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REVIEWS OF RentProv Realty IN Rhode Island

Chris Lavigne

I have nothing but good things to say about RentProv. Shannon, Jonathan, and the rest of the RentProv team helped my wife and I sell our home in Rhode Island and made the entire process simple and straightforward. Communication was prompt and clear. Jon was an excellent sounding board for advice and guidance during what is typically a confusing process. There were a few tricky parts of the process surrounding the closing of the sale, but Jonathan and his team was able to iron everything out before we met with our buyers. We sold to relocate to the Boston area, and Jon was able to point us in the right direction for this as well. Like I said earlier, these folks are helpful and super communicative.

Brian Walsh

Jenn B

Never answer the phones or return voicemails. After reading one guys comment, I'm guessing it's on purpose.

Danielle Barnabe

Awful. Zero customer service skills. I worked with Jeff Weinstein, who was there in the beginning and then no where to be found once my deposit had been made. Jeff insisted that our rental allowed cats, I had asked four times to be exact, in person, through text and email, all of which he confidently told me this was approved and once we made the deposit, he would take the rental off the market. Once I made my deposit and followed through with the application process, he was nowhere to be found. It took days and nagging to finally get a response from him, in which he simply told me "the owner doesn't want cats." He then told me my deposit would be refunded within three days. Two weeks later, I still had no refund and could not get a response from Jeff or the admin office. FInally (after nagging) I received a response from the admin office, to find out my refund had never been processed, and I would have to wait another week at least. To wait 3 weeks for $1000+ from a company that refuses to respond to any calls/email, not to mention a company that has all of my personal information, is unacceptable. I have tried to get in touch with someone here about my concerns and experience, and have been blatantly ignored. I understand that processes such as these take time, and a 5-7 business day online refund is out of their control. What is 100% in their control, is the ability to communicate with clients throughout the process, rather than leaving a client under the impression they can end their search for a new home. Overall, I would not suggest anyone trust this company with their money and personal information. The lack of communication and incompetence is absurd.

Cathy G. Johnson

Garbage slumlords. I visited two properties with two different """agents""" (if you could even call them that). The houses were falling apart and they continually attempted to convince me that was acceptable. One unoccupied apartment looked like a pigsty, with half-finished construction work all over the place, and Jared kept saying I should pay the deposit immediately, without seeing it cleaned up first. Trash all over the place, landlords completely absent. Do not, do not, do not work with these people. Providence is a beautiful city, and if guys like this would go out of business, it would be an even more beautiful city.

Jeff Aborn

My Daughter put down a deposit with people back in March 2012, then decided she did not want it, i tried to get my deposit back. The owner at RENTPRO said he was not going to do return my deposit. Very bad people to do business with keep away from them, they just like taking peoples money.

Maxine Ione

DO NOT give any kind of monetary deposit to these guys WITHOUT an upfront lease. Now that I've stated that disclaimer, let me continue by saying that the process made me uncomfortable from the second I left the showing, and I should have listened to my gut and never contacted them again. Now I will say that Jeff was pleasant and kind, but besides that this whole process made me and my boyfriend extremely uneasy. We went to a showing of an apartment, and were told we had to put a deposit down otherwise they'd continue showing it. They want a deposit without signing a lease first, this was heavily emphasized and made us feel rushed to get them the deposit so we wouldn't lose this lovely place. This was extremely disconcerting as this is Not a standard renting practice. Not to mention they suggest doing the application online and paying the fees/ deposit there, which was also worry some as even though they use Paystand, which is a legitimate transaction processing company, it asked us to sign into our bank account to deposit an e check. We refused, and Jeff reluctantly agreed to do it in person. Despite our bad feelings, we went forward with the deposit (gaining just a receipt on their letter head). The next morning we receive a text before we're supposed to go sign the lease, that suddenly the apartment had to be rented out to someone who needed an emergency place to live, but they'd have another unit in that same building up for rental within a couple weeks. Now I have worked in customer service for many years, and I am very understanding when it comes to special circumstances. However, this process was so sketchy to begin with that this was just the final alarm Bell going off in my head, and we were honestly expecting that we might never hear from them again and might be SOL as far as our deposit went- ESPECIALLY since when we called the office the secretary barely greeted us and just transferred us directly to our realtors full voicemail box without giving us a chance to speak at all. Overall, as willing as Jeff was to work with us on finding a different place and he was extremely apologetic, the other bad reviews on Yelp that mirror our own deposit scare overall left a very bad taste and our mouths, and I suggest being very careful when working with this business, if at all. $50 bucks in application fees down the drain.

paige hornbaker

If i didn't have to put a star i wouldn't. This place in the most UNPROFESSIONAL joke i have ever walked into. The people are unprofessional, the properties they find are crap. They love never getting back to you. EVERY person in that realty establishment should really find new occupations because it is so sad how they don't know how to do their own jobs. We are leaving the apartment they gave us because not only were they difficult to work with the landlord was just as big of a joke as Rentprov was. Please i advice anyone to stay away from them at ALL COSTS. Lies, cheats, and straight up ignorance.

Elizabeth P

Brianna Phillips

I wish I read all the terrible reviews before signing a lease with this company. I’ve always dealt with Ryan and he’s very kind and responsive, but on my latest apartment I had to deal with the listing agent Brian Weinstein. When I got to my apartment with my movers, I realized there was a window missing in the bedroom of my FIRST FLOOR apartment. Just a big hole in the house. I called all my contacts at Rentprov and after an hour someone finally responded to me. I was panicking. Brian showed up about an hour after that and was not apologetic at all. He brought over a garbage bag and duct tape and said “its like sleeping with your windows open”… Not when you’re a single female in PVD on a first floor, bud. He couldn’t promise me that anyone would show up to board it up or install a window that day. I honestly don’t think they would have done anything for me at all that day if I didn’t follow up with them multiple times. Finally around 7 some guy knocked on my door and installed a broken / used window. Everything went downhill from here. As I looked around, I realized all the other items that weren’t done. No hot water, no blinds or screens on the windows, no hardware on the kitchen cabinets, no shelves in the closets to hang anything, some rooms don’t have working lights, holes in the walls, dirt all over all the walls and a layer of construction dust everywhere, no shower rod, broken toilet seat, no washer and dryer in the basement as promised, old sinks and other garbage in my parking spot etc… The worst part is they completely ghost me all the time and don’t explain anything. I have a long string of one sided texts, unanswered phone calls and lists left undone. When they finally answer they lie and say stuff in getting done and then it doesn’t. They NEVER give me notice when people are coming in and out which is completely illegal. The guys come and do half of a projects (the worst handy work I’ve ever seen) they literally drilled 12 holes to hang a shelf in the closet, installed it wrong and now it bends and all my clothes fall off. I haven’t heard from Brian in a week and there’s some guy in my apartment right now (which I saw on my security camera). What if I had been getting out of the shower? I have a dog that I need to worry about if there’s people working there. I texted Brian again today about giving me 24 hour notice and he is still ignoring me. It’s been two weeks and all the stuff isn’t done. I still have no heat. The biggest kick in the balls is that I found out there is an Airbnb above me when a family of 7 showed up with a baby. I looked at the listing and its gorgeous. Completely finished, an island and gas fireplace in the kitchen, pure luxury. It’s completely mind boggling that I can’t get them to answer me and get a window and there’s a luxury pad above me. I feel so helpless. I can’t afford to move again and I can’t waste the money I’ve spent on this apartment. I’ve been renting for 12 years in NYC and PVD and I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life. Stay away!

Addison Butler

Unless you have a perfect credit history with no marks against you ever, no matter how few or how small, they won't want to work with you. You could be the ideal candidate in every other way, and it wouldn't make a difference. Outside of finding tenants, they have literally nothing to do with the rental process, but don't bother trying to contact the landlord directly, because that's "not allowed." The young agent who worked with me didn't like that I wouldn't roll over and accept defeat when it came to determining eligibility for an apartment - for any apartment- and decided it would be better to literally ignore my phone call, and eventually passed me off to another agent, who verbally confirmed that yes, he did ignore me on purpose. This other agent said he would be willing to try to work with me, but I somehow suspect I might receive similar treatment. Unprofessional is just one word for my experience with this agency so far.

Dominique Gaines

Sooooo unprofessional I been calling all week no one returns calls

Amber Toler

The Worst! Very unprofessional, did not keep their word, would never use again or recommend to anyone.

Kyle Coughlin

My wife and I recently purchased our first home with Shannon. From start to finish she was able to help us through the process. She even provided a great lender so that I could take full advantage of my military background and use the VA program to purchase our house which had it's perks. She definitely worked well with everyone throughout the transaction while also making sure we were comfortable with the product we were getting. Response time and follow through was always prompt! We would definitely use her again!

Amanda Lataille

I've worked with RentProv Realty for a few years now and had nothing but great experiences. They always find me good tenants who last at least the year if not longer! They do all the work for me and I know they are bringing me good professional people that fit my listings so I will continue to do business with them.

Owen Tidwell

The agents I dealt with here are terrible at their job. 45 minutes late to our first meeting and unprepared when arrived; took them 4 attempts to get one sentence in the lease right; they did not evict the previous tenant by the start of my lease leading to a week-plus delay and near homelessness; they are terrible at returning phone calls but great at taking your money. If you have other options to find an apartment or home, then run away from RentProv.

Kira Lichorowic

Rent prov was very accommodating / patient for myself and my roommates (4 picky females) throughout my 4 years in Rhode Island. We chose to move each year to a new place and used rent prov for it all. Several of my colleagues also used their service and I heard of nothing but seamless transactions. On a side note.. Being out of providence for several years .. They have been very speedy with providing a recommendation to landlords to verify a good tenant, which is a must in big cities!

Neil King

Brendan and the staff have helped me twice to find apartments so far, as they always seem to have what I'm looking for. They just found me a great spot that fulfills all my needs for less than what I was anticipating to pay. All without leaving the neighborhood. Thanks guys!

Eric Denner

Everyone I worked with was very nice and I was able to rent a wonderful apartment through them. The majority of their staff was on the younger side so it was easier to relate with them than some of the other companies I spoke with during my search. The realtor I was working with was professional and down to earth so we got along well. You should definitely check out their apartments if you are looking for a new one.

Brad Waner

Alexander Smith

I first met with agent Greg for an apartment in Federal Hill which I found on craigslist. I liked the place but had some stipulations to moving in -- some minor fixes and a paint job -- before I submitted my deposit. When everything went through and I got the keys, I learned that none of my requests had been completed which was very frustrating. I contacted Greg and his manager Brian who both assured me it was all a miscommunication. They then organized all the fixes but couldn't get the landlord to do the promised paint job. But they bought us all the paint and supplies we needed to get the job done which was an appreciated compromise and good to see that they tried to follow through with their promises. The people at RentProv are good people. Just make sure your questions get answered.

lexi Kienitz

I recently worked with Brendan Feeley to rent an apartment. He was extremely kind and answered all of my questions and concerns, regardless of the time of day! I was worried about committing to the apartment because of the bad reviews I saw for RentProv, but I'm really happy that I went through with it and I absolutely love my apartment! I'm so thankful to have gotten to work with Brendan!

Dawn H

If I could give zero I would . If you arent a college student they have no interest in renting to you. Dont even waste your time.

Shellshell Badasz

Never calls back

Siraj Janoudi

I tried contacting Shannon, she gave very bad service, never replied to my calls or my text messages.

Christina P

I first got in contact with Rent Prov at the end of my sophomore year. The agent was so patient with me and my soon to be 4 roommates, as we were on a strict time frame but had picky minds when it came to our own place. We continued to use Rent Prov for the next 3 years throughout college and had a GREAT experience every single time. It sometimes felt like we got special treatment as the agents would help accommodate moving situations with our furniture, move in-out dates, and most importantly any repairs that needed done were fixed almost immediately. But this is how they treat all their tenants. This agency is extremely experienced in the area and was very honest about the areas we were living in along with neighbors, safety, etc. I've since moved and still contact my old agent time to time with questions about my house- haha! I would highly recommend Rent Prov to anyone in the area!

Russ Durfee

After contacting RentProvRealty I was promptly followed up with and given a variety of options for my needs. Staff were friendly, professional, and worked with my schedule to make viewing appointments. Would recommend.

Simmer Kung-Fu

AVOID AT ALL COSTS-DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE, THEY WILL TRY TO ROB YOU! YOU CAN EASILY LEARN WHO OWNS THE PROPERTY AND CONTACT THEM. YOURSELF! You can also clearly see where they have created fake profiles to leave falsified 5 star reviews in the hopes of tricking you. A previous reviewer noticed these 5 star reviewers (like not even 4 guys? Make it believable, no?) have left 1 review EVER. RentProv are hacks, amateurs that can’t even doctor their own google reviews without being completely obvious. I had the unlucky displeasure of dealing with these people and it was beyond criminal. I was told the property would be available prior to the 1st since, ya know, most people need to be out of their current place a by the 1st and the new place should be vacant for cleaning anyways, right? Weeks went by, and as moving day approached, I was assured multiple times the new place would be available and that it was pet friendly. My dog at the time was over 10 years old, I would not simply “risk it” and hope for the best with a senior dog. Well move-in day came and after a struggle to pick up the keys, at which time i was told I hadn’t paid over $1300 in fees and rent (luckily I had my receipt in hand because I could sense they would try something like that) I FINALLY show up to move in, and the current tenants (because that’s what it’s call when you STILL LIVE THERE) were still moving their stuff out! I literally had to dump my stuff in the front yard while I waited for them to finish. So obviously NOTHING was cleaned, whatever I can do it myself. A couple weeks go by and the landlord of this dump, who I swear to Christ was literally Judge Caprio himself, calls me and asks why do I have a dog and who told me I could do that? This was years ago and I’m still haunted by how unacceptable (I’ve lived in some questionable places, but this was beyond unsafe and illegal) the property was and how obviously sketch RentProv is.

Lauren Bernales

I cannot believe that this realty company is even in business. I traveled to Providence from the southeast, and scheduled an appointment 1 week in advance to view an apartment. THE AGENT NEVER SHOWED OR BOTHERED TO CONTACT ME. After calling their office and waiting around, I finally got a text from "Shannon", who didn't bother to respond after I asked if we could reschedule. AVOID.

Solmarie Gonzalez

T Rittmueller

Excellent because first, I was greeted in a friendly and professional manner and then I was given outstanding service. All the people at this agency, and especially the owner went out of their way to treat me as if they valued my business and to help me find a home. They listened carefully to the price range and the amenities I wanted, showed me numerous properties, and explained clearly what the pros and cons of each property and neighborhood would be for ME--because they had listened to MY preferences and respected my wish-list. They kept working with me, patiently, until I found exactly the right place. If you are ethical, reasonable, honest and fair-minded, and looking for a company with those same values, you will enjoy doing business with Rent Prov.

Daniel Bernstein

Great to work with them! Great staff that will work with you.

Michael Marketos

Rentprov has given us the worst experience ive ever had with trying to find an apartment. First they showed up garbage apartments with holes in the walls, dog crap on the floors and once we found an apartment we liked, greg convinced us to hand him the deposit and told us we would definitely have the apartment. After giving him the deposit we didn't hear from him for a week, told us he just had to write up the lease and we would be set. And TWO days before moving told us that we actually didn't get the apartment and that the landlord decided to go for someone else even though we know the current tenants and were told that nobody else looked at the place. He then showed us a few places nowhere near where we were looking and so much more expensive than we wanted. We did get our deposit and a day later found a beautiful 3 bed loft. If youre thinking of going through them, just do it yourself. I promise you it will be better.

Mike Bari

I am relocating from ny to providence. Rentprov and their agent SHANNON screwed me over in one of the worst ways possible. I met with Shannon, saw the apartments, everything was great. I chose a place filled out the app, paid my deposit, and 1st month with security when I realized she had given me a receipt with the wrong address. I also purchases renters insurance under the wrong info. I was promised to move in one week before nov1 and my career starts on the 2nd. After being given the run around and ignored for days I had to have my brother who lives there show up at the place to get an answer because no one would help me on the phone or get back to me. They made the excuse of the gas not being turned on and delays involving that. Long story short I got my money back, but here I am with one week till my job starts and trying to find a place that will accept a pitbull and move in...a near impossible feat that took me a month to do the first time I found a place with shannon. If she had not ignored me and given me the run around for a week, I would have 2 weeks to find another place. Shannon and Rentprov may have cost me my career opportunity.

Evin Barrett

Unprofessional, untrustworthy, bad business


Leanna fun

The room had fleas, and the landlord refused to get an exterminator, we had to buy our own fleas smoke bombs, and flea repellent to get the fleas out of the apartment it costed us about $150-$200 to get all the flease out, then we were charged for other tenant possession out of security deposit. Will never use again.

Giselle Recinos

Extremely irresponsible, all they care about is your $$. No communication between rent prov & landlord. Rent prov would say one thing, landlord would say another. The properties/landlords they do business with are TRASH. Clear that the landlords are just as in it for the $$ as rent prov. I have a friend who moved out of state & forgot to return the key to the apt they we're renting... we're still waiting to see if rent prov will even bother to call and ask for the key.. who knows how many people have a copy to the keys of the place you're renting thru them.

Joseph Bellavia

Signed a lease with RentProv, and ended up having to get it terminated for several reasons. 1. The place was not even close to ready by a few weeks before our move in date. They had no plans to tell us, but luckily we happened to be in the area and made a visit to the house. 2. Our landlord, Shannon Elizabeth Norris, repeatedly ignored calls, emails and texts from us, when we had questions or issues about the place. We ultimately had to call the business itself in order to be released from the lease. 3. Even after they promised to terminate the lease we had to send multiple emails and call multiple times in order to get the promised refund of our deposit and application fees. Overall a terrible experience. Do not trust them with your money.

William Smyth

Avoid RentProv at all costs. I went to them looking for an apartment, the biggest stipulation I had was that it have 2 off street parking spots. (Overnight street parking is illegal in Providence) I was assured it did. However, upon moving in, I learned we did not have 2 spots, that they had promised. I was told the person I met with was unaware they had promised the spots to another tenant. Then on moving day, they did not show up to unlock the apartment or provide keys. So, I'm sitting around with a moving crew that was costing me more and more by the minute as they tried to track down the landlord. Liars and cheats, stay away.. Oh, I also wanted to add that when I complained about the parking spot situation, I was told by the agent the we rented from, the he "works for the property owner and could not care less what we think."

Frank Brande

Excellent service! Being from Michigan and my daughter attending Johnston & Wales University it was a scary thought to do business and sign a lease from so far away but Rentprov Realty took care of everything. They not only found my daughter a fantastic apartment but they also walked me through the steps of everything. They were honest and professional all the way through. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.

caelan kerin

Beware. I cannot feasibly express in words how repulsive this business is. I rent a two bedroom apartment from them in downtown Providence. The realtor associated with RentProv Realty that I worked with was moderately helpful: he wanted to provide assistance insofar as it led to fattening his pocket. The broker attempted to collect 'first, last, and security,' a practice which is unlawful in the state of RI. It took me three separate lease revisions to collaborate on a lease with them that was consistent with RI state law. In addition, Michaela, their receptionist, is a crass, unhelpful, and functionally-illiterate individual. Every request I have made has gone no further than this unwilling receptionist. After two months of residing here their maintenance team is non-existent. Furthermore, my bathroom vanity, weighing about 60-70 pounds, fell off the wall (where it was suspended by two flimsy aluminum brackets) and almost took off my toes. The roof-top terrace offered by my unit has remained closed since the first week I moved in, and I am greeted every morning by the 8-10 vagrants who congregate outside my door and beg. If they are not there, the puddle of piss from their service dogs has not dried yet, from the previous night's festivities. It sucks to suffer the real-life inadequacies that result from "quick-flips" in real estate. Beware.

tiara Briggs

Daniela Dawson

We have enjoyed working with Greg to find our new apartment in Providence! Thank you!

Larry Spencer James Mitchell

*anyone notice that the only 5-star reviews come from people who only reviewed 1 place* (I'm a "local Guide" experienced reviewer) Horrible experience. deserves a negative 5 stars... first off, the only reason we were even talking to them was our old landlord had them listed as a contact, we moved away several years ago, liked our old place, wanted to see if it by chance was available. or coming available. Guess what!? they said it was. but they needed the Deposit (1 Months rent) to hold it, sounds normal to me, until the day after we sent in the deposit, oh wait, sorry, the place we HAD YOU PUT A DEPOSIT DOWN ON was rented yesterday. so lets start looking at your other options... So, we applied, had a HARD PULL on our credit, were approved, paid the deposit, then opps, we rented it to someone else?!? really??? ok, lets look at your other options WE have available... That seems to be their motive. pull your credit, take your money, then try and get you to settle for something you don't want since you don't want to hurt your credit going somewhere else to apply... SHADY SHADY SHADY! and FYI, I'm white, professional male, with a 765 Credit score. they don't discriminate, they will try and take advantage of ANYONE...

_ EerieDayze

A deplorable and unprofessional company. I was interested in several properties and not one person would return my call or provide correct information for 3 weeks. The agents are negligent and rude. Sellers, buyers, and renters avoid at all costs.

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