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NOT recommended!

Chad Hartoin

New management is amazing and the staff is super friendly! Gorgeous community with endless amenities! The HUGE swimming pool, garages, 24-hour fitness center, and MANY more amenities, are all so nice! The location is fantastic as well! Highly recommend calling Blue Ridge home!

Patty Seaborn

Dear Blue ridge/ Managment, I first started inquiring about yalls property back last summer. I dealt with Erika most of the time reasons why I still don’t live there. She is the worst unprofessional young lady I have ever met. From clothing to her personality literally how is she the assistant manager. I guess you guys got her from the books of dummies. I want to say I reached out to a young man a believe his name was mark and he went over everything immediately what took Erika almost a year took him five minutes I will not move there due to Erika I fear the worst in my contact ect. I hope others have a better chance with this complex and I hope they deal with Mark because Erika sucks.

Daniel Juarez Jr.

Alex D

Prior to moving here I read tons of awful reviews, being new to Midland that made me really nervous. I do have to say in the time I have lived here, I have had a great experience! Ok fine the office may not be the best, but they are good enough.. I don't deal with them enough to give it much thought. I was worried that living in an oilfield community, it would be loud with shady people, etc, etc. That has been far from my experience. It is so quiet (the true test is that my boyfriend works nights sometimes and has to sleep during the day), the people seems really normal, not to mention the awesome apartment layout, and how nice it feels inside. Yes, it's over-priced but, that's Midland for you! It's not forever but, I am so glad that Blue Ridge is the first place we rented here.. it has made living in Midland a little bit better. I think the bad reviews are due to way too high of standards for renting. It's apartment living. You can't expect a whole lot. Buy a house and take that risk if you rather but, if you're looking for a decent place in a safe environment that is pretty quiet considering apartment living, I would choose Blue Ridge again and again.

Colby Conner

Not the same since new owners I'll be moving asap

Rooster Martin

Great place to live


Safe and best place to live ever!!!

Jorge zarate

Nice place

Paulo Turley

vlogers life

Melinda Richmond

I can't even explain how much I loved living here. Due to health issues, I have to move, but this community is by far the best in Midland! Maintenance might take a hour to fix issues. Staff is always welcoming. Definitely worth the money!

Tucker behr

Very poor, and overall unprofessional management. Furthermore, the apartment has continuous maintenance issues, and the management carelessly allows time to go by before fixing it. For example, my AC went out within two months of moving in and it took three days just for them to replace the Freon. For other repairs it has taken several weeks. Simply put: it is not worth the price. There are plenty of newer and nicer apartments in the area for the same price. Do your research don’t waste your time and money.


LONG REVIEW, BUT I DON'T SUGAR-COAT! This apartment complex was brand new when we moved in in 2011; we had to push our move-in date back about 2 weeks due to construction. It was an absolute DREAM: perfect apartments, the grounds were gorgeous (for being in west Texas), rent was reasonable (our 2bed/2bath was roughly $1350 including utilities), and the original management was super polite and professional. Fast forward 4 years and this is what you have: "decent" apartments, parking is a joke, one mediocre maintenance man and 2 elderly grounds men, inconsiderate people who let their dogs poo by other people's patios and leave it, severely over-priced apartments, fees added during an active lease without any notice/addendum, absolutely horrible management. Allow me to elaborate on the management... Our front and back doors have a gap between the doors and frames, so we constantly have bugs coming in (and yes, I clean). I put in several service requests to have the stripping replaced so there wouldn't be a gap. We have a baby who is always picking things up and putting them in her mouth. I was finally told by Stephanie that this is west Texas, the bugs are harmless, albeit a nuisance, listened about how she enjoys watching said bugs, and that I might have to look at Lowes or Home Depot and just fix the gap myself. Uh, no. We now pay $1700-$1800 each month (same 2bed/2bath), including utilities and fees. It is THEIR responsibility, not the paying customer's. When I noticed an extra fee (which I was not made aware of when resigning) I asked about it, and was told it was an "administrative trash fee" and that all tenants were being charged. Ok, great, but why wasn't that on the fee addendum in our lease? I was told by Angie that she'd be happy to give me her supervisor's number. In conclusion, DO NOT LEASE HERE.

Tinmoe Han

Fabian Acevedo

What i like about Blue Ridge Apartments is it's quite and peaceful.

Charissa Ikel

This place is ridiculous. I had read all the bad reviews about the bad management and so on but my husband went to check it out and he said they are supposedly under new management. My husband convinced me that it would be ok and I consented because the apartment was the right size, price, and included an attached garage. We signed the initial paperwork for the apartment, hired movers, and we're all set to move in in 5 days. My husband called them to ask a question about move in and found out they had given the apartment away out from under us. Supposedly they had tried to call but we had given them 2 cell phone numbers and a home phone number and we never heard anything from them. Their solution? Offer us a one bedroom apartment instead of the 3 bedroom we were going to move into. Trust the reviews people.

Икрич Викто

Told one of the ladies anette to hold an apartment for me which I had to wait a whole month to get it. And I talked to her the night before when I send 660$ to hold the apartment. So she never decided to get back to me next day. I called her few times and then she's all like oh the apartment been leased already last night. I'm like wth we talked yesterday and you said you will hold it, what a waste of space leasing agent.I wasted my time and 20$ to over night a check to her which was a total waste. She knew the apartment was least before and she just wanted my money so I can wait 2 more months to get a another apartment screw that I'll go some where else thanks but no thanks. Horrible service and can't keep up with your apartments and what's being least! Get off your lazy butt and look.

Bruno Schwizer

Staff at the front is super friendly. Including the person that the other reivewer didn't seem to like much. Undergoing new management so not sure what will stay and what will go. Rent can be paid online and with optional automatic payments. Problems can be submitted online and repairs are the scheduled via work orders. Usually done quickly. Apartments aren't fancy but we're priced fair (if that's possible to say in Midland). Pool area is nice. There is a business center where one can use a computer and a printer. Gym is decent. Minus one star because A building has a bit of a dog poop problem and the vehicle gates haven't work in about a year.

Vic Warden


Hello! We've been looking for an amazing apartment and this place is just right!!Yes,there're spescific qualifications/financial support needed to be accepted but I cannot tell you how long we've wanted to move here!please look into it,thanks.

Tiffany Armstrong

The staff is rude and always changing they can’t keep a staff. They have a different story every time you call, takes 5+ times asking to get anything done! Can’t even get a call back from corporate! They’re full of stupidity, the property is going downhill in a hurry, trash is everywhere, breezeways are never cleaned, it takes 15+ calls to get someone in the office to answer or return a call that trickles down from upper management. Avoid this place!! You do not wanna live here! All safety lights out the entire parking lot is pitch black at night. Worthless staff all around. Choose anywhere else if you want to be happy with your home, BlueRidge is not it! Unless they brought the old management company back then they’d probably fix it again!

Shelbi Y

Jessica LeBlanc

Entrance in the middle of the shopping center. Do not trust google maps

Robert C.

Tashana Gibbs

I love the apartment itself! Spacious, set up well, and located by a great shopping center. They also have people that walk around picking up trash and keep the grounds clean. The pool area is great to hangout and enjoy yourself! However, my biggest complaint is the outside areas. They do have landscapers come out! However, there is no good grass for dogs, the stickers are absolutely the worst ive seen anywhere in West Texas, and the stickers are all over the inside of my apartment because of how bad they are.

Shellie Smith

Can't plug more than three things in the kitchen or you will blow a fuse. This includes appliances. Our breaker box remains constantly open because of this. Also our microwave has been broken for a month. Our lent in the dryer barely makes it out of the exhaust, which scares me because of the high risk of fire. The gym has three treadmills, two of which have had signs that read "out of order, maintenance has been called" for MONTHS now.

Ernest R

Bryan Roebuck

I lived in 2 different apartments on this property and both were extremely overpriced for what you get. "Midland," I know but even still that's no excuse for price gouging. Moved to Fort Worth and bought a 4 bedroom house with a 2 car garage in a nice area for $600/month less than what I was paying there for my 2 bedroom apt. Original staff and management company was nothing less than a 3 ring circus. They lost paperwork, double booked parking spaces, did not properly clean apartments before move-ins, and the list goes on. The new management company seems to be a little more on the ball, however they are attempting to charge me for more days than when I lived there, as well as cleaning the apartment that I left in better shape than it was in before I moved in. I would advise you to find a different apartment complex, but you are in good luck?

Alonzo Escontrias

Super nice apartments and would recommend to anyone. Good location!

Travis Oglesby

Best front office in Midland. Kiki is awesome!!

dulce tome

Tamara Garcia


Abenet Amare

Good location and nice apartment but horrible management the management will make you hate the place..

Todd Lindsley

Paloma Ortega

Jonathan Kutscherousky

Sharon Callaway

Clean area. Nice presentation.

Daniel Branstetter

Stayed for a month (corporate apartment). Nice layout and roomy. Parking sucks but its an apartment complex. Maintenance requests are taken care of pretty quick but as a person that runs Maintenance crews i would do a few things differently.

Denese McDonald

I have lived at Blue Ridge for almost three years. The apartments are clean and well kept. When I've asked for the carpets to be cleaned, it gets done. For the most part I've enjoyed living here and with little to no problems. Some staff are approachable and easy to work with, others not so much. Indifference, rudeness, and demeaning expressions come to mind. The maintenance crew is prompt and follow through with requests. Sometimes there are problems (I later find out it isn't their fault--ERICA), some minor, but other times not so. Overall they do good professional work and go out of their way to help me. However, the office staff (some) are rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional--ERICA. I stopped submitting maintenance requests to her because she only half listens, typically gets it wrong, or fail to submit requests. Bad habits are finishing your sentences, leaving you on hold for long periods (she doesn't tell you that she would be doing this), making you fill out duplicate leases, or keep asking you to re-explain because she is distracted....the list goes on. Additionally she does not follow through and there have been times when I have been so frustrated that I ended our conversation by pretending I didn't have a request. I used to make jokes about it but then it got irritating. ERICA typically denied that these things were happening, until one day another staff (no longer there), intervened (I was getting irritated and quite bewildered) and said, "I honestly don't know what happens...I see it now." ERICA seems to have whole conversations in her head and may think one can read her forehead and follow along. I have not experienced some of the things other reviewers have reported. I overlooked some of the problems I ran into and in fairness, some of my frustrations came from when I did not understand a process. Quite frankly they run a business and it's a first come, first serve, unless you place a deposit and rent to secure a particular apartment (which I did). Granted even doing so they dropped the ball but it wasn't anything earth shattering. There have been changes and my only complaint is the LACK OF COMMUNICATION. I can't know if you don't SAY SOMETHING!!!!!! I feel safe here and unlike what some people have said, the property is mostly clean. I do believe the owners try and that is evident. I would have given another star but the rudeness from more than one staff is the problem. I'm told this is the West Texas way.

Alp Haci

Ridiculous prices, blood sucking managers.. avoid this place

Pyi Hein

Lincoln Wells

The parking lot lights on the east side of the complex starting with building A have been out for 5+ years. I’ve complained several times but nothing is ever done. They excuse was “we are waiting to rent a scissor lift.” You’d think they’d want it lit up and safe. The lights under the covered parking are out pretty much all around the whole complex, glad I have a garage. There are no lounge chairs at the pool. The last two years the excuses has been “they are on order”. Next to no place to sit at the pool. The bottom of the pool last summer was showing signs of mold. Haven’t looked this year since it hasn’t warmed up enough yet. It needs a deep deep cleaning. Shingles missing due to high winds on many of the roofs for years. Looks pretty tacky. The security gates to enter the complex are always broke. There is one broken right now. I could keep going but you get the picture.


Great prices for great apartments!

Ivan Mendoza

Great place to live! Great staff, prompt maintenance, great mini gym!

david hermosillo

Ronna Westland

I travel for a living in the oil and gas business and having worked in 11 different states in multiple locations over the past many years, it is quite common for me to lease hotels,cabins and apartments, or whatever I can find that is clean, safe, decent and affordable for the time I will be working in that particular area. My experience with Blue Ridge Apartments and its so called "management" staff has been excruciatingly painful since day one and the absolute worst experience Ive ever had in an apartment. The staff is very difficult to deal with, they rarely answer the telephone, and rarely, if ever, return a call should you decide to leave a message. The staff is extremely rude and condescending, and seem to be always fumbling around rather than taking decisive action when needed, especially the leasing agent I've had the great misfortune to deal with named Stephanie who is the epitome of rude and inefficient. I have yet to call to ask a question or to inquire about a required action where Stephanie has not absolutely failed, often citing being too busy to speak with me, the paying customer. This office staff seems to have a frequent rash of "computers are down" problems, you will get the reply of "I dont know" more times than not and they just show an overall sense of complacency over anything you need to address. These apartments are incredibly over-priced for what they are to begin with, primarily because of the resurrected oil and gas boom Midland is now experiencing so they have you over a barrel. And apparently they also feel like this is why they can be hateful and condescending to customers. The apartments are nothing special, the grounds even less spectacular but all that aside, how they treat the tenants is unbelievable and we work way too many hours to constantly feel harassed and not taken care of. Based on my having rented far more apartments than the average person does in a lifetime, I can safely say that you will be doing yourself an enormous favour by looking elsewhere to lease an apartment. Trust me, many months later, Im still sorry that Im having to deal with these folks. I should have taken the que on the very first day when Stephanie was rude to me and taken my business and my hard earned money elsewhere. This experience has SUCKED and I do not recommend this place at all.

Sendy Aleman

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