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REVIEWS OF Payless Car Rental IN Alabama

Mike Eaton

Charged me a lot more money because flight was delayed several hours.

Armi Guzman

I did a last minute search for a reasonable rental place. I stumbled to Payless Car rental via Expedia. Gave me a pretty sweet deal, that I was skeptical about it. There were more negative reviews than positive ones. I really needed a car to go around San Diego, so I took a chance. The agents in the counter were great. Soon as I got to the garage to pick up the care, Dom was in charge of releasing and approving the paperwork. The car assigned for me was NOT THERE (1st strike!)

Warren Pinkston

Aspen Knight

I can't say enough how disappointed I was with Payless. They couldn't process my rental for a close-out so they sent me to a portable office where there was NO ONE to man the station. I went upstairs and the African American front counter lady said they don't do close-out and sent me back downstairs. I walked aimlessly in a sea of cars before someone guided me to a secluded post for processing way in the corner. There were 2 clients ahead of me. Meanwhile my flight was ticking by with 24 min. to taking off. Why can't this company portably process ALL the returns like Budget, National, & Enterprise instead of wasting our time?!?! I fly & rent full coverage often due to my job so this wasn't efficient at all. I don't think I can be a customer here again and I'll write a letter to the corporate office. I'm so disappointed. -The Globe Trekker

Ronn Shorter

Do Not rent from this company. I reserved a SUV. When I showed up the offered me a Jeep Wrangler. I said " no, I reserved a SUV" so then they gave me a Jeep Compass. Normally when you reserve a car, a decent company will just upgrade you if they don't have what you reserved. This is the first time I've ever been downgraded. The charges remained the same. I called customer service, explained the situation and was directed to call the agent back to see if they had the correct car. The agent who answered the phone made no attempt to assist me in any way. Instead she decided to argue with me about the size of the vehicle. This company is trash. Stay away

Unstable Gaming

Our experience was absolutely terrible!! If I could rate this company as a 0 star, I would. I made our reservation on February 3rd for a mid size car rental. I was quoted $223.97 online for a mid size rental for 6 days. When we arrived the lady at the desk was so rude and had a horrible attitude. She first gave us a hard time because my husband was going to drive, but i wanted to pay with my credit card, which only has my name on it. She told me that there was nothing she could do, and basically said sorry about your luck, without using those words. Then, they had no mid size cars left. So she wanted to put us in a mini van or a truck. We agreed to a truck, if there was no price change. She then proceeded to ask if we wanted insurance, to which we said yes. But she only offered one choice, bringing the total to $645. She had already swiped our credit card, therefore putting a hold on our bank account for $645. When I questioned why the total went up so much the lady rudely told me it was because we opted into insurance. At that point we decided this company was not for us, canceled the reservation, and walked next door. We are now on our 5th day in Vegas and Payless still has a hold on our bank account for $645. Needless to say, that’s quite inconvenient and totally ruins a budget along with putting a damper on our whole trip! I hope the miserable lady that waited on us is happy that her attitude and actions have had an impact on our trip, and not in a good way. I will never use this company and highly recommend others search around for someone other than Payless for their needs.

Lisa Rimoero

My car rental is never reserved they gave me a Mini van versus a SUV. The Van had damage on it also realized that the plates were expired. The customer service rep was unhelpful gave me the run around and they were not able to swap out the car at a reasonable time period. I had several customer service people slam the phone down hang up on me . When I want to go return the car the customer service representative can care less about the issue wanted to argue with me that I was lying about the plate until I showed her a photo of the plateThen she softly apologized.

Roland Zegarrundo

This company is fake not Payless you will end up PayMuchMore. They charge you even more if you give the more business. You get pentalized if you give them more Business that originally planned. They charge a higher rate per day and a late fee on top to add insult to injury.They have my credit card charge me a deposit and you make up a fee call it Late makes no sense. They say call Customer Service haha good luck they don’t have service other than bad service if you want to call it “Service”. No wonder they have a 2 star rating. For me it’s the last time I get screwed!!!!

Hebron Sooaemalelagi

By far the worst car rental service I’ve ever dealt with! Customer service over the phone is horrible! They hung up on me twice and one of them went by the name of Natalie! And to the owner do not bother commenting to call you because it’s pointless! You guys are horrible!

Claude Garoutte

They need more help at the counter. Long delays due to only one person working.

Ellen osbourne

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT RENT FROM THIS CAR COMPANY. they seek a way to charge you unnecessarily and they have absolutely no way of providing you with proof of how your money was spent. I asked for a receipt several times to show me a breakdown of how the fees daily rate for the car etc and for days I called several times and was not contacted once. Thousands of dollars were deducted from my account and I was told it was a system error. The representative had a very shallow explanation as to why the money was taken and I had to wait for over 24 hours to get any of my money back. According to what she explained several customers were having the same issue. Save yourself the hassle and inconvenience and go somewhere else with your business.

CJ Barrett

We arrived to pick up our car about 1/2 hour prior to our scheduled time. We waited 25 minutes because there were 4 people ahead of us. When we got to the counter Natasha looked at our reservation and said sarcastically " another early arrival". Then when we didn't take the extra insurance she said just " your risking your life" She never smiled or apologized for the wait. The only saving grace was Jimmy in the garage. He was helpful and when we asked to change cars was super responsive. I'll never rent from them again.

Allen Rice

I reserved a car online price was $124.74 . Which I payed for with my credit card.. this morning I checked my reservation before I get to las vegas; only to find out that their is none. The computer system kicked it out because online was different than actually price $134.74 ; $10 difference. . However the company put a pending hold still for the $124.74.. after calling and complaining; the only thing that was said was sorry nothing we can do for 3-5 business days...well guess what my trip will be over by then. . This is their fault on all cylinders and no accountability being taken. . Simple apologies don't work, when average people save up for trips and Bammm ,ruined from the beginning

Michael Mason

Sloppy customer support! I had dropped of my vehicle on a Sunday am at McCarron Airport and there was only 1 person there! WTH? On a Sunday am 1 person? That 1 individual said I’ll email you the receipt and when I received it, wouldn’t you know it’s 30$ more than it should have been! Please steer clear from these buffoons as they are clueless yet money hungry to say the least! Bush league company!

Calvin Damian

I’m not too sure why there are a lot of bad reviews about Payless. I barely write reviews and would definitely like to give Payless credit on my experience. I stayed in Vegas May 3 12:30pm - May 6 12:30pm and both checking out and checking in the car was a very quick process. I did an upgrade for $9 a day but also gave me a Ford Escort fully loaded with Navi instead of the compact car I initially was booked for. Total bill for 3 days was $94. The only bad which isn’t so bad are the car options were slim and low maybe cause it was also the weekend. Definitely will rent from Payless again.

Antonino's Pizza Soninotna Franchise Corp.

Great customer service but the car price insurance too high

tami stertmeyer

I had an awesome experience with the Manager, Kayla. She handled a situation that could have gone very badly for me with such professionalism and customer service making me almost cry from her graciousness. Payless obviously looks for and is able to retain high quality people who care and know how to grow the business!

Jino Scaria

Booked a Full Size car to pick up at 4:30am on 9/20/18, reached the location @4:50am, there was nobody at the counter. I had waited for 10 minutes and nobody showed up. So I called the customer service 1-800 number to make sure they are open 24 hrs and the person i spoke with confirmed that the location is open, also said the staff might have been on a restroom break, which i can understand. I had waited for 15 more minutes, but still no one shows up. So I had decided to walk to garage to see if i can find any body there, surprisingly there she is "Susan" (name written on the paper she gave me) in the pick up area office, nicely folded her jacket, kept it on the counter and resting her head on it and sleeping comfortably. I had knock on the glass twice to wake her up. I told her that I had been waiting upstairs at Payless counter for 25 minutes and no one was there. She didn't even bother to apologize, and was kept looking at the computer with her half closed eyes and blinking her eyes continuously. Here is the interesting thing, they didn't have a Full Size car, and offered me a Dodge Caravan Minivan (only vehicle available at that time), which i don't feel comfortable driving. She said they have few Tahoe SUVs in the parking lot, but not showing that in the system and i had to take the minivan. Giving 1 stars because the guy i spoke with on the customer service phone call gave me right information about their operation hours. Never book with Payless again, atleast during late night or early morning booking.

Stephanie Hall

Pros: The prices were lower than I could find anywhere else. The car was good. Cons: Staff were rude, tried to trick me into paying for additional insurance, and didn't understand my questions. When I asked about price difference between the bill and my online reservation, I was told that the online reservation was done by a third party vendor and that price meant nothing. This was not stated anywhere online and seems like a very shady business practice.

Cris L

I made an online reservation that the nights were $ 11. On the day of picking up the car one would work realizing my little fluency in the English language used of bad faith and added several rates on top of the value of the car. Even though I said I did not want to. So I signed the papers and on the return of the car to my surprise: I paid $ 214 for three days with a car. I asked to speak with the manager and explained what happened. The manager was rude, unprejudiced. She said if I signed she would not extort the value. I was disappointed not for the money, but I was shocked by the lack of commitment, respect and loyalty to the customers. I do not recommend this company to anyone! And the main one, if you need to use it be very careful, especially if it's from another country like me. It is a sad experience with the employees. This was not an attitude of a serious company that has committed to its customers.

Kimberly Johnson

BEWARE!! Rented a car in Las Vegas 7/22-23. Just received a letter regarding tire damage today 9/14. Our flight was way delayed ( & they did try to charge us extra- but luckily we caught that). We were given keys & told to take pictures of any damages ( there were many scraps & dings). Then upon return we just dropped off car & keys. I honestly know we did not cause any damage & to get a letter nearly 2 months later? We have used Hertz for years. Lesson learned

James Palmer

Only one person serving at the counter. When two more agents came out, they took forever to call the next customer who they sent to the competition, and the next after them, then the next, then when I got to the counter they wanted to send me as well! Turns out they didn't have any of the cars we all RESERVED!! I went to Hertz. Got proper service and a car right away. PAYLESS GET ALOT LESS. Avoid this company!

Hal Tagg

Very pushy counter sales people trying to get me to buy insurance that I already had through my credit card. She tried to tell me that I had to show her proof of my insurance. She finally relented. Brutal.

K Foster

Slow, no small cars available even after reserving one way in advance. Counter person was very friendly. Rates were great.

Ge Tian

Booked car was not available! Was FORCEFULLY convinced to consider the insurance even though I had told the counter that I had an insurance covered already. Nothing is less in Payless! Would never choose it again!

Steve Wichtman

The car we rented had multiple black scratches. And damage to the front bottom. Some stains on the seats. I have pictures of all these issues at pick up of rental. Also when dropping the car off. No one there to check the car back in. Otherwise it ran great.

Susan Cook

I would give them less than one star if I could. I rented online. I thought it would be easier just to purchase the insurance online..... big mistake. I get to the rental company and stand in line for 45 minutes waiting. I get up to the counter and my $169.00 car rental is now $299.00. I said wait what??? If you purchase the online car insurance you have to pay a $200 waiver or pay another $24 a day??? So confused why I need more insurance than the insurance I paid online. So I was looking at paying $376.00 for a week. Far from the $164.00 I was told. I'm very sad, mad, and will never use them again. Total waste of my time.

Bob frausto

Great service, the car was clean, it was very easy picking the car up and the rental rate was one of the cheapest

Ik Washington

Very easy smooth transactions!!!! I will be using them again

Elizabeth Flores

Unfortunately I see that charging extra fees in this is trend at this place I am renting from them a car from an online website as well and like previous customers I didn't even realize I was being charged almost double from the quote online. I needed to be in another city for a doctor's appointment for my son who unfortunate turned out a stay because he went into emergency surgery . When i called to extend my contract I asked them about the charges and that I was willing to pay what they charged me originally but if they could waive for the rest of the days or give me at least some kind of discount unfortunately again they said they had to go through what the original contract stated . It s been 5 days of rental with all this charges and now I have to extend my contract once again since we haven't been discharged not looking forward to all the charges this will be the only time I ever rent from this company worrying about this charges plus worrying about my son who is hospitalized just seems unnecessary . Update unfortunately I was never able to contact the company through the link left below maybe now that they actually have a 1-800 I will be able to contact them but I really don't know if I wanna go through the trouble it's been over 6 months and that all the reaching they did just a link .

laura gallardo

They were very friendly and the car was really nice I actually booked a small car and got an suv it was really cheap $95 for 3 days I couldn't be happier with the service, I accidentally forgot to refill the gas and they asked if I wanted to go back out and fill it instead of charging me high prices so of course I agreed and came back with a full tank

Andrea Gonzales

Read carefully your contract before signing. I said NO to all the upgrades offered but they charged a few of them on my card, when I called the company to explain what happened they said I have to pay because I trusted the girl on the front desk that day and blindly signed the contract. The day I pick up the car I only made it to the hotel the car was not working properly so I have to put gas on it and take the risk of driving that not-working car back to them. - 2 hours of my travel after a 5 hour fly - but instead of good service I only got charged for upgrades I did not wanted.

Frank Perez

If you only have 3 or 4 people in front of you it will take 45-60 minutes. Only 1 person is ever at the counter. They keep pushing extra insurance and other garbage DONT GIVE IN.

Katie Burandt

Total scam artists! I booked my reservation with them through another website I was told I needed insurance through the website for $33.00 and then I would be charged around $75.00 for my car rental. I showed up and they charged me over $230!!! Saying I was wrong I wasn't suppose to get the insurance through the website and I have to get their insurance. Then he tells me to call the website to get a refund and said "but don't tell them I told you to call in and get a refund".... seriously.... I did call and try to get the refund but they refused when I explained the situation thought they helped and did give me the refund. Also, their policy says you can drive the car out of the state so long as you tell them upon pick up where you are going; which I did. When I dropped the car off the lady gave me a hard time saying it's not suppose to be taken out of the local area... when I explained her own website she was flustered and then told me I was wrong! I guess they were suppose to have charged me even more but didn't. But that is not my fault and I shouldn't have been treated so rudely for their mistake. I will never rent from them EVER again. Save yourself the drama and avoid these SCAMMERS! Update: They did end up charging me. The website quotes me $108.00 total to have the car for 3 days. In the end they charged my card again. I ended up paying over $500 for a 3 day car rental. I spoke with customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do. Do not use this company!

Zac Brunell

They got me a cheap car. It was fine. Afterwards, it seemed like contacting the circus. When I got to the airpot, I left two items in the car (always check, my mistake) and called the Payless desk to ask them to ship me my materials. They were very pleasant and assured me that my things would be shipped - no problem. BOY, WAS I WRONG. I called 6 days later wondering where the package was, and was told that the stuff is 'gone'. These belongings were very important to me, and I have been greeted with nothing but apathy from the other side of the phone. Someone from Payless in the garage stole my items, after the company said that they would be accountable for them. Two stars is generous.

Cindy Schmeichel

Sergio was so friendly and we loved the car he surprised us with. No wait for pick up or drop off.

P Chang

Terrible experience. The attitude of clerk was also very rude. We arrived half an hour early and they don’t have our car. They asked us to wait until the time is up and force us to choose a bigger car. The car did not have wiper fluid when we need to drive in rain.

Kannan Anil Kumar

Car wasnt clean but not too bad. Call ahead if you're late or you may have to wait longer.


The first sales person over charged and insisted I must pay for the additional service. So a $17 a day, ended up being $57 a day. Went to get keys and the second agent informed me I didn't need the additional service and made adjustments. The car already had scratches on it, but I took pictures. The car itself was great, and the drop off service was quick and easy.

King Anubis

Great service.

RJ Ahuja

This is not located in the airport you have to take 2 x separate shuttles to get here. For God's sake do not rent from this company, they are scam artists plain and simple. I was told insurance was mandatory at 30$ a day. Online insurance through car rental was illegal in Vegas. Ftc should should this company down they Rob you blind. I went back to Enterprise and got an awesome deal. Stay away from Payless.

Kelly McLean

I was a little skeptical renting from here due to the reviews but I rented a car 2 weeks ago in Las Vegas for 4 days and everything was smooth sailing for us. Staff was quick and friendly, car was fine, return was fast and easy, and I wasn't charged any extra fees that I was not aware of. Not to mention the price is unbeatable. I am going to Tampa in 2 weeks and will be using Payless again and hope for the same experience.

cindy I

The employee of the color was very helpful and fast. Getting my car was very easy. Returning the car also was very simple. I was charged or I was told I was going to be charged no hidden fees. Although I did not get the car I requested I was very happy with the card that I received very clean. Will definitely rent from Payless again

Sushant Bhargav

Booked car was not available !! Had booked convertible mustang but got a hard roof mustang !! And was FORCEFULLY convinced to consider the insurance even though I had it covered under my insurance provider !! Nothing is less in Payless !! Would never prefer it again !! 2 stars because the car condition was par excellent and smooth pick up and return !!

Brant Crockett

Horrible service. After standing in line for an hour and half I finally got my car which reeked of cigarette smoke. I brought this up to the management and was told it was noted in my contract and I would not be charged a cleaning fee. 2 weeks later I get a letter from payless telling me im will be charged $285 for a cleaning fee. I call the customer service line and open a dispute ticket. only to get BS replies and know real answers.

Todd Hooper

I had no problems with this agency and the car was fine. However, it doesn't seem to be as well run as other agencies. When I went to get my car, their computer was down, so the agent had to do all the paperwork by hand. Also, I had used Hotwire to reserve my car, and the agent didn't really seem familiar with how to process Hotwire reservations. No big problems, though. It just ate up some time.

M Greenleaf

I rent from this location regularly (like for a week a month) and have always had good service. If you plan ahead, have your car reserved and make sure to communicate exactly what you want (their insurance or not, pre-paid etc).. they usually are good. There have been a few times they have screwed up, but many more times they have not and things have gone well. I recommend.

Shanna Black

I rent cars all the time for business. I have a rental car for an average of 20 days a month. I have never had an issue getting a receipt emailed to me from any other company. I dropped off my car at Payless on Friday at 4am. It’s Sunday and I still don’t have a receipt. I have called 3 times. No one can speak English. Every time they tell me it will take up to 4 hours to get my receipt. What? I can send an e-mail in 2 seconds, why does it take them 4 hours. I can’t expense this $500 rental car without a receipt. Every other rental car company has my receipt to me the same day before I even board the plane. I will NEVER rent from Payless again.

T Taylor

No complaints

Donna Gaddy

The price to 'reserve' is 1/2 the price I ended up paying PLUS the guy at the counter 'tricked' me into an upgrade. I guess I should have read what I signed/initialed. He asked if the Kia Sol was okay I said yes but he was nice and fast talking he mentioned the Maxima as if I could get that instead and I ended up paying an upgrade of 12 per day. He was super nice but there should be more explanation in the verbiage before you shove a paper for more initials. I turned the car in over a day early and there was only a $6 difference on my car from the initial receipt! When the receipt showed 53.25 per day + 12 upgrade!! Guess I'll have to dispute through AMEX!

Raymond Wright

Other than the line moving super slow, probably due to the posted sign about half off on upgrades, my experience Payless was great. Everyone was super nice. I got a great car, Camry and it was clean and more importantly great on gas. No complaints. I would suggest having an express lane or an agent to take care of those who are fine with there original agreement to keep the line moving. I had about six people in front of me and it was about a hour before my turn at the counter and I immediately informed the agent that I was good with my agreement and will not be needing any other services.

Trish Montenegro

When I rented the car it smelled so of weed that I basically got contact high every time I opened the door. I had a medical emergency where I couldn't return the car due to being hospitalized and the agents weren't very nice or understanding that i was in the hospital and couldn't drive. I used to love Payless but not anymore. :-(


Beware of this company they will rob you blind. I had a horrible experience a while back with this company over charging me then try to convince me I agreed to them which was false. I had to wait a very long time to get my money back after arguing with them constantly even about how I put my dispute in the day I turned my vehicle in and they tried telling me I didn't but I was smart to get copies of my dispute papers that day I filled them out so be aware of their shady ways if you rent from rhem.

Emilio GLZ

Went on website for rental so that we didnt have to wait . We showed up and to pick up vehicle and they came up with a total different price. This is our second time renting thru payless rent never had a problem before. Not a happy customer....

Jack Hisey

I have nothing but good things to write about Payless Car Rental. I do not even compare prices anymore. Payless always has a more than fair price and their customer service at the counter and all throughout the rental and return process cannot be beat.

Marissa Joy

I'm not one to complain or be negative. But if I could give less than a star, I would. First the guy insisted that I selected a mid size car when I triple checked my selection at checkout, trying to up sell. He made it sound like a giant favor to give us an economy car when that's what I had chosen. Then when I get the bill, it's outlandish! I was never asked if I wanted to pay for an entire tank of gas, of which we only used half. I was also never asked whether or not I wanted the insurance on the car! It was all just added and made to sound "standard". Renting for $19 something a day (for two days) plus all of those taxes came to $78 and change at checkout and my bill upon arrival was $266. What! I understand other charges may apply but almost $200 more? Come on. It was only when we returned the car that I realized it wasn't standard. I'm very disappointed in how this transaction was handled. I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing this would have been more upfront had my husband handled this. I would recommend renting elsewhere...maybe somewhere that doesn't have "secret charges" or is more upfront with cost.

Caleb Gilliam

Payless was great. Had a great experience, would for sure use again! I do not know why there are all of the poor reviews. This was the easiest car rental that I have ever done. From the time that I walked into the door until the time I was driving out of the parking structure with the car it had only been about 20 minutes. This was the cheapest and best value company located at the McCarran Rent a car center for my trip. There were no hidden fees except for the insurance that is needed. I thought that my credit card had that covered, but Payless told me that laws in Nevada are different, not a problem for me. There was not line at the counter and the staff were very friendly! I had reserved a standard car, but when I arrived at the counter they upgraded me to a small SUV for free! Overall this experience was great!

James Mcdonald

Payless looks like a better deal, dont do it . Charged me 3 times what i was quoted. The car I rented in Las Vegas didn't start on the fourth day, the day of my flight. Roadside assistance picked up the car but never helped with replacement( third party towing company) Charged me "towing fee" in addition to four day rental. When you try to use there customer service number, you will be prompted to very poor connections, non English speaking representatives and transfers to busy signals or different rental companies. A 3 day rental they billed to my credit card $564.40. Cost an additional $204 to rent a different car to make my flight when you get no where trying there customer service line.

Joseph Boyle

Open 24 hours for sure. Arrived at 1am got the car in under 10 minutes and was on the Vegas strip in less than 10 minutes. Great customer service. thanks

Jennifer Bastien

If I could give a zero star, I would. Waited in line for over an hour at Mccaran airport rental location, to be told that our previously reserved car was not available and they could not accommodate us with another vehicle. We ended up having to approach another rental desk for a car. Very disappointing!! Would definitely not recommend and will absolutely never use them at any location ever.

Mike Fisher

Get it together. A joke

Heather R.

We rented a vehicle from Payless for an 8-day vacation - we were VERY pleased with the total price, quality/condition of the car, and level of customer service. When an unexpected situation arose early on in our trip, the Payless team was incredibly helpful and understanding. At the end of our trip, vehicle drop-off was a quick and straightforward process. We would definitely rent again from Payless!

elmer wilde

We rented a great vehicle, everything went well like it should.


Charged me for insurance when I didn't reserve it that way and then are making me go through corporate to get it reversed. Horrible customer service.

Joseph Martinez

Easy access to rental car facility from terminal/gates. The paperwork process was also expedited by our reservation prior to arrival and access to the parking area is easy as well.

Abhishek Singh

I arrived 30 min earlier than my scheduled pickup time for full size car and they told me that they do not have any full size and i would have to pay upgrade charges if i want to rent their car. I asked if i wait for another 30 min would you give me full size car and they rudely told me that you will have to pay upgrade charges anyway if you want a car. These guys are scammers who would do anything to make money from you. I had escalated this to their support team member and found that CSR - Vernitta was the rudest CSR i have ever met. Please avoid Payless car rentals and pay $10 more at first instead of ending up paying $100 at the end.

Gwendolyn Rivers

Easy pick up and drop off

Myra Westphal

after reading all the bad reviews while sitting in line we went with Enterprise car rental instead and the people waiting in line were having issues as well so we figured we ditch it and go someplace else. Lost 200bucks but Enterprise car rental match their pricing and gave us a few extras


I'm only giving 3 stars as the car a Chevrolet camaro was spot on ! The lady on the counter was either untrained or a bit dim .... 1) booked the car 5 months ago, lady on the desk says I've no car for you .... well how about fing one ? 2) after 45 mins of occasional phone call getting no where the manageress is called.. she finds the car 3) I need a sat nav , no problem but it comes in a package inc 40 mins local calls + 60 mins overseas calls ... neither of which I need but must have at $20 per day x 9 days... expensive 4) about to leave and I'm asked if I need breakdown & roadside assistance ( whilst she is tapping on her keyboard ) I say I already booked and paid , she says it's not on our system so I've added it for a additional charge .. I repeat I already have it so she says oh I'll take it off , I say again just leave it as it's on the booking, she says I have to remove it ... the manageress is summoned again who tells the lady just put it on ( if it's not showing) but remove any cost...blank expression so the manageress does it. ( we've now been at the desk over an hour ) 4) I ask if she can enter our hotel Caesars palace, sure .... after many failed attempts and another 15 minutes the manageress is again summoned who checks and says " you've entered Cesars place " and corrects this... 5) so now we go to the car after over 1 1/2 hours totally drained I'd recommend paying a big more and booking with another hire company

David Keshen

I can't understand how there are so many bad reviews. I rented a Jeep from Payless Las Vegas for an incredibly low price (the Entertainment Coupon Book helped a little) and was processed both out and back in with extreme ease.

James Bookmiller

Very friendly and quick service!

Therese Blakley

No issues at all with our car rental! It was right there in the rental car facility, line was not long, attendant was pleasant to work with. Rate was exactly what we expected - nothing hidden or extra. Got a Jeep Renegade for less than what it was going to cost to get a smaller car at the other rental agencies. We are satisfied customers.

Jim Lawrence

The prepay process was awesome. Great rate, and the staff was extremely helpful. Your cars are clean and in great running condition.

tiffaney robinson

I went through southwest airlines and prepaid for the car. I did not add insurance. In Vegas we went to the counter the guy was very nice and talkative. He printed out my receipt and asked me to initial. It was my fault for not reviewing but I thought I was agreeing to what i signed up for onlind. We left with the car. When I dropped off the car I noticed the price on the receipt was double. I went to the counter and spoke with a rep. I asked why it was so much and he pulled it up on the computer he said it was the insurance. I told him that I did not want that. He pointed out where I initialed for insurance. He said I have to pay attention to the bubble! He made the comment that the counter guy slipped that in there. Made it sound like they do that frequently. He was very dry but I got my money back. While I was there another lady was also disputing a charge.

Wei Gao

You don’t get the car you reserved. The hidden fee made the final price double of you expected like $70 per day total for a compact card.

Benedict McGowan

Great pices nice staff

Lee Rhodes

I was definitely nervous about renting from Payless based on their terrible reviews but the price was right so I went ahead and went for it. The whole process with them could not have gone any better. The person behind the counter was the easiest going person I've ever rented a car from. She was super nice and didn't raise a fuss when I told her I didn't want their insurance (no one does that). The car was nice and clean and returning the car was super easy. I don't know if I just got a lucky experience or if Payless has greatly improved their customer service but I have no complaints! Will be renting through them more often.

Sara C

Service: ATROCIOUS. If you do not have a credit card on you, keep in mind they will do a credit check on you before they rent you the car. My husband gave them his social security # for the credit check. The girl working was EXTREMELY RUDE. I get that is was 6:30 am on a Sunday, I'm not expecting someone to be peppy or happy, but at least act decent. I'm talking about eye rolls whenever we had a question rude. Of course your going to ask a couple questions before you give someone your social security number! When we asked about the total amount that was going to be held she answered us slowly as if she was talking to a child. We were not asking a million questions or being annoying, just confirming everything. My husband's card wasn't working so I tried to use mine, however then I would need a credit check. I don't have credit, only my husband does. We walked away to go figure out what was going on with my husbands card. We realized that the girl wrote down his social security number on paper then when she didn't need it, she ripped it up in a few pieces INSTEAD of shredding it!!! In the moment we were so mad we didn't even think about it until we walked away! BE CAREFUL GIVING THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, ITS NOT SAFE. We ended up not renting a car from them. We walked over to the Enterprise counter to see if we would have a different experience. No credit check, only hold 20% down instead of the $200 Payless does, upgraded us to a Dodge Charger for free, and waived the gas fee. It was incredible. And the service was amazing. I worked in customer service for 3 years, I know its hard to get up in the morning and deal with 100 different people. But you know what's not hard? Just acting decent. This girl put effort into being a jerk. Also, this company needs to take serious measure to make sure people's personal information is safe! Completely unprofessional!

Gayle Hughes

Good, friendly service, just a little slow. Jeep was fun to drive in the desert.

Christopher Jones

I chose to ignore the bad reviews...GLAD I DID!! Great service, very nice car, super price!!

Eric rochester

First Rate. From time on phone to reservationist to return clerk at drop out was 100% smooth and friendly. I reserved a Intermediate sized car was given a 2018 Toyota RAV 4. Was clean and only 3000 miles, very happy with entire Experience. AND was the cheapest by a large amount for my 3 days. ($87 vs $150+) Now I must say I almost did not rent due to the low Rating. I did read and most the reviews had NOTHING Todo with the company. I've lived in Vegas and worked in casino's for 15 years, so take my word for it, most people only leave bad comments if bad, but don't leave comments if satusatis because as a consumer that's what we expect!! So moral of story, IF YOU gonna read reviews, take with grain of salt. I will rent next time and continue to give these guys my business. THANK YOU FOR DOING YOUR JONS CORRECTLY..

Mary Faircloth

Loved it. We rent a car in Vegas every August. This was our best experience ever out of the last five years Great rates and no high pressure.

Brent Moran

They RIP you off when you get to the desk. They charge me double of what I was quoted. The older lady is fake as you can be. Dont go with this conpnay there is plenty of them around. Charged me 550 for 3 days. Quoted 219. Truck was not clean had to vacuum it my self.

Amy Maroon

I reserved a car amd when arrived to pickup was told it would not hold 6 ppl when I reserved a 7 seater.. Was left with no option but to pay an extra 30 per day in order for me to leave with a vehicle... Not cool.. Will never use again

Derwin Rush

Payless rental was great one problem when dropping off vehicles on off hours drop box for keys should be more easily located took me half hour for key drop off

ermalyn banatao

We rented a car for a week. We walked in and the process was fast and easy. We had no problems at all. We had a great experience with payless car rental.

Kenyana Black

So far so good. I didn't like the Tacoma

Sandy Bannasch

I was very nervous renting a car from Payless in Las Vegas based on the reviews here but the price was too good to ignore. I expected long lines and hassles and I was mentally prepared to deal with them. To my surprise, there was no line, the employees were smiling, polite and helpful. They did not push me to buy insurance and even reminded me to take photos of any scratches on the car, just in case. In addition, they upgraded me, for no cost. I kept waiting for problems but did not have any problems.

Virginia Neuhauser

I reserved a car with my debit card online, but when I got there they refused to rent to me because my balance on the card was only 110.00 and they require a 200.00 deposit for debit card users. I was not given this information when I reserved the car, so we were basically stuck.

nick bahnam

Very helpful and friendly, KUULIE did an excellent job , I'm sure that PAYLESS rent a car are so PROUD TO HAVE SUCH AN EMPLOYEE, we had a great experience with her finding the right vehicle with the right price , thank you KUULIE .

Lindsay Moreau

Staff was friendly and helpful and the car was clean. Return was a breeze. What else can you ask for?


*** Final Update *** Situation resolved. After an additional request to review my situation I was refunded the cost of the additional insurance that was added to my RA without my knowledge. I've raised my review to a 3-star, mostly because the Dispute Resolution Team came through in the end. I will use Payless in the future but will be much more cautious and scrutinize the paperwork I'm being presented. Trust but Verify ... 100%. This is the method I will employ from this point forward and recommend everyone do the same ... not just with Payless, but any rental car company. And Lord help the next poor soul that attempts to be dishonest with me ... they WILL be publicly humiliated on the spot! ************************************************************************ *** Update #2 *** I received a response from the Dispute Resolution Team...and the dispute is NOT resolved. The response was merely a "sorry for the confusion" but no investigation or explanation of the method in which those charges made it to my RA. Also, ZERO refund was offered. I've reopened my complaint and will await another response. *** Update *** I've submitted my dispute with the Payless Dispute Resolution team ... I'll provide final update upon final decision. DO NOT TRUST THEM! Scrutinize your rental agreement heavily demand it be right BEFORE you leave the counter!! I just got back from a Vegas Vacation. VERY deceptive practices at the Las Vegas Payless Rental Car Counter. Made reservation through Southwest Airlines and estimated charges were $96.73. I'll admit I didn't catch it on the rental agreement, but the counter agent added Liability Insurance that I specifically said that I did NOT want. However, when I saw that the estimated total (still at the counter) was $179.93 ... I said "Wait ... this is only supposed to be $96." The counter agent proceeded to tell me that this was only an estimate and it's what the credit card would be authorized for and that when I returned the car, the actual charges would be closer to the $96 that I made the reservation for. Well, I fell for that lie hook, line and sinker ... I was after all, ready to start my vacation. When I returned the car, the bill was $179.93 and not the $96 I was promised it would be. When I asked the garage attendant about it, I was told (in a very rude manner) "You accepted the insurance, you'll have to take it up with corporate." So I went inside back to the counter. When I discussed the matter with another agent, he told me to put my information on my rental agreement and he would have a manager call me. Not only am I still waiting on that call but they're not answering their phone either.

Joshua L Hill

Payless Car Rental (Payless) deserves an 'F' grade as far as I'm concerned. Let me be clear: I am not someone who takes the time to write reviews very often; however, Payless' conduct has been so egregious that I had to work the crafting of this review into my busy schedule. Also, this is NOT defamation; I have time-date stamped photos, message-board conversation, and three witnesses; all of which can verify the details of this submission. Finally, Payless was pre-warned of this review's pending publication and was given an opportunity to defend its behaviour (an opportunity that has yet to be utilized). The review: I rented a car from Payless in Las Vegas for six days this past September. The company's agent refused to complete a condition report at the outset-- so I took my own photos instead. Then the agent implied that the vehicle was fine when I returned it on September 13. Forty-six days later(!) Payless wrote a letter addressed to me which contained an accusation that I had caused damage to one of the vehicle's tail lamps during the rental period (said damage is clearly visible in my photos which were taken minutes before I ever put the vehicle in "drive"). Payless then charged my Visa credit card $437.38 USD without my permission (presumably they were able to do this because of some unread contract clause-- not unlike if a hotel were to later charge someone for damage inflicted to one of its rooms or property-- although Visa reversed the charge when I disputed it as being unauthorized later). As a result of a local postal strike I did not receive Payless' letter until November 8, which is the same day Payless received a heated reaction from me. Following the conversation a member of their staff created an online service ticket designed to handle the dispute; then from November 9 to November 28 I spent precious life-hours going back and forth with The Payless Customer Service Lead (The Lead). The Lead's first message to me stated: " has been determined that this incident was the driver’s responsibility..." and "...Because this is a renter responsibility situation, the charges have been deemed to be valid and a refund is not warranted..." It was DETERMINED? HOW?! When pressed to reveal the proof that I had inflicted the damage, The Lead dodged the demand and asked me to defend myself by submitting the non-existent condition report. When pressed again she stated that "We have forwarded your information to the location for further review." When given a deadline and threatened with negative reviews she continued to offer no proof but did offer to refund 50% of my $437.38 USD. Finally, when given a deadline and threatened with possible legal action she finally conceded that there is "no documentation on their side." Payless promptly refunded my money and stated: "We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced during your rental. We hope you continue to choose Payless Car Rental as your rental car company of choice." "NO DOCUMENTATION ON THEIR SIDE" ever existed... and yet I was subjected to a lengthy and stressful process. Payless Car Rental: F

Miguel Alvarez

Payless... more like paymore. I was looking for a car online, and when I clicked next it added all this fees that I didn’t even click on and it changed my date of rental. When I cancelled I was charged $50 dollars, I decided to go to enterprise rental it’s much better they don’t hide the fees and no cancellation fee. Never renting a car from Payless. Terrible

Tiffiny Evans

Friendly staff no hard core upgrading great prices free shuttle from airport

Tuan Tran

Worst company ever. They did not explained any additional charge when we got the car. They aslo tricked us on upgrade. They staff was so unfriendly. They charge forn 1 day rental plus insurance and other fee because we return 3 hours late. Alamo and other are better. Never rental car from Payless

David Barker

I rented a car in October, counter person was very nice and did not push me to buy their extra coverages. The problem came 6 weeks after I returned the car, they claimed I damaged the car and wanted me to pay for damages, lost rental, & devalue of vehicle. Luckily I had taken pictures of the car, so I could prove I had not damaged the car. Will not rent from payless again. If you google payless you will see that they are not in good standing with the BBB because of this type of practice.

Suzy Lyons

Do not waste your money with this company, read the reviews! After a long flight in to Vegas we were met with a long 40 min wait in customer service line to pick up the car we had booked online in advance. When we get to the counter, the rep offered a very nice upgrade to a larger and newer model car which we agreed to and paid extra for. The upgraded car was great, brand new and clean! Well worth the extra $$. However, there was a low battery light on the key fob and when I went to request the battery be replaced - I was told they could not replace qnd would have to give us a different car. What we ended up with was not new and the console was missing the radio button so I went back to counter and requested another vehicle as we paid for an upgrade or a reduction in upgrade cost. I was told this was the only one left in its class and fees would remain the same. Rather than make my family wait any longer, I reluctantly drove away. We kept the car and there were no problems with the engine. It drove well. There was a musty smell which came out of the vents every time we used the AC. I filed a complaint and requested a refund of the upgrade fees but was rejected. Lesson learned. I will never use this company again.

Al S

Pre paid for a full size car. They did not have a full size car when I arrived. Offered me a free upgrade of a pick up truck. I do not want to drive a truck. Bad experience was multiplied by rental agent Pam's terrible attitude. I could do without her lecture about her 31 years in the business in both customer service and management. I will not be back.

Arianna Lee

I think they were awesome! Especially Yolonda very sweet woman who helped me through a tough time that day. Good car and great service.

Tim Musselman

Staff helped from start to finish definitely check around car found license plate bent took pictures so wasn't charged for damage but good experience

Matt Richards

So easy to rent and return. Price is always better than budget and Avis.

sara cruz

I had a reservation for an SUV for a group of 7 people and Cinthia had to run my credit in order for me to get the car which was already weird to start off with, she then said that because I was under 25 (were 24) we could not get an SUV and she could only rent us a mid size car (fits 5 people) there was just no way we were going to fit with all our luggage. When we asked why we couldn’t get a bigger car she just said “not my rules”. I give a 1 star review because I can’t give less, they overall waisted my time.

Rebecca Thompson

When I rented the car I declined the insurance coverage as I have my entire adult life when renting a vehicle. Upon returning home and logging on to my credit card account to pay my bill, I saw that my card was overcharged by $75.00. I thought this must have been a mistake and immediately contacted their customer service. I assumed they would correct the error and credit my account. They flatly refused to issue any credit saying I checked a box opting to add the additional coverage ( I did not). Afterwards I found out that they have been on the news for similar fraudulent charges and have multiple lawsuits against them. DO NOT USE THEM. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

agusta peters

My husband and I reserved a car a week prior to our trip. We went with Payless because they were cheaper and reasonably price. Upon arriving we were met with average customer service. When the Playless representative swiped our card it wouldn’t go through. So, she told us that another person could help us since the card wouldn’t go through so we thought they were gonna help swipe the card with the reservation we had, but he was gonna charge $500 more for a new reservation. We told him no we weren’t going to take it and go back and talk to the person at the Payless counter. We told them if they could type the card number in and they said no they couldn’t help us anymore. So we lost our reservation and had to go find another car rental place with little time. My point is, why is there no backup plan if the card can’t be swiped? I have a chip on my card but they obviously didn’t have a chip reader. And other question is why couldn’t they type it in? A lot of the other car rental companies can type in your card if it doesn’t swipe. We ended up going with Fox car rental company where they were super helpful and even upgraded our vehicle for no extra charge.

D. Gonzalez

The car I rented was ok. Could have been cleaner

Heartless Angel

FRAUDS. Rented a 2017 Mustang....that I took pics of upon return. They claim damage to the glass 1 month later. They got quiet when I told them I have pics. WILL NEVER RENT WITH THEM AGAIN UNLESS THEY REFUND ME MY $241 of fraudulent charges Beware if they want to upgrade you cheap!!!

Bobbi Harwood

The agent that helped us was awesome. But the wait because they only have two employees working was ridiculous. Also I noticed that the car that we rented was in very bad shape as far as scrapes and of people getting in next to us was even worse. smells like smoke inside and was not what we reserved. we reserved a full size car and ended up in a a pick up truck, it was either that or we would have to pay more to get something closer to what we had reserved to begin with.

Carl Cencig

Great experience with Payless - they made the process of renting a car easy. I was impressed by the friendliness of the customer service and had no bad surprises. I would rent again here without hesitation.

Michael Randolph

Awful service. After long flight traveling with a toddler and a long unanticipated layover, finally arrived a little before midnight to pickup rental. I arrived at the main desk and waited in line with 3 other customers ahead of me. Once it was my turn to go to the counter, they just put a sign up saying they were closed and to go to the garage for service. They refused to talk to me me or even acknowledge my existence and walked off with me at the counter. I proceeded to the garage just to find myself in another line with 4 people ahead of me. Finally, around 2 AM I was able to receive my rental (which was damaged, dinged, and scratched). They refused to inspect the vehicle upon me picking it up and told me to take pictures and send them.

Rachael Altic

The car we deserved was not available, and the customer service attendant, Pam, was RUDE and disrespectful. When she asked us about our coverage she fave us 2 options. When we corrected her and said we didn't want it she argued with us. She was then condescending telling us we should have said none. I corrected her and said 'we are now, so please adjust it'. Horrendous service. We will not be back.

Steve Faidley

Thanks everyone for your candid reviews. Looks like I'll be using a more reputable rental company than Payless or Ace. For Vegas at least, they seem about the same.

londyn hai

Nice csr

Andrew Smith

Worst car rental experience ever. Waited ober an hour on line at 1:00am upon flight arrival. There is a line of approx. 30 people and one person at the counter taking 10-15 minutes to process a single customers with reservations. Is this the level of service I should be expecting from Payless? If so, I will never be using your services in the future.

John Mcclough

Supper friendly staff and car was clean and everything worked. Drop off was easy and quick.

Brian Quernemoen

Short line, quick help and the best price. All in all a good experience.

Evgeny Zatulovskiy

The person at check-in was unfriendly. The car we got was old, smaller and less powerful than other ones advertised in the same class. At checkout we were charged a lot more than it was advertised when we made a reservation. The charges are very non-transparent and the staff are unfriendly and unable to explain the charges.

Joshua Hatch

Absolutely terrible service and customer care. I rented here many times with a debit card and NEVER had one single issue with it. Then on the day of my reservation pick up I'm turned away due to not having a credit card. Not one apology or any condolences for not mentioning this on the phone. When I asked when the change occurred she replied with "I don't know I'm new here"....well that's the power of knowledge for you. So not that it matters but, after all the other instances I've went through this is the one that is gonna guarantee that the company will never have me as a customer, or anyone I know ever again! I promise I will get a CC and do my business at enterprise.

Tamara Ullmer

Super nice and professional.

Bobby Swidarski

Rating pending a discussion with the corporate number. Quoted $128, charged $319. Rental started with them not having a AWD/4WD midsized which I spoke to them about over the phone before arriving in Vegas. They didn't know FWD is front wheel drive not four wheel drive. In trying to get us what we needed they brought over another vehicle. After we loaded it, they told us this was a larger vehicle and would have to upcharge us. I believe those people were trying to be helpful, but ultimately frustrating. Then upon return found out they put 11am return on the paperwork not 11pm, charged us a late fee. Late fee was waived with a phone call to local rental office. But that's only $20. Acted like I wasn't clear when I made the reservation for the car. I know I was clear because I've rented in Vegas to go to Utah before A/4WD and snow scrapper a must and we talked about that on the phone before I arrived. Was certainly clear on the dates and times when getting the quote We'll see what corporate does.

Alex Roberts

The poor reviews scared me a little bit, but my experience was just fine. The staff was friendly, the car was nice, pickup and drop off was fast and smooth, and the price was half of the competitors. I think the majority of problems that people have had come from not reading the contract before signing. I would definitely rent here again.

Greg Robleski

Rude employee when I returned a rental. Tried to claim I damaged the car, which I did not and have pix to prove it

Alisa Jeffries

Affordable, easy, awesome service, efficient. My first car rental experience could not have been better. I highly recommend renting a car while in Vegas, and Payless was by far the most affordable option. Returning the car was very easy too. The signage is superb, and the staff are very helpful.

Brian Nelson

The staff is always friendly, don’t feel pressured for upgrades and very easy rental

Dani Baiza

I will only rent from Payless whenever I travel and they are an option. So easy, so quick and the least expensive of all car rentals. I walked up to the counter and was greeted so warmly and had a great conversation with the agent and was done in less than 5 minutes. Walked to the outside agent and got my car immediately and was pleasantly surprised with the vehicle for the price. Wow, wow, wow!!! Use Payless you will not be disappointed!! So happy I chose Payless and will definitely use them again in the future! 87.00 total for three and a half days, I prepaid and made it easier when I got to the counter. I was supposed to be assigned a smaller car but they gave me this for the same price. Awesome car rental company!!!

Sarah Yekinni

I never leave reviews, but I had to this time. I read all the horrible reviews prior to renting and was literally terrified when I went to pick up my car that I would be scammed and treated rudely. My experience could not have been more smooth and pleasant! There was no pressure to add insurance, no surprise charges and the staff could not have been nicer! I’m not sure if Russian bots are leaving all these bad reviews, but my experience with Payless was great. Don’t be scared off!

Lisha J

Reasonable pricing good service

Thomas Thompson

Jana Schmitt

Recently rented a car at the Las Vegas airport location. NEVER AGAIN! From the moment we walked up to the counter they were hard pressure trying to up-sell us! They told my husband it would be $14 more dollars for an upgrade. It was $14 dollars a day! Watch these people if you rent from them. They tried to charge us double from what we were sold online. If I had not read the fine print we would have been in real trouble! Don't fall for the schmooze line they feed you!! Actually don't rent from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The car was fine once we got past all of their underhanded sales talk.... the only reason I gave them a one *! Worst experience with a car rental company I have ever had.. I have traveled a lot and never dealt with such low down salespeople in my life.

sorna k

I have booked online for $114 and charged at the counter with additional payment. The lady was very rude and not behaving good. She had all my cards and license but not allowing me to see the vehicle or move the place. I returned the car on time and no damage was there too . But they charged for additional 306 without any papers or statement. From the review I am seeing many people has faced similar Problems.

Daniel Dorking

Very nice facility but you shouldn't have to pay for parking while returning one of their cars.

Ronisha Liddell

First time renting a car from payless may 19th im not happy at all rental was dirty had not been vacuumed or whiped down smh, check engine light was on oil change light was on also so i did not drive to California like i planned rental car was not ready for the highway in my opinion....when i returned the car Wednesday i was asked to leave my email and phone number and a manager would give me a call its friday still haven't heard from payless i most likely will not use them again bad service.

Md Obaidul Hossen

The sales person was pushing very hard for insurance. I ended up not taking the car. Unfriendly staff, I would personally not take payless, or recommend anybody.

snosamhud1 .

I know that most of the reviews here are from folks who have had a bad experience. That's just the way feedback tends to go. Good news seldom gets shared. So, I just wanted to balance things a bit by confirming my positive experience. I was charged what I was told they would charge when I made the online reservation.......which was about 1/2 the price of the big name rental companies. I had my contract in hand when I stepped up to the counter so I really don't understand how there could be any debate over the price. If I had been overcharged on my credit card for some reason like many folks seem to be saying happened to them, I have to think it would have been an easy dispute by contacting my credit card company and providing them a copy of my online contract. The car was excellent (I put nearly 1000 miles on it in the week I had it and it performed flawlessly.....and even had satellite radio activated, which is unusual for rental cars from ANY company in my experience). The only issue at all that I might note is there was a fairly lengthy wait in line to get to the counter when I was picking up my car but that was because Payless had FAR more people in their line than any of the other rental car companies (which should tell us something). The agents were friendly, professional, and did offer the additional coverages that a lot of folks have complained about but my agent was not difficult to get along with at all when I declined. I returned the car with a full tank of gas (as I agreed in my contract), and it took about 90 seconds for the receiving agent to check my car in and provide me a receipt confirming that my final charge was exactly what was in my original reservation contract. Bottom line: I saved well over a hundred dollars on my one week rental by going with Payless vs. the big name companies and my car and overall satisfaction could not have been any better. I will use them again without hesitation, especially whenever their price is so competitive, as it was in this instance.

Todd Bearrows

I was really nervous renting from them after all the bad reviews. I probably would not have rented from them if i hadn't prepaid and read the reviews before renting. I had no problems though. Took lots of pics and was extra careful before signing anything. I did not find any funny business though.

joseph pearson

Horrible! Be very careful on renting with this company. I rented a car for 11 days and final charges were $632.00! Ridiculous! It went from a daily rate, to a weekly rate after the fourth day I had the car. The original price came to $1,030 which is sickly. I wouldn't rent a wheel chair from this place. Best thing I suggest is rent from one of the major car rental companies, because payless is not true. It should be pay more.

Albatros Budapest

Great experience, no problems whatsoever, pleasant employees, and a clean, decent car. The airport shuttle came within few minutes of waiting and the ride only took about 5 minutes. At the rental counter there was no line and I was greeted by Allen who informed me that my car is ready. Did not pressure me to buy full coverage insurance just recommended the basic insurance and handed me a key and told me where to find the car. The car was in average condition, not brand new, few scratches but otherwise no issues. Anyway we took a short I phone video all around just in case to prove the condition of the car. Upon return there was no problem, we returned the car with full tank and an employee looked inside to see the mileage then proceeded to walk around it, then printed out the receipt on the spot. The price was higher than the price initially quoted online but the end price included the insurance and taxes. I found this Payless Car Rental experience pleasant and smooth. The pick up and drop off time was around 10 am, perhaps that explains that there was no line at the counter or upon return. The location is easy to find when returning the car just follow the signs .

Nattasha S

Quick and easy rental. I usually go with enterprise but Payless had a better price. I was hesitant because of the bad reviews but my experience was great. Everyone I encountered was nice. Got out of the airport rental car center in under ten minutes. Returned the car in under two minutes. Service was great also.

Srinivasa Reddy

Nice cars n best prices

Rene Jimenez


Amanda Glenn

Very very disappointing. We arrived delayed and jet lagged, and the counter agent immediately tripled our fee, telling us that the car we had reserved was a “two door subcompact,” and that for $25 a day, we could have an upgrade. He did not explain that this was $25 a day MORE than our original fee. He also commented that I do not share my husband’s last name, but without elaborating, charged me as a second driver for an extra $17 a day. When we arrived at the car, the windows were all open due to smoke damage. We returned to request a different car, and my husband had to fight for our original price. This whole process took over an hour, at 12:30 a.m. Two women who also worked there got things straightened out for us, but this was a terrible customer service experience. The original agent did not apologize for anything. I will never use Payless again, in any city. Clearly their employee training is negligent at best.

Phresh Game ENT

Marie Johnson

They wouldn't allow me to rent car with debit card

Vanessa Regalado

PAYLESS STOLE MY MONEY. They charged me for a fuel service charge that I should not have been charged. I have the pictures to prove it and they won't respond to my emails. I will never go back.

Rebecca Simulis

TAKE PHOTOS OF ANY AND ALL DAMAGE OF YOUR CAR, and hold on to them for at least a month. If there is pre-existing damage, they will come after you for it. I was told at the location I was all set, and I got a lovely surprise over one month later. Luckily I had photographic proof of the poor state of the vehicle. After receiving notice of the claim, a call in to the manager for more information was fruitless. She absolved herself completely and did not help. Not to mention, it took me three attempts with no one answering the phone, too. So even though I see that someone is responding to the reviews here to call them, don't bother, you'll just get more frustrated. They also had the longest line for rentals at the airport rental center and we waited 35 minutes just to get a beat-up car. I am giving them 2 stars because at least they reimbursed me for giving me a car with only 1/4 tank of gas.

Ramon Morato

Good value for your $. Car was clean and the return was seamless. Will certainly try them again.

Mag R

Reserved a compact car ahead of time, get to car rental, and was told that all they had left was a mini van and mustang.. I reserved a car for a reason. We were traveling a long distance and needed to save money on gas so the mini van was not an option. Was told we had to upgrade and pay $15 extra a day. After traveling all day we didn't want to deal with the extra hassle to said screw it and took the upgrade. Only to hear they were doing the same thing with someone next to us. Literally felt like it was just a scam to get us to upgrade. Complete joke. The woman literally told us that it wasn't their fault, people decide to keep the cars later and just not return them. She didn't even say sorry or was the slightest bit empathetic. Never using them again and I would suggest you do the same. What a rip off!!!

optimus lime

If I could leave less than one star, I would. My experience with Payless was more than horrible. Not only are their cars not equipped with what what should be legally required to be part of any rental car, (ie, a spare tire and other emergency roadside equipment) they are also unbelievably shady and unreliable. The car hadn't been cleaned properly, reeked of weed, and hadn't undergone regulation maintenance. Tire pressure was not checked. While driving down a long stretch of freeway, the tire gave out. We contacted their office for help and they actually refused tow truck prices, without letting us know. Leaving us on the side of the road for three hours in the middle of the desert, on a deadly stretch of highway where cars whipped by, shaking everything around us. After the disaster was finally over, the company has been trying to, not only over charge for their mistake, but also refusing to reimburse for the flight their negligence caused us to miss. NOTE: This company is so shady. We had to freeze our credit card to avoid being unfairly charged. Because they couldn't be crooked that way, these people actually went back to the past charge for the initial rental and edited their fees to get the money. Crooked. Dangerous. Unreliable. Uncaring. Selfish. I would never, ever recommend them to anyone. I would rather report them to the better business bureau.

Joann H

Very easy and clean rental. Price and convenience were awesome.

Noeun Kim

Customer service was great! Check in like 5min with no problems. Then go down stairs and get the car and ride away.

Jammie Hughes

Don't like that you can't take the car to other city and drop it off.....

Minister Gregg Wilson

Got upgrade and check in and out was good and fast

Edward James

SCAM SCAM SCAM tried to double up on the insurance I already purchased and they tried to have me sign to pay $70 more on my bill..... oh yeah right... oops I put in the wrong amount sorry. I hate these types of companies!

D Chill

UPDATE: after a couple back and forth emails and the threat of us contacting the BBB and the states attorneys office, the company finally said they would refund the insurance fees they charged us. The car was a good car and clean. The employee who cleaned the car after stole my husband’s sunglasses since 12 hours after the car was dropped off, no glasses could be located that were accidentally left in the car. But that is a whole other matter!!! ————————————————————— Like most of the reviews state, this company is shady!! After being told 3 times that we did not want the extra insurance, the person circled the insurance part and said to Initial stating that we did not want insurance. It only came to light when we turned the car in that The front desk woman was lying and that initialing meant that we did indeed want insurance! We were charged an extra $215 for something that we made very clear at the time of pick up we were not wanting! After reading other reviews I can see that this is a common practice with this crappy company yet highly illegal in my eyes! I will never use this company again nor would I recommend them to anyone!

Robert Reid

I've rented multiple vehicles from Payless and have never had a problem. Payless is always my first choice.

Frank Leccese

It's cool, cause I work there!

demon lucifer

Well, I guess that's the last time we will rent from Payless. Maybe it was our first time too. Essentially, they didn't have our car for us at our pick up time. The agent at the desk was really unhelpful. After at least half an hour of waiting, I had to ask for them to just give me a another car, any car, but the agent said he couldn't do that. So I asked if there were a supervisor I could talk to, and he said he would call one, as there was no supervisor there. So he went back to call someone, and then he just sat down and started typing, not saying anything to me. Then he hands me a piece of paper and I look at it, and it's a rental agreement, and so I asked "so I am getting the car?" and he replies "well that's what the paper says" in a rude fashion, as you can imagine.

Mazen Khalil

Very very bad service car so unclean mangers never answered or called back

Drew Wenninger

Customer satisfaction is not their top priority like it should be. Be sure read your agreement very close and make sure they are not charging you something you did not want. Because when you return the car they wouldn't change it.

Mahlon F. Reynolds II

Passive service and vehicle was NOT washed

Sung Kim

Read the reviews but decided to give it a try. I was helped by a very nice lady at the las vegas airport car rental area. My experience was pleasant and pretty standard. One thing I noticed was that the SUV they gave me had a lot of minor damages (scratches, scruff marks, dents) so you have to inspect and photograph the car carefully before you take it out of the garage.

Relika McNulty

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Janet stole around $300 Canadian dollars from our bank account after we rented Hyundai for 1 DAY in December in Las Vegas Airport. They still have not returned money taken from our account and it is now January 12th. The receipt given to us by Janet on the day is completely different from the one sent to us after we called to inquire about missing funds. Total on our receipt was $119 US dollars vs total on the second receipt sent was $207.37 US dollars! How is that even possible??? They also added late return fee and additional driver fee that we did not ask for. Janet told us she will add the second driver anyway and wave the fee. Instead she doubled all the charges! I wish I could attach pictures of two receipts because I never ever been ripped off like this. Payless just took random amount of money from our account and never returned it. How is it even possible to pay $300 Canadian dollars for use of HYUNDAI for ONE DAY? This company should be sued because it is illegal to steal like this!

Leona Elders

Don't leave anything of value in vehicle. Not even for a few minutes. I left my phone in center console ( used for GPS ) Not more than 20 min. Car was moved immediately and No phone was found. Right!!!! Employee had to have taken it because customer service rep said car had not been checked back into system because I returned it early. I was told to speak with Manager on next day. Left messages with no response. I rent all the time at airport. Never Payless again

Nani Kamalii-Chang

Payless Rental car has always been very good to us in service and deals. The service agents are very pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend Payless Rental Car.

JjC Aneya

We went to Vegas for a girls trip. Despite the bad reviews, i decided to give payless a shot. When we arrived, i only waited 2-3 minutes in line. Sergio helped us, and he was awesome. He made my experience an awesome one and he provided excellent customer service. Will definitely rent from Payless from now on :)

celes sanchez

Bryson was awesome! Had me in and out! Best customer service!

Sharon Boyd

We found this company through Hotwire. I was hesitant to rent from them due to the negative reviews, but it was the least expensive quote and I figured it was worth a try. The representative was friendly. He did ask us if we wanted the extra insurance and we declined. There was no hard sale after that and the paperwork was clear. We simply initialed that we didn't want the extra insurance. The amount we were charged matched the quote from Hotwire and everything went smoothly. I would definitely rent from them again.

Patricia Walden

I would give this company a 1 or less. I booked online for 4 days and was quoted 106 online. After a very brief check in I was charged 260. Misleading customer service. I have contacted company and they could not find me!!! Right, I sent my confirmation email and it's been a week and I have not heard from them. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy!!!

Van French

I was afraid to use this company because of the 2 stars but the rate was so good that I took my chances. I'm so glad I did. The car was nice and they charged what they quoted. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Blackravin AJ

Lines too long, they need three people working the counter at all times.

Sara Head

I was originally given a quote for $123 for a midsize sedan. I booked my reservation to drop off at 9:30pm as our flight wasn't until 11:30pm. When I got to the counter, I was charged $207 and the woman very rudely told me "$123 is just an estimate". 80 bucks is quite a difference. The car was nice, although the entire weather strip on one of the back doors was ripped out. When I returned the car at 9:30pm, I was charged an entire extra day because it was apparently late. I showed customer service my reservation for a 9:30pm drop off but they refused to refund my money and were extremely rude. I just looked at my bank statement and they charged me $360!!! The phone number listed will not go through, so I cant get in touch with anyone. Needless to say I will NEVER use this company again and strongly advise others to stay away. Exceptionally poor customer service and complete rip off - I would give negative stars if possible.

Eazy B

I will never rent from this company again. I set it up throughout expedia on a reserve now pay later reservation. I get to pick up a car they talk me in to upgrading, which was fine with me. I paid cash for The rental and put The deposit on my credit card. The problem came two day after I returned the car with no damages. They charged my credit card for the same amount I paid them in cash ($155). I call them to get it worked out the first person I talked to told me their system showed I paid cash and that there will be no problem refunding my money he just has to put in the claim and go thru the process. I think everything is ok then I get the email saying they won't refund the charge on my credit card. Then stoped responding to me. In the long run it was not worth the couple dollars I saved over using enterprise because I was double charged ended up paying 310 when I should've just went with who I normally go thru. This was the first time I rented from payless and definitely will be the last time me or anyone I know will use this company or any of its affiliates.


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