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REVIEWS OF Deacon Property Services IN New Mexico

Elaine Nelson

The Best! Highly recommended

Florian Goussin

Izaac Tajan

Over the three years of living in a Deacon managed property I have built a great relationship with Deacon and the great employees he has working there. Jadah especially has been a huge help whenever I have any issues with my apartment. Really nice to have a landlord that cares and stays on top of maintaining their properties!

Anna M

Alexa Glick

Five stars for not having breed restrictions! We have awesome pit bulls and it was always a challenge to find rentals but everyone at Deacon was fantastic and accommodating. They met our pups and approved them. Loved the property - nice and new. They’d always call ahead if they needed to stop by and were extremely accommodating to us when we were moving out. Just good people - I always recommend them.

Logan H

Rented a town home a few years ago with Deacon and really enjoyed them. Really never had any issues, and maintenance came by if promptly if needed. Always called in advanced if they needed to stop by. They were always really chill when I came into their office, and even worked with us after our lease was up. Yes, I got my deposit back but I never trashed the place and cleaned it as I would any place I'd move out of. I always recommend Deacon if someone is looking to rent.

Renata Torrez

I rented a studio from this company for about a year, and it's by far the best company I've dealt with in the 7 years I lived in ABQ. If I hadn't relocated for work, I'd still be renting. It's also the only company I rented from that didn't try to shaft me on the security deposit, a rare thing indeed! I did have one interaction with a young lady in the office which left me a little irritated, but it's one interaction out of 12 months... I'll live.

Matthew Plaskon

A team of courteous professionals at the helm of this property management company. Armelle Richard is fast and accurate in her response. Good for you Albuquerque!

Juan Villegas

Really wish I could rate this place higher, but unfortunately I wasnt even able to become a tenant because every property I was supposed to receive a call about would eventually be rented while I was waiting two weeks for a call back! Reception just apologized and said " they must have already had a pending application". Must be nice to get that far in the process. This doesn't mean they are an awful rental agency by any means, they just have poor process for prospective tenants

matthew montoya

See Jamie Montoya for great apartments!

Christopher Yuda

Deacon Property services treats their maintenance workers, and tenants horribly. I was more than happy to end my lease after one year, where I felt mistreated by the company when I had legitimate concerns. also you WILL NOT receive your security deposit back no matter what. Do not lease from Deacon.

Ebone Garcia

They charged us falsely during and still 2 months after we lived there

Kevin Gladwell

I never want to go through another property management company again. We let Kristin know what we were looking for in a house and she found us the perfect house within 10 days. Both she and Kyle were very friendly and professional, even calling us daily to update us on the status of our lease applications. I have never had such an easy, stress-free transition while house hunting. I've had some great experiences with other companies but deacon was head and shoulders above them.

Paige Alvarez

Had some customer service issues which were resolved by the company/property owner personally and I very much appreciated the attention to detail. Very professional service who cares about their tenants. Would recommend this property service to anyone.

Judy Simon

Jr Baca

They are always very helpful, if there is a problem with my apartment, they will get it fixed immediately. Love it here, quiet area!

chris arana

So great to have a new refrigerator that works and in a timely manner! Maintenance guys, especially Bob, are awesome!

Sasha King

The company is pretty large and unfortunately their maintenance staff are less then capable. Unless they are an outside vendor people usually send out "Bob" for him to try his hand at the repair before they send an actual vendor. Caution: if you have a hornets nest they're going to send Bob out to knock it off with a stick. They don't care about your health. Even if you warned them not to do this because people on your property are deathly allergic.


So far, this has been the best living experience with a property management. I used to rent from Berger Briggs and it was like having a nagging wife, needing access every 2 weeks, leaving warning notes on your door, seeing the landlord all the time, asking a lot of questions, sending out notice emails every other annoying lol. Deacon Property Services takes care of my home, offers great maintenance and depending on where you rent, they offer free landscape services and ac check ups. They send out tenant letters that remind you to keep your vehicles locked and some rentals have security cameras, patrols etc. So awesome! I love how they stay out of your business and are very relaxed as long as you take care of your home.

Curt Ward

I'm part of the team.

Lauren Givens

Update: After this review, I was finally able to get in contact with someone. The owner of the company took his own time to make things right for me and worked to get me into the unit I had been trying to apply for. Kyle Deacon was a lot more helpful than the leasing agent I had been trying to contact. He took the time to explain everything and talk through the problems we had. This company is still very difficult to get in contact with. Sometimes it takes a couple days or a couple calls to actually get answers. I hope I won't have anymore problems going forward. I will be moving in soon and hope to update to a better review in the future. Original Review: I have the same story as the last reviewer. Last week, I had my sister in law view an apartment for me. She got a nice little text afterwards saying if there are any questions, to give a call. I have called maybe 10 times, left two messsages, sent an email through their website, and sent an email response to one of their Craigslist ads. They are not responding to me. I guess they only want to rent to people willing to throw them money and not ask questions. It really is a shame. That unit was exactly what I was looking for and I was ready to sign a lease and pay them close to $3000 for deposit and future rent, but they can't simply call me back to answer a couple questions.

Robert Perry


I encountered a few issues on the move out part, but after communicating with Kyle Deacon all issues were addressed.

Drake Moreno

We contacted Deacon Property Services in 2008 when we moved outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We decided to keep our home as a rental property until the market slump improved. Kyle Deacon screened potential renters, handled all repair issues as they came up, tax paperwork, etc. He kept in close contact with us throughout the years, even after we moved out of state in 2013. In May of 2017, Kyle handled the sale of our house to tenants who wished to purchase it. All of this was handled without our having to travel to New Mexico. We are grateful for our 10-year relationship and highly recommend Deacon Property Services.

Honest Reviewer

Nina Carrejo

I highly recommend Deacon Property Services to manage your rental property! I had a terrible experience with Bruni Karr over a 2 year period and moving to Deacon was the best decision! Kyle and his team did a fantastic job of getting the home rented immediately. They make a great effort to ensure that your home is well maintained with inspections throughout the year. They will also do their best to execute a sale to the tenants if that is a possibility. I live out of state and they took all of the stress out of having to deal with a rental property over 2 years.

Maria E Escamilla

I was really happy with the service the scheduling and showing was great but when the application was getting run it took them a week and on and had stop by the office to stop the application because we found a place that was giving to us with in the next day. The Deacon Properties decided to run our credits when we stopped the applications just the very next day we pick up our deposit from them. And is not the $70.00 application fee is the fact why you have to run my credit even though I cancel the application the day before. It just show how unprofessional and how deshonest this company is please be careful with this real state company they have my info and feel unsecured just because they want to keep the $70.00 fee this is not right it should be an option for 0 Stars review!

Ruth Lantry

We have been 100% satisfied with Deacon Properties! Kyle found us the perfect home and the customer service is amazing! I certainly recommend them for all of your leasing needs!

Amy Moore

In agreement with previous posts regarding application process. I applied for 2 different properties with a promise for a call back and never received one. After the most recent application and leaving a message, I called again and they said the property was rented. (which surprises me because I applied within 40 minutes of the 1st viewing of the house) Such a disappointment and I will not be looking at anymore rentals with this company.

Jennifer Cooke

Their application process seems a bit shady. Unlike every other agency or landlord from which I've rented, Deacon wants a security deposit as part of the application process. Paying it doesn't necessarily mean they'll sign a lease with you. What do they do with your money and how long does it take them to refund you if they decide not to rent to you? These questions went through my head so I took my time (two days after viewing the unit) before applying. I have excellent credit and a clean background. When I contacted them about paying the security deposit, they'd already rented the unit (I'm guessing to the person who paid it first). There are no inquiries on my credit so they seem to abuse the application fee that they charge (for which they claim is a background and credit check). Leaves a bad impression, I must say. I'll look elsewhere for my new home. *A few days after I posted this review, someone from the office called to say they were refunding my application fee and would mail a check. I still haven't received that. Dishonest and sketchy. Glad I went with someone else.


The team over at Decon Property Services is fantastic, when something needs to be taken care of they don’t take shortcuts they really care for their tenants. I rented a wonderful and historic apartment located in Downtown Albuquerque for over 2 years with Decon and they took care of me every step of the way. Armelle, Jamie and Lauren are always helpful and respond right away when you need them.

Vincent Baltz

I just moved out of a property managed by DPS after living there for 2 years and can say we had a pleasant experience overall. I believe that DPS has a great management team and felt that they operated at a level that provided great customer service. I was pleased with how prompt they were at resolving any maintenance requests or issues we had while we lived there as well as their willingness to negotiate in any circumstances that warranted it. I would recommend DPS for anyone looking for a good property management company.

Joe Heise

Deacon Property Services is a fabulous, kind, and efficient rental service. I was a renter for two years and was so pleased that when I had to rent out my property I chose Deacon! Kyle and his team were always fast to fix any problems I had as a renter. My current tenants tell me they have had a great experience with Deacon. Kyle always has a great attitude no matter the issue. Tiffany was great in helping me understand how to use the company website (specifically the Rental/Owner Portal). Jadah always gets repairs dealt with fast and painlessly with plenty of notice on when the repair people will be there. Kristine went above and beyond her duties when I had an unethical roofer try to overcharge me for work that was incomplete. I won’t go into detail about what a stressful situation it was until Kristine stepped in and was a super hero. Her commitment to me as a customer saved me hours of painful arguments and hundreds of dollars. Whether you need to rent a place or have them rent out your place, this is the company to do it! The kind-hearted authenticity is only equal to their fast and dedicated work! Joe

Francisco Cordova

Jean Gibson

Kyle Deacon and his entire staff are professional, attentive,and excellent! They actually follow through and do what they say they will do! We are so pleased with their service and the property is just beautiful. Thank you Kyle, Danielle, Tim,Mike Morgan,and Armelle for all your help!

Rachel Montoya

I moved into a new house managed by Deacon Property Services. Unfortunately I had terrible allergy symptoms because of the carpet. As soon as I relayed this information, the company contracted services to have the carpets cleaned with an all natural carpet cleaner, and full inspection of the vents for mold or any other issue. They were very professional and helpful. Danielle went out of her way to make all this happen. I am grateful for their genuine efforts.

Noel Seiler

The most unprofessional property management service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I set up an appointment to view a property with them and the broker never showed even after waiting for a half hour. Turns out they rented the property on the day of my appointment and didn't feel it was necessary to contact me to cancel the appointment. and now they will not return my calls.

Tom maestas

Very friendly landlords. Very reasonable pricing. Very personable service, whether at office and in recommending among their properties !

Nicole Rosley

Deacon Property Rental is the most disappointing service I have ever used. They have no idea what they're doing and rented my roommates and I a house that was not up to any codes. Our AC never worked, our plumbing wouldn't drain and we have a cockroach infestation along with many other problems. My roommates and I are all in college so they didn't consider us a priority since we're younger. We had to call everyday to remind them our house is broken and it took them months to fix everything. Now they are charging us incorrectly and their billing makes absolutely no sense. DO NOT rent with them because they are a very disorganized company who will take months to fix any problems you have.

Pearletta McDonald

They are a very easy company to work with.. I did not end up moving in. I have a perfect background, unfortunately my fiance doesn't. It has been over 10 years since he was even in trouble and for that reason we were denied and not even given a call back. In the end I was not happy with this company

Ruby Encinias

Just called about a property I saw on the corner of Gold and Silver that is managed by Deacon Properties. Spoke with a person by the name of Sandra. I was excited to learn more, but as I began describing the property she remained silent, I paused for any type of feedback, she remained silent. As the silence grew I thought the phone disconnected. I said, "hello" and not only in her tone, but also her words the response was abrupt, rude and annoyed: "yessss, I'm here!--I am trying to find it; give me a minute. " As though I was to know Sandra was actively searching for this property. Generally, one might say, "Sure, happy to help." I didn't get any feedback. At that time, I let Sandra know I was not pleased with the way I was spoken to. She abruptly replied, "I'm sorry you feel that way." I then asked if I had the name "Sandra" correct and I received a reply with the address of the property, not my question. I let Sandra know I was no longer interested and I would post about this call. In short, Sandra didn't care if I was offended; in fact, I am sure I am not the only one Sandra has spoken to in such a rude manner. But, perhaps, someone from Deacon Properties can remind Sandra that potential customers shouldn't be considered an annoyance. No way will I ever give this company business. It's really a shame this is my first experience I face after having been a home owner for 12 yrs. Hope to have better luck elsewhere.

seth nielsen

Works with people

Chris Gee

I saw a cute property I was interested so I called and left a voicemail and never received a call back. I waited for a couple days and sent an email, never heard back. I'm really interested in this apartment so I call again and leave a message. It's been over 2 weeks and I haven't heard back from anyone. Hello?

Michael Wisotzke

I worked with the Deacon team for nearly 3 years -- and they met and exceeded all my expectations ,on real estate needs.--

Jordan Geisling

I would highly recommend Deacon Properties. Kristin helped us find the perfect house, and we lived there for the past 2 years. They are so easy to get in touch with if any issues come up, and always quick to respond and take care of any problems. It is obvious they really have the best interest of BOTH the renters and the owners. They are also very fair and reasonable. I recently purchased my first home, but I have to say I really miss just being able to call Deacon Properties if something comes up. I've been through a few different property management companies in the Albuquerque area, and they are by far the most professional, consistent, and easy to work with.


Jason W

Great helpful people! Best in Albuquerque!

Mark Rawson

I recently rented from Deacon, The team was great and the owner Kyle personally helped me with any situations I had. The owner of the property was quite difficult but Kyle smoothed each situation over to the best of his ability. I’m grateful and would definitely use them again!

Shannon I

Best Property Management/Leasing Agent/Broker in Albuquerque!! We utilized Deacon for placement services for a rental property and our expectations were far exceeded. After years of sub-par treatment from other companies there, we were so grateful to actually receive the level of professionalism this company delivers. I wish we would have found them earlier. The employees are customer centric, knowledgeable and professional. Deacon is also a family owned/operated business which is an added bonus for us. This company has everything for your rental needs - Don't Go Anywhere Else!

Chris Nyman Weller

Deacon has the BEST RENTALS for the eclectic urban dweller! If you want a walkable Community, or a funky old Adobe in the old part of town, or something just a little bit unusual... start your search at ww.w Deacon Property Services dot Com - they have a great selection of homes in all parts of town. Deacon gives personalized service and has a high level of integrity.

Jules Garcia

Called this company numerous times to inquire about several properties. Never received a callback from anyone. I can’t imagine What it would be like renting from these people and if repairs were needed what a hassle it would be to have that done.

Latoya Ferguson

Deacon Property Service has made my hunt for a place more difficult than it ever needed to be. I viewed a house, drove to their office the same day to fill out an application and put down a deposit to hold the property for 3 days. I was told they would reach out to me in two days with an answer. Towards the end of the second day, I emailed them only to receive vague responses and no actual update on my application. Because I monitor my credit, I was able to see that they sat on my application for over four days before running my credit. It wasn't until day six that I found out what was going on with my application. I have no problem with the process taking longer than stated if you communicate with me, especially when I ask for an update. I should not have to call and constantly be told "all leasing agents are not here" or "in a meeting" every day. I have actually found a better place through another company, was approved, and signed a lease the very same day. Do not waste your time with Deacon Property Services.

Kathleen Romero

Horrible customer service! Been to the main office twice! First time i thought perhaps a fluke. 2nd time even worse! Those ladys are rude!

Alex Harper

These people will work their magic and do their upmost to work with you. Jammie especially is a great joy to work with. Had no problems with working with them and I would highly recommend.

Sergei von Hoyningen-Huene

Their properties seem to be well represented online and their marketing staff was very friendly on the phone. It did take a few days to get through to someone after leaving a couple voicemails.

Sally Cassady

I called multiple times over a week, left a voicemail, sent a message through their contact agent button and emailed their leasing email and never received a response back. Terrible customer service.

Sarah Romero

We rented a home with Deacon and they were always very helpful and courteous from the process of finding a home to the very end when we moved out. They were on top of every concern and situation, while we were tenants and the process to pay rent way very easy. Even in the end when I lost my cool when moving out and a disagreement arose regarding the deposit, Kyle was very helpful and ultimately helped us more than we probably deserved. As we hunt for rentals and keep coming across the really great properties that Deacon has available, I look fondly at our experience with them, and regret having gotten so angry. I highly recommend them, after having experienced renting for a long time.

Peggy Trigg

As a property owner I was so pleased to find Deacon Property Management Services as my management agent for my apartment complex. Kyle and his crew have been excellent! They helped me assess my property, walked through each unit with me, made suggestions of renovation and upkeep ideas, and were able to keep in on budget by offering multiple suggestions. They provide fast, courteous service as needed to my tenants and If there ever is a problem, they are there. This also includes dealing with hard tenants. They are respectful, and follow strict legal guidelines. I feel completely assured that my building is taken care of. Thank you Deacon Property Services!

cecily tasker

Kyle Deacon Property Services manages our rental properties. We pride ourselves on being good landlords (having been renters ourselves for years), and this property management co has done a wonderful job taking care of our properties. We had to go through some bad ones until we found them, and I’m glad we did! We recommend them to friends who also have rentals.

Codefied Scorpio Wright

Kyle and Armel of Deacon Property Management went above and beyond to find and secure my family a home within a week of moving to Albuquerque. The home is in a safe neighborhood and the school district is stellar. Would recommend their services to anyone.

Yvonne L

Great management company.

Tyler Baker

The people here are nice and helpful

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