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chelsea woodard

Jessica Drew was extremely rude hostile and belligerent showed up at my house unannounced threatened to call her attorney on me because she couldn't close a deal with her lack of skills in a neighborhood I've lived in 20 plus years she refused to leave was yelling and made me feel very unsafe I had to file a police report on her

Kathy010708 Brown

Commitee completely ignored my complaint about lying, unethical behavior of realtors in Myrtle Beach. I was denied a closing, suffered $7500 loss, magistrate judge denied due process, Realtor Board said since 180 days had passed they wouldn't act. Very pathetic. Board does nothing to enforce ethical standards. Shame on them.

Cain Denny

Professional, responsive, understanding.

Mary J.

Madison Ballagh

Tyrannical Inept Agency that views license holder as guilty and consumer complainant as being correct when complainant has history of professional law suits combined with drug and mental issues. Constant scrutiny and criticism and they just want to fine license holder without reviewing facts instead they rely on hearsay and conjecture. Very unprofessional the way they harass hard working Ex military family. Reform is needed with this agency.

Corey Bealer

Kyndle Daniels

Josh Turley

Self righteous and closed minded these folks are..

xerxes m

I have worked with hundreds of governmental agencies over 20+ years and never have I seen such a dysfunctional organization. I have worked with the commission on a project for over one year and this project realistically should have taken less than 6-8 weeks. The majority of my calls were passed from department to department and when the pass-off was made my calls and emails were not returned in a timely basis. I estimate that over 60-70% of my calls and emails were not returned at all. I had to call multiple times and email multiple times to even receive a response. And the responses that I did receive were perfunctory and looks as if it were composed by a 9 year old. This is truly sad as complying with the laws is compulsory, however, the commission certainly does not make it easy. Realistically, the director of the commission should be fired and management should be restructured, or the entire team should be fired and rebuilt from scratch. I have worked with many agencies in other states and the feeling you receive in some states is that they are 'here to help' and they are resourceful and responsive. This is absolutely not so with the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. To the contrary, when contacting then you feel as if you are imposing on them and bothering them. Communism died with the Cold War. We realize you have a monopoly on real estate licensing in Arkansas, however, you must bear in mind that you also have indirect competition (other states) and unfortunately we are dismantling our project (it was a $12,000,000+ project) and taking it to another state.

Addison Simms

These people are HORRIBLE. They know that you have to deal with them and their behavior reflects that. You could seriously talk to the same person on the phone 15 times and call back 10 minutes later and they've completely forgotten your entire conversation and who you are. SO much lost paperwork, lack of communication, and the receptionist LaKisha has a serious attitude and can never help you and always says "I wouldn't know that". Trust me, if I didn't have to deal with these people I wouldn't. Every time I have to call them I seriously have to take a few deep breaths to prepare to be frustrated. I have dealt with Lisa Hill a few times and she acts like she could not care any less about your issue or inquiry. She never replies to emails and when you eventually call her because you haven't heard back in weeks, she has no idea who you are and has never read your email. You can call and ask for the same thing 100 times and it never gets sent/done. Please improve Arkansas! Training for your employees is MUCH needed.

Fredie Smith

Was honored to come in and provide some leadership training to the Stand Foundation.


Daniel Love

Lisa Skinner


Mark Jarrett

Korey and Lisa Skinner

Godwin Ikeri

Lisa Stassi

Arkansas and her people will always hold a very special place in my heart. In 2003, when my mother was dying in Louisiana, I sought out a law school that would let me be close to her and also finish law school. Everyone turned me down except Arkansas. That's how I wound up so heavily invested in real estate there. For about ten years, I had to endure the jabs of my real estate investing peers that I was invested in a backward state, but it seemed like a good place to be invested to me. I had wonderful real estate peer/friends and I did well. Without getting into too many gory details (the court case can be found on the internet) the Arkansas Real Estate Commission seemed to willfully ignore the facts and law in my case and rule against me. The appellate court slapped them down hard for this and they deserved it. Precious YEARS that I can never get back were wasted fighting these incompetents. This is unconstitutional. Because the Arkansas Real Estate Commission destroyed my pristine reputation, I had no choice but to fight back with extreme force. Sadly, I must agree with Josh Turley and Xerxes m, the Arkansas Real Estate Commission is just awful. Speak UP, people. I don't understand why the good people of Arkansas tolerate the bad behavior and incompetence of the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Arkansans deserve better. If you wonder why your house or building isn't selling as fast as it should or just won't sell, consider the possibility that there are lots of sellers and not a lot of buyers because out of state buyers have left the state in frustration or disgust. It is too risky to invest in real estate in the state of Arkansas because you cannot rely upon the Arkansas Real Estate Commission to make speedy and accurate dispositions in cases brought before them. Think the Arkansas Real Estate Commission doesn't have jurisdiction over your real estate issue? Well, perhaps they'll try to "power grab" dominion and control over your issue that they don't REALLY have like they did in my case. An abundance of buyers tends to create competition for an asset and drive prices up. One has to wonder if the Arkansas Real Estate Commission is really so dumb, or are they favoring one group over another? I wish someone would make them take a real estate economics test because I bet they'd flunk it. I wonder how many other multi million dollar real estate deals the state of Arkansas has lost (see Xerxes m review below) due to the incompetence of the Arkansas Real Estate Commission and I wonder why no one seems to care. Multi million dollar real estate deals mean JOBS for Arkansans. Where the HECK is an investigative reporter when you need one? This isn't the sharp, open for business state of Arkansas that I remember. I still love beautiful Arkansas and her beautiful people, but I will never be back and I don't think I'm the only one. The Arkansas Real Estate Commission does not seem to know what it's doing and it takes so long to decide cases (years) that a typical licensee can easily wind up bankrupted because they cannot work without a license for years. This is unconstitutional. The disposition of cases should take months, not years. I suspect that the Arkansas Real Estate Commission has a rather serious leadership problem. It's sad and weird that no one seems to care or perhaps they are just massively intimidated? The Arkansas Real Estate Commission has demonstrated its power, will, and ability to arbitrarily destroy long, successful careers and multi million dollar projects. You KNOW it's bad when attorneys are intimidated. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL that William Bowen allowed me to complete my last year of law school in Arkansas in 2004. Sincere hugs and kisses to my former home. Please do better.


Chris Parks

Liz Mackenzie

Best commission ever!!

Sydrana Marshall

It's ok

Mike Mac Kinder

Google User

Nayeli Carbajal

Wendy Gibbs Ferguson, Realtor

Wonderful bunch of processionals!

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