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REVIEWS OF Kathy Corn Realtors IN New Mexico

Charlie Corn

Todd Hathorne

Nice office, polite staff. Ms. Corn is an extremely talented agent. Ask for Vicki Sample. Our closing was a complete success.

Vicki Sampler

Sammy Garza

Ausha Martin

Does not treat military well at all I recommend Clovis realty

Amanda Kopecky

I had no problems living there. I spent a year there, and about a month before moving out my dog had pulled up a part of the carpet. I told Kathy Corn Realtors about it and they said I could go ahead and replace it, so I paid the 200 bucks to replace that part and I paid an extra 40 dollars to get the carpet pulled over the transition strip so it looked brand new and nice for when I moved out. I gave them my 30 days notice, and went through the whole nine yards of cleaning because I had the whole last two weeks of the month to move. I cleaned the place top to bottom, and even cleaned the places the previous tenants forgot to clean when I moved in because I remembered noticing it when moving in. I contacted the professional carpet cleaners who usually work with them and wrote the check for the 68.80 to professionally clean and pet sanitize the apartment and left it at the Kathy Corn Realtors building so he would be able to pick it up the day he came to clean. On the 26th day after I had moved out I called them asking about when I would be receiving my security deposit back. The woman who answered the phone told me, “they just told me they sent it today, you should be getting it in the mail.” I said awesome, thank you. On the 29th, I received it. I opened up the letter to find that instead of receiving my 700 dollar deposit back, they decided to charge me another 714.68 to pay immediately. I called them and asked why I was paying this. They preceded to tell me that they replaced all of the carpet in the house because it was “soiled by pet urine beyond cleaning” which tallied up to 1242.86 and also charged for maid service for each square foot of the 840 square foot apartment which added up to 171.82. I asked why would you charge me for carpet if people previously before me had pets as well and it wasn’t replaced before me? The only proof they had were stains on the bottom side of the carpet once it was ripped up, which could have been from the many tenants who had lived there previously. I asked what about the 250 dollar pet fee I paid? She told me that it was non refundable and it wasn’t meant to be for anything a pet might do, it was just a “convenience fee” for being allowed to have a pet in the apartment. I then asked why I was being charged for maid cleaning for the whole apartment when i spent over a week cleaning it spotless with other people? She said, “I opened up the oven and it wasn’t spotless so that’s how I decide whether to hire for cleaning of the whole place.” Are you kidding me? I then went to base legal because I felt absolutely screwed over. They told me it was BS. Kathy Corn Realtors said that I could take them to court, and if I lost I’d have to pay their lawyer fees (it was in the contract I signed upon renting) So, base legal gave me a listing for legal help for in town because they cannot represent military off base. I went to another lawyer. He told me I’d end up paying more for a lawyer than I’d end up getting back but I should be able to do it by myself in court. He also said he’s heard of Kathy Corn Realtors in court doing this multiple times to other people, and that if I do it by myself their lawyer would spin it so I would have to pay. He said that the best case scenario would be me breaking even after paying the court costs to take them to court. I had so much respect for the professionalism of Kathy Corn Realtors until moving out. I figured after I paid 250 dollars for a non refundable pet fee, as well as the 240 dollars to repair the carpet that they told me I could, and 68.80 to professionally carpet clean (even though they replaced the carpet so paying for that wasn’t needed but I never got refunded for it) I would be alright to receive my 700 dollar deposit back. But, instead I had wasted all that money and then had to pay the additional 714.68. Overall, I have lost approximately $1,973.48 because of Kathy Corn Realtors. This is just a warning.... I don’t want anyone else being overcharged like I was. I’ve learned the hard way and I hope nobody else has to.

Alex Stone

I was a first time home buyer and temporary renter through Kathy Corn Realtors. I spent 12 hours over one week working with the folks at KCR. Of that time 75% was on the weekends or evenings. They educated me on the process of buying so I could make the best decision for myself. They were able to arrange a short term lease for an interim period prior to closing saving me about $1,100. When I need a property manager I will likely visit them because I would trust them to take care of my home.

Matthea Sands

They need to back their customers and not lie or be shady. Find another realtor to get you a place.

Reva Clark

Would not use her again for anything.

TJ Reed

Rented from Kathy Corn for a couple years and never really had a problem other than getting repairs taken care of and actually getting their website to work....until now. I received a call saying owner wanted to take back possession of the house since our lease was up in one month. We had 30 days to vacate. They sent a list of other rentals which we didn't like so we found a rental from a different place on our own. We received the notice to vacate on Oct 1st and it stated we had until Oct 31st to vacate. We completely moved out and turned in the keys on Oct 20th. We fully cleaned the house, took care of the lawn, patched nail holes in the walls and had carpet professionally cleaned. I called Kathy Corns office on the 21st to see when we would receive prorated rent and full deposit back. They were out of town and would get back with me 3-4 days later. The daughter Christy Corn text me saying they couldn't inspect the house until they were back and we weren't going to get prorated rent back because we didn't write a letter saying we were moving out. Wait! What? On the 1st we had a letter taped to the door and certified letter in the mail saying we had a month to vacate. When I asked why she text back saying we didn't let them know we were moving. Christy said we didn't communicate. Neither the letter taped to the door or the certified letter stated we needed to write them saying we were moving. Where is the communication now? Finally when they are back in town(Oct 26th)Christy starts sending pic after pic of the lawn saying it wasn't maintained. Little did she know when I was mowing and edging the lawn on the 19th the owners son stopped by to tell us we didn't have to paint only to fill the holes. He also complimented how great the yard looked and told me we would get the entire deposit back. Fed up with Christy and her texting I called her with no answer, go figure! I then called Kathy and she said she would talk to the owner because my rent had already been dispersed on the 15th. You would think they would hold onto the rent until we moved out completely if there was any prorated rent to give back. NOPE!! After everything they did return entire deposit but only prorated rent from the 27th-31st because that was the day they did exit inspection. Not fair!! Renter Beware!! I informed Kathy I would leave reviews on Facebook, Google, and Better Business Bureau. So here is one of them. All I want is the money owed to me. We held our end of the bargain. Makes me wonder how many others they do this to. BAD BUSINESS!!!

Christopher Olson

Used them for a single year for a rental, one of the worst experiences with a property manager ever. Very shady in their practices; will say one thing, then do something completely different. Unless you're a true local, you are a second class citizen. Epitome of the Shifty 50 and their reputation.

Kelsey Denton

The ladies at Kathy Corn Realtors made our experience of selling our home such an easy one. We received honest advice of what our house would sell for and we received an almost full price offer. These ladies know what they are doing. After our home sold our realtor Vicki had to find us a home with the right price, location, and taste for both me and my husband. She showed us homes on OUR time and never refused or redirected our interests but still found options and we finally found a perfect home or us. Our realtor negotiated hard for us and that was the best experience of buying a home from offer to signing we have ever had. We are so thankful that we used Kathy corn realtors to purchase and sell our home!

Tia Galvan

Jenifer Crockett

Britny Womack

Vickie was very nice and made time out of her busy schedule on a Sunday (after just getting in town from a trip) to meet my husband and I to sign the lease and give us the keys.

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