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REVIEWS OF Enterprise Rent-A-Car IN Alabama

brandon howard

When your only job is to rent vehicles and you do not have vehicles to rent that says a lot about your company

Brii S

I enjoyed my first time rent a car from Auburn AL location. My agent was very friendly and nice!

Ms. Sue

Too expensive! Terrible management!

Joe McDonald

I am very pleased with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It seemed much easier to make my reservation online rather than calling. I had to wait a bit to pick up my car. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Estelle Cornell

I've been renting for years and this was the best. Fastest and lived the truck I rented.

Jeff Bowen

I always get great quality from Enterprise. Good vehicle, good add on's. And gave me a ride after I dropped it off. Thanks

Matthew Wolak

Quick, efficient, and thoroughly professional while being genuinely welcoming the whole time.

Rob Engle

You almost always have to wait for at least an hour to get your car. The people who work there are very nice, but the wait is almost every time. Plan ahead.

Selina Bruckner

I rented a car from Enterprise in Auburn twice so far. The first time, I had to wait for almost 1 hour 'till the car was available (although there was a certain pick up time arranged!) However, the staff was really nice. The second time, I had to delay the pick up for the car which was absolutely no problem for the company (I really appreciated that!) and I was not even charged for my delay! Both times, the car was perfectly clean, nice to drive and a phone charger was inlcuded. Watch out though: If you don't have an insurance yet, you'll pay some extra $ per day on top of the online price!!!!!!!!

Karthikeswar Reddy Panyam

The guys at this location are simply awesome. I've rented a car from Auburn 5 times and it has been from Enterprise, all those times, never been disappointed. For a rental location in a college town, the most busiest days are the couple of days after each semester ends, or during semester breaks. Once I wanted to rent Dodge Charger particularly, for a month, for a cross country trip to California, just the day after the semester ended. Even through their busy, stressful and frustrating day, they were patient and worked so hard to bring back a Charger, which was sent to body shop for some damage made by previous renter. They simply went out of their way to get me the car. And that particular car was the reason I enjoyed my trip the most. Josh, Ethan, John and literally every employee out there has always been helpful. Thank you guys, you simply rock and you're the best. Even if I had a slight price disadvantage in the future, I would definitely not hesitate to rent from this location, just because of you people. Keep up your great work and keep us feeling satisfied all the time.

Shirley Carter

Service was great. The vehicle available was not, the customer service rep tried to get me a better vehicle but none were available.

Jacqueline Strong

Sheri was so so good would use you guys every time

Dennis Williams Jr.

Got a charger with a hemi, best decision I made that day

Julie Gibson

Reasonably priced great service.

Charles Walker

Fast, friendly service with no issues. My paperwork was ready when I arrived for pick-up.

John Cho

There are lines pretty much every time I rent. Other than that, staffs are awesome.

Markus May

The ppl were rude to me. Some ppl aren't as computer savvy as some i feel like everything wasn't explained thoroughly.

Darrell Combs Ministries

Everything was wonderful! I will definitely be using Enterprise again and will recommend your service to a friend. Thanks!

Lauren Spina

I made a reservation online last night because I am having some work done to my car tomorrow and I needed a car to get to and from work. After reading the reviews online, I decided I should call ahead to confirm that a car would be ready instead of wasting my day sitting and waiting for one there. I have tried calling 4 times and have been on call waiting for an hour. I finally called customer service and had my reservation canceled.

Bridgette Webb

Always fast and friendly service! The managers and trainees always goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers!

Google User


Keba Sanders

I would not recommend them AT ALL. Terrible customer service. Called early for my prescheduled pick-up, had a hold time. Tried to speak to a manager about my pick up, ended up getting forwarded [maybe was a system error, not sure], and the pickup was not even legitimate because they do not pick up on the weekend. I understand that they do not have enough staff, and they offered to reimuburse my taxi; but the point is that the reservation team told me they pick up on the weekend and my plans were centered around it. Needless to say, I was not happy at all and canceled the reservation.

Juanita searles

All though the office was extremely busy with customers, our wait was minimal and the service from start to finish was exceptional. Ethan was very professional in providing us with our rental and explaining how things worked with the SUV. We rented a Lincoln Navigator and is was a dream rental. Thank you again to Ethan and his staff for their quick, friendly and professional service. We will definitely rent from their store again.

Ben Miedema

Car was ready and waiting. In and out in under 10 minutes. Customer service rep was curtious and explained everything well. Enterprise never disappoints.

Cathy Carder

This particular location of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the top rental locations I've had the pleasure of renting a car. Anna, in particular, is the woman that did all the paperwork, etc. required for me to rent a vehicle. I got there a few minutes before they closed but I was still helped and treated as though she was in absolutely no hurry to get me out of there. Anna gets a rating of "10+" from me for her professionalism, her courtesy, her politeness, her concern, and her friendliness. Anna is a rarity in the customer service business today and she should be highly treasured. I would definitely recommend this Enterprise location to anyone.

Nicolette Stoutenburg

The car I received was great! I was upgraded due to availability, it was clean and I was in and out of the store. My only complaint is I had to pay a $117 drop fee because I wasn’t returning to that location, meanwhile my rental was not even for 24 hours! I understand paying a fee to some existent but paying $177 on a $33 rental is astronomical.

Steve Felson

Rented a car online only to be called the next morning to be told their weren't any cars available for the time I needed it. I had to beg the agent to call another location as he had no intention of doing it himself. He found a car for me at another location and told me to ask for a specific person when I got there. When I got to the new location, they had no idea who I was or that I was coming. I finally convinced them to give me a car but the trunk didn't work properly and the car smelled horribly like wet dogs. They agreed to give me another car. The gas tank was literally on empty. They also tried to charge me a drop off charge that didn't appear on the bill when I made and paid for the reservation online. The finally agreed to waive the fee. Right before I was about the pull out of the parking lot, the attendant came out and said that she was sorry for my inconvenience and handed me the manager's card so I could call him if I wanted to discuss anything. I guess he couldn't make the 25 foot trip out the door to the car. All in all, a horrible experience.

G; Wayne Graydon

Parker was awesome in working with us at the Auburn location. Very professional.

sweetkeriberi1 .

Pleasant staff easy return. Pleasant overall experience.

Rich B

Just couldn't get anything right.

Kamiliah Pace

Roger's st this enterprise was very helpful.

Cyndi Griffith

We rented a premium vehicle and was very satisfied with the service from being to the end. The staff was friendly and very helpful. We will definitely rent again.

Angela Edwards

I was not pleased with my experience from the start. Even with reservations I waited a nice amount of time. One group of four came in about 20 minutes after my arrival and with no reservation, left in a rental. I waited 20 minutes or so more for my rental. I was told my rental was being cleaned. That was not so, the car was dirty, the back seats had dirt on them, the wash job was mediocre at best and the carpets had not been vacuumed. The car was fine minus the horn not working. Now, the return, I returned it Monday morning using the drop and go service. When my deposit was returned, it was less than expected. I called the local branch to inquire, was told the tapes would be looked at etc etc. Waited a week called back, was told I would be refunded the missing amount but its 3 weeks since I returned the car and no refund. Not happy

Teresa Hamilton

Staff was eager to please. They provided excellent service.

Nic Trés

I was called the evening before my rental pick up ,for a 15 passenger van, and was told that they wouldn't have my vehicle and could give me 2 8 passenger vans instead. Problem was I only had 1 driver. The day of pick up they went to Montgomery,AL and picked up a 15 passenger van and then gave me a 10% discount for the misleading call the previous day. Upon return of the van the sales rep that check me out was not aware of the discount therefore the return deposit amount that was told to me in the beginning wasn't the deposit I received. After about a 20 minute conversation and speaking with the manager the issue was finally resolved. Small issues that could've been resolved from the beginning if all staff were on the same page.

Derrier Thomas

Worst rental experience I have ever had with Enterprise. The car had ants everywhere in it. I told them it had ants in it before and after the rental. Returned the vehicle and they saw the ants and still charged me full price. That was very low customer service.

John Ellis

Nice cars, we were upgraded to a bigger SUV than we needed, and my wife fell in love with it...

Miranda Reese

I reserved a car with them, and they neglected to tell me that they would not rent to anyone under 21- litterally every other rental company I've talked to will rent to me- until I showed up at the office to pick the car up. They completely screwed me over, left my 15 year old sister stranded at the airport of almost 6 hours. I'll never use, or attempt to use, their services ever again.


Parker and Alex have always done an exceptional job to ensure that all of my needs are met.

antweshia hawes

Cicily and Jamar at the Enterprise on Opelika Rd were absolutely awesome. They were so helpful and understanding. They were determined to help me get into a rental car the was in the same class as my Camaro that was rear ended the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I will definitely go there again.

Stephanie Carter

Always fast and great customer service and efficient.

jinesh n

It has always been a good experience renting out from Enterprise. The service is good and rented vehicles are also in really good condition

Jeremy Golson

I always have had great experiences with this Enterprise location. They're always super fast and courteous and take great care of me.

Emma Brown

I had three experiences in the month of July 2017 , with enterprise with one misunderstanding but I was able to get it worked out and the trip went well. The prices were great and pickup in a timely manner. Great service.

Sharon Doherty

This group has come through for me many times. I appreciate the service and the willingness to go above and beyond. That Dodge Transit was just the vehicle to help me get those boxes to my new home. It was also great to drive.....better than the Chevy Suburban I'd had the week before from another agency in NJ

Kay McClain

I couldn't make a reservation online and when I was dropped off there I learned they had no cars. Should have been a way to know that before I got there.

Kevin and Kim Eason

Best experience we have had with Enterprise in several years. Great new manager at the Auburn Al office.

Nicole Linen

I was supposed to be picked up from my house to get to the rental car office. When no one came I called the office, and they didn’t even have my pick up scheduled and I had spoken to a representative from their office THREE SEPARATE TIMES. So now I’m an hour behind schedule. Once I got to the office and started the check-in process, the representative I spoke with told me they were cleaning the car just now. So if I had been picked up on time and made it here on time would there have been a car ready or what?

Brandon Howard

Business model needs work

Young Buck

Didn't have the vehicle requested,but upgrade was AWESOME...FOR FREE!

Nathan Wohleb

Great service and good quality of vehicles


Reasonable rates and the management team is nice. No one checked the compartment between the front seats- I am sure this was just an oversight.

Clint Foster

Enterprise Car Rental has always been professional and courteous to me by providing me with transportation when needed. Great service!

Rhonda Pruitt

This is our favorite location to rent from. Very Friendly Customer Service that do what they can to serve you. All cars have been in excellent condition.

Anthia Still

My experience was nice. I went to the wrong rental location to pick up the SUV. The Enterprise agent called the other location told the agent that I was at his location and he was going to take care of the rental.. Needless to say all went well and I was on my way thanks Enterprise.

Kelly Davis

Enjoyed my experience with enterprise on opelika road except that a car never arrived to pick me up on march 11th to get my rental.

Sylvia Rogers

The people that work there are super professional and friendly. My only complaint is that the procedure they go through to get you your car seems long.


Service is very slow. Plan on spending at least a hour even if you have a reservation.

Teresina Muhammad

The representatives were very friendly and courteous.

Wilbur Robinson

Fast checkout. Nice cars. Everything on mobile devices.

Arsslan Bhatty

They mixed up my upgrade coupons and took lot of time to sort out the issue. But still giving good rating because the staff was very courteous and helped.

K-way Cotton

Very nice people and great service

Steven Reece

Good staff, busy all the time though

Soph O

Enterprise just sucks in general. The people here are awesome, hence the 2 stars. However, car availability and the wait time is atrocious. Be prepared to spend 3 hours here on any given day smh

peacesamarlove .

We rent from Enterprise ALOT!! The last several times that I have had a reservation with Enterprise the cars have been unavailable. The wait is extremely long and causes delays in important business trips, school events, etc. The car lot is always crowded as it is small but yet there are no cars available for the reservations. The customer service is good most of the times, but there needs to be a better way to accommodate clients when cars are unavailable, and accommodate them according to the clients needs. More vehicles need to be made available at this location. The cars also need to be cleaned better. There has been several times cars that we've rented has had red dirt and stains on the seat, food on the floor and stuck in the seat/seat belts, and previous renters belongings (for example: a nasal cannula, part of a snorkeling mask, etc).

Shantay Robinson

I Didn't have the Best Experience, But Thanks for reaching out.

Ben Whitworth

Great customer service and I always get a clean, comfortable ride.

Aaron Blackmon

Always great and reliable.

Marc Thomas

The staff was very polite. It seems to be a very busy location and a small location. My pickup driver didn't show up on time as requested. After 30 minutes I called the location, the agent on the phone drove over to pick me up. I had previously stopped by the location to confirm my pickup time a few days prior. Car was very clean and drove very well.

Roy Washburn

Quick service and well staffed location.

YoursTruly April

Great service and I will continue to use them for each trip I take in the future!!

Jim Young

Pleasantly greeted, professionally handled and on my way. Same with return. No problems. Good to work with Enterprise.

Raymond Theriot

Reserved full size car 2 weeks in advance and had to settle for a dodge truck. However the dodge truck was nice to drive

S. Reece

Reserve online ahead of time and everything works great. Even upgraded to include Sirius/XM for a week at no additional fee. Reasonable rates for weekly rentals

Kelly Nelson

The staff always seems overwhelmed and frankly many of the customers are unprepared to rent a vehicle also (a credit card, a valid DL,etc..). Last car I got was nice other than all steering wheel functions were dead. No cruise, no radio controls and worse yet, the airbag was not active. I know it's hard to check all cars but safety checks should be a standard check upon return and certainly before flipping the vehicle.

michelle knox

I've always have a great experience every time I rent from this location.

Lauren Beckingham

If there was another option, I would use it. This was my firs time renting from enterprise in Auburn. I had to wait over an hour for the vehicle, even though they were closing and only have one customer in front of me. When I got the car, it had a cracked taillight and the gas tank was not full. If there was another option, I would definitely pick it next time.

Courtney Moore

The staff is very nice, but the inside of my car was not clean at all. This will be the 3rd time of me getting a dirty rental.

Sheila O'Neal

When we arrived the car we was going to rent wasn’t available. We ask for another vehicle, it had a cracked window. We was told that if they didn’t have the intermediate available they would upgrade. Instead of being upgraded they down sized the vehicle. Upon our return we asked if we could reserve another specific vehicle, the girl working was very short with us saying NO! Instead of saying that they would try to accommodate what we was wanting to rent. We won’t be using the auburn location to rent from. We have took our business elsewhere while we are here working!

Lenora Lynn Simons

They were friendly but they were out.

L Ri


James Lauters

very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff at this location... they are great!

Scott Murphy


Mary Hanna

I was greeted promptly! Very courteous! Multiple people ask me at different points to help me all the professional clean-cut in willing and see to help and seem like they love their job.

Stephen Thompson

Fast, friendly customer service. Cars ready when I arrived as promised. Easy check-out and return.

Elizabeth Merchant

Staff was friendly. Was disappointed in that I rented an intermediate sized car and was given a compact. No offer of a discount.

Montavious Ray

I love this place. Always helpful, polite, great customer service and 9/10 they have the car you rented. All other companies don't even compare to Enterprise Rent -A- Car.

Anita Smith

I did the process online. And it was extremely easy to do. The day I picked up the van, I did not have to wait at all. There was a $200.00 deposit that I did not realize was due pick up day but they refunded it the day I brought it back. So overall a smooth transaction.

Clay Ogata

Always great service.


Good place for renting a car. Best place is cars can be returned before 3pm Sunday.

summer aldermab

Great customer service and clean cars

James King

We will pick you up BUll S### I even offered to pay 40.00 to pick me up 41/2 miles ,I was in a bind and no luck .so I paid a lady that was joys sitting in her pick up to take me over to enterprise where I was trying to call again and I stayed on the phone as I walked into the office with no answer with two women working and no customers but would not answer the phone .

Jeremy Wood

The staff is really nice, but the location is terrible. Customers are supposed to park in a remote lot and cross 2 roads of traffic to get to the store. And then you most likely have to drive back over there, which isn't easy, to get your stuff out of your car.

John Atkinson

Had to rent a car after a car accident. When I arrived at this Enterprise office in Auburn, it was after a week of dealing with insurance reps, including one who told me he would have a car for me at a competing rental car facility...but they didn't have any. So, the insurance company sent me to Enterprise and store manager Joshua Rawlinson was the first and last face I saw. I did have a little wait but it's because Joshua and his staff were preparing a car for me right at closing time since the insurance company blew it for me with the other store. Joshua helped get the car ready and so I sat that and observed his team for about 30 minutes. It was a young team (much like Joshua), but they were HIGH-PERFORMING. I was so impressed by their teamwork and ownership that I spent 20 minutes discussing customer service with Joshua and even asked him if he would be willing to come to my organization to speak with some of our employees. I was very impressed with Joshua--he and his team unwittingly provided service recovery for the insurance company I dealt with all week. VERY PLEASED!

Ebenezer Nana Banyin Harrison

No unnecessary delays. Their service is just on point

Barbara DeFalco

I have always used Enterprise Rent-A-Car. However something has happened with our company. The last two times I've rented cars from them they've been dirty and smell of smoke. Every time I get a car they comment about this is a smoke-free car. If that's the case then why are the cars that I'm getting smell like smoke? Unfortunately I won't be renting from Enterprise Rent A Car again.

Melinda Golden

My truck had broke down and i had to rent a car. The staff was very nice and made the experience better than expected

Rebecca Bostrom

I made a reservation online yesterday for a simple sedan. Was called and told it would be 3 more hours. Was then called 3 hours later and left a message saying the rental was no longer available. I have made a reservation for today and Wednesday. I hope these don’t get canceled too :(

Fred Worsham IV

Enterprise in Auburn when first coming in were polite and communicated well with good information. They worked with me when my original reservation was on a Saturday but came in Monday due to the Collision repair shop wasn't open on the weekends. I still got an entire week for a great price plus an upgrade for $50.00 more. They were very busy but made time for every customer and communicated with them. They kept people calm when the customer was aggravated with their insurance company. They used tablets upgrading their resourcefulness instead of having to run inside every time until it came down to payment. Overall they were well collaborated.

Kim Golden

My only issues with this place is Enterprise's business model. The staff here is amazing and patient. They do what they can to work within the junk their company forces them to work through. Enterprise lets you reserve cars when none are available, or none in the size you requested. If people don't turn in cars on time, which they rarely do it seems, you can show up early and still possibly leave without a vehicle at peak times. The time you get you reservation for is irrelevant as cars are given first come, first serve.

Lori Holmes

The customer service was great. The car itself, not so great. I didn't like the Jeep Patriot we were given. It's just doesn't drive well in my opinion.

Dominique Blue

I forgot the guy's name in Auburn but he was so nice! He helped me out big time. I had my reservation in Eufaula for almost 2 months and when I got there he had nothing for me to drive. I called Auburn the guy got me and my family on the road in no time and he saved my vacation. I called him superman lol!

Tommy Eden

Alex is amazing !

Brett Watkins

Wonderful people awesome place to rent a car

grover fountain

The staff especially Rogers Hunt went the extra steps to make my experience positive. Thank you.

John Woods

Loved my 2019 Kia Sorento was fast, authentic ,and, cool

Dorothy Brinson

Picking up the car in Auburn and dropping off car at Atlanta Hartsfield airport was extremely easy. I am rating the experience 4 stars because I had to pay a $200 deposit and had to call for it to be refunded several days later. This is first time that I had to wait anytime when receiving the deposit.

Jacqueline Milford

Enterprise went above and beyond to accommodate me for the Labor Day weekend. I had reserved a car way in advance, but due to high volume, they weren't being returned on time (which is not fault of Enterprise). They put me in a larger rental for the same price and I was on my way. I recommend them very highly!!!!!

Wayne Beberness

Exceptional customer service.

Kristen Fryer

This location of Enterprise is the best. The associates that we dealt with over a two-week rental were efficient, professional, and very friendly.

Richard Marks, Ph D

Having a flight come up going to Auburn for my clients, I scrambled to make hotel and car arrangements. Kayak provided a Priceline offer of $38 per day on an Enterprise car rental for the two days I would be there. Total was $89. AFter booking the car, I called Enterprise at Auburn and gave them the Enterprise rental confirmation. I informed them I would arrive at the Auburn airport and needed the car there at 1230. Upon arrival there was no car. The local Auburn Enterprise office seemed confused about the rental and eventually agreed to send someone to the airport with a car and a rental agreement for me to fill out. Sherri, was a very very nice and friendly lady who brought the car. No complaints with her demeanor and conduct. The electronic invoice showed the car rental price for $51 a day and a total of $107. I had a confirmation for a car to be delivered and waiting at Auburn airport for $89. So.... what happened? Why was my confirmation through Priceline disregarded? Why was another agreement generated? And why was it 'not possible' to deliver a car for me to the airport? Sherri told me I was not an Emerald Member and to go online and join up. My membership from 2008 did not provide for cars to be dropped at the airport in advance for me. However, I never had a problem before. And going online to Enterprise's website did not reveal a why to "update" my membership to Emerald. So...... This rental was a big failure. Sherri was very friendly and was a great asset to Enterprise. But the reservation and the pricing was a big zero.

Mark Gallagher

Great place for a good rental.

Tarun Manchanda

Very nice customer service

MzRhonda729 .

I've never had a bad experience using these guys! Nicole was the last representative to assist me, and she was AUsome!

Rajish Wagh

They are good if you be careful and learn all the rules. Do no delay by even an hour. You usually get a free upgrade to a better car for free. Over all it's good.

Gregory West

Unaware that Enterprise closes its doors at Noon on Saturdays and we were already experiencing a debacle with U-haul that same day as we were delayed getting to the Opelika Rd. location. We had called ahead to see if they could wait for us to arrive; we were in luck. Without hesitation, Ethan Chancellor waited at least half an hour past closing time to assist us. When we finally arrived at the office, this location did not have the kind of car we had originally made a reservation for and again, Ethan came through! He upgraded us at no extra charge. We actually got a bigger vehicle—which, in the end, benefitted us for the duration of our vacation. If it wasn’t for the kindness of Ethan, our vacation would have started out on a sour note. Thank you, Ethan Chancellor and thank you Enterprise for employing such an exemplary branch manager!

Ahsiam Nilwon

Enterprise really came thru for me and my daughter! I had to fly in from Los Angeles to get her enrolled in college and Alex, Josh and Anna went above and beyond to help my rental experience be positive and easy. Alex took an issue I had with reservation to the store manager Josh who fixed it for me and Anna picked us up from our hotel. She was really sweet and personable and the experience was painless and very professional, so I am once again grateful to Enterprise for actually doing what they claim to do as far going the extra mile and taking care of their customers. There is a reason why I only rent through them and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks Enterprise, you guys came thru in a time when many companies disappoint.

Brian Russell

Great place to rent a car, it won't cost you arm n leg to rent a car. I only paid 62 dollars plus a 200 deposit to rent a car for 3 days great customers service. Love the website just pick a vehicle that services your need no deposits need to hold vehicle. I will definitely be back.

Susan Pavek

As always, our experience at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Auburn, AL was a good one except for one flaw. We were given a brand new caravan for our trip to Baltimore, MD. It was so new that it had not been programmed yet and had a "tag applied for" license plate. This got us all the way to Maryland (14 hrs one-way)) and ALMOST home to Auburn. We were stopped in South Georgia by the police because of the questionable tag. When they ran the VIN number, it could not be found. It took us quiet awhile to explain to the officer that it was a rent-a-car. I had to scroll through my e-mail (even though I had a print out of the confirmation) to show them our correspondence leading up to actually picking up the vehicle from Enterprise. That sufficed and we received only a "warning" from the police officer. After a wonderful Christmas visit in Maryland and very long drive home, we could have done without being pulled over for something in which we had no control.

Brian Green

I have been renting from this location for a few years now for work. The service is great every time. The cars are in good condition and have low miles. As a travel agent I have no problem suggesting Enterprise to my long list of clients. Keep up the good work.

Dale Simpson

Great service and car selection

Charles Sumner

Nice cars ,good prices friendly staff. They will pick you up.

Sean Cornelius

Usually pleased with the service here but this time when we got the vehicle on the road we discovered the middle console was full of trash(I have picture proof). My assumption was they were rushing to clean vehicle to get it to us .

ctr4smflkresandinnov .

You almost always have to show up an hour early because the wait for one of their cars to come back in the afternoon can be really really really long. A lot of new faces come through there and so on several occasions the routine for getting into the car changes based upon who's behind the counter. I do not suggest calling because every time I've come there the phone does almost nothing but ring off the hook and someone is not always available to answer it

Tyler Kane

Had an appointment to pick up a vehicle at 8 AM. I arrived and there were no cars available, I was told if I had any errands to run I could go do that as it would be about 30 minutes until the cars arrived. After coming back I was told it would be another 20-30 minutes before I could get a car. All said I waited an hour and half after my original reservation time before I could get anything. I noticed several other people having the same issue as me as well.. Very poor planning from the team there.

Jayhwan Jeong

the worst experience ever in my life. not going to use enterprise

Rita Underwood

I received timely service when I picked up my rental. The problem was when it was time to receive my deposit back, there were problems and it took longer than it usually takes which caused me problems with my credit card.

Sandra Crim

Very professional, I will definitely do business with enterprise rent-a-car in the future. For great service and professionalism make Enterprise your choice.

Tajana Harrell

Outstanding. . .Great Job meeting my needs

Sherree Creekmore

Rent here frequently. Good staff and service.

David Banks

I rent cars on a regular basis for long distance travel. The cars are usually low mileage and perform well. They have added to their inventory lately, although I have never had trouble with availability especially when reserving in advance. They certainly have enough employees, because the wait time is sort when checking out and even shorter when checking in.

Caroline Hussey

After a recent car wreck I delt with Enterprise locations in Newnan, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, and finally Roswell, Georgia. After being in a total state of frenzy, I appreciated the fact that associates at all of those locations where clear, concise, and efficient in getting me out the door with a rental car so I could carry on with my day. I will say that the Newnan location rented me a car with an outdated (insurance?) decal on the license plate, which I was unable to obtain throughout my week in the rental car. To end on a high note, Jude at the Holcomb Bridge location in Roswell was very very nice, professional, and able to answer all of my questions with ease. He took his time with me and he really knew what he was talking about. I was COMPLETELY SATISFIED with his customer service. I recommend this location on Holcomb Bridge in Roswell, GA in particular for your rental car needs. Ask for Jude!

Jerry Rigby

Worked with the Auburn, Alabama office and Adam was very helpful in scheduling out several Auto rentals over a period of several weeks. A very good experience.

min khanal

The car I rented was very good. They upgraded for free because they did not have the one I reserved. Staffs were nice. Overall, it was a very good experience.

Auburn S

The wait wasnt long at all and the front desk guy was nice. I feel like the car is small for a full size though. It would be nice if you could choose like when you rent from the airport.

Memorie Davenport

Horrible service. Don't be a wife and not have your name in any of the paperwork because it will be a hassle trying to rent a car and out probably won't happen. Also don't reserve a car online and then get there and they don't honor the special that you reserved online. Never going back this literally happens EVERY TIME!

Ralph Crow

They treat you like family.

Shontia Whatley

Everything was going good for the moment.. was told 1 price but charged another. Then had to actually wait for the car to be cleaned. Once all that was over got into the car and the service engine light was on. I was told that the light wasnt rest but my concerns came in because i was heading to florida with my kids and didnt want to be beside the road. Didnt understand how i paid for a rental and had to ride around and look at a light, i could of drive my own car and looked at the lights. but we had a safe trip

Stephen Okor

Horrible service, I was waiting to get pick up from the auto shop for over an hour and enterprise only fifteen minutes away

Ashley Williams

This was the worst Enterprise I've ever been to. The pick-up was late and I waited 2 hours at the branch office for a car! There were 12 other people who needed help and were waiting for hours as well. In total, their unprofessionalism pushed my travel time behind schedule by 2.5 hours! Save yourself the aggravation and do not get a vehicle here. If you do, remember to have your renters insurance policy information, two DIFFERENT bills, and a paystub along with your license because they will FORGET TO TELL YOU! The phone has been ringing nonstop for 12 minutes (wonder if its a customer needing a pickup). The online check-in is pointless as you will still need to provide the same information when you enter the office.

JK Eiland

I have rented cars from here twice in 2 weeks in August 2016 First time the car I was given was filthy inside. Mind you both reservations were made online. Second rental did not go so well either this reservation was made a month in advance. I arrive only to be told that all the cars are out for service. What does that have to do with me? So now this puts a damper on my trip and lost time. After waiting for approximately 25 minutes no car insight I am offered a Dodge Ram truck big step up from the mid size car I reserved and more money to spend on gas. I take the truck because I am already off schedule. I mean really what is the point of making a reservation? The cooperate office is a joke as well. I placed a complaint on 9/8/2016. Guess what it is now 10/27/16 and I am still waiting to hear back from someone. THIS IS Ridiculous.

Tommy Glasscock

Very accommodating and helpful, not a great selection of cars but always gave their best.

Chisa Calloway Core

Normally I have great reviews however this particular time I had a few issues. After returning my rental and speaking to one of the associates they made up for the hiccups that occured! So overall once again another satisfied customer!

Ray Granger

Very seamless, car was great, people were friendly, cost was reasonable. What else do you need? Oh... and I loved the toll pay by plate that goes to your card. Saves time and time is it not?

janelle johnson

Better experience this time with Enterprise. The staff helped me get a nice car. During the return, the staff did a VERY thorough check. Lol but, I appreciate it. I wouldn't want a random bill and I guess it would be good for someone who tends to lose things.

Felicia Williams

Great experience!

chan kim

We travelled comfortably and a few months ago when we reserved a car, we got it on time. Everything was easy to set up as well as returning it11. We had a really good trip. The people were friendly. We are extremely grateful for the experience.

Greg Hickman

Nice, professoonal and courteous staff. Clean car....

DJ Ryte

Agent had my reservation on file and carried ready. Quick in and out, took 10 minutes. Professional, courteous and no surprises.

Jason Sager

Very nice people inside, but horrible business model. You will wait 45 min to an 1 hr and a half. My wife waited 1.5 hrs a couple weeks ago, so when I called them I said I wouldn’t wait that long. Sure enough, it takes longer than any rental agency I’ve been to. I’d go elsewhere next time.

J Yu

So overpriced. Nissan Versa cost $60 per day more than twice expansive

miranda wyckoff

I was promised a F150 or similar and was given a Tacoma which was NOT similar. I love Enterprise and I’m always satisfied with my rentals but the last one was kinda a upset.

G Smooth

The staff at Enterprise were very, helpful, and friendly. They took their time to help us and others while we were there. The vehicle that was provided to us was very nice and really enjoyed it. We will continue to let Enterprise service us with our rentals. Look forward to going back again in a couple of months for our next trip.

Cecilia Blue

Easy reservations, great customer service, and quick departure upon return. The only downside was the release of deposit funds took longer than expected.

benny hill

Super Service und sehr hilfreich bei Problemen, a. B. the battery from the rental sucks.... Perfect Managment and Mr. Gerald Reynolds is one of the BEST, over there

Cody Holman

On hold for a collective 2 hours, waiting for someone to pick me up. Noone showed up and I called back to wait on hold. When someone finally answered 45 minutes later they didn't know what I was talking about. What a joke. Thanks for wasting my day Enterprise

J Moore

This has got to be the worst place ever when it comes to renting a car. What is the purpose of making a reservation online? My suggestion would be if there is going to be a delay for any reason a simple call or text ahead of time would be most helpful. I have experienced this twice. No one wants to make a reservation online and then come in and wait 40 minutes or longer because the car is out for service or the type of car you reserved is not available. I returned the car using the after hour drop off service and left some items in the car. I called the next business day and spoke with Logan and told him exactly what items I left in the car. Provided my last name and the type of car I had rented and even the color. It is obvious he needs more customer service training. He said I haven't checked in a Black Altima and could you call back in 30 minutes we have a lobby full of people. What does that have to do with me? The logic response would have been. I will check or have someone check and give you a return call. I believe in strong customer service and no one has returned my call yet. Thanks for nothing.

yaskukno icyumad

I reserved a rental online to pick it up at 10:30am. Was given a call stating no vehicles available until 1:00pm. Got there met with Danielle she gave me prompt and courtesy customer service. She was amazing. After the inspection was done unfortunately do to me already having a rental was unable to put another rental in my name but could keep the reservation for someone else. With that being said I was given a phone call the next morning stating that they will not have a car available until around 3pm. We arrived between 3:15-3:30pm and met with Nicole whose customer service was AWFUL! We had a reservation there was other there around 10-15 people she kept going in and out the stating she was waiting on a return while other she was serving was given prompt services. After asking her several times what was the hold up. Finally after waiting over 2 1/2 hours we were finally given a vehicle by a guy there name Morris who tried to up the price by $200. I will NEVER rent from this location again. Nicole and Morris may need to take a customer service class. But Danielle GREAT job keep up the good work the two of them need to learn from her. Just disappointed.

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