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1426 State Route 66, Suite 101, (at Switzer Canyon Drive), Flagstaff, AZ 86001, United States

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REVIEWS OF Avis Car Rental IN Arizona

Jonathan Cardwell

Worst Avis I've ever been to... I rent from Avis exclusively through my company and am usually very pleased with the service, the car, etc. At this location, they had such a poor selection of vehicles that I was stuck with a dirty and stained vehicle. I asked if I could switch vehicles or even upgrade (this is usually complementary with Avis Preferred and the amount of rentals I get from them), but I was told every other vehicle outside was "out of service." I am very unhappy with this location and their service.

Midnight Santiago

This was the most awesome experience I've had @ this location. The customer service was dynamite, the staff was willing to assist with no negative attitude at all. After the day I had at work, I was not in the mood to battle with the reps at the preferred counter like normal. Today, their smiles, positive energy and vibes were 100% top notch. Thank you AVIS, you fulfilled my request for a different vehicle, I witnessed how you all worked together to accommodate another customer in a similar situation. It was greatly appreciated!!

mohammad Amanullah

My car was ready and as a preferred customer I was treated well.

Rojim Rodwell

Staff is not helpful.

cheri brown

The staff was very efficient, no wait time and they helped me with my luggage. The car was clean and very nice...

Lee Friend

I called them directly to reserve a car -- it was easy and really cheap... great customer service on the phone and in person when I picked up the car

Michael Speck

noel martin

Very quick check in staff friendly and helpful would recommend booking with Avis

Luz Eliana Torrejòn

Joe Romero

Vince L

Great deal straight from Avis. Even better than the supposed "deal" from Costco.

Dwayne H

Great customer service and even got a Free Upgrade!!

sharon boswell

First time renting at this location. I was very happy about the location being closer than the Lawrenceville office I generally would go to. Picking up the vehicle was actually very professional and quick. My rental was for a little over a week and there were issues with the car. While at the hotel the valet had to jump the vehicle on two occasion luckily we were at the hotel and not somewhere else with a non starting car. So it happen again and that was enough called roadside and another vehicle was delivered to me. No problems with that vehicle. It was the return that kinda got me. I arrived at the office around 4:40pm which was 40min late for the 4:00 return and had to wait almost a half hour for someone to come to the front. So to add insult to injury I was charged $31.01 for an additional day for being 40min late even though my rental was interrupted waiting for roadside to bring me another car, because the one I had again would not start. Heck that was 2.5hrs right there waiting, but I am charged for being 40 min late. I just wish better customer service could have been displayed. Maybe the young lady didn't like the comment I made " I didn't think anyone was working" because I stood there waiting for awhile.

mark melnikoff

The first car they tried to give us had body damage. The second vehicle had cat hair thru out the back seat and rear storage area. The gas cap wouldn't seal ( dummy light stayed on ). Also low tire pressure light was on as well. When vehicle hit 60 MPH the engine raced ( was a 2019 Pathfinder ). The entire experience was a true disappointment. Wouldn't be using Avis again.

Ramana Gasch

Bad experience with customer service


Great friendly and fast service. Was able to get a car and hit the road 10 minutes after walking into this place. Great rates and they also had carseats for our kids. Great experience, no hidden charges and no unpleasant surprises, will use this Avis car rental if we are in Miami beach again.

Edward Guest

Bonnie was a super star!! Really nice and helpful made sure we were set for an epic adventure thanks Bonnie!

Kenneth Jackson Jr

Very pleasant and sufficient location with expert service. In and out in under 5 minutes. The selected vehicle was ready, clean, filled with gas and non smoky. Thank you Ebony and team members for quality and making a difference.

sung hyun joo

Saurabh Agrawal

Left a jacket here and came back 2 hours later and the staff essentially went on a manhunt to find the car I had and the jacket. They were all very friendly and helpful until we found the jacket.

Karen Gannett

Dropped off at prefered. Had to walk across parking lot to the general building. Driver never mov3d off s3at, greated customets or said when to exit.


Tommy Norton

Zaki Jones

This is the best place to rent a car in Athens, GA.

Laura-Fleur Goulignac

We were at Grand Canyon and needed a car exchange, they sent us to this avis location at Flagstaff. They gave us the exact same kind of car - except this time- the tires were super used, you could see the white coming out of the tire, almost ready to explode. We went in emergency to another Avis location as soon as we noticed and they exchanged again to another car saying it was a shame they gave us this car and it needed to be fully checked and wasn’t. I am very unhappy that they gave us this car at flagstaff, I am sure they did it in purpose to get rid of that car: it is inacceptable, we could have had a car accident if we did not notice!!!!!!!!! So UNSAFE! We spent one day to go and exchange the car in flagstaff and another day to go and exchange the car they gave us to another location. Seriously guys!!!! Check your cars!!!!! Avoid this Avis location!

Mark Fielbig

The desk is hard to find. If you're on kuhio facing south their desk is at the customer service kiosk just inside the mall entrance.

Lonecoolman .

They take cash, not like stupid Enterprise which only takes credit cards!

Christina Kimble

Tahir Basil did what a good manager should do. He accepted a written auth for my credit card as my boyfriend was traveling with only a debit card at the time. It was around 1 a.m. and without Tahir's help my boyfriend would have been stranded in Philadelphia until Saturday morning or noon. This means a lot to me because my boyfriend was traveling to see his family and celebrate his grandmother getting remarried after his grandfather (her original husband) had died several years ago. He hasn't seen his family for a few years. Managers like Tahir Basil should be rewarded for their ability to make important decisions in a busy world. Especially one where corporate empathy seems to be lacking at most car rental facilities. Without his flexibility to support written authorization, my boyfriend would have had a far less memorable and much more stressful reunion with family.


The absolute worst customer service online and in the store. I was forced to upgrade and my Costco discount was removed from the final purchase. I was told they could do nothing about it in store and that I needed to call the customer service line. I spent upwards of an hour on the phone with customer service on two separate occasions and they did not make it right. I gave them multiple opportunities to fix the issue, and nothing but aggravation came of it.

Elizabeth Flores

I got a hospital discount..thx

Alisha Morris

We missed our flight and was a day late to pick up the rental but Serene was great and helped us figured it all out. The return of the car was easy and swift. The person we delt with returning the car could've had better customer service though.

Nick Shade

My experience was passable. I had no trouble getting the car and everything was in working order. My critique would be to not hand out your customer's personal information to employees. An employee was concerned that he left his keys in one of the cars he worked in and called me on my personal cell with his personal cell. I get the concern of losing ones keys but at the same time there was nothing I could have done to return it any earlier than when I was due to return the car and I would feel much more secure in sharing my personal contact information with Avis had the office contacted me and not given my personal number to him. Lastly, the turn into the lot to return the rental cars was very tight, granted I'm not used to driving Jeeps but I had to do a three point turn and hold up traffic behind me, I believe there is room there to widen the turn a little.

Innes Stroud

Diwakar G

Had to wait 45 mins at counter to be attended. Slowwwwwww processing.

Wayne Simonsen

Service above and beyond expectations!


Jeffry Go

Adi Raschle

Jonathan Currier

Nice people to rent from. Made it easy, from counter to key.

Sharon Anderson

Looong line, Saturday afternoon, two people working. Car interior dirty, cup holders in front full of some liquid hopefully water. Person in exit booth pretty much wished they were some where else. Hoping car return will be more professional and a lot faster. Giving 2 stars only because agent did finally smile.

Joe Schmoe

Everything about my experience here sucked. The staff was rude, the car was old, and I had to wait a long time.

Hayden Trent

Easily the worst hire car place have ever been. Waited over an hour at MIDNIGHT for terrible customer service, unhelpful and confrontational manager, understaffed, broken eftpos machines etc. All just to return a car! What a joke, DO NOT come here!

Alfredo Ramos

I was very please with the help I received. Your customer service is great. Being able to drop the car off and quick return check-in saved me a lot of time.

Richard Riley

First time using Avis, they offered the vehicle I wanted vs Enterprise. Getting the vehicle was easy and wait free. Returning the vehicle took more time than expected due to organizational issues. I would rent again.

jesse torjman

No pick up or drop off had to walk in the rain. Car came dirty with trash and old tooth brushes in it. Never using Avis again

Peter K Thompson

Great service

Greg Banner

Shi Johnson

Quick reliant service good prices and no hassles

Danielle Thurston

Amazing service with a smile.

Les G

Donald Dovalle

the manager and staff.....names/// Brittani Bowie..//..kathry Stovall ..//// if you don't like doing right by your customer than don't work in customer service!!!! This was the worst car rental experience, I called Avis to reserve and paid for my car and also told them the location I was close to, is the mall of GA. When I arrived in a taxi. the car was not available and they refuse to transport the vehicle from Lawrenceville and told me if I wanted a car than I have to go to pick it up. they did not have drivers to bring me the car, after I said I will take the driver back. they still did not bring ma a car but they offered my a 15 passage van , when I needed a 4 passage vehicle........ I was not able to travel on time, so i walked out and said that I will return the next day when they have car. today I called and they told me to come in and pick up a car from the mall location. I got there and they telling me that I need to have my personal credit pulled. this was not told to me when I called, or when they run my credit card. never did they tell me this the day before.....I had put a lot to get my credit up and not looking to have person run a soft credit....they is no soft credit,,, a credit inquiry is an inquiry period.......So they have taken two days of my time without even being able to return my cash back to my credit card. they said it takes 5 to 7 business days to return my cash...... you may be a big organization but 1 customer at a time makes you who you are..

Nikhil Mishrikoti

Adria Graziadio

My Granddaughters Prom night and it took over 2hrs just to get the vehicle she wanted...Just the finding of the car and then the processing the wait was ridiculous...Then they had to go to another lot because some one took the one that had already been booked to get the car we wanted...It was a catastrophy!!! When we finally made it to my Granddaughter's home to pick her up she had already gone because of the long interaction with Avis...

Sharath Reddy

I Liked the flexibility but they could improve in providing quick service.

Dan Baylis

The process was easy. I made my reservation, you alerted me of my vehicle location when I arrived in Philadelphia, there was no wait for the shuttle, the vehicle was located where you advised, and the checkout process was quick. The return process was just as quick and efficient.

Ali Mulvihill

David Breslin

Rude, slow and unforgiving. Called about a 2 minute delay because of a massive traffic jam age was tough 75.00 for 1 hour. Thanks for the humanity and decency Avis

Ray Candelaria

I went there to drop off a car at the Buford site and had to sit over 5 min while the female employees where eating and laughing in the back. I walked over to the side door that was propped open to try to let someone know I was there and When the lady came out to help me she told me I was not allowed to go behind the door. I explained to here that I was standing there (The only Customer there) for 5 min+ and nobody helped me. I told her that the door was already propped open and all I did was looked back there to get some help. She replied that I was not even allowed to look back there even if the door was open. WOW REALLY? I told her that she would not have to worry about that because I would not be coming back to AVIS her response was "That's your choice" . Then she asked me to go get the miles off the car. I told her that was not my job to get her that info. She went and got the miles and tried to charge me an additional $30 for over mileage when I had unlimited miles. after about 30 min of her playing games because she was mad that I looked past and open office door. When several times for her name she would not give it to me. I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was the manager. (I find that hard to believe) She finally credited my account. NEVER AGAIN AVIS WILL I COME BACK.

Madison O'Hara Williams

We will be using them next time we come into town. We hopped onto their shuttle because the shuttle at the place we booked at (right next door...won’t mention a special company but....) didn’t seem to care about us. All we needed to do was get on a shuttle to arrivals to catch an Uber. So we did just that with Avis. The driver was friendly and told us exactly what to do. We decided that next time we come up here and want a car, we will be using them. They actually seem to have it together. Thanks guys!!

aijde W

I made a reservation online for 129.00 for 1 day and to drop off in CT, with unlimited mileage and when I got there they wanted to charge me 256.00. The lady told me that it was for the expected mileage since I was dropping it off somewhere else. Then why was I given one price when I submitted the reservation to drop off elsewhere and then given another one at the pickup? I told them to cancel it on the spot. I dont like being swindled, I went to Hertz instead, I will never use another Avis again.

Keresha Durham

We appreciate that they rent cars that are energy-efficient and get excellent gas mileage. We have had only great experiences from the Avis car rental on Ocean Street, in Santa Cruz. Very convenient location and helpful staff too.

Toria Bell

Timothy Browne

We had a great experience and will use u guys again thanks


Great service, friendly staff and attention to detail. I have rented a couple of times from this location and i have never had an issue.

Víctor Alviter Alv Iter

Andres Franchi

Good service, same place for another car rental service with better online deals at the time.

Paul Palmer

Did not have the car I reserve

Karen Clarke

Don't rent from them. If you get pulled over and car gets impounded. Santa cruz manager refuses to help you get your personal items out of car. They will keep it

Kensky E

Worst place ever !

Gabriel Kinyerski

(Translated by Google) Avis rent a car in the 6742 Collins in Miami, we ran 225 dollars two days, but were charged $ 200 insurance more than ever warned us that they were going to do. When we went to ask why tell us that when paying with debit cards usually take a deposit of that value as collateral and that 24/48 hs was returned until today have not given us back the 200 dollars debited from the account . Call the numbers given and are "momentarily out of service," Let's see if we solve the issue and will write. (Original) Alquilamos un auto en Avis de la Collins 6742 en Miami, nos salio 225 dolares dos días, pero nos cobraron un seguro de 200 dolares mas que nunca nos avisaron que lo iban a hacer. Cuando fuimos a preguntar el porque nos dicen que cuando se paga con débito suelen tomar un deposito de ese valor como garantía y que a las 24/48 hs era devuelto, hasta el día de hoy no nos han devuelto esos 200 dolares debitados de la cuenta. Llamamos a los números que nos dieron y están "momentaneamente fuera de servicio", Vamos a ver si solucionamos el tema y volveré a escribir.

Nicholas Grant

I might give them a good review if they answered their phone! Cant get in touch with anyone at this store.

Maggie Wolanin

Allen A.

I am highly disappointed with my experience at this location. I have rented from this location 3 times over the last month for work. I came in today to rent a vehicle and was told that I couldn't. They apparently have a new machine that checks the validity of your license. If it turns red 3 times, they require another government ID or you can't rent from them. I was able to get on a plane today and get an alcoholic beverage, but I couldn't rent a car. This machine isn't some official machine that checks your license, which is equally as frustrating. I could see if I had a poor driving record or something, but I don't. What was even more disappointing was how the manager reacted to the situation. He tried it again and just said, nothing I can do. There was zero remorse in his answer and no regard to the fact that I was going to miss my meeting because of a flaw in their system. When I asked to speak with someone higher, he told me he could give me his office number. What is that going to resolve?! Why would I call you later if I'm speaking with you face to face and you can't help me. The customer rep told me he could override it but he refused to do it. This isn't even the first time I've had an issue with this location. I had to dispute a charge from Avis even though they promised they would refund it to me, twice. I know this one review won't matter to such a big company, but I'm done with Avis and Budget. You will never get my business again.

Crystal Hayes

Very helpful and always on point. They have the best team in place to get you what you need and get you out of there in moments. Recommend to go in there any time you need a rental car

Cecilia Satterwhite

A lot of help very friendly

Katrina Small

The girls there are always nice and very helpful!

Jeremy Lambert

Princess and the rest of the crew really are fun. Diane keep spreading happiness.

sunil sarawgi

Excellent service. Zero help afterwards in tracking item lost. Absolutely no concern of customer's belongings and their importance. No connection possible afterwards. Very frustrating

Ričardas Zanevskis

Rude costumer service, didn’t wanted to help solve the situation issues

Johnny Walker

Quick friendly service

Belinda Thomas

Mark Sumrall

The car is fine. The customer service was fine. Just a few things. This particular one does not offer pre-fuel prices. That's an inconvenience for me. The grill of the car still had plenty of bugs on it.

Christine Fowler

Terri Kirtley

The vehicle we rented was a mid-sized SUV. The front passenger tire developed a golf ball sized bubble in the sidewall, which needless to say, is a driving hazard. After going back and forth, put on hold with multiple people 4 times, they decided to have a tow truck service come to the hotel to put the donut on. Then we were instructed to drive on it for about 200 miles to exchange vehicles. Then we get there, and...they don't have any available equivalent equipment. Next we were made to drive somewhere else to have the tire replaced. Sooo, we lost sight-seeing time and had added stress and aggravation added to our trip. It didnt appear that anyone knew what they were doing. Needless to say, we will not be inclined to use this rental service ever again.

Kenneth Kahn

Excellent location. Friendly staff. Great prices.

Eduard Bocoun

Dennis Smith

Great cars and helpful staff!

Virginia Praschnik

On time, accommodating. Their cars are good and clean. The place is in the heart of Miami beach.

Doug Harker

Prices are great. Service a little slow. Cars not as nice as those I usually get from Enterprise. Best price, so

Shauna Smith

I was very disappointed with our recent experience with Avis. We booked a Mini-Van 2-3 months before our 4,000 mile road trip with our 3 kids. We have rented for this exact trip in the past, and we know what we need in order to make this trip more pleasant for our family. When we arrived at the Avis store, the Avis employee informed us they did not have any mini-vans, and they only had one vehicle for us to rent. She also stated that the previous customer had the same issue and had to take a 12 passenger van to accommodate her family. We decided to take the vehicle offered which was a standard SUV since it was either take the only vehicle offered or cancel our trip to see family. We were barely able to accommodate our luggage and had to leave some planned snacks and other items behind as we did not have enough room. We were very cramped in the vehicle. We were given no credit on the price of the mini-van (the standard SUV rate was lower) because of the rate change or inconvenience. I can't believe this is how Avis wants to do business and treat its customers

Donna Steinhilber

My first experience with Avis....had set up for a mid size SUV and was presented with a Jeep Renegade. Asked for price on next size up. After an extended wait upon arrival, waiting on a vehicle that I could not use, I was asked if I wanted a Ford Edge and said that was fine but instead was presented with the Explorer. Even made reference to the rep that it was not an Edge, she told me it was fine to take that. Was offered a Ford Explorer-was pleased. Hopped in it and went home. Next morning we left on trip before day light. When we stopped to get breakfast and got out of the vehicle, noted there was a fairly large dent on the front panel of the driver's side. The dent had to be there prior to my picking it up and admittedly I was a fool for not inspecting the vehicle. With time getting later and later, I got in it and left. Feel like I was made a scapegoat for something I had nothing to do with. I have multiple witnesses that nothing happened to the vehicle while it was in my possession.

Raphael Baruch

Friendly staff but low on inventory

Sharen WestT

Nice price ..nice place to obtain cars

Robin Friedman

Dagmar provided excellent service. I had a problem with the first suv with the mirror being so large that it blocked my view. She swapped out the car and I was very satisfied with the next suv. Would highly recommend Avis at the Aspen airport.

Laura Wellcome

Nice car. Clean.Perfect size. Great get up & go power. Plenty of room. Will return.

Courtney Ricks

Fantastic car. Thank you for the Preferred member upgrade. The website, mobile app, and text notification are great.

Amy Orlando

Nice people- can be busy. (Care about many issues.) Thanks/gracias/sorry- Be safe.

Solex Mobile Locksmith

The best customer service we have ever experience at Avis located in Buford, GA. We appreciate Katrin and Brittany's hard work ethic. Amazing TEAM. Greatly appreciate it.

Tasha Clifton

Mariann Mapes

Sasha was absolutely the loveliest person ever!! Our experience was so delightful. And so easy

Genna Johnson

Very kind and helpful.

Mitchell Brown

Emily Russ

We rented a car in Philadelphia yesterday morning. The windshield had a small crack in it at the lower base of the car on the drivers side. Being that we have never rented a car we thought the company had made note of this issue regarding their vehicle. We have turned the car in in Pittsburgh and they are saying we are responsible for the crack in the windshield. I have tried to call to talk to an actual person. And keep being transferred all around through claims. This is unprofessional and I will never work with this company again.

David mitchell

Rese C

Always Helpful And Courteous. Will Do Their Best To Accommodate You.

Tim Allen

The downtown location is easy to pick up/drop off and I always get a great car and a great deal. They always get me out quickly and dropping off after hours is super easy. Plus, they allow me to leave my car in the lot during my trip. Great Place!!

Meka Cook

I am writing this review to let everyone know that it's Always nice to be a Blessing to someone you just may not know what a person is going through. I am not sure that Ms. Elda Ferrer at the Philadelphia Airport location knew it but, she was truly a blessing to me and my family. Ms. Ferrer made sure that all our needs and accommodations were met. Ms. Ferrer not only, went above and beyond she did it with such great customer service. From my family and I we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.Ms. Ferrer you made sure my granddaughter 3rd birthday was a success and you a truly an angel in disguise. Thank you again.

Marsha Angelo

Rick Pittard

Would give 0 stars if I could. My wife reserved a vehicle for a group approximately a month in advance. I had to move a meeting back on the pick up date to allow me to drop her off. She was today the day of that the vehicle would be about an hour late from the pick up time. When we arrived at the new time we were told the vehicle had not left the facility yet do be available at the point of pick up which was over an hour away. I had to give my car to my wife and the group had to arrange multiple vehicles for the trip. I was very late to my meeting and they will now be late to theirs. With a month's notice this is a very poor performance.

Aisha Person

Absolutely horrible! Very rude receptionist and just overall poor service.

Doug Schoenberg

Carlos Romero

10 minutes waiting for a car, really?!!, always trying to give you something more expensive

James Fife

Enterprise, budget all came through the pickup area twice. Avis. Not ONCE. Useless, if using plan on an Uber or Cab to the rental pickup area.


EVERYTIME I rent at this location I encounter the same issue, 1 person working behind the counter and a line that is almost out the door.

pamela fyfe

Car and rental were great. But, won’t rent from Avis again until it discontinues giving a discount to NRA members. Will go with Enterprise or National instead.

Van Zander

Mark is always professional, on-time, and the cars are clean.

Tracey Woodley

Great! Fast customer service and nice clean vehicle! I do business with them alot.

Jolene Roper

Very quick and easy, staff is friendly and helpful, will always return for our rentals. Thank you

Mark Levitt

Brought the car back at 5:30 AM, with a smooth drop-off and a quick arrival of a van.


No doubt the best customer service I have ever received from a rental car company. Xavier delivered SUPERIOR service. Thank you.

Haniyfah Nisaa

It's service is not consistent. You can have a good or bad experience at anytime

Karen Selders

Great rental bargains.

Gary Blanchard

The Avis staff at the Texarkana airport are fantastic. Always friendly and always helpful. Thank you!

Shaun Espinosa

I have no problem with Avis itself but this location they are a bunch of crooks. I bought insurance and they still charge me for things covered by insurance. This is totally a rip off stay away from this location.

Bunny Hops

Left me stranded 1am Christmas morning with no cars even though I prepaid for a vehicle months in advance. There are no humans at this counter, so you're out of luck if you need help with anything. Then, they cancelled our rental and refused to refund us. I have used them many times in the past cat this location, but it has seriously gone downhill. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Oscar Lopez

Great selwct up on of cars. Fast and friendly service.

Johan Restrepo

Was terrible they do not accept cash or debit cards no matter if you have the money tha was so stupid

Tim riley

Kiosk is dirty with the crappiest furniture I've ever seen. Checking in is torture with a dated system

Ivan Gallegos

(Translated by Google) Good food and cheap (Original) Buena comida y barata

Tony Diggins

Picking up the car was hassle-free and very quick. Returning the car was similar but I was particularly impressed by the porter meeting me when I drove in and taking my luggage to the bus and then the bus driver taking the trouble to load a luggage trolley so that I would also be hassle free when he dropped me at the terminal. Just superb service this time and the last time I hired at PHL in May. Excellent - thank you I wish I had the names of the last two guys to name specifically but I dropped off just after 1000 today.

Fred Lewis

Worst car rental experience ever. As a preferred member car not assigned, when I arrived at 11:10pm, there was a line outside of the preferred office with 15 people in line. Called Avis and the agent said all they could do was document my call. They stated manager available at this hour. I am a preferred member and receive this type of service, imagine how families and those that don't travel frequently are treated. They need to understand customer service and take some pointers from National Car Rental.

Bhavin Sangani

I would have given few more stars but Avis has been disappointing for my last 3 rental. I probably have rented over 500 times at Avis in last nine years. On June 28, 2019, at PHL, at exit gate, girl made me change 3 cars in course of 57 minutes because AVIS preferred desk screwed up my paperwork. When renting from ACY on July 28, I received my rental and went to car. I smelled someone smoke in there. I'm very allergic to smoking and dust. Sometimes I have breathing problem. Just like when people are allergic to nuts. So I go back to front desk and explained. However, guy did not believe me and went out to check. He came back and told me that he doesn't belive it smells like smoke. It means that I was lying. Then he says that he doesn't have any car at all. It took him 54 minutes to get me another rental because other car wasn't clean and he had nobody to clean the car at site. Should be fired for being arrogant and ignorant. Today, August 2, from PHL, goto Avis preferred and while a young girl is looking up my reservation, I politely asked her if you guys have any complimentary upgrade available since I'm Avis First/preferred. She said yes and seem like she was new so she said to other personnel this is complicated to change. The other personnel told her front of me (customer) that you should say no to upgrade to make it easy for yourself self. How rude. Then I take my rental and goto exit, girl at gat couldn't find my reservation so she told me drive all the way back. So I go back and explained to the person at front desk and she gives me attitude. Another dude standing besides her laughing at this situation. How arrogant and rude. So pathetic. Avis service has gone down drastically. No sign of humility and politeness. No more Avis for me.

only1b1234 .

Wonderful cars and nice folks

Gosuke EGUSA

Jeff Benson

I have never been there

Robert Cooper

Gina and Sharon are Always customer service oriented!!! Fast and friendly!!!!

Joshua Jarvis

Tomas Garfias

Steven Mercurio

Easy in and out right at the airport.

Donna Prevatte

Pros and cons.... pros was that they had a car when we needed it the most. I checked on the website and was able to get the pick up and drop off spot that I wanted. The car was very nice with minor damage to it. Now the con..... I called to make the reservation for the car. One of the options said pay cash. We get there and find out that we had to put it on our card. So we asked if we could pay cash when we dropped and they said they just changed their policy where cash isn't an option. That part did upset me but we had to do it.

Brad Miller

Usually have nice cars, and this was no exception. Not very impressed though by the staff. Desk clerk at car pick up wasn't very friendly. Then at car drop off, even though I showed the attendant my gas receipt, he still charged me for gas! I'll think twice about using this Avis again.

Gregory Patterson

Noelia Etcheto

El mejor precio de Santa Cruz. No hablan español

Bad Hand

Ashley Grant

Nik F

Car was good, but the price for gas if u forget to fill up is insanely high. Used less than a quarter tank in a compact car and it cost me an extra $40 on return.

ELI Meystel

Apparently a prepaid reservation doesn't mean anything. No car available.

Lisa Eldridge

Expensive rate because my car gave out and I didn't have time to research discounts. But the beautiful, helpful staffer had me in and out in my rental very quickly. She made a bad evening a little bit better. Very packed in the lot when I was being dropped off. The Avis bus drivers were not too attentive. One almost took the front of the rental car off because he decided just to turn without looking in my direction. Had to blow tne horn for him to see the parked car. Would recommend Avis for the pleasant indoor employees. Mazda3 was smooth, small but fiesty.

Alex Avgeres

Everything went smooth from pickup to return, car was brand new and clean.

Michael Lindsey

Good service

John Pilcher

This Avis branch is TERRIBLE! I’m in a growing line of 15+ people, watching a surly agent work through 4 rentals in 45 minutes. Still waiting...

Andy McNeill

The service here was excellent. Our car broke down and had to be replaced. While waiting we got a great coffee at Kona. Been a Avis Preferred Member and this is the best service I have received in 20 years.

Amanda Murdie

Unbelievable. Show up at the requested time and they say it will be 2 hours late. Show up two hours later and they say they have no car.

Jan Gronski

Quick friendly service. Note that Avis and Budget are supported by the same person

Roy Toomey

Booking and pre paying online is so easy. The Avis desk at Aspen Airport is excellent. Happy helpful and efficient.

Sunil Raheja

Always a place of choice. Good rates. Great selection. And 15 Seaters at a good price if toou book in advance.

Kourteny Yager

Dave Esary

No one is at the counter and there are 5 customers here. One has been here for 30 minutes, and it's 2pm. Middle of the day

L King

Awesome location, they had my upgraded coupe ready for me when I landed. Upon my return there was a attendant waiting to give me times for the next shuttle and give me Directions on how to get to terminal C the quickest by walking across the street.

Kelly Ratcliff

The Employees are GREAT to deal with! Great experience!

M. Williams

Excellent customer service. My vehicle was ready even though I arrived an hour before my appointment. The counter personnel are always pleasant. The service here at the airport is 1000% better than the servuce at the Bellevue hotel in Center City Phila. And that includes the "Territory Performance Manager Philadelphia West". I left him a voice message on March 6. And as of today April 18, I still haven't heard back from him. And his business cards ironically don't have a valid email address.

Sena Yilmaz


Ariel Viotti

this location was great. Sara was excellent and helped us out with eveything. The best experience with AVIS so far in 10 years!!!

Anthony Rodriguez

Always fast, always quick, and Erin has always gone above and beyond. This is the location I'll always use for my company.

Sumedh Hoskote

We stopped in Flagstaff to add a driver to the rental. The process was so quick and easy, and the staff was friendly! Car rentals aren't exactly places I go out of my way to write a review for, but this experience was so positive. Thanks!

Charlotte Baratta

We waited 45 mins for the shuttle bus to come, in the rain, and eventually paid the Enterprise bus driver $10 to take us. When we eventually got to Avis the whole place seemed to be deserted. We couldn’t find anyone to help us and the office was locked up. No signs saying who to call, when anyone would be back, cars were left with trunks and doors open, hazard lights on. All very weird. We ended up having to rent a car from Budget instead as had to get to a funeral. All in all, a terrible experience. I’ll never rent a car from Avis again.

Cam Day

Awesome experience, great service by Rick and team. Booked online, great rates, got an upgrade as Im an Avis preferred member. Happy with car (VW Beetle turbo) kept the car and extended the rental for an extra 2-3 weeks. Will use Avis Santa Cruz for future local bookings, and will book with Avis for any International rental bookings. Seamless transaction.

Matthew Tribble

Really nice people work here but they need to hire more help. Pickup line is long. Worst of all though...the cars are not super clean.

Ebrahman Ebrahman

richard gulino

Great experience and I personally have to thank Xavier for making it a most pleasant experience.


My flight was delayed, and to change my pick up time they wanted 180 more dollars then my original reservation... to rent a the same car one less day. Checked online and saw I could still get my original rate. Utterly disgusting company.

Djonatan Lis

Derrick Washington

Not a huge selection to choose from

manysplendoredrat .

Rent here frequently, Mark is awesome & always has the car ready after I rent online. Have never had any problems despite over a year of renting on 10+ occasions.

murali krishna

Worse service from avis. Being a premium member this is the 4th time im getting bad service, not anymore. No more cars from avis.

Mark Aiken

I've rented from here twice now- incredibly long wait times for both the shuttle as well as picking up a rental car. First car I had from this location was nice- second one had stains on the passenger seat and was dirty throughout. Between the unprofessional attitudes of the folks at the desk to the uncleanliness of the vehicles, I'll pay the little extra and go back to Enterprise

Joshua Friedman

Johnny Shaw

No problems

Clara Morgan

Filippo vs

Ramy Basnillo

The group at the Texarkana Airport are a Great group of people.

Barbara Sheppard


Gave me nice new vehicle but I use avis more than use my own truck. Dropped off 1215am no one at drop off to take vehicle had to go inside get paperwork then back out then back in to return. Maybe just cause so late

Honest Movers

Mark is outstanding. Never had any problem.Very respectful and goes beyond the call of Duty to ensure customer service .They will be my car company for as long as I am in Athens. !!!!

Racheal Whigham

diego ramírez

Emiliano Lasry

This company keep charging me for toll that I didn’t use , so be carful With your credit card .

Ted Hogan

The rental Agent, Jordan Sutton, is a huge detriment to an otherwise fantastic company. He is rude and smug, did not inform me he was authorizing my card for a $100 deposit until after he had done it and then when I mentioned that it would have been nice to have been informed of that before hand, he responded "I've been doing this for 30 years and you're the first person to complain about it, perhaps if you can't afford the $100 deposit you shouldn't be renting a vehicle." I'm renting a car on a shoestring budget to get home to Florida to surprise my elderly, sick mother for her birthday. Shame on you Jordan Sutton and shame on Avis for allowing someone with a less than impressive customer service record continue to represent their company.

Dewey Johnston

Very good program for one way rental to airport. Thanks

United Public Radio

Car was dirty lady was rude

Beckie Bentley

Joey Beavers

Good friendly service.

Blake Warr

This is how I roll.. with honesty. Red head blue eyed chick did her best. I think. Jeremy should have been audited. But I'll give er a two out of five

Woo Woo

Tammy Crittenden

Rachael Kirby

They were very efficient, but the car I got had a complicated system to start it. It was dark when my flight arrived and the previous driver had turned off all the interior lights. It actually took me about 20 minutes in the parking lot to figure out how to start the car, turn on the lights, turn on the AC, and get going. Also had a lot of trouble driving in the rain at night. Windshield wipers left a film that reflected when lights were shined at my car, so I was blinded every time another car was in the oncoming lane in front of me.

Dr. Dave Popple

This is the easiest rental car experience I have ever had. Car was better than expected and the staff was great.


(Translated by Google) As last year in New York, very good agency, nevertheless a little disappointed we have to reserve a vehicle for 12h and it was not there before 14:30, we were offered a temporary vehicle to wait and we did not regret we thank the representative AVIS for small gesture (Original) Comme l’année passée à New York, très bonne agence, néanmoins un peu déçu nous avons réserver un véhicule pour 12h et il n’était pas là avant 14h30, on nous a proposer un véhicule temporaire pour patienter et on ne l’a pas regretter on remercie la représente AVIS pour se petit geste

Kenny Busby

Ms. Minor

I have used this car rental facility for almost a year. Regular customer. I've had minor issues with them in the past but the same recurring issue has resurfaced. They have to have a credit card to hold the charge which I don't mind but I always specifically ask them not charge it but to charge my debit card when I return and on 2 seperate occasions they've done so. The first time I let it pass the second time I called for an explination and got nothing but "I wasn't there" by Brittani the manger. But you were the one who did it first time months prior. But see, it doesn't matter. When I GIVE MY debit card to your employee Katherine and TOLD her to charge my debit card, common sense should have moved her to do so..... And Brittani tells me had I contacted them within the 48 hour mark I could've had it reversed. But see the funny thing is... I actually did. I contacted the store Sunday and they never answered. Not only that but the 48 hour mark would have been Monday at 2 pm anyway. I called Monday morning to resolve the issue when the 48 hours wasn't even met yet. I love Avis and pay extra then the competition as a company because they do produce quality cars.... but I will NEVER return to this location. For me to give my business to them regularly just to be treated rudely for an issue that was their fault without any regard to how it will affect their regular customer there's no benefit for me to continue to use them.

Jeff Schofield

Counter staff need some help providing customer service promptly and with a smile - like their customers are not inconveniencing them. This would go a long way in improving the rental experience at this particular location. Shuttle driver and parking lot assistant were great!

Doris Saavedra

Fast service and good customer service. There were 12 customers ahead of me but it took me only 15 minutes to be on my way

Captain Spock

I have rented here twice in the past year. the cars are always clean. the guy at the counter is excellent. he is quick, efficient and very knowledgeable. I am so satisfied i will no longer go to any of the other local car rental agencies. no one else in town compares to the this guy's level of excellence.

Raul Velazquez

Customer service

Brandon Taylor

Lowboy 29

Veronica Crut

Christine Palochak

Convenient, quick process. After hours drop off would be helpful since they close at 1pm on Sunday. Car interior could have been cleaner; some stains on seats and crumbs on floor. Otherwise an easy transaction

Chase Campbell

Clean place ..... nice friendly staff

LaWanda Reid

Mark is awesome! Nice selections of cars .

Laura Goss

Darlene Stewart

The manager was beyond rude. I reserved my car, when I got to the location I was told they didn't have any cars and that I could go over to Enterprise. I told the man I was dropped off and said it was that far to walk. Never, Never again

Karen Wasko

I don't remember the Lady at the counter but she was fabulous. Also Andre was pleasant, very helpful, and gracious. I am Handicapped. and both were positive pleasant and willing to serve. A true testament to Great Service and Avis' name. Congratulations on the fine Employees. Karen Wasko.

Diana Akkerman

Ricky Morison

Very helpful and friendly service.

Florencia Salvio

al monster

Service was good but the car I got stank of cigarettes and vaping and was horrible. My other car was perfect.

Marquise Reynolds

If I could give this place no stars I would. Horrible experience. My reservation was cancelled without my knowledge and I wasn't accommodated right before I was set to go on vacation.

J. Jackson

This is a trash location. They never have your vehicle on site and will not offer a simple apology. The service is deplorable and they should not be allowed to conduct business.

Jon Golding

Very nice staff!

paul appling

Worked out nicely

Thomas Kenney Jr

Avis is my primary choice for car rentals. Their customer service acumen is unmatched by their competitors and their selection of vehicles is bold, exciting and competitively priced.

Keenan Gradoville

The car was nice. Got upgraded and was waiting for me in the preferred space which matched the emailed location. However the shuttle took maybe 20 mind to pick us up to take is back to the terminals. There were probably >20 waiting in the heat for it. There was another shutter parked with the driver outside just talking. Don't know what happened but I do know I was standing outside for awhile and it was >95°F today.

Stephanie Triggiani

Long time Avis member and I am now ending that relationship thanks to the horrible experience with Avis in Philadelphia today. Went to return my car and there were no attendants even through it was 4pm. Me and a bunch of others just left our cars there because our flights were leaving soon. I just checked the Avis app and my car has not been marked as “returned” even though I returned it over 4 hours ago. Called the desk in Philly 5 times and each time it hung up on me so I called the main customer service line and was told they can’t help me. Avis you’re doing it all wrong and you’ve now lost another customer! And if I find out that the car is missing I will go to the media.

Oscar Cabrera

Dont come to this place you ganna lose money.

Glenn Mishler

Cole Imhuelsen

Rating will change if you answer the phone. I have called 3 times now

Keia Story

Didn't have to wait very long and was satisfied with the overall experience. Only cmplaint would be, the lack of attendants.


Tatiana Tomich

If I could give this Avis location a lower rating, I would. The woman at the front desk had the worst customer service that I have ever witnessed in my life. If I knew her name, I would tell you but she refused to even tell us her name. She charged for four days instead of two, completed the reservation under the wrong name and charged the credit card under that name. She then went on to charge $560 charge for a TWO DAY reservation. When we went to ague the charge, she told us she could not find any record of the charges. We are completely confused because our card was charged for $560. She cannot refund any money because it is all in "corporates hands now". WHAT?? We asked for her general managers name. She can't give us that. Finally we get his number, but he is out of town. Why are there customer service representatives at those desks if they are going to be completely incompetent? This woman took absolutely no responsibility for: 1. Wrong dates of the reservation. 2. Wrong name on the reservation. 3. A $560 charge on our credit card for a TWO day reservation. This is still unresolved. Do NOT go to this Avis office. Find a different rental car company, please.

Alan Hickerson

The receptionist didn’t even greet me coming up to the counter. Didn’t say a word to me. Just scanned my card and asked if I wanted a receipt. Didn’t tell me were the car was? Had to ask her twice! The she had attitude like I was bothering her about it! Then 12 days later! I get an email about etolls had no idea that this would be a responsibility of mine. Which is fine but it would have been great to know to even look for it. As a government employee it is needed to know this kind of thing for reimbursement. I will me selecting other rentals from now on!

Carol Kaiserian

Great experience. Fast friendly service. Nice car.

Micah Johnson

Got an upgrade without asking, they were short on the car I wanted. I found a few empty but sealed drink bottles underneath the seats, and the drivers side inner door panel needed a wipe down. Also, they do not have an after hours drop off...this would have been EXTREMELY helpful. Other than that the car, price, and ease of rental could not have been better.


Waiting half an hour for a shuttle. Already saw three Enterprise shuttles, Payless, Hertz and Budget. Trying to call Avis and they hang up. Thanks Avis. 4th Enterprise bus now.

Angelica Gutierrez


Robert ONeill

Great vehicle and pretty darn good serice! Good job guys!!!

Ashley Miller

When we booked the car online they gave us an estimate of $126 for a one day rental. We get to the center to get our car and they charge us $260.

Sonja B

Busses run often, they are clean and friendly. The rental office is well-kept, and the people are extremely helpful. This was a great visit. Highly recommend!

Nicole Samulovitch


The fat cuban guy who receives the cars in the parking lot in the back is extremely disrespectful. Worst service in town. Stay away.

erica smith

Waited in the rain for the shuttle to come. All the other rental car shuttles had come several times over, but no Avis. Called local Avis number a few times, but it just kept ringing.

Farmer Brown

Very Best place to go for a rental vehicle, they will take care of you.

John C

Friendly staffs and quick process.

Flossie Jackson

Great customer service!

li cheng

Nice service and car was very clean.


Blaze Amador

Nice and clean. And they gave us a vehicle that fit our needs. Also helped return my phone to me!

Nando Fuselli

Good luck trying to talk to someone on the phone when you call. I loved being rerouted to their International line, where they are telling me I need to talk to these guys. 9 hrs trying to get a hold of someone out of this location, and nothing. I have a better relationship with the International office who's heard my gripe. All 10 of you from Miguel, Jay, Chris, and so forth you guys need to employ more people at this god awful location. How about a fax line? How about an alternate number, seeing you are so slammed.

Sheterra S.

Love this place.. Brittani and her staff rocks!!

rajan tunwal

Stuck in The line after long wait for 30 mins already , only 1 agent at 7 am morning . No one has any courtesy of their time or customer . Wait I just heard they have no cars

sherri schaber

Had reservations, walked 1 1/2 miles there and was told they had no cars! If I could give less than one star I would.

Mark DiPalmo

Great customer service. Quick returns

Jason Lindgren

Good place to rent a car quick and eady

Alan Truex

Service was great. Someone helped me at the airport too being as I traveled with my 2 year old daughter alone with a ton of luggage. Thank you!

Max Chanoch

Very rude.

Daniel Ward, MD Hip and knee Replacement wardo

I don’t write reviews but I Rented in Aspen, CO. From showing up at the counter to driving away was less than 3 minutes? I returned the car and it was even faster. Why can’t all rentals be like this experience! The guy at the counter was very nice and very quick. Maybe a lesson for others to learn from.

Merv's Roofing

The price was higher than they said it would be and the car was the worst I ever rented. Then a month later they charged my card for an additional $11 for no given reason. Low life scum company and very disrespectful

Taco Ron

Slow counter service and the lady only seemed friendly when the transaction was just about done. Almost as though she hates working with the public. Took 20 minutes for them to pull a car forward because it was being "serviced". Looked like the customer dropped it off...the rinsed it off (it was dripping wet but still filthy)...and then drove it around the building to us. The guy got out and walked away. We walked across the driveway to the car because it was the same model car as our paper work but different color. Checked the license plate and it matched so we drove away with it. The ONLY good customer service we received from Avis was from the lady in the bus that picked us up from the airport. She was outstanding. To be honest, I will probably not use Avis again. Seemed extremely unprofessional.

Sharen Torain

This car rental is much more economical and hassle free rental

Susana Bello

(Translated by Google) Very nice car and reasonable price (Original) Muy lindo coche y precio razonable

Eugene McClellon

Tony Alford

It's a good place to go rent a car service is good

Or Ben-Ari

Really bad and unresponsive service. Car was fine

Katherine Jaks

Told me they had vehicles available. I walked 30 miles to get there (which I told them on the phone I was doing), just to get there and be told they have no vehicles available. Thank you for wasting my time!

Derek Sinclair

It's a car. It was ok. My rental Hyundai Elantra had 38000 miles on it and was a bit grubby. Everything was just "OK". Friendly lady at the counter. The staff they have moving the cars around need to stop scowling though. I travel a lot and avis is my last resort car rental company I'm afraid.

Ted Batycki

Had car trouble on a Sunday while visiting Flagstaff and had a great experience renting a car here so my family could still play in the snow. Service was great and they had a good selection of cars to choose from. They made it easy to return the car after hours and I was happy my family trip was saved. Thanks.

Ragnhild Kosmo Holm

Got a dirty car (both outside and inside), the car needed service 2000 miles ago, and one tire was leaking air so that we needed to get it filled after two-three days. (Was low again when we handed in the car). We paid extra to get a car from Avis because we have had good experience with them before. But this time they were no better than the low cost car rentals.

Robert McGuire

Drove a new, excellent Toyota Tacoma

Petr Usatyuk

I use only best car service Luxury From Denver International Airport to Vail na to Aspen Inter Mountain Express – luxury car service, Denver Airport Limo transportation Private SUV & limo to/from Denver Airport Vail Aspen

Oles Grinchak

Car rentals can be tough and take some time. If its busy you may have to wait for your ride but the awesome thing is the AVIS shuttles that take you straight to the rental location from the Philly airport. Renting online is also a breeze. When you're ready to drop off your vehicle, leave your keys inside when you pull into an available space in the drop-off line and that's it!

lou bell

Great car,great price and excellent pick up drop off service.

Vijay Ram

Worst service ever, not helpful at well. Wanted to upgrade and add coverage but said that I have to contact the main agency to change anything. Hated it, never again.

Aiyman Khan

Josh Engel

Line is long. One person at the counter. A 2nd person is in and out. From what I am hearing, they have very little availability. Will not come back.

Rob Carey

Reliable staff and service. Have cars already picked out. I am always recognized as a Preferred renter. They follow the simple system pick the newest cars ahead of time, take care of and notice Preferred renters and finally ensure a fast check out.

Charanda Nash

Nice simply quick and easy!

Nicole Bies-Hernandez

Bruno Wertheim

I Had a reservation for a certain car category, and when I got to the agency to pickup the car, the manager delivered a different car category (downgrading the one I had reserved). He barely looked at me, and just said that The rate was too low for that car The car I had before was there waiting for us, and still He didn’t honor the resevation that was made through avis website! I have all the documents and photos to proof, and I am suing Avis for that. Manager was very rude, and leave me talking alone.

William Adam

30 minute wait seems excessive.

Thomas Harris

very unprofessional

Chris Sparnicht

I have never been to Avis Car Rental. It's alarming that Google seems to think I have. Has somebody used my name at Avis car rental?" is the question that comes up. So Google, do you know something I don't? This request to rate Avis won't go away unless I do this, so I'm giving them a medium-grade since I don't know anything about them.

Patrick Heßler

Absolutley bad. We never had any trouble with car rentals besides this one. 1. They didn't have a single car in the category we had a reservation for. 2. They "upgrade" us to a category we don't want(because of the bags we have) and refuse an upgrade to a class we would need for the bags. 3. They won't let you chose the car you want yourself (from the category) but assign you one without any information, which lead us to several cars that we couldn't use. 4. Since they just assign you a car you don't know you have to go back inside, wait for someone to be ready and then resign all the papers for "changing the car" even though you didn't choose any yet. 5. The customer service got really bad even though it was THEIR FAULT we caused this "trouble"... I've told her the trunk space we need several times and they kept giving us cars not meeting those requirements and then get angry that we don't "want" the car?!? 6. To top everything off... after over an hour of trying to get our car, a guy, in the exact car I asked for an hour ago (because I knew it was in the category we booked and I knew the bags fit because we had the car 2 weeks ago at Alamo) just drives off right in front of us... over an hour later than it should've been we drove off in a car we didn't want, or like, that barely met our requirements. Would give 0 stars if possible.

John Brice III

Esmeralda Garcia-Orosco

Avis rental was really easy to book! We got good value for a Kia Forte that was very useful for navigating around even though I booked it minutes before we picked the car up. The whole process was very easy to go through for us. I do wish Avis gave discounts for triple A membership, that would be a huge plus

Jesse Daniels

Only 1 star because I can't get it any lower. This is my only adult experience being truly treated like garbage by a local office of a national corporation. They charged us $816 for a $500 rental agreement that was in writing. Sara the store manager was exceptionally rude and hung up on us when questioned about the fraudulent charge. Thankfully Avis national customer service was wonderful looked at our contract and refunded us instantly. WOW! BEWARE OF THIS LOCATION - DON'T GO HERE!!!

Araam Mamali

Too much waiting in the line. I’m carrying two carry on bags and another big bag. They made us wait about 40 mins! I’m getting late for work!! There are 12 desks only two people are working here!! They need to hire more people at the front desk.

Kody McCarville

I use Avis for work all the time and the staff at the Philly airport are friendly and hard working. Thank all y'all again.

Diana C. Beltran

Free upgrade! Yeah!

Divine Web Marketing

Staff are wonderful, easy pick up and drop off. Very accommodating and authentically / genuinely friendly. Awesome experience. 5 stars.

Mepsie Mopar

Great service. Fast. Just book through something like hotwire to save a few hundred.

Tatiana Diatlova

SheShe 903

Evans Caj.


Positive experience. Always well-packaged cars!

Lowell Jett Jr

A great car. This one had only 9 miles when I picked it up. Thanks!

Stephanie H.

Very confusing location to find, but once you locate the actual rental office (inside a mall), no problems.

Kevin Biasi

good deal

Franklin Martinez

Awesome and friendly place, never been dissapointed.

Daniel Tripovich

Car was new, clean and ready to go. Staff were well organised.

Lilly Denson

deb jose

Jayraj Naidu

Bad experience- Long line and rude staff. Also, the car rental I got was old and dirty from inside.

Michael Bunn

Not a nice person working there on weekends, she is rude, judgemental and doesn't care if she helps or not. Will not offer any customer service service that should be offered very rude and unprofessional! Always used this location in the past years but due to that one person really would hesitate to come there again.

Michael Acanfora

Friendly staff but not enough of them.

James Morphet

Took 3 attempts to give me the car I paid for. Did not tell me i had to refuel before returning

James A Bauer

Quick and easy place to rent a car. The staff is extremely friendlyand the process to rent a vehicle was very quick. I would recommend this location to rent a vehicle to anyone in the Athens areas. Located within the Sears retail store on the side with the mechanic shop.

Ad Ba

I was in a rush and I did not notice that the car I got had a bad odor, it was smelling like the previous driver never turned on the AC, just for everyone's reference if you get a versa from Florida that now smells good you can say thanks to me

Jody Burress

For an hour the only employee was gone, out of sight, with the Avis room just open, no notice on the desk, nothing, during business hours with the door open. He slowly moped back in, no uniform, badge or anything indicating that he was an employee and didn't even ask if I needed help until I insisted. How do people like this keep a job? (This would be okay if there was some message indicating he would be back, but leaving an office empty and open with no notice and no-one to check it periodically is just lazy)

Raphael Crawford

This Avis is so slow. The shuttle buses are so infrequent it can be over a 30 minute wait on both ends. I use Avis all over the world, and this one is the slowest.

James Griffiths

Easy to work with if you have corporate rates. Cars are limited at this location and tend towards dirty. My car had not been cleaned inside or out for a while. Easy pick up and drop off

Dzire Moore

Usually a long wait. And the attitudes vary.

Michael Passanissi

I rent cars often through Avis in different states. The PHX location had no clue how to extend my plan for one day, and said they would call back (It's been an hour).The international call center also sucked, I could barely understand the Indian gentleman, and they try to upcharge as much as possible. So, I called this Flagstaff location I used once before and Sarah whipped right through to help me out. She was an absolute pleasure with great experience and customer service!

Loretta Dunn

The rental of the car went very well. The car itself was absolutely wonderful and worth the price. It was the returning of the call and the phone in customer service that was horrible.

Tim Bates

Sharon-you did so much for my client recently in a time of need. Well done!

ignat ignatik

Marcio Geraldo de Carvalho

Kim Kaszycki


Great place

Nathanaël Gaumeton

(Translated by Google) Rental for the day (ie 24H) .. or should I say 8 hours .. it's the same price! Good for the car, no problem .. just for a little strong in terms of duration of loc .. it is certainly due to the small size of the agency and therefore the number of vehicles available. (Original) Location pour la journée (soit 24H).. ou devrais-je dire 8 heures.. c'est le même prix ! Bon pour la voiture, pas de problème.. juste pour un peu fort en terme de durée de loc.. c'est certainement du à la petite taille de l'agence et donc au nombre de véhicule disponible.

Rheleah Bond

I love Avis, they have the best cars and the prices are great

Wendy Pagel

My Cowboys' fan in the Eagles world was extremely kind, patient and helpful. I was having a rough morning. She brightened my day. The customer service was awesome. Thank you very much!!

Celines Khan

I had a wonderful experience with Avis at west Aspen ave. They save the day when hertz on E Huntington,flagstaff AZ. Failed to tell me my reservations was cancel bc of no cars. Avis rent a car compared the price and extended the service for a week extra. Our truck broke down right before xmas n pricess everywhere were ridicules. Even being high prices Avis at aspen still gave the best price.. Thanks Avis at w aspen ave. Tears of joy are not enough to show you how grateful I am for doing what you guys did for us. Especially since I had no winter coat n we have a 5yr old daughter with special needs. thanks alot..

Neil Cameron

Waited for nearly 20 mins at 11pm for the shuttle from the terminal. Watched 4 national, 3 enterprise 2 sixth 3 Hertz shuttles go by before 1 avis bus showed up with a driver who was deep in conversation on the phone with a friend. Hope he was having a good evening. I have a 45 min drive to my hotel....

Kevin Nguyen

Terrible service, they do not communicate well with car problems with their customers. Multiple instances where our pickup car was not there, then drove an hour to a second location just to be sent elsewhere. Very dissatisfied with services from Avis. Will never rent again.

Papaya Sunset

We made a reservation in the category of "Ford Fiesta or similar". We went to pick up the car before our trip and we got offered a Smart car, which was highly dangerous to drive during stormy weather conditions at that time. We made another reservation for a Chevrolet and went back to the pick up point to be told that they would not rent us a car because they had none available. We said there was an entire lot full of cars - the response to that was that these were for people that had made reservations. Well, we had made two. It somewhat puzzles me how can they overbook in that way. We had planned an entire day full of attractions outside of Miami and they all had to get cancelled. Additionally, the service person at that location was really unfriendly and unprofessional. We heard him speaking Spanish to other customers so we would also speak Spanish - he replied in English with an attitude. We DO NOT RECOMMEND AVIS because you may get there and be told they have no vehicle for you. They should retrain their customer service personnel and get a major software update of their online booking system.

Phillip Yno

Made my reservation online and was outta there quick and easy.

Justin Sr Kane

Great service... even the Bus Man was super helpful, and Counter folks nice, polite, the young Man at Exit gate, engaging, funny and pleasant,... and on return, was a breeze... just all the extra fees are brutal !!! Philly, ya done good...!! I'll be back!

Jeremy Fretz

Only complaint here is that the shuttle driver was not wearing a seatbelt and noticeably paying attention to his phone while driving. I'm not going to throw the guy under the bus (pun intended) on the internet but Avis should review safety policies with all their employees, would be a shame to have someone get hurt because a shuttle driver was texting while the bus was moving. Otherwise I generally have good experience with Avis and enjoy the 'preferred' member process of having a car pre-assigned and 'grab and go' at the lot.

Laverne Cheeseboro

Just dont like that they double the rates for extended days

Douglas Dukelow

Gloria Maricich

Drop off procedure confusing and irritating. They wanted me to leave the car NOT under the Return Car canopy and walk to the bus stop in the rain. Not cool.

Malachi Malay

Great staff and prices

Kris Ken

My best rental company. They pick me up!

Travis Versher

Quick drop off. Good service.

William Williams

Robert James

Car not at the location written down. She directed me to P19 but the car in the system printed said Q19. A small inconvenience but I was able to get help from another attendant outside to find it.

Michael Prevatte

Great service

Zee Dhanani

Bill is excellent. Awesome service, my go-to every time I’m in Athens.

Michael Mayer

Last Friday (June 2016) we rented a F-150 four wheel drive truck and were very pleased to receive a vehicle in excellent condition that met all of our needs and was immediately parked outside. We had some issues with making the on-line reservation and ended up calling into the Aspen airport location directly, where a courteous staff member assisted us with making the reservation. Overall a very positive experience.



Employees were alright... cars are awful! Dirty, smelly and stained. We go out to the first car they gave us and it smelt like smoke so they were nice and gave us a different one well the second one had stains all on the seats, crumbs everyone and a lingering smell of McDonald’s and sweat. We had to get going and decided to not trade the second one out. Just really dispointed for what we paid for. Do not use them!

Melissa P

Upon departure I noticed the tank of gas was 1/4 full while the paperwork noted a full tank of gas. There was a man in the lot moving cars, who took it right away and remedied this. Had I not noticed or say anything, I would have had to pay quite a bit for gas that I was not responsible for. I was thankful for him fixing this. When I returned with a full tank, they still kept a charge on the account to fill it. I also pointed this out and it was remedied by the man accepting the car back in. He was also exceptionally helpful with my bags. The shuttle driver was great as she checked on my flight status and also assisted with my bags. This is a tough review. The professionalism and caring attitude from the staff I discussed was remarkable, but you as a customer need to keep close attention to the details as you could lose some money if you have the same situations I encountered. It's possible I would rent from them again but with my eyes wide open.

David Vansickle

Reserved a car online around 8am, around 9:55 We were pulling up after a $45 cab ride and got a call that they didn't have any vehicles. We went inside to talk to them. They just said they don't know how we booked it cause they don't have anything. No apologies. My wife said what about our $45 dollar cab bill. He replied "What do you want me to do? I can't do anything about that!" Rude tone, and annoyed we were speaking to him.

Mary Allen

Misinforming staff and hidden charges. Customer service is not helpful. Will never use this car rental service again and will tell others the same.

Paul B

Friendly service, and great car. It’s a small range of cars, no choice, but was given a great option. The family loved it and it took all my luggage and four people. UK family has fallen in love with the great US name of Dodge, Thanks.

Anthony Scafidi

Long wait for car. Car has hole in rug on driver side. Driver side seat was broken and did not go all the way back. Rear view mirror was warped giving me a distorted view. Car had no upgrade features. I only gave them two stars because the car did have Android Auto.

John T

Courteous friendly staff and easy pick up and drop off

Ronne Haag

This is one time I would like to put zero stars. My Rental agreement through Priceline (Confirmation # 00392155US1) was for 4 days @ 35.70 = 172.50 We were about 10 minutes late before the Athens GA location had closed and no where to drop off the keys securely, so I kept the car one more day. I got a call from the agent in the morning and explained this and she told me I'd be charged 1 additional day. We arrived and turned in the car, the same agent that called asked if I needed a receipt. Thinking one additional day (35.70) was going to added to my total I expected see a charge between $210-$220, not $297. So I went back to obtain a receipt to discover the daily rate was different, and I was charged for 2 extra days not 1 like I was told. I believe the rate I should be charged is my reservation rate of 35.70 (which includes taxes and fees. It should only be for 5 days not 6 like the agent told my I'd be charged for so that my total bill should be around the $200, not $300. Avis Response - after thanking me for choosing Avis and reviewing my case... However, we show that your rental was for 4 days and you used it for 5 day and 1 hour, based on our research, you were provided with the correct rate and no adjustment is due. My Frustration is - How is this correct?

Nika Popa

We made a reservation 2 weeks ago. When we made this they don’t ask for a credit card. We received a confirmation that the car is rent. Today when we arrived at airport to pickup the car, no one was at the cashier. We waiting for someone, and then he came, he just said us: you cannot take the car, and confirmation about rent doesn’t matter. And that’s it. We will lose our plain from Vegas. “Thank you” Avis for this “good” experience!!!!!

S Muller

very easy in and out. No issues. Would certainly use them again.

Cathy Woodbury

Great experience and ease of picking up the car!

Pablo Vargas

Cord Krohn

Found a good deal online and ended up with a better car than I expected (although it was an SUV and not a sedan like I was expecting). Check-in and out was simple and fairly fast.

Rodney Clark

Got in and got gone good deal

Kishna James

Lauren Copeland

Don’t waste your time. Never heard of a car rental place with no cars, at ANY location. Liars- claim they are calling and confirming. Not.

Derek Rodenbeck

What a shame I have to rate this Avis 1 star. I rent from Avis a TON too, I have another rental I'm about to book but for the first time ever, I'm thinking of going with a different company because of this Avis' actions. I had a month long rental from this location and for the most part I was happy with the rental! I showed up and there were some screw ups, but hey- we are human and I'd like to think of myself as an understanding guy. They got fixed, and I was on my way. About half way through my rental I get a phone call asking to read the key fob number. Apparently they lost something on their end. Still no big deal. I returned the vehicle a happy customer a few weeks later and then a month goes by and I got an extra cleaning bill in my email. $150 bucks! The car was not returned in any condition to warrant the bill because if it was- I would have happily just paid it. So, beware- seems this Avis might try to steal from you. I would highly recommend looking at a different car company or even trying the Turo app. Avis: recommendation. Don't nickel and dime your loyal customers, don't cheat any customers. Keep it up and services like Turo will do to you what happened to the hotel and taxi industry. This bad experience has also lost you business, the 150 dollars you are trying to charge me will now cost you $1000.00s because, POOF-- you lost my trust- and me as a customer. Beware: Avoid.

Victoria A Simmerson

Hope Key


William Helmstadter

Employees are great. Cars are clean and ready on time. Easy parking if you need to leave your car.

Alison zhan

T Robinson

The select of vehicles are slim to none. Their also higher than other locations.

Dick Williams

Easy rental experience. The downtown Flagstaff Avis location was a two block walk from the Weatherford Hotel where we stayed after arriving late nite on Amtrak - also two blocks from the Weatherford. Quick check out - car was as requested and we were on our way with no delays. Returned to Phoenix - good rental experience.

Michael Chia

Lived up to the reviews, lady behind counter was horrible. If you are trying to return a car here you go into the parking structure, floor 5, look for Avis spots, keep your parking ticket, and remember your mileage. Their desk is on first floor by escalator. If you don’t do all of that, the lady behind the desk will make snide, sarcastic comments under her breath

Brendan G

The most unhelpful customer service experience ever. I highly recommend Go Rentals instead. The belligerent customer service representative refused to put the manager on the phone to help resolve the issue.

Joost Scheepers

Juliana Cardoso

I’d give them zero starts if I could. My husband and I went to this location to rent a car and the lady at the desk, Anne, was extremely rude. We kindly asked her a mere question of whether we were at the correct place to rent a car and she responded, “Oh no, I am just here to have fun”. Why would an employee respond in such a condescending way? This is a touristic place visited mostly by people who are not familiar with the area, the minimum expected is that they’d be be somewhat understanding of that fact. How disrespectful and disappointing. We will not be coming back and will share our experience with everyone we know.

Bianca Gonsalves

The worst Avis location... avoid PHL. Gas tank was half full, dented front hood, dirty interior, and this was the THIRD car that I looked at. I didn’t realize the dented hood until after I left. They were nice about cleaning the interior since it was leather, but all 3 cars were dirty! Not the first time I’ve been disappointed with this location. I wish I could give 0 stars

Davey Reyes

Staff is professional and courteous. Ebony and Britney are very customer service oriented.

Jonathan Feliciano

I rented a vehicle over the weekend from Avis/Budget of waterbury. I'd like to express the great experience from this location. Thank you Erin for the great service and accommodating us with our reservation. We will be coming back to this location from now on. Much appreciation!

Leslie Pinkney

It was the worst experience ever at car rental .won't be going back to avis to rent a car. Overcharge me on out of state rentals.


They gave us a decent car, but Annie/Anne the lady at the counter was so rude. Me: is the car cleaned up? Her: I do not have a x-ray that goes 5 floors to tell you that. Another lady at the counter seemed much nicer.

Henry Whaley

My over all experience with Avis was very good. My only problem was with the Avis employee at the front desk. She seemed to have an attitude. And I hate not being served with a smile and a upbeat personality when I spending my hard earned money.

Edward Millard

because all of your employees are top notch pleasant willing to go overboard to satisfy me in every way


I REALLY should have taken the previous reviews into consideration. The vehicle selection and The customer service WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. (Front desk girl: Vianna) was EXTREMELY rude both at check in AND check out. At check in I thought she was just having a bad day but check out was worse. Her ENTIRE mood changed after I declined any add ons. She even changed the initial vehicle that she offered me (I saw her put the keys back in the drawer and pick another set while mumbling "I'll just give her this 1". Her excuse was it was a "complimentary upgrade". I said no thank you because I REALLY needed leg room, not more trunk space. At check out she attempted to charge me $100 more because she did not read the notes from customer service # for running 35 mins behind. She had me standing nearly 30 mins and even checked other customers out, while stopping my check out process voluntarily. I asked what was the issue and she raised her voice at me saying " I SAID I'm taking care of it. I just wanted to know what was taking so long- it was just a vehicle return. That is NO WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER. I will NEVER GO BACK THERE EVER AND DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL! Will be contacting corporate tomorrow

Bettina Cain

Curtis Gipson

The agents at the Texarkana Airport is so friendly and helpful Avis is the way to go.

Pam Chappell

Scott Corrow

Very quick, efficient and courteous. Shuttle drivers were extremely helpful with luggage and such.

Joe Collins

Excellent team works here.

Joshua Krause

Pavel Push

Large and bright facility with very uncomfortable stuff and slow processing. I do believe more or less you can say about any rental cars services at any airports but still, Avis at Philly Airport seems the worst. Be aware of car selection and time you spending here.

Humzah Ali

The staff were friendly and helpful. Very quick service and had no issues at pick-up and drop-off

Bilal Nasir

Avis at the airport is very efficient and big inventory of all types of vehicles. I got my SUV switched there.

Jim Bo

If you plan to rent a car here with a debit card, you're going to have to pass a credit check. They won't tell you that when you're making the reservation, they'll wait until you think you're picking up the car and then surprise you. Go to Enterprise.

Manuz senno

Rodney Watson

Excellent service

Heidi Shyu

Quick to pick up a car but the computer was not working when I returned the car and I was told to stand in the long line to get a receipt.

Robert Root

CHEERS to the team that saved our honeymoon after our Turo vehicle needed a tow. Last minute vehicle, good price , very helpful and friendly staff . This experience can trump any negative review below for sure

Cassie Juliano

Everything went well, no issues at all.

Karen Devlin

Not one person at the airport, but treated like I was the last of 100 angry people.

Ellie Simpson

Never again lied about rates and gave miss information changed contract!

garrof gratch

I made an over the phone reservation and went to pick up the car at the Georgia Buford Mill location. The place had no cars available and the one person there said she could help me at all and that I needed to check my reservation to make sure I had the right place. I went outside to check by calling customer service and got a confirmation from the automated system that I had the right location. I went to go back into the store for help and the door was locked and the woman who helped nowhere in sight. I called the number listed for immediate help left on the door and when I talked to the woman (who turned out to be the one that just left "for lunch") she told me "I WILL NOT see you I don't have any cars and I can't help you" then hung up. It took me many phone calls and another 2 hours to get my rental transferred to another location and then when i went to that location after failing 3 times to get them on the phone to confirm they had a car, THEY ALSO DIDN'T have the economy car I had reserved and I was forced to rent an SUV that I didn't need for $20 more dollars per day. I will never be using Avis again

Brian Patrick

In and out fairly quickly. Car functioned as expected. Drop off was quick and easy.


Lindsey García

charged me a refueling fee when they provided my rental with ONLY a quarter of a tank! I returned it exactly how they gave it to me. I have been calling this location for 2 weeks now and no one answers!

Benjamin Lakselv

For the most part the employees were really nice. We made a reservation a week in advance, so the car was ready when we arrived. Our reservation was prepaid and there were no hidden fees for us to pay upon arrival. The man who welcomed us inside and did the paper work was friendly, but the guy outside who showed us the car didn't say much. We would have appreciated getting some basic information about the car (ex. Fuel type) before leaving, but he basically just gave us the key and sent us off. We handed the car in at MIA due to their 24/7 opening hours. This was easy and convenient, plus we were met by a VERY friendly guy who even recommended us places to visit for our remaining time in Miami. Finally we met a woman from Avis inside who was also super friendly. We left with a great impression of Avis at MIA.


I've rented from here several times. Staff is always friendly..Staff always informs me of policy changes and better deals for a comfortable ride..

brooke staggs-greer

Tove Pettersson

(Translated by Google) Good service (Original) Bra service

Deana Harden

Easy to work with

TonkaTuff Bear

I don't know how they rent cars, no one ever answers the phone. Along with the other reviews, I ducked a bullet. I strongly recommend you look else where.

Dawn Dishman

Katie Tiedemann

The ladies at philly helped me out so much! I'm military and they helped me get home to my family after my flight was cancelled. Thank you so much!

Theresa Dang

We told them we didn’t want insurance but they still charged us for it. Came back and spoke to the manager and they said to not worry about it because we apparently already paid for it when we pre-paid for the rental. Well if that’s the case, then fine. When we returned the car, it was charged and showed up on the final statement.

Brian Clarke

i have been going to the place around the corner (i won't mention names) for 28 years. a year ago or so they got new owners. i can't stand the new owners so i went on a search for a new rental agency. i first tried the place down the street. the employees there are what you expect to find at hot dog on a stick at the mall... slow and clueless. it was a terrible experience dealing with them. then i tried avis. i assume the man at the counter is the franchise owner judging by his knowledge and ability. he gets you out of there quickly and explains any rental related issues clearly and easy to understand. i have been there several times now. have never had an issue with a car. good cars, excellent counter service and competitive prices. i will look no further. i found my new rental agency. i highly recommend this place. wish i had found out about this place sooner. sincerely, a totally satisfied customer

Polo Solis

Vasquez Services LLC

Paul Lichtsinn

Convenient. Always friendly and provide exactly what I want for a ride

Sean Gahan

Quick return process.

Ralf Pohl

Mike Yadach

The worse of the worse in airport car rental. Avoid Avoid Avoid if all possible at Philadelphia airport. Starts at the counter. Only one person and going at a glacial pace. Be prepared to wait 45 min plus. Many other options to choose from just not Avis

Nigel DeGreat

Rented a car in DC which started having mechanical problems on the road. Manager Sharon Roscoe professionalism, expertise and excellent service swapped out the car with no problems or complaints. She was friendly to everyone in line. Thank frequent customers with small gestures. Thank you Sharon


I just relocated and needed a car to get around until my car was shipped. I rented a car for 6 days. The car ran good, customer service was nice, however an issue aroused when I wanted a ride to my vehicle located only 4 miles, 10min drive away. I was informed that their policy only allows for a 2 mile radius for drop offs. This was an issue as I already paid $500 for the rental and also had to pay for an uber to my vehicle. It is my goal that management can revise this policy with a customer focused outcome.

Leo Harris

Donna Gorman

Best service ever! No need for paperwork. Everything was ready to go when I got there for pick up and also ready for my return. Very smooth process and I would highly recommend Avis to all my friends. The SUV we rented was clean and had great power on the mountains. Donna G from Santa Cruz

Renee Feder

Prentiss Young

Bianca Mlotok

This was our second time renting from this Avis in two months. And Sam remembered us and bar none the best customer service and prices. In fact, we had another car rental and opted out half way and went straight back to him. From now on, we are only going to Sam’s Avis!

Scott Remington

Glenn Koenig

We booked a 1030 car rental, we got to the rental place at 10 and they said we wouldn't be able to get a car until at least 11. We walked two miles to the rental place and had to be checked out of our hotel, I asked them to Uber me back to the hotel so we could check out in time and they offered us no options. It worked out cause we got a late check-out but seems like they could have a policy if they don't have you car on time.

Ov-ekwu Ibiang

It was quick and professional with a very gorgeous skinny young lady who smile herself into and our of thr transaction, yet she is still ethical.

Kris Foster

felix ascona

Price gauging at it's best

Carlos Vecchi

(Translated by Google) excellent treatment Very friendly All resolved in minutes (Original) excelente trato Muy amables Todo resuelto en minutos

Fernaldo Miller

Rented from Philadelphia Avis great customer service!

Rob Shirey

My experiences with Avis at PHL have been about average for Avis. It seems like they have nicer, larger shuttles than other carriers but fewer cause I have to wait longer than any other rental company. They are pretty good about having my vehicle ready when I get there but the last few times, the interiors haven't really been cleaned out or at least not well. Also, generally speaking, Avis' rewards program is fairly useless as you may never see the day you finally get enough for a single, free rental day. All in all, it is fine. I get a car that is generally decent and check in/checkout is easy.

Gary DeBiasi

Rented from Phil. Airport. In Newtown Pa. Check engine light came on. Bensalem branch would not exchange car for another. Said I had to go back to Philly.

Cisso Klaus

David Warner

Beat every one of their competitors as far as I'm concerned. Avis you rock!

Al-Karim Kassam

After a pleasant experience with the Staff inside and a Car being assigned, I was left waiting for 30 minutes for my car to pull up. I was finally instructed by someone to go and speak to the helpful agent who I completed the rental paperwork with, at which time she assigned me another vehicle. What I do not understand is that before you can even sign the paperwork, they need to have a Car assigned to you. So should that car not be already prepared and ready to go? It was not as if it was an extremely busy morning either. Very disappointed with my experience.

Spencer Schnurmanater

chre'tien l

Rent very frequently always great service. Only rent luxury and he always has something nice for me.

Xiangyu Zhou

A friendly reminder: if you choose to return your rental car to here, then you will need to drive up to the 5th floor, then take a picture of your mileage and gas tank, and bring the car key and parking ticket down to the 1st floor where Avis staff are - they are right beside the elevator. The staff were very friendly though.

Raul Vega

This location is the best in Flag. Jeremy is the most professional, and has the best customer service skills ever. I travel alot for my employer, and they always have a car for me, at a great price and I never has issues with the cars, staff, or prices. Jeremy is the best one there, who recently went out of his way to get a car for me, per my requested model, from the airport. As soon as I drove up, he called the driver and she showed up immediately, with the car of my choice. He is awesome and so helpful!! I am supposed to go to another rental place in Flag, per my employer, but I CHOOSE to utilize Avis to meet my traveling needs. They Rock!! Darren is the manager, and he's done a great job training them, and he is always there for me when needed. I can't thank them enough for all the assistance over the last 8 years.

John Santanello

Coming from the airport I always see 2-3 of every other rental car bus before avis finally comes.

Jan Murdoch

Very slow for pickup, but return was easy and Tom, the bus driver, was delightful!

Melanie Hatfield

BEWARE!!! They deceive customers with this offer !!! Read the fine print!!! I was in a car accident (not my fault) I needed to rent a car while the police report was processing it was close to the holidays so a lot of places did not have cars available. I prepaid for my car because it came at a cheaper rate; however if you don’t read the real small fine print they will get you ! The car was not available when I tried to get it and was told they may get a car later that day. I got a call around 3 and was told a car was dropped off but it wasn’t the one I paid for but it’s available. When I went to pick up the car, I was told,” I had to purchase Avis Insurance even though my insurance covers me in a rental car. Avis does not accept other insurance on their cars. I had no choice but to pay 18.00 a day or they would not let me rent the car. The very next day the police report was finally available I was able to start my claim with the other persons insurance company and when I finally heard back from the claims adjuster I told them about my rental and they did not have the contract with them but with another company and I had to return my car back to Avis; when I spoke to agents at the place I rented the car from they lady that answered the phone said it was ok, to go ahead and bring the car back. When I brought the car back immediately I was told I would be refunded back my money for the time I didn’t use and the only charge was for the days I had the car and it would take 7-10 days for the refund to go back to my account. I confirmed this with the rep at the location but it was said in front of several people that I would be refunded for the time I didn’t use because of the situation. Well that didn’t happen and when I called customer service not only where they rude and uncaring they didn’t care about anything other than taking money from people no matter how they get it. I was basically told you agreed to the terms when you prepaid online so tough luck. The supervisor told me he didn’t care the reasons for the return it was not his problem. He said I was fighting a losing battle and Avis sets the rules. They take advantage of people and force you to take their insurance and all around very unprofessional.

Kelly Lindeman

They do not even deserve one star. First they had no cars available and then argue over the phone about my contact information that they have incorrect. Absolutely Horrible and rude. No wonder they did not come recommended.

Aaron Liang

Brandon Grubbs

Great service. The best Avis location I've been to.

Alex Demonbreun

Rarely are the cars fueled and ready to go. Have come to expect to need to add $25 in fuel before leaving for a trip as soon as the car is rented.

Amour Mélange

I’ve rented from Avis for years, but this past rental experience was the worst! Starting with the pickup, the employee who helped me was amazing. He greeted me, was efficient with the process and when I went out to get my car and didn’t like it, he offered to walk out with me and help me pick out a car that I want/needed. The car we ended up going with was really bad to the point that I wondered why it was still out on the lot. The only issue that I noticed immediately was that it made a slight noise while driving it, but because I was pressed for time I couldn’t change it at that moment. It also had a cigarette stinch that you could really smell after the car had been sitting. That noise I mentioned only got louder and louder as we drove. And not to mention, it was probably the worse rental car I’ve driven, so unstable. I called customer service the next morning to complain. The rep on the phone was really nice and helped me find a nearby location to exchange the car. She had mentioned that she could see that they had an abundance of cars but when I got there all the cars were dirty and essentially not available. They were closing, there was a line of people and only 2 available cars and one employee. Although that employee was nice, everything else just made the experience worse. When dropping off my car, usually I’m able to do it in the lot. But this time I had to walk instead because I didn’t see anyone. The employee inside failed to greet me or even say that she’ll be with me in a moment since she wasn’t ready which made me look stupid. All in all, this was an overwhelmingly bad experience. I don’t know what went wrong here .. but hopefully Avis gets it right next time.

Tyrone Harvell

Margarita Hernandez

TV 유니윤하

Uade da Silva

Upgraded to an suv during a snow storm at a cost of $58 per day wow, price gouging. Got in the vehicle and employees had clearly been smoking weed in it, and tried and failed miserably to cover ut up with bad incense.

Kim Stewart

Mark A

Getting better...? If my review of Avis PHL was based only on the last rental, it would be 5 starts BUT previous bad experiences will take another rental or two to overcome. We are Preferred members (sign-up, it's free) and this time I didn't include my flight info, so the app (download it) directed me to the preferred counter. Our last trip to the preferred counter was not a good one. This time however, the three Avis reps we interacted with could not have been more courteous and helpful in getting us in our vehicle and on our way. New Jeep, loaded with extras, clean and fueled up as you would expect. Return was hassle free. Thanks for the one Avis!

Robert H

Great service. Martin at the front counter is friendly and quick. I have rented here a few times and always had a great experience. No surprises, no hidden charges

Shayne Dodd

Go to Alamo. The car was as described. But it was dirty. You have to collect on 5 floor and I thought everything will be fine not the end of the world. But in returning the car we return our bags to the hotel then went to return the car. The contact was not on us when we got to the counter. They said you need the contact you can't return without it. Not interested in helping. So went back to hotel couldnt find contact when back and they spend around 2 mins looking in the computer and found it. I wasted 45 mins when it took them 2. They also were Laughing at us for not having it. And threatened us a 50 no contract fee. Go to Alamo.

Charlene Adams

Brianna is great and genuinely strives to provide excellent service for each and every customer.

Mark Bryan

Standing in cold waiting for Avis bus wasn't pleasant. Dropped off at the preferred lot. My name wasn't listed. Went inside and the rep took care of it in an efficient and friendly manner. Car is great. Went from 1 star to 4 star.

Matthew Ushijima

Customer service and vehicle mgmt could a whole lot better.

lissett cerch

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