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REVIEWS OF American Edge Real Estate IN Wisconsin

Corey Frey

Terrible rental company. Left raw sewage sitting in our basement without cleaning it up for a month on multiple occasions. Charged us for damage from the prior tenants that was there when we moved in 3 years ago. Also charged us for 25 hours worth of cleaning the house after we hired a company to clean it. They are out to take your security deposit and nothing else. Terry and the rest of the crew at American edge are top notch slum lords.

Kelsey Aleckson

I’ve had no issue with American Edge. They were quick to respond to my maintenance issues. I know my apartment was on the north side of town, so sometimes they are more diligent toward non student housing tenants. Overall, no complaints.

Jake Rozhon

Worst company ever. Ridiculous and false charges so my roommate and I got next to nothing back of our security deposit and they have something on the bottom of the explanation of charges that says "ALL INQUIRES REGARDING SECURITY DEPOSIT STATEMENTS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. NO PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS" because they know they are going to screw you over and are too scared to deal with you over the phone or even a lousy email. Absolutely pathetic human beings

Theresa Buchert

Gave us a chance when no one else would but you won't get your full security back even though you clean and nothing is perfect

Brady Rinn-Foss

Garrett Griswold

American Edge is terrible. I moved into an off campus house through them and they did absolutely no maintenance. My room was a mess, there were nails in the walls, and many things were broken. The basement sink leaks, the toilet leaks, the kitchen fan doesn't work, and the shower leaks as well. The house has very poor insulation and they have done nothing to the house for years according to the people who have lived there before us.

Marissa Odell

Rude landlord and was the worst experience going through them. I recommend finding a different place to go through for houses and apartments! Literally worst experience ever.

Anna Hoffman

My dad told me they are slumlords they called me said I was approved suppose to sign the lease in a few days got a call the next day that they rented it and someone signed the lease today and now I'm not approved dont make sense

Maggie Schmid

Absolutely terrible. They are so rude, swore at my roommates and are extremely unprofessional. If I could I would give them negative stars, they scam you for money and have given us multiple late notices when we paid on time. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM

Luther Crown


Terrible company. Office people are rude, and treat their tenants terrible. Also don't bother with thinking you'll get your security deposit back because they will take it all for dumb stuff that was there before you moved in.

Hunter Chrouser

Annie Dey

Never. Ever. Rent from this pathetic excuse of a management company. We have had several bats in our bedroom walls for over 6 months now. Absolutely a bat and not a mouse. Have reported this to them countless times. Have had a maintenance man come out 2 times just to set a mouse trap and say he cant help us. Coming from someone who is in this Industry I am disgusted at how horribly they treat their paying tenants. You are in the service industry. Do your job or do a better job at faking it. Have a nice day.

Chantel Morset

I recall completing the application to rent from them and filling out the move sheet for existing damages before you take possession of the apartment unit. One of those items listed was the carpet, it needed to be cleaned. They stated that they would have it cleaned but after they got the rent , and deposit they changed their mind and stated they were not going to clean it. I was pissed!!!. But what could I do. I had already signed the lease. I didn't expect this at all. I felt so deceived.


DONT RENT FROM THEM! unless you want to be extorted and degraded. They have verbally harassed me and my roommate and my young family. The talk circles so it makes their tenants look like they are in the wrong. The only reason why we have to deal with place because our old landlord sold the management to these company. They haven't help us at all. The women named Emily is rude and has not only threatened my pets but my family. People need to gather together and get this place shut down or investigated. No one should have to deal with this.

Braden Walbeck

Worst kind of people. Greedy to the fullest extent. They lied to us so we had to pay double what we should have paid. PLEASE STAY AWAY!

cas ann

Rented from American Edge in their Northern Meadows apartments, by far the best experience I’ve ever had being a renter. ❤️❤️ 10 stars!

Brynlee Raine

My roommates and I have been renting from them for a month (after Lancer sold this property to them--they rented from lancer for 2 years), and just, everything has been a mess. The phone calls have been rude, they were trying to say there is more damage than when they first moved in, and now there is a for rent sign on our front door without any kind of notification??? What the heck even is this company. Dont rent from them, dont associate with them. They are terrible. Look elsewhere please.

Jake Kempfert

Disgusting run down houses, they take no pride in there properties

Jake Redding

Front secretary woman was extremely rude and offputting. Met with attitude as soon as the first word left my mouth, unprofessional and an overall bad experience. I sincerely hope they read all the hate people are saying about them, maybe make some changes in leadership/personnel.

Khalid Khail

I have been hating this company. There job steal your money. I Have never saw a bad company like them.

Nicole Johnson

We're moving into the downstairs of a house on 6th and 18th and it is infested with all kinds of insects including huge meaty spiders. The walls are climbing with mold. I left a rug on the floor for a few weeks before moving in and when I returned it was soaked and green with mold. Totally not livable whatsoever.

Vanessa Hinrichs

Do not understand any circumstance rent from American Edge! They steal money from college students every chance they can! They claimed to have mowed our lawn every week in the summer and we're trying to charge us for it, by simply calling them and disputing the charges, they immediately went away. They will steal money from you every chance they get without actually doing any work. When we checked out they charged us for everything that was already damaged in the house before we even moved in! They never fix the issues that are wrong with their houses and continue to charge tenants for the damages! They are the worst realtor I have ever dealt with and I would never recommend them to anyone! They don't even deserve one star.

Brandee Anthony

I rented a home from American Edge for four consecutive years. Over all I had no issues, I rented a very nice newly remodeled home that was very comfortable and had very minimal issues for renting for four years. The actual owner was always available to come help or fix any issues. In whole the staff at American Edge was always very nice to me, easy to reach and understanding. We did get some silly things taken off of our security deposit but such is life. I see a lot of bad reviews, but when you choose to rent a crappy house your going to have bad things to say. That is not all fault on the realtors, they don't own the homes. I would over all recommend American Edge as a place for renting.

Luka Zane

Upon arriving at their office 30 minutes before they closed for business, I was told they don't have time to deal with my matter. Very snarky responses like, "well good luck, we own majority of the properties here.". Highly recommend looking to other properties.

Ethan Muehlberg

Dylan G

Would give them no stars if I could. Besides having a monopoly on majority of Menomonie rental scene and making it known. They pride themselves in the ability to screw over college by allowing to live in unsafe houses and overcharging them to make "fixes" that are no where near safe. Avoid at all cost or be prepared to get sucked into the scam that is American Edge.

Singsai Xiong

Seth Pecha

chad lutz

What everyone els is saying

Chase Christensen

samantha sova

Do not lease through them! They have cost me a lot of extra money due to "fees". personally the worst experience I've had as a renter was because of them. Do not lease through them unless you have too.

Jared Melbostad

Terrible. They advertised lawn care being included, and then quit abruptly after we re-signed the lease. We went 14 months without touching the grass, and suddenly we're facing a $200 reimbursement because American Edge was fined by the city. And then trying to resolve things on the phone, this hysterical woman basically refuses to talk to me. Never been a day late on rent. Based on my experience, as well as dozens of reviews from folks in town, I'd have to assume American Edge is the worst rental company in Menomonie.

Mariah Brings

If you want to deal with people who are deeply misleading, distrustful, conniving, and lie through their teeth, then you should go with American Edge! They love to take money out of your pockets, charge you for things that are blatantly damaged prior to your lease period, and throw the "law" in your face. By "law" I mean, they won't let you see any documents, contest any charges, or even wipe your own ass because it's against the "law." I didn't realize their were such horrible people in Menomonie, Wisconsin but I sure learned my lesson. Thanks, American Edge!

Michele Ingle

Frustrated with having to pay a $15.00 multi-payment fee to mail my daughter's June, July and August rent in during the summer months, because she lives out of state and is unable to get cash to her fellow tenants to make the required one lump payment. You could make it easier on these college students and let them bring you one envelope with each tenant's rent check in it. Can't believe you are encouraging them to walk around with cash!

Mat S

Very rude people, poor communication from them. Unfortunately I know this family and I'd prefer not to. Since knowing each other I figured they'd actually be nice, but I got to see their true colors! It's time to make these slumlords leave Menomonie, by telling everyone not to do business with them, ever. Avoid like the plague!

George Brett

Right now we have no water....yes we paid our bill. The knuckle head who fixed the leak says “ Geeze, you don’t have much water pressure. Maybe you should buy some new shower heads if you want more water”, and leaves. We wake up the next morning, no pressure in the shower, go to the basement to find water spraying out of a burst water pipe. Oh, we will fix it Sunday morning they tell us. Sunday came and went, we now have been without water for two days. Correct me if I am wrong, but that would be in violation of our lease agreement. We want out of our lease. We have to go to a local store to go to the bathroom. We have been showering at the University. And you want people to trust you as a business. Is this place owned by Billy McFarland?

Mike Kriehn

I haven't even rented from this company yet and i already don't recommend it. Me and my wife are looking for a family home. We put in an application and then didn't hear back for a few days. i called them back and they told me my application was denied, when asked why he said he thinks because of not enough income. which is ludicrous cause it is the exact same rent i pay now. my wife tried to make a couple fallow calls to get more info why we were denied so we can know better for the future, and the person we need to speak to in apparently never in. and they wont give us a name of the person or a voice mail or take a message to call us back. we have to keep calling and we are continually given the run around. i am the customer, and apparently my money isn't good enough for them. so i would suggest to any one looking, renting from someone else. this company doesn't care about its customers.

Polly Rudi

Poor customer service, appliances (stove and refrigerator) both broke within 2 weeks of moving in to house and company still hadn’t repaired them, wiring within unit not up to code, windows don’t open, linoleum ripped with soft spots in floor. House should be condemned. This company should be investigated!

Rebecca Nara

Cancelled on me without notification. Not forthcoming with needed information. Generally disorganized. The rent is cheap, though.

Matt Schlough

Stephanie Schick

This is a horrible company, stay away, they try to make every excuse to not give your deposit back. NEVER HAD HEAT during the winter. wouldn't take care of problems right away. Had a window fall on my hand and broke it because each of the windows in my apartment needed a stick to hold it open. live wires without covers, no lights in spaces that are needed, not enough outlets-- there are one per room and not all of them work. the only time they came and fixed something in a hurry was the outside stair after I had to go to the hospital after tripping on the rotting concrete. My ceiling is falling down and off, they told me they would only fix it after I move out. I have two rooms and live alone. I said i would move to the other room for them to fix it. nope. not getting fixed until i'm out. I moved in and the house was trashed, and they complained at how much water I had been using. I told them I was cleaning and it didn't help that all the faucets/shower/toliet leaked. Only fixed one. There was a hole in the bathroom floor and it leaked into the downstairs appt. They fixed it without support and just put concrete in the hole. then didn't fix the floor so i fixed it so i wouldn't get cuts on the bottom of my feet. For the ceiling problem, which they didn't take seriously until i brought a big chunk that fell into their office, they took part of the ceiling down put some sheetrock in, held it up with 3 screws and duct tape and then put putty on the tape and called it good. didn't paint or anything. Apparently anyone can become a fix-it person. Don't want deposit back after living in a dump and having horrible service from a landlord? Rent from these people. Otherwise, don't take chances and don't rent from them.

Jim Ziegele

Do NOT rent from these people they will try and screw you out of your security deposit. And will not fix anything or finish any projects they do get around to doing. they will fine you in any and every way they can. Save the stress and do not rent from them they are the slum lord of Menomonie.

Tyler Christensen

0 stars if I could, Scam Lords



Jenna Nelson

Can I give them negative stars??? Hands down the worst renting experience ever. They will do whatever to take advantage of you, belittle you, and take every last penny from you. The main lady is just plain rude and talks down to you like you are dumb and will literally laugh in your face if you go to her with issues regarding your home. When we were having major heating problems she asked us "how old are you" and expected us to fix it ourselves as if we are heating professionals. I would never ever ever in my life recommend American Edge to anybody or wish for anybody to go through the awful experience I had.

Aaron Sands

Shayna Hohlfelder

Absolutely careless individuals and slow trying to get anything done for anyone but themselves.

Josey Baumberger

I signed a lease for a house at 1721 6th St E with American Edge for the 2013-2014 school year and my roommates and I's living experience here has been absolute HELL. The house itself is a complete dump. There are massive holes in the walls, the floors are unleveled, the ceiling droops, the carpet in one of the bedrooms is greased with filth, and the heat ducts that warm our pipes up in the winter are disconnected so our pipes have frozen 4 times already this winter. Also, in the spring time, bees come through the cracks our bedroom windows. American Edge has been notified and are aware of all of these things and what have they done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So, unless you enjoy frozen pipes in the winter and bees in your house during the warmer season, DO NOT LEASE FROM AMERICAN EDGE. I've heard of horror stories about these guys before and should have listened.

Larry Bus

Our daughter finally was able to move out of one of their rented apartments while attending college. Do not...I repeat...Do not use this firm to rent from. She had renters above her pounding the pavement at night and refused to do nothing to help with the noise. Curled up shingles on the property that made it look right out of a third world country....Wanted to charge us $16.61 for a burnt out light bulb from damage deposit after moving out when here lease was FINALLY UP. The only reason this place is in business is because there are so few properties in this town to rent from....and in a college town you have few choices to choose from. If they were in any other place in America they would be out of business. BAD....BAD....BAD.

Justin Luke

Stole 1000$ of merchandise

Tristan Gustafson

Alex K-15

They really aren't as bad as the reviews on here. The maintenance was done in a decent time when service was requested. We got 550 out of 650 back on the deposit which is ok considering it was cheap rent. However, the thing we got charged for was normal wear and tear if you ask anyone with an IQ over 90. (Broken refrigerator handle) As for the people there. They are nice for the most part. They are average landlords. Not nightmare awful, not amazing.

Taylor Prey

Absolutely terrible. I have not had one time I’ve went in there and not had a problem. If it was then saying I didn’t pay enough, which I did, to charging late fees because they didn’t withdraw it in time, to not working with you what so ever. Just trying to take every penny they can...

josh hauff

Me and my roommates rented through them for 2 years and received consistently bad service. Watch out for your security deposit check return for any suspicious charges.

Cheyenne Aguirre

A half star would be much nicer. Emergency line maintenance is the only good thing we’ve experienced here! Our heat wasn’t working last Friday and the apartment was 50 degrees when we got home at 630pm. He was able to find someone to come out and fix it. However, they never respond to emails. Or even to face to face conversations. Parking passes were implemented as there are many cars/people living here and the worst/smallest lot possible. I recently bought a new car, my boyfriend went down to the office to get me a new pass and give them my license plate number. My neighbor noticed that at 1:27am this morning I was being ticketed for violation of the parking lot. This company has terrible management. Do not rent through them, unless you like crumbling sheet rock in the bathroom, leaking roofs, and broken everything else.

Andy Schnell

Do not rent from American Edge. Yes, they are as bad as these other posters are saying. They will attempt to screw you out of your deposit and use the money to upgrade the apartment/house. Any other company is better, and I've rented from several in town. Almost everyone in Menomonie hates American Edge, just ask around.

Cain Schneckenberger

By far the worst people to rent from in the Menomonie area. They are slumlords who will make you pay for the most random crap. 0/5 stars. DO NOT RENT from them!!!!!

Juan G

Micheala Cronk

If I could give them a zero I would. My application was recently denied with no contact from them what so ever. I have contacted them numerous times in the past 5 days with a promise from them for a call back. I never received a call. The front office lady was very rude through it all. I feel discriminated against because I require a service dog and was denied without any explanation. Do not recommend them.

Pramod Sharma

Aubrey Schlitter

Honestly giving them a star is being generous. Money sucking, rude, dishonest, and horrible people to work with. They could care less about their customers. I don't recommend using them for ANYTHING.

Victoria Johnson

This is the worst place I have ever rented through in Menomonie. They do not take care of maintenance problems, get rid of snow when plowing is covered, etc. they call me to tell me we owe money when we don't. A deck just fell off our building into a neighbors door and they could not even come to fix that... DO NOT RENT THROUGH THEM. (Our building was through south side and was transferred over)

Jake Zillmer

No option to pay online or with card in any way.

Ty undris

No problems whatsoever, rent is fairly priced, haven't had to worry about late fees for rent if it falls on a weekend or any of that nonsense.

Amanda Schuna

DO NOT RENT! Worst in Menomonie. Staff is incredibly rude and nobody seems to know what they are doing. You will end up paying the most of any renting agency for the worst properties in town. YOU ARE WARNED

Joe Heiner

I would gave this place a 0 star rating if that was possible, these people are terible do not rent from them please save yourself the money.

Aden Yussuf

the worst of the worst. Don't ever go through them. not worth it whatsoever

Alex Jenness

Kevin Hahn

Terryokee. That’s all I have to say about that.

Astin Kohrer

Just terrible

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