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REVIEWS OF Thrifty Car Rental IN Alabama

Erick Gillstrom

Way overcharged fo the rental. Slow service. At least they were friendly.

Mike Allen

Even with a reservation, almost 40 min wait in line for a car at Sky Harbor in PHX...that is not good customer service. Almost everyone in line negatively commented on slow pace. That said, price was very reasonable & return was quick & painless.

Mentral Ledbetter

0 stars! The overall experience with Thrifty was TERRIBLE from the reservation to the customer service, it’s all TERRIBLE!!! I was provided with the totaled reservation amount, all to receive a completely different actual counter amount. I WILL NEVER USE THRIFTY AGAIN! I hardly ever do any reviews but I felt a need to share this and have others aware!

Penny Penny

DO NOT RENT HERE! Believe the awful reviews. The Phoenix airport has a centralized car rental building where you can choose from all other major rental companies and one shuttle bus will take you there. Thrifty makes poor judgments when there are customer service issues. I returned the car with 2/8 of a tank empty and knew they would charge me $9.99 a gallon to fill up. That is fine but the employee who took notes charged me for the 6/8 of the tank that was full instead of what was empty! So I have a $104.90 gas charge because of a careless employee error. They also keep no re-fueling records or photo proof to back up their charge and would not accept my claim. The Manager Jason #6784 who is "not allowed to give out his last name due to security reasons" would rather see Thrifty get a poor review and respond like a robot than offer helpful resolutions as a representative of his company. Hi head office - maybe some re-training needed here? He honored the previous agent's offer to waive 50% of the charge but it is the principle of being wrongfully charged due to an employee error. I was treated like I was phoning long distance and spending my valuable time to argue about the charges. What I was asking for was a proper charge and when you do the math it would have been an extra $15 after the 50% off to make the situation right. I'm not going to argue about another $15 but Thrifty would rather make a poor business decision and upset a customer over $15. I can only imagine how they handle other issues!

Hameed Chughtai

A bit of mix bag. Unclear information. Too much paperwork and hassle getting and returning the car. Weird demands like producing gas fill receipt even when the gas was full. Look elsewhere for car rental, as others have said in different reviews.

matthew kerr

When arriving to pick up the car they claimed my rental rate was not correct due to change in the tax rate. When I stated the rental agreement was made two days ago and the staff removed the extra charge. When returning my vehicle the rental company did not have anyone posted for returns. It is not uncommon since they operate with minimal staff. The sign states to take the keys, lock the car, and then they have a key drop box. Apparently they do not check the box because they are stating I did not return the car until the following day to trigger a late fee. The number listed for this location according to google only rings until the line disconnects. Disappointing customer service and every attempt to charge more. Called the main thrifty support line to dispute the charges. I have been told that since the charges were made today the charge cannot be refunded a dispute ticket to review the charges can only be made. Hopefully this experience will help you if are considering a rental in the Birmingham area.

Jimmie McCullough

Friendly staff, not pushy for up selling, gave me exactly what I asked for and nothing else, explained the insurance and my responsibility for not getting any through them but didn't push it on me.

Tameka Harris

I had a great experience with Thifty. I lost my wallets and wristlet in the truck i rented and they return it with everything in tact.

Kristine Hansen-Dederick

Easy check in, had a car ready in 10 mins. Easy peasy.

Lisa Seefeldt

My car was SO dirty inside, and now I'm sick, do they not even wipe it down :(

Alex Vish

Beware! This company aggressively tries to sell you car upgrade even you insist on originally booked car, they offered to me so called "managers promotion" and when I asked if this price would be even lover than original, the rep said yes. I have discovered that I was tricked into additional charge only on my return. What a fool I am to trust those crooks. But I am positive that they have never clearly explained to me that this will be an additional charge. This is just wrong. They also aggressively tried to sell me insurance, some other not needed services, which I managed to avoid, yet, got caught into unnecessary upgrade.

Chris Shearer

Wish I could give it zero stars. After a long day of flight delays and storms, I finally get to Birmingham. Ready with my reservation and I do the paperwork, and, sorry, there are no cars. So I wait. With six other people. Five. Ten. Fifteen minutes. Avoid Thrifty at all costs. Not worth the discount you may get.

Chucho Godinez

Easiest way to rent a car, friendly service and fast, we dropped the car we booked online someone checked it gave us a receipt and that was it.

Allison O'Neill

If you rent a car from them you need a credit card that swipes at the time of pick up EVEN if the car is fully paid for. They do not have chip readers and cannot type in a number. The manager Reuben is lazy, incredibly rude and not helpful. He also came out to help us with food and drink stains covering the front of his shirt. The strip was worn out on my husbands card and they would not use mine with the same exact number because they said they couldn’t prove we weren’t brother and sister versus husband and wife. This location needs a new manager, everyone else was over the top friendly.

Hannah Barnes

DO NOT use these people. They are scam artists and will take your money. I was not able to get my car and they refused to give me a refund when I didn’t even come and get the car!! The woman and man that were there for rude and so unhelpful and the people over the phone were no better. DO NOT use these people they will take your money

Augie Iglesias

Best service ever

Shannon Rock

Terrible customer service, there was a large difference in the quoted cost and actual cost of my rental. When I tried to call the customer service line I waited for an extended time only to be told it needed to be addressed at the local office. Multiple times trying to contact the local office got me nothing but a busy signal. When I returned the car and attempted to discuss the issue with the representatives I got attitude and told I was wrong. Too many other choices to go with a company with horrible service.

Council Rudolph Jr

Gerald Morrison

Good vehicle, bad brakes. I think they are warped. I told the rental return guy.

Perry Andrus

Minor annoyance because I booked via hotwire and the thrifty counter at the car rental building said they don't see what I saw from hotwire. I did not drive far enough to move the gas gauge. But the woman said I drove 14 miles and I had to provide my receipt for a gas purchase. I did not purchase gas and so I was charged over $6 for driving the 14 miles.

Arturo Curtis

Mark Williams

These folks are crooks. Be advised that you to decline the insurance or they add it to your bill and not tell you. Manager is useless. I hope to never have to travel with these crooks.

Ali Margello

Great experience as the previous reviews have indicated. I was super glad I selected them when I walked in and they were the only location without a crazy long line too! Very friendly, also did really push the insurance (I declined). Car was great, they had carseats and boosters which was a nice bonus (I've had numerous issues with this in the past).

Jeremy Wilson

Made a paid reservation on hotline. They said they would not honor same day reservations because they had to save cars for customers that made earlier reservations. That’s a new one.

Samuel Goertz

I was pleasantly surprised by the speedy checkout and speedy return process. I was concerned with the fact that they don't have you inspect the vehicle for damage before the rental is completed. After three days with the car, I noticed a scrape on the rear fender that I hadn't seen before. I did a bit of worrying about this before noticing six white dots surrounding the largest part of the scrape; as though Thrifty placed these paint markings to identify known damage. I like this method, but I dont like not having a review of the damage with an employee before rental. I worked at U-haul in the past, and the damage review with renters was a crucial part of the rental process. But, if Thrifty is lenient when damage is done, then I guess I really don't have a problem.

Jens Robatzek

The car was great. However, when the line was quite long (around 10PM), there was only one professional serving customers, while the other one was on a break. However, overall a good rental experience

Danielle Furry

I almost always rent from Enterprise but took a chance at Thrifty for my weekend in PHX. Upon checking in, the man at the concierge was very friendly. When I went down to pick out my car, Bernard was SO nice and helpful! All of the cars were nice and clean - and I loved that I got to “pick” the car I wanted! Would definitely recommend!

Lauren W

Where do I begin? The Thrifty at the Phoenix airport has the absolute worst customer service ever. My best friend and I planned a road trip through Arizona. It was my first time ever renting a car and my first time traveling far away and driving very far distances by myself. So clearly I was a little nervous and unsure about the process, and they definitely knew that and took advantage of it. 1. When I had initially made my reservation, the person I spoke to from their corporate office told me I would not be charged a certain fee. However, when I got to the airport, not only was I charged for that fee, but the woman who was helping us just stood there and stared at us while we tried to figure out why we were being charged so much more extra money than anticipated (I'm talking hundreds of dollars more). Then another employee came out and told her to hurry up because her food was getting cold. It was beyond rude and their manager (who finally came out 15 minutes after I asked to talk to him) told me there was nothing they could do to help. I ended up calling corporate two days later and the man on the phone was so appalled that this had happened, so he informed me that the fee would be waived and to let the people at the airport know when I got there. He even put a note in my reservation about it. So I thought that would be solved. 2. We paid an extra 16 dollars a day for a navigation system that didn't even work. The first time it didn't work, it took us the wrong route and I ended up on a deserted gravel road, I had to turn around and figure it out myself. It made us late and we couldn't do what we wanted to do that evening and also forced me to drive through the desert at night which I did not want to be doing at all on this trip. The second time was during our longest leg of the trip- a 7 hour drive. It stopped working halfway through the trip and we were stuck in the middle of the desert with no service and 4 more hours to go. Luckily by some miracle, my phone's gps started working and got us out of there. Which made me wonder how my phone (with no service) was able to find the location but their "top notch" gps could not. My phone's data reached its maximum after that, so that was another extra stresser that I shouldn't have even had to worry about if the car gps just did it's job. 3. When we returned the car, we asked to speak to a manager right away to verify that we got our refund that corporate told us we'd be recieiving. They looked at us like we were crazy and acted like we were stupid, trying to tell us there was nothing written in our reservation about it and that there was once again no way they could do anything to help us. Then they tried to tell us the refund was already applied (It wasn't) and the woman who was at the desk this time told us "well you can go ahead and call but our corporate is located in the Philippines so they don't really know what they're talking about" (?!?!?!) so I called corporate AGAIN and the nice lady on the other end gave us the refund herself because she of course saw the notes in the system that the people at the airport told us weren't there-she didn't even ask for me to explain. All during this process, the people at the airport's thrifty just stood there and talked amongst themselves about their own personal drama, and one of them was on their cell phone. Didn't help us at all. I had to do everything. They never offered to help, never offered to call corporate themselves, nothing. Just stood there and kept saying they couldn't do anything. I was so upset and frustrated. Once again, I was there for a half an hour because nobody was bothering to actually help us, we had to figure it out and if I hadn't called corporate AGAIN, nothing would have happened. I am so disappointed with my rental car experience at the Phoenix airport. But I am so thankful the nice people at their corporate office were so understanding and helpful to us. Thank you for adding so much stress to my vacation! If I ever rent from a thrifty it will NOT be from the Phoenix airport!

Louie DeCoural

Absolute worst experience with Thrifty at Sky Harbor Phoenix. My suitcase got placed in one car, and back pack with a lot of electronics got put in a different car. I left in the car with the suitcase, not knowing about the backpack until destination was reached. When I tried calling Thrifty at Sky Harbor, there was absolutely no way to contact them directly. No phone numbers, no email addresses, no text or messaging contacts??? I eventually ended up contacting their roadside assistance, and they tried but couldn't get in touch with their own people. I drove 100 miles back to Sky Harbor the next day. I described the exact car the back pack was in, and the time. There were only two other cars in this lane to be rented so it would have been easy to track. They have NO IDEA who is in what car, or what car has been rented when???? They refused to look at their records to see who might have rented at about the same time. Remember, they always ask for a phone number if they need to get a hold of you when renting. I filled out all of the Lost Articles Report information. A week later I see a back pack was turned in. For four days I have tried unsuccessfully to find out if that is my back pack. The Lost and Found site gives you no option or way to check that out??? The phone number that Elisa at Thrify gave me to contact them with is useless as it goes to their revolving and quite useless directory. What ever happened to customer service??????????

Bill Beavers

Jake Thomas

Attendants were all friendly and helpful. I wish the pickup parking deck were better marked. For BlueChip members who proceed straight to pickup it's nice to have abundant and clear signs pointing toward the pickup location. I had to walk all the way across the level 2 deck because there were signs saying I could get to the Thrifty pickup from either elevator. Really there's only access down the right elevator as you enter the rental car facility. Great rental otherwise!

Dan Rembert

Convient airport location, shortest lines of all rental companies

Carlton Johnson

L Purdy

Had to rent a car for just one day after our flight was cancelled. Was the quickest pick-up of a rental i've ever experienced and we were even given an upgrade once we were down in the pick-up garage. Maybe they didn't try to sell all those upgrades because it was only for 1 day but we were pleased with the customer service we received and the fact that there was no line. We reserved a compact and was given a mid-size.

Steve Hilbert


Ali Kayayev

Came around 1 am and the sign said go to dollar rent a car and then another sign said go to third level. Came down and there is a line of 20 people and one slow worker. Waited almost an hour to get the car...... an HOUR!!! In the cold outside. This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Thrifty tries to save a minimum wage person’s salary by stealing hours and hours from their customers who pay way more for a car rental then we should! I would not use this company even if they paid me!!! I highly reccomend using a different place unless you want to wait an hour in line.

Daniel Musselman

Worst service ive ever received. Waste of time and Rude employees.

Patsy Brownson

Great vehicle for great price.

Cyn Davies

They always have everything ready for me.

Tim Jarman

Everything went very smoothly. Only issue, I booked online and could not remember if I prepaid for fuel. When I tried to confirm, the employee did not know. Therefore, I returned a full tank on my dime and in reality, I had prepaid. $30 mistake. Won't happen again

Danielle Battisti

I got penalized for checking in early as if I could control that! I changed cars twice because the charger didn't work and I needed my gps. The last car made the charge symbol come on but it didn't charge either, so that's three cars no charger. The guy helping me was patient and helpful. Returning the car was confusing...the signage is not good. I ended up in Hertz and had to reload the car.

toad 1-2

Please see review for Rental Car Center.

Craig Harris

Second trip I have reserved a convertible, 3 months in advance and car wasn't there when we got to rental office. Had a line of upset customers, and no one seemed to know how to resolve the problems. After 2 more hours of waiting to get car from sister company Hurst, I was given a car that the tag had expired. We didn't find out until we where going out the exit gate and they turned us around. When ask for adjustment on my bill, I was offered -$55.99. Very poor for a $1944.00 bill.

bigmomma king

When I brought my car back to the airport on the 26th of December, the young lady with the beautiful black horned rimmed glasses was so friendly and professional! She definitely needs to be in management training. I didn't get her name but her attitude spoke volumes! Alabama is my home and I am here from California! I got great help in Atlanta also! The car was expensive in Atlanta!

Bill Spiecker

We arrived at the Phoenix Airport and was greeted by a gruff attendant at the Thrifty Car Rental booth. He told us to get in line when there was no one waiting to be served. So we move our luggage and then he said OK you can come to my computer and get started. He then finally found our registration and tell us where we can drop off our car. We wanted to drop it off at another Thrifty rental store in Tucson the next day. He said drop it of at the airport. That was not the case we found out the next day when we had to locate it away from the airport. Fortunately we had a very nice lady help us there who was vey friendly and made up for the man at the Phoenix Airport. The car was OK except it was not very clean and the windshields were dirty. We will think twice before we rent with Thrifty again.

Mollie Hipp

Returned car at 3:25am. Waited 25 minutes for a shuttle to show up. This is the problem with remote rental sites. We were told 5-10 minutes wait. The central operator couldn’t reach anyone at Sky Harbor. Very poor service now making us late for our flight.

Alith Maillard

I didn't like the guy at the rental counter at the airport or the guy who took possession of the car once I was done but the car was just fine. The man at the office where I picked up the car was helpful and the attendant at the lot when I chose the car was warm, friendly and very helpful. The photo I was shown of the car was upsetting. It looked like half a car. That was no doubt to get me to pay for an upgrade. I'm glad I didn't. That little car did just fine.

Kathy Farris

I had the worst rental car experience of my life while renting a car at the Atlanta airport. The rental agent accidentally put TWO holds on my debit card for a total of over $800.00. After realizing it that evening, I called the customer service number. I spoke to 7 people. I got rerouted to nowhere and got disconnected. I asked for a manager numerous times and was told that there were no managers available etc. etc. etc. even after I told them that I would wait as long as it took. No luck there. I was so exasperated that I took the car back early the next day. i spoke to a manager at the ATL airport who gave me the customer service number, which by then was on speed dial. I spoke to three more people who were not helpful. I went back up to the counter and spoke to the same agent who had screwed it up in the first place. It took at least 20 minutes to get him to realize that he had made a mistake. (He kept looking at me like I didn't know what I was talking about) . Finally he said that the incorrect amounts would "fall off" that night. One of the incorrect amounts came off but the other one didn't. This was several weeks ago. Still waiting and still waiting for the additional $200 deposit. I am a business traveler. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS THRIFTY.

LD 50

Shelnut11 .

Heath Tate

Great service good selection of cars no pushy sales people

Donna Anderson

Have had many rentals thru Birmingham Airport location over past 3 years because they usually have the best rental prices even though it wasn't always a pleasant experience. Over the last 6 months Theifty seems to have overhauled both their car rentals and employees here. Now their cars are so much cleaner and newer models. Their employees are now friendly and helpful. Such a better experience now. Much easier and quicker to get checked in and out than it used to be.

Eileen Strong

So efficient and top notch service from pick up to delivery. Joey went the extra mile and gave me a hybrid which I loved driving and may buy one now! Very happy customer will definitely rent from Thrifty again!!

Bart Armstrong

I would do a negative but can’t. Run from Thrifty. Will not take no to coverage and they will add in charges if you don’t go over the contract with a fine tooth comb. I am fairly astute due to traveling for a living. This was clearly adding stuff I waived. Magically the only document to dispute these added charges were left in the car and thrown away. And I was told twice this was the only document and it can’t be retrieved from their system. Just poor service.

Heidi Vogel

Had a bad experience renting a car here. Check in counter staff was very friendly and nice but the car pick up staff needs some serious customer service training. We got in at 11 pm and waited for almost an hour bc there were no cars available. The agent at the car pick up had horrible customer service skills and just kept telling everyone that she didn't have any cars to give us. She never apologized for the fact that we had a reservation but a long line of us didn't have a car bc "there just aren't any cars." When someone asked why there were no cars when we had reservations, she said that a reservation is not a guarantee for a car, more like a "down payment to hold a car but doesn't mean it'll be available." When I asked if we could get a refund and go with another company that actually had cars in stock, she said "you could but you wont get your refund tonight you'll have to come back tomorrow." Made no effort to help us or problem solve. I understand its not her fault that there's no cars but her attitude was very poor. ALSO WHY ARE THEY BOOKING CARS THEY DO NOT HAVE IN STOCK?? Overall a horrible experience and not exactly what you want to hear when you get in at 11 p.m. after a long day of travel.

Dark Sarcasms Video Diaries

The staff was rude and when my Visa card would not scan (not declined), they refused to rent me a car that was already prepaid with points! Avoid Thrifty!

Peta Barrett

Easy check out/in. Friendly staff and clean vehicle.

Victor Tyrone Ravizee

I have been waiting a hour to get my car. Its pretty frustrating listening to people who have come after me get upgrades. Never again will I spend a dime here.

Kendra McClain

Thrifty car rental at the Phoenix airport is the worst I have ever experienced. I rent cars three or more times a month all across the country and this was the absolute worst. From the 45 minute wait at the Blue Chip line to the billing being incorrect at the car renturn. When I returned the car, I ask the man his name and he said it was Fran....something. I ask him to spell his name for me and he said he could not. I ask, you cannot spell your name and he said no. Unbelievable. From the dirty car I received to the over billing at the end, I will never rent from Thrifty again. Stay away!

Stanley Howell


Sabora Jackson

Ellee Levine

Very pleasant associate. Had a problem (Not Thrifty's fault) and the associate waited patiently until it was resolved. The other associates we spoke to were very friendly and helpful.

Sulamitta S

I reserved the car prior and paid a partial amount in advance. When I arrived, they added several charges without clarification, and the new charges were $100 more than what I reserved it for. I did agree to the refuel option and some insurance so I didn't mind. However, when I returned the car, I discovered that it was an additional $240!!!! (And I only rented for 2 days). I contacted customer service and they said there was nothing they could do. It ended up being $400 for not even 2 full days. Carefully read and go over all the charges they are adding and ask questions!

Chad Heileman

Great experience until I returned the car with the gas gauge still on full and she says, gas receipt? You drove 40 miles. I said it's still on full... I get I drove it 40 miles and probably should've topped it off...And then she proceeds to tell me Thrifty will fill it for $10 a gallon!? Now come on. Be reasonable. So I had to drive back out, put a gallon and a half of gas in it and drive back. Still a good company but they lost a star just for the simple fact of trying to charge $10 a gallon. You want to double the gas price for the labor, fine...but double the price would be $5.50, not $10.

marco ocampo

Debbie Masse

Absolute worst customer service! Went to National! National was worth the price!

Jaeaunii Moss

The manager name Bill C. was very disrespectful & walked off on us while we were discussing our issue. We rented a car for two weeks & the check oil light came on after the first day. He was not understanding. He didn't care. He got smart. He needs to be fired. If I could post the video I would.

Katherine Heroux

Thrifty did not honor the price that was booked through Expedia-AARP. Did not notice that the price on receipt wasn’t the same as booked until after receipt was printed. Counter rep was rude & wouldn’t do anything. Was told to take care of it when returning the car. Got nowhere calling them as well as Expedia (counter people said to talk to customer service & they said to speak with the counter people). Was repeatedly told that only the manager at the return could take care of discrepancy. Needless to say when the car was returned they claimed that there was nothing they could do & that it could only be changed before we took the car. They also claimed that they will not honor the given price if the car is picked up later than planned.... as if we could have predicted a cancelled flight. Will never use Thrifty again & will dispute the charges with my charge card company.

udesh persad

In and out. Great

Brett Goad

Best Bang for the Buck. I wish I would have purchased the full tank upon getting the car. The agent really pushed for us to purchased their insurance package....but I declined and advised him that I would be using our home car/insurance plan. Even after telling him that, he gave it one more shot for their insurance, telling me that Arizona is different and we could very likely pay more should something happen to our car and they had to take it off the road for whatever reason. I still declined. We had a small Hyundai and it served us well. Checking the car back into the airport was a piece of cake!

Mike Skow

Extended rental center close to sky harbor in Phoenix, somewhat hard to get in and out if you are a local. Very convenient if you are renting or dropping from the airport

Alyssa Neil

They were so rude to us when I picked up the car! They wanted to charge us an extra $200 to drop it off at another location so because of that we were stranded. Oh I’m very upset and I wouldn’t recommend them at all!

Prince Yosuva

Please don’t go thrifty car rental They are cheating It’s my experience

David Dodenhoff

I always have a good experience with Thrifty. I'm a Blue Chip member, and my car is always ready for me (without my having to stop at the counter). The return process is very quick, too. Thrifty is also usually the least expensive option among the rental agencies that don't make you stop at the counter.

heyndrix .

What an unnecessary load of stress. The car was fine but the service is some of the worst I've encountered in any industry. There was construction blocking the entrance to this place the morning we needed to get in. After an hour and a half of asking contruction workers and driving around, we were able to get in by accidentally finding it. The first call to customer service to ask for directions was hung up on, and the second was never answered. When going to the desk, they clearly didn't care and just took our payment information. When returning the car, we were told to do several different things by different people and ended up taking much longer than necessary. I'm never using this company to rent a car again.

Gary Smith

I have rented from Thrifty at PHX several times in the last few years and the service has always been efficient and friendly, both at pick up and return. The cars have always been clean and in good operating condition and it has been common be given a free upgrade on the spot. I've had horrible experiences with Thrifty at other locations but everything has been very positive at PHX.

Susan Richman

Upon arriving at the Phoenix airport, we were disappointed to learn that we had to shuttle over to the rental car site but that notwithstanding, when we got there we were able to walk right up to the counter to obtain our paperwork which was swiftly managed and receive receipts to then select a vehicle and go on our merry way. When we went downstairs, we started looking around and an alert attendant promptly greeted us, asked us what we were looking for, reviewed our receipt and upon scanning the available vehicles, asked us how many were in our party and suggested we take a vehicle in a class above what we paid for, without any additional charge. Since we were a party of 9 looking to rent 2 vehicles, upgrading us from a sedan to a very nicely appointed and new Chrysler Town and Country mini van was a nice surprise. Bonus: it had XM radio, a great navigation system, and lots more room for our luggage and adult passengers.

Maria Lopez-Luna

Very friendly and fast service

Big Tee

Donald Dumpsterdiver

Don't trust any reviews please read reviews of the other thrifty businesses this piece of ship owner has. Aaron the local guide won't point you in the wrong direction. If you see this place run. As fast as you can to another line. What douchebags

Chris R

Aug 2016 Wednesday -Reservation in advance made online. Compact Car. No lines! Desk attendant upstairs efficient. ONLY reason 4 instead of 5 stars is this person could have been friendlier, more engaging, he was polite, efficient, however 5 stars means no room for improvement. Downstairs- Staff was polite, Joey the attendant who accepted return was very helpful & friendly. It was his kindness & friendliness that motivated me to write a review. Rental Car- clean, no problems. Overall I had excellent experience. No problems. Very satisfied. I had read lines were terrible, staff was rude, etc. I had NONE of those issues. Always remember for every bad review there are numerous satisfied customers who do not take the time to write a review.

Rickeda McGill

Worst experience ever!! Reserved online and received a guessed, rounded price for car and how long borrowed, pretty reasonable. Get there they run my card and said there was close to $200 in just facility fees added to the reserved online price presented, just facility fees so it doubled the rounded priced presented in the reservation. Left without getting the car but the hold was left on my car. Thirty has a chunk of my hard earned Money hostage!!! I would give negative stars if I could! They literally have the audacity to charge you for their facility, almost $200 added to just the business you want to exchange with the company. You refuse, they still hold onto your money for just approaching business with them! Save your energy and hard money! Do business someplace else.

Linda Bauer

The rental process went smoothly and quickly. The vehicle was clean and of nice quality. We had a billing problem that was handled in an acceptable manner. We would choose Thrifty as our rental company in the future and recommend to others.

albrgnz .

Worst experience ever. I was given a rental and at time if driving out the attendant checking car told it was due for an oil change and I had to back. Got a second car and the same thing happened. We wasted an hour. This company does not have any organization. Never again.

Preston Kendrick

Mona mokhtari

Horrible, I reserved the car for $280 with tax and charges included, when I went to pick it up, it charged me $590 without even asking me or notify me, when I asked them the reason they said there are different type of taxes and also extra charge for building facilities!!!!

Esteban Juarez

OMG!!!! Terrible. They didn't check my car in properly (Guy's handheld computer was broke) and kept charging me day after day. After I call to try to straighten out that mess, they generated a new invoice taking my charges from the agreed $121 to $247. So I waste my time and call again, and now they want receipts for fuel ( car was returned full after 4 day rental). They got really snotty when I told them I'm not wasting any more time on this, will just have my credit card company deny all charges. By the way, Thrifty, you need to add a selection on your automated phone system to include "Thrifty Incompetence".

Matthew Laney

Agent said it would take an hour for our reservation to show up in his system and that we should wait. We walked to a different company to see if they had any cars and came back 30 minutes later and he had closed.

W Petty

Dont bother... Thrifty, Dtg, Dollar... Terrible policies regarding using debit card. Want to check credit score before determining debit amount down. Wont take credit card in anyone elses name. Makes car renting process extrememly difficult.

Ted Reitz

Polite, friendly, prompt, will use them again.

mary chavez

Reserved picked up dropped off easy 123. Loved the car it was clean and did not smell lile cigarettes like some i rented in past.

John Chavez

What a complete waste and time and energy never will i give this company my business again im to irrate to explain in details but they made it so frustrating my mother broke down in tears and we had to cancell an very important trip thanks for nothing thrifty.

david a

Bad service and very opaque fee structures. If you are a couple hours late you can get charged a full day at the “default” rate- who knows where you agree to that in the pile of fine print.

Derek Linares

Horrible experience tried to charge me for more things than i wanted staff had the cars in the wrong places

Allison abel

I was at the airport waiting for someone and we needed to rent a car. The customer service was absolutely terrible! We had reservations but there weren't any cars at all. All of us waited an hour and we ended up getting a taxi because there were no cars available !!!! By the way this all happened from 10:20 to 11:30


Returned the car 12 hours early and am getting harassing voice messages indicating that I did not return the vehicle and they will repossess at my expense. Called the number back and spoke to a rep but am still getting the voice messages. Come on, Thrifty, you can do better. Ridiculous.

Monica C

Thrifty was fine, there was a mix up between counter and Blue Chip contracts, but they took care of it! However, the Phoenix Airport Car Rental with all the construction was a nightmare, signs are confusing, but we figured it!

Denise Washington

Arrived at Sky Harbor Thrifty rental car at 3:48 am on 06/20/19, the place was a ghost town there was no one at front counter or even a sign directing customers were to go. The first thing I thought "poor customer service" isn't this place suppose to be open 24 hrs. I walked around the entire complex for over an hour not one person insight anywhere. I finally saw a young lady at Enterprise who directed me downstairs I walked around downstairs still know one insight. I finally saw someone at Thrifty counter I rented an SUV the price he quoted was very expensive I finally realize there was $88 of additional fees included and they had charged me a late fee when the car arrived on time. This is the last time I will be dealing with Thrifty they are over price they need to change the name of the company.

Loren and Tiffany Kerns

Our arrival was close to midnight. Thrifty counter was closed. Directed to dollar. Dollar has one register open and a line of at least 10 people. Wait to pick up car was wayyyy too long. It seems like you might staff differently if you know you have this many reservations.

mary jackson

I've had nothing but great experiences with them. It's so easy to rent from them. They don't take you through the hassle like all of the other rental places.

Peter Yonkovit I

Easy to return the car.

Samantha Nelson

Both my pickup and my drop off experiences left a bad taste in my mouth. At pick up, not once, but twice did the employees give away the car they were planning to give me. I’m not sure what the other was but there were around 5 of us waiting for close to an hour before we were able to leave with vehicles. From what I gathered from those around me, everyone had pre-booked a car. So it’s not like our arrival was a surprise and they were having to rearrange. When I was called up to the counter to be sent out to the outside counter to get keys, the employee was way more excited to talk to her friends than to help me. Then I got outside to pick up the keys and they go wandering off to find it. Only to come back and tell me that they were getting a car pulled around for me as they had given it away. The employee tried to frame it as a positive thing as she had gotten me ‘upgraded.’ At this point, I was more than frustrated and just wanted to get out of the airport. I had hoped returning the car would be a better experience. Boy, was I mistaken. Upon returning the car to the airport, the signage is terrible. So I ended up in the wrong space. Like the return signs pointed at a chain link fence for the direction you should go to return the car. I finally found it. But no one was there. So I parked the car and went to go inside. I got sent to a few different people before someone was like ‘no, you have to move the car here. We can’t accept it over there.’ I offered her the keys again and she told me that she couldn’t accept them, even though I told her the car was by their signs and in the parking lot and this was a signage issue. This was the same employee who told me she had gotten me an ‘upgrade.’ Another one of the employees realized I was frustrated and goes ‘come with me. I’ll go get it.’ So we walk off to the car. Well, turns out, I’m not the only one that had this problem. They were able to leave the car behind and get on to their flight. I went to give her the keys and she goes ‘no, I need you to follow me and I’ll show you how to take it back.’ She gets in the other car and leads me out of the parking deck, but not before she almost backs that car up onto the car I was driving. She leads me back in to the “proper spot” that is labeled hertz and in tiny letters underneath it has dollar and thrifty, while their big signs point off into the distance about returns. Once we get back to where they want the car, she doesn’t get out. Just sits in the car and waits for someone else to walk up. She rolled her window down. And I asked if I should just leave the car on. And she mumbles something about someone else coming to check me out and give me a receipt. The employee who told me I would have to move the car shows up and checks me out. I would much rather pay any of the other car rental companies in the airport twice what I paid for the car as my experience was terrible. I will never use this company for a car rental and will encourage my friends and family to do the same.

Bryan Fischer

Very nice people to deal with .. Pick up and drop off went very smooth

Michael Lieblich

Extremely high price. Total time with basic Toyota Corolla (no cruise)1 day 3 hour, and 10 minutes. Cost $305.36!!! Also. I could pick any car in the aisle. Great there are two (2) cars available. The one I happen to pick needs mechanical repair. However, I didn't find that out until I drove the car to the agent at the gate on the way out. She told me that the car I chose was not mechanically sound. Drove it back and got the last remaining car.

Alexa Meier

Terrible service, go somewhere else and save the headache like I did. Corporate customer service confirmed a total for me and the location would not honor this. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! (Hertz had wonderful customer service)

Tammi Davis

Great service and rates!

Mack Moran

I had a pleasant rental experience here. Got a great car for a reasonable price. No complaints at all.

Spencer Vanderhoof

Waited over an hour for a reserved rental, only to be double-charged due to an inability to change the listed driver (had to add a second driver). Will not return.

Robert Boyd

My experience with Thrifty was unsatisfactory. Had with me the contract for the minivan rental. Was told that even though the contract indicated such, in order to get that vehicle, I would have to pay an " upgrade fee ". Argued with the reservationist in between her personal conversations with all her coworker who walked by. Had put a deposit on the rental van that she couldn't find in the computer. Spent 1 hour and 50 minutes at the rental counter. How can I ever be satisfied? All this occurred at Sky Harbor rental center in Phoenix Arizona on June 4, 2016.

Stephan Maloman

Incredibly rude customer service by a guy named Davis at this location. Asking customers for email address and 2 phone numbers invades my privacy and I don’t feel comfortable with Thrifty selling my information to advertisers.

Michael Sia

Be careful what you reserve. I had reserved with a company called Holiday Cars and purchased their insurance, once I arrived at the Thrifty offices they told me I had not made any purchase and therefore had to rebuy insurance once again. On top of that they tried to give me a compact car TWICE when I paid for a midsize car. Not only that, my car reeked of cigarettes from the person who was cleaning the outside of the car. I made a comment and they simply just passed my car off to the next person who also complained lol. They suggested I take the auto refuel option as it is cheaper and since I’m not from around the area I took it. To fill an actual tank of gas was in fact 50% cheaper if you did it yourself. Never again, and I would avoid if possible. Give it 0/5 if I could.

Jennifer Green

I’ve been on the phone for an hour now with this company and they can’t explain to me what this extra charge is on my credit card. Every time I talk to an agent I’m told something different. My credit card has been charged 3 times now, in total $680 for 8 days. Absolutely ridiculous. This company is terrible.

Peter Klitzke

A very long wait to pick up car. Will not rent from Thrifty following a night flight. Nice upgrade from Corolla to Jetta. Difficult to get to rental return lot. Very fast and easy return once parked.

Desirai Borer

The gentleman at the counter was rude upon picking up the car. However getting the car was fast and easy. Upon returning the car I was told to just leave the keys and go. Three days after the return I checked my acct to see I was charged $120. When I called to see what for I was told it was for refueling. I Returned The Car with more gas then I was given. Definitely will never rent from them again. I love hertz but this being their sister company is giving them a bad name. (Heard from multiple people that this is a common issue)

Vicki Stevens

Linda, customer service rep at the Palm Springs airport, was fantastic! She was cheerful, friendly, helpful, professional and fun. Upon returning our rental, Mario was also fantastic... friendly, professional, prompt and helpful! Our experience was excellent!

Alicia Lee

Scott was excellent but speaking to the customer service over the phone was horrible they didn't honor what was said when i called to confirm the reservation price was great but they can misleading never again will i call customer service

Daniel Reed

Even booking and pre-paying directly though Thrifty, they'll double the price quoted at the desk, assuming there's staff there at all.

Cam Hughes

Friendly staff, very personable, the rental car process was easy and proficient. My best experience renting a car through any rental car company so far. I have rented a car from a different company every month for my trips to LA/San Diego. Thumbs up!

Josh Law

Came here yesterday and the customer service was terrible. The clerks were both very unhelpful with the problem I was having with my card not swiping, unwilling to look for any alternatives, and made me feel like a burden. Went to the Budget next door and the lady there was the exact opposite and found a solution in no time. With a smile I might add.

Brittany Perrine

Travel tip, don't use Thrifty. Had a blow out saturday night, no spare, they have yet to get the car or bring me another, today is Monday!!!! The car is stuck in a parking lot. Left stranded. They have their money, why do they care? Paid in advance for 3 weeks and have been able to use the car 2 days. HORRIBLE. None of the reps I have talked to speak good english. All they do is push me from person to person. Customer service will not give me a number to the local office, claims they do not have it. They want ME to pay for a tow truck?? WHAT? Shouldn't have crappy tires on cars you rent. You should have sent someone out Saturday night with a car for me and to take this one back. How do you not have a spare tire in a rental? Beyond frustrated. You best believe I better be getting a refund for all these days I am stranded. Once they said they would send a tow truck to get the car, but I would have to come in for another car. Seriously? NO CAR, how can a customer come there, wouldn't be renting one if they had one.

Ron Cole

Service was horrible. Took forever to get the car. The person at the counter talked down at us. We went outside to pick up the car and nobody was there. Stood in line for 20 min. We had problems with the car, and the person who checked the car in seemed to be bothered by me telling her the problem with the car.

Bradey Wilde

This company and crew were extremely unprofessional and honestly criminals. We returned our car with a full tank and they charged us $130 saying that it wasn't full. We didn't catch the mistake untill we were on our flight, which we have never had a problem with any other rental company. I tried fixing this with the customer service line and even sent proof from our bank statement showing we fueled up in Arizona. They have yet to make this right after I've made every effort possible. The crew was very sloppy and kept trying to upsell. You can tell they try every way possible to get extra money, even if it's dishonest. I will never rent from Thrifty or the Hertz family. It must be a serious problem, on their customer service line there is a specific option for disputing fuel charges, so they must be trying to do this. Do not rent from this company, but if you have to, be careful and read through everything.

Jim Templeton

The counter and garage staff were very friendly. The vehicle was nice and clean. Return went as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend renting a car from here.

Stuart Pemberton

Naika Urrutia

The overcharge twice the price. Do not rent from Thrifty. I rented in Birmingham Airport gave me a quote an overcharged me.

Cellie Miller

Great vehicle, good gas mileage and good rental rate.

Chris Macek

It’s a constant game of trying to get you to upgrade your car. They struggle to take no for an answer. We initially agreed to an upgrade, under the premise he could promise our bags would fit; they didn’t. We then were cycled through 3 different cars due to them trying to continue to give us the highest priced car. We demanded we just get the car we originally reserved, to which they made a claim that “we don’t have any” and “your bags won’t fit.” Well, they had plenty, and our bags fit great.

Kumiko Foster

everything went smooth from check in to check out. we had the option of many vehicles. we chose a camry with low miles on it. it was very reliable and had some power for the mountains. great car! we will be back again for sure. thanks trifty!


Rental car was perfect, no problem there. On the other hand, my handicap tag, holder and car insurance card was discarded, taken or whatever, was not returned to me as of this date. Please! Whoever clean the car that I rented, find and return the items to me. Thank you much.

Dennis Morton

Renting a car here could not have been easier. The line at the counter was short, the attendant was pleasant and efficient and the selection of cars to chose from was good. The car we got was like new, clean and performed well. Check-in was as simple as pulling in, the attendant gave me my receipt and off we were to the shuttle to the terminal. A very pleasant experience.

Nicki Crocker

After not being told about extra charges being held on our card, I am unable to get any assistance whatsoever from any of the customer service phone numbers. We paid for the entire rental ahead of time and were assured the hold fee would be less than half of what they are holding at the time the vehicle was picked up. I've now been on the phone for 45 minutes, gotten bounced from one customer service contact to another where I have to completely re-explain my issue each time and I've been hung up on twice in the process, but no one can give me a direct phone number to call anyone with any decision making power to help. They all keep giving different answers, too. Very disappointed in this customer service. We will not use thrifty again, nor can I in good conscience refer them to family or friends.

Tessa Dunster

My best experience with a rental car company. ANDREW helped us at the desk and he was awesome! Great suggestions, genuinely friendly and definitely looked out for us in the long run!

Brandon Hawley

I have been a loyal Thrifty customer and Blue Chip member for years. This time they really screwed me over. I booked a specific type of vehicle, called in twice to make sure they had it correct as I had no reason to rent a car unless I was provided the SUV model rented. I live in town and was taking it on a vacation. Upon arriving on time with my family, they informed me they didn't have any of my model of car on the lot. I walked the lot and see if that was the case or anything similar to it. No luck. What's the point of a reservation if they don't hold it? Especially if I pre-paid to get the car of my choice! Our reservation had free cancellation on it. I went back to the counter to cancel my reservation as they didn't hold up their part of the bargain, but I did. Counter says they can't cancel reservations and to call an 800 number for a refund. Called 800 number, they wouldn't help us and gave us another phone number to call since they can't help. Talked to the second number, they can't do refunds, and issued an email with a link to a website to file a "claim/complaint". Visited website to file claim. Site was very confusing and difficult to understand. We did the work of a customer service agent to fill in multiple forms. Submitted and got no reply. Found out they just cancelled our request because "we didn't pickup the car". Are you kidding me? You didn't have my car and I showed up on time! Reopened ticket about a week ago after messaging with an agent (no human will help you on any phone line). Ticket has been ignored for the last 9 days with no action taken while they kept my money. This is unacceptable run-around intended to have customers just give up and don't fight when they are wronged. It probably also violates some consumer protection laws. You ruined my vacation plans and you've lost a loyal customer and I will be seeking other legal methods if necessary to recover my money.

Kimberly Meeks

Manager here was super helpful. Good deal and reasonable variety of choices.

Ashley Gibson

I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! PLEASE READ BEFORE RENTING FROM HERE! I don't even know where to start after 5 phone call attempts to resolve a $535 overcharge on my credit card. I rented a car for 2 days but was charged for 13 days. Since their customer service has refused to help me, I started looking through my paperwork thoroughly and immediately found the incompetency. I checked my vehicle in with Aerial but my receipt shows a different customer and different license number. Now, I pointed this out to their customer service/billing department and you would think they would be able to resolve it, right? Yea, okay. The rep hung up in my face after I said I would not get off the phone until I speak to someone who can resolve the issue. Great customer service (sarcasm)! Well after making my 5th phone call, I was told I'd have to make another phone call related to the same issue and have to repeat the problem over again. You would think they would have common courtesy to forward the issue to the appropriate department or person, but noooo the customer has to make repetitive phone calls without an outcome in sight.

Justin DeGarmo

When to pick up my reservation ant 6 am know one was there till 630 at witch point was asked to wait again finaly at 7 am was told that my debit card that i used to book the truck was no good... asked to speak to a manager at witch poin i was told i was speaking to her.. You need a second credit card to rent the truck after an hour got the card.. the manager then told me that the insurance that i bought online was no good and was told that i needed to buy insurance for 70 dollars a day witch is almost 3 times the rental at 28 dollars a day went from 130s to over 300 dollars for my rental...i will never use this company again i will also make sure that my company never uses them again.... stay away from these guys worst experance ive ever had in all my times renting... they need a 0 star rank...

Kathleen Esch

Unfortunately, wait times and desk staff were un acceptable during our visit and rental pick up and another time we had to come in to add a driver. At pick up there was only one guy at the desk who did not seem to care about the long line and was less than efficient, leading to a wait time of an hour after an already long day of traveling with 4 kids. This was for a pre-paid pick up! Also we had to stop in to add a driver another day and the line was again long and there was NO ONE at the desk. It was 8:30 a.m. and the people at the front of the line said they had been waiting there for over an hour and no one had showed up at the desk to help them.

Chuck Charles

Makes it impossible to get in touch with the rental location that released the vehicle to you. I noticed a big scratch under the bumper and wanted to know if a vehicle inspection had been done. Well there's literally no way to contact a specific Thrifty location. Terrible customer service. Please save yourself the aggravation and rent somewhere else.

Joseph McLellan

Stay away! This place is terrible. I have called Thrifty customer service 10 times to try and figure out the problems with my reservation. First, my car blew a tire. Then it took an hour or more for the tow truck to arrive in Phoenix. Then I spent 2-3 days trying to reach a customer service agent. Finally billing said they could help, but then they said my reservation was not officially closed. They transferred me again to another department. The lady then took 30 minutes closing the account and transfrerred me back to billing. I called originally to pay with a different card than the card on file. Then billing says "oops it's too late now the account is closed." Well, thanks for telling me that when you transferred me 10 times. To top it off the manager of the billing department drops my call and then finally another representative tells me that they can't do anything about paying with a different card. I appreciated his honesty and said that's okay about the card. I kindly asked if they could discount or do something for me as the customer. Not an unfair request since I have spent many many hours trying to resolve their problem. The manager informed me it was not their fault about the tire but my fault, so no they can't do anything. Hmm...blame an honest customer that has called multiple times trying to solve this. Thrifty and dollar are now under the same roof withHertz. Don't give them any business tell they can merge their companies and actually care for the customer.

Mutai Boss

Natte Scott

Stay clear! Choose another company! Unfortunately you will need to take shuttle bus to the Rental Car Center. And you will pay for the center with an extra 6 dollars per day added to your rental! That's right, so enjoy the 10 plus min bus ride...and figure you will need more time to make your flight when you return the vehicle. They will try to sell you additional insurance too...and it is not so convenient at the center..not sure what planners were thinking. Car was new Chevy Cruze which I would not recommend. Gas stations (Shell) are close so you can fill up...but...bring your receipt, they want to be sure you filled up within 10 miles of the airport...what many complaints about this, but they said all rental companies are doing this?? What the...maybe only Thirty and maybe only those at sky harbor.

Jason Clark

The worst cust svc employees dont even know whats going on im a blue chip member went to pik my rental up at 530 eaited 30 min in line to deal with a rude black woman that didnt want to do her job walked away will never return i dont need attitude early in the am do your job how hard is that wish i never joined

Orzu Sangov

Totally disappointed. However the customer service representative was very polite and resolved my issue pretty fast. The only little "small" thing she didn't mention that the price for the car gas refueling was not totally $2.99, but per gallon. There was my fault as well not checking the print out receipt. Overall the car rental cost me extra $20+. Please be more detailed and honest with your customers. Thank you.

koosha Ramezani

Scott Davis

They rented a beat up car that smelled like smoke. Then charged for insurance ($27/day) even though we declined it. Said it was their policy to always charge every customer for insurance, even when you can prove that you have your own insurance. Rip off. Scam. Stay away!!!!

Brian Roth

My rental was great. They were professional and courteous. There were no cars immediately available, so I took the next one out of the car wash. It wound up being a bigger car, so I got a free upgrade. I’ll rent through them again.

Frankie Mercado


William Knilans

Everyone was friendly and helpful. The one thing that needed improvement is that there were not any signs directing you where to go to get to the thrifty booth downstairs where you pick up your car. Other than that everything was good.

Mervyn Seidle

Very polite and efficient people working at the front desk and at pickup point. Service was fast and thorough. Shuttle ride is a bit tedious but can't be helped at Sky Harbour Airport. Return was quick. Car was clean and full of fuel. Would recommend taking the optional fuel return policy. Hard to find a gas station nearby. Have rented from other companies. Found service to be very good. Thrifty was cheaper than Hertz for the same size car.

Chris Toronto

Jerica was very helpful and friendly. Great experience and will rent from them again!

Kyle Gieselman

Ordered a car they did not have available and charged me for the upgrade. The vehicle I rented also had some garbage left over from the last renter. Documents left in the vehicle also showed rates a lot less then mine.

Troy Posey

Tony D Colquitt

Had a lot of trouble with the staff not very helpful at first one person really made a difference and made my experience a lot better

Patrick Whitt

Agent lied to me about gas prices in the Phoenix area (said they were 2.89, when they were less that 2.30 in numerous locations) to talk me into buying the pre-fuel option where you get it for 2.39 a gallon but must purchase a full tank regardless how much you use. Otherwise would have been a 5 star.

Keith Dixon

Pricing and service was great but the glass on my auto has burnt in water spots and when i asked about it upon exiting was told nothing. I didn't have time to turn around and get another car. ALSO, was told I had to show my auto refuel receipt and that it had to be at a gas station within 10 miles of the airport. This wasn't written or published before my rental and I wasn't asked for it upon my return. When will rental car companies stop with the financial threats? Just offer to refuel the car at double the normal price per gallon. Not require folks to pay an inflated price for an entire tank.

Comaka Lawson

I was given excellent service

Mark White

In & out. Car was great. Good assortment of cars to chose from.

Meranda McCullagh

Staff is VERY friendly and courteous. Had a bad hiccup on pick up that made us sit there for 2 hours. Turn in went excellent. Same lady worked the turn in (do these people ever let their staff go home??) and was once again very pleasant to deal with. 3 stars for bad pickup but great turn in.

Madeline Bracken

Our car was clean, convenient and cheap. Everything I look for when renting. Thanks Thrifty.

Alicia Rodgers

Friendly reps, had a wait time due to car wash breaking down.

David Stensrud

Terrible customer service. They bait and switch and don't adequately explain why things are done the way they do it. I had a rental agent keep pointing at a sign on his counter to the reason why he was adding charges to a bill I had already paid in full for. Problem was that sign didn't say anything about what he was charging me for. At one point I stopped him and said you can keep pointing at that sign but it doesn't explain this charge. So he finally just said that's just how we're do things. Great feeling being in a strange city on a budget and this is how my vacation started

Antonio Booker

Karen Griffin

I made reservations with Hotwire and unfortunately called Thrifty and they changed the price of my rate of 13.00 a day to $31.27 Per day and would not honor the Hotwire price. Long story short I had to cancel reservation And get online to find another good deal which to time away from my holiday buyer beware of thrifty rental cars.

Ozell Hickman

Nice choice quick to get you in and out.

Monica Woods

Best out there price eise

Monique Williams

Easy, hassle free rental experience...the reservation process is simple to use..overall perfect experience!

P hD

After I just got burned at Alamo ( with a supposed confirmed rez.) I went to Thrifty, and the rep there helped me go on-line to get a "quick" reservation with Thrifty, that he then helped me convert to that evening that I was there... took a bit, but better than the alternative of sitting in airport, or some limo fee.... Pat

Karen Reckmo

Good price on my car rental and they were very flexible with the changes I made in my itinerary.

Joey Salazar

Terribly lower class employees. Cursed language, ignorant, sad. Felt like I was at the DMV.

Len Jen

Car had the rock guard underneath held on with duct tape. Fell down while going 75 mph on I 17 North. Then they couldn’t find where the tow truck took the car. Three hours later we have a new rental. Last Thrifty and Hertz rental.

Frank Cota

Fast, cordial, and easy. Enough said.

Pat Reader

I booked a car through Southwest's website for my elderly mother (86) and her friend (75). Despite having a reservation and my mom with mobility assist, they had to wait 1 1/2 hours to get their car. What is the point in having a reservation? I will never use Thrifty for myself or anyone else again. I felt helpless to help them and horrible for putting them through the experience. You folks need to get your s*@t together and figure out how to manage your business.

Yury Smykalov

Not good experience. We picked up rental car at Thrifty Phoenix, AZ airport location. The car had almost no threads on the tires. The car battery died on 3rd day and the customer service didn't give us any support. They actually wanted to make more money by charging us for towing service (the closest Thrifty location was only 2 miles away). We went to real remote places in Sedona National park. I can only imagine if the battery died somewhere where we didn't have any cell service. No more Thrifty! They don't take care of their cars and customers.

Christopher Zanetti

None available in garage upon returning my car. So I left the keys in the box like the sign said to do. Now I've been hit with a bill double what I was told upon renting the car all because you don't staff available to check in cars when they were dropped off.

Keith Knox

Jerica, was absolutely the best customer service agent that we have ever experienced..thx so much

Kevin Lansberry

Very nice rental car place. Large area for the lines and there were three people working at one time so the lines moved quick. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable of the area. It was appreciated. All details were explained nicely. Once finished you were directed to pick up your car and that process was very quick. You just went to a row and picked a car and drove away.

Vijay pentapati

Good price for renting cars. .. cheapest I believe.

Robin Forster

Flew from Alaska to Phoenix, it’s 7pm, Had made reservations with Thrifty Rental car 2 weeks prior to arrival, they told us we have to wait 45 minutes for a vehicle

Jessica A

NEVER RENT FROM THIS PLACE!!!! You get what you pay for!! Pay the extra money and go with a more reputable company. I got a flat tire out of town from where I rented the car so I could not use the spare to get back since it was a long drive. The company made me pay to fix their tire!!!! I will never rent here again!

Ken Pieretti

Best price to rent a car

Don C

Brand new 2017 model. New car smell, even. Used Blue Chip service and went straight to the lot where my car was waiting for me. Return service was fast and efficient.

Ishman Boyd

jackie royals

Do not rent from thrifty, they make it impossible to get a refund for a car that was never rented. Customer service is rude and unhelpful along with the staff at the front desk that said " your refund should be no problem"

Felix Lora

Straight forward and easy check in process. They let you choose any vehicle under the class you choose. In my case, Mid SUV where they had several brands to choose from, i.e. Buick Encore, Toyota RAV 4, Kia, etc. All late models and low mileage.

Prasana Ravi

One of the real Real worst car rental service on the entire Phoenix city. The cheap deals are just an eyewash and you'll be really scrutinised like an alien. The addons and lot of hidden cost will make you feel "what ? This is. Not the rate i booked

yael papich

Great service good price ,great car,fuel saver

Ivy Ward

Rude service. EXPENSIVE! I came in for my brothers funeral and they were just terrible to deal with. They were all men and gave the "just a woman" routine. I would never use them and I highly recommend that you dont. I will also say the price for an economy car was a $500 deposit. I have a great driving record and great credit. I own my own business and have never had problems like this with a rental company. They are not thrifty, they are just terrible to work with. I took my business else where.

graeme bond

Good service as usual

Natosha Perkins

When booking car rental online they failed to notify me that at time of rental they would need a $200 fee in addition to the rental fee which would be returned when the car was returned.

Kymyonna Epps

Erica Ellefsen

After reading terrible reviews on nearly every Car Rental location at the Phoenix Airport I showed up to the Thirfty Car rental depot expecting only the worst service. I made a reservation for a small SUV on Expedia in advance. As I approached the counter to pick up my rental I was met by a lovely smiling service attendant (I wish I caught her name). My reservation was ready for me. Note I did pass on the very expensive insurance coverage that was offered to me, however I knew about this in advance and checked with my own insurance company in advance to be sure I was covered. They didn't push the sale of the insurance on me when I was clear I had good independent coverage and understood the terms. In the pick up area I was allowed to choose from several clean, newer, SUV's that were ready to go. We chose a Tuscon for our road trip. Again in the pick up area I was met by a gentleman who was completely helpful with getting us into our rental and giving us directions. Upon return, we rolled up, handed the attendant our keys, she did a walk around the vehicle and we were on our way. No wait time.

Leslie Bonner

Cute little Versa Note hatchback. It had some power for a small car. I'd recommend you think about the refilling of your gas tank. Once you've accepted they won't change it back. The employees were very helpful to me and gave me a small credit towards my next rental. I walked away satisfied. I'd rent from them again.

Christopher Spencer

These people are fantastic. They get me in and out every time with quickness and its hassle free. I highly recommend anyone to do business with Thrifty Car Rental at the Birmingham , AL Airport

Candelario Perez

Overall experience with staff was ok! They did charge my card twice. Somehow those charges didn’t show on their end, but I checked my bank account while there at the thrifty counter and the transactions had been processed on my end. Third time was a charm and finally the charge showed on thrifty’s end. I had to contest the other charges with my bank. We booked via Price Line. I would advice to make sure they give you the Price Line discount while booking and upon returning the vehicle. My daily rental rate was supposed to be 49.66 per day as was quoted on all my receipts. When I returned the vehicle 4 days later, I was charged a daily rate of 81.37 I had to call in to customer service and they “could not give an explanation as to how I was charged more”. They did tell me they would reimburse me 150 some dollars within 5-7 business days. Make sure you check your receipts and all charges. Hope this helps!

Philip Welden

THE ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED WHEN RENTING A CAR! . She was not very friendly. Dollar and thrifty shared the same counter. Some workers were calling up thrift customers and others were calling up dollar customers. Since most people were there for dollar and the line was extremely long the thrifty customers started to format their own line. And then the mass confusion broke out. Them the thrifty employees started calling up dollar customers and people started to getting mad. Both dollar and thrifty employees had the attitude of we don't care. I waited in line for 45 minutes and They would not honor the price I was quoted and I had an email to prove it. I ended up canceling my reservation and walking away mad! Not only did I cancel my reservation but she suggested that I cancel it instead of fixing the issue. I walked over to Alamo car rental and rented a car that was more expensive then the price I was quoted originally from Thrifty but cheaper them the price they were trying to charge me. I have an upcoming trip in May and I will make sure I am not renting a car from Thrifty. It was an absolutely horrible experience. Thrifty should be ashamed of themselves.

Amanda knobbe

If I could give negative stars, I would. Make sure you go over your receipt with a fine tooth comb because they will take advantage of you as much as they can. Never ever use this rental car company, if I can save anyone from their sketchy dishonest practices I will

Ron Prosky

Horrible horrible horrible...I waited forever in line, then they upcharged me insane amounts of money, then upon return with a full tank they proceeded to charge me an additional 113 dollars for fuel! Now after paying nearly 500 for a 5 day rental I'm standing in line yet again trying to clear this up, and no one here even cares!

john schabow

I loved the car. It was clean. The return was good. The only thing i had a problem with was, I left something in the car and reported it and I have heard back from them yet. 3 day.

Cathy Evans

Great customer service. Very efficient staff, car was clean with low miles. You can't beat the rates!

Gene Lung

The shuttle was efficient. It helped that this was my second time to this facility. Had an opportunity to choose the car that we wanted. Returning the car we were checked out in less than 5 minutes. More car rental agencies are moving to a central rental location. No issues with this new design. Can't escape death or taxes, but the fees charged by various states is ridiculous - not the rental company's fault.

Jeremy Daniel

Horrible experience. When I arrived to the kiosk, I had to wait 15 minutes because the employee was sleeping in her car.

Erika Gouthro

Best car experience I ever had. I usualy use hertz or enterprise but Thrifys was fast and efficient.

Gary Grossklaus

Sat, July 13 Noon. Counter service rep was Gary. Excellent service. Told him what I wanted or more accurately what I didn’t want. He did not try to up sell insurance, gas, car seat, navigation, bigger car. I will rent from Thrifty Sky Harbor again because of Gary. Note to management here. How about helping him out? When he sends me downstairs to pick out a car about having a car ready? Gary G Wheaton, IL

Ashley Shuell

My first experience with thrifty was actually my first time becoming a car rental consumer. I looked online and they had a deal going on where you put a deposit(around 130) and then it gives you an amount that will be payable at the counter(81). Seeing as this was a good deal, of course I book it. After my flight to PHX I went to pick up my car the sales associate was very kind and the other sales associate was talking with my partner and I about how my partner looked like a celebrity, I hear the other associate ask for my credit card, and I thought he needed it to check for my reservation, so I continue on my conversation with the other sales associate. Then I hear a receipt print out and they send us on our way, as I am going down the escalators, I look at the receipt and notice a 200$ up charge because I am under 25 years of age. I become confused and go back the escalator and go up to the sales associate and asked him what it was, and he simply said he couldn't do anything for me... At this point my vacation starts on a terrible note... But fortunately I didn't let the shady sales tactic ruin the rest of my vacation. When I go to return the car, I go up to another sales associate and explain the situation and he agreed that the original sales associate should have made me aware of the up charge before he swiped my card. He sympathized with me because we were the same age. I asked to speak with the manager on duty but he was in a meeting at the time, but the associate gave me a number to call to let them know what happened with the situation, so now I've been on hold for over 15mins waiting to speak to a customer representative so I took matter into my own hand and came here BEWARE: Watch what they are doing, ask them what they are doing and be fully AWARE. It was a mistake that I didn't think would happen to me because Thriftys motto is :Thrifty Saves YOU money! When really Thrifty just looks out for themselves and not the CONSUMER. This is my first time writing a review about a company and it saddens me to see that it's a negative one.

Suhas Ganesh

Had a quick and welcoming experience at the counter with Gary and a great rental car...!! More than happy with this rental experience at PHX.

Shad Reese

Don’t answer phone

Joe Carino

Extremely rude staff! When we declined the liability insurance because we have our own coverage the employee had a temper tantrum. We booked the special car through expedia and this week it was a compact car, which I expected. The employee then said you can't go to Sedona in that car have fun just driving back and fourth to your hotel. I will never rent with Thrifty again.

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