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5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States Located in: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

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REVIEWS OF Avis Car Rental IN Alaska

Autos Jeff

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Mell Mike

Carl Davis

Awesome experience from start to finish!!! Love that it is accessible inside the building and the garage with cars is very close. Representative was very nice, helpful, and provided very fast service. Would definitely use again and recommend giving them a shot if you haven't already!!

Lukas Cavigelli

All simple, easy and quick. Also with an European driver's license.

Babar Alzadjali

Over priced

Vol Williams

2 days ago I rented a vehicle for 7 days. I knew up front I was going to have to change my method of payment from the card I secured the car with to a corporate card around mid-week. The originating clerk assured me there would be no problem doing so. I was going to drop the car off at 5 AM before they opened so I asked if I could come in at anytime to change the payment card. I was told yes. Mid- week when I received the new corporate card, I called the Avis desk to make sure I could come in and make the change. Again I was told yes. I waited until the afternoon before I was to drop off the car before going to the airport Avis desk. When I explained what I wanted to do the clerk told me there was no way! He said I would have to wait until I brought the car back and closed the contract. I was upset after being told by two different employees it was doable and now it wasn't. He called his manager who backed him up. I brought the car in the next morning and nearly missed my plane waiting for the Avis employee to finally come out of the back room. Then I had to spend time explaining what I needed to do. Finally I got what I wanted. I still don't know if the first two employees or the second two were shining me on, but I know I am going to be using another company in the future.

Jordan Jo

I was a little disappointed with this Avis location. I didn't know this ahead of time, but apparently this is an independently owned Avis, so you do not get any rewards here. Not too big of a deal, but what this also does is causes the rental to not show up in your Avis app or account after the rental is done. This is extremely annoying when traveling for business and needing to revisit past stays for expense reasons. Even calling Avis directly doesn't help, you must reach the local Avis location. This seems silly to me, privately owned or not, all of the systems should be still Avis owned and operated. When I arrived the lady at the front desk wasn't rude, but definitely a little abrasive. This location also charges $8 per gallon of gas if they are required to add any when you return. I used roughly 2 gallons of gas for my entire visit and walked out of there with a $32 charge! I've heard of a fee or penalty, but charging $8 for gas, then a fee on top of that? That's complete highway robbery. The car was also dirty.

Jane Parrish

Fast, courteous checkout, great winter prices.

boandjill .

They never sent my receipt. Called Avis customer service, they couldn't provide it; said it was something about this location is an independent location? Really? Avis is Avis. They told me to call the local office....5 people later, I finally got my receipt. Also, my prior rental doesn't show up in the app.

Tomáš Valoušek

Area 49

The reviews say it all..

Sarah Doetschman

The Avis at the Airport in Anchorage is the worst place to rent a car and I had the worst experience there I have ever had renting a car. The men, Daniel and Chris, who are the managers are arrogant and smug and totally do not care at all about customer service or return service. They embarrass the Avis brand. But Avis will only help you if you persist and make threats. I advise you be very persistent with corporate Avis if you have a problem with this location as I can see that I am nowhere near the first person who was not given the rate or car that I had an agreement for. Don't bother with the management here, they think you are not worth their time.

Catherine Barbieri

Can I give zero stars? From the agent at the counter with a very nasty attitude to the car folks how awful! These people are more concerned about noting dings in the car than gettthku better prepared to drive in an unknown vehicle. This trip was the worst. They simply have no concept of Customer service!

Roger Koch

Sagar Bansal

Easy check-in, easy check-out. The staff could be friendlier. Also, it's a franchise location, so cannot redeem points and the usual comforts of Avis Preferred don't apply.

Seiya Tajima

Very helpful and friendly staff. If any problem happens, Daniel is the person who you would like to speak to.

Michelle Hanlon

Service was very helpful, only reason it’s four instead of five is we requested a Ford and it wasn’t available. Other than that everything was great.

Mona Aquino

If you're new to or travelling around Alaska, and don't have an Alaskan DL or personal coverage in AK, don't bother with this place... I booked a rental through Kayak and bought the insurance the site offered. When I came here to pick up the car, this Avis refused me because I didn't have the insurance coverage they required. I told them I bought the coverage with the reservation and they charged my card already. The ladies at this Avis said there's nothing they can do since they're independently owned. They couldn't help with the insurance refund since its separate from their company. Essentially, this place is useless unless you're a local.

Minao Shen

Friendly and helpful staff. We booked an AWD car last-minute and opted in for the studded winter tires option for extra 25 bucks per day -- worth it if you plan to drive to Fairbanks.

Mike Davitt

Avis. "We try harder." This half-rate rental agency cannot process split payments (i.e., two different credit cards)." McDonald's can do it. Avis. "We leave technology to the other guys."

Jon Perez

Had a reservation, they didn't have a car for me, and wouldn't for at least another hour. Why should I make a reservation?

michael kruger

David Ransom

I rent from avis nearly weekly in the summer. Always a good experience

Nick Victor

Best experience with any car rental location, start to finish, hands down.

Rebecca Losli

This was my worst experience renting with Avis anywhere. I signed up for the rental ahead of time and typically as Avis Preferred they have the car and paperwork waiting. Not the case here. Also, when I dropped it off there was no one to greet me. A man took my keys at the Avis trailer and said a receipt will be sent. He didn't confirm my mileage or fuel. It's been a week and I have no receipt. I have called Avis corporate twice and they said it would be two days. That was four days ago. I filled out a complaint online and they said it would be 10 days for me to get a receipt. Very inconvenient. I expect better from Avis. If I could give zero stars I would.

Denise Cole

Abraham Ferreira

Worst car rental , if you are from Alaska they want proof of full coverage insurance , if I would have my car with full coverage the last thing I would do is rent a car , no logic at all... and they don’t offer any insurance for those cases .... don’t go there

somaah Ismail

I'd give them negative stars if there were any. They lied to me twice. Not only that but Ms. Aiva the lady who was in charge was trying to make look fool and the one whos lying. The guy at the reservation center gave info that are not applicable at this location, and they didnt even try to help but the opposite, they try to blame me and make it my fault This is my last experience with Avis for sure.

Peter Smith

56dmw .

Very busy location with no Avis Preferred.

William Brown

They accept the Alaska Coupon Book, which saved me HUNDREDS on SUV and minivan rentals Summer 2016. Good downtown location, if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck staying at the AWFUL, OBSCENELY OVERRATED AND OVERPRICED "Captain Cook" Hotel. God help you.

M Greenleaf

Always exemplary service, so far no issues.

Cole Barker


Al Risden

No comment.

zhihao ma

Never Rent from them!!!!!!!!!!! They always give you car which is lower standard than you booked, and they told me my car is AWD with snow tire, but in fact, it was not AWD, and it only go with four season tire. Don't waste your money and time!!!!!

Elizabeth Wright

Timothy Holm

My family called in advance to see if we can drive on unpaved roads, they said yes. When we got to the place they said if we get a flat or anything on a dirt road they will pick up the car and leave us stranded. So we decided to go to Alaska 4x4 and they were really nice and they helped us a lot.

Nathan Largent

Overall customer service experience at the counter was okay. The feeling that I am seen as a criminal is not. First off, this AVIS is a locally own franchise - not corporate AVIS - which really detracts from the experience. Evidently the owners are experiencing some sort of "loss" ($$$) related to corporate discount codes. Right now when you approach the counter there is this overwhelming feeling that they are trying to save money by not honoring discount even to those that have had a proven history of rental. Plus they give you the third degree related to where you are staying. I am a AVIS Prefered Plus renter and yet I keep getting stuck with excessively high mileage vehicles that consistently have some sort of it was trash still in the car and a key fob that doesn't work. The assistance in the garage is next to nil. Employees, dishevelled at best, plopped in a chair or always walking away from the customer. This is just a poor location...I would not rent from here. Oh, dont forget the big scare at the counter with signs plastered everywhere about insurance and YOUR responsibility...another tactic to generate money at the counter of a failing business - when most people's own automotive insurance or just about any VISA or MC will cover.

Brenda Smith

Nice car RAV 4. Flight was delayed and had to turn in or get charged $92 for extra day so wound up waiting in Airport 31/2 hrs.

Sandy W

Jerry Vielmas

Great customer service!

Matthew Stolen

Worst Avis location, which shouldn't be surprising because Avis corporate has little to no control over what this location does. 1) The counter employees give you an attitude that you're inconveniencing them by having them do their job. 2) They refused to rent me a vehicle without providing a 2nd phone number that they could use to reach me. I explained to them that my cell is my only phone number. They said a friend or family phone number would work, I'm sorry but I'm not giving out someone's phone number without permission. They were unable to communicate to me why this is a requirement of ONLY this Avis location. 3) Upon returning the vehicle the employees felt it was more important for them to finish their conversation before checking my car back in. I hate to give this place business but my company requires that I rent from Avis. I sure hope corporate Avis does something about this location.

Justin Koehler

Rented a car & returned it. No damage on vehicle and none noted by person checking car in. A month later Peggy calls asking how the damage happened. I explain that there was no damage. I believe she has watched too many tv shows with lawyers because she kept pressing me to "admit" to damage that didn't occur during my rental. They ended up charging me over $1,000 to replace & repaint a bumper because of a scratch. As I was traveling on business, I referred this to my company travel department. They contacted Peggy, and she lied to them telling them that I had admitted to damaging the vehicle. After a lot of back & forth, and no help from Avis because they apparently don't have any jurisdiction over Avis Alaska, my company paid the claim. I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General. I encourage anyone else to do the same if they have a similar experience. I suspect foul play at this Avis location.

Amanda Zinn

Great customer service when I picked up the vehicle (I did reserve online before hand). I give them 5 stars because they help me get my phone back. I had an early flight (leaving at 5:00am so I was dropping my car off around 3:15am) and when I was dropping the car off I forgot my phone in the vehicle. Bout 10 min later I realized I left my phone in the car!!! Freaked out I ran back to the car returns the guy and gal there help me track my phone down! Super helpful!!!! I will always use this place when I go back to Alaska. Also to the guy who found my phone you deserve a raise!!!

Srinivasa Charan Giddu

Doug Warne

Service was good. They need to clean cars better between hires.

Dan Eisenman

Excellent service. No problems with my rentals. Ever.

Alibek Moldakozhayev

Olumide Faulkner

Jason Davis

Butch Anderson

They did a great job of getting us on our way, for a week long adventure in Alaska.


They don't expect debit cards. So dumb.

Melinda Rodgers

This rental car business is great. They have very reasonable prices and their cars are pretty well taken care of considering its Anchorage, meaning some dings and scratches and nicks in the windshield but still nice and drive straight. I also like that it was blue tooth compatible so I could listen to music from my phone and use Google maps and it would talk through the car stereo. Check out and check in were a breeze.

John Destefano

anant kamshetti

Lucija Zubonja

I wanted to exchange for a bigger car and the woman at the counter didn’t want to use my corporate discount. She wanted to charge me another $400 instead of $100. Very disappointed with Avis

Caleb Cheatheam

In between their taxes and fees it is better to go through Enterprise and when you do prepaid fuel they will not credit you back even though you only used a quarter of a tank of gas Enterprise will always credit you back to fuel you do not need or use. I'm willing to work with you at all and did not go above and beyond to help the experience at all when you return the car they could not reach you at the return area you have to go inside and get someone to come out non like Enterprise

Jessi George

DO NOT RENT YOUR CAR FROM HERE. I have rented from Avis before and never had issues. Until the one located in the anchorage airport. Apparently they don’t follow Avis price quotes online or many of Avis’ policies because they are a privately owned franchise. I called on the phone and got quoted a reasonable price, I booked it. When we arrived the price raised over $200. Instead of helping me fix the problem they offered to give me their managers phone number.. to which I called the next day and the number didn’t exist. I called them at the office and they hung up on me. It was impossible to get help from this franchise. Very sneaky and not helpful at all. Do not rent from here. Very disappointed in their “customer service”.

Ivan the Terrible

Fast service. Good cars

Deb Curtis

DO NOT RENT from them. I'd like to give them no stars but the review won't let me. They will charge you if you aren't at fault! My husband was rear ended and rather than work with the other insurance company or the person who hit him they threatened him until he felt like he had to pay. Their customer service is awful! They are not a part of the big Avis company so you have no recourse with through the national company either. They will do what they want to and their customers aren't important to them other than what money they can get from them.

Bob Celaya

Worst service ever!! We arrived 10 minutes early, then told they would not have car for 45 mins. Waited over an hour pass our appointment time with about nine others waiting for a car. Come on Avis, if your going to schedule us do your job and have cars ready.

Mk h

Could not hire a car on impulse as it takes an hour for 'the computer to process the reservation' as they are a franchise and not part of Avis Corporate group. Even though I'm Avis preferred, and Avis has all my information, and I rent from them regularly. I was looking forward to enjoying a few extra hours of exploring the area, between flights, but it wasn't to be. Rather frustrated and disappointed. Hertz could do it though, with no issues or wait time. However Avis didn't recommend any other car place, or offer any solution. Just their poor service.

Thomas Plummer

Incredible pre-season rates! (I assume prior to 15 May?). Had to wait a while in line (about 15 minutes), but staff, at the counter & in the garage, we're both extremely pleasant~! Drop-off was super easy. Will definitely check Avis first next time I go to Anchorage!

Stan I

Helpful staff even though I damaged their vehicle.

J cloud

工作人员 要死不活 还车不给凭证 然后就多收你钱

Akshaya Shanbhogue

Pat Draughon

I rented a van from Avis Alaska in August. I arrived late, around midnight. The van was dirty like someone had just washed it with a power sprayer for a few seconds. It was also a high mileage vehicle, which is odd. I drove a couple of miles to my hotel. In the morning I noticed a crack on the windshield exactly where the wiper's tip traveled. The crack was very hard to see even in the daylight and almost impossible with the dirt still on the windshield. After I returned it, Avis called and told me that they had determined I had caused it, which I refuted. They said they would review my case and get back in a couple of weeks. About 70 days later they issued a claim against me for a new windshield. When I called my credit card company to see if they would cover the claim, they said the coverage is only good for up to 60 days from the date of the incident (thanks for that Avis). I reluctantly paid the damages to put the sorry incident behind me, but I will never rent a car from Avis again.

Ken Pruett

Horrible. Overbooked by 250 rentals and blaming customers. Terrible customer service. Rent somewhere else. Not sure if this is even a real Avis based on how they acted and treated customers.

Lindsey Troup

I rented a car for 2 hours to take my son to a doctor appointment and they charged me to 2 days. I barely had the car for 2 hours but because of how the time frame fell it was 2 days.. in the middle of the afternoon. I was in a hurry to get my son to his appointment and didn’t have time to argue with these people.

Sm0l Tac0

V i c t o r M a d a n

Do not rent from AVIS in Anchorage !!!!! they do not take the liability insurance that you have nor the third party collision insurance that you got online ....why???? Because they want to sell their collision coverage for 65$$$$&&a day!! Yes exactly $$$$$$$65 a day !! They said they are private owned and that’s their rules, when i was renting from Avis Illinois didn’t have that problem. I went to the next counter DOLLAR , THRIFTY , BUDGET same thing, they don’t let us use the $9 collision that we have in option when we book online, and make us buy they collision plan for extra 65 $$$$$$ a day Then I went to NATIONAL also as ALAMO they accepted the third party collision plan that we buy when making the booking online.

Katherine Holderman

WORST experience. Horrible service, wouldn't honor a coupon, tried to triple our rate, offered to only double it like they were doing us a favor. When I asked for the correct title of the Manager, the counter person said "Mr." Avis corporate will do nothing to help, they started off all apologetic and then they said they have no control over this location and it was my fault for using the wrong code.

Christy Eve Grino

Staff was nice. Not thorough in explaining certain things though. Make sure you ask all your questions you may have before you take the vehicle. I called a number and they couldnt figure out how to help me so the lady hung up on me rudely. It was an easy process to pick you and return for a first time car renter.

Margaret R

Love renting here. Quick,great customer service

Vladimir Kharmoy

Would not give any stars if I could. Worst experience ever at the major rental company. Avi the supervisor is very misleading, first try tried to make me change the reservation, knowing for fact that this will change the price of reservation. Then they tried to up sell me the minivan for almost twice as much as the original reservation. The corporate should look at this location and its practices unless it is a corporate policy.

Angela Summers

They don't take cash or visa debt they treat you like an outsider! Not good business! Not friendly

kolin smith

Never have I ever had such s poor experience in renting a vehicle. After calling four separate occasions and being placed on hold three of those four call's I did get a reservation however once providing my member # I was told to contact the corporate office as they could not a process a member number locally. Upon calling corporate they could not verify the vehicle I requested was in inventory locally so they could not process the reservation. I called the local branch once again only to be put on hold once more and 7 minutes later I decided to spend my money elsewhere. I then contacted Enterprise and had a rental completed within 5 minutes with the vehicle I wanted. Not one to write a review but this experience was unforgivable.

Eric Stoltz

Got the kamaina rate

jesylin jiang

Open hour: Aiva at Avis is the first car rental agent showed up at 5:30AM, while other guys arrive after 6AM. We grounded at 4:50, great timing! Service: Aiva is the lady serving me. We planned to rent a car using my mother’s name to avoid the underage fee. However, my mum forgot her driver license. Awful, right? Luckily, Avia helped me to rent the car under my name. I really appreciate her help! Car: We reserved a Buick. But since I am the driver now, I chose Camry instead. The car is good. It was parking downstairs and super convenient to get the car without shuttle.

Guilder Milliner

Duane Porter

Eric Webb

Preferred and even chairman’s club and my wait was nearly an hour. Not ok

Abed Fede

They have definitely improved and you don't pay a deposit like budget as long as you use your credit card. I enjoy going there now to rent a car.

Deb Vlcek

I have been renting cars from for Avis for many years. This is the worst Avis Ever. Counter staff is cold and not caring. They are so slow. Now they won’t print out a receipt when you return your car. Told me they would email it. 24 hours still no email. Call corporate and am told the email needs to come from location because it is a licensed site. Call them directly. Call goes directly to music where I hold for ten minutes. No please hold no nothing. I don’t even know if I have reached Avis. This place needs to lose their license if you ask me.

Benjamin Bergman

Not a bad place to rent a car

Wade Ramey

Paid for a "Premium" car but received a stripped down Kia Optima. When I complained, the rude lady at the counter said it was their "equivalent". As far as I am concerned, they committed fraud. Will never rent from Avis again.


(Translated by Google) (Original) 原本提供髒舊且有刮痕的車子,經反應後,願意立即更換車輛。

Jacqueline Jacko

This was the best car rental experience! It was so simple. We reserved the car online and we got a free upgrade when we arrived. Paper work was quick and we just walked to our car and took off. We extended our rental 3 times over the phone with no problems. Everyone was pleasant to us. When we dropped the car off we it took less then 2 minutes! NO complications with anything. My mind was blown. Honestly I was waiting for something crazy to happen in our bank account or something and it was all perfect. No hidden fees.

Gary Peltola

After reserving a van for Christmas Eve pick up from Avis for $17 A-day we arrived only to learn that Avis Alaska is not part of "Corporate" so they don't accept debit cards when picking up a car, they only take it when you return the car. This left us like John Candy and Steve Martin, without transportation and without a solution. The company could care less the time of year or situation we were in, it's a disgusting attitude to have and for sure we will never use Avis anywhere in Alaska or the lower 48.

Samir Abdeh

saravanakumar Natarajan

Great vehicle & service!

Cerys Pharoah

Wonderful staff, great value the whole process from start to finish was easy and quick. Staff incredibly helpful and friendly even dropped us off at departures wonderful experience I would definitely recommend avis for car rentals.

Z 7691

All of the car rental agencies in Anchorage Airport they seem to have the friendliest staff and they don't have surcharges during special event days they also have a good selection of cars and you can use your Eva's discounts here which is important to frequent Travelers. But you'd be well advised to book 90 days in advance to get the best rate. Be rental return location is a little difficult to fight so you need to keep your eyes open and make sure you exit the immediate left lane

Emily Junck

One agent, huge line, and no other car rental has anyone waiting. Would go with another company with better customer service

Josanne Meek

Lance Anderson

Some of the worst customer service. I booked a car through Expedia. Avis couldn't get me the car and was no help in anyway to make it better. The person behind the counter was very rude and short. Would not recommend booking them or Expedia.

Vanessa Abrams

My family and I recently used this company last Saturday--May 28, 2016--around noon. Although we received a fair deal by directly booking with Avis (and using AARP membership and the like), the local branch's service left much to be desired. In particular, the young lady who assisted us (appearance suggests Indian/Pakistani/desi) had a cold, stuck-up attitude, as if helping us went beyond her paygrade. Had I not stepped in to mediate the escalating conversation between her and my parents, we'd probably still be stuck at that counter negotiating for a car. I think it was simply that specific employee who left a bad taste in my mouth.

Chad Arnette

Can I give a them a half star? I mean really, putting me on hold for more than 30 minutes is ridiculous.

Joseph Principe ll

Outstanding customer service excellent knowledge of all Avis car rental policies and procedures. Excellent people skills and listening skills and taking time to understand the customers needs was super. Excellent support for members of the US military family members veterans and USAA members Great job I look forward to renting a car from Avis in the very near future

Viracocha .

No preferred line, no preferred auto allocation and one agent to serve (adjacent budget had 2 agents)...however was open late night (not sure if 24 hour though)

Chelsea Wendt

Customer service at the desk was not great. They could do better at explaining how charges are calculated based on different features. Also, the car the selected for us had completely bald tires. Thankfully, the lot attendant worked with us to have it switched.

Jack Harding

We had great customer service. We meet the manager and he helped us find a good car

Cheryl Darling

These guys were Awesome and very affordable. Rented a 4x4 Nissan Titan and drove it in the snow on Kenai Peninsula for 5 days. great gas mileage and very stable on the ice. I would totally rent from them again and again. Thanks Avis! CJ

andrew butzler

When I arrived at Avis at the airport to pick up my rental car they told me I didn't have a reservation. I showed them the comfirmation email on my phone, and was told my vehicle was at the downtown location. After spending $25 for a cab to take me there, that location was closed at 7 pm. When I called Avis at the airport asking how I was supposed to get a vehicle they told me I could get one from the airport for an extra $200 more than what I was originally going to pay. The Avis representative was arguing with me and he made no effort to try to make it right, besides wanting to charge me more money. He tried his best to make it look like it was my fault that I arrived late to the closed location, when I was supposed to get my car from the airport. I told them to forget it. I went Hertz at the airport, and they immediately had a vehicle for me, and it was about $200 less then what I was originally going to pay through Avis. I will never use Avis.

Family Bash

Great service

Debra Weinberg


Joseph F. Junker

Rear ended in Anchorage - AVIS absolutely refuses to communicate with the person who hit me's insurance company. They send me nasty letters and emails for charges that GEICO calls out as not reasonable. Peggy Grigsby in their claims department refuses to respond to email or voicemail. I am apoplectic with fury. I would never rent an AVIS car again and would be pleased to influence as many people as I can to make the same choice. . Looking into AVIS Anchorage Alaska more it becomes clear that they have autonomy from National AVIS- they are free to provide service as bad as they like and to be downright dishonest and belligerent regarding damage claims. I tracked down and spoke to their president Mary Halcro and she said pretty much the same.

Zak Klein

They made a point to mention a 1 hr grace period for our return time....return time said 3:00...we found out later that that already included the grace period from our 2:08 rental origination. So, for being minutes late, they felt justified to charge us another full day .... and even withheld the option to reissue the vehicle to us, despite that we were charged for that period. VERRRRY MISLEADING and no one took responsibility to help us out afterward. Rental car agencies are mostly based on scam strategies for income. Avis' slogan is "We Try Harder". At what....I dare not say.

AJ Kumar

Chloe Belflower

Terrible service...too long to type.

David Booth

Never again will I rent from Avis hands down all my years of traveling never had to wait over an hour for a car. Alamo had treated me great over the years but this time I tried something different. Never again the first time is the last. After spending 24 hrs flying all I wanted was my car and some relax time doesn't look like it's happening this morning.

Roulette Rose

Sadie is AWESOME! Great customer service and she definitely went above and beyond for my family and I. We learned that she is from Hawaii and her Aloha spirit is contagious. The counter could definitely use more of it as our check-in experience was horrible. She made the difference of continuing our business with AVIS.

Karen Frontany

DAN Smith

I had a vehicle reserved Or so I thought the reservation was made 2 weeks in advance however when I got there I was turn down from the rental because of a coupon code they said was invalid The man behind the counter called the owner of the store which was totally indifferent to us even renting a vehicle through them. The man behind the counter be littled us and also he did not care of our situation. I am so shocked that the owner of the store did not care whatsoever about us And blatantly said quote, "if you don't like it go somewhere else" unquote

Alex Dupuis

AVOID!!! Terrible customer service, poor communication, and a lack of appreciation for customers. The vehicles are fine, price is decent, but you pay for it elsewhere... They are franchise and are NOT part of the national Avis chain. I highly reconsider doing business with this company. USAA members - Your business is not appreciated and under age drivers hoping to use their member code is not allowed. Filed complaint with corporate. Iphone app reserved vehicle without warning of discount not being accepted. Company waited until last minute at checkout that full price is final. Said to take it or leave it, "Budget is next door" I was told... I wrote corporate with my case and concerns. Company absolutely refuses to make it right and honor my situation. Odd how their company moto is... "We try harder"... I don't see it. AVOID!!!


Jennifer barnard

Avis Alaska All the Way!!!! I can't say enough, if I could give more stars I would! Crissi, Roderick and Fredric were simply amazing. They were quick, courteous and even helped me with my luggage. It was late when I arrived in Anchorage so after flying all day, it was nice to have the help and to be greated so warmly. Even the folks at the booth that assisted me when I returned my rental did an amazing job. If you're traveling to Alaska you won't get better service from another rental agency!


One the of the most amazing car rental experiences i ever had. Anna was super accommodating and helped us get our car in a busy alaska summer season..on the spot. Thanks a lot Anna and Avis ! You were instrumental to making our alaska trip a success .

Alejandro Romero

In our days of relying on reviews, I find it important to praise something that deserves it. As of writing this, Jan '17, Avis Anchorage shows a very low rating on Google. I hope this will change anyone's mind and give them a chance at renting. Shortly & sweetly: I rented a compact Korean car (driven by Hamsters in the commercial, so I nicknamed mine "Hamstermobile") for 2 weeks arriving in a snow storm at 1am.. The desk employee was courteous and efficient. She honored both my price & 3rd party insurance I had purchased from a major travel website a few weeks back. The garage for Avis is convenient: 1 floor down, and we were able to pack our suitcases in relative comfort. The car was fenomenal, even without winter tires. For a few days I drove it around the Anchorage area with no problem and good gas mileage. Before we left on a trip to Fairbanks, I checked in with Anchorage and they recommended I switch Hamstermobile to a "winterized" car for the (limitless miles) trip to Fairbanks. They even told me I could switch it over there. Upon arriving, and after days of blissful driving, I didn't want to give Hamster up. Avis Fairbanks airport, was incredibly gracious and sent their mechanic to my hotel. He picked up Hamster, winterized him, and had him plugged in outside for me in the -22F weather the next day. All with a smile, prompt call backs and efficient service, at no extra charge to me! Returning Hamster was a breeze; the biggest drawback for me was leaving him in the cold & getting back to my expensive German coupe at home. Overall great experience with Avis of Alaska; sorry I didn't learn any specific names but hope their management praises all who worked with me. Using the parlance of our times, shout out to Hamstermobile, all the staff at Avis Anchorage airport, Avis Fairbanks airport and Fairbanks mechanics: keep up the excellent work everyone!

Maksym Turenko

Good cars

Louie Jensen

I have rented cars from this location multiple times. In the past, I was told as an Alaskan resident, I needed to supply proof of insurance and would therefore email my insurance ID card to them. All went well in those instances. On 8/6/18 I was informed as a Alaskan resident, I need to have proof of full coverage insurance for my personal policy. I explained I only have liability and asked to purchase the additional insurance required from Avis to rent the car I had reserved days prior. They informed me they cannot accomodate this request. I asked for my reservation to be cancelled, wich they agreed to. I do not recomment renting from this location. I do not appreciate the inconsistency. I do not recommend this Avis specifically as they do not conform to normal Avis processes.

Rohit Chauhan

Sean Kennedy

I’m shocked at these reviews, I rent once a month and I’ve never had anything but great service. The one complaint I had was that luggage carts weren’t available on their floor because the equipment was broken. Since then their agents always try to save me one, which is pretty cool service if you ask me.

Robert Johnson

Fast service in and out

Kevin Kleemeier

I am not a car rental novice as I travel frequently for work. At the Airport counter at the Airport in Alaska I was asked if I wanted to pre-pay for gas or bring it back full. I chose to bring it back full, which I did! However, after I got home I realized my receipt showed a charge of $48 for pre-paid gas. Have tried calling 3 times and just keep getting transferred around and promised someone will call me back- No return phone call! DO NOT RENT FROM AVIS in Alaska.

Terra Lacey

I would highly advise everyone to rent at another location. You may pay a few extra bucks, but please stay far away. Customer service is the worst I have encountered in my life. I felt more of a burden for booking with them, than treated fairly as a human being. My company booked everything fair and square, yet was charged more because they didn't have my vehicle. I am not one to complain but that is not my fault and yet I am penalized for it!? This was a business trip and I really needed the vehicle because I had a meeting to attend. I showed up promptly and provided all of the necessary things they asked for. There should not have been a problem, right!? WRONG! I was charged an upgrade fee of $50/day out my own pocket expense to receive A VEHICLE. My vehicle booked for was unavailable, so they had a bigger vehicle that I had to pay for in order to get. Asked to speak to a manager; I could not believe the unprofessionalism of the manager. He was loud and obnoxious and very very inappropriate with the women he worked with. I was very offended by his obscene behavior. At that point, I needed to get away. Paid the unnecessary excess charge and left. I brought this concern to my company. I hope the customer service dramatically improves.

ane emille rodriguez

Sarah McCarty Gwin

Robyn Burke

On Sunday, March 17, 2019 I went to return my rental car before catching my flight home with my 4 month old son. I had been dreading the airport and got there especially early so I wouldn't have to rush around. I pulled up and ran to get a cart but there were none on the AVIS return rental level. I asked JP if I'd be able to leave my belongings in the car so that I could quickly grab a cart and he said of course. I opened up the rear door and pulled out my stroller and when JP realized I had an infant he kindly asked if I wanted him to just drive me around to the departure level and he dropped me right outside the ticket counters and helped me unload my luggage. As a new mom I really appreciated the thoughtful gesture. JP humanized the process and helped my airport experience go really smoothly. I'm very thankful and look forward to my next rental experience at AVIS.

Lando M

Do not rent from Avis! They did not have the car I rented even though I paid and reserved 3 months ago. There was an entire line if people they didnt have a car for either. This seems to be common operating procedure for them

Leonard Tippett

Jim DeLung, PhD

Last son Of krypton

Is very fast and simple

Eloise Guckelberger

I rented a car from Avis at the Anchorage airport June 28th for one day. General experience was similar to other car rental companies until now (10 days later) when the suddenly charged me $21 for gas. I stopped at Garrett's Tesaro, less than 3.5 miles from the airport and filled the tank prior to returning the car. They are taking advantage of people with unfair extra charges that do not apply. Do not use this company. You are safer with Dollar, enterprise or national. You can bet your life this is the one and only time I will ever rent a car from Avis.

Mike Brown

Fast service.

Lee Schwichtenberg

Perfect people perfect customer service. Highly recommend.

Robert Ruiz

Very quick and I was in my rental info time

Sabir Ahmed


The only car rental that is open 24 hours so that is worth it since a lot of planes get in very early.

David Light

They don’t take a debit card, only major credit cards....would be nice if they tell you that at the time of reservation, not at 1 am at the counter......

Stefano Rapisarda

I'm surprised there are so many negative reviews. I had a great experience, great customer service, great vehicle. They were very helpful even when I had to change my reservation multiple times. I have no doubts I'll rent from them again next time I'm in Anchorage.

Eduard Onecic

Not the best place to rent from. The car I was given had no windshield wiper fluid...and I rented it during a snow storm. Also the car vibrated uncomfortably at 40mph. When I complained about this to the counter help, I was told I would receive a call from a manager...never did receive that call.

Gunnar Klaassen

1. When I made the reservations I had AM for pickup time instead of PM. So they did not have any vans or large vehicles when I arrived (we had just arrived from a cruise so we had to have a large vehicle). I will say the people at the counter were trying to make things happen. I think the problem is management and company policies. It would be real nice if they had called to see if I was still coming before they gave my vehicle to someone else. 2. and this is the real crappy part. we had the vehicle for one day. They don't do the till the end of business day thing. A day is 24 hours. No more no less. We returned it 1 hour late and that one hour cast us $126.84. That is just $40 less than a full days rental!!!

David Brenneman

Rented a car from the anc location twice in July, both times had great experiences with employees and vehicles.

RenAdv Defined

I have been scammed by Avis Alaska anchorage airport location. They are worst . They are worse than bandits. Bad people bad coverage. Rent from other rental cars . Because of this experience will never rent from Avis again zero stars i wish i can give negative stars. Google forces me to give star. Stay way from avis alaska. They come after customers to get more money and customer service is not important to them as how many times do they expect to come Alaska. Worst people I saw their true colors

Mike Sharpe

Being a preferred customer does absolutely nothing towards speeding up the checkout process.

sushil bal

High price

Joe Napier

Peter Fitch

Twice what I would pay in Dallas.

Andrea Martin

Disappointed, last time I ended up booking with them because enterprise lost my reservation. They offered me superior service. I figured I would give them my business again. I called today to book for another vacation after sitting on hold for 40 minutes I was picked up asked two questions put back on hold for 4 more minutes and then told it is cheaper to book online. Poor customer service.

Anita Kingree

I have debated about whether or not to report the way I was treated when I recently rented a car from the AVIS rental in Anchorage Alaska Airport. Our flight was delayed into Anchorage by about 2 1/2 hours (however, it was delayed by 15 mins at a time, making it impossible to know exactly when we would land). I had selected a 7pm pickup time, but it was about 9:30pm when we got in line to pick it up. The attendant at the counter said they gave our car away since we didn't show up at 7. She offered to give us an upgrade for an additional charge, which didn't seem fair and would cost us more money than we had budgeted for our trip. We asked to see the supervisor to see if they could waive that fee since they gave our original rental to someone else without contacting us. The supervisor was very rude and offered no options other than paying for an upgrade or waiting another hour for them to see if they could get another car. After about 15 hours of traveling, I was exhausted, and muttered to my husband that I would just pay the difference and mention it in my review. The manager overheard me, walked over, and said "If that is how it is going to be, I'll just cancel the reservation." I told her no, I still want the car and she literally said, "TOO BAD. You already said you'll leave a bad review, so I already cancelled it." I said, "Please don't do that. I need the car." She said, "Maybe someone else will give you a car. She yelled over to the next counter and asked if they had a car and they said "no". I asked multiple times if I could just take the upgrade and the supervisor VERY rudely, in a nasty tone of voice, kept saying, "NO! I'm not giving you a car now." I eventually started crying because our long awaited birthday trip was being wrecked by a thin-skinned mean employee who was overreacting to a comment that wasn't even made to her, and was a mild comment, at that. After myself being wronged, I literally began to cry and beg (a humiliating experience that a customer should NOT have to face), asking if there is any way she could just let us have the upgrade and pay the full price and I wouldn’t write a review. We were completely at this woman's mercy, and she was enjoying the power trip. She said, "Hold on" in a very short, snippy voice, then went back into the office for a while, and came back out. She put the papers in front of me and had me sign, saying only 2-3 words. When we left we received no "thank you" , no apology for giving our original car away without contacting us, or anything of that nature. I seriously couldn't believe how we were treated. Never in my life have I seen a customer service employee on a power trip like this; cancelling our reservation because of a comment from a weary traveler to her husband about mentioning something in a review. Not to mention, they canceled our original reservation when we were only 2 1/2 hours later than the pickup time, which is probably EXTREMELY common at an airport. Plus I had to enter our flight info when I booked the car, so they could have seen that our flight was delayed. I literally went to my hotel room and cried myself to sleep that night. It was such a long weary day, and what was supposed to be an exciting trip we had planned and budgeted for all year, was began on a terribly sour note. The whole situation was stressful and completely unnecessary. Forevermore, the Avis logo will make me shudder. I hadn’t planned to write a review of this experience, because I had promised the woman I wouldn’t. However, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize I should have never been bullied into that promise to begin with and I don’t want anyone else to be treated this way just because I failed to report what was done to me. I do want to say that when we dropped the car back off, the employee that received it was the most kind human, in harsh contrast to the supervisor we met upon pick up. This one deserves the job of supervisor. Maybe his attitude would be catching. If I had only experienced him, this would be a five star review.

Olivia Napier

Literally the worst experience. They do not accept whatever discount or coupon you will come previously prepared with. If you book your rental car online prior to coming to Anchorage, the estimate that you were given will be wrong (my total cost ended up being $300 more than expected). Customer service was terrible as they have one person at the desk helping you with 30 people waiting in line. Overall terrible experience.


Robbie Mansfield

HORRIBLE AND DEFUNCT COMPANY. Chose this location because our plane landed at 3am. They said they would be opened when we made reservations. My family with small children arrived to the counter at 3:20 and no one was there. This caused us to be stranded for two hours until we could find another rental company that could gladly take our money. SHAME ON THIS COMPANY. I CANT WAIT TO FILE COMPLAINTS WITH SEVERAL MORE AREAS.

TwinGirls' World

Benjamin Howard

Maybe if they spent less time trying to convince people to buy scammy insurance and upgrades the line wouldn’t be an hour and a half long, even for prepaid cars.

Michelle Lucas

DO NOT RENT FROM AVIS AT ANCHORAGE AIRPORT! Worst customer service and management ever. I forgot my purse and it was in only the employee's possession for less than an hour. My cash was stolen, I was lied to more than once even by the manager. I had to call the airport police to get the manager to return my call. Then he was smug and claimed to be part owner. so Nothing I could do after the theft wasn't done in view of the security camera. AVIS corporate will probably lose more money on account of all these negative reviews and AVIS boycotts than they make off letting them use their name. People like me will completely write AVIS off. Also the tire tread was worn down, paint was peeled off the wheels, and the whole thing was full of scratches. Last time I went home I used Enterprise and the time before Alamo.....they will be getting all,our families business from now on. Some generic reply given to almost every negative review is just another piece of evidence that they couldn't care less.

Larry Lumpkin

Thought I was a different person returning car even when showed them my reservation reciept.

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