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Deanna Chillion

I am an Alamo Insider member and have rented in Tucson a number of times in the last few years. We use Alamo because they Partner with Southwest Airlines for Rapid Reward points and bonus points on a multi day rental. The service recently was exceptional and we were upgraded to a larger vehicle for a reasonable price. Three stars may be generous for the following reason. Alamo has not rewarded the Rapid Rewards points for a number of our rentals. We have not received base points nor have we received any bonus points for at least our last three rentals. A fee is charged by Alamo to the customer to receive these points. We have been told to give it 6 weeks to receive the partner points and it has been 3 months on one rental and we must wait on the other two rentals to question it since it has been only a few weeks. We are owed points for our last three rentals and possibly more. We are renting with Alamo again tonight and we are hoping for a better result. I am very unhappy that we have paid a fee for these points and have never received them.


Uncle Trevor

Lockheed plant was here. Famous SR-71 was produced at this location. It was closed and demolished in 1990s...

Ashley Johnson

Alamo is a great rental company. Great service and the cars are always clean.

Arlene Wachman Weiner

Great service

Ricardo Hernández

Friendly staff. They do not offer online check-in, you have to go to the front desk to get your contract in order to get out.

Rose Estrada

Service was awful. We were told we we have a small screen in the van, didn't happen. Bringing the car back was terrible. The 2 girls accepting the cars had an attitude. Never will I rent from them again.

Nicole G

I rented a car from the Tucson airport for a week and returned it to Phoenix. It was completely hassle-free and I really liked the car I got. I have rented from Alamo for many years and have never had any problems.

Brett O

Great price for unlimited mileage and I was given multiple options for a free upgrade! I used the computer to retrieve my reservation and it went quicker than the line.

M George

Do NOT select Drive Happy Deal when online booking - ad says compact car or larger - at counter agent told me I had 2 choices - pickup truck or large van - as a senior unfamiliar with California freeways I didn't want either - would have been happy to have been downgraded to economy car - instead only choice I had was to be upgraded for an extra $12 per day - 12 times 3 = 36 in my math but bill for 3 day rental was $45 extra - was told additional amount was tax - don't think I got my Alamo discount Would I choose Alamo again? Probably not

Tony Lim

Bunch of scammers. Apparently they think I damaged their car - which I didn't - and they sent me an invoice asking for money. Also attached were pictures of so called "damage" which was a picture of the car I drove with... no damage..! LOL Nice try Alamo.

Gina Monaco

The experience was great. The only drawback about this place is the confusing garage. More lights/signs would help. But eventually I figured it out.

Eric Shoup

When considering the overall experience, Alamo at Tucson deserves nothing less than five stars. Sure, they don't let you pick out your own car like National does, but the price, the car itself, the ease of getting the car, and the friendliness of the staff all combine to outweigh any negatives. When shopping for a rental car for leisure, price is generally the #1 consideration. That said, if Alamo and a competitor were closely matched for lowest price, I would not hesitate to choose Alamo again.

Letesia Beason-Donnerson

Great Customer Service

Tamera King

I absolutely love Alamo Rent A Car; however my last 2 rentals have not been up to standards in my opinion. On one rental I received a car that was not clean and had damage to the windshield. On the next rental I had to stand in the garage and wait on an attendant to find something (which took an extra 20 minutes) for me to drive because there were NO cars available. I am not used to this type of service from Alamo.

Lynne Fairlie

My wife and I aare travelling the US for 6 weeks we hired a car from Alamo in LAX but could only get a contract for 4 weeks we are in Tucson and went to the Alamo office here dreading the problems we have had before with Hertz. We arrived at the return area and explained our situation with Frank. There were no problems and Frank was most helpfull and business was done quickly and easilly. A big thank you to Frank Alamo has a big assett in Frank for customer service.

Jennifer Boydstun

Great customer service experience! All associates I had interactions with were very kind and helpful. Car was clean, smelled nice and drove great. A/C worked like a dream on a record breaking HOT day. Upon drop off, I mentioned that I had difficulty opening the trunk and the guy knocked a few bucks off the rental price. I wasn't expecting that at all but it was really cool. Wonderful experience. Will definitely use Alamo again the next time I'm in Tuscon. Thanks you.

Elizabeth Styran

Alamo is the best place to rent a car no matter where you are (if they have a location there). Our rental experience was wonderful once we got past the check in process. The woman was very "annoyed" by what she was doing. She gave me the impression that she did not want to be helping me or anyone else. Once we got through there we had to wait approximately 1/2 hour for them to find the vehicle that I reserved. We need a mini van due to loading and unloading a wheelchair and they had to find one in the massive lot that is the Car Rental area of the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. We had no trouble with the van (once I pointed out the problems with the vehicle - dents, part of carpet missing in the back of the van). The van ran smoothly and was very comfortable. The return process was very quick and easy and the young man that processed the return was very courteous and friendly. He helped remove the image I had of the check in situation and helped restore my faith in Alamo!!

Johnathan Carter

They told me 1 price online and after I took it back it was double.

Pamela Dunham

I was a first time renter for cars and picked Alamo for no other reason than they came first on the list of places to rent cars. I have to tell you it was very nice, they were very helpful with all my questions and walked me through everything I needed to know. That being said I forgot to ask about the return of the car and had a little problem finding the return and then didnt know what to do with the keys after I parked the car. I didnt know they needed to give me a receipt for the return and the man who took the keys from me didnt seem to speak any english and just nodded his head when I asked if that was all I needed to do so I thought that was kinda strange but havent had any problems from returning the car so it must of turned out ok. Am renting again this weekend and I will see how that goes. And now I do know where to turn in the car. Would of given 5 stars except for the return part had to give 4 stars but they were very good or I wouldnt be renting again

Christina Molina

Always a great car at a great price. Great service from the beginning to the end. Thanks C

Tim Allen

Although an Alamo preferred customer - we rented through Costco. Price was good, car great and service too. Question... if I am a preferred Alamo customer - why do I have to go to Costco to get the best price? Is not preferred - preferred?

Debbie Phillips

This is the best car rental experience I've had in years. Great value, the car was in better shape than any of the others I've had in recent years. The staff was very friendly and efficient, overall great experience.

Timothy Perea

Everything was perfect, except when leaving. I had ordered an upgrade and returned the other vehicle within 15 min of getting it because the back seat wouldn't accommodate my twins, the service was perfect, the desk and even the lady that grabbed us the suburban did a great job, but the associate named ron gave me a hard time leaving because my paperwork still had the old vehicle information but the desk wrote upgrade and gave me a new tag.. Ron was very rude, and started the first initial contact with, you are suppose to get the vehicle assigned and asking me if I really upgraded.. I stated that I just returned it for an upgrade....he then started a csi:los angeles case with me and asked me 30 question as if I was trying to leave with a car that isn't mine or trying to pull one on him...I finally got very annoyed and told him to call the desk...he called everything was correct, but he ignored me when I said is everything ok...ron just handed me my paper and said your done, go.... It's not the fact that he questioned me but the manner and face gestures as of to try to convict me of being a stolen upgrader or car thief..and then ignoring me like I don't matter.. Well I guess he judged me based on thier paperwork error, but he had me right an average thief upgrader without being charged..and asking me 30 questions as if I was a common criminal...but hey I'm just the following: Business owner 90 % disabled from military service Purple Heart recipient Navy accommodation recipient Congressional letter of recognition 3 combat tours to Iraq Father and husband Bachelor degree in science Licensed sonographer Home owner Thank you ron for making me feel like a criminal for upgrading for more money, and getting drilled because you guys didn't do the paperwork right....I don't need an apology, a discount, or even a response..I just want my 20 min back that was robbed with mindless interrogation, next time I will bring my business to another rental place...

Andy H

Car was nice, but the woman at the counter was a b*tch to put it nicely. Spend $1 or $2 extra per day and rent somewhere else.

Sheryl Fabian

Excellent service. Traveling with my 91 year old mother and her sister 88. We arrived at different times and they made it very convenient to pick us up at the curb. When we flew out they took us back to departure so we didn't have to walk all the way back. I offered a tip and the guy would not take it. Would not think of booking with any other.

E Allen

Quick and efficient. Jeep was clean and more than enough space. Didn't spend much on gas. Satisfied with overall experience of renting through Alamo.

NaeBug 72

Customer service was excellent. However I was disappointed with the appearance of the vehicle exterior was dirty as well as the interior which smelled like cigarette smoke, and had ashes all over the dash not mention crumbs all over the floor. I would have complained at time of pick up but I did not have the time.

Karen Hendricks

Quick turnaround at the customer service desk, with friendly service. The car was new, clean and the category I requested. Return was fast and easy! Great experience!

Latarsha Mosby

Not enough cars to choose from,, but fast service and polite, and very good prices

Marie Provine

The car was perfect, the service was efficient and friendly, and the price was incredible - less than $45 for the weekend. I love Alamo.

Cat McGee

My favorite rental location. You can't beat it for ease of use and the friendliness of the staff. It is a long way from the terminal but there are escalators, an elevator and rolling sidewalks to get you to the car rental desks. I rent from this location a lot. The kiosks are very helpful to speed you on your way.

Essa Salem Al-Jallaf

Troy Wharton

First: I am a U.S. Army Soldier. I got into a car accident far from my destination (was on my way to my grandmother's funeral in P.A.) I called Alamo and was HIGHLY DISSATISFIED. The dude on the phone was not very English Proficient, so a simple call, to get a car, took for-ever. I was annoyed. I took a Lyft to BWI airport to see about a rental. She asked for ID and a major credit card (MIND YOU, I'M IN UNIFORM). I told her the situation and showed her my Military ID and my card. I said, I don't have a Major Credit Card, but I'll pay whatever it takes in cash, or with my Debit Card. She said, Sorry, I can't help you. Next. I said Miss, this is an emergency and she gave me a look like that basically said, "so, not my problem. NEXT". You fight for the freedom of the bastsrds in this country, only to be treated like REALLY?! I would NEVER even think about using them. And to my Service Members out there, be mindful.... Alamo clearly doesn't care about about of us!

Álvaro Fernández

(Translated by Google) ORIGINALLY Great personal attention. allowed to make changes to the delivery site easily. We could also stay the car more days than originally planned paying the corresponding right price. IN DELIVERY they charged one more day to deliver the agreed later point, even though we had confirmed that could be done. Misinformation in the telephone care (Original) ORIGINALMENTE Gran atención personal. permitieron hacer cambios en el lugar de entrega de forma fácil. También pudimos quedarnos el coche más días de los previstos inicialmente pagando el precio adecuado correspondiente. EN LA ENTREGA cobraron un dia mas al entregarlo en el punto acordado mas tarde, aun cuando nos habian confirmado que se podia hacer. Mala información en la atención telefonica

Kelly Normqn

I was made to buy insurance for $29 a day for some reason. Seems that was not required. The selection was very limited and the car was not as clean as I feel it should had been. I had the person that was to assign me the car to simply point in the general direction of the vehicles to choose from and get back on her phone whereas the next customer was escorted to there car with help to carry the bags from that same person. I felt shorted.

Michael Costin

I've always found the staff at the Westchester Airport to be customer friendly and efficient. Alamo prices are usually the best and the car rental lot is within walking distance right next to the terminal.

Johnathan Hankins

Lack of professionalism, lack of equipment on hand, so I had to wait for my vehicle. Then to add insult to injury, the van was filthy. I'd rather spend a little bit more to get better service and a better product.

Carolyn Stec

Alamo's process for checking out and checking in cars is very efficient. The staff is friendly and they offer a nice selection of vehicles.

daniel mcclendon

Was able to bypass the line at the airport and go straight to my car. It was very easy to get to, and any questions I had were answered with no hesitance.

Joan B

Excellent check in, clean car and easy drop off. What else do you want? I love Alamo.

Robert Alico

Its me! Tilah!

I will always love Alamo! No matter what city I use their services in, the staff is always very accommodating and professional. They always have the best selection and prices in my experience.

Paul South

Ok, had to wait no cars ready to lease, even with a month and half reservation.

Brad McCollum

Clean vehicle. Friendly staff at the pickup and return location. Vehicle was in great condition. No mechanical issues. Price charged at turn-in of vehicle was exactly as expected. I like the ability to check in early for the vehicle and be able to show up at the rental facility and just pick a vehicle and go.


Fast, easy and a great price.

Darryl Myles

Great cars and special price deals

Laurel Clark

Just returned my first rental car here. I had trouble finding the entrance but after that, it was easy peasy. There gentleman checking the cars just scanned the code, and looked at the odometer and printed me a receipt. Then I asked for help finding the stairs since I was walking out. Everyone was very nice.

John Rigby

Car was available and functional. The only area of disappointment was the outside of the vehicle. It was unusually dirty.

Anything Can Help Musa

They are Professional and ready to render the service

Matt Foss

We were very pleased with the service and quality of the vehicle. Have recommended Alamo several times already.

Gail Sanderson

Once Upon

Good place to rent cars from, only I didn't liked after I pick my car they did car paperwork at windows where I go out, I thought that was slow process, if there was 3-4 cars front of me I would have spent more than 20 minutes for them finish.

Reginald Dent

I think Alamo would be a lot better if they stayed open 24 hours because they're located at an airport that's open 24 hours. It wouldn't be a problem if it was no such thing as delayed or canceled flights.

Julia Hardy

Bill Miller

Worse car rental one can imagine at the Memphis airport. Waited close to 60 minutes to obtain our vehicle. Due to a reported malfunctioning printer, the processing time was close to an hour. There were about 20-25 people in line with no sense of urgency coming from the Alamo employees. I expected additional help from the neighboring Enterprise/ National counters, since they are one company, but no additional help was extended. Then when returning the car, we were hit with an unexpected additional driver fee. Previously, all interactions with Alamo have been very positive, but this Memphis franchise gave us the blues.

Fredrick Stewart

Very professional and convenient!

Dmitry Gerasimenko

Very helpful staff! I got a free car upgrade, cause they haven't compact car at the moment.

Sophie Billman

We don't carry credit cards and Alamo makes it painless easy and fast to rent cars through them with a debit.Great customer service too!

Stephen Welch

It was actually Enterprise

C Smith

It had been years since I've rented a vehicle, and I had a long road trip ahead of me. Alamo put my mind at ease. The rental process was very easy. The rental agents were very friendly, helpful, and helped me on my way. An agent inquired about my trip, and I told her that I had a lot of baggage for my trip. Initially, I rented a small SUV, but she suggested that I might need to upgrade to a standard SUV. I'm soooooooo glad I did, because I needed the additional room. I had to pack enough for an 8-day trip with softball equipment which was a lot. I was also able to haul 4 teammates to and from the softball fields daily. Thanks Alamo! :)

leila dickinson

The lady at reception was brilliant and helpful she made the whole thing so quick and easy. Brilliant selection of cars for a reasonable price. When we went to select a car there was noone there to help so we had to go and get the receptionist to help us. Which them meant we got no information about using the car ie petrol or diesel also the car hadn't been cleaned and was quite dirty inside including rubbish on the floor and under the seats

Ana Collado

Very happy with the vehicle and the price

julie lowe

Outstanding service. Great vehicles to choose from. Friendly staff. We'll be back- soon.

taz strongman

always excellent service

Brooke Hamlett

I rented at a rate of $28 per day (about $34 after tax) for 4 days. I tried to add a 5th day and they said I had to pay a weekly rate. Total of $278, which is $55 per day for 5 days. Then I asked to apply a weekly rental coupon and they said no because it wasn't when I first made the reservation. I'll be going back to Enterprise. Follow up: I emailed as they requested. Despite trying to make it look like the care about my concern here with their response below, the email I got was a canned response that did not in any way address my problem. Their greed in trying to get me to pay for 2 days I did not need and in not accepting a $15 coupon has now cost them my business for life. I hope others will follow suit to show companies that they can't just excuse poor customer service by saying "it is our policy."

rodney dotson

everything was good

dahlia swaby

I love this care company. I have rented 3 cars in the last 2 months and the service was great every time. Staff is friendly and courteous. Cars are very nice and well kept.

Amey Sathe

Rental car facility was nice. But it is too far away from BUR airport. The walk is too much for younger kids.

Julie Swander

Very personable staff easy pickup and dropoff

Mike Kujacich

good service at check out and check was in great condition..very satisfied

Alex Alex

Won’t rent from them again. I was given wrong information at the time of the rental. I was told if I returned the car earlier then schedule I would get a credit. I returned the car 1/2 day early. This is the second time I’ve rented a car and I’m not aware how it works. I have no problem with paying for the full day but when you give wrong information to a customer then I have a problem.

Renita Renita

I can't say enough about the excellent customer service at Alamo!!! I'am an Alamo Insider customer that frequently use Alamo rental car service and I have yet to be disappointed. I had an unexpected death in my family. I had a SUV rental for a week thru Memphis International Airport. I had a late flight that came in. Bobby the manager let me use my upgrade, I want to thank Bobby, Cash, the lovely customer service rep. who patiently waited on me, the Manager when I returned the first vehicle because it had a problem, upgraded me in another SUV with no problem. Alamo has the best rentals at great prices! I WILL ALWAYS BE A ALAMO INSIDER CUSTOMER!!! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Chris Feeney

Quick service on both ends. Always friendly. Good customer service. Vehicle was clean and ready to go.

Mark Kobilka

I have rented from Alamo multiple times over the last few years. Always get great friendly service and a great car to drive.

gubendran lakshmanan

Nice holiday deals

oniel Charles

Sandra White

We experienced very poor customer attention on 5/5.. first of all, it took over 35 minutes to rent an SUV because of salesperson request to contact the insurance agency with numerous unnecessary questions. Our initial reservation did not list any full size SUVs, so a premium auto was reserved. After reviewing the actual inventory, we discovered they has plenty of full size..Our request to down grade was met with resistance from the salesman..who stated he could not guarantee if the manager working the morning shift would make the change since the computer was down...later, we were told by another employee that it was very possible. When we returned the auto, the bill was adjusted to a higher amount, with the explanation that the full size price was higher when change was made. This is the worst customer experience I have Ever had with any car rental business. Needless to say, I won't be back!!!

Holly Eskritt

I loved the price and it was very simple and easy to book. I will say this, even with that little piece of bad experience (below), the vehicle I received was fantastic! They actually gave me an upgrade and no charge. The customer service I received was excellent. Even though I had that bad experience, I loved the vehicle I rented and received an awesome price. I researched all other car rental companies and nothing compared in price with Alamo and especially the vehicle we received. The day we had to go pick up the car was at the Tucson International Airport. I walked into the Car Rental facility and NO ONE was at the counter. I was a little confused. I scheduled for the car to be picked up at 5:00am in the morning. I called Alamo Cust Service and they said someone should be there. I told them no one was here. I told them I am from Tucson, but I never fly out of TIA. I always fly out of Phoenix and I have always picked up my cars from a different area at the Phoenix Airport. They stated that they would call the front desk. Since no one was at the front desk, who were they going to get a hold of? After walking around for 45 minutes, I finally received assistance from a security guard telling me to go into the garage area where all the rental cars are dropped off. Magically, there it was! I walked up the little stand and asked the Alamo guy why there wasn't a sign inside at the Alamo counter advising me to go into the garage to pick up my rental car? Just because I live in Tucson doesn't mean I know where to pick up the rental car. I even reviewed my car rental agreement and it stated the address and location for me to pick up my rental. NO where on the rental does it state that if you are picking up before 6AM to proceed to the rental car parking garage. I was a little heated because I was already 45 minutes off schedule from a 8 hour trip to California.

James Compton

One of the BEST experiences I've ever had with a car rental company. The management and staff went above and beyond what I expected. EXCELLENT customer service; thank you SO much! I will definitely be a return customer!

Lorenzo Magana

I have rented from Alamo a few times, and again, the service is outstanding. I normally don't write reviews, but I believe tto give credit where it is do. This company has treated me greatly. Thanks.

Janet Galante

I reserved anot SUV for a long trip and need something that would accommodate my dog's crate. They very nicely upgraded the vehicle let and I drove home. On the way to my house the check engine light appeared and I drive back to the airport. They were completely out of SUVs except for Expeditions. I didn't want that large of a vehicle because I was driving over 2500 miles and did not want to pay for the extra gas used by such a large vehicle. Michelle, was the attendant on duty and she knocked herself out trying to help me. It took three hours, but Michelle came through with a perfect vehicle. Normally, I would say the experience was terrible, but this young woman was motivated and apologetic. Honestly, I couldn't be angry with her because she made such an amazing effort at being help fill. Upon my return, the supervisor was just as helpful and concerned about my experience. I will rent from them again next month. AMAZING customer service from every single person I dealt with. And a great vehicle as well!

Robert Davis

Not bad second choice

jimmy cage

No issues.

Kim Schreiber

Have used Alamo for several years in different locations. Memphis Airport was by far the worst experience ever. Reserved and paid for an SUV well in advance. One representative at counter, stood for over 15 minutes waiting & the National rep offered to assist. He was very rude and tried to charge my card 2 different times for a vehicle that was paid for. Then he decided we had to pay an "upcharge" of $12.00 per day to allow my husband to drive the car. He stated I was only allowed to drive since I made the reservation, paid with my card and was the one getting my "points." After much debate he did us a "favor" by reducing the charge to $6.00 a day but then tried to charge for 7 days, the rental was for 6. As he was printing our paperwork on the Alamo side, he made a face & rolled his eyes at the Alamo rep and both decided to have a good laugh & make fun of us. I advised him that in the future, if he was going to make fun of a customer it would be in his best interest to not do it in front of them! We went to get our vehicle outside & were informed by the "National" reps that Alamo was all out of the vehicle we reserved so we would just have to take the only one "they" had left!! NOT what I paid for - will definitely rethink any future rentals from both Alamo & National since their customer service is less than acceptable!

Glenn Robinson

Great at offering an upgrade. Neat truck, except the price. When you get quoted $130 remember that does not include tax and all the hidden chargers. After a 3 day trip up the coast we returned the truck 2 hours late and the young guns at San Fran had great delight in charging us for another day. The upgrade and another day for 2 hours late return $780 extra on top of what we had already paid pre booked. Welcome to America! We got caught up in a similar situation with a long drive rental through a different company about 3 weeks later and after a phone call we held onto the car over night and it cost us $30 ??? DO NOT use ALAMO they are SHARKS!

Mark Baker

First time renting with Alamo. Great car, less than half the price of Avis, and better service.

Rakesh R S

Located at least convenient place. I wanted to add additional driver to the car. There was no proper directions to get there and then I had walk for 15mins or more to find it. Then just for adding additional driver, which was included for free with my booking, the lady(African American) at counter charged me extra for that. I felt there was change in fares, since I was in hurry just wasn't sure about it, when I asked about was there an extra charges she said no and bluffed me by showing the copy of the new rental agreement as my old agreememt. When I came back home checked I realized this cheap trick.

Dave Umpierre

This location has been so very helpful for the year+ I've been renting a long term car with them. All the guys who handle the counter are professional and always helpful with rental related questions. I'll continue to use Alamo for my car needs until I'm ready to buy my own soon. Thanks Alamo!

Slawomir .Golonka

Allen Filstein

The car I rented was supposed to be a standard car which should be a full size car. I was given a Toyota Corolla and told by the agent that it was a full size car when I questioned him. However, we called the central number at Alamo who told us that a Corolla is an intermediate, and not full sized. The representative on the phone tried to get us a larger car at another Alamo rental near our destination but was unable. However, to their credit, Alamo did give us a credit to compensate us. Usually a rental agency will give you an upgrade if the car you ordered is not available. Other than getting a smaller car than ordered the rental went fine.

Bill Orr

Great people , Great service

Nancy Daniels

Tucson is a small, friendly and delightfully easy airport to navigate. The rent-a-car vendors are located a short stroll from the baggage claim area. The gentleman at the Alamo counter was polite and efficient. Our car was right outside the door. I had called the 800 number to add a driver which they did. At the counter, we discovered that we needn't have paid for the extra driver because we were married. Hopefully, the gentleman removed that charge at the counter. Waiting for the credit card bill!

chris gibbons

Competitively priced, not a great range of car's.

Dennis Simpson

On May 11th, we flew into Tucson AZ to become new residents. We have reserved a car from Alamo and we approached the service desk. We were greeted by a gentleman with a big smile and he welcomed us to Tucson after we told him we were here to move. At the same time, a female agent came to the service desk also with a smile and was very pleasant to us. They both wondered where we were moving from and what we were doing and treated us very nicely. It took approximately 5 minutes for the paperwork and we got a car that was immaculate inside and out. We were only charged for a reservation fee and we paid upfront in total compared to other car rentals that charge the total amount even before the actual date of rental. When we returned the car, the individual outside the service desk was also very pleasant, friendly and very quick with the paperwork to get the car returned. We would highly recommend Alamo for anyone needing to rent a car.

Erma Brown

Staff friendly , prompt service .

William Consuegra

Bob Hope Airport (I don't care if they are calling it 'Hollywood Burbank Airport', it will always be Bob Hope to me) did a great job with the Transit Center remodeling in 2014. Part of that remodel was the rental car places in the parking garage. Alamo's location is convenient and the staff is superb. I fly from Denver and there were more employees helping people in Burbank than in Denver (which is a bazillion times bigger of an airport). The car selection is excellent, and I have gotten some SWEET free upgrades the past two times I have flown to BUR. Will continue renting from Alamo.

Maryann Fuller

Excellent service at both check in and drop off. Have used other companies before at this airport and this was the best experience.

Matthew Dimalanta

They were not very helpful when I called to rent the constantly referring me to do it online because they were "busy today". I was able to figure it out online though. When I went to pick up the car they simply gave me the keys and told me to go get the car. I had a little trouble finding the car, but I did find it. I had no issues with the car when I had it. When I returned the car, the intake person was extremely rude and incorrectly charged me for something that I shouldn't have been charged for. When I took it upstairs to the person at the office, she was very nice... something I was expecting from every interaction with them, but was disappointed, she apologized for my experience and took the incorrect charge off of my account. Overall, my experience was less than satisfactory and I would be giving it one star if it wasn't for the very nice person at the end of it.

Sean Taulman

Good service, no wait time, cars could be a bit better, but we're about 2-3 years old Max and mostly clean

Diego Castro

Recently rented a car in Tucson! Frankie was great! Very professional and helpful! Gave me a couple restaurants to eat at and they were great! I will be visiting Tucson and renting from Alamo again.

Sabyasachi Bandyopadhyay

sparkle Boyd

It was fast and easy.

khalid aldakhil

Maegen Ripley

The booking process was easy as I used Costco Travel as I usually do. The staff at the rental counter when I got there to pick up my car was just very unfriendly and didn't really seem like they wanted to be dealing with customers. The gentleman at the booth outside that gave me my keys was very nice and helpful. I got the car and got it home, when loading it for our family vacation I found that there was a used Juul pod(found later to have marijuana in it), then we found a half eaten chicken nugget in the back door and the front windshield was so streaked I had to clean it prior to getting on the road. I have rented from Alamo before and never had any issues but this time the cleanliness was just not there and was very disappointing. When I returned the car I advised the gentleman in the garage of the issues and he did provide me with a little bit of a discount on the rental charges. Please just make sure that the people that are cleaning your vehicles is actually cleaning them. We do pay a decent amount of money to rent these vehicles and it is a pain to have to clean them before even driving for the purpose of the rental.

Lexi R.

Transparent pricing ( my total was exactly as Orbitz estimated which can sometimes exclude additional airport fees.) Every single staff member was kind and professional. Car was in great condition ( still had that "new car smell") and felt safe. Easy to navigate from car rental location to terminal. Didn't feel rushed to get my things out the car.

wrechal currie

Easy pick up easy return!

The Mighty O

Made a reservation about 3wks ahead of time and my vehicle was not ready upon my arrival. I'm thankful that they rounded up a vehicle after about 1.5hrs, but the interior of the vehicle was not cleaned properly... this is my first time renting from Alamo and it wasn't the best experience. I always rent from Enterprise and National and didn't think it would be much of a difference.... Get on your game, Alamo! Update: Alamo customer service unexpectedly handled my issue effectively and swiftly. Thanks!

Eva Tak

The service was great from the front desk. We were escorted to our choice of vehicles (upgraded without charge). The car was clean and ready for us. An easy seamless return.

John Sweeney

Great people at the desk. Fast, efficient and you get quality cars.

ken crago

Everything was so easy when making my reservation, all I did was get on line checked the prices picked the car that I wanted. The reservation confirmation was sent to my E-Mail. Next I received a Reservation Check-in I filled it out and I was all set to pick the car up at the airport. When my reservation check-in was sent to my e-mail it gave me the steps to follow when I arrived at the airport. When I arrived at the Airport I gave the agent my name, they had everything ready for me. We went over the contract I picked any extras I needed, was told where to pick the car up, and I went on my way. When returning the car I parked where the Alamo Return car section was and an agent met me there check the car in and printed my receipt right there, I checked it to confirm it matched my contract at pick up and it did, I took my bags and went on my way. Thanks Alamo your agents were very helpful and very polite. I will rent from you guys again.

Teri Todd

Friendly and fairly efficient, had to wait for a car at pickup but drop off was a breeze.

Philip Miller

Very fast and friendly

Angel Light

Easy access to pick up rental. No delays or confusion. Cars and Suv are in great condition. Great customer service too.

In Na

That woman Cristina who served me the morning I came by was such a breath of fresh air. She was so friendly and patient. Hire more of her.

Duncan Cui

Great price! Free upgrade when the current class unavailable!

Stephan Adair

My wife and I rented a car to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. Originally, the price was a bit on the higher end, but I overheard the person in front of me mentioning that they reserved a car through Costco. I immediately looked online and found a reservation that was much better. It was $100 less, included an upgrade from what I had originally reserved, and also allowed me to add my wife as a driver for free. All in all, it cost $235 for a sedan for a week. I will definitely be reserving cars through Costco and Alamo in the future.

Katherine Louise Killian

Jimmy Zasa was the biggest help when renting a van from Alamo last month. So my story goes that I needed to rent a van to transport art across the country by a strict deadline. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the credit card policy that all of Tucson International Airport's rental car agencies had implemented within the past year. If you are unfamiliar with this credit card policy, you are not alone. Apparently, there was a car theft ring that was responsible for multiple stolen vehicles last year, and because of this, Alamo does not allow anyone to use a debit card when renting a vehicle. Honestly, this makes perfect sense as they can charge you for a stolen vehicle with a credit card, but if you somehow stole a car, they would not be able to receive funds from you with only access to your debit card/bank account. With that being said, Jimmy explained this to us and held our reservation so we could transport funds to an emergency credit card within 24 hours. He saved us about $500.00, which resulted in being able to transport my art to Indianapolis. I am extremely thankful to Jimmy and his professionalism. I will use Alamo again just because of Jimmy Zasa!

C. Pruitt

They're always on point. I haven't had any issues thus far.

Erica Mickelsen

Jimmy was extraordinary, professional and caring. We had just spent 40 mins at the Budget rental booth getting treated badly. We decided to hop over to Alamo and it was the opposite experience! We were in and out in 7 mins with Jimmy being great! Also great cost. They just got my business for life.


Friendly staff, easy transaction and return.

Kenneth Schlechter

The fastest rental I've ever experienced. Smooth and easy!

Pat Bultemeier

Quick service at the counter. Had 3 people waiting on customers, so there was no waiting, unlike other rental places. Really appreciate this after a long plane ride, the last thing you want to do is wait in line for your car. We had pre-book, so it was a quick process. Appreciate that they don't try to pressure you into the insurance. Picking up the car was easy. They gave us our choice of 3 different cars in the category. Return process was quick and efficient. Have rented from this location every time we visit Tucson and will do so again.

Therese Romano

The customer service was good. The car however was something that I would expect from a lower rate rental company. It was dirty inside. There were stains on the seat. The tires were worn. I had no machanical problem with the car however it felt like something I would rent at a “discount” car rental agency.

Peirui Bai

This is the second time I rent car from Alamo. I reserve the car from priceonline, but the charge always be more than the initial, because more insurance is adviced. I think it's better to maintain the initial price. The car I chosen should having navigation device. Howevert the car arranged for me does not have it, then I have to pay more to rent the navigation device. In all the service is good . Thanks!

Laura Fletcher

It is the only place I will go to rent a car.

luckyrck1 .

Great competitive price, customer service and on time service!!

Ron Schoenberger

I did online check-in which avoided going to the Alamo counter. The air port process went smoothly. I got off of the plane, walked to Alamo (long walk), got in one of the cars, and then drove off -- showing my paper work at the gate.

Bernard Whitley

My rental experience was great. Professional Staff Members made my encounter pleasant and flawless. The set-up at Memphis International is splendid.. Thank you.

Damon Moore

Convenient, covered facility with great prices through Expedia. Has both a counter and two kiosks for quicker service. My first time using the kiosks an Alamo employee was there to guide me through the process. The concierge car pickup service offered lots of choices and a porter brought the car to me. Returning was easy enough. Rental car terminal is on the airport, near both train and local bus service.


Nancy Brown

Got a good deal on a car through American Airlines. The customer rep at the counter was very courteous and helpful, and the car was clean and just right for what I needed. The facility was easily-accessible from the airport, and the lady helping in the garage was very sweet.

Erik Matthew Johnson

Clean cars at a good price served by pleasant employees at multiple locations. What else do you need?

Janaye Pegues

I love ALAMO !! They are no hassle, no hidden fees, and prompt service. I like how they have fast check-in and check-out. Minus the hold (haha), but I know its a precaution hold on your card. But, to be honest they are great. They even have great humor, aren't stuck up, and tight lipped, like other rental companies. They really do put the customer first. I will stay using them for ALL my rental needs.

d dabner

Customer service could improve and the cars often haven't been cleaned. Also, available models in your chosen size class are limited and the customer service agents dont offer free upgrades.

Marci Robison

Kandace Kirkwood

It's going to be a no for me. I booked over the phone so that I would be able to ask all the questions I wanted. The young lady I was speaking with was very nice. I asked her, several times, would there be a deposit. She said because I was using a major cc that I would only have to pay the cost of the rental. Fast forward to us getting to the airport. We are told there is a $300 deposit due to my DL being from the tri-state area? What?! So now we are stranded in another state without transportation. I call CS and of course they were of no help even when it was their rep's fault I was in this predicament. Long story short, a relative had to drive an hr and a half to pick us up. I originally booked a midsize SUV and the best the supervisor I spoke to could do was a 1 day free rental for a full size car. Pitiful. Then I call back to ask about them fixing it to were I could at least get the vehicle I needed. Mr. Derrick very flat and dryly said, we don't offer any other coupons period. Terrible experience hands down!! I will be filing a corporate complaint as well.

Paul Smith


Good rental car place

Lisa Markham

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alamo Rent A Car!! I currently have a rental car from them.Whether it's via telephone or at the counter, they have been nothing but professional and helpful. The rates are the best and they have many awesome coupons, promo codes and discounts available, along with the Alamo Insiders discounts, you can't go wrong! I highly recommend Alamo Rent A Car!!

Saleh Al-As

اسعار تاجير السيارات معقول مقارنه بالشركات الاخرى

Indrek Pill

Franco Belvedere

Other than trying to navigate how to get a car, if you have been here before and know what to do.... you're in and out quickly.

robin moses

Very good company, rates were lower than the rest they just need to update their systems so you can pay with your personal debit card opposed to a credit card

Brittney Cheatham

Would not recommend. Ive been renting cars all year anf this place haf me on a no rent list. I paid in full ahead of time and have no reason to be denied. The employee COULD override it but did not want to in fear of getting in trouble. He texter his manager for permission with no response. He refused to call her in fear after we encouraged him to. We were stranded otherwise. We had to rent through a friend which really made it inconvenient for my group. Unecessary problems with this place.

Paul H

Not a good experience! We arrived late in the evening as they were an hour from closing, to find they had NO cars left (even though I had booked 8 months before). Several other customers who had also missed out on cars were on phones panicking trying to find something for their journeys. Fortunately we were staying in Memphis and didn't need one urgently, and the receptionist, who was very friendly if stressed, offered us free taxi rides to our hotel and back (with receipts of course) and a free day off our 8 day rental as compensation. We accepted without fuss. We returned the next day to face a different miserable, bored receptionist who didn't apologise for our experience at all, and even had the cheek to quibble over our taxi expenses. Moreover she refused to refund us a day as (she said) we had pre-paid for the car so it couldn't be done. And she didn't even offer us a free upgrade. During this time a horrendous queue of customers had built up behind us, but with only her on duty they just had to wait while our issue was sorted out. Considering we had a booking, it seemed to take an inordinate amount of time as she undertook much computer staring and button pushing to complete our paperwork. Note the 5 other car rental companies in the hall during this time had no people waiting - so I recommend others to use any one but Alamo for their car rental in Memphis. Having said that, the car we got wasn't bad and our return at Atlanta airport was no fuss (although they did not have full access to our booking records as the car was from another state - don't they have a single national system???).

Jessica Girard

Fast and friendly service from beginning to end. We had a wheelchair and the gentleman we returned the car to volunteered to drive us to the departures level, so we wouldn't have to make the long walk from the rental car drop-off garage.

fred barner

Good service

Eileen Clark

I went for a compact car, and got a free upgrade, and the car was the best!!! They gave me no problem getting the car and were so kind to me when I got it. I will always go to Alamo.

jiang shan



Waited over 1/2 hour, in line, with tons of others on Friday Sept. 9 at around Noon to get our car rental. Only 2 people working and, of course, they are talking and carrying on - taking their sweet time. No attempt to call anyone in to staff another register (there are 4) and no pleasant anything. Will not rent from Alamo again (and we've rented plenty from here)

Rebecca Valone

Excellent customer service my husband and I travel a lot and the Memphis Alamo rocks!

Florence Malinowski

Jackie Kapcheck

Had a great experience in this small airport. Last visit there was for the first time ever NO LINE. Two attendants greeted me cheerfully and I was on my way in 5 minutes. Always on point each trip.

Jo Tipton-Swofford

Really happy with my rental except for the horrible marijuana smell.

Maureen OByrne

I had to take the time to let you know how much I appreciated the service I received from Robert Gray on my Alamo car rental a few weeks ago. I rented a luxury SUV to drive my son and 5 of his friends to their Senior Prom. I made the mistake of not bringing the right credit card with a high enough balance for the $200 deposit. So I had to drive home and bring back a different card. Needless to say, I was a wreck and stressed that I wouldn't be able to get back in time. Robert was so helpful and put my mind at ease immediately! As a Mom, I had to get the car rental for Prom right! The right car, color, and size. Robert made sure I got all of it and the kids were thrilled!! I feel extremely lucky to have been taken care of by Robert and wanted to make sure that his Management Team was aware of what a valuable employee you have in him.

James Gibson

Ordering a full size car was our mistake. Alamo’s idea of a full size car is one you don’t mind crawling into from the ground. Very uncomfortable. Would not do it again.

Lance Cooper

Good cars, courteous and great service, convenient pickup and drop off locations. Good value for price.

Monique Scott

Horrible service in the memphis airport. Inconsistent practices. They don’t mind making things difficult.

Seymour Orlinsky

reservation person at airport was GREAT

Plumley Jeremy

Great experience. Made it super easy. The crew in Tucson were great.

monville francois

Un manager exécrable ..des terminaux de paiement qui ne sont pas à jour. De ce fait, notre carte de paiement ne passait pas et aucune solution n'a été trouvée. Nous nous sommes rabattu sur Sixt bien plus professionnel !

edward m zavala

Good rental company

Corey Anderson

This location has no direct phone line. The number provided is a run-a-round. Cant get simple information about your rental vehicle until you get to the airport. Very Convenient (Extreme Sarcasm)

Me U

Lot attendees are great ...the inside office staff not so much.

Jay Family

The Alamo/National team at the White Plains Airport is the BEST I have ever experienced. They were professional, prompt, friendly, and even offered me an upgrade. Thank you for the excellent customer service. I will always choose Alamo at the this location.

Mary ReedMartinez

Very professional & courteous will rent from again.

raphael98006 .

I recently rented a car this past july 14-16 from your Burbank, CA location. Upon returning the vehicle on Sunday July 16th and receiving my final receipt, an employee named, Omar Torres, came out and stated, "there's a dent on your car". He pointed out this dent and stated that since I had rented the vehicle, I was responsible for the damage. I was in a state of shock explaining to him that I had driven the vehicle a total of 76 miles and had been very careful. I then immediately checked out the car for any other damage of which there wasn't. He then stated that the car had been checked out by them before I drove it off. I then realized that I should have checked out the car before driving off; this felt like a scam was being perpetrated., I then told him I had a plane to catch and he should do whatever he has to do! And now I'm involved in trying to obtain the necessary paperwork from Alamo to run this through my credit card's insurance. Beware! Always check your rental vehicle out before driving off.

Ibrahim Jaber

Reserved a car online a week prior for $335. Get to the front counter and it becomes $510 because I "must get coverage from Alamo." Apparently Alamo cannot except Geico to cover their cars. Called Geico and Alamo customer service and both stated that information was false. Worst customer experience ever.

Chris Holbach

The people were great - positive and willing to accommodate! We even had to rent the car one more day and they gave us the same daily rate!

Arren Frank

Probably my favorite rental spot at Bob Hope.


Horrible service!!!!!!!!! The absolute worst. Manager was very rude, insulting, judgmental, and completely unprofessional in my opinion. Not only was he not patient and clear with the information that he provided, he also spoke to me in a very condescending tone that I found to be, again, completely unprofessional. I would not recommend this location at all! *ZERO stars, I was required to post one in order to post the review*

Brian O'Sullivan

I rented a car from Alamo at the Memphis Airport. When I got to the counter, there was a long line (5 people ahead of me) at Alamo, but not at the other rental companies. I guessed, that Alamo had the best rates. Yes, I had to wait, but the agent was efficient and it took only about 15 minutes until I was out the door and into my car. The car worked well. I had no problems. The return was also without problem. I would rent from Alamo again at this location.

Larry Duval

Easy check in! We were upgraded at no extra charge. Vehicle was clean and drove very good. Returning car couldn't be any easier! We would not hesitate to lease again from Alamo at this location!

Guy Sopher

craig lex

Everything was great except the car was pretty dirty

Bob Grady

Great vehicle (minivan) at the best price available. Easy pick-up/drop-off. Took one star off for outside dirt on pick-up.

Beverly Reynolds

Rented a car to use to go to the Final Four and visit the Grand Canyon while here as well. Getting the rental was easy. Really enjoyed the serviced I received in picking up the car. My car was ready for me and my family and I were off quickly to get to Open Practice at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Thanks for a great experience for my trip to Arizona for the Final Four.

April Johnson

Everything about them is beautiful renting a car no problem going through the status of getting it hassle-free I love it

Marc Eekhout


Derek Lightfoot

Jeff Ozuna

Placed a call to Alamo to confirm a reservation made through Costco Travel, the counter person who answered the call was not only extremely hard to understand because of his foreign accent but was also extremely rude. We'll see how this rental experience plays out... hopefully, this is not a foreshadowing of our upcoming rental experience..

Robbie Saavedra

I travel to Burbank 1-2 times a month and always receive courteous and timely service from Alamo. Cory, the lot attendant, knows me by name and is always quick to upgrade me when my chosen vehicle is not in stock. I have had problems before with using other agencies, but never with Alamo. Thank you for always getting me where I need to go in style and in a timely manor.

April Fisher

They got us a car when the other rental places wouldn't. We even had a reservation at another one but they wouldn't honor it. This one was awesome. Very quick and supper friendly. And we got it cheaper than the other place.

Tim L

If I could, a negative star rating. While in the past Alamo at the Burbank Airport is fast and efficient, this time it was the reverse. The woman behind the Alamo counter was slow and had a bad attitude. The next time I fly into Burbank, my rental will go to one of the other rental companies, and definitely not Alamo.

Nic Leibham

Very quick and easy checking out and back in. The staff was great and very helpful. I did try to use the kiosk, after i inputted everything it told me it couldn't complete the rental and made me go to the back of the line for the counter. Not a big deal but i didn't see the point.

Marianne Maugard

Manager very rude. Impossible to get the car we booked. Apparently this agency don't care about tourists visiting the city. Even if we had a reservation this agency didn't want to rent us a car because we don't have a credit card. They didn't even try to use our card and just cancel our reservation. Since this type of card does not exist in France we asked the manager how can we rent a car and he just answered that we were wrong cause he rents car to French people with credit cards every week, which is obviously a lie. We ended up renting a car last minute in another agency which was super expensive.

Samantha May

They had no cars to rent. We made a reservation 2 months in advance and when our flight landed we were told they had no cars for the night but we could come back in the morning.

Dave Marinelli

National and Alamo is the only company I rent from. I love being about to check in ahead of time and go directly to my reserved car class. I picked up a standard suv Thursday morning around 9am and the lot was very well stocked with a wide variety of suv’s To choose from including JK wranglers, Muranos, Pathfinders, Edges, Equinoxes and more in various trim levels. I was able to select a low mileage Nissan Murano Platinum (the highest trim) with panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seats and navigation. The staff were all polite and helpful efficient!

Lost in Foundtv

Awesome experience. Isabel is professional and very helpful. Great service. Highly recommended. Also honest employees in terms of returning a lost item. Exceptional.

Giada Catanoso

Very good

janeice jolly

Very negative experience upon returning my rental.While trying to explain a problem with the auto which had been resolved on the day of the actual rental,the employee at the return was very rude and condescending. He was not friendly at all and made me feel like I was not telling the truth instead of being helpful and understanding.I have had no problems in the past and plan to continue renting in the future.maybe the employees at the return area should receive sensitivity training.

Chuck House

Had a good rental experience here.

Angie Greer

Hi, The lady that checked me out was very helpful, nice and took the time to make sure that my questions was answered. Therefore the experience with her at the beginning of my trip, set the tone for the rest of my trip. When I returned the SUV a young man check it in and the end of my experience was like the beginning. Thanks Alamo!! No problems. I will be back. Angie Greer

Joe Longpre

Lena Mac

The helpers were helpful and also located items that were left in the car.

Evelyn A

Easy check in using the kiosk by the counter. Reserved a midsize car but only compact cars available. The car had pet hair all over the interior. Took the car anyway. Easy return.


Highly Recommend Alamo

Christopher Baring

Charles Iervolino

Superfast service at Memphis Airport. Onsite parking. Nice, clean vehicle. Return was also very fast and easy. No attendant before 7am, but I was advised to leave the keys in the car. Before I arrived home, I had an accurate invoice in my inbox. The only negative was that even with a BRAND NEW CAR, Sirius XM was not activated.

Debbie Cahorshak

Reservation was done and paid for before we landed. Very organized. In and out on pickup and on drop off.

Jens Vestergaard

We had a truly amazing experience when renting from this Alamo location. Michelle at the counter was super friendly and professional - and noticed that my birthday was coming up. She really went above and beyond to make our weekend in Tucson special. After a few miles in the car we noticed that it was only 1/4 full and called Alamo. They told us not to worry about the gas when returning it - which was a huge relief because all we wanted was to go out and explore the area. The car itself was brand new and squeaky clean. We will definitely use Alamo when we visit Tucson again.

Shannon Skiles

Was told by Alamo customer service to come to this location since it's the closest to me to trade vehicle since there is a mechanical issue. I was also told I'd be given a vehicle comparable to what I have. Upon arrival, I was greeted by very rude staff not willing to help. Was also told I'd have to take a smaller vehicle, which won't work, because there are not enough seats for my passengers. So now.... I have a defective vehicle that I'm paying for daily and no one seems to be able to figure out a solution to this. I will never rent from Alamo again.

Jane Lee

Easy pick-up and drop-off. Great Value as always.

Janet Hines

Completely satisfied.

Deek Gaines

Clare Beelman

Reasonable price, good car, good staff and easy pick-up/ return.

David Holland


MyJo Fogg

Staff was great both picking the vehicle up at the airport and returning it.

Tricia Eason

I had THE most terrible experience at The Alamo Memphis Airport!!! I live in Memphis and they make it harder for a resident of the city to rent. They want you to a major credit card to rent but if you fly in from somewhere else you can use debit. I reserved a vehicle through Priceline two weeks ago. Used my debit card to pick up the car. Mind you I paid already!! Did the same thing yesterday paid through Priceline to go to my father's funeral and Alamo refused to rent me the car. They tell me oh it's against our policy. Ok but you did this two weeks ago!!! I see there is no compassion at this company or at the Memphis Airport!! I arrived to pick up the Alamo rental at 2 pm. I couldn't get anyone to rent me a car until 6:15. Apparently the city was low on rentals everywhere but the airport. So I was there literally for 4 hours!!!!! After giving loads of personal information to Budget. I finally got to leave to make it to Saint Louis for my Dad's funeral. Alamo treated me with no regard to the loss of family. People need to remember empathy, sympathy and compassion for another human being. Alamo did not show me that at all. I didn't think I would make it but there is a higher power!

Donald Lacinski

Great customer service in California and in Reno Nevada. Highly recommend.

Ritz Beautiful

My first time renting with Alamo and it was great. Love the fact that I could use my debit card most require credit cards. Deposit wasn't included. I asked for compact and got a free upgrade to full size. Selection of vehicles was great. I became an Alamo insider for great offers and will continue to rent from them.

Tara Baruch

Friendly and helpful staff! Once they were aware that I would be driving an infant, the manager at the counter looked through her inventory to find the vehicles with the highest safety rating. When she found one, she called "upstairs" and they brought the car down, heated and clean. The gentleman even helped me with my luggage as I installed the car seat. The vehicle ran great! The staff on the return was as helpful and friendly and my vehicle return was quick and smooth. This was the first time I used Alamo at this location and I will definitely be using them again when I travel in May!

joshuarynd .

I rented a van earlier in the week and while the van was great and spotless, the woman behind the counter was nothing short of rude. She also tried jamming the insurance down our throats and asked multiple times. I denied it each time she asked but honestly, no means no woman! Car was great, staffer was terrible.

lorraine opper

I fly to Burbank every two weeks and used Alamo for over ten years. I always get the best service from Alamo. From Checkin to return I always get first class service.

Don Nevins

Normally love Alamo who I use exclusively. Needed a car this week in Tucson and they had nothing available and weren’t willing to transfer cars from the area to the airport. Forcing me to another rental agency. Can’t give a good review if you can’t provide a car when I need one.

John YourSuccessEnabler

Excellent friendly and fast service on pick up and drop off. Nice, clean car in great condition. An all around great car rental experience!

Gilson Gil

Quick, cheap and great variety of vehicles! I always rent cars here.

Jackie Mich

Great service, short lines.

Bruce Arnold

Excellent customer service- nice people and a good clean car.. I like Alamo

Juan Manuel Lopez

I have a good experience

Mackenzie Herbert

Great expedient friendly service. Upgraded to a midsize car for free.

Alex Rosa


Paul Eggenberger

Smooth, easy to pickup and drop off, good staffing

Jody K

Alamos cats in tucson are usually good I was disappointed with this last rental. I had a 2019 Mercedes Benz with 25k on the mileage. - first the car was overdue for service by 1800 miles., 2) The rotors on the brakes needed to be turned in a bad way - every time I used the brakes the steering wheel shook really bad. 3) the car was overheating and needed coolant - I was 250 mile away and it was an holiday weekend and all the service stations were closed. 4)! Then the Air pressure light came on. - some of these issues could have been addressed before I got the car. - somebody needs to be checking the cars out a little closer. Before they are rented out..

David Maher

Good experience, fast and easy

Dusty Weber

Easy pick-up and drop-off

Raymond Fenollar

Efficient,quick and friendly

Ken Shea

Tremendous car and service! The Alamo folks were very professional and did not waste my time. A lady walked me to my car and waited until I got in and had no more questions. Just perfect. Thank you Alamo! Well done.

Robert Wright

Edward, Shirley Arrington

Your personal was very helpful in when there were a mix up in the car rental but they were able to quickly make the correction.

Talr Saso

شركة ضعيفة لا اشجع عليها

Stephanie Johnson

Quick and easy to get the car. There was a long line but it moved along quickly. The staff is all courteous and knowledgeable. The car was clean and ran well. Pick up and drop off was simple.

Chang Roland

Vingie Magdael

Good service. Fast and easy check-in and check-out. Went out of their way to get the car I wanted which is a plus.

Phillip Roger

Great experience.. from start to finish

Spencer Kahn

Basic car rental.

Deanna Vale

It was a great car for my week from Memphis to Northeast Arkansas to visit my mother. The check in was pleasant and efficient. The ladies who helped with car selection were personable. The trip was a good one despite some ice on roads two mornings. But the most important part of the rental was that I could not find my cell phone when turning in the car. I was frantic and expressed my dismay at loss of phone to one of Alamo's drivers. I knew it was in my pocket when I put gas in the car. Evidently it slipped out of my pocket and wedged under the driver's seat. I asked him if he would call my phone and see if we could hear it. Unfortunately I had turned the volume very low and I thought I could hear it, but it was noisy and we could not see it. So he searched again using the flashlight on his phone and thankfully he found it. I am grateful to him for taking the extra time to find. So sorry that I did not get his name but he sure helped me find it.

Jackie Dotson

The counter was not busy and the attendants were not pushy and very friendly. The process was quick and fairly easy. The outside attendant saw we had numerous bags and pulled the car up for us in an area where we could load our vehicle and take our time. Exiting after we had our vehicle was also quick and easy and we were on our way. The only thing I did not like was the self service kiosks were not working correctly. We initially tried those and one was labeled correctly as being out of order but the other one was not. If there was availability here then I would have given the place 5 stars.

Robert DuPlessis

Good location that's easy to find and use, especially now that the cars are just downstairs in the 30th Street Station inside parking garage. The check-in was straightforward at the beginning of the rental and the also when I returned the car. No problems, no hard sell for add-ons. In short, a pleasant experience.

craig wrobel

Rented a car from Alamo for the monthly rate in Tucson. Three weeks into the trip, went to start the car and the battery was dead. The 800 # personnel told me that my contract did not include road side assistance and that there would be a $60.00 charge or would need to call my own car insurance carrier. I was upset that this was their policy. The Alamo support person said to discuss this with the rental agency at the return, maybe would waive the fee. To resolve the problem they suggested I have the car towed to the airport location and do an exchange (on a Friday afternoon no less). The tow truck had a battery charger and was able to start the car and I drove to the airport for the exchange, all the while hoping the car would not die again. They did exchange the car and said they were sorry for the incovenience and there would not be the service charge. No other discount, offer, coupon was offered for the trouble I had with "their" car not running and my 4 hours of wasted time and lost evening. I don't think Alamo will be getting my monthly rentals in Tucson anymore.

Ken G

Had a fault not practicing good traveler skills. The attendants at LAX stole my sunglasses. After ending my 1-way trip to LAX I had lot of bags and stuff.... it took a couple of trips to put my gear on the sidewalk. After the last trip I returned to the car to get my sunglasses and they were not there. They were on the center console. Very small car..tore it apart trying to find them after. Not hard to figure out one of two people stole them while I was making my trips to the sidewalk. My fault for not being diligent....Alamo's fault for not hiring honest folks. Word to wise for those using Alamo LAX....WATCH OUT FOR EMPLOYEE THEFT !!!.

Rayan Qahnoon

Prices are lower than competitors! Long varieties in cars, good quick service

norval hendrix

Excellent customer service.

Carol Kerr

the ramp for return at Burbank Airport is poorly marked. Better signage.

J Lowe

I originally had a 5 day rental, but had to extend my stay to 30 days due to an family emergency. Thank goodness that Alamo was so accommodating in allowing me to do so. It would have been a huge hassle if I had to return the car and rent a different one at the airport an hour away. The price of the rental was reasonable too.

Ubiquitous Concepts

Needed a bigger vehicle to go visit family in another state. Alamo had the best rates, new vehicles, and unlimited mileage. Check in was a breeze and check out was so fast I almost forgot to remove all of the items in the car. Thanks Alamo.


Counter clerks decided to take off an hour before advertised closing time. Rates are higher than Philadelphia Airport. Cars are sometimes not cleaned. Clear that employees here think they can skate under the radar.

UBU Sports Fans

Service was great! Every staff member was helpful and professional. I highly recommend Alamo!!

Pedro Washington

Overall my experience was ok i guess. The agent at the airport was a little sarcastically rude. I wasn't able to pick up my rental at reserved time but I called and informed the young lady that answered the phone that I was waiting on my ride so I could come pick up my rental . When i got to the airport he told me that i was late and he didn't have a SUV for me and smirked in my face. Also, I have a pet peeve. If I place my money, identification, or credit card in your hand please place it back in mine. Instead after I placed my card in his hand he tossed it back on the counter. Finally I was given an SUV that was rushed thru the carwash/cleaning process and it was.still dirty. Finally after driving the truck about 70 miles heading out of state. I discovered the truck had a really bad vibration at about 75-80mph . I've rented from Alamo quite a few times and this was by far the worst rental experience I've ever had

Sam Stewardson

Easy process, especially when you check in prior to your arrival. We went straight to our vehicle and were on the road quickly. It couldn’t have been easier. Thanks Alamo Memphis Airport!

Jose Andalon

Just called to see how much and she asked me to look on internet. Which I did already but I wanted more info this lady was sarcastic if u dont want want to do your job or do customer service look 4 another job. Never again

Barbara Rita Tust

Great customer service! After renting from several car rental places, Alamo is the best deal. All agents, no matter what company will try to sell you additional coverage or an upgrade, some are more pushy than others. I have yet to experience a hard sell from the airport Alamo Agents.

Carolyn Witt

Great experience, I received a free upgrade vehicle

Frances Deanda

Always a great price friendly service fast and efficient

Liia London

I always get good rentals here. Customer service is usually good and most of the time I am in and out rapidly and on my way.

Jennifer A

Counter inside had only 1 person working but line went remarkably fast. AND as always, the same gentleman checked me back in upon returning the car to the airport to fly back to FL. He is the friendliest person and at this point we know one another based on my comings and goings. He truly makes the return process actually enjoyable. My consistent pleasant experiences with him has been the reason that I now use Alamo as my default for renting cars.

Adrian Gracia

Service was alright the cares were good for the price

Edyl Perez

Chuck Tomek

Overall good. Easy to get car and return very easy. Everyone nice and accommodating. Would strongly suggest Alamo at Tucson airport.

Karthik Srinivasan

Alamo at Tucson airport. Very friendly and efficient service.

Alessandro Fuschi

Clerk was very friendly and helpful, he even gave us a free upgrade to a brand new Corolla on site because the web page didn't work when we reserved the car. Getting the car from the garage and bringing it back was very easy and without hassle. Will definitely consider Alamo next time I need to rent a car

Ehuel Rutherford

Great service and staff. I was checked in and out very quickly

ann mar

They are awesome at this location. Especially helpful are Debra and Reed at the front desk excellent customer service! Any issues they are ALWAYS on top of things. Wouldnt rent from any other place.

Lynn Dohner

Employees are personality plus... always a pleasure doing business here

Reba Devine

When I picked up my Alamo rental at the Tucson airport, the counter person assured me that paying for a tank of gas would be much cheaper than filling up the tank myself before returning the car. I trusted his recommendation and chose that option. I ended up using very little fuel and was charged $40 for the full tank when I returned the vehicle to Alamo . When I expressed my dismay about it to the guy accepting the return vehicle, he comped the fuel charge. Outstanding customer service, Alamo! I'll be needing more rental cars this year, and Alamo will be my choice for them.

Michael Pettibone

There always helpful , make sure they put you in a good vehicle. And honor all budget coupons

Betty Lester

Nice people & good prices

Yasir Mansouri

Nice and friendly reception fast service, cars are good, prices are reasonable

Randi Beers

No hassles and no surprise costs when i turned in my rental car. I rented a brand new Nissan Armada in Tucson and drove it all over the American West and all the way back to Ohio where I returned it with 5200 miles added. Thanks Alamo for being part of a great family adventure!

Tisha Portillo

Bad service from Hector. Extremely rude and not helpful.

Murray Berkowitz

I arrive to pick up my car and somehow my reservation was canceled. The agent bent over backwards to accommodate me and got me a car at less than the amount that I was originally supposed to pay. She was kind courteous efficient and she really save the day for me I was extremely please with my experience at Alamo

Randy Schendel

I rented a car for a week with an agreement of $357. I received my credit card statement six weeks later and noticed that I was charged $410. I called and was told that I was charged $53 for refueling. I picked the car up with a full tank of gas and refueled just before bringing it back. As a side note; Gas was only $1.99/ gal. on Feb 23rd, 2019 when I filled up and the fuel capacity of the Chevy Malibu was 16 gallons. I come up with approximately $32 and they wanted to charge me $53. Are there any honest companies anymore? The customer service rep did credit me the refueling charge with absolutely no hassle. Thank you but I shouldn't have had to go through this.



Tsvika Palgy

mike sims

I don't go anywhere else, and with the kiosk, It's awesome!!

Luciano Alfonsin

Jed Johnston

Great experience with Alamo, as usual. Even though I booked with a third party, I was able to skip the counter and choose my car from the lot. No paperwork, very few questions -- just my ID and credit card and I was on my way. The car was well equipped. The return process was easy, and the attendant could not have been friendlier!

Maxine Brown

One of the reasons why I so enjoyed my visit in Tucson, Arizona is the ease, low cost, and friendliness of the folks at Alamo Rent A Car. I had to rent a car on my very first visit there and was concerned about how, when, and where to rent a car. All my worries were for naught as Alamo made the trip worry-free. I was able to rent a spacious car for the least amount of money -- beating out the other rental agencies. I will always do business with Alamo from now on.

Mic Lajiness

pick up was pretty easy at Tuscon airport but access to the desk for drive up customers was not convenient. That said, the rental vehicle, a Nissan Rogue was excellent. Drop off was painless in Las Vegas except one did have to take a shuttle to the terminal.

Fran Ray

Twice at the Burbank, California Airport location, I was charged for additional insurance even though right up front I told the cashier that I wanted none. The first time it happened, I didn’t see the charge until I returned the car, and the manager removed the fee. I dismissed this as an oversight by the cashier. A couple of months later, I came back to Burbank, California, got the same cashier, and she added the additional insurance again, even though right up front I asked for NO INSURANCE. This time I checked the contract before leaving the desk, found the additional fee that she added, and told her to remove it. When I told the cashier that she had done the same thing on my last visit, she became argumentative for almost ten minutes. This was a horrible experience and I wonder how many people who have used the Burbank, California Alamo car rental may have not realized that an additional amount has been added without them knowing. Bad business.


Stephen Kendrick

Picked up our designated car at Burbank Airport and it was ready on time. The line at the desk was short and the staff inside and in the garage were great. Price came out as promised when we returned to SFO one week later. Would rent again from Alamo BUR!

Judith Perry

Car was ready at Burbank and all personnel were helpful. This is the second time I rented a car from Alamo and I was not disappointed.

Flexo 1000101

Probably the easiest rental car experience I've had. Moderate walk to the rental center from the arrivals area (200 yards?). Once there, agents were friendly and didn't push the upsells too hard. Would rent from Alamo Burbank again for sure.

Dominique Groves

Lucia Farro

Good value and employers really kind, understanding and ready to answer to all your questions.


Mark Bourque

The first vehicle that we were shown had a small damaged area front left bumper, the attendant would not make note or document the damage, she said that Alamo does not document damage, that was the first time in my 30 years of business travel that I have ever been told that. The other problem with the first vehicle that we were shown was that it had not been cleaned. When I refused to take it the attendant seemed to be irritated that I had refused that vehicle and became argumentative. I finally told her absolutely not I would not take the vehicle and was shown another SMALLER vehicle, it was not the size that I needed. I then I became frustrated with the whole situation and accepted the smaller clean undamaged vehicle for my two week rental, I was VERY disappointed I can say my Alamo experience was not good and given the opportunity I will avoid renting from Alamo again.

Michael Little

Good service and excellent car

Joi Reezy Lisë

Not great

bernard kennedy

We had a good experience at Alamo Burbank rental . Easy pickup, helpful staff, a great Tahoe rental. Trouble free, for me the walk was no problem, the walkways were working. I can see that would be a negative for someone who can't or doesn't like to walk far

Rich Oner

Although a bit out of my way this location has been my go to car rental spot. It's always quick and easy to get a car. The staff is extremely helpful and always have a great attitude. There are many other rental spots but trust me, when you try this spot you will wonder why you even went anywhere else.

Phillip Mills

Quick service both on pick-up and drop-off, great well-maintained car, no issues whatsoever. Even got a free upgrade when they were out of the class of car that I had reserved. Pro-tip to everyone else I was in line with: being grumpy does not help your cause. Just, I dunno, be nice or something.

Kristopher Benko

It was a late night pick up for a business trip that was to include some in-law tag-a-longs. In an already not so great mood I approached the pristine Alamo car rental counter around 11 PM at the Tucson International Airport. The young gal pleasantly received me with a smile and proceeded to locate my reservation, ON PAPER!? "Oh NO!," I expressed. She said the computers were down and apologized for the rental was going to take a bit longer. However, management and the agent were clearly aware of the situation and had the reservation cars all set aside to prevent any more strife than necessary. The agent kindly explained what SUV I had booked and inquired what I was intending to do for the next couple of days. After attentively listening, she said that reservation was a good choice, but recommended an upgrade to a full size SUV to accommodate a 3rd row seat, separating the in-laws from me further, and accommodating any additional baggage I may not anticipate. I couldn't argue with her suggestion and proceeded to get the pricing. She was nice enough to knock down the upgrade price from $25/day more to $12/day, because of the computers and how bad the trip might be anyway. I loved this! I have to say out of the last 10 rentals I've processed in the last year or so, this was the best experience, under the worst circumstances, I've had the pleasure of being blessed. Thank you Alamo Car Rental, and that awesome gal working so late at the counter. Rent here, ya hear!

Albion Liburd

The service was excellent, the speed of the rental process was outstanding. The rental car however was old, it's was dirty, the cup holders were filthy, the front windshield was so dirty I had to purchase Windex and paper towels to clean it. I recommend Alamo for their prices, and service however I'm finding that many of their cars are being kept in service longer than other rental companies.

David Dean

I use Alamo regularly when I travel for work. On this recent business trip, I had some problems with my company credit card due to fraud. I needed to extend my reservation but Alamo was unable to take a different payment over the phone. There was no way to reach the location where I rented the car. I had to speak to multiple national representatives because no one had a solution. There was also the implied threat that the car would be reported stolen if it was returned late. It was very frustrating.

Elyse M

The customer service was fantastic at pick up and drop off. They had a lot of options to choose from for gas refill and i got to choose the car I wanted to drive. I would definitely use this company when I need a rental again.

Sylvia Hamilton

Rental location was good; however car rented was less than expected for a new vehicle.

Allen Wyly

Dawn Davis

Not upfront about costs...was way more expensive than I expected and the attendant was rude...should have more locations too

Matt Dingeldein

It was tasty!

Leonardo Maia

Great staff and fast service! Car was in good conditions and fair price. The lady was incredibly nice to me!

A Trujillo

Flew into Tucson, AZ last month and the process was very smooth. The front counter staff were very helpful and courteous. The line was a bit long, (longer than all of the other companies) but I attributed that to the low prices, great service and return customers. Well done Alamo! Thanks!

obaid haris

jeffrey torchia

Friendly atmosphere, pleasant help by Nicole. Easy pick up and return. Got a nice upgraded car to full size Impala as they were out of mid size. Will use again.

Shani Ingle

Unable to rent the SUV I had reserved and paid for online due to not having full coverage insurance on my own vehicle. I have a 1996 vehicle that is not worth paying full coverage on, so I only carry liability. There was no mention of this new policy when I paid for the rental online. I needed a 7 passenger vehicle and they were able to provide me with a minivan after waiting for over 30 minutes to speak to a manager, however only the outside had been washed, the windows were filthy and something gross looking like dried up coffee or something worse in the cup holder. I have been renting vehicles 2-3 times a year for several years and I will not be renting from Alamo in the future!!!

Dave Tomer

Price was right, car selection fine, bypassing counter great. My only suggestion is that there needs to be a sign directing me to the cars from the counter area; I got to that area and didn't know where to find the cars [MEM].

Ravi Hariani

I am an Alamo Insider member and have rented in Tucson a number of times in the last few years. Good service, complimented with flexibility and promptness is what makes Alamo stand apart from the rest. They are quick to acknowledge issues and rectify them appropriately. Love the staff at tucson airport. Quick to help me settle into my ride. Thank you Alamo

Vegan Peace

Hard to see a sign to a rental return

Tim Levy

The selection of cars is pretty good. Customer service was great. The main issue I had was with the car itself. The tires were terrible and it needed an alignment. The ride was horrible. You'd think that with it being a luxury car, all the tires were different brands. Other than that it was fine.

Shreya Kuruvilla

Efficient and quick service! Cars are in great condition .

Wanda Maldonado

Rick Rufenacht

We had a good experience. The rental counters are quite a distance from the baggage claim, so we were not quite prepared for walking that distance. The experience at the counter was what one might expect. I do like the fact that Dollar Rental has an express member lane, but since there were only 4 ahead of us, it wasn't too long. I had requested booster seats for children that were not in the vehicle, but the Alamo rep retrieved them in a timely manner. We rented a Dodge Grand Caravan. The vehicle was almost new with all the bells and whistles and the price was great. The check in at return was great and quick. I would rent from Alamo again with no hesitation.

RusSELL Hutchings

Easy to check in and out. Choice of car. Reasonable price

michael sanders

Great,all went smoothly

LuvSum Kahlua

Get The Insurance Through Them!!

Suzette Jackson

Pleasant staff, accessable, and quick. Thank you!

Elizabeth Brown

Car was fine and pickup at the counter was smooth sailing. Angel, the gentleman that helped us when we returned the car was awesome - super helpful with excellent customer service.

Yisrael Parmet

Very pleasant and efficient servise

Paul Cardone

Great price, service, convenience. I always look for an Alamo rental first when I travel. Really!!!

Christiane Rogers

Good service#

Mary Schillaci

I extended my trip and then I deleted the wrong reservation. I called customer service and they were very helpful, even gave me a better deal than I had! The lady at the reservation counter knew what she was doing and the lot gentleman was so nice! The only problem is it is so far from the terminals. They really need to get a tram or something to take you out to it. I will definitely rent from Alamo/Burbank Airport again!

G Rodgers54

Love Alamo car rental, customer service is great, they always go out of there way to accommodate my vehicle need, I been renting from them for the last six years and I will stay with Alamo.

Troy Tenn

Quick service. Friendly and helpful staff. I got to choose any car I wanted!

Juan Rivara

Awesome staff! Very helpful with local knowledge.

mike murray

Car was nice the people not so much

Shaun H.

Service was fast and the agent was extremely nice.

Andres Jimenez

Lina Kramer

Renting with Alamo was super easy and convenient and it will be my number 1 car rental company. I look forward to Alamo emails regarding upcoming specials too. Thanks Alamo !

Gary Sysak

I'm starting to get used to having to have my proof of insurance when arriving at the counter. With that, the Alamo people are very friendly and courteous and the vehicles are clean, comfortable and reliable. I'm a member of the Insiders club, but still always get a better deal through Costco.

Rob Sbisa

The local customer service people at Burbank and LAX were very helpful. Due to random family trip with several self-imposed travel variables, the trip could have had several problems. But the Alamo people were very courteous and helpful and all ended well. Only quibble would be that the after-hours, purported 24/7 local on-site customer service leads to super helpful and pleasant - but obviously not local - people in India. A family member left something of value in the car and I was unable to connect with anyone to report the item once regular hours were past. Nonetheless, at opening hours the next morning, the item had already been recovered and placed in a locked cabinet in the manager's office, just as the folks in India said it would. Since the errant item was our own fault, not Alamo's, and since they did everything in their own control to protect the item after the fact, all stars go to Alamo.

John Tedrick

The negative: A long trudge out to the rental car area. Why can't there be a shuttle? The positive: A very helpful "lot/car selection" staff. Two out of the last four or five visits, after having issues or objections with the car selection, the very helpful staff member has personally selected a suitable car, helped us load our luggage and wished us well. Can't expect more than that (except a free upgrade).

T Ross

Fast service, no waiting, courteous staff.

Vijay Narasimhan

Had a very nice experience at this rental location. The checkout was friendly and efficient, with no attempt to up-sell, and the car was clean and in good condition. I also appreciate that Alamo has a pretty transparent policy on scratches and dents - they only mark down scratches longer than a dollar bill and dents bigger than a golf ball.

Lenny Katz

Vehicle was a disaster - cigarette burns on seats, wipers that barely worked, dirty floors. Should have requested a different one but didn't have time to return to counter. Doesn't any employee check these things out?

Cedric M Lambert

Good experience

Charles Pribble

While I had good service at the counter, the wait was unacceptably long to get to the counter. There was one person at the counter and a line a mile long. The kiosk was not working so there were no options to make this any faster, and yet they brought no one into help. Very disappointing from that point. The car and the price I paid were excellent.

Martha Hinman

Always a pleasure dealing with folks at Alamo at the Memphis airport. They are consistently friendly and helpful.

Albert Duncan

Allan Levy

We originally were slated to rent an Altima or similar vehicle. That rental was predicated on our ability to store our custom-made hard shell case for my wife's mobility scooter on premises at the White Plains airport. When we collected our luggage, I was informed by airport personnel that storage on premises would not be permitted, despite our having been told by Jet Blue that we would be able to store the case on site. Since the case measures 3' x 2' x 2', we had to rent an SUV instead. Ordinarily, SUV's have a considerably higher rental rate, so I was really unhappy. Alamo to the rescue! They gave me a really low rate, which I think is a one-time only type of thing. In the future, I will be arranging short-term SUV rentals for the first and last days of our trips so the case can be transported to and from our hotel, and regular cars will be rented for the remainder of our stays. Not ideal, but less expensive than what I know would be a very costly rental. The people at Alamo were very nice, and they assisted me in loading the hard shell case into the back of the SUV. All told, a successful trip. The SUV was relatively new, clean, and smooth-running.

Andrew Tolopko

Line at Tucson airport rental counter was a bit slow, due to a single Alamo representative that tried to offer upgrades to everyone in line. It was late at night and he should have just moved everyone through as quickly as possible. Vehicle was clean and worked without issue. Drop-off was quick and easy.

Matthew Garippa

Char Char

Waaaay better treatment as a customer than at LAX.

Aram Bagramyan

Quick to help me. Got the car i asked for. Unlimited miles. Everything I needed

felipecamilolopes .

Staff totally friendly! Thanks for the service!

Joseph Moreland

When I arrived at the counter there were several people in line , which I can understand, but one customer was having some issue that one of the employee was trying to fixed. She went in the back room and was gone for at lease 15 minutes. The customers wife told her husband if they don't get this fixed in 5 more minutes , we are leaving. Well about 5 minutes later the employee came out and took another 5 minutes to fix this issue. Well while this was going on the other employee was checking other customers in, very slow. Has I was standing there, I was watching customers at Enterprises come and go I counted how many customers that were check in and out there were 7 people had come and gone. Well by this time I was just about to walk over to them to see if they could help me when it was finely called to the counter to be helped. I have been an Alamo customer for quit a while, and this was the longest I ever had to wait to get check in it took 45 minutes. The employee apologized for the wait I got check in and was on my way. I am not sure what had happened but this was the longest I had to wait at any Alamo. I hope they get this issue fixed ASAP.

Gary Gibson

When I picked up my new Form Mustang convertible it was clean inside and out. However when I got to my hotel I looked at the gas gauge and realized whoever rented it before me brought it back half empty. I didn't really think anything about it. Oh well. But I just happened to mention it to the person when I returned it. They did not even question it. They immediately took $35 off my price! No questions asked! Wow! Great customer service! I will definitely be renting from them again.

Sandip Patel

I usually rent Car from Alamo becuase they give me option of choosing your car, but his time i had premium and when i went to get my car at memphis international airport lady went choose my car which i didn't like. I like choosing my own car it's the reason i rent with Alamo, next time i'm go with different rental car who let me choose my own car. My experience was still good, but managment need to take a look into this because they gaved other people front me the option of choosing car and not me.

joyce newman

Reasonable very good service very. A nice selection of Car. The staff is very helpful and supportive.

Doe Bowen

Excellent service from Sumorya

Jeanne Pelski

Great experience renting from Alamo! My only negative was waiting in the line at the rental counter. I thought there was suppose to be a quicker kiosk to expedite things. However, once i finished at the counter, there was another Alamo employee who took me directly to a group of cars which I got to choose the car I wanted, handed me the keys and off I went! Dropping it off at the airport was quick and easy too! I will definitely rent from Alamo again....AND I got an incredible rate when I booked the whole trip through Allegiant Air.

Life's A Theme Park

They gave me a car that had mechanical issues. I exchanged it for another one and part of the car's interior came off and cut my son's foot. When I dropped the car off, the attendant dismissed it. I was told I would get a call from the manager. Never did. I ended up calling corporate..

Arthur Berkell

A horror. I rented a car for 5 days at HPN (Westchester County Airport) and a need developed where I had to change return locations to LaGuardia - both airports in the NY area. Alamo wanted $337 to change return locations. This was more than DOUBLE the original $161 cost of rental for five days. Instead I returned their car and rented a car from Hertz for $63 which included rental at HPN and return to LaGuardia. I will always avoid Alamo in the future due to the outrageous charge attempt.

Larraine Johnson

Low availability of desired vehicles though i like that you can choose your own vehicle, Gentleman who helped me check in and out was very pleasant and helpful. Reasonably priced. Will def use again on next trip to memphis

Russ Davis

The same gentleman has helped me check in twice now, (Sunday, evening shift), and he does a great job! Also the folks helping me return the truck have been good. Only complaint is the vehicle is filthy. The car washer is not doing a good job, and management is not checking up on their work, and they obviously know that. There was even a bag of trash in the bed of the pickup this time. That's why only 4 stars. On my next rental here in October, if the truck is dirty, you loose another star.

Александр Чайка

Заказав заранее машину всё походит очень быстро и удобно. Когда не оказалось в наличии заказанной машины они предложили машину классом выше за те же деньги

Adela Brito

Ive recently rented twice from Alamo and have had great experiences. Nice, clean cars, and one of them was a surprise upgrade! The clerks at the desk have been polite and efficient, and the man who directs things in the parking area was nice as well.

Have a Nice day

Not very helpful staff I personally wouldn't go to that location.

Angela Robinson

My recent experience with Alamo car rental was quite impressive. I flew into Memphis from Washington, DC with a long layover in Chicago, and had no sleep the night before, so I was pretty exhausted by the time I got to the car rental spot. When I saw the long line, I thought "Oh No!" But to my surprise, the line moved very quickly. The customer service rep was so pleasant, I felt like I was talking to an old friend (but that's indicative of the Memphis area). They allowed me to choose from a few models, and I was happy to see that one was a Toyota Camry! Great car! The price was awesome, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. When I returned the car, I asked if I could have it back when I return next week! Great job Alamo; keep it up! Angela R


This was one if worst car rentals ever. I rented a car at the Memphis airport. My rental was scheduled from 7/2 at 10:30pm to 7/4 at 10:30pm. Alamo closes at midnight & opens at 6am. My flight on 7/2 got delayed. I called Alamo & informed them of my flight delay. Alamo said they would stay open for 2 additional hours. Alamo then sent an email stating such. I arrived in Memphis & they were closed. I spent 6 hours waiting. I called Alamo & still got no assistance.

Travis Weiss

Stephanie is amazing - BEST experience ever!!! She was professional, kind, and unbelievably helpful! Her care and concern for my happiness helped make my trip to California Amazing! Thank you again Stephanie!


From the pickup desk to return at Philadelphia's 30th. Street Station, this was the most pleasant car rental experience I've had in 40 years of renting cars. Cudos to those who helped me.

FromTheDepths OfTheEarth

Needed a car immediately following a wreck. They were helpful and very nice.

Tracey Jones

Karthik S

The Tucson airport center folks are not too friendly. I usually book online, but am almost always told that none of the cars I chose are available. I came out of the rental office for a few minutes and went back when there were another representative there (coincidentally). Magically, this time the cars were available. That sales person just didnt want to lend us the car for some unknown reason. The alamo airport is also a little more expensive than the other rentals at the airport. They promise you all type of discounts online, but the rate offered onsite is very different. Be careful.

Steve Lydell

I had to take an emergency flight to Tucson from Chicago at the very last moment. Alamo helped at every stage. I noticed that the gas gauge showed there was 3/4th of a tank of gas, and they reflected on the paperwork that there was 1/2 tankful. The Impala they upgraded me to for free was good, but I could not understand how to work the air conditioner (something definitely needed in Tucson.) I mentioned this when I returned the car, and they discounted some of the fees because of that. They went out of their way to be certain I was satisfied. Easy airport pick up and delivery made the trip easier. thank you, Alamo!

Christian Sonntag

As good as car rentals get. No fuss.

Jason Kraai

Walter Grady

When I arrived at the Alamo counter there was no Agent or sign posted. The Agents at National did not say or indicate that they were taking care of Alamo and National. There was a National.line in addition to the Alamo line of customers. The customer service was lousy. I have never experienced this type of service. In addition my charge was $12.00 higher than quoted.

Jeff Ferrara

All full size cars checked out (i had a reservation) but was told to take a Compact SUV instead, only to discover the only vehicle in that catagory had a flat tire. Was then told to take a vehicle in the next catagory up (Full SUV - GMC Acadia). Upon exiting the garage i was yelled at by the gate attendant for taking the wrong car!!! On top of that, the Acadia reaks of cheap 'air freshener' trying to cover up thick cigarette smoke, seriously nauseating. Forced to ride 30 mins with the windows down in 97 deg heat with our 18 mo child in the back to avoid the awful smell. Vehicle was obviously not cleaned at all before putting back out on rent. The back seats are covered in a sticky mess and trash on the floor. First and last time I rent with Alamo.

LaDona Swazi

Courtesy service, clean car, easy return.

Guy Johnson

Smooth check-in smooth check out they didn't have the car I reserved in stick and offered beca big dash guzzler instead and without batting an eyelash they said because of the gas mileage of that vehicle they were going to waive the gas fee. Now that's hospitality.

Kevin Chew

Kristen Coleman

This is one of the worst experience I've EVER had with a car company! I get in a car, go to exit to and told I have to wait a few minutes for a change in a sticker on the key. It took FOREVER! I thought these things are supposed to be handled before. Such an inconvenience and now I'm late! NEVER again will I rent from this company. I guess you get what you pay for. #alamosfo

Mark D

Alecia at the front desk was xlnt at quickly helping me find just the perfect car for my weekend visit ... a beautiful shiny new black Chrysler 300C with beige interior and chrome wheels ... that's how I roll !

La Mujer

The prices were reasonably cheap. However, they had my deposit tied up for 15 consecutive days... Customer service was horrible over the phone not the terminal, I kept getting transferred and received a different answer to my issue. Issue wasn't resolved, my credit card company has a 15 day grace period for them to submit payment against the deposit, that's the only way I was able to free my money from Alamo''s hold. Beware... I rented a great vehicle at an awesome price though...

Robert Dow

Great selection of vehicles and the best pricing! Love it! I love the early check in option that allows me to bypass the counter. I go straight to the car I want show proof of rental payment and insurance (seems a bit time consuming)and I'm gone. My go to for car rentals!

Jim Myers

Rates were better than almost all the competition. Checked in online and it was super easy. Gentleman who helped us in the garage could not have been nicer. Needed to extend the rental and called Customer Service to do so. The agent could not have made it easier, and was absolutely a delightful person. Returned the vehicle and it was easy. Had not used Alamo much over the past few years because the counter experience was always long and a hassle. With this past experience, and online check in, I will be surely adding Alamo back to my preferred list. Thanks all for the great service!!!

Dhaval Jariwala

Made a booking with Expedia during labor day weekend, i was not worried as it was confirmed by Expedia.Our Flight landed at 11.30 pm and i was supposed to pick up the car at 11.45pm. When we reach the rental car counter,there was nobody at the count nor a sign of any information. My family and i were standing there for 15-20 mins. I spoke to a person i told them i have a reservation she said go inside to the counter and i told her that there is nobody inside. She point to a lady walking towards were people standing to pick up their rental car. She told that the rental company didn't have any car left, so u have to find our own car. This is ridiculous that the company didn't have enough cars when they know its a busy weekend. So then i had to uber car to go to my hotel.

Leandro Santillán

Everything was good except for the payment part. I made emphasis a couple times on the importance of paying cash to the lady at the front desk to which she replied that I would be able to do it when I return it. Once I returned the car, the man in charged of inspecting the car just closed the account and printed out the ticket without asking me anything and charging my card. I did get like a 20 dollar discount because of that but it was important that they did not charge the card and they still did.

Tom Schallrtf

Smooth transaction on pickup and drop off. They didn't have the car I reserved, so they upgraded it for the same price. Very approachable and friendly

David Monk

No problems renting the car; however, a word of warning from Alamo about the toll roads in the area would have been nice. Turns out you can't self pay tolls if you're in a rental car. I get to pay the toll to Alamo AND a "service fee" which is 3 times more than the toll. Great.

Roberto cumba

If you want to deal with people who treat you with respect this is the place. The agents here are the best that I have ever encounterd .I will definitely come back to them .Byron and Shakira I will never forget their names made sure that my kids and I had the best independence day ever !

Jim Hawkins

A good rental experience. Great desk assistance in arriving. Challenge in the original reservation: it was lost. Just before my trip, a phone call to the main reservations number gave me a new reservation - at a lesser cost than the original. Upon arriving at the airport, however, the price was higher than was quoted.

darrell vaughan

They have very nice vehicle's selection. They pick good one every time I rent it from them.


Rented an SUV for a family road trip. By far found Alamo to have the best price in our area. We pre-paid the full rental to get the lowest price. Service on pick up was fast, friendly and efficient. However we were disappointed to find once we left that they had added additional $200 deposit charge on our card. The agent never mentioned it while we where at the desk. We called Alamo but could only get their national office, not the local one where we rented and all they said was that it was a customary charge for all rentals and we'd get a credit once we returned the car. Well, that was not the point. We were upset the agent did not say a word about it as we checked out. However, when we did return the car, we mentioned it to the agent handling the return who happened to be the manager of that office. He apologized and immediately took steps to correct the situation by not only issuing the $200 deposit credit but also credited another $200 to our card for the inconvenience. That is good service. A 4 star for the initial slip up but we will definitely rent from Alamo again.

Shannon McCormack

When we arrived we had a choice of one of two vehicles the vehicle we chose smelled like smoke had burn holes in the seat and smoke stains on the ceiling. When we told the attendant about their car they stated will mark it down in the record rather than offering us a different car. We had to drive with the windows open for the entire trip just to make sure we weren't nauseous from the smell.

Leonardo Castilla

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exelente

Joann Wilson

I have made 4 attempts to reach the counter to verify if my business phone was left in the car. After over 1 week I still have not been able to speak with someone. This has been a horrible experience.

Bruce Sparkes

Relatively trouble free, quick, efficient service I usually receive from Alamo at most airports.

Chuck Toler

Arrived Friday Aug 31st with an Alamo reservation at Memphis airport location. Signed and given a contract. Was told at 1 AM that they had no more cars and that my contract was cancelled. Had to take a taxi from airport. Credit card still shows charge. Saturday morning no one would answer phone at Memphis location. Customer service assured me that a manager would call me to take care of my issues. Been 4 days an no calls from anyone at Alamo.

Thomas Schubach

I've had back to back Las Vegas trips the past two weekends and each time I rented from this location. The customer service is awesome and the prices are as well. The rental agent Gilbert helped us out both times and was great. He got us into our car fast and without issue. Drop off is even faster. This definitely the only place I'll be renting from in Tucson.

Mike Barber

Manit Mittal

Svein Øvrebø

Remember to book insurance when you book the car.

Rick West

Eugene Shmain

I had a great experience with these guys. Came from the airport picked up my reserved car, and that's it. No hassles and no problems at all. Very friendly and professional staff.

Willie H

I wasn't able to get my rental due to a third party miscommunication but customer service was good. So in the future I will not have problem trying to get a rental from them as long as I'm not using a third party.

Travis redmann

Didnt have the car I ordered but got a better one :) Tucson is one of the easiest airports to rent a car. Well it's a small airport so that's why too...

Eric Forbush

Fast, no nonsense, no upsells.

hondret1 .

Every time I rent at the Philadelphia 30th St location the service has been excellent. This includes the service in the garage also. The reps are always friendly and they seem to only ask necessary questions and only once. I really like this. Many car rental agents are pushy and try to offer things you don't want or need. They often use shaming tactics but pretend to be friendly to keep you off guard. Not Alamo. Always my go to for rentals.

Paul Hill

Had a reservation to rent a car at Atlanta on evening of July 2, 2016 but you RAN OUT OF CARS TO RENT. What a total joke of a rental car company Alamo is. From now on it is Avis or Hertz.

Sammy Marrero

David Porter

the staff is friendly and everything was as advertised. I just wish they didn't give you the most stripped down version of every car. Then again, I guess you get what you pay for so if you want a luxury experience with bells & whistles then you'd better be ready to pony up for it.

Megan Quintero

Joaquin was great and service and timing were excellent. Very friendly staff!

Beth Bowers

Even though the web site fought me on an early return, there were employees there before 6 in the parking garage taking care of the returns. Excellent service - I ALWAYS use Alamo.

steven sivec

Very courteous and helpful

Manasa Challa

Very feasible location right in the city. The car pick up process was very easy. Adrian answered all my questions patiently. He was quick in getting all the paper work done during pick up. Returning is even more easier. you just drop off in the garage and walk out of the station

Rosalie Mietzel

The rental center is easy to get to, cars were brand new, staff was polite and extremely customer service oriented. Every Alamo experience is always first class all the way!

Walter Bailey

Always take care of me!

Lynne Green

Alexis Lindsey

Seamless car rental...

Brenda Moreno

Worst place. Good with prices but the ppl who work there are rats. Left phone in car and instead of putting it in lost and found they keep it and use my data . Be careful with your things

Jim Martin

I waited in line for about 15 minutes to handle the paperwork, not really a problem since the lady was very nice and professional. I then went outside and was given the keys by a man who then pointed to the van. Later, I noticed a very small dent on the rear bumper, probably about the size of a nickel. The problem came when I returned the car. After asking twice for someone to help me, someone came over and after looking around the van told me that I would have to pay for the body damage to the car. When I told him it was like that when I picked it up he asked me why I did not say anything. When I explained that the van was in a dark garage and nobody was even around he said this did not matter I would still have to pay for the body damage. First, it is a stretch to call it body damage when it was a nickel sized dent with no paint issues. However, more importantly the whole idea that they do not offer any inspection or even get near the vehicle when you rent, and added to that the fact that you cannot even see well since the garage is so dark seems really questionable. I doubt they even inspected the van beforehand since I had to take it and wash all the windows and mirrors, remove trash from inside and wipe something from the console. Overall, it was a terrible experience.

Ro-Pauline Doe

Hertz was completely sold out as they always are at this location and Alamo came to the rescue. Very easy to sign up and the gentleman at the counter was very helpful. He even assisted me by phone with my reservation rescheduling issues. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Diana Appell

At the Tucson Airport Alamo counter, an attendant was available, the car we wanted was ready an waiting and off we went for two weeks. The car was clean and damage free. Dropping the car back at the airport was easy and fast. By the time we parked, an attendant was there to take the keys and we were off to the gate. I have used Alamo many times over the years and will continue to do so. Thank you Alamo for such good service.

michelle kearns

Long walk from terminal, easy in and out.

Johnaefrey Balmonte

Fast and friendly service . Was in and out in 10 minutes or less.

Amanda Williams

I never have any issues when I rent with alamo. Friendly staff and I'm in and out every time. The vehicles I've rented were perfect and I love using Alamo

Jigar Pravincante

Good rental

Julie Hayward

I got the best deal from Alamo. Car was almost NEW! Drove like a dream. Thanks Alamo!

David Rodriguez

Friendly, knowledgeable staff and quick service

TiffanyShaffon .

Great and quick service. Rental was nice, other than the inside windshield was extremely dirty.


Nice service and approach by the receptionist. It's just that I felt like on top of the car rental rates adding the insurance felt like too much money not worth if you are not going to drive it for a longer period.

Алексей Кошлачев

Хорошие условия аренды))

Van Covington

Great service. Vehicle was very clean.

Erika Geisel

Waited for over an hour due to computer issues which I know isn't the staff's fault but then one worker said we had to call to switch the card on file and when we stepped out of line to call customer see ice said they could handle it all there. Also didn't have the size car we had reserved weeks in advance. So not the best overall experience.

Linda Haynes

I wish I could coild give them a zero. I made reservations at the Memphis airport location. A Suv for 4 days 505 dollars. Upon check in i was asked for another 376 dollars, 300 for deposit because i had a tn driver's license. Which wasn't on the site when i made the reservations. And 76 dollars for what idk. The clerk was so rude and nonchalant. Told me my card wouldn't let them make an additional charge. I tried to pay with my debit card but he said that was unacceptable. He was like i can't give you the truck find another credit card we open till 12. (REALLY) Told me my card would be refunded the next day NOPE one week later I'm still waiting. I will never rent from here again nor will i recommend ALAMO to anyone. Thanks for almost ruining my vacation.

Tom Creatore

Great location in small airport. Almost never a line and they get things moving quickly so you can be on your way. They normally don't give you a choice of which car you get, but this time I asked the women working if I could know what was available, because last rental I revived a mini-van, and I'm single and 29. But she gave me 3 choices and had me at my car within 5 minutes. The service at the pickup area was speedy. The car was waiting for me, trunk open and started. Very impressive. Returning the car took a little longer. There was only one genlwmn working and seems a few people were all returning at the same time. Plus I had to change my method of payment to my work credit card, so he said the only way to do that was on person back at the rental counter. I even called ALAMO the night before to have it changed. But they couldn't help. Overall very good experience and will be returning.

Donna German

Alamo made it easy for me to get my rental. The employees were friendly and professional. I had my rental car in about 10 minutes.

Cory Gould

Always easy and friendly. Great prices and accommodating. I'm a loyal customer my only complaint is being charged for tolls I know my EZPass registered as "paid". It's one of those things that's simply not worth arguing about. It's happened twice. If it happens this time I will call. I paid close attention to each toll to be sure it registered. We'll see:)

Nicholas Reese

Very helpful and polite. The vehicle is very clean and ready to go.

Trey Philips

Quick and easy pick up, no pressure to upgrade, great price. Will definitely go with Alamo next time I'm in Arizona.

Benita Clarke

Good Prices! Rented an expedition clean and modern vehicles...Benita

Rafael Campos

Dismissive customer service. Last rental, a Hyundai Sonata, was filthy in the back seat with muddy dog paw prints, the car had a very, very strong cigarette smoke smell, and to boot, we even found a bottle of unmarked pills in it. The most fun part? Complaining on the spot, over the phone, during return, and with corporate on the phone the day later, we were brushed off in all attempts. Never again.

Don Popielarz

Compared to other car rentals, Alamo just does a better job. Maybe we've been lucky on our last rentals but we've never got a car with 40,000 miles on it from them. The rental and return staffs are ultra cordial and efficient. The best part is that their return line is the first one at the airport and the exit line is the closest to the parking lot exit.

Colorado Guy

Dwayne Johnson

Almost new Toyota Corrola was ready and waiting for me. Checkout was a breeze and checkin was just a easy. Alamo also has one of the best prices at Memphis International.

Nini White

A bit heavy-handed on attempts to sell me extra car insurance and full tank of gas - but so do all car rental companies... UGH. Was surprised at the final price which did NOT match what I was told it would cost. (About a $30 difference.) Other than that, good car - not immaculate - driver's side carpet had not been vacuumed, but overall the car was clean enough. My younger son is a BIG fan of Alamo, so I'll probably stick with them. No serious complaints... tho I really need to clear up those extra charges...

Rodney Gaymon

Oliver Moss

Oh! Alamo - the best!

L Craft

I live in Memphis Tn and I couldn't rent a car here because I needed a major credit card. But if I was flying in from another city I can use my debit card. That's not the way you treat the people in your city! Will never book thru them if I had a major credit card!

E Parker

Stupid÷!! Flew cross country thinking i had a vehecle. Made the reservation with a prepaid msastercard but when i got to the counter to pick it up they inform me that its mot a good enough credit card. All the money's there but now here i sit no car no help screwed all around. Yes in the policy it does state that prepaid wont work. Took me half an hour to read through fine print to find it though. Why not when i made the reservation? Screwed and stranded in Tucson. Horrible experience to match this stupid day

David Shoe

I rented a Jeep Cherokee from Alamo at the the Memphis airport. Basically, the Cherokee ran well, was easy to handle, and got decent gas mileage for a vehicle of its size. However . . . The vehicle was not properly cleaned after its use by previous renters. I had to clean out several items including some greasy ear plugs that should have been cleaned out by Alamo. Also, at first glance it appeared to have a versatile audio system, but it had no capability to play CDs. Had I realized this I never would have rented this vehicle.

Arun Mehta

Excellent Service and reasonable rates

Michael Fenning

I have used Alamo several times now, and find them very professional and helpful. Check in is quick, and for the most part vehicles are satisfactory. Recently, I rented a Nissan Altima, and it was 13 dollars low in gas. Also, I think it could have been cleaner. I washed it myself, and gassed it up, because I realize that a company as large as Alamo can't keep up with everything all of the time. Overall, I've had great experiences with them, and plan on keeping them as my auto rental company. Please have a Dodge Charger waiting for me next time, Alamo.


Bored staff

kevin Dixon

Dealing with an issue, I misplaced my remote start for a Dodge Charger that I've rented from 30th st station in Philadelphia for 1 week at a rough rate of $534 and called Alamo to assist. The customer service rep was great, he ordered a tow and advised me that the company will pick up a new car from our local airport bring it to me then take the charger to an Alamo destination which was Saturday. Come Sunday I automatically assumed that I had to return the replacement car back to where the tow company got it (the airport). I soon found out that Alamo never receive the car I then went back to the place where I lost the remote start key and retrieve it from the companies lost and found and the same tow company returned the car to the Alamo destination and never quoted me any other figures. I have now received a bill for $1,800 because I was charged the airport rate for returning the replacement car there. I am disputing these charges and have not had the best experience with getting assistance. I am a member and rent from Alamo often and have never had any issues until this and I am truly upset about the charges that are being forced on me when I was not advised of what to do and where to take the replacement vehicle.

Leroy Williamson

Had an initial issue with the class of rental I reserved but as always, it was taken care of by a great customer service team!!

Bob L

James Davis

Very, friendly and professional!

Abdulaziz Yafai

The guy in the reception was not helpful at all. Could not get my car due to 20 cent short on my credit card. They charge me three hundred more than i expected

George McKelvy

I would have given Alamo a five but for the location of the counter. Having to walk more than a quarter mile, even with moving side walks, is a bit much. I liked it better when I could hop on a shuttle right outside baggage claim and get off at the counter. It was also less expensive since now rental car companies have to pay an airport fee to be on-site. The car was excellent and so was the service.

Thomas Gustafson

Easy pick up and drop off, very helpful counter personnel.

David Merwin

The staff was sloooooow. They gave me a car with a dead battery which all most made me late to the airport. They then tried to charge me for non existent front end damage weeks after. Stay Away!

Mark Ferreira

Alamo prices are almost always better than their competitors, however the Alamo Insiders program is seriously lacking. While the competitors all offer expedited service programs by just walking out to a vehicle, getting in and driving away without any hassles, it has been my experience at several locations that contracts are not prepared in advance and set aside for a quick pick up and go! The same holds true for the Memphis airport location. Other than that their service is as good as all the others! Again, if they were better set up for frequent travelers (renters) I would rent from them much more often due to their lower price points. Fix that and you'll have something worth revisiting!

angelo shake

I rented a Nissan Rogue, very clean and comfortable. The attendant returning the car was very curtious


The worst experience ever. I arrived to pick up my reserved car. I was told there was no car available. I asked to speak with someone I was given a pamphlet. And told I could contact the corporate office. This was Saturday afternoon. Alamo is 100% unreliable.

Henk Morgenstond

Agustin Marcano

I rented a car from Alamo Rent A Car in Burbank Airport, through Happy Tours California. Everything worked perfectly. I received a new vehicle just with 50 miles. The Alamo Burbank personal was very cordial and all ready in time. The delivery of the vehicle at LAX as always immediate, without waste of time and all very friendly. Excellent!!! I only had a problem with the driver of the Alamo-National bus that left me in the United Premier Terminal, instead of United Terminal, telling me I could be attended there too, and it was not that way. I had to walk with luggage to the next Terminal.

Matilde Pena

Customer Service @ the desk as well as outside where I picked up the vehicle was excellent, friendly agents, service with a smile and they were able to answer all of my questions.

Warren Pack

Really liked the ability to join their program, do the paperwork online go directly to the category of cars I'd signed up for, select one, and head out bypassing the usual wait and standing inline.

darren beanard

The car was great! New Lacrosse. Free upgrade. Awesome. I would give them higher marks but the issue is a lack of instruction as to what to do when nobody is at the counter. When I arrived to pick up my car at LIT at 9:30 am on a Monday, the counter and kiosk were both closed with no indication on what to do. Finally, by accident I figured out to go to the National counter. Again when I dropped the car off at MEM before business hours, there was absolutely no signage telling me what to do. By accident I found the key box in a place well away from any rental counter and no place to leave the paperwork. Would it kill the take some signs?

Rotonia Gates

I could not get a rental because Alamo wanted my personal insurance. I always use their insurance. But because I have a Mississippi license and Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee does not like to get insurance they would not allow me to rent a SUV which I always rent every time I travel. They informed me they could give me a mini van but not a SUV. If you can not rent me anything because my license is from Mississippi why rent me a mini van? Alama is one of the most horrible car places I have dealt with. They change regulations like people change underwear.

Lan Trieu

Great service. Clear and professional, no hassles, in and out swiftly. Would use again!

Nick Punturiero

Mark Dezuba

Fast and they did it right the first time.

Daniel B

The management there is just rude and I hope they get cancer.

Michael Roy

Ted Surh

I booked a reservation for 10/25/18 Burbank CA. Then realizing I can get additional discount as an Alamo Insider canceled the reservation within 15 minutes. For that Alamo charged me $50. What a ripoff! When we called the customer service they said we should not have been charged but could not reverse it. They said a "management person" will call me. What a customer service! They should post this policy clearly on their website and not hide it. The notice only shows up when you are canceling and it said after 24 hours but cannot verify that since it is now nowhere to be found.

Trey Cail

Car ran and people smiled. Nothing fancy but got the job done.


Michael Sanborn

Booked a 3 day rental @$12/day for a standard size. Very easy pickup using the kiosks (I'm an insider member) - no standard sizes were available, so I was given a free upgrade to the Toyota Camry SE which only had 2000 miles on it. Great drive, very clean, and even was able to extend one day for the same rate. Would gladly return.

Bill Morris

The service was fast and customer service was fast and helpful. Still waiting for my hold to go back on my amex. Otherwise I have used them before and will again

Michael Kavkewitz

The vehicle was fine. When I returned it there was no one at the desk so I dropped off the key in the drop box. I have not as yet received an emailed receipt.

Edwardo Pennes

Alamo is my favorite rental car place, fast, easy, and convienent

Kutti Reddy

Paid through Hotwire, picked up at Memphis international airport Gave a smoking car filled with bad smell, I was travelled with 2 young kids, called the customer rep about it and they said will give a partial refund for the trouble After the rental is completed they changed word and bounced me back and forth calls to Hotwire and Alamo for refund, never got it and I was mad at the way handled the case. Never going back to Alamo or Hotwire again Bussiness lost guys

Grant Bruner

The vehicles are excellent

Oscar Pacheco

Good customer service.

Gene Womack

Excellent service and experience. No problems at all. My car was available as expected and returning the car was easy. Customer service personnel was friendly from the car pickup to the return. The car was full of gas and very cleaned when I arrived for pickup.

Lee Baldwin

Staff is slow. Why did Memphis International think it was a good idea to place the walk way to the rental cars outside? Uh... You have to walk outside for like literally a mile, no air conditioning, to get to your car.

kathryn Williams

I was assisted by Johnny. He was more than helpful with car upgrades. He was friendly and patient. Will definitely use Alamo again

Debra S

It is good

Vera Pool

Rental car was great also the rate was ok. The RAV4 had a lots of gadgets of alerts that was somewhat confusing at first, however over a period of time I began to understand the alert alarms. The RAV4 was an excellent choice to rent. Very spacious and comfortable.

Sharree B

I needed a larger car and there was some confusion between the desk and the garage where the cars were stored. We ended up taking the smaller car to eliminate the time spent auguring about the actual size of cars.

Danita Harper

I like alamo rental car overall but the 250 hold on your card is a bit annoying but understandable. I hated how dirty the car was inside and out the seats was stained something terrible. I lost my wallett and Allison didnt seem too concerned to me I had to come back down there to learn someone in the same office found it. I would definitely rent from Alamo/national again.

Estes Park Computers

All in all good service and no issues with car, checkout, and check in. Counter personnel Push too hard on up sales. It made me uncomfortable. One "no" should be enough. I do not feel the need to argue every point on unnecessary insurance and upgrades. I look for the least expensive option when I travel. Do not care for up sale pressure, but would deal with it again if it is my least expensive option.

Mike Renault

i looked at 5 cars before I found a clean windshield, both inside and out... please make sure people clean the windshields, driving west in the evening is a blinding event when the glass is so dirty!

Eric Ortiz

Great customer service from the Alamo rep behind the counter, but the Ford Edge we got smells terrible. The previous renter(s) did not respect the no smoking policy. The smoke penetrated the interior. We were in a rush, so we couldn't wait for another available SUV since this was supposedly the only one available at the time. The people cleaning the car also could've done a better job. We found papers, a bottle, and an apple inside the car from the previous renter.

carol mchugh

Very helpful and friendly staff both inside and out at the lot. Quick service and the best price at the airport!

Derek Fuhrmann

Very disappointed with the service today. We came in attempting to rent a car and the young man at the counter with a smirk asked if we made a reservation and then stated he had no cars and were out of luck. He did not even try to accommodate us. Very poor attitude and service. We found multiple cars at the location available on line. But took out business elsewhere. I wish I had his name but I am very disappointed as usually the service from Alamo and National is wonderful. But it only takes one bad apple to ruin a buisness relationship.

Elliott Enriquez

Can't blame this location, but the only good thing about my experience was the car... misinformation and poor customer service was evident. Would rather pay more for hurtz.

Jamillia Joseph

Haven't had a bad experience yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

yahya Shatila

I always get the best price from Alamo. Staff is very good. Excellent cars.

Abdulghani Batto

I flew in with my son to Memphis airport and went to go to the car rental I was was so easy to get from the terminal to the car rental loves the service it was so quick I was surprised . The customer service was excellent I had requested a car seat and it was already in the car ready to go . I will defentily recommend them just prefer thanks a lot keep up the great work .

selwyn Garraway

There is nothing better than arriving on an early morning flight to your destination, walk over to the Alamo airport counter at Memphis International airport and within a few minutes you’re selecting the vehicle of your choice and then you’re on your way. This is the best experience with no delays, no hassle.

Barbara H.

easy to get a car and goo price but their kiosks at Burbank never work, so I always have to wait in line

Jeramie Van Gessel

I had a great experience with Alamo on my last rental. I had the car rented prior to arriving at the rental agency so the actual process of getting the car was hassle-free. I simply gave the clerk my name and he directed me to the cars where another clerk showed me the cars that were available to let me decide which car I wanted. This service isn't earth-shattering, but for Alamo to provide this service was surprising for me. I might expect this from Hertz, but the price I paid for the Alamo car was MUCH cheaper than the other big-name rentals. The car itself was a typical full-size rental car. It was a nice car and didn't have any issues. I have read issues from others where the rental agency is too far from the airport. I can't speak to this as I am a local and was dropped off at the facility. I will certainly be renting from the Burbank airport Alamo facility again.

Kristen Segebarth

Alamo representative opened on time and efficiently got us n our way offering us a range of cars to make our trip more enjoyable. Drop-off at 30th Station Sunday night was pain free as well. Would definitely use Alamo again!

isabel molina

I've been renting from Alamo for the past 9 years and they've always had the best rates. I continue to rent from this company because the process is so easy and hassle free and always seem to have the lowest rates in town. Customer service at the front desk can be a bit unwelcoming at times.

adari tarun

daoud.s sylla

Great attitudes and fast working

Willie Cantu

Awesome car at an awesome price and online check in is easy!!! Got to skip the counter!!

Paul Viafore

Do not rent a car from these thieves. After you return it to their lot to an agent who tells you all is fine. They can assess fees. Such as cleaning. Even after it is inspected at the return lot. Worst experience ever. Check the car carefully and report every ounce of dust or they will charge you $100.00. Will never use this horrible company again. Even after American Express tried to resolve issues they refused. Try any other company this one is shady.

Dave Fox

Always use Alamo! Great service and selection of vehicles.

Nancy-L-G Trepagnier

FANTASTIC! First time renting in Tucson. The pickup area upgraded the car. Check in representative at front counter, in airport, could have been a little more friendly, no smile, no eye contact. Staff in garage for picking up the car and when I dropped it off was terrific! Thank you!

David Monk

Easy check in and out. Very helpful

Leslie C

Unless you enjoy hiking in business attire with suitcases, the rental car center at Bob Hope Airport is by far the worse in the country. I don't know how they get away with the lack of ADA compliance. I avoid flying into this airport due to this. Alamo is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise nightmarish situation. After schlepping to the rental car center, I became fed up with the lack of service from the company I originally had a reservation with. I retreated to the Alamo counter where I was immediately provided with exemplary service and rescued from the throws of nonesense. I am a Quicksilver member, but don't normally use Alamo as I depend on routines while traveling. Based on the service I received at Bob Hope, I will definitely add Alamo to my preferred vendor list. Thank you Alamo for your commitment to customer satisfaction.

David Woodstock

Great place to rent a car ,nice people

Mel Scott

Alamo is GREAT!!!!!! Friendly atmosphere, Great Customer Service, great fleet of vehicles and most importantly, very easy to deal with; meaning easy to access, easy to rent, helpful staff!!!! Give em 10 **********

Safiuddin Iqbal

Excellent service, great offerings especially the managers special is the one I liked. Weekend rates are none to comparison...

Tansy Talbot

I booked my rental car for the day after I arrived, and instead of giving me the priceline price for one day, they charged me $116 for one day which was more than the cost of the other 3 days through priceline. My first rental car I got had mechanical issues, and kept overheating, so I brought it back. They weren't willing to work with me on the price at all after they sent me to drive a lemon. Not a fan of their service. The ladies at the desk did their best to help me out, but told me they couldn't discount my rental that I had to contact Alamo directly.

Ellen Mefford

Friendly service and a great selection of cars and SUV's. Because I had a round trip airline ticket I could use my Debit Card. I appreciate that. THANKS ALAMO!

Matt Hecker

Avyana Chapman

Cameron was great at help at Alamo. He was able to switch out our car that had some serious problems with no issues at all even though they were short on cars! Thanks again Cameron at Westchester airport NY!

Isaac Carter

Good Morning...when i was in memphis tn the young lady was very great to me. She should be a manager or something because she has GREAT customer service skills. I dont remember her name.

KM mcguire

We needed a good sized vehicle for a family trip with 6 people and luggage. I set up for a van. Quick, easy and friendly check through. We were given a choice of Caravan or Town car We asked what was best for people and luggage? Answer Town Car. Same Price. What a great van. Drove beautifully in high mountains and low desert. Lots of storage. We had a great trip, and it was easy to return. And they did not charge extra for spouse to drive. All good!

Tom Stubbs

great experience with people working out in the garage.

James Lewis

Just outstanding in every way from the time I walked into the office to the time I got in the car and drove away. Will rent with Alamo again at the Burbank Airport.

Ezem Mayloz Yecheck

Teodulo Vega-Quintero

Atención al cliente amable, buenos precios y estacionamiento amplio con vigilancia.

Doris Donnelly

I am a regular customer now because the service in NYC at LaGuardia and in Tucson has been superb. I expect the same in Florida and California on u-coming trips. Everything from beginning to end is managed with care and professionalism.

Amilcar Cortez

Great place attendant Garik has the best customer service I've ever seen top notch!!

Amy Pfleegor

1st Ridiculous amount of walking in order to get to rental car services. I feel sorry for the elderly!!! Then on the moving walkways DON'T TOUCH THE RAILINGS OR YOUR HANDS TURN BLACK! 2nd After I checked in I was told to go see the "manager", tell him what I want (in our price range) and get a car. I told the manager that I wanted "GPS" / "Back up camera"...he says "Yeah, all our cars have that". We got to the car (some 4-door "legacy -type car with hand roll up windows, that was clear across the parking lot, AND the car was so old it had NO GPS! So we had to March back across the lot to the manager, try and get his attention and get a different car which matched our specifications! Total BS! FINALLY, after you drop the car off you have to make your way back to the airport--again a long walk! They don't even provide a courtesy ride back (which they should--you know like with a golf cart AT LEAST!). This experience makes me want to NEVER fly out of BURBANK AIRPORT AGAIN!!!

Jan Morey

I used Alamo in Tucson and I had the very best customer service. Since that time I've always used Alamo. Whether I travel alone or with my husband I feel that they listen and I get what vehicle and agreement I want. Excellent representative. Thank you.

Carolyn Stettler

Easy, quick and best of all a clean great car. Everyone we worked with was helpful and polite. Great pricing too.

Julissa Arias

I recently rented a car through expedia and expedia totally messed up with some misinformation that they gave me but the staff at this location, (Will, Byron, Shakeyra, and Frank) were so amazing and did everything they could to get me on my way and even gave me a free upgrade to nicer car. One of the best customer service experience that ive had ever. P.S. The cars that they rent are so beautiful, i totally fell in love with the 2019 Ford edge.

Donna Adelberg

Customer service personnel extremely courteous, professional and accommodating. Would always check with Alamo first before renting a car.

Cary Stepper

Used Alamo for a trip in September ‘17 it was super easy. Attendant told us to pick our SUV out of a row of others we got a white, loaded Toyota 4Runner. It was great! Used Alamo again for a family trip to universal studios and magic mountain. Bummed we weren’t told to pick our own but super stoked when attendant brought us a sweet black GMC Yukon, loaded, leather and all the bells and whistles. Only $29 a day! Check out and in has been seemless! Will always use Alamo! #loyalcustomer #great customerservice #wonmeover #justuseAlamo #happycustomer

Michael Hudson

Great value Easy to pick up Easy to return Very nice experience

Jach Abad

Picking up & returning is no hassle as long as yoou do your part of checking in online before picking up your rental. This is my first with Alamo, price is comparable to the other rental company I was using. I tried it with Alamo this time since returning it in holiday is not an issue, esp. doing it in an airport location at Burbank, not far from me of course. I always use mg Costco membership for rental, go thru' Costco website to reserve. The only difference i noticed was, the amount qouted thru' Costco is different from what the Alamo rental charged. It may be a small difference but this is not what it is from my Enterprise rental experience. Whatever the price quote at the time of reservation from Costco is the same amount Enterprise charges me or sometimes, a lower price. Other than that, everything went smooth. Thanks Alamo for this experience.

Barney Brenner

After renting from them for over twenty years (and shopping other companies as well), I find Alamo to provide the best value and service by far in car rentals. Whenever there’s the inevitable glitch, it’s resolved immediately. Just finished a two-week stint with them and when the original vehicle had a dash light come on, they not only provided an upgraded replacement, but cut a few bucks off the bill as well. I highly recommend their company. Barney Brenner, Tucson

Steve Kaplan

While renting the car was ok,they gave me a car with a license plate that said “ license apllied for!” I was stopped by police in another state and told this was illegal. When I brought car back, nobody seemed to care.I will not rent from Alamo again,after years of renting from them!!

David Larson

That's the shortest walk from counter to airport I've ever had. Car was clean and service was good.

Johann G

Wendy Schell

Quick, easy pickup and return. I rented from the White Plains Airport (NY). Nice clean car.

Courtney Golimbieski

I rented an SUV from this company while I was on a business trip to Tucson, AZ. The only reason I walked up to their booth was because the Enterprise and Hertz lines were too long. Ha! I am glad that I rented from them. I came up to the desk and I was immediately offered a free bottle of water, which I graciously accepted as the heat was over 100° F. The gentleman at the desk was patient to explain all of the ins and outs of the different insurance policies offered and the terms and conditions of the contract. They do offer military discounts and carseats for rent as well. Sometimes it is better to go with the smaller companies as opposed to the larger companies because you get the quality and attention you want and need as a customer! The car was very clean, non smoking. When I dropped the car off it was dirty with mud but I was not hassled about the mess only told to have a safe trip back.

Steven Day

I had a one way rental with them and my service in Burbank was superb!

eileen panipinto

Everyone was awesome as usual can't ask for any better service than what I get with Alamo. I will only rent from Alamo. Thank you for being there Eileen

Cathy McGuire

Customer service gets a 200! It was late the lady working was awesome! So helpful just a blessing she was!!! I wish I'd gotten her name! She was busy with other people! Then myself!! Alamo two thumbs up!! I will make Alamo my go to!! Great car!! Clean!! Great prices!! Great customer service! The most up to date vehicles I've ever rented!! Best place in the world to rent a car!! Big smile

Kellee Jackson

Can't rent a car without a credit card

Rebecca Daniels

My Alamo car was FABULOUS, I loved it and next time I buy, it may be that one. My issue is that the RENTAL area at Burbank Airport is ridiculously far and no bus, tram, or transfer appears to be available. I WILL NOT RENT any vehicle from that airport in the future. The Rental Car companies lost my business.

Haim Shamay

Tammy Buttelo

They were very friendly and had a great selection of vehicles to choose from.

Jimmy Franco

Seemed pretty fair. I was quoted 104 dollars online and ended up paying 144.

Myrtha Volcy

Another great experience. Between Jodi Charles and Decarius at the counter these young men are a pleasure to work with when I rent from Alamo. I've had issues with cars and the exchanges both times have been seemless. I will continue to be a customer.

Mark Remz

Mafioso Martinez

I flew to Tennessee airport and all I had to do is print out my rental paperwork from home and head straight to the car loved it. But when I landed at JFk airport in New York I used those kiosk which was fast and convenient but not super fast like other but I still love Alamo .

Bennie Eldred

Ordered a SUV, checked in online, showed up on time, and still had to wait 30 mins for the car to be at the terminal. About 7 other people had the same issue. Use a different company so your family doesn't have to wait at the gate.

Shekh Farid

Mike Crosby

Really, it's the most convenient place to make a reservation. Prices are almost always lowest online, and I didn't have to supply them my "personal info" until I was physically there. Which made me 100% more comfortable. Thanks Alamo.

Linda Tierney

Great experience with Alamo! Pick-up and drop-off were a breeze and price was very competitive! Will definitely use them in the future.

Joseph Davis

Frances Gastelum

I have rented from Alamo twice. Both times were positive experiences. I got the car I asked for with no issues. Employees were kind and courteous. If you join the Insiders Club, you will get an upgrade. I will rent from them again.

tony trieu

Normally is a 4 to 5 star experience but the old lady working the counter was very rude

Dmitry Khomutoff

Service is surprisingly fast here. Check-in/check-out in a matter of minutes! Alamo offer fresh and clean Hyundai Santa Fe's in SFAR category.

Thomas Arnold

A little confusion on a request for an extension resulted in some frustration. After three phone calls and three different rates, I decided to retain the existing reservation and make an alternate plan. But, because I'm a firm believer in "you're only as good as your last screw up" I appreciate the approach of one of your managers and his concern he expressed during the drop off process. (Garret was his name) Very professional and compassionate!

Jeremy Lime

Arrived last night at 9:30. I and several other people with reservations were told that there were no cars. Attendants were pleasant but didn't offer to do anything to help. Told to call this morning to see of anything had become available. Then this morning I called 5x, waited several minutes to get through, and then called a cab.


Overall it was fine, got a free upgrade only because they ran out of my car size request. Had I been one customer after me I would have ended up with a mini van. I don't think they charged me gas for the bigger size car at least I hope not. Alamo website offered for me to check in online so I did and when I got to the counter they said it didnt matter which was frustrating.

Lilli Howell

Good experience. Would be nice if the location had a covered area for the cars, because it was raining. But I didn't have any problems.

Jeff Lizotte

My rental experience was great. No issues getting the car, using it, or returning it. I would like to express some comments. First, I really would have like to drop it in Phoenix. I would have gladly paid the cost difference, but no miles were included. 35 cents a mile (several hundred mile) was unreasonable. Second, the rep inside tried hard to push me into paying for an upgrade that I didn't need, then, when I got outside, they told me I was getting a free upgrade because they had no cars in my rental class. I understand, that's their job, but I'm an Alamo Insider member with express checkout. I shouldn't be bothered with 20 questions about add-ons. It slows me down and I had to get going. The car was great and the staff was polite. I wouldn't hesitate to rent for Alamo, except in Peoria, IL (long story).

Robin Pitrello

Susi Olson

Great customer service at Alamo in Tucson. The car we rented was ready and waiting. The representative at the desk was friendly and courteous as was the gentleman in the garage who helped us. Will definitely rent from them again.

Wendy Powell

I rented a 2019 Hyundai Kona out of Memphis Airport for 5 days. What a fun little car! Alamo's rental process was easy from pick up to drop off! No problems!

Frank Leaden

Rented an Nissan Altima and that night at the hotel it would not start. The car display said it did not recognize the key fob. After missing a dinner reservation that night, I found out from Alamo roadside assistance that they have had problems with that model and the key fob Hello..why are your renting me that car then? After they gave me the 'work around' I was able to start it for the rest of the trip. I use Alamo a lot and have generally been ok with the product and service.

Kent Stoneking

Alamo has a friendly, helpful staff and clean, well-maintained vehicles. They readily provide upgrades whenever possible. I will use them for my future rental needs.

Patricia Merritt

I prefer Alamo to the other car rentals. I find the cars are in the best repair. Alamo always has a great and multiple chose of vehicles . I would love to be able to check in with the kiosk but since I usually pick up in the city that I live in I cannot. This would greatly improve my experience .

Curtis Dahl

Rented car at Alamo Tuscan airport today. We are renting it for a weeks vacation. Stopped to get some groceries on the way to our hotel and the hatch back 5th door won't open. Called customer service to make sure they catalog the problem in customer notes so they didn't bill me for repairs and they put me on hold for over 30 minutes. She said computer went down. Well it got worse. At the end of the 1 hour call I was told to go buy a key fob battery and they would reimburse me for the cost. Or go back to airport an hour round trip for me and get it exchange. I'm so disappointed with the experience that even Costco should be wary of partnering with this organization. We rented through Costco.

Aimee Mitchell

I had read some bad reviews of car rental places in Tucson, so was kind of apprehensive about getting a car. Alamo at the Tucson Airport was terrific! Quick service, polite folks, clean car and no pressure to upgrade, take the extra insurance, etc. I would use them again for sure!

Shelly Genest

Picked up our minivan at one airport in california..returned it at a different airport in California. No issues at either place. Transactions went smooth..employees were helpful. Car was clean. Would definitely use Alamo Rent A Car again!

Daniel Escobar


Joseph Fahey

Excellent service and great car. Attendant on return was most courteous and cheerful. Thanks!

Pat Cruise

Although I was permitted to check in before I arrived at the Burbank airport, I had to check in again, because the clerk said Burbank did not have pre-check in. I did not receive the car that I reserved, but it was comparable. The walk from the terminal to Alamo's counter is very, very long.

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