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REVIEWS OF Bel-Cross Properties, LLC • Arthur G. Trusler III, Broker IN West Virginia

drew Watson

James Thompson Thompson

Janet Farmer

don't bother contacting this company. we were desperate to find a rental since my son was offered a position at the Ruby Hospital at the last minute. we are talking the best type of renter any homeowner would want and they didn't return emails, or texts, or phone calls. they are definitely not customer focused. are closed weekends when most renters are available to view and they have ridiculous showing hours.

Danna Perrone

BelCross has gone above and beyond to help me when i fell behind...they worked with me and if I have any problems in my house, they are right here to fix it. I had never had natural gas heat and wasn’t aware that i needed to change a filter. When my heat wouldn’t kick on, then sent someone out right away to find the problem. It was only a dirty filter but it was nice to know that they would send someone out within an hour. And if you need someone to give you VIP treatment, call Amira - she’s the best of the best as far as I’m concerned!!! If you need a place to live, rent or buy, call Bel Cross Properties.

Darren Norred

I'd like to thank Doug Miller. He was there to help any time I needed anything throughout the time I was renting from bel-cross. A super nice guy. Really glad bel-cross has him on the team. Thanks Doug.

Darrell Hayes

great experience with bel cross. always courteous. doug miller was very professional and helpful. will definitely recommend them in future.

Matthew Kays

Rondal Shingleton

Everyone is friendly, welcoming and pleasant.

Jody Berletch

My company has had the pleasure of working with Belcross Properties. In all my years of working with professionals, I can honestly say that I have never been so fortunate to come across someone with the work ethic of Dave Hall. He is very hands on and thorough. It's obvious that he truly cares about his clients, which is not a common trait in his market. Consider yourself blessed if you are lucky enough to cross paths with Dave Hall and Belcross Properties.

Spencer Williams

Mohamed Emad Hajji

Geoffrey Vaughan

They dumped 3 months of utility bills on us and expected us to pay in one month. No sympathy. Also I've been calling for weeks about a maintenance issue and they have yet to come here to fix it. If i could give a lower rating I would. EDIT: I have reconsidered. And I think I will stick with my one star review :) The fact that you lie and say you get bills quarterly is a damn shame. You apologized saying you fell behind when you emailed us with 3 months of utility bills in one months time. You admitted to your fault and now you blatantly lie to make yourself have a proper image on google reviews. This company is not professional at all. I repeatedly ask you to give your maitenance men my number and to call me in advance so I know when you are coming by. But you have never called me in advance. You continue to show up to my residence and interupt our peace instead of simply calling and letting us know.

josh b

Great property management company, great people to work with.

Leyla uwu

Chester Whately

Staff in the office are always friendly. But, what really stands out is the Maintainence Dept. If you live anywhere long enough your going to have some type of maintainence that needs to be done. We recently turned the heat on and the furnace wasn’t working. I made a call (on a Sunday) and they shortly had someone to check out the problem. Another guy showed up with 3 space heaters to get us through until it could be replace. The furnace was replaced with a brand new one the very next day. Any other issue we brought to their attention before this incident was handled very quickly. We have rented this place for 3 years and don’t have a bad thing to say yet.

Brenda Blake

Very expensive dumppy places to rent

Fritz Maher

They have nice apartments, and they are good landlords.

Tammy Smith

I had a maintenance issue today and Ronnie was right here in less than an hour!,, Great guy!,

James Kaneuth

We have been extremely happy with them.

Amanda Gonzalez

I don’t normally post reviews but this seems important. Bel-Cross seemed nice and helpful in the beginning. We rented a house that was previously occupied by some college guys who left it trashed, and it didn’t look like Bel-cross had done anything to get it ready. We didn’t notice all the issues when we walked thru because the previous tenants stuff was covering things like splintered floors and holes in the walls. But the agent assured us it would be great for our growing family and ready for us to move in. When we moved in, it was filthy, had a broken fridge, broken front door, giant holes in the walls, broken windows, poorly insulated, had mold, ants and spiders and an overgrown yard. The only shower was in the open basement and was dark and stinky. We were eager to find a place and to move in quickly with our newborn baby, only to find it dirty and unsafe. We and our friends spent hours cleaning. We told them, and they claimed they didn’t know about the issues because the previous tenants didn’t tell them. Fortunately, we were able to find another place and Bel-cross let us out of our lease without much of a fight. We felt very upset and taken advantage of by Bel-Cross.


It's a horrible experience and place to rent from. They screw you over or everything, and the Broker is so ignorant, that no one should have ever gave him a licenses to run the place. They are rude and half of them can barely a speak English and when they do that they don't know anything. This entire business is a disgrace. I don't understand why there still run by the same people or in business. I have never felt so taken advantage of in my life, even when it came to my apartment nothing worked, there was no shower , the bathtub never held water, the sink was always clogged, the heat for the apartment was broke. There were no emergency exits, they only stuck a window latter in our room. The electric threw the whole apartment barley worked with out blowing a fuse. The entire atmosphere of this company and they way the handle things is terrible. When it comes to rent, they will fee you dry and if you move they will send you to court and refuse to break your lease. They have personally charged me over 2000 dollars in court costs. I strongly recommend never renting or buying from here.

Rupayan Saha

Lauren Cooney

Evan Johnson

habibul hasan sujon

Many of their apartments don't have any washer/dryer. Somehow utility bills are quite higher than other providers. In summer 120+ and 200+ in winter for electricity only. Water is 80-100 bi-monthly. Customer service is good.

Kyle Holcomb

Susanna and I had the pleasure of working with Ronnie Shingleton on a seal coating project in Morgantown this year. He was easy to contact and professional to work with. Ronnie did an excellent job of communicating with his customers and handling any issues. We look forward to doing more work with him and Bel-Cross Properties in the future!

Erika Parra

I lived in one of their properties for two years. The service was prompt most of the time , especially for emergencies, they came right away. Sometimes I had to wait a couple of weeks to get something fixed but just details that actually can wait. The first month I was living there (in summer), they changed the AC system (which I'm pretty sure must be very expensive); They also took care when the boiler failed and changed it immediately, I really appreciated that. I received my security deposit in full 45 days after moving out, I think as long as everything is working and you clean as they recommend in a letter, they'll refund the security deposit in full. I am very happy and grateful with their service in Morgantown, I absolutely recommend them.

David Dorsey

David Cantrell

My son rented from Bel Cross. It has been the worst company he's ever rented from. None of the prices that they are asking for are worth the condition that many of their rental properties are in. Would not recommend signing a lease with them.

Amy Smallwood

Jessica McWalters

Everything we went through was great and everyone was helpful. I only gave 4 starts because we haven’t gone through actually living at the house yet but I have a feeling that everyone will be just as helpful and our experience will be just as good.

Zachary Cavis

Excellent service provided through prompt maintenance and response by office staff.

Orlando Rivera

Thanks doug for help me to fine my aparment i have to say Bel-cross properties is the best in town i trying to call many other companies but no one answer or return my call.i am definitely recommend it. Next time the you looking for place or property dont lost your time call Bel-cross.

Haseeb Khan

They do have a really nice system of doing things. But have one of the worst customer care.

Denzel Bond

Kathy just hung up on me

Susan Parker

I am very pleased with my apartment that I have leased with Bel Cross Properties, my Realtor Doug that helped me with my apartment is a super nice guy, he is very helpful and he went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with my apartment, I highly recommend Doug if you are looking for an apartment, he will definitely do everything possible to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

Rachel Smithwick

Belcross is a great business to rent from. The office staff is friendly, and Aurthur the manager is great! I'm very picky about my housing and have not had a problem to date with them and have rented from them for two years. I have received my full deposit back, am going to rent with them again at a new property. Even after having to cancel appointments due to roommate problems, they still let me reschedule to go see new places. They are not your normal scumbag Morgantown landlord, they actually care.

Eric Snyder

Laura Bashour

Vince B

Jon Tucci

Bell-Cross Properties is the best. They are kind and considerate and serve all your needs. Highly recommend.

Kwang Areeya

Great apartment company. Courteous office staff!

Lindsey Stalnaker

Albert Claudio: I owe all of my Morgantown housing finds to Albert Claudio. Out of all the people I've worked with over my 8 years in this town, Albert was the one person who made what is normally an extremely stressful situation into such a fun and exciting experience. Albert truly cares about his clients and genuinely tries to find them a place that feels like home. Not only is he good at what he does, but he is such a wonderful and caring person as well. Thank you Albert for everything!


Chetan J Pradhan

Melissa called me back during an emergency even at off-hour and she provided wonderful solution to the problem. Overall she was very helpful.

Benjamin Lambert-Ranson

Just want to give a shout out to Amira in the front office! She goes out of her way to make sure she can help you fully and resolve any issues you may have. She really wants to help you and responds to emails/calls almost immediately! If you have any problems, call Amira!

Guerrilla Athlete

Ashley and Bel-Cross knocked it out of the park for me! I originally used Bel-Cross as my property manager (who also was also in charge of HOA upkeep), and couldn't have asked for better. They often had my condo filled with quality tenants way before the start of the lease, made sure the unit was well maintained, and direct deposited the rent to me, I did nothing! When it was time to sell, I decided to stick with Bel-Cross, making everything extremely smooth. Ashley Shade nailed the entire process. Between the condo being a rental in the middle of a lease, me living out of the state, having a very tight price-point that I wanted to sell at, and having a difficult schedule, I knew there were going to be some tricky moments during this time. She could not have made it any easier. She was quick to get back to me anytime I had a question, whether it was over the phone, text, or email, I was able to digitally sign most documents to make everything move faster, and she often gave me her honest opinion when I would ask for it, for which I greatly appreciate. She also made it clear on many occasions that she appreciated my business, which went a long way with our working relationship. I without a doubt would recommend Ashley Shade and Bel-Cross to anyone looking to buy/sell/rent their properties.

Jeffrey Leftridge

Belcross was very easy to deal with getting my apt. Also very affordable for my location in South Park. All around good experience

steven blake

Bud Lewis

If you pay your rent on time, the office staff are very nice and they are quick to respond to maintanance requests.

Shrums Owen

Bobby Eckles took care of my friends very much when they stayed in the apartment 612 8th street. He treated us like a family. He understands that we were from different country and helped us a lot about solving different stuffs. I am very much happy in this place.

Victoria Emery

I rented four different apartments over four consecutive years from Belcross. The first year, some of my security deposit was deducted for cleaning. The following years, I cleaned my places very well and always recieved the full deposit back, which is rare in Morgantown. I moved to accomodate roommate situations, not because of the apartments. These places may not be the highest quality, but with their locations, I believe it was a great value and well worth the rent. Throughout my stay with BelCross, the apartments had some issues with plumbing that required their attention. Belcross was very reasonable in making repairs and attending to the needs of the apartment. When appliances stopped working, they were prompt to fix or replace them. Never did they enter the properties without at least a days notice. When weather prevented me from being able to drop off the rent check, Belcross was understanding and never charged me late fees that I deserved. I highly recommend renting from Belcross properties. Arthur, the broker, and Kathy, one of the staff members stand out as particularly helpful in attending to the needs of their tenants.

Sara Huynh

Bel-Cross Properties is, in my opinion the best Property management in town. Not your typical slumlords of Morgantown. They really want to help you get your stuff ready to move in and out. Their guidelines and leasing rules are pretty straight to the point. Anytime that I had an issue with the house or with something breaking, it was fixed almost immediately. The website is great to work with. You can pay online or do walk ins. I personally love to walk in to pay rent because you avoid fees versus online, but all the ladies and gentlemen are great. The ladies have really gotten to know my boyfriend and myself over the years, and they are really helpful in helping you keep track of what is owed and what what isn't. Bel-Cross is a great to work with all in all. Arthur, the manager, is wonderful as well, he is always helpful if you need any answers or help. If there is any issue that you felt was dealt in an in proper way, whether it is through household problems or through walking in (which doesn't happen) he's pretty much there to help diffuse situations. I definitely recommend renting with them. I'm going on to my 4th year here, 3rd year renewing.

Joshua Kanenwisher

Missy Hughes

Staff very friendly

Terri Bennett

I am enjoying our apt it is very convenient to everything in star city. Thank you belcross for renting it to us. Terri and Todd Bennett

Mairwyn Kemp

Huge thank you to David for coming to personally turn on my water for me on a Friday at five o’clock. Saved me from a weekend without water, and he came within 10 minutes of my call. Great service, super friendly, much appreciated!

theresa halko

We rented a storage unit here because there were no other storage units available in all of Morgantown. We had tried 4 or 5 other places before finally finding them. Our unit was dirty, the ceiling panels were falling down. Someone at some point had tried to tape them back to the ceiling but the tape didn't hold so tape and ceiling panels were hanging down which made loading and unloading the unit annoying because we were constantly being attacked by the tape. There were ants all over the outside. Every time we went there there was just a line of ants parading at our door. Maybe they could treat for that. They make you pay 3 months in advance but every month I would get an email saying my payment was past due. I thought we had set up auto pay but now the 4th month payment is due and I got an email saying our payment is due. I went to pay online and they charge $26 as a convenience fee!! The unit is only $85!!! So they charge you about 1/3 of your fee for the convenience of paying them. most places only charge like 1%-3% so this is a huge rip off. I'm going to have to call next week and see what my other options are because I'm not paying an extra $26 to them every month just to pay my bill!! Also it was really annoying that they do make you pay for 3 months in advance. We initially only needed it for 1 month. They dont care. Luckily for us our circumstances changed so we did end up needing it longer but it seems outrageous that they make you pay for 3 months right away. Then they want a written 30 day notice when you plan on getting your stuff out. Our other place just wanted to know the day of. The final annoying thing about this place is parking to get there. Good luck finding it and then once you do there is no real place to park. We had to park in a "no parking" lot and just leave our friend in the car with the keys in case someone made him move. I wouldn't use this place again. It's not even in a good area and there is no type of security at all.

James Mccartney

So far so good....wife spoke to a wonderful woman named Jasmine and we may be dealing with her

Miles Payne

The administrative team there is awesome and super helpful. The agents are great and have helped me out a ton! However, their facilities team I would give 2-stars. They take forever to respond to important work orders and when they finally come, don't fully finish the job. Good job Belcross, but whoever you have doing facilities, is doing a poor job.

Termeh Feinberg

Doug was great when renting and then selling our home. He brought in-depth knowledge about real estate, expertise in listing and negotiations, and was attentive to the needs of the house as they arose. We can't imagine having listed with anyone but Doug at Bel-Cross!

Hannah Sborz

Horrible place to rent from. I've been yelled at multiple times by the front desk. Just recently moved into my new apartment and it was never cleaned, trash, tables, chairs, and a permanent smoke smell I can't get rid of all left for me to clean and remove before I moved in. I guess you get what you pay for. **Update** Bellcross yet again is putting the blame on me. It is your fault that the house wasn't move in ready NOT MINE. you should of had the walls painted and the furniture out!! I'm not going to take everything I have on the walls off and take my furniture out because of YOUR mistake. They have raised their voices to me on the phone many times while I remained silent. Bellcross takes advantage of young college students, STAY AWAY!!!!!

Nicki Strickland

I worked with Amanda Trusler and from the very instant she answered the phone she was kind, gracious and accommodating. She immediately responded and kept her word for when she would be able to get back to me. She took the time to find additional properties for us to view and stayed in communication with me, which is a big deal when I needed answers right away. I appreciate her professionalism. Keep up the great work! Nicki Strickland

dara kells

Very professional and courteous landlords. We rented from them for 9 years and had a very good experience with them overall.

Christine Luizzia-McGuire

As the new president of Arbors HOA our property manager Ronnie did a fantastic job with assisting us with a huge power washing project. No only did he find us a good contractor but, he watched the project from start to finish. Thank you for your professionalism, commitment, and caring about our community. Christine Luizzia-McGuire

Nicholas Podo

Bel-Cross really changed my opinion on realtors and landlords. Not only are they professional and well run but they are also personal and willing to work with you. I highly recommend them and as long as you keep them in the loop and be honest with them your living experience will be a positive one

Brianna Hammons

Timothy Russell

They are very knowledgeable and helpful if they don't know the answer they will find out...Pleasure to work with.

Lola Sue

Real Estate agent/Kathy showed us the apartments. She was really polite, honest about each property she showed us, as well as enthusiastic. I have not one bad thing to say about her!

Kayla Giles-Yelcich

I have rented off of Bel-Cross for 7 years. Staff is always kind and David and his maintenance crew are quick!

Kristina Snyder

Amelia Long

I had initially thought this company would be a safe bet for me since it was affordable and close to town. Sadly, i was mistaken. Throughout the course of the year i stayed there, we had awful problems with fleas, ants, bees, practically any bugs that could infest a house. The real trouble didnt come until AFTER I moved out, however. I spent the nights leading up to my move out date on my hands and knees scrubbing that entire apartment. I filled any holes in the walls, whether they were from me or past tenants. I shampooed all the carpets. I also cleaned all the hard to reach spots in the bathroom and kitchen that clearly had not been cleaned for years. It was disgusting. Alas, they still managed to charge me $200 for "deep cleaning" and an extra $60 for carpet shampooing. I would LOVE to revisit that apartment and witness the sorcery they had to perform to make that place any cleaner than how i left it. I'm not exaggerating when i say that i left that place 10x cleaner than how it was handed to me. If you're currently renting from Bel-cross, don't bother cleaning at the end of your lease. They'll still charge you for it regardless. I just wish they would have let me know that so that i could have been doing something better with me time instead of cleaning their scummy apartment. This company is a joke.

Kristina Shivel

I stopped in to get some information about the property itself for a history project I'm working on and the staff was so, so friendly and helpful. Albert Claudio was the one who ended up getting me the information that I needed and while he didn't have the facts right then, he got back to me within an hour of stopping in. I especially loved the building-it still retains the original structure inside and out, and makes for a very pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend stopping in Bel-Cross to anyone looking to rent or buy a home.

Latriese Holloway

BelCross made my entire process stress free and promptly answered all of my questions. I am very particular and they met all my needs. I worked with Courtney and she was beyond amazing! Very professional and helped me find answers to all my questions or concerns.

Davina Bland

Doug Miller is awesome and he helped me out alot.

Kelsey Horton

I have attempted to contact Bel-Cross for a month now about a house I am interested in touring/possibly renting. I have requested to tour online at least three times through various websites (including their own website), and have called and left a voicemail but have not heard back. If they don't want to show the house to me that's fine, but I would like to hear something from them instead of being ignored. ***edit After posting this, the owner reached out and we were able to tour a few places within 2 days. It was a simple mistake with their system. Arthur apologized, and even another worker called and emailed me apologizing. Really appreciated it!

Nirjhar Alam

A year ago I would've rated it a 4 star. But things have changed since then. A couple of months ago, I moved in to one of their more economic homes and service hasn't been the same. The new apartment I moved in was carpeted with dust and full of faulty malfunctioning things. I have a dust allergy and so suffered immensely because of the dust.This was particularly unacceptable because they have rigorous policy that makes previous tenants clean before they leave and fines them if they don't do a good job. So having spent hours making my previous place spotless, it felt really bad to move in to such a dirty new apartment. When I complained to their office, they said they'd fix it immediately but no one came for the next two weeks. When I complained again and mentioned my particular problem with dust, a woman in their office asked me if I had so much problem with dust, why I didn't get sick when walking the streets. To this day, they haven't cleaned the apartment or fixed the majority of the things they were supposed to fix.

Ileana Ille

Albert Claudio exemplifies the fundamental values and skills any successful real estate salesperson should. In addition to exhibiting a high level of competency within his field, he generates natural apertures between himself and his colleagues by going above and beyond to assist his clients and ensure their absolute satisfaction. Albert creates a warm and comforting environment, and is an absolute delight to work with. Thank you!

Betsy Knotts

Mahmood Khan

Eugene Poling

Great people there

Michelina Hewitt

David made this experience much better than prior experiences. 5 stars are for him and Steve..the guy currently fixing my roof!

Jake Dido

Living out of hotels after moving out of a drug house and no where to go bel cross helped me out fully by letting me rent a 1 bed bath room in less than 3 days amiri was such a great help im so thankful for them. Nice professional friendly service and the apartment is nice and clean 5 stars

Lexi Yost

I've never been one to online review but I feel a deep need to express concern with this company. -Since I was unable to respond to the lies posted by a bel-cross employee, I'm using my second google account. To clairify, my room mates and I never had a cat. This further proves how filthy our house was upon moving in...residual cat hair from years before is still being found?! The comments about my inability to do basic math were unnecessary and untrue. Mind you when I was on the phone with an employee being cussed out, I was simply putting in a maintenance request for our sink. The piping was old and fell apart every other week, creating a huge mess/nuisance for my room mates and I. $600 WAS taken from our deposit. $300 for cleaning purposes and $300 from our last months utilities (which we were told upon turning in our keys that no utilities remained so it would have been nice if that wasn't taken out of our deposit)-as if utilities aren't high enough to live in this dumpster fire. After speaking to the broker on the phone, I was told that our house was left in an "inhabitable condition". This is a far stretch considering we were possibly the best residents that house had seen in its years of pushing drugs and collecting dust/insects/roaches/bats/mice. This company refuses to pay for a cleaning company to make sure their homes are upkept, therefor the responsibility to compensate falls DIRECTLY on the residents shoulders. Bel cross CLEARLY does not even respect it's residents enough to HONESTLY refund security deposits. As a student, I STRONGLY URGE you to look elsewhere for housing because this is a company that severely takes advantage of its residents. Stay away and don't be fooled by these "positive reviews". This is NOT even a 4 star company.

Jennie Brailer

I DO NOT KNOW WHO SAMANTHA YOUNG'S MOTHER! IS?!! THIS IS DEFAMATORY AND FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT RENT FROM BELCROSS PROPERTIES! no privavy and no deposit back..... DIRTY aparments and no maintence! READ THE OTHER BAD REVIEWS! BAD SERVICE! communication et cetera BELCROSS takes no responsibility for their actions && will try to rip off any student/family/persons for $$$$$$$$ Evrytime you complain they have an excuse after-the-fact and blame the tentant for their bad conditions!

Luke McCandless

Cody Miller

Corwin Norred


Belcross secretary needs to be fired she has no since if ergency with her job she can’t even speak English and she forget everything. This is NOT A PERSON TO BE WORKING HEAD OF A OFFICE THE CHINESE ASIAN WHATEVER SHE IS.

Craig Westbrook

This property SUCKS!!!!! Don't EVER use them. Tried multiple times to get into an apartment and didn't have ANYONE return our calls. Every time I called back, it was as if I had never spoke to them. Very stand offish. We were trying to move there from another state seemed very unprofessional and like they didn't want us moving there. Very odd. We decided not to move there Very upsetting experience.

Joshua Feinberg

We have used bel cross to help us rent out our house and now have used them to help us sell our house. The have always responded promptly and have addressed physical issues with the property quickly and affordably. I have worked primarily with Doug Miller, and have always found him to be prompt and responsive to our wishes and concerns

Judith Turner

Michael Keffer

cindy metcalfe

We have been tenets with Bel-Cross for five years and they have been wonderful and helpful. The rent is affordable and the maintenance did an amazing job remolding the bathroom. I would recommend them to a friend looking for a new place

Cinnamontown Productions

I am a property owner, and I would like to highly recommend Doug Miller. He is organized and professional. He always returns my phone call. He know the Morgantown market, and he takes excellent care of the properties he manages. I would not trust my rentals with anyone else.

Amber Franks

Reached out to Bel-Cros and talked to David, he was such wonderful help, giving me information about properties and pointing me in the right direction since I will be new to the area. Thanks David.

Amira W

Amazing landlord and really on top of everything . You send email night before if something need fixed and is done next day or they at least contact you to let you know when they will be coming . Been with Bell-Cross for 3 years and love it !!!

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