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janie howland

we had a great trip! the camper only had 30,000 miles on it but had taken some wear ahead of us. a few minor things were not working. overall it was wonderful!

Amanda Richardson

For an RV rental it was good. The people there super nice. However you do have to work a little harder on when you can pick up and drop off RV, I had a 4 pm pick up...I needed to be on road before 12 so I had to call a couple times to get it moved to 930. Easy pick and drop off process. Some advice: don't take out on any dirt roads unless you want to clean the whole inside of RV, cabinets and all.

Dulce Lemaire

Never again. Pick up was horribly slow. The generator started smoking before we left the place. Rather than giving us a different RV they ziptied stuff away from the generator to keep it from smoking. When we got on the highway we realized the roof vents were broken. When we got to our campsite our water hose was broken. We called them for help and they went around the subject and left us helpless. All around a bad experience. Never renting from them again.

The McKenzie

They made it so easy! From helping me figure out how many miles I’d need to have arranged, to extra insurance with no deductible, 24 hour help if needed. Our return was so easy as well! We have definitely been keeping notes so we can book again! Thanks for some great memories!

Big Man Tiny Kingdom

Before I reserved a 25-footer, I read the long list of bad reviews and it almost had me change my mind to rent from Cruise America. But I told myself that this company cannot be in business for as long as they have and be so well known and then be that horrible of a company. I'M 100% GLAD I DIDN'T LISTEN TO THE HATERS because I would've missed out on a hell of a camping trip, and it all started off great with our rental with CRUISE AMERICA. It drove like a champ, the AC worked above expectation (I actually turned it down because of how cold it was), zero issues with every part of the rental and transaction. I think those complaining might be due to USER ERROR. In fairness, there was a guy that was in line before me and he left and came back while I was still there because it broke down on him right after he left so they swapped him out. That did have me a little concerned, but it could happen to anyone (I'm fortunate it didn't happen to me). But overall, Cruise America created a happy customer that will return and rent again until I get my own rig. Thanks Cruise America for making our first RV camping trip a special time!

Jure Golob

Very good service and top vehicles

Mike Romano

Uwe Schneider

Dallas Griffin

Very pushy staff very not well knowledged salespeople just really pushing igner staff

Raphael Egli

(Translated by Google) A shame. Staff unfriendly and unprofessional - Can not answer the simplest questions to the campers. Service lowest level. The camper must be cleaned by the customer, otherwise $ 50 will be charged. Kitchen equipment, duvet cover and camping chairs will be charged separately. The delivery was a mean disaster. Camper neither inside nor outside cleaned, really grubby. No instruction from staff - only a 20-minute video will be shown. The times on our pickup confirmation from the travel agent were not correct. We were able to take the camper later than agreed and had to bring him back earlier. Even with the best of intentions, I do not find a positive trait in this company that should be mentioned here. Cruise America in Denver - better stay away. It's a shame !!!!!! (Original) Eine SCHANDE. Mitarbeiter unfreundlich und unprofessionell - Können nicht die einfachsten Fragen zum Camper beantworten. Service unterstes Niveau. Der Camper muss vom Kunden selber gereinigt werden, ansonsten werden 50$ in verrechnet. Küchenausrüstung, Bettbezug und Campingstühle werden separat in Rechnung gestellt. Die Übergabe war eine mittlere Katastrophe. Camper weder innen noch aussen gereinigt, richtig schmuddelig. Keine Instruktion durch Mitarbeiter - es wird einzig ein 20-minütiges Video gezeigt. Die Zeiten auf unserer Abholbestätigung vom Reisebüro stimmten nicht. Wir konnten den Camper später als vereinbart entgegennehmen und mussten ihn früher zurückbringen. Sogar mit dem besten Willen finde ich nicht EIN positives Merkmal an diesem Unternehmen, das hier zu erwähnen wäre. Cruise America in Denver - besser die Finger davonlassen. It's a shame!!!!!!

Cheryle M. Touchton

We had a specific pick up time and yet it took 3 hours to pick up the camper. No one would give us updates and were rude when we asked for time updates. Other customers were equally fristrated. One of the air conditioners didn't have enough freon and did not cool properly. It made the trip miserable. The other camper had electrical problems so inside lights only worked sporadically. We tried to call repeatedly to ask about turning in camper early. There were 3 choices in the phone option tree. One kept saying operator was busy snd kicking us out of que. Two got us to humans who rudely said it wasn't their job to help and clicked us over to the 3rd option that kicked us out of que. We finally found a way to leave a voice mail which was never returned. We understand campers break but there is no excuse for such poor customer service. We suspect that same poor customer service is extensed to servicing the campers, which is why they had mechanica issues. We turned in our issues but suspect these campers will just be passed on to the next unsuspecting victim. The Mesa Cruise America needs a customer service overhall.

David Bissell

Great rental look forward to the next time I go to a country concert.

Matt Childers

Only giving 1 star because 0 stars is not an option. STAY AWAY!!! I just finished my rental with Cruise America, and to put it simply the entire process was the single worst customer service experience of my entire life. My friends and I were very excited to try RVing for the first time and hoped this trip would be the first of many. While we may RV again, I find it very hard to believe I will ever rent through Cruise America again. I have never reviewed any businesses or restaurants in my entire life, but I plan to create several accounts yelp/google, etc... just to forewarn future customers of just how terrible this office is. Here is a summary of my frustrations: Unethical 1) multiple contradictions betweeen corporate policy and what was realized with local office. 2) No place to park vehicle, and I was instructed to park it in adjacent lot that requires me to pay $50 and leave my car unlocked and keys in vehicle. I was not forewarned about this. 3) Uneducated staff who was unable to hardly answer any of my questions. 4) Gas tank was almost empty. 5) Sewage tank was full upon pickup! 6) Electrical outlets did not work for the majority of the trip. 7) I was held to a different standard than other customers. 8) Final bill includes a "housekeeping" fee that had no clarity on it. We left this vehicle spotless and I took pictures of everything because I they would pull something like this. This summarizes my first experience with Cruise America. I reached out to Customer Relations the day I finished my trip which was 9 days ago, and I have not heard a word.

Scott Belter

Great help when renting a RV ZERO help if you experience a problem while on your trip. Very disappointing. From ceiling and sink.

Tommaso Sitran

Customer service are the worst one: rude, not prepared, arrogant. Especially in Denver. Do not use this RV rent company .

Douglas Check

Bait and switch. Beware. It was supposed to be $500 but when I looked at my credit card statement I was charged $900. I called down there to speak with someone and they said I need to do everything by email because they don't have a department where someone can speak with me. BS!!!

Erik Biemans

This was our first time renting an RV and it was a wonderful experience. The RV was very new and clean. The pick up station in Mesa is relaxed, not too crowdy and Giovanie is great!

Eldon Seaman

We were so pleased with the help after having a minor problem Karin in MESA was Super. We will rent again

Howard Holcomb

Only issue I had was a delay in getting away initially. Had a long drive ahead and reserved for 1:00 to pick up. Waited about an hour or hour and a half to actually get ithe RV. After that, everything was fine.

A.J Ley

Not a bad place but there are better.

Patricia McKinney

I purchased a 2008 RV from Cruise America in Mesa, AZ. My initial contact was very positive and when I decided to purchased the sales person was great! I drove the RV from the dealer to a place of storage near my residence. Approximately 20-30 miles. When I stopped at a gas station along the way I noticed that a puddle of gas was pouring from the frame where the fill is located. I called the dealer and was told that I was to contact the warranty person. I was directed to go to my local Ford dealer and had an appointment today, October 23, 2014. I did find out that the gas leak problem was going to be covered but also discovered that the coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid was worn and needed to be replaced. At a cost of over $300.00! I called my rep at Cruise America who seem to go to bat for me but the "managers" decided that this was regular maintence and would not cover since upon their inspection, all the LEVELS of fluids were fine.. The levels are not the point! It's the wear of the fluids! I will not recommend someone to buying a Cruise America vehicle since apparently the RVs are not ready-for-sale when someone purchases one! I am very disappointed and to add, I do not blame the sales person who sold me the RV, I blame the overall maintenence department and managers who think sub-standard care is okay for people who take their product on good faith.

Simon Plard

We rented a 30 feet RV and just after 3hours driving on a highway, all the bolts of one of our tires came off... it's been 12hours that we are waiting and we had to spend the night in the middle of nowhere. Where is your customer service ? 24h assistance that can't help us because it's Sunday... Future clients, spend more money with another companies, it could save your life. Don't loose a wheel when you drive at 65m/h !

Marc Dillen

Cheap rentals, but everything is not working in the RV

Juan Velez

Only 20 mins. From Aurora @$50 a car for storage, best bang for the buck with security too

Greg Still

Our trip was about as bad as you can get -strong advice is don't rent from these people trust these reviews ! Please trust them and rent from another place or just rent an SUV or fly ! train whatever ! from the time we picked up our RV at the facility in Denver Colorado the office a tenant was rude and didn't want to answer questions about flat tires your vehicle breakdowns. we took our chances and boy was that a mistake! Day three of our five day trip vehicle broke down transmission went out we were stuck on interstate 80 in the middle of Nebraska for four hours before we got towed travelers assistance was absolutely as bad as you can get in regards to customer service they field tons of calls and don't put any priority on helping people in distress ! we had small children stuck on the side of the interstate and nowhere to go we sent moms and children to a hotel which we never got reimbursed for the two with the RV to a Walmart because RV parking is free when they could've towed it to a repair shop! The next day they towed it to the repair shop and they could not even service the RV for 3 days ! We then waited for replacement RV and as I write this review we are still waiting they are towing a replacement RV from Omaha to Lincoln Nebraska and I was told they didn't even have time to clean the RV. We would've terminated the contract but that leaves us no recourse to get any kind of money back and doesn't leave us an option to go to small claims court ! I am being 100% truly honest and hope that this review is helpful for families and anyone renting an RV from Cruise America it's a poor company with poor customer service the RVs are beat up and dirty don't rent from this company please believe all the reviews they are 100% true ! We missed my friends wedding spend hundreds of dollars for a total cluster bleep! DONT rent from them

Marcel Verberkt

dylan huber-heidorn

Cruise America stole several hundred dollars in the form of fees that resulted from a mix-up that they caused, forced us to drive hundreds of miles out of our way through downtown San Francisco for 6 hours to pick up our RV, then threatened us with $350 in additional fees if we didn't make the detour through SF again to drop it off. Their customer service is the worst I've dealt with in my life, bar none, and I wouldn't wish this sort of vacation experience on my worst enemy. Anyone looking to rent an RV should only consider Cruise America as a last resort. It started when we got to our contracted pickup location in Santa Rosa, CA. We were informed by the franchise owner that our RV was broken down and that Cruise America should have told us that morning. We'd already driven around San Francisco, but Cruise America HQ told us we needed to drive back to San Mateo, through downtown, to get the next nearest available vehicle. 3 hours in traffic later, we arrived in San Mateo and were informed that the RV was a larger size, and that we'd have to pay for the upgrade. It took us almost 4 more hours to get through SF at rush hour to make it back to Santa Rosa and our original route north. The whole reason that my family booked an RV was to give my elderly grandmother a chance to see her grandson, my brother, who she hasn't seen in years, graduate from college. Instead of finishing our road trip at his house in time to have a home-cooked meal and spend time with him, we pulled our Cruise America RV into a campground in the middle of the night. We were cold and tired, the stressed-out dog had thrown up on the backseat of the family car, and we didn't get to see my brother until he walked across the stage the next day. For our return trip a few days later, we hoped that Cruise America would let us return the RV at the location that we orginally agreed to in Santa Rosa, rather than the location forced on us by their technical and communication screw-ups. No luck. After almost a dozen calls to various Cruise America departments, it was obvious that everyone at the company with any decision-making power is completely firewalled from communication with customers. We were told that returning the RV to the new, out-of-the-way location was our problem. If we wanted to return the RV to Santa Rosa, the original pickup location that was actually on our travel route, we'd have to pay $350. That $350 fee would have been in addition to over $250 in fees and extra costs that we had already paid as a result of Cruise America's forced detour. Those costs came from mileage fees, gas for the RV and the car we took to pick it up, and the forced upgrade to a larger RV. Also consider the value the 10 total hours we spent in traffic when we were supposed to be visiting one of my family's most far-flung members. So we slogged through San Francisco again so that Cruise America didn't have to pay for a driver to move their RV. Considering how pricey the rental was for the totally mediocre RV we got, you think they'd make even a little effort to help out the family they were inconveniencing, but instead Cruise America turned it into a total "screw you" situation. Cruise America clearly cares nothing for it's customers, doesn't honor its agreements, provides barely acceptable RV's and horrible customer service, and is willing to use fees and detours to all-but-literally steal from families in order to make a buck. Shop elsewhere.

Agustin Salas Jr

Broken toilet, broken hoses, broken table, broken glass on the floor, unit was dirty... upon return, the customer service was unwilling to issue fair compensation for the issues we encountered.. GO ELSWHERE! This place is the cheapest for a reason! Be warned!

Shane Fox

Bill Sunderland

The staff who helped me with the rv was very friendly but made it clear he did not want to be there. I called 24 hrs ahead and when I booked the rv they told me I could make an appointment for four because they close at five. When I called he told me I had to be there by 3 because they close at 4...i told him that's impossible because my plane does not land until 2:30.he told me I had to go straight there from the airport... Well duh. The taxi driver took his time and I arrived late but Thankfully the staff was still there at 4 pm and they gave me the rv very quickly and felt rushed. Even though they had enough workers to help me the one staff just stood there and didn't greet me at all. Poor customer service overall. Also very important to check the septic hose. Ours was only 5 ft long and rusted and I got a nasty laceration and had to get a tetanus shot. Cruise America just has poor customer service at the centers but the lady on the 24hr help line was very polite and understanding.

Michael Reardon

The folks at Cruise America were helpful and accommodating.

Miss Eclipse

This is seriously a really bad company and I wouldn't use them if my life depended on it. Use somewhere else or nothing at all. They're not worth the risk. And management, particular Jolene is unhelpful, cold, and heartless.

Mike Bowler

Chase and the rest were awesome at processing our paperwork quickly and getting us on our way. He was proactive in making sure we received what was promised in our agreement. This has been our best experience working with an RV company!

ammoudianos .

Do NOT rent from this company. We planned our trip months in advance, we were looking forward to a wonderful time cruising America. We picked up the RV in Las Vegas and we were more than ready to roll. During the first night we noticed that one of the purchased personal kits (U$ 55 each) had a ripped sleeping bag. Overall the RV wasn't in a clean condition at all, dirty floors and black mold in the corners isn't something that catches your eye at first glance. It became obvious after a first clean up and closer look at the details inside the vehicle, I guess when you are excited to hit the road you don't pay attention to those things as we maybe should have. On the second day of our 25 day trip we had to bring in the RV for a full day of service. The RV was pulling strongly to the left, trembling and shaking like crazy going just 40 Mph on the Interstate. The (independent) technician who checked out the vehicle gave us the report that the vehicle was unsafe to drive and the tires needed to be exchanged and the vehicle aligned. The bathroom sink was clogged up with whatever was left from previous renters. The water wouldn't go down the drain. Also the sewage hose wasn't cleaned out at the pick up location and when emptying the black tank for the first time, a nasty surprise was waiting for us! So far all this didn't spoil our holiday mood. The misery became worse when the toilet started to leak and the sewage water entered the kitchen area inside the RV. Again we were told by Cruise America's customer service that we could bring in the RV for another day of service. Solving the issue ourselves by cleaning the floor on a daily basis instead of losing another day of our holiday we continued our trip. With the first day of driving through the rain we noticed that the roof of the RV started leaking and that water was entering our sitting area, soaking the sofa completely wet like a sponge. Cruise America's customer service ( a girl called Jessica ) authorized us to go to Walmart and by a tarp that we should pull over the roof of the RV.... After speaking with Cruise America on the phone almost every single day of our trip we were offered to exchange the vehicle in Newark, California nearly 300 miles away from our location at the time. The leaking roof got worse as the rain continued the following days, now both sides of the RV dining area got soaking wet resulting in destroying a laptop that laid down on the still "dry side" of the vehicle. Being upset and disappointed we called Cruise America's customer service again and we asked for an exchange of the vehicle at our location. Their reply was that the vehicle was still drivable and that we should take it ourselves from the Yosemite Forest to San Francisco to get another similar RV. Conclusion: after reading so many negative reviews about Cruise America we should have learned a lesson, their customer service is not what you expect from a company that claims to be the biggest and the best RV renter in the USA. Actually their customer service does not go further than a clerk picking up the phone and letting you know that everything you say is documented. When you have a problem, it is your problem. Do not expect Cruise America to help you out or service you while being on the road. Once you paid your fees you are all on your own. Bon Voyage Cruise America, but never ever again!!!!

Mark Rossmann

Filthy camper

April Attwood

Horrible. Just plain awful. Our unit wasn't ready upon arrival, had to wait around for well over an hr. Unit was absolutely disgusting and NOT clean. Shower curtain was a shower rod that fell down every time in motion. privacy curtains were in such bad shape they couldn't even be put up so everyone could see into our RV thru windshield. Generator would not stay running. Entire unit had significant odor, water damage, and was so poorly cleaned we requested they send someone out to re-clean it. Clearance lights on the unit did not work, AC stank something horrible. Overall, just awful in every way. I will never recommend this company to anyone. Disgusting, poorly maintained RV's that are not worth spending 1/2 of what we were charged.

anna lizak

Steven Crower

Brand new RV. Well equipped. We will do this again soon.

Vincent Goodwin

Great customer service.

Wendy Schippers

Cruise America, never again. We picked up an RV here 2 weeks ago. Although the lady was ok and friendly attending to folks picking up the RV she did seem to simply follow a standard talk. No issue there. But the RV we picked up was not cleaned and missing some useful equipment! There were fingerprints all over and the cups still had something in them when we first used them. We missed a broom and the propane was not full. Nothing to wash dishing in or with so I ended up buying these things. The gas was only a quarter full so we had to make a first stop to fill up quite quickly. the RV has more than 70k miles already so quite used and that was noticeable. The bed in the back was very uncomfortable and we ended up staying in hotels 3 nights out of our 2 weeks rental. We've had different experiences with Roadbear so renting with CA was very dissapointing to us and we have not enjoyed the RV experience as much.

Mads Sandahl

The camper we got was good.

Eric Mendez

Make sure Fuel tank is topped off before you leave or take a pic . They will fill to a certain point that looks full on the gauge but can be filled more if you leave fuel pump to stop on its own. About 5 gallons more @ 2.89 a gallon.

Ron Alexander

Rented for 11 days, went to 7 National Parks including Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Arches, Canyonlands and Rocky Mountain. Drove 2,000 miles and took 1,000 pictures. Great trip and our Cruise America RV made it all possible. The pickup, drop off and transactions were all seamless. Highly recommended.

John Correia

Great staff, great RV, good price.

Uncle Duff 41


Issac Snee

Great business. Better to rent than buy.

James beier

The Large RV had a few issues and we had a tire blow out on the freeway, but the contract repairman arrived within half an hour and the customer service was top notch.

Allyson Quirico

Scott Smith

They were busy when we arrived to pick up our rental. We had to wait about 20 minutes. This gave us time to look at the RVs for sale. The person helping us rent the RV was helpful and explained everything (first time RVing). Returning the RV was very easy. Highly recommend renting an RV and will do it again in the future.

David VL

No issues, everything worked as advertised

stefan weinz

Friendly stuff, free water, baggage storage

Jerry Black

From picking up the RV, to travel and returning it we had a wonderful experience. This is out seventh rental through Cruise America and every trip has been great. Customer service is on point every time.

SonnyinPhx .

We rented the Large Class C and had no problems at all. The rental process was easy, the vehicle was well maintained and everything worked well. The bed was comfortable (not home, but not bad at all), and we had a great time. When we got back, the turn-in process was just as easy. All in all it was a good time. We will definitely rent again the next time we want to get out of town and go enjoy nature!

John Sargent

Maribel king

Costumer service is horrible! They only have one lady working there (at least that's what she told me) and she was not helpful at all. She didn't go outside to show me the rvs , she was rude every time I would ask her a question about the RV , she would give me a short answer she was not helpful at all. So I rented an RV somewhere else. Don't come to this place.

Toby & Jenny Wells

The RV was great. Everything was ready for us. The inflexibility of not being able to drop off early in the morning was a pain and staff not super friendly. But the actual RV was excellent.

Tanya **

I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience. The equipment was there waiting for us. It was clean, quick, & the staff was outstanding. Checking out & in was a breeze. I am definitely renting from Cruise America again.

Jessica Changthoralek

The customer service was excellent, we had booked the rv for 8 days and because we needed to shorten the trip they were very understanding of the situation and went above and beyond to help us. Brandy was the one that helped us all the wat through from pick to drop off. The RV itself was ok, you pay for what you get. Overall it was good

Sean Whitaker

RV was fine and tidy. We camped in Arizona, Utah and Nevada and the problem we had was that during summer the on board air con is not powerful enough to cool the cabin at night. We had to run the generator when not hooked up to shore power and we were so hot we decided to return it early. This was all magnified by the fact the the mattress is wrapped in plastic (I guess for easy cleaning). So you are overheating trying to sleep on cotton sheets on top of a plastic mattress- will not rent in summer again. Also, the charges to “rent” bedding and kitchen equipment are just an extortion. We could have bought the kitchen supplies for $40 at Walmart and the bedding for $45.

John Mudie

Excellent service and no complaints! After reading comments from earlier reviewers I was somewhat apprehensive about picking up my RV. I called early in the morning to make an appointment and was given a morning slot which was great. We arrived and the staff were welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We were shown a spotless RV. We were shown round our vehicle and given a short instruction which was just enough. We were able to depart without delay. No complaints at all.

Dylan Thomas

2 of 3 years we have rented an RV and the generator, which was “supposed to” last for the weekend lasted maybe an hour. We are currently sitting in 100 degree heat with no AC, frozen food that we cannot microwave, no power to charge phones. I don’t quite understand how this can happen twice. Seems like an issue that should be handled and responded to quickly and efficiently by a company that rents RVs every single day....?

Mike Zervos

This rental was a big disappointment. I was told at customer service to the only way to file a grievance is through email. After waiting the 30 day period I no recognize this is their way of ignoring me. Below is a copy of the complaint I sent to Cruise America on September 12, 2018. I rented a 30’ motor coach, Unit 305046 Rental Agreement XXXXXXX, from your location in Colorado Springs on 9/5/18. Below is the time line of events. 9/5/18 Pick the coach, representative lights refrigerator. 9/6/18, Morning, Refrigerator not cold. Re-lit refrigerator. 9/6/18, Noon, refrigerator cold, checked systems status and noticed battery level at 10 volts. Refrigerator keeps going out. Having a hard time getting it to relight. Water heater will not light. 9/7/18, Morning, Refrigerator not working, water heater will not light, generator will not start battery level no longer indicating. Contacted representative sight who told me to run the engine for 20-30 minutes. No success. Called Cruise America on cell phone with dying battery because the generator will not run to recharge it. Left a call back number. Callback never came. At this point I have an expensive hard-sided tent. No Generator, water, hot water, heat, refrigerator or lights. 9/7/18, Afternoon, After not receiving a call back I called Cruise America again. Representative, Salina?, asked me to break camp and drive to Salida to have battery tested at NAPA. Drove to NAPA who determined charging system is bad. Contacted Salina who asked me to drive to San Francisco, CA for repair. That is a two day drive. Informed her I was near Salida CO. Due to the late hour she asked if could drive to Denver, CO on Saturday for repair. Really? No, I am not spending my last day driving to Denver. I might as well drive back to my starting point in Colorado Springs. 9/8/18, Last day of camping. No amenities as described above. 9/9/18, Drove back to Colorado Springs. 9/10/18, Returned unit to rental location. Received a 60 mile credit for additional miles to drive to and from Salida for diagnostics. Received one day compensation for inoperative systems. I feel I should have received two days compensation for not having operational systems for both Friday and Saturday. I am requesting a refund of an additional $110.00 plus taxes at 10.25% for the second day of non-operational systems. They did not respect me as a customer to respond. I cannot recommend renting an RV for vacation from Cruise America.

Claudia Cozzi

(Translated by Google) We started with three RVs of which two were very beautiful and comfortable and the third one rented at your center which was a disaster edvha also ruined our trip. Nothing worked the bathroom too small impossible to use, only two pentolinr to cook, bad road holding, persistent bad smell coming from the air conditioning, an enormous number of kilometers traveled! Compared to the other two RVs paid the same price a disaster! (Original) Siamo partiti con tre rv di cui due molto belli e confortevoli ed il terzo noleggiato presso il vostro centro che è stato un disastro edvha rovinato anche il nostro viaggio. Non funzionava nulla il bagno troppo piccolo impossibile da usare, due sole pentolinr per cucinare, pessima tenuta di strada, persistente cattivo odore proveniente dall’aria condizionata, un numero di chilometri percorsi enorme ! Rispetto agli altri due rv pagati lo stesso prezzo un disastro !

Brad Fowler

Had a fantastic time and the price was very reasonable. Check-in and check-out was very easy. The RV was simple to drive and everything worked great. The hourly charge for the generator was a lame up-charge upon return-should be included.

Florencio Adame

I rented an RV from these guys AC did not work the way I expected it I had to cut my vacation short the worst experience I ever had plus day charge for everything instead of explaining what you can use for the RV it's always been about money either way I will never ever rent an RV from these guys again

Christopher Sera

Art Enke

Had a very enjoyable trip this summer in a large Cruise America 30' RV. Visited a favorite childhood destination - Grand Canyon North Rim campground. All went well, check in/check out was easy with friendly staff. Called customer support for a general question, very friendly and helpful response. 5-stars all around!

Amy Finch

First time in an RV and we had the most wonderful experience with Cruise America. The local team in Mesa was really friendly and helpful in answering our questions. The compact RV we rented was in great shape. We would definitely rent with them again.

Eileen Street

My grandkids and I had a blast on our RV adventure and Cruise America made it possible. I would have given them a 5-star rating if it had been slightly less expensive and if not for a couple of minor maintenance issues to do with a windshield wiper and a latch on the engine cover inside the cab. Other than that, it ran great and everything else worked great, too. Highly recommended!

John Forbey

Great knowledgable staff. We'll rent a rv soon. Tour Arizona.

Dunka Flap

Great RV, however service and info could be much better

Keith Homan

Excellent company and great customer service. We started our trip in confidence that everything would be in full working order. Sadly, after leaving our place to go camping the generator started to fail. We contacted customer support and they walked me through a few items to check and it was still failing with error "maintenance required". Upon return they quickly acknowledged the issues we had and dropped our rental price without my ask to help accommodate us. Since we used their largest unit for camping, it gave more excuse to stay off tablets and phones and enjoy the outdoors. Cruise America team truly takes care of their customers and it showed. Very courteous, helpful and kind. The drive was easy, sleeping conditions were great and the bathroom/shower, battery, and grey/black drainage were all easy to use with no issues. Highly recommended and will rent from them again. Thank you soooo much for being a part of our memories.

Kristina Michael

Customer service was great and they were very accommodating to what we needed. They were thorough in their explanations of the RV. The RV we received was fine but older and so had a lot of miles on it already. It was very shaking when driving above 50 mph but over all it was a good experience.

Jim Parker

Staff is very knowledgeable

Vincent Van Deuren

Arend Veenhuizen

Thomas Symons

Great experience renting a 25 foot RV for a week. Friendly people.

Carter Family

Receiving and shipping very friendly staff . I love the drive around and pick up for parts makes it easy to get your parts no parking involved. Or walking a long way to door.

zheng William

Bad service. bad employees .We had a very bad experiences with them.

Renee Fairbanks

If you are thinking of choosing Cruising America - DON'T and avoid the Denver branch! Zero customer service, and extremely rude; additionally the RVs are not maintained regularly and are in very poor condition. They will not take responsibility for this – nor apologize for their rudeness. Complete dishonestly on charges. Please go elsewhere. I wish we read the Google reviews before booking through a comparison website, by the looks of the other reviews it’s not a stand-alone experience. Not sure if Cruise America is company owned or it’s a Franchise, either way these reviews need to be a wake up call for the owners to address the staff and the quality control on the vehicles and take responsibility for their business and its services. In a nutshell, the online induction video was useful, but the handover at the branch was non-existent and the staff’s attitude was woeful. From our experience on our return to the branch, and the issues we had with the RV; Cruise America takes no responsibility for providing a fully functional RV. This is left to the holidaymaker and their responsibility to discover these issues prior and while on their holiday, and has them fixed during their vacation, rather than Cruise America adequately doing a quality control and safety check on their vehicles, between customers. Issues like, water tanks leaking, faulty carbon monoxide detector and control indicator panel, blocked sinks, leaking sink and shower, unusable curtains, faulty fridge; this is only half of the issues we experienced, but issues that should be picked up on a assumed quality control and safety check done by a reputable company between customers. On our return, we were greeted by the same apathetic staff. The issues we experienced were dismissed and we were told that they were our problems, as we didn’t call the traveler assistance hotline. The only enthusiasm was to charge us penalties, and make up lies to so they didn’t have to address or take responsibility. Don’t go with Cruise America Denver, spend the extra bit of cash on a more reputable company that provides you with customer service and quality vehicles.

Kim Grogitsky

My husband and I are first time renters we have had so much fun it's so easy to set up easy to drive having the rv has made our trip very memorable

Holly O

It was dirty, they messed up the reservation and made us wait and the whole microwave came slidding out. Also it was very loud because everything was loose and rattling. Including the door to the camper part.

Funny Man

This company does not care about you as a customer. Their touted "24 hour travel assistance" is a joke and if you actually need anything, you best be ready to pay for it and just hash it out with the manager when you return.

Anne-Mette Madsen

Tina DiGregorio

My experience was fantastic. Easy pickup, fast return. Exceptional customer service. Was definitely worth renting a Cruise America RV to head to the north rim Grand Canyon

Ryan Urstadt Sr

Great there

Christian Hoock

(Translated by Google) We had no major problems here. Neither when renting, nor when returning. However, had called the day before and let us confirm the transfer time and all additional packages. The pickup at the hotel near the airport was also organized. After we thanked for the friendly phone call at the takeover everything went very smoothly. We were introduced to the vehicle in a relaxed and friendly way. There was a downside, however: since a delivery pressure had failed we had to get our own sheets and towels in the nearest supermarket, which we have approached because of food anyway. The cost was us, on presentation of the bill, on the return, which was also very fast and friendly, without any refund. The same friendly taxi driver was already waiting for us with whom we had already arranged the return journey to the hotel at the time of the takeover. (Original) Wir hatten hier keine größeren Probleme. Weder bei der Anmietung, noch bei der Rückgabe. Hatten allerdings am Tag zuvor angerufen und uns die Übergabezeit und alle Zusatzpakete bestätigen lassen. Dabei wurde auch die Abholung am Hotel in der Nähe des Flughafens organisiert. Nachdem wir uns bei der Übernahme für das freundliche Telefonat bedankten lief alles ganz reibungslos. Wir wurden auf amerikanische Art locker und freundlichen am Fahrzeug eingewiesen. Einen Wermutstropfen gab es allerdings: da ein Liefertruck ausgefallen war mussten wir uns Bettwäsche und Handtücher im nächsten Supermarkt, den wir wegen Lebensmitteln eh angefahren haben, selbst besorgen. Die Kosten dafür wurde uns, gegen Vorlage der Rechnung, bei der Rückgabe, die auch sehr schnell und freundlich erfolgte, umstandslos erstattet. Hier wartete auch bereits der gleiche freundliche Taxifahrer mit dem wir bereits bei der Übernahme die Rückfahrt ins Hotel vereinbart hatten.

Shannon Cady

Terrible terrible terrible!! If i could give 0 stars i would!! I had an entire vacation planned, 30.minutes before i was suppose to pick up the rv they called an cancelled due to supposed "federal regulation" identification check was declined, in which cancelled my reservation an "refunded" my $300, i called an we ran another individual an charged an additional $300, in which declined an "refunded" the $300, on the third an final person we tried same thing $300 charged then "refunded" after id check declines. So thats a total of $900 tied up, 5 days later, one of the $300 has gone thru my.acct an they have the money and 2 are still pending... after calling their extremely rude customer service (every time ive called even during the reservation stages the customer service was awful!) They said i just had to wait it out their system shows refunded but they have $600 pending an have the other $300... now back to the day i was suppose to get an RV, After the last time of the id check decline i contacted another rv rental place they spoke with their insurance there is no such "federal regulation" an they submitted my drivers license an everything went smoothly i ended up with a 100 times nicer rv for the same price (bigger, had tvs, free daily generator time unlike their ridiculous $3.50 an hour rate, an no mileage cost).. still currently battling them.over refunding my $900!!!!! Id recommend looking elsewhere before going with these crooks!

Mark K

Returned our RV after our trip, friendly staff and easy process. Even had a cab driver there to take me home, didn't have to wait for Uber, plus same price.

Edward Kie

Found you via Google... Rented a 24' camper.. got great gas milage .. paid big money down but got OVER $400. Back upon clean return

Trevor Bollinger

Gail Smilanich

We rented an RV for the 1st time after we had to sell our trailer due to my husband's health issues. It had been 4 years since I was in my meadow at Routt National Forest. I rented a Compact since it was my first time driving one and we needed to drive to Denver from the Springs. I loved having an appointment to pick it up. From my initial contact with Lacey Skinner, to the emails they send you including videos on how everything works, providing a manual, to being so very kind and patient, they were truly outstanding! I have already referred Cruise America because of my experience with this one located in Federal Heights! Cynthia, Brandi and whoever else was there when I squeezed in minutes before close time were so very kind. I just truly want to say THANK YOU!! Next time I will rent the bigger one :)

Marco Belardini

(Translated by Google) Rv old, nothing works, clogged sewage tank, non-existent assistance. (Original) Rv vecchio, non funziona nulla, serbatoio acque nere intasato, assistenza inesistente.

Mark Koester

We've rented RVs three times through Cruise America, picking up in LA, Mesa, and San Francisco. All in all, they've been very positive experiences. Have we had to wait a little to pick up or drop off a unit? Sure. Were the people friendly and helpful? Every one of them. Did the RVs we rented perform like a sports car when cornering, stopping, or climbing mountains? Of course not. I've read some of the neutral-negative reviews. I'm sure there are people who have had bad experiences. There are a ton of moving parts with these tenements on wheels and things can go wrong. I can't speak to how Cruise America handles those situations as, fortunately, that hasn't happened to us. I think part of enjoying an RV rental is going into it with the proper expectation of what it'll be like to drive, park, camp, and live in one of these beasts. If you take everything at a slightly slower pace and can go with the flow, chances are you'll have a great time. Each RV rental has helped us to build some outstanding family memories and explore some parts of the country that were previously uncharted for us. Sure, you can rent nicer RVs - but you'll pay for it. Cruise America has consistently provided reliable RVs for us at a very reasonable price. We returned our most recent rental just last week and we're already looking forward to renting from them again - hopefully when we get permits to climb Half Dome!

Kathy Harris

Clean.,curtious people.

d manch

This was the best RV experience I've ever had

Howard Ritter

Good service, and very accommodating when we asked to go a couple of hours over. Rig was clean and in good shape.

Charles Fleury

The employees at the Mesa facility are great. Cesar has been there for several years (for at least 3-4 of my rentals), and he is always there to accommodate. There was a younger man ("new guy") who assisted us on this last trip (June 10-15), and he was friendly and helpful. Check-out and the return of the RV were seamless. We will rent at this location again. Probably in October for a Fall Break trip!

Duane Pipho

RV we rented was filthy!

Brad Morris


60 Secondi TV

(Translated by Google) A shame! We received an RV with 150,000 miles, the person at the desk was absolutely unpleasant and did not give us assistance, having called her several times and always left us waiting for many minutes and then hung up. RV with a thousand problems where nothing worked and even the cesspit was not emptied! Do not book the RV with this organization there might regret it !! (Original) Una vergogna! Abbiamo ricevuto un RV con 150.000 miglia, la persona al desk è stata assolutamente sgradevole e non ci ha dato assistenza avendola chiamata più volte ci ha sempre lasciato in attesa per moltissimi minuti e poi riagganciava. RV con mille problemi dove nulla funzionava e addirittura il pozzo nero non era stato svuotato ! Non prenotare l’RV con questa organizzazione ve ne potreste pentire!!

Rebelle Anderson

These guys were more than accommodating!!! I read the agreement & all of the info before my actual date that I was to pick up my RV and was well prepared. It allowed me to ask questions and fully know what was expected so I could take care of the Rv & have a great time with my family. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Rv, and had a blast! We got the largest Rv. It drove very well, and the buttons to access the features were easy to use & easy to understand. It looked wonderful, and we were really happy with the Rv.

Sven Riggelsen

Fair rates and nice service. Only you have to make sure everything works like it supposed to, when you make the pickup. We have used cruise America a couple of times, I would recommend them anytime

Ryan Telschow

The power generator in the RV kept overheating but otherwise it was pretty good!

Becca Verna

Everything went wonderfully until we returned the RV. We accidentally left three drawers full of items in the RV around 5 pm on a Friday evening while on our way to the visit a relative who had been hospitalized. That Saturday my husband returned to the Mesa location to search the RV. The manager on duty claimed to have walked my husband out to the same RV to search the drawers, but the items were not found. She then actually had the nerve to show my husband an RV that was for sale! Twenty-four hours had passed between when we dropped the RV and when my husband searched it, so it had clearly been processed by then. I returned that Monday, asking to claim the items. The girl at the front desk actually put me on the phone with the manager (who was upstairs; she couldn't be bothered to come down) who again denied any responsibility for the items. They told me to write to the corporate HQ, which I did, who sent me a pedantic and unhelpful response. We will never use Cruise America again.

Jessa Joan

Great company. Will use them again.

Charles Wright Kunkle

My 2012 Majestic 23a was broken into in Richmond, Ca, in a “secure” lot. The passenger door lock was punched in and the coach enterence door was totaled by the prying action of the burglars as they attempted to gain enterence. I contacted Cruise America in an attempt to get the damages repaired. Travis told me any locksmith could fix the punched out passenger door, so I got that done in Las Vegas at our next stop...I just wanted out of Richmond. To my dismay Travis was off, on vacation when I next emailed him. So, I drove to Cruise America in Mesa, AZ on March 13, 2018, without an appointment. Amazingly, everything was taken care of with utmost courtesy and professionalism. Tim and Mic took over for Travis and we had a new enterence door frame, door and screen door in an hours time. Thank you Cruise America for you service. Charles

suzanne lindbo

Very helpful salesmen. No pressure

Mike Harrington

My wife was diagnosed with cancer and I surprised her with taking her on a trip before she started treatment. We go on vacation every year, last year it was cut short due to a family death and this year it wasn't going to happen due to chemo/radiation treatments. Gave her several options and she loved the RV idea. I had researched some rentals online and decided on Cruise America if she wanted to go RV route. Like I said it was last minute and they really didn't have to much inventory that was ready to go. We were able to get a 19' for our trip, figured it was a good size for our first time driving an RV. Turns out it was fairly small by the end of the trip, but it was a blast, and now we know what we want/dont want in an RV when/if the time comes to purchase one. We both agree we would rent from Cruise America again soon. They were very nice and very professional, answered all our questions, and we had a ton being first timers.

CatandDustin Kitson

Best price in the area. RV rental went exactly as expected. Customer service was good, we were helped within 10 minutes of arriving, and left with our RV soon after. Returning it was a breeze. Our RV was an older model, a couple of minor things didn't work well (one of the windows was broken so that it would pop open as we drove, and the dishes under the sink were dirty) but neither bothered us at all. Everything else worked exactly as expected and we had a great trip.

casee powell

Worst experience ever!!!! Mesa AZ 116° No A/C for passengers while driving 350 miles. Was told by customer service to run generator. But that just made everyone sick. In the end had to go to hotel. Do not rent RV. BROKEN TOILET. BROKEN FREEZER. DIRTY OTHER PEOPLE'S GARBAGE STILL LEFT FOR US TO CLEAN UP.


Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Picking up the reservation took about 15 minutes, dripping off less than 5. Great experience.

Don Bretsch

Great experience, the motor home was beautiful and easy use and when I had a question, they promptly helped. I highly recommend and will use again myself.


Apparently has no empathy when it comes to personal matters.

Bill Hall

This was our 1st time the whole experience was most pleasant and NOTHING like the bad reviews posted here. Will be doing it again for our vacation next year!


Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else

John Gulledge

Rented a 29ft RV that had 88k miles. It was clean and the engine operated smoothly. The interior was a bit hammered. Window latches that didnt work, a black tank value that leaked. The staff seemed less than interested in walking be through the features, "oh you have rented an rv before ? And watched the video? Im sure your fine." A few years ago i rented the same model from the I70 and 225 Denver location and it was a totally different experience. The model had 3k miles on it and you could eat off the floor, the staff was super helpful. My suggestion would be to ask how many miles the model your going to get has, it makes a big difference

Basanth Chinivar

Good RVs, and price

Eric van der Wilden

Ali Al-Chalabi

Straightforward pickup and drop off process. Vehicle ready on time and clean. Not the fanciest RV but very functional and a good product for the price. Everything in the vehicle functioned properly and there were no hidden surprises. I would use cruise America again.

Lexi Burr

This was our first time renting with Cruise America. We were hesitant at first since our destination was very far and we were staying in the middle of nowhere, but everything about our trip exceeded our expectations! We had zero problems what so ever and had the best experience! Already planning our next trip to Yosemite with Cruise America. Can’t wait!

James Edwards

3rd time renting an RV from them. It's hit or miss if you get a new or you old unit, each with minor issues here and there (expected, it's an RV). The employees have been nice, they pay for any maintenance you have on the trip, and include all insurances.

Karen Urda

Pretty bad service provided by Bill!

Gran E

Not the most helpful. Come way before closing and the gates were closed several times before their posted business hours. Showed up 20 minutes before closing time & was told to come back another day. Finally went over with time to spare. The one star would cover that the main office area & restrooms were clean.

Evan A

This is by far the worst place to rent a rv first it will be mast when you get it second when you return it they will take you're deposit from you for invalid reasons and in general the service here was very bad.

Antonio Hernandez

great service and great experience with the rv thank you

Frank T.

Travis Metcalfe

Great place to rent an RV...

mangolious mangomadness

People from all over the world go there

Alexa DeMaio

Nothing in the camper is durable, but it's pretty much what I expected. Truck cab wasn't very clean when we got it and there were smears on the inside of the windshield. Staff was friendly but it didn't really sound like they knew a lot about engines, even the mechanic

Donna German

We had the best experience renting from Cruise America. I could easily drive and operate everything in the RV! It was clean, everything worked, great instructions and I can’t wait to rent again from them on a future trip. I would highly recommend renting from Cruise America.

Debbie Anderson

I rented an RV at Cruise America. It was much cheaper than trying to find a rental place or home because I was having work done at my home. People were very friendly eager to help and the place was very clean I am very happy with Cruise America, until I turned it back in. I put more fuel in it than I needed to on its return, and they nickle and dimed me on going over by 18 miles when they set the mileage themselves from my home to their location. I hope I never have to rent from them again.

Thomas Harvey

This was our first time renting an RV. From the check out, throughout our entire 16 day vacation, and through the return process, everything was smooth, uncomplicated and without problems. Our 25 ft RV ran well and we never had any major problems. We highly recommend Cruise America and are planning our next getaway with this company. Top notch!!!

Russ Duff

Had a great trip making a giant 2500 mile circle from Mesa AZ counterclockwise to Rocky Mountain NP hitting several nation parks on the way. Only issue we had was with the hot water tank; it didn't work. We had bearable water for showers the first day, but we then realized it was because the water was already at over 100 degrees because of driving in the 100 + degree temps. After we hit cooler temps, there was no hot water and the shower was unusable. When we called the 800 number we were told it was supposed to work that way. When I told the agents at the office about it upon turn in, they said no, it should have been VERY hot, at all times. Other than that, it was a great experience that I would do again. The vehicle performed great through all of the mountains we drove in. If it wasn't for the hot water, I would give it a 5.

Marc Weber

Cruise America says they are customer driven and I had that experience over the more than 20 years that we toured with Cruise America or Cruise Canada. This manifested for me in up-to-date and well maintained RVs and in the past additional useful tools like an axe for wood cutting in Canada as well as tools to level the RV on uneven underground were supplied. This year we experienced a cost driven company or a company that does not have the money to invest into new gear or excellent maintenance. The first provided vehicle had these issues: -Of the four back wheels, two were new and two had a tread of 3/32. You get a ticket from the police at 2/32, so this is already barely legal. Add to this that the RV is designed to have all 4 back wheels with the same tread and you have a vehicle that rides very unstable. Once we got above 55 miles per hour on the Interstate (Autobahn), the vibrations got so high that the cupboards opened. -Fridge switched OFF at least once per day and did not switch ON automatically -The sink did not keep the water when washing the dishes. The water was spilled into the vehicle. -Several other smaller issues. After a visit at Discount tire and at least 20 phone calls from my (international) phone, we got a replacement unit and had to drive from Aspen to Denver to get it. The replacement unit was not ready for pick up when we arrived there. The replacement unit had 92.000 miles (some 150.000 km) and the fridge was even worse, it did not last a single night and switched OFF every 1-6 hours. At return of the vehicles, no one asked what the issues are so that they can be fixed before the next customer gets the vehicle. My impression is that maintenance is done on the road rather than in the Cruise America shops. Cruise America Travellers Assistance organizes visits at ie Discount tire, Ford dealer or RV shops and the customer has to bring the vehicle there and wait until the repair is done. For me, this was way to much time during my holiday, we had a suboptimal experience. After 20 years of returning to Cruise America, we will not book with them again. Further tipps: -Radio does not have bluetooth or USB interface. They still have CDs though and a mini jack Input, like 10 years ago. -There are no speakers in the back for the kids. We bought bluetooth speakers to have a common experience. -There is no air conditioning in the back for the kids. We fled Phoenix right away as it is way to hot in the back. -There is no backward camera. The positive side of Cruise America and being cost driven is that the prices are very low. At the same time, we will next time book with the competition as we value our time higher than the savings.

adam long

RV was sub par. Employees are no help. Owner is a racist and con artist. They advertise a special for half price on mileage only to charge full price upon turn in. We also cleaned the RV spotless (probably better than we got it) and still got charged $75 because we supposedly didn’t clean it well enough. SAVE YOUR MONEY/TIME/HEADACHE AND GO ELSEWHERE

Anil Baban Salunke

It was first time RV ride. Very big place of RV. I was there around 11:00 ,host (Karin) was awesome , gave me tour with all I need . Highly appreciated for Karin. While returning host was guy , very helpful. Overall oustanding experience with economical value of RV. Highly recommend.

joshua Jones

Used these guys for a long road trip, friendly staff, good selection of rvs and overall very satisfying experience

Piotr Karpala

RVs are great. Special offers are really what you should be going for. Unfortunately the whole experience is ruined by customer service - they are just widely understaffed. Wait time for return in SF was over 2h. Just adding additional driver in PHX, very long wait. If that's fixed it would be something worth recommending. Currently I would consider other companies just for customer service experience.

Matt Owens

Check in took an hour because the A/C wasn't working on the first two RVs they wanted us to use. Shouldn't they be checking that ahead of time? Not fun with 3 little kids running around. Guy at the counter grabbed himself two water bottles from the fridge but didn't offer me one. Service lacking.

vicky hales

This rental was a terrible experience. The staff openly made fun of a caller while my husband and I stood at the counter to finalize our rental. They didn't mind at all that we were there to hear their comments. Then we brought the unit home to prepare for a 3 day camping trip near Buena Vista for a music festival. The camper did not appear to have been cleaned between rentals. We left the next morning and arrived at our camp sight only to discover (after we were set up) that the clean water tank was empty and the gray and black tanks were full! We had to hunt down a KOA campground to dump the gray and black tanks and then find a source of fresh water to fill the clean water tank! We called Cruise America to ask about this and we were told that it was "probably just the sensors". It happened to be very warm that weekend so we wanted to take advantage of the AC but the generator could not handle the energy pull of the water pump much less the AC and would shut down any time you so much as turned on a faucet. In the end we came home a day early because the camper was such a disaster. I strongly urge you to find another dealer to rent a camper from if you are in the Denver area. We have used other places and had great experiences. Shame on you Cruise America.

Ashlielove Unknown

dion thorn

1. At pickup time they hadn't even gotten to the family preceding us. We got ours 2 hrs late. 2. They did not show us how anything worked nor did they answer any questions we had they simply referred us to their videos, which were also unhelpful. 3. Interior leaks throughout the vehicle, generator didn't work, back right tire had a piece of rubber that was hanging off. Thankfully they had a spare, which the mechanic who put it on told us was basically a 50/50 chance. 4. The vehicles struts for the front suspension were completely shot. It was like driving a shake weight. 5. The initial rep had promised the take off the charges for sewage and propane when we picked it up since they had taken literally 2 hrs past pickup time. 6. Upon returning this garbage vehicle to them and presenting our complaints their way of handling the situation amounted to ignoring our complaints and attempting to coerce us into signing papers that would obviously take their liability away. We didn't sign and will have a joy presenting the photos and video we have of this garbage RV rental to the world via social media. Do not ever rent from this company. They have no respect for their customers and their ONLY product is a fleet of RVs that they do not maintain.

JJ Jellis

Santiago Osorio

Great service and knowledgeable staff. I've rented three times and plan to rent again.

Anders Kanten

Davie Jones helped me to sort out a few though questions for free. Excellent company with great service. I will definitively buy a used RV from them when the time comes.

Adam and Amy Mather

So easy! The staff was very helpful and there for us 100% of the time if we should need it. We had a great road trip and now plan to purchase an RV! Thanks Cruise America for helping us to solidify that decision!

Chad Schultz

Got a rental from here it looked like a good deal in the beginning rented for 10 days ended up costing $1400. There are fees for everything, want to tow a trailler $25 a day so $250 there. $200 in taxes. Under 25 year old driver another fee. Use built in generator $3.50 hr. I picked up a screw in the front tire, $170 damage fee. It is what it is, expensive for a Motel 6 style camper.

Donna Bonner

Played all that money, but service was very poor. Seems like we got the worst pick on the lot.

Michael Reda

Great . Rented oneway from east coast to Phoenix az. Fast and friendly staff

Tim Koch

Great setup, convenient location, helpful staff.

Bob Nyberg

This was my first time renting an RV and it was a pleasant experience. Everyone at Cruise America were efficient and helpful. The RV was well set up and easy to drive and operate. Only down side was a very hard mattress but that is not a big deal.

Imani McNealy

The rental was great! We got a compact 3 sleeper RV. It was pretty easy to get used to driving it considering I have not driven many trucks or busses. The orientation video was a lot of info at once, so we wish we had a user manual on board, but overall it was easy to find the answers we needed. When our shower didn’t work right away, customer service was quick and efficient at helping us resolve the issue. Overall I would definitely rent with cruise america again!

William Furniss

My family and I have rented from Cruise America twice now, and have been absolutely thrilled with the experience both times! We have rented from both the Mesa, AZ center, and through the Salt Lake City, UT center with stellar experiences with each. Both RVs were clean, and ready to go as scheduled, and everything worked like it should. We hit 6 National Parks in 4 days this past October, and had a blast the whole time. Thanks to this experience, we are saving up for one of our own. I have found the customer service - both in person, and over the phone - to be happy, courteous, and willing to answer questions, even when it was apparent that they had a lot of other customers that day. A special thanks to Issac Boyd-Snee, and Crystal Nicholls who go above and beyond to take care of their customers.

Scott Bradley

First-time renters; I put 3,000 miles on a new 24' RV. Policies are very reasonable, 24-hr support if you have a problem (we had no problems, except the fridge took a long time to cool initially.) I'd rent from them again.


Al R

A first timer. Recently took a Father/Son trip to Utah for collecting Gemstones. Vehicle was comfortable and perfect. Brandi was so helpful and nice. Would do it again

Teddi Swidinsky

I am very pleased with my experience and with the staff at the Phoenix location. The RV was great. Worn interior as it is a rental. But that was actually a plus because we didn’t sit around worrying about doing damage. The price was excellent and the unit worked well. I needed a last minute rental which they worked hard to accommodate. When someone took out the driver side mirror just before I returned it. They were extremely helpful. There was no hidden charges. As a matter of fact, it ended up being cheaper than I thought. Even with the mirror damage. I would definitely rent again and I really appreciate the staff in the Phoenix location. Great job!!!

Fam. Kranghand

(Translated by Google) 1 star is Generally rated for this uninterested customer unfriendly employees 15 years rented on cruise, but next time it will be roadbear, Apollo, El-Monte. (Original) 1 ster is Ruim beoordeeld voor deze ongeïnteresseerde klant onvriendelijke werknemers 15 jaar gehuurd bij cruise,maar de volgende keer word het roadbear,Apollo, El-Monte.

josh Jarrard

Quick check in and Easy pick up. Staff was very courteous and facilities were very clean. The RV itself could have been a little bit cleaner, especially the floors, but that's a fairly easy fix.

Robert L. Harris

Good equipment, staff is very friendly and want to start and end your trip on a positive note. Multiple rentals have all been positive.

Michelle Perkins

Bill Kresa

One thing I wish they would have informed us of is that they don't have a place to park your car. They said there is a guy that lives in a fenced in lot that will watch your car for $50.00. We took the leap of faith and trusted this guy with our car. We had no other options. When we got back from our trip the car was still there. So it turned out OK. Other than that, the trip was great! We traveled from Denver to Medford,Oragon and back.We had no problems with the RV and had a very pleasant adventure. BK

Sjavit Maestro

Daniel D'Souza

Rented a small RV to cruise the American Southwest. It was a simple and problem free experience.

Bob Peabody

This was a perfect experience. Being from Massachusetts and wanting to spend several days in Arizona renting a motor home was the best answer. It was ready as stated so when we arrived from the airport, filled out the paperwork, inspected the RV, and away we went. Toured Arizona from the Grand Canyon to Bisbee and saw everything in between. Great people at CA RV Rentals and great trip all around, Thanks

Mark P

I had problems, called the 1-800 number, was put on Hold for over an hour. When I asked who I can place a complaint with, they just hung up on me. Other times I that I would call in, they would just pick up the receiver, and put me on hold. For an hour. They never actually picked up that night, just once, a click then back to the hold music, as I sat there, for an hour.

Fleur van Gelder

Last year, we rented a camper from Cruise America and travelled through the USA. It was one of our greatest experiences we've ever had! When we picked up the camper, Cruise America was really helpfull and we could quickly begin our trip. The camper was really beautiful as well, we had enough space (we were with the 5 of us) and driving the camper was not hard at all. At one moment, we were worried we had a flat and we contacted Cruise America. They wanted to send someone immediately and were very understanding. We went to a local place to get the flat fixed and we could continue our journey. When handing in the camper, the people at Cruise America were really kind and we could even let our bagage behind so we could enjoy the nearby waterpark. Cruise America, you were amazing!

Megan HK

Clean RV's, great customer service, helpful app to download. Would definitely rent again!


We have the RV for 10 days. The employer take care us amazing. I think was the owner how was a little rude to us. But the RV was in good condition. To big for us. To much in gas. But totally worth.

Julie Everham

We picked up our RV and instantly noticed how dirty the exterior was. Someone had hit a bird with the overhead and the feathers were still embedded. Upon going inside the cushions appeared stained and the Rep told us they don't really do a walk through of the inside because it is considered normal wear. Let me tell you once we sat on the cushions the smell became very apparent. Why wouldn't they steam clean them? Unfortunately we had already left the location at this point. Once we got to our destination we realized the shower doors were busted so badly they couldn't be opened. The thing is we normally tent camp but we decided to flip the bill for an RV so we could have some of those comforts like taking a shower which we were never able to do. The air conditioner was not cooling very well but we gave the fact temps were in the mid ninetys a consideration. We did sweat a lot. Now comes the kicker we kept smelling sewage but we were in an area where RV's were pulled into a confined area. It didn't even dawn on us it was us. Understand we were out a lot and typically would come back to the RV after the sun had gone down. When we walked around the drivers side the day we were leaving we realized it was us all along. There was sewage leaking from a pipe. Our poor neighbors. Yikes! While driving I followed my husband and the pipe leaked the entire way. It was embarrassing. When we returned the RV my husband mentioned these things to their Rep. My understanding is she ignored him. I then asked her if he had shared/mentioned these things to her and she said yes but continued to ignore me as I spoke. No apologies nothing... It upsets me that we spent money simply to be comfortable and provide our kiddos with an amazing adventure they've never had. We still provided an awesome time for them but my husband and I were sick we had spent money for this. While we were in the process of complaining about these things the gentlemen next to us were atrempting to complain as well about the condition of their RV. The Rep helping them argued with them saying there vehicles travel over 30,000 miles each summer. What the men pointed out is they rent RV's often and there is a difference between use and neglect oftheir vehicles. I thought this was an amazing way to put it. When we were done and ready to go because of their 11am dropoff policy and small parking lot we found ourselves trapped unable to exit the parking lot. We sat in our car for at least 30-45 mins waiting for them to move RV's and unblock the entrance/exit. Grrrrr! Needless to say we are frustrated that there was no responsibility taken by the location and no apologies. We were treated horribly. We do not treat others in this manner and it was horrible being the victims of being taken advantage of. I mean they had our credit card info. Seriously if you want to rent do yourself a favor and use a different location. Hopefully your experience then can be one of enjoyment. The thing is if we support businesses that treat their customers in such a way they'll continue doing it.

Rick Clapham

Never again.

Bob Spatta

Cruise America in Denver does a fantastic job of getting people into a clean RV and on the road. They also do a great job of quickly checking people back in when they drop off the RV and on their way.

Wyatt Brown

Great staff. Scary rigs.

Ron Fifer

Over priced and used up RVs... Way too many other options. Staff was less than helpful and not very interested in doing anything other than stand behind the counter. Went with Lazy Days RVs Well worth the extra drive. Better selection, more options, free generator use, no mileage limit, better pricing.

Jenna Praamsma

Horrible customer service. Not accommodating at all. Would not recommend. Make sure you read all the fine print.

Daniel Koller

RV was obviously not inspected prior to us receiving it. Oil level was low and we had to have it filled, and an alignment issue caused severe tire damage, which we luckily detected before it resulted in an accident. Had to have both front tires replaced in Sequoia National Park and lost the day. To be fair, these issues occurred during our third rental from Cruise America. The first two rentals were great experiences. The severity of the issues this time caused me to downgrade the overall review to 2 stars.

Kolby Wolfley

I had such an amazing experience. From the reservation to the return it was a great experience. Joe and his staff were very friendly and helpful. They did a great job explaining everything and it was smooth sailing for us. We had a great time and were able to have accommodations for our young children. Will definitely be renting from them again! Thanks for a fun weekend!

Mark Wiskerke

Very friendly staff, we go back for sure. Only thing why it is not 5 star, because you can not park your car there.

Jamie Denison

Very friendly, clean, no hassle

Linda Sawyer

Had appointment to pick up at 1:30 left lot at 3:30 ish. Lost 2 hours of our trip!

G Leavy

First time RV renter. Got a great deal on a 25' for 4 nights. RV had 17K miles and drove/rode well. No problems, mechanical or otherwise. Customer service was very nice too at the Mesa, AZ location. Big difference from tent camping. A must try, at least once. We slept 4 adults semi-comfortably dry camping. 2 adults would have been perfect! All in all, was great to have, especially when rain showers came. Easy to stow things quickly! Having restroom facilities and kitchen with a decent size ref/freezer, stove & microwave worked out well. Thanks Cruise America. I was nervous at first, but everything turned out just fine and everyone had a good time.


After a week in a Cruise America RV, my advice is this: use another one of the RV or camper van rental companies in Denver if at all possible. We opted for Cruise America because we wanted an RV with a bathroom, but in retrospect that wasn't worth the trade-off. It was a zoo when we got to the rental office (Labor Day weekend) and the woman up front admitted they had only one person cleaning and preparing the RVs (it was probably the busiest weekend of the year so no idea why there were like two people working the whole place) so we had to wait a while and were treated like we were annoying them for wanting to get the RV and get on with our trip. Also the office itself is like a soulless cinderblock jail cave which is generous. During the course of the week we had several problems with the RV—generator only worked some of the time, no hose for water, black tank was given to us full (they claimed the sensor was just reading full but we could see that it was actually full), constant propane smell, etc. that caused us a ton of trouble. We called Cruise America and were "assigned an agent" to handle our issues but they didn't get back to us until two days later, and by then we were a four-hour drive from Denver. So we were dealing with a shaky at best RV that didn't even have most of the features it was supposed to have and a company that didn't care. This would be fine if it was a cheap scenario, but the cost is insane, coming in at over $300 a night with fees on linens, kitchen supplies, chair rentals, insurance, not to mention the separate campground fees, all totaling over $2k for the week. The worst part was, when we got back, they acted like we were just trying to get some money back and acted like they were giving us some grand gift for returning the $500 security deposit. It honestly irked me. We didn't want money back, we just wanted someone to care, like maybe just slightly care about our issues a tiny bit. They didn't GAF. This company has a lot of potential to fill a real need but the experience is more hassle than it's worth so I would advise to go with a different company.

Gauthier du Bus de Warnaffe

(Translated by Google) Very little help and what had been promised (light sheets for when it is hot) was not implemented. On the spot they told us to buy some (Original) Très peu aidant et ce qui avait été promis (draps légers pour quand il fait chaud) n'a pas été mis en application. Sur place ils nous ont dit d'en acheter

Ryan Smith

Mellisa Burrell

My friend had a rv reserved to take her child on a surprise birthday trip . She had everything set up and ready to go and literally as we were getting ready to walk out the door to go pick the rv up which had already been reserved a few days prior and account charged she was called And told due to some id verification process her reservations had been canceled. She called the main office which by the way all the customer service reps we spoke to were very rude and seemed we where a bother to them told her it was a federal requirement to do this I'd check and couldn't help her one even hung up on her. We ran three different id to try our best to get this child to his birthday surprise And delt with several rude customer service reps and what they failed to tell her also was they where taking 300 dollars every time she ran someones I'd to try to get a rv that we thought was good to go two days prior and until the time we was on our way to pick it up. So now she has 900 dollars that hasn't been refuned and had no rv do to a id check that they say is a federal law but kind of funny we found another rv lot that says no you don't they have never heard of such. They almost ruined a child's day due to there waiting until time to pickup to let us know of this and still not sure if it's real federal regulations. Cause if it was how come we didn't have to have it with the other company we found that by the way was a lot better.


The staff here are very friendly. One thing to make sure you do is to schedule a pick up time to pick up your RV. Our RV was good, the only issue we had was water leaking into the seams of the RV when it rained. Oh and the black water valve never was able to shut all the way so it leaked... The RV was very clean when we got it and never broke down.

Carole Arnold

When returning our rental vehicle, other renters also expressed dissatisfaction with the service & rentals. So I don't feel bad with this review. We won't be doing this co. again!

Mark McGee

Very nice motorhome at a reasonable price. Had a great weekend. Highly recommended


Rented a 25' unit for 15 days. The unit was in exceptional condition. It only had 7k miles on it and it was in tip top shape. I had been trying to rent through an RV share but had three owners cancel my reservation after I had deposited money. I finally called CA. It turned out about $2k cheaper than I was expecting through the RV shares. That's an easy decision, especially when you include the support availability that CA offers over the RV shares. Not to mention, the folks at the Mesa Cruise America were awesome to deal with. No better way!

Jeffrey Parsons

Good service, fair prices, clean like-new RVs.

Terry Berger

Fabulous. Our very first time in an RV and we traveled for 3 weeks. Mesa office made it so easy at pick up and rapid city was great for drop off.. The RV handled great in dry, wet and snowy weather. Will rent from Cruise America again for sure!

B Reagle

Fair. Honest. Open on Sunday for returns. Exactly what you would hope to get from an equipment rental place for your family.

Kevin Koithan

Renting AV RV is pricey. Cruise America is good in that they specialize on rentals and their fleet is build especially for renters.

Nadine Reischler

(Translated by Google) The horror! For years we rent campers world. In Denver at Cruice America we got the seediest Camper we have ever seen. Formerly a camper was fully stocked. Today Personal Kit and Küchenkit cost $ 200. (All the way) For this we got a dingy, smeared with honey and cornflakes box with dirty Geeschirr. The water tank we had to fill itself. Zero tool, no broom, no dishpan, no screen, etc. In the drawers crumbs and dust. The refrigerator for k ... dirty. Our complain was commented with: We check every way because the tenant before you must not have properly trimmed. Maybe it's just in Denver that. Previously we rented already 2x Cruise and it was OK. (Original) Der Horror! Seit Jahren mieten wir Camper weltweit. In Denver bei Cruice Amerika bekamen wir den schmuddeligsten Camper, den wir je gesehen haben. Früher war ein Camper voll ausgestattet. Heute kosten Personal Kit und Küchenkit 200 Dollar.(Bei allen übrigens) Dafür bekamen wir eine schmuddelige, mit Honig und Cornflakes beschmierte Kiste mit dreckigem Geeschirr. Den Wassertank mußten wir selbst befüllen. Null Werkzeug, kein Besen, keine Spülschüssel, kein Sieb, etc. In den Schubladen Brösel und Staub. Der Kühlschrank zum k... dreckig. Unsere Beschwerde darüber wurde kommentiert mit: Wir prüfen nichts nach, da muß der Mieter vor Ihnen nicht sauber geputzt haben. Kann sein, es ist nur in Denver so. Früher haben wir auch schon 2x Cruise gemietet und es war OK.

Ethan Brees

Phillip Hardt

Great rentals in various sizes and even rentals to purchase! Help move in or move out rentals to other locations for very inexpensive cost!

Timothy James

Great reliable vehicle that was perfect for our trip!

James Trujillo

It was our first time renting an RV. With the Insurance coverage's and video's the renting experience was flawless. All expectations were meet and the family had a memorable vacation experience. Would not hesitate renting from Cruise America again.

Jeannie Mickel

We rented an RV from the Orlando Cruise America. We have previously rented numerous RV's from a local company called Campers Inn in NH and were apparently spoiled by the exceptionally clean and well maintained and great service we received. We arrived in Orlando to be not so pleasantly greeted and told to wait for 2 hours. After 2 hours we were finally shown our RV which was disgusting dirty run down RV and not suited for people. We then received our bedding convenience kit which was given to us in a trash bag which included linens and bedding that were brown with stains all over. After I expressed my disgust over the bedding and RV and refused to take the bedding we headed to Walmart to buy bleach cleaning supplies bedding and linens so I could spend my vacation cleaning the RV. When we got back from buying everything we needed to make the RV inhabitable, we discovered the a/c was not operational. When I called Cruise America they told me to take it to the local Ford shop for repair because they were going to close in 15 minutes. We were able to salvage our trip but I would NEVER recommend Cruise America. It is possible it is just the Orlando office but when you are flying and renting it is not a chance I would take.

Tiffany Hicke

We rent 2x a year from here. Great service and RV's! Karin is amazing!

Michael Matthews

last minute rental, easy pickup and drop off process. great staff working in pressure situations. very pleased that I was able to not call off my family camping trip due to my trailer not being back from shop.

Joshua Gilbert

Absolutley the worst customer service. I say this in the sincerest way possible. Upon arrival at the federal heights location we were not greeted nor treated as a paying customer should be. We were talked to as if the lady behind the counter thought she was above us in society and the only expressions she showed towards us were in a demeaning/negative way and manner. The camper its self was very nice at first, until you start to notice all of the disgusting esthetics about it. The corners were chewed and destroyed as well as the basic equipment was not in functioning operability(i.e the vent and vent heater amongst the fact that the thermostat did not hold temperature. you had to be either freezing cold or burning hot.). My last complaint would have to be the fact that this location did not honor the listed "deal" that was offered prior to the end of our trip. They offered a "half off of mileage" and only ended up not holding true to this deal. Absolutely the worst experience i have ever had when it comes to customer service and the fact that they did not hold true to their word with the posted deals makes me regret ever having this business in my search history. Im not writing this to bash the company, I'm writing it to save future customers time and money by skipping going to Cruise Americas Federal heights location and go anywhere else...Even Walmart has better customer service and a tent with a generator and portable heater would be way cheaper. Thanks for reading.

Fernando Armijo

I highly recommend a RV trip to anyone. We were complete novices but encountered zero issues. Cruise America is really easy to work with and very willing to answer any questions you have or address any concerns that might come up. We will definitely be doing it again.

Deborah Wimpee

Great time, friendly people, no surprises. Recommend them to anyone.

Axel Puscheck

I cannot recommend at all ! The CA team was so unfriendly and uninterested i have never made such a bad experience. It began with the take over of the RV. It was like, here are the keys, lets take a look around if there are any damages, have fun. That´s it. We were confused because we expected a little more time to take over the RV. We checked the RV by ourselves and found a mess. The RV wasn´t cleaned properly, the silverware in drawers looked like a trash box. The pots and pans were dirty. Just disgusting. I asked for new ones and had to replace it by myself, nobody came and helped us to make us feel comfortable. Then we saw that the control panel that shows the level of the fresh water black water, grey water showed up red. That means the black and grey water wasn´t emptied. I told that the CA team and she said, oh yes the sensor seems to be defect i could check the black water level when i look into the toilette while flushing. If i can see the water the black water needs to be emptied. Are you kidding me ? I should take look into that sh...hole to check the blackwater level? Then we left the CA station and drove to our first campground. Then we found out that the water heater doesn´t work. It must be a strange coincidence that the water heater gone broken after we took over the RV. I believe the heater was already defect before we took over the RV. 2 days later the heater was repaired by a work shop. One week later when we were in Moab at 100 degrees we couldn´t start the generator. I called CA, they said the workshop in Moab has already closed for this day i can come by the next day. Before that happened i booked and paid already a campground without any hook up. Since the generator didn´t work and we couldn´t use the air condition i had to book and pay another one with hook up. As well i had to buy a sewer hose since the old dirty one i took over with the RV was leaking. It would make definitely make sense to equip each RV with a water pressure regulator because we were told by almost every campground we stayed to use the water regulator since the pressure is too high for the RV waterpipes. Yes i know, i watched the CA introduction video, just open the watertap a quarter turn, but honestly, is this professionell? When we returned the RV the same two people took the RV over and were very unfriendly and disrespectful. Then they charged me 50$ for cleaning the RV exterior because it was "unusual dirty". What would they expect after 2 weeks and a 2500 mls road trip on regular roads?The way the rental station treats their customer and their behavior is absolutely unacceptable. We were really upset after our wonderful vacation. By the way, last year we had a really good experience at Cruise America in Phoenix. We had NOTHING to complain, very friendly and helpful people. I only can say, stay away from Cruise America in Denver.

Eric Byrd


The biggest con artists I’ve ever met. Do not give this company your card information you will be repeatedly charged. You will never get back your security deposit. Not to mention, the terrible quality of the RV. $1500 dollars for a weekend. Burn your money and save the hassle.

Jerry Biffle

We had a great trip. We were delighted with how professional the pickup and drop off were. Also we had a problem on our RV, a leaking propane line. Their service number helped me try a few things to verify the leak, then told me where to take the vehicle the next morning and they were waiting for me when I got there. The service was paid for by Cruise America and we were on our way again. Delighted with how they handled the problem.

Nelson Daley

Staff was friendly and knowledgable. They had some technical difficulties which delayed our departure but all went pretty well. Well have to how it all works out with the remtal, but so far so good All systems on the RV a functioning as expected and no sign of any troubles.

Jeroen Tahey

Good experience, neat service. They even gave us a refund for the inconvenience of a small issue we had with the RV.

Michael Stoner

Michelle Garcia

Carol Lenhart

We had a fantastic experience with Cruise America out of Denver. We were complete newbies with an RV, but we pulled out of the Cruise America lot with our 30ft. camper feeling confident and excited. The RV was not luxurious, but had all the necessities and we had no problems whatsoever cruising the mountains and byways of the West by day and sleeping 6 campers comfortably by night. We highly recommend CruiseAmerica, and the Denver location.

Z Waldman

Marcus & Sonja

(Translated by Google) Only bad! The staff were extremely rude, the handover of the camper was a joke. you get a notebook in your hand and should alone document all existing damage on a form. Handover completed. Our camper was completely dirty, inside and out. An absolute impudence. Complaints in any form are ignored. One of the rear inner tires was flattened, but we did not notice that until we were 7 kilometers away. Back at the rental station, instead of changing tires, it was obvious that only air was refilled and the tire was changed. As a result, I had to top up every 4 days. Upon return of the camper again made acquaintance with the EXTREMELY unfriendly staff. We found that much of the local vacationers were disappointed with similar experiences. Quite apart from the fact that it was my own stupidity, the following anecdote: I left a relatively expensive jacket in the camper. Unfortunately, I did not notice this until the evening of the return. I have phoned and written several emails, also to the customer service of CRUISE AMERICA. Not a single email was answered. On my direct phone call with the rental station I received only the statement: "There was nothing in there" and it was simply hung up. Our conclusion: NEVER AGAIN with CRUISE AMERICA! If you read the many bad (and all similar!) Reviews here, you have to be very surprised that this group does not seek to improve. (Original) Einfach nur schlecht! Die Mitarbeiter waren extrem unfreundlich, Die Übergabe des Campers war ein Witz. man bekommt eine Kladde in die Hand gedrückt und soll alleine alle vorhandenen Schäden auf einem Formular dokumentieren. Übergabe beendet. Unser Camper war komplett verdreckt, innen und aussen. Eine absolute Frechheit. Beschwerden in jeder Form werden überhört. Einer der hinteren, inneren Reifen war platt, dies bemerkten wir jedoch erst, als wir 7 Kilometer entfernt waren. Zurück an der Anmietstation wurde anstatt den Reifen zu wechseln, offensichtlich nur Luft nachgefüllt und behauptet, der Reifen sei gewechselt. Im Ergebnis musste ich alle 4 Tage Luft nachfüllen. Bei Rückgabe des Wohnmobils erneut Bekanntschaft mit den EXTREM unfreundlichen Mitarbeitern gemacht. Wir stellten fest, dass ein Großteil der Urlauber vor Ort mit ähnlichen Erfahrungen sehr entäuscht war. Völlig abgesehen davon, dasss es meine eigene Dummheit war, noch folgende Anekdote: ich habe eine relativ teure Jacke im Camper hängengelassen. Dies bemerkte ich leider erst am Abend der Rückgabe. Ich habe telefoniert und mehrere Emails, auch an den Kundenservice von CRUISE AMERICA geschrieben. Nicht eine einzige Mail wurde beantwortet. Auf mein direktes Telefonat mit der Anmietstation erhielt ich nur die Aussage: "Da hing nichts drin" und es wurde einfach aufgelegt. Unser FAZIT: NIE WIEDER mit CRUISE AMERICA! Wenn man die vielen schlechten (und alle ähnlichen!) Bewertungen hier liest, muss man sich doch sehr wundern, dass dieser Konzern sich nicht um Besserung bemüht.

Michael Hauser

Just brought back my RV. Very friendly and helpful. Would recommend it. Rented my RV in Seattle and also there no problems! Was very happy with my RV, it was clean and everything was running the entire trip. Thanks to Cruise America

Huub Sijben

We travelled with a Cruise America RV for several weeks, and it was the best journey of our lifes so far. The pickup was easy, the employees were very friendly and explained everything to us. No additional fees are needed for drivers under 25. Service during the trip was good. We had some problems with one of the tires, and Cruise America wanted to help us out. When we returned the RV, they were very kind and rapidly inspected if there were any scratches or damages. We got our full deposit back. We could even store our luggage for the day behind the counter, because we wanted to visit a waterslide park near the location (recommended! Lots of slides!). Very enthusiastic and kind empolyees!

Jason Schmidt

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

Rented a motorhome for 3 days. Pick up and return was a breeze. Tina and Karen were awesome. RV was very clean and comfortable. 5 stars. I think I'd prefer rental to owning even if I could afford one.

Denny Saß

Alyson Kleinman

Customer service wise they were great, fast helpful in showing us all of the features and how do use things, etc. The RV was in ok shape, lots of shaking and some things needed to be repaired, but overall good experience. In the future I might want to rent a higher end style RV.

Isabeau Paine

Not impressed with customer service. Going with a local company.

Rachit Shrivastava

Excellent company to rent a RV. Offers great deals and good service.

mark marangoni

Great helpful staff, rv was easy to drive and use . We back again . My only complaint was rv ac could be quieter and push out colder air .

circum ambulant

If you read Renee Fairbanks review, it is basically what I would right! However, I prefer 3stars instrad of 1 star, because even though we had some issues, the RV did its work! Took us from Denver all the way to San Francisco! And did not gave us major problem! Bc it was our first experince, we cannot compare to others! But I have no doubt that we can find a better quality in other RV’s company! Next trip We will try a different one! I dont feel like using America Cruise again! It did not give me enough confidence to such a high mileage!! Staff was rude in Denver, the person checking us In had no interest, yawning all the time! But im still grateful, bc we could enjoy our trip!!! Thank you American Cruise!!! Hopefully tou guys can improve services and RV’s in the future

Malum 2012 Downing

We had a great experience renting from Cruise America. It was easy to make a reservation online. The pickup process was very smooth. A representative went through all of the features of the RV so that we were familiar with how everything worked before we left. The vehicle was very easy to drive. We will definitely rent an RV from Cruise America again.

Anthony Barr

Anikanchan Raut

Has a lot of RVs available but most of those are old. Our rental had 110K miles on it. It felt like a bullock cart going uphill. Not so great service, employees are not so helpful. The wait time to pick up a vehicle is usually too long. We spent couple of hours waiting at the pizzeria nearby. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone if there is any other option.

ben kester

Great deal! Clean, functional campers. We would definitely use this company again! Check in/Check out can sometimes be a lengthy process- starting over an hour past your appointment time, so bring patience with you for that part.

Paul Marturano

Karin took care of us in a difficult situation. She was wonderful to work with. Can't say enough about how Karin and her company did a great job.

Dirk Teurlings

Richard Walker

What a joke. First off, they tell you that their pickup time is 1:00. That's an unapologetic lie. That's the *earliest* pickup time is 1:00. In all reality, you'll be lucky if you can hit the road while the sun is still up. Then they require you to return the RV by 11:00 in the morning. If you're late, they charge you $25 for each hour you are late. Strangely enough they *won't* offer you a $25/hour discount for every hour that THEY are late delivering the RV to you. Are you noticing a pattern of which direction money is flowing? When I complained about the obnoxious pickup and delivery times, all they could say was, "Well sir, we've been in business for 40 years, so obviously we're doing *something* right." Translation: You want to drive while the sun is up? Ha! We're right, you're wrong, now bend over. When we finally got to the campsite at the ripe hour of 11:00 PM, we turned on the gas and guess what? The smell of gas was overwhelming. Thank God I don't smoke, or I'd be writing this from space. When I called their 24 hour road side assistance number, they're response was, "Call us first thing in the morning." So much for the "24 hour" part. When I called first thing in the morning, they told me that the only way to get it serviced was to drive close to 100 miles to get to a service station. So much for the "roadside assistance" part. When I complained about this when I returned the RV, they told me it was my fault for not driving to the service station, and they offered me $100 off on my *next* rental. Thanks, but no thanks. If you're going to charge me $1000 for a 5 day trip, then you need to get me a working RV. If the RV is not working, then you need to make things right for THIS trip, not the NEXT trip. You'll never see me again.

Lynne Berridge

Brilliant service great rental vehicles

Nadia Z.

Me and my sister rented 2 RV’s for 2 1/2 weeks from Denver. We were so excited for our America trip but what we experienced while collecting the RV was just terrible. The people there were very unfriendly, they treated us very bad and they gave us a very dirty RV. The mugs were broken, cuttlery and pans were very dirty and the whole car was just all over with dust!! They never cleaned it before. We had no experience with RV‘s and we wanted to get some proper information. When we asked them to explain something they were again very mean and they told us we need to watch a video. The camping chair we rented were broken. The cruisecontrol from my car was broken as well as the fridge always went on and off and I had to throw food. In the toilet was a leak in the roof and during rain all stuff got wet. If I could I would give -stars to rate. Never ever rent a car there. You dont deserve this terrible service really!! Of course I did not get any money back for my problems I had.

Sophia Hutchinson

Super great experience!!! The RV was in perfect condition. Pick up and drop off was a breeze. Me and my husband had a wonderful trip. It is a little on a pricey side but the convenience is well worth it

Steve Miller

DO NOT RENT FROM CRUISE AMERICA!!!!!! Poor Product and even Worse Support!!! It took 21 HOURS to get a tow truck after breakdown. First I’ll address the Product. We arrived to pick up our large rental at 1:00pm yesterday July 13, 2017 in Houston, TX. We did our walk around and there were large scrapes down the side of the vehicle, and internally there was still trash from prior renters. When we started up the vehicle the check engine light was on, so the manager came and plugged in the unit for diagnostics and told us it was a loose gas cap, and the light was cleared, so we took the RV to our home to pack. We left Houston just before 4:00pm on July 13, 2017. At 5:50pm, we decided to stop at a gas station to fill up before passing through San Antonio. As we exited I-10 the RV completely DIED. We were able to start/stall our way to a gas station to call Cruise America Support around 6:00pm. The operator explained she was having trouble contacting a wrecker service so she would leave a note for her replacement in the morning to work on finding one. Keep in mind, it is now 6:15pm and we are on I-10 in Texas with tow trucks going in and out of the gas station as she’s telling me this. I questioned what time I could expect to heard from the next agent and was told 9am!!!!! Yes, 13 hours later I would get a call back to let me know they would start looking for my tow truck. Let me remind you I have a large RV broken down in South Texas with a 5 year old and 7 year old and a generator that keeps quitting and internal temps rising due to a poor generator/ac but it was perfectly acceptable to wait 13 hours to schedule a tow truck. Since we had no alternatives, we basically set up camp in a gas station parking lot and slept through the night. In the morning, there was no call. I had to call in to remind them to call a tow and then would contact them every hour to get an update. Each time I called they would tell me they were really busy and would call me back once they had a chance to review our options, but no return call would happen. In fact, other than the initial call back right after the breakdown, I did not get any return calls for almost 18 hours into the process. Around noon I received a call from the first truck that was dispatched because he decided Cruise wasn’t going to pay them enough to sit through the traffic to Tow me so he left after already being in route. Again, I had to contact Cruise to let them know their dispatched tow driver cancelled and they would need to find another. 21 hours after we broke down, a tow truck finally arrived and proceeded to tell me he was contacted by the other tow driver and after hearing our story came as quick as he could. He literally arrived within 25 minutes of us getting our automated call saying a tow was dispatched. He was the only good service experience we had in this entire event. In addition to taking nearly a full day to get us a tow, Cruise would not arrange for my family to be transported so I had to call and arrange transportation for my wife and children so I could ride with the RV to sign all the forms when dropped at mechanic shop. Since Cruise America would not provide another RV and the maintenance shop wasn’t going to look at it that day, we decided to rent a 15 passenger van (again arranged on our own) and emptied all the contents of our RV and drove back home. Cruise recommended we terminate our contract since we were leaving the RV and that would cancel our liability, otherwise I would have been required to stay with the RV at the shop until looked at. Now I am working to get some money back. CRUISE AMERICA RUINED OUR FAMILY VACATION. STAY AWAY!!!!

Christine Mazzarini

Randall Harris

Our overall experience was great. Booking and picking up RV was smooth. My only issue (well there were 4) was that the vehicle had not been serviced properly and should not have been released to us AS IS. The left front tire was wearing unevenly and the inside tread was completely worn. I asked them to change it, and they gladly did. (But what if I hadn't checked that out??) . After packing up the RV and before hitting the road I checked the oil as per their instructions...only to find that it DIDN'T even register on the dipstick! 2 quarts of oil later we were on the road. (But what if I hadn't checked it??) . After our first night, we gassed up and decided to check the tire pressure all around. Two of the back tires registered at 30 psi. (Recommended is about 80 psi!) . The next night, we went to use the shower for the first time and the hot water knob would not turn on the hot water. After using a screwdriver to switch the knobs we were able to get the hot water knob to work. This was day three and after this we didn't have any other problems (for the next 7 days). It was comfortable, clean, and as we had expected. We assumed that prior to our taking possession of the vehicle, general and normal maintenance would have been checked and done. It wasn't. Had we not done so, we could have been really stuck. So...our advice...before you even leave the lot - CHECK ALL THOSE THINGS FIRST!

Gene Stepanov

I was very happy with my experience at Cruise America. I rented the RV for Burning man, and prior to contacting C/A I attempted to rent via RVShare and that did not go well: owners cancel without notice upon seeing the dates of the rental or jacking up prices beyond the boundaries of sanity. C/A made the rental experience very smooth and the price was reasonable.

Davide Cavallini

Geat staff, fair prices. Easy pick up ot the station. The RV was basic, not elegantly furnished but we survived 2 weeks. Definitely recommend

Jane Cowley

We rented a standard size rv to travel the Pacific Coast. It was a very easy process to rent and learn how to use the rv equipment. There was a drawer that hadn't been cleaned and no CD player but other than that it was great rental.

Douglas Menorca

The process for getting the RV was simple. We needed to schedule the pick a day in advance and pick up was easy. They walked us through the contract and gave us a tour of our RV. We made sure everything we ordered was there, and they fixed anything we asked about immediately. Being a first time RV renter, we had a few questions and they patiently answered all the questions. The RV itself was good. Being a first time renter, we had to learn a few things as we went on our week long trip, but most of the things were easy and straight forward. You can tell the RV receives heavy use during the summer, but it worked pretty well, except the bathroom door stuck sometimes. Returning the RV was even easier than getting it.

Kathie Carnahan

Everything was perfect from start to finish. The staff at the Denver/N Federal Hwy location was helpful and courteous. The actual RV was clean and better than we expected. The ride was smooth and our family created lots of new memories. The return of the RV went smoothly as well. Can't wait to rent from Cruise America again!

Leslie Fowler Murillo

We were 1st time RV renters & this was perfect for us! The RV had all of the basic necessities the you need for camping. If you are looking for luxury, TVs, leather seats, etc., then this is NOT for you but then you probably shouldn't be going camping at that point anyway. The appliances were easy to use and very convenient. I loved that they had wood-like laminate flooring, which made for easy clean-up. We took the RV out into the woods outside of Payson and the RV got us there and we had a lot of fun. We typically go tent camping at least twice a year and the RV made packing & clean up SO EASY. Only drawbacks in our experience were: the RV probably could have used a larger engine since it took a bit of work to get up hills (but then again, I'm not much of a Ford fan to begin with), the large bed in back was not super comfy but the other beds/seats were fine, I wished that there was a face to face training instead of just the orientation video because I would have felt more confident when we picked up the RV (but we did fine). The pick up & return process were very easy & we got our deposit back without a hassle within 2 days. It makes us want to buy our own RV so we don't have to worry about the deposit to begin with but it was a great time & something we'd do again.


Great service

Henry Bower

RV was great. Our 1st time RV'ing and it won't be our last! Pretty much had it down to a science after the 1st night. Easy to handle vehicle (I do have some limited experience with moving vans), no maintenance issues, and the size (large, 30') was just enough for 4 adults & 3 kids. By "just enough," I mean one more person would NOT have worked, but we didn't feel really cramped in. The only issue we had was that we had prepaid for propane "just in case," and it took awhile (few weeks) before that charge was refunded. They did eventually refund it, though, since we'd filled it up prior to returning.

Jason Craven

We had a group of 5 that took the 30ft option from Phoenix to Seattle. It ended up being the perfect summer road trip. It was intimidating at first for everyone to drive such a big vehicle but we all took turns and got the hang of it. Being able to hang out in the back on benches with lots of leg room was fun while driving and made the miles go by fast. The beds worked well, though the main room mattress was quite firm. The fridge and freezer could hold enough food for us and the cupboards were spacious. We ended up buying basic supplies from a Walmart instead of renting those too. CruiseAmerica helped when our shoreline cord didn’t work. They did troubleshooting over the phone and then when that didn’t work we were luckily relatively close to one of their offices. After about 20min they had us going again (plug head had come loose). My only cautionary note for renters is that you have to remember this is a rental. That means it has seen some miles. There are some rattles, some things are looser than they would be new, but mechanically it runs well. Overall I would highly recommend this option over buying an RV or doing the trip via rented cars and tenting/motels. It was so fun and now our group has over 2500 miles of great memories together.

Kathy Nardiello

Great selection of RVs with everything you need to enjoy your trip!

Jenny Arnpriester

Bees Knees

My flight from Florida to Denver was 2 hours late, their office was closed for an hour and they were kind and accommodating to stay late. What could have been a nightmare turned out to be the beginning of a vacation to remember.

Rachel Akeson

We had a great time in our small RV. Both check-out and check-in were smooth and the vehicle had all the features as described on the website.

Verona Matthews

Gregg Mokrzycki

Superb service, quick pick up, immaculate RV. This is our 9th year in a row. I just wish they would have a customer loyalty program.

Shay Lynn

DO NOT RENT FROM CRUISE AMERICA. We had an accident with our RV. Cruise America had us backtrack 3 hours to pick up an RV. Cruise America offered no assistance to meet us half way/help in the emergency. In fact we were stranded with the wrecked RV for 6 hours in a parking lot until they were able to locate a similar model. They guaranteed us the second RV would be clean and ready for pickup first thing in the morning. We arrived and that was not so~ tanks (yes that tank) full and smelly. RV was loaded with sand, cushions on seats/benches torn and ripped. Floor was dirty, windshield was dirty, nothing had been cleaned or even gone over. Cruise America does not take care of their fleet, as a full week after our accident, a Cruise America rep called me to find out about the RV. The company still had not retrieved the RV from the lot we were instucted to leave it in and their was a Cruise America lot 20 minutes away. We will never use or recommend Cruise America and regret using them.

jon james

The RV itself was fantastic...I'd never driven one before but it was fairly easy to get the hang of and even with 5 of us and 1 kid it was comfortable. Only issue we had was that when picking it up my debit card didn't go through. We tried 3 other cards and they all rejected (even though we definitely had the money) and they got a bit funny about it. In the end they made a phone call and then my card went through fine so looked like a problem at their end. Everything else was awesome though. I would recommend watching the video when you pick it up. We didn't (due to my 2 year old wanting to run off all over the place), but managed to figure everything out thanks to lots of super-friendly RV-ers we met on the way. Also, if you've got a kid, you'll need to sort out your own baby/child seat as you can't get them at the rental place.

cédric jüni

Das Personal in Denver war bei der Uebergabe sehr unfreundlich und Erklärungen zum Camper gab es nicht. Camper war innen nicht sehr sauber und wir mussten kontrollieren, was alles fehlte... Gabeln hatte es genau 1 Stk....

Susan Soutor

Boring class c rvs with high mileage

ellen haubrich

(Translated by Google) Bit rushed! (Original) Beetje gehaast !

Malek Moukadem

Larry DeSaules

I had a great experience renting their largest RV. Drove it from Westminster, Colorado to Florida and all points in between. Camper was near new with 5500 Miles on it. Everything worked and was near new. I did have to clean the thing inside and out because it was grody. Ind it was 2 qts low on oil. Other than that, no issues. Recommended

Capecchi Marco

(Translated by Google) Unfortunately I can't give zero stars. They would still be too many! (Original) Purtroppo non posso dare zero stelle. Sarebbero comunque troppe!

Cabaret Dude

We bought our motor home from Joe at Cruise America! A 2014 with 105,000 miles. We picked out the 28ft model that has a door that can shut to close off the bedroom from the front of the coach. We've been living in it since February 1st, 2019 and have been very happy with it so far. We also purchased the 5 year drive train and motor warranty they offer as well. We have already driven it from Denver to Organ Pipe Nat Park Arizona to Pensacola Beach Florida. Living the dream!

Angel Arcelay

Their customer service is either incompetent or very shady at their rental location. Reservation by phone was a different story since I noticed attention to detail. The unit has missing parts that we didnt notice until we need them. Obviously the unit was not inspected prior to us receiving it. Quality service is not their strong. Employees looks like they hate theirs jobs. It is sad because their units looks good.

Courtney Meier

Brandi works the desk to provide customer 'service' but instead of listening to me and trying to understand how their service fell short, she was defensive, rude, and ultimately ignored me completely while insinuating that it was not Cruise America's job to provide functioning safe units. My most serious complaint is very basic: The windshield wiper fluid reservoir was empty when I picked up the vehicle, but I did not discover this until I was in the middle of nowhere ascending a pass in a snowstorm. I discovered the problem when I attempted to clean the window so that I could safely drive the vehicle. However, I was clearly not in a position to buy more fluid and could not fix the problem. Brandi simply asked me why I hadn't bought fluid and she helpfully informed me that it was my job to keep the reservoir full. Indeed. Well, call me a fool, but when I pick up a rental car I expect simple things like the wiper fluid to be there. It actually IS the rental company's job to provide these things. The electronic controls for the mirrors were also broken. No big deal to manually adjust the mirrors, but not a great thing to discover after one has already left the lot and is driving the vehicle in traffic and one expects the controls to work. When I complained that discovering malfunctioning mirrors in traffic is not ideal for safety, Brandi helpfully suggested that these often break on their units, and that I should have just manually adjusted them. Great Brandi, thank you. Perhaps you should inform customers that they break *before* they get in to drive away, so that it is possible to adjust them *before* there are safety concerns with traffic. Multiple systems within the RV were also unreliable. The heat worked intermittently, and of course it worked when Brandi tested it upon return. However, it refused to turn on at all for us both mornings that the outside temperatures were in the 20s. The generator also refused to turn on both those mornings, but then worked later. Finally, the refrigerator stopped working both nights we were in the vehicle, causing us to be worried about our food safety. When I related these concerns to Brandi, she was as unhelpful and defensive as possible, intimating that it was my job to replace the windshield fluid and that she didn't believe me that the systems were unreliable since they worked for her. I will not be giving any more business to a company that so clearly cares so little about its customers. I should not have to discover that it is not possible to clean the windshield at the precise moment when basic safety demands it and I cannot even fix the situation if I want to. Avoid the so-called 'service' that Brandi appears to relish providing, and find another way to go camping with your friends or family.

B Peacock

Picked up RV in Oakland, CA and drove it through Yosemite, Death Valley and Las Vegas back to Phoenix, AZ (1200 miles). Had a great experience with no mechanical trouble at all. RV travel is an adventure. The unit is loud to drive in, the interior is cheaply furnished and stripped down, many of the RV parks are seedy and in bad neighborhoods, the mattresses are uncomfortable...BUT you need to compare it camping, NOT staying in a hotel. We got a one-way deal that made it affordable. Expect to get maybe 10 miles per gallon so gas is expensive. It is unfortunate when a rig breaks down because most often you are located in a remote area - that is why you rented the RV to have somewhere to stay in a remote area. Repairs will take longer and that could ruin your vacation plans - it's a gamble. We won that bet on this trip. Plan to travel during nice weather. It will be hot in the summer (even with the air conditioner) and the waste tanks will smell, unless you have a "no pooping" rule in effect, like we did. It will be cold in the winter and you may have to pay extra to keep the generator on for the heater. We chose Fall so we would not have to run either. Again, think "camping" not a hotel. It is rough, you will be dirty, it is loud, you will be tired but if you are up for an adventure, you and your kids will love it. We created wonderful family memories and would do it again. As far as the cleanliness - it looked clean at pickup and I left it spotless when I dropped off today. Inspect your rig closely when picking up and test everything!! Take your time and even drive around the parking lot before accepting. We are hoping to rent another and drive down the California coast this winter. Don't set your expectations too high and you won't be disappointed.

Cris Watson

Nice Rv's and great prices.

Demented 007

Great service, and friendly people. I highly recommend them for R/V rentals, and sales.

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