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REVIEWS OF National Car Rental IN Alabama

Mary Kay Sankey

HJun Chen


Stephen Paris

Missed connecting flight was a day late getting to Fairbanks check in only to find that the vehicles I had rented were gone. At this point you would think they would be professional and apologetic nope .they commenced to tell me it was my fault and act in an unprofessional manner.will never rent a car from National again I,m writing this review the next morning even after I,ve had time to cool off

Mike Williams

My wife and I were in fairbanks Ak for the first time and picked up our vehicle up from the airport and not only did "Clifton" give us awesome customer service!!! but we were totally lost trying to find our hotel and came back to the airport and saw Clifton again as he was getting off work and he went out of his way and gave us a escort to our hotel!!! Great person!!!!! Great service!!!!

Tracey De Jager

Always have good experience in terms of customer service at time of picking or dropping off my car , disappointing that the offer of filling tank is sold to me at time of pick up $2.12 and when final invoice is received they charged $3.40 called customer service and got frustrated at lack of follow up this is the third time that this has happened - National need to get this sorted out far too much competition for me not to be looking else where -

Erwin Lewis

Kenneth white

Great, friendly, fast service!!

Joshua Cooper

The rental process could have been easier. The pickup took a little long. The process of notifying the company of damage should be automated for those with the app and an account . The car was clean and in good shape.

Christin Lavery

Between the incredibly long line and the fact that when I got to the desk they had run out of keys, I waited a little over an hour to get my car last week. Staff was really stressed. I wondered if it was just a one-off, but nope, when I went to return my car the next day the same thing was going on. Only one person to handle National, Alamo, and Enterprise desks. It was kind of ironic since the airport seems empty overall, and where are all the people? All in line for car rentals!

Heather Grill

Great customer service!

scaxeman .

Helpful counter staff, and they had the vehicle I reserved. All in all, a very quick, hassle-free experience.


National is the best car rental company that I have ever rented from!!!!!!!

Sandi Esparza

I rent cars about 5 times a year and always from National. No matter what airport I rent from they always make it easy and fast. Best customer service ever.

Denielle Helms

They were amazing. Budget screwed me over on a car I prepaid for and National swooped in and saved the day for $23. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you for saving my birthday!


As Emerald Executive Elite members, it was my worst experience! Besides I got a dirty vehicle, I wasn't allowed to change vehicle because they "locked the keys" an hour before closing. They won't pre-arrange to change vehicle because I have to call first the next morning. I'm already in front of the counter and they can't do that for me. Terrible and worst rental service I have ever experienced with National.

Brandon Payne

Booked a small economy car. Only car they had was a pick up truck. This is the third time this has happened. If this wasn't the only choice I had I would of picked somewhere else

Mike Stephens

Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly. What more could a guy ask for!? Thanks

Lucille Walker

Lester Sims

National Rental Car has proved to be a professional and courteous organization across the country. Any rental issues have been addressed and successfully resolved. Only company I plan to rent cars from!!!

Brett Grover

Debbie Murphy

I rented a car in Fairbanks on 6/6/14. The people were very friendly, and helpful. Checking out the car and bringing back was very quick and easy. Great place to rent a car!


My experience was amazing! Thanks to the dream team. Robert and TJ were professional, courteous and engaging. I was in and out with no problems and my company discount was applied on the front end vs the back end ...Life made simple when you travel for work as much as I do, is always appreciated...

GaryR Smith

The desk agent was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and took a personal interest for my safety. She was extremely cordial and professional. It was my first time to Fairbanks and she MADE my day. I love National. I have been a customer since 2004.

Sandy Howard


I rented a premium SUV and was upgraded to the next level when they didn't have one. It was great! The vehicle was awesome, and the staff was very nice. I had the SUV for two weeks and returned it. There was no hidden fees and all the details were up front. I will definitely go back to National car rental again.

Dave Pantano

I will do business with them again. I just wish they had a release that could be signed so I could take a rental car up the Dalton hwy since I have to go up it to take care of my customer.

Troy Hunton

I have always been satisfied with National in the past- mainly due to the pick your own car feature- so I drove further out of my way to use this one and only location in the Montgomery area. I did not realize they did not utilize the isle service feature so it was just like using any other standard car rental business. The car was new- it was so new that it had all of the stickers from the factory still attached all over the vehicle. There was one smack in the middle of the front windshield, several others stuck to the wheels and tires etc. Surprised this was not addressed before putting the vehicle into service. People behind the counter were friendly- no issues there.

Amanda R Gravley

for a smaller location, the counter staff took good care of us. The car was clean and perfect for our travels around Fairbanks. They could have explained about the return car process at the time of check out. For early morning flights, you have to return the paperwork with the mileage and they will give you a receipt later. Luckily, there were not that many customers at that time, they were able to identify us from the return of the car, no additional charges were encountered.

Jacob Norton

Great options for cars in the executive area.

Anthony Lu

Car rental was great, left vehicle to catch a flight and forgot my battery pack. I have spoken with a few manager at this location and they keep telling me someone will reach back out to me to get my battery return. I have attempted about 4 times and I always get the same response, "The person is currently out and will reach out to you". Not one person has tried contacting me for the last 2 months. I am tired of the run around and not hearing a response, I would rate them better if the customer service was there.

Brian McQueen

This location closes at 11PM. At 7:30 PM, I called to ask if there would still be someone available when my plane landed at 11:07 PM. My plane arrived on time, but there was nobody at the counter to give me the car I had reserved. There was another man on the same flight that had also called them earlier in the day to ask the same question. He was also told that someone would be available after 11. I had to take a cab to my hotel at a cost of $25 and will likely have to pay another $25 to get back to the airport tomorrow to pick up the car.

John Victor

When I made this reservation I had specifically asked for a full-size SUV like a Ford Explorer or a crossover like an Escape or and Edge. When I got there and asked what car they had for me they told me some sort of Toyota sedan. The lady behind the counter did get me a Tahoe which, although it was bigger than what I wanted, was adequate for the job. Other than that it was a standard rental experience in a small to medium airport that did not have an Emerald Isle service

Anthony Jackson

Good customer service

Ben Burns

Always have a good experience with National. Vehicles are well kept. Constructive Feedback: The Montgomery location could use some more clear signs to direct people to where to go and what to do with after hours drop off.

Jessica Webster

Gerald Valentini

The agent was outstanding. I received a vehicle upgrade. The vehicle was great and the service was outstanding. Highly recommend this agency to any Fairbanks travelers.

Keiichi Yoshida

I rented a 3/28/16 in Fairbanks airport. Very friendly and helpful Professional staff!!

Lori Studinski

I rent frequently, twice a month or more, always have the best service. I use Emerald Club online to reserve and the front desk usually has my paperwork and keys ready without a wait. I also get an occassional upgrade. Really appreciate the quick professional staff.

Sarnac Smith

I reserved a vehicle at your Fairbanks location. My inbound flight was delayed by six hours. When I arrived I was told at the counter that they believed I was not showing up and gave away my SUV to another customer. Why didn't National know that my flight was only delayed and that I was still arriving...are they not tied into the Alaska Airlines system?What they had left was a Ford Focus...I had to drive a Ford Focus on ice covered roads for 71 miles. I felt the vehicle, given the conditions, put my life in danger. I was not impressed with the vehicle nor the non-attempt of the counter to find a safer vehicle for me to use.

Violet Henderson

The Montgomery branch has the BEST Counter workers! Ms. LaToya is the most pleasant person and knows her job. Also Ms. Wright was there as well and she was just as pleasant. The car was excellent!

Jeff Lewis

Although I reserved a car, they had none available when I arrived at 11pm. They offered no assistance except that I could return in the morning at my own expense to see if the “morning guy” could pull one for me. Unacceptable treatment, especially for an executive elite. I had a full day of business meetings and now have no transportation.

Kelley G. Tedd

Mizuyuki Shirai

Carol Isaac

Mrinmoy Nag

It was the easiest renting experience ever! We arrived at 2 am and the rep was waiting for us. As soon as I gave him my cards, he handed me the key. The car was parked right across the street. Only 1500 miles on it. Returning was also awesome. Mo questions asked. Took 5 min.

Dan Olson



Great experience, very quick!

Kurt Scofield

The staff here are awesome! They are friendly and very attentive. I travel to Fairbanks often and always book national. They remember who I am and help get me going quickly.

René Brun

Danny Reinmuth

Great cars and I love the Emerald bypass the counter rental.

Boediana Wono

Fast and great service as usual +++

mathisd11 .

National car rental at Montgomery airport was a great experience. I had no problem with getting a car however, the choices were not left up to me at this national car rental. I suppose that I could have asked for something else but the carpet they selected was great. I had no problem at all with the turn in as the national car rental office was closed. I just used the night box and got a confirmation from them that it was in. Overall I had a very good experience of national car rental Montgomery Alabama airport.


No aisle for members to just come and pick their car. They're not 24/7. My flight got in at about 3 am and I wasn't able to get a rental until later that evening when I could make it back over there.

itwood .


Lance Bridgeman

Finding out my rental had a 40 cent mileage charge was one thing but having the odometer reading off by 300 miles was another. The 40 cent millage charge could of been fixed removing the $30 off coupon on my reservation. Easily could of reserved another without milage charge if it didn't let you make reservations because of no cars even if I now had a car to swap. Got to the hotel and called them about the odometer error guy didn't understand the problem. Called national told them to document the odometer error off by 300 miles no record of that. Finally got a reservation the next day traded in the car and got charged a one way rental charge even when I returned it to the same location. Told the guy at the counter the odometer error reading that said 10500 miles on the car and I drove it about 15 miles and the correct reading is 10805 and he recorded the new miles and charged me for the miles. Now that I got charged for all that I will now get charged again when I return the same car again for another day in Anchorage because it will be returned at 8pm causing another one way rental fee to be charged. Basically now charged 2 days for one day because I had to turn the car back after half a day. Called emerald a few times they still want to charge me for miles. When I rented the car Scott gave me a card and said call anytime but why they give business cards out when nobody in my experience could ever be reached in them in the past and off course now. So now I'm at about $250 that I can't get reimbursed for from my clients for miles and a extras day. 10500 odometer reading on checkout means someone entered miles without checking when the car was returned. It's hard next to drive back to the airport after a 24 day of traveling and felt it was not safe that night but next time will post pictures to here so a date and time is recorded even if national didn't bother the 3 times I called.

Toasted Buns

The Hyundai Sonata was a very nice car to drive and got very good gas mileage. I had to add 1 gallon of windshield antifreeze after I ran out after a rainy night. I didn't think I had used that much, so it was probably low when i got the car -perhaps it would be good to check the level when one picks up the car. I had to turn the car in very early in the morning when the counter was closed, so I couldn't get the final bill then. However, when i called about it, the bill was immediately e-mailed to me.

Brian Rohan

Quick and very courteous

Ed Merrill

Great car, (Jeep Cherokee) but not so pleased with exchange policies. Rented in Fairbanks at airport but had to leave from Anchorage airport and it was not as seamless as it should have been. This should be a no-brainer.

Julie Mitchell

David Beier

Desk personnel were very attentive and worked to ensure I had a vehicle in a timely manner. Thank you again for your professionalism and attention to detail in the area of customer service!!

Brian Berend

We arrived very late after our flight and I was greeted by the Vey Cheerful counter person and was on my way with a great car in less than 15 minutes. Returning the car was also a breeze. Job well done Nation.

Susan Mitchell

Pick up and drop off were simple and efficient.

John Pickens

Jim Lewis

Service was great but not great variety of cars in exec row. 30 vans, two pickups, and two or three regular cars plus the Toyota SUV we found way down at the end. Not sure why all the vans and low selection of others but not many people want a van I am sure.

Rob Smith

This review is for the Fairbanks airport location only, not National as a rental car company. Worst rental return experience ever!! There is NOTHING posted at the front desk as to rental return procedures, i.e. drop box, write down mileage, key return location, desk hours for customer service rep to be present, NOTHING. I came back completely confused as to what exactly to do with the car - what space to park it in, where to drop the keys, is a representative present. Almost all flights in and out of Fairbanks are extremely late hours, extremely early hours, etc. Standard desk hours are hard to accommodate I understand that completely; however, that should be made painfully aware to the customer renting the vehicle. It was not. I will find another rental option when I fly into Fairbanks again.

Yusuf Haque

A busy but efficient operation. Got an upgrade,because they were out of the class I had requested. Rental was excellent. Only item I would have wanted was a ice scraper that was not included with the vehicle: in Alaska ,I would think this should be a no brainer.

Sonya Satterfield

The Airport location is always Great!

Noel Tarter

Associate at the counter was probably the most helpful, nicest person I have ever encountered with National. Process was easy. Car was clean.

Douglas Fessler


Jill DesChane

Adrian Padilla

Jesse Venable

National's service was friendly and efficient. They whole process took only a few minutes. There was no long list of annoying questions since the Emerald Club had all of my preferences already. National uses my repeat business to provide maximum convenience.

Darrell Coffman

Friendly and very helpful staff!

Rabbit Shy

First car rental from National. Very satisfied with friendly staff.

Mark Doll

Easy and quick. Offered me an awesome upgrade to an SUV!

Rob Steiner

Matthew Wurzbach

Went on a business trip and was given a Ford Focus that smelled of cigarettes and seemed to have a weird transmission shifts. Brought it back the next day and traded for a Dodge Charger. The front desk clerk at the airport was helpful and understanding. One of my co workers also got a Focus that later on in the week was having serious issues shifting from first to second gear. I know Ford has had a lot of problems with these transmissions so I would not recommend getting a Focus.

Daren Clark

This location is always friendly and always ready for me when I land. They also offered an upgrade without me asking. Thanks!

Kimberly Parent

This was by far the best experience I have ever had renting a car. I chose National because my company uses them when we travel. The process was easy and we were not "tricked" into getting anything more than what we requested. They had the keys a paperwork ready to go by the time we landed. Will definitely be renting from National again. It was cheaper to reserve the car online than it was to rent from other agencies for a car and we rented a quad-cab truck. A+

Maureen Vaughn

I arrived 2 hours early in Faiebanks AK. I was able to make an earlier connection and did not have time to call National. When I showed up at the counter I was told they had a car that was being cleaned and that they were sold out that day. I know that tourists were up due to the long holiday weekend coming up. The counter employees told me it would be about 15 mins. I was fine with that and said I'd just wait over on the bench and do some work on my iPad, as soon as turned my back the counter was swamped by customers. It must have been only 5 mins later when the employee came over to me with the car keys. Great service and very personable employees! Thank you

Brian Evans

Rented a car on 4/27/14. Car was clean and in excellent shape. Had no problems during the rental. Associates were very attentive to my needs, and thanked me for my business. Very fast check in and out. Very enjoyable experience...

Kevin Bush

Greg Razo

When I arrived in Fairbanks for the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention my car was waiting and ready to go! I can't wait until Fairbanks has the Emerald Club Counter Bypass someday. National always works well for me.

Steven Hansen

Car was not clean on the inside

Jingwei Wei

Sherry Johnson

I had a mechanical issue with one of their cars after driving for a week. They took care of me as soon as they could and put me in another vehicle. I have been using them for over a year because of my job and this was the first time I had an issue. They are pretty good. The associated are friendly.

Garry Tull

Kevin McCoshum

We use National Car Rental when we can for work, join the Emerald Club everything is online or on their app, no waiting inline just grab your keys and go, I love using them in the lower 48 you can choose any car you want and go. Wish they had more locations in Alaska

Jorge Aguilera

Ken Jarvis

Agent at counter was too busy to provide a receipt at check in (9/28/2016 @11.30pm). His attitude sucked. Two agents at the counter only one was working the other standing around not making eye contact with customers.

Michael Sonnier

I always enjoy renting from National. They offer the best service and value for my dollar. The staff in Fairbanks AK was exceptionally friendly and made the check out go very smoothly. I was in and out in less than 30 seconds they had everything prepared and we're ready for me. The car was Immaculate and in great shape. Again thank you Fairbanks for the wonderful service you and your staff provided.

Michael Coop

The experience was super easy and the individual at the counter was efficient, friendly and upbeat.

Cliff Robinson

Michael Hoffpauir

Clark Adams

Everything went smoothly, counter staff were very nice, the car was clean and well maintaind

Todd Vecellio

Very friendly and fast at the counter.

Crystal Chapman

Great customer service. They waved the entire tank of gas on our rented SUV because of the wait. We only waited about 20 mins.

Tom Brucato

Kyle Kopczyk

Fairbanks is cold in December. The car was already warmed up when I arrived and a plug in for the block heater was also available. Very helpful and much appreciated. Those small items made the rental experience that much better.

Kalonji Gilchrist

I've had pleasurable experiences at this location before and commended them, but sometimes the ball gets dropped. This particular time the vehicle was filthy. Animal hair (dog?) all over the vehicle, crumbs in the arm rest area and the backseat windows where the pet rode was nasty from where it licked the windows and smeared them up. It's very hard to enjoy a nasty vehicle, especially when it's not from your own mess but someone else's inherited mess. I received a $20 break off my bill, but honestly I though that 2 day rental should have been on the house, or the next one because that's not the experience you want for your Emerald Club members.

Mark Harris

Rented a car on 09/06/14 at 12:00 a.m. local and had no issues getting though the paperwork and arriving at the hotel across town 20 minutes later. Very efficient front desk!

James Galyon

As always such a pleasure to rent from National. The Emerald Club is the way to go. I make my reservation, walk up to the counter, and can take my pick of cars.

Kriste Doniver

Ed Bleiweiss

The counterwoman was busy and took my keys, with the explanation she would complete my return later. 2 days later, the return paperwork is not complete and I can't get a receipt for my expense report. Even calling corportate Customer Support hasn't helped.

Lindsay Lewin

We had a great experience even when there was a computer error that oversold their cars. They found us a vehicle within 12 hours and gave us an upgrade. The staff was really nice and went out of their way to provide good service.

Travis Peacock

I travel a lot with my job and the default Rental company is National for me. I have always had a consistently good experience with them. This particular location in Fairbanks was very friendly and helpful. I had some issues with flat tires on my truck and they were very proactive and willing to help me into another vehicle that caused me very little delay in getting my job done. I would recommend National to anyone for their rental vehicle needs.

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