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REVIEWS OF Cruise America RV Rental IN Arizona

Amanda Richardson

For an RV rental it was good. The people there super nice. However you do have to work a little harder on when you can pick up and drop off RV, I had a 4 pm pick up...I needed to be on road before 12 so I had to call a couple times to get it moved to 930. Easy pick and drop off process. Some advice: don't take out on any dirt roads unless you want to clean the whole inside of RV, cabinets and all.

Dulce Lemaire

Never again. Pick up was horribly slow. The generator started smoking before we left the place. Rather than giving us a different RV they ziptied stuff away from the generator to keep it from smoking. When we got on the highway we realized the roof vents were broken. When we got to our campsite our water hose was broken. We called them for help and they went around the subject and left us helpless. All around a bad experience. Never renting from them again.

The McKenzie

They made it so easy! From helping me figure out how many miles I’d need to have arranged, to extra insurance with no deductible, 24 hour help if needed. Our return was so easy as well! We have definitely been keeping notes so we can book again! Thanks for some great memories!

Dominic Perrotti

It has good rates for the r.v. rentals

Tom Homan

Good service and flexible about early pick ups

Big Man Tiny Kingdom

Before I reserved a 25-footer, I read the long list of bad reviews and it almost had me change my mind to rent from Cruise America. But I told myself that this company cannot be in business for as long as they have and be so well known and then be that horrible of a company. I'M 100% GLAD I DIDN'T LISTEN TO THE HATERS because I would've missed out on a hell of a camping trip, and it all started off great with our rental with CRUISE AMERICA. It drove like a champ, the AC worked above expectation (I actually turned it down because of how cold it was), zero issues with every part of the rental and transaction. I think those complaining might be due to USER ERROR. In fairness, there was a guy that was in line before me and he left and came back while I was still there because it broke down on him right after he left so they swapped him out. That did have me a little concerned, but it could happen to anyone (I'm fortunate it didn't happen to me). But overall, Cruise America created a happy customer that will return and rent again until I get my own rig. Thanks Cruise America for making our first RV camping trip a special time!

Rachael McKenzie

RVs were older but we had no problem with the condition of the one we rented. Staff was very friendly and helpful and helped us very quickly! Check-in and check-out both took less than 30 minutes which was awesome. Renting during the winter definitely meant less waiting time, would highly recommend!

Tania Fuchs

Awful experience. Not only the RV got all soaked wet, windows, beds, linen, all wet, but their customer service team told us that we need to fix the RV by going up the roof and using a tarp, then go ahead and take all linen, blankets, pillows to wash and dry and then wait the whole weekend until someone will be willing to talk to us! The fact that we are a family with four kids and we can't sleep with the leaking roofs and walls didn't help. Don't you dare rent rvs from them

Domenic Angelini

Rented a standard RV from CruiseAmerica in Lakeville for 5 weeks driving to Florida starting February 7 2019. We had a great experience, no issues. The staff was a pleasure to do business with. Hopefully will be doing again. I would recommend them for your RV rental !

Robin Caputo

Brigitte Tournant

(Translated by Google) Very disappointed with the comfort of our camper, the bed of the room is a board! The climate is bad, noisy and insufficient. For the price we pay we expect a little more comfort .... next time for the same price it will be car and motel. And in poorer condition when taken. Already at the reception explanations were sloppy, fortunately we were not novice! (Original) Très déçu du confort de notre camping car, le lit de la chambre cest une planche ! La climat marche mal, bruyante et insuffisante. Pour le prix quon payé on s'attend à un peu plus de prochaine fois pour le même prix ce sera voiture et motel.! Et mal nettoyé quand on la pris. Déjà a l'accueil les explications ont été bâclées, heureusement quon était pas novice !

David Erades

Spaceman Leo

Nice service

Salvador Huino

Good RV, hard rules, did not get refund after force mayor change in plans...


(Translated by Google) Rental car company with engine. Nowadays, the low season rental rate is 200 ~ 300 dollars. When it comes to low season, it's about $ 100. (Original) 엔진달린 캠핑카 렌탈 업체. 요즘은 비수기라 일 렌트비가 200~300불한다. 비수기때 오면 100불 정도 하니 그때 다시 오자

Christine Hubel

Our experience was not the best with renting an RV from Cruise America. First of all, the dump hose was broken. When we got to Williams AZ we decided to dump and the hose was broken and our kind next door neighbor loan us his. We immediately called Cruise America and they told us to go buy one. We also, advised them our sinks were backed up. we are now in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Christmas Eve and nothing was open or the next day, Christmas Day. Our sinks are still back up, no hose to dump. On Dec. 26th we went into Albuquerque, NM and it was snowing very heavy. The Cruise America rental store was very small and the nice gentleman working there gave us a new hose and throw the other one away. Now that is not the only thing, while driving in the snow and rain the over head compartment was linking water making it very difficult to driving the RV. This did not start until after we left Albuquerque, NM. When we advise Cruise America they did not seem to care. When we went in to turn the RV in I explained all the inconveniences, all the girl at the counter kept saying was I’m sorry and gave me credit of $20. Cruise America charged me $50, for a little bit of dog hair in the front seat of the passenger’s side. I had completely cleaned the RV and was cleaner then when I had picked it up. I rate them a 3 and will never rent from them again. There are other places here in Las Vegas, NV to rent RV’s.

Dallas Griffin

Very pushy staff very not well knowledged salespeople just really pushing igner staff

Melissa Bucholc

Cheryle M. Touchton

We had a specific pick up time and yet it took 3 hours to pick up the camper. No one would give us updates and were rude when we asked for time updates. Other customers were equally fristrated. One of the air conditioners didn't have enough freon and did not cool properly. It made the trip miserable. The other camper had electrical problems so inside lights only worked sporadically. We tried to call repeatedly to ask about turning in camper early. There were 3 choices in the phone option tree. One kept saying operator was busy snd kicking us out of que. Two got us to humans who rudely said it wasn't their job to help and clicked us over to the 3rd option that kicked us out of que. We finally found a way to leave a voice mail which was never returned. We understand campers break but there is no excuse for such poor customer service. We suspect that same poor customer service is extensed to servicing the campers, which is why they had mechanica issues. We turned in our issues but suspect these campers will just be passed on to the next unsuspecting victim. The Mesa Cruise America needs a customer service overhall.

David Bissell

Great rental look forward to the next time I go to a country concert.

Eleanor B

The woman who came out to talk to us while we were checking out the rv was extremely helpful. She seemed well informed on the vehicles and more than willing to help. We have been exploring options for camping as an alternative to tents 100% of the time. Seems like this might be a decent option.

Ralph Repitz

Ellen Strohm

Friendly, helpful staff

John Beatie

Nice friendly staff

George Keen

Marcelo Arico

(Translated by Google) Super attentive (Original) Super atenciosos

Scott Belter

Great help when renting a RV ZERO help if you experience a problem while on your trip. Very disappointing. From ceiling and sink.

Allan pitman

Marc Van Riesen

(Translated by Google) Well organized, everything I expected (Original) Goed geregeld, alles wat ik verwachtte

Douglas Check

Bait and switch. Beware. It was supposed to be $500 but when I looked at my credit card statement I was charged $900. I called down there to speak with someone and they said I need to do everything by email because they don't have a department where someone can speak with me. BS!!!

Erik Biemans

This was our first time renting an RV and it was a wonderful experience. The RV was very new and clean. The pick up station in Mesa is relaxed, not too crowdy and Giovanie is great!

Agnieszka Bak

Starting price pretty low compared to other companies but the additional charges adds up a lot. Also the RV is very old. When you drive everything is shaking creating loud noise. Takes fuel like water.. we spend on average $100 per day.

Eldon Seaman

We were so pleased with the help after having a minor problem Karin in MESA was Super. We will rent again

James McKinney

Very helpful, kept to a schedule and answered all our dumb questions!

A Google User

Wonderful people to work with and a great RV to drive

Kevin Klinge

Howard Holcomb

Only issue I had was a delay in getting away initially. Had a long drive ahead and reserved for 1:00 to pick up. Waited about an hour or hour and a half to actually get ithe RV. After that, everything was fine.

Marijo Pangilinan

Kid Play TV

The worst experience ever! This company is a complete scam! We had concerns with the RV from the beginning with the tire pressure. After the rep kicked the tires with his shoe, he said it was ok! I would give Cruise America a ZERO if it were an option... We planned a family road trip with four adults and three children ages 11, 3 and 1. We were coming from California and going to the Grand Canyon, stopping in Vegas on the way.... We were unfortunately involved in a multi-car ACCIDENT. We called the assistance number given to us on the contract. It took over 4 hours to get a tow truck to pull us off the freeway! Mind you, we were all in the RV waiting on the side of a busy freeway! They took the RV with all of our belongings, a fridge full of food and we had to find lodging on our expense. The next morning they would not provide the transportation they promised and said they were terminating the contract due to NEGLIGENCE! How do they determine that without all of the information? So in the end, they kept the money, took the RV, refused a replacement, and left our family stranded in another state with a ton of stuff that we had with us in the RV. I hope this never happens to anyone else and I would never wish this type of treatment on anyone. Please DO NOT RENT from CRUISE AMERICA RV!!! THEY ARE COLD- HEARTED SCAM ARTISTS.


Website is horrible, keeps showing booking not accepted. what a pain.

A.J Ley

Not a bad place but there are better.

Patricia McKinney

I purchased a 2008 RV from Cruise America in Mesa, AZ. My initial contact was very positive and when I decided to purchased the sales person was great! I drove the RV from the dealer to a place of storage near my residence. Approximately 20-30 miles. When I stopped at a gas station along the way I noticed that a puddle of gas was pouring from the frame where the fill is located. I called the dealer and was told that I was to contact the warranty person. I was directed to go to my local Ford dealer and had an appointment today, October 23, 2014. I did find out that the gas leak problem was going to be covered but also discovered that the coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid was worn and needed to be replaced. At a cost of over $300.00! I called my rep at Cruise America who seem to go to bat for me but the "managers" decided that this was regular maintence and would not cover since upon their inspection, all the LEVELS of fluids were fine.. The levels are not the point! It's the wear of the fluids! I will not recommend someone to buying a Cruise America vehicle since apparently the RVs are not ready-for-sale when someone purchases one! I am very disappointed and to add, I do not blame the sales person who sold me the RV, I blame the overall maintenence department and managers who think sub-standard care is okay for people who take their product on good faith.

Jonathan Riezman

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! This place has the worst, most unfriendly service I have ever experienced. Workers yell at you when trying to find unlabelled parking. Awful location of an awful company. I will never ever spend a dime here.

bruce rosengren

First the Cruise America pros; the blackout curtains with Velcro work well. Neutral reviews for Cruise America; Everyone we had contact with was very pleasant but it rarely resulted in positive solutions. Cruise America (CA) cons; MAINTENANCE! Four of us were sent out in a 2016 rattletrap 30 foot unit from the Las Vegas rental in October 2018 with a bald front driver side tire which was down to the cord showing. On day 2 we found the engine 1.5 quarts low on oil. (The RV never required more oil for the remainder of the 2 weeks we drove 1600 miles.) The first night we discovered the gas heater did not work which forced our first contact with CA road service. CA sent a sub contractor to our campsite in Sedona to fix the heater, which he was able to get to work. He also found the bald tire, a loose cabinet holding the microwave and stove hood, bath sink faucet un-attached (not repairable) and a burnt wire on a ceiling light along with other more minor problems. He stated he would let CA know about the bald tire and arrange for replacement. We called CA the following morning to find out when the tire repair would be done as we wanted to move on and they had no idea what I was talking about. But they did order a repair, which cost us 3 daylight hours of our vacation waiting. The tire was replaced by noon and the 5 other tires were inspected and found to all be low on air. Over the next few nights we continually had issues with the heater, which required several more calls to CA. We were told to buy an electric heater and would be reimbursed. Problem was they gave us directions to a couple of Walmart’s that were nowhere near our location (100 plus miles) or not along our planned route. As we were in the southern Utah mountains there were no other places to buy a heater. We did find ourselves in a RV park close to a CA sub-contractor who determined the coils in the gas valve needed to be replaced, the heater would work when it was warm but not when the temps were cold, of course. He did not have the parts and we were back on the road but went some distance out of our way to buy a heater costing us miles, which we had to pay for. Conclusion; BALD TIRES ON A RV ARE UNSAFE AND UNACCEPTABLE!! CA should be ashamed of themselves not maintaining their rental units to a safe level. It appears CA would rather have units rented and on the road then lose money with them idle and down for repair. This way they can have the renter idle waiting for repairs on the road costing them valuable vacation time. At the RV turn in we were meagerly compensated for our issues, troubles and time consumed. We informed them the "engine light" came on and was told it happens and to be concerned only if the "wrench light" came on. CA’s business model does not offer slide-outs, awnings or other common things found on a RV. While I have no experience with ElMonte RV or Road Bear RV my recommendation would be to go with another RV rental company that offers more for your money and is popular as we saw many of their units on the road.

carol payne

Very friendly staff

Alexis Raposa

Jon DuPonte

loved the camping and cruising America rented in the fall and traveled over 2800 miles had a blast no major problems, lost one star because of stuff the minor stuff the staff should have pre-tripped. would reserve from them again and travel via camper in the future

Amie Windmueller

Maxim Lazar


Kelvin G

Everything was. Wait time over there was awful came in at 2 left almost 5. Even though our appointment was 2pm

dylan huber-heidorn

Cruise America stole several hundred dollars in the form of fees that resulted from a mix-up that they caused, forced us to drive hundreds of miles out of our way through downtown San Francisco for 6 hours to pick up our RV, then threatened us with $350 in additional fees if we didn't make the detour through SF again to drop it off. Their customer service is the worst I've dealt with in my life, bar none, and I wouldn't wish this sort of vacation experience on my worst enemy. Anyone looking to rent an RV should only consider Cruise America as a last resort. It started when we got to our contracted pickup location in Santa Rosa, CA. We were informed by the franchise owner that our RV was broken down and that Cruise America should have told us that morning. We'd already driven around San Francisco, but Cruise America HQ told us we needed to drive back to San Mateo, through downtown, to get the next nearest available vehicle. 3 hours in traffic later, we arrived in San Mateo and were informed that the RV was a larger size, and that we'd have to pay for the upgrade. It took us almost 4 more hours to get through SF at rush hour to make it back to Santa Rosa and our original route north. The whole reason that my family booked an RV was to give my elderly grandmother a chance to see her grandson, my brother, who she hasn't seen in years, graduate from college. Instead of finishing our road trip at his house in time to have a home-cooked meal and spend time with him, we pulled our Cruise America RV into a campground in the middle of the night. We were cold and tired, the stressed-out dog had thrown up on the backseat of the family car, and we didn't get to see my brother until he walked across the stage the next day. For our return trip a few days later, we hoped that Cruise America would let us return the RV at the location that we orginally agreed to in Santa Rosa, rather than the location forced on us by their technical and communication screw-ups. No luck. After almost a dozen calls to various Cruise America departments, it was obvious that everyone at the company with any decision-making power is completely firewalled from communication with customers. We were told that returning the RV to the new, out-of-the-way location was our problem. If we wanted to return the RV to Santa Rosa, the original pickup location that was actually on our travel route, we'd have to pay $350. That $350 fee would have been in addition to over $250 in fees and extra costs that we had already paid as a result of Cruise America's forced detour. Those costs came from mileage fees, gas for the RV and the car we took to pick it up, and the forced upgrade to a larger RV. Also consider the value the 10 total hours we spent in traffic when we were supposed to be visiting one of my family's most far-flung members. So we slogged through San Francisco again so that Cruise America didn't have to pay for a driver to move their RV. Considering how pricey the rental was for the totally mediocre RV we got, you think they'd make even a little effort to help out the family they were inconveniencing, but instead Cruise America turned it into a total "screw you" situation. Cruise America clearly cares nothing for it's customers, doesn't honor its agreements, provides barely acceptable RV's and horrible customer service, and is willing to use fees and detours to all-but-literally steal from families in order to make a buck. Shop elsewhere.

J-C Tremblay

Professional, thorough, and friendly staff!A+

Olivier Hausswirth

Bon rapport qualité prix pour la location de camping cars

Amanda Butzer


Bill Sunderland

The staff who helped me with the rv was very friendly but made it clear he did not want to be there. I called 24 hrs ahead and when I booked the rv they told me I could make an appointment for four because they close at five. When I called he told me I had to be there by 3 because they close at 4...i told him that's impossible because my plane does not land until 2:30.he told me I had to go straight there from the airport... Well duh. The taxi driver took his time and I arrived late but Thankfully the staff was still there at 4 pm and they gave me the rv very quickly and felt rushed. Even though they had enough workers to help me the one staff just stood there and didn't greet me at all. Poor customer service overall. Also very important to check the septic hose. Ours was only 5 ft long and rusted and I got a nasty laceration and had to get a tetanus shot. Cruise America just has poor customer service at the centers but the lady on the 24hr help line was very polite and understanding.

Benedikt Fuest

We rented a c25 here for eight weeks - got a camper with only 3000 miles! Very nice and helpful team, no hassle at all when giving it back. Thanks for a great trip!


Miss Eclipse

This is seriously a really bad company and I wouldn't use them if my life depended on it. Use somewhere else or nothing at all. They're not worth the risk. And management, particular Jolene is unhelpful, cold, and heartless.

Lizandro Rodriguez

RV floor is DISGUSTING! the floor has my feet black and i have to wear shoes everywhere...sandy everywhere, BRING BED SHEETS! RV is cool otherwise CLEAN IT PLEASE!!!!!!!

Mike Bowler

Chase and the rest were awesome at processing our paperwork quickly and getting us on our way. He was proactive in making sure we received what was promised in our agreement. This has been our best experience working with an RV company!

ammoudianos .

Do NOT rent from this company. We planned our trip months in advance, we were looking forward to a wonderful time cruising America. We picked up the RV in Las Vegas and we were more than ready to roll. During the first night we noticed that one of the purchased personal kits (U$ 55 each) had a ripped sleeping bag. Overall the RV wasn't in a clean condition at all, dirty floors and black mold in the corners isn't something that catches your eye at first glance. It became obvious after a first clean up and closer look at the details inside the vehicle, I guess when you are excited to hit the road you don't pay attention to those things as we maybe should have. On the second day of our 25 day trip we had to bring in the RV for a full day of service. The RV was pulling strongly to the left, trembling and shaking like crazy going just 40 Mph on the Interstate. The (independent) technician who checked out the vehicle gave us the report that the vehicle was unsafe to drive and the tires needed to be exchanged and the vehicle aligned. The bathroom sink was clogged up with whatever was left from previous renters. The water wouldn't go down the drain. Also the sewage hose wasn't cleaned out at the pick up location and when emptying the black tank for the first time, a nasty surprise was waiting for us! So far all this didn't spoil our holiday mood. The misery became worse when the toilet started to leak and the sewage water entered the kitchen area inside the RV. Again we were told by Cruise America's customer service that we could bring in the RV for another day of service. Solving the issue ourselves by cleaning the floor on a daily basis instead of losing another day of our holiday we continued our trip. With the first day of driving through the rain we noticed that the roof of the RV started leaking and that water was entering our sitting area, soaking the sofa completely wet like a sponge. Cruise America's customer service ( a girl called Jessica ) authorized us to go to Walmart and by a tarp that we should pull over the roof of the RV.... After speaking with Cruise America on the phone almost every single day of our trip we were offered to exchange the vehicle in Newark, California nearly 300 miles away from our location at the time. The leaking roof got worse as the rain continued the following days, now both sides of the RV dining area got soaking wet resulting in destroying a laptop that laid down on the still "dry side" of the vehicle. Being upset and disappointed we called Cruise America's customer service again and we asked for an exchange of the vehicle at our location. Their reply was that the vehicle was still drivable and that we should take it ourselves from the Yosemite Forest to San Francisco to get another similar RV. Conclusion: after reading so many negative reviews about Cruise America we should have learned a lesson, their customer service is not what you expect from a company that claims to be the biggest and the best RV renter in the USA. Actually their customer service does not go further than a clerk picking up the phone and letting you know that everything you say is documented. When you have a problem, it is your problem. Do not expect Cruise America to help you out or service you while being on the road. Once you paid your fees you are all on your own. Bon Voyage Cruise America, but never ever again!!!!

Malia Petersen

Our RV we had rented appeared never to be cleaned. If you walked barefoot on the floor your feet were gross & sandy. The bathroom had a stench like someone vomitted on the floor & it wasnt sanitized. The couch had a stain, when we made the table into a bed their was puke or siracha sauce on it. The driver seat & passenger seat were gross. We also found a 2 liter of pop & toenail clippers. The fridge didnt work until after one day. I wouldn't do it again from this company.


Very basic..horrendously noisy ineffective air con..hook ups broken..had to buy new hose.privacy curtains dont meet in the middle.Plastic coated double hot.No cooker only two rings..No microwave dishes..Fridge was great..large with Freezer.We had 5 persons for the two of us..just enough room for the two of us to move..Front cab burning hot on passenger side..burnt toes on several occasions..cannot touch sides so hot... and cannot stretch legs forward only at an angle, so sat nav.

Ernest V

Good price

Trey Woods

Horrible service, waited for over two hours to get our RV that we rented. Then when we finally got it. Turns out the AC unit doesn’t work. Had to wait another hour and a half for them to “repair” it. Very poorly run. Look else where for service as this place is poorly lacking in quality

kristi harris

Rv wasnt very clean and the ac didnt work well. At all. Reasonably priced and drove nice.

Amiko CPR247Org

John Pettifor

Cruise America these are just our list of issues. Told 2.30pm didn't leave till 5.30pm Dirty to start, bathroom smelt like a public toilet urinal. Bathroom sink blocked with hair and gunge. Heavily stained diner seating, looks like someone has wet the bed or something. Used tissues down side of bed. Air con and furnace unusable as so noisy. Furnace was so noisy sounds like the impeller has broken. No plug for the kitchen sink, minimal kitchen appliances. Seats you hire are damp smelly and dirty. Had to sift about for some that were ok. The black and grey tank were full. So we had to empty other people's toilet and dirty water. One of the most important kitchen items the tin opener was knackered.

Vincent Goodwin

Great customer service.

Erik DeVivo

Unfriendly service. Unable to accomodate my needs.

Eric Mendez

Make sure Fuel tank is topped off before you leave or take a pic . They will fill to a certain point that looks full on the gauge but can be filled more if you leave fuel pump to stop on its own. About 5 gallons more @ 2.89 a gallon.

Ron Alexander

Rented for 11 days, went to 7 National Parks including Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Arches, Canyonlands and Rocky Mountain. Drove 2,000 miles and took 1,000 pictures. Great trip and our Cruise America RV made it all possible. The pickup, drop off and transactions were all seamless. Highly recommended.

Sweeney Hacienda

John Correia

Great staff, great RV, good price.

Uncle Duff 41


manfred egger

(Translated by Google) Staff was ok but not anymore. Motorhome was worn out. Battery Corresponded, water leaking, drain valve leaking, a tire always lost a bit of air, engine power true considerably lower. Just 200000km on the clock. Will not book at Cruise America anymore. (Original) Personal war Ok aber auch nicht mehr. Wohnmobil war zimmlich abgenutzt.Batterie Koridiert,Wasseranschluss undicht,Abwasserschieber undicht,ein Reifen verlor immer ein bischen Luft,Motorleistung wahr erheblich geringer.Schon 200000km auf dem Tacho. Werde nicht mehr bei Cruise America buchen.

Issac Snee

Great business. Better to rent than buy.

Jalen Rose

James beier

The Large RV had a few issues and we had a tire blow out on the freeway, but the contract repairman arrived within half an hour and the customer service was top notch.

Scott Smith

They were busy when we arrived to pick up our rental. We had to wait about 20 minutes. This gave us time to look at the RVs for sale. The person helping us rent the RV was helpful and explained everything (first time RVing). Returning the RV was very easy. Highly recommend renting an RV and will do it again in the future.

David VL

No issues, everything worked as advertised

Arunas Aukscionis

Realiable company for hiring campervan

Stéphane Minozzi

(Translated by Google) A very good way to visit the parks of the great American West (Original) Un très bon moyen pour visiter les parcs du grand ouest américain

Mike Phillips

Bryan Partida

Called to rent an rv, but they stated they wont take my nevada driver authorization card because "it is limited from point a to point b." That is a lie and according to their own website, any licensed or AUTHORIZED driver can rent an rv. I told them to look it up and said they were too busy. Very unprofessional and lazy staff. Will never book from them again.

Jerry Black

From picking up the RV, to travel and returning it we had a wonderful experience. This is out seventh rental through Cruise America and every trip has been great. Customer service is on point every time.

Fabrizio Arrigucci

Ganz ok bei der Abgabe. Sauberkeit der Fahrzeuge könnte verbessert werden.

kamauri edwards

Dasharathlal Patel

SonnyinPhx .

We rented the Large Class C and had no problems at all. The rental process was easy, the vehicle was well maintained and everything worked well. The bed was comfortable (not home, but not bad at all), and we had a great time. When we got back, the turn-in process was just as easy. All in all it was a good time. We will definitely rent again the next time we want to get out of town and go enjoy nature!

Dave Gouger

My friends and I rented a large RV for a trip to TN in June 2011. The woman that works here - presumably the owner (late 40s or early 50s in age) - was awful to deal with. She was rude when we picked up the RV and she was even worse when we returned it. She also tried to charge us extraneous fees, saying that we didn't empty the RV waste tanks or clean the RV - even though we did. We returned the RV in better shape then when we received it! Needless to say, I filed a complaint to Cruise America's corporate office and was surprisingly refunded the $100 that this woman had overcharged me. In addition, they provided me a pretty nice gift certificate for a future rental through Cruise America due to the numerous inconveniences this woman had caused us. I'd recommend Cruise America for RV rentals, however, stay away from their Chester, PA location (sometimes also listed as their "South Philly" or "Marcus Hook" location). This specific garage also goes by the name of "500 Collision Center & Body Work" and they also rent out Budget rental trucks. In a nutshell - this place was a nightmare to deal with,...awful customer service and if you run a Google search for Cruise America's Chester PA location, you'll see similar experiences from others. I would never rent anything from this location as long as it's under this same management/ownership.

Tanya **

I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience. The equipment was there waiting for us. It was clean, quick, & the staff was outstanding. Checking out & in was a breeze. I am definitely renting from Cruise America again.

Greg Slade

I have rented from Cruise America many times. There is little that is fabulous about their units, but they have everything you need and I have safely completed every trip without any breakdowns or inconveniences. Their off-season and relocation rates can be an incredible value. I was satisfied with the service this dealer provided (he also rents non-cruise America RVs). The RV was adequately cleaned and would definitely rent from this location, and Cruise America, again.

Patrick Monaghan

The best

Sean Whitaker

RV was fine and tidy. We camped in Arizona, Utah and Nevada and the problem we had was that during summer the on board air con is not powerful enough to cool the cabin at night. We had to run the generator when not hooked up to shore power and we were so hot we decided to return it early. This was all magnified by the fact the the mattress is wrapped in plastic (I guess for easy cleaning). So you are overheating trying to sleep on cotton sheets on top of a plastic mattress- will not rent in summer again. Also, the charges to “rent” bedding and kitchen equipment are just an extortion. We could have bought the kitchen supplies for $40 at Walmart and the bedding for $45.

Clinton Selby

Dylan Thomas

2 of 3 years we have rented an RV and the generator, which was “supposed to” last for the weekend lasted maybe an hour. We are currently sitting in 100 degree heat with no AC, frozen food that we cannot microwave, no power to charge phones. I don’t quite understand how this can happen twice. Seems like an issue that should be handled and responded to quickly and efficiently by a company that rents RVs every single day....?

Bente Thomsen

(Translated by Google) We had big problems m the best that we had rented from San Francisco. When we had to deliver rv'en in Las Vegas, they were sympathetic to the problems we had (worn and greasy nude, light bulbs that did not work, bad and difficult communication with Cruise America San Francisco) and gave us a nice price reduction. (Original) Vi havde haft store problemer m den rv, som vi havde lejet fra San Francisco. Da vi skulle aflevere rv'en i las Vegas, var de lydhøre overfor de problemer, vi havde haft (nedslidt og fedtet rv, lyspærer der ikke virkede, dårlig og vanskelig kommunikation med Cruise America San Francisco) og gav os en pæn prisreduktion.

Mike Zervos

This rental was a big disappointment. I was told at customer service to the only way to file a grievance is through email. After waiting the 30 day period I no recognize this is their way of ignoring me. Below is a copy of the complaint I sent to Cruise America on September 12, 2018. I rented a 30’ motor coach, Unit 305046 Rental Agreement XXXXXXX, from your location in Colorado Springs on 9/5/18. Below is the time line of events. 9/5/18 Pick the coach, representative lights refrigerator. 9/6/18, Morning, Refrigerator not cold. Re-lit refrigerator. 9/6/18, Noon, refrigerator cold, checked systems status and noticed battery level at 10 volts. Refrigerator keeps going out. Having a hard time getting it to relight. Water heater will not light. 9/7/18, Morning, Refrigerator not working, water heater will not light, generator will not start battery level no longer indicating. Contacted representative sight who told me to run the engine for 20-30 minutes. No success. Called Cruise America on cell phone with dying battery because the generator will not run to recharge it. Left a call back number. Callback never came. At this point I have an expensive hard-sided tent. No Generator, water, hot water, heat, refrigerator or lights. 9/7/18, Afternoon, After not receiving a call back I called Cruise America again. Representative, Salina?, asked me to break camp and drive to Salida to have battery tested at NAPA. Drove to NAPA who determined charging system is bad. Contacted Salina who asked me to drive to San Francisco, CA for repair. That is a two day drive. Informed her I was near Salida CO. Due to the late hour she asked if could drive to Denver, CO on Saturday for repair. Really? No, I am not spending my last day driving to Denver. I might as well drive back to my starting point in Colorado Springs. 9/8/18, Last day of camping. No amenities as described above. 9/9/18, Drove back to Colorado Springs. 9/10/18, Returned unit to rental location. Received a 60 mile credit for additional miles to drive to and from Salida for diagnostics. Received one day compensation for inoperative systems. I feel I should have received two days compensation for not having operational systems for both Friday and Saturday. I am requesting a refund of an additional $110.00 plus taxes at 10.25% for the second day of non-operational systems. They did not respect me as a customer to respond. I cannot recommend renting an RV for vacation from Cruise America.

Scott Wooten

Super friendly staff great deals

Wolfgang schröter

(Translated by Google) Las Vegas is always overcrowded and can never hold the booked times for royalty !! Because too few staff (Original) Las Vegas ist immer überfüllt und kann nie die gebuchten Zeiten für Abgabe halten!! Weil zu wenig Personal

Brian Kelly

Kick azz crew!

Brad Fowler

Had a fantastic time and the price was very reasonable. Check-in and check-out was very easy. The RV was simple to drive and everything worked great. The hourly charge for the generator was a lame up-charge upon return-should be included.


Florencio Adame

I rented an RV from these guys AC did not work the way I expected it I had to cut my vacation short the worst experience I ever had plus day charge for everything instead of explaining what you can use for the RV it's always been about money either way I will never ever rent an RV from these guys again

Mark Pearce

We rented a RV from here for 18 days. We'd watched the videos sent via email beforehand, so we expected to have a relatively easy collection. Pick up was arranged for 2pm, but it's not like the video. There was a crush of people in the lobby, with staff appearing very stressed and dashing around chasing after customers they'd lost sight of or trying to arrange group van familiarisations. In the end we got our RV and left about 4pm. I'm sure others took much longer. Drop off was almost as chaotic. Although Cruise America say pick ups are between 1 and 4pm it's not true. We had to wait while about six groups were booked out before we could return ours at about 9:40am. The holiday itself was very enjoyable, but goodness, you have to put up with a lot of messing about before and after. Not very professional.

Clint Dorwart

Art Enke

Had a very enjoyable trip this summer in a large Cruise America 30' RV. Visited a favorite childhood destination - Grand Canyon North Rim campground. All went well, check in/check out was easy with friendly staff. Called customer support for a general question, very friendly and helpful response. 5-stars all around!

Amy Finch

First time in an RV and we had the most wonderful experience with Cruise America. The local team in Mesa was really friendly and helpful in answering our questions. The compact RV we rented was in great shape. We would definitely rent with them again.

larry tannahill

Front desk was helpful to help find another RV for us. Policies for our rental were not acceptable. Would not rent from This Cruise aAmerica again.

Deviprasad Makonahally

say b

This is the way of life. This isn't a low budget way to get around. This is how you camp and road trip in luxury. This is a fair business with no hidden costs. The team does a great job at disclosing all costs. As long as your rv is returned the way it was when it left as you don't go over on miles. You get your deposit back. Did I mention they are pet friendly? The rvs are clean, maintained, and easy to drive. They also have an emergency phone line to call in case of emergencies. So it's safe as well.

Jocelyn Keranen

This company is fine if you don't have any hiccups in your plans. I had to cancel my reservation due to a family issue. Cancelled 5 days in advance. Company policy says 7 days or no refund. Understandable, but the person on the phone was very rude and offered no sympathy. At the very least they could have offered credit or free miles on my next trip. Wish I could recommend because the people in Elkhart are very nice, but HQ was terrible to work with.

John Forbey

Great knowledgable staff. We'll rent a rv soon. Tour Arizona.

Tpc Tpc

Keith Homan

Excellent company and great customer service. We started our trip in confidence that everything would be in full working order. Sadly, after leaving our place to go camping the generator started to fail. We contacted customer support and they walked me through a few items to check and it was still failing with error "maintenance required". Upon return they quickly acknowledged the issues we had and dropped our rental price without my ask to help accommodate us. Since we used their largest unit for camping, it gave more excuse to stay off tablets and phones and enjoy the outdoors. Cruise America team truly takes care of their customers and it showed. Very courteous, helpful and kind. The drive was easy, sleeping conditions were great and the bathroom/shower, battery, and grey/black drainage were all easy to use with no issues. Highly recommended and will rent from them again. Thank you soooo much for being a part of our memories.

Alan C. Wilson

Seems a little expensive. Web site was hard to navigate on a phone

Catherine and Karsten Seipp

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Aritz Hurtado

Thomas Symons

Great experience renting a 25 foot RV for a week. Friendly people.

Carter Family

Receiving and shipping very friendly staff . I love the drive around and pick up for parts makes it easy to get your parts no parking involved. Or walking a long way to door.


Verònica Casadó

(Translated by Google) Well enough, we did not have any problems with them. The car had a problem with the water and valves made us a discount when we told them. (Original) Prou bé, no vam tenir cap problema amb ells. L'autocaravana tenia un problema amb les vàlvules de l'aigua i ens van fer un descompte quan els hi vam explicar.

Loris Bressan

(Translated by Google) Good service. Vehicle, however, in miserable condition and dirty. But it has everything funtioniert nevertheless. (Original) Guter Service. Fahrzeug jedoch in miserablem Zustand und schmutzig. Es hat aber trotzdem alles funtioniert.

Kim Grogitsky

My husband and I are first time renters we have had so much fun it's so easy to set up easy to drive having the rv has made our trip very memorable

Terry M

Funny Man

This company does not care about you as a customer. Their touted "24 hour travel assistance" is a joke and if you actually need anything, you best be ready to pay for it and just hash it out with the manager when you return.

Reginald Lovett

Andrea Pilia

(Translated by Google) I rented the smallest camper that they had, a 6-meter with 3 beds, a good compromise to travel to the United States. I rented it from December to January for 35 days at a great price, this is the most convenient season. Skilled and professional staff, we covered a total of 7000km without a problem. The camper consumes a lot but we are in America and we know they can not do things without wasting! (Original) Ho noleggiato il camper più piccolo che avevano, un 6 metri con 3 posti letto, ottimo compromesso per girare per gli stati uniti. L'ho noleggiato da dicembre a Gennaio per 35 giorni ad un ottimo prezzo, questa è la stagione più conveniente. Personale competente e professionale, abbiamo percorso in totale 7000km senza mai un problema. Il camper consuma tanto ma siamo in america e lo sappiamo non riescono a fare cose senza sprecare!

Christan van der Scheer

(Translated by Google) Reasonable service, the RV was a bit old. Loose boards and slats etc. Handling was really bad, but you do not drive fast. Well clean. Wifi at the pick up / drop off. (Original) Redelijke service, de RV was wat oud. Losse plankjes en latjes etc. Wegligging was echt slecht, maar hard rijden doe je toch niet. Wel schoon. Wifi bij de ophaal/wegbrengactie.

javier T

Tina DiGregorio

My experience was fantastic. Easy pickup, fast return. Exceptional customer service. Was definitely worth renting a Cruise America RV to head to the north rim Grand Canyon

Shannon Cady

Terrible terrible terrible!! If i could give 0 stars i would!! I had an entire vacation planned, 30.minutes before i was suppose to pick up the rv they called an cancelled due to supposed "federal regulation" identification check was declined, in which cancelled my reservation an "refunded" my $300, i called an we ran another individual an charged an additional $300, in which declined an "refunded" the $300, on the third an final person we tried same thing $300 charged then "refunded" after id check declines. So thats a total of $900 tied up, 5 days later, one of the $300 has gone thru my.acct an they have the money and 2 are still pending... after calling their extremely rude customer service (every time ive called even during the reservation stages the customer service was awful!) They said i just had to wait it out their system shows refunded but they have $600 pending an have the other $300... now back to the day i was suppose to get an RV, After the last time of the id check decline i contacted another rv rental place they spoke with their insurance there is no such "federal regulation" an they submitted my drivers license an everything went smoothly i ended up with a 100 times nicer rv for the same price (bigger, had tvs, free daily generator time unlike their ridiculous $3.50 an hour rate, an no mileage cost).. still currently battling them.over refunding my $900!!!!! Id recommend looking elsewhere before going with these crooks!


Rented a 30’ RV last weekend for the Nascar race. A disaster on wheels pretty much described our coach. And we were one of the lucky renters. The microwave was completely rusted, with huge areas where the paint had peeled off, then rusted again. Exposed rusted areas the size of a silver dollar, unsafe to even attempt to use. There were stains of some sort, all over the sofa. Something or someone had done something to paneling and fridge door, that took off huge sections of the covering, as if duct tape was ripped off there. The shower was nasty dirty. The fridge kept our items cool but not cold, and in two days had so much spoilage we had to throw almost everything away. Driving on the freeway, hitting 55 miles an hour, the pull to the right was so strong it was a struggle to keep it in our lane. When we returned to coach, our story was not unique. Every person returning their unit complained about the same similar issues. Another renter had a coach with a leak in the black water tank and was dripping sewage onto their campsite and had to pay a portable sewage truck to come by and drain the tank so often, they felt sorry for them, and after 4 pumps at 40bucks each, they just did it for tip money. Everyone complained about the steering/alignment issues. In a nutshell the coaches are old, dirty with little to no maintenance. A hazard to renters. Keep your hard earned money, and look elsewhere.

Peter Hansen

Det gik ok, men når de siger at de er der om et minut.....

Mark K

Returned our RV after our trip, friendly staff and easy process. Even had a cab driver there to take me home, didn't have to wait for Uber, plus same price.


No problems. They had the RV ready. It was clean had new pots and pans and utensils. No problems on return. Great experience! Great vacation!!

ilene bonson

They have nice rv's but they are extremely slow at delivering a unit if you are buying a used one. They seem a bit disorganized:(


Beste Pickup truck

Gaelle Ricordeau

(Translated by Google) They are perfect. The campingcar is very well equipped The only downside is the blanket. I was cold everyday. The assistance in case of questions is reactive and patient (Original) Ils sont parfait. Le campingcar est tres bien équipé Le seul bémol est la couverture. J'ai eu froid tous les jours. L'assistance en cas de questions est réactive et patiente

Edward Kie

Found you via Google... Rented a 24' camper.. got great gas milage .. paid big money down but got OVER $400. Back upon clean return

Ron Kendall

We've dealt with this Cruise America numerous times, and they've ALWAYS been awesome to deal with. It's Cruise America, you're not going to get a Class A Diesel pusher with multiple slide-outs. When we need another RV rental Neligon's is where we'll go.

Cole Dicaro

Friendly staff and I was credited back $100 because the AC broke halfway through the trip.

Donald Herman

Just what we expected

Mark Koester

We've rented RVs three times through Cruise America, picking up in LA, Mesa, and San Francisco. All in all, they've been very positive experiences. Have we had to wait a little to pick up or drop off a unit? Sure. Were the people friendly and helpful? Every one of them. Did the RVs we rented perform like a sports car when cornering, stopping, or climbing mountains? Of course not. I've read some of the neutral-negative reviews. I'm sure there are people who have had bad experiences. There are a ton of moving parts with these tenements on wheels and things can go wrong. I can't speak to how Cruise America handles those situations as, fortunately, that hasn't happened to us. I think part of enjoying an RV rental is going into it with the proper expectation of what it'll be like to drive, park, camp, and live in one of these beasts. If you take everything at a slightly slower pace and can go with the flow, chances are you'll have a great time. Each RV rental has helped us to build some outstanding family memories and explore some parts of the country that were previously uncharted for us. Sure, you can rent nicer RVs - but you'll pay for it. Cruise America has consistently provided reliable RVs for us at a very reasonable price. We returned our most recent rental just last week and we're already looking forward to renting from them again - hopefully when we get permits to climb Half Dome!

d manch

This was the best RV experience I've ever had

Charles Fleury

The employees at the Mesa facility are great. Cesar has been there for several years (for at least 3-4 of my rentals), and he is always there to accommodate. There was a younger man ("new guy") who assisted us on this last trip (June 10-15), and he was friendly and helpful. Check-out and the return of the RV were seamless. We will rent at this location again. Probably in October for a Fall Break trip!

jamie huey

I want to give a five as it was a great expierence and we'll worth the money however, they seem under staffed and we got a attitude at the front desk, when I called to set it up they asked what time I would be in, I said around 11am - at no time did they explain we were making an appointment .. So when I showed up at 11:30the lady gave me attitude saying I was late, they moved past my time & now I would have to wait I had no problem waiting but the attitude was uncalled for. Except for that it was a good expierence

Matthieu Bart

(Translated by Google) Very good service. Serious (Original) Très bon service. Sérieux

Sammy Vassilev


Ryan Dickens

It's great for RV rental. The vehicles overall are well maintained and prices are reasonable. The service is SLOW! When they get busy expect a long wait.

Monika Rohr

(Translated by Google) Handover has worked smoothly. We have selected the largest motorhome. It indicated 120000 km and had many bumps outside. The interior was pretty tricky and only sparsely cleaned! In the fridge the shelves were missing in the door; Thus, the whole content came to meet each one, when the door was opened. The flaps of the outer storage space were not lockable! A drawer in the kitchen was not usable, as screwed up, rather than repaired. With 5 adult persons this would have been urgently needed place. The worst: the handbrake did not work. When returning only this defect was written down, everything else has nobody interested. For a rental of over $ 5000 for 3 weeks we would have expected something better !! (Original) Übergabe hat reibungslos geklappt. Wir haben das grösste Wohnmobil ausgewählt. Es zeigte 120000 km an und hatte viele Beulen aussen. Das Interieur war ziemlich versüfft und nur spärlich gereinigt! Im Kühlschrank fehlten die Ablagen in der Türe; somit kam einem der ganze Inhalt jeweils entgegen, wenn die Türe geöffnet wurde. Die Klappen des äusseren Stauraumes waren nicht abschliessbar! Eine Schublade in der Küche war nicht brauchbar, da zugeschraubt, anstatt repariert. Bei 5 erwachsenen Personen wäre dies dringend gebrauchter Platz gewesen. Das Schlimmste: die Handbremse hat nicht funktioniert. Bei der Rückgabe wurde nur dieser Mangel aufgeschrieben, alles andere hat niemanden interessiert. Für einen Mietpreis von über 5000 Dollar für 3 Wochen hätten wir etwas besseres erwartet!!

Rebelle Anderson

These guys were more than accommodating!!! I read the agreement & all of the info before my actual date that I was to pick up my RV and was well prepared. It allowed me to ask questions and fully know what was expected so I could take care of the Rv & have a great time with my family. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Rv, and had a blast! We got the largest Rv. It drove very well, and the buttons to access the features were easy to use & easy to understand. It looked wonderful, and we were really happy with the Rv.

Raymond Goodspeed

Rude staff

Kate Kitchell

Our air conditioner didnt work - hotter in the RV an outside (80s). We called the roadside assistance number and didnt get a call back for 2 days. We have a baby so purchased a portable AC unit. When we returned the RV, the lady who checked us in said she felt cool air coming out of the vent, so wouldn't reimburse us for the unit. She eventually agreed to paying half of the AC unit. Unfortunately, the lack of response by the roadside assistance number, poor customer service, and just general lack of care for our experience was disappointing. The RV only had 7500 miles on it.. the AC should have kept the RV at least 10-15 degrees cooler than the outside. We wont be using this cruise america again.

Ryan Telschow

The power generator in the RV kept overheating but otherwise it was pretty good!

Becca Verna

Everything went wonderfully until we returned the RV. We accidentally left three drawers full of items in the RV around 5 pm on a Friday evening while on our way to the visit a relative who had been hospitalized. That Saturday my husband returned to the Mesa location to search the RV. The manager on duty claimed to have walked my husband out to the same RV to search the drawers, but the items were not found. She then actually had the nerve to show my husband an RV that was for sale! Twenty-four hours had passed between when we dropped the RV and when my husband searched it, so it had clearly been processed by then. I returned that Monday, asking to claim the items. The girl at the front desk actually put me on the phone with the manager (who was upstairs; she couldn't be bothered to come down) who again denied any responsibility for the items. They told me to write to the corporate HQ, which I did, who sent me a pedantic and unhelpful response. We will never use Cruise America again.

Jessa Joan

Great company. Will use them again.

Charles Wright Kunkle

My 2012 Majestic 23a was broken into in Richmond, Ca, in a “secure” lot. The passenger door lock was punched in and the coach enterence door was totaled by the prying action of the burglars as they attempted to gain enterence. I contacted Cruise America in an attempt to get the damages repaired. Travis told me any locksmith could fix the punched out passenger door, so I got that done in Las Vegas at our next stop...I just wanted out of Richmond. To my dismay Travis was off, on vacation when I next emailed him. So, I drove to Cruise America in Mesa, AZ on March 13, 2018, without an appointment. Amazingly, everything was taken care of with utmost courtesy and professionalism. Tim and Mic took over for Travis and we had a new enterence door frame, door and screen door in an hours time. Thank you Cruise America for you service. Charles

Robert Nelson

I would give a big fat 0 star if I could. Where do I start , the smell in the RV was horrendous , it was like they were covering up the smell with a bunch of air freshener that made your eyes water and so be hold when we used the sink it smelled like sewer the rest of the trip. Did not even use the restroom in the RV or water minimal .To top it off I brought our dog and vacuum the whole RV and there was one little hair and they charged $250 for a RV I already cleaned. So beware. I’m not that guy who writes reviews but I’m P/O ! Lesson learned we going somewhere else in the future.

Justus .

Horrible: Don't forget to call them early the day before you want to take the RV. We forget that you only can call them till 4 pm, so we couldn't confirm our booking. We went there the next day and waited about 7 hours before we finally got our RV. Just embarrassing: unmotivated and impolite personal that told us after 4 hours of waiting that they didn't have any available RV in the compact size. That's why we still had to wait 3 hours till we got it. Only on man was polite in the end and felt sorry for us. Don't rent your RV here if you don't want to wait half an day!

Leslie Berube

Valdinisia Aquino

Amei essa empresa. Alugamos um RV de excelente qualidade e tivemos uma ótima viagem, devido a confiança na empresa.



Mary Camanga

Rick Fite

Very friendly staff

Pedro Chavez

Don't rent from them. Just to make it clear, I don't like posting negative reviews but these guys deserve it. I rented from Cruise America unfortunately before my rental I broke my arm. well I was at the doctor's office waiting for X-rays and to get a cast sets I realize I might be late for my pick up appointment. I called and asked if I was 20 to 30 minutes late if it'll be alright. Ryan told me no if I was late at all then I wouldn't be able to get the RV until tomorrow. Fine my doctor said I can stay in the splint until I get back so I'll rush over. There are a lot of policies that are very disingenuous and separate Cruise America from any legalities as well as fully authorized then to charge you an exorbitant amount of money for any tiny infraction. On the second day of our trip I was napping on the bed that i's transformed from the eating table. The table collapsed and I fell putting all my body weight onto my broken arm. As for the policy I called the claims department to see what to do. They asked for a bunch of pictures in text form that show what happened. The whole bed is supported buy two small one by one piece of wood that are held in with tiny trim nails. I weigh 160 lb I was not doing anything except taking a nap and the table collapsed. Claims departments finally gave me there insurance information but I was in too much pain to try to drive this big RV Returning the RV was a terrible process for 1 the RV was given to me not very clean and the cleaning I try to do with one arm was not sufficient so they went ahead and charge me $250. now I'm waiting to hear from the claims department about my arm which may have gone from being stress fractures to needing surgery. Lance and Ryan have to be the most not understanding and sticklerish people I've ever had the unfortunate experience of working with. I will never rent from Cruise America again I will advise all my friends and family to stay away as I'm advising you.

suzanne lindbo

Very helpful salesmen. No pressure

Raymond Jackson

Mike Harrington

My wife was diagnosed with cancer and I surprised her with taking her on a trip before she started treatment. We go on vacation every year, last year it was cut short due to a family death and this year it wasn't going to happen due to chemo/radiation treatments. Gave her several options and she loved the RV idea. I had researched some rentals online and decided on Cruise America if she wanted to go RV route. Like I said it was last minute and they really didn't have to much inventory that was ready to go. We were able to get a 19' for our trip, figured it was a good size for our first time driving an RV. Turns out it was fairly small by the end of the trip, but it was a blast, and now we know what we want/dont want in an RV when/if the time comes to purchase one. We both agree we would rent from Cruise America again soon. They were very nice and very professional, answered all our questions, and we had a ton being first timers.

Samantha Carlos

Brianna Vega

casee powell

Worst experience ever!!!! Mesa AZ 116° No A/C for passengers while driving 350 miles. Was told by customer service to run generator. But that just made everyone sick. In the end had to go to hotel. Do not rent RV. BROKEN TOILET. BROKEN FREEZER. DIRTY OTHER PEOPLE'S GARBAGE STILL LEFT FOR US TO CLEAN UP.


Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Picking up the reservation took about 15 minutes, dripping off less than 5. Great experience.

Alex Cruz

Daniel Weigl

(Translated by Google) Everyone should check in advance if everything works. Very important would be the hose to drain water. The gas stove was also defective with us. Check everything before you travel. (Original) Jeder sollte in vorherrein checken ob alles funktioniert. Ganz wichtig wäre der Schlauch zum Wasser ablassen. Der Gasherd war auch defekt bei uns. Alles checken vor Reiseantritt.

Don Bretsch

Great experience, the motor home was beautiful and easy use and when I had a question, they promptly helped. I highly recommend and will use again myself.

Tony Strafaci

My big complaint - I rented the 25-foot Winnebago, and the hot water heater did not work at all, and the fridge wouldn't stay on, so they were both useless. We were counting on the refrigerator and instead had to buy a cooler and a bunch of ice and then proceed to trip over the cooler every time we wanted to walk around. And no shower for the 3 days we rented. They should have checked the components and fixed them - especially because I think they knew about it (see below) More information on the experience Their office is not a customer friendly location as it's wedged between a car lot (converted from a gas station) and a Hot-Wings store. When I was finally able to find the door, I walked into what appeared to be somebody's basement. It was a very weird setup. The lady at the desk was very nice and showed us the RV and showed us how to work everything. She did a good job, but ironically, she tried to discourage us from using the shower by telling us how wonderful the campsite showers are. Then she talked about how the fridge "sometimes" resets itself for no reason, so I just had to push a button. Turns out you have to push it every 3 minutes for hours on end. The RV itself was clean. It had 78,000 miles on it, and the condition was definitely not new, but not bad for it's age. It was chilly at night, so we used the heater and it worked well, during the day, we ran the A/C for a little bit and that worked too. The generator also worked (which runs the A/C), but we didn't use either for very long. The batteries lasted a long time as well as the propane. The stove worked fine too (we made breakfast on it). The truck all worked fine too. There was no issue with that, nor the radio. Hope this helps your decision.


Apparently has no empathy when it comes to personal matters.


(Translated by Google) Nasty and totally scrapped camper received. Heating was broken, we were offered, but just somewhere even to get a heater. We had frost at the Grand Canyon. When returning, we have heard from many customers that they had problems. The cars are underground. Only possible with Oropax. (Original) Fieses und total abgewracktes Wohnmobil erhalten. Heizung war defekt, man bot uns an, doch einfach irgendwo selbst ein Heizgerät zu besorgen. Wir hatten Frost am Grand Canyon. Bei der Rückgabe haben wir von vielen Kunden mitbekommen, dass auch sie Probleme hatten. Die Wagen sind unterirdisch. Fahrt nur mit Oropax möglich.

Nelly Livingston Good Mail

Erwin Egli

Real nice staff. Camper was ok, it was not the most comfortable and takes a lot of fuel, but for this low price it's ok.


Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else

Chris Carter

Very friendly associates. It was our second time renting. The standard RV was spacious, very clean, had kitchen utensils (pots, pans, plates etc) and a generator. We did not have any issues with our rental.

Thijs Wijnen

A lot of money for an old RV. Broken pillow which sleeps terribly. No useful equipment such as broom, bucket and such. Long waiting time for travelers assistance.

Jamie Fairris

Had lots of fun with the RV



Karsten Seipp

Super friendly staff and management. Excellent.

Robert Elsinga

Long wait time for pick-up. Nice employees.

Japer Electronics

Good news is the RV functioned and we made it to our destination and back. The bad news is the RV was filthy with mold in the fridge, gum on the floor, and a floor so dirty you feet turned black. It was also old with 120k+ miles on it.

Raymond Heeren

Value for money. RV was in good shape and clean at delivery.

Daniel Ryan

Elize Van

Caution this rental station is a complete scam! the location in Las Vegas claims that you've smoked inside when you didnt. And of course charges you extra for it. I will never rent via cruise america again!! They do not deserve 1 star at all!

Basanth Chinivar

Good RVs, and price

Sandy Smiley

Although the location who handled the Pick-up and return was very friendly, the RV was Filthy inside when we picked it up. There was obvious pet hair on the the couch seat and quite a lot of debris on the floor. The Shower had dirty soap residue on the soap shelf just to mention a few. With the EMPHASIS on the website about returning the RV CLEAN inside and out. I anticipated the RV would be ready to pack up and go. Instead, it took all of 1 1/2 hours to clean it. I had to vacuum all seating cushions - above the cab bed area - wash off the mattress in the back and inside the drawers. I had no idea what had been really cleaned - so I did the entire thing, shower, kitchen toilet etc. When we returned the RV - I cleaned the inside completely again and power washed the outside of the RV. I called the following morning that we dropped of the RV to go over the billing and I AGAIN mentioned that the RV was very dirty and that I had to clean it before we left - he pretty much ignored me. We had a nice weekend, I will Rent an RV again, but not from Cruise America.

Lisa Angelucci

Donna and her husband were an absolute delight to work with!!! I would definitely recommend using them to anyone that is looking to rent an RV.

Ali Al-Chalabi

Straightforward pickup and drop off process. Vehicle ready on time and clean. Not the fanciest RV but very functional and a good product for the price. Everything in the vehicle functioned properly and there were no hidden surprises. I would use cruise America again.

Lexi Burr

This was our first time renting with Cruise America. We were hesitant at first since our destination was very far and we were staying in the middle of nowhere, but everything about our trip exceeded our expectations! We had zero problems what so ever and had the best experience! Already planning our next trip to Yosemite with Cruise America. Can’t wait!

Patrick Tousch

Good service, but RV in poor conditio

Daphne Vermeulen

Nice RV, we brought a RV from Minnesota to San Francisco in 2 wooks with a nice discount!

James Edwards

3rd time renting an RV from them. It's hit or miss if you get a new or you old unit, each with minor issues here and there (expected, it's an RV). The employees have been nice, they pay for any maintenance you have on the trip, and include all insurances.

Lorraine Lohner

Had a great time glamping the South Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

Travis Metcalfe

Great place to rent an RV...

Alexa DeMaio

Nothing in the camper is durable, but it's pretty much what I expected. Truck cab wasn't very clean when we got it and there were smears on the inside of the windshield. Staff was friendly but it didn't really sound like they knew a lot about engines, even the mechanic

Donna German

We had the best experience renting from Cruise America. I could easily drive and operate everything in the RV! It was clean, everything worked, great instructions and I can’t wait to rent again from them on a future trip. I would highly recommend renting from Cruise America.

Debbie Anderson

I rented an RV at Cruise America. It was much cheaper than trying to find a rental place or home because I was having work done at my home. People were very friendly eager to help and the place was very clean I am very happy with Cruise America, until I turned it back in. I put more fuel in it than I needed to on its return, and they nickle and dimed me on going over by 18 miles when they set the mileage themselves from my home to their location. I hope I never have to rent from them again.

Karen Flaherty

Marie-Laurence DEBERGHE

Parfait ! Le RV était prêt conforme au descriptif. Quasiment neuf. Nous en avons bien profité

Thomas Harvey

This was our first time renting an RV. From the check out, throughout our entire 16 day vacation, and through the return process, everything was smooth, uncomplicated and without problems. Our 25 ft RV ran well and we never had any major problems. We highly recommend Cruise America and are planning our next getaway with this company. Top notch!!!

Russ Duff

Had a great trip making a giant 2500 mile circle from Mesa AZ counterclockwise to Rocky Mountain NP hitting several nation parks on the way. Only issue we had was with the hot water tank; it didn't work. We had bearable water for showers the first day, but we then realized it was because the water was already at over 100 degrees because of driving in the 100 + degree temps. After we hit cooler temps, there was no hot water and the shower was unusable. When we called the 800 number we were told it was supposed to work that way. When I told the agents at the office about it upon turn in, they said no, it should have been VERY hot, at all times. Other than that, it was a great experience that I would do again. The vehicle performed great through all of the mountains we drove in. If it wasn't for the hot water, I would give it a 5.

Charles Alexander

I was fine until they strong armed me at return and were trying to take 2-300 out of my deposit due to previous peoples dirt that was noted on the form. Bullshit.

Jeff Childers

Barry Bruckner

Horrible rv rental experence upon return every person in office complaining about charges that are extra or faulty equipment wow

Marc Weber

Cruise America says they are customer driven and I had that experience over the more than 20 years that we toured with Cruise America or Cruise Canada. This manifested for me in up-to-date and well maintained RVs and in the past additional useful tools like an axe for wood cutting in Canada as well as tools to level the RV on uneven underground were supplied. This year we experienced a cost driven company or a company that does not have the money to invest into new gear or excellent maintenance. The first provided vehicle had these issues: -Of the four back wheels, two were new and two had a tread of 3/32. You get a ticket from the police at 2/32, so this is already barely legal. Add to this that the RV is designed to have all 4 back wheels with the same tread and you have a vehicle that rides very unstable. Once we got above 55 miles per hour on the Interstate (Autobahn), the vibrations got so high that the cupboards opened. -Fridge switched OFF at least once per day and did not switch ON automatically -The sink did not keep the water when washing the dishes. The water was spilled into the vehicle. -Several other smaller issues. After a visit at Discount tire and at least 20 phone calls from my (international) phone, we got a replacement unit and had to drive from Aspen to Denver to get it. The replacement unit was not ready for pick up when we arrived there. The replacement unit had 92.000 miles (some 150.000 km) and the fridge was even worse, it did not last a single night and switched OFF every 1-6 hours. At return of the vehicles, no one asked what the issues are so that they can be fixed before the next customer gets the vehicle. My impression is that maintenance is done on the road rather than in the Cruise America shops. Cruise America Travellers Assistance organizes visits at ie Discount tire, Ford dealer or RV shops and the customer has to bring the vehicle there and wait until the repair is done. For me, this was way to much time during my holiday, we had a suboptimal experience. After 20 years of returning to Cruise America, we will not book with them again. Further tipps: -Radio does not have bluetooth or USB interface. They still have CDs though and a mini jack Input, like 10 years ago. -There are no speakers in the back for the kids. We bought bluetooth speakers to have a common experience. -There is no air conditioning in the back for the kids. We fled Phoenix right away as it is way to hot in the back. -There is no backward camera. The positive side of Cruise America and being cost driven is that the prices are very low. At the same time, we will next time book with the competition as we value our time higher than the savings.

Anil Baban Salunke

It was first time RV ride. Very big place of RV. I was there around 11:00 ,host (Karin) was awesome , gave me tour with all I need . Highly appreciated for Karin. While returning host was guy , very helpful. Overall oustanding experience with economical value of RV. Highly recommend.


Best experience I've had in a long time


RV was old and a bit tired with 74 k miles on the clock. Staff were moderately friendly but didn't really care. RV broke down during the vacation but it actually didn't cause any challenges as the emergency assistance was very good.

Adam Wood

I rented the large rv. The unit I rented was a new unit and it was a joy! The guys at cruise america were friendly and a pleasure to work with. The next time I rent a rv it will be from here.

Roth Eddings

Piotr Karpala

RVs are great. Special offers are really what you should be going for. Unfortunately the whole experience is ruined by customer service - they are just widely understaffed. Wait time for return in SF was over 2h. Just adding additional driver in PHX, very long wait. If that's fixed it would be something worth recommending. Currently I would consider other companies just for customer service experience.

Frederic MUGNIER

(Translated by Google) Excellent company in terms of structure, reception, agents, vehicles! Just the Traveler Assistant part lacks professionalism, responsiveness and communication. (Original) Excellente entreprise pour ce qui est de la structure, accueil, agents, véhicules! Juste la partie Traveler Assistant manque de professionalisme, de réactivité et de communication.

Patrick Jooris

Great service!

Matt Owens

Check in took an hour because the A/C wasn't working on the first two RVs they wanted us to use. Shouldn't they be checking that ahead of time? Not fun with 3 little kids running around. Guy at the counter grabbed himself two water bottles from the fridge but didn't offer me one. Service lacking.


G. Nirschl

Personal für USA erstaunlich unfreundlich, C25 Wohnmobil mit 84.000 Mls. macht den Eindruck, daß es gleich auseinanderfällt. Fahren nur mit Gehörschutz möglich (im Ernst). Völlig untermotorisiert oder Motor defekt? Getriebe knallt die Gänge rein. Lenkung ausgeschlagen. Ich hoffe, daß wir überhaupt noch ankommen. Standklima und Heizung sehr laut. Im Stand wird man seekrank. Wenn sich einer im Bett dreht schaukelt das Wohnmobil. Nie wieder! Früher hatte ich mal ein Chevy von CA. Der war deutlich besser. Preis-Leistung stimmt überhaupt nicht mehr. Technik und Ausstattung beim C25 wie vor 20 Jahren.

Matt Hudkins

Some good some bad. First time RVing.....nightmare of 2 flats same axle in first 2 days, total of six hours on roadside remote highway first night, three hours next night. When I drove it off the lot, I noticed it shook at 65 mph. Told my GF that we'd have to keep it slow on this trip. I thought this was normal, just how big vehicles work. I Discovered, however, was that we must have had a bad tire leaving the lot. Once it was fixed, the RV went 75mph w/o so much as a vibration. So the tire was already weak upon rental and it blew out w/i the first hour in a remote location. It took 6 hours for repair, and I had four young kids 10 yo and under. rolled into campsite at 1am. Second day it started out fine, but several hours in, the camper started acting up at 65mph again. Passing cars yelled to me my tire was flat, so I pulled over, and again, same rear axle....tire was shredded. This delay was 3 hours. I learned that the shaking is diagnostic of a ruptured rear tire, and in retrospect now realize that a bad tire was there from the very beginning. Do they not do pressure inspections at the rental site??? The next morning after the second blowout, I had to take it in for service. We've concluded that the Henderson site didn't do a thorough check of the vehicle prior to rental. On the plus side.....the site in Mesa AZ who helped with the repair were Great, to include Rey, and Mick the repairman. And, they refunded an entire day to me, and they made repairs very quickly. Once repaired, the end of the trip was great and the RV cruised smoothly at any speed. In conclusion.....nice people, helpful, and wanted to make my trip a good one. However, there was likely some person onsite in Henderson responsible for checking tires who totally dropped the ball and probably benefits from anonymity to the customers who are screwed on the side of the road with little kids.....hoping help comes before dark.

Heather G

STAY AWAY!! Do NOT rent an RV from this location (Williamson RV/South Philly location)! This is our 4th time renting an RV from Cruise America & will certainly be our last after this experience. Upon pickup, there was toothpaste all over the sink, a layer of filth all over, trash (tissues, hair ties, bobby pins, 5 hour energy drink bottles, etc) under & behind seats & on the floor, a broken shower door (a quarter of the door was still there, so they put up an extra long curtain in a tiny shower, making that unusable), the bathroom sink that only trickled out water (again, unusable), the air conditioning wasn't working because there was so much dirt in the filters, the sewer tank indicator always read full from the start, although it was empty & they still had the nerve to charge us dump charge for an empty tank, the glove box was broken, as was the trim in a few locations, the kitchen seat which backs up to the driver seat was coming apart, leaving exposed sharp metal, the bathroom wall was coming away from the wall. On the drive, the passenger side floor would blow hot air, where the floor was literally so hot, that you couldn't keep your feet down. We tried to call for maintenance, but never got a call back. We paid for a full hook up site, but couldn't even use those amenities. Instead we had to rely on the campground facilities. We also wasted our vacation time making calls & cleaning. I can handle a few minor details, but this was beyond ridiculous! When we returned the vehicle, the woman (I believe her name may have been Donna), came out SCREAMING. This RV was returned on time & in better condition than what we rented it in. She was incredibly rude & made my children feel extremely uncomfortable. She also told us we should have bought tools & fixed it. She should be ashamed of the way she acted & should not be running a business. When my husband asked if he could throw a paper towel away, he was told no & she walked away. With the amount of complaints she has, CA should not allow her to represent their company, as she is a sorry excuse of a human being. These people have a ghetto operation who do not clean or maintain their vehicles... I keep thinking of more things I could add to this terrible experience, but I think you get the picture. Read the reviews & see the consistency. We rented from the North Philly location a couple times & that guy was professional, courteous & had clean, well maintained vehicles. However, this location killed the possibility of us using Cruise America again. If you want to enjoy your vacation, stay away from this trash & go somewhere else. UPDATE: Please note, that we DID attempt to contact Cruise America as indicated in the response. However, they have NOT responded to date. This appears to be a "show" to lessen the negative impact it has to their business.

Quentin Rondelaere

We were really sad to leave our RV. It's was a super trip. Thank you Cruise America, it was a good motorhome. New tires, clean, good motor engine...

Dan Reinherz

Definitely rent an RV and explore. Definitely do NOT rent from Williamson RV via Cruise America. Terrible customer service. Rude and uncooperative.

Birgit Kampeter

(Translated by Google) We only paid 1972 Euro for the big C30, booked via Canusa in Germany. The car is designed for 7 people, but with 4 people it is actually full, otherwise you have to constantly fold down the seats and that is tedious. Otherwise you can not say anything against Cruise America - the cars are obviously fine. Only downside: We had to refill propane according to regulations before submitting the car, but the gas station attendant told us that despite the contrary (75%) the tank was full. Cruise America then charged us $ 17 for this. That was not fair - after all, the ad has been broken !!!! (Original) Wir haben für den großen C30, gebucht über Canusa in Deutschland, nur 1972 Euro bezahlt. Der Wagen ist für 7 Personen ausgelegt, aber mit 4 Personen ist er eigentlich voll, sonst muss man ständig die Sitzbänke umklappen und das ist mühsam. Ansonsten kann man nichts gegen Cruise Amerika sagen-die Wagen sind offensichtlich in Ordnung. Einziger Wermutstropfen: Wir haben vorschriftsmäßig noch einmal Propan auffüllen wollen vor Abgabe des Wagens, aber der Tankwart erklärte uns, dass der Tank trotz gegensätzlicher (75%) Anzeige voll sei. Dafür hat uns Cruise Amerika dann bei der Abgabe 17$ berechnet. Das war nicht fair-schliesslich ist die Anzeige defekt gewesen!!!!

Santiago Osorio

Great service and knowledgeable staff. I've rented three times and plan to rent again.

Moll Bass

Anders Kanten

Davie Jones helped me to sort out a few though questions for free. Excellent company with great service. I will definitively buy a used RV from them when the time comes.

Sebastián Kulesz

We had a great experience with them. The process was easy, and the RV worked great!

יוסף רחימי

אחלה דילים!!

Anne Pfitzer

If I could give zero stars I would. This was a truly horrible experience for my entire family. Do NOT rent from these folks. We are currently having to dispute the charges from the RV rental with our credit card company, and even this has been a hassle. We planned a trip to Martha's Vineyard for the week of July 4th this year. When we got to the campground and began setting up the RV we quickly discovered many problems... 1. The RV had not been cleaned prior to our rental. 2. The microwave was not working properly. 3. The refrigerator was not working properly. 4. The AC was not working properly. 5. The septic tank had not been emptied. My husband had to empty someone else's sewage. Disgusting. 6. The hot water tank was not working. Many of these issues were able to eventually be fixed and/or cleaned, but this is something we should not have had to do on our vacation. The water heater was never fixed. We had to stay for 5 days in an RV with no hot water. It was a nightmare. We called and called and nothing was done to help us. Both this rental agent and the corporate office continually promised to get help sent out to us, but we never heard back from them again. No other solutions were offered. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. This was a horrible experience.

Adam and Amy Mather

So easy! The staff was very helpful and there for us 100% of the time if we should need it. We had a great road trip and now plan to purchase an RV! Thanks Cruise America for helping us to solidify that decision!

Chad Schultz

Got a rental from here it looked like a good deal in the beginning rented for 10 days ended up costing $1400. There are fees for everything, want to tow a trailler $25 a day so $250 there. $200 in taxes. Under 25 year old driver another fee. Use built in generator $3.50 hr. I picked up a screw in the front tire, $170 damage fee. It is what it is, expensive for a Motel 6 style camper.

Michael Reda

Great . Rented oneway from east coast to Phoenix az. Fast and friendly staff

Tim Koch

Great setup, convenient location, helpful staff.

Jared M

The location has the friendly and helpful staff.

Jordan Kazakov

The RV had many issues! Worst issue was the AC of the truck wasn't working so driving around Nevada was hell. Bunch of other problems such as check engine light, broken handles, and dirty water hose door (the hose dropped while driving).

Bob Nyberg

This was my first time renting an RV and it was a pleasant experience. Everyone at Cruise America were efficient and helpful. The RV was well set up and easy to drive and operate. Only down side was a very hard mattress but that is not a big deal.

Rafael Rodriguez

Jeff Testa

CRUISE AMERICA E-DUNDEE NOVEMBER 30, 2018 CALL OF 3:03 PM CUSTOMER: Can we pick up at 6 am? CRUISE AMERICA: No we open at 9AM CUSTOMER: Can we pick up the evening before? CRUISE AMERICA: Yes, That is an extra nights charge + the mileage. CUSTOEMR: Do you make any Concessions for people who want to get on the road early? CRUISE AMERICA: No, "Think of us like a hotel, you have to pay for the extra night" I do think of you like a hotel, a sleaze ball hotel, filthy, dirty and ready to separate me and my money by any means necessary. No Thank you Cruise America- Keep your RV and watch it rust!

Jonathan Bisson

The pick up location was great at helping us attempt to troubleshoot issues with hot water system that was not working as well as the generator didn't work. The roadside assistance for this company is a joke and does not create solutions with the customer in mind. They wanted me to drive the RV over 50 miles to a shop so they could fix the issue after I already made it to my final destination. Cold showers and no generator power

Vic Ray

We rent here every year for an annual desert camping event. Good value for your money desert dry camping. Equipment is usually in good condition, occasionally something needs attention, but their customer service is very good. Bed is very comfortable or maybe it just seems like it since we are so tired at the end of a great day's activity.

RayRay G

Veroweithofer .

Was great fun. Only the return time is a bit awkward, too early.

Janet Nye

Jens Meyer

C19 booked for our Trip. Was really nice and quick Service.

William Furniss

My family and I have rented from Cruise America twice now, and have been absolutely thrilled with the experience both times! We have rented from both the Mesa, AZ center, and through the Salt Lake City, UT center with stellar experiences with each. Both RVs were clean, and ready to go as scheduled, and everything worked like it should. We hit 6 National Parks in 4 days this past October, and had a blast the whole time. Thanks to this experience, we are saving up for one of our own. I have found the customer service - both in person, and over the phone - to be happy, courteous, and willing to answer questions, even when it was apparent that they had a lot of other customers that day. A special thanks to Issac Boyd-Snee, and Crystal Nicholls who go above and beyond to take care of their customers.

Myong-Hoon Lee

(Translated by Google) I used tea for 4 days and 3 nights. I am very satisfied and will borrow next time. (Original) 3박 4일동안 차 잘 사용했습니다. 아주 만족했고 다음에 또 빌리겠습니다.

Veronika Weithofer

Overall our experience was good, and we enjoyed our holiday with the rental RV. A few things from a customer view we would suggest: The return time was 11 am, so it was a very early start for us, plus we had to camp somewhere we did not really want to stay in order to make it. We lost a day of our holidays through this. The cleaning before returning is what makes it stressful. We gave it to pros who did the job for 100 bucks, and it was fine, but all that needed to happen on the day of return, well before 11 ! Why not offer a cleaning package to clients yourself? The vehicle was functioning but everything rattles and the seats are manky. Get some washable covers and everyone is happy! Other than that, staff was friendly and explained everything well. We would rent from CA again.

celarier jeremY

Dirk Moor

jean-sebastien bouget

Beaucoup d’attente pour obtenir son camping car, moyennement propre... staff accueillant sans plus... le client est un usager...

Josh Hulse

I would definitely recommend renting from pro power rental great people to work with!

Roy Ten Bosch

Worst experience ever! Maybe a good experience if you have no car trouble..... our car did break down. With two children in the middle of nowhere with no telefone signal. Called in the nearest village; towe truck should come within two hours.... didn't happen. A Nice lady offered to bring us to a hotel in the next town. Contact with cruise america was very bad; promissed to call back but didnt. Try to blame you for the car trouble so they dont haveany obligations. Had to pay everything ourselves. Told us to go to the autoservice... there would be a new RV but there wasnt. We had to pay 1000dollar repair costand took it from our card without permission. Took us two days for a new RV and no compensation..... because the damage was our fault; while driving a rock damaged the oil container and all the oil went out....

Teddi Swidinsky

I am very pleased with my experience and with the staff at the Phoenix location. The RV was great. Worn interior as it is a rental. But that was actually a plus because we didn’t sit around worrying about doing damage. The price was excellent and the unit worked well. I needed a last minute rental which they worked hard to accommodate. When someone took out the driver side mirror just before I returned it. They were extremely helpful. There was no hidden charges. As a matter of fact, it ended up being cheaper than I thought. Even with the mirror damage. I would definitely rent again and I really appreciate the staff in the Phoenix location. Great job!!!

Jung-Jin Lee

The lady who works here does not seem to be very interested in her customers. Rather than answering my questions, she kept telling me to watch their "videos". You cannot park your own vehicle for the duration of the rental.

josh Jarrard

Quick check in and Easy pick up. Staff was very courteous and facilities were very clean. The RV itself could have been a little bit cleaner, especially the floors, but that's a fairly easy fix.


We rented a medium-size RV last january. The employees were very kind to us. They stated the terms very clearly as we could clearly understand despite our English wasn´t really good :D We delivered the RV back a bit dirt but they said there was no trouble.


Rented a 30' RV for the first time. Outstanding!!! Clean, comfortable, spacious. Everything went off without a hitch. Staff is great. Pickup and checkout was very simple. Highly recommend.

Cary Shearer

My wife, child, and 2 friends rented an RV from this location and we absolutely loved it. The receptionist does get a lot of complaints on Google however, when I worked with her, we were all laughing and joking. She was very professional, polite and clearly explained what is expected of us and what we should expect from them and their facility. She even worked with us to coordinate storing our personal vehicle until we returned the RV! To the people saying she "isn't about customers", I just have to say this, treat others as you wish to be treated. If you're nice to her, she's very nice to you. If you're being jerk and acting as if you're entitled to something, then you will get a nasty attitude from her as with any human. We were treated awesome, the RV itself was great. Clean. Some minor signs of wear but that is to be expected with any rental vehicle. It handled well and overall seemed well maintained, again very CLEAN and cozy! We went of a 500 mile round trip labor-day get-a-way and will definitely be renting from Cruise America again specifically this location :-D

Luke Piche

Ash Ven

Avoid this place.horrible customer service and the lady who was at the counter had no manners,they also use F words if we question them about anything. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Robert Prior

First time renting went well. Helpful staff.

ernesto casas

Daniel D'Souza

Rented a small RV to cruise the American Southwest. It was a simple and problem free experience.

Bob Peabody

This was a perfect experience. Being from Massachusetts and wanting to spend several days in Arizona renting a motor home was the best answer. It was ready as stated so when we arrived from the airport, filled out the paperwork, inspected the RV, and away we went. Toured Arizona from the Grand Canyon to Bisbee and saw everything in between. Great people at CA RV Rentals and great trip all around, Thanks

Jamie Wilson

Fleur van Gelder

Last year, we rented a camper from Cruise America and travelled through the USA. It was one of our greatest experiences we've ever had! When we picked up the camper, Cruise America was really helpfull and we could quickly begin our trip. The camper was really beautiful as well, we had enough space (we were with the 5 of us) and driving the camper was not hard at all. At one moment, we were worried we had a flat and we contacted Cruise America. They wanted to send someone immediately and were very understanding. We went to a local place to get the flat fixed and we could continue our journey. When handing in the camper, the people at Cruise America were really kind and we could even let our bagage behind so we could enjoy the nearby waterpark. Cruise America, you were amazing!

Megan HK

Clean RV's, great customer service, helpful app to download. Would definitely rent again!

Brenda Butterfield

RV leaked and lost 4 night usage due to wet beds and such. RV was dirty on pickup, sticky stuff in fridge, broken screen door latch,and handle on grey tank. 90th st. rental. Omaha,NE.and cruise america does not maintain equipment Very well and Gordon has an excuse for everything. Very hard to get any amount refunded, even turned rv in one day early and was told no refund for that. Do not rent from this place.

Mathew Heath Van Horn

Excellent staff and great service. Don't go anywhere else!

Reinaldo Serna

Ok ☆.

Global A

Clean RVs and good staff

Matt Hamby

Great service reasonably priced wish the camper had an awning! Friendly staff! Would use agan.

Kyle Simpson

Pickup time 1400 called to confirm that morning. Departure time 1630. Poor if any insulation in the RV. Extremely heavy on fuel. Easy to drive and connect / disconnect from sites. Condition of the interior and exterior needs major improvement from all the damage and wear.

Mike Sir


Destiny Lopez

Jennifer Eva Gall

Horrible...don't waste your money

Scott Canarelli

I have had a reservation for over 3 months. Today is pickup so I called them at 8:30 AM. They said they are full on pickup times. Will try to get us in by 4:15. Called Customer Service to see if that was normal. He said they usually cut off at 4PM, he is supprized they got us in at all, but expect the BOTTOM of the BARREL that late. Why even add that!?!? I am never planning a trip this way again!

Wyatt Brown

Great staff. Scary rigs.

Kluk Ztopolovky

Very friendly enviroment, nice and clean waiting area . We are coming back again . Thank you Henderson employees of Cruise America.

Rob S.

Always get us in and out with no delays or problems.

Jenna Praamsma

Horrible customer service. Not accommodating at all. Would not recommend. Make sure you read all the fine print.

Kolby Wolfley

I had such an amazing experience. From the reservation to the return it was a great experience. Joe and his staff were very friendly and helpful. They did a great job explaining everything and it was smooth sailing for us. We had a great time and were able to have accommodations for our young children. Will definitely be renting from them again! Thanks for a fun weekend!

Jamie Denison

Very friendly, clean, no hassle

Linda Sawyer

Had appointment to pick up at 1:30 left lot at 3:30 ish. Lost 2 hours of our trip!

G Leavy

First time RV renter. Got a great deal on a 25' for 4 nights. RV had 17K miles and drove/rode well. No problems, mechanical or otherwise. Customer service was very nice too at the Mesa, AZ location. Big difference from tent camping. A must try, at least once. We slept 4 adults semi-comfortably dry camping. 2 adults would have been perfect! All in all, was great to have, especially when rain showers came. Easy to stow things quickly! Having restroom facilities and kitchen with a decent size ref/freezer, stove & microwave worked out well. Thanks Cruise America. I was nervous at first, but everything turned out just fine and everyone had a good time.

Hannah Maria

(Translated by Google) The staff are very nice, there is good wireless internet and the toilets are well maintained. I especially liked that there is the instruction film in German and that there is also a German-speaking staff member who helped us a lot with the return. (Original) Die Mitarbeiter sind sehr nett, es gibt hier gutes WLAN und auch die Toiletten sind sehr gepflegt. Besonders toll fand ich, dass es den Einweisungsfilm auch auf Deutsch gibt und dass es auch eine deutschsprachige Mitarbeiterin gibt, die uns bei der Rückgabe sehr geholfen hat.

Malcolm Jones

Great idea if want to drive around USA.

Mellisa Burrell

My friend had a rv reserved to take her child on a surprise birthday trip . She had everything set up and ready to go and literally as we were getting ready to walk out the door to go pick the rv up which had already been reserved a few days prior and account charged she was called And told due to some id verification process her reservations had been canceled. She called the main office which by the way all the customer service reps we spoke to were very rude and seemed we where a bother to them told her it was a federal requirement to do this I'd check and couldn't help her one even hung up on her. We ran three different id to try our best to get this child to his birthday surprise And delt with several rude customer service reps and what they failed to tell her also was they where taking 300 dollars every time she ran someones I'd to try to get a rv that we thought was good to go two days prior and until the time we was on our way to pick it up. So now she has 900 dollars that hasn't been refuned and had no rv do to a id check that they say is a federal law but kind of funny we found another rv lot that says no you don't they have never heard of such. They almost ruined a child's day due to there waiting until time to pickup to let us know of this and still not sure if it's real federal regulations. Cause if it was how come we didn't have to have it with the other company we found that by the way was a lot better.


Fast and easy renting of RV here. Friendly staff. Chatting inquiry is quick and very informative. You can pay thru their link. I will definitely rent RV again in Cruise America. This is my 3rd time with them

Mark McGee

Very nice motorhome at a reasonable price. Had a great weekend. Highly recommended


Rented a 25' unit for 15 days. The unit was in exceptional condition. It only had 7k miles on it and it was in tip top shape. I had been trying to rent through an RV share but had three owners cancel my reservation after I had deposited money. I finally called CA. It turned out about $2k cheaper than I was expecting through the RV shares. That's an easy decision, especially when you include the support availability that CA offers over the RV shares. Not to mention, the folks at the Mesa Cruise America were awesome to deal with. No better way!

Ryan Ruxton

Mark McCormack

Always a perfext experience. We love Wendy. Always happy, always helpful. Will be back for many more trips. Thank you Wendy!!!!!!

Anthony Passaglia

The RVs are OK, You need to know you will likely pay the $1000 damage deductible AND the $250 cleaning charge. The RVs are very loud and get about 10 mpg as long as you drive 60 mph or less. If you go over 60 or find yourself in wind or in the mountains the mileage will drop fast. ANY scratch on the decal will cost you the ENTIRE DECAL. Since most of the unit is covered with decal, you really can't escape it unless you are going to a campground with NO trees at all. Just because the decal is already scratched won't stop them from charging you for it. Don't even both trying to avoid the minimum $250 cleaning. My wife and I spent 2 hours cleaning the unit until it was MUCH cleaner than when received it. I drove through the construction on 25 on a rainy day to return it and...when there is dirt in the wheel-wells you loose your deposit. We covered all upholstery with sheets and blankets, but they found dog hair UNDER the passenger seat and...Just figure another $1250 over the estimate at check-in and budget for it. Don't bother arguing about it, they won't budge a dime. If by change you avoid it with the first rental, stop got lucky! I think they use the rental experience to convince you to buy your own!

Phyllis Woirhaye

Jeffrey Parsons

Good service, fair prices, clean like-new RVs.

Terry Berger

Fabulous. Our very first time in an RV and we traveled for 3 weeks. Mesa office made it so easy at pick up and rapid city was great for drop off.. The RV handled great in dry, wet and snowy weather. Will rent from Cruise America again for sure!

Darren Dahly

We rented with these guys and everything was superb. I was particularly impressed with the no-fuss return. With 3 little kids on a 3 week trip, I expected them to go over the RV for damage with a fine tooth comb. Instead they took a quick look to check mileage etc. and promptly returned my deposit, despite me pointing out that the thermostat had been knocked into and stopped working. I would 100% rent from them again.

B Reagle

Fair. Honest. Open on Sunday for returns. Exactly what you would hope to get from an equipment rental place for your family.

Dominique Nehme

RV was okay, despite some technical issues (Water heater didn't work correctly, water levels were way off, shower didn't drain correctly), and we had to figure this out by ourselves because no one tested this with us before leaving. Service was simply awful. When we took the RV (for our first time) they put us in a room with a 30min video which is OK, but no real demonstration or explanation by a human being. RV was dirty (dirt and food on the floor, shower not cleaned, dishes not properly cleaned). All contract conditions weren't well explained. When the employee got the RV for us, she came tires screeching with full blast hip hop (which I don't mind, but I'm a customer at that point). When we brought back the RV, one employee was fooling around and was really unprofessional. Cruise America should review their hiring standards.

Leo Kitten

Rented 30' rv to gc north for 682 total.. Worked out extremely well, and cheap. Busy place. Be nice to them and you'll get the same. Follow the rules.

Phillip Hardt

Great rentals in various sizes and even rentals to purchase! Help move in or move out rentals to other locations for very inexpensive cost!

Jay Sena

I rented last May to go to a music festival And the staff was so Great!! We got a rv got to are destination hour our so in the water line broke... no water at all.. so I called thm up they were so appreciative, I told them what happen and and hour later they brought me another Rv.. tks SO much for rht..

carlos gomes

Good service and experience

James Trujillo

It was our first time renting an RV. With the Insurance coverage's and video's the renting experience was flawless. All expectations were meet and the family had a memorable vacation experience. Would not hesitate renting from Cruise America again.

Jeannie Mickel

We rented an RV from the Orlando Cruise America. We have previously rented numerous RV's from a local company called Campers Inn in NH and were apparently spoiled by the exceptionally clean and well maintained and great service we received. We arrived in Orlando to be not so pleasantly greeted and told to wait for 2 hours. After 2 hours we were finally shown our RV which was disgusting dirty run down RV and not suited for people. We then received our bedding convenience kit which was given to us in a trash bag which included linens and bedding that were brown with stains all over. After I expressed my disgust over the bedding and RV and refused to take the bedding we headed to Walmart to buy bleach cleaning supplies bedding and linens so I could spend my vacation cleaning the RV. When we got back from buying everything we needed to make the RV inhabitable, we discovered the a/c was not operational. When I called Cruise America they told me to take it to the local Ford shop for repair because they were going to close in 15 minutes. We were able to salvage our trip but I would NEVER recommend Cruise America. It is possible it is just the Orlando office but when you are flying and renting it is not a chance I would take.


Beautiful RVs

Tiffany Hicke

We rent 2x a year from here. Great service and RV's! Karin is amazing!

Michael Matthews

last minute rental, easy pickup and drop off process. great staff working in pressure situations. very pleased that I was able to not call off my family camping trip due to my trailer not being back from shop.

Annemarie Bijster

Steve Bolstad

We had a good time but the generator charge is a little high !!!

Todd Hodgman

My wife, kids and I had never RVed before and we are planning a long one out west this Summer. We decided to do a short 3-day trip out of this Chester office to Cape May. Donna was fantastic to work with. And when we toured the RV it smelled of bleach and she took great pride in that, and we were very appreciative that she seemed to care some much for clean units. She gAve us a comprehensive tour inside and out of the vehicle and suggested we take pictures of anything during our trip that looked like it might be damaged or wear and tear. I would have give 5 stars but when we got back, while Donna was great, the owner--i can't recall his name--was very accusatory and suggested that we caused some damage on the outside of the unit. We did not. In fact I had taken a picture, per Donna's advice of that, when I noticed it when we arrived at our RV site same day we picked up rental. We were gone for 3 nights, put very few miles on it, and hat it stationed at the camp site the entire time, so it was really frustrating to feel we were getting blamed . Oh well. We loved Donna though, she was a delight to work with and would rent from her again.

Clayton Camire

RV was distgusting! The hot water heater also didn't work and we had to drive 2 hrs out of our way to exchange the unit. The people at the new location were also awful and the hot water heater didn't work again!! I will never use Cruise America again!

Fernando Armijo

I highly recommend a RV trip to anyone. We were complete novices but encountered zero issues. Cruise America is really easy to work with and very willing to answer any questions you have or address any concerns that might come up. We will definitely be doing it again.

Deborah Wimpee

Great time, friendly people, no surprises. Recommend them to anyone.

Jason Jen Wadel

Very much enjoyed our rental from Cruise America in Omaha. Gordon showed us what we needed to know about the 25 foot V10 Ford powered motor home we had reserved we signed a couple papers and he sent us on our way . renting is soooo much cheaper and easier than owning one just to use a few times a year . we will plan to do this again for another vacation

Matt Jacks

Workers were really friendly. I was disappointed in the quality of the RV we got, but it ran just fine and we never had any tire or mechanical issues. Just really worn and dirty on the inside.

Nathan Pulley

Jerry Biffle

We had a great trip. We were delighted with how professional the pickup and drop off were. Also we had a problem on our RV, a leaking propane line. Their service number helped me try a few things to verify the leak, then told me where to take the vehicle the next morning and they were waiting for me when I got there. The service was paid for by Cruise America and we were on our way again. Delighted with how they handled the problem.

Alexander Snyder

Hands down one of the worst experiences I've had in dealing with an establishment; rude doesn't begin to discrible the treatment I received when I further inquired about policy. The employees, I believe the owners, were dismissive, uncanny, and unimaginativly foul. I am truly saddened a company is comforable treating customers with such disrespct. The location has recieved multiple 1 star ratings in the past understandably. The office is dirty and disheveled which very much reflected my experience. Please avoid at all cost.

Nelson Daley

Staff was friendly and knowledgable. They had some technical difficulties which delayed our departure but all went pretty well. Well have to how it all works out with the remtal, but so far so good All systems on the RV a functioning as expected and no sign of any troubles.

eli ekcstein

Brian Nilson

Good value, great equipment

Niemand Polyphemus

Jacob Payne

Best RV rental place in the Springs. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Kathy and Jennifer are the best.

John McWilliams

Went with my daughter. Nice clean up to date campers

Ada Vermeulen

(Translated by Google) Good information. Good Campers. We received the deposit back on delivery. Compulsory overnight stay at Excalibur. Costs the resort fee, that is not necessary at another hotel., But this can be something of Travelhome. (Original) Goede voorlichting. Goede Campers. Wij kregen de borg terug bij inlevering. Verplichte overnachting bij Excalibur. Kost de resortfee, dat is bij een ander hotel niet nodig., maar dit kan iets van Travelhome zijn.

Michael Hauser

Just brought back my RV. Very friendly and helpful. Would recommend it. Rented my RV in Seattle and also there no problems! Was very happy with my RV, it was clean and everything was running the entire trip. Thanks to Cruise America

Marcy Klahr

We rented two cruiseamerica rv's ( one for us one for friends) on a recent trip to Maine. The rv we received was filthy ( dirty cupboards, grubby seats) , had a broken shower door and none of the mosquito nets were attached to the windows. The fridge in our friend's rv stopped working on day 1. We spent hours on the phone to cruise America reps who did not do more than guide us through the travelers assistance book ( we could have done that) and had no idea what they were talking about. Eventually, we had someone service the rv. There was nothing to fix, the fridge was completely broken. We spoke with cruiseamerica who offered us 15% off the cost of the day it was serviced. After a lot of negotiation cruiseamerica offered us 15% off per day of rental. When we demanded to speak with a manager they told us that company policy does not allow then to escalate calls. 15% is a negligible amount given the time we spent with them on the phone and the amount we spent on the rv. In the mean time, the fridge in the second rv stopped working. At no point in any of our conversations was cruiseamerica apologetic or even sympathetic. They simply do not care. This is what you will receive if you rent from cruiseamerica: - answers to questions that begin with "company policy dictates" - reps who try to help you fix technical issues but have probably never been in an rv and let alone fixed one - customer service that is practically off a script - reps who will not escalate calls and whose hands Are tied in the extent to which they can help you -cars that are not serviced or cleaned - reps who may or may not call you back If you are in the Philly area , absolutely do not rent from the cruise America agent in Chester on township line rd. They share responsibility with cruise America for the upkeep of the vehicle. They do not clean their vehicles or service them. They will purposefully give you a faulty vehicle. Stay away.

Lander Foquet

Great rv's price is a bit high

Huub Sijben

We travelled with a Cruise America RV for several weeks, and it was the best journey of our lifes so far. The pickup was easy, the employees were very friendly and explained everything to us. No additional fees are needed for drivers under 25. Service during the trip was good. We had some problems with one of the tires, and Cruise America wanted to help us out. When we returned the RV, they were very kind and rapidly inspected if there were any scratches or damages. We got our full deposit back. We could even store our luggage for the day behind the counter, because we wanted to visit a waterslide park near the location (recommended! Lots of slides!). Very enthusiastic and kind empolyees!

Bryan VandenBirge

This was our first time using cruise America and it was easy and quick. The staff was great and helpful. The RVs were easy to operate. We'd use them again

Abulla Shaeri


Abigail Mahr

David Arnedo

Reliable rentals and a surprisingly friendly staff given how busy they were! (Pick up and drop off around Burning Man rush time). A bit agressive with the pricing, our RV has seen better days.

Esben Thomsen

Long wait

ferhat ugur

(Translated by Google) We rented a car without breaking 11 gun trucks ford e450 My very loud and tiring arabalari.bidah to rent another place, but leasing procedures, etc. from many professionals this review only on the boston office (Original) Biz 11 gun kiraladik araba kamyondan bozma ford e450 cok gurultulu ve yoruyor arabalari.bidaha baska yerden kiralarim ama kiralama prosedurleri vs cok profesyonel bu yorum boston ofisi icin sadece

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

Rented a motorhome for 3 days. Pick up and return was a breeze. Tina and Karen were awesome. RV was very clean and comfortable. 5 stars. I think I'd prefer rental to owning even if I could afford one.

Vicky Nah

Some of the employees are amazing and some mean, very mean.

Isabeau Paine

Not impressed with customer service. Going with a local company.

Rachit Shrivastava

Excellent company to rent a RV. Offers great deals and good service.

mark marangoni

Great helpful staff, rv was easy to drive and use . We back again . My only complaint was rv ac could be quieter and push out colder air .

Malum 2012 Downing

We had a great experience renting from Cruise America. It was easy to make a reservation online. The pickup process was very smooth. A representative went through all of the features of the RV so that we were familiar with how everything worked before we left. The vehicle was very easy to drive. We will definitely rent an RV from Cruise America again.

Canton Ergo

(Translated by Google) CA should take an example at this station. Mrs. Karin Richter makes the difference. (Original) CA sollte sich an dieser Station ein Beispiel nehmen. Frau Karin Richter macht den Unterschied .


Dont schedule, because it wont be available, not anybody there to pick up phone No integrity

Christine Walter

(Translated by Google) Very friendly and sympathetic team! The handover was well organized (briefing film plus personal briefing), the WoMo is well maintained and clean, the equipment is new or as new. All around, as it should be. Thank you! (Original) Sehr freundliches und sympathisches Team! Die Übergabe war gut organisiert (Einweisungsfilm plus persönliche Einweisung), das WoMo ist sehr gepflegt und sauber, das Equipment ist neu oder wie neu. Also rundum alles, wie es sein soll. Danke!

Dave Tanner

The customer service, at both check-in and check-out, was awful; very short, functional in the extreme and with no regard for the usual service levels you'd expect in the USA. Our RV was extremely tired inside, with various surfaces and appliances very worn. The upholstery and curtains were dirty and dusty and clearly hadn't been cleaned in a very long time. My only recommendation would be to go elsewhere for your RV hire.

PN Yaa

Hans Barkley

Stay away from this place, bad bad business.

ben kester

Great deal! Clean, functional campers. We would definitely use this company again! Check in/Check out can sometimes be a lengthy process- starting over an hour past your appointment time, so bring patience with you for that part.


Unprofessional. BS!

Kurt Arkangel

Mi Ka

(Translated by Google) Good value for money, the RVs are in relatively good condition at least for rental vehicles. However, it is advisable to check well beforehand whether all damage has been noted. The team at the counter was fix and competent (Original) Gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, die RVs sind relativ gut in Schuss zumindest für Leihfahrzeuge. Es empfiehlt sich jedoch vorher gut zu kontrollieren ob auch wirklich alle Schäden vermerkt sind. Das Team am Schalter war fix und kompetent

Paul Marturano

Karin took care of us in a difficult situation. She was wonderful to work with. Can't say enough about how Karin and her company did a great job.


Great experience. We traveled in and around three states. We had a couple of minor issues, but the rental staff was great about taking care of us. Be prepared to pay for extras.

IChristyX x04x

If I could give you zero stars, I would give it !!

Mister Smartypants

First day out, shower and water pump didn’t work. We had to fill up water buckets to use toilet.After contacting Cruise America it took about week later and I had to drive 200 miles out of way to a camping world to get this fixed. On way back home, got pulled over because all running lights on rear were not working. Got off with a warning because it’s a rental. We rented to try the RV experience, this one was not so great ...

Lynne Berridge

Brilliant service great rental vehicles

Sophia Hutchinson

Super great experience!!! The RV was in perfect condition. Pick up and drop off was a breeze. Me and my husband had a wonderful trip. It is a little on a pricey side but the convenience is well worth it

Steve Miller

DO NOT RENT FROM CRUISE AMERICA!!!!!! Poor Product and even Worse Support!!! It took 21 HOURS to get a tow truck after breakdown. First I’ll address the Product. We arrived to pick up our large rental at 1:00pm yesterday July 13, 2017 in Houston, TX. We did our walk around and there were large scrapes down the side of the vehicle, and internally there was still trash from prior renters. When we started up the vehicle the check engine light was on, so the manager came and plugged in the unit for diagnostics and told us it was a loose gas cap, and the light was cleared, so we took the RV to our home to pack. We left Houston just before 4:00pm on July 13, 2017. At 5:50pm, we decided to stop at a gas station to fill up before passing through San Antonio. As we exited I-10 the RV completely DIED. We were able to start/stall our way to a gas station to call Cruise America Support around 6:00pm. The operator explained she was having trouble contacting a wrecker service so she would leave a note for her replacement in the morning to work on finding one. Keep in mind, it is now 6:15pm and we are on I-10 in Texas with tow trucks going in and out of the gas station as she’s telling me this. I questioned what time I could expect to heard from the next agent and was told 9am!!!!! Yes, 13 hours later I would get a call back to let me know they would start looking for my tow truck. Let me remind you I have a large RV broken down in South Texas with a 5 year old and 7 year old and a generator that keeps quitting and internal temps rising due to a poor generator/ac but it was perfectly acceptable to wait 13 hours to schedule a tow truck. Since we had no alternatives, we basically set up camp in a gas station parking lot and slept through the night. In the morning, there was no call. I had to call in to remind them to call a tow and then would contact them every hour to get an update. Each time I called they would tell me they were really busy and would call me back once they had a chance to review our options, but no return call would happen. In fact, other than the initial call back right after the breakdown, I did not get any return calls for almost 18 hours into the process. Around noon I received a call from the first truck that was dispatched because he decided Cruise wasn’t going to pay them enough to sit through the traffic to Tow me so he left after already being in route. Again, I had to contact Cruise to let them know their dispatched tow driver cancelled and they would need to find another. 21 hours after we broke down, a tow truck finally arrived and proceeded to tell me he was contacted by the other tow driver and after hearing our story came as quick as he could. He literally arrived within 25 minutes of us getting our automated call saying a tow was dispatched. He was the only good service experience we had in this entire event. In addition to taking nearly a full day to get us a tow, Cruise would not arrange for my family to be transported so I had to call and arrange transportation for my wife and children so I could ride with the RV to sign all the forms when dropped at mechanic shop. Since Cruise America would not provide another RV and the maintenance shop wasn’t going to look at it that day, we decided to rent a 15 passenger van (again arranged on our own) and emptied all the contents of our RV and drove back home. Cruise recommended we terminate our contract since we were leaving the RV and that would cancel our liability, otherwise I would have been required to stay with the RV at the shop until looked at. Now I am working to get some money back. CRUISE AMERICA RUINED OUR FAMILY VACATION. STAY AWAY!!!!

Sammy Styx

(Translated by Google) We were able to take over the motorhome within 45 minutes without a long wait. Everything went smoothly. The camper is no longer the newest, but can be well with its 180,000 km and it works well. (Original) Wir konnten das Wohnmobil ohne lange Wartezeit innerhalb von 45 Minuten übernehmen. Hat alles reibungslos geklappt. Das WoMo ist zwar nicht mehr das Neuste, lässt sich mit seinen 180.000 km aber gut fahren und es funktioniert auch alles.

John Carman

I'll start by saying I think Cruise America customer support is/was very helpful and we have rented through them in the past with great customer service. We decided to rent again with them, but went through the East Dundee location since it is now closer to our home. Two days prior to our trip my wife called to confirm and spoke with the manager (I believe it is Ryan). We were told to pick up a 9:00am, but upon calling he said it was 9:30 - no big deal and that all drivers had to sit through a 90 minute training session. Again not optimal but no big deal. This is where he started to get belligerent with my wife. Stating, "you better pay attention in the meeting or I am not renting to you!", "I am the owner and I make the decisions." My wife stated we were never told this, we will have our granddaughters with us too is that ok.... Again he stated, "You should have received the 7 page email outlining all the requirements." Never received an email, so she asked him to send it. FYI - There is no 7 page email. He recommended maybe she cancel our reservation if she is not happy, with how he "the owner" is dealing with this issue. More than once. All this came out of the blue durning the conversation with my wife, who never raised her voice or spoke in a manner even remotely disrespectful. We discussed it and my wife called Cruise America Corporate to see what were our options, since we are two days away from our trip and really do not want to deal with this jerk, especially in front of my grandchildren on the day of the rental as I do not tolerate this kind of ego-centric disrespect very well. Cruise America CS was great. They called him in the East Dundee location. Again he lied, telling them that my wife hung up on him several times and was rude. She had two brief conversations of which she never hung up on him - also impossible to hang up on someone several times in two conversations.... and not once disrespected this nut, just questions and asked if there were any options. Really, just questions! which at another point he said, "before you start reading me the riot act, maybe you should just cancel." Anyway - Cruise America was great, they immediately provided another location and reservation for us. We called them and they were super friendly, there is no 7 page email, no mandatory 90 minute training class - monitored for how well you are paying attention, no ego and definitely no Ryan. We even paid more as their rate was higher, but well worth it to have great customer service and again no Ryan.

Gene Stepanov

I was very happy with my experience at Cruise America. I rented the RV for Burning man, and prior to contacting C/A I attempted to rent via RVShare and that did not go well: owners cancel without notice upon seeing the dates of the rental or jacking up prices beyond the boundaries of sanity. C/A made the rental experience very smooth and the price was reasonable.

Peter Sygieda

Very unwilling to work with a customer. Poor attitude no customer service skills. Think twice before you rent anything from this location.

Jane Cowley

We rented a standard size rv to travel the Pacific Coast. It was a very easy process to rent and learn how to use the rv equipment. There was a drawer that hadn't been cleaned and no CD player but other than that it was great rental.

Leslie Fowler Murillo

We were 1st time RV renters & this was perfect for us! The RV had all of the basic necessities the you need for camping. If you are looking for luxury, TVs, leather seats, etc., then this is NOT for you but then you probably shouldn't be going camping at that point anyway. The appliances were easy to use and very convenient. I loved that they had wood-like laminate flooring, which made for easy clean-up. We took the RV out into the woods outside of Payson and the RV got us there and we had a lot of fun. We typically go tent camping at least twice a year and the RV made packing & clean up SO EASY. Only drawbacks in our experience were: the RV probably could have used a larger engine since it took a bit of work to get up hills (but then again, I'm not much of a Ford fan to begin with), the large bed in back was not super comfy but the other beds/seats were fine, I wished that there was a face to face training instead of just the orientation video because I would have felt more confident when we picked up the RV (but we did fine). The pick up & return process were very easy & we got our deposit back without a hassle within 2 days. It makes us want to buy our own RV so we don't have to worry about the deposit to begin with but it was a great time & something we'd do again.

Donte Leonard

Positives: The rv didn’t break down on our 2500 mile trip. It was also a really fun trip as we drove from Vegas, to California, to Wyoming, and then back to Vegas. Negatives: The rv was pretty much disgusting. Pet hair was everywhere along with crumbs of food from the previous occupants. Those things were okay as we were prepared with our own cleaning supplies. At one point on our trip I called the office to get advise on the city water hookup but no one answered. So I left a message, but no one ever called back. I spoke with operating manager JF before my arrival and explained to him that my flight had gotten rescheduled and that I could arrive to the pickup location by 5 or 5:15. (Obviously my flight getting rescheduled wasn’t his fault). The most irritating part for me was that JF made it sound like if I didn’t arrive to the store before 5pm I would not be able to pick up my RV until the next business day. Well, I arrived at 3pm on my pickup date and didn’t depart the store until almost 6 pm. There were about 4 other families in the store who had been waiting even longer than I had that were also there past 5pm. The store did credit me a free day on my RV which did partially alleviate my anger, but I felt disappointed when the check in girl told another customer that they “are there till 6pm pretty much everyday”. Whey I spoke to JK prior to my arrival he cited liability issues and the fact that they needed at least two employees in the store at all times. As you can imagine there were more than two employees there. Rvs were still getting “detailed”, both check in girls, and JF were all in the building by the time I departed at 545. A little honesty and less laziness on JF’s part would have went a long way in my eyes.

AJ Rikli

Great service, great products, and it comes at a fair price

Raegan Boss

Selena and Jeff are outstanding! The rent nice RV's at a reasonable price. The service was above standards in all aspects. I will definitely rent from Cruise American again, specifically in LV! Thanks guys for everything.

Deniz Ultanur

Very helpful and efficient staff. Located near a highway away from the city center so easy to get going and come back. Gas stations with propane close by but beware, they may be out of propane, better to fill up beforehand. Watch the orientation video and read the guide before to save time.

indigo Montoya

We drove an hour and they were closed. Website says they have Saturday hours. Will be renting elsewhere.

Kate Moody

I'll try to make this review short, but I could go on and on describing how horrible this location for Cruise America is. If you do not continue reading this review, at least know this...Lance, the General Manager, and Ryan, the Owner, are crooks and co-artist with NO customer service skills! Understand that you will most likely pay the $1000 deductible for "damages" and if you are unsatisfied with your RV in any way, they will NOT reimburse you. Half way through our trip, there was a water leak so we called the hotline for services. The operator stated that it was a holiday and no technicians could come out, but instructed us to shut off our water pump. This meant for the rest of our trip (approx. 4 days) we did not have running water. When we returned the RV and asked for some sort of reimbursement, Lance was extremely rude and stated "we refused" services and we should have called back after the holiday if we wanted it fixed. Ryan hide in his office through this whole discussion and yell to lance, "we have all our "I's" dotted and "T's" crossed." Even to the very end they continued to charge us sense "technically" we were late for our check out (because we were on the phone with CA trying to solve this issue), and charged us an addition $25 dollars. If you're not so into customer service or being treated fairly, then theses are your guys. We decided to write this review because we wish we knew now what we didn't then. PLEASE do your research before coming to this location. They have no good reviews and that means something!

Iris Lutz

I agree with most of the reviews here.The RV was pretty old, loud and not very clean. Although we didn't have trouble returning it, they made a big deal out of the cleaning and the condition they want it returned, so we found it very stressful and not very customer-friendly the way it is handled. But besides of that, the main reason I cannot recommend this place is that the staff was extremely unfriendly. We had been to the Cruise America location near O'Hare to have a look at the RVs and get some information before our trip, the staff there was very helpful and friendly. They also seem to have some sort of cleaning service. The reason we ended up in East Dundee was that they were cheaper for some reason I don't know, but the money you might save (if you are lucky enough not to be charged for the cleaning) is not worth the unfriendly experience.

Bryce Lloyd

I have looked into buying a motorhome for the past few years. The biggest problem I had with purchasing a motorhome was the cost. I would think that the price would come down in the winter but they don't. Then I started looking at the Majestic Models that Cruise America sold. I ended up purchasing one through Paul Larsen at the Henderson NV Cruise America. He was helpful and took time let me pick apart the 'rental' motorhome. We have enjoyed the motorhome and will recommend Paul to others who are looking to buy.

Henry Bower

RV was great. Our 1st time RV'ing and it won't be our last! Pretty much had it down to a science after the 1st night. Easy to handle vehicle (I do have some limited experience with moving vans), no maintenance issues, and the size (large, 30') was just enough for 4 adults & 3 kids. By "just enough," I mean one more person would NOT have worked, but we didn't feel really cramped in. The only issue we had was that we had prepaid for propane "just in case," and it took awhile (few weeks) before that charge was refunded. They did eventually refund it, though, since we'd filled it up prior to returning.

Mathieu Meisser

They for sure offer good price RVs. they are not the best equipped ones but it is all fair. quick service.

Jason Craven

We had a group of 5 that took the 30ft option from Phoenix to Seattle. It ended up being the perfect summer road trip. It was intimidating at first for everyone to drive such a big vehicle but we all took turns and got the hang of it. Being able to hang out in the back on benches with lots of leg room was fun while driving and made the miles go by fast. The beds worked well, though the main room mattress was quite firm. The fridge and freezer could hold enough food for us and the cupboards were spacious. We ended up buying basic supplies from a Walmart instead of renting those too. CruiseAmerica helped when our shoreline cord didn’t work. They did troubleshooting over the phone and then when that didn’t work we were luckily relatively close to one of their offices. After about 20min they had us going again (plug head had come loose). My only cautionary note for renters is that you have to remember this is a rental. That means it has seen some miles. There are some rattles, some things are looser than they would be new, but mechanically it runs well. Overall I would highly recommend this option over buying an RV or doing the trip via rented cars and tenting/motels. It was so fun and now our group has over 2500 miles of great memories together.

David Almquist

I HAVEN’T EVEN PICKED UP THE RV YET and I’m giving them 1 star. I made the reservation On line and I’ve called five times and left five messages for someone to call me back as I have questions about doing this as I’ve never rented an RV before. Nobody has returned my phone call which makes me very nervous when I go pick up the RV. They don’t seem like they’re off to a very good start

Guy Hoogewerf

It all went very well, Camper Van was fine... but we were nailed because they massively underestimated our milage (Vegas, San Francisco, LA and back to Vegas) They reckoned it would be 1000 miles, it was over 2000... and when we returned 90 minutes late they charged 2 hours late fee, which I thought frankly was not on.. it kinda ruined the experience with Cruise America - I wouldn't recommend them. Also worth noting, Europeans frequently rent Cruise America - but there are literally hundreds of perfectly good and probably better value RV rental companies out there- look around, no need to be sucks into their sales pitch.

Isis van Noort

Had to wait some Time to get our RV, but the staff was very friendly for us. Plus free wifi! Whenever you come here and meet other travellers, you will get the best tips from them :)

Tommy B

We rented their 30' over Memorial Day weekend and it was a smooth experience. Great customer service and easy pick up and drop of. Our unit showed some aging but we were picking up late in the day so figure we got what was left. Rv wasn't new but it served us well on a 5 day trip.

David Kuchař

Cruise America in Las vegas? Never more! It was the worst holiday ever with RV from this company. Communication is so unproffessional and talking with responsible person is impossible.. I am waiting for reply to my email 3 weeks and I still did not receive any response. But when I was ordering RV they called me many times and communication was so clear and so quick. We rented a RV (for 4 days) and first 2 days were absolutely ok (because we did not need furnace - heater) but 3rd day when we went to Grand Canyon North Rim, everything changed. In north Rim was 0°Celsius during the night and the heater in RV did not work. The second problem was that gas signal was beeping during the night and we did not know why. We did not know how to stop it. When we wanted to call Cruise America for a help, we realized that we did not have any mobile network for calling. We did not sleep all night because the night was totaly cold in RV - we slept in cap and jacket.... Morning we moved somewhere where was the signal (approx.40 miles and called to Cruise America centrum. We described our experience and had to moved from Grand Canyon because 4th night we would freeze in RV so we had to go somewhere where the weather was warmer. When I returned RV, they confirmed me that the furnace doesn't work. Still I did not receive any reply and any money back.. They wanted give me money back for 1 night but I wanted 2 nights but now nobody is talking with me. This is my experience with Cruise America and their service

Kathy Nardiello

Great selection of RVs with everything you need to enjoy your trip!

Charles Fiset

This is a big RV rental shop. The guy told me they are the 3rd biggest Cruise America in the US. They are well equiped which helps to have a convivial return experience. Thanks to have taken note of my comments about minor issues I had with the RV taken elsewhere(SLC). I feel they will fix them so the next customer will be happy.

Kathi Smith

Loved our camping experience! Very disappointed in the follow up help. Had a small claim incident and left behind a child's suitcase that no one from the company can locate. The local rep is very helpful, but no response/communicate from the larger cooperation.

Rachel Akeson

We had a great time in our small RV. Both check-out and check-in were smooth and the vehicle had all the features as described on the website.

marga schonewille

Great service. Quick pick-up and return. THE camper was a bit old but is was oké. It was a beautiful roadtrip. Good prise for value.

Lyle Williams

This was our first experience with Cruise America. The rv was ready and was what was advertised. The checkout and checkin was quick and on time. Just a good experience.

Erin Carroll

I reserved an RV and they told me that I could pick it up at 1 pm. We didn't get our RV until 4 pm! 3 hours of vacation time wasted hanging out in Henderson! The young guy Alex was nice and courteous, but the female I spoke to on the phone was totally rude and dismissive. Also the roof of our RV leaked water, yet they still charged us for an extra hour because we returned the RV 1 hour late. I don't see why they couldn't have comped this 1 hour charge considering they gave us the RV 3 hours late!

Gregg Mokrzycki

Superb service, quick pick up, immaculate RV. This is our 9th year in a row. I just wish they would have a customer loyalty program.

Phillip Lowman

We had an intermediate RV which was old & dated, next year we'll go for a large one RV because they are newer, the service we receive was first class and I can recommend CA, rate are fair.

William Beckwith

Had my RV ready and waiting upon my arrival (as promised) Clean and pretty new unit

Shay Lynn

DO NOT RENT FROM CRUISE AMERICA. We had an accident with our RV. Cruise America had us backtrack 3 hours to pick up an RV. Cruise America offered no assistance to meet us half way/help in the emergency. In fact we were stranded with the wrecked RV for 6 hours in a parking lot until they were able to locate a similar model. They guaranteed us the second RV would be clean and ready for pickup first thing in the morning. We arrived and that was not so~ tanks (yes that tank) full and smelly. RV was loaded with sand, cushions on seats/benches torn and ripped. Floor was dirty, windshield was dirty, nothing had been cleaned or even gone over. Cruise America does not take care of their fleet, as a full week after our accident, a Cruise America rep called me to find out about the RV. The company still had not retrieved the RV from the lot we were instucted to leave it in and their was a Cruise America lot 20 minutes away. We will never use or recommend Cruise America and regret using them.

Janice B

Interested in a rental. No one would call me back

Thomas Schoenauer

Jo Raknes

sean kolva

Susan Soutor

Boring class c rvs with high mileage

Ryszard Perkowski

A really pleasant place with qualified personel. Highly recommended

אורי אליעזר

(Translated by Google) A professional (Original) חברה מקצועיים

Cheryl Korchak

Do not arrange to rent or return an RV to this location, they will rip you off with extra cleaning charges and are just rude and stupid. I had a $300 off certificate and instead of giving me a credit I had $600 taken out of my account. I have rented with Cruise America several times before and have been treated great but this place is the worse. So avoid this location if you value your money and sanity.

Chris W

1st of all you have to understand, there will be some ups and downs with your rv. As long as you take it for what its worth you will have a kick ass time! We drove from Vegas to Carson City and had a great time, it was in July so the real challenge was keeping the rig cool. We would all sit up close to the front for the a.c. vents until we got plugged in at an rv park and then we could run the overhead unit. This was our 2nd trip with cruise america and each time has been an amazing experience.


good service

Gregg Sedlik

Lois Pan

It's hard enough to do what would be ordinarily expected: fill gas, fill propane, clean interior, drain gray and black tanks and fill water. But to demand an exterior power wash on a 30' truck? Really??? Canadream is much more reasonable with expected usage, not so nit picky on interior cleaning and certainly no power wash expected. This is a nickel and dime operation.

B Peacock

Picked up RV in Oakland, CA and drove it through Yosemite, Death Valley and Las Vegas back to Phoenix, AZ (1200 miles). Had a great experience with no mechanical trouble at all. RV travel is an adventure. The unit is loud to drive in, the interior is cheaply furnished and stripped down, many of the RV parks are seedy and in bad neighborhoods, the mattresses are uncomfortable...BUT you need to compare it camping, NOT staying in a hotel. We got a one-way deal that made it affordable. Expect to get maybe 10 miles per gallon so gas is expensive. It is unfortunate when a rig breaks down because most often you are located in a remote area - that is why you rented the RV to have somewhere to stay in a remote area. Repairs will take longer and that could ruin your vacation plans - it's a gamble. We won that bet on this trip. Plan to travel during nice weather. It will be hot in the summer (even with the air conditioner) and the waste tanks will smell, unless you have a "no pooping" rule in effect, like we did. It will be cold in the winter and you may have to pay extra to keep the generator on for the heater. We chose Fall so we would not have to run either. Again, think "camping" not a hotel. It is rough, you will be dirty, it is loud, you will be tired but if you are up for an adventure, you and your kids will love it. We created wonderful family memories and would do it again. As far as the cleanliness - it looked clean at pickup and I left it spotless when I dropped off today. Inspect your rig closely when picking up and test everything!! Take your time and even drive around the parking lot before accepting. We are hoping to rent another and drive down the California coast this winter. Don't set your expectations too high and you won't be disappointed.

Peter Fabel

(Translated by Google) Good service. The RV had some problems with leakage of drinking water and slack in the direction, but nothing that would affect the course of the trip. In the end they gave me a courtesy rate as compensation for the problems presented by the vehicle. (Original) Bom atendimento. O RV estava com alguns problemas de vazamento dágua potável e folga na direção, mas nada que afetasse o desenrolar da viagem. Ao final me deram uma diária de cortesia como compensação pelos problemas apresentados pelo veículo.

Lucas Dichtl


Luis Vazquez

I agree with everyone's comments! The whole process was a nightmare! we had a gas leak from the stove so we had to shut the line from the valve! these trucks are so old that can put your life at risk having old propane gas line while driving! I told Pete about this issue when I returned it and all he said "Did you report it" I said no! because for my safety I shut the line off and you guys put our lives at risk! he reply stating "you put yourself at risk because you failed to report it" The RV makes so much noise that you can't even hear any music! We also had a flat tire and it took 2 hours to get someone to change it. I was expecting a little sympathy for these guys when I returned the RV but to the contrary they charged me additional $30 for the missing propane gas! when we didn't even use it! We used the truck they recommended so we had no major issues with that except for some mosquitoes remaining on the front bumper but they accepted it. You lose an entire day just by trying to return this thing spotless. They will fine you if you chose to drop the car over the weekend on top of the $250 cleanup fees. They will place a warrant for your arrest if you don't return it at the time and date they read in the contract (be careful this is in the actual contract) We are planning on calling the Attorney general so they can open an investigation about the safety of these vehicles mainly the gas line has to be inspected to all the units they have. Sorry for the long review but they is so much to complain about these guys that I could not stop. thanks

ariane Dalmolin

Cruise america Las Vegas - Rude attendant, no information. no, they don't help anyone. Go for other localization

Chris Montague

Reasonable rates easy to rent well advised stash

Cris Watson

Nice Rv's and great prices.

Demented 007

Great service, and friendly people. I highly recommend them for R/V rentals, and sales.

Ron Keathley

I was wanting to look at used RV's to purchase.... Could not get anyone to wait on me, too busy with rentals.

Dillon Durga

I ran out of gas and coasted to this parking lot. Nice parking lot.

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