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REVIEWS OF Hatch Realty IN North Dakota

Arc DasBroom

I personally hate providing reviews, but the amazing efforts provided by my Hatch Realtor agents Erika Haman and Marcia Ahmann have earned a huge shout out. As first time buyers my boyfriend and I were a bit nervous about being taken advantage of during the process. From the moment I met Erika at an open house she was completely open about what to look for when house hunting SPECIFICALLY so we didn't end up in over our heads. She went above and beyond with getting us house showings and keeping us well informed about every house we looked at with all the pros and cons. Marcia, handling the paperwork end, answered every question we had about the actual purchasing process and kept us up to date on any changes that came about as we got towards closing. I never dreamed buying a house would be as smooth as these women made it. As long as they're in the biz they will be the ones I go to and send my friends and family to.

Jaren Sauer

My wife (who works at Hatch) and I bought our first home a little over a year ago. Having no experience in realty or homeowning myself, I thought I’d be in over my head. But the team at Hatch does such a great job of walking you through the home buying process step by step. It was a simple and relaxed process, which was well above expectations! Great people, great company.

Olivia Carson

Hatch Realty truly goes above and beyond for their clients. The staff is reliable, polite, and personable. Because of these qualities, you are guaranteed to have a positive and memorable experience buying/selling your property On top of everything the do for clients, the family at Hatch Realty takes the time to give back to the community on a regular basis by hosting fun events and contributing numerous donations to various causes. I happily recommend Hatch to anyone looking to buy or sell in the future!

Ryan & Jen Skoog

Hatch Realty has been a wonderful addition to the area! Their focus to help the community is like nothing else I have seen from a realty company - they generally care about all people in our area, even if they aren't customers. Every event we have attended, we are instantly greeted by smiling, upbeat employees who enjoy working at Hatch Realty.

Mike Buerkley

Erika is Wonder Woman......truly! We had her running from one end of the metro area to the other and small towns surrounding. She was ALWAYS quick to respond to questions and requests, ALWAYS sending us info on new properties of interest, ALWAYS willing to set up and meet us at the drop of a hat. She has an upbeat, professional personality that made the whole process fun for us. We were very set in what we were looking for and Erika made it happen! We would HIGHLY recommend her services. Ann Buerkley

Ryan Daly

The only thing I'm disappointed with is that there are only 12 reviews on here for Erik and his team. We couldn't be happier from working with both Jamie and Marc. They have their business model ironed out and go to great lengths to ensure 100% satisfaction for both buying and selling. Keep up the good work! Ryan and Nancy

Angela Lorentz

Hatch Realty really focuses to help the community they generally care about all people in our area, even if they aren't customers. The date night event my kids & I attended, we were instantly greeted by smiling, upbeat employees who enjoy working at Hatch Realty.

Amy Arness

I recently attended Hatch's 'Date Night' event Very well organized and I felt graciously welcomed! On top of that, I was sent home with a pizza & a bottle of good red wine...does it get any better?!

Mel Chase

You guys are an awesome team to work with ... and always doing community event... the pizza and pop date nite , for GIVING HEARTS DAY WAS FANTASTIC TO SEE ALL YOUR STAFF HELPING AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SHOWED UP TO SUPPORT AND DONATE TO THE DIFFERENT CHARTIES. THANKS AGAIN ,SHAR FOR THE INVITE!! ♡♡♡

Tyler Points

We used Hatch as our buying and selling agent. Best decision we made! Natalie D was our selling agent and she was great to work with. She made the process of selling so easy and not stressful at all. She was always available to answer all of our questions and had no problem explaining things to us. Michelle T was our buying agent, and she was great to work with as well. She put up with our indecisiveness with no issues! We recommend Natalie and Michelle to everyone that wants to sell or buy.



Hatch realty wouldn’t respond to our agents messages or phone calls. To get a viewing, my wife had to personally call Hatch and act like we weren’t working with an agent so their company could get the seller’s AND buyer’s commission. When she finally told him the agent we were working with, they said they were just going to call her back… after 3 days! Then, Marc Hedlund said we would have to schedule a viewing with the property owner’s however, we already knew the house already had a lock box and was vacant and caught him in his second lie as the house had been previously listed 3 other times. We asked repeatedly for the house’s disclosure statement which he did not provide until AFTER we made an offer on the house, which was then accepted on a Friday. The disclosure statement was flawless however, during our viewing we noticed a broken window, damaged siding, water damage, missing roof turbines, missing light fixtures, and mold. We scheduled a home inspector for that Wednesday but on Monday, Hatch cashed our earnest check and at 8:30pm we received a notice to remove all contingencies and list our current home before 10pm or the contract is null and void. We removed the contingency on the sale of our house only and listed our house on MLS at 9:30pm. Hatch Realty’s contract states they have the right to remove any and all contingencies at any time, which makes the contingency sheet pointless. In our realtor’s 40 years of service, they nor their coworkers had ever seen anything like it. Again, we have been asking numerous times for the certifications of the property’s well and septic system which still hasn’t been provided but is required by Minnesota law. Now that our current home is listed on MLS, Hatch Realty wants a letter from our lender stating that we are able to carry two mortgages simultaneously in case our house doesn’t sell. In this market, homes in our neighborhood and other comps have been selling in less than 7 days. After receiving our dual mortgage approval letter from our lender at xxxxxx Bank, he notified us that he’s had similar issues with Hatch Realty in the past. Our house ended up selling 12 hours after it was listed and for $3200 more than asking. I have heard nothing but good things from friends about Hatch Realty and Marc Hedlund however, I have not experienced any of it. Both claim they are for helping people, family, and especially children. Both my children are under the age of 4 and one was born with a respiratory issue. After viewing water damage, mold, and possible arsenic in the well. Why would Marc Hedlund or Hatch Realty want to drop us before a home inspection takes place and not show us the certifications? Hatch Realty has all these bells and whistles with their marketing and Shark Tank and yayhoo but they don’t put their money where their mouth is. Does this sound like a good business model? Is Marc Hedlund really Hatch’s 2014 senior real estate agent of the year? I find it ironic and somewhat comical that Hatch Realty is headquartered out of my old pediatric dentist’s building. The place continues to give me a headache. Bottom line, Hatch Realty is a bad egg. After Closing: During closing, Hatch Realty’s secretary contacted our realtor and accused them of knocking their sign down, throwing it into the ditch, and moving our property into the garage. Nobody ever touched their sign and our contract stated that we were allowed access to the house a week in advance to move in. During closing is when we FINALLY received the well inspection. Something we asked to see when we looked at the house. We have been living in the house 2 weeks now and Hatch Realty gave out our personal phone numbers to the previous owners. Now the previous owners are harassing us to come get, “property” that they left at our house. Now we are involving the Sheriff! I CANNOT believe the nerve of Hatch Realty. They are a disgusting and vile company.

Daniel Siltanen

The inspection should have shown a very bad roof, swept under the rug to make a sale. GET A VERY RECENT INSPECTION -- ALWAYS! Sheet rock collapsing on us 2 days after we started moving in. Our condo association has moved no where to fix it. Stuck with a lemon and a lot of water damage. Thanks guys!

Katelyn K

I was forced to give a phone number simply to use their website. Whatever, I thought. It said the phone number would only be used as a password. Nope. Within minutes I was called and texted about buying a home. I do not appreciate being lied to about how my number will be used and I certainly don't appreciate having to provide a phone number just to use a website. I will not be using their services.

Erica Hewitt

I have been working with Marcia (now Tyler) and Erika trying to find the right home for me and my boys. They have been extremely patient as I navigate the home buying process. I would recommend Hatch to anyone looking for a home. The Free Pie, Date night Pizza, and other events are a great addition to an already great company!

Kord Nolte

I have been to many client events hosted by Hatch Realty and love how much effort they put into showing appreciation for their clients. It makes me proud that they not only provide insight on the right home for you, but care about improving the community in which we all live. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hatch Realty to those who want a pleasant experience whether buying or selling their home.

Andria Spaeth

Amber Flynn is attentive and knows her market! Fantastic Realtor to work with!

Tiff P

We attended the Homebuyer's Class, and Kyle led it. We ended up asking Kyle to be our realtor since he is so enthusiastic for realty and a positive person. Lucas did our showings, and he is so chill and knowledgeable. These guys are happy to answer any questions and go above and beyond to help!

Alyssa Anderson

I highly recommend Hatch. We worked with Tyler Heins and he was so supportive and listened to everything we wanted or asked. He went out of his way to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

Jessica Berg

Great place! Always helpful

Nick Killoran

Hatch Realty and members of Erik's team over the years have helped us buy and sell real estate. Each transaction has been a smooth process whether it was a multi-family rental property or our personal residence. The team at Hatch realty has been there from the start of each transaction and saw it through to the end. I would highly recommend this team if you are looking into homeownership.

Lucas Paper

There is not a better place to work anywhere, period. Erik has assembled a group of talented, energetic, thoughtful people around him to run his business. I have never worked for a team that cares more about getting the job right the first time and to the best of our ability.

Mary McCall

My husband and I were referred to Hatch from a friend who used this agency herself, and we started by attending their free first-time home buyer's class. The class ended up being super informative and very helpful as we ended up going with their recommended home inspector and homeowners insurance company. We also worked with Kyle Reedstrom as our realtor, who was attentive to our needs, quick to respond to our questions and emails, and super friendly. When Kyle wasn't available during our requested times for house visits, he quickly scheduled them with Danny Brown, another excellent realtor from Hatch. Overall, we were well cared for during the entire home-buying process (which can be especially stressful for first timers) and I would certainly recommend them to those looking to buy their home--first or otherwise.

Peter Kirby

I recently moved back to Fargo from WA and had a fantastic experience working with Hatch Realty. My wife and I were all over the board with price range and location and they were very patient and looked out for our best interests the whole time. They helped us find the perfect place and we could not be happier. I am now fortunate enough to also work for Hatch Realty and could not be more happy with the culture and awesome people I work with. I look forward to going into work everyday, not only because I'm getting to help people find their perfect home but also because I get to be apart of this great company and the generosity it promotes to the community and its employees.

Kylie Hall

We worked with Connor Johnson at Hatch Realty. Connor was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions from start to finish. He took the time to understand all of the things we were looking for in our first house, and then he helped us find it and agree on terms with the sellers. From start to finish - an enjoyable experience! We will work with Connor again!

Barb Kloeckner

It was SO FUN giving back to our community on Giving Hearts Day and being rewarded in my first Date Night at Hatch Realty. Linda Tupa checked me in when I stopped in to get my free pizza and Drekker Beer and she took the time to show me around and introduce me to as many team members as she could. Everyone was SO helpful and welcoming! I will DEFINITELY keep Hatch Realty in mind when I am in the market for a new home. They are always giving back to their community which I love. Thanks for a FUN NIGHT, everyone!

Brady Kelly

If your looking for a patient, diligent, knowledgeable real estate broker, to find you a home, you would be well served to choose Angie Nelson at Hatch Realty. She helped us in finding our new home and our experience in working with her was great!

Shadow Redington

After moving to the North Dakota/Minnesota area from Washington a few years ago, and having no luck finding a home with another agent, my girlfriend and I had just about given up hope. Our tastes weren't that extravagant; we just wanted a Victorian home that could use some work. The problem was that a lot of them that we found were cut up into several different bedrooms for college students, or hadn't been touched since they were built and needed $50,000 invested before we moved in, or that looked like your first apartment after college with all of the original charm removed. After looking at a few outside of Fargo/Moorhead we found one that we loved in Fergus Falls. Not only had we had trouble finding a home, but after being preapproved for several other homes, the financing always fell through at the 11th hour. Erika found us our perfect home, and Marcia found us our perfect finance crew. The level of professionalism, customer service, and all around "stick-to-it-ive-ness" of these fine individuals are the epitome of what every Realtor should strive to attain. We could not have done it without you.

Melissa Kassube

Love the atmosphere and customer service of Hatch Realty. They are like your family & are really involved with the community through all of their various events they hold each year!

Maggie Turner

The photos taken of the homes look beautiful.

Allison Massey

We recently worked with Erika Haman. Erika was a dream to work with. She didn't mind when we took a break from looking and always kept us in the loop if something came across that she thought was right for us. She answered all of our numerous questions very quickly and enthusiastically! Erika truly cared about our happiness and that we found the right home. She was with us through every step and was a great guide. Everyone we met and interacted with at Hatch for this process was so friendly and kind.

Casey Bartz

Hatch Realty made everything easy to work with. My experience with Natalie Deutsch, Tye Kjellberg, and Tyler Heins was efficient and thoughtful from start to finish.

Cody Nelson

My wife and I worked with Emily at Hatch Realty and loved it. She helped us buy our first house, and it was a breeze. She also helped us work through buying our second home, which was more complicated, but she made it super fun and easy. Rob helped us sell on our second transaction and made things very simple to understand and helped us get the most value out of it. I believe we had several offers in the first 24 hours and had sold our home in the first 36 hours. The team at Hatch is really second to none. Everything is done at your pace, however fast or slow you feel comfortable going. Both experiences were great, and when we buy our next home (probably not for quite awhile), we will be calling on them again! Thanks Emily, thanks Rob, and thanks Hatch Realty for being awesome! Cody Nelson

Lindsey Sauer

I LOVE working at Hatch Realty. Being here is like being with family. The people here genuinely want us to be happy in our jobs and personal lives. Family always comes over work and that is something I cherish very much. My husband and I bought our first house with Tyler Heins and Tye Kjellberg. They made everything a breeze. They educated us, supported us and made buying a home fun!

Jarrid Gable

Hatch was an absolute breeze to work with. I never felt pressured, and they answered any and all questions I had, any time of the day. I honestly couldn't ask for more. And I always see them doing great things around Fargo/Moorhead. Top notch company!

Grace Hannasch

I loved working with Emily for both of our houses! She made the process quick and pain free! I will definitely go with Hatch and Emily in the future!

hayleigh bruns

Hatch has had an amazing experience on me and the people in my life! They are community focused and lead with service! Also the events are a blast! Thanks for being great Hatch! #hatchbacker

Grant Kuper

Kyle from Hatch did a phenomenal job helping us find our first home! He was with us through every step of the buying process and was very knowledgeable. Kyle was always available if I had any questions about the process. Thanks Hatch Realty and Kyle!

Grace Rieke

Hatch Realty is awesome! Kirsten Herman was super helpful and answered all of our questions! She is so personable and easy to work with! She goes above and beyond to make the buying and selling process so smooth!

Travis Mack

My wife and I love the events Hatch puts on for our community. There's always an event coming up to look forward to. Can't wait to grab a pie for Thanksgiving!


Hatch Realty is a fantastic company. Every employee they have is wonderful. Linda Tupa invited me to date night. Its amazing what they do for their clients. I am excited to explore real estate with them in the furture!

Michael Crawford

The men and women at Hatch are not only great at selling houses, but they also care about giving back to the community. Their “Date Nights “, and other special events are awesome!

Tyler Forness

Lindsey at Hatch takes such great photos! The pictures she took of a couple houses makes me want to move back to Fargo.

Annie Larsen

Hands down awesome. They helped us move when our moving company went out of business, in below zero temps. Everyone got together and we all helped each other as humans should. Everything was awesome start to finish. I am in love with our home more every day!

Dane Johansen

I just bought my first home with Kyle Reedstrom and the team at Hatch Realty - a new build in north Fargo. The overall process began in January at Applebee's over a 1:1 with Kyle and just ended with my closing in late October. We looked at a lot of different homes and spent a lot of time talking real estate and financial strategy, home value, and futures and preferences throughout the journey, and in the end, we scored big time. I treasure the house I ended up with and can't imagine how I would have gotten to this point with Kyle and Hatch. My overall experience is a 10/10. You have to understand: I LOVED the journey. We had a ton of fun and Kyle made it really easy for me to house hunt. He's an expert in his field, a go-getter, a brilliant thinker, and a real friend. He wanted to help me win, he constantly reminded me of that as we talked through different houses and preferences, and we ended up doing just that. Hatch is a great org with fantastic leadership and great people. I recommend them to any new home buyer/seller and will do that with all my friends. You'll get not just an agent, but a TEAM, and that team will work for YOU. No doubts, hands down!

Holli McCray

We get the opportunity to work with the best agents from around the country and it's not often that we have the opportunity to give a glowing review about another agent, but Erik Hatch has certainly earned that opportunity! Erik is one of the most honest & ethical people I know! Erik and his team know the Fargo Housing market hands down better than anyone and I'm always thrilled for the opportunity to be able to send our buyer their way because I know they'll be in the best possible hands! Thank you, Erik!


eric miller

Kyle is a wonderful agent. A great advocate for first time home buyers and has a huge amount of knowledge of the market.

Kenneth Bolte

We did not have a good experience with selling our home. We put an offer on a home contingent on the sale of our home and it didn't get done in time. I felt that, there was a lack of communication and too many people involved in selling 1 property. I was proactive as a homeowner by reaching out to them for feedback from showings and asking what I could do to get it to sell. I received little feedback. Honestly, the people were nice, but I believe their system for selling homes isn't the best for every situation. The real estate agent selling our home did not visit our home once.

Chad Carlson

Great company filled with some of the best people! Love their support for the community!

Nicholas Bushaw

This company is so generous and they show over and over again how much they love to give back to the community!!! Thank you!

Dane Sypnieski

Vicki Link

I love this pie event that Hatch does every year! I'm sure a lot of work goes into it, but you'd never know! It's a smooth process from the RSVP to pick up - and everyone is so friendly on pick up day! Thanks Hatch!

Jeremiah Hamilton

I have sold/bought houses with Hatch Realty. They are upfront with you about what is necessary, what is realistic, and the entire process. They have a team who knows the market, and are experts at in the industry. Myself, and others I know who have used this company for their realty needs, have been fully satisfied with the length of time it takes, receiving the needs they have, and the entire smoothness of the process. There is no lack of detail and integrity in this company!

Joe Jamison

This is Joes wife and I worked with Connor and Marc and they are 2 great people to work with…..

Kathy Polansky

I've been invited to attend several functions hosted by Hatch Realty such at their annual Hatchstock and Giving Hearts. I think it's wonderful how Hatch Realty gives back to their customers and the community.

Tony Ficek

Erika did a very nice job in helping my wife and I find our dream home. She worked with our schedule and was very knowledgable. Marcia did a great job with guiding us through the offer process. Erika, Marcia, and everyone at Hatch were very helpful and friendly throughout our search for a home. I highly recommend Hatch Realty.


Great people work here. Bought my first home with Hatch and they were wonderful to work with. They solved some problems that came up with the property deal. Really glad I picked a great real estate agency.

Cortney Binger

The team at Hatch Realty is all so kind, polite, and helpful for anyone searching for their next home. I was very fortunate to have had Kyle Reedstrom as an agent who made the first time home search not so frightening and feel easier than I had expected. Would highly recommend him to anyone in the home buying process!

Drew Erick

Sarah was great to work with. Our closing took 4 months due to the seller and she was there anytime we needed her. She provided us with great insight and would recomend that anyone who is dealing with real estate, hud homes or 203k loans give her a call.

ryan erickson

We bought our new home and sold our first home and Erik was fantastic in showing us all the homes in our criteria. He was so patient and kind with all our needs. he was so good to the kids and answered all our questions. loved doing business with Erik and his team ryan

Lindsay Lundstrom

shuo zhang

Keith Bennett

Hatch Realty are full of employees that are welcoming and honest with you. My wife and I went through the first time homebuyers class there, where they had different professionals that would help with every step of homebuying. The class was educational and gave great tips to help on whichever step you are on with homebuying.

Alex Curtis

Hatch Realty is who you want to work with whether you are buying or selling a home. You will work with a group of Realtors dedicated to finding you the best price on the perfect home for you.

Richelle Mewes

Justin Hewitt is awful and unprofessional

Chris Sereda

We only trust Hatch Realty for all our buyer and seller referrals. Their team is an incredible group with outstanding values. You are in great hands with this group!

Brianna Salathe

When my husband and I decided to start looking for our first home we chose to have Hatch Realty guide us through this process. So far the team at Hatch Realty has exceeded all of our expectations. As first time homebuyers we had no idea what this process would entail. From the very start Tyler and Tye have been extremely helpful and have taken the time to answer all of our questions. They both are very knowledgeable, personable, genuine, and exceptionally generous with their time. They have been willing to show us homes in the mornings, evenings, on the weekends, and with in short notice and are always prompt in returning our calls and texts. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a compassionate team that has their clients best interests at heart.

Courtland Miller

Hatch has built an energetic yet thoughtful, young yet knowledgeable team that went above and beyond to walk me through a process that I was fairly unfamiliar with, and that made the experience as enjoyable as possible. The first time we visited, I only knew that I wanted to stop renting and start building equity in my first home, and that I wanted to live in a specific area of Fargo. I was in no hurry to buy, but a couple of short months later, my agent had found exactly what I was looking for. I got an excellent price thanks to Jamie's negotiation skills, I felt knowledgeable thanks to his incredible responsiveness even through my endless stream of questions, I felt confident thanks to the level of trust that was so easy to build up, and I felt comfortable as I got to sit back and relax during the onerous parts of the purchasing process. In the end, I've got a beautiful home, but I've also got a fantastic new group of friends at Hatch's office. My experience could not have been more positive, and I know that mine is not an isolated incident. I would highly recommend Hatch's team to anyone looking to find success on either side of a real estate transaction.


All of the folks I have met or know at Hatch Realty are top notch people. Eric Hatch and his team including Connor Johnson, Rachel Johnson and Kim Lauf are totally committed to assisting their clients achieve their goals of buying, selling and owning a home.

john bata

Demi Hoffmann

Megan is fantastic! We trust her completely and she is so fun to work with. I will refer all my friends and family to her and Hatch Realty.

Abby Tow

Sarah Link is amazing. I'm so excited to find my family home with her!

david.kawasaki kawasaki

Erik is a veteran in the business and has seen both the buyers and seller's markets. I highly recommend him and know many others that feel the same way!

John Fisher

I speak for myself and the whole CHARISM team when I say how much we appreciate the Hatch crew, no the Hatch family. For three years in a row we have been highlighted at the Hatch realty Comedy Night for CHARISM. It has been HUGE for us getting the word out about the great people CHARISM serves. We love the Hatch Family!

Rachel Rieke

Hatch Realty rocks! All of their staff is so upbeat, positive and likes to have fun! Kirsten is very great with people and making them feel loved, important and valued! She is the one to go to if you wanna hear more about this awesome company!

Carissa Botton

A company that truly serves it's people first by creating a sense of community, without any gimmicks. I know that my agent cares about our relationship over profit.

Erik Diederich

Best realty company in the business! Thank you for amazing service time and time again!

Torey Hoggarth

Working with Erika and the Hatch Team to buy our home was a great experience. She took the time to get to know our family and was able to refine our search for homes that were in our range and had the features we wanted. I would highly recommend Erika to all our friends and family for their real estate needs.

Sarah Link

Hatch has been a great place to work. As a new agent you wonder which brokerage to start with and I knew right away Hatch Realty was the one. It feels like just yesterday I walked through those doors on my first day. I love coming into the office everyday. I am blessed to be surrounded by such a giving atmosphere.

Allison P

Tyler Heins is an amazing realtor to work with. He is a genuine and authentic person who works tirelessly to make sure we had the best experience possible. We appreciate all he did to help us find our home.

Jon Wade

Truly exceptional. Their team approach was just plain impressive to watch unfold, their focus on your needs and service gave us an awesome experience but what I love the most is how much they care about us and the community.

Jon Rott

Hatch Realty is an amazing company in the F-M Community. They are very helpful when looking to buy a new home or put yours on the market. But what really sets them apart is how they give back to the community in both events that they hold around the community or at their building for Hatchstock. But they also give back by partnering with United Way in a multitude of ways. Hatch Realty truly is a picture of what it means to Lead by example in your community.

Charlie Ostendorf


brooke c

We joined Hatch for their 'Giving Hearts Date Night" , and it was a wonderful blessing on a day where we really needed it. Everyone is so helpful there. Shar invited me to their very first "Sellers/ Listing Class". It was super helpful and gives a lot of insight when you are getting ready to venture into selling a home. Hatch is super into helping the community learn how to buy and sell their homes so you go in to it as educated as possible. Looking forward to working with Shar and Rob when we are ready to sell our first home. !

Caleb Pearson

10 star performance! I have never even heard of Fargo! I had a client moving out there and referred them to Erik's team and am blown away at their experience. They called me ranting and raving about the customer service and professionalism of the team. I wanted to thank you guys and wish you the best of luck!

Connie Sundquist

Even though we weren't really in the market yet for buying a house Angie graciously would respond to our requests to view various ones that came up for sale. Then one day she matched us up with a family that she felt would love our house. This gave us the opportunity to find another home that would meet our needs and again we had her assistance to make it happen. We really appreciate Angie Nelson and all her hard work!

Brooke Thiel

I purchased a home through Hatch Realty almost 2 years ago. The customer service I received at the time was incredible and I will forever be grateful for the way they treated me during the home buying process. I believe what sets Hatch Realty apart from other companies, has been their exceptional service beyond those few months I worked with them. To this day, Hatch Realty makes us feel appreciated. Erik Hatch and his team truly go above and beyond in all that they do for their clients and the FM community.

Dan Norman

I've been working with Hatch for a month now and it's been a good experience, definitely would recommend

redfive awesome

Greg Tehven

Erik and his team have been really great to work with over the years. They move quick, are an advocate for me, and have helped me find homes that meet my needs. I'll continue to use Hatch Realty as my go to organization for my home needs.

Robbie Lauf

It doesn't get better than Hatch Realty! The experienced team at Hatch helped us find investment properties in the Fargo-Moorhead area suitable to our needs. I could not be more grateful!

Andrew Young

Greg Gibson

Best Real Estate Agency Ever!

Jon Wyffels

Hatch Realty has outstanding agents and they work for you! The type of culture and values this firm has is incredible. If you are buying or selling your home I would choose Hatch they will get things done for you.

Brian Hoefs

Jes Campbell

I've known Sarah Link for a long time. She is passionate, trustworthy, honest and the most hardworking person I have ever met. I have no doubt that she treats all of her clients as a member of her family. I would highly recommend her for any real estate need as I 100% know you will have the best experience.

Mitchell Sawicki

Leah Flaskerud

Marcia was amazing. She helped me through all of the ups and downs of the home buying process. Since I was a first time homebuyer I had a lot to learn but she eased my anxiety every step of the way. I felt like she always had my best interest in mind. She helped me find the perfect house for my family and I would highly recommend her to anyone starting their home buying journey!

Danny Gordon

Hatch Realty does an outstanding job not only for their clients but also for the F/M community by hosting local events! With these events we see their positive work culture and the passion that they put into each event!

Danny Aubol

Bought a house

kristy young

Called and set up a appt to look at a home 3 days before. I was called the day before to confirm, then a little while later they called back to see if i was "pre approved". Was told they would only let me look at the home if I was. Doesn't leave you with a welcoming feeling. Apparently you are not worth the time unless you are pre approved.

Kim Hoppe

I never realized how stressful buying or selling a home could be. Angie really worked hard for me to minimize the stress and enjoy my buying a new home experience. I wasn't an easy client lets just leave it at that. Angie was extremely prompt and thorough on answering questions I had. She was also amazing in answering questions from my crazy family that tagged along to every house viewing. Angie was so sweet, and always had a smile on her face. This made this process go smoothly. When she brought us to look at our now new home we just knew it was the one for us. So her patience with running us all around our area we had to be in, looking, looking again, contemplating, and changing our minds was top notch! She is a ROCK STAR agent! Even after we bought our home we ran into a development issue so contacted her and she was right there for us! I would use her again in a heart beat! Thanks Angie! Grateful Always Kim, Ty, Hailee & Dylan

Megan Odland

We’ve been in our home for almost 5 years and it’s still clear as day how great this company was to work with. No pressure- they make you feel comfortable, optimistic and excited about this awesome stage in your life. They still treat us as customers inviting us to special events and holiday promotions. Hatch is a compliment to the community as a whole.

Sydney Keigley

We loved our experience with Hatch. It was quick and painless and everything we were hoping when selling our house! Natalie and her team worked so hard to make sure we stayed on schedule with our move and marketed our house to appropriate buyers to make for a quick sell.


The people here are amazingly friendly and outgoing! If you're looking for some one to sell, or buy a home for you this is it.

Ericka Schutz

We loved working with Angie. She was patient and made sure to show us a wide range of homes within our requirements and needs. Ultimately we found our perfect home with her and we couldn't be happier.

Kristin Karst

Emily Duma helped my husband and I buy our first home. She was so knowledgeable in what she does and had an answer for every question. Very caring and patient which wad great because my husband and I didn't want to just settle. I would recommend Emily Duma to anyone out their that are planning on buying a house, she rocks! -Kristin Ridley

tayler olstad

My wife and I have bought two houses from Hatch, and sold one, before it even hit the market! Friendliest, hardest working group out there! I will always recommend them!

Corey Janisch

I was fortunate enough to work with Kyle Reedstrom at Hatch Realty. Kyle is a great guy to work with and is there for you every step of the home buying process. After our initial meeting, I already felt like part of the Hatch family. Kyle goes above and beyond and has invited us to some of the Hatch charity events, it’s amazing how much this great impact gives back to our great community.

Ronda Herman

I have enjoyed going to the customer events Hatch Realty hosts. Kirsten Herman has been the most helpful to me during these events.

Samuel Dodd

Erik and team are amazing! I couldn't recommend them more.

Andy Davis

Thank you so much for selling my home and referring me to some great agents in tampa. You have an awesome company and we are so happy to have worked with your awesome team!

Annie Wood

We had a great home-buying experience with the Hatch Team. They learned about our wants / needs / budget and helped us stick to that so we could find a home we love! Their process and the way they care about their clients is second to none.

Erik Hatch

Of course I love Hatch Realty!

May Pomeroy

Natalie was so helpful and professional as we worked together to sell my home. It sold in 1.5 days! I'd go to her again.

Michelle Thiele

Sarah Link and I have done numerous transactions together. I always look forward to working with her because she works tirelessly to do what is best for the client, she is truly genuine!

Nick Daley

My wife and I have 2 kids. We went to look at a house listed by Hatch Reality. This house was out in the country. We had to hire a babysitter to watch our kids. We met our personal agent at the site, the key they left wouldn't open the door. This house was a flood home so it was moved and 8 feet in the air. We moved a ladder all around the house to different doors to try and get in. When we called Hatch they just said that the key should work and that they were giving the sellers all the offers that evening. We were out in the cold for an hour, got mud all over. We never even got a chance to see the house. To make matters worse my wife is pregnant, she cried the whole way home. This was a house we could see us raising a family in and we didn't even get the opportunity to look at it. Shame on you Hatch Reality, I am so disappointed in the unprofessionalism. I will be telling everyone I know about the way we were treated.

Nancy Walsh

I love seeing all the good things Hatch Realty is doing in Fargo/Moorhead. Not only are they doing good in their community , but their marketing and photos are above all others! Lindsey does such a good job taking photos , it makes me want to walk through ALL the homes! 5 stars!

Jessica Wright

Emily Duma and her team helped us find the house we'd been searching for! They were very knowledgeable about first time home buying, and always willing to answer our questions. They negotiated us a great price, and made closing a breeze! I would recommend Emily to anyone looking to buy.

Kaisha Fahje

We have bought and sold our home with Hatch and couldn't be more impressed. Our buying agent Michelle W was more than wonderful to work with! Very patient with us and all of our crazy demands as well as our inconsistency with what we thought we wanted. She showed us everything we wanted to see so that we could pin point exactly what we wanted. And made everything sail smoothly when we put an offer in. Our selling agent Natalie D was wonderful as well. She got things done so quickly, and we never had to wait for any paperwork. She made the selling process so easy!! She explained everything thoroughly to us so that we could understand what exactly was going on. Our house was posted on Monday at 0830 and sold Tuesday at 1930!! Everything was seemless, we couldn't have asked for a better experience. The overall process with Hatch was so great that I will recommend them to anyone buying or selling. Thank you so much Michelle and Natalie!!

Brandon Yineman

Hatch was the glue to our relocation. We picked them initially because we wanted a joint team for both sides of our interstate move. What we got was nothing short of incredible! The customer service, attention to detail, knowledge of the markets, and follow through were second to none! If you're looking to buy or sell, then I can't recommend Hatch enough.

Robert Bruns

Have you worked with Kyle Reedstrom and his team!? If you have any real estate needs this is team to meet! Hatch Realty is an A+ operation, thank you for your hard work!

Jason Myrmoe

My wife and I moved to Fargo in 2011 and while we were interviewing for my current job we had the pleasure of meeting Erik Hatch. He was our tour guide around Fargo and the experience was so much fun that we chose him to help with purchasing our first home. In order to understand how much we were impressed with Erik, it is important to tell the story that exemplifies his characteristics. At the time my wife and I hired Erik, he was working for Keller Williams at the time. This is important because the traits that he had as an individual realtor allowed him to expand rapidly to his own team at Keller Williams to Hatch Real Estate to Hatch Realty. A number of things stuck out to me as we went through the process of buying our home. He was very patient with our questions, concerns, anxieties about purchasing a new home. He really took the time to find the features that we desired in a home but also helping us to find the heart of what we were looking for in a home. Some of the homes we visited had cosmetic problems but was otherwise solid. The home we eventually purchased was a little dirty and dusty with some wallpaper falling off the walls in a few places but overall was in great condition. The dirty, dusty home with wallpaper falling off was concerning and made us rethink what home we wanted to purchase. We love our home and may not have purchased it due to some cosmetic issues but Erik helped us to remember what we were looking for and that those concerns were easily fixable without being overbearing. Since we lived out of town at the time, he did a lot of leg work in finding homes with features we were looking for and sent them to us for review before our visit but was very flexible in adding other homes to the search that we had found. He gladly took our suggestions and added them to the list. We toured throughout the Tri-City area and he was knowledgeable about schools, businesses, restaurants, etc in close proximity which shows that he did his research. Whenver we visited homes he was in the background which was nice as it allowed us to experience the home as a couple, to discuss things we liked or didn't like without worry of offending our realtor but he was also ready to answer questions about the home, asking price, days on the market, etc. He not only helped us with our home but also provided some good references to insurance agents and some people around the neighborhood and the city that can help and were trusted to do a good job. Even after closing on our home, he invited us to tailgate with him for our first Bison game in 2011. We had a great time meeting people but also became friends of tailgating and the Bison at that time. Since that time we have seen Erik transform his individual efforts into his own realty company that has been immensely successful in the area being voted the top realtor for a few years in a row as well as a top small business. While you may not have Erik Hatch himself as your realtor, any member of his team I am positive will exemplify the characteristics that have allowed him to excel in his personal and business life.

Khang Tao

I greatly appreciate how Hatch Realty is always giving back to our community through various events throughout the year! It speaks volumes about the Hatch Realty culture and their core values.

Hannah Erickson

I highly recommend Hatch Realty for your real estate needs! Sarah is wonderful to work with and her passion for helping others find their dream home combined with her amazing eye to see the potential in a "fixer upper" home sets her apart from the rest.

Laurie Keller

When we decided to "take the plunge" and upgrade from our starter home to our forever home, the Hatch team was there for every step in the process. The staff was amazing and treated us like we were their only client. I have and will continue to recommend Hatch Realty to everyone that will listen!

Melanie Lee

This place is truly exceptional. It is a business filled with warmth and integrity. The agents are fantastic at their jobs and go above and beyond for their clients Can't recommend it high enough!

Mason Herman

Bought a house. Kirsten is cool. Hatch realty is awesome.

Sean Kosidowski

My wife and I sold our home with Hatch Realty and our listing agent Rob Margheim was AMAZING. Our house was sold in 3 days! We also used Rob to be our realtor after that and I gotta say it made the whole process of building a new house as smooth as it possibly could have been. Rob is the best and Hatch Realty is awesome! Do yourself a favor and use their services!!

Tyler Fischbach

I love seeing a local business give so much back to the FMWF community. Thanks Hatch!

Mary Ann Johnson

Every time I walk through the door to Hatch Realty I am SO impressed! The office itself is top notch and the people could not be more professional. You can feel the positive energy! I admire the dedication given to each client and their individual needs as they buy or sell their homes. Hatch also goes above and beyond to promote Fargo and give back to the community. The events hosted by Hatch are so great, wonder how many pumpkin pies they will give away this year for Thanksgiving. A generous group! Highly recommend Hatch Realty!

Matt M

Gary Ashton TAREG

Erik and his real estate team have been an inspiration to me on how really run a great real team team and deliver the highest level of service using the best agents in the area! I know I can trust Erik to send my clients to him for exceptional service and Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank agrees!

Aaron Tollefson

Hatch Reality is one of the best companies around town if you're looking to buy or sell a house. They have superior service and top notch agents that will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best home buying experience! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Brody Morken

Barb Swegarden

I know several of the staff at Hatch Realty from Erik to Kia to Natalie to my dear friend, Linda Tupa. These are quality people who care about our community and show it in so many ways. Their recent "Date Night" was a beautiful way to participate in Giving Hearts Day. What a cool idea!! I am impressed with their civic mindedness and the desire to create a company that is successful and caring at the same time. I hope to work with these fine people in the future! Thanks for all you do Hatch Realty!

Jack Lelwica

Angie at Hatch was able to find us a property that the alleged "Best Commercial Realtor" in FM couldn't find. She found it right away and helped facilitate the PA and the rest is history. Our business now exists thanks to Angie! - Jack, Owner Fetchers Dog Daycare, Fargo, ND

Cody Freudenthal

Great experience, worked with Brandon and Kyle and would recommend them and the Hatch team to anyone.

Joshua Boschee

If you're looking for a fun, innovative team to help you sell or buy a home in the area, look no further. I've had many friends and acquaintances utilize our team, who continue to refer their friends and family to us. We don't just sell or buy a house with you and then say goodbye, you're part of the Hatch family and will be invited to several events a year to reconnect!

Allyson Hopperstad

Sarah has the skill set that makes her a great and trusted realtor! She is thorough, supportive and knows the market! She also is a great communicator who is open and honest in her supportive approach! I recommend Sarah as a realtor to anyone looking and know we will reach out to her when the time comes to sell our house!

Chris Colgan

The Hatch team is amazing. The marketing they do for their clients is really over the top!

Hunter McMullen

Amazing realtors! They care about you before the sale, get to know you as a person and then proceed from there at your pace.

maria peralta

I would recommend Hatch Realty if you are looking to buy or sell a home. I had the pleasure of working with Angie Nelson. As first time home buyers Angie was a delight to work with. She listened to all our needs, took her time and was SO helpful during the hardest part, which was closing time for us! Being apart of the Hatch family has been a blessing for my family! You will not be able to find a better company then them.

Ashley Erickson

Sarah Link did an amazing job helping my family purchase and renovate our forever home! Our process was very nontraditional and Sarah was very impressive with her knowledge of the different processes and actions required to get exactly what we wanted and needed. She helped secure bids for our renovation budget as well as suggested the contractor we ended up using to complete our project. We bought slightly out of the Fargo Moorhead area, but she was always available for a last minute walk through and to answer any questions!

Jorin Johnson

If you're looking for a realtor with passion, commitment and a desire to please, look no further that Tyler Lindell with Hatch Realty. This guy is awesome to work with, I highly recommend!

Sarah Dimond

My husband and I found our first home with Emily and her team. They were very helpful and responsive as we had just one weekend to look. We would definitely recommend her.

Curtis Ness

Hatch Realty was great. Ryan Dodd was great to work with and made the home buying process fun. He has worked with us as well to try sort out some issues and has done what he can to advocate for his clients. Now some notes for future home buyers: 1. Make sure the carousel in the microwave turns properly. This is not verified in many home inspections - Seller said that's cosmetic... 2. Make sure you wash a load of dishes to make sure the dishwasher soap door functions (and is't broken) and the water drains properly - Again seller said that's cosmetic 3. Make sure you look at the backs of the bedroom doors so you can see if there is damage - Again apparent punch marks in a door is "cosmetic" according to the sellers 4. Run the hot tub to make sure all functions work properly. This is not covered by most home inspections. Jet selectors can be cracked and shoddy wiring can be done. 5. Go through the seller disclosure with a fine toothed comb. Assume you need to validate EVERY line item of that disclosure. Honesty certainly wasn't present when the sellers completed the one for my home... Nothing against Hatch Realty or Ryan, they were great! The sellers on the other hand need a lesson on being good people.

Natalie Trickey

The whole team at Hatch is absolutely wonderful! They always treat each and every client like family. Always hosting events that are family friendly and giving back to this wonderful community.

Matt Pearson

I can say confidently that Hatch is the most prominent realtor in at least the F-M area. I constantly see them giving back to their community and their clients. Between their client events and outreach they never cease to impress me with how much they care about the people in their community.

Ali Deutsch

Jamie Davies

We had our house listed for several months with no luck selling it. We then decided to list with Hatch and were referred to Natalie as our realtor. We were so pleased with the service she gave us. She was extremely helpful with price point and really new the market. We sold our house within a month of listing with Hatch. We would highly recommend working with Natalie at Hatch Realty. She will not disappoint!

Jessica Teubner

I met Connor & Kyle at a local event, they are part of the Hatch Realty team. I love how much effort Hatch Realty puts into their community, they continuously pour into the people around them and truly care about the FM area. I highly recommend working with Hatch Realty & there fantastic agents.

Justin Sorum

I've been working with Kyle Reedstrom a little over a year. He made the first time home buying experience a breeze, making what could have been an extremely stressful process very easy. Initially after starting my search I decided to hold off for a little while and he did not try to pressure me whatsoever! When I picked my search back up he found me a bunch of different options and after touring put an offer in. Within 2 days we had an accepted offer and am closing on my first home!

Kyle Reedstrom

Work here but buy here as well! Purchased my last FOUR investment homes thru our Hatch team and the process was a breeze...wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of my investment business. Thanks to all!

Devon Liljenquist

I have worked with both Kyle and Cole. They are both top notch agents! Very knowledgeable and professional!

Melissa Nelson

Highly recommend working with Hatch Realty! Sarah Link helped us through the process as we purchased our first home. Great service from both Sarah and Hatch Realty!

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