return process was easy. If available I always try to rent from here when I'm in Vegas, its a good deal and I've never had any hassles or hidden fee issues with this company.

George Espinoza

Do not ever rent from these thieves i rented a car for a week was quoted $180 when i returned the car it was at the 4 gallons short of were is should have been when i got my receipt they charged me $389 so i got charged $50 a gallon how the hell can these crooks even stay in business i always rent from enterprise never ever will i rent again from this place be aware dont go to them

Scott Viner

this is a very poorly run business. The car was dirty (bug smears all over windshield, dirty inside and out). They promote allowing them to top up the gas upon return since the rate is $2.85 per gallon and lower than the street price however they are fraudulent in over charging for gas! We returned the vehicle with 2/3 full of gas and the final email billing claimed that they put 19 gallons of gas to fill the car which is impossible since the Toyota Camry has a 19 gallon capacity empty. I sent a complaint regarding this over charge to the company but they have not replied. Do not rent a car from these people as they are dishonest and don't care about their customers! I will post this on all social media to warn people of this fraud.

Brenna Parsell

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Rent here if you want the possibility of showing up at 12AM, prepaid, and get told, "sorry, we don't have any cars left". I'm not even positive they said sorry. I knew it was a bad thing when I show up at the rental car area, and everyone else has a long line, and E-Z has 2 people in line. The people in front of us left disgusted, and said "good luck" to us as they passed by. We get up to the counter, and were given a chance to see how they can help us, only to be told of the car situation. They could have lead with that, what else would we be there midnight. I said that we had a reservation, and was told that "that only guarantees the rate, not that there would be a car available". Say what? You had one job. Go with the bigger more reliable company.

Patricia Simon

The representatives were nice. A little nice goes a long way especially when you are traveling. They were professional and courteous. When I entered the area where all of the car rental wait for customers, I was confused as to which agency to pick, but the E-Z Rent-A-Car rep summoned me over and it turned out I had used their services before. At that point, I knew I would receive good service. And so I did. I will always use their services in my future travels.

Jim Bassett

Very good experience! We had no problem. Every thing went smooth and easy - rental, return, shuttle.

Alberto De Armas

Great price and professional service. The front desk person, Mary, was very helpful and kind. Car was very good and what I requested

Richard Frost

Had a great experience at EZ: got a brand new Jeep Renegade for a good price. Staff was very friendly and returning the car was easy.

Blastcamp2010 .

They completely scammed me ! put on gas charges I didnt authorize, overcharged me, and said I brought back a day later than I did. Fightng the charges now but the customer service dept is very unreasonable and hardly speak english.

Shlomit Ellis

Great service , quick and very helpful crew Thank you Johanna Bachalo you were very professional and attentive Will go back again for sure

Evelyn Brammer

We waited in line over 1 hour to even get up to the reservation counter. When the Senior Manger was questioned about the wait time she was completely unprofessional and rude. You truly get what you pay for...

Tammy King

Quality service, affordable prices, fast and easy!

melvyn foley

Easy check in at Las Vegas terminal. No line compared to larger companies. No hassle about denying extras. Excellent pricing. Saw no difference in getting car in fact E-Z was much more detailed. Car clean ready to go. Good value.

O.R. Lababedi

Good service ,helpful when choosing the wright car. Reasonable rental price .

Mike Ray

Great service from Alimann.He was very professional and informative and patient. Highly recommend his services.

Nick Metoyer

This has to be the easiest place I ever been to rent a car from, so we rented a car for 2 days but just needed t for one day, the lady at the desk I wish I remembered her name she gets 10 stars for the help she offered she was so nice and was so easy to get along with the process took me 10mtes I got a car, I mean truck she upgraded me to. 19 Santa FE really nice. Me and the family really enjoyed the truck and it’s comfort....I will definitely be back to eZ rental

John Barrows

Johana is very helpful and very professional! I had booked a car with a different company and they tried to rip me off!! I went back to the return center and spoke to Johana and she helped me complete my request! Awesome EZ working with you!

Debbie Foote

Janet was awesome . Great walk up rate and friendly .

glfigueroa .

Great customer service and great clean vehicles and reasonable prices

Jindy Marie

Johanna was wonderful and courteous! The car we got was also brand new and very clean. Returning the car was easy. Highly recommend.

Kevin Terry

When looking at different rental choices for cars, E-Z Rental listed a mystery car that would rent for $24/day and would fit five passengers. I had 2 adults and a six year old, one large suit case, 2 carry ons and a few personal bags (purse sized). Certainly I thought this should fit our needs. When we arrived at the E-Z rental counter, there was no one there, just a sign sending people down to a different affiliated rental company which had a very long line - clearly understaffed. When we finally got to the front of the line, we were told that the mystery car would not fit our needs and that I would need to upgrade to a larger vehicle, the upgrade amounted to $18 per day - quite a difference - (this felt a little like a bate and switch tactic). I also found out that the booster seat was going to cost $60 for our 5 day rent. I thought that was a bit much and after seeing the sorry and dirty condition of the simple booster seat, I went back to the desk and informed the service agent - TANEKQUA that I could buy several new booster seats for that price and that I no longer wanted it. She was busy but said she would take it off my bill. I watched her write a note on a scratch pad regarding this. Because they were very busy I let it go and trusted that she would do this. At the end of our stay, we checked our car back in which was a simple procedure. I didn't notice the car seat fee still being there until later. A few days after arriving home, I called E-Z and informed them that the car seat fee was still there. The agent did not want to believe me and stated that he had no documentation that we did not use the seat. After a few minutes of re-explaining the details stated above, a little back and forth arguing, he put me on hold and eventually informed me the they would refund that amount. My second complaint is that the rental document has a generic signature on the line for "Renter" and someone else initialed on a line that states that I agree to pay for CDW (collision damage waiver) to the tune of $30.49 per day. This is an item that they present to you while at the desk, in a hurry, with a long line behind you. Our agent told us that if someone else hit us, and the car ended up in the shop, I would be responsible for paying the "down time" of the car. Also she let me know that the drivers in Las Vegas are a little Crazy and there are a lot of accidents. (I will agree with her on the crazy drivers by the way). I would highly recommend to research your need to purchase this or not prior to renting the car. Check with your auto insurance agent and make an informed opinion because it is expensive, seldom used and highly profitable to E-Z rental. I would also like to reveal all of the surprise fees that you would not know about until checkout. It appears that the local municipalities all want a piece of the pie also, and in all fairness I can't blame E-Z for all these fees, but I do blame them for not letting us know about all these fees prior to showing up at the counter, especially the ones that they clearly unbundle from their own expenses such as the vehicle license fee. Here they are - renter's please fasten your seat belts: CONCESSION FEE: 10% STATE TAX: 8.25% VEHICLE LICENSE FEE : $1.99 per day COUNTY RENTAL TAX: 2% CFC FEE $4 PER DAY (This is a customer facility fee that is imposed by the airport) GOVERNMENT SERVICES FEE: 10% On a positive note, the KIA Sportage we rented was nice car that ran well. The return part was quick and efficient. The sales staff at the Las Vegas counter were courteous although a little sales pitchy. For these reasons I am giving them a "2" rating but due to the hidden fees, lack of taking off the car seat, having to argue with the agent over the phone to get them to honor the seat change, lack of staffing when they should have well been aware of the demand based on their system, fake or generic signatures on the document where my signature should have been.....I have to knock off a three stars.

Marlie Stein

We recently reserved a convertible via E-Z Car Rental. When we arrived around 11:00 pm, we were told that they did not have any available convertibles. No problem, we'll just take a standard car at the standard rate. We were told that we absolutely could not "downgrade" our reservation (we hadn't put any money down), but we could have their PRESTIGE car for the same price. It was the Buick Lacrosse--nice car, but certainly not $50/day nice that our chosen car would have been. We again stated that we preferred the standard car. The sales associate said, "WHY would you want the inferior car?!" and then mentioned that we'd have to pay $35/day--after he had just told a walk up customer that they'd pay $20. When pressed, he rolled his eyes in disgust and said he'd get the manager. The manager's solution was that we could wait 15-20 minutes (or more!) to see if they could MAYBE have a car ready. No, thank you. We were able to rent the standard car at the $20/day rate, but not until midnight. Yes, it took AN HOUR to rent a car WITH a reservation. They pressed for more insurance and the gas fill up, which we declined. Overall, the Chevy Cruze we drove was great on gas, clean, and well-maintained. I am still on the look out for charges to our card, however, as the whole thing felt shady and misleading. No point in reserving a car with them if you are planning to rent. Just go up to the counter and get their walk up price. Customer loyalty is not rewarded.

april simmons

If I could give a score of zero I would. I made a reservation and after waiting in line for 45 minutes I was told they didn’t have any cars but they did have a car for me if I wanted to upgrade. I did not want to upgrade and asked when a car would be ready. I was told there were 10 people in front of me waiting for a car and that the reservation is only for the price it doesn’t guarantee a car will be ready you. I decided NOT to rent a car with this company, they already wasted my time waiting in line I wasn’t going to waste anymore waiting for a car..... should have just reserved with Enterprise to begin with.

Usman Khan

3 stars for service at the desk was good. but the car was really dirty, beat up, and the transmission was failing. so 5 for service and 1 for the car. giving it a total of 3.

MY Yord

All was handled very professionally and fast. The car was about new and much better than expected. I agree with other reviews that they try to get you to buy a more expensive coverage as well the "We fill up the last tank" option.

Karen Childress

Easy rental process. I had a reservation, no long lines to get car, no pressure to add extras like insurance, easy out, easy return. Much better experience than I had with Hertz in Salt Lake City!

Rebecca Collins

Cheap, quick and efficient. This was the quickest way I have ever rented a car. I had a mid size car for 5 days and didn't even pay $95 for it. Absolutely amazing. I had a student discount, plus because I liked them on Facebook, I got another discount on top of it. The service was amazing. It took me 14 minutes to get into my car. I couldn't believe how quick and efficient the staff was! I will definitely use their service again in the future!

Bryan Floyd

No issues. Tried real hard to up sell.

Richard D

Car had a half tank of fuel, smelled like the last renter wast transporting hamsters in it, and the drivers side window intermittently worked. They also charged me (and refunded after a long phone call) for a damage waiver I told them I didn't need.

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