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Wouldn’t recommend Rosy from here. Very poor communication with this realtor & she doesn’t call back or answer text messages.

Cassie Maynes


J. Nephi Shewell

juan rodriguez

Jacob Espinoza

We used Legacy to help us purchase our first home over 10 years ago and highly recommend them to all of our friends.

Beatriz Chimuela

Excelente atención en todo lo relacionado con casas y bienes raices, ampliamente recomendados

Dream Thompson

Rosy/Legacy Group are very unprofessional--I called and texted her(which she preferred) about a house--and she never got back to my messages--she did call me back once I called from another number and scheduled a viewing that she never followed up with, so I wasted my time there waiting!--no one in the office would get back to my messages--and when I finally reached someone at the office--they couldnt find the listing--when I called back the next day to inquire about the listing---suddenly it was rented already the day before(although I was supposed to view it the day before) It seemed the house was on reserve for someone in specific, and Rosy never intended on renting it to me or letting me view it..and I got the run around. They need to utilize better business practices in the future!

Craig Prom

Rosy and Sal are good people. They work for the client and are always honest.

Rosy Trujillo

Ryan Sharp

Legacy was managing the property we were leasing until recently, and I still wish they were! Everyone at Legacy was courteous, professional, and very customer-oriented. After a month of dealing with the current management company, I now realize exactly how great you guys are. Keep it up!

Toni Hicks

Alejandra Tovar

Big A's World

Rosy and her team are the best I just bought my first house and let me tell you the stress level was high but I honestly didn't do anything she did all the work if you're looking for a great realtor that's going to work hard and you sit back with no worries this is the place to go I will always go to them when I buy or sell a house. Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication I highly appreciate your services and I will be back.

Alan Sorem

James Hauge and his staff did a wonderful job for my family and I. The sales process was smooth, and we sold our home for the same price as the ultimate appraised value. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so for anyone looking for real estate assistance.

Luke Ettinger

I recently purchased a home under the consultation of my realtor agent Ally Puentes of Legacy Real Estate. I wrote the company after having had a very negative interaction with Ally almost immediately after I put money into Escrow. The letter I sent to the company was ignored after they failed to make scheduled phone calls pertaining to this letter. The following is the letter that I sent the owner of the company: ...There were several instances in which I thought that I was being manipulated, deceived, ignored and neglected. With you being the owner of Legacy Real Estate I thought this email should reach you personally because my interaction with your company was so bad. During negotiations for the property (early May), I instructed Ally to place a claim for early occupancy to the residence as I was forced to move out of my living situation on the 1st of June. On May 14th Ally informed me that she had negotiated with the sellers and had reached a resolution that once I had the appraisal on the home completed that I would be allowed to move into the property (Figure 1). I was verbally instructed by Ally to pay extra to have a rush placed on my appraisal ($200) (Figure 3) in order to obtain early occupancy that I was promised by my realtor. That same day (May 14th) I made a $3,000 deposit into Escrow for my property (Figure 2). At this point, Ally started becoming increasingly difficult to contact via phone (our only lines of communication). She attributed her lack of communication to technical difficulties with her phone that she would be replacing, reassuring me that she would be much better at communication in the future (Figure 2). I had almost zero communication with Ally for several days following my deposit into Escrow. I was frantically trying to get into contact with her because I needed to make arrangements to move out of my home and into my new home (once early occupancy was granted). On May 25th Ally finally responded to my messages and claimed that “all of my text messages just came through” (Figure 4). She then proceeded to tell me that the sellers went back on their previous agreement and were not comfortable with the agreement and I was not allowed to move into the house early despite the appraisal being completed (Figure 4). Personally I feel entitled to reimbursement for being advised to rush the appraisal and pay an extra $200 for early occupancy when this was not the case. This reimbursement should be paid by either Ally Puentes or Legacy Real Estate for the false representation that I would be allowed to have early occupancy to my property. Secondly, I was homeless for 18 days because of this false representation. I had to pay thousands of dollars in moving fees, places to sleep, parking and much more because of the fraudulent claims by Ally Puentes that I would have a place to move into, when in-fact I did not. In addition to these problems, Ally did not bother showing up for my signing of titles etc. with Fidelity Title and my Escrow officer Robbie Sue noted her absence. Further, Ally did not bring me the keys to my property, I had to pick them up from the selling company Windemere Mortgage. I found all of this to be highly unprofessional, lazy and a misrepresentation of what a realtor should be doing. Again, after I sent this letter, the company completely ignored me.

Emma Kreger

Cam Little

James is the best realtor we have ever met. We contacted James as the listing agent on a house that we saw online. Even though we have owned two homes, we wouldn't consider ourselves experts in the process of purchasing a home. In this case we were looking for a rental home. James is very organized, thorough, patient, and walked us through the process. He was willing to keep showing us homes for 4 months until we found the one that met our needs. His software program continuously updated us on homes that fit our specifications. Once we found the right house, James moved quickly, helped negotiate items that we would never have thought about, and scheduled all the inspections. His office team and the people he has chosen to work with in the industry (inspectors, title company, etc.) were top notch and made the process very easy.

Chris Blackburn

I have had multiple transations with James Hauge of Legacy Real Estate and have been very impressed with his company- Best real estate professional in Oregon! -----Chris B. SandC Inc Salem Oregon----

Gregory Pirkl

Our realtor Ty Hildebrand was recommended to us by a friend and he was great! We had only a short visit to find a home and Ty worked hard to show us all the homes we wanted to see. He was instrumental in the purchase of our home as we were doing everything from out of state. He was available seemingly 24/7...even when he was out of town and taking time off with his family. Everything went as planned and he made the whole process as painless as possible. Ty is so calm and so professional that I never had to worry that we would not get the house we wanted with the closing date we wanted. I would absolutely recommend Ty and Legacy Real Estate to anyone wishing to have professional experience buying a home.

Sierra Ogasawara

My fiance and I have had the pleasure of working with Legacy Real Estate at both of the homes we have rented together to date. I have had almost two years of interaction with her, my fiance has been with Legacy since 2015 (we are just leaving our Legacy home now in 2019). He was in one of their apartment properties before we got together - I guess the property manager from Legacy had quite a bit of turn over during his 3 years there. They finally appointed Janel, and we couldn't be happier about that. When I finally moved in with him, they were very quick to help us go through my application process and get me added. The apartment was a nice place and very low maintenance from a management side. They let us know in advance and often coordinated dates and times when repairs and maintenance would be done. The one time we had a repair request it was handled very quickly. Our move out was smooth and we even got deposit funds back! (I've had property management groups who have found Every Opportunity to spend the deposit on "repairs." I was happily surprised that Legacy is one of the honest ones who charges what is needed, not what they can find to spend it on.) When we started looking for a new home (the one bedroom apartment wasn't actually big enough for the both of us :/) we stumbled across a house managed by Legacy Real Estate. One of their employees responded promptly to our inquiry and was able to show us the house pretty quickly and on our schedule. (As students, finding time to see rentals was a big problem we had). We ended up renting the house. Now, this is the only thing I have some conflicting feelings on. The house turned out to be a problem child. It was one thing after another after another and it felt like we always had some sort of repair request pending. Some things, like the main drain line backing up due to roots, misaligned glass doors, busted freezer, and black mold were eventually fixed. Other things, like the loose sink faucets and mildew in the window panes, weren't things that their repair guy could handle. We had a problem where their maintenance guy would forget to add us to the schedule and we would have to wait around an extra week or two (time it took to reschedule and get him out to the house) I felt like the house owner had done a lot to make the house LOOK pretty and renovated, but it was mostly surface work and we had to deal with all the issues that couldn't be seen. Also, when repairs were done it seemed to be the least expensive option and it was noticeable. (For example, the kitchen faucet got a leak in the hose. It had to be replaced and it was replaced with a faucet that Blasted water everywhere when it was on all the way. Not the best option, but still An Option and my guess was the cheaper one available.) I make it clear that we had problems so you'll be able to appreciate how big of an impact their excellent employee - Janel - had. She got the 5 star rating. With every problem that the problem child threw at us, it felt like she took it as seriously as we did and was as frustrated that it was Another issue at the house as we were. It was validating to be able to talk to someone who seemed to genuinely care. I'm sure it was tiring for her, having to handle so many problems and deal with what probably wasn't always our best attitude from time to time. I feel like she did her best to take care of the property in the owner's interest but still make us, the tenants, feel equally important. And that is a hard spot to maintain and at times I wished she would lean more our direction but we get it. She was always doing her best and it showed. Unfortunately, we are facing the stark opposite with our new property managers, and after every interaction we are left missing the authenticity and professionalism of Legacy and Janel. If anyone is lucky enough to have a property with Janel in charge, feel confident that she'll do her best for you. She was a great hire for Legacy Real Estate and I hope they value her as much as she deserves!! Thank you for everything, Janel!

Carol Eppler

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