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Would love to give them 0 stars ! Dryer on are floor was out for 4 months. the one on the second floor was worthless from over use. lots of empty promises to get u to move in than they forget about u.

Brandon Kline

My disabled SO just moved out of one of their properties, not long after a pest-control operation (this is not the reason for the move). The tech arguably did not announce himself properly before entering, causing distress to a resident diagnosed with social-anxiety disorder. SO was not informed before seeing the bill about being partially responsible for adjoining units' exterminations; employee asked about said bill was initially friendly but started stonewalling when unclear billing was called out. Also reported anti-preferential treatment from management until management was notified of impending move. Shady operation at best.

Megan FitzSimmons

I wish I could give this place a zero. I had been warned about renting from these crooks but I ignored it due to the large space and cheap rent. But with that being said please heed the warning. Along with many problems throughout the three years of living there, check out went smoothly until I got the bill. These people will take EVERYTHING they can get from you upon move out. As well as not take care of their buildings. We were charged our full security deposit and an extra $80 for things that were broken when we moved in. We also had charges added after I had signed the check out paperwork, which is illegal. To top it all off, when I begrudgingly paid them their $80 bill. I was greeted with a sarcastic sign at their main office that said “let me drop everything and solve your problem” ...definitely fits the attitude at this company.

Nancy Yang

Do not rent from these people. Worst management ever! Tried calling for help because we haven't received our rent certificate and all they could tell me was we can only send it once so you'll just have to wait. Seriously, look somewhere else. When we moved out we were charged for 4 hours of cleaning services which was b.s because when we moved in our The person who was suppose to clean the apartment beforehand was on vacation. We moved in having to clean the windows, blinds, bathrooms, light fixtures and etc. Do not rent from these people because once you move out they'll try to do something sneaky and charge you extra!

Kevin Bibeau

Horrible place, we finally moved out and they wanted to charge us for carpet and paint that was already bad when we moved in. So after taking all of our damage deposit they tacked on an extra $300 for carpet and paint that was never replaced when we first moved in. Well now my wife and I come to find out they sent it to collections and tacked on an extra $300 to help pad their pockets even more. I would advise anyone to stay away from that place if at all possible. I wouldn’t even use a sidewalk past one of their properties they may try to charge you for that too.

bobbieann clark

Sabrina cox

I wouldn't even give them one star! They do not fix anything. You get harassed and stocked by the landlords. They will talk about you to other tendants and talk about personal information to other people. They will do what ever they can to keep your deposit and then some. I did not even move out yet before they tore out my carpets! Then charge me over 600$ for one red stain I kid you not. I will be going to court! They are so unprofessional. By far the worst experience I've ever had! Every whereive lived I've never had problems until I moved there! So glad I'm out of that place please do your self a favor and never rent from these people!!!

Sean Robbins

THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!!! ⭐️0 ⭐️DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!! This review is simple. We are a cleaning company AND YET THEY STILL CHARGED US! 1. We got our deposit (Barely..) and they CHARGED US FOR the maintenance man to VISIT! 2. If you are not picky, YOU WILL BE CHARGED. 3. Place smells like marijuana. 4. If you live here, DO NOT EXPECT YOUR DEPOSIT BACK. 5. They will say "The contract says..." and actually says NOTHING! Liars and Shams!!

Steve Schiller

The ROSEPOINT APARTMENTS in Duluth MN is a DUMP!!! THE WORST PLACE IVE EVER RENTED FROM!!! Apartment was never move in ready, we painted, cleaned, and scrubbed the place before we could move in. Now they have the audacity to tell me to schedule a professional carpet cleaning that is nowhere near worth cleaning in the condition it was in before we moved in! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DONT RENT FROM THEM! OH AND I WAITED A MONTH FOR A BALLAST TO BE WIRED IN THE KITCHEN FOR OUR LIGHT SO I DID IT MYSELF!

Sydney C

I don't even rent from Anda properties and I had a bad experience. .... I went to look at an apartment in Devils Lake ND, and the property manager there didn't seem to know any information, he expected that I knew everything about the building already... he was rude, loud, and talked about the other tenants in the building, as well as the previous tenant that lived in the apartment he was showing.. he told me her name, and even where she works, etc... when I hadn't even asked! .... If he's not confidential about their information.... he wouldn't be with mine. VERY unprofessional. ... not to mention the apartment was a dump... there were a ton of projects that he said he would be doing... but after reading other reviews- I doubt it would happen. Not going to live there..!

Corrie Buendgen

Would not recommend it.

John Teller

I would be embarrassed to be working for such an organization. Absolutely horrible apartments and even worse management. I think a group of 3 year olds could run this establishment better. Do not rent from ANDA Properties/Rose Management. Rented from the Devils Lake apartment. Horrible experience all around with the apartment and Fargo office. You can kiss your deposit goodbye even with a clean check out. Unprofessional landlord all the way up to the management at the main office. Just awful. Glad to be done with them. I hope future tenants read the reviews beforehand; also I hope Anda Properties reads them. Nothing above 2 stars. WOW


If i could give them 0 stars, i would. I lived in one of their Moorhead locations for almost 3 years. When i moved out the place looked better than i did when i moved it, even the building manager said so. While living there, a had maintenance come a few times..not knowing that they would take it out of my damage deposit. I've never heard of this..because isnt that what rent is for? It took over 2 months to get my damage deposit/pro rated rent back. The original check they sent me was $40... Had i not called them nearly everyday for 2 months..i doubt they would've given me what they owed me ( nearly $600). The people in the office are just down right rude..more specifically, kris. They charged me for multiple things that they shouldn't have.. And it took for me to threaten small claims court for them to give what they owed. They actually didn't budge until i emailed them.. Assuming since i now had more documentation on contacting them..they probably assumed id win court. They told me about 5 times that they sent my check.. If this happens to you .don't let them keep your money. Do what you can. This seems to be a trend for them.

Junior Gholson

Very shity place to live and shady management

Bro Hamm

I wish I could give this place 0 stars... or better yet negative stars... The office staff is very unprofessional and rude, they will nitpick every little thing in order to get more money out of you. Basically they are slum lords that have many subpar tenants. Properties are not well kept and there is dog poop everywhere. If I can leave you with one last piece of advice, do not rent from here unless you have NO other options

Anna Schorr

When I first moved in to my apartment in Morris, it was a decent price and place for two college kids. The manager back in 2013 was very nice, but extremely unorganized. However, he was not the issue. Management of the property switched management two times after we moved in. I took photos of the extensive repairs that should have been done when I moved in. However, nothing was fixed. Despite the work that should have been done, the rent and the location was better than most places. The actual trouble began when we moved out. Several managers and others without our consent had been in our apartment while our belongings were still there. We waited nearly two months for the return on our deposit but instead, found a bill requesting we pay it immediately. I had told the current manager, Cheryl all about the apartment's appearance when we moved in yet the photos had never made it to her or to the higher ups in Fargo. I paid $400 for a damage deposit and was billed $366 for additional fees. I agreed to $200 of it as the carpet needs to always be professionally cleaned and one of our keys was misplaced. However, all of the damage listed had occurred before we moved in. I called the 701 number and was "assisted" by a rather rude woman who did not identify herself. After explaining the issue all she said was, "Uh okay?" Luckily my call was transferred to a woman named Jill who helped as much as possible. She was polite and understanding. I am still waiting a response after emailing her the photos but I would definitely not recommend this company to rent from. I am prepared to go to small claims court if the issue is not resolved.

Love Dweh

WORST PLACE TO RENT FROM Rented from Rose management for a yr. and it was good. But i had some issues. when i first moved in the manager than was stephanie & she was such a good person, kind n understanding. After moving in , the next day i tried opeing my garage with my garage key, instead it opened the next garage and im looking lke those are not my stuff y is this happening? Confused as i was the person whom has the next garage drove up and guess what they thought i was trying to steal their stuff, so i told them i am as confused as you are, but i have stephaie on the phone and she's going to resolve this. after that things went well, atleast not till i got a new car n parked my old one in the garage, and ofcourse someone had a problem with me parking in my parking spot that was included in my lease. This time stephanie isn't there nomore it's Chris. so she said someone file a complaint saying theres been diff cars being parked in your spot and my first response was wow since when is that a problem what i need to notify pplp that i got a new car incase they don't see what they used to seeing or i have my sister / brother over lol. Now i come from a huge family so i usally have my lil bro come over sometime my mom, and mostly my lil sis 8yrs old and i'll have to take her to school sometimes due to my mother's scheduel.Now this is funny I got a notice from Rose management saying they belive someone els is living in the apartment, and i'll need to proof of their lease agreeement where they stay at, so i went to the office and meet wth chris and i told her i don't understand the meaning of this, since when in the lease it say i can't have my familyor friends come visit, i guess i have security watching over my apt or what not. Now the interestng part i moved out cleaned the place and got bailed $1018 for it on top of it they kept the deposit!!! WORST PLACE EVER TO RENT FROM, ALL MY YEARS OF RENTING, I'VE NEVER BEEN HANDLED LIKE THIS! small cliam court here we come.

Olivia Robbins

They charge for maintenance men to come and fix something, then take it out of your deposit. Crooks all the way. We left our apartment spotless, cleaner than when we moved in. Gratefully our apt manager was so great - she gets five stars. This company = 0 stars. Happy to be out of there!!

Jessica Sorenson

I would NEVER recommend Imperial drive apartments in morris mn to anyone! Stay away! Management sucks! The maintenance is not done on time or in a timely matter! Never move into those apartments.

Mary Jayne Kojetin

Anthony Smith

I hate it here. Worst place to rent from.

crystal andersen

Brock Dahl

There's so much. I'm just going to leave it at stay away if you know what's good for you. They're crooked crooks.

Michael and Lydia Love

My wife, stepson and I spent three days cleaning and repairing this place. We even left quality LED bulbs in all the sockets, better quality toilet seats than what they had to begin with, I personally oiled and rehung doors so they would swing correctly and not squeak, we left everything absolutely spotless. Even scrubbed the walls, behind the fridge, behind the stove. I wanted that $400 deposit back. I was expecting it. What did we get? A bill for $3,098 dollars. We will take them to court.

T Schneed

After moving out I not only got no notice of my security deposit but they charged me an extra 800 for "damages" that they refused to prove to me. I would have loved to take them to small claims court but I had just moved to California and did not have funds to fly back to ND just to fight this case. Unfortunately I had to comply with them and pay them what they were asking to avoid it going to collections. Halfway through the payment plan, where I made all payments on time, they sent it in to collections anyways. Absolute garbage company, if you are thinking about renting from them don't.

joshua coil

CROOKED I was asked to move out early from when I originally planned so they could do work on the apartment (because I was there so long and things were old) thankfully I kept proof of all of this for when they started coming after me for moving out early...


Would not recommend.

Gloria Tate

I have worked for Anda properties. I found them to be honest, caring, and conducted business as professionals. The properties were well kept up.

Alex Bosch

Latasha Klatt

Lived in a 1br then transfered to a 2br an both of their apartments were very dirty an I had to personally clean them before I could move in. They claimed they were clean but there was food smeares all over cubbords and the lynoleum was grey but I guess its actually white once I cleaned. There was broken things I noted imedeatly an they claimed they would fix an never did they charged me instead of previous tenant. There is also mold all over in my frezer that was not taken care of before I moved in! If I could give them a zero or a negative rate I would. I will just advise dont rent from them unless you want the added stress.

Sera Basol

I wish I could give it no stars. They wasted my time, and I wish I would have never even bothered with these people. I've been working with a woman named Bri (FYI, a rude, immature woman who will ignore you if she doesn't know what to say). I've been trying to apply for this specific apartment for a month. The first time we applied, we were denied because I had not yet turned 18, which I understand (although my birthday was only two weeks away from the day I turned my application in and the lease would have started after my birthday). So I waited the two weeks for my birthday and called Bri to ask if the apartment was still available. She told us "yes it is", and then took two days to get back to me about giving me the applications. Once I got them, we filled them out, and I contacted her a few days later asking if I could stop by to drop them off. She did not reply. I tried to contact her once a day for four days straight, and even left her a voicemail. She replied to none of it. I had enough of being ignored so I tried to call the main office in Fargo and see if I could talk to someone helpful there. I drove down there, and found someone who was willing to help. She was looking at my applications as Bri, the lady I've been trying to contact, walks by, looks me in the eye and then turns to her co-worker and says, "Oh, that place isn't free anymore, I was just doing the paperwork with the new tenants.", and then she walked away, without saying anything to me. Not even a "sorry for ignoring you." I do not recommend this company because they do not have any decency at all to treat their current and future tenants with respect.

Brittany Walsh

I lived in an Anda building for 6 years and upon moving out, had the WORST experience. Before I get started, let me note that I adored my landlords, Gene and Linda. They were wonderful, kind people and my issue is with Anda, not the resident managers. Not only did Anda refuse my notice to vacate because of a typo, they intentionally did not tell me it wasn't accepted until the deadline has passed for the month, causing me to pay for another month when I already had a new place. I called them and begged them, but Chris snarkily told me on the phone it was too bad and it was my fault. It was a sneaky, shady move to get more money out of me because they know they can't keep their units filled. I asked if I could post some photos and try to get some interest and find renters myself and they said it didn't matter if someone wanted it, because they would still charge me a fine for moving out before the '60 day notice' (even though they were given a 90 day notice). I did, in fact, get the apartment rented immediately by posting these photos- there was a ton of interest and my landlord told me that because of my post, she was able to rent two more apartments to people who didn't get mine (so 3 in total-- people who specifically called and asked about my apartment and mentioned my ad). Of course this didn't change anything and Anda made me pay for the extra month, even though I was already gone. Not only that, but they kept my entire deposit, as well as charging me for new carpet which was completely unnecessary. As you can see from the photos- the carpet was in great condition for having lived there for 6 years. Three adults spent days scrubbing and cleaning this apartment (I not raised to leave behind a mess when moving out- it was spotless), yet Anda found numerous random things to charge me for (including faulty smoke alarms, even though I changed the batteries, realized they didn't work even with brand new batteries, and left them on the counter with a note explaining that) It's been two years since I moved out, so I can't even remember exactly what the charges were, I just know they kept my $400 deposit and charged me $1,000 on top of it, and of course it's never worth it to take it to court. The building themselves are painted to look like diarrhea (to save money because they bought so much ugly paint in bulk), extremely old, smelly, and full of sketchy renters. Fortunately, because I had great landlords, the floor I lived on was filled with decent people, and it was more of a family building. I can't say the same for the rest of their buildings/locations. The only redeeming qualities of my apartment was the size and the fact that we had a pool (the sauna, however, is permanently closed because they use it for storage instead). Anda has a horrible reputation, doesn't mind screwing people over- and instead tried to change their name to "Rose Management" to avoid the negative reviews. Just skip them. If you're considering renting here, it's basically as bad as renting from Skaff (except 'Rose' doesn't sound like and STD like Skaff does). It's not worth saving money on rent. Just get a smaller, newer apartment with a decent rental company. The photos I included are not to make you think how nice the apartments are, they are to show that I kept a clean home and so you can trust that I did not leave the apartment a disaster upon moving out.

Jacob Swaney

Shannon Gegner

Lived in the apartments they have in Marshall, MN for over a year and it was horrible! The roof leaked and they never fixed it and just tore the ceiling down and left a huge hole for months! The manager wasnt all that bad, it is the people in Fargo, they are rude and do not care about their tenants at all. I have told people who are looking for an apartment to never rent from them....

Destiny Lund

morgan zabel

Anda Properties (aka ROSEMANAGEMENT) I have never had issues with any rental company until I rented with them. Their website states that "We believe in good morals, doing the right thing, and treating our residents as family.".... This could not be further from the truth. We put up with a lot of illegal and otherwise annoying behavior within the apartment building and never reported it or made a fuss. Now I wish we had. The apartment building was always dirty, spelled like marijuana and was broken into more than once, inhabited by homeless individuals, and these actions resulted in theft of tenants property. I'm a medical student and my husband is a veteran, we never held parties or received any complaints. Our rent was always paid on time. Now when asking for a bit of leniency regarding our move-out, we were immediately disregarded and later threatened with legal action. This is the first time I've EVER had any issue with any rental company. I can not and would not recommend renting from this company.

Brett Haddaway

Worst place to rent from!!! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!! 1) we went through a million different on site managers, who during the million of them, they mixed up who lived with me on our lease...and wanted us to pay for their mistakes by reapply my roommates who already paid for the application fee 2) very rude customer service 3) high prices for very low quality 4) no matter how many times you put a work order in for something broken, they will not come for months... (our laundry machine) 5) they wouldn’t fix anything then they would come to do an inspection then CHARGE US for when we told them 6) when we moved, they billed us with crazy amount money, then the next day I got a bill saying it’s going into collections???? 7) Our garage was suppose to be by our apartment building but they sold the one, and gave us one DOWN THE WHOLE STREET!! And made me pay for the useless garage for a year!!!!!! And the prices went up every month for that stupid garage! Truly the worst place I have experienced

Sarah Altepeter

A.K.A Rose Properties Absolute scam artists. I had to have an officer escort me to get my check out. I had been at the unit 3 days prior, nothing had been done, but the had a list of fake charges, stating, "we estimated how many hours of cleaning, which is illegal. They came up with $9000 in charges. The officer said, "what? Were there no walls left? There was not a hole in a wall, blinds were junk and unopenable when I moved in, they charged for 17 outlet covers, two were broken when I moved in and I replaced them. They know other landlords will not rent to you until you pay off their jacked up, fictitious charges, so they get away with it. Do not ever rent from them. They gave me a 60 day notice when I was dealing with domestic violence. Not one late rent payment. They have ruined 10 years of rental history. Do not ever put yourself in the position of getting destroyed financially by this company.


We've rented from them for 7 years. They are friendly & we've never had any issues.

Chris Rogers

I can only add to the negative reviews. I was charged every time I had something wrong with the apartment for "extra work". At one point I thought my garbage disposal was broken, maintenance went to check, and wrote, "disposal is working" (meaning they didn't fix anything) on the ticket, and STILL charged me 35 bucks. Landlords were fine, but don't trust the management. Move out as quick as possible, or find another place.

Lady Gaga-27

Awedience Ofone

Don't even try to rent any of their apartments. The management is very terrible, their apartments are really bad. They would try anything not to give your deposit back. Living in one of their apartment was the worst mistake I made and the worst nightmare I had. I was constantly harassed and discriminated by the live-in Apartment Manager. The pipes are leaking, they would just look at it and do nothing. They would blame all the damages in their torn-worn out-ugly-old apartments. In the winter, there's a cold draft that keeps coming through the windows, doors and walls. Terrible experience. Wouldn't recommend it to anybody, old or young. I highly discouraged everybody from renting their apartments. You would really regret it.

Jena Hoover

Horrid management, run down apartments that are poorly maintained, and they let tenants smoke in the apartments and don't tell you before you sign your lease. My apartment always reeked of cigarettes from the apartment next door. I'm dealing with them adding things onto my checkout after I had already signed it which is illegal. They didn't even get my itemized deduction list to me until after the mandatory 30 day limit.

ash dearborn

This lady approved me one moment then in the very same day changed her mind bc of my current landlord who refused to let me move out when my roomates left and is taking only me to court for 4 months of rent even though technically there was 5 of us responsible for the rent .. Anyways kristi or kris was extremely rude and mean and unprofessional altogether i am kinda glad i won't be renting from her

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