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REVIEWS OF Premiere Property Group, LLC - Corporate Office IN Oregon

Jane Flood

After a year and half at Premiere Property Group LLC, I have had my best year ever in Real Estate. Around 12+ million in escrow. Thanks for all the education and help PPG.

Steve Nassar

The marketing, training, systems and support at Premiere Property Group are second to none. Any agent who joins is able to provide themselves and their clients with the best chance at success. I personally have more than doubled my business in the four years since I joined PPG as an agent.

diana lipton

I have been in real estate almost 35 years and have served in 3 different cities, so I have experienced a wide range of managerial styles and professionalism. Since being in Portland , I have seen a bit of a "Wild West" approach to marketing real estate. But, not at PPG. The company is strong on agent education, legal compliance and professional ethics.This is further validated by the huge growth, which requires maintaining a positive atmosphere, ongoing education, ethical integrity and most importantly, legal compliance. In summary, PPG dots the "i's" and crosses the "t's" ...thank goodness.

timothy hutchings

They spam craigslist with misleading ads, listing something that shows up as a house but it's not. An example is below. I wouldn't trust a real estate agency that does this sort of deceptive stuff. "Greetings House Hunters, The link below will link you up with NW PDX properties that are active on the market today. My website is hands-off and not "spam-y." Call me with any questions or to schedule a tour. I will call you right away. Sarah Williams, Licensed Oregon Realtor Premiere Property Group, LLC."

Andrea Parmelee

I couldn't be happier with my decision to associate with Premiere Property Group! They take such great care of us, their brokers, so that we can take great care of our clients! The training, support, and camaraderie are just a few of the things that I enjoy at Premiere. We have immediate access to reviewing principal brokers when we have questions! Access to the most up to date marketing and technology available in the market. If you are a broker, you will love working with Premiere! If you are a buyer or seller, you will benefit from working with a Premiere Broker!

Blair Jones

Absolutely the best for both Realtor and Client!! World Class Marketing, Unsurpassed Service, Local Knowledge, Expertise and Results. Simple as that!

Sonshine 104

What an amazing team atmosphere! I am so happy that I moved my business to Premiere Property Group, LLC

Rob Jacobs

This company puts your best interest first! I strongly recommend Premiere Property Group, LLC. The people make the difference, and the marketing is second to none. Aroo!

Lisa Bettendorf

I love Premiere Property Group. I am been Licensed 22 years and it is by far the Best company I have worked for.

Jerome Maximillion

Friends don't let friends do Premier Property Management! Period. I rented from them for 3 years. They stink. Communication? Fail Fix problems? Fail Prevent problems? Fail I've rented from half a dozen different companies in the past. This company takes ignoring your problems and ineffectual fixes to a whole new level. You can count on them to ignore your problems for at least 30 days. Then they will send repairmen to your house while you're not there. Odds are high that the problem won't get fixed properly once someone does manage to arrive at a reasonable time. I eventually discovered that threatening legal action gets them to move, but if you take away the stick for a second, they revert to their sloth-like ways. I'd advise having a lawyer you can call for assistance if you're going to be renting from them. They attempted to illegally change the fee structure & rent in the middle of a lease, they spent months denying/ignoring that the roof was leaking (despite 2 independent roofing companies confirming the problem), and on at least three occasions they sent written notices late or to the wrong address {how do you get the address wrong for your renters might I ask?}. Whether you are an owner and need a property management company or a renter looking for a place to live, go elsewhere! The average teenager has a higher level professionalism than you can expect from PPG.

chenoa philabaum

Premiere Property Group was great! I worked with Dana Smith, and she really made the process easy and fun. PPG is well connected, which ensured that I got great choices for all the services I needed along the way (like inspectors). Dana was wonderful about finding the house that fit all the things I was looking for--including it being a solid investment.

Eugene Farr

Premiere Property Group, LLC is a great company built for new and veteran brokers. With over 1000 brokers and growing, experience is plentiful. With an abundance of training / growing opportunities, making the switch almost two years ago has been a blessing.

Sally Olsson

Steve Micek

With 15 years of real estate experience in the Portland market, I have worked with several different real estate company’s. What I find unique and valuable about Premier Property Group is the high level of integrity, professionalism and cooperation. As a result our clients consistently receive the highest level of care and successful real estate transactions.

Tom Wilser

I joined Premiere Property Group because I liked the staff and other brokers who go out of their way to be helpful. That is matched by the technology, synergy, energy and highly competitive fees. I can use any of the many Premiere Property Group offices around town and all my machine settings are the same, so I don't waste time driving back to my home office.

Carl Iiams

Moved to PPG after being a Realtor with another company for many years and could not be happier. PPG provides top notch tools, training, and support to help their agents provide the highest level of service to their clients. The integrity and service provided by Premiere Property Group is fantastic

Glen Corbett

Buyer beware, not of the seller but of the realtor. Premiere Property Group will guarantee you one thing. They will get their commission. Other than that, you're on your own. Worst real estate experience I've ever had. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Gwen Lewis

My experience with Premiere Property Group LLC. and Mike Creighton Principal Broker. Premiere Property Group LLC. held about four open houses in about five months. Premiere Property Group LLC. allowed my multi bathroom house to be advertised as one (1) bathroom. Premiere Property Group LLC. requested that I reduce the asking price by $80,000; when I did not agree Premiere Property Group LLC. requested to terminate the Listing Agreement. Premiere Property Group LLC. presented an Addendum between a Buyer and Seller and told me that was the Listing Agreement Termination Addendum. Premiere Property Group LLC. past actions in my opinion do not demonstrate ‘professionalism’. Our family is Military, US Navy. Regrettably I am crippled which requires two crutches or two walking poles for me to make each step. I am an out of state owner of a Portland Oregon property. Earlier this year I signed a Listing Agreement with Premiere Property Group LLC. The Premiere Property Group LLC Agent is Diana Davis, Mike Creighton is the Premiere Property Group LLC. Principal Broker. Mrs. Davis of Premiere Property Group LLC., provided Comparables and an agreed upon listing price was established. In June 2018 I wondered why the property had not sold and I discovered that advertisements indicated one bathroom when the property has multiple bathrooms. I requested that the advertisements be corrected and the response was ‘no’, I insisted and Mrs. Davis responded ‘it lowers your property taxes to show one bathroom’, needless to say this response was disappointing. I demanded a correction and finally the correction was made. The Property is vacant (staged) and no material changes occurred during the Listing duration. There were about four open houses over approximately five to six months. In July 2018 within two months of the end of the listing agreement term Mrs. Davis, requested nearly $80,000 price reduction without any justification such as a major change to the community or property. To promote the sale, I agreed to nearly $40,000 reduction. A few days later Mrs. Davis of Premiere Property Group LLC. asked to terminate our Listing Agreement and presented a form that indicated it was between Buyer and Seller, she said that it was a Listing Agreement Termination Addendum. This Addendum specifically stated the parties as Buyer and Seller. Since the Agent was not a Buyer I replied with a request: 1. The Listing Agreement Termination Addendum include the applicable parties: Agent, Broker, and Seller; 2. After execution of Addendum the Agent has no entitlement to commission from a future sale, and 3. any damage done on the property by Agent-paid-Stagers and the ‘For Sale’ sign is to be remedied. The Agent refused to include this language, and informed the Broker, Mike Creighton. Mike Creighton, the Broker at Premiere Property Group LLC., requested that I sign the same erroneous form that indicated the parties were Buyer and Seller. My response was the same, I pointed out that my requested terms were typical for terminating an Listing Agreement; I asked ‘what was the real reason that Premiere Property Group LLC. did not want to include my terms?’ The Brokers response was “I take umbrage with your assertion that there is any 'real reason'. I am a professional Real Estate Principal Broker”. I thanked him for his response then reminded him that I was willing to negotiate terms. Obviously Premiere Property Group LLC. does not want resolve or discuss the terms. In a few weeks the Listing Agreement will expire and the exit terms of that Agreement do not address damages. The staging altered the interior and removal will leave damage; the sign post will need to be removed which will reveal landscape damage. Being crippled and out of state presents challenges such as how to remedy these damages. The Listing Agreement ends in early September 2018. After Premiere Property Group LLC. Listing Agreement terminates I will provide an update on this website.

Debi Robertson

justine syck

Premiere property group employs some really amazing individuals that have gone above and beyond to aid me in my real estate career! Every time I ask for another agents support or advice I am overwhelmed by the support and advice I receive! Sveya Wade is my Transaction coordinator and she is unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable! I am so happy to be here!

Jeremy Wilkerson

Anna-Theresa de Roover-Hale

I found PPG in my 3rd year of business, and wish I had found it sooner! The support and community in the Bend office is amazing, and the fee plan helps me feel like I am able to make a living. I love that I can lean on my fellow agents, and rely on them for help with any aspects of my business I might need. So happy to be teamed with PPG!

Ramesh Krishnan

Great company to work for. All the agents and employees are very friendly, eager to share their knowledge, help each other, Kelly, the owner is down to earth and is very open in sharing his knowledge and motivating new realtors. Great mentor program, network with several associations, lenders, title companies, etc. Experienced realtors share their knowledge through free classes and free education provided for all realtors to keep up their knowledge up-to-date. Each quarter they choose a local charity organization and members volunteer and also donate funds. The circle of giving helps affected realtor families of Premiere Property Group as well. Many agents switching to PPG enforces several factors what I have mentioned here. I am happy to work for PPG and making it retain the number one position in Oregon.

Elizabeth Wilkerson

Michelle Cunningham

Premiere Property Group Is a great company to be affliated with because of their commitment to excellence! It is so important as a broker to choose a company that has values and integrity. Premier Property Group cares about there brokers and makes sure that we have all of the tools we need to be successful for our clients!

Adam Holden

My wife and I wanted to relocate from Florida to Oregon and found Vicki and the Gile Group online while looking at houses. To be honest, we probably wouldn't have been able to make the move if it wasn't for Vicki, Tom and their team. We've worked with many realtors and none have been as knowledgeable, responsive and hard working as they are. They showed us countless properties in person and via FaceTime all over Greater Portland, Tigard, Tualatin and Lake Oswego. Their experience in this market made all the difference and never felt pressured into making a decision we weren't comfortable with. We are very particular buyers and their patience was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend using them if you are looking to buy or sell a house in this highly competitive market.

Steve Crawford

I love working for this company. They are proactive in their training and provide the best support for their Agents. The marketing is everything I had hoped it would be. I am so happy I picked PPG.

Barbara Roach

"Since beginning my career in 1978 I have seen real estate companies and market trends change dramatically. The first brokerage I joined was based on its family atmosphere and my friendship with the owner. I then managed for Lutz Snyder which shortly thereafter joined the Prudential franchise. A few years later we were purchased by Stan Wiley and the two companies were merged and operated under the Prudential name. Three years ago, I left Prudential to open an Oregon division for Carrington Financial and hired agents to facilitate the sale of their Oregon REO inventory. What I learned while with Carrington, was that clients chose agents based on relationships, not the company franchise name. Agents will invest more of their money back into their business if they aren't paying it all out in franchise fees and double-digit desk fees. And, agents are more efficient when provided the right technology and a paperless system to control their transactions. All I have learned from my past affiliations helped me formulate what I wanted my next company to look like. I knew it was very important that I join a progressive brokerage run by a hands-on management team that operated with vision and drive. The company would need to be competitive, provide the tools, technology and training to help agents be more productive, while allowing them to put more of the commission in their own pocket. While many companies are losing agents and market share, I wanted to be affiliated with a company that was up and coming – cutting edge and growing by actively recruiting quality brokers. In meeting with Premiere Property Group, I was excited to learn they started the company because they were brokers tired of paying high fees and have vowed to keep PPG the "brokers brokerage." The company offers everything I was looking for and the owners are hands on and agent-centric. The desk fees are amazingly low without the nickel and dime type fees so many companies slip in. They have a totally paperless transaction management system in place and excellent broker support. When I looked at the roster I was surprised at how many top brokers had already signed on and how quickly they have grown and continue to do so. When I asked agents about the company, their enthusiasm and satisfaction was refreshing. After my meeting with the owners, it was clear why so many agents are joining them and staying. And, the rest is history!"

Beth Swanson

I worked with Diana Harrell and she was so professional and knowledgeable I can't wait to buy my next house with Diana and many more to come -hopefully!

Rita Maple

I cannot say enough about the service I received from Randy Byslma and Lauren Kelso during the sale of my home. They walked me through every aspect from the initial listing to the title paperwork and made a very scary process palpable! I highly recommend them and sincerely appreciate all of their hard work and communication. Thank you both!

Cameron Starr

It’s natural to be skeptical about real estate companies nowadays. But when I first met with Premiere Property Group a few years back, I was convinced they were an honest, reputable group of hard working people. I’m proud to say this company has lived up to and exceeded my expectations, continually raising the bar for the industry. They provide extensive training, packed with energizing information to give our agents the highest education possible (almost all free-of-charge!). With PPG’s strong commitment to client satisfaction and their giving spirit to our local community and those in need, it’s a breath of fresh air to be associated with such an outstanding group.

Taizz Medalia

Premier Property Group is showing a house at 2402 N Blandena St Portland 97217. The agent is Brian Eustis. I would caution anyone dealing with this company and realtor to ask for a full disclosure about this property, including but not limited to: Any construction liens on the property The status of the Stop Work order from the City of Portland on the house for being over height ( the developer, CityCraft, removed the Stop Work order to “show “ the house) Other code violations which will need to be resolved before a final inspection is issued The fact that the entire property is in an area designated high probability earthquake and rapidly moving landslide

Richie Rich

I was thoroughly impressed with Premiere Property Group and our broker, David Turra, during and after our home purchase in Lake Oswego. Besides his skill at the purchase/negotiation process, what really sets David apart from other brokers is he has actually done a number of remodels and has a keen sense of what is quality construction and can help you identify opportunities to improve a current property for your use and future added value. Premiere Property Group has an extensive list of vendors in the industry and are able to recommend a qualified professional for almost any situation. I recommend David and Premiere Property Group without hesitation to friends in the market for a smart investment and place to call their home!

Terry Nye II

Andee Phillips

I am astounded at the leverage Premiere Property Group provides to it's Brokers. Having a transaction coordinator, a marketing suite and a handful of reviewing principal brokers has allowed me to expand my business without putting any extra hours.

Lisa Jaqua

LIsa Robinson

Merri Ott

I came to PPG when it was first getting off the ground in the West Portland Office. All I can say it is one of the best Real Estate offices I have ever been associated with. What they do for their agents is incredible and their level of participation and education that is offered is amazing. They don't charge for that as well. I think the founders of PPG have kept true to their promise of making this company for the agents, they continually build their company around their agents. When they ask you for suggestions, they actually listen. It is such a great place to work, that I actually left for 3 months and came back as fast as I could make that happen, one call to Kelly and he said, "Do you want to come home?" My reply was yes and I will never regret that decision. I tell everyone I work for an amazing company and an amazing owners and fellow associates! Thank you PPG!!

Stephen FitzMaurice

Tia Strutz

I’m so impressed with the training they provide and free classes to make renewing my license a breeze!

David Eidsvoog

Gabriella was an absolute nightmare to work with. -incompetent -not a clue as to how much renovations to a home actually cost -recommended a “friend” for rehab loan contracting -lied to us -canceled appointments that WE made without our knowledge -zero customer care, only cared about getting us sold ASAP. The whole time it felt like we’re trying to negotiate with the listing agent as well as ours, definitely didn’t feel at all like she was on our team. Would DEFINITELY NOT recommend. Get a recommendation from a friend or someone you trust.

Suzi Finucane

Fabulous, experienced Brokers who truly care about each client and finding the best new property, and getting top dollar for the sale of each home.

Deidre Bussard

The agents at Premiere Property Group, LLC are amazing--so willing to help and support clients and one another. And the culture there is unlike any other. It's a great place to work and do business with. I sold my personal home through Premiere Property Group, and the experience was so wonderful that I decided to go to work there. Buyers and sellers, there is no better real estate brokerage out there!

Saul Carrillo

Will never do business with them ever again , never answered there calls or call you back really bad service

Jamanna Grigsby

I love being a part of PPG! Everything they provide is first class as well as they have the best training programs and back office support.

Vicki Marquez

I joined PPG as a broker in June of 2017 after working for a large national brokerage. I have only great things to say about Premiere Property Group, LLC. Their business model is such that brokers get incredible support at all times. The reviewing principal brokers are a cut above others in their field. Continuing education is readily available and brokers are highly encouraged to improve their skills. Premiere does everything in its power to make sure our buyers and sellers have exceptional experiences.

Tim Duvall - Premiere Property Group, LLC

Had a awesome experience working with Premiere Property Group, LLC. Excellent communication and wonderful professionalism.

Will Murphy

There is a reason Premiere Property Group is seen all around town. Their reputation stands strong and the support they receive from the general public and those who utilize their services is undoubtedly top notch. A great outfit and a leader in Real Estate services here in the Oregon & SW Washington area. 10 out of 5 stars!

Karen Gardner Johnson

Working with PPG is a breath of fresh air! If you ask for help with open houses, showing a home, borrowing signs, help is there. Ask for a contractor help is there. Support of any nature is there. This is a great company.

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