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REVIEWS OF Key Realty and Property Management IN Oklahoma

Michele Offen

Key Realty is an awesome company to deal with. They are good listeners, follow through, and address issues and problems immediately. If I decide to move in the near future, I hope to be able to continue to rent from them. I trust the people and their work. Key Realty is the best of the best!!!

rayzee2000 .

From property management to real estate sales ive been nothing short of pleased. I was a out of state owner and once I met Key Realty, I was able to rest assured that someone had my back in all aspects of the home. Thanks for everything Tom, Karyn and crew.

Haley Lawson

Farzan Mahmoudzadeh

Ardi Jones

I regularly use Key Realty for all of my apartment rentals. I never have to worry about any of my properties. They have been great to work with and worth every penny for the peace of mind I have in letting them handle all of the Landlord/Tenant duties. I highly recommend!

Levi Sitler

So for starters I was moving my family to OKC for work from another town. So already a stressful situation to begin with. We looked at a few houses then met with Brittany from key realty. She showed us multiple houses, kept in contact with us and helped us through the process. She found us a great house that fits our situation. Our house was provided yard care and the guy who does is it very nice, fast, polite. We havent had any issues in the house yet and been here for about a month. I'm sure if we do, judging off the last month or so it'll be taken care of. But thanks Key Realty!

Summer Nolan

Sarah Kincheloe

I wouldn’t rent, buy or let them manage property for you. They failed to ever have someone come out and spray our rental even though we notified them of the infestation when we moved in. They were ineffective when we told them of our plumbing issues and not until we called for emergency service did they send someone out to fix it. When our heating broke in the middle of winter on a very cold night i called emergency services and got to speak with Karyn. She was curt and belittling. She blamed the issue on us not changing the filters...which wasn’t the issue with the furnace. Then no one came out and fixed it until a week later. When we moved out we gave them more than a months notice and paid a months rent in advance, forfeited our deposit and they still stuck us with a 400 dollar cleaning fee even though the place was dirty and bug ridden when we moved in and we cleaned it before leaving. For example they charged us 35 dollars to clean a letterbox (it had a leaf inside it)... Terrible company who doesn’t care about the renters at all and will try to swindle them out of every penny they can. If you want someone fair to do business with these aren’t the people to go with.

Collin Mackay

Me and my wife were renting a property from key realty. One month my wife was short on rent because her mom was in the hospital so we missed a few days of work. They weren’t willing to work with us, and because we were late on rent they turned off our online payments and would not turn it back on. So we had to always get a money order and go pay our rent in person. Also when we had a plumbing problem they made us pay for it. We have had nothing but problems with them. Our fence was broken when we moved in, and our dogs were escaping and they refused to fix it. When we were renting a property on a busy street and when our dogs escaped we always were worried they would be hit by a car. Then when my wife went in to pay our final rent melisa was very rude to her. Telling her we had to schedule a walk thru of the property before we leave, but they scheduled it for 2 days after we leave. But they wouldn’t reschedule it so we can move so I can start working and bringing in money. Overall I have never had so many problems with a reality company as I’ve had with them. So my advice is not to rent from them.

Jon Tabbert

Dana Misasi

Great real estate company. Experienced great service with them and would definitely use them again.

David Olson

If I could give this company NEGATIVE stars, I would! This company is a JOKE! They would not fix anything! If they did fix anything, it would get cheaply done or temporarily fixed. I came out of my own pocket for a lot of the repairs because it would never get done right! Our house got backed up once every 90 days because the main was busted in the back yard. Cracked pipe, so toilet paper kept getting stuck. Every plumber that came out told us that they needed to replace the line in order to solve the problem. They never did. Our house got flooded so many times that the wood in the kitchen and laundry room got rotted out which attracted bugs! NASTY!!!! They ended up saying this was OUR fault and refused to pay for the pipes to get fixed, the rotting wood and the bugs. We ended up leaving short of our lease because of unlivable conditions. They proceeded to attempt to charge us for all kinds of lies INCLUDING a dishwasher that they said we STOLE! We have appealed it. Fingers crossed that this company gets what they deserve!

jen snitzer

Beware of the owners of Key Realty! When it was Seabrooke Realty, they found themselves in major legal troubles due to fraudulent activity(apparently using investors funds for personal expenses; google this; the internet is full of TV and other media reports confirming this activity). They most recently refused to give my friend’s deposit back even though the home was left in immaculate condition. The owners had agreed to to release my friend from the lease(had bought a home)if a new renter was found; and they did find a new tenant, so no monies were lost. Still, they refused to return the deposit. So, once “shady” and dishonest, ALWAYS shady. Check these owners legal troubles for cheating their investors out of their money. I would look elsewhere!

Dylan Smith

I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll make it short and sweet. I was a tenant of Keys for over 2 1/2 years and NEVER paid anything to them late. EVER. Even the multiple plumbing issues my unit had while living there which they claim the damages were “my fault” so I was responsible for the repair. (Yes the lease states you are responsible for damages if you cause them. But the plumbers that came out to to do repairs told me to my face I didn’t cause the issues.) Without a doubt the WORST property management company I have ever had to deal with. This company could NOT care less about their tenants.The shared laundry facility was always a mess, the machines were ALWAYS broken (they finally replaced the washers after numerous complaints but the dryers continued to just take your money and never turn on), the office employees were very rude almost any encounter I ever had with them especially if I was questioning charges I received from them. Breaking my lease and purchasing a home is without a doubt the best decision I have made since living in OKC. I also received over $300 in “cleaning charges” after I moved out when I left my apartment WAY cleaner than it was when I moved in. I also was charged for them replacing drip pans for the stove when the unit DIDNT HAVE ANY WHEN I MOVED IN! I could go on and on and on. If I could leave negative stars I would. There’s a reason they have a 3 star rating and are plenty of other companies to rent from in the area. Absolutely would not recommend this company to anyone.

Bekah Hooper

We love the staff that runs key realty!

Alexis Steelman

Jason and I absolutely love Key Realty, and will use them again if our work takes us back.♥️ Thank y’all so much for everything!!

Maisa Kaviani

Tom was a wonderful host and made sure to accommodate all our requests. Would definitely book with him and Karyn again!

William Powell

They have some good places to live but do your research because they didn't. Sometimes they are managing places you might want to pass.

Sheroya Briggs


OKC Metro Electric

If you are buying, selling, renting or if you are a landlord, anything to do with #realestate contact the good folks over at Key Realty and Property Management.

MB .

Terrible customer service, terrible attitude. Never fixes problems in the apartments. And overall are just mean. I highly recommend finding literally ANYONE else to rent from.


I Have been there for a year and half and hardly been at home because I work 14 hour shift , And had my place very nice and clean and never had any issues and was the only one that live there... Then once I move out I clean everything, in that so called nice apartment that all they did every six months is up my rent ... They only gave quarter of my deposit back and I made it look better then what is was when i move in there . Very very upset tenant that they had...

Lizzie Sheehan

Excellent, responsive service from Karyn and the Key Realty staff! I had peace of mind that things were being properly managed at our rental property when we were hundreds of miles away. I will use them again next time we need our property managed.

Vicki Heyer

Vivi Dang

The realtor KARYN is the best . She is very nice , so professional and helpful . Great experience all around . I highly recommend her.

hayden pinney

I've rented from key reality for a year and a half and have never once been treated well by their staff. The owner of the apartment complex lives out in California and has always been kind, even allowing our larger dogs to live with us. The same does not go for the staff at key reality that manages the properties here in Oklahoma. They have been rude in every single encounter I have had with them. The people I rent from don't have to be my friends but being pleasant would be nice. There have been other issues of not fixing things that needed to be. For example, they repainted our decrepit stairs trying to hide the fact that they are falling apart under a new coat of paint instead of looking out for their tenants. We have been infested with roaches for months without being sprayed once. Our sweet neighbor asks us every time we see him if we would call again because he is tired of living with his infestation. When we first arrived we found roach traps, but we were not aware that it was an ongoing problem before signing the lease. Oh, and that sweet neighbor fell down those old stairs I was talking about and the apartment complex didn't blink an eye. You can always tell when new vacancies are coming available because new flowers are planted everywhere. They are so kind in the beginning, but do not care about what happens to you while you are there. They are the most inconsiderate management I've ever encountered. Do not rent from Key Realty. I'm not disgruntled, I'm just trying to help out the next couple who thinks the price is right. These kind neighbors can't afford to live anywhere else and are taken advantage of daily. We were fortunate enough to be able to find a better home.

Brynn Fuller

I really never had much of a problem with Key, even though there are some negative reviews here that say otherwise. They helped me find a very adorable apartment, responded to my maintenance requests in a timely fashion, and VERY fair when it came to returning my deposit check. I would recommend them in the future to friends.

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