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Karsten Deuschle

My girlfriend and I were searching for a one-bedroom apartment, while my girlfriend's sister was looking for a studio. We were hoping to be in the same building in the Long Island City area. We had visited several apartments and toured them with the leasing companies and were somewhat reluctant to use broker because of possible additional fees or dealing with untrustworthy people. We were looking at various listing on apartment sites and reached out for a tour, at which point we connected with Ivan and Vlad from Spire. It couldn't have gone better. They went above and beyond our expectations. They met us on short notice, understood our budget, listened to what we were looking for, and did not apply any pressure at all. On top of that, they were both very knowledgeable about each of the properties and possessed a great deal of experience with the management companies. To be frank, we asked them a lot of questions, some of which you might typically ask the leasing agent. They were able to answer all of them correctly. It felt like we had a trusted adviser with us along the way and that they sincerely had our best interest in mind. They followed through on all their commitments and stayed with us to the end. The management company for the building we settled on covered the broker fee; however, these guys would be worth it even if they hadn't. I will use these guys for all future broker needs.

Marlene Kon

Highly recommend working with Chezi Zarur. He foudn me the perfect gem apartment in Manhattan at such a reasonable price. Trust me you wont regret working with him!

Jack Gill

Had a great experience with agent, Matt Baren. He was able to help me throughout the process and was very responsive with any question I had. Would definitely recommend.

Jared Levine

In early 2013, Jared Paletti helped me achieve the impossible: purchasing a beautiful one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights for a great price. During a time when inventory across Brooklyn was bottoming out and prices were skyrocketing, Jared proved himself to be an invaluable asset in obtaining a home that far exceeded my expectations. Jared understands the buying process completely and was always quick to provide insightful advice. He is smart, well spoken, and was a pleasure to be with throughout our countless visits to open houses. I cannot recommend Jared highly enough.

Geri Kirilova

My experience is limited to working with Ivan Palov, and I cannot recommend him strongly enough. I was initially not planning on working with a broker, but when I found myself a bit in over my head and encountered strong recommendations for Ivan's LIC expertise, I decided to give him a shot. He definitely met and exceeded any expectations I had. With 9+ years of market experience, he offers guidance that is hard to find no matter how much individual research you do (nuances of the neighborhood, quality of management companies, price trends, etc.). Ivan gave us the good, the bad, and the ugly, along with his own opinion, all without pressuring us to make any given decision. He also helped us manage the lease signing & approval process and remains a resource if we have any questions. Plus, he is a blast to hang with and made our whole search process more enjoyable. If anyone is looking for an apartment hunt partner, Ivan is your guy.

Anne Conner

Mason Bartle

Vlad and Ivan of Spire Group were amazing at finding me and my girlfriend an apartment in Long Island City. Vlad spent several hours showing us around the neighborhood, and every apartment he showed us was perfect. He knew every building like the back of his hand, and every doorman met him with a smile. We saw big units, units with amazing views, units in buildings with amenity stacked on amenity, and more. After we'd finally settled on one of them, Ivan assisted us at every step of the way. He helped us navigate through the tricky world of leasing agents, guarantors, and other big city obstacles, and seemed to be able to respond to a text at virtually any time of the day. My girlfriend and I are both looking forward to working with these two again.

Kelsey Navin

Ivan is without a doubt the most knowledgeable broker in LIC. He was so wonderful to my girlfriend and I as we searched several apartments with him. He never rushed us, assisted us with questions, always offered to help or work with our schedule, and he REALLY helped us stay within our budget to get more "bang for our buck." He was involved every step of the way and made sure all of the information was accurate. If you are unsure where to start when searching for an apartment in LIC, I HIGHLY recommend Ivan. He really is the best.

Rinad Yauri

They never reply my messages about a apartment. I don't understand how these people gets this kind of job!

Mathew Cybul

Mark Donohoe

Cruising around the real estate section of Facebook at 2am and I write a place for more info. A few minutes later, I get a response from a guy named Ivan. Ok, a fellow late-niter! So I reply and say 'If you're still up, rather than me typing all my needs, feel like a call?'... and my phone rang. Wow! Getting things done on *my* schedule. That's the first bonus. We talk for a bit and I explain exactly what I'm looking for, and by that, I mean I'm kind of vague and all over the place. Ivan took it all in stride, taking the time to figure out what I was really interested in, helping me refine my needs first, before just hawking whichever place offered the best commission. Taking the time to actually understand me? That's bonus #2. We agree to meet over the next few days. Ivan had already made arrangements at all of the places he thought would be a good fit based on our conversation. We start. Prior to Ivan, I had seen about eight or nine different buildings and none were inspiring to me. Two out of the three Ivan showed me were my #1 and #2 picks already. Spending time with the building reps, I'm asking waaaay too many questions at the first few places and next thing I know, I had knocked Ivan's carefully-crafted schedule off course. But not once did he rush me. He let me know that the latter place may have a time constraint, but he'd be more than happy to call them and reschedule for me, and that's exactly what we did, with him happily agreeing to come meet me the next day based on my schedule. That's bonus #3. After the first day, Ivan had a much better idea of what I was after. Even after already doing an amazing job on day 1, he says 'I think I know the perfect place for you. It has everything you like. It just 'feels' like what you're describing. Unfortunately he can't go due to a scheduling conflict, but sets up a visit for me to walk over and meet a rep at the building. I walk in and instantly fall in love. This is the place where I will be living. I call back Ivan and let him know. That's bonus #4. Unfortunately, there is a small hiccup in this story. Unlike all of the other properties I had seen, the one that I loved the most wasn't paying a broker's fee, meaning that's on the shoulders of the perspective tenant. In other words, me. But before I can even think 'I knew there was a catch! This is how they trick you!!!' Ivan said 'Mark, I made a mistake. I thought they covered my fees, but they don't. Still, do not worry about me. If you love that place, rent it. I'm not going to charge you for my mistake. That was the mic-drop moment. An agent just purposefully told me not to worry about their entire fee because they missed it. He didn't say 'Hey, I made a mistake, but you have to pay.' He didn't even say 'I missed this, but could you at least split the difference with me?' He said 'You're my client and I need to do right by you. I won't charge the fee.' I signed that very lease earlier tonight. People like Ivan are very rare. He's funny, knowledgeable, very laid back, and always for cracking a joke, but the man knows his properties. He listens to what the client says and finds the perfect match. And more than all of that, he's honorable. He stands by his word even over his fees. That's just unheard of in the real estate business let alone in the NYC *rental* real estate business. If I could leave more than five stars, I would. I am definitely keeping him in my favorites should I move again or have a friend in need of some real estate advice. Ivan, you're the man! Thanks so much for helping me find the perfect place.

Jenna Davis

Mina DeVita

A waste of time- complete scammers. Marin, Elle and Evelina. Texts and calls on listed apartments confirming prices and all that's included before setting up a showing. Arrive to showing, showing us higher priced apartments and not any of the listings we have confirmed on- A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY COMMUTING TO NYC to see apartments that they didn't have! I have text messages that prove what SCAMMERS they are!!!

Bryan Lawlor

I found Ivan through naked apartments- he was super responsive, really took the time to understand what I was looking for - he showed me pretty much all the buildings in the area I was looking in which gave me a really good perspective of quality against price. He also seems to know all the buildings and building managers very well which is really helpful. In the end I went with another area that was represented by another broker but I would definitely recommend Ivan especially if you are looking for a place in Long Island city.

John Smith

Would rate 0 stars if I could. My broker Lyuben Ivanov refused to disclose any details of the apartments he planned to show me and forced me to sign an exclusive broker contract. Upon reaching the street of the first apartment, I realized the building complex was a place where I used to live and they are widely known as a no-fee apartment complex. He claims he introduced me to the complex even though I never walked into the complex with him. I don't plan on living in the complex, but if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to sign a lease there without paying him an enormous fee. He basically lied and cheated me and I don't appreciate his unethical business practices. AVOID THE SPIRE GROUP GIVEN THEY HIRE PEOPLE LIKE LYUBEN IVANOV.

Jhon Parker

I'm so glad and thankful that I met Spas. It's so easy going with him , he's very patient, honest and responsible to his clients and their needs. In such of short time he's responding to all of my emails and text messages full of questions and worries about my new apartment- my new home . Highly recommend my agent Spas Todorov.

Emmy Jacobs-Schwartz

This review is for Kosta & Dan from Spire Group. Kosta helped my 2 roommates and myself find our new apartment. The difference between our experience with Kosta vs. our previous broker is drastic! Kosta was so forthcoming with information, honest, and friendly. He was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and always responded quickly to questions or communication of concern. Would definitely work with Kosta again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a new apartment in NYC.

Steven Heshley

Let me start by saying Ivan Palov really came to my relocating rescue!! When I recently found out that I was relocating to New York City with only a month’s notice, it really put me scrambling to find not only a place to live but a building that had all of the amenities that I was looking for as a young professional. As anyone knows, the market here can be daunting with thousands of units in hundreds of different neighborhoods. I first reached out to Ivan Palov late on a Friday night and received a response within minutes asking me all the details of what I must have, would like to have and could do without when looking at different units and what my price range and neighborhood preference was. With my visit to find a spot less that a week away, Ivan scheduled me an appointment bright and early the first morning I was in the city with four different buildings with many types of units in each, so I was able to see all of what was available in my price range. Within the first two hours, Ivan Palov had nailed the exact unit I was looking for and was even able to squeeze my balcony want into the price range I wanted. Throughout the entire stressful, but exciting experience, Ivan was always honest and authentic when it came to my needs as a client. This was a very uncertain time for me, but Ivan was able get my application in the same day with me signing a lease before I flew back home to start my packing. In today’s business world, people like Ivan are hard to find and I, without a doubt will be returning to him for me and my friends/families NYC real estate needs.

Tracey Koehler

Rikin Mathur

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov with Spire Group Kosta is a fantastic realtor who knows the ins and outs of New York City Real Estate. He is very experienced about housing plans, buildings and prices but he is very considerate of what the people he is helping want in a place. We were able to lock down an amazing apartment well within our budget with more than our basic needs and Kosta was so patient throughout the process. It often seemed like he was there for the applicants first and for his own business second. Highly recommend reaching out to Kosta if you are looking for a place in NYC.


Great and professional service. Highly recommend Bianka for help in buying your next home!

Ivan Mao

I am reviewing Ivan Palov with Spire Group because my experience with him in finding my current apartment has been nothing short of phenomenal. A good broker in NY is hard to find, this one deserves all the praise. I was initially looking for a place in Manhattan but my budget limited me to seeing bad to ordinary apartments at best. I decided to give Queens a shot and ,of course, started with an online search of Long island City and Astoria because these neighborhoods were the closest to Manhattan where I work. I used multiple different apartment platforms and Ivan’s name was a recurring one on all of them. In all honesty, there were other similar ads posted by other agents, so I guess they could have shown me similar places but I decided to bet on Ivan based on the fact that he seemed to know LIC well and also based on his reviews. I clicked on a couple of his ads and (I don’t know how it is possible) I received a response to my inquiry within no more than 5 seconds. We engaged in a conversation and he offered to call me to better understand my needs. We scheduled an appointment to see a few places on the weekend. He took me to 3-4 buildings which he described as “the best deals on the market right now” because of the incentives they were offering in comparison to other buildings which were not. I liked everything he showed me. Worse, I liked every building almost equally. It was extremely difficult for me to decide on one single apartment because I did not know much about the neighborhood and the pros and cons of each building. I then went on asking a ton of questions to better evaluate and Ivan answered all of them quickly and with patience. His confidence and knowledge were fundamental, I trusted him and his professional opinion and this eliminated so much anxiety. For me, this broker was a huge help. Pleasant, easy going, knowledgeable, serious when needed and when numbers are involved, honest, straightforward, fast and effective in his communication. “As good as it gets”!

Claudia Carvajal

Ivan and Vlad were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. He asked us a few preliminary questions via text and set up multiple appointments for exactly what we wanted. Finding a new apartment in NYC is never a fun experience but they made it easy. We never felt pressured one way or the other. It felt like they truly wanted the best for us throughout the whole process. We honestly could not recommend him and the rest of the team enough. They helped us through the entire process. We just signed the lease to our dream apartment because of them! Thank you!

Sonia Sharma

One of the worst experience I have ever had. Tammy Hsu was extremely manipulative and rude. The most unprofessional encounter I have ever had in my entire life. She wanted me to pay rent upfront , a realtors fee and a 5 month deposit on top of that. She then told me to pay an extra 75 a month for dirty, stained furniture. Not only did they not refund my deposit, but she disrespected my entire family. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS COMPANY.

Regina Levin

My last experience with my realtor was the second transaction with him in the past 4 years. I can’t say enough about how helpful and professional he is. He continues to be a great resource and friend. I would highly recommend him!

Abhilasha Shah

juliana casas

Damian Ewko

mcgarrybowen NY

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov: Kosta helped us navigate our apartment search with ease, answering dozens of our own questions and acting as an amazing advocate for our while dealing with leasing agents and other parties involved. From the first day of our search to our actual move in day Kosta was available 24/7 to guide us through this daunting process. He was incredibly kind, patient, understanding and most importantly, professional. We were referred to Kosta by a friend and have since recommended him to several others. We absolutely love the apartment and building that we are in, but know that when it comes to finding our next apartment Kosta is the only broker we will use.

Taylor Rice

The was my second time working with Elsa Leon and I will definitely use her if I ever need an apartment again. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and she goes above and beyond to help make sure you get the apt you want. She helped us from viewings to paperwork, and was very upfront and transparent about prices, fees, contracts etc. so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you make a choice. She even negotiated with the management company on our behalf to help us get the lease we wanted. I recommend her to all my friends, she’s especially great with college students or first time renters, she takes the time to make sure you understand everything.

Farhaan Mulla

Jamie is a very unprofessional broker. Never answers phone calls or responds to texts. Contacted him for an apartment in Bayridge, no response. Totally ghosted us.

Schatze Palen

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov and Dan Ivanov with Spire Group. Long story short: if you want your dream apartment for the right price, excellent service, and no headaches - contact them NOW. Usually finding an apartment is such a headache and you're tempted to jump broker to broker trying to find one on your own. Kosta and Dan are so committed to you and truly listen to what you're looking for that I just stopped searching on my own and trusted that they would provide what I was looking for (I never let go of the steering wheel, so this was big) -- and they over-delivered! From the beginning, my roommates and I told them our non-negotiables, criteria, and budget for our apartment. What's usually overlooked by other brokers, Kosta and Dan took into serious consideration and showed us apartments that exceeded our expectations. We would not have found out about these units had we gone elsewhere. My group was probably excessive with our constant communication and questions, but they were super responsive, professional, and respectful with every little question we had and advised us throughout the entire process. Kosta and Dan also have great relationships with the leasing agents of these buildings so they're able to speak on your behalf and make sure all parties are happy. Finally this team is super flexible and works with your schedule. I did not have to worry about a thing, and it was actually a PLEASURE working with them! Every time someone asks me how I got the apartment I have for the price and amenities, I just say I had a fantastic broker team. Thanks Kosta and Dan!

Madison Roberts

Working with Chad Ryan was tremendous. I went into the process skeptical and guarded, but Chad quickly earned my trust. He is an attentive listener, an effective communicator, and a skilled broker. He respected every preference and "non-negotiable" we threw at him. We couldn't be more pleased with our new apartment. I strongly recommend his services.

Lai Chong

very bad experience. They told me a price with one month free rent. After I put deposit, they told me there is no free rent.

Jeremiah Redrick

DO NOT GO TO THIS REALTY COMPANY. Amit Golriz, remember that name and if you see him dont even bother trying to view the apartment. I had a showing today on September 7th, 2018 at 7pm I was running behind and told him that I was but that I was on my way. Due to traffic I appeared at the location 15 minutes behind but before that Amit called with an attitude claiming that I was wasting his time and that even if I show up he refuses to show me the apartment. Granted I understand that we were late but NORMAL people who have previously communicated dont get attitudes and refuse to do their jobs. It was very unprofessional and if you plan on doing business without the capacity to understand that others have a tight schedule as well then maybe he doesn't care enough to keep his job.

Mehul Patel

Horrendous service. They use the wrong pictures and tell you there is no fee to lure you in. As soon as you arrive they'll ask you to sign a waiver that says if you get an apartment at that place they will take 10% of years rent as the free. On top of that the apartment they show aren't the on in pictures.

Cyril Rusev

Ivan Palov is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to LIC apartments. He is well connected with the leasing offices in each building and if it wasn't for him, I would not have had my application approved. My case was somewhat difficult so I needed someone who knew how to present it properly to management so my application could get approved. Throughout the process, Ivan proved to be not only a real estate expert but also, a legal adviser, a psychologist, a friend.

Michael McKeown

I had the pleasure of working with Ivan and Vlad. I recently graduated from law school and am moving to NY from Boston for my first apartment. These two made the entire process, which can normally be somewhat stressful, extremely easy and enjoyable! Some of the most helpful things about their assistance was their response time, knowledge about the NY real estate market, and ability to listen to my needs. They would often respond immediately to my questions and when I had very last minute trips to NY, they were still able to meet me and show me listings. After listening to my needs, they suggested more listings and we eventually found an amazing apartment I wouldn’t have found on my own (and I looked extensively). Finally, they work hard for you. When the leasing company was slow to respond, they put the pressure on and got results. The fact that their broker’s fee was covered by the listing is just another plus. I would highly recommend them to anyone that’s looking for any kind of listing if you appreciate responsive, dedicated, and knowledgeable real estate agents.

Rose Yi

Ivan and Vlad are such a great pleasure to work with. Very responsive, patient, kind, considerate, and knowledgeable - I don't think you can ask for more! I would recommend these two to anyone looking in the city. They are extremely transparent and honest with you, but will do their best to work with you on everything.

Gregg de Domenico

Ivan and Vlad were great. Showed me some nice apts but made sure we kept looking till I found the one I really wanted. Streamlined the process and pushed it through when a third party verification company slowed it down. Can't thank them enough, definitely recommended!!

Shannon G

IN SHORT: DO NOT DEAL WITH Martina Dechevska. DO NOT SPEND A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME WITH THAT HORRIBLE AGENT! I did not deal with the agent directly, but for the short half an hour I had to was the absolute, most worst experience. I was ready to sign a lease that happened to be a listing by Spire Group, but I was working with Citi Habitats (watch out for them too! watch out for Ricky Fields). I had put down an initial deposit in order to secure the place prior to lease signing, then was paying the brokers and first month's rent to the landlord and was reading through the lease. The lease stated that I was ready for the apartment "as is" and that no dogs were allowed. I did not feel comfortable signing the lease when the apartment was not ready and there was verbally promised work to be done, and that I have a dog. I asked the landlord to give me something in writing, stating the work to be done and that my dog was allowed, to which the landlord promptly stated that he no longer wanted to rent to me, and that he would give me back my initial deposit (which I still haven't received, probably never will). All during this time, a Spire Group agent is practically screaming at me, telling me that the lease is a normal thing, and that there is no problem to sign the lease because it is to protect the landlord, and that problems won't arise. She was horrid. If you're looking in kingsbridge/bronx and see this description: "RENT STABILIZED 1BR IN KINGSBRIDGE! GREAT OPPORTUNITY! Currently getting renovated with new stainless steel appliances, kitchen tiles! Great 1br in Kingsbridge! Very large! Steps to 1 train and minutes to Manhattan! Rent stabilized! These apartments go fast! Pictures coming soon GOOD CREDIT REQUIRED TO QUALIFY!" DO NOT bother with your money, nor that agent. You will end up with an agent that doesn't care about your well being, and a lying landlord, and lose $1,450. STAY AWAY FROM SPIRE GROUP!!

Stephanie Sparks

As a first time renter, this company made my roommates and I feel at ease. The process was so simple and Vlad was so patient and helpful to us! He was not pushy at all and really catered to our needs. I would recommend him and this group to anyone!

Ryan Nicholson

Ilizabeth Levine

Joseph Kearney

TL;DR - If you want an apartment in Long Island City, skip the search online and reach out to Ivan and Vlad directly. You'll end up in the apartment you want, and they'll make the entire process as seamless as possible. I've lived in NY a while and hate the process of moving because no one ever looks out for the renter. Even worse, this year I had very specific requirements and had basically no time to get into my new apartment. As a renter in NYC, I know this is basically the worst place to be in. It's what brokers and leasing agents love to take advantage of. So I was ready for the worst going into my apartment search until I worked with Ivan and Vlad. But then I gave them my criteria, and they showed me only those apartments that met exactly what I was looking for. They were open and honest about the pros and cons of every place we saw, and they were happy to answer any questions I had at any point. Then, they stay involved as I was trying to lock down my apartment (which can be just as stressful as finding one in the first place). This is the duo you want if you're trying to find an apartment in Long Island City (or any area that they cover).

Adam Ron

If you see a listing by a Spire agent, you better set your expectations low Very unhappy with my experience. I showed up to a viewing of an apartment, the broker was late, the apartment was still under construction (of course they didn't mention that in the listing), and lied about the apartment being a true two bedroom. After speaking a few other tenants in the building I found out that the gas line had been out of commission for 6 months, and the broker admitted that it could be another 6 months before it gets turned on. Given the shady practices, and reading some of the reviews here I wouldn't doubt many of them are fake.

Julie Kim

Super sketchy. Post the same pictures for each listing and isn't even a real listing.

Alex Hill

Had an appointment scheduled. Agent did not have keys to the apartment and did not reach out to tell me the appointment was cancelled. Agent then blamed me - stating they did not have my cell phone - except they had my email address.

Ryan Seideman

WOW - JUST WOW. I found a great apartment listed by a reputable company. Little did I know that Nathan Ben David a real estate agent from Spire Group was impersonating a broker from another company! After he impersonated that person he tried to increase the agreed upon rent after I cut a cashier check. When I asked for my check back he came to my personal address with a completely non-affiliated party named Niv Shaked who handed me my cash back. I am deeply saddened by this incident as clearly he now has my personal information including SSN, Personal Address, Pay History, Work Information and phone number :( I contacted the CEO Bianka Yankov who initially sent me an email but has never returned a call or tried to mediate this situation. I HIGHLY SUGGEST AVOIDING ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS GROUP especially Nathan Ben David. If a CEO wont respond then you should be concerned about the entire business and ethics of that business!

Marco Carranza-Walter

Hats off to Ivan Palov for going above and beyond to make our apartment hunting experience a positive one. Ivan really listened to us and what we wanted from our next apartment, before finding us the best unit in LIC and the move value. I can't wait to move in and enjoy the views of the Emprire State Building from the balcony in our new apt. If you're working with Spire, ask for Ivan!

kevin wierenga

KOSTA is great to work with. He knows the buildings very well. He also is able to read his clients like no other. We were able to get in and out when we didn’t like it and move in to other building with ease. Highly recommend!

Kevin Jones

Had a terrible experience with Spire Group Real Estate, making finding real estate in a foreign place more difficult than it already was. This was due mainly because of the real estate agent, Nathan. He had poor communication skills, bad attitude, and was overall very unhelpful. He hung up on me multiple times, causing a wastage of international call credit. Would not recommend this Real Estate agency.

Jenny Liu

I worked with Ivan Palov and Vladislav Vladimirov to find an apartment in Long Island City recently. Being from out of state, they did a great job explaining the nuances of renting in NYC as well as compiling as many apartments to view as possible in the one day I had to see them. Vlad was very patient and thoughtfully informative while showing the apartments, while Ivan was quick to respond and an expert on all the details for me to know--they worked well together. They were easily accessible by email and phone from the beginning of my apartment search until the signing of my lease. My only critique is that I would have liked to have more organization and transparency going into the viewing day so that I knew what to expect/which apartments I would be seeing, but I understand that the market also moves fast to be able to provide this timely and accurately. Overall they did a good job and I would recommend them for others searching for apartments as well!

Tobias Del Fa

Found the place I moved into thru apps and these guys took care of the rest. The process was fast and easy.

Brandee Bishop

Theo was a great agent! He told me the good and the bad about renting my apartment. I leased the apartment the next day. His cheerful attitude and desire to help won me over. He helped me ask the right questions and read over the lease to make sure I was not signing something fraudulent. Theo is a gentleman through and through! He made me feel safe and confident during this process. Thank you, Theo!

Satomi Tanaka Asahara

Very prompt and efficient in introducing properties.

Elizabeth Kretz

This review is for Ivan: Spire helped myself and a friend find the perfect 2 BR apartment, and we spent most of our time with Ivan. I'd recommend specifically Ivan to anyone searching for a new place because he goes above and beyond - his phone is never turned off. Ivan answered ALL of my texts and calls at all hours of the day. He sent live updates re: apartment availabilities and document processing. He went back with us to places he had already showed us so we could see them again for a second look. Ivan also shared with us tips, secrets, and all the in-between details about NYC apartment hunting. We left Ivan with our perfect apartment and zero feelings of having gone through a scam, as we were warned about brokers. Ivan is a friend. We never thought we'd live in Long Island City but he proved us wrong. He even lowered our monthly rent but a couple bucks - why not ! We HIGHLY recommend.

Mariya Dim

addie audette

My roommates and I worked with Kosta and he was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely nice, patient, helpful and professional throughout the whole experience. He helped us get new appliances in the apartment and helped us secure the apartments without guarantors. He is great, highly recommend!

Sandra V

Josh Fields is a rock star!

Malcolm Johnson

I confirmed for an open house. The agent never answered the phone, texted me back, said I never confirmed and that he was at a meeting and didn’t even have access to the apartment. I explained that I just spoke to him yesterday, that the open house is scheduled publicly (on StreetEasy), and that I went all the way there to look at the apartment. He didn’t even text back. This one’s a first for me.

Ajay Singh

Amelia Sargent kills it from beginning to end. Cant say enough great things about her. From the second I reached out to her to the second I got my keys she was nothing but professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Dont look any further, Amelia is the person to work with!

Marcus Strang

Ivan was the best agent I've ever come across, going above and beyond in all our interactions. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone

Michael Dawson

The best part of our apartment search and acquisition was working with Spire!

nicole akers

This was an incredible experience thanks to Jelena! Jelena Grahovac is an incredible professional that provided first in class service.

Arthur Brown

When you contact Robert Forster to inquire about an apartment, he sometimes sends a guy named Adam Raben who is from First Service Realty and not even a Spire Group agent to do showings. Adam Raben even wears a Spire Group t-shirt, like that's going to change the fact that he's not a Spire Group agent.

Ryan Houghton-Berry

Kosta was awesome. Very knowledgeable about the city and various apartment options, set everything up for us in terms of visits, and helped facilitate all the paperwork. He’s a great guy and would recommend him to anyone!

Hoang Nguyen

A very unpleasant experience! Definitely do not recommend!

Robert Moses

Braudie Blais-Billie

Jessica Chandler

This review is for Kosta Blyznakov and Dan Ivanov with Spire Group. I can't say enough to express how wonderful working with Kosta and Dan was! Their professionalism and work ethic are impeccable. I felt that my housing needs and wants were at the top of their priority list and was amazed by the amount of properties they were able to show me in my budget with my extensive list of wants! They helped me find the PERFECT apartment as if by magic! Looking for an apartment in NYC is not easy, yet working with Kosta and Dan took the pressure off of me, which is such a blessing while being busy with work. For any future housing needs, I will work exclusively with Kosta and Dan. Thank you to you both for your hard work!

janysha rodriguez

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